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Running Man: Episode 183
by | February 7, 2014 | 44 Comments

Our cast gets their fortunes told in this episode in hopes to find their destined match. While some pairings might surprise you, others will be an obvious choice as they try to figure out who fits best with whom. Destiny may help you make some choices, but the future is what you make it.

EPISODE 183. Broadcast on February 2, 2014.

We start with a brief intro on the “Secrets of Tojeong,” written by Joseon scholar Lee Ji-ham (aka Tojeong) who constructed his own matrix from 64 symbolic hexagrams to foretell the future (based on the Chinese text of philosophy called “I Ching” or “Book of Changes,” and dates back to more than two millennia).

Seeking out a fortune teller is still a fairly common practice in Korea, and the above text continues to be used to make annual horoscope forecasts (for career, love, the future, and so on) based on a person’s date and time of birth.

As for our opening: Jae-suk emerges on to the hearts and roses decorated set to meet his partner and guest, actress Moon So-ri. She’s brought her unnis with her today, and Uhm Jung-hwa struts down the runway like a sexy queen. Ha, she’s so full of energy.

Then Jong-kook gapes in awe at his partner, actress Jo Min-soo, who’s more happy to be teamed up with him: “I think I can win today!” Hee, the mat unni is already adorable.

The Easy Brothers are disappointed to be paired up together, but then again, you two were the ones eyeing that Best Couple Award this year.

Once everyone is coupled together, the cast gives their lunar new year greetings. Today’s race will be based off of the cast’s actual fortunes told by a diviner, then they all move to meet their guest.

Jae-suk sits down first and told that he’s a man of drive, fighting spirit, and chivalry—all aspects we already know to be true of the nation’s MC. Moreover, he was to be on the rise with great honor and fame in his mid to late thirties.

All the ribbing from the sidelines cracks me up. Suk-jin: “Will he decline after that?” In regards to Jae-suk’s luck in money and women, Suk-jin adds: “As far as I know, he doesn’t have any luck with women.” Pffft.

In any case, it’s a good year for Jae-suk to plan on having more children (he has one son), which gets him all flustered. Aw. Basically, it’s a good fortune for Jae-suk overall, and I have to wonder if we’re going to have to sit through everyone’s fortunes today.

So-ri is praised for her strong will but advised not to bottle everything in, which she mirrors as truth. Though I’m not a big believer in divination myself, I can relate to that eerie spookiness of someone speaking to some truth in your life that brings on the tears.

At least So-ri is told that this will be her last year of big crises, and it’s sweet how the cast try to cheer her up. Haha: “Noona… this is variety.” When she’s told that following her film director husband (Jang Joon-hwan)’s decisions will be best, Jae-suk jokes that the hubby is probably slapping his knee in agreement. Heh.

It’s Jae-suk turn to rib on Suk-jin when he hears his fortune. At the mention of his lucky wife (versus his own supposedly failed ventures), Jae-suk quips: “It’s true! She’s rich!”

She’s a good wife and smart mother, “So don’t turn your eyes elsewhere…” HA, with women or other things in life? Must be the women thing because the fortune teller alludes to how Suk-jin could have ladyfriends to bring him luck, a statement that slays the whole room.

But he means in the completely platonic sense (so someone like Ji-hyo?), and then advised against the misunderstanding that a great opportunity will appear this year. Oh man, it’s so sad, but why is it so hilarious?

Jung-hwa crumbles to hear that she’s a natural worker (as in, working class) versus So-ri’s aristocratic status. But what we’re interested in is the love horoscope for the golden miss, who’s told to take a serious approach towards marriage.

There’s a saying about wealth and honor, and when she laughs over how she can’t have both, she’s told that wealth can be accrued on her own, but honor can only be achieved with her partner.

Mind they’re talking about Confucian-based philosophies here with matchmaking and the like, but I get the feeling that Jung-hwa would like to get married if she had the opportunity. But it’s funny how the recommended husband characteristics all point to one person: Jong-kook.

It’s doubly funny on Jong-kook’s end, because he was advised to date a woman with large eyes. The cast jumps in: “It’s because you have small eyes.” “Eyes as big as a Shitzu?” “Or Candy?” HA.

Kwang-soo’s overall description of being kind, generous, and generally handsome, leaves everyone in disbelief until they hear the reasoning: “You’re really lanky [like a tree]!”

