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You From Another Star: Episode 21 (Final)
by | February 27, 2014 | 498 Comments

It’s overrrrrrrr, we can all resume breathing now. You From Another Star ended today, and I admit to going into the finale still wondering how the heck they would get our couple out of their cosmic fix. There are a few spots I think got glossed over, but I’m left with a solid appreciation for the value of appreciating each moment of happiness and living life to the fullest, which isn’t about doing stuff so much as it is being conscious of what you’ve got while you’ve got it. Not a bad sentiment to go out on.


Kim Bada – “그대와 영원히” (With you forever). An interesting spacey cover of a classic ballad. [ Download ]

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Min-joon makes his heartfelt “I love you” speech, telling Song-yi that he’d said so in suspended moments, afraid of letting the words be washed away by the flow of time. Song-yi replies, “The you I’ve known in my time, and also the you from time I haven’t known—I love you.”

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that in the four hundred years he’s been here, he has faithfully kept to his rule of not having anything it would be too painful to lose. He was always aware that he wouldn’t be able to take anything with him, so he didn’t want to love anything or anyone. And that rule worked well for him.

“But in these last three months, everything has crumbled,” he says.

In bed, Song-yi asks him to tell her when he first liked her. In interview, he thinks it over and isn’t quite sure—all he knows is that he grew to love her and became afraid of losing her. “Right now, I’m thinking of what is the best thing I can do for her. My final fate is beginning. Will I be able to beat it?”

Song-yi and Min-joon head out to the balcony, where they look up at the sky, especially bright tonight with the comet on its approach. As we see in a news report, the comet has now left its orbit and is heading toward Earth, and people are urged to look for meteors. Sure enough, a shower lights up the sky with stars falling in abundance and exciting bystanders, who stop to look up in awe.

Song-yi suggests wishing on a falling star, and Min-joon complains that those are just rocks, and that he always found that wishing custom silly. Despite the gripe, though, he closes his eyes to wish along with her.

As people stop what they’re doing to watch the meteor shower and take pictures, one meteor flares extra-bright as it flies overhead. One man confusedly thinks he saw a UFO rather than a comet, though this comment gets laughed off.

But we know better, and at a distance that UFO hovers over the dark forest and shines on its lights. Miles away, Min-joon, who’s still praying on his star, feels it and his hand starts to flicker into transparency before regaining its solid form. Shaken, Min-joon holds up that hand to touch Song-yi’s face while she’s still deep in her prayer, but doesn’t make contact.

Instead, he begins his last goodbye: “Chun Song-yi, whom I love. It’s cold, so don’t go around wearing things that are exposed. You’re prettier when you’re covered up.” Eyes still closed in prayer, Song-yi starts to cry as she listens to him continue, “As I said last time, kiss scenes or back hug scenes are no good. So are passionate melodramas. Don’t be sick, and don’t read negative internet comments. Don’t sing alone pitifully and cry, either. Don’t eat alone, and don’t just walk into any room when you’re drunk.”

Song-yi’s face crumples in tears and she has to turn away. Min-joon’s voice shakes as he keeps going: “Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will.”

By now they’re both choking back sobs, and he has to try extra-hard to maintain his composure. “But if… if I can’t come back… then forget it all.”

She cries, “How could I forget?” She asks how he could ask that of her, then grows scared when he doesn’t reply. She turns in trepidation… and he’s gone. Oooof.

Denial hits first and Song-yi demands that he stop playing tricks on her, that he can’t be so mean as to leave before she got her say. But she knows the truth and sinks down, crying her heart out.

Out in the forest, Min-joon’s body vanishes into a million particles of light, just like we’d seen in his vision.

On to less devastating events. CEO Ahn redoubles his efforts to win Song-yi back to his agency, via her weakest link: Mom. He comes by with designer bags and gifts, but you know Mom has changed when she tries to slam the door in his face anyway.

CEO Ahn makes his pitch, that Song-yi is currently the recipient of the whole country’s remorse, and it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. Mom says that she doesn’t care about bags or fancy goods, and entreats, “Just please do something about Song-yi.”

She describes Song-yi’s zombie-like state of the past few days, not eating or sleeping and spending all her time next door in Min-joon’s home. Song-yi wanders around the empty place and see Min-joon appearing next to her, though we see that she’s just imagining his presence.

Jae-kyung’s trial begins, and Prosecutor Seok starts by listing the charges. Jae-kyung’s attorney gets up to argue for his release on bail… or that’s what Jae-kyung expects. To his shock, the attorney accepts the prosecutor’s terms, and judging from the stern look on Daddy CEO’s face, it seems clear that he has cut the line of support.

Afterward, Jae-kyung speaks with his father and adopts an entreating tone, insisting on his innocence and asking Dad to send Hwi-kyung far away. He shares his plan to set up his secretary as the sole criminal and asks his father to arrange the payoff for the secretary’s family.

Dad states that he’s turning over all assets in Jae-kyung’s name to charity, which Jae-kyung approves as a tactic to curry favor with the public. But his face falls when Dad adds that he has no desire to aid him any further: “You’ll spend the rest of your life in this cold prison. It’s a shame.”

Realizing that his father is not on his side, Jae-kyung tries to argue that this would be too huge a blow to the company, but Dad says he intends to step down and hire a professional CEO. He hadn’t realized he was harboring a monster in his midst, not even when it ate up his son. Dad now regrets covering up an accident in Jae-kyung’s childhood that half-blinded his friend, blaming himself for everything. “I had no idea you would do that to Han-kyung…”

Jae-kyung tries to laugh that Hwi-kyung’s accusations are absurd, saying that Hwi-kyung is trying to usurp his place. But Dad is unbudging, and as Jae-kyung is being escorted back to his cell, he thunders that he’ll find a way to get himself out of here on his own.

Hwi-kyung comes by to cheer Song-yi up with chicken and beer and grumbles about Min-joon ditching her. But Song-yi tells him, “He did everything he could for me. What I can’t bear right now is that I realized that too late. I couldn’t do anything for him, or say a proper farewell. He’s going to do his utmost there, too. He told me to wait, so he’ll be doing everything he can over there. He may not be able to come back in the end, but I won’t forget. I won’t forget a thing, and diligently wait.”

Hwi-kyung shares that Min-joon had asked him to look after Song-yi while he’s gone, because while he feels uneasy about keeping Hwi-kyung at her side, he also feel safest asking him.

Then, something catches Song-yi’s eye. It’s Min-joon’s dying plants, becoming green again, and she says with hope, “They’re living. He must have arrived safely. He must be okay now.” Aw yay.

Song-yi finds her brother tending to his new telescope, surprised to hear that Min-joon had given it to him. In flashback, we see Min-joon telling Yoon-jae about leaving on a trip soon, which by the way stirs adorable hope in Yoon-jae that he may need a bike with a basket. *finger touch*

Min-joon asks Yoon-jae to listen to his noona while he’s gone, using the telescope as a bribe. Yoon-jae is so thrilled that he asks permission to hug him, and then ignores Min-joon’s “No” to assault him with one anyway.

On the set of Se-mi’s movie, the director is antsy to have Song-yi back from her personal leave. Se-mi sidles up for a master stroke at reverse psychology, saying that she supports the idea of firing Song-yi. After all, Song-yi’s been on the rise lately with tons of offers heading her way, and it’s making Se-mi uncomfortable. “I’m sure we’ll be a hit with just me onboard,” she says. “Surely we won’t flop.” That’s enough to get the director to backpedal right away.

Bok-ja goes in for her post-heartbreak Felicity routine, asking for an even shorter haircut. She sighs that it was a push-pull relationship she’d been working… even if she never pushed him away and was mostly pulling.

