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Running Man: Episode 185
by | February 21, 2014 | 70 Comments

So I guess this what happens when drama meets variety, eh? Our cast members try out their own version of fantasy romance in You From Another Running Star with an episode that spans four centuries. Some turn into adorable fanboys at the drop of a gat while others bicker in sageuk speech, and still others struggle to grasp what year they’re in.

But there’s only one alien who can tap into his supernatural abilities to save the woman he loves, even if she doesn’t always need saving.

EPISODE 185. Broadcast on February 16, 2014.

Our resident alien Do Min-joon sets the stage for this You From Another Star parody episode, narrating the events leading up to his arrival on Earth in 17th century Joseon. Time stands still for a minute as our cast members traverse the streets before the world moves once more…

First Record. We begin in 1614, in the sixth year of King Gwanghae’s rule, and to the PD’s surprise, Scholar Yoo readily accepts today’s historical fantasy setup. Gary waxes poetic about his cold heart, and Kwang-soo… tortures himself? O-kay.

However, Kwang-soo gives up and smiles to the camera that it was all an act, and is promptly told to stop acting. That’s because our scholar aliens are tasked to find the young lady with a R-stickered hairpin—a trademark piece fans of the show will recognize.

This morning nametag mission is Joseon-era appropriate for our scholars—being robbed of their wooden name plates results in elimination. Scholar Kookie muses that he believes this so-called “name-ripping game” will be popular in the future. Lol.

Scholar Gary roams the streets of Hanyang and stops at a pair of photo op cardboard cutouts. “These are the perfect sizes for Ji-hyo and myself!” It fits (ha) and he sighs, “If only we met 400 years ago…”

There are plenty of ladies walking outside, but none are the particular lady they’re looking for. Scholar Ji-hyo scolds her fellow countryman for invading another lady’s personal space, which sparks a round of bickering between them.

Scholar Jae-suk: “How can a fourth-generation scholar walk around with red hair?!” Ji-hyo: “Do you think all women love you? Beware, women! Yoo Jae-suk is coming!” Hee, and that’s why we love you.

Kwang-soo marvels at the historic surroundings and gasps to see foreigners in this era. He stops to greet the Australian fans, only to jump seconds later when Kookie saunters up to him, grabbing his name plate.

Scholar Kookie isn’t about to let go anytime soon, so they set off as a unit towards a young lady. Kwang-soo pays her a compliment, and Jong-kook slips out her hairpin without permission. Well now that’s just impolite, hee.

There are some things that don’t ever change regardless of era, like how Kwang-soo breaks down dancing at the sound of nearby fanfare. But in his enthusiasm, his name plate breaks off in Kookie’s hand. Whoops.

Although Jong-kook genuinely looks apologetic about it (Kwang-soo: “Put it back on!”), Kwang-soo is dragged out anyway, screaming on top of his lungs that he’ll have in revenge in the next life.

In his search, Scholar Haha spots one lady without a companion, and then gasps to find himself face to face with actress Kim Hyun-Soo who portrays Chun Song-yi’s ancestor Seo Yi-hwa… but Running Man is going to refer to her as Chun Song-yi. Oy, that’s going to be confusing.

Haha immediately turns into an adorable fanboy in front of her; he’s practically on the verge of tears as he asks if they can take a sel-ca together later. Aw.

At Hyun-soo’s request, he hides her in a nearby restaurant, and in an impatient voice, urges the VJs to follow suit: “You’ll be found out!” I also love how Haha tries to take care of her, telling her to eat while she waits for him to return. Turning to the owner: “Do you accept [credit] cards?” Ha.

Then after he tells her to mooch off of the VJs’ wallets, he sets off to find Yi-hwa a palanquin.

Meanwhile, Suk-jin runs before he gets spotted by scholar duo SpartAce, only to be cornered by them a minute later. His attempt to sell out info on Jae-suk in exchange to be let off fails, so he takes a seat to imagine the best scenario for his imminent elimination.

When he lets himself in Jong-kook’s clutches, he cries, “I get the feeling this will happen again in the future!” HA.

Elsewhere, Haha distracts Gary long enough to tear off his name plate, bringing our numbers down to four.

Stumbling upon the same restaurant, Jae-suk initially mistakes our lady of the hour as Yoon Eun-hye: “So I thought it’d be that special episode?” You mean the reunion special with Jong-kook? But, alas.

Jae-suk is surprised to learn that he must also acquire her getaway transportation, and I find it funny how Hyun-soo adorably breaks out of character in his presence with her laughter and aegyo.

So when Hyun-soo sing-songs: “Yesh~” Jae-suk reminds her: “This is the 1600s!” and then spouts more modern slang, much to her amusement.

Jae-suk discovers said palanquin sitting in a neighboring estate, then grows exasperated when he’s told that he should have brought the young lady with him. But when Jae-suk doubles back to fetch Hyun-soo, he finds her gone.

We see that Haha had swung by minutes earlier to escort her to a safer location. He leaves her for one minute, but then returns to find her with Scholar Kookie. I find it sorta funny that she’ll recite the mission over and over again to everyone, and the two men fight over her favor.

It isn’t long before Haha finds himself in a literal twist though, then eliminated immediately thereafter. Turning to Hyun-soo, Haha declares: “See you in 400 years!” Ha.

Jae-suk runs into Jong-kook (as Ji-hyo is escorted away), and pretends to meet Hyun-soo fo the first time… to which Hyun-soo interjects, “I already told [Jong-kook].”

He asks to say something to Hyun-soo before letting them go, but she goes ahead to tattletale on him to Jong-kook right away: “[Jae-suk] told me to take your name plate.” Hee, at least we know where her loyalty lies.

Jong-kook’s suspicion radar pings at Jae-suk’s hedging and tells the scholary grasshopper to lead the way. Then the trio walk towards the estate hand-in-hand, as the two men continue to bicker over her head.

