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  1. korfan

    Hi Everyone!

    I hope you are all doing well today.

    First and foremost, please accept my apologies for choosing OT to write about my sudden Dramabeans problem. I’ll try to be brief. The situation is as follows:

    I’ve been experiencing the following problems for the last 4-5 days or so:

    – My comments under the e-mail I’ve always used no longer appear (or they are not accepted, I don’t know).

    – My comments only appear sometimes if I use another e-mail address.

    – According to my computer, e-mail attempts to Dramabeans are not successful (the little icon just keeps swirling for up to an hour). I made 2 attempts and nothing. *sniff*

    – The comment box form after every DB post used to have your name and e-mail already filled out for you upon a return visit. But no longer.

    I’m hope everything is ok. I’m just concerned. …….. Is anyone else experiencing this??

    Thanks everyone. ……. Now let’s talk about dramas!!

    • 1.1 kakashi

      Yup: have the same problem ^___^

      • 1.1.1 korfan

        kakashi –

        Oh ok. Interesting.

        I seriously thought for like 3 days that something was wrong with my computer.

        I posted elsewhere online and things are fine.

        You never know when things come up, I guess.

        • Shukmeister

          I had problems accessing kakashi’s site, and I corrected it by clearing my cache and history. BTW, I use Google Chrome.

          • Raine

            Lots of these problems are Cache problems

          • kakashi

            Yeah, but I always completely delete my Cache every time I am done surfing

        • redfox

          the internet is crashing.

        • korfan

          Thanks for taking the time to respond guys! …… Very helpful and truly appreciated.

    • 1.2 Shadow-chan

      Hmm, I’m not having any problems right now…
      About the name and mail vanishing… Might be a cookie problem?

      • 1.2.1 korfan

        Shadow-chan –

        You’re right, a cookie problem, that’s what I thought initially. …… But no problems come up elsewhere online.

        It’s all a big mystery.

        • Shadow-chan

          Hmm, well, did you try the time-tested deleting the cookie?
          If it’s not that I’m at my wit’s end as well xD

          • korfan

            Shadow-chan –

            I did do that, truly believing it would fix the issue. But it was not to be. …… That’s ok though, I tried.

            I’m thinking positive though. I’m sure things will be in fine working order soon.

    • 1.3 Manin

      Hi Korfan! How are you?

      Haven’t had these problems myself, but I used to have problems accessing dramabeans. Constantly getting connections errors. Though that seems to have improved as of late.

      • 1.3.1 Manin

        I think I just jinxed myself.. Now I’m getting server errors and commenting problems again… xD

      • 1.3.2 Luv_KimRaeWon

        yup, that connection error was a big pain for a while

      • 1.3.3 korfan

        Manin! –

        Doing ok. How about you?

        Perhaps this tech issue is not an isolated thing then. We’re all getting something, I guess.

        Let’s hope it’s temporary. *crossing fingers*

        I’m just happy I can post again and see you guys here!

        • Manin

          I’m not to bad. Tired been a long week.

          Yeah I think everyone is getting something. It’s been much better for me though the last weeks (though I just had some buggs happening now).

          I guess there are some changes being made to the servers to keep up with the traffic and the like buttons to get it all to work nicely. So hopefully it should be sorted out soon.

          Happy to have you around too 😉

          • korfan

            Manin –

            Awww…. so nice. Happy to see you too!

            Yes, you’re right about the changes and all. It can certainly have an effect. …… I obviously didn’t think about that first and simply assumed my computer was being defiant or something. ……. Either that or a DB computer was boycotting me. ……. *laughing*

          • Manin

            Haha yeah I think that’s everyones first reaction… Know I\ve been having troubles with watching things and cursing at my computer..

    • 1.4 kopytko

      I had the same problem – I typed my post tried to post it, but no post appeared. I was surprised, so I refreshed the page (even several times!) and then it was there… But then, I had to type my name and email all over again.

      • 1.4.1 Aigoooo

        Same here.. My posts takes a while to show up (maybe after 2 or 3 refreshes) and my name and e-mail used to be auto-filled already but not anymore. Also, have you guys been experimenting with the format of the website? Lately I’ve been getting these webpage on “You from another Star” recap that looks totally different in format. Everything is centered and the Dramabeans name is on top with a gray background. I would refresh it few times before it reverts back to the original look.

      • 1.4.2 korfan

        kopytko & Aigoooo –

        Oh ok! Thanks guys.

        I haven’t encountered that change in format situation.

  2. kakashi

    Happy OT everyone!

    • 2.1 Manin

      Happy OT Kakashi!
      How are you doing?

      • 2.1.1 kakashi

        very well! cause I’m on holidays right now ^__^
        and there’s so much good stuff on to watch

        • Manin

          Yay for holidays! I’ve been back to work a week after having holidays over Chinese new year. I mmiss having nothing to do :p

          Got any plans for your holidays?

          Yes, there are lot of good things to watch these days. Fingers crossed the rest of the year will prove equally good. What shows are you currently following?

          • kakashi

            I’m in the mountains, there is so much snow …. but it’s nice. though back to work on Monday. bleh.
            watching: Can We Love, Age of Feeling, Mr. Alien from the Star. Will soon start Miss Korea and plan on starting The Chaser. It’s been on my watch-list for a long time!

          • Manin

            Oh I’m jealous! Miss having snow.

            Ah yes Can we love, I saw you had started recapping it. is it good?

            hm, the Chaser.. I feel like I should know what drama this is, but cannot remember at all

    • 2.2 Fab

      Thanks, you too!

      Are you recapping Can We Love??

      • 2.2.1 Shukmeister

        Fab –

        Yes, our kakashi is recapping that show all on her own, and doing an excellent job!

  3. Kakashi

    Happy OT, everyone!
    I can’t comment on here anymore it seems … (3rd attempt)

    • 3.1 kakashi

      ah. now they’re here 🙂

  4. Shadow-chan

    Happy OT, Friday and Valentine’s Day everyone!

    Haaa, I was seriously refreshing the page minutely right now, cause I was waiting for the OT so bad…
    For a change not because I need to vent, but because I’m so haaapppyyyy right now! 😀 😀
    Some of you guys might remember that I was looking for a job (apprenticeship or whatever the heck the right word in English might be, to be exact).
    Well, I got one! 😀 😀

    Waahh, I’m SO happy and relieved… That stuff was seriously weighing on my mind.
    Now let’s just hope I won’t go the Na-jung’s first job route, because so far, I only got their word on the phone as well… xD But I’m optimistic, haha! 😀

    ah, seriously, yesterday was such a crappy day (huge argument with my father, much shouting and swearing on both sides, he basically kicked me out…), and today is such a great one <3
    Now I only need a boyfriend xD

    And tomorrow I'll go to Düsseldorf (actually it's still because of another application) and when I'm done with my stuff I'll meet with a friend and eat Korean or Japanese <3

    I'm afraid I don't even have anything drama related to say… Didn't watch this week's YFAS yet or anything else, haha xD

    Well, except for Hello Counselor, which I absolutely love, and the Jackie Chan ep of Happy Together – especially the Late Night Cafeteria was really funny, although tbh I still have no idea why Narsha was there…

    While we're on the variety topic: I was afraid for a couple of weeks that KBS World stopped uploading 1N2D season 1, but they started it again. Relief!

    I hope everyone had a nice week and will have a nice weekend! <3

    (And I think I never managed to see an OT with 0 comments before… xD Let's see whether someone else is faster with typing, ahaha)

    • 4.1 Manin

      Congratulations on your job!! Fingures crossed nothing unforseen will come up all Na-Jung! 😉

      Sorry about you bad day yesterday, at least you got something to cheer you up today.

      (Everyone is always fast at typing. Seriously I have no idea how people do it 😉 )

      • 4.1.1 Shadow-chan

        Thanks! 😀

        Hahaha, right?
        Maybe I should just pre-type my text next week and just copy&paste it when it’s time xD
        (at least I now figured out at which time the OT is posted, haha :D)

        • Manin

          Haha, could do 😉 But oh well. I always find it a fun guessing game: how many will have commented by the time you’ve finished writing your own post 😉

    • 4.2 Fab

      Congrats on the job! I am also searching for another job, but I am actually being lazy an not actually actively looking..

      • 4.2.1 Shadow-chan

        I’m also crossing my fingers for you that you’ll find something quickly 🙂

    • 4.3 Luv_KimRaeWon

      Hey congrats of luck with your internship..the weekend weather forecast is here.. make the most of it all.. arguments with family is part and parcel of life, don’t dwell too much on it..

      • 4.3.1 Shadow-chan

        Thanks, luv! ^^
        Ah, but it’s actually not an internship…
        Kein Praktikum, weißte, sondern ne Ausbildung ;D

        Ah well, and I always had a lot of arguments with my family (my father mainly…) but I swear, I’ll be SO happy when I can finally move out…

    • 4.4 Carole McDonnell

      YAY!!!!! Congratulations!

      And yes…the Happy Together Episode with Choi Siwan and Jackie Chan was soooooooooooo good. I keep falling in love with Jackie even more.

      • 4.4.1 Shadow-chan

        Thank you! <3

        Yeah, I really learned a lot of new stuff – for example I had no idea that he liked Korea that much and that he actually lived there and everything.
        And I just totally love it when people are telling stories in three different languages at once xD
        Me go; you go! xD

      • 4.4.2 Manin

        I still need to watch this epsiode..

    • 4.5 Shukmeister


      Congratulations on the job! Here’s to good things for you in the new year.

    • 4.6 owl

      Good luck on the new job! Speaking of KBS, looks like they’ve dropped Mamma Mia subs and I can’t seem to find where to watch it subbed anywhere else. Happy Together with Jackie Chan was really fun (although the Late Night Cafeteria was a bit lacking). Hello Counselor is curious to me with its strange selection of issues.

      I am also having fun watching WGM with JungMi (he is a 1N2D guest member this season, too) and the new addition couple (Shinee and the actress from School 2013). Showtime EXO ends with ep 12 this week, but apparently a 30 episode season 2 is in the works.

      • 4.6.1 Shadow-chan

        Thanks owl!

        If you should find subs for Mamma Mia, please let me know, I really like that show as well T^T

    • 4.7 Angelita

      Congratulations on jour job!
      I myself was recently in your situation. I just started my job 2 months ago, but it was such a pain to find one!

      Hopefully you’ll get more lucky days now then crappy. Have fun in Düsseldorf!

    • 4.8 korfan

      Shadow-chan –

      Congratulations on the new job! That’s fantastic news!

      May you have more great days and no more crappy days.

    • 4.9 Shadow-chan

      Thanks to everyone else who congratulated me on the job and whom I haven’t answered directly yet! I’m just completely exhausted from my (all in all) 16 hour trip to Düsseldorf – but it was awesome!

      After my library stuff my friend and I basically went on a food binge… Started lightly with Japanese, then Italian (ice cream that is, haha), got some snacks at the supermarket (instant jjajangmyun… Let’s see how that’ll turn out) and the Japanese bakery (which I didn’t even eat yet…) and finished the evening with grilling galbi at a Korean restaurant…
      Seldom (or never?) have I spent that much money on food alone in one day, but god was it worth it!

      I’ll actually go to school in Düsseldorf once I start my job in autumn, I swear I’ll go bankrupt in no time xD )

      (For those who don’t know: Düsseldorf has a large Japanese community, that’s why there are so many Japanese (and also some Korean) restaurants, supermarkets, bookstores, etc… And all basically on one street!))

  5. hummie

    I’m loving You From Another Star so much. Great acting all around. Episode 17 seemed like a throw away episode though. I’m glad they extended it to 21 episodes.

  6. redfox

    Diary of randomness. Week two.

    Friday – wooooooork. No drama. Except the fact I saw former president of Finland walking in a park newr my home. Heh.

    Saturday – working on the art project. I feel ashamed saying it myself, but I feel like it is gonna turn out awesome.

    Sunday /Monday. Time for dramas. Nazo no Tenkousei. With an alien (?). Woah, oh man. This is so nothing like the Man From The Star, a very different type of story. Though I am not sure what kind of story it will be as of yet. Horror? No, I think not. Comedy? Yeah, maybe. Romance? At the moment it is hard to imagine, but let´s try believe in the option. But that guy has such creepy movements. Seriously weird. Just watch it, it is so crazy. But really those neck movements, where did they find this actor, is he like an actual robot? It could be, right? In Japan. They could replace actors with robots soon. Imagine that! I am having crazy thought, right. No, but seriously! And hilarious too. Guy wristgrab? Reversed bat? Install mode? Ahaha. Go watch. Sometimes jdoramas just come smack me on the head. Speechless. So weird.

    Let´s eat – did not really grab me. Maybe cause I have no time to concentrate.

    Nezumi, edo wo hashiru – Kind of heavy. Weighing on you. Not complicated. Just this heavy feeling. But there were sweet moments too. And some much welcomed cynicism and sarcasm. Favorite quote from ep. 4 –„ In the spring breeze, that muffles footsteps, Nezumi leaps, staggering” (himself, very sarcastically). HA. It is interesting to see the background, the city with row houses and courtyards. Some elements are really ethnographically accurate…. and the way they walk, the body language. The Edo period tabloid news. Simple things like that. And: „I like cats!” hahaha. not over the top thrilling, but I keep watching. I bet the ninja image in the intro grabbed me. I also like that it deals with unjustice against women under the opprecion of men with power. Most cases are like that. They are historically realistic and very infuriating. The sister is badass.

    Now I am imagining different dramas with robots instead of actors and that picture in my head is reaaaallly weird…. or a robot PD… I bet the japanese will do it soon. They are like obsessed with robots. Robot ninja climbing over the roof making squeeky sounds LOL or if you put robots in Running Man…. Imagining the scene from YFAS where MJ lifts JK up with one hand…. with two robots. Oh gosh LOL

    Tuesday. Withdrawal symptoms. From the drama that betrayed me. No, the drama that doesnt exist.

    Replacing it with …. um, replacement. The thing that need replacing is replaced with the one being

    replaced from a different place.

