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Park Shi-hoo eyes drama comeback with Golden Cross
by | February 27, 2014 | 254 Comments

Park Shi-hoo (Alice in Cheongdam-dong, The Princess’s Man) has been out of the spotlight for the past year, but has resurfaced to take on the leading role in KBS’s upcoming revenge melodrama Golden Cross (as usual, he’s favorably considering and will probably take the role but hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, etc).

Golden Cross is the story of a man whose sister is killed and his father framed for it, who then becomes a prosecutor and embarks on a mission of revenge. Lee Shi-young has been offered (and by some reports has agreed to) the role of as a prosecutor whose father was the guy who wronged our hero, while Han Eun-jung has been cast as a mysterious club owner.

Reasons to get excited about this: Writing is Yoo Hyun-mi of Gaksital, who has certainly proven an ability to write dark and twisty revenge stories. And the story has some interesting things going for it, even though the conflict at the heart of it is familiar to many drama-watchers: You killed my father, prepare to die.

Reasons to be wary: At one point I would’ve been thrilled to see Park Shi-hoo in another drama, but right now I’m wondering if it’s too soon after his very messy scandal last year. I followed the story as it unfolded (how could I miss it?) but had just about zero desire to write about it, so you won’t find any news on it here on Dramabeans; suffice to say that there were a lot of accusations, mudslinging, and reputation-smearing on both sides as Park was accused of rape with a woman he’d gone on a date with.

The case was settled out of court so we’ll never know more than that, but facts aside, when your name gets mixed up with a rape charge there’s always going to be a bit of a dark cloud hanging over you. At least for the immediate future. I suppose in that regard it may be easier to accept him doing a revenge drama than a fluffy rom-com (…maybe, I dunno, who’s to say). Only time will tell.

Golden Cross will follow Age of Feeling as KBS’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama, premiering in April.

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254 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. eny

    i like the writer, she write gaksital n green rose, i like that drama

  2. DayDreamer

    Well, the drama is certainly going to get a lot of attention if PSH officially signs on so I see high ratings in the future, heh.

  3. Richie Kim

    Isn’t Golden Cross’s storyline similar to Princess’s Man? Hero’s revenge on the killer fails because he falls in love with the killer’s daughter. That happened in Princess’s Man. XP

    • 3.1 DMJ

      It happened to Prosecutor Princess as well. PSH played lawyer Seo whose father wrongly accused for murder, and fallen for the killer’s daughter who happen to be a prosecutor.

    • 3.2 MJdames

      I noticed that this year, KBS go for leading man in their 30s to lead most of their drama. Most of them already did a hit drama with the station.

      From Yoon Kye Sang, to Kang Ji Hwan to Park Shi Hoo. Unlike SBS that after for a younger upcoming leading man in their 20s.

      I only noticing Park Shi Hoo as a good actor in Princess’s Man. That drama really makes me fall in love for his acting.

      • 3.2.1 viviantjai

        Park Shi Hoo best drama is Family Honor (Glory of The Family). Dont miss it !!!!!!!

  4. girlatsea

    I think it’s too soon to be honest. I would give it another year. Kinda curious on how it will do and if the Korean public has forgotten already

    Excited for the actual premise of the drama though (since Gakistal)

    • 4.1 Waiting

      I was thinking the same…too soon. The ratings can go either way…curiosity may drive it up initially but there’d better be something to the story and the acting to keep folks watching. Then again, it may suffer poor ratings as a result of that scandal. I do think it was an interesting choice/risk to cast him. Time will tell.

      • 4.1.1 Mrmz

        First thought when i read the headline: No way! Way too soon. Honestly the case was messed up and the media was enjoying it and it was only making it more uncertain. But innocent or not, his reputation was tainted. I did get one fact out of the whole case: He was irresponsible. Being a public image, he should’ve been more careful about it.

        Rating wise its a huge risk. It’ll either go sky high (ppl curiosity) or make a low record i think 😛

        I still am curious about the drama itself (Gaksital writer). Hopefully it goes well 😉

        • frances soares

          I have to agree, I love Park Shi Hoo, but being a super, international star especially in the Asian/Pacific region, he let his guard down by being irresponsible and whoever that third party was, was just as guilty for introducing Park to that desperate, young would-be actress who wanted her 15 minutes of fame, well, she got it. Give him a second chance, he’s shaken, will be more careful, cautious, want to see him continue putting out fine performances in his movie/film/drama work. Would love to see his happy, smiling eyes, smile again, don’t be a stranger, please grace us with your presence, you’ve been missed. You should’ve been protected, someone at your side to watch over you, you have much to contribute, you are a charismatic, multi-talented, creative actor/performer. That third party was not your friend, be careful who you pick as your trusting, close friends. Think of the rest of us who still have faith, love, sincere loyalty, trust and belief in you and all the goodness still left in you. You have much to offer, take care of your health especially, your mind, and your heart. You are still special and unique to us all. You still have a bright, great, super future out there. If you ever want to take a break, Hawaii is a great place to vacation, I live there, I know what I’m talking about, wish you could have a meet/greet here too, we do have a large Asian community here that would love to meet you. I’ll be looking out for more of your incredible work in the film industry, please let us see more of you, take care, Aloha

    • 4.2 Avinalla


      I don’t think Korean netizens were too happy about it….

      • 4.2.1 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

        Omg why did I hit this I have no clue i didnt know their was a scandal involving him ….. Anyway I was right people aren’t happy about this 1 positive comment n I don’t think it was in his favor either man……… I just started watching Alice Chamdoing whatever ………. 😩

    • 4.3 skelly

      Since there was never an actual conviction I am sure people will just shrug it off. And by the way he was so vigorously defended by his many fans – and the ahjummas out there will be happy to think it was all that ‘young tart’s’ fault – I am sure all will be forgiven.

      As for me, just the sight of him squicks me out. Won’t watch, and can’t watch any of his previous shows, either, but I haven’t minded in the least. There are too many good dramas out there, where I am blissfully ignorant of the actors’ personal issues. PSH is forever slimy to me now.

      • 4.3.1 Bonnie Katzell

        I’m sorry bit your judging him far to unfair. You don’t know the true story to what happened and the charges were dropped so that means innocent because they didn’t have enough to prove him guilty.. OSH is a great actor and for that alone deserves more respect then what I can give to anyone that looks down on him for that incident. I am sure your guilty for a lot of things and if it was publicly announced what do you think people would say about you and would you hide in a shell or be strong and continue on? I think for him to continue on shows a very strong and admirable person that PSH is… I think peoples negativity should be kept to self.

        • Moll

          Or, it could also mean that he is guilty but there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. It can go either way; I think everyone should be entitled to his or her own opinion. If Skelly wants to express her views, then let her!

        • hanie

          I’m not sure whether what I read is the latest/last of his case/incident/scandal but the prosecutors are actually about to indicted him when the victim dropped all her charges. The prosecutors then had to withdrew the indictment. Just to throw the info, that is all.

          • koko

            Yes, I read that the investigation led toward guilt, until the girl quickly withdrew the charges. Seems that money talks, and it must have been a lot of money to cover guilt or it would have been settled much earlier. There were photos of the unconscious girl being carried in to his apartment, so pretty hard to claim consensual activities. Such slime. I cannot see PSH the way I used to. SO SAD….

        • RyeBlossom

          I think that fantasy and the PR image of him led people to see him as this and that, and when it turned out he did something that “good boys” are “not supposed to do”, it hurt his image a lot. It broke all the fluffy, sweet fantasies of what he might be in real life, and landing on the ground of reality was hard.
          I assume he is not guilty of rape, but to find out suddenly that the prince charming does unethical things (even if she actually seduced him), might be overwhelming.
          The disappointment and shock led to a reality check.
          Maybe you had experienced something similar in life- holding someone highly, or having a crush, and then one time that person says or does something that does not confirm with your perception of that person, and then you change your mind in an instant and don’t care as much for that person.

          Fans don’t really LOVE the celebrity- they love their IMAGE of that person, and that’s all it is!

          After that scandal broke, I suddenly understood why Lee JoonKi said (in an interview post army service) that he used to not drink alcohol in big parties, and was very careful about talking to women, etc., in fear of a scandal…

          • KDaddict

            I completely respected JB for not posting anything on this scandal for the past year. But news of his comeback has to be reported. Unfortunately it led to ppl putting in their two cents worth, without knowing anything that transpired. I recognise some names that often post extreme but adamant and vocal views.

            A few posts here sound fair and level-headed. RyeBlossom’s is one of them. Kay’s and Gidget’s as well. These ppl did not defend him like “ajumma fans”. I’m guessing that some of us who are older understand that reality is not as simple as the media makes it appear, esp. when it comes to the K-ent industry, where image and glitz cloud dirt and immorality.

            It often brings to mind the movie: Devil’s Advocate, where Keannu Reeves was surrounded by beautiful hi class women who were momentarily shown to be demons sleeping w the Devil. Of course the same image can apply to men as well.

