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Vampire sageuk drama in the works
by | February 11, 2014 | 204 Comments

First Joseon aliens, now Joseon vampires? HA. This should be interesting.

Before we get too excited, Kim Soo-hyun’s reps have already denied that he’ll be taking on this new drama project, almost as soon as rumors hit the internet that he might be considering it. So no, this is not a casting notice of any kind. But I can see how the thought process led to Kim, given that he’s done sageuk drama before (The Moom That Embraces the Sun), flirted with the paranormal (You From Another Star), and is on a hot streak (everything he’s done in the past four years, really).

The project is based on a manhwa titled Scholar Who Walks the Night (or Scholar of the Night), written by Jo Joo-hee and Han Seung-hee, which was just licensed for adaptation. The story is set in Joseon times when a nobleman’s family is ruined due to false accusations, and the daughter disguises herself as a man to sell books. Then she meets a mysterious, handsome Confucian scholar who turns out to be a vampire. And he’s not the only one, because the palace is home to another, this one described as murderous.

Admittedly, manhwa-adapted dramas can be hit or miss—Gaksital was a hit, as was Boys Before Flowers and Goong, but there have also been lots that have faltered, like Pretty Man, Strike Love, and Tamra the Island. Still, this one has enough quirky traits to capture my interest. How could it not?

Kim Soo-hyun’s denial to the casting rumors makes sense, since he’s currently in the thick of drama shoots and intends to take a break afterward while he picks his next role. Plus, I’d argue that he’s even too perfect a choice for a handsome Joseon vampire scholar character that it’s almost too obvious to go after him—it’s such a wacky premise that I want to see them be a little out there with their choices. (Which means: no boys who have previously played vampires, no matter how much they look the part a la Kim Woo-bin or Lee Soo-hyuk, and also no to actors who already look vampiric, such as Noh Min-woo. C’mon, if you’re gonna go for weird and quirky, cast someone unexpected, like Yoon Shi-yoon, or Joo-won. Can we have that drama, please?)

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204 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. crazedlu

    JOO-WON is the the name I’m on the lookout for. Please? Miss him in dramas.

    • 1.1 mojobobo

      I doubt it will be Joo Won since his schedule right now is already CRAZYYYYYYYY.

      • 1.1.1 farbarri

        but he will only be busy until August, after which he has time for another drama. according to him, anyway. this will be amazing for him! i really hope he is casted in here as he has yet to play a human-animal role. ^^

        Joowon loves to challenge himself, so this would be the perfect role for him this year. plus, it’s Saeguk, a genre he has never participated in yet as well.

        • mojobobo

          If they are already having casting rumours then it is likely that they will start shooting before August so that makes cutie unavailable, unless he decides to do 2 projects at the same time which we all know is madness and he really needs some rest. Plus, HE HAS TO COME FOR HIS FAN MEET! IT MUSN’T GET DELAYED ANYMORE :'(((((((((

          • cheekbones

            Don’t underestimate Joo Won’s ability to do multiple works at the same time. The man is just obsessed with work. 😀

          • mojobobo

            I underestimate him not. I know full well he can. In fact, he’s done it before. But no! He needs to come over here for a fan meet!! T_T More importantly, he needs to rest. This workerholic nature can’t be good for him in the long run (but who would say no to him in a drama again haha).

    • 1.2 Dames


      As much as I love Kim Soo Hyun, I want him to take on more challenging role next. Love his current drama, but its kindda ‘safe’ role.

      I like his previous role in Giant, with depth and layer in his acting. Or like in his earlier work Will It Snow For Christmas.

      Joo Won and Kim Soo Hyun is my two fave actor in their 20s at the moment with their talent and looks.

      • 1.2.1 Sebi

        Yessss, Kim soo hyun would be perfect, totally love him but he wants a break n is busy which sucks but if not him, how about Kim jae wook? Or Park hae jin? Ohhhh, or Song Jong ki? Ohhh, maybe Lee Jong suk, Lee min ki, even Jang Geun suk would fit the role nicely, all would be nice vampires or evil, murderous vampires whichever u prefer.

  2. JoAnne

    But, but…but I WANT him to do this. He looks like the pictures!

    Although I’d go for my Nine Traveler, too, or…ooooh that boy from After School Bokbulbok, who played the boyfriend in Suspicious Housekeeper. He has good vampire eyes, although I can’t see him being cast as the lead in anything at this point.

  3. asianna

    Or Kim Bum

  4. Redskirt

    Aw wah, does that mean Lee Jun Ki would be too obvious as well? That man is so hot in saeguks, and I could totally see him bringing the smexy to a vampire scholar role.

    • 4.1 utopious

      Yes, Lee Joon Gi all the way!!

    • 4.2 sara

      I totally second that!

    • 4.3 Kiara

      Lee Jun-ki FTW.

    • 4.4 pogo

      I fourth that!

      Also, a post-Arang Lee Jun-ki in supernatural sageuks…


    • 4.5 Carolin

      the first thing i thought was Lee Jun Ki….his smile would kill the role =)

    • 4.6 Nikki

      Oh Yes! Lee Jun Ki would be perfect for this role cuz he looks like someone who had just jumped out of a comic book.

    • 4.7 Yimmi

      Ohhh! Yesssss! Me too! He was the first one I thought of…

  5. vinces

    Jaejoong or Kim Bum

    • 5.1 peeps

      When I first saw that picture of the Joseon vampire in yellow, the first thought that came to kind was ‘Kim JaeJoong’, not because I want him b to play the role (not that I’m against it in any way) but because manhwa vampire looked so much like him that it was disconcerting. Like woah.

