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  1. Newbie

    Hi Beanies, happy OT!

    I gave in and contrary to what I planned I started to watch YFAS before it ended its run. I like it a lot, in fact Song Yi might be my favorite female heroine ever.

    Still love Can We Love and A Warm Word very much, watched some Miss Korea and will def continue. Didn’t finish Prime Minister and I, it was always more meh than good for me, so when I read the last recaps I decided to drop it and do more useful stuff with my lifetime like, you know, watch other Kdramas. 😉

    Next week I’ll be going to the Berlinale for a couple of days and will hopefully watch a lot of Asian cinema. I’ve already got tickets for two movies that run in the competition, as of Sunday I’ll be able to buy more tickets online I hope. If I am really lucky, I’ll get a ticket for the new Leesong Hee-il movie, whose Baek Ya was my personal festival favorite at last year’s Berlinale. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Have a great weekend.

    • 1.1 alua

      Enjoy the Berlinale!!! And make sure you report back. *so jealous but crossing my fingers for you*

      Hoping that Leesong Hee-il’s latest movie will make it to the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival – it stands a good chance, because all of his past films did screen there (including the trilogy last year).

      • 1.1.1 Newbie

        I will report back on the movies I saw. Promised.

        • alua

          Will look forward to it!

    • 1.2 Shadow-chan

      Hey Newbie!

      Ohh, have fun at the Berlinale!

      Tbh, I was constantly checking the program, because I was having that itty bitty tiny bit of hope that maybe they’d show the Face Reader (and more importantly: That therefore we’d get to see its stars *cough* JJS *cough*), but of course they didn’t xD

      • 1.2.1 Newbie

        I will have lots of fun! Thank you.

        If you are able to see actors up close you realize that they are in a league of their own. Those I were able to see even looked better in RL than on screen. It is shocking how much the camera takes away. Lee Yi Kyung comes to my mind. He is just drop-dead gorgeous.

        • ktiep

          So jealous that you are going to Berlinale! Looking forward to reading your report.

    • 1.3 Kelinci Biru


      Well, in contrary to you. I am kinda proud of my self because I still haven’t watch YFAS til now, well, this is the first time I conciously delay watching something even though I want to. Usually I just watch it and then be miserable waiting for subs, then waiting for the next ep.

      • 1.3.1 Newbie

        Ha, ha, I know the agony. I like to marathon a series, too, but if I invest so much time I need to know that the end satisfies me beforehand.
        Watching a show live bears the same risk, of course, and if I decide to drop it I’m still disappointed, but somehow, and I know it is not logical, the weekly watching gives me a certain satisfaction and enjoyment so that, when the point comes that I stop enjoying a show and stop watching it I am not as angry as during a marathon. When I marathon I do hardly anything else, so the time invested feels much more. *is nuts*

        • nomad

          That’s so true about marathoning. I usually got extremely tired afterwards (both physically from not sleeping, and emotionally spent), that even after the show is done, I still can’t do that much. Addiction… *sigh*

        • Kelinci Biru

          My mortal enemy is dissapointing ending. Either way I watch it, I’ll hate it if the ending is like 49 days (marathoned it) or 1994 (watched it weekly).

        • RyeBlossom

          Oh, yes. I got tired of watching a show, even one I liked a lot, only to find out that in the last episode, or the last 15 minutes, it seems like everybody is out of character, and I suspect the writer + director changed.
          Or things that make no sense.

    • 1.4 redfox

      ah, so lucky, great festival my friends tell me.

  2. redfox

    Ilus ilm täna. Nice weather today.
    So this time I decided to present my diary of randomness written during the week.

    Friday. Embroidering, watching an idiotic movie about princess something weight loss. How random. Should have gotten together with the trainer. Or taken him as a male concubine at least.

    Saturday. Last day of vacation. There is a hole in my finger from embroidering. Raided the shoe shops with my mom. Saaaad cause I found awesome boots, no 35 /UK3 and they were too big. I only get shoes in kids department… Started re-watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band cause the japanese version is just so blah. I knew I shouldn´t have done it. Addicted all over again, sucked in like cosmic dust. It is 3:04 am. On Sunday already. I still love that adorable bunch of wolf cubs there, it is still the best. Silly to make versions. There can only be one. There is always room in my heart for such characters, even with a few thousand people already living there. Is it not amazing, how many characters dwell in our minds? The mind is like an enourmous palace…

    Sunday. Pushed myself to work until I felt like NOW I deserve some dramas. Do you have a drama, old drama, newer, that you love but are afraid to re-watch cause it will suck you in too hard like a black hole? And you cannot stop yourself from marathoning it in one go even if you have seen it many times? Damn. I mean I almost know it by heart and yet still….! hah you know I have some movies as well that I have probably seen 100 times and I still watch them again and again. Most old estonian musical movies. I hate to compare anything to a drug, but…. they are. You know you shouldn´t start, it is a path to sin and yet you go back to them.

    Monday. People here doing things that make me regretful the good old slapping is not wide spread in our society. How I would like to punch those jerks who destroy a natura 2000 area for a railroad! Slap! From a chaebol mom to you. Also, our natural holy places development strategy saying they are for TOURISTS. Not for US or for practices held there. Not for traditions, cultural heritage. Their purpose is to be exhibits so tourists can take pictures…of themselves in FRONT of the place. How sick is this? Rapist mentality against nature. Slap! Who is the best slapper in dramas….lets send her here.

    Tuesday. Curse you Golden Rainbow. You didn´t have to do it. It was the obvious path and yet, it had no ground at all. It is just not necessary in every motaefin drama. It just felt like a schematic move. You could try be creative and solve it differently! I am not watching any more. I swear. I will delete this series from my memory. No fun!
    In other news my ex students from a school where I worked a long time ago, when they were in 4th grade, came on tour (education program). They are 9th graders now. And they recognized me. And to top that, my ex TEACHER was their teacher. Oh man.

    Wednesday. Just when I am eagerly waiting for YFAS in the evening, I watched a japanese drama, ep. 1, of Nazo no Tenkousei, which people in comments think will copy YFAS. Well, too early to tell, and it seems way different. It is one of those alien fish out of water stories, not a wise 400 year old alien. But there is a lot of discussion over the remakes and versions lately. YFAS parallel to Starman (japanese) to Starman (USA) to the latest NNT (again japanese). Then Chinese remake of Heirs. Thai remake of …um, what was it again? Someone…

    • 2.1 Luv_KimRaeWon

      so what happened in Golden Rainbow? i watched it only upto ep 23 or so(only the OTP parts actually, FFing the others) tell me and put me out of my misery

      • 2.1.1 AdAl

        For the first time EVER, this Sunday, I literally yelled curses and swore at my tablet. It’s the first Kdrama to EVER make me do that and now most, if not all of my love for Golden Rainbow has died.

        Seriously, it hasn’t happened to me before, but I went from bubbling hot about a Kdrama to down right wintry and all this without subs. So when I watched it again with subs, hoping that I had missed something along the way, I discovered, I hadn’t really missed much.

        They had to go that route? Seriously. That Ajusshi was the glue that held GR together as far as I’m concerned. Even amnesia or a coma would have been a better option. Now I’m hoping they can end the series quickly, because I don’t think they have enough of a story to last 50 episodes, even with recycled plots.

        • redfox

          I agree. and now it is the path of “Your Dad K My Dad!” which is like the worst, worst, worst thing to happen.


          nope, this drama doesn´t exist for me any more. delete my memory as sad as I am.

        • Blkasian

          I was hoping GR would not take me there but it did. Couldn’t stop crying over the Dad’s death. I loved this character. Why not a coma ? His character helped to make my heart race. Now we have a bunch of confused lairs trying to run the show. Oh lordy where will the writers take us next? Oh by the way someone please find a way to get rid of the brother , his wife and the chunky eat everything son. lol

          • Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

            Wait whose Dad Died JIW or UEE cause if its either 1 I’m soo freaking Maddddddd seriously they killed of Dad y y y ???????

          • redfox

            Baek Wons´, meaning Han Joo.
            that was just so pointless, unjustified move.

    • 2.2 nomad

      I’d slap along with you (mentally). The same craziness I heard on the radio news this morning (I live in TX, USA), that the money an oil company paid to the state for destroying the gulf area will actually be taxed by the state for it to be used to restore the natural wetland. And the tax would be so large, around $5000. Why?? THe money was meant to restore the area destroyed anyway!! Ugh, that’s when I just had to turn off the radio for being too p***ed off.

      • 2.2.1 redfox

        good thing you did not break the radio. I have been so near doing that lately. those businessmen have a rapists´mentality. You cry NOOOOOOO but they do it anyway.

        • nomad

          and the politicians! Some of them are total devils.

    • 2.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      “Slap! Who is the best slapper in dramas…”

      I’m just watching I Need Romance the first one. There is a poolside scene where the concierage is attacked by a woman and the best friend steps in and slaps her. Great to have a friend who would do that for you when it’s not in your own nature … especially if you are at work and have to play nice to rotten customer. I nominate Choi Yeo Jin (the model in INR) as a good slapper.

      • 2.3.1 redfox

        thanks, pack her up and send her over. gotta get those brutes.

    • 2.4 atz

      Mysterious Transfer Student is nothing to do with YFAS. The setting is in high school and I do not think romance is a major element either. I watched up to eps 2 and it is quite interesting since the alien is very mysterious.

  3. August

    Any Heartless City (AKA Cruel City) OST fans…

    If you are famaliar with the “Wound” (AKA “Hurt”) OST, listen and compare to this Redbull commercial. Do some of the the riffs, chords, and/or notes sound similar to you?

    Wound (상처) by Kim Yong Jin (김용진) – Cruel City OST

    World Of Red Bull (Commercial) by Pharrell Williams

    • 3.1 Raine

      Love the OST. Reviewed it on my blog!

      The only similarities I hear are in the percussion, how beats two and four are emphasized giving it a strange walking feel. But otherwise, difference keys and concepts.

      • 3.1.1 August

        Whenever I come across this particular commercial, I always think of Heartless City {AKA Cruel City} and its’ main OST.

    • 3.2 Turkish Rose

      Heartless City/Cruel City – omg this was mind blowing and so phenomenal. I’ve been wanting to see it from all the comments here recommending this show. I finally just watched it over the past two days, and wow was it incredibly acted, and omg the story, just wow. Totally recommend it to those who are hesitant to watch it, definitely a great great show.

      Master’s Sun – just started rewatching it, and omg my heart still flutters like crazy with these two’s acting. And So Jib Sub, his hands is just. . . lol “blush”

      Ghost – Did anyone watch it for So Jib Sub? should I watch or skip?

      • 3.2.1 August

        Heartless City {AKA Cruel City} offered something totally different from what you normally get with kdramas. Jung Shi-Hyun {AKA Baksa Adeul/Doctor’s Son}, Lee Jin-Sook, Moon Deok-Bae {AKA Safari}, and Kim Hyun-Soo are some of the most formidable, haunting, and memorable kdrama characters.

        I’ve been listening to the OST’s from Master’s Sun all this week.

        I haven’t watched Ghost yet.

        • Turkish Rose

          Heartless City IS different than many shows because it truely depicted the ugly side of the world. And August your right, the characters were so spot on that I will always engender safari, and doctor’s son mostly. Not sure if you got the same vibe as me when I initially began it, it reminded me of the American movie, THE DEPARTED, where it shows you the grim side of being an undercover cop, and how bad cops could be much worse than the real thugs in the street. I truly enjoyed watching this series, and I’m sure I’ll watch it again in the future for the ending plot and incredible acting. thank you for recommending it.

  4. redfox

    continued: Someone mentioned it in a previous OT. The US remake of Heirs. Why so many remakes? Are drama writers running out of ideas or just getting greedy to use the winning formula? I think that´s cheating, like doping in sports. Yet somehow it is also an interesting comparison, if only they had their own special accent you know, like, yes, take the formula, but don´t copy. Of course it fuels the imagination and we all imagine our own „versions”. I think my Estonian version would be… the alien taking over the government and turning the whole land into a natural reserve for otherplanetary animals. Looks like human, but builds a huge greenhouse…yet struggles with our difficult language and has therefore trouble wooing the girl he likes. LOL

    Anyway, that japanese series seems interesting. I am replacing Gold Rainbow with it. I AM SORRY, JUNG IL WOO! I LIKE YOU, BUT I CAN´T STAND THOSE FORCED SCENARIOS THAT HAVE NO GROUND!

    And now Man from the star. Are ALL dramas out to kill us or something? Ahh all the drama and all the life threat blergh GR now this. What, do you have an agreement to pull this at the same time?

    Thursday. So. Cmon, PD, you can´t kill him or her or end vaguely like „they moved to a star”.
    and then I had an idea for a Superpower Drama Mashup. I take the liberty to borrow a quote from Sakura, who replied my post on YFAS ep. 14. :” Possible Cast: (Just to name a few) 400 year old sizzling hot alien, mind reading puppy noona slayer, robin hood reincarnate- city hunter, ghost repellant chaebol and many more! „ Quote over. I would add some wizards, a time-travelling scholar, ghost detective (who goes Poof! Every time the chaebol touches him), and, well, me. I am superfox after all. But it does definitely NOT include the procecutors´help in YFAS. This guy, uh….Hogwarts,trying to jump through the wall….honey, calm down, you are not a superhero. Sit. Good boy.

    But I don´t want to deal with Jae Kyung. Not cause he is evil. But because stupidity is contagious.
    Is it not strange how a guy who flipped over tables previously now comments on the internet . what a fall from glory. And also cause…. where did the revenge go? Have we forgotten we are having a situation on edge?

    Hwi Kyung! YOU! You need to have your own detective series after this! Like, a la „Angel”! with such characters, korean dramas step on the heels of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Midsomer murders. Amazing guy. I think I love this character more than Min Joon. Or they are equal. That´s the thing: this drama finally does what I was waiting for: every character is strong and has their own moment. This is how I am writing my story as well, well, trying to.
    And the end…3…2…1… MELTDOWN.

    And Lawyer Jang would SO be invited to Redfox´s Crazy Tea Party. I laughed so much at his antiques Other guests on my party? Hmmm….Do Young, Kang Hwi,…no, wait. I want to invite Park „Woong-Ki” as well, but … and then Ji Hyuk to sing songs!, and from women, Lady Choi, Gil Ra Im (oh…wait… would it be her or…him), and Tae Gong Shil. And Hye-Sung, You wanna be invited then you need to reply to this post!

    • 4.1 redfox

      so, my post accidentally ended up as two posts 2& 3! sorry!

    • 4.2 Rovi

      Have you heard of the Chinese remake of “Heirs”? Siwon of SuJu will be in it. Hmph, must be why he wasn’t in the Philippines when SuJu-M had a concert there. 🙁

      • 4.2.1 scbound

        It was reported it is NOT a remake, in any way….

        • Peeps

          I’ll bet 2 bucks that it is in essence, anyway.

          • Patch

            Reading the plot synopsis it doesn’t seem that way. IMO the writer just let the C-Heirs rumours circulate to create a buzz.

      • 4.2.2 redfox

        yeah I have heard, of course. I feel regret. I liked Siwon in King of Dramas very much, he has this very, sort of, great delivery for comedy. reminds me of some British comedies.
        but it only works when there is an actual plot! and Heirs doesnt have one! I am worried….

    • 4.3 Carole McDonnell

      I have such a crush on Hui Kyeong. If he doesn’t end up with heroine (by memory erasing or whatever) I want him with library ahjumma. He is just adorable. I don’t want him with Semi. Not that dislike SeMi. I don’t dislike her. But I dislike the idea that “if A were not present then B would be in love with C.” It’s silly…and it is rarely true. Drama-folks ought to dsabuse themselves of that silly hope.

      Am wondering what the J-version of heirs will be like. Haven’t watched Shark, the j-version of Flower Boy Band, yet.

      • 4.3.1 Peeps

        Uhm, in my opinion, I think that HuiKyeong would be leaving the show partner-less, and at best, there would be a hint with whom he pairs up with, but nothing really concrete. That’s just because he’s spent Fifteen-Freaking-Years pining and serving SongYi that I don’t see him moving on very soon or very easily.