    Rehab in full mode. Huh, but it is more like homöopathy. Treating the disease with more of the same thing. Drama rehab can´t be dramas!….uh, yes, it can, drama and black tea. What would be your rehab if you ever gave up on dramas? Or when you give up on a drama you loved but it did something horrible? A drama with the same actor (homöopathy)? Or antibiotics (ultimate weapon Mythbusters or Top Gear?) or permanent vaccination? ( is there such a thing for excluding specific dramas… make sure you are immune? Maybe a smack on the head . How do I cope giving up?

    Wednesday. Wooho, home, it is 11pm. Had a 14 h day and need a man. I mean, From the star, from the star!!! Sheesh. The drama. So, the man….well, it seems, so does Song Yi. Oh you girl!…

    • 6.1 redfox

      continued: Hold back a little. Well, whatta you know, Min Joon looks almost the same as me. Totally blacked out. Next step will be to look like a zombie in upcoming Park Ki Woong movie…

      Omo, when she got busted by Li´l bro. Haha I stopped the video and just laugh for a good 5 minutes. Ahhhahah so weird she is the noona, but he has to be like the responsible Oppa ahahahe is awesome. Best brother ever!questioning the 400 y o alien. Omo, so funny, I can´t even… from „what are your intentions?” to „Noonas´Boyfriend is the best! DAE-bak!” triple LOL.

      And if anything should happen to Hwi Kyung, I am going to move to a different planet. Seriously, I will. In one month.

      Update: rehab completed. I happy.

      Thursday: I relapsed. Back to rehab. Man from the star. Why is it that she is sad, and the way she is sad, makes me laugh? Not because it is ridiculous or overacted, but because it is so true to life? Real people don´t make any sense at all. We get emo, we dont explain and others are confused.

      Oh, drunk Min Joon: DISCO NEVER DIES! LOL

      And somehow it is so engaging to watch that you know what I just did? Poured tea. To the brink. And more. I poured out ALL the tea from the thermos. All of it. Till the table, the laptop, the carpet all got some. Friggin ell.

      Ekhmm. He gave her a strawberry. Ekhmm.

      • 6.1.1 Manin

        “Oh, drunk Min Joon: DISCO NEVER DIES!”

        Drunk Min Joon was so funny and cute. I kinda wish we could see more of that (though I suppose the power stations would not be happy about the complaints and extra work in trying to find out why the city is blacking out 😉 )

      • 6.1.2 Shay

        Can you please explain the strawberry reference.

        • redfox

          they were eating fruit and he was giving her a strawberry. strawberry is also a kiss related thing…stuff..

      • 6.1.3 owl

        Absentmindedly pouring tea ’til it spills over the brim, overflows, and pools on the floor. So kdrama, superfox!

        • redfox

          I know, but it totally made me curse, cause the laptop, and it did tricks this morning so I was worried but it seems ok now

      • 6.1.4 John

        redfox ~

        I just finished watching Ep. 5 of Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru . The Rat meets a cat. I’m enjoying the show. I like how some characters have been incorporated as the series progresses. His sister is a bad ass. I get a kick out of the newspaper covering the Rat’s exploits.

        There have been hints of attraction between sister and her sparing partner and Nezumi and the doctor. Just enough to keep it interesting without being distracting.

        • redfox

          I watched it too and was reminded of Batman and Catwoman, besides, Batman was referred to as “a rat with wings”??? like totally a parallel. yet another asian drama superhero reference
          and still the story circles around the faith of women and how they deal with injustice against themselves and their loved ones. awesome.

    • 6.2 Carole McDonnell

      Oooh, now you’re getting me interested in Nezumi.

    • 6.3 redfox

      and cause people were reminescing, started re-watching My Girl to refresh my memory

      • 6.3.1 Fab

        I picked a random episode which was the14th and it was the best one- tha kiss!

      • 6.3.2 Manin

        Haha yes I’ve been thinking about rewatching it myself after seeing Javabeans going on about it in the resent posts.

    • 6.4 alua

      Have to still watch the second episode of Nazo no Tenkousei.

      Wish it weren’t a half hour drama (why are all J dramas 30 minutes at the moment?), it might be good but it’s really hard to tell at the moment where they are going.

      As for the alien: Kanata Hongo is one of those Japanese child actors. I have seen him in a couple of things (Aikurushii, something else I can’t remember). I want him to do something really, really dark because I think he could pull it off superbly (he has a total poker face).

      Maybe this will be dark… we’ll see.

      • 6.4.1 redfox

        oh, so he is human. relief…. or maybe not….

    • 6.5 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Hi redfox.
      “What would be your rehab if you ever gave up on dramas?”
      A good question. I’m the addict who isn’t ready for a 12 Step.

  7. Manin

    Hello Beanies! Happy OT, Valentines day and Lantern Festival!

    Hope you guys are having a good time. Myself I am celebrating by watching dramas all by myself because I am lonely like that 😉

    I resently found out that one of my friends here, along with another colleagues are huge Lee Min Ho fans (seriously she has super hearing when it comes to mentioning his name. Whisper it and she appears going “Oppa? Where?”). Another one of my colleagues are also a major “You from another star” fan, and has the biggest noona crush on Kim Soo-Hyun. It’s cute to watch her ^^

    Also thanks to Javabeans I now feel like rewatching “My Girl”.

    Kdrama Toddlers Style

    – The rival went a couple of days without his other bromance half, the player. It was a sad and moody rival that didn’t want to do anything. Once the Player also returned after the holiday there was hugs and big smiles.

    – Trouble maker in the 5 year olds was hanging around a new girl, constantly putting his arm around her and fixing her clothes to make sure she was warm enough.

    – 2 of the other 5 year old boys conducted a “sandwich” kiss on the cheek on one of the other boys. Not sure what happened to make this come about.

    – The player brought snacks and in true player style gave shared it with all the girls before giving to any of the boys in the class (the rival being the exception. He was given snacks as nr. 2)

    -You from another star: cought up. man is this good. And so pretty looking.

    – Just You: just started this. Seems okay so far.

    – In a good way: Still loving this and I enjoyed ep 12, though the protesting plot is starting to drag a little.

    • 7.1 Shadow-chan

      “Myself I am celebrating by watching dramas all by myself because I am lonely like that ;)”

      Is there any other way? 😀

      • 7.1.1 Manin

        Nope don’t think so 😉

        I was tempted to get some of the korean Soju I found in the supermarket, but then I didn’t. Felt like trying soju alone while watching dramas might make me a little bit to much into a sad drama character atm :p

        • Shadow-chan

          I feel you!
          I mean, today I’m obviously happy (and who needs a man for that, huh?), but you know it’s bad when you really really want a bottle of soju (or just any other alcohol) right now, when you don’t even drink…

          I’m drinking with you in my mind! 😉

          • Manin

            I’ll share the drink in spirit!

            I know what you mean though. Sometimes things happen that just makes you feel like needing a drink.

            For me I feel like the first time drinking soju (although I’ve had rice wine/Liqour before) should be shared with someone else. Though, also figuring out if I should try the green bottle or the blue bottle will have to be decided upon 😉

    • 7.2 Carole McDonnell

      LOL! “making sure she was warm enough” <– love that. That's a nice touch for a drama character. Maternal but not the same old "food means love" trope.

      • 7.2.1 Manin

        It was cute. He kept straightening out her clothes and sipping up her jacket and stuff like that. Full caretaker mood.

    • 7.3 korfan

      Manin –

      Happy Holiday to you too!

      About watching dramas by yourself ….. what can I say, sometime these dramas are the best company!

      Besides, sometimes you can’t have any distractions while you’re looking at oppa …… uh, I mean, while you’re following the story ….. that’s right, following the story. Heh.

      YFAS …… Oh yeah, it’s good.

      • 7.3.1 Manin

        That is very true. Can’t have distractions taking your attention away from opp… the story.

        Like one of my collegues said “I want Lee Min Ho be my boyfriend. My husband get angry and want to hit him” xD

  8. korfan

    Hi Again Everyone!

    I hope you have all had a good week.

    As is happening more frequently as of late, I’m posting and running off in a few minutes (have an early wake up), but I’ll be back later tonight to read everyone’s great posts.

    This week’s drama-viewing:

    A Warm Word – This is a good one. ……. That book reveal changes everything. ……. Maybe.

    Prime M&I – Half-way through. Yes, I know the ending, but I’m still enjoying it.

    YFAS – Up to episode 8. Gosh, this is so good. Absolutely loving how the backstory/flashbacks are woven into the present-day events. …… The creepy oppa? Yikes! ….. More like appeun namja, is that the correct term? ……. And may I add, on a superficial note, how many different winter coats is Park Hae-jin going to get to show us in this drama? They’re fantastic!

    Other stuff watched:

    Appa Oediga – A few more eps to go on Season 1.

    Downton Abbey – Uh oh. Mr. Bates didn’t have a friendly look at the dining table. …. Nor should he.

    Making of a Lady – What a creepy fellow to have as an overnight house guest!

    That’s it for now. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

    • 8.1 korfan

      Oops! …… In the rush, I forgot to add …..

      Also watching:

      Hello My Teacher – Gong Hyo-jin!

      And also ….. Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who celebrate it!

    • 8.2 Shadow-chan

      Hey korfan!

      I hope your week was great, too? 🙂

      YFAS is really absolutely awesome. My highlight of the week, every week <3
      The only flaw I found so far are those manhwa-store-tracksuit-guys… And I mean, that's not even a flaw, I just don't get them or their place in the drama. At all.

      And at least Hui-kyung is stinking rich and therefore has a good excuse to have loads and loads of different coats!
      I always hate it when those supposedly super poor Candys have tons of different clothes and coats and whatnot…

      Appa Oediga – May I ask where you're watching it? Actually I'd really like to start as well.

      • 8.2.1 korfan

        Shadow-chan –

        Yes, the week was good for the most part.

        And yes, YFAS is very good indeed! Really enjoying it! So many things going on and details here and there, but they’re nicely woven into the story we’re watching. …… I’m only up to episode 8.

        Haha! The tracksuit guys! …… I’ve also been wondering what they’re about. ……. I guess we’re assuming they have to tie in somehow to the story we’re watching, right? ……. Perhaps we’ll find out later.

        Regarding Appa Oediga, I watch it on regular, over-the-air tv, the MBC channel. ……. No subtitles, but after a while, I kind of figured out what was going on. ……. The only thing is that the episodes, since the beginning, are a couple of weeks behind from when they’re broadcast in Korea. ……. I know Season 2 has already started in Korea, but there are still a couple of more Season 1 episodes to go here.

  9. Carole McDonnell

    H all:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    Everything’s white, white, white! Snow everywhere! About two feet high. But luckily, hubby shall be the one shoveling..not me.


    Let’s Eat. I was squeeing joyfully and so happy about events in episode 12. But then I saw previews for epi 13. I do hope they are misleading because seriously I’m one of those very immature people who cannot fully like a drama if I feel the writers are forcing a romance I don’t believe in. I just feel that if Lawyer Kim is not fated for heroine, then the writers made a mistake by making us see his efforts and heart so much.

    Another Star. I felt this story was headed for a tragc ending and although I HATE tragic endings, if the writers eek out some weird happy ending I will not be pleased. A story should go where a story should go. I’m steeling my heart for a wonderfully sad tragic love story and they BETTA give me that..or they should make the happy ending maybe heroine goes off to his planet and becomes a movie star there.

    Miss Korea. Gotta catch up.
    Cool Kiz. Gotta catch up.
    Screening Humanity. Gotta Catch up.

    Angel’s Revenge. Oh my!!! This drama is just sooo good. I’m addicted. Every day…but wow, how long can this revenge go on? 100 more episodes to go. Looooooooving this. Am especially loving Tae-Jang’s mom. Poor flustered woman.

    Wang Family. Aish, Mom (and the entire Wang Family’s) insistence on Minjoong remarryng Subak. If you stopped loving someone, you stopped loving someone! Don’t they know that?

    Inspiring Generation. I love it that our main character, Jung Tae, doesn’t talk that much. He’s a really great semi-silent hero. I also loved it that he turned up half-way in the middle of episode 9. And i do love that there’s all this stuff happening n that world. If ONLY I understood it all. I do so hope the new writers don’t make him all chatty or fluff up his part ..cause this is more of an ensemble piece than a hero-at-the-center piece. Am glad though that his father’s reputation gave him this wonderful legacy. Super-hero in the making.

    Gotta find the subs for Ghost-seeing cop

    Am waiting for the Beyond the Clouds and Wonderful Days. Especially Beyond the Clouds which looks just so gritty and depressing and angsty.

    Hours of my life. Wow, she’s gonna get engaged/married and still be in love with Takuto..and then meet him? Nice turn of events.

    Divorce Lawyer. Gotta find out his back story.

    Lost Days. Wondering who the heck the murderer will be. I can’t see it as Wataru. Again, too obvious.

    Waiting for subs for Paper Moon.

    Have a great weekend, all.

    • 9.1 chhavi

      I totally agree with you on your opinion on YFAS….I want a happy ending…I don’t care how they will make it up…but still…
      This has been my favourite kdrama so far and I DO NOT want it to be the ones where ending spoil the whole drama sense….*fingers crossed*

    • 9.2 Manin

      Hi Carol

      I wanna come play in the snow! (I promce to shovel it up again afterwards!)

      Still haven’t started Angel’s revenge. I probably should but not sure I’m ready for the pain 😛 Also really want subs for ghost seeing cop so if you find any, please let me know?

      Hours of my life: still stuck on ep. 4 for this one. Is it still good? I like both the male and female main actors in it, but kept putting off watching ep 4 for some reason.

      • 9.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        We had a terrible ice storm last night. Thunder, lightning. Intense. Now everything is so wonderfully white. Am beginning to think I’m actually a rural type…who is supposed to live in the woods (or on some Korean island) and who only concerns herself with the elemental stuff: farming, hunting, gathering. Kinda wish my hometown was a little village in the Adirondacks. Yep, loving the snow.

        The pain in Angel’s Revenge only goes on for the first 15 or so episodes and then the game is on. Love me some good revenge. Start at ep 15 or so. Heroine’s sister is dead by then…so no grief.

        • Manin

          wow that sounds frightening. Hope you are all safe!

          Haha I am an inbetween type. Want to be close to the woods and the sea, but also so that I could get to work easily by bike/bus so I won’t have to go through the terror of getting my license :p

          Living in China has thought me that I don’t really want to live all my life in a big confusing city though.