But in a distracted moment before they enter the gate, Jae-suk reaches to take Jong-kook’s name plate. Jae-suk and Hyun-soo approach the prepared palanquin inside and then the two bid farewell to each other.

Hyun-soo presents her savior with a reference aid for the future and confesses her feelings for him. A sweet moment in the drama that has such a hilarious execution in variety.

He returns her gratitude, save for the fact that she can’t be trusted with a secret. Then Jae-suk sends her off with well-wishes for the new academic year (which starts in March for Korea).

As Jae-suk reads his guidebook in the Joseon times epilogue, he surprises the staff of recognizing the references to the 2002 World Cup and South Korea’s biggest lottery jackpot in 2010.

The 2014 hint puzzles him however, but chooses to tackle that when the time comes.

Second Record. We skip ahead to Korea’s time of enlightenment (which should put somewhere between 1876-1910, but I also see televisions and rotary phones, so now I’m confused. Maybe it’s because we’re also in a museum), and past grudges are still bubbling underneath the surface.

In any case, everyone has five nyang in their pockets to bet on their castmates—they’ll be rewarded twofold for winning or lose their bet. Additionally, there’s a great prize for the first one to reach ten nyang.

The first game is the nostalgic pastime to flip a coin on a textbook in turn. The cast places their bets on their first competitors SpartAce, and Jong-kook reveals that this is one of his weakest games, since he lets his nerves get to him.

The pressure gets to him this time too, and it’s a long minute of chatter before Jong-kook flips the coin successfully. It comes back to bite him in his next turn though, and Jae-suk and Kwang-soo can only look on with shock written on their faces.

They call for another round, which their opponents agree with… if health nut Jong-kook downs a soda in one shot. His investors agree to that readily, barking back at him: “I bet my life’s savings on you!” “You only bet one nyang!”

It cracks me up how Jong-kook drinking one bottle of cola turns into a huge Thing, agreeing to do best two out of three if Jong-kook doesn’t burp.

As they (and we) savor the moment of watching Jong-kook down something non-healthy, Jae-suk comments that Jong-kook should be shirtless for this… and Jong-kook chokes.

They play the three rounds anyway, which ends Ji-hyo up winning. She’s gifted with a book of Nostradamus predictions about a solar eclipse and the 1988 Summer Olympics, but we don’t get to hear the third.

Second Record Epilogue. Jong-kook revs up for his turn to flip the coin. It flies into the air, but then time suddenly stops for a few seconds before resuming again, and the coin doesn’t flip.

Present day. We meet today’s hero Do Min-joon in the form of… Haha? He asks why Jo PD is laughing, and then listens to his own history about living on Earth for the past 400 years and his love for Chun Song-yi. (Side note: I really really like the new lightened ‘do on Haha.)

Ha Min-joon—whom we’ll just call Haha—has done his homework about his supernatural abilities as an alien since he’s an avid viewer of the drama. “I won’t let Jae-kyung [the villain] get away with this! He’s so scary!” HA.

His job is to find Chun Song-yi and return to the Golden Planet. There’s gold on the line and Haha teleports out of there.

I find it hard to believe that Jong-kook failing to flip his coin has anything to do with Haha’s supposed supernatural abilities, but at least the show does too and asks the viewers to suspend belief. So we’ll just say Haha got lucky and call it even then?

Time for the Final Record. Haha bitterly recalls how he couldn’t escort Song-yi to her palanquin four centuries ago. The UFO doors will open in two hours’ time, and if he misses his chance…. Haha interrupts, “I have to live here for another 400 years.”

Haha grows expectant when he’s told that there’s a present-day Song-yi waiting for him. Uh, Jeon Ji-hyun…? Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say probably not. He tries to coax an answer out of the PD, only to be told that he should look forward to it.

As for the others, they’re told that nobody knows who Min-joon is (though we know it’s Haha), so their job is to find a script to act out with Song-yi. Furthermore, they have a chance at getting on that UFO themselves if they find the key and climb aboard.

Jae-suk realizes that his 2014 prediction points out the script’s location, and I love the beat when one of the writers ask if Gary understands his mission, and he’s like, “Should I read it again?”

It’s cute how the Easy Brothers’ initial reaction to Chun Song-yi’s name is Jeon Ji-hyun, because who can blame them? But there are more pressing matters at hand, as Ji-hyo reveals that the members also need to be on a lookout for a villain at large.

As it turns out, Ji-hyo finds the script right away, which means she has to find our heroine. Cue Chun Song-yi’s entrance in flowery CG, and is it just me or does Song-yi look a little mannish to anyone else?

HA, it’s Jae-suk. He’s just as flabbergasted at these turn of events, but takes on the Song-yi persona with gusto. The diva starlet dumps Kwang-soo on the spot, saying that there’s no way he could be her Min-joon, and then the two pretend punch-and-slap each other.

You can sense the disappointment in the other cast members when they find out that their hallyu star is a mere grasshopper. But no one’s disappointment is greater than Haha, who gripes, “I thought it’d be Jeon Ji-hyun!”

Jae-suk does a good job of channeling Song-yi by dumping every suitor he sees (“Tell your managers that I dumped you!”), choosing a more masculine name of “Sung-yi,” topped with a believable “Sorry~!” impersonation.

Haha isn’t ready to let this someone-like-but-not-necessarily Jeon Ji-hyun bit go, and Jae-suk resorts to a knee kick to keep Kwang-soo’s paws off of him. When Ji-hyo joins the others, Jae-suk cries out that she’s his sister (Chun Sung-im is Ji-hyo’s birth name).

Our pseudo Song-yi proposes that whoever Min-joon may be, they’ll go their separate ways after winning their gold. She’s got her eyes on the prize, that’s for sure. With less than 90 minutes left, they have to get moving, and Jae-suk and Haha exchange barbs until they part.

Ji-hyo, however, pulls Jae-suk aside to show him the script and confirm her identity. They reenact the scene in Episode 8 with Min-joon’s attempt to stop Song-yi from cleaning with a back-hug.

