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Potential My Girl reunion in MBC’s upcoming Hotel King
by | February 12, 2014 | 139 Comments

javabeans: So apparently Lee Da-hae is looking at new dramas, like this new tidbit about her considering an MBC weekender called Hotel King. Wait, that sounds familiar… Hey, is that the Lee Dong-wook…?

girlfriday: MY GIRL!!! …Redux?

javabeans: OH RIGHT. Wait! What? Ooh! Huh? I need a second to gather my thoughts.

girlfriday: So… Lee Da-hae might be reuniting with Lee Dong-wook in a drama where he plays the exact same character as he did in My Girl?

javabeans: Screw the drama, I just want them to fall in love and date and maybe get married now. There were whisperings that they dated after My Girl wrapped, and I choose to purposely not delve into that story because I would rather just believe it happened. Maybe this will be their second chance at happiness.

girlfriday: Maybe it’s better that they didn’t date the first time around, because then that would just be awkward.

javabeans: Orrrrr… if they DID date, it would just shorten the dancing-around period and cut right to the chase where they just get married or whatever.

girlfriday: But the dance is fun!

javabeans: They can dance all they want in the DRAMA, in real life I want results, pronto. Also I have been waiting eight years apparently.

girlfriday: Clearly what we really want is a meta drama where they’re actors falling in love behind the scenes.

javabeans: See the thing is, My Girl isn’t my favorite drama of all time and I actually think Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook have been way better in other shows, but for whatever reason I have SUCH a huge soft spot for that drama, and specifically them together in that drama, and that carries over into the rest of their work and lives (obviously, based on this post, although to be fair I didn’t actually realize how much I wanted them to be together until this post).

girlfriday: Do you need a moment?

javabeans: Carry on without me. *fans self* *dreams of the My Girl epilogue that should have happened, because dammit if that 5-minute ending wasn’t enough* Okay I’m back.

girlfriday: Should we maybe talk about this show now?

javabeans: …fine.

girlfriday: Wait, is this a mystery drama?

javabeans: Whaaa? Well, I guess that’s my fault for not bothering to read before getting lost in fantasies of My Girl: The Married Years. So apparently the hero is a guy abandoned by his father, which turns him cold, and then he becomes a successful hotelier.

girlfriday: Cold chaebol, check. Is our heroine a tour guide, a professional liar, or cousin-impersonator, by any chance?

javabeans: The stories tell us nothing. NOTHING! I guess we only have our imaginations to rely upon. Apparently Lee Yubi is another casting contender for the lead, and okay, I actually like her more than Lee Da-hae, BUT NOT THIS TIME. Lee Yubi can go do something else and leave my fantasies alone.

girlfriday: Hahaha. Clearly reason has no place here.

javabeans: I think really, this story has just proven (rather surprisingly, in fact) that I like My Girl a whole lot more than I thought I did. I don’t really care about this story at all, as it turns out, I just want it to happen, with these two leads. Now if Lee Da-hae declines (Lee Dong-wook appears to be fixed), then all bets are off. Otherwise I’ll see you all here on MBC weekends, beginning March 29. Not that I promise recaps or anything, or at least recaps that are about Hotel King and not My Girl.

girlfriday: I think we just discovered the one thing you’d actually write fanfiction about.

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139 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. utopious

    Now all we need is a hot Lee Jun Ki

    Ah, but I want him to save the country or something like that..

    • 1.1 Redskirt

      Oh, I forgot My Girl was my introduction to Lee Jun Ki. I remember when he first appeared on screen my first thought was “Oh you are wayyyy too pretty for your own good.” He’s matured well since then–still pretty but in a masculine way.

      • 1.1.1 Locturne

        Omg! I remember the first time you see him on screen, he’s on a bed with a Caucasian woman, and my first thought was: “oh, a lesbian couple” and: “that girl (LJK) is not very good-looking”.. Ah ah XD

        • canxi

          *dead and gone* omg, lmao!!!

        • Rachel

          omg that’s hilarious! my mom thought so too!

        • nananananana

          oh god, i thought the same! then lee jun ki started kicking and beating everyone up and i thought the way this person moves, this is a guy!

          I think the long(ish) sleek hair made him look feminine

        • lajs

          LOL I thought he was a girl too! It took me five minutes to realize and I had to replay the scene to confirm that he was a man…

        • sur

          omg same thoughts hilarious now since his army comeback

  2. peeps

    Is… JB actually SHIPPING non-existing (at least, as of yet unproven) couples that don’t involve her in any way???

    I never thought I’d see this day.

  3. redfox

    if the chaebol is cold, let the girl design sweaters.