            I read the same interview of Lee JK, and respect him and those like him, e.g. Hyun Bin, Lee Seung Gi, who exercise great self-restraint to protect their celebrity, to not give those too keen any chance to drag their names thru mud, and to not let their fans down.

            Now we don’t actually know if PSH committed date rape or if he walked into a trap. Or if this is too soon for a comeback. What I do know is that:

            no one will be asking him to film a Cuckoo Rice cooker or kimchi fridge CV;

            and not to judge others harshly based on hearsay and the circus that is the media rumour mill.

          • koreandramalover / kay


            “reality is not as simple as the media makes it appear, esp. when it comes to the K-ent industry, where image and glitz cloud dirt and immorality.”

            I cannot agree with you more, KDaddict!
            Thank you for expressing what was on mind abt the entertainment industry, in this case, the Korean version of the industry.

            I also agree with everything you said, especially your words below :

            “not to judge others harshly based on hearsay and the circus that is the media rumour mill.”

            Which was why I said I did not wish to dwell on ‘was it rape or not’ issue but more on the issue of one-night stands because of my personal view that sex is something sacred and special to be shared with the one and only, one’s legal spouse.

            But I have also said that that is my personal view and I am well aware that many people do not share my view but it is fine because to each his own and we are all answerable and accountable for our own actions.

          • KDaddict

            I agreed wholehearted with everything you said.
            There are ppl who are quick to rubberneck and jump on the rumour mill. I know you are not one of them. Neither are RyeBloosom nor Gidget, as I mentioned above.

          • koreandramalover / kay


            Thank you so much for your kind words but actually I think YOU are so much more fair, kind, level-headed and compassionate in your views. I always look out for your comments because you always present them in the best possible way and always looking at different perspectives, in the interest of fairness and being non-judgemental. 😉

            I, on the other hand, have the tendency to be more cutting in my comments but I am trying to not be so as I grow older. 😉

          • KDaddict

            I missed you too! <3

          • koreandramalover / kay

            @KDaddict dear 😉

            I so missed our communication and sharing over K dramas!

            I cannot remember when we started but what I remember is how enjoyable, meaningful and memorable our exchanges were! 😉

            I hope we will meet again in another good drama and continue our wonderful exchanges!

            Take care KDaddict! Till we meet again! 😉

          • NATO

            I agree. People who change their mind, must love their actor because of their personal life NOT because of their good acting skill. And people who wrote harsh comment must a human being that never done anything wrong in their life. so GBU all…..

        • katasu1996

          Its true we don’t know the true story. However, he was accused. It’s POSSIBLE he raped a woman. I think its rather hard to continue watching someone and supporting an actor who could have committed such a heinous crime. It could be he’s totally innocent. But now I can’t forget the fact that this actor whom I adored, could possibly be a rapist, and did horrible unspeakable things to someone. I can understand why someone would have a hard time continuing to follow an actor after that. As for me, I don’t know if I can watch this show. I simply see him differently now. I think its wrong to stand by him just because he’s your favorite actor, or because he’s your bias, your oppa, etc. There’s an ethical matter in this too. I don’t know what happened, and I’m not making any assumptions. But you can’t deny the possibility is there. I hope those who do choose to watch it enjoy it though. I also think it could be a hit or a miss.

    • 4.4 Chocobana

      It might be a little too soon since the incident is fresh in people’s minds (it’s been a year but the issue isn’t easily forgotten) but his fans (me included) have really missed him.

      Maybe if he does well on this project, he would be able to find his footing once again. I don’t know how long this stigma would haunt him but since the whole thing was very “messy” as javabeans said, nobody is completely sure of what really went there. It’s not like there’s no hope of PSH ever coming back.

      I’m really excited to see a drama by the same writer of Gaksital and carried by a talented actor like PSH.

  5. Betty

    Wow!!! So soon ?!! I thought he would be hiding for at least 3 years… I hope it is a good decision for him a his career.

  6. anon

    Is this going to rival with SBS You’re all surrounded drama .

  7. mary

    I feel the same way.

    I miss him as an actor, but I don’t know how I feel about seeing him yet. 🙁 Good thing he’s not doing a rom-com.

    Also, that “You killed my father, prepare to die” should be a law. 😀

  8. Sara

    Well I was going to watch this drama but not anymore. Thanks, I’ll pass.

    @anon yes it will rival YAS at some time.

  9. Juno

    This sounds like the right kind of drama for a PSH comeback. I miss him!

  10. 10 Orion

    If he accepted and the other two did as well (I think some news just came out stating that?), I will have a hard time watching this. I love Lee Si Yeong and I will give it a go for her sake, but I honestly don’t think this is a smart move for her and I really don’t want to see the guy either.

    I don’t like him as an actor much, first and foremost, but with that whole rapist shadow hanging above him? I can ignore drug problems, DUI and such. Those are more of individual issues and stupid acts, sure, but not involving others. Victimizing people with intent is not something I can suspend disbelief enough for to enjoy a work.

    But for miss Lee, I’ll try.

    • 10.1 mono

      Perhaps she expressed interest before he was on board… just maybe, it’s hard to guess what went on.

      On the slightly positive side, the ratings may be good due to curiosity over PSH, so it might help her a bit.

      • 10.1.1 Orion

        She did seem to show interest before, yes. I think ratings are less important for a career than people’s memory though.

        Given she has a strong image, with her boxing career as well, working with a guy who got caught on CCTV carrying a drunk girl to his house and then got accused of rape does not really help there.

        If she is a role model for women (I do not know enough of her career domestically to say for sure, but I imagine), then this is not a person she would want to be associated with.

        But she seems to make good choices, so if she does stay on this, it means they have thought it through and feel it will be good for her career. I will trust her and her agency for now and give it a go.

        • mono

          Neither do I think ratings is enough reason, but it might be a small silver lining.

          I followed that news a little, and reading that the girl seemed to be in no state to consent to anything just made it hard to see him in the same light again. But he might have connections to bigwigs, so if she did express interest first (not knowing about him), it might do her career a little damage if the bigwigs think she rejected due to him (and seriously, it feels like he’s back pretty fast).

      • 10.1.2 j2hr

        as an ahjumma, who do you prefer to watch? golden boy whom everyone loves Lee Seung Gi or a rapist Park Shi Hoo?

        • djprincess

          rapist? really?! was he convicted in a proper court of law for you to just loosely use the term rapist?

          • pogo

            Newsflash to all PSH fans: a rapist is a rapist the moment they commit a rape.

            Most rape cases never see a ‘proper court of law’, it’s utter nonsense to suggest that women whose cases don’t get to court, and the women who believe their stories, should not get to call out rape for what it is.

        • Erica

          You don’t know for sure he was a rapist. We’ll never know and he might be innocent as well.

          Once a person is accused by rape, he will have to face it the rest of his life, whether he is quilty or not, because there will always be people who will think he might have done it even though he was not sentenced, as well as people who will think he is innocent should he be convicted. There will always be doubts either way, so I feel pity for him.

          Still, I agree with djprincess, aren’t you innocent until guilt is proved? Or it’s the other way round?

          • moose

            You’re innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Us normal citizens don’t have any reason to give him that. Also, whether or not he’s guilty, he’ll have to face it for the rest of his life?? That isn’t true. Given that he’s getting an acting offer and will be able to return to television, he’s not facing any dire consequences now, is he? It’s sad that most people pity/sympathize with him because of a very slim chance that he is innocent, rather than the girl who might have been raped. People like to think that it’s always the unknown woman who is trying to ruin the famous man. They often forget or don’t realize the extent of the damage women receive simply for saying that they are a victim of rape.

          • Anonymous

            By definition of “rape,” PSH is beyond doubt, a rapist. The girl was said to be drunk by multiple sources, and there’s CCTV evidence of PSH and friend taking a clearly imbibed woman into his home. We also know for certain that PSH slept with her–he said it himself. Since he slept with someone who has no ability to consent, he’s a rapist. That’s it. No speculation.

            Whether he believes that he’s a rapist or not, however, is another story. It’s why we have something like “rape culture.”

        • mono

          Not too sure about Korea, but some people have slightly morbid(?) curiosity. Ahjummas may avoid him, but this project generates attention so if the agency is “any news is good news” type, they might decide to give it a shot.

        • NATO

          Is Park Shi Hoo a rapist? wow…. u must be an angel that never done anything wrong in your life. GBU. And U must love an actor because of their personal life NOT because of their good acting skill.

          It is PSH’s outstanding acting skill & hard working which make him populer. I hope & pray people will be smart enough to understand that actor like him is also human being who have career that should be separated from personal life. Besides the whole thing is unclear so we can’t put all the blame on him alone

          Don’t let personal life (an unprovable scandal) ruin his career. If that happen, mean people who wrote harsh comment on media take part of ruin his career. as a human being I dont mind give him a chance to come back, even a murderer (quilty by law) have right to hv a better life.

    • 10.2 Rachel

      I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t wish to be encouraging a rape culture when I say this – some of the dirty laundry aired in the media made it look like a consensual act and one that was exploited by the victim. Of course, this was merely a trial by media and not properly tried in court, so the full truth will never be tested and decided in a court of justice.

