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God’s Gift – 14 Days: Episode 8
by | March 26, 2014 | 157 Comments

We get more insights into our characters’ pasts this episode and find that almost everyone has something they wish they could change. There are lots of regrets in the past, and some seem to confront their guilt head-on while others try their best to live in denial. But guilt or no, onward we must go, and so do our characters always ready to fight Fate for the chance to fix their destinies.


Ji-hoon arrives at Min-ah’s apartment and demands that she abort their baby. He slaps her for her attempts at blackmailing him and says that he’s made her an appointment at the hospital. But she hands over a surgery confirmation form showing that she’s already taken care of things. He leaves, telling her to never contact him again.

At the same time Soo-hyun reels from the news of her husband’s affair. She tells Dong-chan that all she needs is to ensure Saet-byul’s safety. But then she jumps up and races home, saying she needs to see for herself what blackmail documents were sent to her husband.

She tears Ji-hoon’s office apart and finds the pictures of him and Min-ah together. She then remembers the first reality and Min-ah’s promise to seek revenge for her lost child.

Dong-chan barges into the police station to intercept Jang Moon-soo, the murderer who gave him the tip about the tattooed man buying a zoom lens. He accuses him of feeding him false information, but Jang just laughs—the guy did buy that lens, but in cash. Dong-chan has no chance of tracing him.

Min-ah drags Saet-byul down the street, but Saet-byul breaks free and runs off. Min-ah chases after her and they both run into the path of an oncoming car. Min-ah pushes Saet-byul out of the way as the car comes to a screeching halt.

Nine days before the incident.

Soo-hyun and Dong-chan head to Min-ah’s apartment to find Saet-byul but the place is empty. Soo-hyun panics recalling that Min-ah was the last person to see Saet-byul before her kidnapping. Dong-chan finds Min-ah’s hospital receipt, which is a crushing blow to Soo-hyun since the loss of Min-ah’s child increases the danger to Saet-byul.

At the hospital they find Min-ah in the emergency room. Saet-byul explains that Min-ah got hurt protecting her, and we see that Min-ah was lying about her abortion. This keeps Soo-hyun’s hopes alive so when Min-ah gets wheeled off to surgery, she begs the doctor to save the baby, because that will keep her own daughter safe.

Dong-chan takes Saet-byul to buy a new pair of shoes since she lost one in the accident. It’s a nice bonding moment between them and also gives Saet-byul the chance to tell him that she saw the tattooed man they’ve been looking for.

Ji-hoon sits in his ransacked office and gets a call from Soo-hyun. She tells him to come to the hospital, where she confronts him about his affair. She remembers him blaming her for Saet-byul’s death the first time around and she slaps him hard.

Soo-hyun tells Ji-hoon that it’s really his fault Saet-byul is in danger and cries about saving his other baby. He tries to pretend he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and then attempts to explain himself, but she’s not hearing it. Dong-chan has to step in to break them apart, holding Soo-hyun back and promising that he’ll make certain that nothing happens to Saet-byul.

In the hall, Dong-chan tells Soo-hyun that Saet-byul saw the tattooed man at Min-ah’s apartment, which causes Soo-hyun to run to confront her. Min-ah’s asleep and as Soo-hyun looks at her she recalls the prophecy about only one being able to live. Eep, I do not like the look in her eye.

Soo-hyun puts her hands around Min-ah’s neck to strangle her, but before she can do it, Min-ah wakes up. Min-ah rears back, glaring and spitting hatefully that she wished for Saet-byul’s death and to have Ji-hoon to herself. Soo-hyun threatens to kill Min-ah if she does anything to her daughter.

Min-ah fires back that she almost lost her child while protecting Saet-byul, and that she’s just as determined as Soo-hyun to protect her child.

Soo-hyun belatedly realizes that Min-ah may have Saet-byul’s life in her hands and immediately drops to her knees, apologizing and begging for Min-ah to spare Saet-byul’s life. Min-ah seems to have no idea what she’s talking about, and finally Dong-chan drags Soo-hyun out of the room.

Ji-hoon finds Saet-byul with Dong-chan in the hospital hallway, but Saet-byul avoids him. Soo-hyun comes out of the bathroom just then and ignores Ji-hoon and leaves with Saet-byul. He tries to stop them but Dong-chan blocks him.

Ji-hoon slaps Dong-chan and demands to know who he is. Dong-chan just coolly replies that Ji-hoon is the worst for having an affair with his wife’s co-worker and for getting his mistress pregnant. They’re interrupted by a nurse asking for Min-ah’s guardian and Dong-chan says that’s Ji-hoon, the baby’s father.

Back at home Soo-hyun packs and tells Saet-byul that they’ll be staying at a hotel while Ji-hoon goes away. She leaves Saet-byul to pack and we see her try to fit a large black backpack into her suitcase. It doesn’t fit and she hides it in the closet when Soo-hyun reenters the room. Oy, I can already tell that backpack is going to be trouble.

Ji-hoon comes home just then and tries to talk to Soo-hyun. She screams at him, incredulous that his mistress was Min-ah and that he conducted their affair in their home. He swears that Min-ah just stopped by one day without notice and that he would never be that thoughtless. Oh, okay Ji-hoon. Whatever.

Soo-hyun asks him if he knows why she married him and says it was because she saw him as a beacon of hope in this bleak and harsh world. As she talks the camera pans out their window and huh, someone is videotaping them from the apartment across the way.

Soo-hyun and Saet-byul finish packing and leave without one more word to Ji-hoon. Just then he gets a mysterious text from someone asking, “How’s that?” It prompts him to call back and tell the mystery caller that they’ve pushed him too far. He arranges a meet-up for later that night.

At the hotel Soo-hyun takes off her wedding ring and cries in the bathroom. She remembers the first time that she saw Ji-hoon, when he was a prosecutor and she was a reporter covering the murder trial. The man was the one convicted of killing the child of the woman who’d thrown a tomato at Ji-hoon at the TV station. Oh, another connection.

The murderer was declared innocent, and to add insult to injury, he’d taunted the parents on his way out. Ji-hoon stepped in his path, however, and vowed to convict him no matter what.

Then, Soo-hyun had seen him standing side by side with the victim’s mother in silent protest against the mockery of a legal system that serves as pawns to the rich and powerful. It had made her feel hope in the world, a faith she calls foolish now.

Later, Ji-hoon takes a furtive meeting with his mystery caller and says to take care of it within the week.

Dong-chan nervously sits at home and obviously wants to call Soo-hyun. Grandpa Byung-ho teases and asks him who he’s dating and tells him to bring the girl over so he can check her out, ha. Dong-chan swears he’s not dating but it is written all over his face. He is smitten. Cute.

At the hotel Saet-byul wakes to the sound of her mom crying. Mom says it’s just because she’s happy to be with her, but Saet-byul seems to know what’s in the air and comforts her. She tells Mom, “From now on, I’ll protect you. So don’t cry. You have me.”

The next morning as they leave their hotel room for breakfast, we see someone watching them from down the hall.

Young-gyu and his grandma are eating breakfast when Woo-jin stops by to visit. He’s brought groceries and presents, and it’s obvious that he’s close with the family and that these visits are normal.

Young-gyu is slightly disappointed that it’s not Uncle Dong-chan visiting but grandma treats Woo-jin well and chides him for doing too much for them. Young-gyu lights up to see that there’s a present in there for him and tries on the jacket, though he pulls it off a moment later. Woo-jin asks if he dislikes it, and Young-gyu pulls out the red knit sweater that Dong-chan had given him and says he prefers it.

Woo-jin tells Young-gyu he’s sorry. Young-gyu laughs that his uncle said the exact same thing.

Soo-hyun and Saet-byul return to their hotel room and find it turned upside down. Soo-hyun immediately calls Dong-chan and when he arrives they check out the hotel CCTV. All we see is a man wearing a hat enter their room. He expertly avoids showing his face on camera and all the hotel can do is call the police.

Nothing is stolen except some money, but they’re still shaken up. Dong-chan tells them to pack up immediately and go to her mother’s house, only to have Soo-hyun reply that she doesn’t have one (as in, Mom’s dead). Saet-byul says she wants to go to Dong-chan’s house, and he agrees. Soo-hyun tries to protest but really can you blame her for saying yes to those cute faces?

At the same time, Ji-hoon goes to check on Min-ah at the hospital but she’s gone. Her phone’s disconnected too, and he understands that this means Min-ah has decided to have her baby and cut contact with him.

Grandpa Byung-ho has a grumpy reception to their extra guests, but Dong-chan just escorts everyone inside. Saet-byul tries to get along with Grandpa but he remains stubborn, and that gets him kicked out by Dong-chan. Dong-chan rushes around clearing out his girly mags before the ladies see, although Grandpa helpfully returns them to him.

Finally when Grandpa keeps popping up in all the windows and embarrassing Dong-chan (talking about his leopard-print underwear), Dong-chan relents and lets him stay. Heh.

Out in the countryside, Ji-hoon drops by as an older woman flirts and serves a group of men. He intercedes when the woman riles the temper of one of the men, then speaks with her separately.

Ah, this woman is Soo-hyun’s mom and she dotes on Ji-hoon for being a great son-in-law. He asks if Soo-hyun has dropped by, but she’s quick on the uptake. She immediately knows that he did something wrong and berates him and tells him to leave.

There is now a tent set up in Dong-chan’s front yard and he tries to convince Grandpa Byung-ho how great it is. Ha, Grandpa is not falling for it. Soo-hyun insists on going to a hotel but Grandpa Byung-ho asks to talk instead. He asks her if it’s true that Dong-chan is helping her and doing good deeds.

She confirms everything and tells him that Dong-chan risked his own life to save her and her daughter. Grandpa scoffs and calls him a hooligan and moocher, but she replies, “No matter what others say, I know well that he’s not a hooligan. I’ve only known him a short while so I can’t know all about him, but he’s a good and righteous person down to his bones.”

Still, Grandpa isn’t ready to hand over the money, though Dong-chan gripes about breaking his promises. Grandpa just says that he can’t know whether Soo-hyun is trustworthy yet, and decides he’ll have to wait and see.

While her mom takes a nap Saet-byul tries to sneak out to get her backpack. Dong-chan catches her and promises to go in her place and tells her to go back inside before she gets in trouble.

She scribbles the security code for her apartment on his hand, and after he leaves Grandpa Byung-ho teases that Saet-byul now has poo in her hair because Dong-chan doesn’t wash his hands. Bwahaha. Gross, grandpa.

Meanwhile, Young-gyu’s grandma is at work in Soo-hyun’s apartment and uses the opportunity to sneak through Ji-hoon’s files. We flashback to grandma re-folding Young-gyu’s ultimate ddakji, made from Ji-hoon’s work papers, and she realizes that they’re notes from Dong-ho’s murder case. Wanting more information, she had then bribed Saet-byul’s nanny to work a few days in her place.

Ji-hoon comes home unexpectedly and catches grandma snooping. She covers and says that she was cleaning and gets yelled out of his office. In the hallway she runs into Dong-chan, who has just arrived and heard everything. His dark face indicates that he knows she was up to something, and he drags her outside.

