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Emergency Couple: Episode 18
by | March 29, 2014 | 77 Comments

Sympathy can be both a good and bad thing, depending on whether you’re on the giving or receiving end. Chang-min bristles at the thought that he might be an object of pity. But for Jin-hee, feelings of sympathy over her ex-father-in-law’s death may open the door to a fresh perspective on her past, as well as present a clean slate for her future.


At Chang-min’s apartment, Jin-hee finds her wedding ring in a jar. When Chang-min comes out of the bedroom, she chides him for not eating more of his porridge and then holds out the ring and asks, “Why do you have this?”

He explains that he recovered the ring and asks why she had held onto it for so many years. She says that it seems that their relationship is not yet over: “Truth is, I was scared. What would I do if I fell for you again? What would I do if I fell madly in love with you again?”

Chang-min thinks that meeting him again after all these years has only made things harder for Jin-hee. He says that her feelings are nothing more than her mind weakening upon seeing him go through hard times after his father’s death. He asks her to leave, because he doesn’t want her to suffer any more on his account.

While taking a cab home, Jin-hee stares at her ring and a mixture of emotions plays across her face. Chang-min broods on his bed and avoids Jin-hee’s call. When she calls a second time and wants to know why he didn’t pick up, he lies that he was asleep.

Fishing by a river, Chun-soo also broods and recalls how his confession was cut off abruptly when Jin-hee ran off to take care of a sick Chang-min.

In the emergency room, Jin-hee examines the chest x-rays of her latest patient, an elderly grandma suffering from pneumonia. She asks whether the grandma’s guardian has come. The woman replies that her son is very busy and that she can be told directly about her condition.

Jin-hee asks whether she can call her son, but the grandma insists again that her son is busy. With some misgivings, Jin-hee further explains to the grandma that besides her pneumonia, her lung cancer has grown larger. The old woman responds with complete and utter shock; she had had no idea that she was suffering from cancer.

Ji-hye admonishes Jin-hee for her lack of discretion given that the grandma’s guardian had expressly asked that her condition be kept secret from her. Ji-hye adds that doctors need to keep a patient’s personality in mind while judging the right time to notify them fully of their diagnosis.

Ah-reum catches Chang-min in the hallway and he thanks her for her concern. Smiling, she says that as his upstairs neighbor, she had to do something for the “downstairs man.” He smiles in return. Calling her a “good person,” he then apologizes for having caused her hurt.

To her credit, Ah-reum brushes off his apology and remarks that she knew quite well that she had no place to interfere.

Jin-hee checks on her lung cancer patient, only to find an empty bed. The nurse thinks she may be in the bathroom but Jin-hee seems alarmed. She runs through the halls searching for Grandma, only to promptly bump into Chang-min.

She tells him he should have taken more time off, but Chang-min immediately asks what’s wrong. He helps her search for her patient but when they have no luck, he suggests that they split up in opposite directions.

He finds the grandma at the pharmacy counter, where she is desperately demanding a refill of an expired prescription. She faints, but Chang-min manages to catch her and lower her gently to the floor. Yong-gyu rushes to get a gurney.

Chang-min diagnoses respiratory arrest and successfully intubates the patient. When the patient is transferred to the emergency room, Jin-hee tells Ji-hye that the woman’s fever is not reducing from the administered antibiotic. Worried, Ji-hye says that the tumor in her left airway needs to be removed quickly.

Shouting in fury at Jin-hee, the patient’s son demands to know who spilled the beans about her cancer. She apologizes, but he’s still angry that he was not called. Ji-hye and Chang-min rush over and Ji-hye explains that it’s difficult to keep a diagnosis like cancer under wraps, and that doctors have a responsibility to keep patients informed.

Back at the riverside house, Chun-soo opens and eats the side dishes that Jin-hee’s mom packed for him. His thoughts continue to turn to Jin-hee, and he recalls her asking him whether his mommy and daddy issues are what keep him from marriage.

He takes out a postcard and starts to write to his father. In the note, he asks his father what sort of photos he takes now and tells him that volunteer service work might take him out to Africa one day. As he leaves his house, he drops the postcard into a mailbox.

At the hospital, Chang-min researches to find a way to save the lung cancer patient. Jin-hee admits that she was distressed earlier when she couldn’t find her. She wonders what would have happened if Chang-min hadn’t been there to find the grandma.

“Why think about something that didn’t happen?” asks Chang-min. Jin-hee says that it’s because she’s thankful that he showed up “like Superman.” She sits down at her desk to pore through her textbooks as well.

The two residents come across the two working, and hilariously think that they are intruding on a much more intimate scene than they’re actually witnessing.

Pulling an all-nighter, Jin-hee and Chang-min work to find a solution for their patient. Jin-hee comes back from a coffee run, but it doesn’t seem to do her any good because she later falls asleep at her desk. Chang-min reaches over to touch her cheek, but at the last second, he pulls his hand away.

Jin-hee wakes in the morning and rushes off to get cleaned up. Chang-min has stayed up all night but it’s only now that he finds a relevant research paper on bronchoscopic cryotherapy. His eyes widen when he sees that the author of the paper is none other than Chun-soo.

Ji-hye calls Chun-soo and tells him that Chang-min found his paper. She describes the patient’s condition in greater detail but Chun-soo cuts her off to remind her that he is currently under suspension. Ji-hye says that there’s nothing else she can do but call him into work, because he’s the only doctor in the hospital who can treat this particular case.

Chun-soo sprints into the hospital and up the escalator. Unfortunately, Professor Ahn spots him.

After Chun-soo successfully uses cryotherapy to remove the obstructing tumor, he runs into Professor Ahn who curtly reminds him that he’s suspended. Chun-soo asks, “Should I just let a patient die, then?” Professor Ahn barks that this is not Chun-soo’s personal hospital and that he needs to follow the rules.

Jin-hee surprises Chang-min with a custard cup, and remarks that eating sweets are best when feeling tired. She adds that she was very impressed by him today, and says that she doubts that she could have found the solution. He points out that she helped him after all, and gets up to leave. “Hey! Wait for me!” she calls out.

Chang-min stops Chun-soo in the hall, and tells him that he heard of his suspension due to the Professor Ahn incident. Chang-min: “Back then, I should have been the first one to let my fist fly, but the opportunity was taken from me.” Chun-soo replies, “It was my fault the whole thing happened. There was no other motivation, so don’t worry about it.”