      I am a fan of his and I hope he is able to put these aside to further develop his career. It would be a waste to see it go down the drain.

      • 10.2.1 Orion

        Given rape culture is a real thing and that there are more cases of rich powerful men getting away with it by victim blaming and court/media manipulation than there are of women lying about said men having done it, I side with the victim in such cases. From what I saw, there was enough to make him guilty, even if the woman also planned to use it to her advantage.

        I don’t care about the guy or his career, as long as the drama does not harm the careers of those we are, as much as one can be, sure deserve their careers to do well. The other two that signed on will hopefully not get criticized by the public by association. That is my only worry. That may sound cruel to his fans, but it’s just how I feel.

        • koreandramalover / kay

          I agree with Javabeans and with you, Orion.

          For me personally, it is not whether or not the intercourse was intentional or not (not that that is not important, but its a case of he-said, she-said, so only they know what really happened, so I would rather not dwell on it).

          But its more of how I cannot respect Park Shi Hoo, or anyone for that matter, for indulging in one-night stands, which was what it was essentially. It speaks of a lack of respect for each other’s worth but I know that not many people share my thinking but then it is fine with me. To each his own.

          And as a result of the dark cloud over what happened because it was settled out of court, I cannot ever look at Park Shi Hoo in the same way again, which is why I would not be watching any of his projects in the future.

          But I know I would not be missing anything because there are too many actors and actresses in dramas/films that I can and want to watch but I have limited with which to do so.

          And I know Park Shi Hoo himself would not care to lose me as his fan, just as I would not miss watching him. So, its all good.

          • KDaddict

            I agree with kay. We’ll never know the facts surrounding the intercourse. Some say it ‘could’ be a setup. Who knows.
            One night stands are a whole other issue.
            Not that other actors are so pure and moral. Just that they don’t get caught. Image is everything in showbiz.
            He now has a tinted image, and that’d no doubt ruin the gushing and drooling when we watch.

          • lisa

            It’s your loss for having so little faith in PSH and for being so judgemental!
            Is this a censor blog? God is forgiving and loving…. Cant believe people here are so unforgiving or so naive to think that other actors are so pure and moral.

          • Gidget

            All the assertions aside, as one who has walked this planet a bit longer than most here, very often there’s smoke where there is no fire.

            I don’t have a ‘dog in this fight’, so to speak. I’m neutral about him. (Well actually, truth be known, I’m often distracted by his too-perfect teeth when I’m watching him in a role. So maybe I slightly lean towards the not-excited-about-him camp.) And I agree that there are plenty of actors who could fill the void if he were to pursue another career.

            BUT, that said, I think that nobody deserves to be victimized. And it troubles me that it’s becoming quite popular these days to simply shift victim status from women to men. This particular situation had way, way, way too many ambiguities to make rash judgments that ruin someone’s career. Again, it’s from the perspective that no person deserves to be victimized. Woman or man.

            I agree with you Rachel, that he should receive benefit of the doubt. I agree with you Orion, that there is a sub-culture of men who use power as a vehicle for easy sex…particularly in the entertainment industry. And I agree with you KDL/Kay that the real issue is that some people view sex way too lightly. It’s a powerful act that can strike at the core of a person’s being. And it leaves collateral damage when entered into too lightly. There are good reasons why cultures throughout time have drawn boundaries around it.

            What I’d hope is that the scandal surrounding PSH would cause the industry to take notice. Even in this modern progressive age, fans won’t tolerate sleazy behavior. At all. From anyone. And that people will clean up their behavior. Not cover it up. Clean it up. That goes for men and women.

            So, all things considered, I think fans should give him another shot at success. AND they should give her another shot at success. The cost of this second chance will be that they’ll have to live under a microscope. And if either of them fall into a sleazy scandal again, then they’re done.

          • koreandramalover / kay


            Do you need reading glasses by any chance?

            Read my post carefully – I already said it WILL NOT be a loss for me NOT to watch him – and yet you said what you said?

            Well, from personal experience, I know there are people who just cannot resist saying things like what you said to my post, even though I have stated clearly what I felt in my post for all to see, so all I can say is this – some people have selective hearing,
            some people have selective reading,
            we cannot make the blind see,
            we cannot make the deaf hear…

          • koreandramalover / kay


            “the real issue is that some people view sex way too lightly. It’s a powerful act that can strike at the core of a person’s being. And it leaves collateral damage when entered into too lightly. There are good reasons why cultures throughout time have drawn boundaries around it.”

            Thank you, Gidget, for expressing so eloquently what was on my mind. I couldn’t have said it any better. 😉

            And I absolutely agree with everything you said in your post.

            You are fair and kind in your comment! 😉

          • Gidget

            Thanks! You too. It’s not a fashionable perspective. I appreciated that you were willing to put it out there. 🙂

      • 10.2.2 sachinten

        really i can’t believe the fact you are justifying him.what he did was gross….i can go on to write a thesis on this on how he is far from innocent…but willn’t hurt my hand because then i have to start from the begining,it’s long ridiclious exercise……just i will say one point and ask all those person speaking in favour of park shi hoo put yourself in your postion of park shi hoo and you are accused of rape ……..you have power,postion,wealth will you ever drop charges to one who accused you of rape before seeing the very end……do you think a trainee has the guts to go against park shi hoo if she hadn’t substantial proof and justification…you may say she did this for fame but think logically she is going against a top celebrity who will back her,her career and future are all jeopardized….she was a trainee i don’t think you can never see her in future..but it’s disgusting that he can still come out on tv…. you will all get the facts and go through al the articles and analyze it,you will realize even if the girl is not saint park shi hoo is far far from being iinocent….. heavily guilty…thought never will comment on this topic seeing many still making park shi hoo innocent i couldn’t stop myself from commenting…..

      • 10.2.3 sachinten

        really i can’t believe the fact you are justifying him.what he did was gross….i can go on to write a thesis on this on how he is far from innocent…but willn’t hurt my hand because then i have to start from the begining,it’s long ridiclious exercise……just i will say one point and ask all those person speaking in favour of park shi hoo put yourself in your postion of park shi hoo and you are accused of rape ……..you have power,postion,wealth will you ever drop charges to one who accused you of rape before seeing the very end……do you think a trainee has the guts to go against park shi hoo if she hadn’t substantial proof and justification…you may say she did this for fame but think logically she is going against a top celebrity who will back her,her career and future are all jeopardized….she was a trainee i don’t think you can never see her in future..but it’s disgusting that he can still come out on tv…. you will all get the facts and go through al the articles and analyze it,you will realize even if the girl is not saint park shi hoo is far far from being iinocent….. but guilty…thought never will comment on this topic seeing many still making park shi hoo innocent i couldn’t stop myself from commenting…..

        • J

          what he did is gross only IF he did it. im not saying he is innocent, but there was a ton of evidence that the girl was out to cheat his money as well. giving him a benefit of a doubt does not mean to condone the action, but it was settled out of court no one can know for sure IF he actually rape the girl or the girl was just trying to ruin him. i believe Rachel is saying as an outsider who doesnt know the TRUTH (yes you can believe he is a rapist or not, but you’ll NEVER, EVER, have the fact to claim that unless you are PSH or the girl involved), she chose to believe he was innocent. he have the power to settle it out of court but she had the power to ruin him too. and you are not the person you may not have the gut but you’ll never know IF the girl have the guts to ruin him. im not saying he is innocent. i emphasis again I AM NOT SAYING HE IS INNOCENT. but we have no complete prove to say he is guilty as well. we can choose to believe either side of the story but who are we to be so fully confident?

          • sachinten

            Are you kidding…..that ordinary girl had the power to ruin park shi hoo if he was innocent….RATHER IT IS THE OTHER WAY …..I DON’T know how you can believe the other side of story…..you are willing to give him benefit of doubt makes me sick…..i was fan of his before but i can’t never in wildest dreams can watch a drama now or in future….go through koalaplayground articles or just go through all articles and yourself analyze you will get to know how guilty he is….i know you are his/her fan but can’t be dumb enough to take his side….

    • 10.3 blegh!

      well, Lee shi young is a boxer so if anything she can sucker punch the hell out of him.

      • 10.3.1 Orion

        I mentioned the same thing on Twitter. That is not a woman he wants to mess with in any way, so as far as safety is concerned, he is the one who should worry.

      • 10.3.2 KDaddict

        What are you suggesting? That he’d try to force himself on his co-star?

        • Kiara

          LOl ikr? He’s not going to do anything stupid like that.

          • skelly

            No, we already know he is attracted to younger, weaker females.

    • 10.4 pogo

      I can ignore drug problems, DUI and such. Those are more of individual issues and stupid acts, sure, but not involving others.

      Same here. By that same standard, I also refuse to support the work of Woody Allen and Roman Polanski – rape victims suffer so much scrutiny and mudslinging after coming forth, that even if this girl did try to turn the situation to her advantage, it does not invalidate the (high) likelihood that she wasn’t in any state to validly consent, and I have strong opinions about that. At best, it makes him a man who slept with a very drunk girl on the first meeting (which is not a good look either), and at worst….well, you know.

