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Prime Minister and I: Episode 17 (Final)
by | February 5, 2014 | 219 Comments

We’ve reached the final chapter for Prime Minister and I, and while there aren’t any huge surprises in its last few pages, the show still puts us through the wringer before seeking to tie up its loose ends. I’d also tell you that you’ll need a great deal of patience in this hour for this story to get moving along already, and by that time, it’ll be the end or a new beginning.

But at least you can rest assured that our hero remains true to his admirable and honorable self, going beyond the call of duty when it comes to reconciliation and forgiveness. Because he’s just simply wonderful that way.

Ratings-wise, Prime Minister and I finished off its last week with a 4.9% and 6.1%, respectively.


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After Yul runs into Da-jung in the street and asks if she can live without him, the two take a walk to chat. He tells her that he had contemplated what his life would look like if he didn’t see her anymore, acknowledging that they haven’t known each other for that long, so perhaps the separation wouldn’t be so hard.

But he had also realized that he became afraid and lost confidence at the thought of a life without her. In other words, “I missed you.”

Elsewhere, Na-young drags her feet thinking back to her encounter with her children. Woo-ri had held back angry tears and firmly denied his sister’s claim that the lady before them resembles their mother.

Their mother is dead, Woo-ri had reminded his siblings, then bitterly remarked that if their mother were alive, she definitely would have come back to them earlier. Na-young breaks down in sobs right then and there outside, but did you really think that your children would accept you right away with open arms?

Woo-ri continues to shoot down Na-ra’s suspicions once they’re home, doubting that she even remembers their mother. Na-ra protests that she does, to which oppa argues again that the woman they saw doesn’t resemble Mom at all. And little Man-se pouts by himself that he can’t remember Mom at all. Aw.

Da-jung and Yul end up at the hospital to pay a visit to her father, whom they find presumably still asleep. It dawns on them that something is terribly wrong when Dad doesn’t stir at their attempts to wake him, and Da-jung runs out in a panic to fetch the doctor. Ackkk!

The doctor says Dad went into shock, but thankfully is in stable condition now. Yul insists on staying with Da-jung, adding that the kids are being taken care of. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Na-young recounts her son’s stinging words to Joon-ki and his wife, only for Joon-ki to bark back that she should have been prepared for such a reception. He reminds his sister that she can’t be shaken now if she wants to return to the way things were.

Then Na-young asks Madam Na what she should do if her son hates her, an idea Madam Na finds ridiculous, and then wonders if Woo-ri knows the whole truth including the affair.

Da-jung sees Yul off in the morning and genuinely thanks him. He says there’s no need because Dad is like a father to him too and reminds her to take care of herself before heading out. Are… things okay between you two now? Is it too soon?

As for Dad, he’s better than we’ve ever seen him in this show, but we all know that things tend to get slightly better before they get much worse, like a calm before the storm. His memory is intact today, but he knows that with his dementia and brain tumor, his days are numbered.

So he asks his daughter for his journal so he can write down his memories. Da-jung rifles through her bag for a pen and finds the present from the kids—a wing necklace. Cute. She’s called away though, so Dad takes it upon himself to find it himself and discovers Da-jung’s journal. Oh no—don’t read it!

Curiosity gets the best of him, however, and he reels in shock at the last few entries. Then he confronts Da-jung about it when she returns, demanding an explanation about a contract marriage and Yul’s first wife.

Another confrontation takes place elsewhere as Na-young accuses Yul for telling their son everything while dangling the carrot of letting her see their children in front of her eyes. Why else would Woo-ri be so cold to her? Oy vey, I’d love to be more sympathetic to your character if you weren’t being written so poorly right now.

She refuses to believe that Yul didn’t say anything, but he points out that they both know it’s true, and she’s afraid that Woo-ri won’t take her back. Although Yul doesn’t believe that time heals all things, time is what their son needs right now.

Na-young apologizes for overreacting but before she leaves, Yul says he has one important thing to tell her: “Thank you for being alive.”

Da-jung faces the inevitable conversation with Dad on her own when Yul doesn’t pick up. I’m a little relieved that Dad is in the clearest state of mind right now, though it also makes his disbelief harder to swallow.

Da-jung tells her father that she and Yul are truly in love, but Dad counters that it doesn’t change the fact that the children’s mother is still alive. Da-jung can only hold back tears as Dad asks what compelled her to pull off a sham marriage, and then he realizes, “Was it because of me? Because I’m terminal?”

Then Dad blames himself for everything, telling his daughter that it isn’t her fault. Oh, Dad. He writes a letter to Da-jung in her diary later that night.

As Na-young and In-ho sit beside his brother’s bedside, she says that she feels she’s been greedy lately when the fact that she’s alive and that she could dream to meet her children are miracles themselves. Now she’s prepared to wait for the day Woo-ri will agree to see her and when Su-ho will awake.

Da-jung informs Yul over the phone that her father knows everything, and Yul replies that he’s on his way to handle it. She returns to her father’s room, only to be met with a sadder sight—Dad’s memory has regressed back to her school days, and he’s excited at the idea of playing in the snow with his daughter (it’s not snowing).

Da-jung’s eyes well up in tears in front of her father, but indulges his wish by taking him outside, and he looks up at the sky in awe of the invisible snow.

Apparently In-ho was able to overhear Da-jung’s phone conversation as he wonders to himself how Da-jung’s father found out the truth. But he has more urgent matters to attend to when Na-young rushes out with news that Su-ho recognizes her.

In-ho runs back inside to meet his brother’s eyes looking alert and tearfully asks if his brother recognizes him. Su-ho blinks in response.

Dad fawns over Da-jung out on the roof, smiling at how his pretty daughter needs to get married to a good and considerate man. And on that happy and snowy day, he’ll walk Da-jung down the aisle hand-in-hand.

Da-jung asks her father if he doesn’t remember and sadly notes that they did all of those things on her wedding day. And as she recounts the wonderful memories of that day, Dad’s head lolls and his hand drops. Oh no no no no, is he dead?

Da-jung turns to her father and when he doesn’t respond, she cries over his lifeless body. This is how Yul finds her, arriving a minute too late.

Sometime later, Yul pays his respects to Dad, uttering the only words he can muster: “I’m sorry.”

Downstairs, Da-jung assures the children that Dad’s passing isn’t the end, because he’s still alive in their hearts. It’s touching how broken up they are, and Na-ra tells her little brother that they’ll never see Grandpa again, just like Mom.

Man-se asks big bro if that’s true, and Woo-ri answers that though they can’t see Grandpa, they can go to see Mom.

Da-jung does her best to keep it together and Yul tells her that it’s okay for her to just cry. Fighting tears, she says it’s okay if Dad didn’t forgive her and was angry with her, but she can’t forgive herself of the guilt for leaving matters unresolved with him.

As Da-jung silently packs up Dad’s things at the hospital, she reads through his journal and breaks down sobbing when she sees pages filled with her own name. Gah, I’m not crying, my eyes are just a little sweaty today.

Yul is proud of Woo-ri for taking the brave step to meet his mother, having come to the realization that he wouldn’t be able to if she dies (er, again. Too soon?). Na-young walks towards her son hesitantly, and then mother and son share a tearful embrace.

Joon-ki understands that it’ll take some time before Na-young is reunited with the younger children. He takes back his words about Na-young being accepted back into the family, and asks if Yul would accept his apology for his wrongdoings.

Yul asks jokingly if Joon-ki would be able to if he thought about everything he did. There’s hope for their friendship yet, but Yul admits that it’ll be some time before they can return to the ways things once were. Before Joon-ki leaves, Yul gives one last piece of advice, telling Joon-ki not to let the person by his side grow lonely.

The Scandal News Team converse about recent events, wondering what will happen to Da-jung once her husband is unemployed. That’s when Da-jung shows up at their door and tells them not to worry about her, then drops off the box with Dad’s belongings.

That’s because Da-jung plans on taking a trip in memory of her father, and she congratulates In-ho on the happy news that Su-ho is awake now. He considers it a miraculous present from her father, words that warm her heart.

She hasn’t told Yul about her travels yet and she doesn’t know how long it will be for yet. That’s a little unsettling—don’t be gone for years now!

After In-ho recaps Yul’s schedule for his last day as prime minister, he asks if Yul knew about Da-jung’s travel plans. He isn’t surprised to hear Yul didn’t know about it, and asks if Yul shouldn’t try to stop her from leaving. What if she doesn’t return?

Yul cuts him off, saying that he’s reminded of the words that there’d come a day when they’d pay the price for their contract marriage. So even if Da-jung were to never return, Yul doesn’t feel right about preventing her from leaving.

Later that evening, Yul returns to the estate to spend his final night there. He takes a leisurely stroll down memory lane as he walks through the courtyard, sits in the now empty study, and even breaks into a smile in the bedroom, thinking back to his promise never to let Da-jung’s hand go.

As Yul surveys the rest of the estate, he hears a voice call out behind him—it’s Da-jung. Not to far off, In-ho runs into Hye-joo, who has resigned from her position to carve out her own path. She’s told that she won’t be able to accompany Yul tonight because he has another guest.

At the dining table Da-jung interviews Yul on how he feels about his final night at the estate. Yul answers that it hasn’t hit him yet, and she replies it hasn’t for her either. He says he doesn’t regret the time he’s spent here because he learned so many things from Da-jung in that brief period of time.

At the mention of Da-jung’s trip, Yul asks if she has to leave. Da-jung answers, “If our destinies cross again in the future, if we can have a true beginning, I’ll take your hand then.” She tells Yul to take care of himself until then and that she was happy about their time together before taking her leave.

Yul bids goodbye to the ministers and his staffers the following morning as he leaves the estate for the last time. He casts one final look back before he climbs into the car.

We flashforward to about a year later (but don’t count on the show to tell you that right away) and Hye-joo is now a newly-elected member of the National Assembly and gets mobbed by the press.

Elsewhere, Joon-ki and Yul watch their children playing together with a smile. Yul is readying himself for an upcoming presidential election and asks for Joon-ki’s help. Joon-ki firmly says he can’t be seen standing up against the rich when his father-in-law is a chaebol… but he will help in secret.

Joon-ki takes a teasing stab at Yul, saying that Yul doesn’t have anybody beside him to assume the role of First Wife. At least things have changed for the better between Joon-ki and his own wife because they now have a second child.