Chang-min nods, but adds that he thinks that Jin-hee’s regard for Chun-soo is more than just respect and admiration. He admits in the past that he has acted with immaturity, and he formally apologizes for his over-the-top behavior.

Chun-soo splutters, “What are you talking about? If I had been you, I would have acted the same way. What sort of man would have been able to put up with such things?” When Chang-min thanks him for his understanding, Chun-soo adds, “Jin-hee has no such feelings for me. So don’t misunderstand.”

When Chun-soo encourages Chang-min to hold firmly onto Jin-hee, Chang-min cuts him off. He insists that he’s become more at ease and that his father’s death has caused him to think about a number of things.

Chun-soo next runs into Jin-hee, who looks rushed and distracted. With a torn expression on his face, he asks whether she’s looking for Chang-min. When she says yes, he tells her that she should be able to catch up with Chang-min in the parking lot. She thanks him for coming to work today, and he smiles at her wistfully.

Chang-min gets into his car only to find Jin-hee buckling herself in next to him. She makes the excuse that she didn’t bring her car today, but he merely asks her why she’s doing this. She suggests having dinner together, but again, Chang-min asks her whether she knows why she’s acting this way.

He reassures her that he’s coping with his father’s death on his own and that she doesn’t need to feel so concerned. She refuses to get out, so with a heavy sigh, he starts the car.

When he drives up to her house, she asks, “Who asked you to take me home?” She’s determined to make sure that he eats dinner. Turning to her, he begins, “What you’re doing…” She cuts him off and asks him what he thinks she’s feeling. “Sympathy,” he responds. “What you’re doing right now is feeling sympathy for me. Do you know that?”

When she insists that what she’s feeling is not sympathy, he asks, “If it’s not sympathy, what is it?” She gives no answer.

Jin-hee broods on the couch until her mom joins her. Her mom can’t sleep because she keeps thinking about Professor Oh’s sudden death. She reminds Jin-hee that Chang-min’s mom must be hurting, since it’s the living who are left to cope with the aftermath of a loved one’s death.

Chang-min calls to check in on his mom, who looks pale and is hooked up to an IV at home. She bemoans the fact that no one is there to care for Chang-min.

Chun-soo has someone looking after him, though, because Ji-hye sets out dinner for him. She asks him how he spent his vacation time, and he shares that he sent a postcard to his father. He adds that he sent it to his last known address, and chance will determine whether he receives it or whether it is returned.

Happy for him, Ji-hye asks what made him think to send a postcard, to which he grins and replies, “Just because.”

Finding a present left on his desk, Chang-min opens it and discovers individually wrapped fortune cookies inside. He cracks open a cookie and unfolds the enclosed fortune. Reading it aloud, he sees that it’s a dictionary definition of the word “sympathy.”

Engrossed by his phone, Yong-gyu bumps into Ah-reum, causing her to drop her tray of food. As he apologetically scoops the food off the floor, he looks up at her. The camera lighting brightens, the fairy dust music cues up, and I’m to believe that these two kids are now enamored of each other.

Yong-gyu watches from another table as Ah-reum reapplies her lipstick after eating. And I’m not sure what sort of Netmarble game that Yong-gyu is running on his phone, but there’s a flash of an anime image of an amply endowed girl about to apply lipstick. What in tarnation did I just see?? Ahem…it strikes me as strangely obscene?

Ah-reum sits down with Yong-gyu and asks how he’s been doing in Radiology. He still has recurring doubts about continuing with medicine. She encourages him to think hard about what he might want to do with his life.

The interns play badminton in a park while Jin-hee and Chang-min look on.

The married guy intern scolds his wife for having more interest in her work rather than their prospective children. His wife can’t believe that he would be angry at her just because she turned out not to be pregnant. She argues heatedly that she’s entitled to her own dreams and future.

Chang-min soothes the married guy intern but points out that he should be caring for his wife first, instead of worrying about children yet to be conceived. Jin-hee turns to Chang-min in surprise.

At home, Jin-hee confronts her sister about money that she borrowed from Chang-min. Jin-ae explains that she was short on money for household expenses, but an angry Jin-hee shouts that she’ll pay Chang-min back while Jin-ae can pay her back.

As Jin-hee waits for Chang-min to come home, she flashes back to a memory of her married life, waiting for Chang-min to come home.

In flashback: Jin-hee sits outside and reads a text from Chang-min which says that he’ll be coming home late. Despite this, Chang-min comes home to find her still sitting outside, fast asleep. Once awake, she smiles happily to see him.

Chang-min chides her for not having eaten and gone to bed, but Jin-hee replies that she doesn’t like to eat alone or even be alone. When he suggests they go inside, she doesn’t even want to do that. Patiently, Chang-min takes her on a piggyback ride around the neighborhood.

As he carries her, Jin-hee says, “I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to do anything other than wait (for you).” She can’t find a job, and feels like she has no purpose or use in life. Chang-min tells her to take her time to find out what she wants to do.

But Jin-hee replies that she feels that she’s destroying Chang-min’s promising future. He shushes her emphatically and to distract her, he sings her a song.

Back in the present, Jin-hee’s eyes brim with tears. Chang-min finally arrives, and with a look of concern, he asks her what’s the matter.

Inside, Jin-hee slides over the White Envelope of Money and explains that it should cover her sister’s debt to Chang-min. Refusing it, he slides it right back.

Jin-hee tells him that she’s been doing a lot of thinking lately. After their divorce, she had always thought of herself as the victim. But now, she realizes that Chang-min himself must have had a hard time trying to make things work. She acknowledges that she was too wrapped up in her emotions at the time and was unable to see things from his perspective.

Chang-min asks her why she’s bringing all of this up now, and she replies that it’s because she’s so very sorry. She asks him about the fortune cookies that she made for him: “Were they not good?” With a glint in his eyes, he lies and says they weren’t.

The next morning, Chang-min cracks open a second fortune cookie. His fortune today directs him to go to a coffee shop after work if he wants to meet a special person.

At the coffee shop, Jin-hee waits impatiently alone. She calls Chang-min, and he picks up with a casual “What’s going on?” She asks why he’s not here yet, and he asks, “Where?” just as he steps into her line of sight right in front of her window.

He teases her a little longer while she gullibly goes on about whether he opened her cookies. She finally catches sight of him standing outside–looking straight at her. She smiles widely.