        But if he pairs up with BokJa (Ha, what an old sounding name), I predict messy, epic bickering. BokJa would be first blown away by his handsomeness and then remind him that he elbowed her in the uvula in I-don’t-know-what-grade and then he’d get all defensive and she’d rant about how hurt she felt that time and… lol, I just imagine them as more the more immature couple, with their school-years shenanigans to feed their quarrels. It actually sounds kind of fun, heh.

        • Shukmeister

          Ooh, now there’s a couple that would be awesome! lol

        • nomad

          I like your idea! 🙂

      • 4.3.2 redfox

        I would like Hwi Kyung with Bok-Ja, cause they are both smart, loyal, courageous (what a difficult word!), they aren´t naive and can see through people (well, not like literally, otherwise they´d also be aliens). I think they are very much alike and therefore have at least sworn friend potential, which may lead to lovers….even if they decide against it later and go back to “friends”. also likely.

      • 4.3.3 merry

        I should think he’d up with the lead actress. How can he not — good and faithful lover? Man from the star will go back to where he came from and be at peace to leave her with such a man.

    • 4.4 atz

      Golden Rainbow is so cliche so that only reason I watch must be for Jung Il Woo. The agony is so forced yet how they develop their ending is rather predictable.

      Let’s Eat; I would like to see the heroine ends with Lawyer Kim. He is soo pathetic to the point I feel very sorry for him. He is decently good looking guy who has a good career but he cannot confess his love for her and whatever he does is misunderstood. poor Poor man.

      YFAS: Watched first couple of eps with my ten years old daughter. I told her the main actor is very popular,,, and she said’ i can see that but his ears which stick out really bothers me. I cannot help staring at his ears but his ears make him look like sort of alien in this drama, so I guess it works!’ Now I cannot help staring at his ears!!

      Shisturen( heart broken) chocolatier: This is quite a different type of love story. It does not involve supernatural element or alien. I have so far watched only two episodes so it is too early to judge but the main guy has some love hate for his love. His girl is a married woman who acts cute and used to sleep around. I have seen those girls in my life. Why on earth he falls for the girl is beyond my comprehension but somehow the almost masochism love aspire him to create more interesting chocolate. The whole character setting for the drama is interesting and the chocolate looks divine!

      Age of feeling: I only watch it for the sake of Kim Jae Wook.
      I really dislike what Yakuza does in our society and I hope that they do not depict them with rosy picture or romantic notion. I do not like the main female actress( Gaya). She is so stiff. Kim Jae Wook and his love interest keeps the mood light despite of all bloody and violent scenes.

      Spoiler’s alert: I know that the drama eventually kill Pong Cha, he was sexy in his own way and one of few good guys. They killed him too early. Now the only thing keeps me watching is Kim Jae Wook and Song Jae Rim.

      King’s Daughter SBH; the story is heading to the end but this drama has been so unpredictable so the viewers has no idea how the drama would end. Quite good acting from main characters.

      • 4.4.1 Newbie

        Lol to the distracting ears of Kim Soo-hyun. I’m bothered by them too, not because they stick out, but because his left ear is larger than his right ear by approx. 1 cm / almost half an inch. I can’t stop looking and measuring.

        King’s Daughter SBH – I started watching to shorten the waiting for Empress Ki and I like what I see. Am at ep 20 now.

        • ktiep

          I thought I was the only one who noticed his ears. The hair stylist could have given him a haircut so his ears weren’t so distracting. They make me think of Stephen Colbert (who is not Hot, of course, but talented).

          • atz

            My husband loves Stephen Colbert show so I will watch his show with him to examine his ears next time. I actually think Stephen Colbert is hotter than Kim Soo Hyun!( I know I am the only one in the whole world to say this. Colbert has more funny facial expression than Kim Soo Hyun’s and Colbert is brilliant and intellectual. By the way, Jon Steward is handsome and has very sharp mind).

          • Altari

            I love Stephen but I’ve never paid attention to his ears. I’ll have to take a look.
            Lee Sunkyun reminds me of John Oliver for some reason.

            Actually I think Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are hotter than KSH. I find intellect and humor sexier than abs. I’m probably weird.

          • ktiep

            Well, I do like my men to be on the Mensa-side, so I’ll have to agree with you. I would rather spend the evening with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or John Oliver than a man who just worked on his abs. Of course, in my husband, I have both–just no hair anymore. LOL.

      • 4.4.2 Carole McDonnell

        It would be sooooooooo good if heroine ended up with Lawyer Kim. Because it would be unpredictable. Right now that law office is full of two women who are clueless — one is clueless about not being the object of affection and the other is clueless about being the object of affection. Either they both get enlightened or they both don’t.

        And right now…the viewers are so aware of one character’s effort to show his love that we can’t really give up on him. The camera keeps turning to him. And I’d like a long-lived love to finally have its day. At least in one k-drama. And at least from the guy’s side.

        • Lizzy4e

          Lawyer Kim FTW! (he is just too cute in his unrequited love.)

        • Crazynoona

          AGREE, Lawyer Kim FTW ^_^

      • 4.4.3 Kindra

        Yes! I’ve been watching Let’s Eat, don’t go into that show hungry. Sorta like a mystery dinner theater.

        Running Man, never change!

        • Carole McDonnell

          i just decided to make some sort of salmon cabbage tomato sauce what-not..all because of this episode.

        • BaileyOtaku

          The big “k-wave” lately, so to speak, has been this whole Meok-Bang fascination, and enjoying to watch people eat–and eat “beautifully”. When I read the article on Kotaku (no relation, LOL) I immediately thought about Let’s Eat!

          That drama has inspired me to get cooking all over again–and to savour the different flavours, cause Lord knows, I have been scoffing things down without really taking time to taste!


      • 4.4.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Some actors when they appear on the screen my mind goes sort of blank and I stare. Snapping out of it, I realize I was watching a drama and I have stopped reading the subtitles and don’t know what is going on because HE showed up. Kim Jae Wook is one of those.

        KJW could just stand there looking gorgeous and never speak a word and I would still swoon.

        • atz

          Truly, KJW is swoon worthy. He got his style.

        • lili_ij

          lol at the ‘Who are you’ reference – but can’t argue the truth of that statement!

        • Raine

          Hehe…not say a word…hehe. He is flipping awesome.

      • 4.4.5 redfox

        whaat! I haven´t even noticed his ears! but they do have swoon-worthy sweaters.

      • 4.4.6 Chandler

        Oh dear. It’s my own fault. I took a break from watching the latest ep of Age of Feeling to check whats being discussed here. DAMN IT. You even said spoiler too! Whyyyy am I so stupid?! GAHHHH. I was always wondering why he wasn’t in the opening credits! AHHH take it back! He was my favorite too…

    • 4.5 Rachel

      I can imagine a China remake of Heirs as Rovi has mentioned and as has been written on Dramabeans, but I can’t imagine a US remake of Heirs! Perhaps it’s just once bitten, twice shy, after that disaster of the US remake of Boys over Flowers, Boys Before Friends, which I posted about on last week’s Open Thread, but I can safely say that after they dropped their 2 lead actors I have officially given up on that show. Granted that it was done by an independent production company with very green writers and actors, the whole saga just smelt fishy and seemed unprofessional.

      I have not watched Heirs but from my sketchy impression, I think there’re some aspects that are difficult to translate for an American audience. I guess this also depends on their target audience and their broadcast platform.

      • 4.5.1 Peeps

        With golden rainbow, I look through Soompi to find out what BaekWon and YoungDo are up to then I go the actual subbed video to watch. ‘Cause that’s all that series ever good for, seriously, haha. And it saves time. And give me the fluffies!

        • owl

          Golden Rainbow *spoiler* ep 26 Il Woo and UEE kiss – love him to pieces. He’s both the cheese and the ham – and I love it!

      • 4.5.2 Shukmeister

        Rachel –

        Wasn’t Heirs just a knockoff of “Beverly Hills 90210”? lol

        • Rovi

          No it’s not, it’s “Gossip Girl”.

          • Samy

            Rachel – I also gave up on Boys Before Friends. I was excited for a US version but after watching the four episodes it wasn’t what I expected. Too many delays, recasts and it is very unprofessional. The whole thing is a joke.

        • Rachel

          But still, the sobby and limp heroine is not something an American audience can take, no? Our heroine would have to be a lot more feisty and much less of a doormat.

    • 4.6 TehNuhu

      While we’re on thr subject of remakes, has anyone seen the US version of Boys Over Flowes? It’s not very good IMO

      • 4.6.1 Ayan

        I think from episode 3 and 4 the show was in a better place. It is a shame that both leads left because I think they were the best part of the show. I watched the spring break episode 0 ,and the first half was really good. The actors were better and you got a real sense of the characters. It is a shame that the second half was just the cast insulting other people.
        Its just funny to read the viki comments in each episode. I’ve had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard to concentrate.

        I think the remake would have been better if they hadn’t remade Boys over flowers. It is a pretty expensive story to show on film, the location, the lavish lifestyle of the F4. I don’t think the budget they had could cover it. But I commend their effort in trying to do this, I just wish the production team could respond appropriately to other people’s opinions.

        • luvnlife

          Agree with you Ayan. We all know the drama is low budget so I can look past the editing issues. I applaud them for the vast improvements in filming and I do look forward to Thursday at 10pm (my time) when the show gets loaded; however, I was turned off by the second half of last week’s episode.

          Instead of talking about the positives of moving forward they kept bringing up irrelevant things. When one of the writers said ‘I take full ownership of the bad editing because I hired someone who wasn’t good at editing. Since then we fired them.’… that was a big turn off for me. Instead they should have said ‘I take full ownership of the bad editing on episode 1.. since then we have spent more time in that area and have seen improvements in episodes 2-5. Bare with us as we continue to make improvements.” If they would have focused on saying things in this way, I think they would have come off so much better and probably got more people on their side.

          I’m not sure what happened to yesterday’s episode (it was never uploaded.) On the Facebook page, it said they were having technical difficulties about 15 minutes after the show should have aired. Again, another opportunity to post something prior to air time to post “we apologize for the delays. we are having technical difficulties. we anticipate that the show will be uploaded tomorrow at noon pacific. we will continue to post updates as we find out more.”

          • Ayan

            I completely agree.It was very jarring to see this lovely montage of the characters interacting with each other, to someone not taking responsibility and blaming people who aren’t available to defend themselves. Very unprofessional. It wasn’t necessary and the accusations they were making didn’t seem to ring true because the crew member sitting with them had an expression that indicated otherwise.

            I usually tend to watch it on a Monday, but I’m looking forward to seeing what changes will happen next and how the new leads will interact with the existing cast.

            I think the show might have been better if it was filmed as a series of Vlogs with certain scenes being shown on the screen. If Zoey had an youtube channel and was recounting what had happened. For example, the first episode could start with Zoey covered in flour and eggs, and then a flashback to getting the red card, and the F4 etc. Then each episode could be another vlog which would be interspersed with an actual clip. Similar to the Lizzie Diaries series on Youtube.

        • Harleyqwen

          I agree with you about them selecting a bigger project than they could handle… BOF was way out of their budget… They should have tried Flower Boy Next Door or something you could shoot in someones apartment…
          but that being said I’ll admitt I watched all 4eps and was anticipating the ones to come (Guilty Pleasure)
          Episode 0 or whatever gave off a Real World Confessional vibe and I couldnt stomach watching the whole thing…
          I ended up going to Unproblematic of the Problematic’s Snark Caps to get the jist of it though…

          • Ayan

            Yes, I think if I was involved in a project like that, I would choose something slightly easier. Maybe School 2013 because the bulk of the film was set in a classroom. I don’t think it would be too hard to do that, especially if you attend a university where there is an abundance of empty rooms. The uniform would be easy too, a white shirt, jumper, black trousers. Things that everyone has in their wardrobe.

            I did skip certain parts whilst watching the episode, and I couldn’t finish watching the second part either. I would stop watching the show but I’m curious to see what will happen next. I usually clean or do something else when I watch the show anyway. Yep thank god for the Snark Caps! They prepare me for what will happen in the show! 🙂

        • ilikemangos is happy

          LOL the timed viki comments are the BEST part about every BBF episode. I’ll be honest, im watching for the laughs. Now i come into each episode thinking its a parody so I’m way more entertained.
          My favorite parts were when i actually heard someone yell “cut” in the 2nd episode and also when they switched out zoey after the beauty transformation scene. The experience was so jarring I swear i almost died from laughter.

          I was really turned off in their confessions video. It just seemed all too hypocritical how they were blaming others for being unprofessional while they themselves didn’t handle the situation professionally either. Im sure if they couldn’t explain legally what went on behind the scenes, they would’ve just exposed the lead actors. The whole “family” and “love you guys” kept getting tossed around and by the end it just felt so redundant and painted on for the audience. Instead of focusing on the improvements and what THEY themselves could offer up, they spent a good 20 minutes reiterating the faults of OTHERS. Some of the explanations were okay, but frankly I was so tired reading about it. Esp. with addressing the haters — please rise above that.

          The funniest part about the video was when they mentioned they read the viki comments. HAHA oh dear, will people be careful in posting comments from now on knowing the cast reads it?

          • Ayan

            I know! They are so funny, just the right comment at the perfect time. I don’t think the comments will stop, but maybe people will try to be kinder?
            Either way, I just look on the episode as a comedy show or a reality show.

            Yes, I hated it when they kept on saying family and love, after blaming other people…
            I admire how much they believe in the show and how hard they are working, but I wish the focus of the episode could have been on that instead of blaming other people. I don’t think people should send hate mail to them, its not like they have murdered dozens of people. They had an idea but it didn’t match to the fans expectation. Sadly.

    • 4.7 redfox

      ah I remembered, the remake in Thailand was Full House

      • 4.7.1 Ayan

        Is the thai remake of Full house good?

        • redfox

          don´t really know, haven´t watched it myself, just seen discussion and people say it is

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Ayan – Yes!

  5. ht

    Not liking Uhm Taewoong’s acting and kisses in Can We Love. /runs away/

    Minsu is a BAMF in RM. I mean, everywhere. QUEEN.

    Kim Jaewook and Jin Seyeon. The way he looks at her… that is all.

    • 5.1 kopytko

      I will never understand other people’s tastes. I am not trying to. To each his own. Have a nice day! 🙂

      *goes to drool over Uhm Tae Woong in CWL*

      • 5.1.1 ht

        Lol I love him (as Uhm Force), I think he’s very charming, but whenever he talks, he frowns. He speaks very fast and I know everyone does that in that drama but for him, it comes off as pretty unnatural. As for kisses, I’ve never liked them. Or maybe the ep 5 kiss. I particularly dislike eating-lips-up kisses, like the one in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, A Love to Kill, IRIS 2, Man From the Equator…

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

          Why is he called UhmForce? Just curious. When/Where did that nickname start?

          • d

            “Uhm Force” derived from Star Wars’s “Force” was given to Uhm Tae Woong by his fans in 2005 during Resurrection due to his amazing and charismatic acting. It became very popular and it’s not only a nickname only his fans use. It’s used everywhere. Other actors call him Uhm Force as well.

    • 5.2 JoAnne

      Well I can’t argue with your assessment of Kim Jae Wook and Jin Se Yeon, at least!

      • 5.2.1 Raine

        I need to catch up with this show. I Just haven’t had TIME. And I want to marathon it…MARATHONING IS AWESOME. I miss it…All these live shows to follow…

  6. Kim Yoonmi

    None of the coming Korean dramas excites me much, which doesn’t bode well for my drama-watching future.

    I like INR3, though I wish all the characters would get some friends–some outside life outside of romance and work–you can at least fake it with some writing. but maybe loneliness is a theme they are trying to chase after in the love-starved world.

    Still watching Empress Ki… I still skip to the parts with the palace ’cause I still find WY boring. He’s upright but boring, and I think that’s more of a crime than powerless, childish, etc. I enjoy watching power plays anyway.

    Also watching all of the Japanese dramas I mentioned I was watching last week. TW dramas Love Family and Deja Vu.

    Korean Culture Note:
    Yeah, this week is a cop out, ’cause really, I’ve been spending a good few weeks typing up Hong Gil Dong and getting used to sageuk speak.