Dong-chan demands to know what she was doing, and Grandma tries to explain that Ji-hoon was the prosecutor of Dong-ho’s case and that she wanted some information. Dong-chan is in a rage and asks if that murderer is her only son and accuses her of thinking Dong-chan is a liar. Grandma finally gets mad and slaps him and says that Dong-ho is not a murderer, but is his brother.

Dong-chan storms off and grandma just collapses. Ji-hoon watches from his window and takes this in—does this mean he’s made the connection between Dong-chan and the case?

Overwhelmed with his emotions, Dong-chan pulls his car over while driving over a bridge and punches the guardrail furiously. We go back to his brother’s hearing and see that Dong-ho was sentenced to death for the murder of three women, one of them being Dong-chan’s first love.

As Dong-ho’s sentence is read and he is dragged from the courtroom, Grandma cries and asks Dong-chan how he could betray his brother. He’s emotional too and shouts that he saw Dong-ho commit murder, with his own two eyes.

Back at Dong-chan’s, Saet-byul finds an old guitar with Dong-chan’s name on it. While cleaning the place, Soo-hyun finds a bottle of sleeping pills just as Dong-chan returns. Seeing his bloody hand, she cleans up the wound just as they hear the guitar outside.

It sets Dong-chan off. He grabs the guitar from Saet-byul and is about to smash it when Grandpa Byung-ho stops him. Saet-byul finds Dong-chan scary, though her mother chides her for touching his things without permission.

Later that night Soo-hyun offers Dong-chan some beer and conversation. He tells her the guitar was from his first love and she jokes that it must be a bad memory for him. He knows she must be curious about his reaction today, but she tells him he doesn’t have to talk if he doesn’t want to.

Instead, Dong-chan asks her about Woo-jin, guessing that she’s the roughneck first love Woo-jin told him about. Soo-hyun says that she owes Woo-jin a lot; he’s the one that got her to turn her life around. Dong-chan asks why they didn’t get married, and she tells him that his parents opposed the match because she was an orphan.

Their sweet moment is interrupted by Jenny who has dropped by with groceries for Dong-chan. She’s shocked to see a look in Dong-chan’s eyes that she’s never seen before, and then to make things worse she sees Grandpa Byung-ho swigging the water she brought specially for Dong-chan. Deciding to keep his distance, Dong-chan slips away to meet Byung-tae at the office.

The president is in a meeting with his advisors and the news is not good. The recent serial killer cases have upset the public and they want him to make a decision on the death penalty.

Later in private, the president and Minister Han discuss the political ramifications and Minister Han brings up Chairman Chu Byung-ho’s objection to the death penalty. Grandpa Byung-ho? The president just sighs that he never expected his relationship with the chairman to turn out this way.

At the office, Dong-chan finds Byung-tae looking over their friend’s (the other private investigator) laptop. Byung-tae says they should just copy him and start spying and look for cheating spouses rather than wait for clients. I believe that’s called being a peeping tom, Byung-tae.

Just then Byung-tae sees something interesting on the laptop. It’s a picture of Soo-hyun’s apartment and in the glare of the window is the reflection of another spy looking in.

Dong-chan recalls that their friend said someone had recently broken in and deleted all of his files. Dong-chan realizes the culprit is covering his tracks.

Dong-chan calls Soo-hyun and tells her to come to the office, leaving Saet-byul with Jenny and Grandpa Byung-ho. That would be fine, except Jenny is drunk and asleep, and Grandpa Byung-ho is already gone after receiving a mysterious phone call.

Saet-byul sneaks out and meets Young-gyu to go to the Snake concert. They’re just in time for the performance, plus afterward she wants to wait in the parking garage to give her singer oppa a belated birthday gift.

Soo-hyun and Dong-chan figure out which apartment across from Soo-hyun’s the spy is videotaping from and head over. Dong-chan busts out a power drill to break through the door lock, which they hide when a man gets off the elevator and walks by to his unit next door.

They wait until the man enters his place—not realizing he looks rather familiar—and then resume drilling. Dong-chan finally breaks the lock and they enter the apartment to find it covered with surveillance photos of Ji-hoon and his family, as well as maps and locations connected with red string. There are also photos of Min-ah with Ji-hoon, which makes Soo-hyun wonder if Min-ah wasn’t involved after all.

Dong-chan notices that the dog next door has not stopped barking, which is strange. Why would it bark at its owner? He then realizes that it’s the tattooed man who broke into Soo-hyun’s hotel room and runs next door, bashing in the doorknob with a fire extinguisher to get inside.

The window is wide open and the room is empty. Looking at the street below, Dong-chan sees a man getting onto a motorcycle and about to ride away. Dong-chan tells Soo-hyun to call the police and jumps out the window, dropping down a full story, to chase the rider. Damn.

Soo-hyun runs back to the first apartment to get her phone but it’s missing. She bends down to search for her phone on the floor, but freezes when she sees feet poking out from behind the curtain. Someone’s the the room.

Before she can run the tattooed man leaps at her through the curtain. Throwing the fabric over her face, he grabs her in a tight chokehold. She struggles, but there’s nothing she can do.

Dong-chan races to catch up to the motorcycle, jumping over a fence and knocking the guy down in a flying tackle. He pulls off his helmet and checks his wrist—but it’s not the right guy.

The motorcyclist staggers to his feet and flees the scene, and Dong-chan lets him go, confused and frustrated. He calls Soo-hyun, only to have her phone land right at his feet.

A car slowly pulls up next to him. The tattooed man points behind him, and we hear Soo-hyun screaming for help from inside the trunk. Before Dong-chan can react the tattooed man drives off.

Moments later, Dong-chan receives a text naming a location. Dong-chan follows orders and drives to the address—an entire neighborhood of abandoned buildings marked for demolition. Soo-hyun is nowhere in sight.


Soo-hyun! Where is she? And who is this tattooed man? I feel like we’re finally making actual progress in our story and starting to get a few real clues to who kidnapped and/or killed Saet-byul. More so than with the previous serial killers, this guy seems to have a direct connection to Saet-byul’s family through a grudge against Ji-hoon.

The show is doing a good job of introducing characters’ backstories bit by bit, giving us just enough information to cast doubt and suspicion on everyone. And I’m glad that this episode gave us more insight into our main characters and brought their true natures to light.

I’m really glad we got more information about Soo-hyun’s past to better understand her motivations. She grew up needing to be tough and self-sufficient because she was abandoned by her mother. Her pain was so great that she grew up not wanting to become a mother herself. That makes the threat of losing Saet-byul seem even greater. Because now that we know Ji-hoon is not the perfect husband that he seemed to be, Saet-byul really is the only family that Soo-hyun can count on.

It always kind of bothered me that Ji-hoon wasn’t the one Soo-hyun was able to rely on throughout this whole ordeal but now I’m beginning to understand why. Soo-hyun fell for Ji-hoon because of his strong moral character but it turns out that it was all an act and that what Soo-hyun had wanted and depended on was nothing but lies.

In addition to the cheating, it’s apparent now that there was never that much trust and respect between them to begin with. Ji-hoon never believed her and she never tried that hard to convince him or explain things. Did he ever really respect her as a person? Ji-hoon was certainly a lot darker and evil this episode. Is that his true nature? Has the morally upstanding human rights lawyer persona been an act this entire time? I don’t think it’s fair to characterize people as either 100% good or bad, and it was nice to see another character that was flawed and layered. It isn’t pretty or admirable, but it’s real.

So now the question is how morally ambiguous is he? I think there is definitely more than just his affair. Something obviously happened in his past to change him from tough prosecutor out to nab the bad guys into a human rights lawyer standing on the same side as the accused. So what happened? And is it the catalyst to Saet-byul’s murder?

It feels like there are a couple mysteries floating around out there and that they are connected in some way. And that all of these secrets and mysteries and connections keep popping up because they need to be solved.

But as usual, more information only brings up more questions. I’m still suspicious of Min-ah and her role in everything too. Until I know more about her relationship with the tattooed man, I wouldn’t be surprised if her affair with Ji-hoon was just another part of some bigger revenge scheme.

Once again Dong-chan broke my heart this episode. We finally learned more about his brother’s case and it is heartbreaking. I don’t know what Dong-chan really saw, and I doubt that he does either. I think the grief of losing his girlfriend and the shock of the murder suspect being his brother drove him to try to find any answer to ease the pain. I think he has been living in denial for years and that the guilt over testifying against his brother is crippling him. Grief is strange and people deal in their own ways. So for now the only way he can cope is to hold onto this truth that might not be true.

So like I’ve said before, I’m really glad that Dong-chan was also given a second chance. All these fates are strangely connected and I do believe that by figuring out Saet-byul’s murder he will open the door to discovering the truth about his brother’s alleged crimes.

And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Soo-hyun and Dong-chan have been brought together. The Universe/Fate seems to want them to figure it all out and “fix” things for everyone. They complement each other well and balance each other out. She’s there to show him that he needs to confront his past and he’s there to reign her in.

On that note, now that we know that Ji-hoon is a cheater it’s opened the door for us to root for a possible romance between Soo-hyun and Dong-chan. While the idea of them together makes me squee, I also question how necessary it is for the story overall.

It also worries me because the prophecy stated that only one out of two could live to end this fate. And if they truly are the ones connected by this strange fate, then does it mean that one of them has to die? We all assumed that the prophecy was about Saet-byul and her killer, but now I’m not so sure. Seeing how intertwined and difficult their ordeal has been so far, I really doubt that their magical second chance is free.

Of course I hope I’m wrong and can only wait to see what happens next. In my mind Dong-chan and Soo-hyun will find a way to defy Fate and the prophecy, and uncover and correct all the wrongs of the past and enjoy the happiness of their new futures.


157 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. August

    The music that often plays in the background of God’s Gift – 14 Days is ominous with a sense of foreboding. It mostly alerts us to the fact that either new information is being revealed and/or another mystery needs to be unraveled.

    I had hoped that the pictures of Ki Dong-Chan and Joo Min-Ah hinting at adultery in Episode 7 were in actuality photoshopped.

    Not really interested in Kim Soo-Hyun and Ki Dong-Chan turning into the OTP. Disappointed with and felt that the storyline of Kim Soo-Hyun, Ki Dong-Chan, Han Saet-Byeol, and Choo Byeong-Ho cohabitating was an unnecessary diversion. I would have preferred that the writer Choi Ran-I to just focus on spotlighting their determination and team work together to successfully prevent and avoid the kidnapping and subsequent death of Han Saet-Byeol.

    A strong sense of Déjà Vu about Shin Goo and Jung Hye-Sun currently appearing as the characters Lee Soon-Nyeo (Dong-Chan’s mother) and Choo Byeong-Ho in God’s Gift – 14 Days. In the 2013 weekend drama Hundred Year Inheritance they previously appeared as the elderly patriarchal couple Uhm Paeng-Dal and Kim Kkeut-Soon.

    • 1.1 August

      Correction I meant…

      I had hoped that the pictures of Han Ji-Hoon and Joo Min-Ah hinting at adultery in Episode 7 were in actuality photoshopped.

      • 1.1.1 sm

        OHMYGOD, i just noticed. If you look carefully at one of the pictures, there is a huge face right beside Min Ah and Ji hoon. I hope my eyes aren’t tricking me, but it does look like two eyes and a nose. It’s creepy and probably not a coincidence.

