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Running Man: Episode 186
by | February 28, 2014 | 50 Comments

Not the faces you expected to capture the beauty of Seoul? Well then, let the Running Man cast be your guide to take you on a whirlwind trip through the city to show you everything that it has to offer and more. You might find that variety is the most entertaining way to learn some history, visit the tourist attractions, and play the wackiest games that may or may not represent Korea as a whole.

Well, at least you have the prettiest faces to spend the next ninety minutes with, so enjoy the ride.

EPISODE 186. Broadcast on February 23, 2014.

We get a rockin’ start to this episode with a mini-concert that showcases our cast’s musical abilities. Or sometimes lack thereof (as Suk-jin’s guitar cable pops off, ha). And yet, it’s a creative way to introduce today’s guests, including actress Shim Eun-kyung (Suspicious Girl, Sunny).

I wonder if there are some Sunny influences in the all-girl band performance (I haven’t seen the movie, but it’s on my to-watch list!), and I love how the setup gives the show an excuse to bring back Kwang-ja and Jong-sookie (Kwang-soo and Jong-kook’s sassy female personas), as their booming voices threaten to upstage their vocalist.

Then it’s time for the finale with a real band in the form of CNBlue (Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Jong-hyun, Kang Min-kyuk, and Lee Jung-shin), whom you might have seen in at least one drama between the four of them. Or if you’re a longtime Running Man viewer, you’ve seen Yong-hwa appear on this show countless times before.

The cast is too excited to sit through the teensy morsel of their new single “Can’t Stop,” which aw—they just want to say hi to their old friend. I honestly lost count of Yong-hwa’s visits, but the show has, and today is his TENTH guest appearance.

Gary and Haha’s twinsie mushroom cut wigs makes for a pretty hilarious sight gag, and Gary defends that he’s in the music biz too, and that he “showers.” (A reference to his solo single “Shower Later”; the music video was banned from broadcast, but major kudos for the subtle but bold line—not like Gary needed any extra promotion since the song topped music charts anyway).

Today’s race will keep our cast stationed in Seoul as cultural delegates, but they’ll be running around the city playing games to acquire coins which will be useful for the final mission. The winners will then become the representative faces of Seoul this year, which sounds appropriate for a show with a worldwide viewership.

Our team breakdown is as follows: Yellow (Jae-suk, Suk-jin, Haha, and Gary); Red (Jong-kook, Kwang-soo, Ji-hyo, and Eun-kyung); and CNBlue (Yong-hwa, Jong-hyun, Min-hyuk, and Jung-shin).

I must say I like Jo PD’s clear and concise introduction today, and hope that we’ll get a straightforward tourism episode that’s still plenty entertaining of course. Because while themed episodes can be fun, a convoluted setup or rules can easily ruin them.

Still, I love how Jong-sookie and Kwang-ja embrace their feminine side, telling Jo PD of their preference for pink. Kwang-ja: “Even my underwear is pink.” Okay, that’s a bit TMI.

We learn that Eun-kyung has some experience in taekwondo and kendo, which is kind of surprising coming from such an unassuming petite young lady. In another car, the Yellow Team figures that the handsome CNBlue boys embody the faces of Seoul, though, Haha adds that their flower boy image could also be burdensome.

Cut to: CNBlue, who are simply put, handsome. Ha. The boys turn to their leader Yong-hwa for guidance and playfully tease him for his confidence as a tenth time guest.

The teams arrive at Gwangjang Market (Seoul’s oldest market eatery) where they’ll stop at different stations to eat the food. All they have to do is pick the right card afterwards to pass the game, but why would you want to when everything looks so delicious?

That seems to be what the teams are thinking too as they munch away happily. On the one hand, getting a dud card puts them further from their starting point, but on the other hand, it isn’t every day the cast gets a free meal (if at all) without fear of negative consequences.

There are a lot of cards to choose from, and despite the all-male Yellow Team’s initial groans at picking a dud, they quickly realize that they can eat more. Win-win.