And then, Song-yi plops into the chair next to her and asks for a haircut too. Bok-ja scoffs that Song-yi doesn’t have the confidence to pull off short hair (heh, a fun dig at Jeon Ji-hyun’s career-long resistance to changing her hairstyle), and the ladies relocate for a pity party in Song-yi’s apartment.

Song-yi busts a gut laughing at Bok-ja’s tale of woe over Min-joon, then asks Bok-ja to share more stories about him. And when Bok-ja says there’s nothing more to tell, Song-yi asks her to repeat the stories she’s already told, her laughs turning to sobs.

Se-mi arrives to check on Song-yi and deliver the shooting schedule, and Song-yi turns to her too, asking for Min-joon stories. “I don’t care what it’s about, just tell me something,” she begs.

Song-yi wonders how long it’ll take for mention of Min-joon not to hurt, if that’s even possible. Se-mi tells her that right now her every thought is of him, and that it’s harder to not think of him. But somewhere down the line, she’ll think of him out of the blue, and realize that she’d been thinking of something else. That’s when it’ll stop hurting, because she’ll be able to think of other things.

Song-yi asks how long it’ll take, and Se-mi says for her it was fifteen years, but now it doesn’t hurt. Song-yi says sympathetically that it must’ve been hard for her, then wonders how she’ll be able to survive if it takes her that long.

Then, we cut to Song-yi in Min-joon’s library, in interview mode. She describes how hard it is not to think of Min-joon, and revisits the places they’d gone to seek traces of him. She also describes how it felt to come upon their hundred-day anniversary, and as promised she goes to the Namsan Tower restaurant. She waits there all night, looking hopefully at every person who walks in, until finally someone sits down across from her.

It’s Min-joon, and he smiles at her. She smiles back, but a moment later we see that she’s sitting alone at that table.

In another interview, Song-yi says that at things started to feel different, though. Early on, she had assumed she’d been seeing things, but at a point she started to believe she’d actually seen Min-joon. “No, I did see him,” she corrects. But she knows that’s impossible, and wonders if she’s going crazy.

Fortunately she has a kindred spirit in Lawyer Jang, who laughs that he’s felt the same thing. He recounts an incident where he’d been tending to Min-joon’s thriving plants and heard Min-joon call his name, appearing behind him. Lawyer Jang had gotten up excitedly to embrace him… only to have Min-joon vanish.

Song-yi says that she’d gone to the hospital and been told it was grief-related stress. She figures that Lawyer Jang must’ve been quite close to Min-joon to experience the same thing.

Yoon-jae makes an exciting discovery with his telescope—a minor planet that he reported to the international astrology bureau, which he’ll get to name if they credit him with the discovery. Mom suggests that he name it after her, but he says he’s gonna name it Do Min-joon Star.

That segues us into three years later, when Yoon-jae gets his wish and the discovery is confirmed. He’s interviewed by a reporter and credits his mentor for helping him with the difficult achievement, hence the planet name Do Min-joon.

Bok-ja has assumed the role of his manager, her hair now quite a bit longer than when we’d last seen her. Judging from the way she fawns over Yoon-jae, it’s not hard to see where her current (delusional?) interest lies. He rejects her flat, and she coos that he’s playing hard to get.

The two investigators discuss the Jae-kyung case, which has given up its appeal and drawn strangely little support from S&C Group. Jae-kyung was recently moved to a safe cell because he has started insisting that he’s being visited by people he has killed. Seok figures this is one case of a criminal having a mental break when confronted with his misdeeds and facing a dead end.

However, there’s one oddity that Seok has heard: Jae-kyung claimed to see Min-joon recently. Detective Park shrugs it off as further sign of insanity, but now we’ve had three Min-joon sightings. Dare we hope this signals a return? Is he appearing in flashes? Beam me down, Scotty?

Song-yi’s career is back on top, with Hwi-kyung ever her faithful supporter/friend/investor. He denies any connection to being her investor despite all facts pointing to the contrary, feigning ignorance when she notes that his company keeps funding her movies. He’s outed when the film crew swings by and thanks him for all his constant attention, support, and food trucks. Ha.

Just then, Song-yi spots Min-joon standing in the crowd of fans and gets up with a start, scanning the faces intently as she shouts his name. When she can’t find him, she dissolves into tears and Hwi-kyung does his best to comfort her.

Mom and Dad ask about her tearful breakdown later, as Song-yi’s preparing for an award ceremony. Song-yi bursts into tears again, saying, “I miss him… I want to see him, and touch him, and be with him so much I want to die.”

Award ceremony time. Stars make their arrival on the red carpet, giving us cameos from Sandara Park and Kim Won-joon. Se-mi gets her moment in the spotlight, but it’s Song-yi’s arrival that sends everyone into a frenzy. Cameras flash like crazy, fans scream, and Song-yi works the carpet like a pro.

And then… time freezes. Aie! No! Is it…?

Strangely, Song-yi doesn’t freeze. She looks around in confusion at the sudden halt of everything around her, and spots someone out in the crowd, walking past all the frozen people into plain view: Min-joon.

Incredulous and speechless, Song-yi meets him at the landing, where Min-joon shrugs out of his jacket to place on her shoulders, reminding her that he told her not to go around all exposed like this.

She can’t quite believe it’s him, but he assures her that it is, and she clutches him tightly. He apologizes for coming so late, then kisses her—just as time unfreezes on the spectacle. The crowd goes wild.

For the first time, we get a joint interview with the couple as Min-joon fields the question of whether he’s back for good. Oh, is this an actual news interview? Min-joon wonders how to explain it, and Song-yi says that he did come back, but he disappeared soon after.

Back at the award hall, Song-yi opens her eyes from the kiss to see that Min-joon is gone again. Everyone is stunned since he was just standing there moments ago, and she looks around in confusion, alone again.

Interviewing, Min-joon explains that when he’d left three years ago, he’d been sucked into a wormhole. After he recovered his health, and started searching for a way back. He tried many times and had fleeting successes, but was only able to come to Earth for seconds at a time. The hundred-day Namsan Tower date was his first success, not a hallucination after all.

Seeing Lawyer Jang was his second success, and then we see him appearing in Jae-kyung’s cell. He says that he is here to confirm that Jae-kyung had in fact lost everything, while Jae-kyung is deeply rattled, thinking himself mad.

He experienced many failed attempts, but the crucial point is that with each try he was able to remain on Earth for longer stretches. This time has been a year and two months, Song-yi confirms.

On a cozy night in, Song-yi and Min-joon settle back to watch the stars, his plants still thriving. Song-yi repeats the words she’d said the night of his proposal, “I’m perfectly happy.”

But that’s when Min-joon disappears from his chair. Song-yi takes in the sight calmly this time, assured of his eventual return.

He leaves his book behind, open to the line: “Once, there was rabbit that miraculously found its way back home.”


Song-yi interviews, and is asked the question of how hard it is to deal with Min-joon’s unpredictable departures. Of course it is, she says, but it also allows her to love him more: “If I think that this may be the last time I see his face before me, that moment feels incredibly precious.”

And as she sleeps in bed alone, Min-joon appears next to her and is there when she wakes to say, “I’m back.”


Ahh, it’s over. Time to make sense of it all!

First off, I am happy that we ended on a happy note, one that left our two characters together and in the moment—I didn’t want to be given a poetic or metaphorical facsimile of a happy ending, I wanted my happy ending with a concrete win against the cosmos, tied up in a bow. And given the epic nature of this couple’s battle with the fates (in that it was like cancer to the tenth power, with an interfering meanie universe to boot), maybe some fanservice too. Maybe a lot of fanservice. By virtue of the fact that we got that, I can’t complain too much about loose ends or plot quibbles, because the overall emotional arc was resolved and I’m at peace with it.