      • 10.4.1 Annie

        DUIs are personal problems? They get people killed.

        • Orion

          They are certainly crimes, but they are not done with the intent to harm another life, even if that can result from it, in which case it is a different, additional to the DUI crime. Irresponsible behavior, yes. Intentionally malicious towards others? No. A person forcing themselves on someone too incapacitated to give their consent involves intent to harm a victim.

          No matter how we look at this case, it was so shady that this bad image will not be leaving him and neither will a lot of people’s inability to forgive it or approve of his work. I guess we will find out what domestic audiences think when the series happens. The industry seems eager to forgive a lot of things from the “right” people, but I wonder if Korean viewers will approach it as nonchalantly.

          • Annie

            I agree that sleeping with someone without consent is terrible. One night stands don’t bother me, but sleeping with a girl who never gave you consent, that’s illegal.

            But DUIs are not just irresponsible. If you drive while under the influence, you’re committing a crime.

          • Orion

            @Annie @djprincess

            I don’t judge all crimes as the same. I don’t think someone being an idiot and making bad decisions when drunk that they and others will most likely regret is the same as someone choosing to violate someone else just because that someone else is unable to resist them and win.

            Just like killing someone due to drunk driving because you were too hammered to think driving is a bad choice is horrible, but not as horrible as dragging them into a basement by their hair and butchering them for “fun”.

            Just like a drug user is weak and misguided, but a drug trafficker is a cold businessperson and murderer by proxy.

            So we’ll have to disagree on the severity of the two. I believe it is different. Not from a legal, since I am not qualified for that, but a moral stanpoint. And I believe audiences will feel the same for quite a big part. I hope so, at least, because if they condemn the mere possibility of gambling or drug use, they sure as heck should speak their mind about such cases where more severe crimes have been committed.

            If nothing else, this series will be an interesting social experiment of sorts.

          • mem916

            I don’t havae a lot of faith in Korean justice with that incident when they gave the pedafile 2 years.

            I still which he would get the short eyes trement here in the States

        • pogo

          Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that, and of course people driving under the influence should be harshly judged and punished.

          But the level of intent in getting behind the wheel of a car (irresponsible and dangerous though it is) is rather different than the one involved in sleeping with a person who doesn’t want you to sleep with them. You can’t rape someone by mistake or by accident, it’s a deliberate act that is nothing but evil to me.

          • Vivis

            Sorry Pogo, but DUI is evil too!
            As a victim of a DUI (I lost my fiance in an “accident” caused by a drunken driver) I can say that it’s evil too!
            The drunken driver put their pleasure to drink and have fun above the others life! They know the risks but they don’t care!

        • Vivis

          Sorry for my poor english, but I can’t keep quiet about this subject!
          People take this DUI problem too lightly!!
          I lost my fiance in an “accident” caused by a drunken driver!
          Then I’m talking with personal experience.
          When someone chooses to drink , drive and kill someone it shouldn’t be considered accident, for me it’s murder! They know the risks but prefer to put their pleasure to drink above the others life!
          Rape and DUI are on the same level! Both are caused by irresponsible and selfish people! Both of them ends with someone’s dream (and life)!
          And the worst is that the DUI murder is easily forgiven by society!

      • 10.4.2 koreandramalover / kay

        “rape victims suffer so much scrutiny and mudslinging after coming forth, that even if this girl did try to turn the situation to her advantage, it does not invalidate the (high) likelihood that she wasn’t in any state to validly consent, and I have strong opinions about that. At best, it makes him a man who slept with a very drunk girl on the first meeting (which is not a good look either), and at worst….well, you know.”

        Thank you, pogo, for saying exactly what was on my mind! 😉

        I could not have said it better. You are so right! 😉

      • 10.4.3 djprincess

        when you’re drunk and you drive yet you fully know that driving under the influence can result to accidents and deaths of innocent people on the streets, how can that be just a personal problem? have you travelled to other countries? when you fill up the arrival card for immigration, do you not read the warning about illegal substances? drugs are serious problems of the society. in many countries, drug trafficking is a crime punishable by death. stupid acts? not involving others? drugs destroy lives and families. DUI robs the victims of a future. if you can ignore these, i pray that you are not a person of power.

        • pogo

          since you’re so hung up on the law and on reading things properly, did you read my other comment in this very thread, which I left a solid hour and a half ago, where I clarified my mistake?

          And if you want to be throwing self-righteous tantrums at other people for typos, you might want to not sound like a PSH apologist (judging by your other comment where you say he needs to be convicted by a court of law for a commenter to call him a rapist. Rapists are rapists before and after a court decides so, and in this case a court never even got at it so…..)

          • djprincess


            my apologies for missing your other comment on this thread.

            let me just be crystal clear on one thing. i am NOT a fan of this actor. i have only seen him in one drama with this girl from good doctor.

            rape is a horrible horrible crime. i personally believe that rapists should be dealt with the death penalty.

            on the other hand, one need not be a legal expert to know this – “innocent until proven guilty, beyond reasonable doubt”. generally speaking, if our knowledge and judgment of a person’s guilt is based on what we read and see on the news, then our knowledge are mere speculations. this is just my point.

          • djprincess

            oh… and i don’t think self-righteous can be used as an adjective for tantrums. =)

          • djprincess

            sorry, wrong subject verb – *knowledge is

      • 10.4.4 Gidget

        Re: it does not invalidate the (high) likelihood that she wasn’t in any state to validly consent

        But what is validly consent? Who should be the one to “invalidate” someone else’s consent? I know that I resent it when people try to strip me of the ability to make my own choices. With few exceptions, pretty much nothing will get me madder faster than that. But not wanting others to strip me of my choices comes at the price of having to take full ownership when I make bad ones.

        Re: the possible scenarios
        If she was drunk and passed out. Yes that would have been non-consentual.

        If she told him no, unambiguously. Yes that would have been non-consentual.

        If she was simply suffering from an allergic reaction to what she drank, then she would have been nauseous and dizzy, but rationally lucid. (And, piecing together all the story, this is a scenario that’s worth considering.) If this was the case, she would have had full capacity to give consent.

        And if she said yes under any scenario. Then it was her choice. If you regret the choice the next day, then don’t drink-and-date anymore. (And, dare I say, reconsider whether you want to be a person who consents so easily to someone who wants to sleep with you.)

        Point is, on that one night, none of us know what really happened behind closed doors. Beyond the fact that it was foolish for either of them to put themselves in the position they did, it’s all a toxic swamp of assertions.

    • 10.5 dramafever

      Who knows who is the real victom? What if he is innocent? As a rising actor, his reputation is badly ruined by such unprovable scandal and I dont mind give Park Si Hoo a chance to come back.

      • 10.5.1 lemondoodle

        What if he’s not innocent? Even if he did not rape her, what he did and how he acted was shady. Too bad the girl will never have a chance (she was a trainee) since her name was leaked and reputation ruined. She doesn’t have a fandom of people willing to give her a chance.

      • 10.5.2 viviantjai

        I agree. It’s very pitty IF his career ruin because of the unprovable scandal.

        Park Shi Hoo is just like us, as a human being sometimes we make mistake. I don’t think we have right to punish him by harsh comment even the girl (A) her self dropped the case. That mean she doesn’t want to punish him.

        Please forgive him and give him a chance to come back.

        Sorry for my poor english…

    • 10.6 KH

      She’s an amateur boxer in real life. She can use him as a punching bag…

  11. 11 topper

    A prosecutor feeling wronged.
    Well, he can definitely practice method acting here.

  12. 12 Adal

    One way or another the thing is going to haunt him for a long, long time. I wonder if his career is dead, but I guess we’ll know for sure by seeing the public’s reaction to this drama if he signs on.

    I’ll be watching this one. I don’t much care for the plot, but I like the actress that signed on for it.

    • 12.1 skelly

      We don’t really know if this haunts him or not. He looked pretty rough right after the fact, but now he can wave and smile and thank his rabid fans and he’s looking at a nice juicy lead role on a major network. I’d say everything’s coming up roses, for him.

      So any one who says there is no victim, or that he is a victim, has to go into some sort of supposition about his inner conscience – and this IS a stretch – to prove his victimhood.

      • 12.1.1 Gidget


        I’m not sure if this will be off-base from what you were saying. If it is, please forgive.

        What I wanted to do, though, is to lay out a scenario that would give a plausible explanation for what happened. Bear in mind, I’m not discounting that this guy may be a creep who has very real issues with sexual boundaries. I don’t know. What I’m hoping to do is simply say that we can’t fairly judge the situation without more information.

        Let me preface this by giving some information I’ll rarely, if ever, talk about. But I feel it’s important to ground some of the assumptions I’m about to make in life-experience. I’ve been around famous people for pretty much my whole life. And I’ve seen how famous people are constantly bombarded by individuals seeking to attach themselves. The pressure they’re under is relentless and exhausting. And there’s no end to the angles people will use to try to claim a connection. I’m not saying it’s right (because I don’t think it is), but eventually famous men start taking advantage of women’s easy ‘offers’ because it has become their ‘new normal.’ The only things I’ve seen insulate a man from this is are devout faith, levelheaded humility and/or being in a happy marriage.