    • 1.2 magnus

      I feel like it’s important for them to get a break every once in a while. Seeing how they were basically at a standstill until Byung-Tae found that stuff on the computer I don’t mind it. If there’s a rushed ending and I feel like this time could’ve been used more wisely then I’ll be upset about that, but that remains to be seen. I understand you not desiring the OTP in a romantic light but I don’t think you should disregard what actually came from the set-up. They’re a team, they trust each other, etc.

      Anyway cohabitation fun aside, it didn’t take up large chunks of the episode unless we were getting some useful information there. Gramps is not what he seems at all, Dong-chan has sleep aids that some people have pointed out leads to some memory and hallucination problems. That could contribute to his memory of the event being foggy now and his “blackouts”. His girlfriend was killed by his brother (so he thinks) and he’s conflicted over that and his temper flares because of it(poor sensitive Saet-byul). Soo-hyun was abandoned by her mother and she doesn’t tell people that her mom’s alive probably because she resents her. All that good stuff.

    • 1.3 DayDreamer

      Same. I’m not interested in a romance here. If anything, the writer wrote Iljimae and he/she teased the audience with romance and a love triangle….but in the end, she didn’t pair anyone up with the hero. So maybe that’s how this drama will work too….hinting at romance buildup but not really letting it play out much. Which is fine with me. I want some good scary, thriller stuff. Not lovey dovey characters. Haha.

      • 1.3.1 Moko

        I am also not interested. Just b/c recently someone mentioned it, it came to my mind and I gave it a thought.

        IF the writer is able to pull this OTP off then it might work. Kdramas are usually able to pull that off. They make a totally unlikely couple after a few episodes into a satisfying bundle of love.

        But Lee Bo Young has a really cold charisma. I only buy her love storys when they are driven by lust and desire. Which probably won’t be the case here.

        But if it’s Dong Chan …. it might work. Let’s wait and enjoy. If they fill their “quiet” episodes with a focus on relationship building like they did this time, I’m in.

        • DayDreamer

          Agree with the cold charisma bit. However, I also see some cracks…she’s very guarded so it will take time for her to warm up to a man.

      • 1.3.2 space kablooie

        I could see an implied future romance at the end of the story, but I don’t think it’s going to turn into a full blown romance story. Dong chan obviously has a bit of a crush, and why wouldn’t he? She’s awesome, and she believes in him, and he’s spent the last five days alternately watching her kick ass and saving her.

        However, Solo Hyun’s in no position to be worrying about her romantic life. She just offered up her marriage on a platter to Mina in exchange for Saet Byul’s safety. I doubt the idea that men exist will cross her mind until she’s assured her daughter is safe. I think the crush has more to do with testing Dong Chan’s loyalties- if everything is centered around a conspiracy from the murders his brother is on death row for, where does his loyalty lie? Saving Saet byul? With the family he says he hates?

        Not to mention that there are two other men involved too. Ji Hoon, for whatever else he’s involved in, does seem to care about his wife and child, and I doubt he’ll go down without a fight.

        And Woo Jin, too, may involve himself more once he finds out Soo Hyun doesn’t have much of a marriage. He’s been very respectful of her marriage so far, but I could see him moving in to try and take care of her once he realizes she’s effectively estranged from her husband. Soo Hyun does imply to Dong Chan that she was the one that ended things with Woo Jin, and there is a reason he’s written as her never married first love.

        • yoorucewill

          i don’t know if this sounds weird, but me, want soohyun to end up with… woojin? ((IF THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN SOOHYUN AND JIHOON…you know..)) if, okay, if.

          well, i just can’t see the romance between soohyun and dongchan, eventhough dongchan is so damn cool.

          and woojin looks like still has crush on soohyun (who wouldn’t know) but doesn’t want to interfere her family? am i wrong?

    • 1.4 hydesamagirl

      I am not sure I would mind them pairing up, however I don’t think they necessarily have to do so for the stories sake. There is plenty to mine in their relationship already. Also, Soo-Hyun is still married, even if her husband is shady and cheated on her. Hints at a future between them would be much better than too much blatant play out on the screen. And, I say all this even thinking they would make a wonderful couple.

  2. Eien

    Scenes with grandpa were all so hilarious, I LOL’d so hard. But at the end, he got that phone call… Somebody related to the president maybe?

    • 2.1 Eien

      I wanted to add a wild speculation. What if gramps didn’t die of heart failure the first time but was murdered?
      This show makes me paranoid lol

      I’m also suspicious of DC’s sleeping pills. Did they affect his memory (blackouts and all)

  3. gc

    Where is No Min Woo?

    • 3.1 Noemi

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. If I remember correctly, his character description said that Saet-byul’s shoe was supposed to be found in his van after she was kidnapped, or something to that effect. Since that didn’t happen in the original timeline, I’m wondering if Saet-byul will still be kidnapped (although not killed, I hope!) in this new timeline and Snake will be incriminated, drawing his character into the main plot. Or maybe the writing is just deviating from the original character descriptions 😛

  4. Anon

    I don’t think the relationship between ki dong chan and soo hyun is headed anywhere towards one of a romantic variety. There hasn’t really been any evidence contributing to th development of one plus soo hyun just found out her husband was cheating on her I doubt she’s going to be jumping head first into another relationship regardless of how awesome ki dong chan is. I think the most we’ll get is some sort of romantic interest on his behalf and even then I think he respects her too much to overstep the boundaries that have been set in place. I hope the show continues to be intriguing and keeps up this brisk pace. I was predicting but I’m still disappointed that soo hyuns husband was cheating on her in the end.

    • 4.1 Hoang

      I share the same ideas with you however, i think that the romance between Dong Chan and Soo Hyun will develop as the film go by. Just wait, hope and ship our couple

  5. sandy

    the miserable SH was already on the verge of going crazy for her to be kidnapped again the writer is really following the fairy tale to a T I would not be surprised if SH went blind or endured some other disasters .. the real depression is just around the corner

  6. magnus

    Min-ah’s connection to the tattooed man is the reason why I believe there’s a larger conspiracy at play and she’s somehow involved in it. It’d be so easy to just say she’s crazy in love with him and went after Saet-byul because of that but this show loves it’s red herrings and loves to emphasize that not everything is what it seems. I think we’re getting all these misdirection thrown at us to challenge us to look deeper (not subtle life lessons from this show but it’s poignant so I’m loving it)

    This entire thing is probably a set-up of some kind. Before I just thought it was a conspiracy and the parent’s didn’t know. At most i though Ji-hoon was covering something up and that caused others to act without his knowledge. But he seems to be in deeper than I thought. That person he was talking to in the car, eh specifically told him that he went too far in targetting his family. It just might be in the affair thing but I’m not so sure. What DOES he know? I still don’t believe for a second though that he took part in the scheme to kidnap/ kill Saet-byul as some people are still hung up on.

    Cute bonding moments all around, and some sad ones, and some scary ones. Loving this show to bits.

    • 6.1 magnus

      Also a question. When it says days before the incident does it mean Saet-byul’s kidnapping or her death? Because if it’s death then we have way less time then I thought we did and Saet-byul is probably going to get abducted next week. Maybe while Soo-hyun is missing even.

      • 6.1.1 sandy

        it means death , SB should be kidnapped next week that is day 8 I am predicting that SH was kidnapped to lesson her guilt if her daughter was kidnapped this is my theory

      • 6.1.2 latteholic

        That’s my exact question as well, at first I thought it was the countdown to the kidnapping, but then seeing how fast the story progress, I guess it’s the death?
        And another thing that has been bugging me is that since Soo-hyun knows where Saet-byul is going to be locked, she can just save her later, right?

        • buticut

          Yup, it’s definitely death, since SH mentions when she comes back to life that 14 days from her birthday, her daughter is supposed to die. I think the kidnapper will probably change the location – SH altered so many things, that the kidnap will be done in an entirely different circumstance, since she pretty much eliminated all the elements which made the kidnap possible the first time around (there is no MS, no WJ, no Min-Ah, she quit her job at the station, they established the caller took the killer’s identity, etc.). Also, when SH time slips, she breaks the lock of that place – the kidnapper might see it and think that it is too dangerous to hide there, since someone already knows abut the place.

          • DayDreamer

            Nice sleuthing. 🙂

    • 6.2 Jill

      I don’t believe that Ji-hoon would have planned to kidnap his own daughter either. Although he is really shady, I do think that he truly loves Saet-byul.
      Before the time travel I remember him saying that he knew who the murderer was and driving somewhere to avenge Saet-byul’s death while Soo-hyun was about to commit suicide. I really hope at least that was sincere (as most of the things he has been doing was all just an act).

  7. eatingest

    As much as I find the grandpa cute/adorable, I worry that it is only a image to distract from his role in the future episodes. I have a feeling he might be connected to all this in a bad way?? Also as much as I love dong chan didn’t the teaser say for soo hyun to believe nothing…maybe dong chan is involved in the murder of saet byul unintentionally or due to his brother’s case…love jo seung woo though xoxo

  8. mel

    I love the actor that plays dong chan so much im thinking of watching horse doctor when I dont really like medical or historical shows but he is just so amazing in this I need to see him more.

    Also ive shipped him and her from the first episode so im really hoping they go that direction

    • 8.1 zakin89

      Jo Seung Woo is awesome and I’ve been watching his movies one by one…though I haven’t found all of them yet…
      I’m still undecided about horse doctor but I guess my love for him will be stronger than my doubt 😀 I am a sucker for good actors (who can sing!I love checking out his musical performances cuts on youtube =) )

      I still feel a bit guilty for shipping DC and SH and I don’t really want the drama to go in that direction. I mean we’re talking 8 days here that’s just really unrealistic since she just found out her husband cheated on her and she needs to saver her daughters life… But their friendship is great and I love their interactions (and his with SB! ADORABLE). Though I could watch DC looking at SH with those loving eyes all day!

      • 8.1.1 autumn93

        Jo Seung Woo is soooooo AMAZING! His charisma and mostly his wonderful acting talent has turned me into a squeeling fangirl! He also has an gorgeous speaking and singing voice and it doesn’t hurt that he’s also very handsome to boot! 😀

        His work in Marathon as a boy with autism was amazing! Highly suggest it if you haven’t already watched it!

        • zakin89

          And it’s funny that I always fall hard for the ones that are about 10 years older than me xD I like quite a few actors who are around my age (I’m a 89er) but I swear they seldom have the same charisma compared to many of the 30+ actors! And JSW has so much charisma and his great voice and those eyes to lose oneself in!

          Marathon made me fall even harder for him^^ Such a detailed portrayal! He is just amazing <3

          • megumi

            you and me are the same lol, i always try to find actors around my own age to love and i do love some of them but actors in the 30’s age line are so charismatic and irresistible, Jo Seung Woo, Jo In Sung, So Ji Sub, Song Seung Heon, Lee Beom Soo, Won Bin, Kang Dong Won, Hyun Bin, Bi Rain, etc, there are lot to even name and all are in their 30’s or above…

      • 8.1.2 buticut

        I totally get the Jo Seung Woo love – I jumped on the bandwagon as well. He oozes charisma. I’m new to his work, but he is so good here – whenever he is desperate, angry or plain goofy, he’s totally believable. ADORABLE! And damn, he is a fine singer as well.