It takes five takes before both Ji-hyo and Jae-suk are convinced that she’s not Min-joon. But there’s always that pesky villain out there…

Jae-suk is later approached by Suk-jin to read lines, and is affronted when he’s told they have to go find somewhere “dark and remote.” Then they both groan to find they have to reenact a romantic scene (with a kiss!) in Episode 4.

While they bicker about how to play out this scene, our real hero Haha cries in despair, “Song-yi… what happened to you?”

I hadn’t realized how labor intensive this scene is until they actually play it out, but both mat hyungs go for another round of tete-a-tete. It somehow leads to insults at each other’s looks to how they should treat their wives before going for another take.

Suk-jin is determined to prove himself, so they both swallow their pride and actually touch lips and embrace. I’m dying of laughter at the post-awkwardness of this situation. Afterward, Suk-jin cleans his lips while Jae-suk comments, “I have to brush my teeth about 300 times right now.”

They’re met with silence, which means Suk-jin isn’t the hero, and they part ways, avoiding each other’s gazes. Ha.

Elsewhere, Ji-hyo is surprised that Jong-kook hasn’t found any sort of script yet and explains the mission from the beginning. It’s suspicious that Jong-kook is getting all the details mixed up—are you feigning ignorance or is there mischief afoot?

Curiously, Ji-hyo let Jong-kook in on their mysterious villain, news that he finds amusing. But then Jong-kook suddenly turns on Ji-hyo and rips off her name tag, which means… he’s the villain we’ve been waiting to turn up.

And to drive a nail into that coffin, Jong-kook takes out a nail ring to prove it. Ha, should I also be amused that the ring is too small for his pinky?

A flashback teaches us that it’s Jong-kook’s job to eliminate all the others in the order of whose name is written on each ring he discovers. That explains why he was able to take Ji-hyo out of the game, and he lets the ring clatter onto the floor.

Jae-suk is approached by Haha, whom he acknowledges to the be the lesser of two evils: “Even if I have to go to a different planet, I can’t go with Jong-kook.”

They parody the snowy kiss scene in Episode 11 (which they change to a back-hug), and then the bells ring to confirm that Haha is our hero. Jae-suk is still in disbelief though, to which Haha insists, all, I look like him!

Haha explains that he’s got the whole shebang in terms of supernatural powers (except that he can’t rip off nametags when time stands still). Jae-suk whispers that they’ve got this in the bag then, but this couple can barely go two feet before engaging in a lovers’ quarrel.

Everyone else has heard the bells as well, Jong-kook hurries to find his next ring, then breaks into a gleeful smile to find out who it is: Song-yi aka Jae-suk. The prospect of acting upon a four centuries long grudge makes him giddy and he heads out.

Jae-suk runs into Kwang-soo by the escalators, and it’s pretty funny how Kwang-soo’s the one running away from the advances now. They’re joined by both Haha and Jong-kook soon afterward, who both proclaim that the other is the hero.

But Jae-suk is also suspicious at how a few of their other members have strangely disappeared. Accusing Jong-kook as an evil Min-joon, Jae-suk keeps that arrow on Jong-kook, who reframes that logic to argue that those words are just a diversion to keep the real Min-joon hidden.

Caught in this back and forth, Kwang-soo can only slowly process all this information, and then brings up Gary’s hypothesis that the UFO key might be hidden beneath Song-yi or Min-joon’s nametags. Oho, that gives more reasoned justification for Jong-kook to attack, doesn’t it?

I have to hand it to Jong-kook for pointing out all the teensy reactions to bolster his own argument (“Why would Song-yi hesitate if I were Min-joon?”), and as his hand inches towards Jae-suk, Haha sees the danger and whispers the command to stop time.

So in that standstill, Haha collects Jae-suk and makes off with him, and then the other two are baffled by the disappearance. Uh, how did you guys get away with that?

It’s like Running Man answered my own question because then they show the playback to how it all happened. It’s like they’re saying, “Uh, we know we can’t fool you viewers… so here’s the workaround!” And that’s even MORE entertaining that I’d anticipated.

Basically, the staff ran to blindfold the others at Haha’s command, and while they were running away, Jae-suk snapped back annoyed, “Why didn’t you eliminate [Jong-kook]!” Haha: “Why did you stand up to him!”

That argument continued in the stairwell: “You would have died!” “No I wouldn’t have!” They agree that their relationship is purely business from here on out, and look forward to parting ways soon enough.

Haha guesses that the UFO key could be on their person, but they’ll have to be quick because Jong-kook has also found a ring with Haha’s name on it, meaning they’re both fair game.

He turns out to be right, and when they discover the USB key hidden in Jae-suk’s jacket, they both turn to the staff, annoyed. Caption: You think space-traveling is easy?

There’s just over 23 minutes left before the spacecraft doors open, but instead of actually yunno, going straight there, the couple stops to ruffle Kwang-soo’s feathers some more. Now you’re just inviting Jong-kook to come after you with all that noise!

Haha uses his telekinetic ability to make a volley of balls hurl at Kwang-soo, a move that quickly comes back to bite him later. “Ow, I’m getting hit!”

Then Haha stops time once more to reposition himself right behind Kwang-soo to tear off his nametag as soon as time starts again. They aren’t in the clear just yet because they spot Jong-kook circling above them.

Jong-kook jumps down to join them and feigns ignorance about a villain running around… and then takes out their inscribed nail rings. Both Jae-suk and Haha cower in fear as Jong-kook delivers the menacing line, “The reason you both are still alive is because I let you live.”

Jong-kook is ready to complete his centuries-long revenge, and Haha declares that Jong-kook can’t kill him. He stops time once more (and teleportation, ’cause why not?). Cue blindfolds!

Jae-suk is annoyed at another lost opportunity with just three minutes before the doors open. When Haha invites Jong-kook to come at them, he remarks, “[Jong-kook] looks really angry right now.”

They engage in a three-way tussle as objects burst around them. The UFO doors are now open, but they’re too busy to pay attention. Jong-kook gets pinned to the ground, but he gathers his strength to eliminate Haha.

