Odds and Ends: Interviews, recapper auditions, and randomness
by | February 8, 2014 | 43 Comments

javabeans: Over the course of one of our routine drunken chats, girlfriday and I realized that with so much stuff going on around here—like writing our book, being interviewed for a segment on BBC’s “The World,” holding minion tryouts and whatnot—there’s a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes of Dramabeans that doesn’t get talked about very much.

girlfriday: And the speaking at events, guest lecturing at university classes about K-dramas, holding meetups

javabeans: Not that we think our scenes are always so interesting that you’d want to look behind them, but we did think it might be nice to address some of those questions and issues from time to time. Hence: Odds and Ends.

girlfriday: We plan to talk more about the stuff we do on a daily basis here in the fourth dimension, shoot the breeze about random things, and also carve out another place for you guys to ask us questions because we can never seem to catch up to all the ones we want to answer in the podcasts. (But we’re going to do more of those too!)

javabeans: This will probably be an evolving process, and these chats will vary quite a bit depending on what happened recently and what we’ve got in the pipeline. For this first edition, we wanted to start off by thanking everyone who responded to the call for interviews for that BBC “The World” segment. We had a lot of fun in our interview with the reporter—basically put us in a room and ask us about dramas and we’ll go on forever. (For-ev-er.)

girlfriday: The hardest part was that we were instructed not to speak over each other—

javabeans: …which, you know, isn’t a problem we have or anything—

girlfriday: AT ALL.

javabeans: The reporter did interview some drama fans and told us that the story will be out very soon, perhaps within the next week.

girlfriday: We’ll keep you posted!

javabeans: We’ve also received your minion applications and are currently buried in a mountain of recaps. It’s amazing how quickly that initial excitement (yay, submissions!) turned to concern (oh my gosh, so many submissions) and then maybe to mild panic (now we have to read them all!). But we’ll be busily reading every sample recap and replying to everyone who wrote in.

girlfriday: I immediately wanted to put out a second call for minion tryout judges, because clearly we hadn’t thought through the reading part.

javabeans: The only thing stopping us was probably the thought that we would then have to pick and train those minion judges, and well, that’s kind of like paying off a credit card debt with another credit card, isn’t it?

girlfriday: …That’s…a bad thing, right?

javabeans: Oh my god never do that. First, STOP doing that, and second, maybe don’t try to buy a house anytime soon.

girlfriday: Great, now people know which one of us has an IRA and which one of us has too many shoes.

javabeans: I’m pretty sure both of us have too many shoes. Annnnyway, we promise to write to everyone who wrote in, but it will probably take a little while so don’t freak out if you don’t hear right away.

girlfriday: Because we’re totally reading every word that everyone sent in, so that takes some time. And some monkeys.

javabeans: It’s not every day that we recruit for recappers, and to be honest we resisted this idea for years despite knowing it would make our lives easier in the short run. But we don’t just want summary-spouting machines; ultimately we’d rather have fewer recaps that are awesome than getting everything recapped just to have everything recapped.

girlfriday: You know this is the case when your first answer to discovering that you can’t clone yourself is: Just do more.

javabeans: That also explains the headaches and the back spasms, no? The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure cloning us wouldn’t solve our problems, because our clones would do the fun stuff and make us do more work. They can be such assholes sometimes.

girlfriday: There’s nothing like a clone mutiny to ruin a perfectly good day.

javabeans: Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to keep our evil halves bound to our responsible workaholic halves.

girlfriday: Though this also explains how we got together for a working weekend and ended up really, really drunk.

javabeans: Word of wisdom: Never mix a pitcher of sangria with a bottle of whiskey with bowls full of makgulli. I don’t know why that needs saying, but apparently it does.

girlfriday: Because sometimes you have to experience things to know for sure that they’re bad ideas?

javabeans: Annnnd sometimes you should really just know better without taking it to experience level. Well, you live and learn.

girlfriday: Or drink, regret, and learn. Potayto, potahto.

43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Megan

    You guys are really making me want to go out drinking with you.

    • 1.1 wits

      Yes, me too. The next meet-up should definitely be a drink-meet/meet-drink party. (Which term?? potayto, potahto. LOL!)

      In someone’s house. Or else we run the risk of being ejected from a public place. That should be fun!

  2. Celest

    I watch and read BBC news all the time. I look forward to your interview. But my favorite thing I got out of this was a drink mixture of sangria, whiskey and makgulli…hmmm..

    You girls are crazy busy these days, which is a great thing imo. Look how far this blog has come since the Dal Jas Spring days. I look forward to reading recaps from a new author’s perspective soon.

  3. Sajen

    Your talk about evil clones and clone mutineers reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes storyline. Though if you weren’t reading newspaper comic strips in the late 80’s to mid 90’s or a total nerd like me, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

    • 3.1 Laica

      You’re not alone, I was reminded of Calvin and Hobbes too.

      Scientific progress goes “boink!”.

      • 3.1.1 cingdoc

        My fav Calvin & Hobbes

    • 3.2 mary

      I remember Jeon Woo Chi. 🙂

    • 3.3 cingdoc

      He he …my fav

      • 3.3.1 cingdoc

        OMG….for those of you who know me…I’m FAIL w/ tech…let’s try this again….

