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You From Another Star: Episode 16
by | February 12, 2014 | 244 Comments

This episode is chock full of adorable, which is on one hand hugely entertaining, but on the other hand also unsettling because giving a couple happy moments with so many episodes left to go means that pain can’t be far behind. Time is ticking in earnest now, and has a way of putting a damper on the sweetness of the here and now—because how can you fully enjoy something when you know it won’t, can’t last?


Sung Shi-kyung – “너의 모든 순간” (All of your moments) from the drama’s OST.
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THE KISS. Oh man, that flying alien kiss.

It’s Song-yi who breaks the embrace, pushing Min-joon back with disdain, thinking he’s playing with her feelings yet again. “There’s really nothing you wouldn’t do,” she says with narrowed eyes before turning to leave.

Min-joon bolts after her to stop her, and she asks, “Why, do you like me?” It looks like he’s struggling to find a way to respond but he doesn’t say anything, and she interprets that as a denial.

Song-yi turns her back, then stops to ask one last question: “Is that how they act on your planet?” On this planet, men kiss women when they like them, and his behavior is unacceptable. She gets no response, and upon turning around she finds Min-joon collapsed on the ground, clutching his heart. Oh no, is his saliva tolerance getting worse or something?

Cut to: Song-yi struggling to pull Min-joon along, swearing and grunting as she gets him to the car. He’s barely conscious by the time she takes the driver’s wheel, and slumps over to rest against the crook of her neck.

Song-yi weaves dangerously through traffic, honking obnoxiously and yelling at all the cars in her way to mooooove. I love her. She’s so concerned about his welfare—he’s broken out into a sweat by this point and looks halfway dead—that she nearly rear-ends a car because she’s looking so intently at Min-joon.

They make it home, where she manages to drop him in the foyer before getting him into bed. She’s connected the dots by now and demands an explanation for why he keeps collapsing after kissing her. She prods him for an answer, musing that it must be a skinship-related condition. By now she’s fully accepted the idea of him being an alien and says, “I have to know what we can and can’t do.” She asks haltingly, “So, does that mean you can’t do anything above kissing? After that… is that all impossible?”

Tired of the chatter, Min-joon pulls Song-yi down and nestles her against his chest. “I can do this,” he says. She looks pleased, but tests him by saying that he can let go now that he’s established that rule, only to have him hold on tighter. After a thoroughly unconvincing non-attempt to get him to let go, she snuggles closer.

Then she settles back and decides she’d like to talk it out to make sure they’re on the same page. So she recounts their relationship progression, beginning with her confession and his rejection, wanting to know how he feels now.

We can see that he’s fallen asleep by now, but Song-yi continues her monologue, saying that the worst kind of love triangle is the kind involving a woman of the past. She asks, “So was your kiss for me, or was it for the woman who looks like me?”

She prods for an answer several times, and just when it seems time for her to realize she’s not going to get one, Min-joon says, “It was for Chun Song-yi.” Loving this too much to let it go at that, Song-yi feigns innocence and asks him to repeat himself several times, wanting to hear him confirm it over and over again. Then they snuggle up again and fall asleep.

In the morning, Yoon-jae looks around the empty house for noona, wondering where she went. Song-yi takes his call as she’s creeping out of Min-joon’s room, saying that she’s just arriving at the building after spending all night in film shoots… just as she turns around and finds Little Bro glaring at her. She hastily offers an “It’s not what it looks like” excuse. Yoon-jae bellows like an overprotective father, “Follow me!”

He sits her down at home to berate her. She mumbles defensively that he’s got it all wrong and that Min-joon was sick and in no condition to do any of the lurid things Yoon-jae’s imagining. He scoffs, saying that all men are the same, sick or not, and that once darkness falls and they’ve got a roof over their heads, there’s only one thing they’re thinking about.

Song-yi’s denial cracks me up, because she tells Yoon-jae that Min-joon was too sick for any of that, sounding awfully put out that sexytimes weren’t even a possibility. “We couldn’t do anything, I said! Anything!

Jae-kyung knows that Hwi-kyung saw Killer Secretary amongst the stunt coordinators. I daresay he’s already thinking up ways to silence his brother, but to his chagrin he finds that Hwi-kyung has woken up from his accident. Their parents are beside themselves with relief, and Jae-kyung tries not to let his disappointment show. Oh, brotherly love.

Thankfully for Hwi-kyung’s sake, he seems to be aware of the danger to himself and plays it safe by feigning a lapsed memory—he can’t remember anything other than going to see Song-yi.

The investigators rewatch footage of their interrogation of Jae-kyung, and now we get to jump back and see that conversation. (This drama often plays with chronology in fun ways, but it also overdoes the jumping around for unnecessary moments too, I’ve noticed. Not everything has to be told in flashback!)

Jae-kyung clarifies that while he never considered Yura to be his girlfriend, she may have misinterpreted the relationship based on some dinners out and work-related meetings. The investigators mention that Yura met his ex-wife, and Jae-kyung feigns ignorance as he asks if that means Yura flew to England to speak to her. He’s a good enough actor that the investigators aren’t sure whether to read his surprise as genuine, though they do decide to keep on the search to track down the ex.

Unfortunately, Seok gets bad news: He’s being taken off the case. We aren’t told whether his boss is acting under pressure from Jae-kyung or if he actually just believes that Seok is wasting his time with an investigation that should be closed, but in any case the boss states that this is a simple suicide. Seok is to wrap up the proceedings immediately.

I’m curious to know what Chairman Dad knows, because he appears to have his own suspicions about Jae-kyung’s involvement but is eager to gloss over any hint of unpleasantness. Are you trying to tell yourself your son isn’t a murderer, or do you not care that he’s a murderer as long as he can run the company? Dad adds that after his first son’s abrupt death, all his hopes now rest on Jae-kyung to handle the company.

Yoon-jae heads next door for a man-to-man talk with Min-joon, pushing his way inside and making himself at home as he demands whether Min-joon likes his noona. Min-joon chuckles to himself, probably because Yoon-jae is an adorable mix of glowering protectiveness and little-kid innocence. And Yoon-jae occasionally forgets his mission and lets himself get distracted, such as when Min-joon asks if he’d like some chocolate milk and Yoon-jae automatically blurts, “Do you have any?” before recalling himself.

Yoon-jae sucks down some chocolate milk as he continues talking, explaining that he’s dealt with guys chasing his sister around for his whole life, but Min-joon is the first one she’s liked on her own. Then he gets distracted again and stops mid-sentence to drool over Min-joon’s fancy telescope. All his animosity drops away and he gasps, “Daebak” and calls Min-joon hyung and asks to take a sel-ca with his telescope. Adorable.

