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Name That Drama: Eye donations and Christmas ponchos
by | February 16, 2014 | 43 Comments

Name That Drama! As always, if you’ve got questions for future installments, be sure to email them to us.

  1. Angelica saw her drama on Philippine television but is sure it’s a Korean series; perhaps you’ll know it.

    Can you help me with this drama? My mom really really wants to watch it again but she can’t remember the title and back then, I only had a glimpse of it when it was showing on our TV. So, here are the things I remember:

    It’s a Korean TV series. I’m not sure when was the drama aired exactly but when it was broadcast on Philippine television, it was way back in 2005. It’s about a middle-aged man who has a family, wife and kids. He was on his way somewhere when he encountered an accident. He was brought to a hospital and in a coma state. After a while, he regained consciousness and had no memories at all. He lived a regular life after the accident and met a woman. They fell in love and became a family. His previous family all thought that he was dead but one day, they saw him with another family. Then that’s it.


  2. Sounds like a classic melo storyline that pikaljs describes:

    I’m super curious about this movie I saw about 6 to 7 years ago. My family watched it as a rented video, so I’m not sure how old the actual movie is. It’s about this guy who meets this young kid and finds that it’s actually his daughter. I specifically remember the kid had a really short haircut so the dad had thought she was a guy at first.

    Anyway, as the story usually goes, he starts to bond with his child and they begin to genuinely love each other. The bad news is, the girl is turning blind and he ends up donating one of his eyes to her. I can’t quite remember the ending but it’s a really sad movie. I don’t think she made it in the end though.

    If anyone could help me out, it would be really nice!!


  3. It’s a cute first love story for bunniefly:

    Hi, hope you can help me find the title of this. It’s actually a movie and must be from around 2004 or onward. It’s a love story where in the first part, the male lead is talking about his first love in high school, and how he does things to get her attention. For example, he let her sign his yearbook and left his pen so he can contact her again. Then he didn’t know that the girl also liked him and didn’t return the pen on purpose so they could meet again… Sorry, that’s the only scene in my memory. It’s a good movie and I wanted to watch it again and share with my friends. Thanks!


  4. This drama by ilovedramas has an interesting supernatural premise:

    I was wondering if you happen to know this drama/movie! I watched it quite a while ago, but I just can’t remember what show it is. Hope you can help!!

    The story goes like this: there is a girl who got into an accident. After the accident, she was able to see the “true selves” of people. This scared her a lot as a kid, as she started seeing people who are greedy on the inside, headless people, timid people, etc. Everyone judged her as being crazy. Thankfully, one day a doctor who treated her gave her a pair of glasses. And with those glasses, she no longer saw people’s true selves.

    Then one day she met the male lead who was someone who appeared to be carefree and understanding. The male lead knew about the female lead’s ability, and out of curiosity, he asked her how his true self is. The female lead took a peek from her glasses and saw the male lead as a “sad clown,” who appears to entertain everyone but is upset on the inside.

    The story ended on a happy note, with the male lead and female lead overcoming each other’s sadness. The male lead was no longer a sad clown, while the female lead learned to embrace her “talents” and become a successful TV host, helping people with her talents.

    I can remember the main storyline but I just can’t connect the dots! Will really appreciate your help, as it keeps bugging me to leave this mystery unsolved!!


  5. Julie’s question may be a shot in the dark, but it’s recent enough that the description may trigger a memory for someone who watched the drama:

    I recently watched a drama that had a sweater that caught my eye. Now I can’t remember what show it was! It was just on over the 2013 holiday season. One of the leading ladies wore a green knit poncho with a red stripe or detail around it. It was very festive but I have no clue about the story line! I’m thinking it was worn for an office party or show… Does it ring a bell? I don’t even have a list of what shows were airing during Christmas. Thanks!



43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ArrogantKimchi

    1st Probably is haendae lovers. Don’t know if I spelled that right

    • 1.1 mhjiej

      i thought that too but it is way too recent

  2. mudaepo

    The 1st one should be Wife from 2003.
    With Kim Hee Ae and a young Moon Geun Young.

    No idea about the others though, and congratulations to whoever finds the last one!

  3. jcay

    Thinking the first one might Save The Last Dance … not sure of the title but i think it stars Eugene and Jisung.