  4. Shirley

    I am looking forward to reading your BBC interview!

  5. r

    Sorry to be a stickler about this. I love the world, but it is technically produced by pri “public radio international” in partnership with BBC and also WGBH in Boston. Looking forward hearing the program.

  6. shuchi

    you two are so funny that i really wish the new recapper(not sure if a word like this exist or not) would be just like you!good luck!

  7. Free Bird

    Ugh, whatever misgivings I had about my recap not being good enough just shot through the roof at ‘so many submissions’.

  8. Abbie

    I hope you guys post a link to the interview!

  9. enZ

    I love you girls. happy new year. may the year of the wooden horse bring all good health and much happiness abs further success !

  10. 10 ck1Oz

    It’s bizzare it’s like reading a podcast written. But it’s totally like how you both speak in podcasts.

    But you didn’t have enough for a podcast?

    But anyway good luck with getting a minion recapper. I wonder how many submissions did you get? 100??

    • 10.1 Raine

      Yeah, it’s awesome when you can hear someone’s voice in the written word. I’m a fan of letter/email writing and my parents always say they can hear my voice in my writing, which is so nice!

  11. 11 h311ybean

    Hey JB and GF! I don’t know if you were serious about minion tryout judges, but if you are, I’d be happy to go through some sample recaps for you.

    Besides the writing (and subsequent editing) that I do for work and for pleasure, I have some experience as a fanfiction beta reader and have been reading recaps here on Dramabeans for years. At the very least, I think I have a pretty clear idea of what I (as a reader of this site) would like to read in a recap, and how it should be written.

    I know that this sort of screening can be very subjective, but I thought I would offer anyway in case it would help lighten your workload.

    Whether or not you will take me up on my offer, I also wish you and all the would-be recappers the best of luck! I love Dramabeans and check the site every day.

    PS There is no such thing as too many shoes – just not enough storage space.

  12. 12 TinaFee

    That would be really interesting to know what you do behind the scenes of Dramabeans and in a normal working day…
    Thank you guys! Drama beans has been my favorite kdrama website, since years. And it makes no difference for me, if you’d have 5 more recaps or 3 less! Just keep on doing the excellent job…. 🙂

  13. 13 Thursdaynexxt

    Yes, can never thank you guys enough for what you do!

    But it’s high time for some of the fun to be shared, ‘cos there’s just not enough hours in the day, alcohol will only get you so far, and we love it when you branch out into other stuff like books and conventions and interviews (how exciting!)

    Having said that, I’m not convinced that sangria+whiskey+makgulli is a bad idea. I think I’ll have to try for myself. Does it have a name?

    • 13.1 ananke23


  14. 14 owl

    We’ll get suspicious that you really did clone yourselves if one of the new recappers is named Dolly~

  15. 15 Yammy

    please post a link(or a way to read) your interview on BBC when it comes out! I’m really looking forward to it! 😀

  16. 16 kdramakiddo

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna be your best friend or assistant or anything that makes me see this friendship up close !! love you …. you guys could work with koreas best tv companies ! they should know your worth !!

  17. 17 tokkioncrack

    Ahhhh……….the trials of doing fan service. Love you guys and my doubts about my recap just skyrocketed.

  18. 18 Baobao

    Just a thought to help possibly lessen your load… Maybe u might want to post some recap entries and ask readers what they thought of the recap?

  19. 19 Raine

    I like hearing about the scenes. It’s the kdrama/kpop fangirl in me and just the plain old fangirl in me. We’re curious creatures by nature.

    It sounds a lot like putting together a concert for me, what you do. My quartet and I get together (With homebrew. This IS Colorado after all) and she shoot the breeze, talk some music ideal, read (play through music) a lot, play a lot, rehearse a lot, then imbibe for the second half of rehearsal where the real fun starts. Who wants to hear a violinist play in dog-range register while drunk? *shrinks away* Luckily, I don’t play violin.

    Mostly, we like seeing that, we the readers, and I think I speak for a lot of us, that you guys exist beyond recaps. I loves it! Now to join you with alcohol…wait, its 6:29am. I will hold off on the alcohol…

  20. 20 amae

    Wow, so cool!

    Congratulations to you two, and to the whole team as well!
    I don’t comment a lot, but your site is one of my top destinations online, and I love everything you do. 🙂

  21. 21 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks for the behind the scenes, look!

  22. 22 Love Silents

    JB and GF rock! I love how you write, how you explain the KDrama scene I JUST watched and totally didn’t get, how you play off each others words.

    You could have your own sitcom

    This is the only blog I follow.

    Post the recap entries here – the Beanies always have great opinions! (minion opinions….)

    I worry about the BBC letting out our little secret about KDramas. While I know it’s not really a secret but if Hollywood catches on they might ruin a good thing. I don’t want to share my oppas with toooo many other women!

    Cheers all!

  23. 23 ilikemangos

    Hey girls!