Min-joon cements his hero status by offering Yoon-jae some photos he took in Chile, from a vantage point in the Atacama Desert that Yoon-jae is dying to travel to himself someday. By the time he’s ready to leave the apartment, Yoon-jae is pretty much smitten with his hyung and asks him to treat Song-yi well, and finishes with one last favor: “Can I come by to play again?”

Song-yi visits Hwi-kyung in the hospital, wearing a long face and feeling overwhelmed with guilt and relief. She hugs him and says that she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if something had happened to him, feeling bad not only for being the cause of his injury but also because she’s never done anything for him. Hwi-kyung tells her, “You let me love you.”

But that doesn’t make her feel any better, and she cries as she apologizes to him. She’s making him unhappy, she realizes, and confesses that she cares for Min-joon. Hwi-kyung takes this well, holding back his hurt and telling her not to be so dire and cutting her off before she has the chance to say they shouldn’t be friends anymore. “Chance!” he exclaims.

That spins us into a flashback to their teenage years, when Hwi-kyung had gotten beaten up after defending Song-yi from harassers. She’d hovered in concern, fussing over his bloody nose, but Hwi-kyung had told her to let him use this as a “chance” in the future—a favor to be redeemed later.

So now he claims that favor, having steadfastly resisted asking for it over the years. What he wants is for her to not say those words she meant to say—he acknowledges that loving her while she can’t love him back makes him a little unhappy, being without her entirely would make him unhappy in earnest.

Jae-kyung visits later that evening and casually brings up the topic of Song-yi, wanting to know how much Hwi-kyung knows. Hwi-kyung does an excellent job in allaying hyung’s suspicions, pretending to know nothing. Then he makes a show of holding his aching head and saying that trying to think of those memories makes him dizzy. Jae-kyung urges him not to overdo it, mollified for now.

When Song-yi comes home, Yoon-jae has had a complete change in attitude and tells her that their neighbor hyung is a pretty decent guy, having been won over by his love of star-gazing. Song-yi sighs that Min-joon doesn’t love the stars so much as he came from them, and when she asks her brother if he thinks aliens could exist, Yoon-jae says absolutely. Why, he’d have no trouble believing one lived right next door, and Song-yi marvels, “He’s a genius.” Heh.

Song-yi heads out to the balcony and very quietly calls out Min-joon’s name, curious to see if he’ll respond. Mere seconds later he heads out to his balcony and asks what she wants, and she marvels at this proof of his super-hearing. Upon realizing that she was just messing around, Min-joon grumpily heads back inside, leaving Song-yi calling after him about missing him.

She gets no response, so she mutters under her breath at his thoughtlessness, only to find him standing right behind her. Min-joon takes issue with her name-calling and pinches her cheeks, ha.

Song-yi asks about Min-joon’s father, and Min-joon explains that Lawyer Jang is a father-like figure, but not actually a relation. She realizes that he’s spent all those centuries on earth on his own, commiserating with his loneliness. Then she shares her happy news, informing Min-joon that she reunited with her father after her accident. Just knowing that he’s here has lifted a burden from her shoulders, and Min-joon is pleased to hear it.

Song-yi surprises him by placing her hand on his and telling him, “You have me now. I’ll stay at your side now for a long, long time.”

But then a horrifying thought strikes her and she gasps to herself. “But… is your face going to stay like this?” He explains that aging and the passage of time are different on his planet, and Song-yi exclaims that she’s going to get old and gray and wrinkly. He tells her she’d still be beautiful, but she cuts him off: “This is why in vampire movies, the girl always gets bitten and turns into a vampire too! If the man stays young and handsome but the girl gets old, even if they stay together that’s not a happy ending!” HAHA.

The terrible thing is that it is a valid concern, but seen through Song-yi’s eyes it takes on a hilarious filter. She heads inside to slap a mask on her face, whining that it might not be good enough. She dives into her fitness routine with renewed vigor, crying out, “No! It can’t be! What’ll I do?”

Min-joon shares the story with Lawyer Jang, who muses that Song-yi’s worries about aging are understandable. Just as he starts to mention Min-joon’s impending departure, however, Min-joon shushes him and points to his briefcase—he has just noticed the bug planted there. He writes a note telling him to talk normally, then changes the topic to his meeting with Jae-kyung.

Lawyer Jang swallows his gasp of outrage when Min-joon says he’ll probably accept the deal to protect Song-yi’s life, then writes a note of his own: “Really?” He relaxes when Min-joon shakes his head no, then continues playing along for the bugger’s benefit.

Song-yi’s mother tells the family that Min-joon handled the contract termination, including paying the breach penalty. Yoon-jae declares Min-joonie hyung to be awesome and gives his wholehearted support for noona dating him.

Hwi-kyung is released from the hospital and heads out with his brother, and thus runs into Jae-kyung’s new assistant. He clearly recalls Killer Secretary’s face and knows this is a replacement, but he acts as though he recognizes New Secretary from the office. New Secretary corrects him and Hwi-kyung sighs that he keeps making silly mistakes because he’s not remembering faces correctly.

Jae-kyung takes note, and Hwi-kyung keeps up the trusting facade for the whole time they’re together. As soon as he’s alone, though, he embarks on his own investigation, starting with questioning the stunt crew about who set up the rig. The stuntman apologizes for the accident, feeling responsible for Song-yi’s fall after discovering the bolt that had been loosened, and recalls that there were a few part-time hires brought in that day to work on the set.

Min-joon drops by to pick Song-yi up for work, and Yoon-jae yells at noona to come out. Min-joon carefully notes that Yoon-jae is a tad impolite to his sister, and immediately Yoon-jae promises to fix his behavior. Adorable.

Then Song-yi comes out, and you really do just have to see the effect for yourself. She’s done her best to age herself down with pigtails and youthful clothes, looking like a thirty-year-old aiming for twelve and landing on anime cosplayer instead. “Is it very weird?” she asks. “Yeah,” Min-joon grunts.

One clothing change later, Song-yi and Min-joon head to the set. Song-yi has an action scene and a kiss scene planned for the day, and Min-joon immediately insists, “Use a double.” She enjoys his reaction and lets him go on for a bit about how she should try being a creative actress who doesn’t do things like all the other actors of the world. It’s a ridiculous argument, but she then admits she was lying—it’s just action work today.

Min-joon still insists that she use a double, given the doctor’s cautions about overdoing it, and she teases, “Then should I ask to change all the action to kissing?” (He barks at her indignantly, and she giggles.)

Getting serious for a moment, she asks him to keep watching her. She knows there are people eager to rip her apart now that she’s a mere sidekick, but she’s happier now than when she was the leading lady, all because she has him with her, watching her. It may take a while, she says, but she’ll reclaim her standing, she says. And as happens every time she references the far-off future, Min-joon’s face clouds over sadly.