I love how the fortune teller is cracking up while telling Kwang-soo that he’s an overall good guy (which I feel we don’t get to see enough with his variety persona) that people might mistake him for nerdy. LOL. In regards to his unchanging personality, Haha quips, “He consistently betrays us.”

Things look good for business prospects too, but not until his thirties: “You’ll fail if you do it now!” Staying in the entertainment biz right now is good for him, daresay the best, and Jae-suk twists the words to a joke: “Are you saying the present is his peak?”

The goal of today’s race is to correctly guess their destined matches among themselves (five in all) based on their fortunes. They’ll work as a collective unit to acquire hints and change up teams in each game. Correctly guessing all five matches will earn them gold rings as their prize.

It’s a beautiful snowy day out (albeit freezing), and the pairs play rock-paper-scissors to figure out who buys snacks. Jae-suk and So-ri run off and then have to hurry back as the train pulls into the station.

Thankfully they make it back just in time, thanks to a three-minute delay. It turns out the train ride is the mission, and all the couples must succeed their tasks to gain hints—any team who doesn’t return will be left behind. Jae-suk: “That’s usually Kwang-soo.”

I love Min-soo’s sassiness already, like when she’s told not to open their envelopes, she snaps, “Why? Do we have to listen to everything you say?” Ha, she’s like the female version of short-tempered Jong-kook.

Everyone groans at their complicated tasks as they arrive at the train station. With just nine minutes to spare, it’s the Easy Brothers I worry for the most as they wander aimlessly through the terminal.

So-ri’s competitiveness is surprising, but it’s her thoroughness that has me laughing, as she balances being polite and demandy in a sweet high-pitched voice. Jung-hwa wonders if completing their mission is even possible, to which Gary tells her that the staff probably did a simulation so… yeah.

They run into trouble with the photobooth accepting their bills, but if the machine lets you take two separate shots, couldn’t you two have switched out instead? Either they’re too frazzled or there’s another reason because they run off to exchange more cash.

There’s less than four minutes left on the clock as Haha fights brain freeze while Ji-hyo eats crunchy noodles. They eventually finish both as the others rush to catch the train… only it’s empty? Oh no.

The train’s early departure had also surprised the staff, and it appears that the layover time was reduced in order to make up for the three-minute delay earlier. The staff agrees to honor the original time limit—problem is, the Easy Brothers aren’t back yet with less than a minute left.

The Easy Brothers make it back, but fail the mission for arriving too late, which earns them a round of scolding from the others.

The good news is that their unexpected turn of events earn them one hint, and they’re told that none of their current pairings are matches. Jong-kook: “But [Min-soo] and I get along so well!”

They realize that their fortunes held some hints, so they decide to pair off the Monday Couple as well as Jong-kook with Jung-hwa. A train and a bus ride later, the cast gathers together at a restaurant for their next game.

Here, the teams will spin a roulette wheel containing names of celebrity friends and past guests (“How can we call Jackie Chan?!”) and call up said person—a call that goes unanswered doesn’t count.

Jong-kook and Jung-hwa are tasked to call Lee Min-jung, whom thankfully Kwang-soo knows (they’re co-stars from Wonderful Radio). The problem is Kwang-soo’s complicated passcode formation, and we suddenly hear another phone go to voicemail.

Jung-hwa admits: “[I called] Lee Byung-heon,” aka Lee Min-jung’s hubby. HA.

There’s just a few seconds left when they finally call, but it goes unanswered and Kwang-soo belatedly realizes, “Oh she said she was busy lately…”

Suk-jin is confident that he must have Kim Sang-kyung’s number, only to realize that he doesn’t. Thankfully Jung-hwa does, and he picks up. Yay! He gives a small shout-out to the guests’ upcoming movie Law of Attraction (or Venus Talks), and when they ask what he’s doing, he admits: “I’m drinking.”

Haha and So-ri lands on Park Tae-hwan’s name, to which the others point out that the swimming sensation is likely overseas at present… and the marine boy picks up, to everyone’s delight.

The Monday Couple worries that they don’t know too many people between them. The Easy Brothers jump up when they land on Ji Jin-hee’s name, and Kwang-soo immediately pantomimes his complicated passcode again.

Jin-hee answers the call (through Kwang-soo’s phone) and confirms that he is indeed friends with Suk-jin. He greets all the guests in turn, wishing them luck on their movie, and then ignores Kwang-soo. D’aww.

Was anybody else upset that the wheel didn’t land on Kim Woo-bin’s name? They’re tasked to call Jung Woo-sung instead, but since since no one has his number, they call up Sol Kyung-gu (Cold Eyes).

