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You From Another Star: Episode 20
by | February 26, 2014 | 287 Comments

Final week! Get your tissues ready, today will wring a sea of tears out of you (at least if you have a heart) as the countdown winds down to the final hours. It’s a bittersweet though also gratifying way to send off a loved one, with an appreciation of every precious minute left combining with the desire to enjoy that time in an utterly mundane way. Because as our hero now realizes after four hundred years of Not Getting It, the beauty of life is living out the moments you have, rather than dwelling on the inevitable at the end of the tunnel.


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After receiving her proposal, Song-yi tells Min-joon to live on, even if that means leaving Earth after all. He counters that he’s already made up his mind to stay, but she says that she’s also decided: “If you die because you stayed by my side, I’ll die too. Do you understand what I’m saying? I care for you much, much more than you think, so I think I could live if I just knew you lived somewhere. That’s easier than you not existing anywhere.”

Min-joon tries to argue that there must be a way, and that he’ll look for one. But it seems like a futile hope.

The investigators watch the reports on TV and wonder where Min-joon went. The amazing disappearing act makes him a source of fascination for the public, particularly since footage of him vanishing with Song-yi has hit airwaves. Reporters have tracked down people he knew in his other identities, and his old mahjong rival and a former hospital colleague interview that he looks just like a guy they once knew.

Among the interviewees is Bok-ja, who denies the rumors that he is dating Song-yi. In fact, she hints that she had a little something going on with him herself. Oh, simple delusional Bok-ja.

In bed that night, Song-yi confides that she’d mulled over all the ways she might break up with Min-joon, like lying that she’d gotten tired of him or that she’d be happy with Hwi-kyung. The idea of him dying scares her, and she asks if he feels afraid too.

He says that he’s seen countless people being born, growing older, and dying. It made him wonder why people even bothered with living so diligently when they knew they’d all die in the end; it all seemed so pathetic and meaningless. “But I realized that nobody lives to die. What’s important is that moment they’re alive. So even if the ending was decided, they could be happy and live on. It’s so simple, but it took me so long to realize.”

Only now does Bok-ja see all the news about Song-yi and Min-joon, which sends a dagger through her ridiculously romantic heart. Hilarious that she thought she had a chance with Min-joon all this time.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Jang insists to a police officer that Min-joon hadn’t kidnapped Song-yi. Ack, of course kidnapping would be a logical conclusion. Boo, logic.

Song-yi and Min-joon take a taxi ride back to civilization, and she asks why Min-joon didn’t tell her the full truth about Jae-kyung. He answers that she’s hot-headed and unable to hide her feelings, so it wouldn’t have done any good. She sighs that Hwi-kyung must be going through a tough time, and that’s our cue to jump over to Hwi-kyung, in bed with a worried Se-mi at his side.

He tries to send her away, wanting to mope in private, but she sticks around. She admits that she’d felt satisfaction at watching Song-yi fall and lose her standing—but she sees that she was the one who lost the most. “Now I’m going to let go of you completely,” she says, “because I have to live on.” That’s the only way for them to be friends again, and for her to be honest. Saying that she understands how he must have struggled without anybody to talk to, she encourages him to confide in her.

In jail (muahaha), Jae-kyung takes a visit from his lawyer and instructs him how to handle his case—seek bail, argue that he was interrogated under duress, accuse the prosecutor of entrapment, etc. I admit to finding the sight of his floppy hair oddly satisfying, now that he isn’t able to shellac it into his pompadour of power.

Song-yi and Min-joon’s taxi pulls up to their building, where a crowd of reporters lie in wait. She orders him not to be nervous or fearful though it’s clearly Song-yi who’s feeling the pinch, and lays out her plan: She’ll get out first and command their attention, giving him the chance to slip inside—she doesn’t want him using his powers when he’s feeling weak.

So Song-yi wears her shield of confidence and struts right up to the mics to take their questions… but when Min-joon steps out of the car, the crowd barrels past Song-yi to bombard him with questions, leaving the megastar in the back of the crowd, trying to get the paparazzi’s attention. Heh.

Song-yi shoves her way back to Min-joon, essentially playing the manager role as she entreats them not to take photos of him. Then a man steps up and flashes a police badge, here to take Min-joon in for questioning. Song-yi protests that she wasn’t kidnapped, but the officer insists and Min-joon is escorted along.

Watching the news from home is Song-yi’s family, with Mom sputtering at Song-yi’s declaration that they’re engaged. Dad gets up to go, and it’s Mom who stops him to suggest, albeit awkwardly, that he stay for dinner. She checks with Yoon-jae, who mumbles that Dad can stay, not quite comfortable being openly friendly but clearly warming up to him gradually. The mending of bonds is underway.

At the police station, Song-yi balks at being separated from Min-joon during questioning. One word from Min-joon quiets her instantly, and at his assurance that he’ll be fine, she lets him go, however reluctantly.

The officer begins by asking curiously how Min-joon managed to disappear from sight, and Min-joon challenges him on what laws he’s broken. He tells the man not to use his authority to merely satisfy his personal curiosity.

Detective Park arrives at the station and chides the officer for keeping him out of the loop when they’re both assigned to the case. Pretending to be on the cop’s side, Detective Park takes over the investigation and then makes sure to help sneak Min-joon and Song-yi out of the station unseen. Who knew the day would ever come when we’d welcome Detective Park as the smart, competent party?

Min-joon and Song-yi are on their way out when an officer stops to ask for an autograph. Song-yi agrees to sign, only to find that the woman meant Min-joon’s autograph. She bristles possessively when the officer asks for a photo or a handshake with him, but when the officer adds that her kid looks up to Min-joon as a Superman, Song-yi’s jealous instincts fade and she urges Min-joon to sign after all. HA.

Detective Park leads them out through a back door, but now it’s off to the prosecutor’s office for more questioning. Song-yi refuses to leave Min-joon and ends up waiting out in the hallway while Min-joon talks with the investigators.

But as it turns out, Min-joon does no talking at all while the investigators end up answering their own questions. Aw, they even put their heads together thinking of how to spin this in Min-joon’s favor, like arguing that Song-yi was in grave medical danger and that his restaurant disturbance could be resolved with a mere fine. Regarding his assault on Jae-kyung in front of the reporters, Detective Park muses, “Well, he deserved hitting.”

Seok asks Min-joon why he revealed himself after going to such lengths to protect his identity. Min-joon replies that they all probably have loved ones in their lives, and that in the face of losing her, he wasn’t capable of calculating facts. “All I did was what I could do in that moment.”

Song-yi is waiting to take his hand as soon as he’s done, and the second Min-joon takes it, he zooms them out of sight. And so, just as Mom is huffing into the phone that Song-yi hasn’t come home yet and that all the teleporting stuff is nonsense, they materialize in Song-yi’s apartment to dropped jaws and wide eyes. Mom moves to hit Song-yi for not calling during the whole ordeal, and Min-joon darts in to intercept the hit. In unison, the siblings rush to his side in concern. Adorable.

Mom pulls Song-yi aside and demands to know what Min-joon’s deal is. Song-yi just tells her that he’s the one man she loves in the world, and that there won’t be another: “He may not be an ordinary person, but to me he’s just the person I love.”

So Mom softens and makes dinner, bringing the family to the table for their first meal together in twelve years. I love the incredulous look on Mom’s face when Yoon-jae ignores her urging to eat up, only to shovel food into his mouth obediently at one word from Min-joon hyung.

Song-yi complains about Mom’s soup, and Mom turns to Min-joon for his opinion. He either can’t or doesn’t think to lie and tells her honestly that it’s strange, so Mom snaps at all the ungrateful kids and takes their bowls, giving them to Dad (who said it tasted fine). So cute.

In interview, Min-joon says that it was the first time he’d ever eaten with family before, and it eased his mind to think of leaving Song-yi in their care. But also, it made him want to be a part of it.

As the evening winds down, Song-yi pointedly looks at the time and offers to call cabs for her family. Dad takes the hint right away and gets up, but Song-yi has to bid good night to Mom directly, and then to Yoon-jae, who takes issue. “Is Min-joonie hyung yours?” he asks, and links arms with his hyung. Song-yi grabs Min-joon’s arm back, and Mom clucks at her forward behavior. I love when the Chun siblings fight over Min-joon.

With Song-yi’s star back on the rise, CEO Ahn is eager to get her back under his management and offers Mom the original (huge) contract fee. That makes her pause for a second, but then he adds another contract that makes her gape—one for Min-joon, whose disappearing skills could translate into worldwide fame and lucre as a magician.

Mom decides she’s more offended at the way CEO Ahn treats Song-yi and Min-joon as products to be kept or dropped, and snaps that she’ll be looking for a company that treats their clients as people. CEO Ahn is left wondering when Mom grew a heart and hastily tries to win her back.

Song-yi tells Min-joon to stay home while she goes to work today, since his presence would only create a commotion. Grudgingly he agrees, though he asks suspiciously if she’s keeping him home because she’s shooting kiss scenes today, or maybe a back hug. So when Hwi-kyung shows to take Song-yi to work, Min-joon bristles jealously.

Hwi-kyung thoughtfully presents her with a new phone to replace the one that got stolen, and has made sure that the ending digits match his. She likes this since she forgets her own number but has memorized Hwi-kyung’s, which makes Min-joon clench his jaw, even though he denies feeling the least bit upset to Hwi-kyung.

Hwi-kyung says that he has stepped back because Song-yi is head over heels for Min-joon right now, but he hasn’t given up on her—the minute Min-joon leaves her to be alone, he’ll be there to step in: “And I won’t let go of her then.” Prescient words, since he knows nothing of the actual impending separation.

As Hwi-kyung drives Song-yi to set, he apologizes for his brother’s actions against her, and she tells him that she understands that he’s miserable inside despite smiling on the outside. It’s something she knows well, because it’s what she feels now: “It seems like the whole world is happy but me.” He wonders what she means.

Song-yi arrives on set and joins Se-mi, and the two start off trading tentative barbs. It’s the same kind of stuff they’d been sniping all along, though without the usual bite. For instance, Se-mi says the film has been disrupted by Song-yi’s scandal, Song-yi quips that she’s just hot that way, Se-mi sniffs that this is all some kind of media play, Song-yi replies that Se-mi has obviously been reading all the articles about her. Song-yi asks if Se-mi has some free time, though we don’t get to see why.

Mom gets filled in on the general alien concept by Yoon-jae, then sits down with Min-joon to quiz him: Is he really an alien? Where’s his family? Will they come from their planet to Earth? Min-joon answers that things operate differently on his planet, and that they don’t have the concept of family, spouses, or even friends.

And then, Min-joon gets a nosebleed. Aghhhhh crap. He once again flashes to his premonition—where he disappears into light—and staggers into bed weakly. Noooooo.