On the other hand, I’m not perfectly satisfied on an intellectual level, because in addition to the romance finding its cheerful resolution (which was the paramount concern), I was still hoping for all the mysteries and plot questions to be answered in a way that felt logical and feasible. It didn’t have to be scientifically accurate or believable in a real-world sense, but I wanted the drama to explain its mechanisms, and I don’t think it did that.

This is a weakness in many a Korean drama dealing with paranormal/supernatural/fantasy elements so You From Another Star is hardly the only offender, but it remains that if you set up this fictional world with very distinct and quirky rules (you can only space-travel home once in four centuries, your existence is threatened if you don’t return, human saliva makes you sick), then I’m going to want to know why. Some answers were given (like the comet explanation for the 400-year cycle) but many were not. Since some of these rules are so interesting and amusing, I’ve been waiting all series long to get an explanation, however silly or fictional, and when the drama chooses not to address them at all, I can’t shake a feeling of disappointment.

For instance, why does Song-yi not freeze when Min-joon returns? Did that last kiss make Min-joon sick, or is he completely fine now that he’s been back and recovered his health? Does that reset his sick-meter so that he won’t undergo the slow decay as he did the first time, or is he actually rejuvenated (so to speak) by his regular trips through the wormhole?

Speaking of wormholes: WTF, wormhole. Talk about a last-minute deus ex machina, aka that magical answer to curing finale episodes in need of a happy ending. You From Another Star made me think of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in that the supernatural beloved is whisked away out of reach, leaving the earthbound half to wait for years, to be then gifted with their lover’s return because of a solution that doesn’t really make sense. It seemed out of the blue to have Min-joon return home that first time via wormhole given the arrival of the UFO, but I suppose we needed it to establish the wormhole travel that would then account for his trips back and forth, but as this all came in the drama’s last fifteen minutes, I’m not sure it was necessary.

How much do I love how the ending line of the drama (pre-epilogue) works with our hero’s journey, where the book describes the bunny finding his miraculous path home? Because despite the fact that Min-joon spent centuries waiting for his spaceship back to his planet, it turns out that home actually is on Earth, with Song-yi, with the people he loves.

I’m not going to quibble about the Time Traveler’s Wife feel of the constantly disappearing Min-joon, because at least that gave us emotional payoffs that felt organic to these characters. And that’s the kind of thing that has buoyed my love of the show all series long, because when you pare down the plot to its essential bones, it’s a familiar story of lovers fighting a force outside of their control to be together, and barring that, to make the most of what they’re given.

What made this drama such a winner for me was Song-yi’s irrepressible spirit and Min-joon’s unflagging devotion, and the fun alien-superpower stuff was mostly gravy—cause for a good laugh, but not the meat and potatoes. Not to downplay the value of a solidly crafted joke, because goodness knows we’ve seen enough bad attempts at comedy fall flat that I give respect when a drama pulls it off. There were some truly golden moments, like Song-yi’s verbal mix-ups, Min-joon’s brief but awesome dips into childish pettiness, Yoon-jae’s blind adoration (and ET fixation), and superpower-related sight gags.

Some of that we owe to the leads’ chemistry, which was the main reason I tuned in—sure the alien premise was interesting, but mostly, I’d seen The Thieves. I’d seen the kissing. Rawr. There’s nothing worse than a romance that falls flat because of a lack of rapport, despite everything else working, so when you already know the couple is going to crackle together, that’s gold. Served up on a silver platter. Sparkling with diamonds.

And I can’t even express how thrilled I am with Jeon Ji-hyun’s drama comeback—you could almost call it her drama debut, given that her last series was Happy Together in 1999 and she had very limited television work on her resumé. She had actually spent quite a bit of time lumped into the “pretty actress with limited acting skills” category, though I think she’s been underestimated. But it was hard to see all her potential in action when she only acted in select film projects and not that prolifically at that, so for her You From Another Star is something of a discovery moment, even though she’s well into the second decade of her career and is already an A-list star.

Kim Soo-hyun, on the other hand, seems to be unable to put a foot wrong, though I can’t begrudge him his success since he has earned every bit of it by always being present and committed. He has some of the best crying skills in dramaland, because I never see a guy trying to make tears happen; he inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst, and it can be quite powerful.

So no, not a perfect way to tie up loose ends (in that some remain untied), but in the scheme of things the most important issues were resolved happily, and I can put this drama away with a sigh of satisfaction.


498 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 51 mysterious

    Like was mentioned: not perfect, but one of the best endings I’ve seen in a long time. I’m glad YFAS didn’t burn me like other dramas have (I’m looking at YOU, Gu Family Book) and gave a happy ending. He still won’t age and will outlive her, but at least they get to have their time together which is all anyone can ask for: the opportunity to spend time with the one you love. Thanks, Kim Soo-hyun, thanks Jeon Ji-hyun, I enjoyed the ride!

  2. 52 MyWedsAndThursWillNeverBeTheSame

    I get so absorbed into this drama. I seriously quoted Cheon Song Yi when my friend asked me what’s wrong: I’m not crying, it’s just tears coming out of my eyes.

  3. 53 Chiomy

    Shucks! It’s over! Nooooo! On the one hand, they are together… on the other, it’s almost half a life they are living. the constant worry that he may be gone the next second will wear her out in the long run. No matter how much they love each other, my hope is that he comes back fully and fully human too…..so they can grow old together. Thanks a wonderful time drama!

  4. 54 Melleit

    I loved it, I think it was a brilliant way to end this drama. Each time he comes back he gets to stay longer. I’m just going to think that way and stay happy!! This may be my favorite drama ever, my first time seeing either of the leads or Park Hae Jin, and what fantastic actors they all are. I laughed out loud and cried hard, enjoyed the fashion (so glad they didn’t make the men too effeminate) and swooned at the kisses!! What a ride!!!

  5. 55 stars

    As of all endings of dramas, I was excited yet scared.
    scared because OMG PLEASE DONT SCREW IT UP, hahaha.

    I bawled like crazy for the first part of the episode, and then when the ending came, I didn’t know what to feel.
    Granted it wasn’t a totally illogical happy ending (which i would’ve hated, like Queen Inhyun’s Man, lol), but I just didn’t know how to feel about the ending.

    I liked how they put in the fact that when you treat every moment like it’s the last, you love and treasure each other more, but in all I felt that the mechanisms were like, too convenient??? Like, I WASTED ALL MY TEARS???

    I’d really rather they speed up the previous episodes and spend more time explaining some things in this episode, cos everything just felt rushed cos they need to finish everything by an hour.

    But all in all, it’s not my favourite ending, but I can’t think of a better ending anyway.

    Jeon Ji Hyun is simply a goddess omg just 완전 그냥 여신이닷~ and she’s really the best fit for Cheon Song Yi ♥

    and Kim Soo Hyun~♥ I was so disappointed with TMTETS that I was like quite ‘meh’ with him for awhile, but this show~ all dem crying scenes~ he’s really good hahaha. Made me cry a river.

    As much as how some beanies wanted Hwikyung and Semi to be together, I really don’t agree. Having a happy ending like this would mean that all the Hwikyung love for Song Yi for 20 episodes will go down to the drain? I don’t think love works like that in reality. Even though it’ll be nice that people don’t end up solo.

    BTW I really wonder what JJH’s husband has got to say about all the kissing scenes HAHAHA

    ok byebye~

    • 55.1 dramabuff

      I think her hubby will not be too put-off, there was “no tongue”

      • 55.1.1 Astraea

        Actually if you zoom in and slow down on their last kiss….there is definitely tongue ;)……thanks to fervent fans making these gifs…..hope JJH husband don’t stalk the Internet or he’s bound to see it.