When he prompts her to tell him what she has to say, she begins to say that she wants to start over with him again. Before she quite finishes her sentence, he interrupts and says, “Those aren’t your feelings. Those are fake.” He insists that she’s deceiving herself and that she’ll change her mind once some time passes.

She denies it but Chang-min continues, “Jin-hee, go and find someone you like. Someone who makes your heart pound. That should be your road to happiness.”

The next day, Jin-hee can’t keep her eyes off of Chang-min as they work. When he walks past without acknowledging her, she seems stunned to find her heart racing. Frantically, she sprints through the halls and up the stairs to catch up to Chang-min.

She catches her breath in the kitty cat stairwell. Kittens and butterflies, we meet again. She finally finds Chang-min at an elevator bank, and grabs him by the arm.

Leading him back to the kitty cat stairwell, she hooks her stethoscope up to his ears, and tells him to listen to her pounding heart.


The flashback scene we got in this episode was adorably cute. Logically, we all knew that our lead couple had some happy times before things all went to hell in a handbasket. We’ve just been shown very few of those good times. In the flashback, we see Chang-min reacting to Jin-hee’s depression with tenderness and patience. Most significantly, this may be the first time that Jin-hee is consciously remembering a happy memory from her marriage. And by acknowledging that there were happy memories, she can stop viewing herself as the Victim.

What’s so paralyzing about having a victim mentality is that from the her perspective, everything that went wrong is everyone else’s fault. Victims view themselves as helpless, whether that’s true or not. Their problems are caused by other people or by circumstances beyond their control.

By acknowledging that she was not a victim, but instead, a person who both hurt someone and was hurt by someone, Jin-hee has empowered herself. She is now free to re-evaluate her past with Chang-min with a balanced perspective and to weigh realistically the potential advantages and drawbacks of a possible new future with him.

While that’s all well and good, I do wish that the flashback did something more than confirm that Jin-hee was prone to hyperemotionality and that Chang-min was supportive until…he was decidedly not. I’ve come to accept that the show is not going to delve into divorce and reconciliation in any profound or individualistic way. Sure, we’ve been given the markers, the general outline: Overly Emotional Woman, Financially Strapped Man, Bitchy Mother-in-law. And yes, those are all plausible ingredients for divorce soup. But here’s the thing: the show leaves us to fill in all the details around that very general outline.

I’m sure all of us recognize the markers from our own personal experiences or the experiences of our family, friends, acquaintances, books that we’ve read. In our love for happy endings, we’re ready, eager even, to fill in those details from our own experiences. But by asking us to fill in the details, there is wasted potential—emotional depths that instead of being plumbed are being left on the table. How much more heft and heartbreak would I feel if the show actually drew in the details for us in rich tapestry, so that I could see the progression from the giddiness of new love to bitterness and disillusion? How much more personally invested would I be in these two people if I knew the backstory that is unique to them as individuals, instead of the generalized backstory that I need to draw for them in my mind?

So as we round into the final three episodes, the show seems to be telling me that Jin-hee’s and Chang-min’s previous issues are neatly resolved. The overly emotional woman has learned to control her emotions and has found her purpose in life by becoming a doctor. Thus, she will never fall into such despair and self-doubt as she did previously. The Financially Strapped Man is now a gainfully employed doctor and will not be financially strapped in the future. The Bitchy Mother-in-law will no longer be bitchy, because she’s had an epiphany after her husband’s death. All problems are solved, the road is straight and clear, green light means go.

And I suppose the logic makes sense…in a slapdash, pat fashion.

Is it emotionally satisfying enough? I dunno. But I’ll be happy enough if we’ve seen the last of the melo, and if the show remembers to put the “com” back in rom-com.

Onward to happier times…


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  1. Yu84

    I loved reading your ending comments for this episode, for some reason it came across to be as very poetic haha.
    I’ll be watching episode 19 in a few minutes, but I wanted to say I actually find the way Jin hee confessed to be pretty original for a kdrama.. like sure it makes sense since they’re both doctors and stethoscopes are related to doctors and whatnot, however I found the ending scene so cute!

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. 넷마

    After running all these stairs , her heart should be racing as hell 😀
    Anyways, Thanks for the recap 🙂
    By the way, could you please recap Lee Hong ki’s new drama Bride of the century ?

    • 2.1 coolrepublica

      don’t mention Bride of the Century here for recap. it stresses javabeans. everyone who wants a recap go here. koala is really good.

      dramabeans is a no BOTC recap zone. And we have to learn to accept that. lol.

      • 2.1.1 jowanni

        i do read up on my BOTC recap over at koalas… makes me wonder why javabeans stresses over the show! lol. now you got me curious!

        • Peeps

          i do read up on my BOTC recap over at koalas…

          …then why do you need Dramabeans to recap it? I’m not pointing specifically at you but I have read comments where people have been asking for recaps to shows that actually have been recapped somewhere else (or even worse, ask that DB recaps come out faster than those from other sites) and I don’t really understand why. Other recappers from other sites do well recapping those dramas too. Just because it’s not on DB, it means that it’s not good?

          I understand that people may want a one-stop blog to read up on all their loved dramas but at the same time, don’t discount those from other blogs too by seemingly ignoring them by asking for those recaps on DB.

          LOL, it’s not on purpose but DB now reminds me of a Chaebol compared to other KDrama blogs which now seem like mom-and-pops shops.

          • Jo

            While they do give their opinions, I find the recaps on dramabeans more objective or less biased and hence a better read for me atleast – there’s a perfect balance between objectivity and how they feel about the dramas.

          • Leigh

            I read Koalasplayground, and don’t mean any offense to the recapper but hers feel a little too lengthy. It’s not much of a recapping rather than a sentence about each and every action that went on in the drama, and too much “he said” “she said”. A lot could be omitted and it would still make a good summary.

        • xoxoxq

          I adore FT Island and Lee Hong Ki’s captivating on stage! But he doesn’t quite cut it as a cool and cold chaebol in BOTC. Doesn’t help that the cast is bleah and the show is very poorly written! :(((

          • Coolrepublica

            I find the show quite lively and the writing quite good. The budget is not huge, but these guys make it work.

            I guess it is a matter of taste. I have been watching lee min ho dramas and every time, I am left scratching my head as to why he is popular. I watched heirs which had the budget of a Hollywood movie, and I thought the story was ridiculous, the acting was lousy and the only good thing to come out of it was kim woo bin.