They manage to get Woo-sung’s number, but it’s too late, and Min-soo bursts: “How ridiculous! Everyone’s working at this hour!” So-ri adds: “Those who have families can’t pick up either!”

They’re like a one-two punch against the staff as Min-soo argues against the rules while So-ri says the wheel is uneven. In the end, Jo PD changes the rules and So-ri instantly brightens: “You seem like a nice person!”

So-ri calls her film director husband, and snaps impatiently at the mention that he could be busy at this hour. He does pick up, and aww, the couple speaks to each other in jondaemal.

After a round of greetings, Haha mentions possibly casting Kwang-soo in the future (So-ri: “He doesn’t even cast me!”), to which director Jang notes softly, “Ah… Kwang-soo’s fun…”

Aw, Lee Dong-wook picks up Ji-hyo’s call right away, and now the calls go rather smoothly. Clubber MC Park Soo-hong doesn’t pick up though, and neither does Gong Yoo. But with barely a second remaining, Park Myung-soo does answer their call.

As a variety veteran, Myung-soo apologizes for not answering sooner once he hears about the mission. He mentions that his guest appearance boosted his popularity, and suggests to the PD to fire Haha and hire him instead. Hee.

They earn one hint with their amended rules, and Jong-kook tries to finagle a hint out of the staff. It doesn’t work, but Jo PD does affirm that there is a match (or more) among them. Hee, then he blunders that there are actually two matches.

It’s back to the SBS building afterward to their final mission. Eep, there’s a dropout floor in case the cast guesses wrong. It’s time to deduce their guesses, and they’re sure that the Monday Couple is a match.

With one more hint at their disposal and what they know of their last game (that was edited out), Kwang-soo must be matched with Min-soo.

Their guesses in place, the cast is instructed to have their most certain couple stand first. That would be Kwang-soo and Min-soo, and he asks if Min-soo isn’t amazed at their possible destiny. Haha: “Film We Got Married then.”

Jong-kook and Jung-hwa stand next, followed by the Monday Couple, Suk-jin and So-ri, then finally Jae-suk and Haha. It’s the moment of truth to confirm each couple one by one…

Their first guess is correct and so’s their second. In fact, Jong-kook and Jung-hwa are well-matched (according to their fortunes), and the others rally that they should date each other.

Yay, the Monday Couple are also extremely well-matched (in terms of fortunes). Let the fanfiction begin, people! The staff checks the last two teams simultaneously… and confetti flies into the air. Wooooot!

Aw, Suk-jin gains a new friend in So-ri, and the two joke to go real estate shopping sometime. Everyone takes their gold rings and Jung-hwa smiles: “I get to take gold AND Jong-kook. I think I’ll be able to get married this year!”


44 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. faizahmnoor

    how adorable was it when lee dong wook pick up even before the 1st ring? i’m sure gary was jealous..

    and the perplexed reaction of the PD when train depart earlier during the first

    i love this episode! thanks for the recap! ^^

  2. callmeadreamer

    I’m mainly bummed that Haha and Ji-hyo were paired but were barely shown together and then they switched.

    Loved that LDW picking up so quickly. ♥

    I hated the editing of this episode, if it had been better it might have been an above average episode.

    • 2.1 callmeadreamer

      Forgot to mention, I did not like Jo Min-soo as a guest. She seemed to genuinely get angry and not in a variety way… it was a real big turn-off.

    • 2.2 hannah

      I agree that the editing was off. It made the episode drag, plus we didn’t get to see the other game.

    • 2.3 gg

      Yea the editing was weird, and it was such a bummer not being to see the last game they played. Apparently the fortune telling was supposed to contain important clues for the rest of the games but it went on for too long and nobody really remembered what the fortune teller said about the others anyway.

    • 2.4 bjharm

      yeah when watching it I at once thought, ow yet another episode where Ji Hyo may as well of stayed in bed than make the effect

  3. kanz

    It’s one boring episode. I don’t care about the fate reading and it’s too long. The editing also not smooth, they don’t even show us the last game before final mission.
    Although it has some funny moments:
    -train departing 3mins earlier
    -when they call celebs and Jihyo n Jongkook had to unlock Kwangsoo’s ‘impossible’ password
    -their amazing predictions on final couples

    • 3.1 ajewell

      I completely agree. I ended up skipping past the fortune telling reading before I even realized it was important. And the entire episode just felt off, somehow.