        I will check more of his work in the future. Since he’s been mostly a cinema/theater actor, it’s easier to get familiar with what he did. Curiously enough, I started watching Horse Doctor because my crush Jung Gyu-Woon (Woo-jin here LOL) has a cameo in the first episode, but I gave up on the show afterwards, because the genre is not quite my cup of tea. But now that I know what JSW is capable of, I might give it a second chance 😀 .

        • megumi

          i love and adore Jung Gyu Woon too, as a matter of fact i’ve seen most of his dramas like ‘Romance Town’, ‘History Of The Salaryman’, ‘Dr. Champ’, and although i don’t love his drama ‘Hateful But Once Again’, i loved the character he portrayed in that drama, his acting is also impressive, and do you know that he’s planning to marry his girlfriend this year? very happy about the news…

          • buticut

            HOTS was so much fun to watch! It was the feel-good k-drama for me. In Dr. Champ, he totally stole UTW’s thunder – so much dorky adorableness, even though I don’t usually fall for ‘pushy’ characters. Yeah, I’ve seen most of his stuff as well – I even got through Loving You A Thousand Times, just because he carried the show all by himself. I should get a t-shirt saying “I survived LYATT” LOL. When I got to the point of completely throwing the towel (it becomes a sh-tstorm of tragedies), his lovableness prevented me from doing it. Even though in La Dolce Vita his role is more minor, his portrayal gives me the chills – given the right material and director, he can definitely make a good, compelling character. Yess 😀 , he is actually marrying next month!

            Even though I am thrilled that he is in such a great show right now, I wish they would give him more than just one scene per episode LOL .

          • DayDreamer

            The guy playing Woo-jin. I kept thinking he looked soooo familiar and when you mentioned History of Salaryman, I was like, IT WAS THE SECOND LEAD!!! OMG. Thanks…I was having such a mental gap.

      • 8.1.3 Moko

        I know right? 8 Days to fall in love seem pretty unrealistic.

        But what if they try to block the death of Dong Chan’s brother together?

        Then we get another 49 Days until the brother will be hung. Or … is my counting wrong? Maybe aroung 40 Days?!

  9. whimsyful

    Thanks for the recap solabelly!

    I find it amusing that after everyone kept mentioning how reckless Soo-hyun is being and how she needs nine lives…the one time she actually follows Dong-chan’s instructions to the letter she ends up kidnapped and in greater danger than before.

    I like that we finally seemed to be on the right track after all the red herrings, and that there are still plenty of loose ends to be tied. That bottle full of pills could have been prescribed for Dong-chan for his recurring nightmares, but it could be something else as well. Any eagle-eyed commentators see what the specific drug was?

    Seeing Woo-jin being so chummy with Dong-chan’s family actually made me more suspicious of him, since he’s one of the few ppl who’s linked to both Dong-chan and Soo-hyun. I wish we’d see more of him in the coming eps.

    • 9.1 sandy

      the drug is called Zolpidem used for curing insomnia for short periods only it can cause side effects such as sleep walking and doing things like having sex or going out or driving without being aware and delusion and aggressive behavior , it could be a red herring but it makes DC MORE SUSPICIOUS THAN EVER

      • 9.1.1 DayDreamer

        Thanks for saving me the trouble of rewinding and looking up the drug.

      • 9.1.2 buticut

        Thanks sandy! Wanted to look it up as well, but you saved me all the trouble! Wonder for how long has DC been taking those pills. This could explain a lot…

      • 9.1.3 windsun33

        Though it can have those effects, according to the drug listing they are pretty rare, so it may just be yet another red herring. I am getting so I don’t trust all the “clues” – there have been so many that were false or meaningless.

        • buticut

          Speaking of red herrings, wonder if we will ever find out what was the deal with the jewelry with the JH and TH initials that “miraculously” disappear from SH’s house, after finding them in JH’s pocket.

          • windsun33

            Yup, those just kind of disappeared from the plot. They may show up later, but for now it almost looks like the writer forgot them. But I am sure that Lawyer Han took them, so they may show up later.

          • buticut

            One of the victims that DH is accused of murdering did have the TH initials found on the earring I think – Jeong Tae Hee, but with so many names with exact initials, who knows if it’s actually relevant. So far, it seems that they’ve forgotten about the jewelry, but I wouldn’t bet on it, since the show is pretty good at making old clues resurface.

  10. 10 Abbie

    What a good episode! I love this show so much!

    Since Ji-hoon is a cheater and all this points back to him and his cases, I wouldn’t be surprised if the killer/kidnapper wants revenge against him and the way to achieve that is killing Saet-byul. I still think that, because we haven’t really seen him much, that Snake is somehow connected to all of this, too. His brother died at a young age, and so Snake became a singer to fulfill his brother’s dream. That’s what the promos said, so I’m wondering if it isn’t connected to this too? What if his brother was the killer that Dong-ho went to prison for? What if Snake sees Ji-hoon as the reason his brother died? So, in an act of revenge, Snake learns that his little fan is Ji-hoon’s daughter and decides to kidnap her? It’s a very convoluted theory, I know, but this show really makes me think!

    I wouldn’t mind, as I’ve said before, a romance between Dong-chan and Soo-hyun, either. But the prophecy does give me pause. Who will die? I hope it is as simple as it being the killer instead of Saet-byul, but I don’t know. There are so many possibilities: Saet-byul (again), Soo-hyun, Dong-chan, Ji-hoon, Min-ah, Young-gyu, Grandma, etc. Just about anyone! That prophecy makes me so nervous. I really just want Saet-byul, Soo-hyun, and Dong-chan to stay alive and live happily ever after together, but something tells me that won’t happen. Sadly. And, I somehow think that the one who dies will be the character I love the most: Dong-chan.

    Thanks for the recap, Solabelly!

  11. 11 Noemi

    I really appreciate that this show steadily doles out just enough clues to the main mystery and pieces of the characters’ backstories that as viewers, we’re not kept in the dark too long for a “big reveal,” but neither are we bombarbed with twists that feel like they’ve come out of left field. Obviously there have been major twists, but they feel measured and organic to the story–not just a contrived cliffhanger, if that makes sense. The writing just feels very assured, for lack of better words, and I hope that it will continue to be that way until the end.

    And I know that a romance between Dong-chan and Soo-hyun is not necessarily the end game of this drama, but I have to admit I did squee when I realized cohabitation (aka one of my very favorite k-drama tropes) was on the cards. 😀

  12. 12 DayDreamer

    So much to think about. I’ll do what other Beanies do to sort their thoughts: make long lists, LOL.

    1. Saet Byul, like one commenter mentioned in previous recap is like two different kids: at times sensible and other times not. I think writer is simply swinging her like that for plot convenience which is too bad because I’d rather her be sensible (ie, not following strangers or sneaking out every single time…was her mother’s tears not enough to be more aware of her surroundings?? Any kid can see their mom freak out and come to the conclusion that something very dire is going on).

    2. There it is again. Soo-hyun freaking out and blurting things she shouldn’t. This time it was at the hospital with the nurse and Min-ah. I really wanted to slap her. Read the damn situation first.

    3. Something about Ji Hoon is obviously very shady. I don’t think it was simply an affair. Ji Hoon’s reactions seemed to imply much more complicated stuff.

    4. Speaking of Ji Hoon…he is fascinating me now that we see him more than as a righteous human rights lawyer. Too little information to speculate.

    5. I do like that we’re finally honing in more closer to what could possibly offset Saet Byul’s murder/kidnapping. But I still want to see how it all connects even as far as the first culprit (the teacher who killed the 3 women). I mean, why on earth was he killed for? Or did I miss something?

    6. It’s pretty obvious to me by now that Dong-chan’s brother was wrongfully sentenced. Hope these two can find reconciliation and redemption.

    • 12.1 Vivi

      as I remember the 1st suspect who killed 3 woman is man that they meet at the street (when the actual accident that killed him occur) and saet byul took his bracelet

      apparently, he is the one who kill Yong-Gyu biological mom (related to dongchan family) and he is the one who volunteer at yong-gyu academy?

      SH thinks that his daughter kidnapping and murder is same with that case who took 3 lives since it was recently and the culprit indicate that he kidnap saet byul to warn the president while the hot topic is about dead punishment for killer.

      So , she thinks that as the starting point who turn out to be wrong. But with that case, she knew that she needs to find another possibility —- that make her thinking of her husband job that cause grudge from people——–> turn to the shop ahjussi and for dongchan, that make him knew who is yong-gyu biological mother, give the red sweater and begin thinking about what he did in the past to yong gyu.
      Thats what all i remember,

      • 12.1.1 Vivi

        and that man is people who hated mother who left his son/daughter and decided to kill them like give karma,

        • DayDreamer

          Thanks for rehashing. But I’m still confused, haha. The way I saw it…the first culprit (aka the teacher) killed the women because he knew they abandoned their kids and he had a thing against that. The guy who killed him with a bat was one of the victim’s relative. And he was also killed off by purposely faulty bike. So the guy who gave the biker the money to kill off the teacher….what was his purpose in doing that to the teacher?? How are they linked? Especially when the teacher seemed to working alone.

          • Vivi

            I think, the teacher knows something related to the guy who paid the biker. SH also an abandoned child, since we didn’t knew who the tattoo guy, we still didn’t knew about it.

            just like you, i am curious to death, this is something i can’t predicted come from a drama, and this is so close to reality of killer because in the normal world , we just see and believe what news reporting on us.

            I think they related to SH husbands since he had done many case and he is suspicious

      • 12.1.2 DayDreamer

        Don’t you also remember that the teacher had something to tell to Soo Hyun? I’m guessing that’s what the link is.

    • 12.2 Vivi

      The man hated mother who left his son and decided to killed them

  13. 13 buticut

    Wooo, you’re back, Solabelly!! Thank you for the recap, couldn’t wait to comment the episode. This was an improvement over the previous one, since we see more character buildup and what drives them to do the things they do.

    Now, onto the comments!

    1) Ji-Hoon, you jerk! You actually asked Min-Ah for an abortion. She is not any better, but to ask her for an abortion?? Screw you!

    2) Of course MS is protecting the culprit – this Freedom gang is surely tight. Bastards

    3) OH GOOD LORD, Soo-hyun finally remembers the last person SB was with, as well as her hubby putting the blame on her. Damn, I love her for her determination, but she is so cray-cray when she goes around saying that the baby has to live so that SB can as well. STAHP ITTT, for God’s sake. It frightened me how she wanted to asphyxiate Min-Ah, who obviously couldn’t have wanted to hurt SB, since she even pushed her out of harm’s way. And Min-Ah was just reacting to her accusations – pretty much everybody tells SH what SHE WANTS to hear, but not what necessarily is the truth.

    4) They put a lot of emphasis on the bloody shoe that SB lost at the accident, which is exactly the one the police recovered when she was kidnapped. I wonder if that shoe will find its way somewhere else later on and it will throw the police off with the investigation.