Song-yi gets worried when nobody answers his door and lets herself in, and takes note of his wilting plants. It makes her think to a conversation she’d had with Lawyer Jang, when Lawyer Jang had mentioned seeing one of Min-joon’s plants rotting and guessed that it was indicative of Min-joon’s condition.

Thus when she finds him slumped over in his bedroom, she approaches in tears, trembling in fear. He’s unresponsive to her calls, and she feels his limp arms and listens for a heartbeat, sobbing, “No!”

Min-joon rouses slowly and gathers her to him. He tries to tease that he couldn’t help waking up amidst her noise, but she’s so scared she just cries, “I thought you died!”

Maybe it’s seeing her terror up close that changes his mind, but now the conversation turns back to the question of when he leaves. He’s got about a week left, and she sighs that it’s too short to waste a second. To convince him that she’s right in sending him away, she tells him that her momentary despair just now would be magnified every day of her life if he were to die because of her. He doesn’t want her to live the rest of her days blaming herself, does he?

But Min-joon asks, “What about me? I’ll miss you for every day for a long, long time—what about me? What if I can’t forget you?”

Song-yi says she’ll have their pictures and the song he sang her. They can cram seven years’ worth of time into their week together, she says not quite convincingly. She asks if he loves her, angling for the words again, though he deflects with a joke.

In interview, Min-joon answers the question of whether that last week was special. He answers that it was completely ordinary, as we see them eating in front of the TV and bickering like always. Min-joon continues to help run lines with Song-yi, doing a terrible job as usual (and finding fault with the cheesy dialogue as usual). That ends with more bickering, with Song-yi prodding for more affectionate words by asking who Min-joon would save if she and Lawyer Jang both fell into the water. (He says her, but her glow dims when he adds that Lawyer Jang was in the Marine Corps and would be able to manage just fine. Hee.)

They play Go-Stop too, although today Song-yi’s confused at where her amazing skills went, while Min-joon racks up the points. He claims his reward (a forehead flick) and she threatens him with deep kisses in retaliation (yes please!). He flips the situation around and delivers that deep kiss anyway, rawr.

And then, suddenly, we’re one day from D-Day, as Lawyer Jang reads news of the comet’s approach with worry. Aiiiiiiie. Nooooo.

While in his library, Min-joon responds to Song-yi’s call to eat by accidentally transporting himself outdoors instead of merely out of the room, leaving him shivering out in the cold in the street. It’s Lawyer Jang he calls, who rushes over to meet him in the park with warm clothing.

Min-joon muses that it was this park where they’d come on their first encounter, after he saved Lawyer Jang’s life. We see the scene in flashback, as Min-joon receives Lawyer Jang’s gratitude stoically and hands over an envelope of money as a loan. Lawyer Jang asks why he would trust him to pay it back, and Min-joon answers gruffly that he doesn’t trust anybody. Still, even though he doesn’t want to form bonds with anyone, they can consider their connection as kismet.

There’s something deeply moving about the way young Lawyer Jang is in awe of Min-joon, whom he calls Teacher, and the way that has transitioned into their nearly father-son relationship now. In the present, Lawyer Jang asks to hold Min-joon’s hand just once; he says sadly that he doesn’t want to send Min-joon away, and that it feels like he’s a parent losing a child.

Lawyer Jang starts to break down in earnest, which is pretty gut-wrenching stuff—so earnest and heartfelt. Min-joon tells him words he’d once been told (by Yi-hwa in Joseon times), that farewells should be made in advance in case you don’t get the chance at the last moment. “Thank you,” he says. “I won’t forget you.” Lawyer Jang sobs freely, and Min-joon fights back his own tears.

When Min-joon arrives home, Song-yi is waiting with an embrace and leads him inside, where he takes in the candles filling the home, as well as the fresh flowers. Song-yi kneels before him and says, “We’re getting married today. You can’t divorce me, since you leave tomorrow. If you go there and cheat on me, you’re dead.”

As a proposal gift, she hands him a flash drive, which she tells him to watch when he’s alone, and when he misses her. She adds with a smile, “It looks like you don’t mean to say I love you to me, so I’ll do your part. I love you, Do Min-joon. You’ll live a much longer time than me and may forget me, but don’t forget that a perfect woman like me loved you, and think of it proudly.”

He says that his best superpower is stopping time, which he’s done many times: “And in this time you didn’t know of, I said this: I love you, Chun Song-yi. If I said this in the flow of time, it felt as though everything would flow on and disappear, so I said it in that stopped time. I love you, Chun Song-yi. I love you.”


Now we see why Song-yi asked Se-mi for her time, as she thrusts a camera in her hands. Se-mi begins recording as Song-yi does a cute, aegyo-filled, ridiculous dance to the song “Marry You.”

Later, Min-joon watches Song-yi’s adorable antics on his computer, his chuckles soon mixing with choked sobs. Song-yi winds down the performance by presenting a bouquet of flowers at the camera and asking, “Do Min-joon, will you marry me?”


Waaaaah. I need to pick myself off the floor after that, and nothing bad has even happened yet. Aside from the nosebleed and the fading powers, I mean, though those are freakier for the foreboding they elicit than on their own merits. (I don’t know why nosebleeds are so ominous in dramaland considering what they actually are, but aside from scenes of students studying really hard, there’s no reason to include it so it must augur tragic circumstances down the line. Talk about making literal the idea of Min-joon’s body just leaking life force haphazardly.)

I really love that the show gave him his beautiful farewell scene with Lawyer Jang, who ripped out my heart with his raw grief. He’s been such a rock for Min-joon and a constant source of support that in a way their bond hits deeper than the romance angle. It isn’t that I don’t feel for the romance (obviously!), but Lawyer Jang has been his friend for longer than he’s allowed himself to know anybody else—and now that we know that Min-joon’s planet doesn’t even think of relationships the way humans do, he’s Min-joon’s first friend.

As I mentioned before Lawyer Jang has gradually progressed from being the rescued party to the one offering the support, which is sort of like a child growing up and becoming parent to the parent. That relationship works on a bunch of layers and they all convened in that scene to kill me. (Plus, the actors let ‘er rip in that scene, and the force of the emotion was hard-hitting.)

But more that just being sad, this episode made me cry because it portrayed that thing Min-joon pointed out, that what makes life worth living is the people you have around you and the time you get to spend with them. He’d kept head and heart firmly separated, and it was a poignant thing to see him choose a brief but full existence over a return to his long-stretching, unconnected one. Because one week to us seems woefully short, but I suppose if you’re looking at it from his perspective, the entire human lifespan seems just as meaninglessly quick. So why not take the thing of value, no matter how small, than the oodles and oodles of blankness?

It was sweet and somber to focus on the mundane in Min-joon’s final days, which is fitting in that it seems like exactly the human thing to do. Sure, some people might go crazy and indulge in every earthly pleasure if they knew the world was ending, but I suspect the majority of people would strive for normalcy—you want live each moment consciously and thoughtfully, but not necessarily differently.

So now we’re here with one episode left and I have no idea how they’re going to wrap things up. I do hope that the show can pull out another satisfying turn in its final stretch, because it’s done so well till now—why ruin it in the final hour? I don’t ask for much, but all I want is for Min-joon to stay on Earth, alive, happy and with Song-yi. None of this philosophical “We’ll always be together in spirit” crap or dying-happy-in-her-arms nonsense. I want happy, together, and alive, dammit. Chop chop.


287 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    My questions: 1-When SY’s mom said, “is her finger OK?” What did she mean? (I think the mom said that when she saw SY and MJ on TV). Was it because SY was holding on to MJ, or was it a Korean figure of speech to express something? 2-I wanted to ask this (but kept forgetting), in ep. 15-16, why did MJ look like a robot when he was about to kiss SY? That felt weird to me. 3-MJ told SY’s mom that on his star, they don’t have friends, spouses and parents. That made me wonder, were the people who came with MJ his colleagues then? No friends, really? 4-Were MJ and SY watching Basket ball, when SY talked about “home adventure?” 5-When MJ said, “it’s my skill,” while playing Go Stop, he meant that he was a very capable player, right? 6-Also, MJ didn’t faint from that kiss, hum… 7-When did MJ stop time during class, to say “I love you?” (We didn’t see that, did we?)

    WOW!!!! This ep., so many feels. This drama has done a really good job at setting the bar higher at the end of one ep., only to set it higher in the next ep. I continue to love how humor, sadness, romance and fantasy continue to flow together, ep. after ep. By the end of this ep., I felt full, as if I had had a meal with several courses. The proposal at the end was just awesome, one of the best proposals I have seen in Kdramas. It is so like SY to do something like that, and I could tell JJH was having fun during that scene. MJ’s face, at seeing that, Awww… How can he leave her, when she does things like that? About tomorrow, and this comet coming by, I would not be surprised if the resolution to SY and MJ’s dilemma is something we had not thought about, and something that had not been hinted at, during the drama. And MJ finally told SY that he loved her, 3 times, I was so happy. Of course, SY, being the big girl that she is, said it first, without shame, and she owned it, Yay!

    I loved it when BJ was crying in the store, and the two guys were thinking that she was worried about SY, when in fact it was because SY was with her “boyfriend.” And how BJ coyly told the reporters that MJ was in a relationship with her, Ha! So funny. SY and YJ fighting over MJ does not get old. For someone who did not want to associate with humans and be close to them, MJ sure is getting a lot of love, which warmed my heart. Also, MJ’s smiles during the diner, and his admission that he loved that experience of eating with family, and hanging out with them, made me feel for him. I had the sense that he might have wanted a family of his own even more, so he could continue that tradition. I also loved how SY’s mom and YJ made dad stay for diner (I love grumbling YJ).

    The bromance in this drama, another aspect I came to love. I was sad to see that HK was back to presenting himself as MJ’s rival, but I loved Det. Park going to get MJ, and then cancelling MJ’s infractions. Det. Park, “what about hitting HK? He deserved it though.” LOL. I loved how MJ brought Det. Park and hot Pros. Yoo to silence when he confessed why he revealed the reasons beyond him exposing his true nature. It was just so well said.

    KSH (apparently) cried at the end of TMTETS, I wouldn’t be surprise (at all) if he cries when they are done filming this drama (An article said that they filmed until Thursday. They might be done by now).

    • 1.1 LC

      4) they were watching the Olympics for women’s figure skating. There has been controversary over the scores given to the Russian skaters hence the “home advantage” comment. Everyone had expected kim yuna to win gold especially with her flawless performance.

    • 1.2 Emmy

      Hey Ivoire,

      “Home advantage” is a nod to the dramatic finale of last week’s ladies figure skating, where international and South Korean press have all alleged to Kim Yuna being robbed in the free skate, with the gold going to Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova.

      That was particularly funny for me, because I was seething over the results just before I watched last Thursday’s YFAS.