    소인 (“I” to royalty mostly, so I tend to translate as others do
    and a lot of verbs ending in 라. “업게 하라.” for example and “가두리라”.

    Anyway, I learned the Korean word for “said” 왈 “wal” (the l is a little thicker sounding than “wall” wahl because the tongue is a tad further back than in English. Results may vary by region (including the US) and ability for you to hear the difference. (which is hard to hear.)
    So uhh… usage in Hong Gil Dong.
    동의 계문(啓聞)이라 하니, 성이 더욱 진노(震怒)하사 ,
    “이놈이 각도(各道)에 다니며 이런 작란을 아되 아모도 잡지 못하니 이를 장차 어찌하리요.” (I have a rough jist of some of the words, but not idea what is actually says. It’s just for demonstration anyway. The only closely bad word is nom, (as in inom) but everyone should know that word by now.)

    왈 seems to always come before the comma at the end. Tagging goes at the beginning. I haven’t seen tagging at the end of the quote, but that may be because it’s an older text.
    Then the comma.
    Then a complete line return, even if the attached bit is short.
    The the quote (as shown in the example)

    Other words used in the place of 왈… the less used… 가라사대 which can be used as “quote” as well as to say.

    Longer quotes have two returns so there is a blank space in between and no quotes.

    I found it amusing since in English we format our dialogue differently.

    The King said, “Do you want to go to the cemetery?” <– American format.

    Korean format.
    The King said,
    "Do you want to go to the cemetery?"
    It was a line (very roughly translated) I found in Hong Gil Dong. (Jeju shows up a lot too)

    Have to check my copy of Moon and Sun to see if this is consistent. (English title: Moon Embracing the Sun.) I bought the books, two of them and they are *massive* 2 volumes of lots of words. Waa~

    • 6.1 Rovi

      “소인 so’in” is roughly trnslated in formal speak as “your humble servant. Much similar to “소신 soshin ‘humble servant'”, “소첩 socheop ‘humble consort/wife'”, “소자 soja ‘humble son'”, & “소녀 sonyeo ‘humble daughter'”, which serves to humilify oneself if talking to someone greater in rank than you…

      • 6.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I looked it up in the Korean dictionary (ybmallinall[dot]com) and it came up as an archaeic form of I, which of course doesn’t talk about usage. But I do prefer using it as “humble servant” “Your humble servant” or servant.

        I’m open, however, to the dictionary being wrong. In sageuk translations I’ve seen it translated both ways.

      • 6.1.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Thanks Rovi. I’ll add these words to my vocabulary list.

  7. JoAnne

    Wondrous Beans, I greet you!

    Still so much love for the universe right now, but especially, oh especially a lot of love for Insanely Jealous Do Min Joon, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect Cheon Song Yi, and about 9 million people in a certain Inspiring Generation.

    Multiple Baksa Adeul feelings by a factor of at least 10 to account for the sheer volume of awesome people in Age of Feeling….and join me in wondering why my heart has not yet exploded from the love I am feeling.

    • 7.1 Carole McDonnell

      oh yes..everyone in Inspiring Generation is soo good. Why did they kill off the two gang leaders? I loved those two lovable thugs. Why oh why???? But I guess if they were gonna kill off so many people….. This is one drama where I think only certain people are safe…at least til the end.

      • 7.1.1 Mohammed

        Dobi gang leader isnt dead, Poong Cha put him to sleep so he could go after SJT himself and not let his leader get killed.

        • Carole McDonnell

          oooh, okay. Thanks! He looked so messed up after he battled all the guys.

          • JoAnne


            Poong Cha is dead. Boss Hwang was left sleeping in the forest.

          • AdAl

            Yeah, but Poong Cha is dead. My heart bleeds.

            What a tragic ending! But so dramatic 🙁

      • 7.1.2 Selena

        All my favorite people died in this episode, but I guess it’s the way the story is written since the story is moving to the next stage.

    • 7.2 Raine

      Wait…I read Paksa in there. I might need to get on this sooner than I thought. i watched the first episdode and loved it. Just…haven’t gotten around to watching the rest.

  8. korfan

    Hi Everybody!

    I hope you are all doing well. I’m still not sure, but, I may have to run off from OT in a couple of minutes because I think I’m coming down with a cold. If I do, I’ll be sure to visit later and read all of your great posts!

    Watched this week:

    A Warm Word – Still enjoying this very adult drama, there’s certainly nothing light about it. ……. With 10 eps watched so far, it’s still up in the air as to how this one’s going to end. ……. As I watched this week though, the following thoughts came to mind …… Sung-soo, seriously, why the attitude? Walking around with the air of indignation certainly doesn’t suit you of all people. ……. Mi-kyung, your feelings are justified but you have bad execution and oh, by the way people aren’t mind-readers. Yes, Jae-hak should know you better after so many years, but he can’t read minds. …… Jae-hak, you apparently have no grasp of the cause and effect concept. Did you really think that after you were found out things could, in the short run, continue as if nothing happened?

    YFAS – This one …… wow, this one. ……. 5 eps watched so far but I have to say there are shades of greatness all over it. ……. Verrrry interesting characters. ……. I want to know more, a whole lot more, about each and every one of them. ……. Park Hae-jin, I knew who he was and had heard good things about him, but I had never seen him work. Now I know why good things were said.

    Prime M & I – I know this has ended but I’m still in the beginning parts of this one. Lee Beom-soo, he appears on screen and just commands attention ….. and with so much charm!

    Biscuit Teacher Star Candy (AKA: Hello My Teacher) – While going through the tv channels, I found this one just starting! …… With Gong Hyo-jin! ……. It’s being shown in 20 minute installments rather than a whole hour at a time, so the viewing experience is a little different. ……. Heroine has her hands full but it looks like it’s going to be an interesting adventure.

    Other stuff watched:

    Appa Oediga – Still in the last couple of episodes of Season 1.

    Downton Abbey – I know people have complained that bad things are always happening to Edith. Not me. …… I must be the only one who is still more than a little upset with her for what she did to Mary in Season 1.

    That’s about it for now. Take care everyone and have a great Friday!

    • 8.1 Rovi

      Haha, you’re watching BTSC (Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy) on Arirang, aren’t you? Mom’s hooked, so much we don’t finish the local news anymore. XD

      • 8.1.1 korfan

        Rovi –

        Hahaha, yes, on the Arirang channel! …… There I was, with the remote, just changing channels and there it was, starting episode 1.

        • Rovi

          Us too…I didn’t even recognize Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Yoon-ji, they’re so young back in 2005!
          Also Kim Da-hyeon~!!! I just saw him when he guested in Happy Together (shocking news: he’s married, much to Shin Bong-sun & Park Mi-seon’s disappointment)

          • Mae

            LOL,, the gank looks so Young . I call them boys before knife.
            ( before plastic surgery). I saw in arirang to

        • nomad

          That show was a total CRACK for me!

    • 8.2 Mohammed

      Hell My Teacher i saw for the first time last year and its really good. But funny with the whole high schooler being in love with his teacher and the serious trouble their different places, years brings.

      The both Gong actors made it work, their chemistry.

    • 8.3 Turkish Rose

      Do you know where I could watch it online? Hello my teacher, I’ve heard it’s nice, plus it has both gong yoo, ghj. I’ve tried finding it online but not sure where I could find it subtitled?

      btw off topic, but does anyone know how you guys add this bold font in your comments?

      Thanks 🙂

      • 8.3.1 August

        Begin with the less than symbol

      • 8.3.2 August

        End with a backslash and the greater than symbol

      • 8.3.3 August

        Left off that you need to encase a lowercase b inbetween the less than symbols. To end the bold font, the /b is encased inbetween the greater than symbols.

        • Turkish Rose

          Thanks August..Let me test

  9. kanz

    Hello OT!
    First of all, shall we talk about Prime Minister And I ending? I feel so disappointed, even more disappointed that the ending has Mirae’s Choice flavor. Although the drama did start well before Na Young come.
    -Empress Ki. I LOVE Ta Hwan that become more mature! Way to go TH!
    -YFAS. Jealous alien is so hot and sexy. So many funny moments in ep 15 although ep 14 feels like extended flashbacks

    • 9.1 Shukmeister

      kanz –

      * SPOILERLY *

      PM&I – ahh yes, all that lovely skinship gone to waste in lieu of 2 episodes of a horrible mom getting a happy ending, and our OTP getting a frigging politician handshake. BOOO

      • 9.1.1 Shadow-chan

        What…? I… what?!
        Does that mean… Should I actually stop watching…? Mirae’s Choice’s ending ruined so hard for me…
        When I started watching PM&I, I was actually a bit afraid to love it too much, just because it was on the same channel, but I thought it was stupid, cause after all the team was completely different and everything, but…

        • Shukmeister

          Shadow-chan –

          The ending is certainly in character for the PM. They kept him as a consistently upright person.

          I think maybe the writers overreacted to the whole dilemma of “is he a bigamist?” by sacrificing his relationship with DJ. It took a jarring misstep to conclude the first wife’s story before going back to our canon couple.

          They tried to tie up everyone’s storylines, but let’s face it: I could give a rat’s buttocks to whether the brother-in-law ever got happy with his trophy wife, or got some with his secretary. They could have all three drown in a freakish onsen accident that would have taken up all of fifteen minutes, and focused the rest on DJ comforting the kids and bringing their cousin to kendo practice.

          • Shadow-chan

            Huh… I’m somehow gathering from the comments, that the first wife is actually still alive or something? I haven’t watched that far yet xD
            Last episode I watched was 13, I *think*…

            But I’m curious now and I guess I’ll just watch it till the bitter end and throw something if the ending sucks xD

          • korfan

            I’ve only watched up to episode 6 and I’ve already heard about the ending, but I’m curious also. I just want to see how it all plays out on screen.

        • nomad

          Up to episode 13, I loveee PM&I. It just so happened my schedule went crazy afterwards, so I decided to just read recaps…and I’m glad. Cause the ending to PM&I was just…I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

          • AdAl

            I’m with you there. Gotta hate that handshake. I was like WTH? Seriously?! Give the lady a hug! You’ve missed her for a year darn it!

    • 9.2 Rovi

      In Empress Ki, Toghon Temur’s name is Koreanized as Tahwan? I’m surprised they haven’t mutilated Danasri’s name…

      • 9.2.1 cherkell

        I think “Koreanized” is an improper term. His name is fictionalized as Ta Hwan. Nowhere in history was Emperor Huizong of Yuan/Toghon Temur ever referred to as “Ta Hwan.” Made-up names for our leads to show that the drama is loosely basing their scripts on historical facts. And that’s fine with me. 😀

        • Raine

          Yeah, most definitely. And WAng Yoo’s character is definitely fictionalized as, y’know, the real Goryeo king at that time was atotal lech…

  10. 10 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Yesterday I was feeling so healthy. I danced around the house to k-drama osts. Still smiling about it. Hopefully am getting a hang on this fibro thing.

    Inspiring Generation. Oh my heavens, Song Jae Rim! So hot! My poor aged ovaries! They are all a-flutter. Good Lord, man, what are you doing to me! But yeah, the plot. I find myself forgiving a heck of a lot of coincidences because I love this drama so much. I’m shipping our hero with Ok Ryeon. Because I think the heart of a warrior needs a humble sweet girl to rest on. Right now Gaya is so emptied of heart that I can’t see her healing our hero. The near-misses between Jung Tae and Ok Ryeon are confusing me. Is he unable to give her the ring (where or where is it now, anyway?) because he IS fated to give it to her or because he IS NOT fated to? Could work either way in these dramas but if the writer keeps making Gaya be so cold, it’ll be hard for us to viewers to give her to the hero. And Lordy, please do not let my Song Jae Rim die. My ovaries need all the help they can get.

    Angel’s Revenge: Oh my gosh! I’m chomping at the bit, waiting for the revenge to star. But why no glimpse of the baby yet? Tae-jang has got to be the most evil greedy guy I’ve seen in ages. Am assuming his fiance will lose her baby and somehow Tae-jang will get her to adopt his baby in the orphanage. Heartbreak ahead for sweet completely in the dark chaebol princess.

    Wang Family: Dang, Mom! LET IT GO!!!!! Soo-bak, let the man go!!!! And writer-nim, please tell the birth secret already!!! Poor Sedal..suffering so much!

    Cool Kiz?? What happened this week? It was blocked in the US.

    Still liking Divorce Lawyer. Am not really feeling Emergency Couple although i love Choi Jn Hyuk.

    Haven’t seen Miss Korea episodes for this week yet. Nor Let’s Eat current episode. Nor Hours of my Lfe current episode.

    Waiting also for current episode of Lost Days and Paper Moon.

    That’s about it, I think. Have a great weekend, all.

    • 10.1 Carole McDonnell

      Dang! Did I forget You From Another Star? Oops. Am liking ths one as well. I wonder if hero can really erase memories. Am thinking maybe he can’t but who knows? Sometimes i feel there might not be a happy ending with them together. I haven’t seen an ending n a long time where the lovers parted so….yep wondering.

      Wondering what next Big Bad has up his sleeves. I got this “Shadow of a Doubt” Uncle Charlie vibe when his parents were discussing him. So maybe he fell, hurt his brain, became sociopathic and killed the family cat…then upped the stakes to knocking off older hyung. That would explain it.

    • 10.2 tata

      Yeah Im worried for Il Hwa tooooo. Its a shame if he leaves the show this early.

      I always loved his characters, good or bad.

      I hate that good characters died alreaddyyyy. My heart achesss TT

      • 10.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        yeah, I’m thinking this is one drama where one never knows who is safe. Now our remaining characters are all basically strangers in a strange land…even if it’s there own land. The gangs were so fully Korean. Now everyone else has conflicted cultural issues and personal complications. Except for Ok Ryeon. She is pure of heart and utterly symbolic of the country i think. I think.

    • 10.3 alua

      With Emergency Couple, I kind of wish it were over already so I could marathon it and skip all the stuff that’s not interesting. I only cheer for the female lead at the moment. Though if I were her, I would probably walk out and distance myself as far as I could from all the ex, his family, the other interns (etc.)

      • 10.3.1 nomad

        On Emergency Couple, I know what you mean. But I still watch it weekly as of now. Still can’t stand the male lead way of talking down and such. And initially I had respected the minister’s daughter, but after last week when she came to sit down with Jin Hee during lunch, that respect flew out of the window. For me she’s a typical b****y 2nd lead.

        • alua

          I’m still watching as well, even slightly anticipating it, if only because I’m cheering for the female lead character to show everyone that she’s actually better than the whole lot of them.

          The minister’s daughter is just an example of a too perfect and actually utterly boring character to me.

    • 10.4 megumi

      i agree with you on Age of Feeling, i hope the writers don’t go the usual route of matching main lead actor with main lead actress, i love jung tae and ok ryung together, she loves him so much that my heart would break if jung tae decides to choose cold hearted Kaya. Also the fact that jung tae doesn’t look like he’s playing around with ok ryun because he did indeed bought that ring for her and that say a lot about how he thinks of her, he would have even married ok ryun by now if kaya didn’t came back to emotionally blackmail him, poor guy is muttering I’m sorry Kaya even in his sleep, i like ok ryun’s friend too but like ok ryun i only see him as a good friend to her nothing more nothing less, jung tae and ok ryun ftw!!

      • 10.4.1 Peeps

        To be honest, I think that JungTae’s relationship woes reflect the common love-related woes of that time. I dunno, but in my mind, not very many people married who they truly loved then. So many seemed to marry out of obligations.

        I feel like JungTae does not love OkRyun yet he understands that OkRyun has done much for him and he is grateful and thankful and feels some sort of obligation to be with her. He cares for her and respects her and he would love her to be happy and would do anything to make her happy. Just that she doesn’t stir his heart very much nor is she the one he wants to see the most when in pain, which makes their relationship heartbreaking for me because it’s like they’re close but yet NOT close, if you know what I mean. I mean, I think that OkRyun will know so much more about JungTae than anyone else, but she wouldn’t know everything about him, because try as he might, there’s just one part of him that he can’t give up, like he can’t fully, truly, expose himself to her.