            I hated lee hong ki in your beautiful. I couldn’t stand his character, but after watching him in Bride, and I am like a fan girl at my old age. I squeak like a girl when I see him, and go on searches for ft island videos even though I knew nothing of them until this month. So his acting is doing something to me. It’s not great p, but just right.

            People have different taste and there is a drama for everybody is the lesson to this story.

    • 2.2 coolrepublica

      don’t mention Bride of the Century here for recap. it stresses javabeans. everyone who wants a recap go here. koala is really good.
      koalasplayground. com/

      dramabeans is a no BOTC recap zone. And we have to learn to accept that. lol.

      • 2.2.1 classickdrama

        Why? I’m just wondering, not wanting them to recap it tho. lol.

        • coolrepublica

          maybe she hates the drama. That’s the logical reason. There are so many dramas we can’t expect her to recap everything. She has to be selective about what she covers here.

          BOTC was not suppose to be an international hit. It was a tiny drama on a tiny cable station, so I don’t even think they had it on their radar.

          someone said that her inbox is clogged with people requesting recaps. if she didn’t hate the show before I am sure she hates it now whether she’s seen it or not. lol

          So to anyone who like the drama and wants a recap, remember google is your friend and also koala. either or.

      • 2.3.1 ShouldBeStudying

        People looking for BotC or other dramas, please look at these blogs too. I know that they all have fabulous recaps and their work should be recognized. Just because a blog is small, doesn’t mean it’s bad. DB and AKP are great drama sites, and there are plenty of others too.

        Diversify! You may like what you find 🙂

        • jusash

          As a longtime viewer …. I DO go on other sites – but still I find myself coming back here over and over, for the yes objective, intelligent and humorous recaps +++ writing quality of the commenters too.

          • fels

            I’m certainly agree with you. Other reasons why I always come back into this site because the comments here are mostly intelligent, insightful, and funny at the same time.

    • 2.4 수하

      Mybe she wanted ChangMin to know that she was running chasing HIM. Thus made her heart race.

      I use to love this drama in earlier episodes, then epi by epi I started to think that the script writing are kinda lazy and are out of depth. I cant relate with any of this characters expect chief gook. Oh and, his face when JinHee said shes looking after ChangMin made my stomach squirm! I ship Chief Gook and JinHee. Although he has far worse baggage (with the commitment issues with le parents), but he took one step and send the postcard! Ok, both JinHee and Chief Gook are emotionally unavailable and the look of their faces is like they wanted to be with each other but cant bcs there so much issues yet to be settled. And why JinHee went to the pension if not she has feelings for him? And then, next time they saw each other its like JinHee has a complete change of heart?

      They say trust once broken, isnt the same as before. How can JinHee can trust ChangMin again? She didnt believe in him in the earlier episode.

    • 2.5 jusash


      LOL, exactly my thoughts then too.

      Running those corridors looking for him + those stairs = how can any normal being not have any increased heart rate?

  3. Nana

    So boring…

    I used to enjoy this show so much for a long time.

    • 3.1 coolrepublica

      I think the writer doesn’t have any credible reason for them to be together and is forcing it. The viewers can feel it. People who just want the lead to be together don’t care about reasons. But the rest of us are left asking, what’s my motivation for wanting them to be together.

      In the preview for ep 20 they have sex. No reason giving really, for going there. It just happens. Well that should seal the deal then. As we all know, once you have sex in Kdrama, next comes marriage.

      • 3.1.1 TS

        I was so bored with this episode! I can’t even be bothered with the next one despite the promise of lots of Baby Guy.

        Agreed: the writer is forcing them together. Resolving issues doesn’t mean you have to get back together: forgiving and moving on is also a resolution.

        • nomad

          And I thought the editing was so jarring too. I was really confused, they were talking at Chang Min’s apartment in an incomplete conversation, then the next thing that happened was Chang Min reading Jin Hee’s message to meet her in a coffee shop. What in the world?

          And the listening to the heart pounding thing. Of course her heart will be pounding, she’s been running a flight of stairs! Come on…it’s kinda like if Choi Jin Hyuk just dropped by to RM and bring a stethoscope, and listen to JH’s heart beat. I’m sure she’s beating hard there, since she’s been running around there. (it would be fun for CJH to drop by RM filming to see JH though…)

          • alua

            I confess I’ve pretty much dropped this show because I just don’t really care anymore. There’s no depth in the development of the characters and the situations that makes me feel “Yes, they’ve worked it through, yes, I want to cheer for them to be together.” It’s just superficial and pretty weak writing, with lazy gimmicks. The final shot is a perfect example. A metaphor with a beating heart and stethoscope. I’m afraid I can only cynically look at it and think “Darling, if you don’t hear your heart beating with that stethoscope it means you’re dead.”

    • 3.2 dearly

      I hate to say it but the hatefulness that I have for Ohlala Spouse is the same hatefulness that I have for this drama. I will never recommend Emergency Couple. Their relationship is forced since we’re short away from the finale. The development of the relationship was slow. The only positive thing was Song Ji Hyo. Other than that, this show really tanks. I am very disappointed as the first couple episodes were really good and headed in a great direction. It has now become cliche, predictable, and forced.

      • 3.2.1 likuus

        Its ok If you hate it but then it shows that you are watching it as well lolz

    • 3.3 Vivi

      you read my mind, i used to loved it so much
      but now i feel like betrayed, still can’t believe that oh jin hee change her mind that fast, i mean i can’t even see the reason.

      i think this show has become s confusing for the writer so they decided just to finished it!
      it better to solve all the problem but do not diminished they way they have changed in their journey before

      well, hope this will end up well

  4. Ranie

    I loved this episode!
    And for anyone who is waiting for ep 19, Dramafire.com has it already! 🙂

  5. redd

    Awwww the confession scene is super cute. That inspires me so i guess i have to buy stethoscope too lol.

    At this point, i wanna jin hee to talk to dr.gook and make everthing clear that she love changmin and she just consider dr.gook as a mentor. So dr.gook can end up with prof.shim haha.

    I am happy for changmin. I wanna see him smile and never make the sad face anymore. Because choi jin hyuk’s smile is priceless. I am melting and i am happy 🙂

    • 5.1 Renee

      I think Dr. Gook has finally accepted that Jin Hee is looking at Chang Min. Her heart was never with him.