      • 1.2.1 pogo

        This has to be literally the only time I’ve ever seen the live shoot system as an advantage, you know they would never have got that zinger in if they’d pre-shot (and I kind of think it’s awesome that Kim Yuna ends up having a kinda-mention in the week’s hottest tv show, too)

    • 1.3 Ivoire

      Thank you again for the recap! I so love that they chose that Bruno Mars song for SY’s proposal. Listening to the lyrics, it sounded like something SY would do (and she did). That song, and SY’s proposal reminded of this YT video, which I found to be sweet as well:(beanies might be familiar with the video, I thought I would post it, still)


      • 1.3.1 Gidget

        That was AWESOME! Thanks for posting.

      • 1.3.2 NN

        Thanks for the great post! Here’s a clearer video which includes the back story of the flash mob =)

        • NN

          opps, sorry, here’s the link:

          • Ivoire

            Thank you so much NN,

            I loved it. And you were right, it was clearer than my video. I thought what the guy did was really sweet, and he could dance too 🙂
            That couple is lucky to have such good friends (I am assuming some of the dancers might have been their friends?)

            I loved the girl’s reaction, and her poor boyfriend (he was a boyfriend at the time), who was waiting for her answer, and the answer was not coming fast enough. It ended well though. I loved their hug at the end.

      • 1.3.3 houstontwin

        Thanks Ivoire, that was such a romantic, sweet video.

    • 1.4 v

      ivoire, 1. the part is her finger ok, remember omma heard from the news that she’s engaged with DMJ, what she meant I think is, is there a ring on her finger that she said she is engaged to DMJ. 3. What I gather from that is that they might be reproduce like a plant, thus DMJ’s plant is very in tune with his power (if not that then it means they reproduce like in pods–assembly line, and that is like alien horror, not even want to entertain that). That’s why no parents no family no spouse, because they are all basically seeds that grows into mature plants. 4. Home advantage could be explained as the host of the game has the advantage of playing in the field they always play (so they know the nook and cranny of the area) and playing in front of their fans compared to visitor team that might has less fans or no fans coming with them–morale boost or the judge of the game lean toward host thus in the olympic figure skating the one that win gold medal instead of korean, is the russian. 6. Remember they fast forward the days in this episode, so since we all know DMJ will fell ill anw, I guess PD-nim edit it out.
      For me, is it just me but Lawyer Jang-DMJ separation is more heart wrenching than CSY. I know it suppose to be CSY-DMJ but Lawyer Jang just stole the spotlight this episode. I really ‘ship Lawyer Jang-DMJ bromance.

      • 1.4.1 v

        I love that the writer-nim shows a different kind of relationship. When the gal is the one that blurt out her feelings, the girl that basically shout to the world that she loves him, the girl that so spontaneous and hot headed. Then on the other hand, the guy that scare to show his feelings, the guy that smile shyly when the girl claimed him, the guy that work behind the scene for the girl. So basically a case of extrovert girl and introvert guy. Sigh, I wish of more that is like this. Time for dramaland to represent other kind of relationships. Enough with rich boy trying to get with poor gal, whom by any chance the only gal that doesn’t take his crap. Time to level the playing field!!!

        • v

          Oh gawd I am sorry to add more to this but, I am in awe with the way CSY omma using video games meta reference. Javabeans didn’t mention this in the recap but when CEO Ahn said that DMJ should be an item (in the recap as product) in his agency list, instead of person, she said to CEO Ahn, “If you want item, you should be playing video game [instead of managing an agency].” CLAP CLAP!! way to go omma!

          • Ivoire

            Hello v~
            I really loved reading your thoughts 🙂 I will be back later to reply…

      • 1.4.2 redfox

        I so know! Lawyer Yang had me near crying (that´s the best I can do btw).

      • 1.4.3 korean fan

        the finger thing is, we jeer someone who fails to keep contact(by phone) by saying “are your fingers broken?” :)Mom’s blaming her daughter for not calling her to say that she’s ok after the fuss.

      • 1.4.4 houstontwin

        The character actor who plays Lawyer Jang can always be counted on for a fine performance!

    • 1.5 hnnn

      7, what do you mean during class?
      Damn those terrible subbersㅠㅠ
      I’m sure you saw the very bad sub.
      수없이 is not during class. It means lots of time.
      Do Minjun said I love you lots of times during stopped times not during class. 미치겠다 누가 번역한거니?

      • 1.5.1 stars

        내말이… ㅋㅋ 나두 이 문제들 볼때 완전 미치겠단말야 ㅋㅋ

        Find better subbing, guys.

        If y’all can read chinese, then chinese subs (at least those that i’ve seen, most of the time) have better translation than some of the english subbing teams.

        Or just start to learn some korean, it’ll really benefit you in many ways, not just in drama-watching. 🙂

        • peeplimon

          hi. I can undertand ur frustrations but these guys do an amazing job of getting the subs out in mere mins after the show hits the net waves. so pardon them if they make a mistake here and there. 🙂 let’s all show are appreciation for the sabers!

        • Lord Byron

          I, too, find horrible Korean-to-English subtitles out there. And, if you believe that the subbers should be judged leniently, consider this.

          The subtitles, not the underlying moving images, are what become valuable, i.e., the profit centers, for each of the K-drama relaying websites. In other words, this is the part of business that really matters. I’ve heard of whole-sale copying of one website’s subtitles by another.

          Another common problem with subtitles occurs when the actor or actress speaks with poor diction. I can tell that the subber goes with what it sounded like, not what was actually said. Of course, a truly bi-lingual subber would know that something is off, because it makes no sense. As in any language, this might produce an ocean of difference in result. (Stop bad-mouthing Kim Tae Hee’s articulate diction. There is a reason why, in the tradition of English acting, diction is so cherished.)

          My heart goes out to all those non-native viewers out there who are nevertheless undaunted by the challenges stemming from language, culture, customs and history. But don’t let these challenges discourage you. Even viewers in South Korea don’t get everything they see and hear on screen, because not everyone is up on everything in their own backyard. And, after reading Ivoire’s list of questions week after week, I came to conclude that some things just cannot be intuited, explained or learned.

          But enjoyment does not depend on understanding everything. So relax, sit back and enjoy. After all, this is just popular entertainment, not Dostoevsky or Kant.

    • 1.6 kasidhe

      The mother said something about the finger being okay in regards to not calling. Song Yi could have picked up the phone.

      The mother asked about Do Min Joon’s family because that is very important to a Korean. Notice that she was happy when he said that family does not have the same meaning. She was happy because as the mother-in-law of a daughter that makes it so much easier for her and her daughter. No interference from the dreaded mother-in-law except her.

    • 1.7 Caroline

      The finger comment is because Song Yi hadn’t called after disappearing with Min Joon. Basically, “if her fingers weren’t broken, why couldn’t she have called?” So, when Mom asked about her fingers, she was saying there was no excuse for not calling.

    • 1.8 Rushie

      1. The subs in the video I was watching were, “Engaged? But her finger looks Okay.” So, I took this to mean that mom was wondering where the ring was if they were indeed engaged.

      • 1.8.1 stars

        change another source, the translation in the video you’re watching is terrible

        • tdot

          It would be nice if you could recommend a source with better English subs. It would be awesome if you recommend on that comes out as quickly as the ones with the not-so-good subs, for those of us who like to get our kdrama fix as soon as possible.

          • Ivoire

            Hello tdot,

            I really appreciate your comments, and that was well said. We non-Korean speakers, (and non Chinese speakers) have to do with the sites that are available to us. And some of those sites make those dramas available within a few hours of said dramas having aired in Korea, so I am grateful. When I am not certain about a translation however, I come here and ask those questions. Thankfully, there are usually a few beanies willing to explain (and take that time). With each ep. that I watch, I learn new things.

            About this, “for those of us who like to get our kdrama fix as soon as possible,” I would like to add that some of us watch the episodes as soon as they are available and subbed, because we would like to have the time to think through them and ask the questions we have, and make the comments we want to make. We want to be ready, so we can post them on time on DB. So, when a site is done subbing, we go with the translations they give (and some sites later on change some of their translations, when revising them).

            I would also add that it is not as if those sites do a horrible job of translating every single sentence. There are just some instances in which they didn’t get it right, or they thought of a different meaning, since words or expressions can mean different things, based on the context in which it is being used.

            Thank you again tdot, for speaking up.

      • 1.8.2 Ivoire

        Hello Rushie,

        I could see why you would think that. However, why would the mom ask “if her finger was OK?” This is when I start to question things, because they don’t fully make sense to me (and that is why you see me ask questions here 🙂 ).

        I have a question about something I saw on the FB page of the show: it said that there were some jackets that KSH and JJH wore, and that those jackets cost 1 million dollars. Did you read or come across something like that? I was just wondering because really, I didn’t think that they were jackets that would cost so much (and that would be used in a drama. What if the jackets get dirty?). It made me wonder what those jackets might be made of, if that statement (about the price) is really true.

        I didn’t like seeing SM being back to acting petty with SY (and SY was not being nice to SM either, tbh. SY could have been the better person). I was hoping that they would either be civil to each other or ignore each other. I guess I was wrong. It was nice of SM to help SY with the video though.

        I also loved the beginning of the ep. What SY had to say to MJ (at the beach) and vice versa. I just thought that was beautifully written, and delivered. And KSH and JJH (and the crew) must have been cold, filming that scene.

        I also love how MJ doesn’t let SY stay mad. So far, I have seen him try to change her mood. Once was when she was trying to bring up the topic of living together (and she got upset because he was not getting what she was trying to say. He offered to go to Namsan(sp?) Tower), and in this ep., he offered her ice cream, when she got upset because he wouldn’t say “I love you.” I love it when MJ does things like that.

        • Rushie

          I wouldn’t put it past this show if those jackets actually cost a fortune. I read somewhere that the car Min-joon smashed in episode 7 actually cost somewhere around 72,000 dollars. The sponsors of the show were willing to do that.
          About SM and SY’s sniping at each other, if you noticed, their words lack the original animosity that the hard and it just came across to me as harmless posturing.
          Also, in response to your earlier question about SY’s finger, I went back to that scene and her mom actually said “Engaged? According to whom? Wait a minute, her fingers look Okay, that wretched girl.” I assume mom was worried something happened to SY because she didn’t call. I believe she meant since SY’s fingers weren’t broken she could have picked up the phone and called.

    • 1.9 redfox

      Yoon Jae, here, I´ll give you a toy alien. You can´t take away your sisters´ toy, ok? Don´t fight while pulling it. You might break it. Omg if he really buys himself a toy alien
      This show KILLS me. It is 23:38 pm and I am laughing here. Why must there be neighbors? Friggin bnc < wblttersa asdf <<<<< see? Thats what happens when I laugh and my hands are on the keyboard, show! …or maybe it is a code for ET to call home
      But the end, it is sad….still I hope we will see all that I asked for on the channel website – Min Joon mowing the lawn and taking out garbage and being grumpy and stopping time to put his kids in place and Song Yi playing an alien (a ridiculous one with silver horns and a shiny suit and stuff)
      And ok Lawyer Jang you done it. I am almost really crying. Ahh daaamn. Ahh.