  6. 56 noernov

    I love happy ending n the red carpet freeze kissing time is awwwwesome 😍

  7. 57 liz

    Unpopular opinion:

    I just enjoyed this drama because of CSY. I really loved her, and because I loved her so much, I expected much more from MJ than he did. I know, I know he confessed, he loves her too, but… I feel like CSY was always giving more into the relationship. I dislike how MJ decided everything himself and told CSY to do like he said. The stuff about skinship and clothes and etc was not fun imo, and I disliked possessive MJ, it wasn’t funny.

    • 57.1 ilikemangos

      I would argue that in this relationship chun song-yi was the more “possessive” one. Not a bad thing, because for once we get a reversal in drama-land. I liked how the heroine clung onto the hero for once, instead of playing all hard to get or sending mixed signals. Gal knows what she wants and she gets what she wants.
      The stuff he said about acting roles and skinship was simply to display a common human emotion: jealousy. Didn’t read much into it, since most of it was said as his way of bidding farewell. I bet at home JJH’s husband is balding just watching her intimate scenes with KSH.
      I don’t know if possessive is an apt description for a man who tells a lovesick Hwi-kyung whos loved his wife for 15 years to stay by her side and protect her once he’s gone. Surely that is not a quality of someone you’d call possessive?

    • 57.2 Truffles

      I am thinking this is the writer’s way of including JJH’s husband’s reactions to the drama into the drama. Kind of like – “We know you are suffering seeing JJH having all these skinship with KSH, but this is reality in the drama world. We acknowledge your pain. ; p “

      • 57.2.1 Mademoisellegeline

        Well said! *thumbs up*

  8. 58 jambee

    how will i survive after it finish, can we have another drama with this two actors please??? dont care about the genre or anything just give me the couple, i cant even think JJH as a wife to her real husband, just be DMJ’s CSY ;p
    time traveller’s wife ending is a smart one, i’m happy with it, at first i was worried bout how they wrap it all, too much fan service can make it all weird, i definitely love this ending *squeeee*
    #sorry for the grammar ^^

  9. 59 PR Jacky

    Did that wormhole have a clothing store? Where was DMJ getting his outfits from? LOL, JK.

    Thanks you so much for the recaps. I am going to miss this drama.

    • 59.1 idlehouse

      with all the plot holes in the ending, I was also preoccupied by this thought as well, like, he was wearing different clothes everytime he got through, did the aliens pick up modern fashion from earth this visit ? It would have been funny if his first few attempts got him through the wormhole in Terminator style – no clothes on!

    • 59.2 Truffles

      I am thinking that the wormhole is just a short cut (like a tunnel) that bridges earth and DMJ’s star. I think DMJ’s star has nice boutiques. ;p

  10. 60 SongSong

    Well.. the wait is over. The final is here.
    Hmm, how do I feel ?
    But I want more.. more.. more.. Seriously, no baby ? Not even a dog ?
    Sigh.. as long as both of them are happy.. I’m happy too..

  11. 61 fun-lugha

    Do Min Joon…….;)

  12. 62 Tempi

    So…… What happens when Song yo ages? And he remains the same..


  13. 63 Classy

    SQEEEEEEE!!!!! Golly mental torture toned.
    I had a fit last night when my net connection broke and had to endure another full 10 hrs to read the recap.
    And I think I need to first fan-girl and hoot in joy first at him not dying and not leaving her for good. Then sit and analyse how the episode and drama was.

    It was wonderful and i am happy that the drama carried its rules in its sleeve rather than displaying it outright.
    They came and went, and in the moment and with the how the scenes were played, I was able to accept it.

    Sure the finale had glitches, lots of them if we scrap layer by layer, but given the amount of “Will he die or wont he die” angony we were put through, I think the first thing that hit me was.. “Gosh he is okay and they have a happy ending. Hurray..!”
    The drama played on emotions and show you played good.

    I have always loved Jeon Ji Yeon, but now I solemnly agree she is the BEST ever. I hope, pray and all out to drama gods, please make her comeback to dramaland.
    Kim Soo Yoon won me over. It will hard for me to think him anything beyond as the reluctant smart alien , with pettiness and adorableness , along with the ET scene thrown in… Just too hard to ignore…

  14. 64 cv

    Thank you for all the recaps.
    I am satisfied with the ending considering you have an alien in love with a human and vice versa, what other ending will be more logical without feeling like a cop out. I know most people want them to have babies and such but just the fact that they love each other and loving all the little time together is more then enough. Some people don’t even have that and for them to even have that much is truly a blessing.
    YFAS is definitely one of my favorite kdramas of all time. ^^

  15. 65 Karen

    I gotta be honest and say I was hoping it would end something more like he died as an alien and could start living as a human or something like that I mean it’s a drama and you can easily get away with it but no…the writer decided to go all time traveler’s wife on me…not cool…I loved the movie but not the kind of ending I was hoping for but I’ll take what I can get and count my blessings….at least he didn’t die

  16. 66 dane

    it was a good show.. with all of its ups and downs. however, I kinda felt bad for Yoo Inna. left in the back burner, the writer completely forgot her!

  17. 67 osmanthus tea

    I’m really really glad that the show wrapped up pretty well after all!

    The ending is not super duper awesome, but given the constraints of the plot, I think it’s a reasonable way to conclude. Not stretched to a fairy-tale like extent, with just enough difficulty for the OTC. I do agree on the similarities with The Time Traveler’s Wife – but the movie had a little more room to flesh out the conclusion, whereas I actually felt that YFAS could have added a couple more scenes of MJ trying to get back.

    I really loved this drama and I’m so glad that everything about it is so strong. I’ve said it before and I think it just bears repeating that I find the character writing very refreshing. SY is so spunky, and I love how JJH manages the fine balance between being a cute air-head, and a fiercely loyal and caring friend/lover. It’s just so much more real.

    The wardrobe is amazing too. I think the costumes team and the writer worked really well to put together stylish clothes that match the characters. It’s so much more refreshing than the overtly stereotypical Korean fashion I see in most dramas.

    Love that the special effects team keeps things in check too. I started on Vampire Prosecturo recently and found it cheesy when his eyes will suddenly turn blue whilst summoning his powers. MJ’s powers are more discreet and sleek, in line with his personality! (=

    There has been quite a fair bit of character growth too. I loved it when Bum stood up for SY in the van, when Mom decided to put her daughter over money, when SM decided to start being a decent friend again.

    Oh that JK scene with his dad is actually quite moving. I almost pitied him a little. He kinda just sank and showed pure disbelief when dad rejected him. He’s always been a smooth, cocky criminal because he always had dad’s support so it must have felt really abandoned at that moment. I wonder if to some extent, the reason he hasn’t simply killed off dad was because he wanted his father’s approval – after all the years trying to draw attention away from older bro. JK was still angry towards the end of that jail meeting, but that marked the start of him losing drive… so it was a good setup to make the ending scene, where he felt spooked by MJ, sufficiently believable.

    Gotta say, I loved that YJ still stayed in character at the end, instead of miraculously turning into a studious nerd. Smart enough to discovery the new planet and submit a paper on it, but still can’t pass his college entrance exams. Tee hee.

    And I can’t agree more with javabeans on this: “he inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst, and it can be quite powerful.”