        So here’s a plausible scenario that roughly assembles the initial statements from all parties who were directly involved. (Note: I’m not using anything that would have been said when any party was in ‘damage control’ mode.)

        They go out for drinks. She thinks she’s just meeting a cute friend. Unexpectedly his friend, a major star, shows up.
        (Editorial: Most young women in this position would have their attention and interest shift immediately to the star.)

        He drinks a lot. She doesn’t drink very much, but is clearly showing the effects of drinking.
        (Editorial: How can someone who only drinks a little bit appear very drunk? An allergic reaction. I had this happen once. An alcohol allergy can appear very suddenly. The reaction causes a sudden drop in blood pressure. The symptoms are severe nausea/vomiting, dizziness/loss of balance and a weird tunnel vision. But if you’ve only had a little to drink, you can have the all those symptoms while remaining rationally and cognitively sober.)

        Neither are ‘inexperienced’, both are ‘interested’ and they head back to his place.
        (Editorial: She isn’t feeling well, but can speak rationally and appears to be in control of her faculties. And, uhm, later claiming that things were underway before she realized it? I question that. After having a night to ‘sleep it off’, being in an un-wakeable slumber and unaware of oneself being moved around is suspect. That kind of deep slumber ends when a person is a small child…regardless of how it’s portrayed in Kdramas.)
        (Given that there are kiddos that regularly read these posts, I’ll leave it at this.)

        They enjoy a morning together. She stays for breakfast and hangs out after that. But when she leaves, she immediately starts texting people.
        (Editorial: She starts focusing on image-management.)

        She tells her friend about the experience and how she felt ‘weird’ after drinking. Her friend jumps to the conclusion that she was drugged and raped. She goes for a drug test. It’s negative. She has a rape test. It shows sexual activity and can pinpoint who it was with.

        Accusations fly…

        • Gidget

          Note: In the last paragraph I want to give her the benefit of the doubt too. She may just be a young person who was following what she thought was good advice. But ended up trapped in a cycle of accusations that was way beyond her ability to manage.

          Even if her accusations started honestly, the nature of them took on a life of it’s own. Even once her original premise proven false, she would have needed to receive very good management to know how to backtrack and have her career survive. The stress would have been monumental and severely impaired her capacity for good decisions.

          Again, I don’t know what the truth is in any of this. I just see some plausible alternative scenarios to the one being assumed by the general public.

  13. 13 sogazelle

    I don’t know the details or the truth of course… but I bet you that a big network like KBS knows what we don’t know.

    I imagine that they will not take a risk with him if they thought that his “image” will impact their drama.

    Anyway like JB said, only time will tell.

    But from the bits I heard and read of the story, I have my doubts about the girl’s credibility…

    therefore I will watch PSH’s drama if it fulfills my criteria for all drama watching…which is that the storyline and characters have to be interesting.

    • 13.1 Adal

      I’m with you on this one. Personally I like to keep an open mind on cases like these. Especially when things become ‘ he said -she said’ cases. I’m not ready to crucify a man’reputation based on that. We’ll see what happens.

  14. 14 Mandy

    Of all the names coming in my head, PSH wasn’t one of them by any stretch of imagination. I never expected him to be back so soon after such a huge and messy scandal. But I guess KBS is ready to take the risk?

    PSH does pick up way too many dramas that revolve around revenge. Seriously… TPM, Prosecutor Princess, Cheongdamdong Alice… This is the 4th. But I did like him as an actor before his image bit dust so I’ll check it out either way.

    I do not expect this to be rated high whatsoever but I do expect lots of buzz. It is going against an LSG drama and that itself is usually a challenge. But more imp

    • 14.1 Mandy

      More importantly… Knetizens never forget anything. They didn’t forget Rain’s scandal – this one is too huge to just be dusted under the rug. I’m going to follow it either way.

      • 14.1.1 mia

        Rain’s scandal ? What’s that ? Would some kind soul provide some light on this for this poor newbie here ?

  15. 15 RenaLoh

    sigh I used to love him so much (esp after The Princess Man)…
    I don’t want to judge him on something that may or may not be true, but somehow the accident made me see him in a different light (not a positive one, surely).

    It’s like he has lost his innocence that he always portrays on TV (thank you so much dramas for made me thinking that a perfect guy can exist heh)

    It’s like I want to keep liking him but I can’t 🙁

    • 15.1 koreandramalover / kay

      I cannot agree with you more! I watched him in Family’s Honour and The Princess Man and after the scandal, for me he will forever be an actor I will stay far away from.

    • 15.2 SsiXfile

      When I see his face, I remember his scandal.

    • 15.3 fangirl98

      @ RenaLoh –

      As you well said – after this incident I do see him in a different light. I’m not making judgements about anyone’s alleged guilt or innocence, but it would be difficult watching him as a romantic leading man or as the lead in a crime/revenge drama….. which is a shame.

      I really enjoyed PSH in Princess’ Man, How To Marry the Perfect Neighbor, Cheongdamdong Alice, etc…. He was one of my original K-crushes! But I just can’t look at him the same way. 🙁

      • 15.3.1 jaglaine

        Thank goodness I was never his fan.

  16. 16 lenrasoon

    I’ll probably pass this drama if he signs, i was a huge fan but not anymore.

    • 16.1 dramafever

      I don’t believe in this “said” scandal, I don’t have bias either.

  17. 17 dearly

    Honestly, his scandal isn’t that old. I followed it and still remember it. To surpass the judgement from his scandal, he has to do a phenomenal job at performing his character. He really needs to work on his expressive eyes (he is terrible at crying scenes). I like him but I would never classified him as a strong actor. Good luck to him and his career. Obviously that one night stand was a haunting nightmare. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s not pull a Park Shi Hoo, especially if we’re celebrities.

  18. 18 kittycat

    Idk, but looking at him now gives me an ‘ick’ feeling that won’t go away. Too bad because I loved TPM.

  19. 19 houstontwin

    I’d to see some sort of repentance on PSH’s part…working with the poor…tending to the sick…. Something that would build his character. I guess that kind of thing only happens in dramas!

  20. 20 chhavi

    Yaaaayy….now I will definitely watch it….
    Tbh..I was very disappointed when I came to know about the scandal. ..but I had full believe in SH that its not true. ..
    anyways…I am really looking forward to this drama and I hope SH will show his best efforts.

  21. 21 chhavi

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy. …I will definitely watch it. ..
    Initially when I came to know about the scandal. …I was very disappointed. ..but I had full faith in SH that he could never do such a thing…
    anyways I am really looking forward to this drama and I hope SH will show us his best efforts.

  22. 22 oneclearnight

    I’ll pass if he is cast. Obviously we will never know for sure what happened, but he handled the whole nightmare of a situation (the media shitstorm) incredibly badly regardless of his alleged culpability. I’m not sure if he did it or not, but imo he’s still not a good person and not really someone I can enjoy watching on screen anymore.

    • 22.1 koreandramalover / kay

      I agree with you! The fact that everything was handled out of court made it all the more questionable, and consequently, made his character all the more questionable, and thus made me no longer interested to watch any of his future projects.

      There are so many good actors/actresses we can watch in numerous other dramas/films. 😉

    • 22.2 magnus

      You hit the nail on the head regarding why I’m averse to him now.

      I’m more inclined to believe that he did do it since the likelihood that she lied and is trying to use it against him is much lower than the chances that a rich, influential star was covering it up. But even with my doubts on the situation his handling of the entire event spoke volumes of his character, and I don’t like it.

      So if he signs I’ll have to pass. I wasn’t super interested in the drama before but the sight of him just puts me on edge and makes me unhappy now. It’s a shame.

  23. 23 PSH FAN

    God, Thank You for this wonderful news! I am a die-hard PSH fan. I have been jumping with joy and excitement since I heard of the news that PSH will be cast in K-drama, Golden Cross. Well done KBS! Congratulations! You have made a wise choice!

    KBS, if you are reading this, please ignore the ANTIS here! Who are they to judge and pass judgement on others?

    To quote PSH4U website:

    “When we heard that PSH has been cast in “Golden Cross”, PSH fans all over the world were jumping up and down for joy.

    PSH is the best actor of his generation in Korea, no ifs or buts.

    We appeal to all PSH fans all over the world to join us in supporting PSH and making sure KBS does not heed the evil voices raised in objection. Use all means to leave messages on all internet forums. We have to show the Koreans the power of the PSH fandom.”

    And I like to add …”to show not only the Koreans, but ANTIS here also…. “

    • 23.1 Shaista

      It’s funny that you said to KBS here in this website “please ignoore the ANTIS here.” I need time to chew it in here too.

    • 23.2 lenrasoon

      girl…people being wary about PSH aren’t antis, I just sided with the rape victim.

    • 23.3 lemondoodle

      “PSH is the best actor of his generation in Korea, no ifs or buts.”