      • 5.1.1 cv

        Totally agree. Looks like jaejoong.
        I wouldn’t mind kim soo hyun or woo bin. ♥

        • Elvira

          Jaejoong has the vampirish face afterall…

      • 5.1.2 taraJJ

        yessss kim jaejoong please…
        i miss him sooo much in kdramaland plus he looks hot in hanbok and he already look like a hot vampire :)

    • 5.2 yuka5470

      there’s a poll made by fans.
      they choose song joongki, kim woobin and jaejoong.

      this is fanmade, and I was LOL-ing at the similarity with the real manhwa. (the first pic on top this post)


    • 5.3 ILUKD

      That pic scream KIM JAEJOONG … That’s all I want to say .. But I don’t think he got time to do this dream even production consider because he is going to army … I really want him because he very much looks like vampire in real life … He doesn’t even need make up … LOL

      • 5.3.1 yuka sato

        Well,this drama will only takes 2-3 months of filming. his concerts r finished, so he doesn’t have anythin to do right now. He can postponed his military service until early next year since JJ is the goodwill ambassador for incheon asian games which will be held in september. there’s no way he’ll leave before the games right?

        besides….*whisper* there’s rumor jj will shooting drama in april

        few people know about this

  6. Fab

    How about Lee Min-ho, has he ever done any sageuks?

    • 6.1 klir

      The one that should be forgotten a.k.a Faith.

      • 6.1.1 Fab

        Oh it’s all forgotten. Maybe it’s time for a second chance.

    • 6.2 SH

      I love Faith.

      • 6.2.1 Patch

        Me too, it’s no-where near perfect but it’s one of my favourite dramas.

      • 6.2.2 Crazynoona

        i do too <3

      • 6.2.3 myblaze

        i love Faith too.
        btw. does anyone know the original title of that manhwa ?
        thank you

        • Patch

          I think it was a book only. One of the Soompi fans translated some of it.

          • Eleen


            Could you let me know the link for the translated manhwa?


  7. Miica

    Kim Soo Hyun rumor was first because his agency bought the rights. If we go with KeyEast actors, I think the only possible choice is Joo Ji Hoon ;D

    • 7.1 ilikemangos is happy

      Yeah, if Keyeast was going to go with one of the big name actors from their agency (which i think they will given they bought the rights to produce the manhwa adaption), out of their big 3 male actors Kim Soo hyun, Kim Hyun Joong, And Joo Ji Hoon, it’s looking like Joo Ji Hoon might end up the chosen one.. Considering how busy Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Hyun joong are nowadays.. Unless they choose to go with a lesser-name actor, which i totally wouldn’t mind as long as he had the charisma and acting chops to pull off this peculiar (only the vampire part) character.

      • 7.1.1 pogo

        If the agency is going for its ‘name’ actors to land the lead role in this, and KSH and KHJ are busy for now and may not do a second drama within the year, I would be thrilled to have Joo Ji-hoon return to prime time leading man status. He was one of the most interesting and talented young actors of his generation before the weed scandal, and I hope he has the career his talent deserves,

      • 7.1.2 Gidget

        Kim Hyun Joong somehow seems oddly suited to playing a vampire, doesn’t he? And he seems to be trying to create an edgier image.

        But I do really like the offbeat Yoon Shi Yoon idea.

        So, how about a fantasy flowerboy saeguk horror vampire crime procedural melo action drama fusion featuring: KHJ as (Dirty) Ha Rae, a cold and detached drifter who’s known for beating people to within an inch of their life; but who’s in reality a justice seeking vigilante vampire. And YSY as (King) Tak Gu., who seems to be a sweet and warm Prince Charming with a taste for pâté filled pastries; yet in reality is a murderous vampire. And throw in for good measure that his vampire identity is hard to uncover because he’s (surprise!) also a mixed-blood shape-shifting gumiho.

        • tieres

          This sounds so crazy it might be gold! I’m in. 😀

        • Ilikemangos

          Gidget, you should become. Kdrama writer or they should listen to your ideas

        • Gidget


          And for good measure they could sample in some Twilight GFB and Iljimae by casting Lee Yu-Bi, as Ren Se Mi the heroine who was separated from her brother as an infant during a mysterious childhood purge of her noble clan. (Which in flashbacks we see was a war between the gumihos and the vampires) She now lives in a bookshop, incognito and unaware of her vampire identity. She and has a secret love for her customer Tak Gu. She’s always been unusually pale, and he takes such careful interest in helping her build up her health…he has a geeeenius medical understanding of how the living can maximize their ki. She’s always wondered, though she’s living as a man, why does he look at her with such forlorn hunger? Could he know her truth or does he want something else?

          But then….she is suddenly strangely conflicted by one-sided ‘feelings’ she’s developed for the strong and smexy Ha Re when he comes to town…why does she feel so close to him? But he seems to hate Tak Gu… Are her feelings true love? Or is it that…they’re all related!

          How’s that for a hot mess of a drama?

          • kooriyuki

            U mentioned Lee Yubi and I thought why not get Yoo Yeon Seok as the vampire?? But alas he’s gonna be busy with the big screen this year *sadface*

      • 7.1.3 mo0mi

        isn’t ryu sang wook there too? i know he’s probably not that famous but he had saeguk and he’s got that flower boy look..