    Some small gripes:
    1. How come their super advanced spaceship got into a wormhole? And this time no one tried to reign him back home?
    2. Uh MJ travels in and out of his wormhole, but he manages to get different clothes each time? Hehe.
    3. Why did Mom and Park age so significantly after a mere 3 years? Mom looked quite frumpy when she went to nag at SY for crying at the shoot.
    4. No alien babies, really? I kept hoping for a kid to stroll in when SY was doing her interview in the epilogue! I mean, they kissed so deeply on the red carpet and MJ probs recuperated better in outerspace so… couldn’t they have actually made alien babies? )=

    Okay most important thing: that was a damn bloody awesome kiss! For a moment, I was thinking “omg,…

    • 67.1 blackcarnation

      As I understand, wormhole is not a place to stay. It’s kind of a bridge in the space, which help you go from A point to B point in the shortest time (lightning speed). So when he said sucked in to a wormhole, it mean the whole comet is sucked through it. That provides the mean for him to comeback to Earth after short period instead of 404 years.

      As for how long can he stay each time, i think it depends on his “power”. Each time back to his origin planet, each time he recover/”recharge” more, so next time on earth he could stay longer. So I think, when he first land on Earth 400+ years ago, up untill now, he use up all of his “battery”. It’s explains why he got weaker as time pass by.

      But i dont know how writer-nim idea abt these things

      • 67.1.1 omsanthus tea

        ah okay, thanks for that. Physics wasn’t my strong suit. d=

  18. 68 ilikemangos

    I love your choice for song of the day JB. It is beautiful. It really would have fit well with YFAS’s soundtrack to give it that spacey vibe.

    • 68.1 Emmy

      I’ll hitch onto your comment to say I loved the song of the day too! I played it while reading the recap. Fits perfectLy with YFAS.

  19. 69 Waiting

    I am satisfied. * insert big grin here *

    Not an easy statement to make after watching a show, but I can say that this was awesome on many levels — kissing aside.

    First, the actors were awesome! KSH did such a great job and now I need to make time to watch Covertly Grandly and some other things he has been in to see more of his range. I completely forgot that he was in Dream High which I watched because I needed something to watch. This comment was spot on, “… inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst, and it can be quite powerful.” I was thinking the same thing…it feels very real and organic. In that moment he was the character and the emotion took him over. Another award winner in my book.

    JJH was amazing and I agree that her performance was tops. I enjoyed her in every scene. I was most surprised by her ability to do physical comedy and she did it well with a touch of clumsy that was endearing. Her ajumma exercising antics by the park bench in the background while Suzy tried to flirt with DMJ was priceless.

    Lawyer Jang (forgetting the actor’s name at the moment) was awesome in his goodbye scene.

    Ugh…I am still forgetting names…actor who played Hwi-kyung also did a fantastic job in the scenes where he discovered the truth about his older brother’s death. It nearly did me in when he listened to the recording of the final moments.

    The red carpet return scene… I loved how that was shot.

    I guess I don’t mind the wormhole as it explains it enough and gives us a solution of sorts.

    Probably the most amazing thing about this show is that I am happy about the finale when so many other shows just crash and burn.

    YFAS is now on my short list of favorites.

    Thanks for all the recaps!!

  20. 70 chhavi

    OH MY GOD….FINALLY….. FINALLY…….THE DRAMA HAS ENDED….thank goodness that it was a happy ending after all ….but comparing this last ep to all the other eps which were a hit….this ep didn’t explained all the facts….which is the only fact that I didn’t liked….
    Besides the drama giving us a KINDA happy ending….I am not completely happy….I know that the drama was somewhat supernatural or scientific ….but it would have been a LOT GOOD if Min Joon doesn’t make his returns in bits and pieces….and that would have been a lot satisfying….since a fangirl always wants a perfect ending you know..
    Keeping all that aside …the drama was AWESOME…it was toooooo good…..KSH had been my most favourite actor since I watched dream high….and now I can happily include YFAS onto the topmost position of my kdrama list….I liked every bit of this drama…this was my first kdrama which had actually made me cry…the scenes were touching and contained so much emotions…
    Now that its finally OVER…I am wondering what to do with my life now….for what will I wait impatiently now…..waaaah…*tear*
    I sincerely hope that our cutest alien in the whole world can sometimes visit me also… LOL….even if its in bits and pieces….HOPE NEVER DIES…..
    Last but not the least…I LOVE YOU YFAS….I promise to be a fan forever…

    • 70.1 chhavi

      One thing which I had forgot to mention…
      That kiss on the red carpet literally KILLED all the other kisses which I have ever seen in so many other kdramas..
      Leave kdramas…it killed every other romantic kisses shown in jdrama or even hollywood …totally.

  21. 71 August

    You From Another Star / You Came From the Stars / My Lover From The Stars / My Love From Another Star / Man From the Stars

    I thoroughly enjoyed all 21 episodes and I was pleased with the finale and the way the episode ended.

    Two thumbs up to the actors, actresses, cast, writer, wardrobe people/stylists, director, producers, crew, and SBS for doing a superb job with this drama.

  22. 72 nancy

    as a jeon ji hyun fan since her my sassy girl days, i’m glad that her TV comeback is so successful and people around the world are appreciating her acting. This is actually her first time leading a tv drama. She was only a supporting character in Happy Together back in 1999. YFAS is another huge hit for jeon ji hyun after MSG. It isn’t only popular in Korea but people in Asia and even across the world are addicted to the drama as well.

  23. 73 panshel

    I cried the hardest when Se Mi consoled Song Yi drawing from personal experience. Such heartfelt advice. It was so sad when Se Mi said, “It doesn’t hurt now” with hurt written all over her face. Spectacular acting from In Na. Then I cried even harder when Song Yi broke down in front of her parents and staff. It was so palpable how much she missed him.

    Min Joon settling all his affairs before his departure is so terminal patient. It was really touching how he asked Hwi Kyung and Yoon Jae to take care of her. I am relieved Song Yi and Lawyer Jang were not hallucinating and Min Joon actually did appear in front of them. It comes full circle from when Song Yi suspected Min Joon had saved her multiple times and he made her think she was going crazy.

    I am very satisfied with this ending. A life lesson for all of us to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Even married couples rarely spend 24 hours together, so Song Yi should just think of it as her alien husband going on frequent business trips. Along with being able to freeze time longer, can he also withstand kisses and not get sick anymore? Then can he do other stuff besides kissing? Let’s get cracking on those seven daughters.

    This drama will forever be one of my all-time favorites, and Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi my all-time favorite characters. It is once in a blue moon k-dramaland gets a story so well-written — hilarious, heart-tugging, romantic — with characters we feel for. Thank you, You From Another Star, for being that drama. And thank you, javabeans, for every recap.

    • 73.1 amy

      love love love your insight!

      • 73.1.1 panshel

        Aww, thanks, amy! 🙂

  24. 74 Gizmo

    Thank you javabeans for the lovely recap.

    I’m one of those people that can’t stand having something so good finally come to an end. I grow so attached to it that when it’s finished, I feel almost empty inside. So whether it’s a book, a video game or a drama as great as YFAS, I try to avoid the ending no matter what, for as long as I can.

    Couldn’t do it this time though. Just couldn’t help myself. I had to watch it immediately. Even though I knew that right about now I would be feeling miserable and wondering how I’m ever gonna live without the sweet anticipation of a new YFAS episode every week ㅜ.ㅜ

    Personally I love the ending. Even though I felt a tiny bit of disappointment at the lack of satisfactory explanation of the mechanics, I found that it doesn’t make the show any less awesome on the epic scale.

    I really really wanted a solid and happy ending and I think Park Ji Eun (writer) delivered beautifully. With MJ’s monologue near the beginning when he asks himself “Will I be able to overcome this test?” It felt as if Park Ji Eun was also asking herself the same thing- that whether she can successfully overcome the many cosmic traps she’s set up and unite our couple for good.

    I just love it when a writer’s own thoughts/feelings are embedded in her work and their reflection becomes visible at a closer look.

