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You From Another Star: Episode 21 (Final)
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It’s overrrrrrrr, we can all resume breathing now. You From Another Star ended today, and I admit to going into the finale still wondering how the heck they would get our couple out of their cosmic fix. There are a few spots I think got glossed over, but I’m left with a solid appreciation for the value of appreciating each moment of happiness and living life to the fullest, which isn’t about doing stuff so much as it is being conscious of what you’ve got while you’ve got it. Not a bad sentiment to go out on.


Kim Bada – “그대와 영원히” (With you forever). An interesting spacey cover of a classic ballad. [ Download ]

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Min-joon makes his heartfelt “I love you” speech, telling Song-yi that he’d said so in suspended moments, afraid of letting the words be washed away by the flow of time. Song-yi replies, “The you I’ve known in my time, and also the you from time I haven’t known—I love you.”

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that in the four hundred years he’s been here, he has faithfully kept to his rule of not having anything it would be too painful to lose. He was always aware that he wouldn’t be able to take anything with him, so he didn’t want to love anything or anyone. And that rule worked well for him.

“But in these last three months, everything has crumbled,” he says.

In bed, Song-yi asks him to tell her when he first liked her. In interview, he thinks it over and isn’t quite sure—all he knows is that he grew to love her and became afraid of losing her. “Right now, I’m thinking of what is the best thing I can do for her. My final fate is beginning. Will I be able to beat it?”

Song-yi and Min-joon head out to the balcony, where they look up at the sky, especially bright tonight with the comet on its approach. As we see in a news report, the comet has now left its orbit and is heading toward Earth, and people are urged to look for meteors. Sure enough, a shower lights up the sky with stars falling in abundance and exciting bystanders, who stop to look up in awe.

Song-yi suggests wishing on a falling star, and Min-joon complains that those are just rocks, and that he always found that wishing custom silly. Despite the gripe, though, he closes his eyes to wish along with her.

As people stop what they’re doing to watch the meteor shower and take pictures, one meteor flares extra-bright as it flies overhead. One man confusedly thinks he saw a UFO rather than a comet, though this comment gets laughed off.

But we know better, and at a distance that UFO hovers over the dark forest and shines on its lights. Miles away, Min-joon, who’s still praying on his star, feels it and his hand starts to flicker into transparency before regaining its solid form. Shaken, Min-joon holds up that hand to touch Song-yi’s face while she’s still deep in her prayer, but doesn’t make contact.

Instead, he begins his last goodbye: “Chun Song-yi, whom I love. It’s cold, so don’t go around wearing things that are exposed. You’re prettier when you’re covered up.” Eyes still closed in prayer, Song-yi starts to cry as she listens to him continue, “As I said last time, kiss scenes or back hug scenes are no good. So are passionate melodramas. Don’t be sick, and don’t read negative internet comments. Don’t sing alone pitifully and cry, either. Don’t eat alone, and don’t just walk into any room when you’re drunk.”

Song-yi’s face crumples in tears and she has to turn away. Min-joon’s voice shakes as he keeps going: “Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will.”

By now they’re both choking back sobs, and he has to try extra-hard to maintain his composure. “But if… if I can’t come back… then forget it all.”

She cries, “How could I forget?” She asks how he could ask that of her, then grows scared when he doesn’t reply. She turns in trepidation… and he’s gone. Oooof.

Denial hits first and Song-yi demands that he stop playing tricks on her, that he can’t be so mean as to leave before she got her say. But she knows the truth and sinks down, crying her heart out.

Out in the forest, Min-joon’s body vanishes into a million particles of light, just like we’d seen in his vision.

On to less devastating events. CEO Ahn redoubles his efforts to win Song-yi back to his agency, via her weakest link: Mom. He comes by with designer bags and gifts, but you know Mom has changed when she tries to slam the door in his face anyway.

CEO Ahn makes his pitch, that Song-yi is currently the recipient of the whole country’s remorse, and it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. Mom says that she doesn’t care about bags or fancy goods, and entreats, “Just please do something about Song-yi.”

She describes Song-yi’s zombie-like state of the past few days, not eating or sleeping and spending all her time next door in Min-joon’s home. Song-yi wanders around the empty place and see Min-joon appearing next to her, though we see that she’s just imagining his presence.

Jae-kyung’s trial begins, and Prosecutor Seok starts by listing the charges. Jae-kyung’s attorney gets up to argue for his release on bail… or that’s what Jae-kyung expects. To his shock, the attorney accepts the prosecutor’s terms, and judging from the stern look on Daddy CEO’s face, it seems clear that he has cut the line of support.

Afterward, Jae-kyung speaks with his father and adopts an entreating tone, insisting on his innocence and asking Dad to send Hwi-kyung far away. He shares his plan to set up his secretary as the sole criminal and asks his father to arrange the payoff for the secretary’s family.

Dad states that he’s turning over all assets in Jae-kyung’s name to charity, which Jae-kyung approves as a tactic to curry favor with the public. But his face falls when Dad adds that he has no desire to aid him any further: “You’ll spend the rest of your life in this cold prison. It’s a shame.”

Realizing that his father is not on his side, Jae-kyung tries to argue that this would be too huge a blow to the company, but Dad says he intends to step down and hire a professional CEO. He hadn’t realized he was harboring a monster in his midst, not even when it ate up his son. Dad now regrets covering up an accident in Jae-kyung’s childhood that half-blinded his friend, blaming himself for everything. “I had no idea you would do that to Han-kyung…”

Jae-kyung tries to laugh that Hwi-kyung’s accusations are absurd, saying that Hwi-kyung is trying to usurp his place. But Dad is unbudging, and as Jae-kyung is being escorted back to his cell, he thunders that he’ll find a way to get himself out of here on his own.

Hwi-kyung comes by to cheer Song-yi up with chicken and beer and grumbles about Min-joon ditching her. But Song-yi tells him, “He did everything he could for me. What I can’t bear right now is that I realized that too late. I couldn’t do anything for him, or say a proper farewell. He’s going to do his utmost there, too. He told me to wait, so he’ll be doing everything he can over there. He may not be able to come back in the end, but I won’t forget. I won’t forget a thing, and diligently wait.”

Hwi-kyung shares that Min-joon had asked him to look after Song-yi while he’s gone, because while he feels uneasy about keeping Hwi-kyung at her side, he also feel safest asking him.

Then, something catches Song-yi’s eye. It’s Min-joon’s dying plants, becoming green again, and she says with hope, “They’re living. He must have arrived safely. He must be okay now.” Aw yay.

Song-yi finds her brother tending to his new telescope, surprised to hear that Min-joon had given it to him. In flashback, we see Min-joon telling Yoon-jae about leaving on a trip soon, which by the way stirs adorable hope in Yoon-jae that he may need a bike with a basket. *finger touch*

Min-joon asks Yoon-jae to listen to his noona while he’s gone, using the telescope as a bribe. Yoon-jae is so thrilled that he asks permission to hug him, and then ignores Min-joon’s “No” to assault him with one anyway.

On the set of Se-mi’s movie, the director is antsy to have Song-yi back from her personal leave. Se-mi sidles up for a master stroke at reverse psychology, saying that she supports the idea of firing Song-yi. After all, Song-yi’s been on the rise lately with tons of offers heading her way, and it’s making Se-mi uncomfortable. “I’m sure we’ll be a hit with just me onboard,” she says. “Surely we won’t flop.” That’s enough to get the director to backpedal right away.

Bok-ja goes in for her post-heartbreak Felicity routine, asking for an even shorter haircut. She sighs that it was a push-pull relationship she’d been working… even if she never pushed him away and was mostly pulling.

And then, Song-yi plops into the chair next to her and asks for a haircut too. Bok-ja scoffs that Song-yi doesn’t have the confidence to pull off short hair (heh, a fun dig at Jeon Ji-hyun’s career-long resistance to changing her hairstyle), and the ladies relocate for a pity party in Song-yi’s apartment.

Song-yi busts a gut laughing at Bok-ja’s tale of woe over Min-joon, then asks Bok-ja to share more stories about him. And when Bok-ja says there’s nothing more to tell, Song-yi asks her to repeat the stories she’s already told, her laughs turning to sobs.

Se-mi arrives to check on Song-yi and deliver the shooting schedule, and Song-yi turns to her too, asking for Min-joon stories. “I don’t care what it’s about, just tell me something,” she begs.

Song-yi wonders how long it’ll take for mention of Min-joon not to hurt, if that’s even possible. Se-mi tells her that right now her every thought is of him, and that it’s harder to not think of him. But somewhere down the line, she’ll think of him out of the blue, and realize that she’d been thinking of something else. That’s when it’ll stop hurting, because she’ll be able to think of other things.

Song-yi asks how long it’ll take, and Se-mi says for her it was fifteen years, but now it doesn’t hurt. Song-yi says sympathetically that it must’ve been hard for her, then wonders how she’ll be able to survive if it takes her that long.

Then, we cut to Song-yi in Min-joon’s library, in interview mode. She describes how hard it is not to think of Min-joon, and revisits the places they’d gone to seek traces of him. She also describes how it felt to come upon their hundred-day anniversary, and as promised she goes to the Namsan Tower restaurant. She waits there all night, looking hopefully at every person who walks in, until finally someone sits down across from her.

It’s Min-joon, and he smiles at her. She smiles back, but a moment later we see that she’s sitting alone at that table.

In another interview, Song-yi says that at things started to feel different, though. Early on, she had assumed she’d been seeing things, but at a point she started to believe she’d actually seen Min-joon. “No, I did see him,” she corrects. But she knows that’s impossible, and wonders if she’s going crazy.

Fortunately she has a kindred spirit in Lawyer Jang, who laughs that he’s felt the same thing. He recounts an incident where he’d been tending to Min-joon’s thriving plants and heard Min-joon call his name, appearing behind him. Lawyer Jang had gotten up excitedly to embrace him… only to have Min-joon vanish.

Song-yi says that she’d gone to the hospital and been told it was grief-related stress. She figures that Lawyer Jang must’ve been quite close to Min-joon to experience the same thing.

Yoon-jae makes an exciting discovery with his telescope—a minor planet that he reported to the international astrology bureau, which he’ll get to name if they credit him with the discovery. Mom suggests that he name it after her, but he says he’s gonna name it Do Min-joon Star.

That segues us into three years later, when Yoon-jae gets his wish and the discovery is confirmed. He’s interviewed by a reporter and credits his mentor for helping him with the difficult achievement, hence the planet name Do Min-joon.

Bok-ja has assumed the role of his manager, her hair now quite a bit longer than when we’d last seen her. Judging from the way she fawns over Yoon-jae, it’s not hard to see where her current (delusional?) interest lies. He rejects her flat, and she coos that he’s playing hard to get.

The two investigators discuss the Jae-kyung case, which has given up its appeal and drawn strangely little support from S&C Group. Jae-kyung was recently moved to a safe cell because he has started insisting that he’s being visited by people he has killed. Seok figures this is one case of a criminal having a mental break when confronted with his misdeeds and facing a dead end.

However, there’s one oddity that Seok has heard: Jae-kyung claimed to see Min-joon recently. Detective Park shrugs it off as further sign of insanity, but now we’ve had three Min-joon sightings. Dare we hope this signals a return? Is he appearing in flashes? Beam me down, Scotty?

Song-yi’s career is back on top, with Hwi-kyung ever her faithful supporter/friend/investor. He denies any connection to being her investor despite all facts pointing to the contrary, feigning ignorance when she notes that his company keeps funding her movies. He’s outed when the film crew swings by and thanks him for all his constant attention, support, and food trucks. Ha.