    • 3.1 doomy


    • 3.2 themugen

      And pretend to be his cousin…

  4. Robin

    I thought the rumor was that she was dating Lee Junki during/after/whenever My Girl… They certainly had better chemistry, IMO.

    • 4.1 Jasmine

      That’s what I thought too! They looked so cute together off screen.

    • 4.2 Cupcake

      I thought Lee Junki was gay so it couldn’t have happen. I think there is something going on with LDH & LDW. They just looks comfortable with each other like a couple.

      • 4.2.1 sweetiekyu

        Except from the hairstyles in my girl, LJK movements are more manly than LDW. And still now, ldw is a weak muscular guy who can’t have an action drama unlike lee jun ki who can do great kicks in all his projects 😉

        • Jo

          Lee Dong Wook exercises like crazy. He joined like 6 different baseball clubs per day. He lost a lot of weight and obviously is exercising alot. I would say he’s pretty fit.

    • 4.3 givemekimminjong

      Wait, I thought the rumors said Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun Ki were the ones dating each other?


      Oops. Sorry, I got confused with reality and fanfiction again.

  5. Locturne

    Oh! My first drama, it seems ages ago! I thought I would die from the cheese & melodramatic melodrama at times, but then it was so cute and fun! Good times!
    I don’t know if I would still like it now.. But I’m definitely excited about a LDW / LDH pairing!!

    • 5.1 redfox

      I have watched it, but I don´t remember ANYTHING

      • 5.1.1 ilikemangos

        The one scene that stuck out in my head was the kiss scene where after he kissed her she looked disappointed (as was the rest of us), and then he came in for another (better) kiss. I thought that was adorable.

        • Fab

          Yeah that was good…

      • 5.1.2 August

        One of my favorite scenes from My Girl was when she fell down “naked” in the bathroom and he proceeded to wrap her body in a blanket to take her to the hospital.

        • birdscout

          One of my favourite scenes: at the jewellery store when he plays keep away by holding up the complimentary ring in the air and she tries to jump up to grab it. (Poor LJK looking on with sad eyes)

        • cheekbones

          One of my favorite scenes from My Girl was when he was in a meeting at the office, and she sent him a pic message and he just couldn’t concentrate on the meeting and his staff just looked at him like he’s nuts. 😀

          My Girl and Delightful Girl Chun-hyang were the beginning of my love story with Korean rom-coms.

        • damianna

          Remember the scene where Yoo-rin scolded the lights by the roadside for shining so bright like Gong chan? Hahaha. Still laughing whenever I think of that scene to this day. And when she sang that ‘certainly’ song.

      • 5.1.3 zsa

        oh come onnn….how can you not remember the horrible fashion in that one? ….

        • Nadia

          I obsessed about finding several of the wardrobe pieces that Lee Da-Hae (as Joo Yoo-Rin) wore and changing my style to something similar like hers.

    • 5.2 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

      I never seen My Girl my friends keep telling me to watch it but I always 4get LOL but seeing all the hype and…… its just being mentioned ….. I might put on some effort to watch it 😝

    • 5.3 Nancy

      And let’s be honest. How many of us are going to go rewatch My Girl because of this post? 🙂

      • 5.3.1 javabeans

        Not gonna lie I totally just did.

        (I’m not positive the cutesy jokesiness holds up over the years but man the memoriiiieeeeees.)

        • Nancy

          LOL. There’s gonna be an increase in views on all the major sites thanks to this.

        • redfox

          I would have, but Man from the star….

        • ilikemangos


          Im not sure if My Girl holds up over the (9) years or gets better after repeated watches. I realize although it was very cute and everyone was fond of it, it did have some crazy plotlines that make you go wut?
          Good part about having watched a show already is that you can FF to all the cute parts.

      • 5.3.2 Stephanie

        I watched it in one sitting years ago. And I CAN DO IT AGAIN.
        -fist pump-

      • 5.3.3 Aparna

        I am at work right now and was planning to watch My Girl as soon as I get back home. My Girl was my first love of Kdramas. I have watched it 11 times – 4 times when I was alone at home with nothing better to do and 7 times whenever a friend of mine stayed over at my apartment. I have watched better dramas since then. But it will always have a special place in my heart. Glad to see others feeling the same way 🙂 And I am not sure if I will watch this Hotel King – the actors have indeed matured and will not be the adorable Gong Chan – Yoo Rin couple anymore. 🙁

      • 5.3.4 Chandler

        I definitely am. I remember I had such a problem starting this drama because Lee Da-Hee made me cringe at first in that opening airplane scene, but SOMEHOW I ended up adoring her character so much. And then when Lee Dong-Wook began softening I was just a puddle. They are so cute together. A part of me is iffy about this drama because I don’t want them to ruin it. Somehow I’m afraid that their character’s won’t live up to my love of their original My Girl characters. But if they throw a few good kisses in there then I won’t complain!