      P.S: I’m not happy about the way this is going to end. The show started off pretty good then it gradually went down. I have to agree with what others are saying, it feels like they’re forcing the leads to be together. The confession ending was cute but very cheesy and predictable. Jin Hee you just run up and down so obviously your heart will be beating fast. The possibility of Jin Hee and the chief getting together would have been very realistic.

      I can’t believe the chief just gave up on Jin Hee just like that and told Chang Min that Jin Hee’s heart belongs to Chang Min. Like seriously we’re supposed to believe that! It’s like everyone’s peronality did a 180 degree turn.
      While I love Chang Min and Jin Hee, them getting together is just not realistic. Yeah now they’ve both realized their mistakes and have fixed it?? So now they get back together? What next?

      • 5.1.1 Renee


      • 5.1.2 jusash

        Agreeing with the cheesy, rather than cute.

        AS usal THANKS slappyunni for recaps, esp your interesting ending comments.

  6. Joy

    It’s cute. This drama’s really cute. But it just feels pretty empty.

    Don’t get me wrong, I really like this drama. It just feels like everything happens just for the sake of happening. Like there’s no depth in the plot. Just a divorced couple getting back together and that’s it.

    It’s a good drama and I understand, to some extent, why some of the characters do what they do. But… I don’t really think they solved their problems from their divorce. I personally think that if they don’t do anything to help their relationship, they’ll divorce again later (of course the drama would never show that…).

    I guess it was kind of hard for me to see that transition from them hating each other to love. Or how the bitch mother in law just became not bitchy. I feel like they changed just because the writer said so.

    I don’t know. I don’t think I’m making any sense right now. I look forward to the next few episodes.

    • 6.1 potatomato

      I completely agree. As much as I want Jin-hee and Chang-min to get back together, this sudden reunion does not seem plausible at all. For two people to hold such discontent towards one another for six years after just one year of marriage means that there’s some heavy emotional shit between them. And as the viewer, we’re all just suppose to expect that those issues are instantaneously resolved without either character doing any soul-searching? The death of Chang-min’s father was a great catalyst to cause them to revisit their feelings, but that’s all it’s supposed to be. It shouldn’t be “Oh Father’s dead so I must make him happy by going back to my wife.” His death should have been much earlier so that the writers had a bigger window to methodically plan out Chang-min and Jin-hee’s course back to loving each other again. It felt like they were trying to cram so much into the episode that it was detrimental to the validity of the characters’ emotions.

  7. August

    For each action and reaction that Oh Chang-Min had vis-à-vis with Oh Jin-Hee in Episode 18…It was refreshing to see Chang-Min distance himself and resist all of Jin-Hee’s attempts at closeness, affection, and/or resuming some of the intimacy from their fractured marital relationship.

    I thought about some of the various detractors and critics of Chang-Min as a character and his behavior toward Jin-Hee as expressed and posted in previous Emergency Couple recap threads.

    I kept thinking of the song (main lyrics from) “How You Like Me Now?” by The Heavy.


    Of course most people are probably familiar with “Joyride Dream” which was a commercial for the Kia Sorento that aired during the Super Bowl in 2010


  8. Somethin'Fishy...

    The confession was amazing. And guys, not to sound annoying, but please don’t mention other dramas here. Its against the rules. Also spoilers, please refrain from adding spoilers. There are many hardcore fans who doesn’t want to know what’ll happen next until they see it from their own eyes. Just a friendly advice. On with the drama, I love that Jin Hee is finally realizing her feelings for Chang Min, but its sad that he’s holding back. Anyway, can’t wait for the next ep!

    • 8.1 anya

      I’m a little confused as to how one could ruin a recap by adding spoilers? Readers of recaps already are a self-selected bunch: they either read recaps after watching an episode or before watching an episode. Recaps are not the same as forums.

      • 8.1.1 sofyah

        Well, there might be people like me, who solely relies on recap. I don’t last long when I watch something, I would usually tune out before it finishes or skip along a lot. Plus I don’t have that much time. This is not just for dramas but also movies. My sisters hate watching anything with me lol. Reading to me is so much better because I feel like it conveys much more.
        Since I read without watching, spoilers would be a big turn-off to me especially the ending is not what I hope for and would totally ruin the reading experience for me. Sure, if you’re watching the drama, reading the recaps is a spoiler in itself. But I only read the recaps, so I would prefer to not know till the end so that I can enjoy the satisfaction of finishing the recaps (dramas).

        I know not everyone is like me, but there are still people that maybe don’t have a chance to watch their drama whenever they want, so recaps are their best source.

        Anyways, happy reading ^_^

      • 8.1.2 okiejune

        I think she means the comments on episode 20, not this one.

        • okiejune

          Oops — I mean the comments on the preview for episode 20 at the end of episode 19….

  9. Yuukira

    I feel bad for Chief Gook because he’s already opening up his heart to someone and that someone is patching things up to her past.
    but I’m still shipping Chief Gook and Jin Hee here no matter what happens 🙂

    (watching episode 19 now)
    Kinda sad because 2 more episodes and it will end… :'(

    • 9.1 anya

      LPM and SJH are gems of the drama. I never knew LPM before EC. He’s an awesome actor! Given the limitations of his role and second lead status, I think he definitely does a better job in the subtlety department than CJH.

      • 9.1.1 dfwkimchi

        Agreed! LPM is a gem here and am watching this series for him as he was the lead in the first KDrama I watched called ‘Here Comes Ajumma’ circa 2006! LPM is becoming a hot ajusshi!

        First time seeing n loving SJH n CJH! CJH is also a very good singer – downloaded OSTs he sang in the dtamas he acted in especially GFB, Heirs n now EC.

  10. 10 Kay

    Finally got a chance to catch up to this point! ~yay for marathon-ing 8 episodes!

    I have mixed feelings about the trajectory of the show since midway and I agree with some on here that the whole reunion just seems so forced…I almost wished we would have gotten better parts of the past earlier on in the show – I think I would have also liked to see more situations in the hospital itself where the couples learned through their differences….its seemed so sudden that Chang Min suddenly wanted her back and he keeps going on about her liking him due to pity when in fact he seemed to want her only after he was all jealous she was getting close to Mr.Chief….in the real world, I’d bet all my kimchi they’d be divorced within another year….

    • 10.1 lulu

      I think they developed Chang-min’s change of feelings toward Jin-hee okay, considering the length of the drama. It did grow gradually. But Jin-hee, on the other hand, — although I am all for the main couple to get back together, only a couple episodes ago, she had slapped him and kept saying “And this is the reason we can’t be”.
      Then all of a sudden in this episode, she wants him back. They did rush for her.