Yul declines a dinner invitation on account of having previous plans and picks up a children’s book on a cartoon frog character. And what do you know, Da-jung is the book’s author, now back in Korea after her trip around the world for her father’s death anniversary. Uh oh, why am I getting Mi-rae’s Choice flashbacks?

While the Scandal News team excuses themselves for an interview, Da-jung goes through the box of Dad’s belongings. She’s able to read her father’s journal with a sad smile and finds his last letter to her in her own.

Tears fall from her eyes as she reads that Dad’s greatest wish wasn’t for her to get married, but to see her happy and smiling. “Da-jung, be happy with Yul, whom you love so much. Though your beginning wasn’t love, but I trust that the end will be love.”

Then Da-jung goes to visit her father’s urn at a columbarium as we hear her narrate her achievements to Dad that she’s now an author. She looks up… and sees a copy of her book already tucked inside the glass case, and then smiles in realization.

Aw, In-ho is still working for Yul, who’s told that his appointment is running late, so they’ll move up the next interview. Then In-ho walks away with a knowing smirk.

Yul checks the time on his watch, reminded of Da-jung’s words of how she wishes time will continue for him. And who should be his next appointment but Da-jung herself, who calls him the familiar “prime minister” title before correcting herself.

Da-jung formally introduces herself and requests an interview with the presidential candidate for her upcoming book entitled—wait for it—Prime Minister and I. Wait a minute—this isn’t happening again, is it? I thought I was done with the drama-to-book title meta references!

Yul asks who the protagonist is, and she says both characters are. When he asks how long the interview will take, she asks teasingly if he plans on only giving her ten minutes of his time.

He agrees to offer his services, though, he doesn’t know how much help he’ll be, and Da-jung extends her hand to officially introduce herself. Yul takes it and Da-jung says, “Then shall we begin?”


A handshake. Really?! *breathes deeply* For a show teasing the audience with alluring and enticing skinship moments for most of its run, we sure got a tame third act and an even politer ending in that department. So I held onto the hope that if we must wade through forty-five minutes of angst in the finale, then at least the last fifteen minutes will be puking happy unicorns and rainbows for our main couple. Because what other purpose would you have for an extra hour besides fanservice for the viewers, right? Ha ha ha… ha.

I do realize though that it isn’t the handshake itself that bothers me, because I see the narrative continuity of Yul and Da-jung’s reunion, since taking each other’s hand is a motif of the show, and ties into Da-jung’s parting words that she would take Yul’s hand if they could start anew later on. To that end, I would still classify this reunion as a happy ending in dramaland and a new beginning for this couple, but that still doesn’t change how I personally feel let down to start at square one again after being a witness to this couple’s journey and seeing just how far they’ve come; to have exhausted so much emotional energy for so many episodes, only to limp towards the finish line.

It really is a pity then that the show chose to place so much emphasis on the dramatic conflict of Na-young’s reappearance and reconciliation. By placing a spotlight on Na-young, not only did the romance take a large step backwards (which is to be expected in the latter portion of a romantic comedy, provided it takes two steps forward later on), I also feel that it drew attention away from the children and family unit, whom I’ve grown to love and who adopted new family dynamics. Thus the familial focus of building something new was crumbled down so that reconciliation could take place.

That may be why I also felt a disconnect when Na-young was finally reunited with Woo-ri, because while I was so proud of Woo-ri for stepping up to the plate, I still felt it was all too soon. And then there’s the fact that the other reunions took place offscreen and we jumped ahead to a happier future. Then I also felt a small bitterness of how Na-young presumably got her happy ending, and Yul had to do even more waiting. I’m glad that there’s hope for Na-young yet in the future, and yet, couldn’t we have been granted a happier ending for our main couple as well?

Then our heroine in Da-jung felt even more distanced than ever, of which I feel we can blame the writing for giving us yet another classic case of noble idiocy, separation, and tossing in an arbitrary trip ’round the world like every drama ever. I knew that Prime Minister and I didn’t seek to carve out its own path in the rom-com genre, which is why I don’t feel as disappointed in that regard, knowing that the show wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel. While I could attribute Da-jung’s reason for leaving this time was to cope her grief, I still can’t help that the trip itself felt pretty lame in terms of character development in the end. And the less we talk about the author and book bit, the better, methinks.

Still, Yul is the saving grace of this show in both his rounded out character and romance with Da-jung. I’m so happy that we got to see Yul dream higher as a presidential candidate to make a difference and remained true to his principles. Furthermore, it was so nice to be able to see two decent people fall in love and cultivate a mature relationship, where both parties were thoughtful, considerate, appreciative, and respectful towards each other—such rare qualities in dramaland nowadays. We could see how much Yul and Da-jung cherished each other and didn’t take the other’s presence in their lives for granted.

That’s why despite the sluggish latter third of the show that keeps this series from being pitch-perfect, I’m reminded of all the refreshingly funny, heartwarming, and contemplative moments in Yul and Da-jung and those three adorable kids. Goodness knows that we’ve never gotten a sexier politician than in Yul, and it might take one thousand and one nights (or more) for that appeal to wear off, if ever.


219 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tebz10

    As much as I despise the not-dead mom, I cried when she finally got to meet Woori, though I think I was crying more for Woori than for mom. And props to Kwon Yul for staying classy throughout this not-dead wife ordeal.

    Though I’m disappointed at the lack of skinship in this finale, I’m more disappointed at the lack of interaction between Da-jung and the kids. How did they explain to the kids Da-jung’s year long disappearance from their lives? Did they tell them the whole story? These kids are going to need some serious therapy.

    Despite the shortcomings of the finale, PM&I will hold a special place in my heart. Overall, it still is a decent rom-com that caught me by surprise and brought me warm fuzzies. I’ll miss this beautiful Kwon family.

    • 1.1 skelly

      You – and gummimochi – are much kinder and more charitable than I could possibly be. I am angry with the writers – they let the kids down, they let the romance down, they let the sweet new family down, all for the sake of a truly weak and miserable excuse for a human being.
      Why did this suddenly become the Na-Young show, where this woman – who still has no good reason for abandoning her husband and three children for years – gets everything she could ever possibly want? How on earth is that supposed to be satisfying, and what possible message are they trying to convey – that no matter how terrible you are as a mother, all is forgiven because you had them in the first place? I just don’t get it, and after such a cute and fun start this leaves a bitter finish. I’ll never watch anything from these writers again, at least not live.

      • 1.1.1 Gia W

        I COMPLETELY AGREE! Omg, I was so annoyed that they spend so much time on Na Young story, its like writers just lost focus. What a let down…it was such a good drama until these last few episodes… I still would rate the drama high, up till episode 15. This is the second drama in a raw for KBS that totally disappointed me…I am thinking I will not watch any KBS dramas alive… Even though this is better than Mi Rae’s Choice as far as giving us better hope for happy ending… I feel so robbed…

      • 1.1.2 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

        I Agree completely
        …………. really that’s the ending after alllll that that was the ending ….. Ughhhh…..
        .. Lol just have to remind myself I only watched it 4 Yoon Shi Yoon 😃 Love You YOON SHI YOON 😘😘😘😘😘😘

        • chhavi

          this unexpected and boring ending has really broke my heart….but I completely agree with you that yes,…me too has just watched it for the cutie pie Yoon Shi Yoon

          • Sammie!! K drama fan!

            Yoon shi Yoon! how I wish he got together with Da jung!!!

        • Thursdaynexxt

          Yep, YSY’s the reason I started watching, and the reason I kept watching.

          I’m glad his character got enough time to find resolution on his one-sided love towards Da-jung and his misguided revenge, and come out a decent guy.

          (tho if Su-ho woke up and got together with Na-young, she’d become In-ho’s sis-in-law. If Yul still let In-ho work for him even after that, I admire Yul even more!)

          There was just not enough YSY in it for me. I went back to re-watching Me Too, Flower to get my fix!

      • 1.1.3 Nick Beacham Watts

        Oh I do so feel your pain and frustration! Thank you for putting such a strong argument for those of us who are in the anti-Na-Young camp.The leads were excellent and indeed I think the casting generally was hard to fault. The children were adorable and funny as was Da-jaung’s interaction with and love for them. At no point did I feel she was pushing herself to consider them or care for them out of obligation – because she was taking their father for herself – this made real the new-family dynamics. Those of us who loved this rom-com so much did so as much for the happy new-family, a family made whole, as for the romance.
        I don’t begrudge NY her chance to redeem herself with her children, nor their chance to reconcile with her before their childhood ceased but I do think the children would have been happier had she remained ‘dead’ and DJ had continued to give them motherly love and close attention. Finally, I have to say I was disappointed by the slipshod subs. Not only were words omitted but the English idioms and metaphors were mixed and the grammar was poor – but that applies to the title too.

    • 1.2 Whatsthescenario

      I seriously hated the ending and because of it, the good feeling I had for this drama was gone with it. The writers never really allowed Da Jung and the PM to have a true dating story, they were always interrupted by his stubbornness, foolish political scenarios, In Ho’s revenge plot. They also had the perfect plot device with 1001 Nights, Scheherazade and the Arabian Prince. Why not let that play out? So in the end, when they brought out the dead mommy card, I knew we would never get the ending we wanted.

      I have no problem with Dead Mom reuniting with her kids, but in essence that solves the problem. No? There’s no need to worry about taking someone’s place. She abandoned being next to the PM and her kids. So I don’t understand Da Jun’s guilt that led to her Noble idiot decision to leave. There’s no need for a new start because only a few people new the real truth! Her contract marriage was never revealed to the public, so they could have just carried on where they left off. Even start dating in earnest, while still being “married”.

      I also hate that she was so willing to leave Man Se without really explaining to him what was going on.

      The drama started off as a lovely rom-com, but got bogged down in a melo with no real way to resolve the made-up conflict.

      I ask again, does Lee Beom-soo not kiss in dramas? He did this to me in History of a Salaryman too.

      • 1.2.1 Whatsthescenario

        I got my character names mixed up, please forgive me. But My point remains.

      • 1.2.2 Bora

        You have to remember, though, that Da Jung went for her year trip mainly because of her Dad finding out. So she had to sort through her feelings and whether she should be with Kwon Yul when her Dad had disapproved. Also I guess there would need to be time for the divorce and everything to do go through so it makes sense that she took a break. It was clear that Yul was looking out for her during that time. I’m guessing she kept in contact with the kids and that they would have been told she needed space cos her dad died.