    5) Seems like I was right that while SH is taking care of YG, DC does the same with SB. Loved the parallel with the shoes. Just like SH bought shoes for YG, so did DC for SB. They are so lovely together!

    6) Oh come on, Soo-hyun, stop saying you’ll follow them to hell. Last time you said that, you took your life afterwards.

    7) Saet-byul siding with Dong-Chan and Soo-hyun instead of Ji-Hoon was pretty awesome! And people, stop messing with DC’s cute face…he’s been hit countless times in this show :(. JH, you bastard, you had to punch him!! Arghhh

    8) Interesting how in SH’s flashback explaining why she married JH (NOTE: Not why she FELL in love with him, but why she MARRIED him – that marriage was never about love), JH promises to a criminal how he is going to reveal all his crimes and that’s what SH and DC are pretty much doing right now.

    • 13.1 buticut

      9) MASSIVE AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW with my oppa Woo-jin and Young-gyu. Clearly, even though he tells DC that it’s time to move on, he couldn’t do it either. It’s obvious that he feels remorse for what happened to YG – things might have been different if he would have allowed DC to participate in the operative – and tries to fix things up as he can. He seems to have been watching over them for quite some time, since granny says that he always buys them stuff. When he tells YG he’s sorry, just like DC did, it broke my heart :(. Also, thanks to his involvement, SH got proper education – too bad his parents got in their way because she is an orphan. How disgusting. And it looks like he and DC were tight as well – Woo-jin looks like a decent person, just like I suspected from the beginning. Too bad that he was too coward and too invested in his job.

      10) Dong-Chan is the sweetest thing ever. I LOLed with his stash of p0rn and leopard panties hahahahahahaha. I would ship him HARD with SH, BUT…the thing is that while I love him as a character, as he is right now, I don’t think he is a great life partner, because he has way too much emotional baggage. Believing that his brother killed his girlfriend Soo Jung is pretty heavy stuff. He still lives in the past and I can see why. DC, cutie-pie, solve your issues and I promise I will ship you with SH. I totally get that they are the OTP right now – that look that Jenny noticed – that was love, right there. Gah, these two only have romantic moments when some bandages and wounds are involved LOL. Also loved how they speak about the similarities between them, since they see their families the same way – DC wasn’t an orphan but he feels as if he were.

      11) Hmmm what’s the deal with gramps? His name is Chu Byung Woo (said in the news on episode 2), so he must be the president the President was talking about. I wonder if the president had something to do with his death, since they said on the news that the heart attack came after an altercation. Besides, he puts pressure on the European Union regarding death penalties, so this must be somehow related to Dong-Ho.

    • 13.2 buticut

      12) I WANT THOSE SAMSUNG WATERPROOF PHONES. Seriously, it’s pouring rain and they still ring like nothing happened. I hope no phones were harmed in the making of this k-drama lol. Oh and speaking about rain – gah, it’s raining a lot in this show.

      13) That biker with the tattoo (who probably visited Min-Ah at her house) – obsessed too much? He’s been following every member of the family. Scary as hell. It’s possible that he might have asked one of his minions to get close to Saet-byul – if he would have taken her away right there, Min-Ah would have seen him in the parking lot. And the fact that Snake gave helmets to the members of the fan club makes me believe he is a biker as well and probably part of that Freedom gang (I suspected he was the guy with the pink helmet, since it’s obviously his style lol). All these bikers might be connected – what if Snake is asked to kidnap her (since SB loves him), but he gets attached to the girl and somehow takes care of her, but something happens in between and she ends up dead? I hope DC called WJ before going there all on his own. Both the guy who kidnaps SH and Bong-sup clearly knew what they were doing – they take her to abandoned sites they know beforehand – it can’t be a coincidence. This is getting interesting, especially since we are now 8 days before SB’s death if I am not mistaken – next week SB should get kidnapped.

      14) I can’t with SB – seriously! Can’t she just stay still for once? She is on constant sugar rush – it’s absolutely tiring. What do they put in her juice? Yeah, people who are supposed to take care of her don’t do their job either, but she just leaves without notice. I have a bad feeling about that Snake concert – SH might have triggered the kidnap to happen earlier, especially since she wasn’t supposed to be there, but her father bought her the ticket in an attempt to fix things up. Oh, next week is going to be messy.

      15) Have a bad feeling about SH constantly remembering how the DESTINY woman says that one of them must die. Gah, please don’t sacrifice yourself so that SB can live 🙁 .

      • 13.2.1 buticut

        16) Ji-Hoon is a jerk, but his story intrigues me. We see him as a prosecutor determined to put everybody who deserves it behind bars and uncovering all their murders. Then, in SH’s flashback, he protests against his peers, saying that the court is serving the wealth. I guess he witnessed people being paid a lot of money to absolve people from their crimes and possibly incriminating innocent ones instead. We’ve seen him freak out at the suggestion that a person he put behind bars might be innocent – there is more to this story. He became a human rights lawyer, receiving tons of threats in the process. So what’s up with SH’s abductor? If he’s that Kang guy who threatened Min-Ah, all this looks way too elaborate for him to be pissed just because she slept with another man. He and JH know each other and the guy looks rather influential – drives a fancy car, outsmarts DC, manages to break into SH’s hotel room, sends him a picture of the abandoned place – all this was premeditated.

        Maybe he set up Min-Ah to seduce JH for a personal vendetta, but Min-Ah actually fell in love with him and even got pregnant – something that Kang didn’t want, so he is taking her out of the game and steps in to take matters into his own hands.

      • 13.2.2 Peeps

        I can vouch for the fact that not ALL Samsung phones are waterproof. At least, not those of the earlier series. I dropped mine in the toilet bowl and it never worked since.

        • buticut

          So it’s false marketing right there LOL. Still, I wish I had one of those new Galaxy phones.

          • windsun33

            I have what they call a “rain case” for my S3, but I doubt that would keep it alive if actually dropped in water :).

    • 13.3 buticut

      Oh, Solabelly, forgot to mention that I loved the way you interpreted the prophecy about how only one out of two can live and how this could be connected with SH and DC instead. I was too focused on SB’s kidnap to think of this interpretation which totally makes sense. DC noooooooooooo!! DC and SH need each other – it’s a quest of redemption and salvation for many characters and I love how everybody is connected to everyone and how these connections manage to uncover hidden truths. I am worried though that we haven’t seen a single blackout of DC ever since he was given a second chance. Were they just supposed to throw us off or is there more to them?

      I just hope that with SH’s help, he will find closure along the way, so that he can finally leave his past in the past. And of course, please no human sacrifice for SB’s survival – it would break my heart.

      I was also thinking that SB’s death might have been indeed accidental. SH can’t change deaths that were meant and PLANNED to happen and maybe she won’t be able to save SB’s life unless she wasn’t supposed to die in first place. One can hope for the best 🙂 .

      • 13.3.1 buticut

        One more thing (Gah, I’m so tired). When SH and DC break into the apartment, there is an entire red web with pictures of her family, BUT if you look closely, on the far right side

        Screencap: http://s18.postimg.org/jjcs5c93c/vlcsnap_2014_03_27_02h33m47s180.jpg there seems to be a second similar one, featuring another small child. Are those two connected in any way? Did that person lost his child and is seeking for revenge, just like YG’s kidnapper did? Or is this a hint that we are dealing with a serial kidnapper?

      • 13.3.2 Moko

        Buticut….everything is so creepy.

        I want to reply to all your posts but currently it’s too much to wrap my head around.

        When I look at that sceenshot you posted, it looks like SB as a small kid. Remember the diary (2. Episode) that SB had and a few sites were ripped out of it?! Just like that someone might have stolen her child pics from their home.

        If I think too much about this series I become paranoid. I think I have to stop today xD

  14. 14 Sunny

    Long post ahead. Please bear with me or feel free to skip on ahead 🙂

    We are now at T-8 days (right?). The ominous time clock that was missing in the last episode made a very quick appearance in this episode.

    1. Min-ah pushes Saet Byul out of the way and throws herself on the ground to avoid getting hit. She protected both Saet Byul and her baby. If Min-Ah had any murderous intent I would assume that she would have let Saet Byul get hit by the car. It could have been the perfect crime if she took advantage of it. Does this mean that Min-Ah may not be involved in Saet Byul’s kidnapping? Later on in the episode, Min-Ah admits to Soo Hyeon that she wishes both Soo Hyeon and Saet Byul were dead so that she could have Lawyer Han to herself. Why would she admit murderous intent in front of people who could become witnesses later (doctors and nurses) if she were going to act upon her intent? Does that make sense to anyone? For example, Person A admits to wanting to murder someone in front of a few people. Person A murders that someone and later on the audience reports that Person A might be a suspect. That seems dumb doesn’t it? Who wants to commit a crime and get caught? On a happy note, I’m glad that Min-Ah’s baby is safe. While watching the first episode I had doubted that she aborted the baby since she seemed to be displaying signs of nausea before Soo Hyeon walked into the room.

    2. Does anyone else notice the blinking lights at 0:15:36? It looks like Soo Hyeon and Ji-Hoon are being recorded. What I find interesting is that the red light blinks so obviously, wouldn’t Ji-Hoon figure out he’s being recorded if he sees the blinking light? Also, why would someone try to record somebody and buy a camera that blinks? It’s as if they want to be found out.

    3. Ji-hoon tells Soo Hyeon that he did not cheat/have sex with Min-Ah, at least not at the house. Okay, we can take his word but of course with a grain salt. If what he says is true then why would Min-Ah embrace him the way she did? Yes, it looks like in the photos that Min-Ah is doing all the work and Ji-Hoon seems detached but why would any woman hug a friend’s husband that way if she didn’t have a prior connection with him. Also, why does Ji-Hoon insist that Min-Ah get an abortion if he did nothing wrong with Min-Ah? Why would he stow away photos of him and Min-Ah under lock and key (By the way, I wonder who in the world is blackmailing him; I also wonder if this will affect him in being able to figure out who Saet Byul’s kidnapper is, esp. since him receiving the photos seems to have happened earlier than before (if he had received these photos earlier in episode 2)). It does not add up, however, I guess like the Hansel and Gretel story, until we have more decisive evidence I will hold out with Ji-Hoon being 51% innocent and 49% guilty. For all we know, it could have been a one-time thing, Min-Ah could be pushing someone else’s baby onto him as if the child is his (I saw this…

    • 14.1 Sunny

      3. (I saw this happen in another drama, a lady faked a one-night stand, and then used her pregnancy from another man to try and seduce the guy she faked the one night stand with). What I am most curious about relates to the Bakery Elementary School Child Murder Case and the Moo Jin Father and Daughter Murder Case that Ji-Hoon seemed to be secretly staring at.

      4. Anyone notice all the signs of water again. So many fish-tanks back in view, not to mention the thunderstorm at the end of the episode.

      5. I wonder who Ji-Hoon was talking to when he stated, “you used your threat card wrong” and then again at 0:20:06 where he stated, “you dare touch my family, it’s all or nothing, I won’t stay still, finish it in a week I won’t wait any longer.”

      6. 0:17:48 We learn something about Soo Hyeon’s past. Not only was she an orphan, abandoned by her mother (she doesn’t mention both parents abandoning her, maybe her father died early on or maybe she never knew her father), Soo Hyeon lived in a world full of hatred, betrayal, and cruelty. Maybe this is what spurred on her gangster like qualities.

