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Yeo Jin-gu in talks to lead fantasy blockbuster
by | February 6, 2014 | 33 Comments

Right, so there was actual news about Yeo Jin-gu, which I was reading before I got distracted by pretty pictures. This one is an update of a big-budget blockbuster that was in planning for years and then stalled due to production delays, titled Fist Fighting, and although it lost Jo In-sung (who was cast a few years ago as its original lead), now Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi, I Miss You, The Moon That Embraces the Sun) is in the mix to step in.

You might wonder how it is that Yeo Jin-gu (16) would be up for the same role that Jo In-sung (32) once took, because while they are both very strong actors and both currently on upward trajectories, I can’t imagine that they’d overlap much in image or role choices. But it’s not quite as odd once I recall that Fist Fighting is a sci-fi fantasy movie set in the future (2050) centering around a high school student who fights back against oppressing forces. So it was a role that I always thought was a bit odd for Jo In-sung, who may have been able to pass as a high schooler up through his late twenties but pretty much aged out once he got out of army duty.

Yeo Jin-gu isn’t confirmed for the role yet, just considering the offer, though I’d love for him to take on a heroic lead role. The character can’t stand to see injustice, so when he happens upon a village in a ghost forest (which is where he’ll meet the female lead) and sees that it’s being attacked, he stands up to fight against the bad guys. It’s quite possible that a new female lead will have to be found—Lee Yeon-hee (Miss Korea) was originally picked to co-star with Jo In-sung—not only because Lee may have also moved on, but also because Yeo would require a younger co-star.

Fist Fighting, written and directed by Welcome to Dongmakgol’s Park Gwang-hyun, is a large-scale collaboration between Korean and Chinese companies, backed by distributors CJ Entertainment and China Film Group and co-produced by Pegasus and Taihe, with a massive budget of 20 billion won. Producers aim to begin filming in August.

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33 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ...

    need to add this film to my to watch list! can’t believe he’s so young!!

    • 1.1 houstontwin

      My son’s age!

  2. LangitBiru

    How come he looks like Ji Chang Wook? Can he act with JCW in a drama coz they looks like sibling.. Eh, this kid already be the younger version of JCW in K.will MV and Warrior Baek Dong Soo…

    Female cast? I wanna Kim YouJung… eeee

    • 2.1 wannabean

      i honestly don’t see the resemblance to ji chang wook though…but i do want kim yoo jung or kim so hyun!!

    • 2.2 aX


    • 2.3 Jen

      He acted as the younger JCW in Baek Dong Su! ^^

  3. pogo

    He needs a new female lead? Cast Seo Shin-ae, I say!

  4. Fab

    It’s ok to get distracted, I mean look at him grin from satisfaction tsktsk

    Movie sounds really cool, I can definitely see YJG being heroic in a scifi.

  5. okdubu

    i prefer him here all innocent and puppy-like with tousled hair.

  6. Eien

    OMG, this kid has grown up so much! I feel old haha!
    I hope he takes this role, I really really love his acting^^
    And who better to play a highschooler than an actor of an age to go to HS? Plus it would be far more interesting.

  7. ziggystardust

    Sounds awesome, especially if he and a good age appropriate female lead sign on.

    • 7.1 ziggystardust

      Ah, actually, I’d love to see Nam Ji-hyun in something like this. Or in a lead role in anything, really.

  8. Laica

    More Yeo Jin-gu is always a good thing. I still love him most with Kim Yeo-jung.

    Btw, javabeans, I haven’t accessed the mobile website in a while and I love the new look! Very clean and bright 🙂

  9. AdAl

    Count me in. Would love to see him in a lead role headlining his own drama. A big step up I say! I’ve watched him in several dramas which he has acted over the years (in big parts and small ones) and one thing I can definitely say is that he has a magnetic on-screen presence.

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    Sounds like an old-fashioned anime plot. Could be good fun. Hopefully neither he nor the female lead will have anime hair. And she hopefully won’t be an anime airhead.

  11. 11 Bandi

    Again, lol, he’s played the younger version of Jo in sung before. I think it’s really awesome that he’s moved up so much that he’s being considered for a role that an actor he played the child part of also considered ^^ (awkward mouthful sentence)

  12. 12 magnus

    What makes me the happiest about this is age appropriate casting 😀 he’s getting proper lead roles made for a 16 year old. Now if that could just happen in a drama…

  13. 13 tura

    I actually think he’s already been casted as young JCW in warrior baek dong soo

  14. 14 Museofmanymasks

    I like Jo In Sung but that would’ve been a weird choice. As for this dude, I’m vaguely curious since I’ve heard so much ado about him, but I jumped off the dystopian bandwagon awhile back. We’ll see…

  15. 15 Kelinci Biru

    Wow. If he’s taking it, it will be just his second movie and a high profile movie at that. So glad that he even got cast as lead role!!

    Now, I am praying two things, first that he will decide to take this movie and second that it’ll air in theatre in my area. I really want/NEED to watch it in the big screen.

  16. 16 Abbie

    If they need a new female lead, then I’d pick Kim Yoo-jung. She’s an amazing young actress, who I think would fit well with him. Although it would depend on what the character’s role is.

  17. 17 Joy

    Speaking of Yeo Jin Gu, I heard that Na PD was considering Yeo Jin Gu for the next Grandpas Over Flowers which omg yes pleaseeee <3

    • 17.1 Leona

      IF Na Pd casts Yeo Jin Gu, he still needs an adult luggage boy. Twice the suffering, twice the fun.

  18. 18 chi

    This kid is so talented and deserves everything he receives.

  19. 19 kanz

    YJG please grow up quickly! He’s the same age as my sister that makes me like noona although i want to call him oppa. Hahha
    As for female lead, I agree with other commenter, Kim Yoo Jung or Kim So Hyun

  20. 20 hanie

    Ok, this picture won’t make me feels so guilty. *save*
    This remind me I still need to watch Hwayi tbh.
    If they want a younger female lead, hopefully they approach Yoojung.
    I want my Yeo Jin Gu x Kim Yoo Jung pairing to happen~

  21. 21 pam

    omg!! with nam ji hyun please!!!

  22. 22 spark

    i know he worked with nam ji hyun in hwa yi, but it was too small… can they please cast her? she is so amazing and i love their chemistry.

  23. 23 goldeng

    I havent actually watch any of his dramas.. maybe unconsciously im waiting him to stop being jail bait lol but im so shocked to see a high schooler would play a highschooler role!!! 🙂 I hope they cast In Hae from Good Doctor/young Song Yi from Stars or Kim So Hyun! -tho it would be like the 3rd time they work together- someone age appropiate too!

  24. 24 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    so long to wait … pout …

  25. 25 cheekbones

    I truly hope he takes this great opportunity. I’m still waiting for the day I can watch Hwa-yi.

  26. 26 aX

    Waiting that he and Kim Yoo Jung star in a Kdrama or Kmovie together. I don’t care if it’s this one or another one! C’mon now!

  27. 27 Stuart

    He’s only 16? In the recent episode of RM, he said he had just turned 18. Allowing for that being Korean-style, he’d still be 17 by the Western system, surely?

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