        • Carole McDonnell

          I’m thinking there is a kind of nationalistic symbolc subtext going on with Ok Ryun representing the sanity-one–calls-home. Ok Ryun is softness, selflessness, and womanhood.

          Gaya is not of this world in some ways. She isn’t rooted in normalcy. One cannot imagine her continuing after the world returns to normal because she never had a place in normality. The many love attempts for Ok Ryun (who is “home”) and Jung Tae seem like a strving to get to home and to normalcy..but the war and evil keep getting in the way. This is why I think they are fated for each other…it’s as if their love is higher than passion but the passion has to have its day in the sun. The cords holding Jung Tae to Gaya are not cords that can last in real world real time but they are powerful and we have to honor them for the nonce in order for Ok Ryeon and Jung Tae to be together.

          I could be wrong though. It could be that the reason JT and OR haven’t been able to fulfill their relationship is because JT is fated for Gaya …and the writers don’t want us seeing a hero break his promise (ring) to OR. In that way, we won’t see JT as a betrayer. Will see how it pans out.

          I just think it’ll be hard to make Gaya seem like a woman and not merely a princess. We’ve never seen her as a korean woman or a korean girl. Only as a girl in Korean male outfits and a Japanese princess. Will see how the writers get this together.

          • owl

            Ok Ryeon is also the new woman emerging from the old era’s options for women. I’m not sure Jung Tae can ever appreciate that about her. He can accept the extreme world of Gaya, but takes home or OR (nod to Carole) for granted, even though she is an independent and changing as a woman, too. Is it even possible for JT to settle down in his innermost soul for home? While it may be what he needs, if he only follows what pulls him for the moment, he will never stay still.

          • Carole McDonnell

            So true, Owl:

            Jung Tae is kind of untethered isn’t he? And now even more so when his gang isn’t with him. I think one of the themes is resilience, the resilience of people of the I think JT will need a good match — whatever that might be– to help him into the new era.

            Trouble is that avengers rarely return from their place of darkness and Gaya is just so entrenched in bitterness…I don’t know how healing she could be for JT or him for her.

            But Ok Ryeon is resilient

          • owl

            OR is resilient, but in a way is only shocking in comparison to how others are not. It’s frustrating.

        • AdAl

          @Peeps – I might have agreed with you there, but for the kiss Jung-tae gave Ok-Ryeon in episode 7. That was one passionate kiss – and it’s not one you give to a lady you feel obligated to or treat like family. That’s a kiss you give to a woman you are attracted to and feel passionate about.

          True, since Jung-tae does not reveal a lot with his expressions (I’m not sure if it’s Jung-tae the character or just KHJ’s deficiency in emoting), so it might be difficult to say, but spending the whole day with someone when you know you’re about to be killed says a lot about your thought process and he even bought her a ring. So, reading his actions, one would say that he had romantic feelings towards her.

          But at the same time he feels a tug towards Gaya, maybe guilt, maybe obligation, maybe first love or just attraction. His heartfelt, sincere words to Shinichi – that he wanted to make Gaya laugh, because watching her laugh made him laugh, without knowing why. I wouldn’t count Gaya out of the running yet. It’s obvious that she still has feelings for him. Since he was her first kiss/crush. It’s being set up for a love triangle or a love square when you count Soo-ok in.

    • 10.5 cherkell

      Carole, am I seeing your comments on the KBS World “Love & War 2” playlists? That show has to be the best crack series EVAH. I’m constantly trolling them waiting for new eps to be posted! And to see Kang Suk-woo as the narrator/mediator gives me whiplash after watching him be such a wuss in “Smile Donghae.”

      I still cannot believe those scripts are serialized from ACTUAL DIVORCE LAWSUITS. Talk about a breach of confidentiality that would never be permitted here in the US. There sure are some messed-up people over in the Korean Court System. *hmpf*

      • 10.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        ACTUAL DIVORCE LAWSUITS??? REALLY???? WOW!!!! Oh my!!!! Parents, beauty issues, and greedy in-laws are rife. Then the Divorce lawyer series in Japan is nothing compared to this one. But yeah…so good…and the angst and stress is fnished with in one episode. I love the way different actors recur in different roles.

        Have you tried Angel’s Revenge? It’s 120 episodes and daily..35 minutes..but addicted.

        • cherkell

          The ‘rotating actor stable’ makes me pause as I’m watching and thinking “Wait… that person was a nice gal in the episode prior, and that guy had a limp a few months ago… hunh?” Anyway, a new episode was put up today, so when I get a chance to breathe, you know what I’ll be doing!!!

          I have Angels’ Revenge on standby for now. When I had a working television, I would watch the dailies as they aired while doing chores. I should have the chance to catch up shortly, but I hear it’s pretty awesome so far. Woooo!

          • Carole McDonnell

            oooh, gonna add the new epi of Love and War to my checklist, along with last weeks CKOTB…if youtube allows me to see it.

    • 10.6 Carole McDonnell

      PS If you like comedies, I’ll recommend Fasten Your Seatbelts on gooddrama.

    • 10.7 Tara

      You’re right on about the nationalistic subtext of Jung-tae/Ok-ryun vs. Jung-tae/Kaya. Age of Feeling is unlike Gaksital, where it was screaming nationalism…here, it’s a little bit restrained (though you can see it with Dobi Gang and Ilgookhwe). I, too, think he should end up with Ok-ryun…Kaya is cold-blooded, robotic and definitely not one to be Jung-tae’s significant other.

      And yes! I think Song Jae-rim is awesome as Il-hwa, though I fear for his life after what happened to Poong-cha x/ But he’s so skilled that I’m hoping he won’t suffer the same fate.

      I still can’t believe Min-joong doesn’t know! There’s only 3 ep left, right?? It’s a bit like AM1994, dragging it along for the ratings x/

      • 10.7.1 Carole McDonnell

        i just hope Aunt doesn’t have to do another noble idiocy thing. She’s stronger now. Maybe she’ll fight to keep her man.

  11. 11 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday OT, everyone!

    My disappointment with the ending of PM&I was more than made up for with the skinship of CWL.

    CWL – I can’t say that I’m really caught up in the teenage angst of the ‘perfect’ family, but I do feel sad for President Ahn. He seems like he would be a good dad. And Sun-mi, despite her age, needs some growing up. Girlfriend’s #1 Rule: Don’t Poach!!. #2? Don’t Sulk!!

    The episodes of YFAS this week – can next week come too soon??? Aneyo!! I’m not sure how it can be resolved to a happy ending, but I wondered about the emphasis on the weird antibody in SY’s blood. Maybe a genetic link? I’m grasping at straws here.

    Does anyone know, though, if there is to be any disruption in the schedules due to Sochi 2014? I remember a few hiccups during the Summer Olympics two years ago, when the networks did a last minute scramble of their lineup.

    I am completely captivated with ,b>Full House Thailand! The leads are likeable, the female second lead hasn’t degenerated (yet) into a shrew, and the story is flowing smoothly. 8 episodes are english-subbed so far.

    I’m looking for a good recent medical procedural -any thoughts? I went through my records and realized the last one was over a year ago – the JDorama Code Blue series – and I’m in a mind for a good medical drama.

    Elsewehere, I’ve managed the first episode of Age Of Feeling, but with my head cold, I couldn’t concentrate on the people. I’m hoping to marathon it next week after the durn stuff clears my head and goes to torture someone else. Anyone other than me think the cold virus is linked to increased sales of aloe-infused tissues? 🙂

    I hope everyone is fine and healthy, and dodges my sneezes. lol

    • 11.1 korfan

      Shukmeister –

      Regarding the Code Blue series, I was changing tv channels the other day and they were showing Season 2 episodes ………. did you watch all the seasons or just the first one? …… I honestly have no idea how many seasons there are or were but I could’ve sworn I read there was also a Season 3.

      On a different note, wishing you a speedy recovery on the head cold. …… I’m sneezing up a storm over here, I think a little cold is coming on. Blah.

      • 11.1.1 Shukmeister

        Hey korfan!

        Yeah, its the gift that keeps on giving… lol

        I watched two seasons of Code Blue. There wasn’t a third season when I watched it previously, but it has been a while. I’ll have to look into it! It had pretty decent authenticity for the health care; at least the blood was the correct color, and not bright pink. lol

        • korfan

          *laughing* about the correct color comment!

        • spazmo

          @korfan and shuk:
          you must have some verrrry spicy soon doo boo to blow out your colds! everytime i feel a sore throat or congestion coming on, i eat either spicy thai tom yum talay or soon doo boo. the chilies/spices work wonders!

          give it a try…
          ; )

          • korfan

            spazmo –

            This sounds fantastic!

            There’s nothing like a bowl of hot food on a cold winter day! It doesn’t even matter if you have a cold or not.

          • Shukmeister

            spazmo –

            I tried a nice spicy dukkbeoki from the local ahjumma, but sadly the benefits did not last the night before the problems started. lol.

      • 11.1.2 Sajen


        There’s only 2 seasons, with a movie like special episode between them.

        • Shukmeister

          Sajen –

          Never saw the special. Thanks! Now something to ferret out of the ethernet….

        • korfan

          Sajen –

          Oh ok. Noted. …… I had never heard about the special episode.

          Thank you.

    • 11.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Hi Shukmeister –

      Thai Full House has my avid attention. While very close to the Korean version, I think the Thai version may be even better. jmho

      Also watching CWL, INR3, YFAS, Age of Feeling, Let’s Eat. Pretty generous buffet of shows to enjoy right now.

      • 11.2.1 Shukmeister

        Julia –

        For realz, way too much good stuff out there. I’m actually worried for the summer.

        Mike is just adorable as the Puzzled Pop Star.
        He is doing a way better job than Rain [ducks]. Young-jae just never seemed attracted to, or even liked, Ji-eun, until the final 2 episodes.

      • 11.2.2 Aigoo

        I’m watching Full House Thai too and liking it!!! I have no clue why it’s drawing me in but I hope it stays good!!

      • 11.2.3 nandasmith

        Thai Full House, seriously?! WHERE? WHERE? OMG, I have to watch this!
        Where are you watching? With subs?

        • Julia the Berkshire Beanie


          • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

            Listed as “Full house [help need]” on Viki. Calling it Thai Full House to distinguish it from the Korean Full House.

        • Shukmeister

          nandasmith – It’s also on youtube under “Viki Thailand”

          8 episodes so far are subbed.

          • nandasmith

            Thank you, guys!
            I am so gonna watch this!

  12. 12 August

    Episode 11 of Let’s Eat was a hysterically funny. Can you believe it was even more so than all the other past 10 episodes?

    Eating at a buffet and Karaoke night out with this group!!! 🙂

    Yoon Jin-Yi and Attorney Oh Do-Yeon’s constant one-upmanship/competition for Koo Dae-Young’s attention, acknowledgement, and affection.

    Oh no they didn’t…Of all songs…“Trouble Maker” playing in the background as Attorney Oh Do-Yeon spruces up in the bathroom to make it known to the group that she can party and hang with the best just like the young Yoon Jin-Yi. Attorney Oh Do-Yeon’s efforts to sing and mimic the dance moves to this hit song with Koo Dae-Young (à la Hyuna & Beast’s Hyunseung (a.k.a. JS).

    Koo Dae-Young’s method of “first love sadness tales” finally caught up with him. Apparently Koo Dae-Young uses this method/tactic/strategy to let women he’s not interested in dating down easily. His recount and spin of “first love sadness” gone wrong to Yoon Jin-Yi and Attorney Oh Do-Yeon reminded me of à la Roger “Verbal” Kint/Keyser Soze from “The Usual Suspects” 1995 movie.

    As always, poor heart strung Attorney Kim Hak-Moon, he tries so hard and misses each time with Lee Soo-Kyung.

    And don’t let me forget to mention the little star of this drama “Barassi.”

    • 12.1 Carole McDonnell

      off to watch Let’s Eat.

    • 12.2 John

      August ~

      Haven’t seen this weeks episode yet, but Let’s Eat is my current favorite.

    • 12.3 Rovi

      Doojoon must’ve had a blast dancing to Hyunseung’s choreo. XD

    • 12.4 Ayan

      I was planning to watch this tomorrow but after reading your description, I couldn’t stop myself!

      I even timed my dinner with the food scenes, but I’m still hungry for the food they eat! I’m definitely going to make that Jin-Yi’s tomato dish for lunch tomorrow. Looks so tasty.. 🙂

      Thanks August and Nadia for posting the link. I was wondering how they filmed that scene. So funny. Attorney Do yeon just cracks me up, the way she was eating that carrot and that wink.. haha!

      • 12.4.1 Ppasun

        Excuse me for butting in, but that was kimchi jjigae, not tomato stew. No tomato in that dish.

        • Ayan

          Oh Right! Thank you!
          It looked like tomato in the show, it makes sense why the delivery guy said it tastes like my mum’s kimichi jjigae. Thanks. 🙂

      • 12.4.2 August

        Glad to share BTS footage from Let’s Eat with fellow fans.

    • 12.5 Chandler

      YAAAY! I’ve been scrolling and scrolling, looking for someone who’s watching Let’s Eat! I really think this series is such a little gem. It’s not overly ambitious and accomplishes all the things it sets out to do. Such a fun watch and this ep was awesome.

      Attorney Kim Hak-Moon trying to get over his fear of dogs with a children’s toy was PRICELESS. So funny.

      And Soo Kyung’s developing crush on Dae-Young is cute to watch too. Hopefully he’ll have a moment of awareness too. I wasn’t sure if they’d work as a couple, but I enjoy how he always teases her and how she doesn’t take any of his shit. They’re an oddly endearing couple. It’s starting to get even more infuriating that there’s only one ep per week!

      • 12.5.1 August

        The battery operated toy dog brought back memories for me. For Christmas one year, Grandmother purchased one and surprised all the grandkids with it. It was such a hit with all of us. As family, some of us had pets at home, some of us had a fear of dogs, and some of us had a no-pet rule at home.

        It was the perfect solution for all of the grandkids…that she winded up having to replace the 1st battery operated toy dog with another one years later.

  13. 13 Naábella

    I read at KJH’s Soompi thread that, according to today’s news… He will not doing KBS revenge drama from the writer of Gaksital – GOLDEN CROSS!

    But mentioning that he will make a comeback with another drama… Wonder which drama….

  14. 14 alua

    Didn’t feel so great this week so I have been utterly unproductive, also on the drama watching front.
    Need to catch up with You from Another Star. Skip-watched A Little Love Never Hurts which hurts my brain and heart (the daughters, especially the second one, opposing the marriage, and Harim’s mom all make me so, so angry. Someone needs to tell these people that love isn’t in limited supply.)
    Did try a few new J-dramas, which all seem to be 30 mins these days??? (Mysterious Transfer Student, Lost Days, Shark – some okay, some mehhh.) Shitsuren Chocolatier still is doing nothing for me.

    I did also squeeze in some film viewing at the Japan Touring Film Programme over the weekend + Tuesday, seeing 8 films in total, two with Q&A’s (Colorful with Keiichi Hara and Drudgery Train with Moriyama Mirai!!!). By that time I had lost my voice (which I’m still only recovering) so I couldn’t ask any questions, not post screening either but I did take quite a few pictures of Moriyama. Who is very cool. Talks with his hands a lot. Fidgets with his feet. Speaks more English than I expected. And is utterly gorgeous.

    Only put two on Tumblr (took more than a dozen), but in case anyone wants to see:

    Super thrilled about the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter (for a US/UK English release), which hit its target on the first day of funding!), and not as excited as I should be about the UK finally getting a cinematic release date for The Wind Rises (it only took forever).

  15. 15 Kelinci Biru

    Its been a while since I posted in the open thread. Greeting fellow beanies!

    I’m watching I Need Romance and loving it to bits. The two lead was always awesome. Sung Joon is super sexy and adorable. If that even possible. I kinda wish Namgoong Min will be better in the future, cause his acting sometimes a bit lacking. Anyway.

    Finally I got some dramas I really love after Cruel City.