That leaves Jae-suk to fight against Jong-kook alone, and though they’re both exhausted by now, they still remain in character. Jae-suk: “I should have ended you 400 years ago!” Jong-kook: “Sorry, but can you wear your wig?”

They both grab for each other’s backs… but it’s Jae-suk who rips off Jong-kook’s nametag first. Jae-suk tells an exhausted Jong-kook that he just got dumped. Ha.

Then Jae-suk staggers towards the UFO in his disheveled wig. He cries tears of joy when the doors open and collects his gold prize with a kiss.

This result actually makes the final epilogue that much more hilarious as we see Haha run towards the already closed spacecraft, astounded to find that he’s stranded on Earth.

Jae-suk: “Go find Man Song-yi!” (chun = thousand, man = ten thousand). Heh, because this Song-yi is out of this world.


70 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. callmeadreamer

    Above average episode due to some funny interactions by some cast members. I’m not overly fond of most episodes that are used to promote movies/dramas because they have a slightly unnatural feel to them in most cases. I really love the drama, but I was tired of the cuts inserted into the show.

    I enjoyed the inital game. Haha and Jae-suk were especially funny with their interactions with the guest and other members. I liked Ji-hyo teasing Jae-suk about touch the hair of that woman to find the hairpin. The way Gwang-soo was ousted was stupid. Why would he dance when Jong-kook was holding onto his tag. When Jae-suk found the guest, I agree with him. It really did look like Eun-hye, especially around the eyes.

    The second game seemed kinda random, but it still produced some funny moments.

    With regards to the third game… Gary, Ji-hyo, and Suk-jin didn’t even need to show up since they were barely seen.

    Gwang-soo too, to a certain degree but he did have more impact on the game then the other three. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jae-suk win since I thought that Jong-kook had it in the bag when it was revealed that he was the “evil” in this episode. Though, I was rooting for Haha from the start from the moment he found the hairpin first. He was really charming in this episode. I thought it was cute that he knew so much about the drama.

    It was funny when Suk-jin saw Ji-hyo and Jong-kook walking together during the first game and ran away. Ji-hyo should stop trusting Jong-kook so much, it seems like he is eliminating her a lot lately.

    Jae-suk and Suk-jin’s acting out the scenes was hilarious.

    I don’t know if it’s the editing or Jong-kook, but whenever he is the bad guy in the episode they do a good job of making him seem menacing.

    Thanks for taking the time to recap 🙂

  2. HeadsNo2

    I enjoyed this episode. *sips tea*

    • 2.1 gummimochi

      Here are your cucumber sandwiches m’lady.

  3. alive

    You know what, I was swooning over the part where KJK envelopes Ji Hyo into a hug to tear her nametag, and then after that give her another apologetic hug. And then basically hold her under his arm again where they were giggling off to jail.

    I’d gladly have my nametag torn by KJK if it means I get such treatment! That was soooooooo cool.

    This guy can be so funny and goofy at times, but at other times like this, so man

    • 3.1 eli_n

      Yeah spartace hugs always make me swoon

      But… did anyone find it suspicious that ji-hyo told KJK about there being a villain? I know they work together a lot (which btw, their so in sync with each other that I kinda want to see them in like a spy/cop movie together lol) , but KJK was acting so dodgy and it seemed so obvious that he was the perfect fit fo the villain character of the parody.

      I can’t help but suspect that she told him on purpose so she could get eliminated early and rest. Which she completely deserves seeing as she’s pulling double drama/variety duty these days. But still. Moment of disbelief there. Esp with KJK’s apologetic hug afterward…

      • 3.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Ji Hyo is way too competitive to let herself be an easy kill for anyone. She tends to be a slow starter in any episode where she is over-tired, and gets very little air time mostly, I think, because she isn’t saying much. By the end of the day, she is generally wide away and ready to fight, but, if she gets in a spot with someone larger and stronger and no advantage in her back pocket, she’s going to be taken out very easily.

        • Quiet Thought

          How about “she is generally wide AWAKE and ready to fight” for that sentence?

        • bd

          Both KJK and Gary have gotten back at Ms. Mong lately for the previous times when she broke up their alliances and got them out.

  4. Jel

    Wow, screen time sure was lacking for Gary and suk Jin. I know some people mentioned ji hyo’s screen time as well but I thought hers was still ok, with the 2nd game and she at least getting her elimination shown in its entirety.

    Speaking of which, Jong kook and ji hyo really always have such innate trust in each other, which while nice to see, always turns out to be their undoing when the other is given a spy related role. Why else would ji hyo start rattling on about the evil character when it was clear Jong kook was not his usual self with his eye rubbing and all. Can’t believe ji hyo didn’t sense that

    I generally don’t like drama plot driven episodes, but this was definitely much better than the. Han ga in first love episode

    • 4.1 Megumi

      Ji Hyo is always teaming up with Jong Kook or Jae suk all the time when it comes to name tag ripping, that is how she survives most of the time, so it was understandable that she put trust on him, and even when jong kook is playing the villain role he normally goes after ji hyo around the end, truth be told him and the other guys always go soft on her and fight amongst each other first, anyway it was good that this happened, I don’t like it when ace and commander team up and start attacking other members, i want everyone to battle on their own rather than doubling up on someone to get the results, about this episode I am very satisfied unlike some people here…

      • 4.1.1 Quiet Thought

        Generally speaking, the men on Running Man always “go easier on the girls.” That’s a reflection on a traditional culture . . . I can remember my grandmother and mother saying similar things to me as a child.

        On the other hand, this is also a practical decision. If you are a reasonably fit, average to large adult male, like most of the actors and entertainers on Running Man, a woman less fit than an Olympic athlete is not much of a threat in a physical contest. So, you go after the male opposition first.

  5. Ethalina

    I can’t stop laughing when comparing the RM Song-yi & the real Song-yi. Apart from the catch phrases (Sswary!), they’re so starkly different.