  25. 75 koreandramalover / kay

    Thank you very much, Javabeans, for faithfully recapping this drama so brilliantly.

    Because of your fantastic recaps, I decided to watch the drama even though fantasy dramas are not my cup of tea.

    I agree with everything you said about the ending, especially with regard to the unresolved issues, which were brought up by the writer and PD and were so much a part of the drama that leaving them unresolved really left me so unsatisfied.

    For instance, something that you did not bring up, Javabeans, is the ‘interview segment’. Why use it in the drama and who was behind it were never resolved. And it is one of the most integral part of this drama to me because through it so much of DMJ’s deepest and sincerest thoughts and feelings were revealed.

    In fact, imo, through the ‘interview segment’, DMJ was at his most natural, relaxed and unreserved, through his facial expressions, demeanour, voice, body language, mannerisms and words, unlike when he is around other people. So not having its use explained, I am left feeling very much cheated.

    But nonetheless, considering it IS a fantasy drama, I cannot complain about the lack of believability of much of what was offered.

    And so much of the drama were so GOOD, that I would be petty to harp on what could have been.

    I am so gratified especially with the leads because Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun were pitch-perfect in their characterisations and delivery and they definitely OWNED the characters, so much so that I cannot imagine anyone else who can do a better job at being DMJ and CSY than them.

    Thank you writers and PDs of this drama for a job quite well done!

    And thank you once again, Javabeans!

  26. 76 Baek Song-yi

    Aaargh, I loved this drama so damn much but I just couldn’t bring myself to like the ending as much as I would like.

    This last episode left me dissatisfied: it did feel as if the extension had forced the writer to pad things out. It was going all so swimmingly, as well – that scene on the balcony was fantastic, and I will never be able to avoid crying when Kim Soo-hyun does. Then Do Min-joon disappears due to a wormhole/spaceship/health problem and nearly all the spark goes out of the writing.

    Yes, yes: Cheon Song-yi has the right to a good cry after her one true alien love leaves (personally, I would have been catatonic). I was so hopeful for her when she seemed to pick herself up after seeing the literal green shoots of recovery. She’d decided to never give up hope, but to wait as long as it took for Do Manager to return, and good on her for it. There was the Song-yi we knew and loved. I was willing to allow her outburst at the set, but I admit to nearly losing my patience at the makeup scene. Goodness gracious, writer-nim! It was a jarring moment, awkwardly jimmied in to emphasise that she. Misses. Him. A. Lot. Song-yi’s other mopey moments lacked the same humour they had in previous episodes, nor were they as touching. In fact, they felt recycled.

    No complaints about the kiss. Swoony kisses all round.

    On an intellectual level, I can understand the lovely message of appreciating every moment as if it’s your last together. But somehow it didn’t quite hit the spot – perhaps because of the deus ex wormhole (but then again, I was perfectly okay with the eclipse in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’. But I guess I am more willing to let things go if it’s fantasy rather than sci-fi.). There’s also the matter of all the loose ends: sure you can have any number of them if it’s a noir thriller, but if you’re a wacky romcom they’d better be tied into some very pretty bows. A few loose ends:

    1) Whither Se-mi’s mother? Did she get sucked into a wormhole too?
    2) What was up with the Do Min-joon star?
    3) What happened to the random other asteroid they mentioned?
    4) The entire world evidently found it perfectly acceptable that Min-joon could teleport and had multiple identities. Journalistic integrity meant that the news agencies left him and his top star fiancée alone.
    5) So Min-joon is now immune to kisses? And can include others in his stopped flow of time? Actually, I’m okay with this if it means that babies would potentially be in the cards.

    A few ugly bows:
    1) Min-joon seeing Jae-kyung in his prison cell was unnecessary. As was the random ‘Jae-kyung is now bi-polar’ exposition by the prosecutor. I preferred ending Jae-kyung’s story with him being cut off by his father, proving that he is now rendered powerless.
    2) Se-mi gets a random man shoved at her.
    3) Bok-ja and Yoon-jae. Not a fan.

    That is not to say that I didn’t love this drama. Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Soo-hyun are truly outstanding actors. Kim Soo-hyun is really the talent of his generation: his portrayal of those cracks in Min-joon’s emotionless façade was unbelievably good. Again, those crying scenes just got you in the heart. (Just thinking about him half-laughing half-crying at Song-yi’s proposal is enough to get me going.) But Jeon Ji-hyun was the undeniable star of the show, with her alternately hilarious and heartrending depiction of Cheon Song-yi. Song-yi has got to be in the running for Character of 2014. And I have so much love for…

  27. 77 ilikemangos

    I am getting so overwhelm with feels reading everyone’s comments. Yes, YFAS has also made my short list of favorites. I’m glad im not the only one loving this show. It’s so nice to be in love with a show that is loved by an overwhelming majority. So thrilling, so satisfying. Dramas come and go but only a few manage to sweep us off our feet in epic proportions.

    I can honestly say in my decade of watching k-dramas, i have never laughed so much in one k-drama. Who doesn’t love a instant pick-me-up? This is my kind of comedy.

    • 77.1 Emmy

      Hey ilikemangos,

      YFAS has definitely made my list of favourites and is all the way up there with TK2H.

      I was thinking, we seem to have similar tastes in dramas and was curious what else has made your short list of favourites?

      • 77.1.1 ilikemangos

        K2H, YFAS, and Princesses Man are my top 3 favorite k-dramas that i can list off the top of my head. I usually judge it on the level of feels i get watching it, not necessarily the quality. Shows that i do crazy things for. Usually there’s a common similarity between the projects i get obsessed over: all include life-and-death stake romances and a compelling story including a good blend of heart,humor, thrills, and action.
        I actually like watching both underrated gems and popular mainstream projects so my tastes align with many people.

        As for a recent project i loved as well, I Hear Your Voice.
        Once again, mesh of genres! I like them fully packaged, cause they tend to hit all sorts of feels for me, which in turn makes me more invested.

        I remember you said the last drama to make you feel this way was K2H too! Has YFAS toppled your number 1? 🙂

        • Emmy

          I think for me, the most important thing is there has to be an OTP I absolutely adore. Last year my favourite was “The Master’s Sun” and I feel with that one it was also the chemistry of the leads that made me like the drama.

          I haven’t checked out I Hear Your Voice but I plan to watch it soon. Life-and-death stakes are definitely what makes a drama addictive for me and when they can balance it out with humour, that’s even better!

          It’s definitely hard to say if YFAS has topped my number 1. I think TK2H had a stronger script, though interestingly enough also a comical, over the top villain. I think because I am just coming off YFAS, my head is currently full of DMJ and CSY, and their amazing chemistry, so I might need to give it a few months for my addiction to wane before I can rank it objectively.

          How about you? Has YFAS topped TK2H?:)

  28. 78 dramabuff

    Javabeans, I am officially your #1 fan, you touched on most of the issues I have with the last episode. I am happy for the happy after, but dissatisfied because of so many unanswered questions on the other aspects of the drama.
    Tell us about the miraculous wormhole that appeared. I take it that our alien has no physical form, just pure energy and that is why he said that there is no emotional attachment, as we know it on his planet. We know that he has some powers; he came here on a scientific expedition and got stranded. We assume that he and the plant in his apartment are connected in some way. After 21 episodes, I know more about the second male lead than the male star, I will not going into how time is being stopped after his return. The time spent on devil brother would have been better-spent tiding loose ends. I will stop here.
    I am happy, I felt the emotion, the romance was sweet and heart wrenching; my sinuses are going to punish me for all my crying. However, as a SCI –FI aficionada I am, as always disappointed that the KDrama writers failed to properly answer questions and tie up loose ends. I keep wondering why didn’t the writer just watch at least one episode of Dr. Who or maybe read just a couple of chapters from the “End of Eternity”, even” To say nothing of the dog”.etc., etc, Maybe next time.