      • 10.1.1 Christina

        i don’t really find it that unbelievable. because all this time, Changmin had been the one being upfront about his feelings so it was easy for her to push him away. but after his dad’s death, when he suddenly put this distance between them after pursuing her for all this time, the feelings she had easily repressed all this while, came to the surface with a vengeance. its the classic “you understand the worth of something only after you have lost it”

        • Christina

          though yes, it could have been done better. they could have given a few more eps to this post-realising-feelings-for-each-other phase by showing more cute, funny & *cough* sexy scenes XD like say Jinhee wanting to surprise Changmin one day by wearing a playboy bunny suit & waiting for him at his house & the plan failing in some funny way. like a hot male patient coming in one day & Jinhee being his doctor & both of them flirting with each other (Jinhee pointedly). Changmin then comes in thinking she wants to be rid of the guy but Jinhee tells him that she will see the patient with an evil smile. then Changmin makes faces at the background. or oooooh a showering scene & Jinhee walks in on him. commence blushing Jinhee, closing her eyes & Changmin seeing that oppurtunity to harass her some more by coming close to her. lol just such things. i wanted to see more of these. feels like i didnt get enough funny scenes in this ep.

          Also the reason their marriage didnt work out previously was cause Jinhee had an inferiority complex & victim mentality, & Changmin being depressed about work, worsened it. also he didnt try to protect her from his mom. it was not cause they had some huge misunderstanding that is still not resolved. Now, Jinhee is a doctor so she no longer has that complex. & she has lost her victim mentality. Changmin too got to finish his studies & became a doctor just like he wanted. Plus he stood up to his mom for Jinhee. so really the soul-searching phase is already over. now all they need to do if they get back together is remember to talk if anything bugs them.

          • Jang

            Come to think of it, I remember seeing in one of the previews, a flash back of Chang Min teasing Jin Hee as she was passing a towel to him when he’s in the shower, but don’t remember seeing it in the next episode. Was it edited out in the broadcast? I wonder what was the context for the flash back?

        • alua

          But she “lost” him a long time ago. By that logic she should have realised it somewhere in their 6 years of separation and no-contact.

          Any “worth” that she suddenly realised now would have been from their time they have spent together as interns. But the writers didn’t give us anything much solid there, only a very tragic death, which, for me, is a pity card. I’m not even saying that a death couldn’t bring people together again, but I just don’t feel convinced that from what we know from the drama that how they have been brought together will actually make them last as a couple now.

          • Hari

            I agree. She says she was afraid, so that’s why she kept pushing him away. Why didn’t the writers show her grabbling with that before father’s death? That said, I still think this is more realistic than a few other Kdramas I’ve seen. I’m really enjoying the bgm in this series.

  11. 11 loveprevail

    Dr. Gook tearing up when he realizes that Jin Hee is looking for Chang Min, I could feel his heart break. Heart wrenching scene.

    However his inability to express what he really feels and his fear of commitment makes me feel that he’s more damaged than Chang Min. Thus he’s not going to be good for Jin Hee.

    I’m still sore about the killing off Chang Min’s dad. I mean really? Can people only learn to be a better person and realizes their mistakes through death? The writer took the easy way out.

    I still love the show nonetheless. 🙂

  12. 12 doremi

    I hated this episode… I can’t believe that Jinhee changed her mind like that. One minute she’s yelling and pushing Changmin away then the next she’s like I want to start over?! AND ALL THESE WHILE, SHE AND CHIEF GOOK STILL MAKE ‘I WANNA BE WITH YOU’ EYES AT EACH OTHER. My poor Chief Gook. His sad eyes really get me T_T

    It left me so confused. Jinhee seemed to have a personality transplant in this week’s episodes. This whole drama seemed to have gone crazy (at least to me).

    I know a lot of people are happy that the lead couple got together but it doesn’t satisfy me. I mean I’m watching the drama to see WHY they should get together and not WHETHER they are going to get together (do you think I would really expect them not to??).

    And the last scene was so bizarre… And your heart is beating fast due to all the running!

    • 12.1 aly

      THIS. i am so pissed off. what are the writers exactly playing at. they must really think we’re stupid or something. i can’t even deal with this show right now

      • 12.1.1 windsun33

        It’s almost like the writers had written it one way originally, then changed it – but forgot to take out the old parts.

    • 12.2 windsun33

      Agreed. This is not my favorite show – in fact I fast-forward a lot – but that 180 was a bit much. It just seems like this show is wrapping up things in some really bizarre ways. I was especially put off by her saying that she wanted to start over, while at the same time apparently still pursuing the Chief.

      I simply don’t see any OTP at all in this drama, unlike Sly & Single, where they might actually have a chance.

      And his evil mother doing a 180 also?? WTF – if this show was not almost over I would probably drop it totally, but until then I will just make liberal use of skipping a lot.

  13. 13 Marissa

    Oh God.. it just annoys me to no end that Jin Hee’s getting flak for telling the grandma that she has cancer. Confidentiality?? Hippocratic oath, ppl?! Oh come on! The grandma should have been the FIRST AND ONLY person informed of her diagnosis. She is mentally competent! How the heck did they bypass her in the first place when they first diagnosed that she had cancer. Only in the Asian community is this allowed to happen.

    • 13.1 windsun33

      That whole scene/trope was just stupid – and probably illegal under South Korean laws. I don’t know where the writer came up with that bizarre scenario.

  14. 14 Christina

    This might just be the very first drama in which I have NO idea which couple is going to be endgame. Sure, this episode eased my heart & made me think that Changmin & Jinhee will end up together. but then i saw ep 19, & with just 2 eps left to go, Jinhee STILL felt sad when she thought Chunsoo & Jihye were sleeping together. & Jihye telling Chunsoo to go grab Jinhee. …..what is this…….such things simply do not happen when there are just 2 eps left. they just do not. these are all early or mid ep things. no wait, scratch that, these things simply do not happen period. these misunderstandings always happen between the main couple. not between people who are not going to end up together.

    which leaves me utterly confused & on the verge of panic.

    yes i know if we look at it from a story’s point of view, we need some more scenes before we can believe that they will end up together. but this is a drama. i never expect much from romance dramas. just watch for some light hearted fun. so if Changmin & Jinhee dont end up together it will be a sad ending for me TT_TT

  15. 15 evw09

    The show is fictional and written to only span a relatively short amount of time. It seems like today we, as fans, are demanding that television be rooted too firmly in reality. Personally, that’s not why I watch television and certainly why I don’t watch a particular sort of programming.