    Besides I Need Romance, I really like Can We Love. Watching this one is so much fun, maybe because I can relate to the characters but glad it wasn’t me? Even hating Sun Mi is so fun. I am hoping that we’ll get a little bit story into why Sun Mi really insist to have Director Oh, besides the I must get marry reason. Just one downside, why is this drama have 20 episodes? I like you but I can’t wait for Ahn Pan Seok/Yoo Ah In/Kim Hee Ae drama.

    • 15.1 Shukmeister

      Welcome back!

      My Twitterbeans have been gushing about INR3 (which I have not watched, natch), so I’m sure it’s good.

      And, yes, with CWL I really don’t get Sun-mi, especially when she went after Oh-boy knowing that her bestie already liked him. And her hurt affrontery just makes me roll my eyes.

      And doesn’t anticipation make the payoff brighter? 😎

      • 15.1.1 Newbie

        That was the weirdest conversation ever between Sun-mi and Jung-wan. Sun-mi wanted Jung-wan to step back and let her have Oh-boy like his opinion or feelings don’t count in this equation. What?

        • Shukmeister

          Newbie –

          I know right? It’s like arguing over a Monopoly piece:

          “I want the dog!”
          “He’s mine, you use the hat!! No, the car, use the car!!”


          • atz

            I agree. I was like’ is it the conversation for a so called intellectual career woman?’ I can understand if an elementary school girl whose personality is bossy and bitxx y say this but wow, she is over thirty years old. . She is a shame.

      • 15.1.2 Kelinci Biru

        Thanks! But the payoff still a month away.

        INR3 is so lovely. But the funny thing is sometimes I mistaken INR3 and CWL. Not the main story of course but the hellish mother in law, for some reason I can’t point I always thought she’s in INR3 too.

  16. 16 John

    My post was swallowed, due to links perhaps?

    Any ways, without links.

    K dramas: Empress Ki, Let’s Eat, Warm Word, YFAS, Miss Korea

    J dramas: Ashita Mama Ga Inai & Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru

    C dramas: Prince Of Lan Ling & Man Comes To Tang Dynasty

    Alice Chen’s blog has pictures from another version of the Lan Ling story, Princess Of Lan Ling. Enough pretty for guys and gals.

    Did y’all see the story about the twinsters? Awesome.

  17. 17 Shadow-chan

    Happy OT, happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

    I hope everyone’s fine?

    I’ve got a new part-time job for 3 weeks now (no idea when I’ve last been in the ot, so you may already know…), and I’m slowly getting used to getting up early every day, but my drama consumption is seriously suffering from it xD
    I still need to watch PM&I till the end (stopped at ep 13 or so…) and need to catch up on YFAS – I deliberately didn’t watch last week’s episode so I wouldn’t have “Nnooo, only 1 episode…!”-withdrawal, hahaha 😀

    I turned my fangirlism up to 11 last weekend and actually sent JJS a Valentine’s Day gift… (from the other Soompi girls and me) I just hope it’ll really reach him <3

    And on the same weekend, my Face Reader special edition arrived, two weeks earlier than expected! .<

    Gee, I sure wrote up a storm… Must be OT withdrawal! XD

    • 17.1 Shadow-chan

      Hmph, while I’m still insanely happy and thankful that thanks to replies now being shown where they belong on the mobile site, my smartphone still sucks and swallowed a sentence -.-”

      (Not that it was anything noteworthy… Just that I’m obviously going to watch The Face Reader this weekend xD)

    • 17.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Hmm … Stopped PM&I at ep 13 where there is the sweet hand holding confession? Might be good to just end it there. PNY who showed up in glimpses at the end of ep 13 gets a central role for the rest of the series. If I had time travelling incense sticks, I would tell myself to stop at ep 13.

      • 17.2.1 Shadow-chan

        Woah… I just checked and I actually stopped after episode 10 xD
        Dang, I was seriously sure I’d seen more… Anyway, that also means I’ve got at least 3 more good episodes to watch! 😀

      • 17.2.2 kellie

        I stopped about there too. It was obvious PMAI wasn’t going anywhere, storywise. The May-Dec. romance was very charming but it was all the show had going for it & I knew the writers would never allow Lee Beom-soo & Yoona to end up in a happy married clinch. Too bad, it was mild, innocent fun while it lasted.

    • 17.3 nomad

      Agreeing with other beanies’ comments…stop at episode 13, and read recaps.

  18. 18 Peeps

    Is it my age? I don’t know. Nowadays, I’m getting so much more… emotional, so much more… touchy. Not that I was always a mature kid, but now, even I feel immature at my rage over something small. Like, I don’t like pink, but my mom gave me a pink brush and I was screaming “you don’t care about me!” Personally, I know that it’s just nuts, yet I still do it. A little criticism and I get all indignant.

    But now I try to control it and bottling something up just feels horrible. It feels even more horrible when I state an opinion and have someone blast his/her disagreement into my face. Now I know what they mean by something eating at you. Sometimes I even have to cough it out because the tightness in my chest is so bad. (I mean, in terms of indignation, not because of some medical illness.) But I can’t just lash out. Lashing out in general is pretty bad but I seem to have some gift with poisonous words that can cut right through someone’s heart.

    Or is it unconscious stress? I’m in my fourth week into a new (university) semester but I still can’t concentrate and study and I have no idea what is going on.

    I’m sorry if I spoiled your Friday night. I just had to vent.
    Perhaps I should go act as a menacing killer or a revenge-driven protagonist. I would ace that.

    • 18.1 Carole McDonnell

      Ah that cough! It could be about others perceiving you wrongly and mistaking who you are. The thing is, this kinda thing can cause disease in a person and affects our ability to speak our truth. –you cant speak with a phlegmy throat! In eastern thinking, the throat chakra is often closed in women because they cant speak their truth without being rejected.

      The thing is to decide where the criticsm comes from. Sometimes it’s true but we don’t want to hear it. Sometimes it’s true and comes from a good place. Sometimes it’s true and it comes from a bad place and we’re conflicted because the criticism was told n the wrong way. Sometimes it’s not true at all. Sometimes it’s true but other folks have been slamming us and we’re just plain tired of being seen as having something wrong with us…or being corrected/misunderstood/not understood/projected upon all the time. It’s always good to pinpoint the problem.

      If it’s none of could be the weather or other stresses piling on…or some chemical issue within one’s body. If youre not on any medication with steroids or not dealing with ill health, then you can figure out the problem. Hope you feel better soon.

      • 18.1.1 Peeps

        Thanks for your advice. 🙂

    • 18.2 nomad

      Whenever I feel this unexplainable rage (which I admit, it’s more frequent than I’d like), I do aggressive work outs. You know, like kickboxing, body combat, those kinds? It always make me feel soooo good afterwards, and I forget my rage.

      • 18.2.1 Peeps

        I can’t go kickboxing in the middle or the night though…

        • nomad

          😛 in that case, I’d take my car for a ride, stop in the middle of a parking lot, and scream my heart out. Done that many times.

    • 18.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      When I am grumpy for no reason, I channel it into mega housecleaning. If you live alone, you can even do this at midnight …

      • 18.3.1 Tara

        Haha…that is SO what I do too!!! I like doing laundry…nothing like folding laundry to calm down 😉

        Thank you for the wishes…and nice way of telling it that way 🙂

  19. 19 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    If you were ever invited out to a norebang, do you have any Korean songs you could sing?

    My ability to sing in Korean is limited to Happy Birthday. I could probably muddle thru with a few children’s songs like the Three Bears from Full House or Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.

    If I were to learn any Thai song, it would be that drunken chicken dance they were doing in the Thai Full House.

    I stumbled across some Korea University classes in iTunes U. “Understanding Korean Social Structure and Culture” in English. It has a bit of the college-drone-lecture style, but still interesting and free.

    I liked “Korea Clickers” on Facebook. Pretty photos. Tugging at my yearning to visit Korea.

    • 19.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Sign hanging in Seoul (from Korea Clickers):
      “Continue walking along the snowy path, you are bound meet a flowery path
      눈길을 걷다 보면, 꽃길 열릴 거야 “

      • 19.1.1 alua

        that’s lovely (-:

    • 19.2 Shukmeister

      Julia –

      My Japanese karaoke would be limited to Yoko Kanno’s “The Real Folk Blues” from Cowboy Bebop.

      Korea-wise, I’m pretty good with “Forget Me” from Iris, “What Should I Do” from YAB, and “Introduction To Love” from WAML.

      After that, the alcohol kicks in, and all bets are off. 😀

      • 19.2.1 Raine

        I can sing quite a few songs in Korean. I can only sing one in Japanese. Well two, Shinee’s breaking news and the theme song from Rurouni Kenshin!

    • 19.3 Peeps

      The first time I went to Korea, I was five, and it wasn’t so “internationalised” yet, so my family and I had troubles communicating. But I absolutely fell in love with it, at least the countryside. I went in autumn and I don’t know if it was because I was short then and therefore so close to the ground, but the orange-golden leaves were simply huge and mesmerizing. For some reason, they were like the embodiment of beauty. And I liked the way the cold breeze kissed my cheeks. And it was all before I even knew about KDramas.

      I went back again when I got older but things didn’t seem so beautiful anymore. I guess that’s the power of nostalgia or a beautiful memory. But Korea became my food haven. I looooved the grilled fish that I had by the sea port. and the bulgogi with tons and tons of side dishes. And steaming samgyetang on a cold wintery day. And NaengMyeon. Yes, I had cold noodles in winter, ha. But it provided such a light, refreshing taste from the other more seasoned (?) dishes. And I found my new favourite street snack in Korea too. It’s called HoDdeok. I didn’t actually buy it at first and I simply took a bite out of my mom’s… and I promptly made a u-turn back to the stall, hee.

      Man, now my stomach growls.

      • 19.3.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Ever since I discovered the samgyetang kit sold on Hmart, it has become a staple item in my diet. Mmm.

    • 19.4 Carole McDonnell

      Toxic Love

    • 19.5 pogo

      If I could hold a tune, I know all the words to SNSD’s Gee, A Pink’s Nonono (Eun-ji <3333) and the School 2013 theme lol. But that's it!

    • 19.6 Harleyqwen

      I would sing That XX by GDragon even though I don’t know the actual words I just kinda say shit that sounds like what he’s singing lol

    • 19.7 RockPaperScissors

      Six or seven years ago I went to a noraebang in Daegu. I remember singing “Stop in the Name of Love” by the Supremes. There where as many American songs as Korean in the songbook. Literally hundreds to choose from. I always joke that I only sing karaoke in foreign countries, as I don’t have a very good voice, but don’t care since my audience will never see me again!

      The only song I completely know the Korean lyrics to is “White Love Song” from the Coffee Prince OST.

    • 19.8 cherkell

      “That Man/That Girl” from the Secret Garden OST (both Baek Ji-young and Hyun Bin versions)
      “To Meet Again” by Ji Chang-wook from the WBDS OST
      “Kimi No Nukumori” by Ji Chang-wook from the Bachelors’ Vegetable Store OST (Japanese version)
      “Fill Up” by Ji Chang-wook from the Five Fingers OST
      “Kiyoshi no Zundoko Bushi” by Hikawa Kiyoshi (a good drinking song)
      “The Truth in Wine” by Kim Dong-ryul (ditto)
      “All of a Sudden” by Alex

      … and several more that I can only remember partial lyrics of. I’ll be ready for our next noraebang visit, gals!!!

      • 19.8.1 Turkish Rose

        I swear the best and ultimate Ost for me are, That Man (Secret Garden) by Hyun Bin, and Touch Love (Master’s Sun). I could listen to them any time of the day and they bring back all the emotions I had whole watching both series.

        Try going on YouTube and the singer (The One) sings That Man, and wow at his emotions while singing. Let me try to find it, hold on..

        I found it, here it is 🙂

        Watch “[Eng Sub] The One (더원) – That Man (그남자) – A Jaw-dropping Performance!” on YouTube

    • 19.9 korfan

      Julia –

      I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have a good singing voice.

      However, if ever I found myself in a norebang and I had to sing a complete song in Korean, believe it of not, the only thing I know from beginning to end is the song “Really” from the drama Nice Guy. ……. That really awesome song that Song Joong Ki sang for the OST. (Well, at least I thought it was a good song).

    • 19.10 chhavi

      I would definitely like to sing Ailee’s “I’ll show you”….and “goodbye” from the YAB ost…..if in japanese…I would like to sing “let me cry” by Jang Geun Suk

  20. 20 a_diva


    New tread idea: What’s oddest place you’ve been when you posted on OT?

    I’m currently in mediation representing a plaintiff with the most stubborn defendants I’ve ever encountered. I’d much rather be in my (home) office slacking off (as usual) by posting legit commentary on my dramas. I’m behind on my fav YFAS so I can’t say much new about the show but thanks to all the Beanies who insisted I watch Master’s Sun. It is so so SO good. I’m loving it & kicking myself for not jumping on the babdwagn sooner.

    • 20.1 a_diva


      Sorry for that. I’m on iPad & trying to hide my shenanigans from OC, lol.

    • 20.2 Peeps

      I’m currently in mediation representing a plaintiff with the most stubborn defendants I’ve ever encountered.

      So… does that mean that the defendants do not want to settle even though your client is the one who initiated the lawsuit? Um, I guess it’s on to court then? Sorry, I’m not particularly gifted in the field of law.

      • 20.2.1 a_diva

        We are in mediation attempting to settle but that’s not why I called them stubborn. I say they are stubborn because there are some parties involved who live in different time zones and they are making us all wait to hear back from them before they will leave. It would be more efficient for all if we left and ironed out details later but they will not. We’ve waited two hours already. No telling how much longer we will have to wait. It’s very awkward and silent so I (belatedly) decided to cone to OT. At least it’s something to do besides looking around the room & trying to avoid making eye contact.

        • Peeps

          Ah… Well, I hope you don’t go bald from frustration while waiting then, haha. In between glancing OT, do you pretend to review your case papers? Heh.

          • a_diva

            Definitely. I’m trying to look importantly engaged. It’d be a hoot if they knew I’m a kdrama addict and online on a blog instead of doing “important” legal work.

          • nomad

            teehee! I love this conversation, FUNNY!!!

        • Shukmeister

          Why don’t you accidentally hit some dance tunes and find an animated gif of a disco ball? It might break the tension some…. LOL

    • 20.3 Shukmeister


      An ambulance
      A jail
      Choir rehearsal

      Not on the same day. LOL

      • 20.3.1 a_diva

        Too funny. I’m tempted to ask for details but it’s hard enough to hold in giggles already.

      • 20.3.2 korfan

        Ha! …… loving the “not on the same day” clarification! ….. honestly, that line increased the funny factor for me.

        *still giggling*, but trying not to, like a_diva

        • Shukmeister

          a_diva and korfan –

          Nah, the details would bore you. 😉

    • 20.4 a_diva

      It’s over–finally. We settled. Yay!

    • 20.5 pogo

      The internet cafe, I guess? Mine doubles as a passport photo place so you have all these people in the next cubicle getting told to not tilt their heads or tuck their chins in, haha.

      And yay, another one on the Master’s Sun train! So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin together are pure magic, easily the best pairing of all of 2013 (and yes, they beat out even IHYV and YFAS, imo). They really should work together again, in a movie this time so they can kiss more lol.

      • 20.5.1 Turkish Rose

        pogo lol couldn’t agree with you more about SJS and GHJ and their phenomenal and mind blowing chemistry, easily the best couple for 2013. And I really wish they can do another rom-com or long as they will be together.

        I’m currently rewatching the Master Sun for like the third time, and they never fail to make me feel all the emotions and my heart literally skips a beat lol.

        not sure if anyone agrees with me, but I never felt any chemistry between the main leads on IHYV, didn’t like that type of romance. I was only watching for the lead female actress, because she was just so funny and adorable in her character. the same goes for YFAS, not really liking the main actor but I truely adore the female main actress.

    • 20.6 redfox

      health food storage.

  21. 21 Harleyqwen

    Happy OT Beanies!

    Amazing Drama’s are everywhere right now and I’m trying watch all of them.

    MLFAS: SY is hilarious and her outragious reactions to everything make the drama….of course DMJ is as smexy as he wants to be so it is a perfect balance.