Thus they’re more than happy to stuff their faces at the next station. Jae-suk hopes that they keep picking duds because they couldn’t care less about whether the other teams move on before them. Because, well, FOOD. I love the nervous captions from the staff, all, This… isn’t what we were really expecting…

It makes me happy to see everyone so excited about eating, and while Jae-suk converses with the Kwang-ja and Jong-sook Sisters, Eun-kyung helps herself. Ha, I like your priorities.

Aw, their earnest Engrish attempts to connect to their global demographic cracks me up: “We are Seoul Face!” “Seoul is wonderfulest!”

The Yellow Team joyfully moves on to the next station after another dud, but the Red Team isn’t so lucky because Kwang-ja draws the right(?) card, to her teammates’ shock and annoyance. Ha, I suppose the variety gods shine favor upon Kwang-soo’s alter ego, too.

Which means they can only look as the Yellow Team scarfs down on bibimbap… and now I’m hungry. Dangnabbit, thanks Running Man. And then Kwang-ja has to be literally pulled away from the food by a PD.

I love CNBlue’s overall good-natured and relaxed personalities, like how Yong-hwa says, “Who cares if we don’t win? It’s more important that we ate well.” Wise words, good sir.

They catch up with the others at the bibimbap station with a losers’ mindset (and even do a little cheer) while the Yellow Team groans at actually passing the mission this time around. Ah, no dessert for them then.

A kind storeowner feeds a bite to the Red Team, who take out their annoyance on Kwang-soo, revoking his right to choose anything else today. A still starving Eun-kyung celebrates their 10 coin win with a weak, unenthused celebratory cry.

Learning that there was an endless number of food pitstops only adds to the teams’ grumbling, and in the car, Kwang-soo asks if they can be the beautiful faces of Seoul if they eat everything they wanted to. Ji-hyo points out: “We can just work out afterwards!”

One mustn’t eat past 1 PM, according to Kwang-ja’s beauty protocol, to which Jong-sookie laughs if she has to fast for a health exam the next day. HA.

At least the girls have fun playing with the camera, trying out adorable poses which brings a smile to my face.

Jae-suk makes sure to let Haha know the full rein of his disappointment in cutting their food extravaganza short. “Don’t let Dream [Haha’s son] watch this episode when he gets older.” Hahaha, because you think his son will be disappointed in his Daddy Haroro too?

Then it’s off to the iconic Namsan Tower where Kwang-ja talks up to a foreign fan about how famous they are before Jong-sookie barks back at her to cover their embarrassment. Kwang-ja keeps trying though, adding “-est” to make everything into a superlative.

They soon find out that CNBlue are right on their tail (Yong-hwa Tip #1: “You have to always be running on this show!”), which brings on another wave of scolding for Kwang-soo: “They got to EAT everything!” And then they literally close the door on the possibility of sharing a cable car together.

On their way up though, Jong-sookie says that hiking up the mountain makes for great exercise, and Eun-kyung quietly warns that he’ll get tense muscles. Ji-hyo: “Don’t worry, [Jong-sookie’s] got 340 muscles!”

At top of the mountain, it’s a souvenir photoshoot that requires some audience participation. The Red Team hurries to gather their fifteen volunteers, but that isn’t as bad as CNBlue, who has to collect twenty people to simultaneously jump together. But really—what fangirl wouldn’t want to help out Oppa?

The Yellow Team succeeds in finding someone super tall to take a fifteen person selca together using their limited English, and then use their noggin’ to invite young kids to fill the rest of their numbers.

I love it when the cast interacts with younger and older fans alike from all different backgrounds. Kwang-soo volunteers to translate, and his hilarious simplified body language makes his instructions easy to understand.

Like how they all have to play “Cham-cham-cham” (a game where you win by turning your head in the opposite direction of your opponent’s hand), and Kwang-soo explains as so: opposite direction (“Yess!!!”); same direction (“Noo!!”).

Well, that is if they can get everyone to pay attention because one fangirl can’t take her eyes of her CNBlue oppas. Ha, can’t say I blame her. So they let her hug her idol oppa (and have to drag her back, heh) to make sure that she focuses to the task on hand.