  8. m92

    it obviously gonna have keyeast actors there even if not kim soo hyun….there is another actor that is in rise, Park seo joon…he got aura and charisma too…its just he never really in spotlight compare to his other labelmates;kim soo hyun,kim hyun joong, joo ji hoon, lee hyun woo… i think its time for keyeast to give park seo joon really good role compare to last flop Keyeast drama, Dream high 2 where park seo joon only got cast as supporting role acting alongside idol-actor… just give him rather thickker make up to make him believable as vampire and that’s it! i think this drama gonna be full with eye candy(come on, its about vampire!!hot vampire!!)…but yeahh, Kim soo hyun is too perfect for this role but i think its maybe too similar with YWCFTS…but i don’t mind either if other actor act as long as he can act!! and please make sure that girl gonna rock as boy too!!

    • 8.1 krystal.anne

      Research again Dream High 2 isn’t a Keyeast drama, it was purely under JYP.. Dream High 1 is the only one Keyeast produced together w/ JYP, they pulled out and didn’t co-produced DH2.. So that drama is not on them..

  9. sher

    I want park seo joon

  10. 10 consortoflight

    Sigh… That means no man who’s been a Vampire Prosecutor hmm? Well I can think of some good potential leads I hope this comes to fruition sooner rather than later cause it has caught my interest!

  11. 11 jubilantia

    Kim Soo-hyun would have been AWESOME, but I don’t actually care who does it. This drama sounds really cool, and I waaaant it. I may also have to find the manhwa; the art looks amazing.

  12. 12 ann

    Yeah, Keyeast buy the rights… No way Yonsama will allowed other actors from Keyeast to star in it..

    It’s either Joo Ji Hoon & Kim Soo Hyun

    If, if Age of Feeling doing good and Kim Hyun Joong ‘graduated’ with decent acting, he will be one of the cadidates. Hee..

    Anyway, I’m liking the idea of Vampire Joo Won. Eesshhh boy, when are you going to act again in a drama..

    • 12.1 Bebot

      If it’s key east then there’s a chance LEE HYUN WOO (secretly, greatly, equator man) can be cast in this drama. HE was a good actor too since he was already acting since he was a child..

  13. 13 R

    Joo-won please !!! He said he wanted to do sageuk !!! but I would like him for The Joseon Gunman too…

    • 13.1 pangfb ni tita

      I totally agree with you… Joo Won would be a perfect choice to do this drama….

  14. 14 Jen

    Joo Won <3

  15. 15 KenyanKorean

    Lee Soo Hyeok!!!

  16. 16 Shado

    Yoon Shi Yoon or Joo Won as vampires? Ooo, that’ll be interesting… After all, I’ve not seen them act in sageuk. Or even imagined them as vamps.
    Though I think actors (who had played or looks the part) that may be casted for the role are also fine. As long as they can ACT.

  17. 17 Emmy

    Actors who I think would fit:

    Ji Chang Wook
    Joo Ji Hoon
    Yoon Si yoon is actually a great idea JB
    Lee Joon Ki
    Kim Soo Hyun
    Kang Ha Neul

    • 17.1 mo0mi

      ji chang wook actually sounds really good for this.. i think kim soo hyun needs some normal roles now, wouldn’t it be too much to be an alien, north korean spy and then a vampire? he could do any thing but i like how versatile he was so far..

      • 17.1.1 marie

        Totally agreed.. Ji Chang wook looks so good in historical costume and with all those action from “Healer”…why not? I am totally all in for him….

        1. Kim Soo Hyun
        2. Ji chang wook
        3. Kang Haneul
        4. Jung Il-Woo
        5. Song Jong-ki

  18. 18 Appletea

    Can’t Kang Dong Won goes to dramaland? And let him romance another pretty face so we’ll get another couple of the year. Or if only it’s possible, let Jun Ji Hyun be his girl because I kinda want to see her in saeguk for the first time

    • 18.1 JoJo

      I’m with you…Kang Dong-won.

    • 18.2 alua

      Kang Dong-won doesn’t do dramas, he doesn’t enjoy them.

    • 18.3 mojobobo

      Then can we have Joo Won guest starring as his twin or something? Heh.

    • 18.4 maldita

      I think Kang Dongwon mentioned in an interview that doing another drama would be his personal nightmare.

      • 18.4.1 Appletea

        One drama should not hurt, right? :3

        • alua

          So, just so fans get their ‘dream’ fulfilled, someone should do something he clearly doesn’t enjoy, indeed is his personal nightmare (for good reasons – excessively long work hours, sleep deprivation, etc.)?


  19. 19 klir

    Why no comments on who should play the girl, isn`t she the lead character?

    My picks – Lee Yu Bi, Kim So Eun or Park Bo Young. Or maybe Yoona or Eunji , i know they are idols but i really like their acting.

    • 19.1 mary

      Ooooh~ nice question!

      I like Lee Yu Bi for the girl. She was great in Gu Family Book. And… for an unconventional vampire leading man, Lee Seung Gi?

      Now we can have a bumbling, earnest vampire!

      (My vote below for Song Jae Rim as murderous 2nd lead vampire still holds. Haha)

      • 19.1.1 nomad

        As bumbly as Enrique!!!!!

      • 19.1.2 kooriyuki

        Song jae rim can be the good vamp n yoon shi yoon the bad one! That should be a good twist!

    • 19.2 modest-goddess


      • 19.2.1 Fab


    • 19.3 ilikemangos

      Lee Yu Bi looks extremely young to me (even though she’s 23 she looks 16), but i really do love how talented she is and the girl can act.

      My picks for heroine (the available ones):

      Shin Mina x10 (only because it’s been too long and she looks good with anyone)
      Moon Chae Won
      Jung So Min
      Lee Yubi
      Han Hyo Goo
      Kim So Eun
      Yoon Eun Hye
      Park Bo Young
      Yoo Inna

      I’ll be happy if they end up picking atleast one of the women on this list!

      • 19.3.1 Nancy

        I dream of the day to see Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah reunite in a drama or movie where there’s a happy ending.