      Oh wouldn´t it be great if Min joon sent home a study of human psychology only stating after his 400 year experience that „they are a complete mystery!” LOL effin useless. Haha. Aliens: We are never sending anyone to Earth ever again and to think the amount we paid him!”

      I think I know. There will be a reincarnation right? Of Song Yi. Cause the diary…is where another 400 years has passed. Omg dont please. Dont do this. Are they all dead and he is back. Please no. I am wrong I must be wrong! It is wrong wrong wrong. It cant happen he is already turning human. Pleaaase. You cant ——- oh here it is. A tear. Ohoh I hardly ever cry at all, just in my mind ahhh show no reincarnation song yi cant be dead when he is watching this tell me it is just a month later or the 100 day date, please. It cant be a hundred years too late aaahhh just thrust a knife in my guts will you and then twist it
      In my invisible city, another story we are dealing with the same things as in Man from the star. Fear of someone you love no longer being there. Or having already lost things, or regretting never being able to experience things that already passed. But the past is part of us. It is all around uys. They are watching, smiling, thinking of us. I think the cities have a memory that is alive. Like man from the star intro. The past and present blending. Min Joon saying about Gangnam: it was a wasteland. He can still see it. I see the past and I see people who lived. History is more alive to me than present. Just like min joon said: I stopped time cause when it was flowing by it felt like everything will just disappear. It is true. The present will be past the next moment anyway. But the moments you already lived are like Supermans memory chrystals. You can bring anything back through them right in front of your eyes like time had stopped. Future is better. It has space for both the past, the present and dreams. Time expands when you live, cause the longer you live, the more memories your future has tol hold. The more energy is in your present cause you have experience. You know what you want and you work harder…so future always grows bigger. Time never ends.

      • 1.9.1 redfox

        oh oops, I meant to post separately but somehow it turned into a reply I swear I did not intend. actually where did the middle part go. ah…

      • 1.9.2 redfox

        when you are alone, and you miss me. When you are ALONE. and all you can do is miss me…. please, dont watch that USB 400 years later. please, Do Min Joon-sshi. Song Yi, the real one, has to be there. No reincarnation. please.

      • 1.9.3 houstontwin

        Redfox, I am afraid that you will be right about the reincarnation. The drama dropped the look alike issue but it would be easy to pick up again here. Oh no! The rooftop prince ending! I hate it!

        • redfox

          I hope I am wrong. what gives me hope is I was wrong about things in this show many times before. it is unpredictable and I hope it won´t drop that at the most important moment. no. reincarnation or I demand they re-film it.

          • Julie

            Not that I am bursting your bubble or anything (since you must know this), however you do know that demanding that they re-film the ep. won’t make it happen, right? The ending is going to be what it is, people will not smash their computers or TVs, (despite what they say, since they would have to buy a new one), the writer and actors, the crew and director will go on with their lives, and things will continue as normal. And none of us will get to give them a piece of our mind (as much as we threaten to do so).
            I understand the viewers’ frustration and disappointment when they don’t get what they want (or think they deserve), however I find interesting the many threats viewers make, that are never followed through. It feels like thin air.

          • redfox

            *sigh* I know I know they won´t do it but I will demand it nevertheless cause I am public annoyance by birth what can I do

          • Julie

            @ redfox,
            LOL! Because of this, “*sigh* I know I know they won´t do it but I will demand it nevertheless cause I am public annoyance by birth what can I do,” I will cut you some slack. At least, you are admitting to being a public annoyance, that is quite honest, and I didn’t see that coming. Points for you. Well, hopefully for you, this drama will end to your liking, otherwise, well… You can always keep demanding. Please do let me know how things are going with those demands… 🙂

    • 1.10 Tsu

      1- she meant that Song-yi didn’t have any ring on that could prove she was engaged to Min-jo
      3- well Min-jo lived on earth for so long that he learned about friendship and family/love, by admitting that on his star nothing of the sort exists he was probably admitting that his original species do not give into feelings such as those, Min-jo -don’t forget- stayed behind because he was too curious about us -Humans – and due to his curiosity he saved a girl to then be poisoned as punishment for tagging along with her and unable to move, he could not return to the ‘meeting point’ and was, I believe you could say so- left behind, which makes sense because if the other aliens he came with had the feelings of cherishing and friendship they would have wt the very least search for him
      5- yes most likely so, just like when he played mahjong
      6- we don’t know if he fainted or not, it doesn’t show and no we didn’t see that -I think. We did see however something similar, that being the ‘snow kiss’.

      • 1.10.1 Ivoire

        Hello Tsu,

        And thank you so much for your response. I might have some comments of my own, based on your responses 🙂

        1-OK. Although some beanies seem to think that she meant “why hadn’t SY called since she had disappeared?” I was really struck by “the finger being OK” statement. It is interesting to see how different people would see a scene differently.
        3-Tsu, I really like how you responded to my 3rd question. Your answer made a lot of sense.
        5-Oh OK! I see.
        6-What did you mean here, “We did see however something similar, that being the ‘snow kiss’. “? Did you mean that the kiss he gave her was like the “snow kiss?”
        You know, I finally realized something about that kiss: I do not think that he fainted (in the end), because it was not an open mouth kiss, not on her part. Yes, he opened his lips and mouth before he kissed her, however, he ended up kissing her lips, and in the process, no saliva was exchanged, because she did not open her mouth. That was what we saw for sure, and we can base our opinion on that. So, with the way he kissed her (and the fact that she kept her mouth closed), it would make total sense that he did not faint.

        Thank you so much for helping me figure out the answers to my questions. I find it more engaging, when I watch a drama the way I do. I also realized that I actually had more questions, so I thought I would post them, and see if I get some answers:

        1-What was interesting when SY went into MJ’s room was that like her, I thought MJ had died. And that seemed to be confirmed when she placed her head on MJ’s chest, and it looked like she was not hearing a heartbeat and hearing him breathe. So are we sure that he didn’t “die” for a few minutes? Because I wondered if that could be something that could happen, and that her sobs and cries would bring him back, just like they did, when she had found him in his living room, on the floor, bleeding. She called him, and he went from one side of the lake to being in front of her. I was thinking that maybe the same thing had happened here.

        2-When drinking (alcohol) in Korea, do you respect the age, or the position (of the person you are drinking with)? When Pros. Yoo drank with Det. Park, I thought he would turn to the side, since Det. Park is older than him (Pros. Yoo had a small gesture that showed respect when he took his cup from the table, and then he also poured the alcohol to Det. Park. I have seen the younger person do that in Kdramas). I know Pros. Yoo is higher (professionally) than Det. Park, is that why he didn’t have to turn to the side when he drank? I was curious about that.

        3-The gift that SY gave MJ, is it because the woman is supposed to bring some gifts after the proposal/engagement? She said she didn’t have a lot money, so she made the video.

        4-I was just wondering about this, because I had seen two different interpretations: when SY told MJ not to cheat on her, she talked about having “a woman’s intuition, and that a woman’s intuition is quite strong.” (Something along those lines). Another source said that SY said, “a woman’s jilted heart (knows)” and “a woman’s jilted heart is more great than your females over there.”

        Tsu, would you happen to know which version is accurate (or more accurate), please? Thank you for sharing your insights.

    • 1.11 Jainab

      Oh lordy, Ivoire, please, with tears in my eyes I ask you, nay, I beseech you – Get your own blog. You’ve now transcended the annoyance barrier for this normally patient DB reader. A few words relative to the recap and the show would suffice – however, a recap of the recap of the recap? Not so much. You’d swear the comment section is your own personal editorial cum talk show space and JB and GF are simply copywriters. For all your superfluous loquaciousness, you really, really, really should get your own blog. Nuff said.

      As a related aside: Thank you DB for the wonderful recaps – I look forward to them every week. Awesome stuff as per usual <3

    • 1.12 Jina

      1) When SY disappeared, SY’s mom worried.
      If SY’s finger had been broken, She couldn’t have sended message “I’m okay, don’t worry.” Her finger was okay (=She was okay.) ,but she didn’t send message, so mom worried !

  2. tiny

    excuse the long post. i have to get this out otherwise tomorrow’s recap comment would be longer.

    i am completely at the writer’s mercy, at the moment. she has my heart in her hands. I really thought we’d see Min joon finding solutions but he was busy being lovey-dovey and saying goodbye to Lawyer Jang. Would 1hr be enough to settle everything?

    Now we’ve seen Song Yi crying… Lawyer Jang (cried so much on this part) and even Bokja. I’d like to see fanboy Yoon Jae’s reaction to Min Joon’s leaving too.

    The nosebleed nearly herniated my brain. Please STAHP.

    And that *nudgenudge *winkwink on the home advantage bit. That is sooo Queen Yuna! Ballsy, writer-nim. It’s why we love you.

    Saranghanda! Aiiieeee. That always always gives me more chills than Saranghae ever can. It’s exactly what I wanted a character like DMJ would say. (It’s giving me Damo flashbacks, now.)

    The epilogue. Man oh man. My face mirrored Min Joon’s. That laugh-cry that just does you in. I want to do that for my future, too. For realsies. But I must first find a (an alien) boyfriend. Hello, delulu.

    What do you have in mind for tomorrow, geeenius writer-nim? Don’t crush my heart. I only have one!

    • 2.1 SongSong

      I’ve always wondered what’s the difference between “saranghanda” and “saranghae” ? Can someone explain ?
      I don’t know why, but I too find the word “saranghanda” more touching than saranghae..

      • 2.1.1 deestar

        “Saranghae” is for younger people and your close friends.
        “Saranghanda” is kind of informal way to express. I think it is used to emphasize your love.

      • 2.1.2 Ivoire

        Along the same lines, how is “saranghae-yo (sp?) different, please? What does it exactly mean?

        • tdot

          Sarang hae-yo is a different level of formality, something between sarang hae and sarang handa. This link http://belectricground.com/2011/05/06/korean-language-and-culture-series-honorifics/ gives the best explanation I’ve seen of the different speech levels in Korean, and it actually uses the verb sarang as an example (probably because the writer knows it’s a word kdrama viewers are likely to be familiar with!). If you don’t want to follow the link, a summary is:

          Sarang handa is at the level of “formal speech used when speaking to those in the same rank as yourself or lower, but with no added degree of respect/politeness. ”

          Sarang haeyo is at the level of “informal, but polite speech. It is used very frequently in just normal, everyday lives…used when speaking respectfully/politely”

          Sarang hae is ” is informal speech with no added degree of respect/politeness. It is the speech level people refer to by “banmal,” or when characters in a drama suggest that they “drop their speech” and speak casually to each other. “

          • Ivoire

            Hello tdot,

            Thank you so much for taking the time to explain, and for giving us a summary. I did skim the page, and I will have to go back to it. I forgot to add “saranghandago (sp?)” which I have also heard being said in Kdramas.
            I don’t know if you will see this response, If you see the response, it would be great if you shared your insights, once again. Thank you!