        I liked the ending, their smiles were very sweet and content, they looked like they belonged. And it was nice the link in with the holding hands. Having said that, it would have been better if there had been one more scene – with the kids and Kwon Yul and Da Jung as a family and kiss/hug.

        • zzyx

          I agree with you. Yul needed to sort out his divorce with Na Young and Da Jung needs time for herself. She spent most of her time taking care of her dad, and when she married Yul she took care of the kids and even Yul. This time she got a time off, solely for herself, to do what she wants most which is to write. The ending may not be a huge happy ending but it was a good one. Like what she said before she left, when they meet again they will have a true beginning and she will hold his hand this time. That’s what happened, they started again, this time no contracts, a true beginning. How they smiled at each other is and held each others hand tells us that they got their happy ending. They are together now, no more contract hijinks, no more surprises (the not-so-dead wife), just the two of them.

          And as far as I know, not all Korean series have a very good ending, it was a happy ending but not what we expected so I wasn’t that surprised for this one.

          Can we have a President and I story? Too soon? Hoping here 🙂

      • 1.2.3 azabaz

        Hahaha….he kisses just fine in movies…I guess dramas are a bit more conservative unless if it’s from the cable channel. If you haven’t watched it, watch The Descendents of Hong Gil Dong. He was so cool in that. Even Lee Si Young was cute as the crazy girlfriend…..

        Plus, he did kiss in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee……pity huh that he did not get a proper kiss in this drama. 😀

      • 1.2.4 angel101

        I think what international drama watchers fail to consider is that KY is still a legally married man, and that his first wife and mother of his three children is found alive. NDJ is now the ‘other woman.’ These facts take precedence over everything else, including how awful PNY is as a wife/mother, at least in Korea.

        KY is working in political circles. His life will always, always be in the limelight. Will it make sense for an upcoming president to marry his ‘mistress,’ the one responsible for the break up of his previous family with three children?!

        NDJ had to leave KY and his children until everything is sorted out – she can not be with them, and it is not as simple as NDJ leaving the house. NDJ has to be shown as someone who did NOT in anyway influenced KY and his children’s decisions about PNY. This is to satisfy cultural conventions and society’s sensibilities. PNY’s actions is not public knowledge, but her position in the family is – PNY is first and still legal wife plus biological mother.

        The part where KIH asked NDJ why she is being a coward – the narrative purpose is NOT to encourage her to go after KY, but to SHOW that she is not willing to break up the marriage/family even if NDJ loves KY.

        If NDJ is shown as someone who stayed by KY’s and the children’s side through it all (international will see it as only divorce that had to happen; but Korea will see it as ‘breaking up of a family) like most international fans wants and expects – then drama production would have to kill off NDJ’s character, she’ll end up as KY’s true love/pure love that was never meant to be… because NDJ and KY will never be allowed to end up together.

        • Nick Beacham Watts

          No sorry the ‘mistress’ as you style her was NOT the one responsible for the break up of his previous family with three children. The break up happened 7 years previously and was a mixture of marital breakdown and spousal infidelity on the mother’s part!
          The cultural/social norms you cite are apposite, but I think these are changing now, not so far nor so fast as they have done in Japan. In my view it is high time they changed just as it is time the conglomerates/chaebols are broken up. Not for nothing is the Korean President impeached and government in crisis.

    • 1.3 jennipoh

      I think we need to rename this drama “The Prime Minister’s ‘Dead’ Wife or Me?”

      • 1.3.1 Nkolika -Nigeria

        Or better still the Prime minister and his dead wife.

    • 1.4 J

      Honestly….I just discovered this drama and finished it and I’m just staring blankly like “That’s it?” I loved the show but this finale just felt like a waste. The dead mom was just a pain and it’s like after going through all that we’re ending with a handshake a year later? What about Dajung and the kids? Sigh…I was so disappointed because this drama was truly enjoyable and had me entertained until the end just hit me like a truck. I had heard about the ending being rather disappointing but I kept watching because Dajung’s relationship with the kids, Yul’s character, and the sweet romantic moments really stood out. Writers please, this was one of the most bitter endings I’ve seen and the sad part is I loved the show, faults and all, but this finale took away some of that enjoyment.

    • 1.5 Ace

      Ok so after re-watching the finale again I suppose the way it ended was fitting in its own right. However, it’s times like these, especially dramas with such a strong family focus, when you just can’t help but wish for a follow up. A special episode would have been amazing to show a glimpse of what happens after that handshake. The Christmas episode was one of my favorites from this drama and it just feels like a shame that we couldn’t see that lovable family one more time. The way each child grew to care for and depend on Da Jung made this show really shine but of course it had to spoiled by the return of the first wife (is it obvious that I’m not very fond of her?) and ruined the relationship that had formed through such conflict and struggle. I will still remember this drama for the touching moments it had and the entertaining story it told but I can’t help but wish for a little more.

  2. Ivoire

    Thank you so much for the recap, and for staying with this series. I really liked LBS, Yoona and YSY in this drama.

    • 2.1 Ivoire

      I just saw that I mispelled Yoon-ah, sorry!

      • 2.1.1 topper

        It’s not exactly wrong. For example the figure skater Kim Yeon Ah stylizes her name internationally as Kim Yuna. Same for Yoona.

        • Ivoire

          Oh OK, and thank you for clarifying that for me. I thought I had seen Yoona spelled that way, which was why I did as well.

  3. angel101

    That said, there is possibly interference that happened but it is probably not the age gap or YoonA’s idol status. NDJ and KY had lip smacks, body slams (usually by NDJ), hugging, and sleeping on the same bed in the earlier episodes. If either the age gap or YoonA’s idol status were really such an issue that they couldn’t go beyond that, then they could just have done more of the same. Or just ended the series with the Kwon family together with NDJ. Or even just KY and NDJ officially together as a couple at the very least.

    But the series ended with NDJ and KY starting over – while the possibility of KY and NDJ ending up together is there, it is way too vague as compared to KY and NDJ together already as a couple. It is like the series refuses to show a definite happy ending (as a couple or as a family) for KY and NDJ, and instead opted for just a possibility of it. So the cause of the interference might have something to do more with the first wife and biological mother PNY being alive, which is all the more irritating because even PNY got a relatively good ending like everyone else. But it seriously seemed like KY and NDJ got punishments instead – NDJ’s dad found out the truth and then died, KY officially stepped down from his position as prime minister, KY and NDJ were no longer together, NDJ leaving, and the children not having NDJ in their lives…

    Watching the last two episodes with English subtitles would definitely help in understanding more about the two episodes though, especially if taking into consideration the culture of it all. Most still makes sense as their characters, in the narrative feature, and mostly in a cultural aspect. Basically, in trying to tell an unconventional story (the inclusion of first wife in the narrative, definitely not the age gap)… the last two episodes had to suffer satisfying cultural conventions.

    Anyways, I still think the series is really good… But still kind of sad because it really has the potential to be even more. *sigh*

    • 3.1 angel101

      I forgot to say…

      Even though I have some issues with how the first wife was handled in the series, I still think that the last two episodes are still relatively good…

      Prime Minister and I is now one of my favorite Korean dramas of all time!

      • 3.1.1 ayu

        Me too…luv this series

  4. Elvira

    Handshake ending.
    Factor Seung Gi?

    • 4.1 topper

      Connection is absurd.

    • 4.2 Mandy

      That’s just ridiculous. What has Seung-gi got to do with this?

      • 4.2.1 theflibbet

        he’s dating yoon ah

        • Macy

          Didn’t stop him from kissing Suzy in Gu Family Book.

    • 4.3 docster6

      Lee Seung Gi and Suzi had a steamy kiss in Gu family Book. There is no way he could complain about a kiss in Prime Minister and I (which didn’t real happen).

      • 4.3.1 tigerl21

        They weren’t dating at that time- not until about four months later. That aside, it wouldn’t be Lee Seung Gi complaining- it would be the netizens and YoonA fans.

        • yeng

          if that is the reason there is no skinship,then it is pretty ridiculous. There are many actor and actress that are married, and they still show great chemistry and skinship as needed on the screen. If they are going to be actor and actress, they have to be professional and put their personal factor aside. For example, Lee Bo Young did the kiss scene in I hear your voice before she got married. And many other actress and actor also do the same.

          • rachel o

            It is what caused the end of Mi Rae’s choice to be so whacky. The CN Blue second lead’s fans. I agree with you about it just being a professional thing (skinship) but I really think is has nothing to do with the actors/actresses preference.

            As a Westerner, I don’t get it, but this is pretty Serious stuff apparently to these local fans.

  5. JD

    Prime Minister & I was honestly a breath of fresh air. Korean dramas these days heavily focus on the romance arc, and everything else supports that romantic storyline. What I loved about this drama was that it centered on the importance of family. The story is heartwarming, and each character was brought to life. Nam Dajung & Kwon Yul’s character were really well-written. I loved how our hero is brought by his own principles, and is never swayed by other externalities. On the other hand, we have a heroine who is kindhearted, warm, and selfless. She’s always thinking of others first, and because of that I have a lot of respect for her character. Like I said previously, I am so against the typical “leaving your loved ones for the sake of other people” motif that happens often on kdramas, however, the act of sacrifice was understandable through her character because of her background and who she is.

    After reflecting for a while, my viewpoint of the ending has somewhat changed. I’m more than happy that we got THE happy ending, but like everyone else, I wished that the reunion was sealed with a kiss. Or some sort of other spazzworthy romantic gesture, like a deep hug or something. Instead, we got a handshake. Haha. I have to admit, a day later, I really liked how the writers ended the drama. I mean, this couple was deprived of dating experiences. They went straight to the altar. She straight away became the children’s mum, and his wife. Everything was hasty, and a blur. However, the fresh start was I think what everyone needed. This drama was always centered around family, and I’m glad that it didn’t lose that plot until the end. Though I wasn’t too pleased on the reappearance of Nayoung, I am glad at how everything ended. I honestly don’t think Nayoung was needed to be back, because I felt Dajung had worked her way up to be a mother to the children. But I guess, this twist is a bittersweet one, and brought closure to a lot of misunderstandings, which is a plus.