They arrive at the filming location alongside Se-mi’s entourage, and Se-mi is back to her sweeter self. I’m going to hope this is her truer nature now that she’s flirted with the dark side and come back from it, so I take her words at face value when she talks to Song-yi in her usual friendly manner. So when Se-mi brings up an interview request that’s based on the idea of them being besties, Song-yi finds herself roped into participating, somewhat against her will.

The interviewer asks about Song-yi’s recent dating gossip about that chaebol, and Min-joon nods approvingly when she says they’re just friends. (Only to then grimace when she adds that he’s a very dear, very beloved friend.) Song-yi’s career has been full of romance scandals, while Se-mi’s own has been very quiet, so the interviewer asks Song-yi to share a few secrets. Song-yi looks at the camera and says flatly, “Just be pretty.” Ha.

It’s hilarious because Se-mi gives good interview and makes the host’s job easy, while Song-yi is the stubborn mule who doesn’t want to play this game. Like a balloon-popper at the party. So while the host gushes over Se-mi’s answer about finding Song-yi a wonderful source of support in her first leading project, his face falls when Song-yi makes ridiculous faces and rolls her eyes, totally not going along with the scripted narrative.

It’s so pronounced that even Min-joon comments on it afterward, saying that she could answer a little prettier, like Se-mi. Of course, Song-yi snaps that he’s taking Se-mi’s side, so it’s probably a good thing that they get interrupted by the director. She gets a cursory apology when the director realizes that his staffer failed to tell her to go home the last time, but Min-joon picks up their sniggering afterward that Song-yi deserved it. They also conspire to rearrange the shoot order so that Song-yi has to film the first and last scenes of the day, just to make her wait.

Song-yi tumbles down a hill in her first action scene, and the director calls NG for every take. You get the sense he’s just doing it to make her suffer, and Min-joon repeats his suggestion to bring in a double. Song-yi insists on doing it herself, though, and throws herself into shooting, even as the director keeps declaring it not good enough. After multiple scenes, he smugly says that the first take was best after all. Ass.

Thankfully we’ve got Min-joon on our side, because he uses his powers to send the director tumbling down the same hill Song-yi did. His AD gets sent down after him, and Min-joon just shrugs at Song-yi innocently.

Song-yi’s pretty sure she knows Min-joon was behind it, though, and says it’s nice having an alien manager. She’s shivering in the cold and asks if he can light a fire with his hand, and slumps in disappointment when he says no. “Can’t you do something to warm me up?” she asks. So Min-joon slings an arm around her, and she’s satisfied.

It’s snowing as they wait around in the woods for Song-yi’s next scene, which is when a crew member declares an hour delay. Song-yi sighs that she’s bored waiting around, then catches sight of some staffers playing a game of Go-Stop.

Next thing we know, she’s the life of the party as she cleans up. The crew members wonder if she’s a high roller, just as Min-joon freezes time to swap her card. Haha. Has he been doing that with all her plays? Is that why she gives him a knowing wink?

In any case, it makes Song-yi’s night, and she confides to Min-joon that tonight was the most fun she’s ever had while being on standby, and that she could wait all night if she had to. I love the little smiles on his face—he loves making her happy, whether she knows why or not—but that smile fades as she asks what they’ll do for their hundred-day anniversary.

He asks what she wants to do, and she says that she wants to do all the stuff couples do, even though she’d scoffed at it previously. But now she sees the fun in couple tees and rings and the Namsan Tower restaurant and making wishes. For their one-year, she wants to eat ice cream (you know, with rings hidden inside), and for the thousand-day she suggests backpacking in Europe.

Min-joon’s face crumples for the teeniest second, and Song-yi wonders at his lack of response. She asks if she has it all wrong again and he wasn’t meaning to date her, but Min-joon says with tears forming in his eyes, “All the things you want to do, let’s do them right away.” Say, within the next month.

She asks why it has to be this month. Min-joon says in a choked voice, “I… have to leave.”

She asks where he’s going, and he replies, “Where I came from. In a month, I have to return to the place I came from.”


One hundred days later. It’s the top of the Namsan Tower, where couples fasten locks and make wishes for their future together. There’s one lock with the names Chun Song-yi and Do Min-joon written on it, and Song-yi sits alone at a table in the restaurant at the top, looking expectantly to the door every time somebody walks in, and deflating when it’s not the face she hopes to see.


Oof, that epilogue. Of course they left plenty of room to interpret it in a mundane, not-at-all-heartwrenching way, but that doesn’t keep it from making my heart sink for Song-yi anyway. Maybe Min-joon’s just late! Maybe he never left Earth, or died after trying to stay on Earth, or in any way suffered after his supposed last month came and went. Yup, that’ll be the story I keep telling myself.

With Hwi-kyung figuring out his brother’s villainy (or at least being on the fast track to confirming it for good), the focus shifts more to him and away from the investigators, which I welcome. If we must spend time on the details of our villain’s crime, then at least let that investigation have some character relevance, and shifting the suspicions to Hwi-kyung makes me a lot more invested than I was when it was just the cop and prosecutor doing their jobs.

Plus, with Hwi-kyung taking up the brunt of that storyline, it leaves our main couple to focus on the issue that’s far more relevant to their interests (and ours, of course), which is Min-joon’s impending departure. I do wonder if the show will bother to give us any explanation for the mechanics of his comet-hopping trip back to his home planet, because I’ve always wondered just what the significance of the comet’s approach was. We know because Min-joon says so that it’s his ticket home, but how exactly does that work? This point isn’t crucial to my understanding of the show but it IS something I’d like to know, because right now all I’ve got are visions of Min-joon jumping onto a comet, Little Prince-style, and doing a jump-and-roll off its back as it swings by home.

For all that I loved the progression of the romance for Song-yi’s sake—she who wears her heart on her sleeve and takes chances, pain be damned—I appreciate how the later episodes highlight just how much this love does for Min-joon as well. Seen from his perspective, we understand that he feels pity and guilt for leaving Song-yi behind when she’s so starved for love, but in classic noble hero fashion, his feelings are dominated by a lot of selfless concern and sacrificial love. But it’s only once he owns up to that selfish desire that we see how much he blooms, too, under the influence of being loved, and having an outlet for his own love. Selfishness isn’t always bad, folks! Sometimes it gives a story exactly the kick in the pants it needs.


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  1. Mademoisellegeline

    Do manager!!! I feel you.. Otokeee??? Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Anddwweee!!!

    Omg!! I’m so sad!!! I’m really really saaad!! When we finally get to see their REAL romantic moments, one of the bomb drops! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

    I can’t even list the scenes I like in this episode coz the ending shattered me..