    • 2.2 Laden

      Kim soo hyun is an AMAZING actor,I just keep getting drawn to his eyes and voice and body movements when acting,I watch him intently when he’s on screen(its almost creepy Lol)that being said
      If I don’t get my happy ending writernim WE SHALL HAVE WORDS,WORDS I SAY!!!

    • 2.3 violet88

      what exactly is the difference between “Saranghanda and Saranghae”?…

      • 2.3.1 Gummy

        There really is no difference. 사랑한다 (saranghanda) is kind of a more formal way of saying it, while 사랑해 (saranghae) would be more of an informal address. Both are used interchangeably.

      • 2.3.2 tiny

        i don’t know if there’s a difference. it just sounds manlier to me. Heeee

      • 2.3.3 kakdugee

        Saranghae means plainly “I love you” and is a bit informal.

        Saranghanda reads more like “I am loving you” and feels more assertive.

        This is based on my intuitive take on Korean language.

        • Arashi

          Oh how Korean drama hones our language skills! (smirk)

  3. ilikemangos

    Here we have it guys; not an easy feat in dramaland: a k-drama heroine that exits the show with a ‘bang’ in characterizations, growth, and consistency.. Because who says it’s always the man that needs to propose and do all the romantic candle-lit dates? Who says it’s the man that has to swoop in to save his lover from the swarming paparazzi/reporters? Not only is Chun Song-Yi one of the most 4-D heroines in dramaland, she’s also one of the most progressive. We are living in a gender-stereotypical society that expects the man, not the woman, to do the proposing. For this to be presented to the korean audience and the rest of the world in a k-drama is something I applaud the writer for.. Yes, we do see some cliches and laughably simple conflicts in YFAS, but it’s what the she does with them — by turning ‘em on their heads, piling on the k-ent meta, consistently diverting expectations, and creating characters that don’t frustrate me in the last stretch– is why i’ve developed an admiration for this writer and her creation of this one true pairing, flaws and all.

    • 3.1 Skyofblue

      YES, exaclty. If I hadn’t loved Song Yi from way long time ago, this would have won me over, hook, line, and sinker. The woman proposing?

      And even the way she made HIM sit on the couch and she sat on the ground….not something you see often, whereas the guy usually kneels down for the girl. It was a simple gesture that I just thought of to be so sweet.

      You guys. Tears. Tears. Writers, you better have something amazing planned for us tomorrow.

    • 3.2 Daaeeebak!

      I agree with you 2000% ilikemangoes. Song-yi is def one of the best written kdrama female characters I’ve ever seen. I also love how their relationship has played out especially in the end. They are really acting like rational, normal adults facing a tough crisis. I have my fingers crossed that the ending, whether sad or happy, will make sense! No last minute cop-outs please!

    • 3.3 Mademoisellegeline

      And it does helps that JJH is playing the character. I can’t imagine any other actress playing CSY.. She’s so good! I was already a fan of her since My Sassy Girl and now she has gotten better.. She mastered her craft! She really sold CSY for me. I really wish she would do another drama..

    • 3.4 Aquila

      Totally agree… Really love how much CSY has developed!!!

  4. stars4u

    This drama never lost it’s charm in sneaking in funny moments even on serious scenes.
    I’m a mess right now…

    The last ep is tomorrow but I’m already asking “what do I look forward to now on Wed/Thurs?”

    • 4.1 Rachelle

      I plan to watch tonight’s episode with a full box of tissues beside me. I’m glad this is not my first Korean drama, otherwise my expectations will be way out of wack for all future shows.

      • 4.1.1 Anna

        You said it, Rachelle, even I am wondering how I’ll approach dramas from now on.

        It is so well made that it has ruined me. Considering the normal kind of dramas, I think I’ll be disappointed a lot after this.

        I don’t think the normal noble idiocy and lack of communication between the couple can catch my attention now.

        • ilikemangos

          I’m sure many of us can feel the same way.

          I have watched too many k-dramas and been disappointed or frustrated way too many times. Watching the romance in YFAS is like a breath of fresh air. There is no lack of communication between this couple. Both are jumping into this relationship with gusto despite knowing Do Min Joon’s time is running out.

          What sets apart Do Min Joon&Cheon Song-Yi from the rest of the OTPS is that there are some characters that choose to become noble idiots and wallow in their misery until the last 10 minutes of the show, and then, there are some pairings that choose to conquer the the world hand-in-hand — as a symbol of unity, protection, strength — no matter the obstacle. They are the epitome of star-crossed lovers who, instead, will get their happy ending.

      • 4.1.2 Sue

        Rachelle, this IS my very first Korean drama(I didn’t want to start for fear of addiction so too bad now). Should I even dare watch another drama or not bother?

        • Rachelle

          Sue, I’m not the best person to ask this question. I’m basically a KDrama junkie, I have dedicated my life to watching KDramas for the last 4 years (read that as spending more then 20 hours a week watching dramas). So far (fingers crossed on the last hour tonight), this is my favorite drama, ever. I started down this path of Asian dramas because I saw the Liar Game Movie (Japanese) during an international flight. I explored Japanese, Taiwan, and Chinese dramas before deciding Korean dramas are the best. The actors are the best looking and their acting is very good compared to other Asian countries. If you decide to continue to watch Korean dramas just be prepared for these story lines, 2 guys after 1 girl, long lost identical twin and amnesia.

          • Skyofblue


            I haven’t watched as many K-dramas as Rachelle, but I’ve watched….enough (lolnocountless), to say that this is one of my favorites.
            My three favorites are (in no particular order):
            1. I Hear Your Voice
            2. The Princess’ Man
            3. You From Another Star

            I’m glad I started watching with not so good dramas, cause now I can really appreciate a good one when I see it. Good dramas that are perfect in every way are hard to find, but YFAS has so far hit all the marks.

            As for if you should continue, that’s your decision. But if you do, I would recommend I Hear Your Voice and any Hong Sisters Drama.

        • houstontwin

          It really is an addiction!

  5. Aquila


    • 5.1 v

      I have a reaaallllyy bad feeling that this episode was intended to lull us and make us happy before the big doom. BAD OMEN! With all the smile and feelings that DMJ able to express. Sigh….

      • 5.1.1 redfox

        I have a bad feeling too. WHEN is he making the last entry to the diary? tomorro? or…. 100 days past? or….100 years afterwords?

        dont, show. not that.

      • 5.1.2 NN

        I hope not cos then, where’s the rom-com in this?

        • redfox

          how can there be love without a happy ending?

      • 5.1.3 Mademoisellegeline

        I have a bad feeling too. I’m so anxious! ::((((∩´﹏`∩))))::
        I really don’t want a sad ending or rooftop prince ending..

        • Aquila

          Don’t remind me about rooftop prince… So much potential… Poof… Gone!!!

      • 5.1.4 chocobunny

        omg i just thought of something
        min-joon’s interviews are filmed after the events happen right? right?
        if they are, it means he lives!
        i’m not too sure about this because i haven’t actually had the time to watch yfas yet (i’m planning to marathon it soon), but from what i’ve read in the recaps, it seems like the interviews are recorded after everything’s happened…

        …or it could just be my perpetual sleep-deprivation making me delusional. bleh. -u-

        • redfox

          we KNOW they are recorded afterwords it doesnt really take a very bright mind to figure that out. but the question is, how much after? 100 days? 1 year? 10 years…100 years`?

  6. lordj

    This show is taking my emotions into a roller coaster ride…
    The cute, the funny, the sexy, the drama, the angst, the tears and goodbyes, perfect!

    Let us just hope for a satisfying ending and not a half-baked wrap-up one

    • 6.1 redfox

      I am so afraid Song Yi is dead when he returns. like 400 years too late and his apartment has been left the same by the will of “Do Min Joon” now he will be someone else. and finds a reincarnation of Song-Yi. maybe. that, I don´t need. then I want my memory deleted after watching the finale and I´ll write and stage my own ending.

      • 6.1.1 bjharm

        have enough of that sort of thing with chinese drama, thank you

  7. tata


    • 7.1 lilo

      I know! I cried buckets when I watched the episode the first time. And I cried buckets again when I rewatched it immediate after. the last two episodes just killed me w all the intense emotions and foreboding!

  8. Skyofblue

    I thin i everyone cried. The scene with Lawyer Jang was one of the most moving, and then the epilogue? I was crying and laughing at the same time along with Min Joon.

    Our wonderful alien, please don’t leaaavvveeee.

    Give me a moment. ;_;

    • 8.1 Gidget

      The epilogue: That was crazy-good acting.

      • 8.1.1 ilikemangos

        Agree. This is talent at its best. I wonder how many takes it took for Kim Soo Hyun. Maybe he nailed it in one.
        But that mixture of happiness, joy, and sorrow he displayed while watching the proposal was so pitch perfect. It managed to reach several hearts, even those that don’t particularly love the show.

      • 8.1.2 Laden

        Bestest awesomest acting(is there a word like that?)
        Mehn can KIM SOO HYUN CRY!!!
        He deserves an award for his crying scenes
        Something like ‘Best Crier’? Or ‘Best moving tears crier’? Or… (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳
        I need help I know

        • Mademoisellegeline

          Best crier or best moving tears crier!

          Lmao ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎

          I do agree with you though.. He’s very convincing and I know he deserves all those praises and awards he has gotten. I became his fan after watching him in Moon/Sun. He just know how to touch those heart strings. Even if he’s just acting, it doesn’t show coz he’s really in to DMJ character.. I felt his joy and sorrow. I’ve been fangirling like crazy!

          • jaglaine

            Agreed. When KSH acts, I dont see KSH but I see the character he plays. I was actually trying to picture him as Song Sam Dong during Suzy’s cameo but the image wouldn’t come. All I could see was Do Min Joon. That just showed how good he was.
            I just read an article where the YCFTS PD was quoted as saying that Kim Soo-Hyun is the best actor in his age group. Hahaha! That made me fangirl even more. It’s very meaningful to get praises from people they work with.