    And lol, I just about died laughing when Song-yi was the one boarding the UFO. I mean, in reality, Jaesuk won the game, but when you put it in the ‘drama’ maxim, how ridiculous would it be if Song-yi went to outer space, leaving Do Min-joon behind?

    It’s going to be a slim chance, but wouldn’t it be awesome if YFAS makes a parody of RM parodying them? :s

    • 5.1 CutiieAngiie

      Oh My God, you are a genius ! Now, I want it ! Park Ji Eun, you better do it right now 😀

  6. Emmy

    I watched this episode with a friend yesterday. Couldn’t stop laughing. The best part for me was where they had to act out the kiss scene from episode 4. Real life has never been quite so different from reel life, eh?

    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      The kiss scene re-enactment had me in tears.

  7. SongSong

    I laughed till my throat hurt. Definitely will re-watch.
    But on the other side, also missed Gary. What a shame..

  8. kb

    boring and bland ep 🙁

    • 8.1 ladysan

      I think so too!
      Recently I feel like the writers are not really putting much thought into making games, most of the episodes have become boring (exception: the one that foreigner fan girl had made, seriously she made the show more interesting and fun to watch for that single hour)

      I remember when I used to watch RM and laugh insanely all/most of the time but now it’s not so anymore! I’m some how disappointed… 🙁
      Some times I can’t help but think that the reason for it is that now that they have got the recognition and well…the popularity they were seeking(not saying it’s a bad thing I’m happy the show is popular), they don’t see the reason to be creative anymore?

      • 8.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        Gosh’, I wanted to reply to you but instead I hit the thumb up many times lol.

        Anyway, I really don’t understand when people say “I used to watch RM and laugh insanely all/most of the time but now it’s not so anymore! I’m some how disappointed… ”
        Seriously, I have been watching Running Man since episode 1 and I have never found the earlier episode to be funnier than the newest episodes because all of them are different with their own pros and cons.
        Of course, there are some episodes that I could find “less entertaining” than others but perso, it doesn’t mean that Running Man lost creativity. How is that so ? Y’know, it’s just so weiird because at the end of the day, Running Man could never please everyone so I guess I would just enjoy it at the fullest in my own lol.

        • ladysan

          @CutieAngiie “I wanted to reply to you but instead I hit the thumb up many times” LOL!

          Well I guess everyone has their opinion 😉

          I have not watched the episodes 1-110 but after that everything I watched has been funny and wow when I re-watch them again they totally make me laugh but the recent ones… they just make me giggle from time to time.

          BTW, happy you can enjoy it . ^_^

          I wish I could too. But, nah! Just bores me. 😐

          • ladysan

            HA! isn’t it funny that your reply is sent at 10:01 and mine at 11:01 ?! (^_^)

            Couldn’t hold myself from mentioning it, haha.

          • CutiieAngiie

            LOL, I am sorry if I sounded rude, it really wasn’t what I meant XD. I just wanted to point out that it was bothersome that the thumb up was very next to the reply button because I keep hitting it thinking I was going to write a reply and instead, I was doing something else like a crazy.

            Of course, I respect your opinion ! It’s just that it weirds me out when people say that because even though I try so hard to understand, I really can’t lol.

            You didn’t watch episode 1-110 ? LMAO and now I am more weirded out because when people say “used to” for RM, y’know like talking about the earlier episodes, I keep thinking of the very very early episodes like episode 1-30 and so, it makes me think “gosh’, I am already at the 4-5th year for the show !”
            And it makes me laugh because people really do have different opinions. I really thought that you were part of the people who say this when they refer to very very early episodes. Sorry Sorry.

            LMAO, I just checked and you are right XD. Quite a coincidence lol.

        • nomad

          I’ve watched every episode since episode 1 too (I think except the one episode of Choi Min Soo with scary make up)…and imo even though the funny parts have changed somewhat, the interaction between the casts have grown fonder. I remember how awkward SJH was to Jongkook. I think she used to call him sunbae, not oppa like now. What keeps me a loyal RM fan is their interaction and warmth to each other underneath all their bickering and fight.

          • ladysan

            True. I feel like the show is now focusing too much on the interaction between members, and not much on providing better/funnier games while it can balance it out with funny game and fun crew.

        • bd

          Actually, the earliest eps weren’t that funny b/c the cast members had yet to develop their personas and Ji-hyo was still a bit on the shy side (not yet seeing “bad Ji-hyo).

  9. redfox

    it was really funny and insane. I watched it even before MFTS ep 19

  10. 10 cinthy

    a very funny episode!! poor kim jong kook, he even had to drink coke but in the end he didn’t win, and how funny was jae syk in the end? with his disheveled wig so funny, after all he went through and that kiss with ji suk jin he deserved the gold

  11. 11 bjharm

    hmm must be only me but it just felt like an hour long commercial for a certain TV show and it really put me off what was going on. RM seems to be getting more and more used just as a vehicle to promote something and no longer at lest trying to pretend it is its own me a cheap feeling. Bring on the aussi speacil or a no guest epiosde!

    • 11.1 Quiet Thought

      I’m going to go with “They are fans and they’re just having fun talking about a show they like.”

      “A parody (/ˈpærədi/; also called spoof, send-up, take-off or lampoon), in current use, is an imitative work created to mock, comment on or trivialize an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of satiric or ironic imitation. ”

      In this case, a comment by fans.

  12. 12 sorry

    why did song jihyo change her name?
    even her last name?

    • 12.1 lordj

      song jihyo is her stage name… 🙂

  13. 13 petmink

    Such a funny episode. I am guessing the people who haven’t watched the show will not get all the inside jokes. Loved Jae Suk as Song Hyi. Sorrry~ Pfft.
    Finally HaHa has a good hair day. I have been waiting for 2 years.
    I wanted to see Gary’s re-enactment too 🙁
    I loved that HaHa is such a fan of the show.
    I agree with Jae Suk. Kookie should drink coke with his shirt off. Now that would totally look like a commercial.