  29. 79 Crazynoona

    I’m just too happy that we got a happy ending. Thanks for all the recaps JB :*

  30. 80 Baek Song-yi

    Whoops! Way too sleep deprived.


    And I have so much for the first twenty episodes, which were so unique and such pure unadulterated fun. But damn it, the last episode just didn’t do it for me.

  31. 81 snowflakess

    Thank you for the recaps javabeans.. It’s been pleasure to read your recaps and share your thought for this fantastic drama.

    Well,as for me, I am satisfy with the ending eventhough there are still some left hanging for us to answer but litterally it was ended with our couple together happily so I am quite happy with that. At least we didnt get the rooftop prince ending which hurt me last time.

    JJH and KSH chemistry and acting were perfect. I hope they will have another project together again in the future. Now I’m in devastating mode as to no more Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi to lighten my Wed – Thurs week.

    Cries my heart out right now. T.T

  32. 82 Shinda-chan

    Javabeans, thank you so much for recapping this drama! I absolutely loved this show and feel so refreshed having watched it – it’s one of the few that I needed to watch to the end (usually I stop a little over half-way through because I lose interest). The acting was so real, and I am in LOVE with the fact that the female lead had such a powerful personality! Finally! She is my favorite female character in dramaland so far. Not even close to being a damsel in distress in my mind. And our male lead? Well, must I say anything? I don’t think my words can do the character and actor justice~ Simply phenomenal! *pure love*

    While I feel the ending left a lot to be desired (um, very anticlimactic… I think we need a Special Final Final Episode), this drama is easily at the top of my favorites list because I loved every character and every layer of every episode. You recapping it made the experience even better! Thanks so much, Javabeans! I look forward to your next recap, as well as the next projects for our leads~~~ ^o^

  33. 83 anonymous0188

    If this drama doesn’t sweep the year end awards, I don’t know what will. Perfect balance of comedy and drama. Well written, EPIC and UNFORGETTABLE characters. This will go down as one of my all time faves. As an avid fan of this site, never have I seen an outpour of comments for a drama. Just proves how awesome this drama is. I don’t know if there will be another drama of this level and magnitude. So I’ll take this opportunity to tell you fellow beanies, WHEN WILL WE MEET AGAIN? A YEAR? THREE YEARS? till the next epic drama!!


  34. 84 henny

    First of all, Thank you JB for your recaps on this great drama.
    I rarely write my comment here. But i can’t help my self for this one. Because i love this drama a looo…tttt.

    I just want to say my opinion. Some peoples want the ending to be more clear and happy, but i like it this ending and satisfied. There is many messages i got here.

    That life will never without problem, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel happiness, and even there is always problem, we eventually have a way to overcome and handle it.

    Just like You From Another Star’s ending, even if they don’t get perfect happy ending, but they still life together, and they eventually learn more and find a way for overcome their problem, wather it’s kissing problem, aging problem or having kids and DMJ could dissapear anytime without warning problem. With their detemination, just like DMJ find a way to back to earth, they will find more way to fulfill their dream together.

  35. 85 redfox

    Yoon jae iiiiii I LUVVVVV you but you are crazy. I take back wanting you as my sibling, Min Joon is probably the only one who can handle it. ah I luvvvvvvv the sound effects. I want to see this guy in another drama soon. He is way too adorable, his expressions, hah. That hug! Ah my god. Squeeled like a ghost in the night.

    Ah I know why the ending was kind of lacking. Cause they thought we all fainted at minute 51:44… and wouldnt be awake to watch anyway.

    • 85.1 redfox

      but what about lawn-mowing and…other stuff? could the paparazzis not get closer?
      and what about aging? it is already a fantasy why couldnt the writer play more fantasy into it and say… really change species? cause that would have been plausible with the details we had at hand with teleportation being slower and slower and MJ making mistakes. I am saying, even the totally unbelievable would have been backed by the story so far, any scenario. enough setp to pull off a much more *kiss scene* *falls down* oh, so that´s what it is meant for? to shut me up when I talk too much….*staggering* like I would fall for your tricks and stop complai——*faints** redfox out* *wonderful silence*

      ohohoh but it was satisfying watching Jae Kyung crumble when he saw Min joon

      oh well. you take what you get.

    • 85.2 redfox

      I am off to write an alternative ending.
      ANYTHING is believable with the facts at hand. we have all the parts for some awesome lego world and all they build is a pink heart? and even that will disappear at some point. I will take away your legos and create an ending that I like.

      you could have squeezed the fantasy elements to the max. but didn´t …

  36. 86 akadiche

    I don’t usually comment here, but i’m really curious, when he disappeared, why did he end up in a wormhole and NOT in his planet??? I mean, that’s what he have been waiting for for 400 years, to return to his planet, so why did they suddenly made him stucked in a wormhole?
    The ending is not so amazingly thought, for me. I was reminded of Secret Garden’s ending.
    And the set-up of appearing and disappearing, how can they be truly happy when they always have the fear of being separated any moment. It’s so sad they resorted to that, I kept on seeing Song Yi’s calm but sad face when Min Joon disappeared.:(((

    • 86.1 blackcarnation

      Wormhole is not a place to stucked in, but a place/mean for time-space travel. (In theory).

  37. 87 hotpotato

    I’m with you on the lack of explanations. I thought the ending reminded me of Big – so many things left unexplained but wth, it’s the finale and I couldn’t care less than for my OTP to be together.

    Enjoyed the ride nonetheless and Jeon Ji-hyun is awesome.

  38. 88 rezberry

    When Do Min Joon said “I’ve stopped time countless of times and told you in the times that you don’t remember, I love you, Cheon Song Yi. I felt that if I told you this while time was running, then everything will just run out and disappear. That’s why I only said it while the time is stopped, I love you, Cheon Song Yi”, and unconsciously I responded “I love you too, Do Min Joon”..

    Please anyone save me.. Do Min Joon, no, writer-nim, Kim Soo Hyun, and Jun Ji Hyun, why all of you were so good.. Except for the ending, its more for fanservice, they told that the script was changed in the last minute. So we got a happy ending.. Though still lack of some points..

    I’m trying not to complain, I won’t.. At least we saw our lovable alien happily ever after (?) until his next project, hehe..
    Thank you DB, JB and GF for the recaps, I appreciate your hard-word in this dramaland..

    • 88.1 rezberry

      *hard-work* sawrry 🙂

    • 88.2 Emmy


      that line by Do Min-Joon about saying “I love you” when time stops is going on my list of favourite lines in Kdrama. Just pure poetry.

      Song-yi’s response paralleled that in beauty and elegance I think. “Do Min-joon, The you I’ve known in my time, and also the you from time I haven’t known—I love you.”


  39. 89 Anna

    I cried the whole time yet again. T_T

    I can’t explain how much I like it. It was kind of a bittersweet ending… I think it was true to the drama. It wasn’t a fantasy ending, and it wasn’t an emotionally killing one either. It was written in a way which didn’t make me feel unjustified, it was like an ending my heart as well as my brain can accept.

    Although I would have accepted a fairytale like ending which made no sense anyway, I would say it was much better than I expected. Even Se Mi and Hwi Kyung got a proper closure.

    I loved the epilogue and man – that entry and that kiss. Oof. It was so grand. Although I expected much more media reaction, I thought they would probably think he disappeared in the crowd.