      8. Sometime during this episode we learn about a man named Lee Min Seok who was prosecuted by Han Ji-Hoon for suspicion of murdering a person named Hwang Min Oh. The person murdered seemed to be related to the tomato throwing lady from episode 1. Apparently, Ji-Hoon was very convinced of Lee Min Seok’s guilt to the point where he even stood out in the rain with the relative of Hwang Min Oh holding signs that said “If you’re rich you can get away with murder.” What I find interesting, is that if this woman is really the same as the woman in episode 1, why did she throw a tomato at Ji-Hoon, the man who did all this for Hwang Min Oh’s sake? Also, I wonder if Ji-Hoon is against the death penalty for a more sinister reason. Remember earlier how he stated that he wanted so-and-so to rot in prison suffering from anxiety brought on from not knowing when he would be killed.

      8. At 0:22:51 I wonder who was watching Soo Hyeon and Saet Byul and for what purpose were they watching them. I find it interesting that the writer/director shows us this scene almost immediately after Ji-Hoon finishes talking to a mysterious person. In addition, I wonder why they ransacked the hotel room and made it seem as if it was burglary (stole Soo Hyeon’s money). Why did they choose Soo Hyeon’s room and what were they really looking for? It’s interesting that the man who broke into room 925 patted his neck 4 times, two quick pats and then a slight pause and then another 2 quick pats. Does anyone know Morris Code? lol. j/k j/k maybe it doesn’t mean anything. Also, it’s interesting that he knew the code to the door (and the apartment door later on in the episode). Where did he get the code from?

      9. Woo Jin seems to visit Young-Gyu and his grandmother regularly. I deduce this because he calls the grandmother ‘Mom’. As an aside, I found the look on Young-Gyu’s face hilarious when he…

      • 14.1.1 Sunny

        9. hilarious when he found out it wasn’t his uncle but Woo Jin. Lol it’s as if he were thinking to himself, “this guy again?”

        10. I found it cute that Saet byul seems to be shipping her mom and Dong Chan together.

        11. 0:29:54 We learn that Dong Chan’s dad passed away and that he has a long story with the choco pie grand pa i.e. rich president Choo Byung Wu.

        12. Ji-Hoon gets called ‘son-in law’ by some lady. I wonder how this lady is related to Soo Hyeon, especially since she stated at 0:32:16 that Soo Hyeon is like her mother. Also, I was salivating at this part within the episode because it reminds me of the time I visited South Korea and tried Ginseng Chicken (the main dish the lady seems to be trying to feed Ji-Hoon). I thought it to be pretty tasty and the stuffing inside the chicken (I think it was rice) was pretty yummy too.

        13. 0:34:44 Gramps mismatching socks look super comfy.

        14. Does anyone know what the papers read at 0:37:23?

        15. 0:37:43 We see that Young Gyu’s grandmother seems to be a bit sneaky. She bribes the original babysitter into letting her babysit Saet Byul. I wonder what was on the Ddjaki for her to be ballsy enough to do such a thing.

        16. 0:48:47 Ji-Hoon seems to watch the whole drama go down between Dong Chan and his mother from his window. I wonder what Ji-Hoon is thinking.

        17. 0:41:19 (Dong Chan punching the highway guard rail) I see why gramps feels Dong Chan is pitiful.

        18. We are getting a lot of suspect and murdered individual names this episode, Ki Dong Ho (imprisoned), Kim Jae Keyong (murdered) Jeong Tae Hee (murdered) and Lee Soo Jung (murdered; Dong Chan’s first love) Ta Bong Seok (?), Han Ki Tae (murderer and murdered) Jang Moon Soo (deceased, died in prison protecting his evil son, maybe he was at fault too, ‘fruit not falling far from the tree’ theory).

        19. Dong chan takes zolpida. I tried to google it but the closest match stated that the drug is either for pain management or it is known as Zolpidem in the U.S.A and is “used to treat insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep). Zolpidem belongs to a class of medications called sedative-hypnotics. It works by slowing activity in the brain to allow sleep. “ – http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a693025.html I wonder why the writer shows this too us? Could this drug be used to implicate Dong Chan? Could Dong Chan maybe try to commit suicide later by overdosing on this drug (maybe if his brother is proven innocent).?

        20. Saet Byul’s snake bag contains a helmet that snake gives out. How interesting that out of all things, he gives out a helmet.

        21. Anyone else find the president’s advisers to be weird? It’s as if they don’t respect the president but instead respect the other guy (Prime Minster or Attorney General w/e) check out 0:51:21 and 0:51:22. The president says that everyone should go home, and this staff/adviser guy looks instead at the creepy general guy for the okay to get up…

        • Sunny

          21. to get up and leave. Why would he do that? Does he have no respect for the president and instead respects the other guy? This is the second time that I have noticed this. First time was in a previous episode.

          22. Whoa! So the choco pie gramps/gramps hanging around Dong Chan has a personal relationship with the president of Korea?!?!? In episode 2 we found out that that gramps is the Honorary President Choo Byung Woo of Se Jong Group (Interesting name, reminds me of King Sejong). We also know that he had requested for his mortuary to be set up at Seoul’s Se Jong Hospital (I guess the group owns this hospital), now we find out that he also may have ties with the EU. Wow! I wonder how the relationship between him and the president turned sour. It seems like they must have been close beforehand.

          23. 0:56:21 Anyone else find it so crazy how Soo Hyeon and Dong Chan weren’t able to recognize the hotel guy and the guy who lives next door to the house they are breaking into? The guy did the same exact hand movements (patting his neck).

          24. Ugh, another demolition site. I wonder why the author keeps bringing Soo Hyeon to demolition sites every time she gets kidnapped and thrown in a car.

          25. Event(s) seem to be taking place earlier than before (Bong Seok’s death, maybe Ki Tae’s death, etc.) Could Saet Byul get kidnapped earlier?

          26. Also, although rather late, I’m still waiting on seeing who the Minister of Justice is that the president had asked for an episode 6….around the 16 minute mark

          Thanks for the recap!

          • latteholic

            #3 That sounds like the plot from telenovelas I used to watch in the past. lol

            #7 Woah, you have good memory and sharp eyes for remembering that ahjumma. I need to go back to episode 1, but she looks similar to that ahjumma who threw tomatoes at him.

            #12 I wonder who’s that woman also, since Soo-hyun said that her mom has passed away. Maybe that ahjumma is her foster mom?

            #14 I’d like to know that as well

            #15. When I saw that scene with granny, I immediately thought now I know where Dong Chan got his ninja skills. lol.
            I think granny found a piece information not included during Dong Ho’s trial that could prove his innocence

            #17. Ugh, that scene and the flashback was heart-wrenching. JSW acted that scene with both subtle intensity and passion that I could feel his character’s heartache and anger.

            #19. I think the writer is trying to remind us of those unnerving blackouts Dong Chan used to have, and that albeit his awesomeness, he is still a suspect in this situation

            #23. I find it crazier that the tattooed guy knows the passcode to the apartment next door. I even thought that they got the wrong apartment at first. I wouldn’t be suspicious either of someone who “appears” to be living next door when I’m up to no good (read: breaking into an apartment)

          • Sunny


            #3 Lol! My grandmother is always watching telenovelas! I guess I should start paying attention alongside with her.

            #12 Good catch it could be foster mom, I also thought it could be her aunt (either paternal or maternal).

            #15. I think so too.

            #19. – That’s true, we haven’t seen him blackout since episode 1 or 2

            #23. Lol

      • 14.1.2 Moko

        #8 – Now that you mention it…. WHY did they break into their hotel room? Was the writer to lazy to make up a reason and just wanted SH and DC to live at the same place, b/c rooftop scenes are jjang?

        Makes no sense to me.

        Or would it be easier to watch them if they are at one place. But MAN does everything feel set up now.

        • Sunny

          #8 – lol yeah the rooftop scenes were awesome

    • 14.2 buticut

      1. I think Min-Ah admitting to wanting to kill them was basically “So if this is what you want to hear, then fine” – I see it rather as telling SH what she implies, rather than what she really wants to do. After all, her protective instinct kicks in when she pushes SB, saving her.

      2. I thought those blinking lights came from the camera that the hacker spotted later, from the house of the same man who kidnaps SH.

      3. That was awkward, but yet again, JH asked her for an abortion. Why would he do that if they didn’t screw around?

      4. I guess it’s the same guy who kidnaps her, because of that pat pattern that DC recognizes later on. Also, why did that guy broke into another one’s house? (DC says that the puppy wouldn’t bark if it would be his owner). I guess he stole more than just her money and I wonder why. Was it to scare her? Or did he purposely do it so that she can leave her hotel and expose herself more?

      15. I think that on the Ddjaki it says that he is unsure of DH’s guilt.

      16. I wonder it too – he’ll probably recognize them in no time.

      19. Thank you all for the drug info.

      20. Everybody is a motorcyclist in this show LOL. My bet is that he is the guy with the pink helmet from the Freedom group photo.

      22. I wonder when does gramps have time to take care of his obligations, since he is all the time there around DC lol. I wonder if his death was planned – someone (president, minister) might have provoked him to the point of having that deadly heart attack.

      23. That was jarring.

      24. It was also premeditated – the guy sends DC the picture of the site before even arriving there. Those bikers know their abandoned sites LOL.

      25. It will definitely be in different circumstances, but she is supposed to be kidnapped next day anyway. We are now at day 8, which is about to end – since she died 7 days after the kidnap, it should all happen next week.

      • 14.2.1 Sunny


        1. mmmm I see

        2. Really? I’ll go re-watch but I have a feeling that they showed the blinking lights while Soo Hyeon and Ji-Hoon were talking together in his study

        3. That was awkward, but yet again, JH asked her for an abortion. Why would he do that if they didn’t screw around?

        4. That’s what I am also wondering, but wow, I didn’t think of it possibly being a setup to force Soo Hyeon to leave the hotel. Making her leave the hotel would/could result in her being someplace less secure with less cctv’s recording…and maybe less people around who can notice that something strange is going on.

        15. Great! I have been wanting to know for the longest what the ddjaki read.

        16. For some reason I had thought that he had recognized them already.

        19. :-), no problem.

        20. Interesting, now that you mention it, I wonder if Ji-Hoon could have been a part of that gang, lol j/k j/k

        22. Someone mentioned this earlier(provocation for heart attack/murder) and I wonder the same as well.

        24. Interesting theory you have there. I will keep that in mind

  15. 15 Ahriah

    Has anyone speculated about Dong Chan’s dead girlfriend being the girl in picture at Destiny cafe?

    • 15.1 latteholic

      Now that you’re saying it… She totally could be her! That would explain why not only Soo Hyun who got the chance to go back to the past, but also Dong Chan.
      But then the picture that Soo Hyun shown to Dong Ho (of the victim’s mother crying at the crime scene) didn’t look like the lady from Destiny Cafe, and Soo Hyun didn’t remember her either from the picture. And she has a pretty good memory, right? (except for the memory of who was the last person who had her daughter before she was kidnapped)

      • 15.1.1 Ahriah

        I don’t think that woman in the picture was necessarily the girlfriend’s mom. Could have been the mom of one of the other girls he was accused of killing. Maybe?