Just then, Song-yi spots Min-joon standing in the crowd of fans and gets up with a start, scanning the faces intently as she shouts his name. When she can’t find him, she dissolves into tears and Hwi-kyung does his best to comfort her.

Mom and Dad ask about her tearful breakdown later, as Song-yi’s preparing for an award ceremony. Song-yi bursts into tears again, saying, “I miss him… I want to see him, and touch him, and be with him so much I want to die.”

Award ceremony time. Stars make their arrival on the red carpet, giving us cameos from Sandara Park and Kim Won-joon. Se-mi gets her moment in the spotlight, but it’s Song-yi’s arrival that sends everyone into a frenzy. Cameras flash like crazy, fans scream, and Song-yi works the carpet like a pro.

And then… time freezes. Aie! No! Is it…?

Strangely, Song-yi doesn’t freeze. She looks around in confusion at the sudden halt of everything around her, and spots someone out in the crowd, walking past all the frozen people into plain view: Min-joon.

Incredulous and speechless, Song-yi meets him at the landing, where Min-joon shrugs out of his jacket to place on her shoulders, reminding her that he told her not to go around all exposed like this.

She can’t quite believe it’s him, but he assures her that it is, and she clutches him tightly. He apologizes for coming so late, then kisses her—just as time unfreezes on the spectacle. The crowd goes wild.

For the first time, we get a joint interview with the couple as Min-joon fields the question of whether he’s back for good. Oh, is this an actual news interview? Min-joon wonders how to explain it, and Song-yi says that he did come back, but he disappeared soon after.

Back at the award hall, Song-yi opens her eyes from the kiss to see that Min-joon is gone again. Everyone is stunned since he was just standing there moments ago, and she looks around in confusion, alone again.

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that when he’d left three years ago, he’d been sucked into a wormhole. After he recovered his health, and started searching for a way back. He tried many times and had fleeting successes, but was only able to come to Earth for seconds at a time. The hundred-day Namsan Tower date was his first success, not a hallucination after all.

Seeing Lawyer Jang was his second success, and then we see him appearing in Jae-kyung’s cell. He says that he is here to confirm that Jae-kyung had in fact lost everything, while Jae-kyung is deeply rattled, thinking himself mad.

He experienced many failed attempts, but the crucial point is that with each try he was able to remain on Earth for longer stretches. This time has been a year and two months, Song-yi confirms.

On a cozy night in, Song-yi and Min-joon settle back to watch the stars, his plants still thriving. Song-yi repeats the words she’d said the night of his proposal, “I’m perfectly happy.”

But that’s when Min-joon disappears from his chair. Song-yi takes in the sight calmly this time, assured of his eventual return.

He leaves his book behind, open to the line: “Once, there was rabbit that miraculously found its way back home.”


Song-yi interviews, and is asked the question of how hard it is to deal with Min-joon’s unpredictable departures. Of course it is, she says, but it also allows her to love him more: “If I think that this may be the last time I see his face before me, that moment feels incredibly precious.”

And as she sleeps in bed alone, Min-joon appears next to her and is there when she wakes to say, “I’m back.”


Ahh, it’s over. Time to make sense of it all!

First off, I am happy that we ended on a happy note, one that left our two characters together and in the moment—I didn’t want to be given a poetic or metaphorical facsimile of a happy ending, I wanted my happy ending with a concrete win against the cosmos, tied up in a bow. And given the epic nature of this couple’s battle with the fates (in that it was like cancer to the tenth power, with an interfering meanie universe to boot), maybe some fanservice too. Maybe a lot of fanservice. By virtue of the fact that we got that, I can’t complain too much about loose ends or plot quibbles, because the overall emotional arc was resolved and I’m at peace with it.

On the other hand, I’m not perfectly satisfied on an intellectual level, because in addition to the romance finding its cheerful resolution (which was the paramount concern), I was still hoping for all the mysteries and plot questions to be answered in a way that felt logical and feasible. It didn’t have to be scientifically accurate or believable in a real-world sense, but I wanted the drama to explain its mechanisms, and I don’t think it did that.

This is a weakness in many a Korean drama dealing with paranormal/supernatural/fantasy elements so You From Another Star is hardly the only offender, but it remains that if you set up this fictional world with very distinct and quirky rules (you can only space-travel home once in four centuries, your existence is threatened if you don’t return, human saliva makes you sick), then I’m going to want to know why. Some answers were given (like the comet explanation for the 400-year cycle) but many were not. Since some of these rules are so interesting and amusing, I’ve been waiting all series long to get an explanation, however silly or fictional, and when the drama chooses not to address them at all, I can’t shake a feeling of disappointment.

For instance, why does Song-yi not freeze when Min-joon returns? Did that last kiss make Min-joon sick, or is he completely fine now that he’s been back and recovered his health? Does that reset his sick-meter so that he won’t undergo the slow decay as he did the first time, or is he actually rejuvenated (so to speak) by his regular trips through the wormhole?

Speaking of wormholes: WTF, wormhole. Talk about a last-minute deus ex machina, aka that magical answer to curing finale episodes in need of a happy ending. You From Another Star made me think of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in that the supernatural beloved is whisked away out of reach, leaving the earthbound half to wait for years, to be then gifted with their lover’s return because of a solution that doesn’t really make sense. It seemed out of the blue to have Min-joon return home that first time via wormhole given the arrival of the UFO, but I suppose we needed it to establish the wormhole travel that would then account for his trips back and forth, but as this all came in the drama’s last fifteen minutes, I’m not sure it was necessary.

How much do I love how the ending line of the drama (pre-epilogue) works with our hero’s journey, where the book describes the bunny finding his miraculous path home? Because despite the fact that Min-joon spent centuries waiting for his spaceship back to his planet, it turns out that home actually is on Earth, with Song-yi, with the people he loves.

I’m not going to quibble about the Time Traveler’s Wife feel of the constantly disappearing Min-joon, because at least that gave us emotional payoffs that felt organic to these characters. And that’s the kind of thing that has buoyed my love of the show all series long, because when you pare down the plot to its essential bones, it’s a familiar story of lovers fighting a force outside of their control to be together, and barring that, to make the most of what they’re given.

What made this drama such a winner for me was Song-yi’s irrepressible spirit and Min-joon’s unflagging devotion, and the fun alien-superpower stuff was mostly gravy—cause for a good laugh, but not the meat and potatoes. Not to downplay the value of a solidly crafted joke, because goodness knows we’ve seen enough bad attempts at comedy fall flat that I give respect when a drama pulls it off. There were some truly golden moments, like Song-yi’s verbal mix-ups, Min-joon’s brief but awesome dips into childish pettiness, Yoon-jae’s blind adoration (and ET fixation), and superpower-related sight gags.

Some of that we owe to the leads’ chemistry, which was the main reason I tuned in—sure the alien premise was interesting, but mostly, I’d seen The Thieves. I’d seen the kissing. Rawr. There’s nothing worse than a romance that falls flat because of a lack of rapport, despite everything else working, so when you already know the couple is going to crackle together, that’s gold. Served up on a silver platter. Sparkling with diamonds.

And I can’t even express how thrilled I am with Jeon Ji-hyun’s drama comeback—you could almost call it her drama debut, given that her last series was Happy Together in 1999 and she had very limited television work on her resumé. She had actually spent quite a bit of time lumped into the “pretty actress with limited acting skills” category, though I think she’s been underestimated. But it was hard to see all her potential in action when she only acted in select film projects and not that prolifically at that, so for her You From Another Star is something of a discovery moment, even though she’s well into the second decade of her career and is already an A-list star.

Kim Soo-hyun, on the other hand, seems to be unable to put a foot wrong, though I can’t begrudge him his success since he has earned every bit of it by always being present and committed. He has some of the best crying skills in dramaland, because I never see a guy trying to make tears happen; he inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst, and it can be quite powerful.

So no, not a perfect way to tie up loose ends (in that some remain untied), but in the scheme of things the most important issues were resolved happily, and I can put this drama away with a sigh of satisfaction.


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  1. 101 Truffles

    I wasn’t disappointed with the ending. I would have been very, very satisfied with babies, dog, garden, house etc but this is good enough for me.

    And, narratively, I didn’t think it was a slip short piece of ending too. CSY’s wishes came through. Albeit in the form of a worm hole. Yay! No need for “The Long Wait” aka space ship via meteor.

    What I like is how CSY has grown to accept without fears DMJ’s sudden disappearance. For someone who suffered from insecurities due to her father’s disappearance in her formative years, I thought that was a lovely growth in character. It speaks of trust of other (DMJ will try his best to get back to her) and herself (she is ok even when he is away). I like that.

    This is a great drama. Thank you JB for the great recap and sharing of your insights. I learnt much.

  2. 102 akadiche

    Ok, before i lose my mind wrenching my heart on that not-so-perfectly-happy ending, i will just bite the idea that this story is about learning to love and live life to the fullest even if the impending ending is there.

  3. 103 MajorDickason's

    Thank you javabeans for all of your hard work on the recaps! Watching each episode of YFAS wasn’t complete without reading your recaps and all of the comments.

    I just recently started posting comments after just reading the recaps on Dramabeans for a year or so. Thanks to JB and GF for creating a great space for Kdrama fans to meet and discuss dramas. I, like many others here, don’t have anyone to talk to personally about my latest Kdrama. DB’s thorough recaps, insightful reflections, and respectful community of commenters makes DB unlike any other site.

    As for the ending of YFAS, I found like-minded reactions to my own from other Beanies (is it ok to simply count myself as part of this community?) Thank you, thank you, thank you to all but especially to JB!

  4. 104 kristy

    even i got a gist of time travellers wife in there.but he says that the intrevals are increasing so i guess at a time it would stop.
    And the faint after kiss_deosnt the last hot kiss prove it all?he didnt faint at all right
    a bit disappointed at the wormhole theory though.
    I guess the writer was trying to act smart here.bringing definitions that would call out et
    why couldnt she simpl
    y put in that he will lose his powers and start ageing if he deosnt return? Was it so hard?what has she got to lose?

  5. 105 su choo

    their chemistry??!!!! undeniably fantastic!!! that is what made this whole show sweet, adorable, sad, gut wrenching, and just plain entertaining!!!
    love love love it!!
    thank you DB for the quick recap….i am overseas but had to log in to dramabeans to get my drama tonic!!!

  6. 106 banalaxy

    The rabbit found a way back home…..and happen to be Kim Soo Hyun year born……what a coincidence…..XD

    Anyway…good job until the end of the drama….despite all the bad talk about how the ending seems similar to TTW….but what the hack…it’s a happy ending!!!!!

    Now it’s time to say goodbye to our handsome alien and let Cheon Song Yi take care of him…..(without breaking all the plate from joseon era)……

  7. 107 yren

    Wow!! What a roller coaster of emotions this drama has been!! I admit that last night after I saw the ending credits I was so dumbfounded and crushed to death..as if I have been shot by a bullet as the song goes… because I was watching it live and can barely understand what they were saying..plus the terrible lagging..it was really a complete devastation for me.But as I’ve read the recaps and re-watch it again I finally understand what the ending truly conveys…yes I agree that it is not the typical happily ever after. ..but the love it projects is much more stronger and meaningful than a typical love story does…it shows you what true love really is….it shows you how precious every moment you spend with your love one and that you have to cherish every second of it co’z it may be your last..so heart wrenching yet very meaningful…so now I truly appreciate how the drama has ended and I’m loving everything about it…the only thing that keeps me devastated is that there’s no more ywcfts. .there’s nothing to look forward to anymore every wed-thurs. ..I love this drama so much to the point that it already spoiled other dramas for me..I Don’t think I can love another drama as much as I love ywcfts…..