  14. 14 barbara black fox

    Who ripped of Jihyo’s name in the first game? (I guess it must have been out of chronological order–because I couldn’t figure out who was left when she was “escorted” away near the edge of camera range as Kookie and Yoo bickered.)

    • 14.1 Quiet Thought

      Kookie eliminated Ji Hyo in the first game. She trusted him a little too long.

  15. 15 sArAhA

    A good parody of YFTS, it has funny moments but I don’t like the missions. Other members has lack of screentime especially Gary, it’s like he didnt even participated in the 3rd game…But still there are also some good moments.
    The young CSY is adorable especially when she is trying not to laugh, and i also like how haha is such a avid fan of the drama and they reaction of possibly meeting JJH and their disappointment..
    The use of super power is also awesome, especially the time stopping and teleportation behind the scene..
    Also song joong ki in the background, i really miss him in rm or in drama.

  16. 16 onyxx

    it took me a while to get the hang of this episode, but some of the funny scenes made up for it. KJK does a good job of being intimidating lol! and yeah, maybe they should make him drink soda every couple of episodes — the sillier the reason, the better hahaha!

    btw, Jae-suk’s crack about YEH made me smirk. oh man, if RM can ever get around to making that episode happen (with YEH as guest), it will be epic — and I mean EPIC.

    • 16.1 JT

      I’m curious how the interaction between Yoon Eunhye and Song Jihyo would be though. They’re both kind of similar in that they are intelligent, have superhuman strength for people their size, and tend to make these snarky but funny quips on air. I’m guessing Jihyo will be somewhat respectful and formal with her, as she is with other female guests, even though Jihyo is the sunbae (at least in terms of acting) and they did act together in Goong.

      • 16.1.1 onyxx

        several delicious scenarios are playing in my mind right now, but i can’t help but imagine YJS having a field day teasing KJK and YEH gleefully to death LOL. he’s not the type to spare KJK’s blushes 🙂

  17. 17 gia

    So I’m new to the K-drama scene and I’m confused on what ‘Running Man’ actually is – I get that it’s a ‘variety’ show whatever that is but can someone please give an actual definition (or what happens on the show) 😛

    Thank you! 😀

    • 17.1 CutiieAngiie

      As a very longtime Running Man fan, I am going to try to give my best to explain what Running Man is.
      Officially, it said to be an “urban action variety show never seen before”.
      But because Running Man somehow changed format because of the low ratings and because I don’t even know what those terms mean, let’s just say that is a variety show where a lot of stuffs happen. It can be a race where they have to do missions to get the gold/avoid punishment/ … etc. but you can also have themed episodes like this one where they parody dramas/movies … etc.

      Most importantly, you have the core of Running Man which is the cast members.
      Perso, some people include Song Joonki and Lizzy as official members of Running Man but because it has been such a looooooooongtime since they have left the show, for me, they don’t count and so, there are only seven of them.

      Then, the show features guests who are most likely there to promote their dramas/movies/songs … etc. And all of them (guests + cast members) are divided into groups and compete with each other.

      Did you watch Running Man episodes before or it’s your first time ?

      • 17.1.1 gia

        OOH! that makes so much more sense! I see all these celebrities on Running Man (courtesy of dramabeans recaps) that I get confused on what the show actually is, 😛

        And I haven’t actually watched an episode (rather first time reading this recap purely because I haven’t caught up with You From Another Star the past week) — but I’m interested to start watching this now that I understand the concept

        THANK YOU 😀

        • CutiieAngiie

          I can’t really recommand you episodes because most of them are my favorite (LMAO) and because you may have different tastes and all but I just hope that you will enjoy the show as much as I do 😀

          Running Man has a lot of amazing guests so if your bias guested on the show, you may watch it as your first episode I guess.

    • 17.2 Quiet Thought

      Structure-wise, Running Man is a game show with a mix of mental and physical contests. There are generally three minor contests that provide advantages for players in the fourth and final contest, which decides the winner.

      One key element in RM is that, quite literally, the players cannot be certain until the end of the show whether they are operating on a team or individually. A majority of the time, there is a framework for the competition announced in the introduction: individual competition, teams of 2 to 6 contestants, or a combination of both that changes from segment. However, that framework is often undercut by various regulars, announced guests, or surprise guests being giving their own victory conditions. Which is why the players are always looking for “spies” and “traitors.”

      Along with the contest, of course, there is the variety aspect of the show. Along with competing, everyone is also entertaining and promoting.

      The comments on Dramabeans don’t get into the logical puzzles much, but some of them are fascinating models of group interaction behavior that would stand up to a graduate political science seminar.

      I particularly liked a episode in which 9 people were locked in a library with a throne room and ballot boxes. One player was the king, and could eliminate the others by tearing off their name-tags, but the king was also penned up for periods of time on official duties and the other players could search for “ballot papers” and vote someone else as king. Consequently, every player had to weigh every action politically and practically. Do you want a week or a strong player as king? Who do you ally with to make yourself or someone else king? What happens to you if you fail at a coup or an execution and someone bears a grudge? Pretty deep stuff, for a game show.

      • 17.2.1 sporadic diligence

        Hi Quiet Thought, which episode were you referring to in your last paragraph?

  18. 18 PL

    It’s been such a loooonnnggggggggg time since Running Man gave me my much-needed cardio kick. This episode is one of the very rare ones with the right mix of hilarity, action, suspense and sentimentality. And all done without endangering the cast’s health. I feel sorry for the non-YFAS fans around but it’s not too late to catch up with the cutest alien on the planet. 😉

  19. 19 CutiieAngiie

    I know that I say that most of time but what can I do, Running Man is just that good to me 😀

    Anyway, you gotta say that the cast members’ interactions are gold. More than gold in fact lol. Y’know, it’s just so fun watching them bicker with each other because they are just so comfortable together, like a family (an happy one at least XD).
    Gosh’, I just so love them … <3 (LMAO, I am feeling so exhausted right now so I am all emotional !)