          I don’t know when I’ll get around to start it, but I’ll move it up on the list. In the mean time I’m working my way through your short story collection 😀

          • Carole McDonnell

            Hope you like most of the stories. I live in a small city in upstate ny so it’s about 4 square miles….and close enough to nature to make me feel like good but, I want to live in a fairytale wood — minus the elves etc. I am so not a city person but hubby and i think we might retire to a larger that way we can age and still walk around.

            ooh Drama special has a new drama up
            The taste of curry

            Beyond the clouds
            And they’re gonna eng sub this miniseries in a coupla weeks

          • Peridot

            Hi Manin, I agree with you about living in some in-between place. I really don’t like big cities. I also hate the thought of having to get a license. I have a lot of pressure, especially since I’ll have to start looking for work.

          • Manin

            Carole: I dooo! I really liked the first one. Think that or the sea one are my favorite so far. Also really liked the fairytale feel of the Knight tale. Reminded me of an old tale my grandma once read to me when I was little (Also I knew that was gonna happen!)

            Yeah cities has their conveniences. Though I’d settle for a smaller one rather than a big one (like where I live… I’m not used to it taking like 2 hours to drive from one end to another of the city.. That’s the time it takes to drive around the entire island of my home town!)

            Peridot: Yeah finding a job without a license is hard. So I might have to get on it then. I just hate it. Have practice driving with my dad before, it ended in me breaking down and refused to ever get in the driving seat again. So I will put it off as long as I can!

          • Carole McDonnell


            So glad you like the first one. That one is being taught in colleges in Poland and the UK. Academics dealing with imperialism love it. Gosh! You’re a fast reader! The sea one? The Gleaners? or Small Haven?

            I’d like to live in a city with about 50K people and which feels like a village. Will see.

    • 9.3 Shay

      If you can find somewhere to watch Ghost-seeing cop with subs, please share.

      • 9.3.1 Carole McDonnell

        Shay, I found the first episode at dailymotion.

    • 9.4 Chandler

      Regarding Let’s Eat, I actually completely disagree. While I feel for the lawyer so much, I could never buy the writers suddenly having her reciprocate his feelings. I think it’s telling that, after 10 years of pining for her, the lawyer still doesn’t really understand her as much as Dae-Young does after only knowing her for a short time (what with picking the valentine’s day chocolate she later picked herself and all). This drama inspires some strange feelings for me because, on paper, I feel like I would totally root for the Lawyer, but I oddly just…don’t. And it’s so weird because its not like SK and DY have had THAT much development. But theres just something about the fact that despite their lack of focus on a developing romance between the two, I still really want them to be together. I’m not sure whether that’s good writing because I root for them despite the lack of spotlight or bad because they didn’t spend more time investing us in their relationship.

      I just love how unconventional the romance between Soo Kyung and Dae Young is. I mean, first with her love of his blog and the fact that he’s already starting to think of her whenever he goes out to do it. Even holding off on taking pictures JUST so he can feature her in them. It’s actually so cute just picturing them going to famous restaurants for the rest of their life. In fact, the reason why I enjoy their romance is because it seems like it’s not going to be a conventional one. It’s the kind of relationship where I think they’re simply going to ask themselves, “Who do I enjoy eating with the most?” and the answer’s eventually going to be each other. I think they’re the real foodies of the bunch and it just makes sense to me that they end up together. It’s called “Let’s Eat!” after all.

      • 9.4.1 ladida

        They’re just so cute together! And Lawyer Kim is cute on his own. I’m glad he’s no longer pettily trying to “get back” at Soo Kyung for not reciprocating feelings she never even knew he had though.

        I actually think Soo Kyung and Dae Young have a lot of development as a romantic couple, but I definitely see what you mean: the drama’s main focus isn’t romance, and so all the time spent mainly on two people getting together are more widely/generously spread.

        I’m excited for next week! It looks like we’ll finally get to see Dae Young do some pining of his own. xD

        • Carole McDonnell

          True, there is a sweet normalcy about everyone. And love kinda creepy up on people. I just so wish for originality. Although it has a lot more originality than a lot of other stuff out there. So I’ll accept whatever comes. It better be believable though.

          He doesn’t seem to need love. But that’s not necessary for love to grab you, i guess.

      • 9.4.2 Carole McDonnell

        Generally, I’m a noona-romance lover. And yes, the second lead lovers who have been loving someone for ages are pretty much old news. It’s diffcult to trust that they will get the girl. I can’t really think of a drama where such an event ever occurred. And again, it’s weird for me — little miss noona-romance-lover– to NOT be behind a noona romance. I guess i want somethng unique. Noona-romances are lovely but they are fairly regular.

        So for me –when it’s a choice between a romance where noona gets the young guy or long-loving second lead of age-long love gets the girl….we.., i want the age-long love to get the girl. Because it is even more different than the noona romance. I think I’m just tired of “knowing who will end up with each other.” I know knowing the OTP is part of the whole drama process. And the whole fun is traveling the road together until they hook ub…But there is the whole boring predictability..”they have to hook up because they’re the leads” thing.

        So i think with me, it’s more a technical issue.

        But the other issue is that Although I love Dae Goo, we are being taught to believe that the only reason he hasn’t seen Chief Lee as a love interest is because he wants to have money for a relationship. HE is charming. The fact that he understands Chief Lee is not about him connecting to her, it’s about his skill in selling insurance. HE’s a sweet guy..and yes he has the psychological understanding that comes from being a salesman. And he is cute..but I would so want the drama to be utterly different and to have the main guy not fall in love with anyone right now because he is not in love. Of course he’s gonna realize he’s in love soon (according to the previews.)

        I’ll take it. I understand it. But i really don’t approve of it.

        • ladida

          One of my favorite dramas, In Time With You, features a romance where a guy has been in love with his best friend for years and he exhibits all the characteristics of a second lead and he “gets the girl.” Have you seen it? It’s really lovely.

          I think what’s most important is that Soo Kyung is in love with Dae Young. If she were to fall for Lawyer Kim and find it in her to forgive him for his past misdeeds (after all, up till ep 12 she was still thinking that many of the kind things he was doing for her were coming from a place of malice), I’d be happy for her. Actually, a few episodes back, before Soo Kyung fell for Dae Young, I was only tentatively rooting for them, and was looking forward to a conclusion where there wasn’t romance at all and she and Dae Young and Jin Yi built community and friendship.

          Lots of folks have expressed skepticism about Dae Young’s having romantic feelings or intentions for Soo Kyung, and I get that, since the show’s main focus hasn’t been advancing an otp up till now.

          As for Dae Young’s understanding Soo Kyung because of his skill as an insurance salesman, well, he hasn’t been able to sell insurance to her.

          • Carole McDonnell

            Thanks so much for the recommendation. In time with you also sounds different in that it’s a guy’s love that matters..and the guys win. So often, it’s the love of the woman who matters…only what the woman wants. I guess dramas are made for women in that way. It’s the woman who gets what she wants ..not the guy. (unless the guy is the guy the woman wants.)

        • Thursdaynexxt

          I’m shipping SK-DY, and I just think DY hasn’t had much chance to show his true feelings to anyone or been truly touched – he’s equally and impartially charming to everyone. Can’t let go of salesman mode. Smooth sailer. (sailor?)

          That’s a problem, of course, and I’m glad they addressed the consequences of that in the confrontation between DY and the 2 girls. (only thing I didn’t like was the way he phrased it, “it’s gonna be awkward for me if you keep acting like this”, rather than “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression”)

          I still think SK’s the only person DY’s really shown his real, unvarnished feelings to (like when he got angry at her after he went to jail because of her).

          So I’m really looking forward to some pining from the cocky DY!! 😀

      • 9.4.3 Thursdaynexxt

        Hooray for Lawyer Kim this episode!! I never expected he’d be so brave and forthright about his confession. And despite being scared of dogs, in an emergency, he carried Barassi without any hesitation at all!

        Much as I’m hanging out for a SK-DY OTP, this episode got me seriously questioning the pairings. After showing flashbacks of how Lawyer Kim’s loved her all this time, is it right to leave him lonely? BUT he and SK don’t really know each other (working together doesn’t really count). And he’s really bad at expressing his feelings. And the dog thing is an issue!

        SK has the same foodie tastes as DY, they’re already close from living as neighbours and get along in a bickering married couple kinda way. They call each other out when the other one’s spouting nonsense, etc – sounds like an ideal pairing. BUT like SK’s friend pointed out, SK has a tendency to start liking a guy by becoming his fan first (like DY’s Mr Shiksha blog). Those relationships didn’t work out (not sure why).

        When all’s said and done, I tend to think her feelings for DY are the real deal, and I like that the show is dealing with how people in different stages cope with love differently, like 24-year-old Jin Yi, in contrast to 34-year-old divorcee Soo Kyung. What I’m hoping is that Dae Young will be mature enough to see her worries and take her as she is! (okay, okay – gotta remind myself the main focus isn’t the romance. Still enjoying this hugely, though.)

        • Carole McDonnell

          i think they are definitely the real deal but I wish i was on ther bandwagon.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            Yeah, I kind of see the hurdles ahead, cos SK seems like the type to worry about how people around her view the noona-romance (not to mention Jin Yi’s crush).

            And DY is good at sweet-talking the ladies, no doubt, but I wonder if his suave demeanour will desert him once he has personal feelings for SK? (hahaha, I’m imagining Dae Young being as hilariously bumbling and awkward as Lawyer Kim, when he tries to express his feelings)

            As long as they don’t go into Angst-Ridden Noble-Idiot territory, it’s all good…

            Shall we just ask Barassi to decide? 🙂

    • 9.5 redfox

      Hi Carole! how funny you consider the “becomes a movie star on another planet” a more believable ending than well earthly endings. not complaining though

      • 9.5.1 Carole McDonnell

        The rules the story set up, i guess. He can’t stay or he’ll die. And so…the only thought for me is her returning with him to his hometown. And i don’t see why that isn’t a possibility.

        • Carole McDonnell

          CLARIFYING: I don’t see why he hasn’t told her why it’s not a possibility.

        • Chandler

          DUDE. This is actually what I want to happen! I mean, if an alien can come to our planet, then why can’t a human go to his?! I’m betting that it won’t happen, but it would be kind of awesome if it went there!

          • redfox

            but the journey might take like a hundred years…

    • 9.6 owl

      But it is a hard pill to swallow that Jung Tae’s father was absent from their (his and his sister’s) lives. There is no redemption from that, really, is how JT must feel. The legacy though, you are right that the bigger world of his father’s life is now available to him as a young man making his own way in the ever changing and unfriendly world.

      DO you know how Ok Ryung is in Shanghai all of a sudden?

      • 9.6.1 Carole McDonnell

        It’s the heroic person who is crap to his family syndrome. Revolutionaries get this weird mental thing where their families don’t matter as much as the world at large. Lenin being at one end of the spectrum, and John Lennon being like that to his son Julian. Whether they’re good or bad – if they’re out to save the world…well, family has to take a back seat.

        And Jung Tae is in the same predicament as all those children who are children of noble rebels…he cannot love the rebel father as much as strangers worship him. He can only love the abandonng father as a stranger who wounded him. Totally isolating that.

        Not sure how Ok Ryeon got to Shanghai. One wonders if the backstory explaining how she got there was wrapped up with Jae Wook’s scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        • owl

          Lenin/Lennon, right you are.
          Worshiping a rebel man who’s been your savior is one thing. Being the child of an absentee father because he is out being the rebel man is another. Not sure the two halves can merge to be a whole for JT because it can never be okay for him or his sister. Crappy is right.

          That Ok Ryeon appears in Shanghai bugs me, and the disappearance of Jae Wook may do me in for this show.

  10. 10 atz

    Oh, dear I heard that Kim Jae Wook is going to resign from ‘Age of Feeling’!!! I dislike the yakuza related drama but I decided to give it a go because of KJW and Song Jae Rim( well Poncha is gone!),,,,, oh, dear!!

    • 10.1 owl

      What??? I did notice that he wasn’t in the last 2 episodes. Whoa, shakedown! But I didn’t have a handle on his character and role, yet, either. Is is because of the writer switch, I wonder?

      • 10.1.1 atz

        Yes, Yes, it is a shocking news. It is so unusual that an actor quit in the middle of a drama and KJW does not seem to be one of guys who do whatever he pleases… so the reason is a matter of speculation. I am very disappointed with the news.
        He put some spices in the drama without violent scenes.

        Are they going to kill off good side kicks one way or other,,, then only boring actor/actress( the main leads) are going to remain? Now only reason I am still watching is Song Jae Rim but if or when he is killed off, there would be no point of watching the drama for me.

        I want to see a drama or movie where KJW and Ju Ji Hoon( and of course Yoo Ar in) are united. The movie(Antique) that they played together was quite good. They seem to have fun!

        • owl

          I did like Antique~

    • 10.2 Chandler

      Well maybe this means he can finally get his own drama? *GASP* That bizarre vampire sangeuk in the works! He’d be perfect for it!!!

  11. 11 Faye

    Hi all. I haven’t been on the site for a while. I started watching “Golden Rainbow” a while ago, and it’s engrossing, but I have a feeling it will become very frustrating soon. Hopefully it will end well. I like “the Prime Minister and I,” and that . . .did not end well.

    Question for the Dramabeans mods -what do you recommend I do if someone has been posting with my name? Someone asked me if I had been posting in the YFAS threads, and I hadn’t. I know I don’t have a monopoly on the name “Faye,” but it can ve confusing when two people use the same username (and -I hate to sound childish- I did use it first). What do you recommend? Should I post under something slightly different, like “Original Faye?”

    • 11.1 Carole McDonnell

      Original Faye sounds good. Although I do like simple Faye.

      I keep thinking some heavy frustration awaits me soon…what with a few dramas ending soon.

    • 11.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I have the ridiculously long “Julia the Berkshire Beanie” username because I felt the need to distinguish myself from other Julia/Julies that post here. The advantage I have gotten from it is that the username is unusual enough that it seems to stick with folk.

      Usernames aren’t as permanent as tattoos. You can try adding a florish to the end of Faye and see if you like it. Faye Fabulous?