      • 5.3.5 Quinze

        Haha YES.

    • 5.4 eny

      my girl n delightfull chunhyang still the best rom com korean drama i ever watch, even the plot of this new drama haven’t really attract me but i’ll watch this because i like them in my girl

    • 5.5 jaglaine

      It was also my first drama and have very fond memories of it. Although it got way too dramatic towards the end, if I remember correctly. Sigh…I’m ambivalent about them together in a drama again. Their My Girl characters are too fixed in my brain, I might have a hard time adjusting.

  6. Limmy

    Javabeans, I am so down with you on My Girl. The show that captured my heart years before I even signed on to the whole K-wave proper. Also the reason I have an eternal soft spot for Lee Dong-wook and Lee Jun-ki. I would definitely check out a show with Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae in it just to see how their chemi’s changed.

  7. Eli

    My first thought: JB is drunk.

    My second thought: Nah… She can’t possibly typed then.

    My third thought: Ah…. maybe it was GF.

    My fourth thought: Both are drunk and it was all those monkeys they mentioned all the time that did it.

    • 7.1 Eli

      Oh totally forgot. I am all for My Girl reunion. In fact I never watch Lee Da-Hae in anything else after My Girl.

      • 7.1.1 Cheliwel

        Same here. Only drama I’ve watch LDH in. In fact the same with LDW.

      • 7.1.2 jensredshoes

        Oh, but she was so cute in Hello Miss! Go watch it. 🙂

  8. Alexio

    ‘My Girl’ is my one of my classics. I swear I rewatch this drama every 2 year. Just like JB, I have a huge soft spot for this drama. :3

  9. Gwinna

    OMG, My Girl was my first drama and still one of my all-time faves. I would be so thrilled to have a reunion between LDW and LDH, especially since we so rarely get reunion pairings in kdramas. I really hope LDH accepts.

    • 9.1 Chandler

      Yeah actually can anyone think of any reunions that have happened before?

      • 9.1.1 Nadia

        Robber of My Heart / Bad Guy (2008)
        Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-Hae

        Chuno (aka The Slave Hunters) 2010
        Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-Hae

        IRIS 2 (2013)
        Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-Hae

  10. 10 chane

    This drama gives me so many childhood flashbacks and nostalgia. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I watched this.

  11. 11 Mandy

    Almost all (if not all) Hong sisters drama have ah-mazing main leads chemistry that I tend to ship them all in RL. Like JGS-PSH, LSG-SMA, SJS-GHJ, etc. Haven’t seen My Girl yet since I’m not a fan of Lee Da-hae, but damn I’ve never seen JB ship so hard for a real life couple lol. That in itself makes me wanna see the drama.

    Lee Yu-bi is awesome though. So if she doesn’t end up doing this, I really really want her star as a main lead in another one soon.

  12. 12 mommai

    My Girl made me want to flip tables, SO BAD! (In a good way, though!) I was so invested in it, and it was one of the first dramas I watched. The angst killed me! 🙂

  13. 13 Isidra

    Awesome post.

  14. 14 Ace

    I’m one of the few who liked Lee Dong-wook better than Lee Jun-ki in My Girl (I still do) and would love a drama reunion for LDW and Lee Da-hae.

    I’m also one of the few who liked My Girl more than DGCH maybe because I watched it first and because I hated the villain more in DGCH than in MG. Maybe that’s why I still see UTW until now as that hated villain and don’t watch any of his dramas. So if LDH declines, may I call on The Hong Sisters and the dramagods to make another drama for these two please?

    If I didn’t see LDW with Song Ji-hyo in Running Man, I would’ve shipped him with Lee Da-hae 100%. But I saw those two, and whether or not SJH has a boyfriend in real life, I like her with LDW. Sorry to those who are shipping him with his SoaW costar Kim Sun-ah, but it’s either Da-hae or Ji-hyo for me. 😉

    • 14.1 Gwinna

      I feel the exact same way as you – I prefer LDW to LJK and My Girl to DGCH, and I haaaated UTW’s character in DGCH. I can only think of one drama character that I’ve ever hated more, and that was Liu Xiang in Miracle Healers (cdrama). I feel sort of bad that I still cringe whenever I see UTW because I’m sure he’s a nice person irl, and I’m not usually the sort of person who can’t separate actors and their characters, but I hated the character so much I just can’t get rid of the negative associations.