    I would have adored to see some actors of the drama but I know they are already exhausted by the filming. (Kim Soo Hyun sleeping one hour by day. SERIOUSLY ?) So yeaap'. Plus, I am pretty sure that he knows how exhausting RM can be after guesting on episode 147 and running like a mad dog but I really hope he will gest in another episode someday. He has said so many times that he was a big Running Man fan and so, I just hope that his recent A-list status/top star thing didn't change his mind about that (what I am even talking about)
    And it's not like Jeon Ji Hyun was going to guest too even though I freakin' want to see her O.O

    Anyway, I loved the whole "epilogue" between the scenes. It was hilarious with the "this is how he used magic in real life" stuff. It reminds me of episode 116 where they had the "the one who can see the future" and when Haha got eliminated but used the ddakji (?), all of the played had to act like nothing happened and they were like astonished XD.

    • 19.1 Quiet Thought

      I may have missed it on the Dramafever translation, but did anyone remember to address Kim Hyun-Soo by NAME while she was on the show? It seemed to me that they just kept calling her “Young Song Yi.” Which is kinda rude.

      • 19.1.1 CutiieAngiie

        If I Remember correctly and I will check later on my computer because I am supposed to sleep, they put a caption when she first appeared on screen to say that she is actress Kim Hyun Soo and another at the very end to thank her for her presence.
        Afte if the members didnt Mention Her as actress KHS but rather as CSY, I just think it’s because they wanted to be truly immerged in the game. In that sense, I dont think its rude at all because it was the purpose of her coming in the episode. She didnt guest as KHS but just as CSY. Also, compared to her other young counterparts like Kim So Hyun or Kim Yoo Jung, she is a new face so wé cant really blame her for not knowing her name.

  20. 20 Tokio

    This one was really enjoyable. It had a lot of the good things that make Running Man so fun to watch. hahah, I love that Jae Suk won it all.

  21. 21 lover

    1. For real i want to see noona dongseang interaction between kwang soo and jihyo. ..just like in earlier ep .Lately kwangsoo always wth he hyungs…even maybe their talk off camera but when on camera it fell like they tried avoid each other…HOPE the australia ep special can see their interaction…jihyo always with her oppa but no with kwang soo..for sometime i think they were fight ? kwang soo and jihyo natural interaction in earlier ep was hard to see this day..Hope kwang soo comeo in jihyo drama…

    2. I impress with kwang soo energy . even though, KS totally bussy filming 2 movie at the same time but he energy totally amazing when filming RM..

    3. I totally hope kwang soo’s bestfriend park ha sun can join RM as guest..park ha sun said that she want to filming WGM with ks..

    p/s : sorry bad eng

    • 21.1 TheJackal

      Running Man Filming episode 186 interaction with kwang soo & ji hyo.

    • 21.2 CutiieAngiie

      I feel like we ain’t watching the same show because I keep seeing interactions between the two XD.

    • 21.3 Kim Yoonmi

      Kwang Soo and Ji Hyo–both of them have said numerous times that they wouldn’t do the show without the whole cast together and even Song Jihyo in an interview talked about everyone but Gary… and in a recent interview Kwang Soo talked about JiHyo and how grateful he is to her. (Also to KJK–they seem antagonistic on the show, but work out together…)

      Her personality off stage is pretty close to the one on stage, but Kwangsoo’s personality is opposite of the one he has in most dramas–he’s actually shy and rather withdrawn.

      So I doubt it–they have a lot of interactions and small little jokes. Ji Hyo often laughs at his antics, which you wouldn’t do if you were in real life upset with him. Ji Hyo also has been overloaded with dramas, etc and Kwangsoo kinda looked after her in the episode where they were competing against KJK and team, looking after her blanket, etc, saying she’s tired and making jokes, but leaving her alone for the most part. (I thought that was sweet–it shows how much consideration the cast really has for each other.)

      Also what happens on camera doesn’t always translate of off and there is cutting left and right by the PDs to make for a tighter show.

      Yoo Jae Seok set the rule early, you can be rude, etc and play around on camera, but behind camera, you need to be kind and considerate. I think that’s why this show has lasted for so long. Cast chemistry is amazing especially when jokes land and the cast members pick up the joke often before the viewer and help out. You can see that often with KS and JH in their interactions, they pick up on each other fast.

    • 21.4 lover

      Thanks 4 reply…sorry if u guy misunderstanding..SORRY if my comment make u guy mad..REALLY SORRY.,I DIDNT MEAN TO MAKE U GUY MAD…PLEASE FORGIVE ME…@-@

  22. 22 hana

    ?..this is one of the worst episode ever…what’s with haha powers? It was so unfair..especially how he removed kwang soo nametag by using that cheap trick..the PD should limit his powers using to some limited numbers…gary oppa and suk jin oppa lacks of screentime, why? And seriously, ep 184 we have female jae suk, ep 185 we will also having female jong kook and and kwang ja..two weeks in the row? It’s funny but when you tends to strecth it too long, it become boring…

    P/s: kwang soo oppa look really stunning and handsome in the last game..ji hyo unnie should watch for her health, coz she looks really tired nowadays…dont bring the busy schedule as excuse for not take good care of yourself,unnie! Jae suk,kwang soo oppa also have busy schedules, but their looks fine and healthy.

    • 22.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Ji Hyo is leading a drama, though. That takes a lot more work than you think it does. It means press conferences, memorixing lines, staying up to four in the morning, waking up at odd hours, eating terrible food once in a while, meeting obligations, doing photoshoots, meeting with executives from various companies and because she’s headlining she has more obligations on top of that.

      Kwang Soo never lead a show. His career never was as popular. And Yoo Jae Seok has the fortune of having a set schedule.

      Leading a drama doesn’t have those luxuries.