      • 11.2.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Faye 페이 ? The closest I could get to your name in Hangul.

    • 11.3 Chandler

      Oh Prime Minister and I, I tried to convince myself I liked that ending…but I didn’t. It’s like I was completely blinded by my love for Lee Bum-Soo, who’s character was able to remain winning (and damn sexy) until the end. But bringing the mom back, the noble idiocy, and the lack of our couple & the kids usual cuteness in the later episodes just really made the drama such a disappointment.

    • 11.4 redfox

      I always use redfox and there has never been anyone on any internet site to dare use the same name. even if they add “fox” they quickly isappear. I am very intimidating muahahaha

      but I would just stick to the name stand firm

    • 11.5 owl

      Sante Faye??

  12. 12 OMG

    Hey all….currently about to start an exam but lemme comment on OT real quick.

    INR3: OH TY, u are such a dick….hell i want Oh Se Ryeong to find a new guy all for herself cause he is not good for u… Really liking the show and the pacing but i am worried about how they are going to add romance scenes with Wan because we have so few episodes left and we r still stuck on the TY storyline….lets move on to some steamy scenes btw JY and Wan!!!

    YFAS: i think these last episodes, while i love them, are very slow….not much is happening… i don’t understand why many dramas pick 20 episodes but don’t plan a storyline for 20 eps…quite annoying. But Do Min Joon-shi, ummmmmm how u do plan on explaining urself when u cant stay [we all know u cant]… CSY is going to start planning life with u here and in the end its gonna end up hurting more cause u lied to her and this one is MAJOR!!!!!

    • 12.1 OMG

      also haven’t caught up on Miss Korea yet but m not happy about only one episode this week!!!

    • 12.2 Manin

      Good luck on your exam!

      INR3: Yeah judging from the recaps (think I’ll marathon this once it finishes so reading for the moment) TY is being a major jerk. You cannot do that to someone! It’s unfair for both girls.

  13. 13 LaKaribane

    I am happy for this open thread. I am about 3 months into my k addiction and I don’t want to go to rehab no no no as the song says, LOL! Anyway, I’ve had this question from the start but epi 10 of INR3 has pushed me to ask: are SK names really not gendered to the point where Prof./ Neighbor Min Seok was shocked that the real Woo Young was a man and not the female Min Jung h was actually dating the whole time?!?! And a related question: are the character names in kdramas realistic? Because US soaps and Latin American telenovelas sometimes have outrageous names for the characters (esp the villains). Would I meet people on the street with such names? And are there characters with notably old fashioned names like, say, Raymond or Eunice would sound odd on a teen in a Western setting? Thank you in advance for clarifying this for me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. 14 Shukmeister

    Happy Friday OT everyone! And Happy V Day for those who are happy about it!

    Just finished mu bi-weekly platelet donation, and found out the center has Netflix. Since I don’t have it in RL, are there any Asian dramas or movies on it?

    Also, In spent last evening at a delightful piano concert by Lang-Lang. He was amazing in person, and finished up the concert with both a Valentine’s Day, and a Chinese New Year salute. 😀

    Back on the drama watching.

    – All up to date on YFAS, and I can’t wait for next week, even if it puts us that much closer to the end. The dagger stares of the brothers was intense. And of course Song-Yi FTW! It’s great that she sees through the BS, even if some of her reactions are, well, overreactions. But I know she’ll fight tooth and nail for her right to this guy!

    – CWL – Still engaged with the show, my absolute hate for Sun-mi notwithstanding. Honestly, would anyone want her for a bestie?? But I know for Oh-boy, he’s not gonna be swayed by any obstacle in his path, though I know he will do best for the baby if it turns out to be his. I do wonder how Puppy’s gonna handle the news, though.

    – I’ve just started watching Age Of Feeling / Inspiring Generation, so I won’t comment until I’m more current. I also watched the first episode of INR3, but I can’t say that it’s caught my eye yet, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

    – On a happier note (for some), I’ve decided to pull myself out of WATA SqueeCap haitus, and JoAnne unni and I will be SqueeCapping Full House – Thailand! It’s already ten episodes in production, so it will take some time to catch up.
    Episode 1 is posted, and Episode 2 should post in the next 24 hours.
    They are being hosted, as are all current recaps, on kakashi’s blog, but I have a redirect on mine, if you don’t know how to get there.

    So, time to finish up my Red Cross cookies and enter the real world. 😎

    • 14.1 Shukmeister

      Ooh one other thing for any nerds out there.

      I downloaded Softronics “Free Office” in an effort to get out from under Microsoft’s thumb for word processing. Any thoughts or reccos on a Word / Excel / Power Point non-MS option?


      • 14.1.1 nomad

        I can only speak from “pages” POV from MAC, which is so-so. And their excel spread sheet version called numbers which I like. I find word to be easier to use compared to pages. On the other hand, I like numbers better than excel. I can’t explain to you the technicality though, because I may have these preferences just because I grew up with MS options.

        • Shukmeister

          nomad –

          Thanks for the info! I plan to purchase a Mac Book Pro in the forseeable future, so I’m trying to wean myself off MS products. Also, I’m not willing to purchase a yearly license.

          • nomad

            that’s what i have, mac book pro…and I LOVE IT!!! With my pcs, they get slower as years go by, and those crazy updates daily just drive me up the wall. Not to add viruses… anyway, I hope you do get to purchase your mac, cause personally, it’s worth every penny.

      • 14.1.2 ktiep

        Thanks for donating your platelets. My sister has Acquired Hemophilia, so she gets platelets about every ten days. I can’t donate, so we depend on people like you.

        Netflix has lots of Korean content. It’s nice because there are no commercials. Just go to and browse through the Foreign section. On your computer, you can limit to Korean dramas. Not sure how much other Asian TV they have.

        • Shukmeister


          Well, I do get a $5 Starbucks card each time, so I feel amply rewarded. 😉 The Red Cross is something I believe in, and at this point in time, I’m at 54 units of whole blood, and 14 units of platelets in my lifetime. So they should do a dance of joy when I show up (well, really, everybody should no matter where I go. LOL)

          I think I’m gonna try this Netflix thing at the end of the month, and see how easy it is. At least I can tell people about my experience with Roku, which is the platform they are using.

          I’d love it if they had Snow Piercer, which is one I really really want to see.

    • 14.2 Manin

      Happy Friday shuk!
      How are things holding up in your end of the world?

      I cannot wait for the brothers showdown in YFAS. The tension in that stare was so huge. I just hope the younger one doesn’t get killed for this stunt (though that was one awesome plan in getting hold of the ex-wife).

      Also: Yay for no more squeecapping hitatus. Though I’m a sporadic reader (due to not always being a friend with my vpn so I can read them) I love all the squeecaps and the job you guys do with them.

      • 14.2.1 Shukmeister


        Sounds like Todd-KStyle is in a bit of a slump, but no matter. All dramas do

        Yeah, our donsaeng was pretty slick pulling one over on PsychoHyung. The only thing that worries me is, if he threatens his brother, SY is gonna want MJ to save him and not her. And that man is cunning enough to find a plan that jeopardizes everyone…

        • Manin


          Haha yes they are having their slump period after the holidays. But I assume it will pick up once they all return to the kindergarten again.

          Changes will happen though as they are reassigning the teachers so I will no longer be teaching the 4 and 5 year olds. Only the toddlers and then I take over the 3 year olds . So we shall see what this new semester will bring :p

          “And that man is cunning enough to find a plan that jeopardizes everyone”
          Yes this is my worry too. Especially with MJ’s failing powers as well.

    • 14.3 LaKaribane

      Re: Netflix, they had Secret Garden, City Hunter, Heartstrings, Birdie, Shining Inheritance back in Dec but not sure what they have now.

      • 14.3.1 Shukmeister

        LaKaribane –

        Sweet! Thanks. I confess to have never used Netflix personally, so I had no idea what stuff they have.

        • hydrangeabloom

          Shukmeister, if you look under ‘TV Shows’ there is a ‘Korean TV Show’ subheading that lists Netflix’s current kdramas. They don’t have many available at a time, but it’s worth taking a look (I’ve been watching Queen Seon Deok). They also have a number of relatively recent Korean films streaming as well, with English subtitles.

          • Shukmeister

            hydrangeabloom –

            Thank you for the info! This is something I do every two weeks, so it’ll be nice to have an bigger option than my smartphone screen, especially when your arm is immobilized for over two hours.

    • 14.4 Nespelem

      For Netflix, you can use the search term “Korean” or “east Asian” and it pops up with tv dramas and movies

  15. 15 KDrama Fan

    Hello and welcome to the weekend.

    Having a great time revisiting ‘Dal Ja’s Spring’ this week. Wondered what LMK and the other actors are doing lately and saw the photos of LMK and his do. Whatever’s happening on his head I hope his movie goes well.

    Hate to say this but I was really disappointed by the food scenes in Let’s Eat this week. The scenes where they were eating one of my favorite dishes-crabs marinated in saw sauce were off-putting to say the least. And the teppanyaki food was simply just not up to scratch. Hoping for better food shots next week. LE fighting!

    • 15.1 Carole McDonnell

      Wow, i so wanted to eat those crabs. What was that layered like dish the male office manager was eating? Looked so good.

      • 15.1.1 MoniRosa

        It looked like Okonomiyaki, Japanese Pancake. I’ve had one once and they are really good. Let’s Eat fighting 🙂

      • 15.1.2 Gwyn Wong

        Okonomiyaki. You can make it at home too.

        • Carole McDonnell

          ooooh! That looked soo good! thanks.

        • newgirl

          Thank you for showing me this website. So many good things to make, and well written!

        • Chandler

          I love you for introducing me to this. Thanks!

        • atz

          Actually hidden yet key ingredient for Okonomiyaki is yum( Nagaimo– long yum), just grind it ( it is very sticky and some people get itchy hands when they touch it) and mix with flour. There is Okonomiyaki premade mix( dough part) by Nisshin.

    • 15.2 Chandler

      I watched Dal Ja’s Spring again this week too! I was all about revisiting my favorite 2007 dramas! I also checked in to see what the cast was up to and noticed for the first time that Chae Rim’s only ever been in dramas and that she hasn’t done anything in a while. I wonder what she’s up to and hope she reappears sometime soon. There have been a lot of great up and coming actors and actresses in recent years, but it would be really nice to watch her in something new.

      Hm. I was plenty happy with the food scenes this week. Except for the fact that poor Soo-Kyung wasn’t eating the way she usually does. Her eating habits are my favorite so I hope she returns to normal soon!

      • 15.2.1 KDrama Fan

        I too wonder what CR is doing.

        In Let’s Eat DY and SK eat things really deliciously. Look forward to more scenes of them eating together.

    • 15.3 Thursdaynexxt

      Yep agree, I appreciated Sam H’s cameo as the soy sauce crab-aholic restaurant owner – not to mention the “global village” teacher and Witch Hunt jokes – but I didn’t need to see him eat! It was a challenging food – I think even Jin Yi and Do Yeon were struggling to eat “pretty”!

      Did anyone else think the green tracksuit guy who got on the lift with the enormous Husky was a meta reference to the manwha store couch boys in You From Another Star? 🙂

      On a completely random issue, why oh WHY does Witch Hunt not have English subs?!! I can only find one episode 🙁

      • 15.3.1 Thursdaynexxt

        *oops, sawry, I meant red tracksuit!

    • 15.4 soprection

      I don’t blame you. I actually skipped through the crab eating scene because it just wasn’t appealing to me at all. But I thought the Benihana-style restaurant they went to (for the office lunch) looked SUPER appetizing.

  16. 16 owl

    Happy ♥ Day with INR3 of course! If Wan gets disgusted and leaves, JY will be shocked at not realizing it in time. TY fell off the charts for me with that cheap confession.

    YFAS – Yoon Jae and Hwi Kyung. Fighting!

    Inspiring Generation – Following gangs, Jung Tae’s connections, and Gaya is tiring. JT’s father’s story is intriguing, but the piece about why he left a sick daughter is still missing. Shanghai Club is a fight club of gang philosophies. What is Ok Ryeung doing in Shanghai? Maybe the big picture is too boggy for me.

    Shitsuren Chocolatier – One sided love is always looking at the person to your right. No one ever faces each other. It’s a world of chocolate fantasy to cover harsh reality. Today I’m worried about Koaruto.

    Boku no itu Jikan – Moving moments with coworkers, mom, and especially the conversations Takuto has with the neurologist. The pace and atmosphere of the drama match Takuto’s ALS progression. Painful, but heartfelt and well done.

    Real (j movie). I am still mad I chewed up time watching this scifi romance. Real. Bad.

    *I posted some art at
    Or click on my name owl (yellow) to get there. Some new kpop and manga inspired stuff.
    Would love for you to check it out ~thanks!


    • 16.1 Carole McDonnell

      love your watercolors. Couldn’t “like” your page or comment though. FB acting up it seems.

    • 16.2 atz

      Shitsuren Chocolatier is quite different drama to me. it’s about one sided love but just like chocoholic, they are addicted to( or I would say obsessed with) their painful one sided loves. I find it very interesting because the Sota’s girl is very different from other girls that I see on dramas. She is very girly and she loves to flirt and knows how to seduce men. Each character has his/her own issue to deal with love.

      • 16.2.1 owl

        Yes, often there is a one-sided love per drama, but this has 5? or more one-sided loves as a theme of this high end chocolate-y drama. Very appropro for ♥ Day!

    • 16.3 Fab

      Very nice artwork! You can never forget where your first like came from…uhm

      Chocolatier, I just couldn’t, I tried really, but NO for the dragged one sided loves.

      Fighting to all the boys around Cheon Song Yi, plus plus point to the adorable dongseng. <3

    • 16.4 redfox

      ah your art is so cute and how do I say, friendly and warm. I have gotten tired of arts´aggressive attitude at least here in my land

    • 16.5 owl

      Thanks, everyone ~

  17. 17 min

    I don’t watch a lot of korea dramas. Currently loving You from Another Star. I hope it will be a HE. It is seldom for me to love a female lead the way i love a male lead. But for this drama, i love both of them. Most well written female lead and great performance from jun ji hyun. My only concern is despite their chemistry, i really cannot get over the fact that Kim soo hyun face is smaller than Jun ji hyun. He already looks so much younger, but is face is also so small. I pity all the female lead who pairs up with him.