      What kind of delulu world are you PSH fangirls living in? Though I guess if you can think poor Oppa was taken advantage of by a girl instead of the other way around you can believe anything right.

      • 23.3.1 erdbeer

        Dear, many of those people are not even PSH’s ‘dongsaeng’. Many are his ahjumma’s fans and such delulu comments and claims aren’t new at all. If one visit their popular site and really read what they wrote on his co-stars and other actors, you will be amazed. I found it funny that they scream ‘antis’ on us when we have every reason to be wary of him while they always did attack and defamed his fellow past co-stars and ‘competitor’ actors out of pure jealousy.

        • lemondoodle

          Them being older than him (and he’s 35) makes it so much worse than just being young stupid fangirls who will grow up and hopefully know better. Sigh. But you are probably right.

          I’ve only interacted with PSH fans during the rape scandal and how they behave didn’t give me a good impression, but I had no idea they also insulted his costars.

          • erdbeer

            Yeah, they did. A lot, in fact. Not just insulting but also defamation and so so on. Unless they go and delete al their malicious entries and comments (which will gives them headache because there are plenty of them), you can still go and read them.

      • 23.3.2 pogo

        “PSH is the best actor of his generation in Korea, no ifs or buts.”

        Maybe if Ha Jung-woo, Park Hae-il, Won Bin, Jung Woo-sung, Ryu Seung-bum, Jang Hyuk, Shin Ha-kyun, Go Soo, Kang Ji-hwan, and Jo In-sung all dropped dead.

        (and that’s just the ones I can name right now)

        • dramafever

          Whether you’re aware or not, you can’t deny Park Si Hoo’s hot popularity (esp. outside Korean). He has so so many fans all over the world, no fear to compete with any above names you mentioned.

          • Mandy

            Since when did popularity = best actor of his generation, no ifs and buts?

            And since we’re at the topic, every one of the actors mentioned above are equally popular and loved – not only overseas but more importantly in Korea. So yes, no fear in competition since PSH doesn’t come close to them.

          • Lowen

            Sorry, but those actors mentioned by pogo are acclaimed A level actors in Korea. Your PSH might be more popular Intrnationally but domestically, he is nothing and no where near those mentioned actors if terms of recognitions and popularity and that is the most inportant. He is not even A list actor. Do not fool yourself to claim otherwise.

        • Kiara

          He is nowhere close to Ha Jung Woo, Park Hael il and the rest on your list as far as acting goes. He can carry a drama but far from the best. His delusional fans are something else lol.

        • Annnsow

          noooo @ Jo In Sung lol. (Sorry I don’t find him good in general, but hot yes)

          I’m ok with the rest :p

          And Park Shi Hoo was good but def not the best… He looks so gross now, ew can’t watch his drama.

        • jaglaine

          LOL! Go Pogo!

    • 23.4 jeera

      What??? Whose evil voices you’re talking about?

      • 23.4.1 skelly

        LOL, that was my favorite bit. Let me raise my evil voice to KBS! Bwahaha!

      • 23.4.2 lemondoodle

        According to that PSH fansite the evil voices are all paid antis hired to ruin his reputation (since he didn’t do that all on his own) Where is my check??? I’m waiting for it.

    • 23.5 sara

      Aha and now I got it!I read the newest article posted on DB and between the comments the answer was there! From where those thumbs up came? I got it now. You just gave yourself those thumbs up ! Gotcha

      Sorry people for being childish and immature here! Just speaking his so called supporters language!

  24. 24 korfan

    What can I say, I’ve missed PSH. A lot.

    I’ve always liked him in his different drama roles.

    Will certainly check this out and give it a chance.

  25. 25 modest-goddess

    I’ll pass. I will never see him the same. False rape accusations are extremely rare. Either way it is a mark against his character and I will never be able to see him the the same.

    • 25.1 koreandramalover / kay

      Yup! I totally agree with you! False rape accusations ARE extremely rare. Which woman in her right mind would want her dignity and self-respect be dragged through the dirt by fabricating a lie as huge as rape?

      And even with the cases where the judge/jury found that the rape did take place, the women went through hell recounting what happened through the vicious and unsympathetic questioning by defence lawyers that it was almost as if they were raped all over again.

      So, I cannot in good conscience take such accusations lightly. Neither should anyone. Especially if you are a woman.

      • 25.1.1 nw

        I agree with both comments. I can’t support him.

    • 25.2 NATO

      You love your actor because of their personal life NOT because of their good acting skill. poor u…..

  26. 26 PSHFAN

    I am proud to announce that I am a die-hard PSH fan.
    God, thank you for this wonderful news that PSH will cast in K-drama, Golden Cross. I have been very excited and thrilled the whole day after hearing this news.
    KBS, Congratulations! You have made a WISE choice!

    KBS, Please ignore the ANTIs here… Who are they to pass judgement on others? Don’t they realise that when they point a finger at others, four other fingers are point back at themselves!

    Quoting PSH4U website for the following paras:

    “When we heard that PSH has been cast in “Golden Cross”, PSH fans all over the world were jumping up and down for joy.

    PSH is the best actor of his generation in Korea, no ifs or buts.

    We appeal to all PSH fans all over the world to join us in supporting PSH and making sure KBS does not heed the evil voices raised in objection.”

    • 26.1 beekinga

      Yes. I’m with you PSHFAN. Fantastic news.

    • 26.2 fun-lugha

      I like him as an actor, not a die hard fan but I will not be pointing any fingers unless I knew for sure what was what. Actually scratch that, its human nature to point fingers but I actually shouldn’t-judge and you will not be judged, tres simple!

      • 26.2.1 mimi

        I agree. I don’t feel comfortable judging a man’s sexual choices or preferences by my own standards. The one thing that can be proven is that he had a one night stand. I certainly can’t despise him for that. At worst he’s a perpetrator of a crime, at best he’s the victim of a smear campaign. Since I was not there when it happened and he was not proven guilty in a court of law, he deserves my benefit of doubt. I firmly believe that guilt should be proven. After all, it’s not as if nobody never cried wolf in the past. If he was a victim of a smear campaign, then I hope he falls back on his feet. If he was guilty, then he’ll get what he deserves. Karma cannot be denied.

        • felix


          judging from your comment, you must very nice and mature, Hopefully everybody here like U.

          We don’t have right to punish or judging others since we also human being like PSH.

    • 26.3 j18

      Not because someone said something constructively does not mean s/he is an anti. The criticisms toward PSH did not just come from nowhere. It was based on the incident that occured last 2013.
      PSH4U? Isn’t this the same site that ridiculously criticizes PSH’s fellow actor from the drama TPM?! It is funny and ironic how you guys hate and whine that PSH is being criticize while you guys (fans of him) are doing the same thing to his fellow actor.

      • 26.3.1 anoe

        Well they also criticize his fellow actress in Alice in Cheongdam-dong too. So don’t expect anything from them.

        • j18

          I read about that too. But not as blatant as the comments against his fellow actor (actress to be exact) in TPM. Some fans are like that- weird, extreme and delusional (And yes I acknowledge that they do exist in this world).

      • 26.3.2 erdbeer

        Exactly. Still remember the very damaging defamation entry that they posted on Cheongdam-dong lead actress that made her fans so angry? and those comments on the 2nd lead actress? that she sticked and threw herself on him for media attention and such?

        • sogazelle

          It’s wrong to judge people when we don’t know the entire facts.
          A lot of celebrities have perfect “images” but are far from perfect…who is anyway?

          Lee Byung Hun who is the biggest Korean star has had a string of scandals with women.


          A lot of these stars have scandals and they have their management companies to clean them up.

          Some are perpetrators walking free and others are victims.

          Some people…yes… even women will go to great length for money and a glimpse of fame….I have seen it many times in the industry I’m in.

          That’s just how this world is.

          • lon leg

            erm.. read the lee byung hun one and he is sued for causing emotional distress over a apparent messy breakup .. nothing on a ‘rape’ level sorta of thing. It is just weird especially when other celebrities are forced to take breaks (longer than PSH) for victimless crime like illegal gambling charges. but he can go back to work only months after charges are dropped. I agreed with javebean, it might be a tad too soon.

    • 26.4 kittycat

      People here aren’t antis though.

    • 26.5 Bonnie Katzell

      I’m with you there. I watch for psh4u comments and articles all the time.. I’m in a group who is filled with PSH fans…

  27. 27 korboko

    I always wondered about why hasn’t any of Park Shi-Hoo’s scandal been reported here? This was big news last year, and many come to Dramabeans for Korean celebrity news. I would probably never heard of this if not for Allkpop.

    • 27.1 Annie

      I LOVE that it wasn’t reported here. I’m glad that this isn’t a gossip site. He’s only being brought up because he’s considering a drama or a movie.

      • 27.1.1 Kiara

        Ditto, one of the reason why I love this site. Could careless about actor’s real life drama.

      • 27.1.2 pogo

        Personally, I’m glad it wasn’t reported here either. If we wanted to discuss it, there was the OT – but on an dedicated post, can you imagine the utter sh**storm that would have ensued, with fans and apologists out to prove that their hero did no wrong?