      I think that is why My Girl works better for me as a drama, because in in DGCH the main leads were kept apart solely by the endless plotting of the evil secondaries, and in My Girl it was their own white lie spiralling out of control which kept them apart. And although I know there’s nothing realistic about a chaebol hiring a con artist to pretend to be his cousin, that conflict felt more organic to me. Not that I don’t still love DGCH as well, but I feel that in My Girl the Hong Sisters took what was good about DGCH and refined its weak spots to create a drama that was almost perfect.

      • 14.1.1 Fab

        Ok first off I had to google DGCH-
        But WTH? Um Tae Woong was the hateful villain in that drama?! Wuaha I can’t imagine that for the life… no no

    • 14.2 javabeans

      I did NOT like Lee Jun-ki in My Girl. Seol Gong-chan 4eva!

      • 14.2.1 Nancy

        I’m not sure what’s better right now: this pair reuniting or @javabeans going nutso about it. It’s kind of awesome. And I’m with you on the Seol Gong Chan.

      • 14.2.2 Chandler

        Aw yeah I’ve loved Lee Jun-ki in recent years, but I remember in that drama he was always switching from playboy-mode to angst-mode. Whenever I go and watch My Girl, I always feel the need to watch a bit of Arang after it because My Girl just doesn’t fulfill my LJK love.

    • 14.3 Chandler

      OOOOF regarding the UTW issue, yeah. I’ve always had that same problem. Can We Love? is slowly healing me and he’s growing on me more and more, but I do feel like my love for him is very affected by DGCH and always will be. It’s like I have respect for him, but I can never get myself to fan-girl over him.

  15. 15 Jessica

    HAHAHAHAHA JB is being a delusional fangirl. I seriously never thought I would see the day. She sounds like me when I am talking about Chaeki (Moon Chae Won and Song Joong Ki). I wonder what other couples JB and GF secretly ship. Tell us your secrets….

    • 15.1 Chandler

      I’m pretty sure almost every Hong Sister’s pairing…I wonder what that means for Gong Hyo-Jin…

  16. 16 canxi

    Aw man. But My Girl was really crack, though. O__O I remember being hooked on it. In fact that was my first exposure and beginning of my love for Lee Dong Wook !!

  17. 17 Quiet Thought

    Man, for a minute, there, I was mistaking ‘My Girl’ for ‘My Sassy Girl,’ and it really didn’t seem like light romantic material.

  18. 18 cimori

    bring it on . love LDH and LDW . both of them have the loveee chemistry. i can feel it when i watched my girl

  19. 19 Won

    Love these two together. Now, can we just change the promise of the story to cater to these.

  20. 20 consortoflight

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN DRAMA GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21 DayDreamer

    Hahahaha….never thought I’d see the day when Javabeans is massively fangirling over something she didn’t think she was going to fangirl over. Loved Girlfriday’s closing statement.

    Haven’t watched My Girl but maybe now I will? Considering JB liked the main couple so much….my only issue is that I have to see one of my favoritest oppa (Lee Jun Ki) delegated to second lead….and that’s pretty much why I didn’t watch this drama before. Hmm…

  22. 22 BellaMafia

    ahh.. the good ol’ days, when LDH was still looking mighty cute and had chubby cheeks. I like her looked back then.

    • 22.1 Jasmine

      I was really obsessed with her then. Hello! Miss was like an extension of her My Girl character. LDH is exceptional in rom coms (waay better than those melos she’s been in).

    • 22.2 Gabby

      Yeah, the botox or whatever she’s been doing has really zapped her face of its personality. 🙁

  23. 23 vannie

    My Girl was my first kdrama and one of my all time favorite! LDW was the first korean actor I’ve known and still the top in my fav list. This drama was what hooked me to watch kdramas (not so much now though, i just read recaps). If LDW & LDH should team up once more then I’ll definitely find time to watch it.

  24. 24 Nancy

    Drama reunion dreams do come true! My Girl was pretty ridiculous but these two made it cute and worth watching. I can still hear the OST in my head. I hope she confirms soon!

    And what’s left for me is to see Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye.

  25. 25 Fab

    I squeeeealed. I dunno, but I just hold this fond memories of My Girl, it was really enjoyable. I marathoned it like craaaazy, it caused me sleepless nights…:D

    I totally, totally completely crushed on Lee Dong Wook! Pffff <3<3 Aaah good times.

  26. 26 ren

    Omg I was watching My Girl last night and thinking that I wish LDH and LDW would reunite in a newer drama!!! I really hope she signs on!!!