      Most people think this show is about winning or losing when they first see it, but variety shows are more about what will produce the greatest laughs. Unfair–if you keep shouting unfair, the cheating, letting people win, the tripping people up will bother you every single last episode. That’s definitely not the point of the show. The point is the games are useless competition as a path to create the most laughter possible. (Which is why they said KS was blessed by the variety gods with the velcro thing.) or why they had KS piggyback on Haha rather than the other way.

      • 22.1.1 Janey

        Sorry, but kwang soo is filming a movie as leading now, and making comercials.

        In the 2013 forbes list top power celebrities Korea he is the number 39.

        the link

        he’s most popular than ji hyo

        if he is not leading a drama it’s because of her face, but he is working really hard in variety and drama and movies.

        Ji hyo always is so tired before fiming her drama.

        sorry for my bad english.

        • lover

          I think LKS become handsome and cute this day..LKS show without any plastic surgery he can do well..even the staff of drama /movie praise lks 4 he passion and ambition when filming..time 4 lks 2 be extreme popular will came one day..right now lets LOVE ALL RUNNING MAN MEMBER WITHOUT BEING BIAS…AND ALWAYS POST POSITIVE COMMENT…AND KEEP THE NEGATIVE COMMENT INSIDE OUR HEART…RUNNING MAN MEMBER NEED EACH OTHER TO SHINE MORE AND MORE..LOVE RUNNING MAN MORE OK ?

        • Harem

          Ji hyo look tired because she loves alcohol,LOL ;P

          @kim yoonmi
          LKS probably not in any drama as leading actor, but he is twice busier than ji hyo with his double filming movies, varieties, overseas fan meeting and dozen of big commercial.
          If you mean that ji hyo leading a drama exhausting her, how about from LKS perspective? He will also need to do the same thing as ji hyo, maybe as much or more than her? He will also need to sometimes stay at four, woke up at odd hour,eating terrible food, meeting VIP, press conference and photo shoots.
          You obviously do no think that he only shoot runningman and after that go home, drink a glass of milk and sleep after reading peter pan book, or did you?

          • Kim Yoonmi

            What BD said. Leading a drama is ten times harder than a movie. The live shoots literally kill people. (Do we need to bring up articles?)

            Movies are far more flexible than dramas. I never said I hate Kwangsoo, nor that I don’t think he’s talented–he’s hella talented, which is why I pointed out his blessing with the variety gods and why I thought he’d make a good lead in the pretend script I’m writing. (Where I write closer to his real personality and accidentally hooked someone on running man because I wanted to prove he would perfectly fit the lead role I wrote.) and she developed a semi-crush on him… *cough* (My fault)

            I’ve watched the episodes from episode 1, caught the tail end of a filming once before I saw the show. (I have pictures of staff in Myeongdong to prove it…–was too slow to catch Yoo Jae Seok >.< outside the convenience store *sniff*)

            so…Ummm… no. CF and movies are much less demand than dramas with flexible schedules, this is true in the West, but even more so out of Korea. Kwangsoo never was as popular. That does not mean he's not as dedicated to his work or as hardworking–it means within Korea he gets a lot less main drama roles. But it also means he's never missed an episode of Running Man. <3.

        • bd

          It’s much easier to film a movies (even a lead), much less CFs – than it is to be a lead in a drama (esp. a K-drama).

  23. 23 Quiet Thought

    I may have missed it on the Dramafever translation, but did anyone remember to address Kim Hyun-Soo by NAME while she was on the show? It seemed to me that they just kept calling her “Young Song Yi.” Which is kinda rude.

  24. 24 mari89

    For me rm members can be divided by two type. the first one is members that be able to throw the jokes by themselves like yjs,lks and kjk. they able to create funny scene no matter where they are. that why pds like to put yjs and kjk with guests to get more airtime. look how well kjk doing his job last week. The second type is members who become funny because others. i dont want to say the name but you can see some members that always wait the others to create a scene before they join to be funny. so its not weird if some of them dont have a lof of airtime.

    • 24.1 danelle

      basically, you are saying other members with the exception of yjs,lks,kjk they deserve to have little screen time? that to me sounds a little rude no offense.

      if they think a certain cast is not funny by nature, just remove them from the show and not show such bias in screen time to the viewers. it just does not sit well.

  25. 25 bd

    Thought this was a fairly amusing ep due to the RM members interactions with each other, as well as w/ Kim Hyun-Soo, who does have some resemblance to YEH (definitely more YEH than JJH, esp. the eyes and face shape, tho they all have more roundish-shaped faces).

    Seeing YSJ in Joseon garb brings back memories when he played an amorous Joseon musician/scholar in a banjun drama – which was totally hilarious.

    Even w/o JJH showing up (has JJH ever done a variety show? don’t think she has – even tho she is a huge star, there have other huge stars who have appeared on variety, including RM), this YFAS themed RM ep was more entertaining throughout than the actual drama (which is decent and has its moments, but hardly something that would require repeat watchings).

    Can only hope that we’ll see JJH, much less YEH, on an ep of RM one of these days.

  26. 26 Elvira

    I can’t help but think that Scholar Mong Ji Hyo is as lively and playful and witty as Scholar Gu Yong Ha in Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal…

  27. 27 mari89

    They all are funny but its different ability between each other. pds and staff job is to make sure that show interesting to watch. that what i mean. if some members not be able make something funny to show to the viewers of course they will get less screentime. being funny by nature and have a good ability as entertainer are different thing for me.

  28. 28 one

    this is a funny episode though i suspect it would have been even more funny if the real casts from the drama came and joined the fun but oh well it didn’t happen. moving along.

    i can’t wait for the australian episode. i saw some videos already in youtube and my heart swells from the fans’ support. although(sorry woo bin fans out there) i wish it was another guest. i have seen him twice in RM already and he just isn’t variety but I hope he proves me wrong the 3rd time around. Rain, is okay.

    RM fighting!!!

  29. 29 renn

    Does anyone know the background music from 1:35 – 2:36?

  30. 30 yeon seo

    does anyone know what are the background music used in this episodes? specially when yoo jae suk confirmed that haha’s do min joon ?

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