    I’m really gonna miss dmj and csy…..the most epic drama couple ever…..and kim soo hyun and jeon ji hyun what can i say…..you both define the meaning of perfection when it comes to chemistry may it be onscreen or offscreen….and that last passionate kiss…oh boy! ksy was really into it..it was like a bittersweet goodbye for both of them..really too bad that jjh is married! …I know its already impossible but I do hope to see both of them in another project someday….

  8. 108 Stardust

    I really liked the ending. And kudos to not succumbing to fan service endings of babies and dogs and what not.
    The core of it is DMJ is not a human. It’s a cross species (?) love story and the ending that the writer took, ended the series on a subtle bittersweet yet satisfactory note
    DMJ would rather be in a wormhole (whatever it is) and try every single time to teleport to earth. It doesn’t always work but it’s getting better, who knows though, one day it might not again. That’s the tragedy, But it’s his love that makes him try and try harder. And SY love in the faith that he is trying his all and wait for his return.

    And the every moment they have together they spend it like their last because it is so precious.
    Not that they use it to do crazy or special things, but even having reading a book by each other, sleeping in each other arms. The small normal things in life that one should treasure because tmr you might not have the chance.

    Life lessons my friends! I didn’t expect it from a k drama. Thank goodness for no amnesia or reincarnations!

  9. 109 Laden

    There you go again @mademoseillegelle ヽ( ^^)人(^^ )ノ LOL
    You really should start writing novels or blogs or something,you have a way of describing things accurately that when one is reading it you can picture what you’re describing perfectly.
    Now excuse me while I go back to fighting my tears as I can’t cry now cos I’m in school and in public

  10. 110 ee500

    thanks for the sypnosis/recaps. it helped to soothe the curiosity of what’s coming next for the past few days (when i had to sleep because had to be at work in 6 hours!)

    i am still drooling over DMJ and will be for a while ^-^

  11. 111 Annette Ong

    At first I hadn’t planned to watch any K dramas, but RM’s parody led me to this. And I’m so glad it did :) I watched the first 18 episodes in like two days, some of which already reduced me to tears afterwards. Then PATIENTLY (!!!) waited for the last three episodes to come out.

    Honestly, I think the entire story was resolved perfectly. There may be questions and doubts about the wormhole and his ability to stay healthy after kissing blah blah blah (BTW THE KISS WAS MAGICAL AND SO WELL DONE I CAN’T EVEN) but frankly I’m perfectly content with the ending. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t watch K dramas most of the time, but I think this was a wonderful way to satisfy the viewers while also keeping it realistic and preventing as many sceptical, doubtful and overly violent responses as it could have if the ending had been different. I also love how Semi and CSY “sorta kinda” reconcile when they talk about missing someone you love and when it will stop hurting. I sincerely hope their relationship is on the mend and they can be good friends again. Hwi Kyung is just wonderful I love his character to death, even if he wasn’t always the most humble or accepting of CSY’s decisions (and still isn’t haha).

    Overall, this drama was amazing. Always had us on tenterhooks, waiting to see the resolution, making me love romantic scenes without giving me hibblyjibblies for being too cheesy, and also developing all characters steadily and well, esp DMJ who has learned about what is precious in life and also more about himself he didn’t know he had, and CSY who has become so much more humble and a person of good character – both have become outstanding characters in their own right. Personally, I think the epilogues helped emphasise DMJ’s love for CSY as well. Many of them are of him expressing that he loves her without her knowing it, and that not only makes it sadder but also shows us how deep his love for her is. ALSO. I LITERALLY BROKE DOWN WHEN HE SAID HE LOVED HER. GAAAH

    Originally I was a skeptic of K dramas, thinking they’re sappy and all – quite frankly, I still believe most are like that DON’T HATE PLS just an opinion you don’t have to agree with – but this drama is really different and refreshing. Mainly because in most K dramas, the villain or third party – or both – is the only one stopping the romance from continuing. But in this case, the alien element was incorporated in I think to sort of take that factor away and make the ideal life they want impossible even if all external obstacles are gone. That’s why it was so important for him to be from another world – so they can establish that their love isn’t just possible if external threats are gone, the problem lies with one of them and can’t be eliminated, and I think that’s what really made me love this drama.

    If this drama doesn’t get JJH and KSH Daesangs, and the writers and casting ppl and everyone behind this awesome drama don’t get any recognition for their amazing work, that will be really disappointing for us supporters of the show. That in itself is an understatement <3 I can rest in peace now knowing the drama has ended perfectly.

  12. 112 merlyunho

    I can resume breathing, indeed.

    No more waiting until the wee hours into the dawn for a new episode or subtitle.
    No more Do Min Joon.
    (runs back inside the room to continue wailing)

  13. 113 mun

    Feels like the time traveler’s wife :'(

  14. 114 Suzi Q

    I’m confused. If DMJ can travel through space via wormholes, why did he need a space ship to return home?

    DMJ looked so handsome! Thought DMJ has some classy tailor from his planet when he returned to CSY on the red carpet. Also, SWOON…That was some HOT kiss!

    I’m glad that CSY and DMJ are finally together..Happy Tears and Happy Ending.

  15. 115 tdot

    I was happy with the ending. I actually read spoilers before I saw the episode (I couldn’t wait!) and my response was, “Ah, yes, that’s satisfactory.” It wasn’t that I wanted a happy ending, it was that I wanted one that seemed to follow on logically from the previous 20 episodes and the premises that had been set up, and I think we got that.

    The most moving part of the episode for me was actually the moment when Do Min Joon came back and saw Lawyer Jang tending his plant. The way Lawyer Jang turned when he heard his name and the way he said, “Yes, teacher!” It was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Something about the way he said it (the immediacy of his response and his tone of voice) completely conveyed that how much he had been waiting and hoping against hope that he would get to hear his beloved friend talk to him again, how long he had been waiting for the seemingly impossible to happen.

    And I think it was also that there wasn’t a moment of hesitation – with the other people, including CSY, who saw DMJ, we always saw a reaction, perhaps just for a moment, of “Is it really him? It can’t be? Is it? Or am I going crazy?” But Lawyer Jang’s reaction was instantaneous and almost instinctive: that is the voice of my best loved friend, he has come back as I have been longing for him to do, I will answer him as I always have. It felt like a response that just came so naturally and immediately from the heart and was so filled with love — that was the one scene in the drama that made me cry a little bit.

    • 115.1 zka

      “there wasn’t a moment of hesitation.” hits me so much I started to cry after reading your commentT_____T

      I’m so into little details; every thing they did, words they said, — I think they’re more touching than the whole storyline.

  16. 116 Rushie

    In the words of Song-yi, I’m pe

  17. 117 Rovi

    Lo and behold~!!!

    And Sandara Park ninja-style cameo~!!!

    She’s the one in the wobbly hat.

  18. 118 Rushie

    In the words of Song-yi, I’m perfectly happy with the ending. It made sense within the logic of the show. I would have felt more disappointed if he became human and everything ended fairy-tale like. It wouldn’t have tied in well with the lesson I think the show was trying to teach us which is, love is all that matters. Not forever, but those few moments you’re able to spend with the one you love. Park Ji-eun writernim, nomu nomu kamsahnmida.

  19. 119 jjang!

    did anyone else notice that in the ‘after three years’ flashfoward HK had DMJ’s hairstyle. Hahaha

    • 119.1 Eva

      I loved that! And I loved how the detective cleaned up too!

    • 119.2 Eva

      Made this and posted on Soompi & on the Drama Meme Explosion FB page. Enjoy!! https://i.imgflip.com/79qi9.jpg

  20. 120 Missyserena

    Can’t we have a season two for this drama, pleeaaaaseeee!

  21. 121 Iris

    I can’t be the only one who’s itching to get their hands on a copy of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”, right? Ordering online … now.

    I am a tad disappointed at the ending, as I was with Queen Inhyun, because it feels like a very forced kind of joy, and now I’m left feeling all hollow inside because of all that the show promised but didn’t deliver. Still, definitely one of the best on-screen couples I’ve seen in dramaland to date and a solid production team.

    And as always, eternal gratitude for all your hard work recapping! /hat-tip/

  22. 122 John

    Jeon Ji-hyun does dorky so well.

    Are there any recommendations as far as her movies are concerned?

    • 122.1 Mademoisellegeline

      If you haven’t seen her movies, i highly recommend you to watch The Thieves (KSH is there too). She’s only a supporting role but she’s a scene stealer and this is the movie where we first seen KSH and JJH sizzling chemistry. I also recommend Il Mare (they did a remake of this in the US called the Lake House). Windstruck is what made her so popular in Japan and My Sassy Girl is what made her an A-list star in Korea.. Those are the only movies I’ve seen so far but I love them all..

    • 122.2 jo

      For her Hollywood movies, her screen name is Gianna Jun. She did:

      “Blood: The Last Vampire.” I actually enjoyed this movie because it showed her action skills.Watching the additional BTS of the DVD made me appreciate how hard she worked at her stunts and fighting scenes.

      “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” where she played the loyal tragic friend.

      Her other Korean movie that I love is “Daisy.” I think this was underrated. Maybe, I’m just biased but to me she was still luminous in the screen in this movie.

      I have to say she is best in comedy though. My Sassy Girl will always be my favorite movie of hers. But if she will do a film with Kim Soo Hyun, I’m guessing that will demote MSG to #2.

      • 122.2.1 John

        Mademoisellegeline & jo ~

        Thank you for the recommendations.

    • 122.3 bd

      Start with “My Sassy Girl” but probably her best dorky/comedic bits are in the 1st half of “Windstruck” before it turns all melo.

      JJH’s ability to express w/ her face and not being afraid to show dorky expressions is why so many of her CFs are so entertaining.

      • 122.3.1 bd

        Blood and Snow Flower aren’t very good; JJH hasn’t had the best luck in picking film projects.

  23. 123 esther

    thank u javabeans for the recaps…deabak…really great..rom-com…good chemistry…good acting… Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun. This drama really AAAWWESOME :-)

  24. 124 Peridot

    I managed to watch the finale yesterday, but it took me two hours to do so with my failing internet connection.

    I’m not sure what to think about the ending. I’m not thrilled by it nor am I very disappointed, but I’m still left with a lot of questions. Did Do Minjoon not really have a choice when it came to deciding to return to his home planet? I mean, we know that he would have died but didn’t he still have a choice? When he disappeared was that the result of him being beamed, if you will, into the space ship? I’m curious about the mechanics of it all. Did he get stuck in a worm hole after being taken into the ship? (According to the recap above, as soon as he disappeared, he was sucked into one.)

    This brings me to another question. I know that the meteor provided a cover for the space ship or rather, that the space ship was disguised as a meteor, but I would like to know who was directing the ship. Were there other aliens? If so, were these the same aliens with whom Minjoon made the first Earth visitation? Were they deliberately returning for him? I know that Minjoon’s back story before coming to Earth was never really an important point to the writer, but I can’t help but want to know what it was like to be reunited with his kind. I wonder how much his home planet changed since he was away. Then again, I guess he never returned if he was sucked into a wormhole? Maybe this detail should be clear from the recap above, so I apologize. I’m not sure if the explanation for his intermittent returns, or for his ability to return at all, is truly satisfying or not. I’m still trying to figure that out.

    With these questions and more, I can still say that I enjoyed the performances of all the actors and the chemistry between the leads.