    Let’s Eat: I love this drama so much!!! Finally the romance is taking center stage I’m still scratching my head as to where the murder/attacker storyline is going but I’m optimistic that it wont ruin the plot.
    I haven’t watched ep 11 yet… the subs on VIKI are out of sync 🙁

    In A Good Way: So many Feels… I marathoned this beauty up till ep 11 thinking there were only going to be 13-16 episodes… I’m so hurt that not only does it air just once a week but its supposed to be 33eps wtf really? Ok but I’m shipping LC and LE right now I think I’ll make it 🙂

    Can We Love: Yes We Can! Uhm Force has never been hotter even in the beginning of Delightful Girl where he’s working out in the mirror… I love this OTP
    All the secrets keep coming out so quickly its refreshing… I can’t wait till JH lets all her skeletons out of the closet… not cause I hate her but for her own good before she gets ulcers from the stress….
    Also I love the song that play during the end of Tuesday’s episode… the only english part goes “Hey Boy” if any one knows the title please let me know….

    I need Romance 3: I didn’t really enjoy the other two INR’s (shipped both second leads more than OTPs) but this one is pleasant. Its not crack but its a fun watch I feel like something is missing but I’m enjoying the soundtrack. I ship Sweet Potato & Shing Shing because honestly her boss doesn’t do it for me…
    also WY is adorable even with his 90’s surfer cut… I don’t get why all the hate for his hair…

    A Warm Word From the Heart: Oddly compelling I have no idea where the story will end… I loved the young couple and they are breaking my heart right now…

    I watched 1 and a half eps of Emergency Couple… I’m not really grabbed by the story so far… I love JH from RM so I’ll give it a try…

    PM&I: Watched till ep 7 then ….. Dropped like it was heavy as hell

    While proof reading this I realized I have no life LOL

    • 21.1 Peeps

      H-How… How do you have so much time to watch all that??? You’re on vacation, aren’t you? Tell me you are or I might fall into depression over my life. 😐

      • 21.1.1 Harleyqwen

        Shhhhh…. I watch while working in an office… LOL I also dedicate way too much of my home life to drama… Lets just say since discovering dramas… I don’t get out much haha

    • 21.2 Shukmeister

      Harleyqwen –

      CWL – Only two songs have been released from the OST: “My Hero” by Jinsook and “I Want To Love Again” by Lunafly. I don’t remember hearing that phrase, so I made need to rewatch (again) that episode. Thanks for the excuse! lol

      • 21.2.1 Harleyqwen

        OMG I’m a fan Shunk I loved your snarkcaps on Heirs btw…
        I know that song played durning Oh and JW kissed at the norebang for the first time as well…
        It might be an instrumental with just that english phrase but “no mulah” lol

        Another song I love love love but can’t find is from the

        • H


          I Need Romance OST with it plays it has 2 versions one with and one without a child singing along….
          “You say that you love me… then ends Oh na na na na na na na”

        • Harleyqwen

          Con’t Again:
          Correction again to this part of my post on the song from CWL

          “I know that song played durning Oh and JW kissed at the norebang for the first time as well…
          It might be an instrumental with just that english phrase but “no mulah” lol”

          I just rewatched ep 5 and the song actually plays at the end of the eps when JW and Dir Oh are discussing the kiss and he’s trying to get with her…

          Searching for the “Hey Boy” song… obsessively as you see 🙂

          • Ayan

            I know that one of the songs for Can we love is by the Kkotjam Project called Everyday.

            I think the Korean version hasn’t been released yet, but the English version is here :

            The Korean version has been played a lot on the show, and the lyrics are My boy.
            Hopefully this is it.

          • Harleyqwen

            Sadly thats not it but thanks for the link… I do like this song too

          • Shukmeister

            Well, hopefully it will be out soon. They tend to release songs every other week throughout a series’ run.

    • 21.3 alua

      IAGW: supposedly it will be around 24 episodes. No confirmation, but there’s pretty much an agreement that the 33 ep number is false, though it was up on one of the wiki websites originally (which also had a wrong synopsis). The 24, I think, is based on the usual drama episode length for that TV station.

      • 21.3.1 nomad

        I was freaking out when I saw the 33 episodes. I can barely hold my attention for 24. THanks Alua!

    • 21.4 Mae

      LOL…..same as me… I don’t have a live too. I keep on and off looking my smartphone just for checking recent update in gooddrama, browsing drama beans..can’t wait for OT…oh lord….help me

      • 21.4.1 Mae

        Ups…wrong reply aim to reply in 21.2

    • 21.5 Mae

      LOL…..same as me… I don’t have a live too. I keep on and off looking my smartphone just for checking recent update in gooddrama, browsing drama beans..can’t wait for OT…oh lord….help me

  22. 22 zakin89

    Happy OT

    Prime Minister and I: Aw man … Really? That’s how you end drama? The ending was not what I expected or wanted but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it. I did and the whole drama was a nice watch but as soon as dead mom arrived… I just wanted her to go away -.- But well.. Lee Bum Soo rocked his role and I was pretty impressed with Yoona whom I liked very much as DJ!

    YFAS: I have no words… This drama is killing me slowly but steady and I love it 😀 It hurts so good! I am really glad that the Olympics are beginning because that means time flies by more quickly (I am a huge sports addict) though I really hope there won’t be another pre-emption! That I couldn’t take 😛
    And how awesome was HK’s fake out coma? I seriously love him and I hope he will get his happy ending (with anyone else than SY of course^^)!
    Oh and jealous MJ continues to be one of my favourite things (including drunk SY).

    INR 3: Wan if JY doesn’t take you I will!

    Emergency Couple: I don’t know what it is but something feels a bit off about this drama. I nevertheless enjoy it very much and can’t get enough of the bickering^^


    Running Man: Another one of the more “meh” episodes though I thoroughly enjoyed the phone call section 😀 I mean…was Dong Wook sitting at home staring at his phone hoping JH would call? And somehow I’d totally ship the Jong Kook + Uhm Jung Hwa couple 😀

    Superman Returns: OMG… after HJ’s call to Cha Tae Hyun I can’t stop imagining Tae Hyun on the show. That would be all sorts of awesome and hilarious! The photo shoot was so cute and the twins are adorable!
    I loved all the Haru and Tablo interaction this time because she was way more talkative as in past episodes and seemed to really enjoy her time with only dad around! The two of them made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Especially when Haru wanted to sleep next to Tablo which got a very big “AAAWWW” out of me 😉

    CKOTB: Aw the poor guys. After those awesome basketball matches, this one was really one of their worst! And seriously what is it with this show making me nearly cry with just the preview of next week?! I hate goodbyes T.T

    • 22.1 Carole McDonnell

      Feeling the same about Emergency Couple. It feels forced.

      You saw CKOTB? Where are you? I tried seeing the latest epi and youtube said it was blocked in my country (USA)

      • 22.1.1 zakin89

        I live in Austria and I thankfully don’t come across many blocked videos.
        But maybe it’s due to the technical difficulties KBS World experienced in the last weeks. That’s also why some things have been uploaded later than usual.

        • Carole McDonnell


        • MistyIsles

          Ahhh, that explains it. I was wondering why it had been delayed so much recently. Hopefully they’ll have it available soon.

          • MistyIsles

            Update: it’s not blocked anymore!

    • 22.2 AdAl

      I agree with you there, on ‘Emergency Couple’. It’s feels off in a way, and I can’t put my finger on what exactly is wrong with the whole drama. But I decided last week that episode 3 would be my last and I barely made it through ep. 4.

      Wish this drama could be recapped so I could read it, but I will follow the comments on open thread just out of mere curiosity to see how things unfold.

    • 22.3 alua

      Something is off about Emergency Couple indeed, although I can’t put my finger onto what exactly either.

      Well, things like the Mom character (her hissy fit by the lakeside)… that was just a bit too much. And all the dissing of the female lead (her name escapes me just now) because she’s so ‘old’. Other than being rude (since the others are putting her down so openly), I just can’t buy that medical interns in Korea aren’t always from diverse age ranges. And comments like ‘Oh you’ve probably never dated anyone…’ That’s pretty cheap (and uncompelling) writing really.

      • 22.3.1 Fab

        I find it all too offensive and I take it too personally. I mean, Jin Hee is old, but Chang Min is cool? C’mon she ís a doctor too!
        But on the bright side, Chang Ming is acting less of a jerk.

    • 22.4 grenadine

      Superman Returns – Yes, it’d be awesome if Cha Tae Hyun was on the show!
      I really like Haru and Tablo interaction. They seem to be the ones who changed a lot (as in, they got closer) since the first episode.

      IAGW – I can’t wait to go home and see today’s episode!

    • 22.5 Tara

      So I took your advice and tuned in to Wednesday’s ep (the one where Lee Soon-jae tries to get his revenge on the neighborhood bully by beaning him with soybeans via slingshot)…and thought it was hilarious 🙂 I loved the cameo of Na PD as the cop bringing in Lee Soon-jae to jail ;P

      When I finish catching up with my current dramas, I’m gonna watch it from ep1. Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

      I, too, am a sports addict (as much as I love kdramas, sports come first) so I’m happy to watch the Olympics…as long as dramas don’t get pre-empted too much 😛

  23. 23 Sajen

    I’ve been having enough trouble trying to stay caught up with my dramas but now with the start of the Olympics and my love for them it’s going to be even harder.

    I was reading the comments and someone up there reminded me of the Jdrama Code Blue. I loved that drama, the only medical drama I’ve ever watched all the way through. I’d be tempted to watch it again if I wasn’t having so much trouble getting myself to concentrate on watching dramas.

    Miss Korea- I want Yoon to be the next Sisyphus except instead of having to push a rock up a hill for all eternity, I want him to have a live grenade shoved down his throat for all eternity. Is it 16 episodes or 20? I’ve been thinking it’s 16 episodes all along but DramaFever just changed the episode amount from 16 to 20 and Wikipedia also says 20. Was there an extension? I haven’t watched episodes 15 and 16 yet but, I don’t see how the story can support another 4 episodes. Also it kind of looked like Jae Hee was going to quit which would suck because up to now the women have been spectacular, and Jae Hee would feel out of character upsetting all that work they did to make the women spectacular.

    Man From Another Star- Haven’t watched last weeks episode yet let alone this weeks.

    Prime Minister and I- I was dreading that ending.

    I Need Romance 3- I haven’t watched this weeks episodes yet.

    The Hours of My Life- I wish Korea would adapt Japan’s drama format of 11 to 13, 45 minute episodes 1 per week, as that way even when I’m in a funk like I am now I’d have no trouble keeping up. Plus frankly it would do wonders for a lot of the stories to be shorter. Still enjoying Hours of My Life.

    • 23.1 magnus

      On Miss Korea; It’s 20 episodes and was always 20 episodes. I never understood why dramafever had it as 16. A bunch of stuff happened in episode 15, basically the climax of all the other stuff that was happening behind the scenes of the pageant. I’m actually wondering how they’re going to resolve it at all and still have time for relationship fuzzies too.

      • 23.1.1 Malory

        Exactly. It almost feels they need more episodes. Kudos to the production team for keeping things so unpredictable. I agree with Sajen about Yoon. What a heartless jerk. I don’t want them turning him around at the end either. And don’t worry, Jae Hee continues to be awesome.

  24. 24 Honeymylovesosweet

    Flying kiss. That’s all, thank you.

    • 24.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Kiss 키스 right back at ya!

  25. 25 LovinKDramaLand

    I loved this drama it has potential. Force is soooooooooooo hot. Kdramas rule!!!

  26. 26 Rovi

    BTW, hello beanies~! Another OT day~!!!

    Can I request an answer? Do anyone know where I can download English subs, now that WITHS2 isn’t operational anymore???

    • 26.1 Eva


    • 26.2 Eva

      Try dark smurf sub
      They seem serviceable.

  27. 27 Malory

    The last two episodes of Miss Korea rock!! What an emotional roller coaster watching experience. Brilliant contrast of highest of high and lowest of low. I just can’t predict where this drama is going. And yet, the OTP remain committed to each other. I love all the mature, realistic conversations.

    Glad that it goes 20 episodes and that the crowning of the winner is not the end of all things. (spoiler) Heck, who could really celebrate the winning when the other half of the OTP is literally crawling at the bottom?

  28. 28 Lizzy4e

    North Texas Beanies:

    The Attorney is showing at the AMC Grapevine.

  29. 29 bluesky

    Hello beanies 😉
    This is my 1st time leaving comment in OT though I watched KDs more than 10years but I only start to read recaps from last year+my English was not that good^^

    Empress Ki – stuck at Ep.24
    AOF – stuck at ep.4

    I have mixed feelings now whether to continue watching these two shows or not..but I think i will choose EK since I watched till half eps already..will marathon AOF later and wait for a good ending after reading disappointed ending for PMI..Same goes to Miss Korea, I need to know the ending 1st..

    I’m following INR3, EC and King’s Family right now..woah, just can’t believe I’m waiting eagerly for the new ep of King’s Family everyweek..LOL! I hate and love this show at the same time 😆

    But currently CSY just killed me in MLFAS! I admit KSH is so cool and handsome but JJH just rocks my brain more..I have this same feeling while watching IHYV last year..gugu gaga over female lead instead of male lead..Really2 love this show and wish don’t want to end it but at the same time can’t wait for 3 Days drama^^ *cheonsa here 😀

    • 29.1 a_diva

      Hi! Glad u decided to post to OT. I was the same. I literally read OT every Fri for abt 4 yrs before I ever contributed.

      I am equally enamored with JJH. I only ever saw her in The Thieves & her part wasn’t that big or particularly great that it showed her full range. Seeing her in YFAS has made me a total fan girl. I honestly think she’s amazing so I am going to check her out some more whenever I can fit it in my schedule. Life really gets in the way if my drama watching, lol. I will miss her & KSH when the final epi airs.

      • 29.1.1 bluesky

        I actually know her since My Sassy Girl and totally being fan girling after watching Windstruck..I cried & laughed so hard watching this movie..Highly recommended to all..I can easily say that was one of my Top 5 favourite K.Movies^^ Just watched this movie again last two weeks with my housemate since she’s under JJH’s spell too at this moment..LOL! JJH, way to go girl 😀

        I too will check her other projects after this..I only watched MSG, Windstruck & The Thieves since I’m not really into K.movies..

  30. 30 earthna

    Hello~! How are you all doing? How I wish I can stay home today instead of going to work. I work at the mall and it’s final clearance time so workplace is crazy. I don’t feel like going. T^T

    Anyways, nothing much is happening to me except getting drowned in my overflowing YFAS feels. I’m currently watching INR3 but behind by 3 episodes. I’m loving Emergency Couple so far although I watch it with one eye closed coz they use the scalpel a lot. I also started watching You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly and I like it, well so far. I forgot who recommended it to me but thanks so much!! Oh, and I finished watching Deep Rooted Tree a few days ago (for the second time) and it was so much better. HAHAHAHA. I think I even cried harder this time.

    Ahm, anyone reads One Piece here? No chapter next week. 🙁

  31. 31 owl

    i spend a lot of time watching korean videos of all sorts to get the still frame I want to draw of someone – then I sketch and color in 2 sittings, been doing 2 a week in my spare evening time. But this week I’m taking a break from Korean subjects and drawing Bruno Mars – you rock!! Followed by Muira and JGS.

    I also picked up a digital camera for better quality pictures to upload, although I can scan too. Btw – does anyone know anything about deviantart site as a place to display art?

    I am swamped with Kdramas and variety shows. But a site that I watched Law of the Jungle w/Chanyeol and Siwan is gone this week – just poof#!

    I’m hooked on Genius 2:Rulebreaker and Survival Audition Kpopstar 3. I’m betting on Shorties, Almeng and Brian Park!

    Today we’re snowed in – brrr! Nothing like a cozy fire to watch the Socchi opening ceremonies tonight!

    Happy weekend \/

    • 31.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Staring at Muira and JGS until you know every last detail of their face and can draw it … Owl, you have such good taste! Ever post your sketches?