    Do manager!! I’m cold too!! I have a feeling of impending doom.. Warm me up juseyo!! (づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)づ

  2. earthna


  3. Ivoire

    My questions :
    1-What is the meaning and importance of the 100 days in Korea? It was mentioned in INR3 as well. I have seen in dramas the celebration of 100 days for a baby, and SY brought that up, for their anniversary. 2-“Uri” based on the context can mean “my” or “our” right? In this case, “uri SY” said by HK means, “my SY?” 3-What does YJ mean by “I knew something was going on, but it ended up like this?” like what? (when he was talking to MJ) With them dating or “sleeping” together? 4-Was HK faking the pain with the “chance” thing (when he was younger)? He quickly looked happy to ask for the chance thing again, when she agreed to listen to him. 5-Did the mom call MJ’ “DMJ-ie?” Why? They are not close, are they? 6-why did she say “eeree” and he said, “beeree”? (same word for “in advance”), but MJ’s one had a “b” sound when he said it. 7-Am I the only one who has noticed that YIN has been having very little screen time lately? She was just in one scene in this ep., and it barely lasted 5 mns, if that. 8-Was SY trying to come across as a witch, during the interview? What was that about? Maybe she doesn’t care about coming back on top any more.

    This ep. was so good. I LOLed, I cried, I clapped my hands, I squeed, and I marveled at how good the writer is, and at how well the director and the actors/actresses (and the rest of the cast and crew) are bringing her words and vision to the screen. Yeah, that’s me, being enamored with this drama. I love how the writer knows how to undercut a romantic scene (the kiss) with comedy (MJ fainting and SY having to carry him and take him home). I love the emotional moments, such as SY going to visit HK and feeling awful about what happened to him because of her. That scene was so good and so moving. It just made me love HK even more. His soul is just so good. He has gotten better as the drama has gone along. And he continues to play detective. Just be safe, HK.

    I also love how the writer manages to make characters have their 5 mns of spotlight, and YJ got to shine in this one. To go from Oppa like behavior, who will do anything to protect his (older) sister, to finally meeting MJ and having a one on one conversation that led to YJ worshipping MJ and reverting to the teenager that he is when being around MJ, was awesome to watch. And all it took was some chocolate milk and some telescopes.

    SY found out a few things, this time around: that MJ can’t kiss (or he gets sick, right away), and he can’t do anything else, apparently. So I guess holding hands, holding each other, platonic sleepovers, and skinship of that kind is all that can happen (unless I am wrong). And SY found out, as we know, that MJ has to leave, very soon. *Breathes!* the secret is out. What now? Does MJ really have to go? Would he die a painful and horrible death if he chooses to stay? And we also learned that MJ discovered how JK knew about his “no killing” rule.

    The other things I enjoyed in this ep.: MJ being jealous (kiss scenes), and MJ using his powers to get back at the directors, helping SY win every time at Go Stop (so he was cheating for her), SY enjoying seeing MJ use his powers to come see her, make her warm or protect her.

    The things I didn’t enjoy as much: Pros Yoo being taken off the case (YR), though it basically means that we have an additional obstacle on the way to solving YR’s murder, and uncovering JK true nature. MJ having to leave, and telling SY about it. That was really sad, and I was moved…

    • 3.1 Ivoire

      And thank you for the recap! This ep. was simply awesome. It started with an enchanting and very romantic scene, followed by a LOLed funny scene, and ended with a sad and very moving scene. I keep hoping that the writer will surprise us with a last minute change, and MJ would not have to leave (even if he looses his powers). He wanted to have babies with her, that’s how much he loves her. This show keeps us guessing.

      • 3.1.1 rachel

        I think he will have a choice to leave or to stay. If he leaves his body will get better and his powers will not be lost. If he stays…he’ll die. But dying in his time is like a lifetime for us. He’ll wilt away and be able to grow old with SY. Ahhhh…please let this happen!!!

    • 3.2 AJ

      1. Just like you mentioned, the 100 day celebration is prevalent in Korea because the infant mortality rate used to be high and if your baby survived 100 days you’d celebrate, show him to the neighbors, etc. It’s called “baek-il” and basically that has turned the 100 day celebration into something that signifies good luck.

      2. Yes, “oori song yi” is basically him saying her name affectionately.

      3. Yeah, he thought his [dumb] sister was being taken advantage of/sleeping around wth DMJ and thus he was angry and acting like a dad lol

      4. I don’t think it was a major detail but he probably was milking the injury/or it really did hurt but the fact that SY accepted his chance made him a happy camper.

      5/6. Sorry, don’t remember this scene off the top of my head.

      7. Well I feel like last episode (one of us should have etc etc) a lot of what her role entailed was wrapped up, not that she’s going to disappear anytime soon but most of the conflict with her is gone and is taking the backseat to HK and his brother + SY and DMJ. Additional note, I think Yoo Inna is an underrated actress and she plays this role nicely. Loved her in Queen Inhyun’s Man and I hope she gets some main acting roles or at least deeper [supporting] characters.

      All of these are my own conjectures/opinions so take it as you will. Really liked the cute bits because they were adorable but like said in the recap, good things this early never turn out well (GAKSITAL, still have trauma due to that)

      • 3.2.1 Aigoooo

        I think Yoo In Na is awesome and deserves more than second lead parts even though she plays them so well. I saw an interview where she said that she was a trainee for 11 years before even debuting. Suffice to say, she has more than paid her dues.

        • AJ

          Yup, she trained as a singer at first for a girl group, practicing x-hours a day dancing/singing but it was too hard doing that and she wasn’t a naturally inclined dancer so she switched to acting and was picked up by YG around the same time and here she is now. Also so cute to see how she’s dating her costar from QIM, hope he’s doing well in his mandatory army service 🙂

        • chickletta

          I agree, and I think she’s given too little screen time and story so that Jon Jihyun can shine even brighter. Jon Jihyun is the super star in Korea – for the longest time she was famous for refusing all drama offers, aiming for movies and international fame. A few years ago she was almost literally in every single TV ad, billboard, etc. Seems she’s changed her mind about not appearing in dramaland, but she probably demanded maximum screen exposure. I like her, but I wish there were more of a story line with Semi and HK, so that Semi can develop and grow as a character. I don’t see why people seem to see her as negative. I mean, all of her life she was in her friend’s shadow and in love with the guy who was crazy about that friend. She never did anything awful, but resented her friend and suffered in silence. If things were the opposite, I think Songyi would have been much nastier, considering her personality.