    I totally agree that the writing left much to be desired in many cases. I think the amount medical scenes could have been reduced and replaced with actual story and character development. However, I am perfectly fine with the amount of relationship drama the writer did show. It’s easy to deduce this couple had a crappy marriage. I don’t need to see every fight to figure it out. That would get tedious very quickly and I would care less about the characters. In the same vein, I don’t need every happy moment either because I would question the intelligence of all parties involved.

    All said, I am in law school and work in a fairly intense area. Dramas are my escape from reality. So if everything and every one wraps up neatly and nicely at the end of day, I’m completely fine with that. I can deal with doom and gloom 5 days out the week. Besides, who doesn’t love a happy ending even it’s forced?

    • 15.1 J

      I concur with evwo9.

      Watching this drama (or any k-drama) is a form of escape … from reality.

      Some think that OJH sudden change of heart is unrealistic, but for me the writer already left a clue that she loves her ex-husband. The writer planted the clue long before. ..that seed was the “the wedding ring”. Her lost of the ring, when it was pawned, made her upset to the point of being violent… Guess that was love, buried beneath the hurt caused by the divorce.

      Evwo9 goodluck with law school. School is hard, but practice is harder. I hope you continue to find k-drama relaxing and find law school friends who enjoy the same habit.. Its more fun discussing k-drama compared to case assignments.. 🙂

      • 15.1.1 evw09

        Thank you and its greatly appreciated!

  16. 16 Jang

    I think the writer’s intention is:
    1) Young naive couple falling madly in love and rushing into marriage with no regard.
    2) Reality kicks in, (common mature stuff like financial issues, empathy issues, etc.) extinguished the sparks and slowly drained them out.
    3) Last straw triggered the final show down and in the aftermath, divorce seemed the only viable option for this young naive couple.
    4) BUT THEY NEVER FELL OUT OF LOVE, which is why the divorce was so painful for both, whether they show it outwardly (Jin Hee) or not (Chang Min).
    5) After finding their footing in life (career wise), fate brought them together again. Human nature (defence mechanism maybe?) is to remember the bad stuff, so their early interactions are hostile.
    6) But overtime, through a string of events, that dormant love is slowly awaken. Chang Min was the first to recognise it but Jin Hee refuse to admit it. Too scared? Momentarily distracted by Chief?
    7) Dad’s death made Chang Min realised the deeper meaning to loving someone and the importance of not rushing into something only to regret later; it made Jin Hee realised that she’s been suppressing her true feelings out of fear; it even made Chief realised that deep down Jin Hee still loves Chang Min, which is why he is painfully stepping aside.

    So… although I agree that the writer could have done a better job in the narration, (Japanese dramas seem to do a fantastic job in indepth writing despite the dramas being typically only 11ish episodes long.) I get the writer’s intention and I’m not going to get upset by any perceived sudden changes in Chang Min and/or Jin Hee’s character. :p

    I’d be pleased as punch if the drama ends with the OTP getting remarried by the same priest/pastor in the presence of family and friends (with some awesome vows no less), throw in some cute little cousins for Gookie, and Jin Hee’s mum helping Chang Min’s mum overcome her grief and becoming friends (I can hope right?). Chief will then take on a job offer in the U.S., so that we can assume at some point in the future, things will work out with Ji Hye. Yong Gyu will become a successful indie musician (band mates with Jin Ae and hubby) and charm Ah Reum with his music prowess. Lol.

    • 16.1 okiejune

      I agree with all you say above. What are your favorite Japanese dramas? Something about your comment made me think of Kimi wa Petto, and the intense loneliness you could see in the main character.

    • 16.2 Saturtledaisy

      I see where the writer is going with the story on an intellectual level, but it’s sad that I have to rack my brains to find logical explanations for everything. The execution of the story is just egh. From the writing to the directing to the editing.

      I wanted to see young Jin-hee and Chang-min fall deeply in love and be blissfully married, I wanted to see their relationship deteriorate until a breaking point and I wanted to see them fall back in love again and realize what they did wrong the first time.

      It could have been so good! (especially because I do love the cast and I’ll really be so sad to see the characters go) But I’ll have to make do with this (almost) satisfactory version of what could have been, I guess.

    • 16.3 rhonda

      agree whole heartedly with Jang. I am happy with the leads reconciling. JH love for Chang Min has always been presented in the flashbacks, in her dreams and actions but it was overshadowed by her low self worth especially caused by the mother in law and her mistrust of Chang Min’s love. The death of CM’s dad and CM withdrawing from her gave her the space to reflect on her feelings. The time she went to visit the Chief who actually helped her see how she felt about Chang Min that it was not over between them.

      As for the Chief, JH first caught his attention because of her mistakes but also of her earnestness as an intern and saw her as a mentee. He never really actively went after JH. It was always Shim who pushed him towards JH. Then he showed gestures of interest when CM told him bluntly that JH was his girl because JH is now safe o pursue her as there was someone else who will commit to her, it validates in his mind his abandonment/commitment fear. He can again claim that he loved but he was again abandoned. Actually, I think Dr. Shim showing up in his life again, shook Chief’s safety net and borders, his beliefs about love and marriage because in his heart of hearts Ji Hye Shim was and has always been his hearth and home. Shim spells commitment. This emotionally stunted man has to grow up and take responsibility for his feelings before he loses her.

  17. 17 aly

    this is the first time i put off watching an episode. jin hee just drove me crazy in this ep and 19. you had feelings for chief, we all noticed that. and then you do a complete u turn when changmin isn’t confessing to you anymore. i mean what is this, kindergarten. so it takes for him to be cold for you to finally realise you like him after telling him you can’t stand him not long ago. there was something there between her and chief. and you can tell that they both knew it and that she feels bad by the way she hesitates when going into his office or not knowing what to say. how about sorry? for giving him hope and making him think he might have had a chance. and i’m sick of changmin telling her how she feels. that it’s a phase for her and all that bs.

    arghhh it’s so frustrating. the fact that chief was just cast aside like that by the writers so ruthlessly really pisses me off. i don’t think they realise what a great character he is and how much he has won over viewers hearts.we all knew who was going to be endgame but rushing it like this is running the show for me.