        • latteholic

          That’s a good point, definitely maybe 🙂

    • 15.2 autumn93

      I haven’t read that theory yet but VERY INTERESTING!!! That’s might be the case and would build up the connections and the strings of fate between all the characters in the show!

    • 15.3 vee

      can it be the lady from the cafe is SH from further future? 555555555~ too twisted but i like to think of it that way
      coz as soon as she saw them she looked…idk…surprised?
      n when SB complimented the daughter,the ahjumma complimented her bCk casually. right away.

  16. 16 Baek Song-yi


    • 16.1 Baek Song-yi

      After all those justifications I made for Ji-hoon, he just keeps disappointing me. Yet I still cannot bring myself to condemn him wholeheartedly. (That probably says more about me than it does about him.) Like solabelly, I feel that there’s more to his story than what we’ve been shown. There must be a reason for why his career took such an abrupt turn, and there’s also still some anonymity regarding his relationship with Mina. Although it probably appeared to most to be a barefaced lie, I want so badly to believe what he said to Soo-hyun was true: that Mina had just happened to come round one day. We have yet to be shown a flashback confirming the relationship, which is what it would take for me to set aside my doubts.

      Indeed, Mina is shifty as ever. She displayed some worrying obsessiveness when shouting at Soo-hyun: she had wished for everyone to die so she’d have Ji-hoon to herself. We also got no answer as to where she was dragging Saet-byul at the beginning of the episode. Saet-byul had her coat and bag, whilst Mina was only clad in a dress and a cardigan. Insufficiently warm clothing is a requirement of drama fashion, nevertheless it suggests that she was in a hurry to get Saet-byul out of her house as quickly as possible. (Even Jenny, bare-legged as she was, wore a coat to pop round Dong-chan’s. Incidentally, she also had an adorable star-shaped bag which I did not covet in the slightest. Nope. Not at all.) Mina might just have been taking Saet-byul home, but her aggression towards the child seemed much too excessive for such a mundane destination. Furthermore, I noticed that when Saet-byul ran away from Mina, she did not run ahead – as you might expect if she were on the way home – and instead ran off in a slightly different direction to the one they were heading. My guess is that something happened after Ji-hoon’s visit, but we’ll probably not get an answer until Mina comes back from her equally suspicious disappearance. And how did she get her hands on the form confirming her abortion? Some contact at the hospital? That might explain how she managed to vanish from the hospital bed.

      Despite all the question marks surrounding Mina, I cannot deny that Ji-hoon is becoming increasingly suspect. He is definitely familiar with his threatener, which makes it decidedly odd that he did not inform the police during the first timeline. Moreover, his relationship with the threatener is rather complex: you’d expect the threatener to be in the position of power, but it was Ji-hoon who dictated all the terms during their conversation. In fact, he appeared to be totally unafraid of the threatener. It all points to Ji-hoon having been actively involved in some questionable dealings. If he had been unknowingly implicated, the identity of the threatener would presumably have been a mystery. I am still hoping against hope that Ji-hoon will end up on the whiter side of grey once the truth comes out. But that nasty violent streak does not…

    • 16.2 Baek Song-yi

      But that nasty violent streak does not alleviate any of my concerns.

      Lee Bo-young really nailed her crying scenes this episode. Poor Soo-hyun, at least she has Saet-byul and Dong-chan on her side. Saet-byul was so indescribably sweet this episode, vowing to protect her mother. I wanted in on that group hug. But that moment did not make up for some appalling lapses of judgement. I didn’t understand why Saet-byul had to hide her Snake fangirl gear from her mother in the first place, and the fact that she’s still trying to sneak off by herself truly exasperates me. I had hoped that she might have gained at least some awareness, or – at the very least – that she would have been slightly more willing to listen to her mother now that their situation had changed so drastically. I had ambivalent feelings towards her ignorance of taxi fares: on the one hand, it engendered such cuteness from Dong-chan; on the other hand, Saet-byul is nine years old. It seems incredible that she would not have a grasp of the value of money – the Han family are upper middle-class, not chaebols.

      As for Dong-chan, his backstory is really fleshing out nicely. I never expected his first love to have been the victim, and it gives another dimension to the family rift. (I’m now rooting for Grandpa Byung-ho to be the first love’s grandfather, by the way. Even if it’s only so that Dong-chan was indeed being vetted by a love interest’s relative.) He continues to be Captain Awesome, only with the addition of some (even more) soulful eyes.

      It does seem as if the way is being cleared for a love line between Dong-chan and Soo-hyun to develop, but I’d rather it didn’t. Fourteen days is an awfully short time, and you have to consider that Soo-hyun’s overwhelming priority is her daughter’s safety – she’s not got time for couple moments. Anyway, she’s also emotionally raw from literally only just having left her husband. Of course there’s some great chemistry bubbling along between them, but I’d prefer it if they ended up as best friends rather than lovers. It would be much more in keeping with the tone of the entire drama.

      A note on the cinematography. I’ve already said before how Young-gyu’s jumper was jarringly bright against the show’s muted palette, but I’ve been noticing other unnerving pops of colour. In this episode, we have Saet-byul and Young-gyu in their yellow anoraks at the Snake concert, as well as Soo-hyun’s mother’s yellow headband and red vest. It makes me wonder if there’s a deeper meaning behind these costume choices: is it to mark a significant scene? Maybe it’s not just a coincidence that Young-gyu’s grandma was in her brightest costume – a dark red coat – when we realised that she had her own agenda in working for the Han family. The contrasted colours put us on edge – is it a sign that we should be afraid for those characters? Saet-byul and Young-gyu are alone and vulnerable at the concert, whilst Young-gyu’s jumper is a…

    • 16.3 Baek Song-yi

      Whoops, didn’t notice that my last sentence was cut off.


      The contrasted colours put us on edge – is it a sign that we should be afraid for those characters? Saet-byul and Young-gyu are alone and vulnerable at the concert, whilst Young-gyu’s jumper is a constant reminder of Mimi’s death.

  17. 17 Marina

    OK. I’m into a different direction than most on this thread. Who is Dong Chan nephew’s real dad? What about Soo Hyeon’s first love, the handsome detective. He looks like that boy’s father. And he was the one she was meeting when her daughter was taken the first time. What do you think?

  18. 18 Jennipoh

    Solabelly, you are all sorts of wonderful!

  19. 19 autumn93

    I’m actually highly suspicious of WJ and the fact that he apologized to YG in this episode solidified that suspicion!

    1) During the police investigation hearing regarding DC having shot out of place when YG was kidnapped and held hostage resulting in his brain damage, it appeared that WJ simply said what was the case, DC didn’t listen to orders. However, the camera never shows WJ’s face and his reaction to DC quitting the force which makes me believe there might be a smirk or something devious there. WJ might have wanted DC fired or to quit since DC was the star of the homicide team while he was a cop and maybe WJ was jealous. This jealousy appeared for a brief second in ep. 7 when WJ asked DC how he new that the mirror was one way, it was brief but the glance that WJ gave DC was one of jealousy.

    2) Also through his apology to YG, this makes me believe that it might not have been DC who shot YG and caused the brain injury but WJ himself. We weren’t privy to what happened after the shot and the shot itself was not clear who was shot.

    Also regarding my wonderful and amazing DC. I hope the fact that the show zoomed in on the drug to relieve insomnia, Zolpidem, is another red herring. Some of the side effects are hallucinations and amnesia which might explain DC’s blurry memory of the events from 10 years ago but I doubt he was taking the drug prior to the murder case. THe drug for insomnia is probably a result of the murder of his girlfriend and his brother getting implicated for it.

    And I’m totally one of the SH and DC shippers so this episode was great, filled with so many great bonding moments between DC and SH and DC and SB.

  20. 20 saranga

    i’m harboring a MASSIVE crush on jo seung-woo. i have fallen so hard for him, ever since episode 5. i positively melted during his scenes with saet-byul—those two were downright adorable together. i’m disappointed about ji-hoon, and even sorrier for saet-byul now that her image of her father has been tarnished, but dong-chan would make an amazing uncle-like second daddy to her. i agree that a romance wouldn’t seem quite right for this drama, but i kinda want one now… i’m torn between wanting a good story versus wanting to see dong-chan in love. poor guy deserves a happy ending.

    i’m really interested to see how the character ji-hoon will be handled in upcoming episodes. i don’t think the upright prosecutor thing was an act—i think something must have happened to change him into the colder man he is now. i hated the way he raised his voice at young-gyu’s grandmother, and how dismissive he was of her at their first meeting. he was also visibly annoyed with SH’s mother when she was preparing the chicken for him, though he put on a respectful face when she was looking at him, and he said all the right things to her. but he obviously found dealing with her distasteful, or bothersome. he wasn’t even remotely grateful that she was so delighted to see him, and that she had prepared special food for him because he was her son-in-law.

    it’s little things like these that can signal to a person’s true character. ji-hoon’s character isn’t as fine, nor as “yangban” as he was originally made out to be. but it contrasts with some of the things with know about his character, both current and past. you have to wonder if something happened to change him.

    it’s also interesting how his opinion on the death penalty had changed. when he was a prosecutor, he swore to that guy that he would hunt him down and make him pay for his crimes by getting him the death penalty. now, he completely opposes it, his reasons being that no human has the right to play god. this reasoning seems to suggest that an upright moral code still exists in some form. i wouldn’t be surprised if that guy who got off will play some further part in all of this…

  21. 21 ilikemangos

    I think this is the most people we’ve ever had on a recapping team for a show(4). We all want a piece of god’s gift, heh.

    As for the “romance”, i’m not bothered nor am i worried that the writer will shift the dynamic we’ve consistently gotten each episode.
    I’m one of those people who is loving dong chan and soo-hyun but does not expect the typical romance development we get in other shows(and i can see the concern since k-drama without a loveline, wut?). Also, I don’t get the feeling that this writer wants to take it in that direction either because that’s not her focus, at least not until the end where their lives are not in constant danger.

    Those sweet, small moments the two share should not just be seen as “romantic” but also something that is friendly; they are building trust and respect, things that troubled people like dong-chan and soo-hyun need in their lives..
    The idea is that you have two people with bitter/resentful childhoods helping each other out and forming their own surrogate family, which is the kind of atmosphere i sensed when saet byul and soo hyun moved into dong-chan’s house along with hilarious (but still shady) gramps.

    I like my shows to have just the right amount of heart in a dark show such as this (and comic relief that is smoothly inserted) so I appreciate the sprinkles of dong-chan/soo-hyun/saet-byul interactions. It’s a breath of fresh air — literally, because i’m holding my breath with all those intense scenes in God’s Gift.

    • 21.1 latteholic

      THIS — everything you said, ilikemangos! As always, you articulate what I’m trying to say so much better 🙂

  22. 22 xvanex

    im getting really sick of SH and her hysterics. I get shes desperate & it’s a mother’s love & all that but DAMN woman. Get it together & I bet you would get more done to save the kid. I cant help but roll my eyes when she gets so ridiculous.