    • 3.3 simplemaine

      Hello, Ivoire!
      Hmm sorry I cannot answer all your questions..hahaha I can only answer those I have enough knowledge of:
      1. 100 Day Celebration for a Couple – just like what you mentioned that in dramas they celebrate a baby’s 100th day. For Koreans, the baby’s 100th day signifies that the child surpassed the most sensitive or most crucial stage of a newborn. So if a baby reaches his/her 100th day as a healthy one they celebrate it. Same logic with a couple. It’s like for them, the 100 days of dating means that they have overcome the most difficult challenges of being a new couple and it’s like their relationship is now stronger. So it’s like pretty important for them to celebrate it.
      2. “Uri” – yes, you are correct! this word can either mean “my” or “our”. If I can remember it well, it has been explained already here in dramabeans the meaning of “uri” when used in a sentence. I guess it has something to do with how important a person is to someone. It’s like when HK used “uri” when pertaining to SY, he’s stating how important SY is to him like someone very dear. hahaha this is what I can only remember regarding the use of this word.. Hope i helped even just a little 🙂 I still need to watch this episode though so I can’t answer the other 5 questions..hihihi 🙂

    • 3.4 Jackeline

      AJ covered most of your questions really well. As for the other two:

      5) In Korean, 이/가 are subject markers that you commonly use after a noun (an object or person). 이 (ee) is used after a character that ends in consonant, and 가 (ga) is used if the character before ends in a vowel. For example, if you want to say “my mom is the best” you would say “우리 엄마가 최고 (uri umma ga chwego)” where 가 is just a subject matter. In case of Do Min-joon, since “Joon” ends in a consonant, 이 is used. It’s not the same as the affectionate way Yoon-jae calls “Min-joonie hyung”.

      6) The word they use is actually 미리 (meeree). You can hear the slight “m” sound when Song-yi says it, if you listen closely. As for it sounding like “beeree”, if you speak Korean, you’ll notice that they pronounce “b” and “m” really similarly in some cases. It’s the same with sorry, which is 미안 해 (mianhae), but you’ll hear lots of cases of native Koreans pronouncing it like “bianhae”.

      • 3.4.1 Yimmi

        Oh, thank you for that explanation. I wondered if that was the case (subject markers) like in Japanese (no, etc.) which is related to hanguel or so I read somewhere…

      • 3.4.2 Ageha

        I really want to thank you for this comment. It answered several things I’ve been wondering about Korean for a long time, but never asked anyone (despite having a few outlets to do so)!

    • 3.5 owl

      Ivoire, how do you do it? You must take running notes as you watch to catch the many things in your posts. Hardcore drama fan you are!

  4. pumpkinattack

    Woot! So cute today!!! Don’t go, alien man! Don’t go!

  5. tiny

    tahnks for the recap, jb! this show has bested its previous episodes consistently.

    and JK… Are we not done with you yet? HK getting smarter and smarter now go go go team up with prosecutor Yoo.

    Songyi and MJ make my toes curl ayeeee

    • 5.1 v

      Oah I love love looooove that Hwi Kyung have a bigger role on this story. Love the fact that supporting actor is pushing the story forward. Kinda tired of kept getting drama that only revolved around the main characters. Hwaiting Hwi Kyung!! (I will even be happier if Se Mi’s bro and Hwi Kyung becomes partner in crime…whoop!!)

    • 5.2 Pipit

      This is my fav episode ever!

  6. ilikemangos

    That last scene was so well-played in invoking a real sense of sadness because of all the moments leading up to it. I was savoring the moments when song-yi spoke of the wonderful things they can do together in the future. I loved it when she told him that he has her by his side and how she feels so at ease with him at her side..The fact that she was planning all the anniversary dates..To have these two finally be together…Only for min joon to remind us that he has only one month left before he has to leave and that he wanted to do everything in advance… I literally went from ‘aww, cute’ to ‘no..*sniff*’.. Our min joon wanted to spend his last moments on earth making her happy, but now she realizes he cannot be there forever for her…. Such a poignant scene and imo the most heart-tugging moment of the series thus far. Absolutely touching and beautiful.. i wept so badly.

    • 6.1 Mademoisellegeline

      I agree with you. I feel the exact same way. I know Kim Soo Hyun is so good at crying scene but I hate seeing him cry and his character.. It always breaks my heart..

      His smile on the other hand ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

      • 6.1.1 Seanshine ꒰ღ˘‿˘ற꒱❤⃛

        Hope you don’t mind but.. I’m gonna snag that smiley from you. He’s sooo adorable!

        • Mademoisellegeline

          No I don’t mind at all ヾ(^∇^)

      • 6.1.2 jaglaine

        Oho! This is one of your best works.

    • 6.2 Thursdaynexxt

      Me too! I was laughing out loud, then next moment I was sniffling…what a roller coaster ride, and so much fun!

      Min-joon really has changed so much from his stand-offish ways (though he’s still a grumpy old man, heh!).

      When Song-yi was bugging him about who he kissed – the girl from 400 years ago, or Song-yi herself – he looked like he’d fallen asleep – but he hadn’t! And he answered her again, and again: his kiss was for none other than Cheong Song-yi … squee!!

      Can I just say, I LOVE Song-yi?

      Her reactions are so uniquely and hilariously Song-yi, yet they ring so true – when Min-joon revealed his identity to her at the museum and tried to scare her off, she clung to him for support. When he said Lawyer Jang isn’t his real dad and he hasn’t had any family for centuries, she says she can be his family now. When he collapses from their kiss, she wants to know how far they can go, and what they can/can’t do. Then she freaks out that she’s gonna get old and wrinkly while he stays young and handsome! This couple is SOOO CUTE!!

    • 6.3 osmanthus tea

      I think this was actually one of his best crying scenes! Most of the previous ones we’ve seen (here, and in TMETS) were more of him going full-out to cry; however, here we get to watch him closely through all the stages of his pain: welling up with emotions as SY jabbers away about anniversaries, then finally breaking down and crying when he manages to croak that he has to leave. Really great emotional acting for that scene from JJH too!

    • 6.4 Faye

      You thought that was bad? try watching episode 17 :” just get some tissues ready, that’s all I’m saying…..

    • 6.5 jerrykid


      I love the fact that he wanted to spend his last month on earthy being together with her and making her happy.

      Song-yi planning the anniversary dates is beautiful too. I love how these two picturing their future and life together, and looking forward to them.

      It’s so touching that they do that when they finally realize they’ve found the person they truly, deeply and passionately in love with and want to partner with for the rest of their lives.

      The ending scene definitely adds the bittersweet feel to the beautiful future envisioning. That they can’t be together after a month is very poignant and heart-tugging. But it does make them (and me) treasure the very moment that they live and share together.

  7. news

    LOL boys and their toys…the bromance in this episode totally killed me!

    Ok, I changed my mind. I totally forgot about Ahn Jae Hyun until this episode, so I want him in the Vampire Sageuk. Or Kim Jae-wook.