    Lastly, I have to say, the actors were all brilliant. Yoona has improved tremendously since her Love Rain & Cinderella Man days. She’s great in this drama. Looking forward to her next project, as well as Lee Beomsoo, Yoon Shiyoon, etc.

    • 5.1 pogo

      I actually thought Yoona was ok in Love Rain, she has a natural screen presence and does very well at lighter moments even if the brunt of the heavy emotional lifting is usually done by her costar – Jang Geun-seok and now Lee Beom-soo. That said, she’s getting much better at the emotional bits, even if her character frustrated me half to death with noble idiocy towards the end (which is not the actress’ fault).

      • 5.1.1 scbound

        I liked her in Love Rain too.

        • JD

          Oh I liked her in Love Rain too. I was just complimenting her on her improvements in every project that she tackles. You can see that she expresses herself more comfortably in PM&I, more so than her previous dramas, which is always good to see 🙂

    • 5.2 Mayisoon

      I feel the exact opposite. I really hate how every kdrama contract relationship must be eventually revealed and broken (contract marriages have divorces, contract dating has separation). Why couldn’t they date while married? Is it really so important that a relation START properly by this rigid idea of a relationship beginning with no initial ending terms? Given how KY described every marriage as a contract (and JK ended up happy in the initially one-sided marriage of his own), I was hoping we could avoid this. Coming from the Sweet 18 writer (one of my nostalgic favorites), I feel I deserved better than these lackluster last 4 episodes.

    • 5.3 docster6

      It is good to reflect as you have suggested. I think most fans were unhappy because the ending didn’t read like a storybook with pictures. Even a man as smart as Kwon Yul had to ask for Nam Da Jung’s interpretation for the ending of 1001 Arabian Nights. “Did the writer run out of ideas after 1000 stories? Why did the Sultan decide to not kill his latest wife?” So the ending of this drama is more along that train of thought, that we have to reflect on it. Now that I have reflected, I am happy with the ending because the contract marriage was started the same way at the polluted river, where Nam Da Jung was told not to run away from challenges and she held out her hand in the same exact manner and shook Kwon Yul’s hand. After she was saved by Yul from the oncoming truck, she recounted all her moments with Yul and concluded that she was doing her best for his family because of him and that the early handshake felt unusually warm. I am letting this new handshake take me to their REAL MARRIAGE of substance. I am happy and now I can rest.

      • 5.3.1 skelly

        @docster, I think your method of reflection is the only way to be happy with this story. Like you, most people are interpreting the story and creating fanfic, either in their head or online, to make up for what the story lacked.

        • rachel o

          @skelly I could not agree more. I don’t hate this drama or anything, but it was not ended properly. Writer’s leaving us to imagine is cop out lol.

  6. Petitedov

    Thank you for the re-cap. My thoughts exactly. What was the point of all that angst & wonderful interaction only to end up with a effin handshake?!? I don’t even mind the lack of skin ship if there was more family dynamics shown. Grrrrr. So much potential wasted.

    • 6.1 KDaddict

      Very disappointed w the final 2 eps.
      Attention is drawn towards NY; the OTP don’t get to spend any time together; we won’t even mention kinship; DJ and the kids don’t even get to meet!

      It’s not like anyone in the show or watching care about NY. Of course she provides the conflict, and that IMO is the weak link in this show–a conflict created by one woman’s irrational, hurtful decisions that make no sense. Why the writer feels compelled to give her so much screen time and good fortune towards the end is anybody’s guess!

      Love LBS very much and the first half of this show. Yoona is really sweet here. It’s such a shame that YSY gets so little to do, and Lee Min Ho even less!

      • 6.1.1 Minea

        Yes, about Na Young. The last few episodes revolved around her (which I couldn’t care less about). Goodness! When did this suddenly become HER show?

        I’m just frustrated that this could have been THE romcom of all romcoms but, unfortunately, it jumped off the cliff and nose-dived into the pool of kdrama WTFery in the last stretch. *sigh* PNY’s character managed to derail my OTP train in one fell swoop.

      • 6.1.2 valleydale

        I have to agree wholeheartedly. Na Young’s storyline was like something out of left field, and continued to be a disconcerting element in the arc of Yool and Da Jung from that point onward. Really, the character of Na Young made little sense, and engendered little cause for sympathy. Every time I looked at her, I’d think to myself, “You walked away from your INFANT son and two other children for a MAN? And stayed away for seven years? Really?” How am I supposed to give a rat’s ass about this woman such that I’ll not be royally pissed off by how much ink is being wasted on selling her part of the drama? The entire relationship between our OP essentially grounded to a halt when she reappeared. And after we’d been treated to such a hopeful and gratifying story arc two thirds of the way through…All the fun (not to mention the funny) left the building. No COM, and precious little ROM was left of this ROM-COM. Such wasted opportunity.

        The whole time I was watching the finale, I had that ever stronger sinking feeling I’ve experienced at the end of too many K-dramas–that I had expended all those hours watching, and investing emotion into these characters, only to be short-changed by an anemic ending to their journey.
        I don’t like having to twist my thinking into a logic pretzel in order to accommodate a story that’s lost focus, or worse, seems have been emotionally abandoned by its writers. And I think I’m going to scream if I have to suffer through another whose long-story-short endings involves a heroine that goes away for a year of “healing and reflection”.

        And after all that, a handshake. So not satisfying…

  7. moondust

    I must be one of the rare ones who liked the ending. PM&I is like moscato, sweet and mellow.

    • 7.1 Minea

      I’m glad that you liked the ending. I think the ending was okay although I definitely found it lukewarm in comparison to the earlier episodes where it was boiling over with cuteness and romance.

      I think what I’m most disappointed with is that the drama hit the ground running and managed to sustain this zippy romantic and comedic story until it decided to smoke something and puff out melodrama smoke in the last few episodes. I get it that they all had a happy ending but for crying out loud can’t they show it to us instead of resolving those in the background? And the handshake? Woo.Hoo. A hug after the handshake would have been perfect with either (or both) of them saying “I missed you”. I would have been satisfied with that even without a kiss. (Although the absence of a kiss is still debatable. Heck, even Disney’s Frozen had a proper kiss considering it’s geared towards kids as well. Are we in the Victorian era?)

      Sorry to ride on your comment. But when I started typing, my hands took over and ranted in auto pilot.

      Anyway, I still love it and think it’s one of the best romcoms I’ve watched (categorically, that is). (And I discovered Lee Beom-soo and fell in love with him and his acting.)

    • 7.2 zzyx

      I think there are only a select few who truly liked the ending, me included. The series does not solely focus on a romantic comedy theme, it is also a slice of life and about family. It was a bit sad that we haven’t witnessed the reunion of Da Jung and the kids but I know they will have one. There were many unanswered questions like how did they explain to the kids that Da Jung was leaving, was it really not been made public that Na Young was alive? How did the divorce happen if it wasn’t.. But despite all that, I’m still satisfied how it all ended. I’m even glad for Madam Na, she had her happy ending as well. 🙂

      Like what I said in my previous comment, can we have them back as couple on another series entitled “President and I”? That would be awesome and it might and will answer all our questions haha!

    • 7.3 jisei_keji

      I really liked the ending. I understand that the others wanted that fairy tale ending where the main characters end the series with a wedding or a kiss. But this is far the most realistic series I have seen. We can’t have that template ending, right? We have to understand the meaning of Na Da Jeong’s words: “We have started the wrong way”. The ending is just a beginning. And there’s no doubt that because these two people wanted to start off things normally. I hope there’s a sequel indeed.

  8. sher

    I was hoping that joon ki would end up with that secretary

  9. topper

    The funny thing is Na Young got the best ending for a character in the drama, when she was the cheating wife. She got her kids back, and her lover too.

    • 9.1 alua

      Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon in k-dramas. The most awful of characters often walk away with a) either no consequences to any of their actions (they are just ‘forgiven’ and all’s good) and/or b) a happier ever after than the OTP.

      A Thousand Kisses comes to mind again…. *rolls eyes*

      • 9.1.1 Yeng

        I am actually happy with Na Young’s reunion with her family. Yes, she is very selfish and wrong to have abandoned her family. But I think forgiving and letting go is the theme here, and she is reflection on it. she is not asking her spot to be his wife again, and she is very thankful to NDJ. It shows that both prime minister and NDJ care for the people they love, which are the kids. This shared similarly or them kinda show us that they are really good together. I really like the Prime minister’s choice to be so rational, saying that she is still going to be the mother of their kids, but not her wife anymore. However, I am really frustrated with NDJ for the last 2 or 3 episode that she decided to run away even though he tried so hard to show her he want to be with her. She is not really putting herself in his shoes, and this made it harder on him. The death of NDJ’s father just suck for me. I was hoping that he would die understanding that NDJ is happy with prime minister and he is going to protect her. The elapsed time, which many dramas do, is the worse here. So she ran away, and time just goes by, then she comes back and can finally face him again, handshake……

        • angel101

          KY is working in political circles. His life will always, always be in the limelight. Will it make sense for an upcoming president to marry his ‘mistress,’ the one responsible for the break up of his previous family with three children?!

          NDJ had to leave KY and his children until everything is sorted out – she can not be with them, and it is not as simple as NDJ leaving the house. NDJ has to be shown as someone who did NOT in anyway influenced KY and his children’s decisions about PNY. This is to satisfy cultural conventions and society’s sensibilities. PNY’s actions is not public knowledge, but her position in the family is – PNY is first and still legal wife plus biological mother.

          The part where KIH asked NDJ why she is being a coward – the narrative purpose is NOT to encourage her to go after KY, but to SHOW that she is not willing to break up the marriage/family even if NDJ loves KY.

          If NDJ is shown as someone who stayed by KY’s and the children’s side through it all (international will see it as only divorce that had to happen; but Korea will see it as ‘breaking up of a family) like most international fans wants and expects – then drama production would have to kill off NDJ’s character, she’ll end up as KY’s true love/pure love that was never meant to be… because NDJ and KY will never be allowed to end up together.

    • 9.2 valleydale

      Yeah. So NOT FAIR!