        If it’s not Joo Ji Hoon then I hope it’s Park Seo Joon. I like him in Warm Words and think he can pull it off.

        • pogo

          I dream of the day to see Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah reunite in a drama or movie where there’s a happy ending.

          Third time lucky? We can only hope. But that art gallery scene in The Naked Kitchen was more than satisfactory (and HOW) on the hotness scale, I can’t see how they’d top that if they worked together.

          • Nancy

            Third time’s a charm! That scene was pretty hot but always leaves me scratching my head as to how they did that in that tiny space and not get caught.

    • 19.4 chhavi

      I have never seen Park Shin Hye in a sageuk drama…and also she had done her crossdressing character in YAB very well….I would love to see Park Shin Hye in the lead female role

  20. 20 mary

    I respectfully nominate Song Jae Rim For the (other) murderous vampire role.

    He’s got the Hot Creepy Stalker thing down pat.

    Then I’m going to ship him with the girl like I’ve always shipped Damon and Elena. ♥

    • 20.1 ilikemangos is happy

      i’m so behind this.

  21. 21 Jea

    First time seeing the pic of that manhwa is…. JOO WON. He looks like that, the eyes… gaze and stare… mysterious looks. Dearie Joo Won our baby, please come back to dramaland “”

  22. 22 Alex

    Well, if you’re casting against the vampiric type, then not why someone totally unvampiric like Uhm Tae Woong, Cha Seung Won or Kim Ji Hoon?

    My mind actually went to Noh Min Woo first, but it’s true he’d be the stereotypical pretty-boy vampire.

    • 22.1 lalala

      yes, if we want to see someone unexpected, I would like to see Ji Sung..I think I’ve never seen him in sageuk dramas..that’s gonna be his new challenge

      • 22.1.1 lalala

        ops..I forgot The Great Seer but I’m not watching it 😀

      • 22.1.2 Dramafed1782

        Actually Ji Sung already starred in a drama that was produced by KEYEAST; well known “Secret” of last year.

        I was going through this video from Arirang on YT. In it there was a comparison made between BH and Keyeast and they had mentioned “School 2013″ and “Secret” were produced by the latter.

  23. 23 Sintia

    I would LOVE to see Joo Won in this drama!

  24. 24 news

    I say Joo Ji-hoon or Kang Dong Won. I’d even say yes to Park Hae Jin.

  25. 25 Natalie

    More fusion sageuk… I don’t know… I kinda want to watch a proper one now.

  26. 26 utopious

    That manhwa photo with white garbs and the fan totally reminds me of Sattooo Lee Joon Gi hehehe

    Though I’d love him in this he did a fusion sageuk before so he probably wouldn’t take this

  27. 27 Noname

    Sounds interesting.

    I would LOVE to see Joo Won the Vampire Slayer! And the leading lady say.. Go Ara!

    But, as Keyeast bought the rights, no doubt that they will put their MAIN star i.e Kim Soo Hyun or Joo Ji Hoon.

    And if they want to sell it to other countries or to attract lots of sponsor, they definitely go with Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy. Hah.

  28. 28 PPasun

    The ones supposedly being considered are SJK (in military so perhaps after his discharge), KWB and KJJ.

    Keyeast supposedly works very differently from SM. In other words they won’t insist on their actors taking the title roles simply because they’ve bought the right to make the drama.

    • 28.1 pogo

      Interesting, I’d love to see Song Joong-ki do a fusion sageuk again, as the lead this time.

      But I hope they have a good writer and that they cast a good actress in the lead, it sounds like this will skew younger so there are any number of young actresses who would be awesome in the role (and if it has to be an idol, please can it be someone who can act?)

      (I would not complain AT ALL if it was Kim Woo-bin, though, lol)

      • 28.1.1 PPasun

        I am all for the actor looking vampiric. So Kim Woo Bin or Kim Jae Joong, kang choo. Something about their eyes makes them look most like the manhwa character.

    • 28.2 Moonbean

      I would love to see Kim Woo Bin in it. The story looks interesting and I’m looking forward to KWB’s next project.

      • 28.2.1 dramarama

        I’m firmly setting up tent in the Woo Bin camp as well! I can alrdy imagine him baring his vampire fangs while giving out that intense gaze and super sexy exhale.

    • 28.3 Laya

      I was sooo thinking Song Joong-ki. 😀

      Darn, now I have to go look for that manhwa 😀

  29. 29 ilikemangos

    I want my baby to rest his tired self and just enjoy meeting fans/restoring his health. Maybe a movie if he really wants.
    Sources say they want to start filming this manhwa adaption “next” summer (i’m assuming they mean this summer 2014 since nothing in dramaland is prepared in a year’s advance) so I believe it’d be a huge workload for him if he dived right back into another drama to headline so soon months after his current one. Certainly not common for big name actors to take only few months break in between dramaland projects(because of the health deteriorating process) but i do hope Keyeast isn’t pushing him to take on this project to milk his success and i hope our boy doesn’t feel the pressure. At his age he needs to take a step back from the lime-light and enjoy his success in moderate amounts now that he skyrocketed to fame.

    I’m open to a bunch of actors to take on this role (and the ones you’ve listed JB are dead on) but the one that won’t budge for me is Kim Woo Bin. It’s time for him to headline a drama considering his popularity, and this is the perfect project for him given his magnetic screen presence and dangerous aura he possesses.. But keyeast is behind this production so i don’t have high hopes for certain actors i’d love to see in the role.

    • 29.1 pogo

      Judging by what’s been said above about Keyeast not being like SM, there’s an outside chance that Woobin might be cast.