Everyone points in different directions on the Red Team, who then teasingly berate a few volunteers for not following the plan, only to realize there was also someone else who didn’t either: Kwang-soo.

CNBlue is up next with their crowd, and when one girl screams that she’s a Leessang fan (to Gary’s delight), he calls out her name in distraction just as the camera clicks. And sure enough, she’s the only one out of twenty who misses the timing.

Jong-kook is especially popular with the kids today as a little girl can’t stop laughing over his pigtails, and he explains, “I’m not a man!”

The Yellow Team is given another chance after their first attempt, and pull in another fan when one volunteer goes missing. They’re more than happy to oblige and then squeeze in with their new tall friend Chris and the kids. And whaddayaknow, it’s a perfect shot.

The Red Team strategizes together before their next turn, and this time, they beat the staff. And it takes a couple more tries, but CNBlue eventually succeeds too, and as they celebrate, Min-hyuk points out: “But we’re dead last!”

The teams head to Hangeul Gaon-gil, a stretch of road that illustrates the history of hangeul (which seems appropriate since it’s also nearby a statue of King Sejong the Great). Their task is to collect and assemble the various Hangeul characters hidden in this road to form the word “Hunminjeoneum,” the first document written in Hangeul.

Both the Yellow and Red Teams discover the white pieces alongside the road, sparking the initial back and forth. Jong-kook runs before handing one to Eun-kyung, who makes off with one piece.

However, it isn’t long before she exhausts herself and struggles to catch her breath. Aw, you haven’t built your stamina for this show yet.

The CNBlue boys catches up soon enough, and nearly pass by one piece before they realize that’s what they’re looking for. Yong-hwa: “Isn’t this it?” Min-hyuk: “That wasn’t a pile of snow?” Ha, these boys.

Ever the Ace, Ji-hyo has her arms full, wondering where her teammates are. They’re busy wrestling over pieces with the mat hyungs, and Eun-kyung stubbornly holds onto one piece, exclaiming that the boys won’t let girls off easy. No, not this time, methinks.

Jong-kook is flagged down by Jung-shin and Jong-hyun who butter up to their singer sunbae for a few characters. He obliges before trying to run off, but that’s when the other two come running. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Jong-kook run away from an entire idol group but it is HILARIOUS.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyo has a pretty decent haul herself, but soon finds herself surrounded by the CN Blue boys (which doesn’t seem like a bad situation to find oneself in) and drops a few pieces behind as bait.

They let her run off to examine their pieces (but ask themselves, “How can that noona run so fast?!”). They only need a couple more to win it, and then Kwang-ja charges at them to steal those foam characters back.

It quickly evolves into a three-way fight once the Yellow Team gets involved, and Kwang-ja manages to steal a much-needed character while blinded (Jae-suk pulled down her beanie over her head), only to then crash into the camera crew moments later.

It’s Eun-kyung I worry for the most though, as she struggles to keep pace with Jong-kook. At one point, she breathes there’s no point in preserving her image on this show (agreed) and admits that it’s far more exhausting than any athletic competition.

She and Jong-kook try to prevent CNBlue from attaching their characters onto the board. And where Eun-kyung lacks in the stamina department, she makes up in perseverance as she steals a character from Min-hyuk.

And then, you know, collapses in front of her team’s board once she hands it off seconds later. HA.

Another three-way tussle breaks out when the others catch up, and Yong-hwa slips in to steal one last character to win it for his team. The other teams ask Eun-kyung about her physical stamina (because she had said she had wanted to run), to which she tells them to watch the broadcast to see how that played out.

Seems like the stories she heard from her friend, rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae didn’t prepare her for the rigorous nature of this show, and Eun-kyung gripes, “It would have been nice to have a warm-up, but we just started running…” Yes, welcome to Running Man.

Our final mission takes places at a mall where the teams will need to find two R-stickered boxes of their choice that contains names of various games and gather at the flag. Yong-hwa discovers two right away, though he hesitates at the thought of whether he can beat Jong-kook in a chicken-leg fight.