    Looking forward to Yoochun 3 days. I love the concept. A bit like US drama 24. I heard the writer wrote Sign, i love Sign when i first watched it. Very interesting start but too bad, the drama ended not the way i expected. It was intelligent and full of suspense in the beginning but dragging and kind of stupid at the end. I hope 3 days will be better.

    Korea variety show
    1) Running Man
    Depending on the concept and special guest, can be really funny and good but boring at times. But most of the time, i enjoyed them very much. One of my all time fav

    2) Dad where are you going
    I have stopped watching when second season started. I only love the kids in the first season. Esp Joon and Junsu.

    3) Real Men
    I started watching because of the high rating. The first few eps were a bit boring. I stopped halfway. Then i saw Jang hyuk joined and i became curious and i started watching again from the ep he joined. Now i am in love with Real Men and Park Hyungsik. I can understand why Hyungsik has gained sudden popularity through this show. I also like all the cast. Too bad, there is a change of members starting from next week. I will miss Jang hyuk.

  18. 18 Adal

    So, I finally marathoned “Heartless City” this week and I fell in love. Hard. And then after the last episode my poor heart splintered into bits, and I’m still bleeding. It’s been a few days since I finished the drama and yet I can’t get the drama or the OSTs out of my mind. It was THAT good.

    I’m gushing hard here, but the words sexy, smart, stylistic, realistic, beautifully violent, intelligent, great piece of writing, keeping you on the edge of your seat good, awesome OSTs, come to mind when I describe this noir drama. Totally daebak! What an experience!

    I’m also crushing hard on the lead: Jung Kyung Ho. He reminds me of a Korean version of Matthew Broderick – able to play the goofy, affable beta male but also able to do dark characters really, really well. I’m gonna give myself a few days to pick up a new drama because my head still feels like it’s going to explode and I don’t want to spoil the experience of other dramas. Next on my list is Empire of Gold. I’ve heard only evil things about it 😉 LOL!

    • 18.1 coby

      I feel you on JKH! Though I forgot which drama did I see him first and I started to see all of his works.. I have one folder named JKH’s film! Yonghwa kinda looks like him.

    • 18.2 JoAnne

      If you loved Heartless City that much (as we did!) then you should check out Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation – we’re at episode 10 and it’s been fabulous, although there’s some drama behind the scenes that could potentially impact that. So far, though, if anything, it was equal to or better than Heartless City, just as stylized, just as exciting, just as emotional

      • 18.2.1 AdAl

        I’m already on that bandwagon. Thanks for the tip. I’m loving it so far. Am a lot wary of the writer switch and getting rid of some of my favorite characters such as Soo-ok and Poong-Cha, but I’m in it for the long haul!

      • 18.2.2 TS

        I”m going to read your squeecaps on Heartless City. I’m a bit too lazy to actually watch it.

    • 18.3 Anglita

      Ha I just marathoned it myself, I finished it last week and I’m still in rehab. It wasn’t flawless, but I don’t even remember its flaws anymore. You described it perfectly, it’s sexy, smart, realistic etc.
      I’ve been having a hard time watching anything else atm, the only drama that makes me as excited is YFAS.
      Oh and I hadn’t seen any of JKH drama’s before, but because of Heartless City I got curious, I’ve watched some episodes of Smile You, and it’s so weird to see him so… happy… But can’t say I don’t like it. ^^

    • 18.4 Turkish Rose

      Heartless City just finished it a couple of days ago, and also fell in love so much with it. I keep listening to the ost, and just reminiscing on the incredible story and acting. At first it reminded me of the movie the DEPARTED, which talks about the life of undercover cops and that dark world that live in. This series, was just so phenomenal that it also made me a fan of the actor, and want to watch more.

      Currently watching Reply 1997 and its nice. I enjoyed it, but can’t say it’s one of my favorite shows that I’ve ever watched. I like the flow of the story, and I actually wanted to watch it, because I just finished watching The Master’s Sun [which I’m in love with btw, aka So jib Sub to be more precise 🙂 ] and I know like Seo in Geok’s acting so I gave 1997 a chance. like his acting in it as well, and hope to see more of his acting.

      Happy Valentine’s day everyone 🙂

      • 18.4.1 Adal

        @Turkish Rose. I feel the same about Reply 1997. I liked it a lot but didn’t love it. Glad for the opportunity to watch Seo In Guk, he’s one of my favorites.

    • 18.5 korfan

      Adal –

      Empire of Gold is fantastic! ……. I hope you like it!

      • 18.5.1 Adal


  19. 19 Mousiesshi

    YAY! My first OT. I’ve been dying to comment on one of these since I found this site 8 months ago (coincidentally when my K-drama addiction began!) Hi everyone! I’m new. Nice to meet you! I’m a little behind on all my dramas due to work but here goes.

    Ok so what I’m watching/ thinking:
    1.You from another star – I cannot get enough of this show. Seriously I cannot love Jun Ji Hyun any more than I do. She is totally making this show for me. I love watching her. And she is amazing when she’s upset. Her words are ruthless. I don’t want to contemplate this show ending because I’m loving it too much. It’s hovering at a 10 for me right now….and it could totally go up to 11. I’m starting to feel a little under the weather so I’m thinking of curling up with the hubby and watching this week’s episodes tonight.

    2. Warm Words – a little behind on this one. I picked it up as just something to watch while other stuff was going on and am really sucked in. I used to hang out around marriage/ infidelity forums a lot a few years back and it feels like the writers are really tapping into the emotions and rollercoaster that follows the ending of an affair. Totally impressed with the writers and actors all around, but it can be an emotionally difficult watch at times.

    3. Prime Minister and I – finished this one this week. I really enjoyed it. I feel adding in the first wife story line towards the end took a bit of steam out of the story… but it didn’t ruin it for me. Some of the magic of the first few episodes was a bit lost towards the end. Overall glad I watched it. Solid 8/10 for me.

    4. Golden Rainbow – also about a week behind but enjoying it. I tune out everything but Jung Il Woo and Uee. So far really enjoying their relationship and how they fight to be together. None of this noble idiocy for them…. at least not yet. I’ll be very upset if it emerges.

    5. Empress Ki – The hubs and I save up a big batch of these and then marathon them so I’ve only seen up to episode 21 but have seen spoilers. I’m all about my puppy (Ji Chang Wook) and am enjoying watching him grow slowly but surely. My mom and I have an ongoing argument over the King’s character. She loves him…. I find him boring in the extreme. Can we say Mary Sue? Might try to catch up this weekend.

    6. In Need of Romance 3 – I haven’t seen the first two but I’m really enjoying this one. I love a good noona romance. And it is refreshing to see a k-drama deal so openly with sex. I noticed the episodes are clocking in at 45 min. long or so. I wonder if that is what is making each episode feel so well paced and zippy.

    6. Miss Korea – I see a lot of people loving this one but I’m just not feeling it. I am enjoying it but every time I put on an episode I find myself wondering what my Tumblr is up to. I just can’t seem to focus on it… so I’ve only made it to episode 11. I’ll keep going cuz it isn’t bad enough to dump… just not compelling enough to obsess over.

    I was thinking of starting Age of Feeling with the hubs next week but after this week’s bits of news I might let a couple more weeks go by and see how the dust settles.

    Also, every couple of months we get together with friends and family and have a K-day, in which I make an obscene amount of Korean food, we watch a k-drama and play k-drama bingo. This month I made Omeuraiseu (Rice omelettes a la Rooftop Prince), Kimchi pancakes, Kimbap and we ordered Korean Chicken for dinner…. so much food. And courtesy of the year end…

    • 19.1 Mousiesshi

      Got cut off =-(


      Also, every couple of months we get together with friends and family and have a K-day, in which I make an obscene amount of Korean food, we watch a k-drama and play k-drama bingo. This month I made Omeuraiseu (Rice omelettes a la Rooftop Prince), Kimchi pancakes, Kimbap and we ordered Korean Chicken for dinner…. so much food. And courtesy of the year end reviews here at DB we watched Nine. Oh man am I glad we did. It was sooooo goood! Definitely a 10/10. Now to figure out what to watch at the next one in April.

      Have a good weekend Beanies!

    • 19.2 Carole McDonnell


      I tried making omurice once. I failed miserably.

    • 19.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Welcome Mousiessi. Food, Friends, Drama … what could be better?

    • 19.4 owl

      A K-day with friends, wow, fun! I’ve only watched with my brother (when I’m in town) and once a room full of various family members – but it was not a success except for the sushi and won ton soup we ordered (their idea).

    • 19.5 Angelita

      I think we discovered the website and started our addiction around the same time, ha.
      I wish I had a group of friends with whom I could get together and talk about k-drama or watch it. Sadly not that many people around me are familiar with those type of drama’s. So count yourself lucky!

      I recently discovered a korean girl who started her own korean catering business in my town, one weekend a month she pops up in a local restaurant and you can eat korean bbq. I love this concept so much! At the end of march she will also give some workshops where you’ll learn to make all kinds of korean dishes. Though sadly, I’ll be abroad that weekend. But the best part of it is, it’s called Mokja! (= Let’s Eat!)

    • 19.6 Thursdaynexxt

      Omurice is my favourite!! Do you make it runny with lots of egg, or with a crepe-thin egg skin?

      There was an old Japanese drama rom-com called Lunch Queen (with Takeuchi Yuko), and they made lots of yummy things like hamburgers and hayashi rice (hashed beef rice), and of course, omurice!!

    • 19.7 korfan

      Mousiesshi –

      Welcome to OT! Glad you could join us!

      Your k-day idea sound wonderful. It sounds like you have a great time. What fun!

    • 19.8 atz

      Empress Ki;

      Yes, the king is boring,,, the king is not based on history and completely fictional so very idealized( no flaws) thus very very boring. Some say that the actor is handsome but I do not find him attractive…

  20. 20 Raine

    Happy LOVE day all! Here’s love for the DB team and all beanies alike! Plus my dramas, and kpop favorites and biases and….K entertainment in general! <3<3<3

    I'm kinda glad I haven't started Age of Feeling with all the craziness surrounding it. Scary.

    I've been rewatching Heartless City and remembering why I love it despite all its inconsistencies!

    Favorite current show is I Need Romance 3. I love how deep it is psychologically and I love how the pettiness isn't there just to create conflict, but that it's there because that's just how people ARE.

    How are you all?????? My birthday was on Tuesday, another year older, wiser and more immature? Does that make sense? Well, it's true! I'm off to teach cello and then tomorrow is a recital for my students! YAY!


    • 20.1 owl

      INR3 is my fav, too, Raine. Hope this year is a great one for you! Your music world sounds fun and exciting!

  21. 21 coby

    Happy Hearts day everyone! I’m still on vacation and though I don’t know why vacation always appears so fast. I thought I could catch up with all my kdrama backlogs but to no avail.. I still haven’t seen 3 weeks of INR3 and Empress Ki. I’m hoping to get Hanguel lessons (40 hrs in one week). Its just that the institute is too far and just thinking about it makes me feel that nothing will be processed by my brain.
    Loving Miss Korea! and I am so glad that YFAS gets an extension!

  22. 22 zakin89

    Happy OT

    Ah the Olympics… They are such a great way to spend the time till subs are out^^ I am so nervous for the figure skating free skate and just hope that Yuzuru Hanyu seals the deal! I just love him <3
    I just hope that there will be some more medals for our (Austrian) athletes but we still have the large hill ski jumping, biathlon, Nordic combined and the rest of the alpine skiing competitions left! So there’s still hope!
    Oh and my love for the Norwegian curling team continues as they continue with their tradition of wearing amazing pants xD

    YFAS: So much goodness this week! Drunk MJ is so cute^^ HK rocks as the brain of the whole operation ‘Let’s find out who is behind YR’s death (and others).’ And…well I guess everything else was already said in the recaps.
    I loved Suzy’s cameo and I guess I’ll watch Dream High again 😛
    Now we just have to find someone who brews MJ some kind of potion that makes him human so that he can stay with SY forever and ever and make little ‘alien’ babies! Because I do not want to see alien oppa die! YOU HEAR ME DRAMA!
    Regarding the extension… as long as this means we get lots of cute OTP couple moments without having to worry for MJ dying or disappearing then I am absolutely fine with it xD

    INR 3: My heart…It broke for Wan in the last couple of moments of episode 10.
    I love MJ and her next door romance though I just hope that the poor guy won’t have a heart attack once she spills the beans about her pregnancy^^

    Emergency Couple: EEEEEE the cameo of Gary was so funny 😀 I kind of ship JH and chief Gook though I don’t know exactly why^^
    I don’t really like Ah Reum though I guess it’s more the fact that Clara is playing her. I just don’ like her…

    Let’s Eat: Still watching and enjoying the show! Though I keep forgetting to eat something BEFORE watching an episode 😛

    AoF: Poong Cha T.T WHY?!? I’m still not fully over the loss of PC and… God damn this drama… First is the writer change and now KJW has left as well…Just like that?!?! What the hell? I swear if this drama goes south now…


    Running Man: A solid episode with fun moments and some great name tag ripping. I’d say the cooking punishment was much more convenient than the clothes washing since cooking keeps you warm but it was kind a fun to see the RM cast suffering^^

    Superman Returns: OMG I died laughing when HS was trying to cook once again xD He hasn’t learned anything out of his past failures 😀 But then…that makes it all the funnier^^
    Haru and Tablo continue to rock my world and their progress is just warming my heart. Haru is much more talkative in general and with her dad and she once again had me in stitches with her love for fish. Especially when she just bit off the head of the ddeok fish they made 😛

    CKOTB: Hah this episode felt more like 1N2D the light edition 😀 But it was so much fun to watch =) But leave it to CKOTB to make me cry once again when a member leaves. So next episode is the last basketball ep and I already feel sad =( Though I have a good feeling about the future since the show manages the cast changes really well.