    • 7.1 Gummy

      That’s what I was thinking! I love Kim Soohyun as much as everyone else, but people seem to be underestimating Ahn Jaehyun’s acting abilities. And his looks; he’d be perfect for that vampire sageuk, in my opinion.

    • 7.2 Aidsincera

      I wonder if Do Min Joon leaves earth, what will happen to his fancy-precious telescope? I hope he can give all the telescope to Yoon Jae 😀

      *Bromance never die*

  8. nadhira

    what a sweet-heartbreaking episode. I just wanna hug Hwi Kyung for being that earnest. Don’t worry Hwi Kyung ah, Bok Ja is waiting for you ^_^ did Do Min Joon really left the earth? There’s still 4 (or 5) more episodes so I hope the writers do something that can make our Do Manager stay on earth! Btw Yoon Jae and Min Joon is adorable together! New Bromance is in the air~

    • 8.1 Stephanie

      At the end of the epilogue, Song Yi perks up at the very end, even though we don’t know who she sees.

      I’m going to assume that suggests she sees MJ, bc if he weren’t on earth I can’t imagine Song Yi doing anything but crying a river in her pajamas at home. I’m just gonna make myself happy and believe that.

  9. Yue

    Was I the only one having a hard time taking Yoon Jae seriously because of the box of chocolate milk? I hollered laughing at that.

    • 9.1 news

      Yep, I think that was the whole point and I loved it.

    • 9.2 Thursdaynexxt

      HAHA, yes!! I couldn’t stop laughing at adorable Yoon-jae the whole episode!

      We need to find him nice girl before this is all over. And I hope he makes up with his Dad.

      • 9.2.1 Aigoooo

        Well, there’s always Song Yi’s bookstore friend. That scene in Episode 12 where she gets double smittened after seeing Yoon jae and then Hwi Kyung and it was all played in slow motion totally cracked me up!

  10. 10 Bloops


    *implodes from pure awesomeness*


    • 10.1 ilikemangos

      I don’t see an issue if they use protection.


      • 10.1.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Omg!!! Hahahahahaha i always love your response!

      • 10.1.2 jaglaine

        Yep! Thought about that ages ago. DMJ will do anything with his lips, all he will do is touch. SY can do anything she wants. LOL! It’s workable.

        • jaglaine

          Oops…typo…that was supposed to be ‘DMJ will NOT do anything with his lips…’

          • owl

            Freudian slip I presume? ha

      • 10.1.3 Shay

        I totally agree. Chaste kisses and protection! This can totally work. It is worth a try at least.

        • tarsoe

          About the kisses if they got carried away, I bet Song Yi doesn’t mind giving him a sponge bath every now and then

        • Marina

          Absolutely!! Protection all the way! He should wear a hazmat suit in bed when they cuddle. Or when tickle each other in the missing kitchen scene. I want to see them cooking together. And tickling. Is that too much to ask, writers?, There are for of you! Get to work! The other guy tickled her. Why not Do manager?! Sorry about too many exclamations, but I feel very emotional right now.
          Speaking of protection. Did you notice DMJ was wearing gloves in episode 13? while eating out with SY, and using the steak knife?

      • 10.1.4 Seanshine

        I second that!! Lmbo

      • 10.1.5 MajorDickason's

        And how was DMJ imagining getting Song Yi pregnant in his happy dream without being able to “exchange fluids” with a human? Immaculate conception? Not a lot of romance with in vitro.

        • Seanshine

          Vitriol may not be romantic, but it would help bridge the gap in making his dream come true.

          • Seanshine


          • v

            Lols you guys, I feel like in a room with Min Joo’s family now. “Ooh it’s okay, she is strong enough to carry our generation.”, ” Min Joon come on, Omma wants a pretty grandchildren.” LOOOOL

        • osmanthus tea

          For that happy dream, I think it was very much about him leaving a normal life without his supernatural abilities. I base that on the way he tried to catch the falling crockery in the kitchen – lurching in with his hands than using telekinesis.

      • 10.1.6 dramabuff

        You have no idea how happy I am to see your comment. I am not the only person who thought that was a good solution.

      • 10.1.7 Kiara

        Lol but will this alien survive after that? He passed out after a kiss and that was not even a French kiss. Sex will totally kill him or he will end up in a coma for 5years.

      • 10.1.8 PPasun

        Even if unprotected, it should be okay. What MJ said was no mixing of blood or saliva, not all bodily fluids. Moreover, man umm… how should I put this, ejects rather than imbibes during the process, you know.

  11. 11 Chandler

    I loved this episode!!! And I love how, unlike many other dramas, they address their impending separation and choose to enjoy whatever time they have left together regardless of the pain they’ll face later. That was the one thing about Arang that always bothered me.

    • 11.1 ilikemangos

      Exactly. This OTP is one of the more progressive OTPs in dramaland. The noble idiocy (although not a preferred stepping stone) was handled way better than some of the ones out there and it was short lived. The better part comes after when one person realizes being together and enduring the hardships is way better than living without the other. I love this stage the most (the calm before the storm) and i hope we get more of it before our alien makes his departure to the stars.
      If loving each other and spending his last moments together with song-yi means selfishness, Do Min Joon-shi, i want you to be the most selfish you can be.

      • 11.1.1 Gidget

        Loved the episode.

        But isn’t it true that what made his selfishness work, was the selflessness that immediately followed? He put his heart out there, but then told her about his departure even though knowing it could drive her away. I don’t know if his choice would come across very well if he didn’t. Watching her open her heart fully for the first time in her life, and put her future trustingly in his hand; while he encourages her love, but hides the fact he’s leaving? That wouldn’t feel the same. So very happy they had him take a risk, but kept his character intact.

        • Thursdaynexxt

          Yes, I’m so glad they’re not fluffing around with him telling her he’s leaving.

          I mean, she handled the “I’m an alien” speech pretty well. This is Song-yi we’re talking about. I’m sure she’ll come up with a solution!

  12. 12 Rushie

    First and foremost, Hwi-kyungie is awake awake and boy he is good when he thinks. I like how he’s lulling death hyung into a false sense of security just waiting till he snaps the trap shut.
    I love Yoon-jae in this episode Lol. How he yelled at Song-yi for staying out late like a dad would and then Song-yi’s am I in trouble face. Only to go and fall for Min-joon himself calling him hyung and What not Lol. Min-joon finally admits to SY that he likes her, about time I say and all that date stuff they did was just cute. Him telling YJ that he thinks he’s being rude to his noona and YJ all, Yes hyung I’ll do better. love it. He’s leaving and he’s told her, oh my poor heart and my poor SY you guys finally get together. sigh.
    And last but not least, SY going on about how they can’t do anything because he always gets sick even when they kiss. SY you naughty girl you. Lol. I love this episode but I guess I say that everytime.