  27. 27 August

    My Girl is one of my all time favorite Kdramas. I just absolutely love it. 🙂

    It introduced me to Lee Jun-Ki, Lee Da-Hae, and Lee Dong-Wook. I wonder and think of them working together again each time I read casting news about projects they are considering or have signed on for.

  28. 28 snow

    Loved them in My Girl..It would be great if they reunite!

  29. 29 Katfish

    Haha. I didn’t realize how common the My Girl love was around here, but i guess it makes sense. Yea it was also one of my first dramas too and I loved it to bits, it’s also why I have a strange never ending love for Lee Da Hae. I’ll watch the first few episodes of any drama she’s in (recently it wad Iris 2 and Miss Ripley) but sadly I just wasn’t feeling the storylines. Buf omg if these two get back together for a drama I will storm through non-sensical and makjang filled plots just to see them get (another) happy ending.

    Come on drama gods, make it happen!

  30. 30 Kristy

    My fav couple back to rock?????well one of my fav couple….
    the first hong sisters drama i watched and loved it…
    both of them have great chem between!

  31. 31 topper

    This can be a My Girl part deux, where the female lead came back with a different face so the hotel chaebol can’t recognize her at first.

    • 31.1 javabeans

      Temptation of My Girl

  32. 32 Rachel

    omg yes yes yes!!!!


  33. 33 gwenee

    come on MBC, make this happen for all of us.

  34. 34 fun-lugha

    I remember my friend was all over LJK whilst for me it was all about LDW…Funny how a manly haircut and a millitary stint can change a girl’s mind! Team LJK oppa for life 😉

  35. 35 tebz10

    Omigosh omigosh! Make this happen now! Shipping these 2 like crazy!

  36. 36 Ela

    My Girl Reloaded! I’m totally on board this ship! They’re one of the cutest drama couples ever.

  37. 37 jam

    my girl was not the best drama out there, but definitely was my fave too (that soft spot as you said). their chemistry was undyingly awesome :’) if they do reunite again, i’m all in!!!

  38. 38 loveydovey

    By God, my answers have been answered!

  39. 39 loveydovey

    Woopsie, “questions”, not “answers”. Too excited here!

  40. 40 loveydovey

    I mean prayers! Long day ><

  41. 41 AnotherFan

    Oh dear Wookie 🙂

  42. 42 pabo ceo reom

    I’m coming out of hibernation just to SQUEEEEEE at the top of my lungs for this post!

    I’m flooded with all the memories of spazzing out in ye olden days watching My Girl. This has got to happen. Like yesterday.

  43. 43 AnotherFan

    Oh JB, you’d watch this just for the pairing!? Seriously? You are not high (when you typed this up), right?

  44. 44 makeupmag

    Let’s not forget the OST – I had it on a loop in my iPod for ages! Made me Google the original classical instrumental piece that features in one of the key songs. I’ve forgotten what it is, so if Beanies could help, I’d be grateful!

    My Girl was the first (and only) boxed K-drama set that I ever bought. Ah, memories: Yoorin in Jeju trying to sell Gongchan his very own mandarins, the lift kiss, the snow globe…

    @javabeans, now you need to write a My Girl K-drama memory lane post!

  45. 45 damai

    I thought that I’m kinda strange as a 22 years old grown girl or woman that still hoping for God to make my fav actors to date in real live, but reading this post I realize that I’m as normal as the owner of this Site.
    Should I thank God for this?

  46. 46 meanrice

    Aawww sweet. This was my third ever drama. And I love it so. Whenever I cant figure out what to watch, I cue up a random ep of this and carry on with life.

  47. 47 marie

    Hope this is all true. I am so excited MG was my first KD loved it

  48. 48 ilikemangos

    LOL JB getting all spazz-worthy about this pairing.
    This is cute.

    But both have changed so much i wonder if the chemistry still holds up after a decade. Probably gonna check this project out, but it’s a weekender? Those scare me.

  49. 49 fillia

    GOSH! Same with JB! I shipped the My Girl couple so hard during those days and I even made them date in my role playing game world LOL. My Girl is one of my classics. I remember everything about that drama, especially that snowglobe, about how Yoorin’s birthday is when it snowing, and that time when Yoorin said that love is not a lie. I definitely want to see them together again.

  50. 50 Chandler

    DAMN IT! I need to stop commenting. I need to go watch. My Girl has always been fairly high up on my list in terms of favorite Hong Sister’s dramas simply because I enjoyed the couple so much. I could care less about the couples from HGD, FC, YAB, and even Best Love getting together in real life, but I was always oddly passionate about these two.

    • 50.1 Chandler

      They’re confirmed!!!! Stoked.

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