    1N2D S3: Rain aka Morning Angel from hell was great! The faces of the cast were priceless when they were all dreaming about another Girl Group member^^ I really love S3 and I hope they continue to be as funny as they are =)

    Happy Together: Oh man… This episode was so funny! The talk session was great but the LNC had me in stitches 😀

    • 22.1 owl

      CHief Gook is the best, and the ER couple is fun. But the mom and dad may drive me crazy away from this drama if their roles don’t go away – ack!

      • 22.1.1 Chandler

        I LOVE Chief Gook. The one thing this drama is doing is making a Lee Pil-Mo fangirl out of me.

    • 22.2 Manin

      “Oh and my love for the Norwegian curling team continues as they continue with their tradition of wearing amazing pants xD”
      Ah yes the lovely pants. You have no idea how offended some people are because of those pants xDD The team also had a stunt of being photographed in their boxers for one off our news papers because they are not allowed to wear the pants anywhere except on the ice. If they do we get kicked out of the curling competition :p

      Superman returns: I love this show. Stuck on ep 10 because I haven’t been able to watch in a while though. So cute. And I agree its so heartwarming to see the way Haru and Tablo progresses.

  23. 23 Sajen

    I think I’ve come to terms with my slump and accepted that I’m going to finish every K drama I’m currently watching at least a week late. Honestly I’m really not sure if I’m getting burnt out on K-dramas or if it’s that there’s not one I love this season. I like Man From Another Star and I Need Romance 3 but I don’t love them the closest to love would be Miss Korea but I’m worried about the last four episodes, as I did love Prime Minister and I until the last four or so episodes. Oh well hopefully there will be something I love next season.

    Miss Korea- If Hannibal Lector doesn’t make a guest appearance and eat Yoon’s brain while he’s still alive, I will be unsatisfied with the ending.

    • 23.1 Malory

      Tell us what you really think of Yoon, Sajen. 🙂 I don’t know if the show is trying to redeem him in the last episode but I think Ji Young is firm about how she feels about him.

  24. 24 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Happy Snow Day for many of you. Greetings!

    My reaction on looking out at the snowfall last night? Omo.

    Commented on the Fresh Korean website and they replied … in Korean … and I understood what they said. Gave me a thrill.

    Thai Full House – eagerly watching Mike, Om, and Guy
    Age of Feeling – dropped. What’s the point without Kim Jae Wook?
    I Need Romance 3 – Piggyback cooking & cuteness
    Can We Love – Couldn’t you have let the matter drop with Sunmi dating Mr. Perfect? Annoyed at SM.
    YFASGreat crying scene with Min-Joon. Writers, don’t break your own rules! You said he would die if he stayed, so better be a logical explanation if you want to change that.

    Watched an old Japanese drama Virgin Road. I liked the heart-warming family relations. Yes, problems arose, yes they argued some times, but it was all from a place of love. People are drawn to that “home” and learning the importance of being accepted.

    I was quite touched when the father taught his daughter that one of the most important things was the greeting “Welcome home” “I’m home”. Sniff. As someone who now lives alone, I can tell you that simple exchange is one of the most important things in life.

    So on this day of love, let me say to you my friends “Welcome. You are home.”

    • 24.1 nomad

      🙂 or… “Welcome. We’re all addicts here.” 😛

    • 24.2 atz

      ‘Age of Feeling – dropped. What’s the point without Kim Jae Wook?’

      I agree with you.

      • 24.2.1 owl

        Just realized he’s gone – he was no where to be seen in ep 10 *sigh*

    • 24.3 Manin

      Hi Julia!

      “Commented on the Fresh Korean website and they replied … in Korean … and I understood what they said”

      Wow, that’s awesome! 😀 Can’t remember if you were learning or not, but still feels good doesn’t it?

      I had the fun experience of wathching ep 17 of YFAS with chinese subs, and felt happy when my tiny drama learned korean and my tiny knowledge of chinese characters made me understand most of what was going on (besides you know, looking at the pictures).

      how is thai full house? worth looking up?

      • 24.3.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Thai Full House – YES! It makes my heart go pitter pat Manin. Shuk and JoAnne will back me up on this rec … see their recaps over at Problematic of the Unproblematic site.

        • Shukmeister

          Hey Julia!!

          Just posted Episode 2. 😀

          • Shukmeister

            … And Episode 3. With JoAnne’s help, I’m getting current faster than I expected. 😀

        • Manin

          Sounds good I’ll see if I can check it out. Where are you watching it?

          • Julia the Berkshire Beanie

            Viki. “Full House [need help]” Found by searching under Thailand dramas.

    • 24.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Just finished Over Time, another older Japanese drama. I found this to be a beautiful slice of life drama about love and friendship. The people in this drama are basically good people in various stages of their lives who work thru dating, breakups, job loss, changes in living locations, and pursuing their dreams. Some need to mature, to make a break thru in their own patterns that keep them stuck. Thankfully, kind friends are there, even if only to play a game of life or share a meal.

    • 24.5 Shukmeister

      Julia –

      Happy Day-O-Wurve! lol

      I agree with your comment on YFAS. We still need some in-verse logic if he stays. Maybe kisses will sustain him with every heat flash? LOL

      I’m glad you are enjoying Full House Thai as much as I am. It’s lighter than most Thai shows, and definitely cuter than the SK version (don’t tell JoAnne; Rain is Her Precious) 😎

      As for CWL, Oh Boy will never go to Sun-Mi, no matter her machinations. He’s already proven stubborn and intractable when it comes to his own happiness. He just needs to wear his lady love down a bit to reveal all.

  25. 25 Anna

    I would probably be the newest K-drama addict here, who joined the brigade starting from 31st December, 2013. First drama, the usual, BOF.

    One and a half month later; I am still addicted and I can’t get enough of them. I marathon them whenever I can, but I consistently wait till late at night to follow the on-going dramas. I can’t marathon frequently, since I am still an 18 year old engineering student! xD

    Best drama -> YFAS for the win! I haven’t watched older dramas at all since I couldn’t just develop interest(I left Coffee Prince midway! I am still not sure when I would finish it, if I do. Should not have read the recaps before watching…)

    Sigh. I am still in that initial crazy fangirl mood, jumping from Lee Min Ho to Choi Jin Hyuk to Kim Hyun Joong to Kim Woobin and now dead over Kim Soo-Hyun. I can’t get enough of him. Lol, I am desperate. And I find each actress more impressive than the last. But this Jun Ji Hyun is too good to be compared. Absolutely amazing. And her on-screen chemistry with the gorgeous and equally talented Kim Soo-hyun…

    *goes back to her dreamy land thinking up happy endings for YFAS*

    • 25.1 Laden

      Lol,welcome to the first kdrama was BOF too,oh the joy though I started earlier than you around may last year
      And I’ve totally being jumping ships ever since then from kim hyun joong(1st ever bias) then to Lee min ho then to Kang ji hwan then to Gong Yoo then back to Lee Min Ho then to Lee hyun woo then to Lee Jong Seok then to Kim soo hyun.Lol the list is long right that’s what kdrama does to ya.anyways welcome to dramabeans a lovely and wonderful place to be

    • 25.2 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Anna, I fully endorse your list of men. 🙂 My intro to KDramas with BoF two years ago led to a crush on KHJ that has never left me.

      Have you seen Playful Kiss yet? Once I got over the horror that young girls might think Oh Hani’s level of obsession with SJ was a role model, and embraced the manga qualities, I really enjoyed Playful Kiss. I wish my school days had come with it’s own backup band, cheering squad, and Fonzi muscle man.

      • 25.2.1 LizJ

        Having two young adult daughters, one of which is big into Asian dramas like me…I understand that horror very well. Playful Kiss was her second KDrama (after the equally horrifying, in this context, Boys over Flowers!). I’m glad to report that my daughters are much more sensible and smart than I was at their age (I was like the queen of unrequited crushes/loves).

      • 25.2.2 Anna

        It is on my list, but I don’t know when I would be able to watch it. *sigh* A 16 hour commitment during classes is troublesome.

    • 25.3 Chandler

      Aw how do you leave Coffee Prince midway? I recently re-watched it and it’s making it hard for me to watch current drama’s because I miss older drama’s so much.

      • 25.3.1 Anna

        The problem starts when I am waiting for the episodes to download and I start reading recaps. And then I read all the recaps – and I know what’s going to happen, so I am not able to invest an hour until I see something especially interesting.

        The second problem comes because – due to Class Tests and other time-consuming activities and papers etc., I am hardly able to sit down and do a marathon. For on going dramas, it’s easy because you know the next episode isn’t out yet. But when you know the next ep is a click away, now that makes it hard to resist.

        Maybe I’m not able to appreciate it fully – well my opinions are bound to change. Maybe I would get addicted to old dramas in the end? Who knows.

        I am stuck around episode 5.

        • Chandler

          I actually understand. Thinking back to when I first got introduced to kdramas, there were a lot of dramas that I’d start and then get impatient with and stop watching before coming back to them and loving them. So I’m really not in a place to judge. Coffee Prince was just one of the ones that I never had that problem with. This is partly because I watched a few eps with my Korean-American friend when it was airing, years before I got into kdramas so it had a little bit of nostalgia going for it. I will say this though that it was the ending of episode 6 that got ME hooked (i seriously remember the moment I first watched it so vividly), so hopefully you’ll go back and watch that episode at least before you decide to stop watching. Actually my all-time favorite episode ending. And then all the episodes after that were a dream.

    • 25.4 redfox

      welcome, Anna! I´ll give you a few more names to fangirl: Park Ki Woong, Sung Joon, UEE and Gong Hyo Jin

      • 25.4.1 Anna

        Their dramas are now on my list!

        • redfox

          also check out Story of a Man where PKW is a very cute autistic genius.

    • 25.5 Manin

      Welome to dramabeans and the Open Thread! Everyone is welcome here, no matter how long or short you’ve been watching dramas 😉

      BOF, yes this was my first Kdrama as well. As for jumping arounf on the fangirling: we all do 😉

      Coffe Prince: No worries first time I watched it I left it too. Then I saw the Big Bang parody and restarted it and ended up loving it.

      • 25.5.1 Anna

        I’ll get back to it after YFAS ends!

    • 25.6 Turkish Rose

      Welcome Anna 🙂 I swear BOF is the first kdrama for many people which starts the kdrama addiction. it was my first one as well, and I fell in love with both lee min ho and kim hyun joong. And just started watching other things for both of them. Playful kiss and city hunter were right after BOF.

      Soon after you discover other series and other actors, and the circle goes on and on. Currently I’m in love, and I truly mean in love lol with So Jib Sub, and Hyun Bin. just watch either Secret Garden and Master’s Sun and you’ll know what I mean.

      coffee prince was so slow for me as well, and I almost gave up on it, but stuck with it because so many reviews listed it as their favorite. It was really nice indeed, so just go back and watch it, it made me a Gong Yoo fan, but I didn’t go too crazy over the series. it has amazing chemistry though.

      • 25.6.1 Anna

        Good God…just looking at their pictures took my breath away.

        Scribbling the names of those dramas into my list. I’ll keep a watch on them. :3

        *sigh* I left City Hunter mid way because of class tests. Horrible timing…

        • Turkish Rose


          you won’t regret it believe me. 🙂

    • 25.7 korfan

      Anna –

      Welcome to OT! …… Glad you could join us!

      What everyone suggested here is true. Check the dramas out, time permitting of course, and see what you think.

      If I may add to your list ….. because of your new-found love for Kim Soo-hyun ….. check him out in The Moon That Embraces The Sun.


      • 25.7.1 Anna

        That was in my list ever since I check out his wiki page. hehe :3

        • korfan

          Anna –

          Oh ok, fantastic! 🙂

  26. 26 Sajen

    You know I was sitting here thinking, and reading comments specifically Anna’s comment at number 25, and I came to a realization. I’m still waiting for a K-drama that I love as much as Coffee Prince, Soul/Han, or Flowers for my Life, or as much as the J-dramas I love like Long Vacation, Aoi Torii, Summer Snow, Hero, Beautiful Life, Atami no Sousakan, 1 Litre of Tears and the list goes on and on.

    • 26.1 Chandler

      Wow you literally wrote my feelings exactly, down to every single drama you mentioned. I do love a lot of the more recent dramas, I do, I really do, but what can I say? A certain energy is missing…and I don’t think it’s just nostalgia thats making me feel this way.

  27. 27 MistyIsles

    Happy Friday!

    Well, finished all three seasons of God’s Quiz and felt a little cheated by the third. Too much of it just didn’t feel like the same show (and what was that ending?). That said, I really enjoyed all of it; I think I would have loved the third season so much more if I hadn’t had the first two seasons building up my expectations and understanding of certain characters. But Han Jin Woo will probably remain one of my top drama characters for a very long time. 🙂

    I Need Romance 3: So cute! But I fear for Wan now. He’s really going to get his heart broken.

    Age Of Feeling/Inspiring Generation: Continues to be awesome. Finally, we’re back to where it started, and with (slightly) fewer deaths than I feared. (But where is Shinichi?) I’m a little worried about all the recent changes, but will hold out hope that the new writer loves it as much as we do.

    Running Man: I love these kinds of episodes! The nametag-ripping game at the end was a great twist on the familiar setup. I felt sorry for Son Ho Joon, though; he seemed like he was trying really hard, even if he kept failing.

    Cool Kiz: Hilarious, all the way through! 🙂 But then sad at the end. But it was a great send-off for Changmin. (We’ll miss you, Oppa!) Glad there’s still one more basketball game left.

  28. 28 Arashi

    In a Good Way–has ep. 13 been preempted this week?

    Let’s Eat–finally! Lawyer Kim owns up to his feelings to Lee Seung Kyung. If I were Lee Seung Kyung though it would take more than a ride to the vet’s to overcome the years of harassment…here’s to hoping they show more character development on him…

    You From Another Star–I keep wishing there was more on him being an alien and less on the murderer…

    INR3–Wan is very sweet–love the lopsided smile…but Shing Shing really does seem like a crustacean to me right now (I never would have come up with such a nickname by myself, but with her character, I totally get where they’re coming from). I want her to warm up–to everyone. She’s so cold in every relationship. I almost makes me want Wan to meet someone else!! (Or have her dramatically change). Still, plenty of time for that.

    Empress Ki–reading recaps. It’s gotten a little too melodramatic for me. The scene several episodes ago where the king and the emperor were both holding her hands at the table…a little more subtlety would make the victory so much sweeter.