    • 12.1 Emmy

      Hwi-Kyung was so great in this episode. One of dramalands best second leads for sure. I really liked the scene with him and Song-yi. We all know he loves her, but what I like about him is that he doesn’t pressure her at all. He is hopeful, but doesn’t really expect her to reciprocate his feelings.

      Also, how good is he at putting up a front before Jae-Kyung. I was clapping my hands at his secretary faux-pas. I would be convinced if I wasn’t in on the know!

      Looking forward to Park Hae-Jin’s future projects! He is one fine actor!

      • 12.1.1 ilikemangos

        Hwi-Kyung is one of the best second leads in recent memory because not only is he adorable and an awesome friend, he’s crucial in unraveling jae-kyung’s secrets. He’s much more important to the story this way instead of serving as just another typical stubborn 2nd lead that won’t let go of the heroine until the very end.
        I’ve got to say he has the most brains in YFAS right now with the prosecutor being a close second.

      • 12.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        I’m impressed at Detective Hwi-kyung this episode!

        He’s handling Evil Hyung very well, disarming all his suspicions and also making sure there’s no threat to Song-yi either.

        Loved both the Second Leads this episode, too. The scenes with Song-yi and Min-joon were poignant, but that scene with Song-yi and Hwi-kyung actually made me cry! (like when Se-mi asked Song-yi to accept Hwi-kyung)

  13. 13 noernov

    Yong jae is so cute 😊

  14. 14 ilikecoffeebean

    Love all the OTP scenes! Couldn’t DMJ find a cure to stay on earth or something. Just saying. I mean did he have a 400 year expiration date or what. Oh I totally feel for CSY. Drama, please give us a happy ending!

    • 14.1 Thursdaynexxt

      I had a thought – maybe Min-joon CAN kill Jae-kyung without dying himself (after all, maybe he has an imperfect understanding of the rules – it’s not like he actually knows; he hasn’t killed anybody before)?

      But it might have the effect that it compromises his body/DNA/etc so that he can’t physically return to his planet (so he has to stay on Earth, boo hoo), and maybe it also kick-starts his ageing process (so he and Song-yi can grow old together, with lots of babies, hopefully)?

      After all, who needs a boyfriend who can light fires with his hand or have super-hearing, when you can have a boyfriend who’ll just be there with you to celebrate your 100th day anniversary?

  15. 15 zakin89

    I swear this show… It’s gonna be my end 😛

    All the happy moments just broke my heart even more because… Well… I keep telling myself that everything’s gonna be ok because I NEED it to be okay in the end. But I also have been telling myself from very early on that it could happen that MJ doesn’t make it to the end or has to really leave… Though I just want him to stay and be happy with SY!!!

    I LOVED how little bro turned into an avid fan of MJ by the sight of his telescopes and I just about died when he called MJ hyung (it’s kind of funny because the actor playing little bro is actually older than KSH^^).

    Now I just hope that viki won’t have the same sub problems like yesterday because I can’t take it again to wait like 3-5 hours longer to watch the episode although it’s already completely subbed 😛

  16. 16 needtostudy

    Can we please all take a moment to appreciate not just the cuteness of Yoon-jae confronting Min Joon as a high school kid to a 28-ish year-old, calling him hyung and all, but the fact that the actor Yoon-jae is actually older than Kim Soo Hyun? Hee hee hee ^-^

    • 16.1 xcmk

      omfg are you serious???? :O mine just got blowned.

      • 16.1.1 maldita

        Yes! Yoonjae aka Ahn Jaehyun was born in 1987. Kim Soohyun was born in 1988.

        • crazykel

          Yep, Ahn Jae Hyun is only a month (exactly) older than I am. I was astonished to find that out!

    • 16.2 Rushie

      Dude!!! He is? *In Lee Bo-na’s voice* DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 16.3 Pearl~ai88

      So that means Hyun Soo is the youngest in the whole cast?! But his character is the oldest, lol! Talk about the unrealistic expectations created by dramaland XD

      • 16.3.1 Rushie

        Don’t you mean Soo-hyun? Hyun-soo is the girl that plays Yi-hwa. Although, I can see how that would be confusing.

        • Seanshine

          I got that mixed up too! Lol and their both Kim’s if I’m correct?

        • Pearl~ai88

          Whoops! Yes, Soo-hyun, sorry.

    • 16.4 v

      lol yes he is almost one year older than soo hyun.

    • 16.5 tarsoe

      His “uri Min-joonie Hyung” is adorable

    • 16.6 neener


    • 16.7 osmanthus tea

      Hey, he’s pretty confusing as a kid brother! But the chocolate milk was a little over the top haha.

  17. 17 jaglaine

    3 minutes into the episode and I was clutching my heart. Then squealing and squealing like a 15 year-old girl again. Then peeking at the screen from from between my fingers. And I watched it raw at 4 o’clock in the morning when I had to wake up and get ready for work at 6:30. Oh My God! This episode had too many sweet, cute OTP scenes that I could watch it 100x!
    It’s a great ep. I’m still feeling the high of seeing the love of Do Min Joon and Song Yi. I don’t even want to guess what’s going to happen next. I want the show to surprise me and carry me away on the emotions to follow. So long as it’s a happy ending for Min Joon and Song Yi.

    • 17.1 Thursdaynexxt

      haha, glad you’re enjoying it so much! At 4 in the morning! Did you check to see if you were floating in the air, like Song-yi?! 😀

  18. 18 logan5

    The scene where MJ trips the director … my wife said “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

    • 18.1 Seanshine

      Hahaha.. I like that! ; )

  19. 19 ck1Oz

    It’s out so fast? Thank you so much.

    The episode was so funny. And I laugh even more thinking of the actress JJH dragging KSH everywhere. Would love to see the BTS videos of the stairs scene and car scene.

    • 19.1 owl

      “What good is having supernatural powers? He passes out very time we kiss.”


      • 19.1.1 Seanshine

        That’s EXACTLY my point too!! What’s the sense of us relishing in his ‘out of this world-lyness’ if he is to be affected like this? 🙁

        Me no like!

      • 19.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        Thank you!! My favourite line of the whole episode!

  20. 20 xvanex

    how does Hwi-kyung look way hotter with his head bandaged?? feels like im seeing him for the first time without that nasty hair haha

    • 20.1 Seanshine

      You know.. I was saying the same thing to myself. Lol He looks so different! I think it was the lousy hairstyle they gave him. And the very large-cuffed turtle necks are really not for him. He resembled a chew toy!