      I’m hoping next week’s is better!

    • 3.2 Love Silents

      Yeah, it really did drag for the first 20 minutes. I was actually reading my emails at the same time.

      Ji-hyo was just standing there on the “Doing Nothin’ Team”.

      It got better once the action started.

      Of course we are all comparing this episode to last week’s stellar show.

      The best part was when the train left early with the staff on it – haha

    • 3.3 petmink

      This is the first time I have skipped running man. Parts of it were good like the phone calls but the whole fortune telling was just boring.

  4. Elvira

    Have a prosperous year, everyone!

  5. Quiet Thought

    Song Ji Hyo came in obviously tired again, but, as usual, she woke up during the course of the day and got chipper.

    • 5.1 bjharm

      read that RM to go to austrailia for a special with Rain as a guest, how is poor Ji Hyo going to find the time to fly all the way down there and back and still do her drama?

      • 5.1.1 Quiet Thought

        One advantage of long plane flights: no one can guilt-trip you into doing anything but sleeping. It might be a welcome relief.

  6. Quiet Thought

    I did enjoy the poses in the final scene. Min-Soo clinging so fiercely to Kwang-Soo’s arm–at least as high as she could reach–and Jung-hwa standing all akimbo and confident next to Jong-Kook.

  7. AuroraB

    Song Ji Hyo and Gary, it’s written in the stars! Get married! lol I liked the part where Jae Suk was being told his fortune, and Suk Jin was commenting in the back Idk if anybody else noticed, but he used to do that a lot in the earlier episodes (which i liked about him) but not so much anymore. I would have preferred to hear the other members’ fortunes rather than the guests lol Oh, and the part where Gary shamelessly promotes his song, hilarious.

    • 7.1 Lilian

      Haha..that would be a dream come true for Monday couple fans! Unfortunately, we have to hear the guests’ stories instead as they are obviously here to promote their new movie. Hence, more screentime for them. But maybe they should just released a director’s cut/behind the scenes cut where we can view the edited scenes. Such a waste that the game before was cut. It made no sense at all to me why KwangSoo and Min Soo is a confirmed couple!!!???!!

  8. Nicole

    The evolution of her million faces aside, I have always loved Uhm Jung-hwa…still listen to her classic pop albums now and then. If she does want to get married, I really hope she finds someone. She strikes me as having a very strong and focused personality, but also a cute side. Queen of Kpop unni fighting ~ !

    • 8.1 barbara black fox

      I agree and I want to see her on running man as a guest again. Jung-hwa was funny and outgoing.

    • 8.2 bd

      Jung-hwa looked like she was having so much fun.

  9. Jenn

    Can someone explain why after 9 years together a couple still speaks politely to each other? I thought the purpose of banal speech was to express how comfortable and intimate you are with a person – after living together for almost a decade, I find that strange or confusing.

    • 9.1 Jenn

      Sorry – banmal speech (autocorrect)

      • 9.1.1 smudgebaby

        Well, if you watched Jung Woosung’s episode you would know that some people prefer to be polite even with close friends and family. It makes sure that you are always respectful to each other and minimizes quarreling. It’s a win-win situation for some, and they would rather go the extra mile of speaking politely 🙂

    • 9.2 gg

      I thought they were speaking to each other politely only because they were on camera? Anyway I noticed that a lot of couples in k drama do that too, especially if the guy is older.

    • 9.3 shikurai17

      Banmal is a level of speech. It doesn’t represent intimacy or closeness. It’s used to show where you stand with another person.

      People who like each other and are close and intimate will speak in banmal. Two people who hate each other, but are similar in age and background, (like classmates or neighbors) can speak banmal to each other too.

      It depends on people’s personality. Some people are just more comfortable speaking in jondaemal. Some married couples speak jondaemal to each other. They can be super close and loving, but it’s what they’re comfortable with.

      When a husband is older than the wife, the respect for age is still there. The husband will speak in banmal and the wife will speak in jondaemal.

      Or they can just speak banmal to each other, depending if that’s what they want to do.

      Some speak in jondaemal in front of company and speak banmal when alone.

      It all depends.