      And as for the female lead, I would be thrilled beyond words if this drama reunited him with Lee Yubi as the cross-dressing yangban agasshi. (she rocked the hell out of a fusion sageuk before but it’s high time she stepped into lead roles too). Either Yubi or Kim Ji-won, that is (such an incredibly chameleonic young actress, and has great chemistry with Woobie too)

  30. 30 BellaMafia

    Kim Soo Hyun can bite me anytime he wants..

    • 30.1 Crazynoona

      and other things too…

  31. 31 fun-lugha

    Or just wait for Song Joong Gi to come out of the military 😉

    • 31.1 Fab

      Or Lee Je-hoon or Yoo Seung-ho, all away for the ms but soon to be discharged. :d

  32. 32 CFLH

    crossdressing drama!!! pair it up with vampires…i guess it would be awesome…haha…sungkyunkwan scandal meets vampire idol…lol

    you mentioned woo bin and soo hyuk and i was thinking hong jonghyun…hehe

  33. 33 frillyobject

    Hmm….Choi Jin Hyuk? We don’t need to imagine his eyes turning red since we have seen that already…and i have no doubt that he will look awesome as a vampire~
    Not to mention his mane of glory~

  34. 34 Ahem...

    Hmm….Choi Jin Hyuk!
    I totally can imagine him sucking (my) blood~!

  35. 35 frillyobject

    Ohh…wait wait…how about Yoo Yeon Seok?
    His smexy red lips and milky white skin is vampire enough.

    • 35.1 CFLH

      oh yeeeeeeees.

      • 35.1.1 CFLH

        he could be the main or the evil one…i’ll take it!!! haha

    • 35.2 tura

      Big yes to Yoo yeon suk, he would be amazing for the role. Am a scaredycat but I would totally watch for YYS, cos he’s hot playing nice but playing evil makes him hotter.

  36. 36 redfox

    I would suggest Park Ki Woong as a cute scholar vampire who totally doesn´t look like a vampire, but we know how scary he can be through pure acting. you know, not evil but threatening when need be.

    but in general I am sooooo sick of vampire plots. is there nothing a bit more original? asian mythology has tens of thousands of spirits and demons. why the same old vampire-witch-werewolf-gumiho-plots all the friggin time

    • 36.1 Fab

      Honestly I haven’t seen much of the vampires in dramaland.
      Thus with that I want to second your suggestion; Park Ki Woong FTW!!

      • 36.1.1 redfox

        believe me, there are quite many. but just for Park Ki Woong I would tolerate another…

        • Fab

          It looks like that it’s just me and Ilikemangos that aren’t very familiar to the vampires in K-world, seeing how everybody is going wild about the premise.
          But right now I wouldn’t care who gets cast in this as long as the drama itself is good.

          As for Park Ki Woong, I want him in any drama sooner that later..!

      • 36.1.2 Ilikemangos

        Yeah, the only vampires I heard of in drama land is vampire prosecutor and vampire idol (were they actually vampires? Never watched it)
        American entertainment, however.. Different story

        Lots of gumihos in dramaland.

        • pogo

          Vampire Idol? They totally were vampires, lol. Just nothing like what you’d imagine vampires to be, though (except Soo-hyuk).

          And it’s also Kim Woo-bin’s only role where he isn’t playing some variety of scary young thug (I considered watching it for him, but Lee Yubi became the deciding factor after Gu Family Book)

    • 36.2 mojobobo

      YESSSS PARK KI WOONG! But he already has a movie upcoming with Han Chae Ah and then there’s the question of when exactly he is going to the army…

  37. 37 Nicolette

    OMG I would die if Yoon Shi Yoon did this! Can this please happen!?

  38. 38 Viki

    Omg, I want a younger oppa lead too! Like Kim Woo Bin or Lee Soo Hyuk. Honestly I don’t see Lee Soo Hyuk doing a main role yet since he is still quite new into the acting industry…but maybe he can play the sexy brooding murderous vampire while Woo Bin play the hot and sexy main lead? Ever since his last couple of projects, he can totally try and lead this one now! I would def watch out for this.

  39. 39 Battle Angel

    Visually I vote for Kim woo bin, Kim JaeJeong, Hyun Bin, or Kim Joo Kwon. I like Lee Jun Ki or Yoon Yi Soon & Jo Jung Suk but I see vampires as beautiful, tall, lanky, aloof or cold & somewhat pale. They fit the good looking part but not tall/lanky or cold looking enough. I guess Joo Ji Hoon will work though if it has to be a Key East actor. If there wasn’t an age limit I’d also would like Choi Jin-Hyuk…hehe

  40. 40 Marami Salami

    How about Rain? For a comeback drama perhaps….

  41. 41 alua

    I have no objection to the obvious choices (Kim Woo-bin, Lee Soo-hyuk).

    A completely new face would be good too.

  42. 42 ziggystardust

    This is the kind of camp that’s right up my alley, I hope they pleeeease have a good cast/script.

  43. 43 Nonsense

    eh, any good actor will do. We just need more eyeliner 😉

  44. 44 Eva

    Lee Hyun Woo or Joo Ji Hoon, if I had a say. :)

    Baby Vampire Lee Hyun Woo would be so cute.

    Also would be a good comeback for Joo Ji Hoon

  45. 45 AJ

    Whoa, this looks good. Pleeeeease let it be either Yoon Shi Yoon or Lee Jun Ki…

  46. 46 mskololia1

    Lee Jun Ki gets my vote for one of the vamps!