  10. 10 SmileYou

    I have seen a lot of comments from people disappointed with the drama and poor reviews. As for me, I liked PM&I a lot, even the ending. Yes, it could have been a lot better, but it was still enjoyable. The only thing I would like to see in the finale episode was some family time. I would have liked to see Da Jeong being real part of Kwon family, being called ‘Mom’ by the kids and ‘Honey’ by Yul (it was really annoying how the were still calling each other Mr./Mrs.). None of those things happened, but I was satisfied with the idea of a fresh start, not just for the mains, but for everybody. I felt bad for Da Jeong’s Dad but I realized that I should have been prepared for his death from the very beginning, I really loved this funny Dad. The father-daughter moments were heartbreaking but very precious, I almost cried when Da Jeong read message from him. I liked how the conflict between Yul and Joon Ki stopped and how Hye Joo got to be on her own now. Da Jeong finally wrote her first book and got back with Yul, it was an happy ending, even if the sudden departure is a cliche.

    In other words, I am glad I gave Prime minister and I a chance, I loved Kwon family a lot.

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recaps.

    I hated the cop-out lame, weak assed ending. Absolutely idiotic considering the skinship and consideration they showed each other the whole series.

    I understand conflicts. But the whole NY storyline shouldn’t have been dragged to the end.

    The shining thing I took from this drama? Kwon Yul rocks, or rather he exude sexiness. I can rewatch it just to watch him thaw and fall in love. Now that is a man.

    • 11.1 pogo

      I know, a hug would have been nice. Or a reunion with the children, if you HAVE to have an excuse for the lack of overt skinship. *sigh*

      I really liked this series, I just wish it actually took advantage of its OTP’s awesome chemistry a bit more.

  12. 12 angel101

    I don’t consider Kwon Yul as the saving grace of the show though… Park Na Young is his supposedly-dead-wife after all. If only he made sure that Park Na Young was really truly dead, then this whole drama debacle of Nam Da Jung being made the other woman wouldn’t happen. Hmp.

    • 12.1 megumi

      i don’t know how you can blame kwon yul for that, even if he declared her dead through the papers it wouldn’t have mattered to da jung if she found out na young was indeed alive, and as we all know na young would have been found out one way or another because of her stupid decision to stay in the country and take care of in ho’s brother everyday, even if na young was declared dead by yul and na young came back again in their lives da jung would still have felt the same way and would have taken the same action she took in this drama, even if yul declared na young dead and everybody later found out that she was indeed alive like in this drama, people would have still called na young the wife and da jung the other woman.

      • 12.1.1 angel101

        Then Kwon Yul should have tried harder finding the body then… To at least have that closure and finality.

  13. 13 Gaeina Lee

    Ahhh, the ending.. *sigh*

    I love LBS more and more, and YSY and Ryu Jin too.. and become a new fan of Yoona and CJA through this. Thanks for your wonderful writing to recap this drama, Gummi~!

  14. 14 Ivoire

    I apologize for asking this so late, however I had a question about something gummimochi wrote in the ep. 5 recap. There, she wrote this, “(A bit of history: In 1866, French troops seized 297 volumes from Gwanghwado Island in a campaign, and the two countries later agreed upon its return in exchange for installing a high-speed bullet train system in Korea [KTX] akin to France’s TGV. The books were shipped back in 2011 and currently stored at the National Museum of Korea, but on renewable loan.)”

    I remember seeing a documentary on KBS World about the books, and their return to Korea. When gummimochi said that the books are on renewable loan, did she mean that France lent the books to Korea, and so Korea would have to continually ask France permission to keep the books? Or does that mean that the books would at some point go back to France, and Korea would have to start a process again to have the books back? I have always been curious about that, and I am sorry I waited this long to ask. I thought I would do it before this drama’s recap is over. Thank you to anyone who can offer some answers.

  15. 15 Kristy

    I despise the writers for bringing back the dead mommy…..
    stealing all the charm that the snow had with it!!!!
    uh…worst finale….

    • 15.1 topper

      Right from the start the writer has already decided to bring her back. She was mentioned early as missing and not dead.

      • 15.1.1 tebz10

        I’m not so disappointed that they brought her back to life. I just wished they settled her storyline much faster, so that we didn’t have to deal with too much angst. I was hoping to see how the dynamics of this blended family would play out. I was disappointed that that the show didn’t go there. I have no problem with not-dead mom being a part of their lives once more, but I was hoping in the context of Yul and Da-jung’s new life.

  16. 16 Marthe Sung

    What the….!?! That’s how it ended? I’m sure they wanted us to think they would eventually end up being togetherbut I was hoping and crossing my fingers that they would give us a more romantic ending. It was like the balloon just burst….pooof! I would have settled for the holding the hand thing at the end but maybe they could have made it more romantic…perhaps Yul could have said that now he will not let that hand go…aaahh. Anyway, I still love LBS and Yoona’s partnership in this show. I just wish they could extend it and write a better ending… just wishful thinking. *_*)

    • 16.1 Marthe Sung

      Oh I forgot!…Thanks gummimochi for the great recaps and comments.~~ Despite not liking the ending, I still loved the show…and I am now an LBS fan. ^_^)

  17. 17 Eunha


    I knew things weren’t turning out well when the final episode still had conflicts to sort out.

    Then I as the episode neared the end, and there were fewer and fewer interaction between NDJ and KY, I already knew I was going to be disappointed.

    Was it too much for just one kiss? A hug? A sweet family moment?

    My reaction at the handshake: “REALLY?!”

    • 17.1 Marthe Sung

      “My reaction at the handshake: “REALLY?!””

      SIGH…..I had the same reaction…^^…hahaha~

    • 17.2 lemondoodle

      The handshake is seriously the most impersonal thing they could do. I know she said she’d take his hand the next time, but couldn’t they make it slightly romantic in some way? Like fingers entwined, a touch added or something. Geez…

      • 17.2.1 JT

        you are absolutely on point. Handshake ending is like saying – it has been nice working with you, have a good day. There wasn’t any spark or intimation of romantic love in that exchange. Purely business.
        what a letdown. They just copped out. Why start such a premise when they weren’t willing to take the risks?

    • 17.3 Suzi Q

      Totally agree.
      Much too much about the dead wife. WHO CARES? She cheated on the Prime Minister, ran off with her lover and abandon her children for 7 years..Did she REALLY expect to get her children’s affection back as if nothing happen?

      The ending was not romantic at all..maybe that’s why it was so disappointing. She went away for the whole year. Couldn’t they have hugged at least if they weren’t going to kiss?
      The ending went out with a whimper instead of a bang!

  18. 18 Patch

    I can see what the writer was going for with the handshake and a future full of possibilities but it made for a unsatisfactory ending to 17 hours of investment for me as a viewer.

    Na Young hijacked in the last episodes become our heroine, it was lovely to see her get the happy ending she so deserved after working so hard. /sarcasm

    • 18.1 Patch

      Oy you, hijacked! I deleted your sentence, why are sitting there making no sense?

      -What I wouldn’t give for an edit button.

  19. 19 azabaz

    First of all, I would like to apologize to gummimochi and the other fans for the spoiler that I wrote in the recap for episode 16. I was highly emotional at that time…hahahah. I have calmed down a lot since then. 😀

    I agree with gummimochi’s comments. I am still disappointed with the ending but have since learned to accept things I cannot change (in reality at least, but in my imagination that last episode went on a different journey altogether hihihi).

    I still love the drama. Up to episode 16, I was still fully on board. The last episode……hmmm….

    What I like : Everything about the character Yul. From his political journey to his family development to his loyalty to Da Jung even though she was away for so long. His character is what a hero should be like. Like what gummimochi wrote…..I agree fully and then some. Love everything about him.

    What I don’t like (and this is my personal opinion, feel free to disagree) :

    The breakdown of the character Da Jung during the latter part of the drama. If only she stayed true to her brave self.

    The absence of the scene where Da Jung and the kids get to talk it out. She was part of their lives and was loved enough to be sought out by Woo Ri when he needed advice, missed by Man se and Na Ra and yet there was nothing about how they worked it out and how they felt when she left.

    Too much emphasis on the dead wife. Not interested at all except the part where Yul played his part as a father wonderfully in order to prepare his children to accept their mother back.

    The death of the beloved father shadowed by the secret of the contract marriage. I wish he had died truly believing that the OTP was in love. He would have gone in peace.

    The handshake. No, I am no longer wishing for anything more but I wish it was not a handshake, steeped in meaning though it was because of what Da Jung said about taking his hand, because try as I might, I did not feel the same chemistry between the OTP at the end. Yeah, I guess they will start over again. This time maybe a happier ending. But seriously, I do not feel the love that was so apparent even when they themselves did not realize that they love and care for each other. I wish there was something more after the handshake. A quiet chat, asking about what they have been up to while they were apart, while holding hands (since anything more than that seems like a totally unacceptable scenario for the writer, or maybe the viewers in korea) sitting on a bench, looking lovingly at the person you have missed dearly when you were apart.

    Conclusion : Love the drama, would probably watch it again sometime later for the feel good vibe of the earlier episodes, though only up to episode 16 because the ending, I will just use my imagination……hahahah 😀
    somebody wrote in another thread that they wished there will be extra episodes to depict what it is like in the Presidential household after the happy ending since it was written that one drama made it for the international audience. That would be awesome fan service I tell ya. Do we need to start a petition or something? Hahaha 🙂

    • 19.1 angel101

      PNY is the first and still legal wife of KY, and the biological mother of the children. In a social and legal context, NDJ is essentially the ‘other woman.’ NDJ can not stay with KY and his children while they are figuring out the PNY problem because that is totally unacceptable in any conservative culture. And that would essentially make NDJ an interloper precisely because she is the ‘outsider’ (PNY’s circumstances do not matter here – simply because her actions are not public knowledge, but her position in the family is). So if there is going to be any rejection of PNY that will occur, that has to take place without NDJ’s involvement – like what KY did in episode 16, and what KWR did in episode 17. If there are even any implications of NDJ having influenced KY and the children’s decisions about PNY’s return, then that is basically game over for her – from being possible acceptable wife/mother material, she will be relegated to wily mistress.

      Basically, NDJ and KY can not stay together until stuff are sorted out (NDJ should stay away until KY and his children figured out what to do with PNY, until PNY reclaimed her identity, and until PNY and KY finalizes their divorce).

      • 19.1.1 azabaz

        I get the part about Da Jung having to leave. That’s why I said I was fully on board up to episode 16 because like I mentioned before, she made the best decision at that point in time. But, when given so many advice from people who knows her love for the PM and can see how she is not being her true self, I start to wear my life jacket, ready to jump off the ship. If she had made the unconventional decision, then it could have been a totally different take on the way dramas ends generally and how rom coms concludes specifically.