    I’m still waiting for that drama where the fantasy elements are really prominent to the story and not secondary to it. Hey, I’m a big fantasy fan after all :).

  25. 125 holygraille

    OMO OMo omO!Hands down, hands down!
    Now, somebody give me at least 400 reasons to breath cause, unlike Javabens, it did the exact opposite for me!this drama will surely KEEP the #one spot on my list of k-drama favorites. unless there will be another Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun team-up in the future, jebal dramaland jebal!

    But,as happy as I am with the ending, I’ll left with questions which will remain unanswered:
    First,Did Min Joon finally develop a kiss/saliva immunity or we won’t be expecting half-alien half-human babies in the future?
    Lastly, since Min Joon is traveling back and forth i’ll take it as him being forever healthy and youthful while Song Yi will keep aging and eventually die?

    Still, the show is a 10 out of ten for me. BRAVO!

    • 125.1 holygraille

      *”I’m left with questions” should be the correct grammar.sawwrey!

  26. 126 holygraille

    *javabeans 😀

  27. 127 mary ann

    While watching, i was still clueless on how this will end. I have not yet seen Arang, Gu Family Book or Rooftop Prince so i was clueless. I made the effort not to troll soompi or twitter for the ending and i did not read up on the recap till after i saw the episode. So after seeing it, i was still reflecting on it. Not what we wanted to see, but the most logical and believable end. As with the immortality issues, i agree with the other comments here that, eventually, they will find a way.
    I think, in the end, the drama says to cherish each moment as if its the last. That’s the most important thing – as people nowadays live by “the familiarity breeds contempt” principle.
    Very good drama.
    Thank you javabeans for this wonderful site.

  28. 128 Thursdaynexxt

    Okay, haven’t watched the ending yet, but I had to come and find out how it all ended!

    Gonna gripe a bit now, so look away if you’d rather not see!! (sorry, forgot how to do hidden spoiler tags – looked up Google but the only instructions I can find seem super-complicated. But here goes: No real surprises as to the (overall) happy ending, so it’s a sigh of relief from me! But my 1st thought was: they’ve pulled a “FAITH” on us! (where Kim Hee Sun keeps going through the wormhole) My 2nd thought was, the lovers-snatching-stolen-moments-together feels a bit Queen In-Hyun’s Man to me, with him disappearing suddenly and that. 3rd thought was about the Ghost & Mrs Muir aspect, when the heroine is left with an unconsummated love…

    Having said that, the other commenters are right, YFAS carries a totally different message, about living in the moment and loving the mundane (at least, that’s what I’m tellin’ myself! ).

    It also doesn’t change the fact that Song Yi and Min Joon are one of my top fave couples of all time, in any galaxy! What a great start to 2014 – my hearfelt thanks for recapping this!!

    • 128.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Rats! sorry, those tags didn’t work.

      Anyhow, watching it now, with the Kleenex handy! :)

  29. 129 priyanka

    well..isn’t anybody worried about how will he age? what about all the reactions to him kissing her..what about babies..what does long time mean here..its always a short time for him if he is not going to age..and then she dies and i don’t think its a happy ending just because they stayed together just before the credits rolled..boy!! atleast roof top prince ending had some closure..we know the guy who woke up and this girl will be together..anyway..its disappointing..lot of questions were not answered..and incomplete..i can’t help but wonder if didn’t come back at all..the story would have a real ending..but that would make everybody sad..the drama people and also the people outside..so we have to accept the ridiculous wormhole stuff..whats that about anyway..where was he sucked into? to his planet? that means he is not going to age..what a sad thing for csy..wasn’t the plan to stay together and grow old… even if i rant like this nothing is going to change..they destroyed the story line in the end..all in all a good drama to watch..i liked the humour and the chemistry between the leads..oh boy!! the kiss on the red carpet..droolworthy!!…i wish i could change the ending..but i can’t..so this is it.

  30. 130 Natalie

    Thank you so much Javabeans. This is the first drama ever that I had to watch and then read you recaps afterwards every week.

    Many things are unresolved for me but as you said, the most important thing which is CSY and DMJ stay together has been given. And I’m thankful for it. This is also the first time while waiting for the subs to be ready and your recap to come out, that i googled for other recaps just to skim down to see if there was a happy ending or not. Too anxious to watch otherwise.

    Now, moving onto, again, the first major withdrawal symptom from a drama. So many firsts. What do I do now? When will be the next kim soo hyun project? Don’t go to military on me just yet. Can you do three dramas in one year?

  31. 131 logan5

    What I find comforting in this ending, and truthfully through out the entire run, was that while here are two very extraordinary people, rich and famous in their own ways … the way they choose to show their love and to spend their time together is completely ordinary and mundane … no grand gestures … no cheesy overtures … just mutual support and devotion.

    The end, I thought, was well measured in retrospect. Sure, wormholes is a sort of convenient “out”, but I liked the fact that it wasn’t “easy” … he spent three years working at it and even then it’s not perfect … but it’s enough for them, and it’s enough for me. My wife on the other hand was screaming for alien babies and puppy dogs.

    I’m a noob when it comes to Kdramas … but I’ve been around them (wife and mother) for near 10 years … and from the peripherals, my observation has been that there really hasn’t been a couple like these two before. And I wonder, if now we’ve all been ruined forever, comparing all new comers to these two.

  32. 132 tura

    Wow, its over. I was nervous before approaching the final ep cos I was not sure how it would end. When she saw him @namsan tower I squeed then deflated when he vanished. Am glad we had a happy ending. P.S I LOVE KIM SOO HYUN and he seems to be a great kisser.

  33. 133 Marylynn

    songyi is hilarious, fun and prefect goddess, I will always remember her “I am pretty” line… So full of ego but make us love her more..and there can only be one and only JJH as chun Songyi..

    Now I am going to watch all her movies.. Starting from the thieves, Il mare, windstruck ……

    The beautiful JJH, I wish u have more projects coming along..

  34. 134 snoe

    JJH is flawless as Cheon Song Yi! Hope she does another drama in the future.

  35. 135 Chinee

    Thanks a lot Javabeans for recapping the whole series of YFAS. I have a great time reading your comments and will really miss this great drama.. Thank goodness it would be a Mickey Yuchun drama following this making it less sad for me saying goodbye to this one..

    I would miss the Song Yi – Min Joon tandem though, their bickerings and lovey-doveys. And not to mention the Yoon Jae – Min Joon bromance that was too short.. hoped there were more but i just need to be content with Yoon Jae’s “assault hug” near the end of the series, hmp.. Mr. Jang , too.. I’ll miss his time with Min Joon..

    Kudos to Jun Ji Hyun for her great acting, not to mention that it’s been a more than a decade since her last drama series.. As for Kim Soo Hyun, I get to appreciate him more but a big thanks to this drama that I got to notice Ahn Jae Hyun.. This lad can act and he stood out in his character even with the limited scenes he was given. Here’s looking forward to seeing more of him in future dramas.

  36. 136 Lisa

    Thanks for the recap! What an incredible journey!

    The continuation of the love confession is so sweet and sincere. I’m glad that MJ finally learns about love after spending 400 years on Earth. When you love someone, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment. Keke~ The meteor shower scenes were pretty. The wish-wishing on the balcony… Love how MJ always humours SY even though his grandpa, intellectual self thinks these things are silly. =P LOL at the guy who spotted the UFO.

    When MJ saw his hands disappearing, the emotions really kicked in. You can totally feel the clock ticking and this is IT! *stabs heart* When he reached out his hand to touch SY one last time, I thought he was gonna experience swiping the air instead of her face, but I guess they went with not even touching her face at all and withholding his hand.

    Just as his farewell with Lawyer Jang in ep. 20, these last words with SY were so touching. Seeing SY sobbing and MJ holding back the flood in his eyes was absolutely heartbreaking. One can feel the deep love between these two and how neither wants to come to terms with this final moment together. When SY turned away from the overwhelming emotions, I knew that MJ would have disappeared by the time she turned back. Her dissolving in complete tears really struck my heart. *open the floodgates*

    Glad to see SY’s mom has turned a new leaf and is focusing on SY’s well-being. CEO Ahn’s efforts… *chuckles* So sad to see SY moping around and envisioning MJ. Definitely relatable.

    The court scene… Yes, I knew it! From that phone call in the previous ep., I had guessed Daddy CEO would put the foot down upon finding out what JK had done to his elder bro. Can’t believe JK was still delusional and wanted to weasel his way out of jail with lies. At least Dad acknowledges that he probably had a hand in raising this monster when he had used money to solve JK’s childhood violence.

    I thought it was sweet the way MJ has asked others to help take care of SY, and it was good to just devote the time to those characters in the last ep. Glad MJ knows he can count on HK even though he’s the love rival. Heehee… And YJ! Ahahaha! This boy goes gaga over astronomy and the bribe was just perfect! Was he drinking chocolate milk again? LOL And the whole ET reference complete with finger touch! Haha! The hug at the end was the cherry on top! Love this pair! XD

    Yay for the plants growing again!

    Finally, SM stands up for SY using reverse psychology.

    BJ cropping her hair… Haha! It’s already short enough. Thought the shaving hair off would come from her instead of SY. =P

    The “I’m not buying” scene replayed in my mind as BJ brought it up. So bittersweet to see SY laughing like a maniac and then sobbing her heart out, even asking SM for any tidbit on MJ. Really felt the state SY was in. =( Anyway, glad SM was able to offer some advice to comfort SY a little.

    Our strong heroine revisiting all the places she had been to with MJ was so touching. When he did appear at the dinner table for the 100th day, my heart went YES! He made it!!! But then it was so short even SY thought she might have imagined it though it felt so real. So, when we were told Lawyer Jang had a similar sighting, I was assured that MJ must be doing his best to come back, and these sudden appearances were not coincidental. The appearance in JK’s cell takes the cake. Booyah!! You got nothin’ now, Mr. Evil! *cackles*

    YJ discovering a new…

  37. 137 Lisa


    YJ discovering a new planet, and of course naming it DMJ without a doubt! LOL I didn’t mind the 3-year time jump. BJ being the new manager and growing her hair… Teehee~ Heard from HJK being on Radio Star that her BJ character was supposed to have a loveline with YJ though it didn’t pan out. At least we got a small dosage here. (The glowing flower boy scene with YJ entering SY’s place came to mind again.)

    Det. Park got a haircut. XD And good to see JK getting what he deserves.

    HK being a complete fail on being discreet with supporting SY! Hahaha! It was touching to see him holding SY when she thought she had seen MJ in the crowd. He’s definitely returning! Just gotta see when!

    SY breaking down and telling Dad how much she missed MJ was another heart-wrenching moment. She must have been like this quite often these past 3 years without him as she waited patiently.

    Gorgeous SY on the red carpet! When time froze, we all knew MJ was back!!! ^^V It was cool to see writer Park choosing this moment for his re-entry. The whole dress comment was expected since that was one of the things he had said in his farewell speech. XD And then the kiss and time flowing again!! *swoon* What a showing at a red carpet!! But then he disappeared again!! Omo!!

    I love how SY had her own interviews in MJ’s study in his absence and then we get a joint interview. =) Good to note that he can stay for a longer period each time he returns from a vanishing. Love the “I’m perfectly happy” line being repeated again.