Some of the vague names makes it hard to tell exactly what game it is, but everyone’s willing to find out. One team will choose one of their games and will get to choose the following game if they win. If they lose, that decision goes to another team.

CNBlue gets to choose first, and they settle on a Pop-Up Pirate game (a luck-based game where you insert sword pieces into slots, and whoever inserts the one that launches the pirate is the loser) which is both fair and entertaining. Jong-sookie: “What happens if we destroy the barrel?”

After they draw for team representatives (Jong-hyun, Suk-jin, and Ji-hyo), the teams are told that they’ll also be betting the coins they’ve won today. The teams place their bets, and Jae-suk jokes that it would be hilarious if Suk-jin started off the game by eliminating himself in the very first turn. “But that’s not what we’re hoping for!”

The techno Pirates of the Caribbean remix seems rather appropriate for this nerve-wracking situation. They get through the first two rounds just fine, though, Jong-sookie gets annoyed when Kwang-ja offers some advice from the sidelines.

It’s a game of pure chance, but luck seems to be on Suk-jin’s side today as he get through a couple more rounds. Eventually there are only three pieces left prior to Ji-hyo’s turn, which means it’s either down to Suk-jin or Jong-hyun (whom Haha points out are typically unlucky celebrities) if she passes one more time.

Time for the moment of truth as Ji-hyo inserts her final piece… and the pirate goes flying. Whoa, that was a long and intense game.

They reset for the next round between Jong-hyun versus Suk-jin, but then the mat hyung loses on his very first try. HAHAHAHA.

CNBlue chooses the next game (Titanic), where the teams will drop marbles into a bowl in turn until it “sinks,” hence Titanic. Ha, that’s a remarkably simple yet ingenious game. Everyone makes their bets, and when Jae-suk says the others are too safe, Jong-sookie retorts, “No, it’s ladylike!”

Min-hyuk, Gary, and Kwang-soo step up for their teams, and Eun-kyung issues one last advice/warning for her teammate: “Oppa, do it properly.”

Eventually Kwang-soo gets worked up enough at Jong-sookie’s constant nagging to snap back that maybe she should do it instead. Jong-sookie: “I wanted to play!”

Jong-kook encourages Eun-kyung to offer some tips too, and when she says it’s her first time playing this game, he answers: “It’s our first time too.” Ha.

Then it’s Jong-sookie turn to get annoyed when Gary drops in a tiny marble: “I’m afraid of ending up dating someone [cowardly] like you!” Jae-suk says that he can say the same thing of her as Jong-sookie, and Kwang-ja finishes, “That’s why I broke up with Jae-suk!”

We skip ahead to when it’s Kwang-soo’s turn again and everyone hopes for another golden variety moment. They’re disappointed when he picks up a tiny marble, and gets subsequently pelted with a triple verbal attack. Despite the 3:1, he goes for it anyway.

What’s more hilarious to watch, however, is Suk-jin’s panicked reaction to Gary’s choice of marble (“It’s going to sink!”), only to soften seconds later at Gary’s reassurance. Pfft. But as the marbles pile up, the bowl gets ever close to breaking the water surface tension.

But then one final marble from Min-hyuk does the trick and the bowl sinks below the surface.

Suk-jin and Eun-kyung face off for their teams, and now it’s Gary’s turn to be on the edge of his seat for his teammate. At one point, Haha admits that he loves Suk-jin, but he hates it when they’re on the same team (because of the anxiety).

Eun-kyung explains her smaller marble choice as being timid, to which Haha counters that Suk-jin probably wins in that department. The mat hyung admits it, and gains the new nickname of Dumbo. Lol.

Big Nose Dumbo embraces the new facet to his variety persona even when Eun-kyung calls him out on his own hypocrisy. It cracks me up how he flaps his ears like the elephant character.

Tension runs high in both the cast and bowl as both Eun-kyung and Suk-jin place their marbles in one by one. Then Suk-jin drops in one last marble which floats for a split second before submerging below the water’s surface.

The teams reconvene outside where the Yellow Team is told to step back since they’re out of coins. Turns out in their last game, it was Jae-suk who collapsed the coin tower and cleaned out, which makes them ineligible to win.