        I understand conservative culture, lives in one myself. I was not expecting Da Jung to stay in the same house with the PM and his family, just to not run away, and be there for him or at least wait for him as he tries to solve the problem of the not dead wife like he asked her to. Which would have been settled nicely by a divorce since Yul already said very clearly they will never be husband and wife again. After the divorce, should there still be rumours and such, well doggone it, people will always talk no matter what you do. So just put your family and your own happiness first. As long as you are not hurting someone you love.

        What frustrates me is the wasted time being apart. The break of the family unit that have been so good for each other. The children call her ajumma anyway. So just keep that status. And the ending that so sterile, for want of a better word, that the chemistry was squashed. Chemistry that was the heart of the romance in the first place. 😀

        • angel101

          KY is working in political circles. His life will always, always be in the limelight.

          NDJ had to leave KY and his children until everything is sorted out – she can not be with them, and it is not as simple as NDJ leaving the house. NDJ has to be shown as someone who did NOT in anyway influenced KY and his children’s decisions about PNY. This is to satisfy cultural conventions and society’s sensibilities.

          The part where KIH asked NDJ why she is being a coward – the narrative purpose is NOT to encourage her to go after KY, but to SHOW that she is not willing to break up the marriage even if NDJ loves KY.

          KY did not discuss anything about PNY with NDJ, KY discussed it with PNY and PNY told NDJ. The children sought out NDJ to talk to her, the children did not meet NDJ and KWR lashed out on his mother on his own. After that, KY and NDJ seemed to be okay now (ambiguity is the choice here) when they talked beside the wall but wait for it, what NDJ said isn’t really shown. After that Dad finds out the truth, disapproves and dies – NDJ has to feel guilty for not having Dad’s blessings that she has to leave. NDJ has to leave to until PNY and KY officially divorces.

          If NDJ is shown as someone who stayed by KY’s and the children’s side through it all (international fans see it as only divorce that had to happen; but Korea will see it as ‘breaking up of a family) like most international fans wants and expects – then drama production would have to kill off NDJ’s character, she’ll end up as KY’s true love/pure love that was never meant to be… because NDJ and KY will never be allowed to end up together.

          • harem

            Are you for real or just be silly? Or perhaps you were thinking that korean are people from mars? I’ve quite a few korean friends, and, while some may have been conservative, but they are not that shallow or narrow minded people..as audience, they know PNY is a bad mother..and they hated the spotlight that were given to her, making her look some kind like redeemable (which are not)plus, about the real interference in writer parts, I think it was really because of lee seunggi. Ep 17 were made just recently as an extra addition for the episodes. And so the last two episodes. Lee seunggi and yoon ah relationship were publicly known when the series were still being broadcasted. The reason why there were episodes earlier that have skinship between the OTP probably was because the scene/episodes were done before the announcement regarding their relationship. If you noticed, there were almost no skinship (correct me if i’m wrong) after ep 12/13?

          • angel101

            The issue here is not PNY is a bad mother, but that legally and officially PNY is still MARRIED to KY.

            Why will Yoona’s relationship even be an issue when Lee Beum Soo is actually married, and they did not have any issues with skinship. LOL

          • angel101

            Maybe you should ask your Korean friends:
            If NDJ told KY, “You should divorce PNY, I’ll be beside you giving you support.” And then PNY and KY divorced, and then NDJ and KY got married… Ask them if THAT will be acceptable, and if it is possible that it will shown in a public broadcast channel. Seriously.

          • angel101

            And just for the record, YoonA’s relationship news was made public after episode 7 aired. The lead characters still had skinship until end of episode 14/start of episode 15 – KY and NDJ were hugging in inside the church because NDJ was crying, being so shocked to see PNY alive.

            Skinship stopped after that because now that PNY is alive, KY is still technically a legally married man and PNY is his legal wife.

    • 19.2 gummimochi

      No worries – endings can bring about lots of emotions and reactions. Just wanted to be mindful for any reader who catches the comment threads later on 🙂

  20. 20 Amelia

    Seriously? Just hand shake? I hate ‘the ending story’, so familiar. Cliche.

  21. 21 noernov

    Handshake,really??? It’s such a waste if u have lee bum soo in front of u 😜

  22. 22 logan5

    My wife says that if “You From the Stars” ends like this she’ll fly to Korea and start killing people.

    • 22.1 logan5

      Honestly for me, I saw the ending with more symbolism, with the taking of the hand and the fresh beginning. The start of their first relationship was flawed and even though love came from it, it still was flawed. This is a fresh start, and because we already know that there is love between them, it is easy to see that only happiness will follow. But, yes, my wife was expecting at least a hug or a kiss or maybe even a flash forward to President Yul and pregnant first lady Da Jung …

    • 22.2 docster6

      Wow, from what I have read so far, I think a lot of the beannuts will join with your wife to form a commando. Thanks for your humorous input…it was meant to be humorous, right? Right?

    • 22.3 tiredpanda

      My mom and I will go with your wife…

    • 22.4 Mo

      I’ll go with your wife!!!

  23. 23 tea

    At least make Yul, Da Jung, and Kwon kids snuggle together on the bed 🙁 Well,we also won’t refuse a kiss or two..Anyway,PMAI is still one of the best drama for me 😉

  24. 24 im_eve

    What of the marriage/”non-marriage”? Null since the 1st wife’s aliiiiive?

    • 24.1 tebz10

      I’m guessing his marriage to Da-jung was null and void, since they never registered it. Then, not-dead wife’s alive, so his marriage to her is the legal one, which is why he had to get a divorce.

  25. 25 J.Kim

    I’m with you. That handshake was a let down. I know what is symbolizes but I wanted more. A hug and kiss something. Anything but a handshake. It reminds me of how Faith ended.

  26. 26 SR

    I’ve been waiting for this to end. It sounded good initially but now I’m not so sure. Should i watch it?!

    • 26.1 ayu

      You should…

  27. 27 LizJ

    I’m not sure which is worse of a letdown – a crazy drama that gives you a WTF ending, or a good drama that fizzles out. Unfortunately this kind of ending – supposedly a happy ending but without any energy) is typical in Kdramas (think about Faith, Beautiful Guy/Pretty Man, Big, etc., etc.). Of course Mi-Rae’s Choice/MHIYD is like the worst, but that was a drama that began to sink quickly after a decent start.

    • 27.1 cv

      LOL Both… are. First half was awesome–you have to fluffy, funny and romantic side of the story/characters–they were going somewhere. Second half to ending…started getting depressing/melo, almost like the writer didn’t know how to end all those crazy side stories she added in. Should have stick with the easy go happy otp line–fan service you know–that’s all we wanted to see anyway. :p

    • 27.2 jeera

      I love the ending of Pretty Man, Botong finishes it off with her usual funny self, a supposedly surprise romantic proposal turned into comic lol. We know for sure that Mate & Bo Tong will end up married. Never really heard that fans are dissapointed or frustrated with the ending (with the kiss yes) not like Prime Minister & I, there are just so many who are dissapointed.

      • 27.2.1 azabaz

        Yeah, even the ending of the rom com The Gentlemen’s Dignity was more acceptable. After all the melo we would have really appreciated a cute proposal. I liked that the characters get to be in love again. Rubbing hand cream and what not. So i guess that drama will maintain the number one spot of rom com genre for me with the PM&I following closely behind. 😀

  28. 28 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I was dissatisfied enough with ep 17 that I plan to completely banish it from my memory. I sat down and wrote out what I would have liked to see in the last episode, and felt relieved.

    All in all, I loved PM&I. Yul is awesome … steadfast love that never waivers even at the reappearance of first wife, honesty, amusing bickering, deep love for his children, principles, singing love songs, looking incredible in a white shirt. I think back to the bedroom scene where he leaned in with DJ backed against the wall, and I know steamy physical chemistry for this couple is the appropriate happy ending they deserve.

    So the drama wasn’t perfect, but I got so many joys from the bright and intelligent DJ who refused to be stopped by the PM’s cold and stiff attitude, the fizzy goodness I felt as this family healed, and all the laughter.

    So ep 17 didn’t happen. Yul and DJ are sleeping peacefully in their bed until Man-se pounces in again to make trouble. Yul would never let go of the hand of the woman he loves, and DJ would never abandon her new family.

    • 28.1 Marthe Sung

      Now, that would have been a lot better ending! I will just have to play that ending in my mind and pretend episode 17 did not happen. ^_^)

    • 28.2 sf fan

      In SF we still have a long way to go before the final episode is shown. Should I just skip the final episode? Will the series make sense or be enjoyable if I do that? What would be a good ending point? Or should I just suffer through the finale along with everyone else?

  29. 29 megumi

    i still loved the drama barring the last two episodes, kwon yul, da jung, kids and in-ho, i loved them all, also giving props to YSY for taking this role when he could have easily got himself a lead role in other dramas, i think he really wanted to act with and learn from veteran and great actor like lee beom soo, only thing i hated about this drama was the ex wife and the part when da jung decides to leave the country, i understand her reasons but now i’m getting tired of every romantic or melo dramas doing the same thing like near the end either hero leaves or heroine leaves giving the same reasons like to freshen their minds or something,
    from last week i was thinking that da jung might leave the country for 1 or 2 years because that’s what rom com dramas do to get out of the sticky situation and i was right they did go there. There were many ways to resolve the issue rather than running away from it but the writers always choose the easy way. Nevertheless, i enjoyed most parts of this drama and can say for me it was a good drama, not bad at all…

  30. 30 Mommai

    I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a big media fall-out with the wife coming back and stuff. They had made a big point of the media earlier in the story, had several report characters, and yet that just never happened. Ah well. I still really enjoyed (most of) the series!

    • 30.1 skelly

      I wondered about that, too. It’s almost as if another writer finished the show, because so many themes/threads were dropped
      – the press and their affect on decision-making
      – DJ’s relationship with the reporters, and how/when her past would be revealed
      – DJ’s relationship with the children
      – the new Kwon family unit with DJ
      – Madame Na and her friends’ acceptance of DJ
      – the reaction of the staff to events

      Not-Dead-N-Young came in and sucked all the air out of the story.