    When the last line from “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” was shown, I was happy with this conclusion. I had actually read the book just for this drama to look for poignant scenes/lines and knew it would work out somehow because the china rabbit in the story went from someone who didn’t know about love or appreciated it till it was lost when he parted with his first owner who loved him. Then, he went on a journey, meeting different people along the way, learning about love and being able to love. In the end, he met his first owner again with her daughter and had come “home.” It was touching to see how MJ went on this journey of discovery about love and growing from someone who purposely chose not to love, to someone who eventually loves so much! Earth is now home to this alien because his beloved is here. <3

    The epilogue’s message of cherishing every moment was sweet. Glad SY has come to terms and feels at peace even when MJ disappears because she knows he will always try to come back. It makes them appreciate their every day together all the more.

    Overall, I found the ending unexpected since it didn’t go the way anyone predicted, whether MJ was gone forever or they have a ridiculously happily-ever-after with 7 kids and 5 doggies. But I’m satisfied with this resolution. I think if he died and never came back, we’d be devastated. If they lived out the dream they had, it would be too unbelievable. So, having this being together and yet disappearing from time to time was believable to me. It means that the situation is not perfectly resolved; however, there is still room for the couple to grow in the future. MJ will continue to figure things out after each disappearance and prolong his stay. SY will continue to love him more and more, and they can live life to the fullest in between each disappearance.

    I guess the only things that were outstanding that I wish we had gotten answers for would be…

  38. 138 Lisa


    I guess the only things that were outstanding that I wish we had gotten answers for would be more background information on MJ’s species. Why is it that saliva and blood mixing are not allowed? We already witnessed the effects of saliva, what would happen with blood? Even more harmful? Did that UFO carry his fellow alien beings looking to rescue him? Was there any connection at all between YH and SY?

    In any case, I think this is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. I’m so impressed with the whole team from acting to directing to scripting, etc. They have definitely set a new standard and I couldn’t imagine SY and MJ being played by anyone else other than JJH and KSH. Very thankful to have the opportunity to watch this delightful drama and discuss with the wonderful beanies here! Thanks also to JB’s recaps, which I’ve really enjoyed reading. I usually check out dramabeans recaps and just read and not comment. But finally for this drama, I decided to post my thoughts from ep. 11 onwards cuz it’s just so good! Heehee~ Will definitely rewatch this when the director’s cut DVD is available for sale. ^^

  39. 139 zka

    I’m perfectly happy with the ending.

    It wasn’t great. It wasn’t disappointing either. It’s good to the extent where I could sit comfortably knowing that they’ve made effort to stay together and being happy.

    Although yes, wtf is wholeworm I even did a research bcos I still couldn’t find the connection between wholeworm and DMJ’s appear-disappear’s stuff (which more like Time Traveler’s Wife, I guess?)
    I need someone to explain me in simple English LOL

    Ok I might read the wrong subs but this one hits me so much. When he disappeared and left the book on the couch, it says, “Once, there was rabbit who found a way back home.” And then the next morning, he said to CSY (well, the sub said), “I’m home.”
    At first I still didn’t understand (damn I’m too dumb sobs) what does it mean but then I realized, the rabbit was like DMJ, after staying 400 years in Earth, waiting for his time to go back home (his planet), he finally realized that his home is actually not his planet. his home is where CSY stays.

    But then I read the recap and he actually said, “I’m back.” Ugh, kinda ruined my own moment here, subbers??? T_T

    AND I REALLY LIKE THEY PLAYED YOU’RE MY DESTINY AT THE ENDING!!! HUURRAAYYY!!!! perfect OST! I was super mad when they played Sung Sikyung’s song when he disappeared (not that I hate that song — heck it’s on my most played list lol) but I need something more optimist than Sung Sikyung’s song no matter how beautiful that song is. lol

    Thankyou, Javabeans! It was nice reading your recaps of this drama! 😀

  40. 140 Yuna

    Does anyone know who the composer is for the main soundtrack? (the score part) I must know! The soundtrack is beautiful and I can’t stop listening to it!

  41. 141 Jo

    JB, thank you for your wonderful recaps of this drama that I had so fallen in love with. You did it so well. I am also forever grateful for this site where we can vent, commiserate, laugh, cry and share insights together.

    My most memorable moments of this drama? So many! I love every CSY and DMJ moments, especially these ones:

    1) The Dreamy Kiss
    2) The 15 Second Kiss
    3) The Time Stop Kiss
    4) The Flying Kiss
    5) The Silent I-Love-You-Too Kiss
    6) The Deep Kiss
    7) The Red Carpet Kiss

    I will miss you, Show, so much! I would also have loved a clear cut happy ever ending with 7 kids and dogs and knowing they will age together, but this ending is good enough for me. In the end, it felt like Cheon Song Yi’s choice. it is better to know that he is alive and existing somewhere. That he can come back from time to time is an unexpected gift. And of course, there’s that hope he will eventually stay for a long time.

    • 141.1 Eva

      Good morning kiss from CSY! :)

  42. 142 Judy

    Thank you for such an enjoyable show.

    Thank you to writer for such a good story and so many memorable scenes e.g. ET figure touching, JJH dancing and so many kissing scenes – KSH should say thank you to the writer and PD for kissing JJH so many times. JJH’s husband must not watch these scenes! He would be so upset lor.

    Thank you to PD for producing so many beautiful scenes of JJH and KSH. I would like to see all the NGs and behind scenes clips. They must be very funny. How can you stop laughing during and after filming all those hilarious scenes!

    And thank you for making JJH so beautiful – love all the designers clothes. And she is so “goddess” in the ceremony scene. Love… Love…

    KSH – I started to like KSH when he played the young lead in “Will it snow in Christmas”. Even though he only played for a few episodes, he shined like a new star. I found him not very handsome but he got sharp eyes + eye brows which catch your attention and make you remember him. In YFAS, KSH not just showed good acting but also looked good. PD has made him look handsome lor! I don’t like historical drama very much. But I managed to finish watching “Moon embrace the sun” within a few days when waiting for new episodes of YFAS. Well. I am really impressed with KSH’s acting skill. He portrayed different roles with his heart lor. DMJ’s role does not show dramatic facial expression because DMJ is an “inward” person while on the contrary, CSY is an “outward” person. And KSH has played this inward character well in order to match the outward CSY – “The Perfect Match”! Look forward to all his future works.

    JJH – I have liked her since “My Sassy Girl”. CSY role showed some resemblance of MSG in the beginning which I liked it. But what makes me really give my “thumbs up” to her is the scene that CSY told DMJ she loved him in ep18. So sincere with all those falling tears. Oh! How can any man resist her love lor! Wish JJH get grand awards/prizes for this role.

    YFAS now ranked top amongst the K-dramas that I like.

    Lastly, thank JB and GF for the recaps. It feels like watching every episode together with you again when I read through the recaps. Smiling…..

    • 142.1 Emmy

      Haha, Judy are you Singaporean?;)

  43. 143 osmanthus tea

    Sorry, one last thing. I wouldn’t mind a spin-off show on Bokja! She’s an adorable best friend and not too many Korean actresses would carry off/dare to go for that funky hairstyle of hers! (=

  44. 144 GlaSS

    I’m not the only one who feel strange about the end, I like it but not love it as I Iove the whole series, it wasn’t bad just feels incomplete.
    Maybe I was expected so much, I just wanted a happy forever, I know they are happy now but he will be forever handsome and young?, Does he can ever die?
    So many questions and just a few answers. At least he has powers xD.

    I love love love this drama and I’m gonna miss it so much
    Kim Soo Hyun is now and forever one of my favorites actors, since MTETS I love him but now I feel my love expanded to the infinite.
    About Jeon Ji Hyun I’d never seen any of her dramas or movies till the thieves and I liked the chemistry she has with him. In this drama stole the show, such a wonderfull character after so many cincerellas and noble idiots is refreshing to watch a woman to tried to conquer the man she likes without being pathetic.
    I know why Min Joon fell for her, she is amazing.

    What to do now to fill the hole in my heart?

    Thanks Javabeans for the recaps, were the perfect complement of this wonderful drama

    • 144.1 GlaSS

      Sorry for the grammar, supposed I’m working =P

  45. 145 akadiche

    Ok, i think this will set things in order. A message from YFAS Director:
    Director Jang explained the message he was trying to bring across through the drama, “Do Min Joon had a line which went, “No one lives for the purpose of dying, because living in itself is the most important thing’. The things that we often neglect, are actually the most important to us. That is the message that I want to convey to viewers.”

    If you say so…:(


  46. 146 Ahihihihi

    Lol I thought the ending would be a bit more controversial. Like how the drama was a reality/variety show all along ala We Got Married that’s why they do those interviews in between scenes.

  47. 147 naina

    each time he travelled thru the wormhole we found he can stay on earth for longer stretches. what about the aging factor? the rabbit line reminds of the movie “the last mimzy”.

  48. 148 miszeeta

    Yey agree for daesang thing. Though still long way to go haa..

    Poor jun jihyun hubby 😀

  49. 149 kaity

    I too am partly disappointed with all the issues that were not addressed in the ending eps.
    -Did the ship come back to find him or just another crew coming to collect more data.
    -Im guessing the meteor night made him able to open a portal so that he can go back to the stars (whichever one he’s from) and recharge since Earth sucks all his galaxial powers away?
    -How did he teleport from one universe to another like he can now… wormhole to Earth..
    -Are they going to have kids? or he’s just going to love her until she dies of old age? That will so painful for him.. :(
    -What planet is he from…I don’t think I ever got the name of it… maybe it’s the “asteroid” that’s name Do Min Joon?
    -So many unanswered questions!! gahhhh
    I thought they would end at ep 20.. and give us a little epilogue of their life with ep 21… but no… we got like 20 seconds of it
    -What is the wormhole like…. i would imagine pitch darkness..or is it like a dark planet…
    -DMJ is RICH… since he’s not going anymore… what happened to all his fortune…he probably owned half of korea by now… I wish they would showcase his fortune a bit…

    I’m so confusing myself more and getting more frustrated with sooo many unanswered questions…
    -.- Besides all the unanswered questions… I really loved JH’s acting in here… her portray of CSY was perfection..quirky..funny..genuine.. I seriously loved the goodbye scene more than the red carpet scene… the tears that he was trying to hold back and hers…it was done so well it brought me to tears… and i usually don’t cry unless the stories are sUPER sad or dog related sad…
    I hope there will be a movie or special to wrap all this up…

    • 149.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Yes, so many questions, but no reply from the universe…

      A special ep (or 2 or 3) would be a wonderful idea! Or maybe a Christmas special towards the end of the year, just to remind us all how special this was (around awards time would be good)… :)

  50. 150 meanrice

    I was not satisfied with this ending b/c I kept thinking about the book “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” If you read it, you know where I am going. One of them will die, how will the other know? He is not jumping through time, just space. Someone get him a Tardis and let’s call it a day.

  51. 151 Mademoisellegeline

    I would just like to share these with all of you if you haven’t seen them yet, they’re awesome and they are made by this awesome youtube user called YULDORIFMVS. I saw them weeks ago and I kept forgetting to share them.

    Cheon Song Yi – National Goddess:

    Hallyu Star & Alien – Castle Walls

    Hallyu Star & Alien – I Die Each Time You Walk Away

    • 151.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Hahaha, that’s just ridiculously spot on – all the highlights! They’re fantastic, thanks for sharing!! 😀

    • 151.2 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      The first link totally made me laugh so hard, tyvm!

    • 151.3 kai

      Thanks for the link. Love you !

    • 151.4 Yue

      Thanks to you, my friend who was never a big fan of Korean dramas now want to watch the show. The links are awesome, I need to use it on my friends to goad them into watching You From Another Star LOL

  52. 152 Blurbel

    This show! Where do I start?! Feeling so empty now and not sure which show to watch next. I’ve watched plenty of kdramas on & off over the years, and can easily say this has gone straight to the top of my faves shortlist, bumping City Hunter to 2nd spot.