          • Mademoisellegeline

            i read it too!! I’m so proud of him. I hope he doesn’t enlist this year so we could see more of him or else I’ll go apesh**

      • 8.1.3 Laden

        Bestest awesomest acting(is there a word like that?)
        Mehn can KIM SOO HYUN CRY!!!
        He deserves an award for his crying scenes
        Something like ‘Best Crier’? Or ‘Best moving tears crier’? Or… (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳
        I need help I know,no one has to say it

    • 8.2 Laden

      I haven’t even watched it yet I’ve only read the comments(note not even recap) and already feel like crying. I’m whispering to myself over and over *its just a drama,only a drama,no need to cry* I’m sure if its not that I’m in public atm I’m sure I would have shed tears not cry but shed tears

  9. deestar

    Sobs.. im not done watching it yet..
    trying my best not to see spoilers

  10. 10 Skyofblue

    This writer has outdone himself/herself. The characters have been written perfectly, with flaws and strengths. Song Hi is now one of my top 3 favorite heroines.

    She’s so endearingly flawed, and so silly with an ego to match Mt. Everest but, the moments where she needs be, she’s serious and so loving.

    Min Jon has remained consistent to his character too throughout and I will never get over him. Where can I get my passport stamped for a trip to his star? I’m going to bring back some aliens.

    I really….can’t even express myself properly. I just really hope tomorrows ending lives up to expectations, and is true to itself. No whiplashes please. *glares at Gu Family Book*
    Nobody get lazy on me and throw in whatever they want.

    • 10.1 Gidget

      I’m kind of hoping for a Gu Family Book ending! One that plays off the storyline of WR being able to lose his forest-god attributes, yet remain behind in mortal flesh.

      The way they styled the scene where she proposed to him reminded me of the GFB proposal/wedding night. Wishful thinking? Yep. But a girl’s gotta hope. 😉

      Actually, now that I say that, the thing that did generate some hope was the interview about how they spent their last week together. Either he logged that Record the day he left, or…..

      • 10.1.1 Athena

        Andwae Andwae!! No re-incarnations. No transferred memories. I want THIS Song Yi and THIS Min Joon to end up together. Heart, body and soul. If they pull off an ending a la Gu/Arang/Rooftop prince, Imma punch my laptop screen!

        • redfox

          exactly. I will not accpet that ending and will just demamnd they re-film it! That kind of ending would be trash, trash, trash!

          • Skyofblue

            Ha, you know we won’t. I’m waiting for subs to come in…..it’s so hard to hold myself back from just looking online!
            No. no spoilers..no spoilers.

            Reincarnation endings at this point just show me that the writers were too tired to think of something else, and decided to mold that into the story. Cause it’s getting overused now. Play it well, IN THE RIGHT PLACE AND STORY, and I’ll accept it. For this one?

            HAHA. No. -_-

  11. 11 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    I wanted to be the first comment so I hurried up n washed the dishes lol 11 comments already man always next time lol I’m going to miss this show hope 3 days is spectacular

  12. 12 missyiris

    OMGEEEEEE!!! this episode killed me!! :O

    I love that DMJ finally tells CSH his true feelings! she’s been wanting to hear those 3 special words for awhile now!! *^^
    Also, I cracked up at the home advantage part x) so obvious that they’re talking about the olympics and how kim yuna was robbed of a gold medal by the russian figure skater!!! I didn’t know that dramas were on such a short schedule! This scene was probably filmed in the past week, since the figure skating at the olympics was last week!

    and all the crying scenes!! i think i cried at at least three times in this episode! KIM SOO HYUN, you’re K I L L I N G me with your acting skills! i full on bawled in the epilogue TT-TT

    GAHHHHHHH!!! can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!! I hope it doesn’t disappoint!! I wonder what I’m going to do next wednesday and thursday..hmmm??

  13. 13 Mademoisellegeline

    As if I’m not loving this OTP enough, they had to show us their unwavering love for each other. They’re just perfect! CSY has grown so much. She is so brave and selfless. I love how she’s so protective of him and him likewise, but she’s definitely the man in the relationship! She’s definitely a ride and die chick! She has become my role model! She’s that AWESOME!! I also want a fiancee like DMJ..
    You can’t intimidate him aside from CSY!!!
    ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎ Bwahahaha
    On a serious note, I love how DMJ knows her so well and that he becomes irrational when it comes to her. On top of that, he risked everything for her.. All hell breaks loose!!
    Awwwwww!!! The feels!! ( ´͈ ॢꇴ `͈ॢ)・*♡

    “He’s the only one in the world that I love.There’s no one before him and there won’t be anyone after him. Although he is not an ordinary person, to me he is just the person I love.” -CSY
    Asdfghjjkl *ଯ( ॢᵕ꒶̮ᵕ)ॢഒ*♡

    I was dying in the family supper scene.. “It’s strange.” -DMJ
    ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱª⁎*.

    The skinship!!!!! Omo! Omo! Omo! I really don’t mind now if we don’t get any sexy time. Writernim and PDnim just keep them entangled all the freaking time and more hot make out scene juseyo!! (˘ʃƪ˘)

    I bet I’m not the only one who couldn’t breath on the Go Stop card game scene.. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I’m still squealling like a mad woman!!! I literally had to pause that scene for like 5 mins just to scream and calm myself down..
    (∩˃͈ o ˂͈∩)♡

    That kiss!! Omo!! Omo!! Omo!! The way she was telling him that she’ll kiss him deeply to get her revenge, the way he laughed and then pinned her down to the couch, and gave her a single lip kiss!!! The way he parted his lips!!! Gaaaahhhhhh!!!
    I’m convulsing!! ♡(((˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )))

    I thought we were gonna get a real bed scene then but they had to cut it to Lawyer Jang!! Nevertheless, I was very satisfied with a huge grin on my face!!! I raped the replay button!! Oh may gawwwddddd!!!!! Oh may gawwdddd!!! Omo!!!
    I really need to calm myself down.. (๑>◡<๑)
    Kyaaaahhhhhhhh!! I can't!!! Who am I kidding?! Otoke!!!? (ˊ˃ॣਊ˂ˋॣ)ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ

    I think I'm fine now!! I think so! But how can I when he's staring at my soul every time he does his journal and then he had to smile so much.. He's blinding me with that gorgeous smile!!
    Oppa don't do this to me!! (/∇\*)。o○♡
    My poor heart can only handle so much feels!!!!
    I can just die now and be satisfied! (。♥‿♥。)

    I also want to pinched Do manager's cheeks!!! Majority of the casts pretty much pinched his cheek already. Are they lining up or something?
    Where do I sign up? (*^▽^)/

    I thought when MJ went home, they were gonna finally do it seeing how romantic SY set the whole place, flowers and candlelight.. Also, I thought she did some sexy photoshoot on that flash drive.. Then we see on the prologue her adorable proposal!! (*≧艸≦) kekekeke

    She is really the BEST HEROINE IN KDRAMALAND!!!

    On a sad note, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack when SY found him on the bed.. Omg!! I thought he died too!!
    That scared me so much.. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚
    Andweee!! He needs to live writernim!!

    DMJ's scene with Lawyer Jang had me bawling ༼ ༏༏ີཻ༾ヘ ༏༏ີཻ༾༾༽༽
    I also want to have a true friend like Lawyer Jang..

    I don't know if I should be sad or happy that DMJ finally said I love you to CSY.. Now we know the reason why he didn't say I love you while she was aware of it..

    • 13.1 Mademoisellegeline

      Continution coz 3500 characters is not enough.. Lmao

      I don’t know if I should be sad or happy that DMJ finally said I love you to CSY.. Now we know the reason why he didn’t say I love you while she was aware of it..
      I’m having anxiety attack ::((((∩´﹏`∩))))::

      Otoke!! Omo!! Is that the coat he was wearing when he disappeared??I’m so anxious!! I can’t wait ’til tomorrow!!! Remove your coat oppa!!
      Andweee!⁽ƈ ͡ (ुŏ̥̥̥̥םŏ̥̥̥̥) ु

      But wait!!! Isn’t he writing his journal in the future?? Coz in the prologue, he was watching SY’s proposal in his library.. Does that mean he stayed and is alive? But then, he’s crying.. WTH!!!??? I’m racking my brain right now trying to make a good conclusion..

      The wait for the last episode is killing me!!!! (⁎˃ᆺ˂)
      What do you ladies and gents think?

      Thanks Javabeans!!

      • 13.1.1 Emmy


        you bring out the fangirls in all of us!:)

        • Mademoisellegeline

          I’m glad! Sometimes, we gotta let our inner fangirl out by writing in blogs. Because if we did that at home or public, people might think we have some few loose screw like what Laden said..

      • 13.1.2 jaglaine

        Bloody hell! I always find myself analysing your emoticons and getting entertained in the process. Keep ’em coming!

    • 13.2 Laden

      I was just smiling to myself like a lunatic while reading your comments,I’m pretty sure the people in the bus I am think I have a loose screw

      • 13.2.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Me too! My hubby thinks I became crazy since watching this drama.. I laugh, cry and squeal everytime I watched the drama and read fans comments.. He thinks I became insane.. Thank God he lets me fangirl to KSH and JJH..
        Hahahaha ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))

  14. 14 KimNaNa

    That’s it. I’m convinced that this drama was constructed purely as an excuse to pinch Kim Soo Hyun’s cheeks.

    • 14.1 Skyofblue

      OMG. Dying. XDXD

    • 14.2 logan5

      My wife would comment that they’re pinching the wrong cheeks.

      • 14.2.1 Mademoisellegeline

        oh may gawd!!! ꉂ (ᵔ̴̶̤᷄ꇴ ॣᵔ̴̶̤᷅⌯))л̵ʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱªʱª⁎*.
        I’m dying!!!

      • 14.2.2 redfox

        ok now I get it.

        I can´t believe you said it. does your wife do that often?

    • 14.3 Thursdaynexxt

      Hahaha, you read my mind, seriously!!

  15. 15 Qwerty

    This drama. I just can’t. AUGH! Be happy! Pleeeease?!?! I am so concerned. I honestly don’t know how this drama is going to go. Tragic or amazing. Oof. I can’t take it.

  16. 16 Crazynoona


  17. 17 DayDreamer

    Lawyer Jang and Min Joon’s scene broke me. Indeed, Javabeans, as you said, it was such a beautiful moment when the child grew to parent the parent. My heart ached so much when the two held hands and cried together. So earnest and heartfelt.

    The other scene that teared me up was Song Yi’s proposal dance. At first I was smiling and getting ready to giggle…but then Min-joon giggled and teared up at the same time that I started crying too until his tears and Song-yi’s undercurrent of sadness teamed up and overwhelmed me. Gah, this couple is just too awesome.

    The end is drawing near but this series has felt near-perfect in its pace, tone, and storyline so I have faith that the last episode will be just as good as the preceding twenty episodes.

  18. 18 jaglaine

    What a great episode. Probably the best for me. Thank you for the recap, Javabeans. I cried when Lawyer Jang and Do Min Joon were at the park. That was a really heartfelt scene. I feel for Lawyer Jang who loses his ET friend and for DMJ who will lose his OTF. Ackkk!!! What am I thinking?!? Nobody’s going to lose anybody! Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi will live happily ever after with 7 kids and 5 dogs, everyone else will have a happy ending except for the murderer.