    • 27.2 pororo

      And you asked why the scandal wasnt reported here. Just read the comments on this post. 🙂 Things would escalated badly back then.

  28. 28 maldita

    Same as lot of the comments here. I’d pass if he’s cast. I liked him but the whole rape scandal just forever ruined him in my eyes, regardless if he did it or not.

    It’s way too soon for him to resurface. Joo Jihoon is barely back on his feet from his drug scandal, and that was years ago.

    • 28.1 koreandramalover / kay

      “Same as lot of the comments here. I’d pass if he’s cast. I liked him but the whole rape scandal just forever ruined him in my eyes, regardless if he did it or not.”

      I cannot agree with you more! I so agree with you!
      He is forever ruined in my eyes too!

    • 28.2 pogo

      I’d find it extremely hypocritical if Korea is more judgmental of an actor doing some recreational weed and ecstasy, than of the likelihood that he had sex with a woman who was in no state to give consent.

      • 28.2.1 skelly

        So agree! What a ridiculous double standard, to punish Joo Ji Hoon so severely while all PSH has to do is lie low in China for a year and he’s back in a lead role. His fans say nothing was proven, but even the facts he was willing to admit are seamy. Females are such a disposable commodity in show business.

        • Mandy

          Females are such a disposable commodity in show business.

          Ouch… even if I hate to admit that its true nowadays.

  29. 29 Kattie

    tq jb!

    uncomfortable acting during the intimate scenes –

    sleeping together and passionate kissings.

  30. 30 fun-lugha

    You know that thing about every saint being a former sinner or sth like that? And that other one about today I will judge less/not at all? Such situations remind me of these, I am not perfect either, I may not necessarily b a murderer or something similar but am as much a sinner as this guy, judge I will not!

  31. 31 AJ

    I don’t have any opinion regarding the scandal but PSH is a decent actor and I am actually exciting about this drama except not so much when I see LSY as the female lead. I didn’t like her acting in Poseidon. I actually preferred Han Eun-jung.

    If this is less romance and more on revenge, I am definitely in.

  32. 32 genger

    Now that’s a good news – though I still think it’s early (but if he accepts it’s either one or 2 ways…save his career or bring him down for ever! – Of course you guys know I’m talking about the ratings)
    It will be competing with You’re All Surrounded (which means that it has like 90% chance of FAIL!)

  33. 33 Lc

    I neither liked or disliked him as an actor, and because I never forgot that once actors knock off from the drama set they are just normal humans with failings like the rest of us, I have nothing to be disillusioned with when his rape scandal came up.

    Though I have to say, he is incredibly lucky to still have fans and a career after all this. Many a celebrity’s career have been ruined by lesser scandals compared to his.

  34. 34 liz

    I’ll pass too.

    I feel like his fans stick with ”the charges were dropped, so no one will know what really happened” excuse. Even before it PSH behavior was pretty shady, and in the very last he took advantage of a drunk girl. He not going to police and changing statement everytime plus his dirty media play, just made things look more and more bad for him.

    And for someone that said he would prove he was innocent and had proofs of it, dropping charges against the girl that ruined him and staying silent over it… just show they had enough proof against him and he choose the best choice for him: Buy/threat the girl with his money/power, stay quiet for a time, and media play like he was the victim all this time, even saying they never had proofs against him, when it is a lie, since prosecutor had enough proof to indict him, so there was proof.

    • 34.1 pogo

      Exactly, his conduct during the investigation was extremely shady and like you said – he himself admits he had sex with the girl, but claims it was consensual.

      I am not against one night stands, but at least make sure both parties are in a state to consent first!

    • 34.2 scbound

      If that was true we would not need the courts etc, and many innocent people have been charged with crimes, and many innocent people convicted and later proved innocent.

      I wonder why if there was Proof he was guilty the girl dropped the charges. I wouldn’t have.

      • 34.2.1 lenrasoon

        @liz isn’t saying the we don’t need courts, but just because the case were dropped doesn’t mean he wasn’t guilty either.

        Rape victims don’t act the same though, it’s okay that you wouldn’t drop charges but she did and so many others for different reasons.

        • scbound

          she said ” they had proof he was guilty thats why he was charged, so he is automatically guilty.” I was just pointing out that was not true.

      • 34.2.2 kittycat

        To counter that, many guilty people have also been let off for crimes that they commited. We’ve had a few cases in the US these past couple of years where it’s been really obvious that the person accused of the crime was guilty, but the prosecutors did poor jobs of handling the cases. Does it mean the defendants were guilty? No (Hello OJ anyone), it’s just that their lawyers did a better job of defending them than the prosecutors of convincing the jurors that they were guilty.

        She probably dropped the charges because they most likely reached a settlement outside of court. Lots of rape victims are different, they handle things in different ways so just because one person would fight till the end doesn’t mean another would be emotionally strong enough to do the same. That’s why Woody Allen’s ex wife dropped the molestation charges against him, because she didn’t want to put her 7 year old daughter through the media circus of dragging her through the dirt. Most rape victims don’t even come forward so it’s rare that one would falsely accuse someone of violating them. It does happen, but it’s rare. So It’s not something that is easily overlooked just because the charges were dropped.

        • tarjig

          Okay, there are a lot of Anti-PSH people. I have enjoyed PSH’s dramas and movies. I will say this about the rape charge… most think a woman would not put herself through that kind of drama unless it happened. Well I am here to say, there are those women out there that would claim rape when a rape did not happen. There are women out there that would do it for money or to cover their behinds.

          I know someone whose life was destroyed because of a false allegation. The girl did it thinking the family would pay her off and sadly the accused was destroyed not only by going to jail but also, his life was destroyed and his name was sullied. So there are women out there that would do such a thing. Even if it is rare.

          • kittycat

            That’s why I said “it does happen, but it’s rare.” Your story is unfortunate but it doesn’t change the fact that only a small percentage of rape claims are false, while the majority of the time they tend to be true. You’re preaching to the choir…

          • kittycat

            Oh and by the way I’m neither an anti or fan of his so I don’t know where that thought came from. The only dramas I ever watched that he starred in was PP and TPM.

    • 34.3 lenrasoon

      Completely agree, but I’m not even surprised by excuses made from people see Woody Allen and Roman Polanski and how their respect victims were treated by the public.

      Though i don’t blame if people feel interested by this drama because there are other actors involved or if the story is good.

      • 34.3.1 lenrasoon


      • 34.3.2 skelly

        Yes, some people can neatly separate a person’s professional life from their personal life, and so watch Polanski or Woody Allen films or PSH and not mind at all. I can’t though – for example, I think the last Woody Allen film I saw was Purple Rose of Cairo. My husband tried to watch Annie Hall and had to turn it off when Allen is dating the teenager…
        so no PSH for me, ever.

        • Kiara

          Those 2 makes me sick. Watching their work is like supporting them.

  35. 35 NileRose

    The problem isn’t Park Shi Hoo the real problem is that the korean Netizen & the Media will leave him ??? I don’t think so although he his acting is Super & brilliant .

  36. 36 Annie

    I was a big fan of PSH before the scandal. Not his acting per say, because let’s admit it, he’s not the best actor, but he had a good presence. And I really loved The Princess’ Man.

    I just don’t know if I can move past it all. But I don’t understand the cries of “too soon” either. Like does it make it any better if he’s back a year later rather than today?

    He probably feels no remorse, so he’ll probably accept it. I’ll probably not watch. I don’t know how to feel about this, TBH.

    • 36.1 scbound

      LOL not a good actor- did you even watch his dramas? or you were a fan because you liked his looks or his presence as you call it

      • 36.1.1 Annie

        Said he’s not the best. He’s not a bad actor, but he struggles with certain types of emotions. And his range is limited. But not all roles require a wide range. A revenge drama should fall well within his range as he has done quite a few of those.

        And yes, I’ve watched many of his dramas.

    • 36.2 lenrasoon

      I think the “too soon” comments were made ’cause usually with a scandal an artist can take years from even appearing again on TV, there is a lot of celebrities that were blacklisted (usually from gamble or army controversies), that’s why the surprise.

      • 36.2.1 Annie

        That makes sense. To me, it seems weird that the “morality” of it can also somehow change with time. Not saying for you or anyone in a personal sense, but in general.

    • 36.3 Ash

      That’s what I don’t get either: if the public is uncomfortable at the idea, then there must be a niggling sense that he could’ve done it. At the very least, what happened that night and the way he handled the subsequent legal/media shitstorm was incredibly shady. More time won’t make it any LESS shady or remove the possibility – I’d say likelihood, but that’s imo – that he raped that woman.

      I know that I won’t be watching him again, and I was a new but fairly rabid fan when the story broke. I’ve read too much on the statistics of rape prosecution and conviction, and I’ve seen the hell victims can get put through when they press charges. My benefit of the doubt pretty much always goes to the accuser.