      I’ll be keeping an eye on this actor as well. : )

      • 20.1.1 Pearl~ai88

        I kinda like his turtlenecks…*sheepish*

  21. 21 mary

    For their 100th day, I want Min Joon to bring Song Yi a rose. Then go out to a bar wearing their HS outfits. LOL


  22. 22 nomad

    Yesss! (for the awesomeness of this episode) Noooo! (for the impending sadness)

  23. 23 xcmk

    i loved everything about this episode and seeing their feelings finally requited. please don’t let the cuteness stop :'( <3

    • 23.1 jomo

      That was my comment almost word for word.
      Every single scene was good, pain will follow.

  24. 24 jo

    I’m in love with this show….!!!! Savoring every adorable scene with Song Yi and Min Joon.

  25. 25 Smileyacp

    Yeah – I’m sad too for this episode’s ending – not sure how the writers can twist things around for MJ to stay on earth.

  26. 26 Ppasun

    Well, YJ went pretty quickly from nextdoor namja to male to hyung with MJ. I’m sure he is dying to call him maehyung already. Love them together. Especially when they had to witness the high schooler SY together.
    YJ: My sister is not good enough for you, is she?
    And the grim look on MJ’s face of a man who, nonetheless, must admit, yes, but that is the woman I love.

    • 26.1 Ppasun

      Am I the only one who never doubted even for one moment that YWCFTS will have a very tightly closed happy ending? A lot of Korean viewers refer to the writer as God Jieun and as I have faith in her omnipotence (especially after watching QoR and YWRIU) I am not worried at all. Speaking of god,

      (Spoiler alert)
      Praise The Lord, Do Harbae is going to get drunk! Now I really want to see this.

      • 26.1.1 ilikemangos

        It’s definitely going to be a happy ending if this writer was inspired by The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, which had a heart-warming ending.

        Drunk Do Manager is going to be so hilarious. This show never fails to dish the ‘com’ in rom-com, even as we near the end. This is one of the reasons i love this show so much. How many rom-coms have we watched where the breezy, fun first half was followed by a plodding, depressing second half? Fortunately YFAS doesn’t fall under that category. 🙂

        • jaglaine

          Too many. Arang and the Magistrate tops this list. I love Arang but it got depressing and heavy towards the end.

        • fluffy-in-flight

          What was it that was said again, ” How can there be love, without a happy ending?” That is the phrase I keep remembering, so I am pretty confident that we will have a happy happy ending, especially after seeing all of their dreams about spending time and being with each other.

        • Gidget

          Thanks for mentioning the inspiration for this show. Going to go look that up to get some hope. 🙂

          And I couldn’t agree more about how this show raises the bar for rom-coms. So well said. I absolutely loved PMI until it suddenly shape shifted into something entirely different than how it started.

          • Thursdaynexxt

            Yep, PMI definitely started out cute but then suddenly ran out of steam.

        • jomo

          The Edward story is happy, but I am worried about the Little Prince suddenly who showed up in the end of the last ep and beginning of this one in the background.

          The Little Prince only learns about love after losing it.
          Maybe THIS prince is smarter? There are so many beautiful but heartbreaking quotes from that story.

          “In those days, I didn’t understand anything. I should have judged her according to her actions, not her words. She perfumed my planet and lit up my life. I should never have run away! I ought to have realized the tenderness underlying her silly pretensions. Flowers are so contradictory! But I was too young to know how to love her.”

          “If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers…”

          I say “Noooooo!!” to the last quote.

          • ilikemangos

            T__T jomo
            I will not waver in my resolve to get a happy ending.

      • 26.1.2 dramabuff

        We might be the minority of two, but I also believe that they will be together in the end. He is changing, see how easy he got over the second kiss. What I am waiting for is the explanation of how they ended up being together. I believe that there are some great surprises and aha moments in the upcoming episodes

  27. 27 mysterious

    Kim Soo-hyun is an amazing actor! He killed me in that last scene. And I don’t care how, they had better make it so they can stay together. I don’t care if he leaves earth and then comes back. They need each other and I need a happy ending.

  28. 28 jambee

    the epilogue killing me, poor song yi, can see so much tears comin’ for the next episode *sob*
    hope they find a way to not let him leave and survive on earth for song yi, some kind of immunity or vaccine or anything, please do *sobbbbb*

    • 28.1 Mademoisellegeline

      I don’t even care what kind of things they would come up with as long as I get a happy ending with a kiss like the one that they did in The Thieves..

  29. 29 earthna

    I don’t even know where to start. I can’t believe how this drama has affected my life so much that I’ll probably have really bad withdrawal after it ends.

    The episode gave us the sweet and adorable moments we all longed for just to hit us in the face (or heart) with that last part and epilogue. I was all smiles while watching the two of them cuddling in the forest and talking about how they’re so happy…then Song Yi asked about the 100th day. My heart just sank. Still, I’m glad that Min Joon told her the truth instead of giving her false hopes. For a moment there, I thought he’s going to say “Sure. Let’s do that.”. I was calming myself when the epilogue came and ripped my heart to pieces. Really? Are you giving us this now, show? Really? As jb said, we can think of so many things with that scene but why can’t I shake the thought that it’s going to be Hui Kyung who comes?

    Speaking of Hui Kyung, way to go smarty pants!! You’re quite safe from evil bro for now but you never know. I’m always scared for Hui Kyung’s safety.

    Show still never fails to give us the laughs. Song Yi asking about Min Joon’s face not going to get old. HAHAHAHA. And then choco milk-drinking Yoon Jae. He looked like his real age for a while there ’til he went gaga over Min Joonie hyung.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episodes but yeah, I’m in to deep for this show and there’s obviously no way out. BRING ON THE PAIN!

    Thanks for the recaps, javabeans!

    • 29.1 earthna

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      • 29.1.2 Gidget

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        Or was MJ was basing his comments on a backup plan wherein their return would coincide with the arrival of the comet?

        I’ve wondered if there’s more to be said about why they left him behind. Did they really need to skedaddle so quickly? Were the spaceships able to withstand unimaginable g-force, but remain penetrable by Joeson era arrows? Or did they do it deliberately, to put their skirt chasing young scientist on a long time out?

        • Patch

          I wonder what happened to the space ships we saw on the news way back when. A dropped storyline?

        • nami

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    Back to the villian. I hope Minjoon, Seok and Hwikyung will work together to bring down Jaekyung!

    • 38.1 Patch

      My knowledge in this is a bit limited but a year is the amount of time it takes for a planet to orbit it’s sun. We always equate these things into Earth time so Mars takes 686 days to orbit Sol which is equal to 1.88 Earth years. MJ’s planet, however his solar system is made up, probably has a long loop around the sun.

      Chances are, if this wasn’t a drama and the writer couldn’t do anything she wants, if MJ leaves Earth by the time he gets back he’ll meet Sy’s great-great-great- great- grand-niece (because obviously SY didn’t marry but stayed true to MJ’s memory).

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        • anniejang

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