Unveiling a giant roulette wheel, both the Red Team and CNBlue are invited to mark their places on the wheel. They both have about a quarter of the wheel to occupy (since they have 25 coins each), and out of the goodness of their hearts, give up one slice each to the Yellow Team.

That tiny glimmer of hope (2%) boosts the Yellow Team’s morale, and they give the roulette wheel a good spin. It lands on white, so they give it another spin… and this time it lands on blue, giving CNBlue the win.

The boys celebrate and Eun-kyung gives a final few words about the strenuous reality of this show, and yells, “Beautiful!” Wait, isn’t that Han Hyo-joo’s sign-off?


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. callmeadreamer

    Loved the episode.

    I really liked all the guests. Of course Jung Yong-hwa is one of my favorite guests ever so I was really happy to hear he would be coming back. It’s been a year (way too long) but he still manages to interact with the cast as if he was one of them. If we ever needed a new member, he is who I would want.

    The rest of CNBLUE did a good job, even thought we didn’t see a lot of them since the episode was packed and had a lot of guests. Thet were all active and entertaining when we saw them.

    Shim Eun-kyung was a good guest, I hope she can come back again.

    I really dislike it when they pamper the guests, so this was enjoyable.

    The opening was great. The performances were good and Yong-hwa showed he still has great variety sense when he ended their performance with the running joke from his early episodes.

    This food mission was funny, especially when they realized that losing was really winning. The food looked yummy and

    Eun-kyung was thoroughly absorbed in eating, ha.

    The second mission was fun to watch, especially since they interacted with so much of the public and tourists. The highlight from this mission was the girl who wasn’t paying attention and was instead focused on the boys of CNBLUE and Ji-hyo’s reaction. So funny, but you really can’t blame the girl. I enjoyed all of the teams during this mission, as all were very interesting. Really liked CNBLUE singing in the cable car. OH! And Gary distracting the fan while CNBLUE was doing their mission was another good moment. AND Gwang-soo’s translating was hilarious.

    The third mission was like finding numbers in episode 75. Very active and funny. I shouldn’t laugh, but Eun-kyung dry heaving over all the running was funny.

    I liked the minigames the fourth mission, wouldn’t mind seeing all of the games again. Yong-hwas really found the

    boxes quickly (as expected as the Idol Ace).

    For the final roulette wheel, I really liked when Ji-hyo suggested and the rest agreed to giving the yellow team a

    chance to win. awwwwww, I kinda wanted to see them come back and beat the odds but I was happy enough when CNBLUE won.

    I think this episode was a good example of a fantastic episode that doesn’t have to have

    • 1.1 xxvxx

      I love Yonghwa on Running Man too! I was so upset when he didn’t made regular after Joongki’s departure but we get to see him on and off as a guest so ALL IS GOOD!

      • 1.1.1 callmeadreamer

        I wish he would come on more. 🙁 A year is really too long for only one appearance. Though it is amusing that even though he only made one appearance in 2013, he is still the guest with the more episodes.

  2. callmeadreamer

    Sorry about the bold I forgot to close it and ended up doing it to the entire message. And I cut the the last sentence, which was supposed to say.

    I think this episode was a good example of a fantastic episode that doesn’t have to have name-tag ripping.

    • 2.1 gummimochi

      No worries – I caught it! 🙂 Unless you wanted a portion of that comment in bold, and I can go ahead to change that for ya.

      • 2.1.1 callmeadreamer

        Thank you!

        I give up using bold, so I’m good. Not even going to try anymore. 😛

      • 2.1.2 dduk

        quick question. Were the CNBLUE team jumping rope? I thought they were doing the jump pose for the camera.

        other than that, thanks for the recap!!~
        kyaaa I love Yonghwa as a guest. you can tell he really puts 100% into the show.

        • gummimochi

          Good catch, ha – probably meant to write jump “up” together, but my fingers typed faster than my brain could process.

          • PollyRose

            Distracted by the pretty, were you?

  3. August

    Watching the teams enjoying themselves and partaking of the food in each others company reminded me of Let’s Eat.