  37. 37 Krystal.Anne

    If it was just me, i don’t really care about his scandal anymore because he was never proven guilty to begin with. I am in no way saying that he is innocent and the girl is lying because we don’t really know what happened but since the case is already over then we should all just move on. For me, it’s okay for him to make a comeback already but as i read the comments and also Knetizens opinion in Nate and Naver, it do seems that they haven’t forgotten the whole issue yet. So i do think that maybe it was too early for him to comeback and ‘Golden Cross’ will compete against Lee Seung Gi & Cha Seung Won drama and that was on SBS who is currently reigning the Wed/Thurs timeslot. And the last thing he needed right now is a low rating drama, if he wanted to make a successful comeback he need to have a high rating drama. Sure it’s too early to say but a Lee Seung Gi – Cha Seung Won – Go Ara combinations will be hard to beat.

    • 37.1 lisa

      PSH is a King of Reversal! I have faith in his acting! He is the Best Korean Actor!

      • 37.1.1 omg

        Oh you, silly silly goose. * waving hand and giggle*

      • 37.1.2 koreandramalover / kay

        Which one do you want to be?

        The pot? Or the kettle?

        Doesn’t matter because both are equally black!
        (Or at least the pots and kettles of yesteryears)

        PSH is the Best Korean Actor?

        Who died and made you judge and jury of who is THE BEST KOREAN ACTOR?

        • koreandramalover / kay

          Just to make sure :

          My comment above is addressed to : @lisa

  38. 38 Melodiouscats

    Prosecutor Princess pt. 2???!!!

  39. 39 pororo

    I just want him to do movies for now. But if he wants to do this I’ll support him.

  40. 40 blairxkitkat

    Reading his name was enough to make me feel nauseous definitely won’t be watching this…

  41. 41 lemondoodle

    How upsetting someone can go to indicted for rape to staring in a drama in less than a year. Money talks I suppose. I’ll pass. All I see is creepy when I look at him now. He was never a good actor to begin with so it’s no loss.

  42. 42 pitch

    If he is in, I´m out. I won´t support a rapist, and what I´ve read about this convinced me that he is one. It´s a shame, because Gaksital is my favourite Drama ever.

  43. 43 yetti

    Best of luck to the two actresses and their fans. If he takes this role and they also take it, it would be a roller coster ride. Not only the association with him might bring them no good, but this man’s fans is known as very delusional and malicious to his fellow actors, especially the actresses. Just watch out for their cunning comments which painted female leads in such negative lights. They better learn their lesson and watch what they wrote in their so famously popular PSH4U blog. We are watching ya 😉

    • 43.1 Shiku

      I don’t think that’s unique to him only. A lot of famous people have crazy fans who attack whoever comes close to their idol.

      • 43.1.1 erdbeer

        Oh yes. But not to the extend of what his fans did. And like the other girl had said above, most of his fans are not even immature teenager fans like most actors have. The reason they are older and so malicious really does no good to him. What is with defaming his Cheongdam-dong female lead for having affair with the director? and so many more damaging defamation posts directed to actresses’ characters and images and they are all based on nonsense reasons? you think it is normal? Other fandoms fans do attack their oppas’ co-stars but never to the extend of PSH’s fans. And let be honest here, the behaviour of fans does represent the actor that you are worship

  44. 44 meanrice

    I’ve never really been drawn to him. I wonder if any of those committed to this drama will drop out now that he is attached…

    He always gave me the heebie jeebies. And now…well its the full on creeps.

  45. 45 laraffinee

    I am ready for his comeback. He is a good actor.

    None of us know the details of the case. I do know the entertainment industry, and I did find the whole case very suspicious from the start – the very day his contract expires with his agency and he wants to go out on his own, this scandal surfaces, and there were indications that his agency was involved? Way too many agency coincidences for me to take all that media frenzy at face value. Agencies play real, real dirty and Korean agencies are notorious for abuse.

    I am much more concerned about the abuse of young women by agency executives as their private harem, than this very suspiciously timed scandal.

  46. 46 Jan

    I think it’s a smart decision for him to join this drama if possible. For one, the genre is suitable for someone coming out of a tough scandal. Additionally, I don’t think waiting a few years will really result in any net change in public sentiment – those who side with him will be ready to see him now, while those who don’t care to watch him again won’t, regardless of how many years he waits.

    If he waits any longer, he risks something even more serious – passing out of his prime age to act (he’s nudging against ahjusshi age) as well as running the risk that he’ll be completely forgotten by the public / industry by staying low-key for so long. In his career field, as with many others, you just have to pick yourself up and try again, and really I’m glad he’s willing to do that.

    • 46.1 May

      I agree with you too, waiting more time will not result in any net change in public sentiment.

    • 46.2 lisa

      Totally agree with you. It’s not a timing issue to change the mindset of people. His fans were ready since yesterday for his comeback. Those who are indifferent or who have not supported him would remain negative be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.

      • 46.2.1 koreandramalover / kay

        some people have selective hearing,
        some people have selective reading,
        we cannot make the blind see,
        we cannot make the deaf hear…

        and some people are just plain delusional.

  47. 47 laraffinee

    I am ready for his comeback. He is a good actor.

    None of us know the real details of the case – not one of us was there that night. I do know the entertainment industry and it is really nasty. I find it really suspicious that the very day that his contract ended with his agency, this scandal breaks out. His agency was sleazy during the whole scandal – the girl had ties to the agency, there were reports of nasty negotiations in that the agency did not want him to leave, etc. To me, there are just too many coincidences of the agency’s involvement and makes me think it was a set-up.

    I am much, much more concerned about the abuse of young woman and girls by agencies that consider their trainees as their personal harem. That is a really serious problem.

    • 47.1 laraffinee

      Sorry about the similar posts – It appeared that the first one didn’t post, so I wrote again.

  48. 48 Bobby Brown

    Sorry, I think I’ll pass. Can’t think of him with positive way anymore.

  49. 49 canxi

    Ehhhh….It’s weird, I was thinking about him the other day.

    To be honest, I also think it is too soon. Given the nature of how the whole thing played out it doesn’t leave much room for reassurance or any kind of opinion on if he did or if he did not, in my mind. It is very much STILL up in the air and it is for that reason why I do not feel comfortable watching him anymore. It is easy to say “oh, I’ll keep an open mind” but keeping an open mind will entail knowing that either outcome (he did or he did not) is possible and I can’t comfortably watch something with that on my mind every time he is on screen.

    Which is very upsetting because I absolutely love Lee Si Young and would very much like to watch this drama for her. But I simply can not see the man in the same light as i once did.

  50. 50 moochi2000

    People always say that there’s enough evidence from side A or side B so therefore PSH is a (fill in the blank). I thought most of us have watched enough dramas to know that the media paints pictures in the perspective that’s most favourable – basically truth is not important. I still think he’s kind of a douche for doing one-night stands but that doesn’t make him a bad actor or even one who I won’t watch his dramas.

    For those who hate him, don’t tell people who don’t care that we are “gross” or that we shouldn’t do this or that. Just because we continue to watch his dramas doesn’t mean we have accepted him as a rapist. He will forever have that unfortunate label around him but for now, I just want to enjoy a drama. And if one day the court does rule him out as a “rapist” then yes, I’d probably boycott him. But when everything is up in the air and all we know are he said/she said stories, I don’t have that expertise to judge him based on entertainment news articles. And yes, I wish he waited a little longer before picking up a drama.

    • 50.1 John

      moochi2000 ~

      A good point about the press. Here in the USA, there was the case of the Duke University Lacrosse Team. Some members were falsely accused of rape. The press, the police, the prosecutor, the university, all crucified the entire team .

      Guess what? It was 100% lies. Pure bullsh*t. Look the case up. The prosecutor himself was disbarred and jailed over the miscarriage of justice. Numerous lawsuits ensued, against the police, the university. The terms of the settlements are secret, I can imagine it’s in the millions.

      Just because you see something on TV or the interwebs doesn’t mean it’s true, no matter how many people say it or how loud they say it.

      Another false rape case in the USA is Tawana Brawley. What a piece of work her and her minions in the press , (Al Sharpton being one of them, what a despicable piece of excrement that bastard is), were. Again, 100% pure bull sh*t.

      • 50.1.1 Tara

        Well said, John…those were two of three cases (the third being Kobe) that came to mind with this case. We will probably never really know what went on, except for PSH and the girl. I don’t blindly believe everything written or said on TV/online because of cases like those that you named.

        I’m neither a PSH supporter or anti, I just feel that it was his undoing by putting himself in a situation like this…and he should stay out of the limelight for the time being.

      • 50.1.2 Maisie

        Good point, John. It’s cases like those that make me very, very wary about labelling people with the term ‘rapist’. Especially when the accused is rich and famous and someone who’s whole future could be ruined by such accusations. It seems that the actor has been tried and convicted by the media without any proper representations of facts as would happen in a court of law. Bear in mind the media loves sensationalism, and putting myself in his shoes, I feel really bad for him. I wonder if any of his accusers ever wondered about the possibility they could be wrong, and that he might have been a victim of poor judgment and slander? There are cases where the guilt of rape is clear cut, however, to my mind, this is not one of those cases.

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