  31. 31 Appelsin

    WHERE IS THE KISS??!!! :'(

    this is all I could think…I felt like all the wonderful chemistry they were building up along the whole series was totally wasted here. A handshake? seriously?? Because all the skinship and tension between the couple was built with a purpose, or am I wrong?? I don’t understand, really.

    That aside, the end was more or less what I was expecting, but taking from us the good moments: kisses (!!!! yeah, I’m traumatized because of this), family interaction, DaJung with the kids, etc. The best thing this episode: Hye Joo as member of the Assembly, I’m a big fan of hers, hahaha!!

    • 31.1 Appelsin

      And thanks Gummimochi for the recaps, they made watching this show twice as good 😀

    • 31.2 pogo

      yeah, props for Hye-joo <3

      And I agree, when you separate a couple for reasons, it's usually a good idea to show them, I don't know, WORKING ON GETTING BACK TOGETHER. Other series have done it, why not this one?

      • 31.2.1 Appelsin

        Sure, even without a kiss, there were so many ways to end in a romantic way…DJ and Y were supposed to be already in love with each other, I won’t complain about the handshake, but that’s not the part we wanted to see.
        They could have shown us their happy family life some time later, or he singing for her again, or she reading some tales to Yul in bed ;P …I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too difficult to please most of viewers.

        Anyway, it was a great show in general, still love it, but sadly is not going to my all time favourites list because of this episode, haha!!

  32. 32 Ada

    the ending was……….

    this drama caught me up when i happily enjoyed the interaction between NDJ and KY, NDJ with KY kids, and the love and respect showed by SHJ. as many people mentioned, the ending was so flat. it is still nice, but it can be sweeter if the couple hugs each other or calling each other first name or doing a little lips butt… there was so many ways to express the joy for finally seeing each other again rather than just a hand shake.

    i’m ending up with a little smile on my face rather than a big grin. but i can say yoona really do a big improvement in her acting as she goes from you’re my destiny, cinderella man dan love rain. no doubt she receive an award in kbs drama awards 2013.

    to be honest, i watched this drama because of yoona.

    i love the acting skill that have been show by yoona, but i do feel disappointed with the ending.

    anyways, good drama overall. yoona, fihgting!

  33. 33 erika

    This show power is ky-dj-kids as family and couple with bodyguards,driver kim and housekeeper as their cupid not to forget hj and ih but we got none of that for the final 3 episode and that is more bigger dissapoint factor than hot kiss.My rage is melting down as lots of people already vent their anger that makes me calm bit. Well the show already ends and nothing we can do about it. It just makes me believe even more that none rom com is as perfect as it should be expected from rom com drama.

  34. 34 Tammy

    Nice to see I’m not the only one disappointed in the crap ending of what was otherwise an awesome show. I’ve been threatening to go to South Korea to beat the writers ever since they brought the first wife back. She didn’t add anything to the story, was poorly written, and except for a brief time when her soon refused to see her, she got the fluffy bunny happy time she wanted? Come on, if the twit had to be brought back, at least the oldest two kids should have been told the truth as to why she disappeared for seven years, and it should not have been that easy to be forgiven. I could accept Grandpa’s death as the trigger to start reconciliation, but where’s the consequences of her actions, like how it would affect Yul politically? And she’s the reason In Ho’s brother woke up? I could accept Yul and Da Jung not being together while the legal stuff was sorted out, but she could’ve at least explained to the kids why she was leaving for a while. Then she’d be back and things would be done right this time. There were so many times I wished Yul would have just grabbed her and hugged her the last few episodes, just to remind her about what he said about not letting go. Yeah, lack of real kisses made me pout, but Yul being who he is, I bought he wouldn’t kiss his love while still legally chained to the first wife. I kept hoping she’d end up hit by a bus, or mistaken identity, or Da Jung’s nightmare after her and Yul’s first night together or something. I really really hated that character.

  35. 35 zzyx

    Despite the no kiss and hug at the reunion, I still liked how the series ended. I smiled the whole time of their reunion. It is a happy ending and we all know that they will or ended up together.

    It was melo last episode but it was touching.

    When Na young cried after her first meeting with Woo Ri I was like ” What were you expecting? A group hug??” And thank you Joon Ki for saying the words right out of my mouth. It takes time, don’t think that those 7 years can be resolved in 7 minutes.

    Overall I love PM&I. It’s part of my top 5 favorite korean series and looking forward to each star’s projects, especially LBS and YSY 🙂

  36. 36 Kim Yoonmi

    I wasn’t a fan of the ending. I thought it was weak sauce. The writers still want to do makjang through and through, but their makjang fails on the basic logic-heart level.

    I don’t fault the acting one bit and I did like the directing, which was understated, which is how I tend to like it.

    I ended up skip watching the last few episodes.

    I think the writers need to think through their makjang reasoning better. My reasoning, while weak, was even better and actually utilizes current conditions in Korea. You need not preach it to the audience, but her reasoning was a bit odd in places.

    And the ending, the final ending felt flat to me–it’s too dramaish, but then I might be viewing slice of life too much.

    I liked the first half though a lot, before the makjang. I hope the writers in the future don’t makjang another romcom, but either choose to write makjang with good reasoning, or work on finishing a romcom like a romcom…. though I do sympathize with not being able to write what you want.

  37. 37 lemondoodle

    Okay, how is it the not dead cheating ex-wife who abandoned her kids gets the best end out of everyone? She gets her man back and her kids! lol forever. Na Young completely ruined the drama. The side characters were totally shoved into the background with her introduction. Heck, even Da Jung was as a mother to the kids and Yul’s wife. NY also suffered no consequences for her actions other than being sad because everyone freaking forgave her. Seriously, why did the writer think this was a good idea?

    I watched this drama because it was about a lovely woman coming into the life of a broken and hurt family and what I wanted to see was them all get together and be happy at the end. Not for his not dead ex-wife to come back and take back her kids. I really don’t even care about the tepid handshake at the end, but the lack of closure for Yul and Da Jung and family is unforgivable.

    What a crap ending.

    • 37.1 Anna

      I can’t agree enough!
      She got the ending she didn’t deserve. And the lack of closure. I wanted the kids to choose Nam Da Jung. What about Man Se and Na Ra? I understand Woo Ri misses his mom, but I wanted NDJ to become a mother. A better mother than PNY could ever be. Argh.

      Makes me hate the fact that she went on a trip. She ended up not taking her chance to get close to the kids – only if she had stayed – I could have hoped for a true complete family ending. Now with this episode, I can only imagine a happy couple, not a complete family. I know she wasn’t bound by the family and had her own life – but man, I missed the sixty minutes of fluff I had hoped for ever since the news of the extension.

    • 37.2 Opio

      Yeah, I totally agree as well.

      Your ‘lol forever’ got me laughing because everything written in your comment is what mostly every viewer is feeling. ^^

  38. 38 mommai

    Ok, while we’re still discussing what started as a happy fluffy awesome drama (which I still love, just isn’t in my top favorites) I’d like some drama recommendations! Are there any that are more like the first two thirds but maintain that, or at least don’t lose their humor?

    For reference, my top three are Bad Family, Sweet 18, and Capital Scandal, and I love the heck out of those.

    Bad Family was about forging a family out of the people that were stuck with you, Sweet 18 was about becoming a real loving couple and making a happy marriage, and was light on the angst, and Capitol Scandal was a neat setting without going too heavy (there’s no way I can handle Gaksital or Age of Feeling.)

    • 38.1 Malory

      My drama viewing is not as wide as many here, but have you seen Pasta? It is lighthearted with an awesome chemistry between the romantic leads. Not too much angst either.

      • 38.1.1 mommai

        Hmm, I actually haven’t watched that one yet. I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

  39. 39 Anna

    I felt strangely comfortable with the ending…it starts with a new beginning – and that’s not too bad. After an year, meeting like this, I know they would be happy – and I don’t need a president+first lady shot to believe that. So while I would have loved a bit of romance, it wasn’t too bad.

    That being said;
    I seriously hate that PNY got a good ending…I mean, KY and NDJ had to go through so much, even NDJ’s father died…but damn, I feel so evil saying this, but I honestly wanted PNY to suffer. Su-ho woke up – I am glad for In Ho but, for PNY – not at all.

    I could understand NDJ’s moves in episode 15, but she behaved in a very stubborn way at some points in episode 16. She didn’t need to say she wants to break up and that she wants to enjoy life. Gave me some romcom flashbacks.

    Also – her going on a trip was nice – but I don’t like that. Like everyone wrote, it paved way to a really mild end. Also, I personally feel that it didn’t sit well with her character. It could have been played out in another way.

    Something about farewell in a relationship between parent and child tears me up. I was crying for an whole hour for NDJ and her dad. And while Woo Ri came in too early, since the cause was grandpa’s death, I could come to terms with it – if the writers were set for this end, they did a nice job choosing this way.

    I knew Joon-ki was awesome! Glad everything turned out well with Madame Na.

    President Kwon Yul + Prime Minister Seo. I would love this team!

    I would have loved an ending with the family- but this was refreshing and unexpected. Not a bad drama to see – and I hope it had a better response. Something as stupid as The Heirs is actually getting a remake. >_< This deserved at least 15-18% ratings. It's unfair that presence of cute young male leads affects the ratings more than the story does.

    NDJ wrote a book! That's cute. That reference to the drama in the book title – I haven't seen a lot of dramas, and while it is not my first time seeing this happen, it gives a feeling of satisfaction and realism. To me, at least.

    And Kwon Yul – I can't praise his character enough. Solid and perfect.

    I can't give writers much credit here but it was nice anyway. Certainly not a masterpiece(could have been if they remake the story from episode 12), I can still recommend it.

    Looking forward to Yoona, LBS, YSY and CJ in their next projects. They all did a great job!

    DB style ratings: 8/9

    • 39.1 docster6

      With the technology available in South Korea, it is still hard for me to imagine someone could GO AWAY for a year without some sort of contact. I wish Da Jung could at least talked to Man Se a few times during that year, that she is writing a book about a bread-eating frog. Video-chatting, anyone? In “You Are Beautiful,” even the nun, Go Mi Nam, knew how to go to make a Karaoke Song on the Internet to show that she is around (and caused a frantic search). The way the Kwon family treated Da Jung’s father is super special and mature, the kids deserved Da Jung to recognize it. Woo-Ri’s reaching out to Na Young was caused directly by the death of grandfather. Aish, I just have to accept things the way they were written. I am happy to have watched.