    Like a few have already said, we’d be happy for you guys to somehow find a way to let us beanies become recap judges. I can’t imagine how on earth you’ll get through every submission without growing a few grey hairs (considering there are so many) but maybe if you limit it to a top 5/10 recaps or something we can help you guys out and vote on it! You guys can rely on us! We love you and we love this site!

    Also, please keep this behind the scenes news coming along. Maybe this can be another one of those “Name That Drama or Oh Snap!” I love hearing about the stuff that goes on beyond just recaps or drama castings. It makes me feel closer to you guys and really understand the hard work you put into this blog, which makes me appreciate you girls all that much more!

    Beanies will always give you support! FIGHTING!

    • 23.1 RockPaperScissors

      Don’t forget “Thing vs. Thing”. I miss those…

  24. 24 grateful1

    Yay for a DB BTS post! It’s obvious from all the BTS-related questions we Beanies have posted that we’re a pretty curious (and sometimes downright nosy) bunch. DB is like Home for many of us and we’re invested (and/or addicted) enough to always wanna know moar, moar, moar!

    I hope your BTS odds and ends will include a glimpse into some of the more mundane aspects of what’s involved in running this site. I have visions of JB having a guest over who, looking for the bathroom, opens a door and discovers a giant server with tons of blinking lights and stats about visitors by country, etc. Recent growing pains aside, you make it look way too easy, and it’d be good if we didn’t take quite so much for granted.

    Sorry to hear that you’re swamped with all of the minion-tryout stuff. I hope it leads to the discovery of minions who are talented, reliable, and fun for you to work with. Kudos for realizing that it’s time to delegate, hard as that may be to facilitate initially.

    Really looking forward to the interview. It cracks me up to think of how you must’ve been all, Yay! We get to talk about dramas!… then, Oh noes! They want us to finish our own sentences! Ottoke?

    And last, but so not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, uri girlfriday!!! We♥you!!!

  25. 25 Aisling

    Just curious, how many minion applications have you got??

  26. 26 TG

    Thank you for all the recaps – I’m sure you’ve realized by now that there are hordes of us who really appreciate the work you’re doing. If it in any way cuts down on the work load, I also really love the 1-post series recaps when you don’t have the time to recap each episode. It really helps me figure out what to watch and what to skip.

  27. 27 Ciara

    Whoa! So much has been happening around here! Congrats on everything! Hopefully this year there will be more meetups. The one in Texas hasn’t happened yet (as far as I know), so if there is another one in the summer, maybe I can plan a vacation around it? Who knows?

    And sangria, whiskey & mukgolli? Whoa.

  28. 28 meanrice

    Add my name to the recap judge wannabe list.

  29. 29 DayDreamer

    Hearing that you guys have a ton of recaps to read lessens the guilt I was feeling for saying that I was going to send one in but then never did, hehe. However, I do feel the utmost sympathy and love for you guys because during my attempt to recap for the first time, I realized how agonizing it is and not really the thing for me. So yeah….I applaud you guys, feel the deepest respect, and wish that there are suitable minions out there who can reduce the burden and the back aches.

  30. 30 lindsay

    here’s some totally unrelated randomness but i’m not sure where to post it: is anyone else watching let’s eat? even tho it drags sometimes, i look forward to it each week. but here’s my question for the watchers’: are you also getting a gay vibe from Goo Dae Young? i thought that after ep 10 and maybe bc i was thinking that but it seemed like ep 11 supported that. or maybe i’m just looking for a twist? bc i also want him to be the murderer. and i want jinyi to end up with the delivery guy and chief lee to end up with lawyer kim so am i just making excuses? hmm.

    • 30.1 newgirl

      Oooh, I’m watching and loving it. I’m still just getting a play-ah vibe from Goo Dae Young. But I may have to go review. 😀
      Anyway, the best place to post comments like this seems to be DB’s Open Thread, for like-minded readers, which usually starts VERY early Friday mornings (in my neck of the woods anyway). There are a few people who post ASAP every week and it’s hard to keep up with them if you’re busy with other things, but always worth a try to find others watching your favorite shows.

  31. 31 taco time

    Congrats on the BBC WORLD interview! You guys are awesome and deserve the best. Thanks for your dedication to your readers.

  32. 32 newgirl

    Your Odds and Ends themes of drinking and picking through minion applicant submissions could dovetail nicely if you would consider making your decision the way the Ancient Greeks (or was it the Spartans?) did: Any important decision would be voted on twice; once drunk and once sober. You could think of it as a necessary evil. (And might this make the drinks tax deductible?)

    BTW, I would be happy to assist you in such an endeavor, seeing as I’m sort of in the (PNW coast) neighborhood and all. Totally in the interest of science, of course, or international relations and saving the world through Kdrama; Truly a noble cause.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. 33 PlumWine

    I would just like to thank both of you for all of your hard work and commitment to this site. It is the first place I go after watching an ep that is being recapped and for future drama news. You help me understand those little differences in culture that occasionally crop up. Not only do you have a fantastic site, you have also cultivated a really fun and insiteful group of people who enhance the pleasure of kdramas more with their witty and intelligent replies. Thank you. I hope one day to be able to buy you both a drink. Not ‘Wrong’ though! 🙂

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