    Seeing the cultural sites and tourist attractions was nice. All of the games were lively fun to watch.

    Thanks for the hearty welcome to Seoul CNBlue (Jung Yong-Hwa, Lee Jong-Hyung, Kang Min-Kyuk, and Lee Jung-Shin). 🙂

  4. Mademoisellegeline

    Song Ji Hyo unnie FTW!!! If Kim Soo Hyun oppa and Jun Ji Hyun unnie are the guests then I will probably fangirl much crazier than the girl.. Lmao I love that she gave her an opportunity to meet and hug CNBlue.. She’s so awesome!! I’m watching Emergency Couple only because of her. I’m not so crazy about what’s happening in the drama.. Back to running man, I wished they had the name tag ripping game.. I would love to see CNBlue do it.. We already know Yong Hwa is capable but I would love to see him again play it. Also, I wanted them to crack a joke about Yoon Eun Hye unnie (since she costared with Yong Hwa in the drama that shall not be name).. Ha! The female guest (sorry forgot her name) had me dying in laughter.. She’s funny without cracking a joke.. Hahaha.. Ofcourse the running man casts are always funny and awesome!

    • 4.1 Mademoisellegeline

      Forgot to mention that the TITANIC GAME and the pirate game were epic!!!

    • 4.2 nomad

      THAT would be funny, if they crack jokes about YEH and Yong Hwa’s drama and associated that joke with Jong Kook.

  5. hummie

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was very entertaining. The guests were great, the games were fun to watch and the outcome was satisfactory. Sometimes you feel like the producers help the guests too much, but it really seems like CNBlue did a great job overall and deserved to become the faces of Seoul.

  6. mel

    the cnblue boys are seriously so handsome. they’re also active boys
    i enjoyed this episode. so funny
    the eating misson made my mouth water
    lol kim jong kookie ran away from cnblue. that’s rare to see
    yonghwa found the boxes so fast. he’s truly the master of searching for hidden clues

  7. Fishy

    RM needs more female guest like Shim Eun Kyung. She acted almost like a real RM member with her quick-witted comment, she even made a joke about Big-Nose Hyung, which is quite rare for young female guests.

  8. hydramirage

    I enjoyed this episode so much more than the last couple of ones. The littls girl laughing at KJK was adorable when he said, “I’m not a man!” Fun to see all of CNBlue again! I saw them in concert this past January so it gave me good memories of that time.

  9. Mia

    Hahaha fun game, it took me a minute to remember where I’ve Eun kyung though heh, I thought all the guests’ appearance was equal, which is great

  10. 10 yuhoo

    now this episode is more like it.
    good guests, fun games!

    loved the last mission. everybody was there having fun and witty comments were thrown at each other.

    • 10.1 Hari

      I agree. Sometimes getting to see the results of their natural interactions and conversation during simple missions makes a great episode.

  11. 11 ulaspotamus

    kim yoon chan is so so adrable even RM member couldn’t help it <3

  12. 12 PollyRose

    Ok, I really don’t tend to fangirl but…CN Blue! The only time I squeal really, I swear! And then you add them to Running Man…are there hearts coming out of my eyes? I think there are 🙂 I think I giggled helplessly the whole episode…maybe even when there was nothing particularly funny happening…

    Ok, enough about that! Very enjoyable episode for me. Like another person commented, I would have loved to see the name tag game just cause it would have been great to see CN Blue working together for it, but the episode certainly didn’t suffer for the lack. The Hangeul race filled the void nicely, kind of like the cabbage race did in the Kimchi episode (one of my favorites).

    And I think the episode actually did a really great job balancing a large ensemble. Many times when there is a large number of guests, some of the regulars might not get much screen time, but that wasn’t the case today which made it a lot of fun. Suk-jin as Dumbo, Ji-hyo attempting to reign in the fan girl, Ha-ha and Kwang-soo being rebuked by their teams for winning at the food games, and lots more little moments that add up to a whole episode of fun 🙂

  13. 13 hoaa

    love love love this episode!!