    Like many others, I cried & cried during the last 2 eps. On 1st viewing, the ending left me scratching my head a little and slightly unsatisfied. 2nd time around though, it’s the one that makes most sense than if they were to have an outright happy ending or worse still have DMJ die (*gasp*).

    Plenty of rewatchability, will be saving it for those rainy, melancholy days when I need a laugh; or a reminder that we need to treasure the moments we have with the loved ones by our side.

    • 152.1 Jax

      I think the ending is puzzling. And I agree with your point that it was a bit forced I guess in the sense that people love happy endings and the high ratings of the show maybe affected the ending. It really was unsatisfying too in my opinion. Overall, the drama was great but the ending was somewhat weird and disappointing for me.

  53. 153 JjongPD

    So I just watched both ep 20 and ep 21 back to back AND OMG MY EYESSSS!! I cried buckets for ep20, cried a bit more in ep 21. I am so exhausted TT__TT

    Also, when Lawyer Jang said he saw DMJ too, I knew CSY wasn’t hallucinating. Yayyyy. The whole kiss scene at the red carpet: I assume DMJ’s powers decreased when he kissed her, which is why he couldn’t stop time. Eventually his powers drained and he disappears. Okay. But it doesn’t explain how CSY isn’t frozen in time too. Ah well. I’ll just assume that DMJ has always been able to selectively choose who and what to freeze while stopping time then.

    Sandara Park cameo: 2NE1 media promo? lol.

    Hands down the best drama I’ve watched. Everrrrrrr.

    PS. Thank you for the recap and review DB!

  54. 154 Islandgal

    Loved this drama, didn’t totally like the ending tho.

    Ok the wormhole ish I can accept that..I guess.
    But no wedding picture scene, no honeymoon seduction scene, no CSY with a big round tummy, no baby levitating his toys ,no twins playing teleport tag ??? Nothing???? Seriously??? We got ROBBED man! SEQUEL!!

    Very entertaining show nevertheless , guess I will need to think up my own alternate ending in my mind…(wiggles eyebrows ) hmm what about an afterglow scene …….XD

  55. 155 k-soup

    It is one of the greatest journeys I had walked hand in hand with a drama. It was a roller coaster ride with ups and downs but brings satisfaction to my curiosity and crave for a good story. I am much in love with a good story, and because of that this Drama will always leave a good impression to me.

    It was not a perfect ending but definitely a great one.

    P.S: I enjoyed Dara’s cameo. I’m hungry for her presence in drama. Hope she gets one soon. 😀

  56. 156 WhatNow

    Why do so many people make themselves frustrated and disappointed by finding faults with the ending? Why not just accept it as a drama and be satisfied that at least you were entertained for the 20+ hours. If they had time jumped to an ending with 7 kids and 5 dogs, that would have been too predictable just because viewers were expecting it. And I don’t think it really matters how Do Min Joon got a change of clothes every time he came back. After all, if you recall BOF Geum Jan Di was poor yet she never repeated her clothes, with the exception of her uniform. Not once, not ever.

    I have watched quite a few K-dramas and also read the recaps here. I’m just amazed at how people analyze it all to death and come up with a whole long list of questions! For me, I take it as intended entertainment and leave it at that. Then move on to the next drama.

    I do have one pet peeve though. Why do writers create scenarios for female leads where they get into sticky situations and make a fool of themselves? They get drunk and end up acting or saying something utterly stupid. Or they speak aloud to themselves in public places and get overheard. One prime example is Oh Jin Hee in Emergency Couple. She seems to have trouble controlling her alcohol intake. When she gets repeatedly drunk, it’s not funny anymore. Should anyone take you seriously as a doctor when you’re not even aware you have a drinking problem?

    • 156.1 ilikemangos

      Alcoholism is a true problem in korea where the drinking culture is no joke.. esp. where soju is so cheap yet so strong. sometimes walking down the streets you see people passed out, chillin on the curb. many do stupid thinks as a result of their drunken state. It’s gotten to the point it’s so common in k-dramas that i dont even bat an eyelash when i do see one. But yes, when you are a doctor that is a different story.
      i’m sure south koreans have developed some sort of super-liver, as a result of the years and years of drinking.

      • 156.1.1 WhatNow

        Oh dear! It sounds like I will have to expect more scenes of drunkenness in future K-dramas! This will probably end up being a normal occurrence then.

        I have read that some of the actors don’t drink much though, as they can’t hold the alcohol. That’s good to know. Drink less, live healthy.

        Thanks for the heads-up, ilikemangos.

  57. 157 newgirl

    After a full year of a steady diet of Kdrama, I have to say that this one is the most enjoyable yet. I tend to watch any entertainment with a skeptical eye, and it doesn’t take much to make me withhold my willing suspension of disbelief. Yet this drama never really let me down. By the last episode, I had given myself over so completely to the writer’s vision, and the actors’ characters that I didn’t really have a problem with the lack of explanation of certain details.

    JJH is probably one of the best comedic actors I’ve ever seen. My favorite scene was the proposal CSY made for DMH on the zipdrive. JJH isn’t afraid to make a fool out of herself for the camera, and that makes all the difference.

    I don’t remember seeing any other drama where the sets and the set decoration was so in keeping with the characters and their stories, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. And the stylists, especially for CSY, were world class.

    This is one drama I will gladly watch again and again!

  58. 158 Avada Kedavra

    I’ve enjoyed this show very very much however I agree that the show hasn’t answered a lot of questions I’m still curious about. So suddenly a thought has come to my mind. What if… there will be Season 2? Who would like to see little versions of CSY and DMJ? Awww, just the thought of them makes me gigle. Kekeke ^_~

  59. 159 Ann

    Through the journey of watching YFAS, I discovered Kim Soo Hyun. To be honest, he wasn’t charming in Dream High, either is he in moon embrace the sun. Although he was good in moon embrace the sun but undeniable the child actors shine more than the adult actors. But I have to say, he is superbly handsome and charming as Do Min Joon. He nailed the part very well with all the emotions of DMJ capture perfectly and I am fully convinced that he is top in his age group actors!

    JJH is pretty, in fact over the years, she has grown more beautiful. Plus, she can wear any style which I think most Korean actress would rather stick to the one kind of proper look(the cosmetic enhance look). She is prefect as Songyi, in fact her acting is what make YFAS successful! I cry and laugh together with her throughout the drama! When she cried, I cried too, when she is happy with DMJ, I am happy for her too. This is what make her above the rest of the actress as she make us share the emotions as her in the drama!

    I truly think they would make a good couple, if JJH is not married or she has met him earlier. KSH seem to prefect his kissing with JJH, of course they have a lot of practices (there are 8 kisses in this drama that make us very Very HAPPY)The last kiss was EPIC! I am beginning to think that they have feelings for each other.. He has comment “the difference with the thieves and YFAS was JJH was single in the thieves but now she is married. He has also comment before the drama start rolling that JJH is very pretty. He has said that he request the writer to write more kiss scene. Ok, I agree, thus is fan wish!

    To sum up, JJH and KSH has the best chemistry in kdrama land. I am hoping they have projects together in the future.

    • 159.1 yuna

      I’ve been a fan of this drama but take it easy dear. Don’t think about it much. they are just playing ^_^

    • 159.2 bd

      Really don’t see the chemistry btwn JJH and KSH and besides, he doesn’t look mature enough for her.

      Also, JJH’s husband (extremely lucky fellow) is a good bit better looking than KSH.

    • 159.3 GlaSS

      Song Sam Dong was a cute, Do Min Joon just reinforced my love for him

  60. 160 dadam

    First time commenting on this site and I must say that YFAS is really one of the BEST kdramas I have ever watched!!! Couldn’t stop crying while watching both episodes 20 and 21 simultaneously. I actually foresee myself rewatching the entire series one day!! HEHEHE.

    On the other hand, I actually REALLY liked the ending. Like it wasn’t the typical fairytale happily ever after ending but rather one with some form of imperfections (like how he got to leave once in a while). Made everything feel more real to me rather than a typical ending that is expected from Kdramas. LOVE LOVE LOVE MAJOR LOVE this drama!!!

  61. 161 nanadee

    Such a wonderful unforgetable story that i will keep for a looooong….loong time in my mind…

  62. 162 baboboba

    First time comment here,
    I think at first glance, I am very meh with the wormhole ending, it seems like an easy cope-out for the story becuz the writer kinda traps herself with setting up too many complications, rules and predicaments.
    However, the space traveling doesn’t bother me much. The more I think about it, the more I like it. it’s not typical, it’s not spelling out exactly what our couple’s life together will be but that’s for our imagination to fill in. The thing is, DMJ and CSY already planned out how they would like their marriage life to be, in the countryside with 7 kids and 5 dogs and her accepting lead as well as supporting roles and him continuing teaching to earn their living, so it’s not too hard on our part to fill in the gap. Even if it’s not identical to that, they would have no short of blissful and fulfilling moments, I can’t be more assured, so all in all, still a very happy ending. I think it would be too cliche’ to display the after-marriage scenes especially they would be the exact same thing happening in DMJ’s wishful dream episodes ago.
    Moreover, it is more poignant now thinking how hard MJ must try every time to get back to SY’s side, sailing through the galaxy and across the stars. Their love would practically be a long distance relationship, albeit elevated to a cosmic level of awesomeness. Through spending times apart they would cherish every moment they have even more. THIS IS NO DOUBT ONE OF THE BEST DRaMaS I’VE EVER SEEN IF NOT THE BEST ONE :)

  63. 163 yuna

    I loved it <3

  64. 164 Zero

    does anyone know the song thats played when song-yi steps out onto the red carpet

  65. 165 light

    Loved it. Cried buckets. BUT.. i like more answers. I prefer the ship to come back and send him home after being reenergized. so he can live longer on earth. Haha. But apparently they need comets to push them into earth.

    The wormhole is too suddenly introduced. if it was built up, one or two episodes before, I would have bought it. Although I love the message of spending time as if its the last because hey, everyone leaves.

    But JJH is my new fav actress after Lee Boyoung. She is a great actress. Funny to boot. i have never seen her brand of quirky humour laced in both actions and voice. Reminds me of WooBin’s brand of sly, cynic bully voice. The uniqueness.

    One of the best chemistries i have seen between leads.

    BEST SCENE: Lawyer friend with Do Min joon on the bench in the park. The lawyer let ‘er rip, and made KSH and me cry in earnest… made me wish Do Min joon will stay only to make Lawyer ahjussi stop crying.

    Overall 4 out 5 stars. I wont watch the whole thing again except to watch the funny scenes between leads. especially when do min joon takes her phone away to stop her calling for beer.

    For the record, i watched I Hear Your Voice three times. The whole thing.

  66. 166 천송이 의 여자친구

    no words can describe how much i love this YFAS, even the ending. after more than 2 months of chasing this drama, i fear for my Weds and Thurs without my OTP Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi.
    if only 3 days can be at least half as good as YFAS….just hoping cuz there’s yoochun.

    now, gonna watch YFAS a few more times and keep replaying the final, but i doubt my Kleenex supply would last that long…

  67. 167 muta88

    someone plz answer me .. when he said ( i’m back ) is this means he stopped to disappear and he ever back

    • 167.1 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      It means that he’s back to stay on Earth for a longer time than his last record, which was a year and 1( or 2?) month. After that, he’ll go back to his planet via wormhole for a short time to regain his energy or whatever he needs from there, and come back to stay with Cheon Song Yi for an even longer period of time. So it’s basically implying that they’ll be together for a long long time.