    • 18.1 Ivoire

      Hi jaglaine,
      What is “OTF?” Is it like OTP? So One True Friend? I was just curious…

      • 18.1.1 Mademoisellegeline

        I think it’s One True Friend

        • jaglaine

          Yep, you’re right. One True Friend. Just made it up coz it seemed fitting. Man, that scene got to me.

          • Ivoire

            Oh, so I was right. Thank you jaglaine!

  19. 19 ilikecoffeebean

    A heart wrenching episode indeed. Lawyer jang’s scene really got to me. One scene I can learn in my own life. “As a child growing up and becoming a parent to the parent.” That’s how I want my friendship with my older friend to be. Thanks javabeans for the recap! As this drama ends, I’ll feel a bit of a void since I’ve decided that it would be the last drama I watch. Makes me cry too much. Ha ha. Looking forward to a happy ending! Writer-nim, please send me away from dramaland with a happy memory!

    • 19.1 Laden

      Hmm do you mind me asking why this is going to be your last drama?
      I kinda like your username and I’m sure we beanie’s don’t want you to leave us in dramaland

  20. 20 kwondong


  21. 21 ticklemypickle

    All I want is for them to get married and have all the babies they want. I just really dont know how Min Joon is gonna fix this! I always thought that he was gonna turn human at the end but…. LETS PRAY TOGETHER.

    • 21.1 DayDreamer

      I thought the same too. Like, Min-joon starts disappearing like he does in his flashforwards and then is resurrected but now with a completely human body. He is no longer alien and lives his life out with Song-yi as a human. I just felt like the ending might go that way.

      Anyways, I’m not adverse to tragic endings. I can appreciate them if that’s how the storyline will naturally progress towards.

    • 21.2 kafanyu

      Lol. I hope God is a YFAS fan.

    • 21.3 redfox

      babymaking would turn him into human permanently.
      get busy.

    • 21.4 Ivoire

      LOL ticklemypickle,
      So now we are holding prayer circles for the ending? Though that would be late since the drama has ended by the time I post this 🙂

      • 21.4.1 Skyofblue

        It has ended already, hasn’t it? ACK. SCARED.

        • Ivoire

          @ Skyofblue,
          Don’t be (scared). It will be OK *pats you on the back, to make you feel better* 🙂

  22. 22 GoDDeSSXiNe

    DMJ seems to have been storytelling the whole time…like for most of the epilogues…so the whole time, the whole story is a flashback…he’s alive, he’s okay…it’s a happy ending…right, right? (please, please, please…I want a HAPPY ENDING!)

    • 22.1 Pearl~ai88

      I don’t think the video journals are really happening in the narrative- they’re meta commentary directed towards the viewers.

      • 22.1.1 Athena

        Yes, yes. The whole story is a flashback. Or he is probably explaining to his seven kids how he met their mother. *is in denial and will remain there till she get’s her YFAS happy ending.*

        • Athena

          I meant to reply to GoDDeSSXiNe. Whoopsies!

        • Mademoisellegeline

          Oh please let your comment be true!! Im praying so hard right now.. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight! I can’t wait for the last episode (ˊ˃ॣ~˂ˋॣ)«≈՞๑

    • 22.2 jesyu

      yeah,, I think your right…
      in the epilogue he said something like “his last week on earth is somehow more boring than usual”
      *correct me if I’m wrong* ^^

    • 22.3 PDW

      Exactly! the story is flashback…that’s what I thought so
      Yeeeay happy ending!! can’t wait watching last ep.tomrrw morning..

  23. 23 jesyu

    “I do hope that the show can pull out another satisfying turn in its final stretch, because it’s done so well till now—why ruin it in the final hour? I don’t ask for much, but all I want is for Min-joon to stay on Earth, alive, happy and with Song-yi. None of this philosophical “We’ll always be together in spirit” crap or dying-happy-in-her-arms nonsense. I want happy, together, and alive, dammit. Chop chop.”

    well said, JavaBeans…
    oh show,, I want happy ending please~

    • 23.1 LaLa

      Yes, yes! Very well said, Javabeans! Oh, I hope it happens this way! Happy ending please!

    • 23.2 aweebit

      Ditto x100!

  24. 24 marie

    Best drama of the year and best actress how cute was her proposal she is brilliant.

    Now its all up the writer to give us a happy ending with lots of kids and happy ever after.

    Please Please give us a HAPPY ENDING

  25. 25 Rovi

    That USB contains all the interviews, I’m telling you. Told you it’s like a diary for CSY whenever he misses him.

    🙁 So sad this will be ending today.

    • 25.1 Bamsa

      You are genius!!! By the way, is he wearing the same cloth in all interviews? I wonder if he did it every week or all at the same time.

      • 25.1.1 Rovi

        I stated my theory somewhere in the earlier episodes, where the interviews form a sort of diary (besides his journal), since DMJ has a 3-month deadline. Only now we learn that it is indeed for CSY.

  26. 26 Stardust

    Kiss was HOT
    KSH looked tired but it seams well with his character since he’s supposed to be fading as the time to leave comes close
    It’s CSY that shines. Thank God for a female lead that sees no need in
    1) denying the truth
    2) Nobel idiocracy
    3) waiting for the man to say I love you
    4) waiting for the man to propose
    5) crying and crying

    I love it that even when we are lurking into sad territory, this show keeps it’s sense of humor.
    I’m ok even with a sad ending because I know they will be able to make it something that will make me smile

    • 26.1 aweebit

      Whoops I gave a thumbs up before reading the last sentence–

      I am NOT ok with a sad ending!

      However, Stardust, thanks for saying all the rest so well. Yea for strong female leads!!!

    • 26.2 Jo

      Not ok with sad ending. Nope. No way.

  27. 27 Emmy

    Thanks for the recap JB! I was in another puddle of tears just from reading the recap.

    I loved this episode. It was so good and so heartfelt. Do Min-Joon’s chuckles and sobs in front of his laptop mirrored my sentiments after watching the episode.

    So much to love here. I am glad you mentioned Lawyer Jang and Min-Joon’s separation. That was such a lovely scene and where the tears began flowing in earnest for me. Their decades long friendship, their love for each other was just portrayed so so well in that scene. I particularly love how Min-Joon used Yi-Hwa’s line of “Goodbyes ought to be said early” and I love that Min-Joon’s last days on earth is filled with moments of the people he loves.

    Also, since we were on the topic of Min-Joon’s inability to say “I love you” last week, it is impressive how the writer dealt with love and the concept of time. I loved Min-Joon’s response to Song-yi, about stopping time so that his “I love you”s could last in that moment instead of getting lost in the ebb and flow of time.

    Kim Soo-Hyun’s acting in all of the “interview” scenes in the study were superb. The insecurity, hesitance, pain in the face of impending separation, joy and sorrow were all there in those few scenes. I am so impressed and continue to be impressed about how this drama keeps up its quality despite being in a tight tight schedule. For all our fears of an extension, it seems like they’ve managed to integrate it seamlessly into the episodes thus far.

    So many feels. Looking forward to the finale though I know there’s going to be a gaping hole in my heart once the drama ends tomorrow.:(

  28. 28 Mrs.Jang Guem Suk

    Wahhhhhhh such a good episode I don’t want to watch the rest can I leave the ending up to my imagination ……………yes I like that this is the Final Episode and DMJ turns humans miraculously and we have a Happy Ever After 😆 See Good ending

  29. 29 lidy

    i want dmj alive and happy with his csy and their 7 kids and dogs. writer, you need to end this drama with justice to the story and the viewers. no 50-55 minutes of angst with 5 minutes and less of a happy ending! we don’t like it! this has been one great ride of a drama, so here’s to hoping it ends with a worthy bang.

    ps.will be stalking the site (and soompi) tomorrow

  30. 30 Star

    a happy ending will make this drama the best & most perfect drama in history (for me). pleasee……..

    no amnesia
    no time jump that makes no sense

    i am praying to the drama gods right now


  31. 31 Laden

    Someone please tell me how I’m going to survive when this drama ends today,I mean no more cheong song yi,no more Do min joon
    Ottokhaeeeee!!!*nervously biting nails and fidgeting*
    I can’t believe I actually feel like crying(well maybe its becos its 5am here and I’m awake thinking of saying farewell to our beautiful sexy eyes alien) but really I’ll miss this drama a whole.I think I should get the farewell out of my system b4 the final episode so I won’t cry after it.Kim soo hyun(the guy that I can’t seem to get over his beautiful bright eyes and upturned full pouty lips)please come back to dramaland real soon ok?for you I’d watch anything,same goes for you gianna Jun chaebal-yo
    End of story
    I hope it ends happily for them both and for all our sakes
    *fingers crossed* *hwaiting!!*
    Off to read the recaps trolololo

    • 31.1 Mademoisellegeline

      We need a therapy group.. I wish we can all get together and make our own rehab center after this drama is done..

  32. 32 bbstl

    Waaaaaaaaaa I cried all over the cat in my lap. Much wet fur smell. I love this show more than I can say.

  33. 33 Island gal

    Oh my gawddddd. I love this show… I just love it.

    Some scenes were so touching..trust me when I say I was ugly crying worse than Lawyer Jang in the park scene. Lawyer Jang started out being thankful to DMJ then ended up at the same place years later loving him like a son…that scene did my head in.
    Just like the scene where CSY thought DMJ was dead …nothing but tears, tissues and lots of snot..you get the idea.

    It wasn’t all gloom though , the scene with them at the table was hilarious especially Yoon Jae’s ” yes hyung” . Rofl whipped much?

    Go stop game scene slew me too…. You’re not really gonna hit me ….Thwack…snigger XD. Play fight was cute too…thought it would have led to alien action but alas …sigh. I mean if he can teleport he should be able to…..cough….wield his light saber right ? XD

    No frikking idea what’s going to happen..maybe some fellow aliens will come with the comet with some medicine to heal DMJ . Maybe their technology would have advanced making it easy to come back. I dunno but can’t wait to tune in for the next episode !XD

  34. 34 panshel

    The more he said “I love you,” the more I cried. Damn those cancer tropes with their sudden nosebleeds. The somber tone of this episode — from getting married the day before he leaves (terminal patients do that) to the final shot of him crying at her proposal — does not make me optimistic for a happy ending tomorrow. Min Joon would never get on that comet no matter how much Song Yi pleads, so I have a sinking feeling he will either die (nooooo!) or pull a Rooftop Prince and fade out from Earth and materialize on his planet. My greatest wish is for Song Yi to go back with him rather than missing his once-in-400-years ride. She already said she was willing to live there and adapts quickly.