    Last week’s Emergency Couple–I like that they are both seeing the good in each other as people rather than as ex’s.

    • 28.1 nomad

      With you on shing-shing. I never really thought of anyone to be a crustacean before, but she certainly fit that category. But I like that her shades of humanity start to emerge.

  29. 29 redfox

    oh btw the olympics: Plushenko not performing. tooo sad but it was the right decision, he looked in pain for the team competition. I was worried.

    • 29.1 kopytko

      That’s a pity! I was hoping to see him make his final olympic statement. *goes to rewatch old performances*

      • 29.1.1 redfox

        his performance on European Championships in Tallinn 2010 were amazing as well as EC in GB 2012
        I need to watch it again as well

        • kopytko

          Don’t tell me you saw him live? *jealousy*

          I like his Godfather program and the Tribute To Nijinsky. And how he uses his ugly mullet hairdo to accentuate the choreography 😉

          • redfox

            unfortunately not live, the tickets had been sold way too quickly!
            but it was great nevertheless. well he pops by for training camps regularly in this country which is awesome to know. hope some day he pops by the museum too….

    • 29.2 owl

      If they wouldn’t have added the team segment, he could have skated individually as always, for the gold, but as it turns out he led his team in the gold and is loved and remembered well even though it must have been tough to skate over to the referees’ table and withdraw his name. You can imagine he was in a lot of pain (an indication, I fear that his vertebrae is/are further injured at 31) when he couldn’t hold that landing. Ah – such a great figure skater. Yes sad, but the right decision, as you stated.

  30. 30 LizJ

    Happy Snow Day/Valentines Day everyone. Actually I’m back at work today, but just to the west of us they got hammered with the snowfall. Dear Daughter #2, at her college, saw at least a foot of snow, and my parents saw almost 2 feet! And we’re mid-Atlantic US, I wonder just how bad it was up north!

    My hubby is on the road, and I won’t see him till the end of the weekend, so my Valentines Day is rather subdued. Perhaps I’ll watch something romantic that I haven’t seen yet. Any opinions on TW Drama, Deja Vu?

    On the drama front…

    It’s been a wierd week with pre-emptions and the like. I held my breath as I checked Viki a few minutes ago to see if In A Good Way’s new episode was posted. It is (hurray!).

    As an aside, anyone else trying the free trial of the Viki Pass? It works with the iOS apps now!

    Also on the TW Drama side of things: looks like Love Family ended this week. The last 6 – 8 episodes aren’t fully subbed in English on Viki; but based on just watching without subs, it looks like things took a sudden really dark, serious, melo turn. Which is kind of funny, when you consider how overall lighthearted this show was for most of its run.

    INR3 – OK, knew it was gonna happen, but wow, poor Wan. I know things will eventually turn out ok, but hope that we will actually have some OTP romance before the end.

    Miss Korea – the pre-emption this week threw the pacing off, didn’t it? We got the typical Wednesday “soft” ending in stead of a more dramatic Thursday cliffhanger.

    Can We Love – wow, what a by-the-book evil female second lead twist to throw in. Somewhat disappointed by this.

    Emergency Couple – Jury’s still out on this one. For now I’m enjoying it.

    Still don’t get all the YFAS love. Don’t hate me for saying that.

    • 30.1 LizJ

      Oh, and Let’s Eat:

      Lawyer Kim, I feel bad for you, but if I knew someone like you in real life, I’d consider you an emotionally stunted, immature person who any sane woman would stay away from!

      Especially if they worked with you!

      Like THAT would turn out well.

      P.S. Although, yes, you ARE good looking. And were in college, even if you WERE a nerd.

    • 30.2 kpoytko

      Shhh.. I am not invested on YFAS either. I like JJH’s antics but everything else is just not that. The story doesn’t impress me, I found some illogical developments, etc. Oh, the villain is hilarious too. But this drama is always subbed very quickly, so why not have a look every now and then.

      As for the Can We Love – I firmly believe that there will be a subversion of the typical I’m pregnant – marry me! gimmick. Show, please, don’t disappoint me!

      • 30.2.1 redfox

        that´s all true but characters like Yoon jae, Hwi Kyung and Lawyer Jang, they are some of the best, most tangible and alive supporting characters I have seen.
        I am thinking it may have been good if this drama had 27-28 episodes like Gaksital did. delve deeper, be meatier. denser. kudos to the writer but this story has many elements and they deserve a longer series or a book….

        • kopytko

          Honestly, they are ok, but still I don’t think I will remember any of them the day after YFAS ends. This drama doesn’t click with me. I guess it is something about the balance between reality and fantastic elements? Soemtimes I feel they are only told about, but really mean nothing. Akin to fancy gadgets – funny to look at, but so what?
          This drama lands in this category: So What?

          Just as Gaksital did after the two initial eps that I made myself watch and one random episode later to make sure. Nop. Not mine. But YFAS is at least funny.

      • 30.2.2 Eva

        I really hope the Puppy will out Sun-Mi’s scheming to trap Director Oh and so he can realize what Jung Wan did, and go up to her and tell her to stop being such a self sacrificing person and stop feeling so pitiful about herself. He’s not the one making her feel pitiful! She is doing that to herself. 🙂

        And I hope Se Ra can continue to obliterate all obstacles in her quest to have her baby and give it up for adoption to loving parents. I wish I could see a way for Ji Hyun to run away from all her troubles, but her husband would hunt her down and how could she ever leave her son.

        And I really like the actress that plays Yoo Kyung, such a good crier.

    • 30.3 Malory

      Is that what happened with Miss Korea? No wonder I was left feeling quite a bit dissatisfied.

  31. 31 nomad

    Hi beaniessss!!

    Started watching Flowers For My Life because JB mentioned it in one of the articles. LOVEEEEE ITTT! And really, really wanting to marathon it, but what can I do when time is so limited and obligations are hollering my name…and…YFAS is still here.

    Other than that, still following YFAS of course, INR3, and Emerg Couple. Oh, and the lovely Running Man…though it has its share of flat episodes, I still love it to pieces. It’s been running for 3 years, of course it’s hard to keep it fun all the time, right? Right?

  32. 32 kopytko

    Hi Everybody!
    How are youy doing?
    I’ve been following quite a few dramas, we’re having a good batch now: One Warm Word, Could We Love, I Need Romance 3, Miss Korea, You From Another Star, Let’s Eat, Emergency Couple, King’s Family, Would You Give Love Away and Thrice Married Woman.

    I would like to share a thought about the last one. Those of you who follow it, know that the ex-MIL is a nasty dragon, basically she was written to be hated. I did hate her and still cannot get over some of her views, but I can’t help but respect her. Because unlike most kdrama MILs, she works! The mere thought that she did more in her life than just be born in a wealthy family, get married and have a son was a surprise. Most of the abusive MILs claimed to be superior to their DILs, but all they had to themselves was the luck of having wealthy parents. They didn’t contribute to their family position (maybe only by marrying), but they acted as if it was their own achievement, while not lifting a finger to make their own darn tea. This one puts on her glasses and reviews the accounts. A shock.
    It doesn’t make her abuse of her first DIL excused in any way, but on the other hand I like how she treats her current DIL. Who knew I would be so fickle? 🙂

    In case anyone misunderstands, I would like to say that I have nothing against being a full-time mom and wife. If the family can afford it and everybody respects the effort put into making home – it’s great. I just realised how I resent diminishing other people over something that nobody has influence on.

    Have a great weekend, Everybody!

    • 32.1 nomad

      Wait…her current DIL? But..but…her son hasn’t remarried yet?

      • 32.1.1 kopytko

        There are so many characters, so maybe I wasn’t clear. I am talking about Madame Choi, Tae Won’s mother. He got married to a woman called Chae Rin. In the beginning Mme Choi had her eyes only on CR’s inheritance, but now that she knows she’s not going to lay her hands on it, she get’s furious over CR’s shortcomings such as being a whiny, delusional big girl and being unable to do anything at home.

        • nomad

          *silly me!!* no wonder I got confused, I thought you were talking about Emergency Couple, so we were completely talking about different dramas! hahahaha! Sorry!!!

          • kopytko

            The ex-MIL in Emergency Couple is one of those that never did any work in their lives but still consider themselves superior to those who managed to achieve something, like becoming a doctor. Annoying. I felt a little satisfied when the said ex-MIL was ridiculed for putting on airs as if she was something better, while in fact she was too stupid or too lazy to study medicine.

    • 32.2 August

      I am watching and very fond of Thrice Married Woman as well. Very astute observations to be mindful of with regard to Madame Choi (Choi Tae-Won’s mother) vs. the standard wealthy and disapproving Mother-In-Law present in most Kdramas.

  33. 33 John


    K Dramas: Empress Ki, Miss Korea, Let’s Eat A Word From Warm Heart & My Love From the Star
    Last Weeks Let’s Eat with Yoon So-Hee’s dancing to Troublemaker. My goodness. The girls vying for Goo Dae Young’s attention, LOL.

    J Dramas: Nezumi, Edo wo Hashiru , Ashita Mama Ga Inai & Mother

    The child actresses from Ashita Mama Ga Inai are fantastic, I especially like Mana Ashida I liked Mana Ashida so much I started to watch the dramaMother

  34. 34 hydrangeabloom

    Question for the Beaniedom (Beanie Gallery?): Is anyone watching Shitsuren Chocolatier? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I finally got around to watching the first episode and am hesitating whether to watch the next. On the one hand, I love shows set in restaurants dealing with food. It’s like me and music dramas, I just can’t resist! Plus, chocolate. And Matsujun.

    However, I am a little concerned about the direction the story will be going. Now, there is nothing like a broken heart to motivate change in a protagonist’s life, and I am all for that. But it seems like the story is uncertain about whether it wants Shouta to come to his senses regarding Saeko or whether we are simply going to get dragged along in a pool of desperation for eleven episodes. Because if that is the case, I really don’t care about the Man Without Any Pride falling for the Woman Without Any Shame. And I’m already predisposed against infidelity plotlines. So someone lay it on me and tell me whether this drama is any good! (For a point of comparison, I never made it through Last Cinderella.)

    • 34.1 owl

      There is a bit of discussion on Shitsuren Chocolatier in my post #16. The jdramaness of the skewed relationships and how they are centered around the chocolate shop works. The addiction to chocolate/relationships/substitute sex is intriguing. The drama’s way of letting the viewer see the thought processes of each character makes even their self-destructive behavior seem well, understandable, even if it is completely irrational.

      • 34.1.1 hydrangeabloom

        You make a good case for it, owl. Though, I was kinda hoping it would just be a romance. (Albeit between Shouta and Kaoruko, sigh. SOMEONE’S GOTTA MEND THAT BROKEN HEART. 😉 ) It seems like it’s tonally different than I expected…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the drama but *might* not be my cup of tea?

        • owl

          Well, and I am a Last Cinderella fan, so maybe our jdrama tastes, at least, are different. The romance between Shouta and Kaoruko could happen, but rat the moment, the possibility is tainted. There are truly 5 or 6 one-sided loves going on right now.

          • hydrangeabloom

            Is it just me, or does unrequited love pop up more in jdramas than kdramas? I never finished Honey & Clover, but there were similar themes in that one. For myself, I really liked Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (another one of Matsujun’s). That one was angsty, but it wasn’t dark. However, one of the things you noted that I appreciate about jdramas is that they can also be less predictable pairing-wise. Most kdramas you know from the beginning that the lead couple will end up together. (Though, I suppose if I looked up the plot of the Shitsuren Chocolatier manga I could figure out the ending.)

          • hydrangeabloom

            I will say, I really like Mizukawa Asami. I saw her before in Nodame Cantabile and I like her straightforward manner on screen. It occurs to me that she could have made a really great Yuko in the xxxHolic live action.

          • owl

            There are just so many in this jdrama. I really liked Summer Nude – Asahi (Yamashita Tomohisa) lives under the billboard of his lost love (a picture he took, to add insult to injury). I loved the pace of life and that the characters chose that pace on purpose. In fact, I considered doing some fanfic inspired by this drama:

            “As I watched the wave collapse, I felt my heart drag into the ocean with the unsettled sand. The relationship I had balanced in outstretched hands tilted lopsided, then vanished. It was impossible to separate the saltiness of the sea droplets and my tears. For that, I was grateful. If only summer days had no season.”

            Addicted we are.

          • hydrangeabloom

            I think after Buzzer Beat I may have had my fill of Yamapi dramas for the time being, but there’s certainly something to be said for a summer romance drama. 🙂

        • John

          I liked the Honey & Clover manga (even if I didn’ t finish it), haven’t seen the drama. Surprised that there hasn’t been a K version. If they did do a K version, Ha Yeon-Soo would be perfect as Hagu.

          • hydrangeabloom

            There were parts of the drama I liked, but I think it’s one of those shows where you have to be in the right mood to watch it. I’ve never read the manga. (Though, in general I seem to be drawn to dramas based on manga.) Maybe we can be glad there isn’t a kdrama version yet? I’m still smarting from attempting to watch the kdrama version of Hana Kimi.

    • 34.2 John


      It’s been my admittedly limited experience that live action dramas never meet up to the mangas. The exception for me was Nodame Cantabile.

      Manga, anime and drama were all well done. I did it in reverse (?) order, watched the drama, the anime and finally read the manga.

      I will say that Strezemann’s depiction in the drama was a huge departure, (visually anyways), but LOL, it worked.

      I just saw that they’re thinking of a K version with IU as Nodame. Nothing against IU, but a K version? This is blasphemy! Ueno Juri is Nodame. There can only be one ! /Highlander rant mode

      I don’t see how a K version will even come close. Will I watch it? Yes, to heap scorn and derision. Look what they did to Dr. Jin. Eek !

      • 34.2.1 redfox

        huh? korean Nodame? it can never work! they don´t have enough spunk. Japanese have no problem with tossing and throwing a girl you know this was part of the show, I feel like the korean version would be very tamed…

      • 34.2.2 hydrangeabloom

        Hmmm ~ I probably have read fewer of the original manga for many of the dramas I have seen based on manga, but going by my gut I’m accustomed to live action dramas taking the plots of sometimes scattered manga and distilling them in a way that makes sense for viewers. I never would have touched the Hana Yori Dango manga probably for the art alone, but despite how ridiculous the story is, the jdrama appears to be an improvement on the original story. I also do not feel the desire to read the Gokusen manga, even when I LOVED the live action drama, and I think that some of the editorial decisions that the producers made in the adaptation were major improvements from what little I did know about the original.