  14. 14 Quiet Thought

    Heavens, but these people know how to PARTY! I haven’t even finished the episode, but it was worth it just to see Eun kyung ignoring everyone and the camera and chowing down on all that great food!

  15. 15 Skye

    Definitely Han Hyo joo’s sign off – A REUM DAP TTA!!
    Maybe Eun kyung is her fan.

  16. 16 Sassychef

    Really enjoyed reading your recap as always!! I really appreciate the hard work you put into writing these recaps and I so look forward to reading them. Thanks, Gummi!! 😀

  17. 17 tarra

    I love this ep, the guest are all easy going. Shim Eun-kyung is hilarious, now she knows that runningman is really about running. I didnt get why she used Han Hyo joo signature catch phrase.

    CNblue was nice too, they are so outgoing and innocent (at first). They were devastated when they chose failed but began to realize that fail = eat more. LOL

    • 17.1 tarra

      BTW KJK really love to lecture people this has become more and more apparent in recent episodes. LOL

  18. 18 Tita

    I like this episode so much. The PD are very creative. Titanic and pirate games are simple but nice. There’s a lot of jokes and funny scene in this episode.
    LOVE all the guests. I always like kwang ja and joong sook. Their hilarious together. Joong kook looks cute with her ponytail. LOL

  19. 19 LoveSilents

    Sunny is one of my “favorite-est” K movies – it’s a Must See!

    I didn’t like the opening food market scenes. I felt bad for the cast. It was crowded to begin with then once discovered it became a mob scene. I bet the RM folks are much happier in empty department stores (or maybe not…)

    So funny watching Shim Eun-kyung stuffing her face! So cute.

    What was that thing on a stick that looked like a lasagna noodle but all stretchy? It looked yummy.

    I loved them interacting with the public doing the 3 challenges. Kwang soo is so sweet, he seems to be great with kids – would like to see more of that.

    Looked like one of the CNBlue guys’ pants were coming down during the alphabet struggle…..just saying

    Good show!

    • 19.1 jesswelldressed

      the “lasagna noodle” was a fish cake! (: its suuuuper good

      • 19.1.1 LoveSilents

        Oooohhh, thanks! Like everyone else I get hungry when I watch some of these shows…

  20. 20 AuroraB

    Any time Kwang Ja and Jong Sook make an appearance, you can guarantee a good time haha

    I loved the cast interactions in this episode, as usual!
    Oooh, and i loved the fancy named tags!

  21. 21 lover

    Thank 4 recap..

    what i want to sad:-
    1. in earlier eps, kwangsoo always group with rm member. maybe the pds dont trust him to lead the guest cuz he newbie variety..but now he always with guest he can lead the guest well (ps u guy can see in australia ep he the only who pair with the guest. first with rain then woo bin but jae suk only with woobin..dont angry with me if u think this a spoiler.) I think as a newbie to variety it hard to be funny even for comedian but kwang soo did really well adapt to RM.. How he play a lot of character and success describe them well.
    2. Jihyo really an ANGEL .JH not only give the medal to yellow team but she also share her glove with KS(the weather really cold u guy can see their hand).since KS glove ks give to the guest..
    3.I trully thank KJK 4 being jong suk. kjk’s comander and gentlemen image can destroy but he dosent even care..he accompanies kwangsoo being girl…for real kwang soo image as an actor can destroy but he dosent care since JK with the koosoo friendship
    4.for some reason i love went easy brother not was totally fresh see KS with JH. these two adorable went together
    5. i found kwang soo new character is weird not the kwangja character but he become determine..for eg the olymics game is trully new kwang soo even Jk ADMIT IT.
    6. I love see the love hate relationship between KS+ JH.

  22. 22 mo0mi

    choi jin hyuk should make an appearance.. that would be epic!

  23. 23 Nuru

    Good Episode

    I think the best pair for Ji Hyo in Running Man is Kwang Soo and Jong Kook, she is different when you are with them.