  47. 47 pogo

    My male lead wishlist:

    Kim Jae-wook (GIVE HIM A LEAD ROLE ALREADY DAMMIT….too bad Age of Feeling will take up most of his time and not give him enough of a break before this starts)
    Kim Woo-bin (give him a lead role already, it’s high time and his last vampire role was such a total adorable unscary dork)
    Lee Jun-ki (really hot in fusion supernatural sageuk mode)
    Joo Ji-hoon (if Keyeast is picking among its actors)
    Song Joong-ki (post-military, if they’re filming later)
    Lee Hyun-woo
    Yoon Shi-yoon
    Daniel Choi (he’d have the scholarly part down pat)
    Park Ki-woong

    • 47.1 pogo

      oh, and add Jang Geun-seok to the wishlist. He badly needs to do a role that isn’t Hwang Taekyung redux.
      I guess Lee Jong-seok is off the wishlist thanks to already doing a drama, but can we have Seo In-gook, then?

      Female lead wishlist:

      Lee Yubi (give her a lead role already, dammit!)
      Kim Ji-won ( – ditto – )
      Shin Mina (if they skew slightly older with the casting, she would be perfect and she’s great with the supernatural sageuk, look at Arang. Plus great chemistry with all her costars.)
      Yoon Eun-hye (same as with Mina, only I would love to see her in a sageuk and wipe Mirae’s Choice from my brain)
      Moon Chae-won (also great in sageuks and I’d love to see her in a role that actually gives her something to do)
      Han Groo (underrated)
      Kim So-eun
      Park Bo-young

      • 47.1.1 redfox

        jang geun suk needs to be some really kind and sweet character for a change. not all grumpy with a hundred issues…maybe not quite right for him. or he needs to be a cheerful, YOLO character
        but I would still prefer Park Ki Woong.

        • pogo

          haha yeah, JGS needs to not play an asshole for once, it’s funny because his pre-YAB roles used to be so much more diverse.

          • Redskirt

            Is it bad that I’m fine with him being an asshole as long as he has better hair?

          • chhavi

            The truth is that he even portrays his ASSHOLE character so well that one can fall in love with him…*moony eyes *

  48. 48 PlumWine

    Sooooo up my alley! I’ve been looking up everyone’s choices (I get confused still) and most of them are great. Depending on how it’s written would be a determining factor on what style of actor for me. Since everyone’s throwing out names (many I would enjoy) I’ll throw out So Ji Sub for the evil vampire, since the main sounds younger.

    Great one more thing to remember. I needed to start a list a year ago.

    • 48.1 mai

      I want So Ji Sub as evil vampire too ^^

  49. 49 Ilikemangos

    I was wondering how these plot elements would mesh together but I think if done right with a good balance of humor (from cross dressing shenanigans), a dark, eery tone(from the vampires), and an epic romance (protector role) we could have another hit on our hands. We’ll see since now I’m intrigued.

  50. 50 GuardIsDownBeware

    My “firsts” picks:
    1. Kim Soo Hyun
    2. Kim Woo bin
    3. Kang Haneul
    4. Lee Jun Ki
    5. Jung Il-woo

    And my ultimate pick? Can we get a veteran actor? Like dun-dun-dun-dun …

    Hyun Bin! 😀

    Sounds impossible, but who knows? kkkkkk

    • 50.1 GuardIsDownBeware

      I forgot Lee Jong Suk! Yeah, he’s cute too!

      And how about TOP doing a drama? 😛

      • 50.1.1 KimNaNa

        Haha, I’m just rooting for Lee Jong Suk, as always~

        But I think the lead girl should be convincing as a man; remember Blade and Petal? So, maybe someone like Yoon So Yi or Kim So Yeon.

    • 50.2 Crazynoona

      OMG YES, Yes to Binnie XD

    • 50.3 Kaybee

      Looking at the nose of the vampire in the picture above and the slim “V” shaped face… Lee Jong Suk would fit the bill.

  51. 51 GuardIsDownBeware

    Oh I forgot Lee Jong Suk! hehe

    • 51.1 Sadie

      how could i have forgotten lee jongsuk? that would be soo sooo oh so perfect!!! ^^ im on the dream boat now…

  52. 52 Uj

    Kim Jae Wook anyone?
    Can he be the lead already?!
    He is a pretty good actor plus looks vampire like kekekekekke 😍

    • 52.1 mojobobo

      This is a good one, he can FINALLY be lead! So tired of him not getting the girl and being in a supporting role.

  53. 53 Sadie

    although i’d never say no to kim soohyun for this…i’d love to see someone else in it…give another a chance to do this…and maybe we can have kim soohyun in a badass or dorky role next? puhleez?
    but i think lee jun ki would be awesome…or idk…lol joo won? can’t imagine…
    but yeah…yoon shi yoon…wanna see him in a good drama again..

  54. 54 anna

    Wow, those artworks and his pictures side by side, if I didn’t know it was from a manhwa, I thought it was his fanart.

    KIM WOO BIN! He already played a vampire before tho.

  55. 55 Lynn

    The fact that it was adapted from a manhwa has zero to do with what went wrong with Tamra.

    I tried so hard to keep watching for the sake of sexy pirate boy, but the main triangle was totally bungled.

    …it did have a really nice soundtrack, though.

  56. 56 S2K

    How about Sung Joon?! He’s got the moody look most vampire roles seem to go for : )

    • 56.1 Rie

      Good idea !
      I would be very very happy if

      kang dong won (but he doesn’t like doing dramas…),
      joo won (too busy but if the drama is not scheduled before August/September maybe I can hope),
      park ki woong (but he si filming a zombi movie right?) or
      sung joon

      will play the vampire role :)

  57. 57 hazuki airin

    Kim Woo Bin pleaseeee!!! He will be cool vampire plus i want see him on hanbok. i see him on vampire idol but coz it a comedy but he also HOT

    • 57.1 redfox

      why would any actor want to be that typecast? do you hate him or somethign?