      • 31.1.1 owl

        Hi Julia BB – haven’t posted any yet which is why I got a decent camera. And looking at sites. Or perhaps i need to create a page myself. But it is another time devourer and, like JGS said in his interview, I wish time could be bottled and sold. G-Dragon is my #1 subject; he was featured in the latest Star Documentary Kpop Hero S2 ep 7 in a darling purple sweater and with his dark hair (which I love), so I have selected a still to work on from that. I’ve drawn half doz pics of him so far. I think he is fabulously talented and beautiful (like everyone else) but I also think he is genius smart in how he thinks. Just now I’m drawing EXO – have 5 completed. Showtime EXO has a lot of good frames as I avoid pics from concert performances, MVs or model poses, etc.

        Yoo Hee Youl and Yang Hyun Suk (YG) are on my list- just want to send them a picture each from me.

        I have one of Simon and Martina that I need to send to them. They seem to have quite a collection of pictures by viewers on their walls.

        It’s my 2014 new project. By the time I go to bed, I’m dizzy from the markers (even with ventilation!) and plan on trying inks, which is much closer to watercolor – my main medium for other artwork.


        • redfox

          ha, do Park Ki Woong, please!

          • owl

            but of course! I watch him on Heart is Beating (although the subs are few and far between). Time. How can I make it my friend?

    • 31.2 redfox

      did that once a long time ago with american actors, Al pacino came out real good. and Jean Reno, and Alfred Hitchcock

      • 31.2.1 owl

        oo classic icons. Very cool. Never did people much before, but I’m into it.

        • redfox

          and once we did a school project with about 58 portraits of famous estonians, when I was a crafts teacher. and it got into the 100th Song Festival news block on National TV
          here are some of the childrens portaits as a carpet, in a gallery before becoming a carpet, and some of my chibis.

          • owl

            the tied up president portrait is interesting. wonder what that kid’s family talks about around the dinner table. Is that cute you in the lavender jacket?

          • redfox

            yeah, me.

  32. 32 bbstl

    Just want to recommend the drama beans ebook to everyone who hasn’t read it yet! I’m reading while on the treadmill, laughing my head off and the people around me in the gym are wondering what is so funny. Thanks, ladies!

    • 32.1 Harleyqwen

      I second this! I can’t wait for part 2

  33. 33 pogo

    Life Of Pogo – I had a surprise job interview this week (surprise as in, I’d sent in my resume months ago and was now given literally twelve hours’ notice to turn up to it and had to fake a sickie from my current job), which I flubbed. But rejection is character-building, right? Either way, I’m quitting my job and taking a small holiday – right now the plan is to go to Japan in April (would make it Seoul but I don’t know enough Korean to get by). I haven’t had a holiday since November 2012, it’s been too long.

    The only k-ent I watched last week was The Classic, which is totally Love Rain but with a focus on the parental love story instead of the younger-gen one. Sohn Ye-jin has lovely chemistry with both Jo Seung-woo and Jo In-sung, but JIS fans should be warned, he hasn’t got all that much to do here (SYJ fans, though, it is a bonanza because she has a double role). It’s beautifully shot, and lives up to its name – doesn’t feel dated at all. And I totally prefer her in movies over dramas, less makjang that way.

    • 33.1 redfox

      good luck! you never know. all the little things might be part of a Road to Success and Grand Adventure. you dont know before you end up there.

      • 33.1.1 pogo

        Thanks redfox! I certainly hope so, anyway – though I would settle for a job that lets me have paid leave, lol. (current one does not)

    • 33.2 Emmy

      The Classic is probably my favourite K-movie of all time.

      I fell in love with Son Ye-jin in that role and have been keeping an eye on all her projects ever since. It is beautifully shot and the score is lovely. The Classic is a poignant love story that lingers with one long after they have watched it (I watched it 10 years ago). I have to agree it is not JIS’s most exciting role. She and Jo Seung-woo had a wonderful connection however.The two of them were the stars of that show and their love story was the one that truly gripped me and had me in tears.

  34. 34 HK

    I’ve been watching Potato Star, and I was cracking up at the Na PD cameo a few days ago (I think the February 4 episode). I thought it was such a random cameo, but then I realized that it was a nod to how Lee Soon Jae’s upcoming absence on Potato Star is due to his trip for Grandpas over Flowers. It was such a funny way to work that in.

  35. 35 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    random question. There is this song that plays in so many dramas. It’s when the OTP are early in their relationship and it’s reaching that sexual tension point and so they take a car ride and nervously turn on the radio …

    which is playing some steamy song that talks about kissing

    the OTP blush and quickly change the station while trying to ignore their desire to suck face.

    so what is this iconic song? I’m sorry that I can’t provide more info, just that it is all throaty deep sexy voice and throbbing percussion and repeats kiss 키스 while sounding breathless in the throws of passion. So HOT. I want to add this song to my KPop collection.

    • 35.1 Rovi

      “Kiss” by Blink

      • 35.1.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Thanks Rovi

  36. 36 MistyIsles

    Happy Friday!

    So I started watching God’s Quiz this week, which is terrible because it’s eating up all my time — I blew through the first season and half of the second in just a few days. I’m not that much a fan of medical dramas, but I’ve always loved crime/forensic stuff, and it has a lot of heart, too. Plus I have a huge weakness for the bubbly, happy exterior masking an inner pain type, so Dr. Han is pretty much owning me right now.

    Also watching…

    I Need Romance 3: Well, if I weren’t already firmly rooting for Wan before, I definitely am now. Not just because he’s wonderful, but Tae Yoon really fell down a few pegs. Still, I hope it works out between him and Se Ryung.

    Age of Feeling: Wow. Intense. And heartbreaking. 🙁 I’m starting to wonder if anyone will make it out alive. But still it’s awesome.

    Running Man: Not a lot happened, it felt like, but it was really entertaining nonetheless.

    Waiting for KBS World to upload the next episode of Cool Kiz…

  37. 37 Lindy12

    I watched PM&I and liked it but it won’t become one of the series I can watch again and again with complete pleasure. Too bad because, up until the way too late reappearance of the “dead” wife, it was shaping up to be in the company of the select few shows – The City Hall, Haeundae Lovers, Couple or Trouble, Padam Padam among them – I have viewed multiple times. I loved the whole Scheherazade theme of healing the writers seemed to be going with but then the betrayed sultan’s unfaithful first wife didn’t make an eleventh hour reappearance. PM&I suddenly became more about her issues than the characters (Yul, his children and Da Jung) I had come to really care about. It was like it became an entirely different show. Even the tone was somehow “off”. Too bad. I am grateful, however, for the introduction to Lee Beom Soo. He got more appealing with each episode.

    I still love Golden Rainbow. I’m excited for each new episode and eagerly stalk Dramafever until it’s up which doesn’t happen often. There is a wonderful lead couple in Baek-won and Do-young, I like all the supporting characters and am thoroughly shocked by the unexpected plot twist in the last episode. I really, really want to know what’s happened to poor little Young-won. Is he a wealthy chaebol’s son or a gangster? Has he been raised by a pack of feral dogs on the Busan waterfront?
    And are there no such things as crash carts in Korean hospitals?

    • 37.1 pogo

      I fast-forward through everything in Golden Rainbow that is not Baek-won/Do-young and some of Bad Unnie’s parts.

      I’m not so into Uee’s acting or character here since BW is a bit one-dimensional, but she and Jung Il-woo have lovely chemistry and I love how openly adoring he is and how little angst they have (for now). It’s refreshing to see two people who like each other in a kdrama just going ahead and actually dating, for once.

      • 37.1.1 Lindy12

        I like Baek-won as a character because she seems so refreshingly real. She’s good hearted and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt without being stupid about it. She holds a grudge against Man-won and blames him for the disappearance of Young-won. When Man-won confesses his love for her, she shuts him down right away. She basically tells him to “snap out of it” because it’s never going to happen so get over it! She has a life-long passion for fish rather than designer handbags.

        I wasn’t a big fan of Jung Il-woo before but he’s absolutely perfect as Do-young. He’s smart, flirty, a real smart aleck, good at his job but, at heart, a one woman man and Baek-won is his woman. They support each other, respect each other’s choices, date, kiss and will have a dynamite sex life when they finally make the commitment.

        I like all the supporting character as well. Slimy uncle, his wife, and overweight son whose one ambition seems to make a porno film. Do-young’s creepy father who is all evil but persists in using the most idiotic, incompetent minion ever to fulfill his nefarious plans. Monster mother-in-law fast sinking into dementia, Do-young’s stepmother in the clutches of the gigolo blackmailer and so on. They are all good!

        • pogo

          When Man-won confesses his love for her, she shuts him down right away. She basically tells him to “snap out of it” because it’s never going to happen so get over it!

          Yeah, I liked that part too, she doesn’t hesitate to speak up for herself. But idk if it’s the acting or the writing, the adult version of the character feels a bit forced, even the passion for fish is just so clumsily written. We know she likes fish, she doesn’t have to deliver a mini lecture on them every five seconds to prove it! The only places where she feels a lot less forced and more natural are when she’s with Do-young, their interactions are the best part of each episode.

          (and I second the idea that they’ll have a dynamite sex life when it does happen, once BW gets over her shyness that is).

          • Lindy12

            I get what you mean about the lecturing but, on the plus side, I am learning lots about Korean denizens of the deep and I prefer fish to designer handbags. I especially like the whole working class vibe in Golden Rainbow. Most people have a job. Do-young’s family is rich, true, but the grandmother started the business from a small street stall in the fish market and is a real self made woman who, up until the unfortunate dementia diagnosis, has been the boss in every sense of the word.

  38. 38 Raine

    Hey beanies!

    It’s freezing here in Colorado (and Wyoming where I work on Fridays.) I hope you guyses are staying warm! I’m doing good. On a diet/exercise with Lil’ Raine, my sister, and Mad Deeno. We’re ROCKING IT! See, k-drama is good for your HEALTH. Without knowing Deeno, this never woudl’ve happened!

    One Warm Word has made me fall in love with Park Seo-joon. until the recent episodes, I felt like it wasn’t too makjang either and really explored the psychology of people who cheat and people who are effected by cheating well. The past two episodes were a few too many tears for my tastes. I know it had to happen though…

    I Need Romance 3 is my favorite airing drama. The couple has great chemistry. They’re great individually. I love the second leads. I love the side characters. (Although that girl needs to stop whining and break up with her boyfriend and go with the guy who is sporting the 90s shroom cut!)

    You Who Came from the Stars – I’m in love love love with Song-yi. I actually like her more that Min-joon, although I will forever have a spot for KSH in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, he’s AMAZING, she’s just my favorite.

    Empress Ki – keeps waffling in quality from week to week. It’s still really pretty though. I want all of HJW’s hair pieces and earrings! Did they pierce ears like that back then? Wang Yoo is the most boring character alive. JCW is killing it. He’s flipping awesome.

    Prime Minister and I – (SPOILERY)

    I hated that ending. I really wanted to see more about the kids cause it was about making new families out of old ones and the whole family aspect fell by the wayside. BOO! Na Young shuld’ve had amnesia. That would’ve worked better. I know, I can’t believe I suggested it. Whatever.


    Miss Korea – Is finally picking up steam! The chemistry is as cute and awesome as Pasta’s. I can’t help but think of Pasta every time I watch it, though. That’s not a good thing…

    • 38.1 DJMuenchen

      Haha weather outside is frightful! I’m in Boulder and wasn’t able to start my car due to cold!
      Couldn’t agree more on YFAS, she is a revelation and a breath of fresh air from the typical, more passive leading lady tropes.

      • 38.1.1 owl

        He DJMuenchen, have you checked out Sushi Kasa (15th and Pearl)? Owners Mimi is from Korea and her husband, the chef I think, is from Japan. I ate there with my brother and his family at Christmas time and we talked kdramas (although I must have sounded like a lunatic fanatic, naming all sorts of dramas and shows even she didn’t watch). She pronounced daebak for me (proper emphasis with thumbs up when you say it). I’m from Boulder although I don’t live there just now, but visit my brother (who watched kdramas with me) and mom often.

        Hope I get to move back sooner than later. Depends on my job right now, though. I’ve done several watercolors of the Flatirons and once lived at Chatauqua for a summer. Love my hometown !


        • DJMuenchen

          Haha I haven’t, I always went to sushi zanmai, when I lived downtown but will check Kasa out at the next opportunity:) Nice to meet a fellow Boulderite, I just came back to the Boulder after graduating, and couldn’t escape the bubble apparently hehe. were your formative years spent at FHS or BHS perhaps!?
          Colorado meet up sounds amazing let’s make it happen!!

    • 38.2 alua

      Have you got snow?

      Here’s just been dreary, as is rainy rainy rainy. Which I can’t handle at the moment, got me sick last week (one of my PT jobs means hours outdoors and I just had too many days outdoors with rain). Even slept at uni last night because I didn’t want to cycle home in the rain and get sicker (now that I’ve half recovered). [bloody tube was on strike]

      On the upside, saw some first crocuses today.

      PM&I – the whole Na Young thing was a mess and messed up the ending. That’s all there is to it.

      • 38.2.1 Raine

        Alua – There was a ton of snow from last Thursday to this Tuesday. Then sprinklings until today. But its been subzero a few days now and my Floridian blood is NOT HAPPY.

        Sleeping at uni is NEVER fun. I’ve done that in a practice room before…on a piano…


        Owl – when you’re back in Boulder, let me know. There are a few beanies and poppers who live around there/here!

        DJMuenchen – Hail Coloradoan Beanie! I think I know enough of us around here that we can have a meetup soooon! Maybe a Utah/Wyoming/Co one.

        • owl

          Oooo a possible Colorado/western states meet up? Raine and JBMuenchen et al – keep us all posted if that is in the works – so much fun and I look forward to kdramaddicts together in one room – ah, the highjinks and highkicks 🙂 \/

    • 38.3 redfox

      it has gotten warm here again and the brown shmuck everywhere just -6C dammit!

      I want snow, it would be clean.

  39. 39 spazmo

    Man from Another Star – is it just me, or did it seem like this last ep was a method of stretching out the episode (since it got an extension?)… i thought i fell asleep and rewound to the beginning, watching it replay (with more info) all over again…. it was a bit too redundant for me… i got confused…..

    • 39.1 kopytko

      Huh. I actually did fall asleep. Then I looked at the recap and found out that my dream was a little more interesting.

      • 39.1.1 redfox

        you must mean episode 14 you both? cause ep 15 was great! not much action but a whole lot of hilarity and some keypoints like Hwi Kyung being awake…

        • kopytko

          I don’t know… I was sleeping :D. I guess I ff-ed through 14 (when the Evil Guy With A Nail was falling off a skyscraper?) and lost it during 15…

          • redfox

            ahh yes… well, most of the characters were sleeping dreaming or hallucinating too, you might have met them in your own dreams

          • kopytko

            Nope. I was working for some local mafioso. Teaching his 4 children and their friends. Clearly mafiosos to be.

          • redfox

            well, that is a very common theme for me. also, ninjas. But now I really want to have hallucinations Min Joon style.

        • spazmo

          oh yeah, it was ep 14… and i agree, ep 15 was DA BOMB!!

  40. 40 VanillaSalt

    I wanna start watching YFAS, but i’m afraid it will end something like rooftop prince, which i really didn’t like.

  41. 41 Kindra

    Also, the movie Fortune Tellers:

    NOT a comedy. You’re welcome.

    • 41.1 redfox

      ooooh! ghostbusting? I am in! thank you!

  42. 42 DJMuenchen

    Thinking of starting age of feeling, but not a fan of that BOF guys’s stone faced acting, how’s the drama so far?

    • 42.1 nomad

      I saw a tiny glimpse of the show (I have no time to follow it though), and wow! the BOF guy improved immensely!

  43. 43 ktiep

    Hi Beanies! We finally have rain, so the collective mood around here has greatly improved. Usually I hate the rain, because sometimes it rains for 100 days straight. But after 14 months without rain, I am rejoicing.

    Prime Minister & I–So glad that’s over. That makes three awful endings in a row: Mirae’s Choice, Pretty Man, and now PM&I. Makes me not want to watch any dramas live any more.