    • 3.1 gg

      Agree, thought of Save the Last Dance for me too, when I saw number 1

  4. JL

    1. Korean drama called “Wife”
    2. I think this one is a movie with park shin yang and seo shin hae- I’m not sure what the title is but something with sunshine.

    3. Might be a movie with cha tae yeon and song hae kyo? Or maybe another one of cha tae yeon’s but with son ye jin.

    4. No clue. Sorry
    5. Maybe Mary stayed out all night with moon geun young?

    Hope one of these are right!

    • 4.1 momosan

      That Park Shin Yang movie is Sunshiny Day – aka Meet Mr. Daddy – it’s actually available on online at Hulu as “Shiny Day” – in case it’s the right one, although the kid isn’t the one going blind, it’s the dad who is beaten and loses his sight.

  5. Choco

    Number 3 is the Japanese movie Be With You. There’s also a recent Chinese adaption renamed Tears in Heaven. It’s a really touching story, though the end is a little sad.

    • 5.1 Gulsan

      It’s definitely Be with you ! My top 1 asian movie 🙂

    • 5.2 eny

      may be no 3 is korean movie “a love” the lead actor is Joo jin mo but i’m not sure too

    • 5.3 bunni3fly

      Yeah! IT IS!!! Thank you. It’s still actually on my files, but I kept looking for it under Korean folder thats why I cant seem to find it. Beanies are such a good help. Now ill be able to rewatch it with my family.

      Thanks Dramabeans for posting my query 😉 Dramabeans Jjang!

    • 5.4 Reena

      Definitely the Japanese film Be With You!!! The movie made me cry buckets… 🙁

  6. Closeacademy

    2nd one sounds like Meet Mr. Daddy. But in it the Dad was losing his sight and the daughter was terminal. The daughter was maybe preschool/kindergarten age and a lot of the background plot was about soccer and the world cup and cheering on Korea.

    • 6.1 Lindy12

      I thought of Meet Mr. Daddy as well. It’s a really sweet movie with a utterly adorable young actress, Seo Shin-ae, as the orphaned and dying little girl. It has a surprising yet satisfying twist ending and is well worth watching. It was on Netflix but might not be available any more.

  7. Ask90

    I think no.4 is a Singaporean Drama called Beyond (It is in Mandarin though). It is called Beyond by Jeanette Aw.

    • 7.1 Lc

      Agreed. Jeanette Aw is the girl, Li Nanxing is the male lead and Pierre Png is the doctor. So excited that a Singaporean drama is featured LOL.

    • 7.2 labworks

      Yep it’s definitely the Singapore drama beyond, aired just last year if I remember correctly.

      • 7.2.1 renamp

        So, does anyoen know where to watch it? 🙂

  8. redfox

    ah, maybe 5 is Full House 2? can´t remember all the sweaters and stuff. but there were such crazy outfits. but no office parties though…. or it could be Mirae´s choice? but why would anyone be looking for it.

    • 8.1 Betty

      LOL @ that: ” it could be Mirae´s choice? but why would anyone be looking for it.”

    • 8.2 Thursdaynexxt

      you crack me up, redfox! 😀

  9. Anastasia

    There is a drama that has been on my mind and I wanted to see if anyone knew it. I just remember this one scene. A hardworking girl has two guys that like her, but she likes the hardworking guy. There’s a scene when she is making gift bags for a special event coming up and the hardworking guy helps her. The other guy, who seems to be rich sees them and volunteers himself to help them. When they say no need, he says that he is doing it for her. I know this sounds like most dramas, but if anyone has a clue, please let me know.

    • 9.1 anniemo

      I’m not sure this is right, but could it be the taiwanese drama Why Why Love with Rainie Yang and Mike He? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this scene in other dramas, but that definitely has a scene like you describe in it.

    • 9.2 riverb

      Sounds like twdrama why why love

    • 9.3 Laura

      I think that one is Don’t hesitate with Lee Sang Woo

  10. 10 My2Girls

    Could number 5 be something the IU wore in Bel Ami (aka Pretty Man) she wore a lot of fun things and it sounds like something her character may have worn.