    I cried when Min Joon repeated Yi Hwa’s farewell to Lawyer Jang. It warms my heart how the first person Min Joon called in a pickle was not his girlfriend but his lifelong friend. I really like how Song Yi and Se Mi are becoming reluctant friends. I just realized that everyone got redeemed — Yura, Song Yi’s mother, and Se Mi.

    I have my tissues ready for the finale tomorrow. Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

  35. 35 Emmy

    This episode, I had the feeling that all his interview scenes in the study were taken sometime in the future. Does anyone else get what I mean? It felt like he was remembering a time in the past, and the interview was done after this entire dilemma of impending situation was over.

    Particularly the scene where he was saying “How was my last week?”… well… “it was utterly mundane”.

  36. 36 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. The Lawyer Jang scene made me cry and cry. It’s so true. He spent so many years looking after DMJ. It would be devastating.

    Also since I have never watched any JJH show before, just have to say she really threw herself into the role. This is or was the ideal by many Korean men right? She was just outstanding in the proposal scene. And as for Cheon Song Yi? She loves so sincerely and with her whole heart and being indeed. That proposal took guts.

    • 36.1 Vuek

      As for JJH, might say she’s the reason I got into korean cinema and kdrama shows. From all her work, I can see why Kim Soo-hyun said only she could play the female lead and insisted. I might be biased but to me, her character and their chemistry carried the show.

      • 36.1.1 v

        Actually according to the newest report, it was JJH that convince KSY to take the lead.

        • vuek

          Well, lol i’m glad they convinced each other, whatever the case is. its good for us, the viewers!

        • ilikemangos

          It has been reported that the director was adamant about having both kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun as his leading couple. Especially Jeon Ji Hyun, who had Chun Song-Yi modeled after her. Jeon Ji Hyun met up with the writer and liked her character and the vision she had for the story. When she heard that KSH also received the offer, they called each other up and said “let’s do this together”. LOL, this sounds like an imagination but really, I’m sure having past work experiences together is what really sealed the deal for the two to reunite. Jeon Ji Hyun probably adores soo-hyun-ah due to his track record of taking good care of his costars in the freezing weather. Here is a behind the scenes still of JJH + KSH. He seems to be adjustin her ahjumma cap. There has also been mention from fan sightings that KSH would hug JJH before her takes to keep her warm (but take this info with a grain of salt).


          • Mademoisellegeline


            Omg!! I really love reading your comments.. They’re always so insightful. I always look forward to your comments and sources.. You always provides us the things we don’t know or the things we can’t find online.. If you have a blog, I’ll be sure to follow you.. I hope you do your own recap here in dramabeans.. Both you and Javabeans always write the right words we want to read..

            ᕙ(•̀o•́)ᕗ *fighting!*

          • ilikemangos


            I can’t take all the credit! I stalk forums that give live updates during live-streaming and plenty of fans that post sightings or news. Soompi is a place that i’ve basically camped at to get all the spoilers, fan sightings and what not.
            You are too kind. 🙂

          • Mademoisellegeline


            Nevertheless, you always share what you find out from stalking.. Hahaha

            I still need more ninja skills to stalk.. I’ve been trying to stalk but I only find few things and I really need my daily dose of KSH and JJH.. Lmao (๑>◡<๑)

            I never heard of Soompi.. I'll check it out! Thanks!

      • 36.1.2 coby

        me too! I just can’t count how many times I’ve watch My Sassy Girl!

  37. 37 ss

    I just wanna say that this drama is pure PERFECTION. Trust me, I’ve watch a WHOLE LOT of dramas. But this is the only drama that is very well-balanced in romance, humor and melo throughout the entire series. I cant remember a single boring moment or episode in this drama at all.

    This drama, the casts, the writer, the pd and all the staffs deserves a standing ovation for creating such a beautiful and an almost flawless story.

    I will miss this drama so much. *Tears*

  38. 38 Laden

    Yay! My comment got posted!!I’ve been unable to post my comments for the past few days,that just goes to show the powers of uri do min joon sshi!!
    Pls you all should check out this YFAS header I made for dramabeans:
    Couldn’t decide on which I liked best so decided to upload everything

    • 38.1 Pearl~ai88

      Ooooo! I like the 2nd and 3rd ones a lot 🙂

    • 38.2 blackcarnation

      I Like
      and 3. But could not clearly see words on DMJ side.

    • 38.3 Laden

      The full line is ‘you think I’m crazy don’t you’
      Here’s a redited version:
      I would be the happiest beanie if any of is used on the site
      Thanks for checking them out and liking them it means a lot

    • 38.4 Mademoisellegeline

      2 and 3 for me!!! So many talented beanies here ✩⃛˞(๑ꆨ৺ꉺ๑)

  39. 39 honeynut

    This is my first post on dramabeans ever, which is a testament to how good YFAS is. This drama makes my heart hurt in all the right ways. One of the best dramas I have ever seen if only the last episode can deliver a happy ending. Oh please, please let it happen!

  40. 40 Pandapoopsalot

    The saddest, most gut-wrenching scene for me was also Lawyer Jang and DMJ at the park. Even though I am torn and sad for CSY and DMJ, it’s Lawyer Jang that made me feel something more than just sad kdrama feels. DMJ, as I understand it, is Lawyer Jang’s best friend/son/most respected individual. He dedicated half of his life to protecting DMJ and guarding his secret and accepting DMJ for who he is. Their bond is something that is much *deeper* than a 3 month relationship, in my opinion (I’m not saying that falling in love isn’t deep or meaningful – it’s just that their bond has been cultivated over a period of decades).

  41. 41 shoeperscript

    At this point in time, I don’t care if plotwise it won’t make sense, the drama already made my 20hrs well spent anyways, I JUST DAMN WANT A HAPPY ENDING WITH MIN JOON ALIVE WITH SONG YI AND THEIR ADORABLE KIDS!!!

  42. 42 coby

    My fb status: waaaaah #YFAS20 my friend commented and I answered that its a cryfest because I have a heart. Hehe
    Whatever will be the ending of this drama it will never overturn my appreciation and love for this drama.
    The iloveyous of MJ makes me cry more than to make me squeal… sniff sniff..
    My friend told me that maybe the narratives are actually MJ talking to his son or something…
    I just realized that I’ll be leaving tomorrow and yes people would want their “remaining days” as normal as possible. I even hate it when my mom cooks something special because it makes more difficult.
    How are we going to move on after tonight’s episode?
    Thanks for the recap!

  43. 43 jjeinn

    everyone is being emotional over here. thank god yoonjae bromance with minjoon lightened me up.

  44. 44 sami

    Happy, together and alive is RIGHT. The writers better not fail us in the final hour after such an amazing show.
    This episode was bringing me close to tears so many times. I can’t wait for when I come home tomorrow and watch the final episode. But I’m also so terrified of the writers somehow breaking my heart. Pleeeeaaassseee, let Min Joon stay with her on Earth, ALIVE, somehow. Come on, add some new space logic.
    Also, what do I look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays now? I honestly love this drama so much.

  45. 45 sweetyoon

    LOL if they pull another Gu Family and have Do Min Joon return back a couple years into the future and meet the reincarnated Chun Song Yi.

    • 45.1 ilikemangos

      lol there would be a large earthquake from all over the world due to the amount of hulk smashing if we got a GFB ending.

      At this point i will even accept a deux ex machina Queen In Hyun’s Man style ending as long as we get a happy ending.
      I don’t know if we’ll get a full wrap up on the whole alien dilemma but i’m sure this writer will give us tons of fanservice as usual so i can bid farewell with warm feelings.

    • 45.2 Krystal.Anne

      I’d be mad if they end it that way.. Because that wouldn’t be the great Chun Song Yi anymore even if she is Song Yi’s reincarnation. Just like Song Yi is Yi Hwa’s reincarnation but SHE IS NOT Yi Hwa.. So NO to reincarnation plot please.. i want this Minjoon & Songyi to end up together..

  46. 46 fishy2love

    OMG, I couldn’t stop crying even after finishing the episode!

    I really really want a happy ending for the couple but have no idea how that’ll happen (I’ve thought of many possibilities but don’t think they work)…

    Extremely looking forward to the final episode! I’m asking exactly the same thing: Min-Joon to stay on earth, alive, and happy, but that seems so hard to accomplish… ='(

    Thank you for the recap!!!

  47. 47 goldeng

    this episode was a rollercoaster… I cried like there was no tomorrow! and tomorrow I bet i’ll cry even more… Lawyer Jang and min joon’s scene hit me harder than the other scenes, romance is okay but friendship is a huge part of “human life” so thinking about how that min Joon, who didnt care about anyone and thought humans werent grateful, lived enough to experience things like gratitude that became friendship, being helped -by the Prosecutor oppa and Cop duo- and accepted by others to the point he’s signing autographs is just amazing. I just wish they could have it all…
    They’re some unclear things like if Song Yi was actually connected to the Joseon Girl but I dont want them to pull the look-alike joke on us… I want a happy ending!! with THE big ass wedding, their house with a yard, little min joons and Song Yis, their doggies and EVERYTHING!! I wont negotiate lol!!
    PS: I dont know if it was the translations or what but can we take Min joon’s recent interview as a hint that he wont fo anywhere?! He talked in past-tense about “his last week n Earth” and he was in his studio!

  48. 48 MajorDickason's

    Thank you so much javabeans for your fantastic, fast recaps! I consider myself a relative novice in the Kdrama world, don’t speak Korean, and gain so much from your insights! Thank you! Coming to dramabeans to read your recaps and to read all of the comments and responses has really added to my growing love/addiction/enjoyment of Kdramas.

    I’ve not really thought of this before because I’ve been so caught up in the main points of the story, but will we get an explanation of why DMJ has been doing these interviews? Is it to have a video “record” of his last three months on Earth? A literal record that he intended initially to take with him or perhaps now to give to Song Yi as his departing gift if he actually leaves on the comet tomorrow? They’re not really interviews, but more self-recordings. A play on the wording at the beginning of each episode – e.g., instead of Episode 1, they call it the First Record.

    All of DMJ’s statements in the past tense in these records give me hope that he is actually on Earth and is telling these vignettes in retrospect. But his real time emotional breakdowns belie that theory.

    Loved all of the declarations of love in this episode in word and action – like the hot kisses and naturally spending time in each other’s arms in bed, sigh, so bittersweet!

  49. 49 Rushie

    I always watch the episodes of this show with a big smile on my face No matter how sad it gets, the smile never goes away. When there are tears to shed, I push them away with a smile.

  50. 50 Natalie

    I bawled from minute 47th onwards. It hurt, physically.
    That one week, how could they be truly happy if they knew they’ll have to part? I feel horrible when my vacation was about to be over. Imagine this!

    What I’m saying is, please give them true happiness. Maybe a wrong comet. The next one is coming in 80 years or something.

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