    My Love from the Star–I marathoned to catch up because you all raved about it so much. I do really like it, but am getting scared that I might get my heart broken by the end of it. Ending the past episode with a kiss was nice, but it got me thinking. When I have a fight with my husband, I mean a yelling, name-calling one (which hasn’t happened for years now), the last thing I want to do is french kiss him. So why do KDramas always have one person kiss the other after a big fight? I like it so much more when the characters ease into the kiss like in Secret Garden or Nine or Protect the Boss.

    A Little Love Never Hurts–Okay, so the show has a psychiatrist as a character, but why aren’t any of these people seeing a therapist to help them work through their serious issues. I mean, the two daughters are stuck in their resentment and making themselves sick. I know we have discussed how mental health treatment isn’t looked on so well in Korea, but still. There is already a dr on the cast. At least he should be able to suggest people go talk with someone.

    I love the older couple. His face lights up so much when he is with her. He looks so handsome. When he is with the kids, he looks yuck to me.

    We only have one episode this coming week. I’m hoping Ha Rim’s mother will make some progress on her working through of her disappointment. As a mother, I know it is possible to be greatly disappointed with your child’s choices, but in the end, you have to accept and love them for who they are. The scene where the kids (Ha Rim & Ha Kyeong) thank their parents for getting married and having them was an unbelievable outpouring of unconditional love.

    Oh, and there has been much posting about how boring Ha Rim & Mi Joo are as a couple (because they don’t bicker?), that the acting sucks. I disagree. I think if is difficult to portray a character who is weary and depressed, but still trying to live life with hope.

    Master’s Sun–Love it! Thanks for the recommendation.

    Running Man, Episode 182–I laughed so hard and the horse costume on the acupressure mats. And the water game fascinated me too. The episode was over before I realized, that’s how much I was into it. Yeo Jin Goo is truly adorable.

    • 43.1 alua

      MLFAS: I’m wondering if our alien might either die or fly off to his planet by the end… we’ve not been given any indication that a stay is a possibility, while, meanwhile, I’m starting to wonder whether SY might not end up developing feelings for the other guy. He’s so dedicated (in a good, not creepy way) that I’m almost starting to cheer for him (were it not for the alien factor…). Actually it had me wondering if there’s not a great backstory, you know, maybe he was the husband way back? (They have left the Joseon times alone for now, but I feel at least when Minjoo’s time to leave comes, they’ll have to revisit the past again…)

      ALNH: This show… hurts my brain and heart and everything. The two daughters are disgusting, especially the younger one. SO. SELFISH. All this woman is saying is ME ME ME. I mean, when she was going on about how she was going to do everything for her Dad, it was ridiculous. Is she going to kiss and sleep with him too? (Sorry for the ick-factor, but her argument was so ridiculous, like she didn’t understand that love from your child and love from a partner are different things.) These people don’t understand that love isn’t limited in supply, but that the more love there is being shared, the more there is to go around.

      Hate the fact that she’s got a guy chasing after her already as well, I want her to shrivel up in loneliness!!!

      Harim’s mom… don’t get me started. This woman isn’t normal. She doesn’t know her kids’ birthdays, her own anniversary and is just barely stopped from walking out on a dinner especially arranged for her? Can’t she see what precious people she has in her family? She doesn’t deserve the love she’s getting, indeed, I can’t be believe how understanding everyone has been of her up to now.

      My main problem with Harim & Mijoo as a couple is that they are so chaste. They are fighting this great battle together, but it seems like they’ve never even kissed. It just seems a bit too unreal for me. I don’t need steamy-steamy, but a bit of an indication that these people are adults would be nice.

      • 43.1.1 redfox

        I am hoping Min Joon won´t die or move but turn to human, jae Kyung will ant to bring him down by public humiliation next, but when he tries to prove he is an alien, Min Joon proves to be human and Jae Kyung swaps places with the asylum bound wife. crazy where he belongs!!1

        • nomad

          …hoping along with you… What gets me worried though, the writer never even hint if there’s a way for the aline to stay as human… There will be massive tears, outrage, digital hand holding in DB if the writer takes the route of either “killing” MJ, or shipping him back to his planet.

          • redfox

            you know, estonians have a saying, that “hard work turns you into a man, and with work, there comes love.” I think Min Joon hasn´t really done any hard work in his whole life. Instead of his planet, he should be shipped here, I will make him work the 13 hours shifts 6 days a week I do and he better change. then I will ship him back with estonian chocolates, smoked cheese, warm socks, a jar of honey and a silly sweater with raindeers. and blisters. and Song Yi better love that punk.

    • 43.2 Tara

      Thank you for the bday wishes! Even if it wasn’t my “rel bday,” my parents think like they’re still in Korea, hence the bday on Lunar New Year. Now I’m awaiting hearing about how I’m 30 and I need to get married quick, lol ;P I actually don’t like my 20s at all…too much crap happened, and I’m hoping my 30s will be a marked improvement. I’ve actually spent the past two years recovering from Lyme disease and it’s been a struggle, so I’ll be glad to be older and hopefully better! 🙂

      I couldn’t agree with you more on ALNH! OMG, I wanted to reach into the screen and bitch slap all four of em (and then HK’s mom)…argh, it was frustrating to watch. I don’t usually care for the older people in dramas unless they’re interesting in some way, but I, too, love JM’s dad and MJ’s mom! Their courtship is so sweet, and you can tell they genuinely like each other.

      I think HR/MJ as dull, and I don’t really feel much for MJ either. Probably due to the dullness, ha. But I think it’s more the way their characters are written…give me JM and HK any day!!! 😛

  44. 44 Ayan

    Happy OT!

    Miss Korea: I don’t know how they are going to get out of this mess, I hope that they don’t have to rely on Yoon again to keep their company. There is so much to wrap up, can it really be solved in four episodes?
    Does anyone know the songs that Jae Hee, Ji Young were dancing too in episode 14?

    Speaking of Miss Korea, has anyone watched that BBC 3 documentary about Beauty Queens in South America? It was very interesting to watch, President Ma Ri in Miss Korea was like the female version of Osmel Sousa in Venezuela but with more heart.

    Let’s eat is great, I can’t see how the murder mystery will play out. Is that guy really the murderer?

    Can we love: I love this show more and more with every episode! It is refreshing to see a drama that is so normal and honest. Ji hyun is seriously annoying me with the web of lies she keeps spinning. But I suppose I have realised from watching the character that it isn’t good to bottle everything up inside. I’m getting worried that Sun mi is pregnant, – the writers won’t do this right? The nausea? The weird moods?

    Wang’s family – I thought the mother had grown to be a good person. Why is she pushing Subak with Minjoong. He needs to be with Aunt!!! Does Subak have a selective memory – has she forgotten that she wanted a divorce. Has she forgotten that Minjoong begged her to stay together for the kids but she wanted the suspicious ex and his money.
    We only have 7 episodes left and the birth secret isn’t out yet..

    • 44.1 Carole McDonnell

      I’m so hoping the delivery boy isn’t the serial attacker/murderer. But I guess he has to be, right? No one else has shown up.

      Yeah, Wang Family, SPILL!!!!!

  45. 45 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are you doing?

    I am crazy about Monday dramas: One Warm Word and Can We Love. They offer some food for thought and CWL is really entertaining. Love the mature look on relationships and the problems that actually are problems. I have to add that both dramas are abundant in handsome ajussis, none of whom is a total jerk! They may have made mistakes and hurt other people, but not in an appaling, unforgivable way. Anyway, ajussis rock and I can’t get enough of them.
    *to the point of watching an oldie with Kim Sung Soo – My Precious You*

    I am not crazy about INR3. Though I must admit, the last episodes were better than the initial ones.

    Let’s Eat is fun. Love it. Especially Attorney Oh for being herself. The funny thing is that I sometimes feel I am mixing the characters played by Shim Hyung Tak in LE and CWL. The cameo by Lee Sang Woo form One Warm Word made my conufusion complete.

    I also root for Lee Jia’s character in Woman Who Married Three Times. I like it how she confronts her rival, but her good for nothing husband keeps frustrating me. I hope she manages to make him a human being or leaves.
    The older sister’s relationship is slowly developing. That is nice to see, to.

    Miss Korea – I hope for some surprising development concerning cosmetics industry and our OTP. They are beyond adorable.

    Emergency Couple is shaping up – I was bitterly disappointed in the opening, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Have a nice weekend, Everybody!

    • 45.1 redfox

      Hi, kopytko! prr since I am freezing here I wont be saying much, off to make tea
      back in a second

      • 45.1.1 kopytko

        Hmm! If it’s cold I like tea with rosehip syrup. I might just as well have some too!

        • redfox

          hey, hey, ROSEHIP??? I just cleaned a jar of rosehip berries! whatta. how did you…. the same thing? haha

          • kopytko

            Well, it grows pretty much everywhere here. Common folks never heard of lemons but had their rosehip to make jam, syrup and wine (my grandma used to make it). My dad also makes elderberry syrup. Good for your immune system! Unfortunately we don’t have any sea-buckthorns near here, they would be great to have with tea…

    • 45.2 korfan

      kopytko –

      I agree with you completely about the handsome ahjussi in A Warm Word. ……. It’s a very good drama with or without the ahjussi, but having him there is just extra nice. ……. I’m not always happy with his character, but he has a great look for sure.

      • 45.2.1 kpoytko

        All I can say is that both Monday dramas are very satisfactory in that aspect.
        I don’t know, maybe I am getting old, but I don’t care about dramas centering around young boys and girls, no matter how pretty, handsome or charming. Gimme grown up people in dramas! (And hot ajussis to behod!)

        • kopytko

          Yup, I am getting old. Can’t even type my own name correctly.

      • 45.2.2 jannie

        Are you talking about Ji Jin Hee. This guy was in Dong Yi, Jewel in the Palace, The Great Seer. He had good chemistry with lee young ae.

        • korfan

          jannie –

          Yes! Ji Jin-hee indeed! ……. He’s always great.

          I did get to see him in Dong Yi and Jewel in the Palace …… so good.

          I tried watching The Great Seer, but unfortunately, it didn’t capture my interest beyond the first couple of episodes.

          • Jannie

            I love ji jin hee….such a good actor. His most popular drama is jewel in the palace. I love his chemistry with lee young ae.
            I know few people who think dong yi is better than jewel in the palace, but that’s not true. JITP is more popular international than DY. everyone thinks lee young ae is pretty and an A list actress. I like her too!

  46. 46 VanillaSalt

    I had the weirdest dream the other night that, instead of a drama, Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won were gonna be on a reality show called “Hyungs Over Flowers” and i really hope the drama they might star in together has a lot of bromance.

  47. 47 Crazynoona

    I’m in drama heaven this 2014, between YFAS, INR3 and Let’s Eat <3 glad that i have one drama to watch to while waiting for the others to air (my priority is still YFAS) unlike my desperate time with TMS or even long before that 'Faith' (i don't know why but this one hooked me bad, saeguk isnt even my fave genre).
    One random thing thou, besides from k-drama that i mentioned before i started to watch taiwanese too (coz i'm running out of drama to lullaby me to sleep at night yep even with YFAS/INR3/Let's Eat), so i googled and tried on "Devil Beside You"….MAN i am sold! Thou its the cheesiest of cheese (remember Meteor Garden) but still i can't seem to stop watching (fast forwarded unnecessary scenes – meaning : scenes without Mike He in it). I don't know if any of the beanies here ever watched it too, but right now this noona is so smitten with Mike He, too hot – i'm telling you. The hot kisses, his crooked smile, devilish smirk…ok i'm gonna stop now.

    • 47.1 ilikemangos is happy

      Devil Beside You was crack taiwanese drama for me. It’s the project where i discovered and fell in love with rainie and mike. The chemistry was off the chain. I actually don’t remember it well enough to determine if quality still holds up by todays standards (watched it back in 2005/2006) but I will always remember that project as being the first taiwanese drama I watched till the end and enjoyed.

      • 47.1.1 Crazynoona

        That’s the thing, the quality is bad if compared to today’s dramas specially k-dramas but boy its indeed crackalicious XD i don’t even watch “BBF” or “Heirs” with the loaded pretty faces there but this one…i just don’t know…
        *still hot and bothered looking at Mike’s smiles*

      • 47.1.2 Emmy

        I think “Devil Beside You” was the only Taiwanese drama I managed to watch from start to finish. Loved the theme songs 暧昧 by Rainie and 坏男孩.

        Great chemistry. That said, I have never revisited it again and I’d reckon it would look pretty dated by now!

    • 47.2 redfox

      khmm. what I am trying to say is *wink wink* khmm. absolutely, you know.

      • 47.2.1 Crazynoona

        sorry for being slow 😀 but what is khmm?

        • redfox

          meaning I have similar FEELS.

  48. 48 Tara

    Hi everyone…

    A little late in posting…had written up my stream of consciousness, only to have my comp reboot as I was typing up my finishing touch — it was so out of the blue that I didn’t even get to copy x/

    Haven’t posted comments or replies in a week because I got in such a “don’t feel like putting thoughts to paper” funk. Like the first time ever. It got me worried that this might occur again whenever…which definitely ain’t good when you’re in the process of deciding whether to finally get your ass into grad school, ha. So to those that kindly commented/replied to my posts–please know that I wasn’t ignoring yall 🙂

    But one good thing that came out of last week was that I was finally able to catch up on current dramas!! Yayers 🙂

    INR3: This week proved that W is the man, with a capital M, hands down! Whatever good feels that I had of TY vanished without a trace. In “nice terms,” he was a jerkface to the max. His perfect facade cracked completely with SR around…such a pansy until she suggested the yet back together. He really just seemed like he wanted her in his pants, if ya know what I mean, lol. And his inability to adapt/deal with SR led to problems..control freak, anyone? It was also surprising that JY was like HJ and it was TY who taught her to be a crustacean boss. He already influenced her badly in one way, and then to use her to “show” SR after their fight? Inexcusable..and it’s likely he knew of her feelings toward him, which just reeks of massive ego, yuck. W, on the other hand, was so great! He was her rock, consoling her, giving great advice, and guiding her to realize her feelings…even if it meant that it wasn’t him. He’s matured so much in the last few episodes, and I’m excited that JY is now piecing together her growing feelings towards W.

    YFAS: Rewatched it straight from the beginning…and my previous viewpoint has changed. Think I’ll keep watching it raw…SY is so endearing, and I love that she’s such the atypical female lead.

    ALNH: Stupid is as stupid does…wondering even why, at this point of the story (with only like 15 eps left) JM’s dad and MJ’s mom haven’t married yet. Or let their stupid idiotic kids try to jump the gun when they haven’t even gone down the path towards marriage. I mean, come on! Habae agreement just to even let them get married?! Reeks of caring about their parent’s money than their feelings. Money truly is the root of all problems here…even with HR’s mom and not wanting MJ as d in law. Ugh, I think I’m gonna begin FF any parts where MJ bro and sis in law and YJ/YR are in because they just piss me off.

    AoF: Watched this up til ep7, and I’m warming up towards it. I watched ep1 when it aired and it didn’t really get me. This time around, I like BH and PC (sorry to hear of their demise, thanks for the spoilers). I like how they took JT under their wings, and became his family. KY has an intriguing background but not really caring for her all over the place. Glad to see KHJ acting better. SJR was a nice surprise, although he looks like he rolled out from TW with the black garb, lol.

    MK: Mistake last week because thought I was up to ep8 when actually 7. Love it out of the Thurs 3. Love the budding romance between JY and HJ. Especially liked scene where JY threw out HJ’s feelings for her–only to have him dig it back out.

    Dropped GR because of annoying storyline. KF on hold til I catch up on MK.

    Have a great weekend! 😉

  49. 49 Haley

    Lately, I’ve been hearing bout Dae Jang Geum sequel???
    Pleas no…they shouldn’t do it. The original drama was SO GOOD and i loved the story! Lee young ae is pretty and she’s a good actress. Ji jin hee is a good actor and he has chemistry with LYA. Such a nice couple!
    I can’t believe LYA had not been acting for 10 years. That’s too long!

  50. 50 Mel

    Anyone else waiting for an update on Leaf’s Life? Will the miltang continue? But surely, it must be time for the Second Male Lead to make an appearance? Am I mixing up real-time with drama-time?

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