      • 167.1.1 Guam2000

        Good response because I feel the same way.
        1. The wormhole thing – maybe the writer should of just put in a extra sentence saying that on their plant they found a new way to travel and it is using the wormhole to travel to destinations through time. As for what happened to the UFO, he was transported into it but was sucked together into the wormhole.
        2. As to why he stop time and only CSY was able to move is that after he recovered on his planet he learned that there were a few new powers that came with it, this was just one of them.
        3. Why he didn’t topple over with the ending kiss. Same thing could be said that his alien DNA has developed an immunity to the salive over time. (Kiss after Kiss).
        4. To when he said “I’m Back or I’m Home” is just as 167.1 explained.
        5. I do have to give credit to the writer and PD that this k-drama didn’t really suck at all. In fact this was the only d-drama that I though was really really good and I have watched a lot of drama and in all different languages. They were actually able to complete a whole story and not leave too many open ending. Of course this being said, understand it is sci-fi and melodrama. The main characters didn’t die actually they all lived and everyone got a ending that seemed well deserved. So don’t take all these things too literally because it will just make your head hurt. Just enjoy it and I mean really enjoy it because this is as good as it gets. Believe me.

        • blackcarnation

          1. The wormhole thing – if they found that new way, why didn’t they come to pick him up ealier? If they have just found out, that would be as much excuse as accidently sucked in to wormhole on their way back. Same result, so i think they dont want to elaborate on that.

          • ladysaotome

            Here’s an idea – they found a way to create a wormhole but they had to drop off a device at either end? So the ship had to come to drop off the device, then they grabbed Min Joon and zapped back home.

      • 167.1.2 dtdt

        but then she will get old soon and what he would be?

  68. 168 Yue

    Okay, am I the only one asking — When are they going to start with their seven kids, a huge house and a dog? I mean, that was a tease, sure, loads of fanservice – but, I’d be damned to just be; ah okay, I can accept that. Cosmic be damned, I like the leads – I loved them, however… I just feel that nagging feeling that it’s just not enough… Seriously, am I the only one who wonders why Min Joon is suddenly fine and dandy with kisses and skinship? Honestly, they haven’t answered that and for heaven’s sake, I REALLY wanted that answered – like, can even alien and humans reproduce?? I know, I’m weird for asking these kind of questions… But, I have waited two whole days to post this coz my initial reaction was super long and would have been murder…

    • 168.1 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      Well, DMJ got less sick each time they kissed so we can make believe that he eventually became immune to kissing her. 😀

      • 168.1.1 Yue

        He better ^^ Coz they need to start with that seven kids and five dogs…

        Just one more problem… Will he even age??

  69. 169 ellabit

    It’s finally over! YAY! Everything was wrapped up quite solidly but…but…butttttt…what about Cheon Song-yi? Why does he look so much like girl from Choseon period? Why did she have weird feelings when she saw the hairpin? Or was that just…coincidence?

    Anyhow, I totally agree on Soo-hyun’s crying skills. He totally ranks top and knows how to show that pain. Ahh, the feels.

    And maybe I’m the only one but I kind of felt bad for Jae-kyung. :( I feel like his evil nature was due to neglect from his father. Although they did play it off as he was some kind of psychopath. But…psychopaths don’t go crazy in jail–they only do that as an act. Maybe I’m just expecting too much of Moriarty genius out of him.

    Regardless, decent drama. I only wish there was more development with the side characters. I wish Se-mi told Song-yi more about who she liked and I wish Hee-kyung just literally finally got over Song-yi. Your love for Song-yi is doomed, Hee-kyung. Absolutely doomed.

    *sigh* Fairly happy with the little brother and Bok-ja. Hehehehe. Those two were by far the best characters in the drama.

    • 169.1 ellabit

      Aggh, typos! I meant “Why does she look so much like girl from Choseon period?”

    • 169.2 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      I think it’s the whole destiny and fate concept.

    • 169.3 deestar

      Cheon Song Yi is the reincarnation of Lee Hwa, so the 2 girls that Do Min Joon fall in love with, are basically the same person, and share the same fate. when Do Min Joon came to earth 400 years ago, i think he falls in love with Lee Hwa and choose to go to save her from falling off the cliff, while his UFO went away; after that, there are also a few more instances where he saves her from dying. however, she still dies in the end. in the present, Cheon Song Yi is Do Min Joon’s second chance to be with the girl he loves. as she shares the same fate as Lee Hwa, there are also many instances where she faces death,and each time, Do Min Joon saves her. Do Min Joon is supposed to make a choice again, to stay with Cheon Song Yi, or go back to his planet. with his second chance, Do Min Joon uses it well, and gets a happy ending with his girl in the end.

  70. 170 NY

    I wish good things for Bok-ja, but she looked much cooler with her short cut hair than in the last episode :)

  71. 171 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

    I absolutely love this drama. I can safely say that My Love From The Star has topped all the dramas that I’ve ever watched. This drama will definitely stay on my #1 spot for 400 years. I had never been so obsessively in love with a kdrama before. I finished this drama a changed person, seriously. If this drama gets a long list of awards, it totally deserves it.

    I love every single moment of this drama. Not once did I feel that the storyline was dragging (none of those infamous noble idiocy, pointless ep extensions), or felt frustrated with any characters. Not once! Instead, I love the characters from beginning to finish! They are all unique and true to their personalities. If I were to list everything I love about the characters, it’d take a whole page. So I’ll just say that Cheon Song Yi is forever my fictional idol.

    With regards to the ending, I am satisfied. It was not the best ending that one’d imagine, but as long as it’s a happy ending, I have nothing to complain about because it was all I wish for. The ending took awhile to sink in though. I watched it 3 times and had to truly think about this not-so-obvious happy ending. But, I finally got the message. I love how Cheon Song Yi regained her reputation as an actress and had Do Min Joon added in her life. I am so glad, beyond glad, that this did not end like City Hunter or Rooftop Prince. So thank you writers so much for that! Also, it’s been said a thousand times before but the cast did an amazing job.

    My Love From The Star had me laughing in every episode, it lived up to its comedy title! At the same time, the storyline is so touching, breathtaking, romantic, unique, just pure awesome, beyond words. It’s been the best 3 months ever! I looked forward to Wednesdays and Thursdays week after week. I’m just happy that the drama ended so well. I feel like my life is completed lmao.

    • 171.1 Guam2000

      Totally agreed with you and the OST is great too.

  72. 172 KMT 184.05-struck

    does anyone know of any fanvid with a compilation of: do min joon’s interview scenes/do min joon’s university lecturer scenes/400 years ago scenes/12 years ago scenes?

  73. 173 bd

    OK – YFAS was a decent watch but hardly anything approaching a great drama.

    There were numerous problems, including the paint-by-nos. romantic story-line where one felt that one had to “feel” something in a certain scene than actually feeling it due to it feeling forced, not to mention overly cheesy (one really can’t get any cheesier than that theme ballad, but most of the music was pretty nauseating – note to YFAS Music Director – see Hyori’s song for INR3 as a reference for a good love song) w/ too many overly dramatic proclamations of love to both self and finally to the other.

    One of the few times where real emotions were felt was when Song-Yi was desperate to hear about any story about Min-joon from others, but the cheesy scenes outnumbered the scenes of real emotion.

    If a romcom/melo/sci fi drama can’t get the romance part right, then it fails big time (there’s a problem when the most emotional/best relationship was btwn Min-joon and his lawyer friend/fake father).

    Another thing is that despite all this talk about the “chemistry” btwn JJH and KSH – I just don’t see it (didn’t see it in “Thieves” either).

    Granted, a part was that KSH was playing a reserved/emotionless alien, but there have been plenty of dramas were the lead male was a reserved/emotionless chaebol heir and we have seen sparkling chemistry (see Gong Hyo-jin and So Ji-sub in “Master’s Sun”).

    Also, KSH just doesn’t look right w/ JJH – he still looks too young and not mature enough.

    While not as bad as “Secret Garden” and RTP, there were also too many stereotypical/1-dimensional characters – both stage mothers, Se-mi, etc.

    At least the villain here wasn’t totally incompentent/bumbling as in RTP, but then again, it wasn’t like Jae-kyung was a criminal mastermind either, using the usual tricks and his $$ and henchmen (well, secretary/henchman) and he was brought down ultimately by being recorded TWICE as to what his evil plans were.

    But then again, a chaebol heir was hardly a rival for an alien w/ superpowers such as stopping time, as well as teleporting and others.

    The whole missing father thing was a bit weird, esp., when he showed virtually no attention to his son when he started to re-appear in their lives (also, it was weird to see Song-yi’s brother go from someone who seemed so bitter towards her to the over-protective, younger brother that he turned out to be).

    And there were too many things that didn’t make sense, never explained, or just conveniently but poorly hashed just to tie-loose ends.

    The whole emotional lead-up to Min-joo leaving or dying wasn’t nearly as powerful as it should have been (aside from the cheesiness) since it was pretty evident that he was going to come back, but the rationale – him falling into a wormhole and then being able to teleport himself back briefly and then for a longer time?

    As JB had noted, that just doesn’t mesh w/ the whole 400 year wait for the spaceship thing; I mean, what was the whole point?

    Btw, where was the brother when all those people were gazing at the comet/falling stars/alien spacecraft since he was such a space-nerd?

    This is just a sign of LAZY writing (just like in SG and RTP).

    And w/ Min-joon being caught on video a no. of times teleporting/disappearing and doing other things, one would have thought that he would have been visited by the SK space agency, if not the intelligence agency and the military; but all he got was an investigating…

    • 173.1 Jax

      Wow some of your comments were what I thought of too as I was watching the series. The cheesiness was well, it was cheesy but I think I observed from watching Korean dramas that they love being cute so I think I just brushed it aside because that’s what separates it from American series.
      Regarding the “chemistry”, I don’t know if there was real chemistry or not and as you pointed out I that the male lead was really young that it was somewhat weird for him to be paired with JJH, who is obviously older but nonetheless prettier than ever before.
      And to the ending, I couldn’t agree more. The ending was just a bummer because I think it was similar to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in the sense that even though one of the main characters died they just came back with no supporting backup from the previous episodes on how it could’ve happened. And the wormhole explanation to me just made it worse because it contradicted everything from the beginning. I don’t want to believe that it was because of lazy writing but it was just inexplicable how they thought about that ending.

  74. 174 violet88

    I love the ending in a sense that it end on a happy note, with DMJ pop out on his bed next to SY saying “I’m home”.. I can smile whenever remembering YWCFTS in the future with this.
    However personally i was expecting a solid closure on their human-alien love story.. they should gave us some hint that they somehow able to realize their envisioned-future life, maybe showing SY with growing belly or even had little girl running around them (1 is enough so that we can peacefully assume they are on the way with the mission to complete the quota – 7 daughters.. :) )

    Even though the show did not address all of the plot throughout the ending (e.g. SY and Yi-Hwa resemblance, saliva and blood exchange between DMJ and human, etc) i will not make it an issue since the overall story is really loveable.

    However I do wonder whether they are really considered married during the end of ep 20 when SY said that they are now married to each other, and she won’t accept him cheating on her.. is that acceptable in Korea?

  75. 175 carla

    It’s over. I can’t accept that it just turn out to be like, where-forever-suffering-from-disappearing. Can’t the author or writer gave us a clear ending? It just end up with another questions. So, it’s like it never has an ending.