  11. 11 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    #5 – soon as I read it, my brain flashed the poncho image and I know I have seen this drama. I have seen a number of ponchos in dramas, actually, and it always struck me as strange because I associate ponchos with Mexico.

    It is not You From Another Star, as her poncho was grey.
    I could believe Marry Me Mary, because her layers casual look included things like a red cape and scarfs, but I can’t quite picture the green poncho. I considered maybe Stars Falling From the Sky. Then I thought maybe one of those countrified heroines like I Really, Really Like You or What Star Are You From.

    I have this vague image of a 20 something poor candy girl coming home drunk on the streets of Seoul in that poncho meeting a guy waiting for her under a street light before they both struggle up the flights of stairs to the apt … but no drama name comes to mind.

    Then I threw up my hands in hopelessness. This is driving me nuts. When someone does give the right answer to where the poncho is from, I am sure I will dope slap myself.

    • 11.1 redfox

      but those aren´t very recent… perhaps Wild Romance?

      ah I dunno

    • 11.2 Fab

      At “street light” I Miss You came to my mind. LYH had pretty colourful outfits throughout the show.

  12. 12 coby

    Now I want to watch Be with you.. I wasn’t watching dramas being Tagalized (dubbed in Filipino/Tagalog) during that time anymore..
    Yes Full House 2 got a lot of sweaters but I can only recall that pink flurry sweater of LMH in Heirs… hehe

  13. 13 Mandy

    If it’s 2013 the. I think the last one may be ‘Pretty Man’ with Jang Geun-suk. I remember there was a party scene for Christmas where IU decorates his tree and then the skating scene. I think for both scenes they both wore green sweaters or coats or something…

    No idea for any of the others but the 3rd one sounds really interesting!

  14. 14 Holli

    #1 besides having the same plot of Kdrama: Wife, it is also a similar plot to the Jdrama: Ushinawarets Yakusokui with Toyokawa Etsushi.

  15. 15 Purple

    Hey #4 sounds really really similar to the Singaporean drama Beyond. Also known as Beyond X.

    Just that the male lead’s true self is a vagrant. The male lead desperately tries to find his lost wife, and works with the female lead to solve cases. The scene where the female lead becomes a TV host is actually in a parallel dimension, when the female lead got into a coma and accidentally met her other self in the other dimension.

    It’s a pretty cool supernatural drama. You can easily search for it online. Over here at Singapore, we have a website for viewers to “catch-up” on drama episodes.

    • 15.1 asiandramaplease

      what singapore website is it looking for the drama but cant find it please tell me

      • 15.1.1 Purple


        Just search for beyond and the drama should come up. The episodes should come up eng subs too.

        • risa

          Thanks for the link, but it looks like this site no longer has full episodes of Beyond– just BTS and NG clips. Do you (or does anyone else) know where else I can find full eps. w/subs on a streaming site? The premise of this drama sounds really interesting. Thanks.

  16. 16 bebe swtz

    #1 is definitely K-Drama “Save the Last Dance for Me” starring Eugene, And the now-married Ji Sung and wifey Lee Bo Young 🙂 I recognize that synopsis ANYWHERE because it’s my all-time favorite drama and go-to drama to re-watch whenever drama land doesn’t have anything good :)))) <3

  17. 17 nicole

    i know the no 4 drama, its a Singaporean chineese drama, and i watched it…dont remember the name though but the female leads chineese name is Ou Xuan

  18. 18 Dafie

    I think number 3 is a japanese movie, there is also a drama. At least I remember the scene, the main guy call her from a phone booth asking for his pen lol. A very plain pen. If I’m not wrong the story is that of a young married couple and it’s litle boy. The mum died but promised to come back after a year, when it’s the rain season. She actually does, but doesn’t remember any of her life with her husband and her child. It’s a touching story, I really liked it. Is it the same? Or did they only copy the scene with the pen?

  19. 19 AnjC

    #1 Only You, Yoo Dong-geun played the role of the husband.

  20. 20 Yasemin

    I couldn’t help but think of “Heirs”, when I read the first sentence of description 5 (Kim Tan’s ugly sweaters, anyone?) but obviously it’s not.

  21. 21 Deena

    Green sweater + red scarf- isn’t it Suzy in Dream High?

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