    It tugged my sentiments at all the right places and…I loved the way the characters were written. I loved how CSY got over her initial shock, going off to visit places both of them went together, waiting at the Namsam tower, etc. I loved how DMJ trusted both YJ and HK with CSY, and the telescope bribe was hilarious. It was literally hurting me to see her cry and react in that way.

    I’ll go off to creating a headcanon with 6 daughters and one son anyway. An open ending gives me a lot of freedom. I’m just going to think DMJ came back and well, remained an alien that’s only immune to CSY’s bodily fluids.
    *giggles thinking of MJ managing the kids while CSY is off shooting. All of their daughters doting over their baby brother. The grandparents relaxing by a fire. Add adorable YJ uncle babysitting them to the mix. Then Lawyer Jang arrives with diapers as requested by both of them, and is picked on by the grandmom for not getting the right brand. Some time later, Bok Ja arrives and shows the kids the video of their parents publicly kissing that one time and their teen daughters making fun of their usually shy dad. Then CSY arrives and joins them and tells them not to get so amazed by a kiss and “Well, all of you couldn’t be created with anything less than that passion anyway”, true Song-yi style. Min Joon’s ears get tomato red as everyone stares blankly. And they spend all of their life together happily. *

    That’s my fluffy fantasy. I’m satisfied now.
    Swarry for the rant.

    It was wonderfully written, beautifully acted, well-directed and adorably presented. The best drama for me. I wanted to know more about CSY’s relationship with the girl, since well, she did feel inexplicably sad on seeing the hairpin and she also hated Joseon era. It could have been explored. But I am not giving up any of the fluff for that, so I can’t really question. I would have liked an episode about CSY visiting MJ’s star or something like that.

    It didn’t explain some things but I can’t give call it anything less than masterpiece. Park Ji Eun is a writer I’ll always look forward to. And I’ll keep a look-out for all the projects each and everyone of the actors take up now. I never really paid attention to acting, but both KSH and JJH make me appreciate the skill of portraying a character so well that viewers forget that everything is staged. All of the supporting cast was really good too. I hope JJH continues doing dramas, I need more of her! I need more of KSH too.

    I read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane last Saturday(it is an hour’s read anyway), and I loved The Little Prince feel of it. I loved the message it wanted to give to us, and I really liked how nicely it was used in the drama. All in all, I don’t…

    • 89.1 Anna

      All in all, I don’t think I’ll be seeing such a masterpiece anytime soon.
      Well done!

      (I crossed the limit for the first time :O)

    • 89.2 KaitlynRAH

      Okay!! I loved your “fluffy fantasy”! That’s how I’m going to imagine them too. Love it. And it could even be true. They are together at the end. So it could happen
      He’s still an alien but I say if Super Man (who is also an alien) can have a baby with Lois Lane, then Do Min Joon can have some with Song Yi. 🙂

  40. 90 akadiche

    I suddenly forget all the happy moments.:( I haven’t watch it yet but just reading the recap made me so sad with the fate they had. T_T Why end it that way?!? Can Chun Song Yi truly says “I’m perfectly happy” with their situation? I’d rather had an illogical ending but happy, than this, illogical ending and complicated, not perfectly happy.

    I’m sorry, i’m being pessimistic here. I’m just so sad. I can’t make myself happy with the set-up, just like how i felt for the wife in “The Time Traveveller’s Wife”.

  41. 91 Lorac

    What I want to know is… Can they have sex now? lol… their genes should be reproduce, just saying… lol

  42. 92 kk123

    Thanks for the recaps. I actually did not know what a wormhole was, so a little google search did help and I now know a new scientific concept, but how glad I am that I was not too invested in this drama, otherwise I would have found the ending sad.

  43. 93 Selma

    I guess we got a happy ending (but not happily ever after) but so many things were left unanswered. Like did he get sick after the kiss this time?? Why did the spaceship come if not for DMJ? What was the point of the spaceship and comet coming to earth?! It was supposed to be something major in the whole storyline but turned out to be nothing. Also is MJ going to remain an alien, unaging while SY ages with time?? Can they have children together??
    It’s just more frustrating the more I think about it. I guess on the bright side at least it wasn’t an unhappy ending where our OTP are separated for eternity. Beside from the ending, I really enjoyed this drama. What really made it so enjoyable for me was the comedic moments and the chemistry from JJH and KSH. I can’t imagine any other actress playing the role of SY. That said can’t imagine any other actor playing DMJ either because then their chemistry wouldnt be the same. Thanks muchly DB for your recaps!! 🙂

  44. 94 ariays

    I actually love the ending! Sure it wasn’t a box of unicorns and rainbows, tied with a pretty little bow.
    But I personally think that the ending was really beautiful because it’s deeply meaningful.
    She faithfully waited for him to come back and he didn’t give up trying to come back home to where she is. Now that is LOVE.

    Just like how Do Minjoon said about how he realize about the true meaning of living.
    This drama has taught me alot about life and love.
    There are so many beautiful quotes in this drama. I wish I could compile them all.
    This drama definitely holds a special place in my heart. One of the greatest dramas I’ve ever watched from beginning to ending.

  45. 95 KaitlynRAH

    I already left my comments on the Viki site, where I watched this episode twice today, so I’ll try to remember what I said. 🙂
    When I first watched in the morning with only half the subs done (thanks to the Viki subbers for being so fast – they’re great) I was so unhappy all day because I was so hoping for the magical fantasy ending of Do Min Joon turning human and growing old with Song Yi.
    I really bet that the writers tossed that idea around too, but they probably felt that, even for a fantasy, they couldn’t make that stick, though I’m sure most of us would have loved it and completely ignored the logic. 🙂 After all, nobody and nothibg can change from one species to another, so I guess we should’nt expect it. Sad as that is.
    However, when I came back home and watched it again with all the subs, and it really sank in; now I’m satisfied with the ending. I think it fits into our DMJ and CSY world in a reasonable way. At least once he figured out the wormhole mechanics, he manages to spend most of his time with her. I like to think of it as him going away on a business trip when he has to leave her for a short time. And he came back at the end, that’s the important thing. 🙂 They love each other, they are together and they are happy! Nobody died and nobody got reincarnated. 🙂 So thats all good for me. 🙂
    Yes, I would have liked to have some of the mysteries cleared up. But overall, this is my favorite drama (No offense to any of Lee Min Ho’s dramas – I love him in everything he’s been in! 🙂 ).
    I’m sure that I didn’t remember everything, but thats ok. I will miss this drama. It was great!

  46. 96 kai

    I think when you are truly happy everything else goes blank. That’s how I felt. The ending was beautiful and I was really happy, just happy… truly happy ..no other emotions. Hence no need for questions coz happines doesnt have an answer.

  47. 97 Laden

    God I hope they got their happy ending!!!
    *fingers crossed*
    Off to read the recaps

  48. 98 lize

    Ditto with the “WTF wormhole!?”
    Omg! From all the possible solutions they have to go with wormhole? No offense but I think the only thing went in the wormhole is the writer’s humanity.., for given us the human loving kdrama a-happy-but-not-satisfied-enough-ending and therefore given us something to say aaaaargggghhhhhh

    I know it is not my story but I want them happy period, not with some separation and coming back and separation and coming back again…. TT3TT

    I like my chocolate sweet, no need to add bitter in front of it….

  49. 99 Pamela

    “he inhabits his pain so that you actually feel him trying to rein it in while everyone else is trying to force it to burst”
    – so true about Kim Soo Hyun. Every korean actor i’ve seen or maybe most of them try to show us that they are crying but KSH is different. He is so good at his crying scenes showing us that his holding them back in but in reality he is trying to cry for that scene.

  50. 100 Laden

    I hope they got their happy ending!!
    *fingers crossed*
    Off to read the recaps

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