  58. 58 goldeng

    Cant a vampire prosecutor be a vampire scholar too?I just want to see yeon jung hoon working that eyeliner again :( if we’re going for people who hasnt being vampires before… park seo joon (i loved how he played hyun tae in i summn you gold), yoon si yoon, kim ji hoon -if theyre going for the menancing vampire, he can look effing scary!-, Hong jong hyun and Kim Bum gives that vampire vibe too!

    • 58.1 SD

      Yes to Kim Bum!!! I think he’ll pull the vampire role off brilliantly.

  59. 59 Diana Knight

    Hm… I’m looking forward to this drama regardless of who portrays the vampire ^^

    By the way, does anyone know where we can read this manhwa online?

  60. 60 Naos

    Wait wait wait, you’re telling me there is going to be a drama with cross-dressing, supernatural shit, and it’s a sageuk? Holy mother of favorite tropes, sign me up.

    Also, on the manhwa-adapted dramas note, I actually thought Tamra the Island was pretty good.

  61. 61 Abbie

    I love this! I will so watch it whenever it comes out! And I agree that Yoon Shi-yoon would be great, because I just luff him so much! And I want him to be a lead again. Also, Lee Hyun-woo comes to mind as a potential great cast, but he might be a little young. Who ever leads, I will watch, because vampires are fun to watch in whatever form and whatever century they’re in!

  62. 62 lulu

    Omgerd. Yoon Shi-yoon? YES PLEASE. I don’t think he’s ever been in a saeguk. He should try it. :3

  63. 63 Crazynoona

    Lee Min Ho. He need to redeem himself after the mess with Heirs, and i’ve been imagining him as a vampire with his hot mane in Faith (i dont know why, i just did)

    • 63.1 sayit

      You do? I can’t imagine him as a vampire. A scholar yes but not someone with blood on his lips. It is a little too badass for LMH. Maybe taking a safer route after Heirs would be a better choice.

      For this role, my ideal would be someone who can look scary but vulnerable. I hope they won’t give us a lame vampire just because he is on the good side. Actors that come to my mind are Woo Bin(but too obvious), Joo Won(aegyo but intense), Kim Jae Wook (easy to imagine), Park Ki Woong (totally possible) and no one mentioned Jo In Sung? He looks great in saeguk

  64. 64 browncoat_78

    I totally want to see this drama. But now that you’ve put Yoon Si Yoon in my head I’ll be disappointed with anyone else. I don’t know why but the idea of Yoonie in this role just hits all my happy buttons.

  65. 65 Jyyjc

    Kim. Jae. Wook. Had anyone mentioned him yet??

    • 65.1 Jyyjc

      Oh and I completely agree that kim Soohyun would be too obvious a choice. I actually want him to stick to modern era dramas for a while. Those shots of him in joseon garb, it’s become such a common image of him for me. I think yoon siyoon or Joowon is a great idea! I hope we get info on the female lead soon. Btw if we’re gonna have a female vampire in this I’d love to see I’m jooeun playing that role.

    • 65.2 GuardIsDownBeware

      Oh yeah, that reminds me of Bad Guy days … I guess he’s a fit one too :)

  66. 66 zzzmadison

    Kim jae wook and Joo ji Hoon! Antique bakery reunion hehe

  67. 67 derp

    how about Lee Min ho (1993)? ring a bell right? ^_^

  68. 68 FatGeisha

    No one mentioned Ji Hyun Woo, our time traveling scholar Kim Boong Do? He’s coming out of the army, think Mr Sexy Back will be great in this role!

  69. 69 Jouleszy

    Going off tangent while we discuss about our potential (?) casting, has anyone read this man hwa? If so, is it worth me trying to find a valid torrent/ try and get it to ship it where I am??

    All this casting is making me soo curious about it!!
    Oh and Kim Jae Wook HAS to be lead. He needs a lead role. But why do I keep seeing Kim Jae Joong in the man hwa picture? Thats not just me.. is it?

  70. 70 Pamela

    i want song joong ki! but he’s still completing his military service :(

  71. 71 mojobobo

    If it’s Keyeast putting their own into the drama, how about Kim Min Seo for the lead lady? OR Hong Soo Hyun? Both are pretty good in saeguks.

  72. 72 min

    I just can think of Lee Jun Ki when i heard about this Manhwa! Aaahhh… i would die happy if LJK is the lead. He’s got a vampire look.

  73. 73 Jillia

    OMG… Yoon Shi Yoon in a sageuk!!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!! 😀

    I mean only if his character is not a written mess like the one in “The Prime Minister and I”. But well anything will be better than that.

  74. 74 Camille

    The drawing looks so close to Kim Jaejoong. Hahahaha

  75. 75 acelove

    YOON DOO JOON please!

    I just so loveeee him in Let’s Eat and he’s very natural in that drama. I think he can be the next Park Yoo Chun given the right projects! :)

  76. 76 damianna

    How about Ahn Jae Hyun aka Cheon Song Yi’s brother? He’s got the looks and more…

  77. 77 niKai Soh

    I can see kang dong won as vampire, or jae joong. Just because they look so much like the drawings. But somehow I couldnt picture joowon as one, even when he’s pretty much a kang dong won doppelganger. Haha. Weird.

    • 77.1 potato

      yeah , maybe because of GD, I just can’t image Joo Won as a vampire. Maybe if he is, he would be the childish and cutest vampire I have I ever know. I recall I never see a vampire with such huge dimples.