    Sorry, but the first half of this drama hook me up and the rest is like a show off. There were no stories at the second half. I was just waiting it to end, and they end it up like it was just an ordinary episode. DISAPPOINTMENT~

    But, I love this drama. A sort of new theme plus the characters. Even if it ends up like that, it satisfied me from the acting of the actors and actresses. Should I gave credit to the director? It seems that the scenes are the best asset of this drama. It’s still a WELL DONE. ^_^

  76. 176 jcon108

    guys, i have read in soompi forum that sbs will show an ‘epilogue’ or probably a part of epilogue not shown pr the complete epilogue! on march 4 on sbs website (hopefully they will show it on youtube too)

  77. 177 violet88

    I think there’s commentor who said there’s rumors about the drama ending that the whole drama being a “drama-under-shooting” and the story end upon director’s “cut”.. i think if there’s some basic to this rumor, it might referring to the interview MJ had throughout the episode and the one at the final episode with SY..
    Perhaps they agree with President Ahn (or any other producer) that they want to documented their love story and MJ’s journey and experience as in a biography.. this might tie with the book that beanies been talking about too (the one with man/boy and woman/girl with SBS logo) that they actually had the biography printed out as well.. heeeee… just my thought…

  78. 178 jcon108

    Full Epilogue of #YouWhoCameFromTheStars Episode 21 [Finale] will be posted in SBS website on March 4!
    #JunJiHyun #KimSooHyun

  79. 179 AJ

    What will happen when Cheon Song Yi gets older and then eventually die? :( Poor Do Min Joon will be left alone oh no

  80. 180 will

    DMJ comes from an advanced alien civilization which can control time and space. They probably have the tech to control DNA as “no parents/no friends” could mean that they all grow up in test tubes and have a societal order not requiring human bonding/mating. They have control over disease and environment so they can potentially live forever. The society wouldn’t need family structure as organic pairings would overpopulate their planet.

    The aliens sent an exploratory group to earth to study earth’s biosphere and ecology on the first trip. They terra-transformed the comet to match earths biosphere as much as they could observe from their planet. The aliens suffer when mixing saliva and blood with humans because they would not be immune to foreign germs/diseases. They get first hand samples of earth’s composition on the first trip.

    On their second trip, the aliens tech has had 400 years to advance based on earths collected samples. They could’ve planted a beacon for the wormhole that allows them to travel interplanetary distances. DMJ was the gineau pig to try this unstable new tech to travel to earth. Their years of research on earth’s ecology allowed them to repair DMJ’s body to better match earth’s ecosystem possibly making him almost human. He is then able to mate and age within the same timespan.

    • 180.1 PTfrmUSA

      Now — your talking my language ! B)

    • 180.2 Ennayra

      This is now drama fact.

  81. 181 Thursdaynexxt

    If there’s a Sung Si Kyung song on an OST, I think I’m gonna have to start taking it as a hint as to the drama ending!

    That’s twice in a row now – Answer Me 1994, and YFAS!!

  82. 182 Tweetiebird

    Had to travel for work then was away for holiday, so finishing this so late, so glad I managed to avoid spoilers. I agree that the ending could have made more sense, but all in all what a remarkably good series, have thoroughly enjoyed this!! Thanks for the recaps JB!!

  83. 183 kaytee

    I loved how the ending was happy for MJ and SY but not in a way that was terribly cliche and unrealistic. The endings i find most annoying are those that are just TOO happy. Yes MJ and SY will face problems ahead like the fact that he can’t stay on earth for too long or the fact that she ages while he doesn’t or the question of how the hell can they have babies when MJ’s species doesn’t reproduce?! But u know that whatever may happen they’ll get through it because that’s just how strong their relationship is; they can get through any predicament. They’re living and relishing the present; when u have space being a barrier the future can wait for later.

    There were just a few things that irked me (which probably stems from my inner Yoo In Na fan coming out). When she opened up to SY about just how long it takes to get over someone u love in contrast to how much pain SY was in even after 3 years I understood by Se-mi was resentful of SY. The audience didn’t sympathize with her as much because we couldn’t see her crying or in agony over Hui Kyeong for 15 years of her life. If her pain was as much as SY felt then it doesn’t excuse her actions but definitely explains it. That being said, i felt that Se-mi didn’t deserve to be second rate to SY again – and the writers made it painfully obvious what with the billboards being replaced, the papparazzi completely ignoring her after SY came out, etc. Understandable that SY simply is a better actor but to give no acknowledgement to Se-mi?

    Also, I wanted to see the father and son corny bonding moment not just the father and SY.

  84. 184 Dulcinea2

    YWCFTS is my absolute favorite drama now! Everything about it was perfect. Undoubtedly, the chemistry between the lead couple gave the drama an incredible amount of appeal. I have read countless comments here and in other forums on what a great real life couple they would make, and I have thought it too! And of course, we know that is wishful thinking, as the national goddess has her real life Adonis and most seem to respect that and halt any shipping dreams :)
    It surprises me though, how many people shut down the idea of a real life romance between the two, not because she is married–or besides the fact that she is married–to the fact that KSH is younger, thus assuming he is not “mature” enough. I must say that might not necessarily be true. My husband is eight years younger than I am; when we met he was 26, and I dare say, he was more mature than I. Maybe that’s why I always thought KSH and JJH would make a cute, sexy couple LOL. Regardless, I hope they work together in the near future.

    • 184.1 Ennayra

      This is my first Kim Soo-hyun drama, and he gets props for pulling off grumpy old man so well. :-)

  85. 185 Ennayra

    Yeah, there were definitely some tears(when anyone cried, I cried). Definitely some clapping(he can kiss without almost dying!). Some rolling of the eyes(Bok-ja going after Yoon-jae, and also her wig). This last episode had it all. I loved it. Thank you, Show!

  86. 186 Kairou

    This is my first time following a drama since it’s first episode, and I’ve been waking up at 5am in the morning just to watch the new eps in subs! That’s how much I love this drama, provided that I’m a person that sleeps a lot. Hahaha.

    First off, I’m really surprised with Jeon Ji Hyun’s acting in this drama. She makes me feel that nobody else can be Chun Song Yi except for HER! Every time she does something funny I’d laugh my ass off, every time she cries I’ll cry too. Hahah I guess I’m putting too much emotion in? While waiting for the new eps to come out, I actually went back and watch all the shows that she’s been in, ’cause I wasn’t born in the ‘sassy girl’ era! But her performance in sassy girl was sooooo funny! And also the thieves and Berlin file. It’s all so good!

    As for Kim Soo Hyun, I kinda liked him when I first watched dream high. But a few weeks after I finished that drama I kinda forgotten about him already. But now I’m crazy over him AGAIN! I joined Korean fan club for the first time in my life hahahaha. I loved how he portrayed Do Min Joon as a cold person in the beginning and I loved it when he cold heart started to melt because of Song Yi! Ahhhh.

    This drama is probably one of the best romcom that I’ve ever watched in my life. I’ll definitely buy the DVD and keep it for memories!

    I’m happy that we’ve gotten our happy ending but sad that this drama is finally over. No more waiting in front of the computer for the next episode to be out. Haih. I’m gonna miss all the characters so much!

    Ps: this is the first time I’m typing this long here. That’s how much I love this drama! Thanks java beans for the recap. I enjoyed it!

  87. 187 crazedaze

    If the moon embraces the sun made KSH a household name in Korea, YFAS has definitely put him on the radar in Asia. This show is an absolute talk of the town where I’m from, even those who aren’t regular k drama viewers are hooked. I hear of date nights just to watch it together!!!
    What a treat to see the chemistry of our leads, I want more !!!!

  88. 188 YFASfan

    Have you watched the full epilogue of the last episode? They just released it!!!

    • 188.1 Teal

      I saw it. Wished they showed this ending instead of the other one.

    • 188.2 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

      Totally loved it. The final epilogue just sealed the happy ending for me. :)

    • 188.3 Mari

      do u happen to understand what they’re talking about? I can’t find eng sub vid anywhere

      • 188.3.1 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

        The talking part of the epilogue is already included in the last scenes of ep 21. That one should be subbed. If not, viki has the full subbed epilogue separately.

  89. 189 aida

    Wow wow wow wow!!!!!!! Amazing I LOVED this drama..the eemotion, the story, I admit it wasn’t the best way to end it (being not completely logical and all) but it was nevertheless fulfilling and just a perfect way to keep at least me happy…finally i loved the acting the story the fun and thank you for the recap…….btw i’m going to keep an eye out for the next kim soo hyun drama since his acting was amazing!!!

  90. 190 stargazer

    just watched the extended epilogue.



    without subs though

  91. 191 violet88

    yeah, just watched it as well.. thanks for the link.. I don’t understand though, if there’s only 2mins long of epilogue why can’t they just include this in the ep 21 finale? this latest epilogue is much more fulfilling to all of YFTS’s die hard fans like us..

  92. 192 Jo

    I’d seen the extended epilogue and hopefully this will help me with my withdrawal syndrome. But as I am still lurking and reading DB comments….I think I can now relate to CSY asking Bok Ja for any DMJ stories because she misses him. I appreciate any YFTS comments coz I miss the show so darn much! Well, it’s only been a week….I guess, in time……

  93. 193 rawrling

    Not sure where to post – but have you guys watched the episode 21 epilogue??

    I thought it was such a sweet ending.

  94. 194 PDW

    just watched the full epilogue… that’s what I called a “happy ending”

    Now “i’m perfectly happy..” *bigsmile

  95. 195 mirela


  96. 196 ilikemangos

    I just thought this was too good not to share:


  97. 197 dtdt

    I don’t see the chemistry between the 2 lead actors as well. Even sometimes the lead actor makes me think he doesn’t like her either. I wish they would choose another male lead instead. The male lead in tis TV series is a very good actor, he acts super good in Dream High but he just doesn’t match with the girl. I like him much more with the little girl of 400years ago. They look so cute together.

    This story has too many flaws but the ideas are good so it is considered a good drama. The actress is so cute. They should cut it down to 18 eps.

  98. 198 exquisitemelody

    Wanna write my comments before I read JB’s…

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE A;LJF;LAKDJ;FLKDJ OMG LOOOOVVEEE THIS ENDING!!! It’s so perfect. I love that they still get a happy ending, but a ‘realistic’ one. It wasn’t a clean ‘I’m coming back for forever!’ He’s going to keep fighting to come back to her. omg, love it!!!!

    It feels a little “time traveler’s wife”-y, but hopefully a much happier version. How perfect that these little interviews came together in the end. Love it!

    The only catch…he still doesn’t age, and she will. Things’ll get weird. I wonder if he’d ever find a way to figure things out? Maybe part two will be him finding a way to bring her to HIS planet….omg that would be awesome. Someone please tell me there is a fanfic of this! haha Also…so the whole world is just going to accept this alien-ness? I’ll just ignore that.

    I only actually watched up to ep 9 and then go too busy and only now caught up with just reading, so THANKS FOR ALL THE RECAPS!!!!! I really enjoyed this series, even though I didn’t necessarily watch all of it. Maybe when I ever get the chance, I’ll actually watch it properly.

  99. 199 mellyfarr

    does anyone know what phone are they using ?

    • 199.1 novi

      @mellyfarr They use Samsung galaxy note 3 + gear if i’m not mistaken

  100. 200 Mari

    This is a full version of final episode epilogue which released on March, 4th. I couldn’t understand because this one is raw. I need english sub. Or maybe does anyone understand what they’re saying? Thank yoooou :)


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