  18. 18 Michikohime

    I don’t mind all that much about the issues of divorce and such since I signed up for a rom-com and I feel its already deep enough as it is with other stuff.

    The thing that is really bothering me though in this ep is the fact that the love line between Chief Gook and Jin Hee, that was still ongoing full speed in the last ep, just disappear in a flash for no apparent reason, both in Jin Hee and Chief Gook mind. So he finally decided to write to his father, and that makes him not want to pursue her anymore? So she runs to Chang Min helps and that makes her realize she wants to start over? Didn’t she did that like a hundred time before without the epiphany part? Why now?

    I feel like the writers just realized there’s not that much ep left and that they should start to conclude some stuff here and there, but it seems rushed to me

  19. 19 windsun33

    For what started as a fairly decent (if not great) Rom-Com has gradually fallen into yet another WTF drama.

    We are getting all the major med clichés – the kid who “just has to be saved at all costs”, the grandma who “just has to be saved at all costs”, and all the other usual clichés far too common in medical dramas. Now we are getting all these off the wall bouncing Ping-Pong ball romance tropes. “If this is minute 34:09, then I must be sucking up to the Chief” then minutes later she is back to chasing the same guy she was running from just 30 minutes ago.

    There is just SO much happening that makes no frakking sense at all that I have pretty much given up on it having any kind of ending that makes anyone happy.

  20. 20 jusash

    (1) Totally with you, with feeling real bad for Chief Gook.
    But we kind of already discussed that thsi was coming, and it would be really unfair to him – someone who takes 10x more difficulty opening up, than the average Joe.

    (2) And really what is the poor dude to expect – last episode, JH went all out of her way to whatever remote area he was holed up in … spent a cosy whole day and night with him.

    Then do a 180 degrees this episode with racing heart confession to Changmin?!?

    (3) And so that last racing away to Changmin at the end of the JH-Chief Gook dinner was the *ding – ding* bell in our heads …. that was supposed to signal that her feelings had swung like an obvious pendulum in that complete opposite direction? WTF?!?

    (4) I am NOT liking Jin-hee’s role very much in this episode either. Despite taking on the more proactive role in responding to Chief Gook (and also giving him hope to proceed) … she just does this?

    (5) While some of quiet moments can be beautiful, this writer seems to have major challenges with transitioning anything or being sensitively subtle.

  21. 21 ha-neul

    when jin hee said that she’s going to start over again with chang min at the cafe, i just went huh?? and scratching my head..LOL

    now i’m dissapointing..since above comments literally says why, so i’m not going to say it again..

    with next week being the last week for this show, i will just enjoy whatever the show can give..and by that i mean the nonsense comedy of course~ XP

  22. 22 Harem

    I’ve watched ep 18,19,and the preview for ep 20..all I can say either the writer-nim are just plainstupid by forcing/rushing JH to make a sudden forceful changes of attitude OR THERE’S ACTUALLY A REASONABLE REASON BEHIND IT. For me, the latter.

    I think most of us have already watch the ep 19 since it was on line like..2 days ago? So I hope no one will come and tell me to not spoil the episode..what? Are they dumb? The recap always come out after 1-2 day on line release. So don’t be such an ass just because you lazy to watch the actual episode and wait for the late recap instead.

    Now back to the story,I dare to say that JH DOESN’T LOVE OCH as much we thought it would be, even with all those lovey dovey scenes we have, none of it were strong enough to stand behind the word “I LOVE YOU, CHANGMIN”.

    Reasons? Easy and simple. The way she acted with chief is undoubtedly indicating something.

    I mean, if the writer-nim wants us to believe that she love changmin sooo much, so why would their even bother to put those scenes of JH with her teary eyes when she spoke with chief, and wtf with that disappointed look on her face when she heard that chief and prof shim have slept together(while actually not)? Who is Chief to her for her to make that kind of face?

    I know, I know. Some of you might use the scene when CH told the pervert patient that Ah Reum is his woman which make JH feel jealous and acted like…a middle school kiddo. But somehow, the scene when she overheard the conversation between Prof Shim and Chief and then suddenly dropped her cell phone..and how awkward and tense the looks on her face afterwards.. to me it’s just hit deeper than those jealousy thing she had with changmin. It felt more..realistic and weight more.

    • 22.1 devon98

      Her sad face outside Chief’s office after Chief Gook ignore her and give her lousy answer…there is something deep

    • 22.2 Dorotka

      the general rule is to discuss ONLY things up to the recapped episode. Thus no mentioning previews or commenting on episode 4 when the recap is for episode 3. This is a simple courtesy.
      Not everybody folows the drama or recaps “live”. I myself, for example, read this recap with a couple of days delay, because I just hadn’t have time to watch the drama earlier. And it makes me uspet when I read spoliers for episode I haven’t seen yet.
      I hope you understand.

  23. 23 lh39

    Agree with most of the comments. Just want to add that this is a drama with 16-episodes stretched to 21. There is just way too much indulgent, lingering and soft focus shots. Going to watch ep 19 now and hope it is better.

  24. 24 devon98

    I honestly didn’t like this episode. When the show begin I thought its gonna be usual romcom k-drama, I give it a try because SJH and CJH, turned out it something worthed to watched and eps 16n17 is def the best eps. Eps 18 just… why?
    I love watching romantic cheesy scene (admit) jeez why sacrifice Jinhee character and forcing this lousy script…
    Like someone above write (dearly) It has now become cliche, predictable, and forced.
    Still watching though

  25. 25 Sophia

    I agree with your comments, I felt all the problems between the couple became resolved way too quickly (it makes sense in the overall timeline of the drama since this is close to the end). It left a lot of gaps to be filled by the viewers when she really didn’t want to get back together with him before this episode, and all of a sudden his father died and she takes care of him for an episode and became the aggressive one in the relationship. Doesn’t make all that much sense.

  26. 26 brown

    Anyone know the name of the anime Yong gyu was watching when looking at ah reum?

  27. 27 Skate

    Watching this late. And I have to agree with all the observations. Uuggh. Just when Changmin told Jinhee to choose someone who makes her heart thump did she realise it was thumping. And what with all the running and looking for Changmin, of course, it would make her heart go racing.

    I am rooting for all the other couples though. I find Yonggyu and Ahreum so cute. And also, I want Chief to end up with Prof. Shim. Her love for him is so sacrificial.

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