    • 77.2 noname

      If you watch his other dramas like Gaksital, Ojakkyo Brothers or his first debut drama Baker King Kim Tak Gu, you will be surprised how can the real like Joo Won act so matured in those dramas.

      He is such adorkable in real life!

  78. 78 Anri Lin

    I just wanna point out… the vampire scholar totally looks like JaeJoong.

  79. 79 Kyo

    OMG! The anime pic with white hanbok and Lee Jun Ki are totally look alike especially the eyes.

  80. 80 shinchae

    Please, Let it be Woobinnie. Vampire Idol was a sitcom and although I enjoyed it to pieces I want Woobinnie to take on the vampire role in a more dramatic approach… with lots of brooding and sucking.

  81. 81 MizzMizzEka

    Kim Jae Joong, please. Just like soompi article when describe Korean Actor whos appearance similar to original cast, Jae Joong simillar as Edward Cullen. Flawless, Milky Skin

  82. 82 li li

    i want to read the manhwa !!anyone have any idea where i can read it ? i only understand english and chinese …

  83. 83 eclipse

    my candidate for the role are the two Song`s man : song joon ki (can`t get enough of his Yong Ha) and Song Jong Ho (luv him in Mandate of Heaven as Grumpy captain Jung Hwan).

    For the heroine, i think Han Hyo Joo would be good, because i like her in Dong Yi and she kinda has boyish look, so her disguise is believable.

  84. 84 yamapisukii

    I really wanna see Soong Joong Ki in this! that man is perfection! mwahahaha~

  85. 85 thefreak

    Jaejoong was the first to come to my mind but there is one big problem:

    He can’t act!!!!!! X”DDD

  86. 86 tae

    Why not: Choi Woo Shik?
    They should pick from more up-& coming actors :)

  87. 87 Yimmi

    Not sure if it ate my earlier post or not but you could count me in for Lee Jun Ki! I thought of him immediately (Sato came to mind- yes, I too still swoon :)) And I can TOTALLY imagine a dimpled Joo Won with slicked back Kang To hair and it has me nearly equally excited!! SJK… and I know it might sound crazy but I’m in a rewatch of SKKS and suddenly I wanted Yoochun(crazy,lunatic and not physically possible-3 Days is it? But a sudden wish to see him in scholar robes overtook me not to mention the crossdressing female part)… ah well, if wishes were horses…

  88. 88 Tara

    I might be in the minority, but I don’t really care for vampires…never really understood the phenomenon that was Twilight x/

    That being said, I loved Vampire Prosecutor. This drama sounds like a mashup of whatever sounded cool (lol) and I thought it was funny that Kim Soo-hyun’s name is floating around for a fusion sageuk again. I’d think he deserves a break after You From Another Star wraps up.

    But considering that this would be from the writer of Gaksital…it sounds promising and intriguing. The key to this definitely sounds like casting though…

  89. 89 jane


  90. 90 avid fan

    i would really like younger generation to have a chance.. Lee Hyun Woo was like a 15 year old boy, he has this child like features but i prefer Lee Min Ho (1993).. 😀

  91. 91 grace

    my suggestions will be
    lee jun ki ( you have see him in time b/w dog and wolf).
    No min woo (my gf is gumiho..i loved him than the lead)
    song seun hun ( he was cool)
    dennis oh.

    if IDOLs
    Kris-exo (if want to act)
    jonghyun – cnblue

  92. 92 diw

    that drawing looks exactly like jaejong

  93. 93 jjeinn

    i want cheon seong yi’s brother ahn jae hyun. too bad he is still a new actor. if we are going to talk who fits being a vampire, it will be kim woobin, lee junki, kim jaejoong

  94. 94 Pizza

    Im si wan or Ji Chang-wook

  95. 95 DuchessRhea

    Is the name of the manhwa really “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”? ‘Cuz I can’t find it at all. Not even when I search the authors. I kinda want to read it now.

  96. 96 emiie

    Awesome if KSH plays this. He already show he has depth to play any character! Even a 400 year old alien.

  97. 97 Battle Angel

    Omo Omo! Kim Jae wook just quit the drama “age if feeling”! Now he can be our hot vampire lead! Please? Pretty pretty please?! I can’t believe I left KJW off my list … He’d be perfect!!! Oh & Lee Min Ki would also be great as a hot vampire too. 😛

  98. 98 Battle Angel

    Omo Omo! Kim Jae wook just quit the drama “age if feeling”! Now he can be our hot vampire lead! Please? Pretty pretty please?! I can’t believe I left KJW off my list … He’d be perfect!!! Oh & Lee Min Ki would also be great as a hot vampire!

  99. 99 kira

    kim jae wook or joo won or kim jae joong for this vampire role, please…

  100. 100 omsanthus tea

    Sorry I’m late to the game. Just heard about this. x=

    Anyway, after looking at the comparison of KSH in saeguk with the manhwa picture, there’s absolutely no way to unsee it! I think i’ll be devastated if KSH is not acting… although I’d like him to rest. (Actually, I wouldn’t even mind if he were to skip the SG leg of the tour to do this!)

    Vehement objections:
    NOT Kim Hyun Joong please. He’ll look too Twilight Edward-like, it would be overkill.
    Joo Won also looks a bit too soft x=

    My alternatives to KSH (even though I’ve not read the manhwa)
    Lee Jong Suk – because his face totally fits the bill on the manhwa!
    Kang Ha Neul – just broody enough but still able to inject some flirtatious moments
    Hyun Bin – okay the face shape is totally different but he’ll be just smouldering hot!

    I’m also happy to accent Jung Il-Woo and Lee Joon Ki!

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