  10. 10 onyxx

    this episode is rather tame compared to the last 2 episodes (probably in consideration for the guests). still, i had a good laugh about the fortune-telling segment, esp. re Suk-jin’s “fortune” (the crack about the women(!) in Suk-jin’s life cracked me up).

    the phone-in session was kind of nice too, because the reaction to these calls was rather spontaneous (Myung-soo gets my vote for the funniest replies). i have to say KJK’s partner was obviously tickled pink at the idea of being “paired up” with him :D.

    the next episode looks interesting…

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    This ep was just kinda “meh” for me – I complained about the editing last week and then come to see that the editing for this ep was way worse. To edit out a whole game?! Seriously?! If the PDs are going to have a talky kind of show (which usually involves less physical games) then the editing has to be even tighter than usual, if only to keep viewers like me awake and paying attention.

    I shall look upon this episode as a big breather as we are headed for RM Down Under, featuring a fabulous guest list and scenic location shoots.
    I wonder how Ji-hyo is going to be able to do this Australia RM while filming her Emergency Couple – girl is looking totally exhausted filming both. No amount of makeup can disguise those bags under her eyes.

  12. 12 GIZIPP

    Running man is getting so boring(?) IMHO. But still funny! 😀 Somehow, I miss RM with old concept… landmark based maybe?

    • 12.1 nomad

      To each his/her own…even though this episode is boring to me too, but I think the past few weeks except for this one have been a blast.

    • 12.2 NewFan

      This was the first one that I stopped watching less than halfway through 🙁

  13. 13 Quiet Thought

    HOLY CAMEOSITY, BATMAN! Check out ep 6 of ‘Emergency Couple’ for the Running Man link!

    And Ji Hyo continues to be awesome in every scene!

    • 13.1 Cynthia

      Gary’s cameo was hysterical!
      I’m still laughing, just thinking about it!

      • 13.1.1 Quiet Thought

        “I’ll see you on Monday!”

    • 13.2 nomad

      LOVE THE CAMEOOOO!!! (I’ve actually felt that my favorite scenes out of RM’s cast’s movies have been the cameos of fellow members, like the radio or something? Where LKS starred, and KJK and Gaeri cameo?)

    • 13.3 petmink

      Yes, they were so cute together. And so many meta jokes. ‘You look like Gary’, ‘I will see you on Monday’. And they interlocked their fingers so naturally.

  14. 14 cinthy

    Yay monday couple!! They should date!

  15. 15 Ciara

    This was such a fun episode! I enjoyed the chemistry between Uhm Jung Hwa & Kim Jong Kook. I seriously hope they date. They’re so cute together.

  16. 16 Raptor

    The way Ji Hyo was grabbing so tightly to Gary, and he also grabbing her hand…. Wow.

  17. 17 bd

    While some of the fortune telling bits were too long (there was some good stuff there w/ regard to YJS and Suk-jin), I always enjoyed the errand/time trials in btwn train stops and the celebrity phone call bit was daebak (definitely should do that again but w/ a twist – like doing a degrees of separation to call a certain celeb).

    Still better than some recent eps.

  18. 18 Running Man fan

    The fortune telling was dragged too long.. It honestly can be simplified for everyone.. It also does not make sense to edit the last game…

    Kim Jong Kook and Gary pairing are funny.. Although I am jealous of that woman… Yes I want Gold and Jong Kook too.

    I like how the Running Man were more concern about Yoo Jae Suk fortune.

    Monday couple look so sweet!!!! Love their closeness..

    Kwang Soo pairing is weird… But funny. The other pairs are like friends… So nothing unexpected…

  19. 19 aciko

    The fortune telling took so much air time I had to skip them and the last game we didn’t get to see seemed so much fun. This ep is kind of a monday couple paradise! The way SJH clunged to Gary’s arm is so cute I had to rewind it a few times 😍

  20. 20 soprection

    I suspected a lot of people wouldn’t like it here but I loved this episode. I thought the fortunes were interesting (although I don’t really believe in that myself) and I loved Uhm Jung Hwa as a guest. She was so cute and gung-ho about everything. I also liked the phone call game – that was fun and a nice quick trip down memory lane. Also Gary plugging his new song was hilarious (especially given the subject matter).

  21. 21 gaegun23

    i thought my downloaded ep is broken because the fortune telling part is strange. this is boring but not as hateful as the slapstick episode which i utterly despised. i hate the old man who was overacting with the slapstick comedy. that is one RM episode i deleted after 10 mins watching. the ending of this destined couple for me is great but yeah, the story is dragging and not exciting. i rate it 3 out of 5 in RM episodes so far. 🙂

  22. 22 jov

    Kinda sad on this episode because the editing team did not show what the fortune teller told to song ji hyo
    hyo. And others too.

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