      • 39.1.1 Anna

        This is a series in which a person goes missing while injured and stays in the same city, yet is found 7 years ago… -_- This kind of thing looks good when it has cute romance involved, but like this – noooo.

        And now our happy family will have another factor called PNY…and NDJ wouldn’t be their mom. This is so depressing. We shrank from a family of five to two people in a relationship. :/

        I still want NDJ as the kid’s mom. Their real go-to mom who always supports them. 🙁 I wish PNY had disappeared after clearing the misunderstandings.

        I’m developing a head canon to take place of this ep now. >_<

        • Nick Beacham Watts

          Love you Anna almost as much as NDJ and the Kids! 🙂

    • 39.2 DS152

      I totally agree with your comments, after watching Ep 17 at Dramafever it was okay, the ending was a lacking in romance. But, pardon me for saying I guess it is for domestic audience rather than international (i.e. USA). LBS portrayed his character perfectly. I have seen some of the drama he was in and really surprise that he looks much younger on this one.

      Anyway, thanks for entire staff of this drama; it was not the best but I still enjoyed it.

  40. 40 coco

    Everything was great until the ex-wife showed up

  41. 41 coco

    does anyone have any suggestions of new dramas I could star?

    • 41.1 mommai

      I don’t know much about the new crop starting up, if that’s what you are looking for, but Sweet 18 and Bad Family are great!

  42. 42 coco


  43. 43 Anne

    I was really hoping for a scene of KY & NDJ cuddling in bed wearing couple PJ’s, reading a book.

  44. 44 barbara black fox

    For me, the handshake was okay. There were multiple references about how they would (should) start over if fate “willed” it. I mean, how often do you start with skinship? Neither Yul nor Da-Jung are kiss first, get to know each other later type people. BUT (and this is a big but) we needed a little scene-age AFTER the handshake. (This is a Korean drama after all–and how many of these have I watched that seemed to go on over and over and over after I think they are done. This drama ended BEFORE it should have. We SHOULD have gotten a montage of Yul and Da-Jung dating. And then the big kiss–or Da-Jung pregnant last scene. (Possibly with them congratulating Hye Joo getting elected to Prime Minister?) Yeah, that would have been MUCH better.

  45. 45 kimchiihcmik

    For me, the worst thing is the huge number of things left completely unexplained.

    (a) The (ex-) prime minister’s wife turns up alive, meaning his marriage to his new wife is invalid. How is that huge secret not going to be a threat to his political career if the media find out, which seems pretty likely giving that they appear to meet up in public? But no one seems particularly concerned. If part of the reason for Da-jung leaving is because of that very problem, why does no one say so???

    (b) The children say that they miss Da-jung, but as far as we know show no curiosity as to why she leaves their house and then goes on a world tour. Oh, apart from a throwaway concerned phone call from Woo Ri which is then never followed up. But aren’t they all meant to be massively attached to one another?

    (c) Joon-ki, who beforehand seemed totally in love with Hye-joo, suddenly appears to be in a loved-up relationship with the wife he previously despised and hated. How did that miracle happen???

    I don’t mind the ‘new beginning’ ending too much. I just can’t make sense of all the other stuff.

    • 45.1 Aigoooo

      a. Who knows? Politicians can spin anything nowadays.
      b. They were left to our imagination. Would have loved to have see those scenes though. If you watch the preview at the end of Episode 14, there is a scene where Man-se was calling out to NDJ when she left. I guess it got edited out since I never saw that scene again.
      c. I am not sure if he despised his wife. I am guessing that he was just full of hate for KY that he had become very neglectful of his own family. Episode 17 KY told him not to make the same mistakes as he did and make the people closest to him sad. I guess he took his advice.

  46. 46 sweetness

    after getting the initial shock of the handshake ending, i watched both eps 16 and 17, again. honestly, i still cried. i especially love having the family pics in dj dad’s crypt. it really shows they are family. i still love the drama, every episodes (except handshake ending). love the characters — the actors and actresses. the handshake just bombed me out.

    in that last scene, when dj came for the interview, ky’s face changed. there was a pleasant surprise of joy. i am ok with the re-introduction. but, there was too much politeness. Realistically (regardless of culture, just basic human behavior), if you missed someone so much and suddenly see her/him again, you give the person a hug and tell him/her how much you missed him/her.

    we cannot re-invent the ending. it is done. so let’s just move on and cherish the happy moments and love shared by kj, dj, the kids, dj’s dad, the ever supportive driver and guards, etc that brought us all together. 🙂

  47. 47 Aigoooo

    The little drama that could. Why did you have to go full melo on me in the end? hehe Oh well, for the most part, PM and I turned out to be a great rom-com… It gave me the same warm and fuzzies as Mary Poppins or Sound of Music. I think NDJ’s chemistry with the kids trumps her chemistry with KY. Suffice to say, the ending was a bit of a letdown in terms of skinship but I was more disappointed with the lack of scenes of NDJ and the kids. So, Korea.. please work on your drama endings. You’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. lol FIGHTING!!

  48. 48 docster6

    I was in a trance pretty much the whole day. I watched the raw show in the morning, California time. I felt numb, sort of like Kang Su Ho. I was happy that I have a great family; but I went to sleep early to ease my disappointment. I still think the show was written incredibly well and the ending was good. It was great that Da Jung realized how great Kwon Yul is and went after him. I know a lot of people pointed out the difference in age, 43 to 29 (the actress is actually way younger), but Da Jung showed that she was attracted to Kwon Yul even in Episode 3. While folding frogs with Man Se in Kwon Yul’s bedroom, she check on the type of underwear he uses (with excitement) and then imagined different poses of him in the room, including an after shower shot. She had to snap herself out of it. At that time, I made myself believe that a gorgeous young girl can totally fall for an older man. Of course, the way she worked his arm and shoulder before poking him with a needle for indigestion, she commented that he has a good body. So I do believe there is physical attraction in that contract marriage.

    I have 6 daughters and 4 granddaughters so I do know a good guy is hard to find. Even though there are 35 million more young men in China than young women because of the one-child policy (India has the same problem), young girls in Asia are looking oversea for good young man. I have one daughter who is perfect, homecoming queen, track star, soccer star, served a Christian mission in Malaysia, now in medical school, a freaking genius. But there is no match for her. So I consider Nam Da Jung lucky to have someone like Kwon Yul and a great backup like Kang In Ho. She’d wise to marry one soon and she even has a chance to be the First Lady as Yul needs her to win an election.

    I am not sure I could watch the earlier episodes again (but I will for sure) because Yul was sort of mean to Da Jung a lot. But at that time Da Jung was very brave and that was why we fell in love with her. Thank you GummiMochi for giving me a chance to air my view to my fellow addicts. I am happy that I have my life back…it did take me two weeks after Marry Him If You Dare to recover.

    • 48.1 August

      Hi docster6,

      Are you watching Let’s Eat, I Need Romance 3, and You From Another Star? I am truly enjoying all three dramas -tremendously. 🙂

      So far, no complaints with the writing, the sense of emotion/feelings, the acting, the chemistry, the little surprises in store for viewers each week, and the humor. Each of these kdramas leave you anticipating the next episode.

      • 48.1.1 docster6

        Thank you for accepting me as a member of the club. I am watching “You From Another Star” with my 15-year old daughter (last one). She couldn’t watch Prime Minister with me because she likes KPOP (guys) and Lee Bum Soo wouldn’t be attractive to her. We started to marathon Full House II during her school break but she finished it without me because she like the young guys in the show. We have somewhat different taste but she is amazed how much I know about the entire Korean Drama scene and she brags to her high school friends (California) about her awesome ahbojee. Since many KD characters do not have a father, she is constantly worried that she would lose me on the freeway somewhere.

        • August

          Since you sometimes watch kdramas with your 15 year old and she is a fan of KPOP…

          Yoon Doo Joon (KPOP group: Leader of BEAST/B2ST) is one of the main leads in Let’s Eat. His character is an Insurance salesman and gourmet. You’ll probably get a kick out of watching his quirk of describing the taste of foods and how it should be eaten.

          Try to watch on a full stomach because food is always featured and tends to be very tempting.

        • skelly

          I might recommend Shut Up Flower Boy Band; my daughter is 14, and that is her favorite kdrama; lots of cute boys, and an interesting story about growing up.

    • 48.2 Anna

      Kwon Yul is the man. The chemistry was visible, the actors were doing a great job, and no one had any complaints till the last two episodes. This could have been a masterpiece. *sigh* I still can’t get my thoughts in order.

      I am watching Emergency Couple(I’ll start YFAS and INR3 soon – my class tests have finally ended) – the beginning was hilarious, though it wasn’t eye-catching, the third and fourth episodes have made me rethink. It handles conflicts well, and is more serious and reasonable. These four episodes made me feel that it isn’t a romcom in medical setting – it is as much of a med drama as a romcom.

      I apologize, since I don’t have much experience, I started watching K-dramas from the beginning of 2014 only and this is my first med drama, I think the writers are good enough for you to consider it – after all the thoughts we have exchanged in last few comments.

      Though it has huge chances of messing it all up – you spend the whole week imagining that the writers would go wrong in the next couple of episodes, they don’t. Too early to say this since it has only been one week – I still wanted to mention this!

      It’s fun – because while romcoms usually don’t have protagonists with any aspirations beyond/greater than love and usually have no serious career aspirations(especially women) – which is not realistic, in this, their career seems more important.

      I think if the stories continues this way, it would be one of the best in the season, for people who like that kind of show. I can’t recommend or compare it with any other ongoing drama, sorry! ^^”

  49. 49 Aglaya

    Seriously!!!! The curse of one episode drama extention strikes again…… The return of the first wife……. Yoona leaving for a year!!!!!!! A handshake to end it all….. (So polite!!!!) The last two were less of tear jerker for me and more of the kind that made me fell I might not like what I may see next…… and ending (though a lot may disagree) a pure facepalm moment…… I hope the curse does not strike gain…. 🙁

  50. 50 owl

    The final episode was predictable and slightly watered down. Or actually, maybe too syrup-y. For me, it went from a romcom to a melo – all the fun was gone in the last two episodes. I enjoyed it, but wished for a more romantic ending!

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