  24. 24 Han Ki Soo

    I Love Kwang Soo

    I hope Yuri from SNSD comes to running man ( Couple Race with Kwang Soo)

    i want to see kwang soo as boy not as kwang ja if this happen.

    sorry my english is really bad xd

  25. 25 onyxx

    this episode was a lot funnier than i had expected.

    who knew that parlor games could be this absorbing and nerve-wracking? Ji Suk-jin (him and his “flapping” Dumbo ears harharhar) can be engagingly funny when he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Eun-kyung was also droll guest — her reactions are wide-ranging, but the thing that really cracks me up is when she practically collapsed on her knees after putting in her last marble LOL!

  26. 26 onyxx

    oops… sorry, i forgot to add this — KJK’s booming laughter when the little girl gasped in obvious disbelief (during the picture-taking segment at the park) as he kept insisting he was a “female”. that immediately “sold” me on this episode 😀

    • 26.1 Running Man fan

      Cute Jong kookie

  27. 27 gg

    Is it really Yong hwa’s 10th time on the show? At any rate, it’s really good to see him finally win, because I remember there was a running joke that he appeared so many times on RM but never won.

    This episode was fun, and I especially like it when the female guests are not afraid to rough it out with the guys, like what Eun kyung did here. Love kwangsoo and jong kook in their female look, and the way they kept calling themselves “unni” and the other guys “oppa”!

    • 27.1 Hilda

      He had won before few times with the group he was in like in this episode, what they meant by it was individual win 🙂

  28. 28 soprection

    Thank you for the recap!

    This was a fun episode. The return of Jong Sook and Kwang Ja. CN Blue were fun, although I wish they had split them up with the cast (although I get that they didn’t because of the reward.) Minhyuk was super active and adorable to boot. Yonghwa is always a great guest.

    I felt bad for Eun Kyung because I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into on this show, ha, but she was a trooper all the same. I loved when they were wrestling her for one of the hanguel pillows and she said “they don’t even go easy on girls here!” While that hasn’t always been true, it was funny at the time.

    I really liked the challenges. Games that involve audience participation are always fun and I cracked up at the cast’s English/Chinese translations. I also really, really liked the Hangul race. The PDs likening CN Blue to a roving pack of hyenas was HILARIOUS.

    I’m looking forward to this week’s university race. It looks like it should be fun!

    • 28.1 soprection

      Also gummimochi, you should definitely watch Sunny soon! When I finally watched it, I completely understood the hype. It was heart-warming, sweet and nostalgic – just a really wonderful film that celebrates friendship. It reminded me of the American film, Now and Then. Also lol, I totally didn’t realize that’s where Shim Eun-Kyung was from. I thought she looked familiar. That explains the cast’s retro outfits in the opening.

      I also loved getting to see various Seoul highlights.

  29. 29 petmink

    I was a little worried that putting CNBlue together without any RM members might not bring out their personalities and they won’t get much screen time, but they seemed to have held their own.

    This was a great episode. I love Kookie and Kwangja in pigtails and calling everyone Oppa and Ji Hyo calling them Unni. So Funny.

    Aww. Min Hyuk’s face when he lost the titanic game. He really needed that hug.

    In the first food game I was really distracted by all the fans crowding around the members and guests. The security guards had to constantly push them back.

  30. 30 glowry

    anyone knows the the title of the song (i think it’s CNBlue) when CNBlue win the Hangul mission, sticking the word games?

    • 30.1 mysticmalady

      I think it’s “One more time” from the album “Present” which is a collection of the korean version of cnblue’s japanese releases. If you wanna hear the japanese version, I THINK it’s from the album “what turns you on”.

      Heh…hope it’s the right song anyway. I’m not as familiar with their japanese albums as I am with their korean ones…

  31. 31 sulthanah

    anyone know what is the title of the song sung by CN Blue in the begining? It’s not “CAN’T STOP.” I mean the first song sung by CNBlue. thank you.

    • 31.1 CNB.avie

      It’s been a long time since I’ve watched this episode but as I remember before they sang “Can’t Stop”, the first one they sang is “I’m Sorry”…

      ~All of their song is Awesome..<3

  32. 32 TheKidd

    What’s the name of the background music played from about 14,50?

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