        One of the benefits of a live action adaptation for a story like Nodame Cantabile, is that it’s all about music! But when you’re reading a comic you don’t get to hear the orchestra playing their music. (I haven’t read the Nodame manga either.) One of my favorite parts of the live action drama was how well whoever the music director was incorporated selections not only in the music the two orchestras performed, but also in choosing classical pieces as background to various scenes. So well done!

        I also have my uncertainties about a Nodame kdrama…but regardless we’ll always have the original jdrama version. Who doesn’t occasionally like settling in for an inevitable drama trainwreck? I’ll pop the popcorn!

    • 34.3 atz

      I am not a fan of Matsujun but I like the story so far. Matsujun’s acting in this drama is quite smooth. I have seen many long term one sided loves while I was growing up in Japan so I can see why many Jdrama are invested in the topic. This drama context somehow breaks out from a typical romance drama. Of course nowadays there are many romance stories which we seem to believe they broke out from typical K drama( or J drama) but romance between a human and robot, alien ( whatever non human) or human with super-ability are unreal and even noona romance with huge age gap is a bit hard to achieve in real life.
      I actually do not think that the drama set up is unreal. It is quite real. I know some girls who are just like the main female lead. I also know that some Japanese guys are quite perfectionist so they can create something very creative with almost perfect technique,just like Shota but not perfectly happy with whatever they make( curse of perfectionist)

      I personally can overlook their moral dilemma. She regrets her marriage for a good reason,,, I am not approving of her regret but in reality I have met many women who regret their marriage for whatever the reason is yet continue to live together. In this drama, they know that their situation is immoral but they cannot help it,,,, that is the point that interest me.

      • 34.3.1 hydrangeabloom

        You make an interesting analysis, atz! I think through this whole discussion I am getting a better sense of the drama as a whole. It was not what I was expecting, but it is good to get the scoop from fellow drama watchers.

  35. 35 Patch

    Is Vikii the only only place to watch thai Full House?

    • 35.1 Shukmeister

      Patch –

      You can watch it on YouTube, under Viki Thailand Channel. It’s actually easier to find, but it’s not in HD.

      • 35.1.1 Patch


  36. 36 that girl

    Alright, so here’s my random 2 cents
    I have been laid up at home sick for a couple of weeks and recently re-watched Secret Garden!
    I forgot how much I loved that show for its quirkiness, humour, and touching moments.
    Can anyone say “Oskaaaaaa Oppaaa!!”
    Then, I went on to watch House of Cards – just my luck that the second season is now available 😀

    • 36.1 Turkish Rose

      loveeeeeeeeeee SECRET GARDEN one of my favorite series, I think it ties up with my favorite sites MASTER’S SUN. And you tend to forget how much you love them, until you rewatch them again, and feel your heart skip a beat got its humor and chemistry.

  37. 37 ktiep

    Hiya Beanies!
    We adopted a dog this week, so not so much time available to watch dramas. We’re really enjoying the dog though. She’s half Jack Russell Terrier, half Chihuahua. Just a bundle of energy.

    Viewing–well, I cut back by not picking up a new drama after PM&I. I was so disappointed with it. Now I just want to wait and marathon things.

    My Love from the Star–I actually really like this drama. I loved it when he got drunk and ended up in her bed. Then the mother is at the door. LOL. I didn’t get the cameo by SUZY. It seemed like she was way too much. I’m watching Dream High, so I get the reference, but still, I didn’t understand why he responded so flirtatiously to her. Oh well…

    Miss Korea–Not watching this, just writing subs. I want to marathon it later.

    A Little Love Never Hurts–I am having withdrawl symptoms and almost rewatched some episodes because of them (didn’t though, since subbing requires me to “rewatch” anyway). The Olympics has preempted it for two weeks, so we have been left with a lot of time to mull over our anger towards the kids who wrote a pre-nup for the parents. The gall! It’s almost unbelievable, and yet I know people who have done that very thing, so believe it. I am soooo glad that Ha Rim’s mother had her come to Jesus experience and is now allowing Ha Rim and Moo Jin to marry. They can live boringly ever after. I keep hoping the Jae Min and Ha Kyeong will get together, but I think we have a few episodes before that can happen. He has to find out that Min Joo is now his step-sister.

    Dream High–I mentioned I am working my way through Dream High. Since I watch in bed before I go to sleep, it puts me right to sleep. No marathoning there.

    Boys Before Friends–I am not sure that this will ever be completed. I just got a message that they are skipping this week. I guess they’re learning how hard it is to make a drama…

    Okay, that’s it. Gotta go do some Olympics research. I have watched a lot less than I usually do. But I’m reading the website daily.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • 37.1 Carole McDonnell

      yay!!!! a doggie! Congratulations!

      Am wishing the BBF crew a lotta luck. Hope they get back on track.

      I actually got goose pmples seeing three guys with Asian ancestry on the podium for ice skating……and wow the gold place winner…such a babydoll.

      • 37.1.1 LoveSilents

        YES! How cool was that!!?

  38. 38 ellabit

    Woooo…uhm, first time here. But I haven’t been this into K-dramas for a while…xD

    So past Saturday, spent 10 hours at my parents’ place watching YFAS. My dad popped in and thought it was really interesting when DMJ stopped that car from falling off the cliff. Boo-yah! Got him addicted too. My mom wrote on facebook that pops has been watching K-dramas all week now. Haha. I’m positive he watches more than I do…xD

    Anyhow, just pigged out this V-day night with disappointing taquitos, eggrolls, cheese cake, and orange soda. Regret it SO much but not the drama-watching. Two episodes of YFAS down. Oh yeah. TOtally caught up. Park Hae-jin is my newest favorite Korean person.

    OK. Uhm. Running Man. They had a bundle of youngins’ in the episode and uhm, Park Seo-joon was sooo good-looking in this episode. Not only that but he was cool. Urgh. He needs to be in more stuff. I don’t think I’m quite committed enough to want to see him as a side character in One Warm World…

    Also been keeping up with Emergency Couple with Song Jihyo and Choi Jinhyuk. Haven’t watched a medical drama before and though I’m not fond of Oh Jin-hee’s dense tendancies, I still kinda root for her because she really is trying. Plus the urine bag explosion in ex-husband’s face was pretty fantastic. Just wish she had more of a backbone when it comes to superiors. But that would make her too perfect. Yay for flaws!

    One thing I totally love about EC is that OJH and OCM obviously care for each other despite their divorce. And it’s funny when you juxtapose it with OCM’s parents who are still married but obviously not on good terms. OCM’s mom is irritating but this is probably the first k-drama where I’m rooting for something good to happen to the MIL. Hahahaha!

    Anyhoo. Yawp. Is this how you do the open thread thing? Hahaha. OK. The words I’ve needed to say are done…:)

    • 38.1 owl

      Hi ellabit, ooh totally sympathetic about the disappointing snackeroos – they really sound bad, you know and downed with orange soda – yeah, you deserve an upgrade on drama watching eats. And on ♥Day too. Total sympathy sent your way. Anyhoot, just watched ep 7of EC. No spoilers here, just general comments. The mom is annoying like heck. Chief Gook is my fav. And I was all ready to hate Clara, but so far she’s not bad. Huh. Your dad’s watching kdramas too – ha, nice one! YFAS is the best. A convert 🙂

  39. 39 shoeperscript

    First time trying this OT~ I wanna greet everyone, a Happy Valentine’s Day! (It’s still 11:23pm of Feb 14 in my

    How did you guys spend the Vday? Me, just the usual, with my novel and drama heroes. Hahaha!

    Anyways, this week was really kinda boring for me (compared to the last few weeks since I have every drama to look forward to everyday).

    Since PM&I ended, I only have one show left to watch during Mondays & Tuesdays: INR3. I still can’t move on with that ending! Would it really hurt much if they gave us just a little more smooching or skinship of the OTP? Le sighs~

    Just to ease my boredom last Monday after watching INR3, I rewatched Nice Guy and oh boy! How I missed Song Joong Ki!!! I am so looking forward to his military release. Watching NG again still hurts, and when it hurts, it still hurts so damn good! Haha

    I was so looking forward to WedThurs to come since I’ll have my weekly dose of my crack —> YFAS!!! Where can I get my own 400-yr old alien? Drunk DMJ is so epic! One of my favorite parts of the show so far. And yeah~ Jeon Ji Hyun is still my number 1 favorite, never disappoints everytime. My head hurts bad thinking of different possible ways to end this show. I am so praying to all the dramagods that they would give me a happy ending! ( DMJ & CSY having lots of babies with specific superpowers each? Hahaha)

    Other dramas that I am currently watching:

    IN A GOOD WAY- ep 13 was sort of a disappointment to me especially on how ep12 ended. Come on show, I don’t want some noble idiocy, can I just have my OTP confess their love to each other and have an uninterrupted date? Would that be too much?
    CAN WE LOVE- haven’t really watched this week’s episodes yet. I don’t know, I was just not in the mood this week gor this drama (yeah, I’m weird like that)
    THE HOURS OF MY LIFE- Miura with ALS!!! *sobs sobs* I’m not really sold on how the disease prognosis is unravelling (I am from the medical field so I’m kinda sensitive to the medical parts of the show) but since I’m watching it because of my Miura baby, I am willing to overlook that part. Can’t blame me right?
    ER COUPLE – so far, it’s alright. Again, not really impressed with the medical part but I can live through it. I love the comedy and I love SJH (though I kept on noticing that there are some points where her voice sounds so low it almost like it’s coming from a guy, I watch RM so I know she doesn’t sound like that, it’s just weird)

    I think I wrote a lot already so I’ll end it here. I really enjoy reading the OT so I hope this won’t be the last time I’m posting. Haha! Wishing everyone a fun weekend!!!

    • 39.1 Shukmeister

      shoeperscript –

      Welcome to OT, and I hope you find it a fun experience!

      I watched the first two episodes of THOML, but just couldn’t go any farther, despite Miura’s many manly charms. I think I will wait until it’s finished, then marathon with a tissue box and a fifth of Jack.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of solid medical depictions in any of the dramas, from the crazy ambulance drivers to the ineffectual CPR. I keep chanting “it’s just a tv show. it’s just a tv show.” lol

  40. 40 Thursdaynexxt

    Re Let’s Eat: just had to come back and add a little note – I’m SOOO glad that Barassi’s okay!!!

    Honestly, my heart stopped when he was slumped on the floor with those chocolate wrappers strewn around him. What a little trooper, and I hope no dogs were harmed in this ep!

  41. 41 fionnula

    Does anyone know what’s happened to the ‘withs2’ subbing group? I can’t find their website and they seem to have disappeared from the world wide web. What’s going on? Anyone?

  42. 42 LoveSilents

    Did anyone check out the latest 2D1N? Jung Joon Young singing “Creep” was awesome. I would have liked to hear the whole song – he is talented.
    Towards the end, with about 20 minutes left, the PD showed the cast shots of their parents when they were younger. The PD also secretly had the cast take photos of themselves at the same landmarks. Not only was this a surprise to the cast but it had them all in tears. I was dripping tears – it was that poignant. This is was a departure from the normally silly atmosphere of 2D1N, extremely touching.
    Check it out even if you’re not a fan of the show.

  43. 43 Mrgrt

    There is not a lot of discussion of the music in Kdramas on this site but I find that the quality of the music really adds to or diminishes my enjoyment of the episodes. I am not referring to just the pop songs, but the incidental music as well. I have always noticed that the dramas written by the Hong sisters seem to have really good music. I just completed The Master’s Sun and noted that a piece of music from City Hunter (another drama that had really good music), “Fire of Love” was used in a couple of scenes. Some of the other incidental music reminded me of CH as well. I am wondering if it is the same composer who worked on both. And, who chooses the music or music director? I would assume it would be the producer, so I am wondering if the Hong sisters always work with the same producer.

  44. 44 soprection

    Let’s Eat:

    Sad to see Soo Kyung lose her appetite. I was really excited for this week’s episode and while it was quite funny and had some poignant moments, ultimately it made me a bit sad. There was a lot of loneliness and pining this week.
    I’m so glad Lawyer Kim finally confessed to SooKyung and he did it in a mature, honest way for once. I’m not rooting for them to get together but I do think it’s adorable how moony he gets when he’s around her. I can’t believe no one else in the office ever picked up on his feelings. I also appreciate that we finally found out why Daeyoung is not interested in dating. The Barassi health scare terrified me and I’m glad that he’s going to be okay. There were some really funny moments like Lawyer Kim freaking out at the husky, Gu Daeyoung tackling the delivery guy and the rivalry/jealousy between SooKyung’s friend’s sons. I really want the show to finally wrap up the attacker mystery because it’s so weird going from a sweet, heartfelt moment at the end (the confession) to this creepy, ominous music in the preview. Also I really hope the delivery guy’s not the attacker – he and Jinyi are just so cute together! I ship them. I loved Jinyi’s cookies – they were super cute.

    • 44.1 John


      Lawyer Kim’s confession was well done, whether it’s well received will be another matter. It was concise and heartfelt, a very nice confession.

      Soo-Kyung was so down in the dumps. Poor girl. When she saw Jin-Yi and Dae-Young together, her heart sank. Watching her eat the candy, alone, I thought she was going to cry.

      Dae-Young having to lay down the law with Jin-Yi and Do-Yeon, lol.

      Manager Choi is such a clod, needling Soo-Kyung regarding her age and her prospects for romance.

      Jin-Yi, why give out your apartment combo? Yikes, way too naive sweety ! Dae-Young body slamming the delivery guy, ouch!

      Kyung-Mi’s youngest boy is so cute.

  45. 45 SOnia

    I wasn’t sure where to ask this question, but since this is an open thread, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    Is anyone recapping Bride of the Century with Hong Ki?

    I gain much from the commentaries and discussions, so I really hope it’s on the list.

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