    • 22.1 windsun33

      It has not been mentioned much, but I am starting to think that Soo-Hyun is borderline schizophrenic. We have seen these wild mood swings several times, the latest when she actually made out like she was going to strangle the girl in the hospital, and seconds later she is begging and sounding crazy.

      As much as I have wanted to finally see a strong woman lead in k-dramas, I have to say that Soo-Hyun is really starting to bother me with her over the top hysteria, total lack of thought, and wild swings. Even with Saet-byul, one minutes she is hugging her, next minute she is screaming at her.

      • 22.1.1 Lindy12

        Man, I’m glad someone brought this up because Soo-hyun seems to be becoming more mentally unhinged by the episode. She attempts to strangle a comatose Min-ah in the hospital and then begs, whines and grovels for forgiveness mere minutes later. One minute she will do anything to save her child and is obsessively pulling her from place to place but the next she’s staring broodily off into space and casually asking Dong-chan “Where’s Saet-byul?” Borderline schizophrenic is right.

        Instead of doing the what I, as a mother myself, assume is the bare minimum in such a situation, i.e.: never taking my eyes off the kid for a nanosecond, she seems to be perfectly ok with dumping Saet-byul with any available live body. And again and again, Saet-byul slips away from her “caretakers” only to fall into peril. The poor kid is becoming less and less of a flesh and blood child and more and more like a deus-ex-machina by the episode. She is displaying very uncharacteristic behaviour for an 8 year old so either the writer has spent very little time researching little girls or there is something else going on.

        Also the timeline is becoming more screwy by the second. Not so much the present changes since the kidnapping and death of Saet-byul in the old timeline, although that’s confusing enough, but the timeline for the other characters as well. Like how long ago was the original murder that Dong-ho has been on death row for committing? Is it 16 years ago? 10 years ago? Have they added 2 extra murder charges long after the fact or is he tried simultaneously for all 3? And just exactly how old are these characters anyway? They are supposed to be in their late 20’s to mid 30’s now so, if the original crime was 16 years ago, they would have been in their mid teens to very early 20’s at the oldest. And just how many freaking murders have there been anyway?

        The way this is going right now, half the audience will be borderline schizophrenic by the time the final episode airs.

        • latteholic

          The old case happened 10 years ago. I don’t think that fact has ever changed in the story.

          • Lindy12

            In the first episode when Soo-hyun and her cameraman go to see Dong-ho on death row, the murders are said to have occurred 16 years ago. At least that is what it says in the subtitled version I watched but it was mistranslated I guess. Thanks for clearing it up. 10 years makes a lot more sense given the current ages of the characters. Was Dong-ho tried for all 3 murders concurrently?

          • windsun33

            I also distinctly recall it being 16 years, and I watched two different subs – Viki and Drama Fever. @ around 8:55 a murder in Mu-Jin that took place 16 years ago is mentioned. It was about the mentally disabled brother (still not sure if he is really a blood related brother..) that Captain Awesome testified against. The retrial, as far as I can figure out, took place 10 years ago, and that is when he was convicted of 2 additional murders.

          • latteholic

            I need to go back and see this. Maybe it’s just me, but I seriously didn’t recall from the drama any mention of the case taking place 16 years ago. It’s always been clear to me that it took place 10-11 years ago, so I was confused every time there’s a mention of the case happening 16 years ago here. And also it’s been said that Young Gyu spent about a year with Dong Ho before he was convicted, and obviously he has some recollection of his time with Dong Ho, so I guess that sort of confirming me that the case indeed took place around 10-11 years ago, after he was adopted. And I thought the re-trial happened a year after the first murder? Ok. Now I’m really confused as well.

        • windsun33

          Even the kids age is in doubt – but I think that she is 9 by Western reckoning. At one time I heard 8, another 9, and then later on 10. But that aside, it is almost like Saet-Byul’s main purpose is to unthinkingly run off at random even though that has caused at least two people to get injured already.

          So once again she just sneaks out to go to the Snake concert – in the rain at night. And then when they announce that minors must leave and they can get a refund, she just ignores it and keeps on going.

          • buticut

            SB is supposed to be 9 years old. When DC is released from jail in episode 2, he sees her “MISSING” poster. This means that SH got pregnant pretty much immediately after splitting from WJ (19 years ago)…that was quick, hmmm.

            Screencap: http://s27.postimg.org/4npwo079u/vlcsnap_2014_03_27_13h44m22s145.jpg

          • buticut

            Oops, finger slip. It was supposed to be *10, not *19 years ago

          • Lindy12

            In the beginning of the first episode Ji-hoon asks Soo-hyun if they should all go to the movies together as a family day. Soo-hyun says no because Saet-byul has two special classes scheduled. Ji-hoon says give the kid a break, she’s only 8 years old but then defers to her. The interesting thing is that he seems to be closer to and more responsive to the needs of their daughter than she is. Soo-hyun is always on Saet-byul’s case about her academic slowness. Her English is poor, her math scores are low and so on. There seems to be no room for fun in her life. The main action then begins one year later so Saet-byul is 9 at the time of her kidnapping.

            They seem so close as a couple in the beginning, walking arm in arm outside the studio after the debate etc, so I wonder what has happened in the intervening year. Ji-hoon doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy to either batter women or engage in a casual affair resulting in pregnancy and yet one year later, he seems to be just that kind of guy.

        • sandy

          I have seen women go crazy losing their kids what you don’t get is that SH is becoming a fatalist knowing her efforts are useless her daughter is alive only for now and any min she will lose her again her paranoia is very natural and the writer wants her to go all the way she might even kill for her daughter , and sure some of you might be mothers but none of you killed herself then went back in time to find everybody running after the child the woman have all the right to go crazy

  23. 23 newbie

    Ji Hoon….. how dare you punch Ki Dong Chan. how. dare. you. -____________-

    Sorry I don’t always read all the comments so not sure if anyone else suggested this > < but I'm convinced Ji Hoon covered something up in Dong Chan's brother's case. I may be completely wrong though!

    Thank you for the recap solabelly 🙂

  24. 24 Tara

    This episode was just chock full of info and backstories involving SH, DC and JH. It’s answered some questions but left more questions and intrigue in its wake.
    (Bear with me, I have a lot to say…but I will split it up into manageable thoughts 🙂 Thank you)

    The biggest thing I got out of ep8 was the mystery person JH was secretly meeting up with. It was seemingly purposely done as a random small-ish snippet of the episode, but it was what drew my attention the most…and leading me to believe that yes, the daggone govt is involved in the bigger picture surrounding SB’s kidnapping and subsequent death, along with DH’s case.

    I’m thinking that the mystery person is a govt official (likely that Minister of Justice or another crony). From what I gathered from the convo (how dare you mess with my family, do it within the week or I’ll do something)…I think what JH is “ordering” to be done is for the govt to implement the death penalty. This episode showed a segment between the President and his advisors discuss the public outcry over the recent serial murders and whether to do so or not.

    I guess JH deduced that whoever he was going back and forth with was the reason why his life was turned upside down of late (spying on his family, digging up dirt like his affair with MA) — to shut him up or to show their influence/power over him. It seems that JH must have/knowledge of something that the govt wants to keep on the down low…and he’s using that as leverage to get what he wants — which he wants done within the week, and I think it’s the death penalty.

    Why do I think he wants the death penalty? Hmm…he hasn’t been exactly the good person that he was portrayed to be in the first episode, the “truthful” (a la his award) lawyer fighting for human rights and the loving family man. The past two episodes have shown a much darker, sinister side of JH that seems to gel with the suspicious shadiness that he’s been emitting from day one (for me at least). His motives could be simple as getting rid of one or more people on death row…possibly people he prosecuted who he thought deserved to die for their crimes. It could also be that he wants to get rid of someone specifically on death row…which leads me to think it’s DH.

    This whole intertwining of fates between SH/JH/DC/SB leads me to believe that—if the writer is taking it this way—one misdeed (DH’s conviction?) caused a ripple effect, which in turn led to the kidnapping and death of SB. It can’t be a coincidence that JH was the prosecutor who put DH on death row, DC traveled back in time with SH to help stop the kidnapping of SB. Something is there, and I can’t help but think that it was all due to JH.

    • 24.1 Tara

      Considering that DH is mentally disabled, it leads me to believe that JH (with or without the police involvement) coerced him into confessing killing those women, which in turn led him to be sentenced to death. In DC’s flashback in ep7 to DH’s trial, DH gives a look to DC when he was being sentenced. It didn’t speak to me as a look of holding back who the true culprit is, but rather him saying to DC “do something,” because of his limited mental abilities. JH had to have been involved in some/all capacity of this outcome. Maybe he wanted to use this case to gain some gold stars, hoping to move up the chain. Or…the govt put him up to it. As in, the govt set up DH and JH was a pawn in their game.

      Call it a conspiracy theory, but the case doesn’t feel right. Granted, we have yet to get a complete picture of everything. But it just smells fishy…and how this is turning out, that’s what it feels like to me. The govt got the conviction and sentence that they wanted of DH (for reasons yet to be determined)…and now that there’s this rash of serial murders, who else would be a better person to execute than the person that they set up all this for?

      Or…JH set up DH all on his own, got him on death row, and needs him dead to absolve himself of his guilt/get rid of a loose end. Maybe there was a connection between JH and DH, and this is his way of getting revenge and cleaning house in one step.

      The previous episodes didn’t really focus on the govt and President, and I think that was done purposefully to develop the other threads to the storyline. It doesn’t not make sense to me that the govt is involved, because it just seems so damn convenient how these serial murders just suddenly started up, coupled with SB’s kidnapping and death…which in turn led to the implementation of the death penalty, and DH was chosen as the first to die.

      • 24.1.1 Tara

        The mention of BH in the discussion between the President and Minister points me in the direction of him either being a relative of DC’s family, or someone who saw this injustice and is fighting to stop the implementation of the death penalty, to spare DH’s life. BH in this episode had me laughing, which was a nice change of pace in this serious story.

        How he tried to stop SH and SB from entering (when it’s not even his own house!) and how DC threw him out when he yelled at SB for bowing to him twice (which I’m told is supposed to be an insult and/or done to someone who died…? can anyone clarify??)…and when he poked his face in the window with porn mags in hand, those which DC had just thrown out seconds earlier. What had me in stitches is when SH was cleaning up the room, and she came upon a pair of leopard print briefs, and how DC was making the excuse that it was the old man’s, and BH poked his head in the window and said he can’t wear pointy undies like that anymore, hahaha ;P Embarassing DC in front of SH, with no shame…hilarious.

        WJ visiting YG and DC’s mom was kinda out of the blue, story-wise, but made sense considering how DC and WJ had previously been close friends. The flicker of recognition over hearing that DC had given YG the sweater…I wonder if it was because it was the mention of DC, or maybe he recognized the sweater from those that MM had knitted–like maybe he saw them in the crime scene? I heard the apology from WJ as to both YG and DC…YG for getting disabled from the shot, and DC for going against him.

        So DC’s mom did have a motive to suddenly babysit SB…guess she did recognize JH after all. I knew that ddat-ki document would get into play sometime…and for her to dig in JH’s files, after paying off the housemaid, shed a different light on her. Yes, I get that she did that to get more details of DH’s case, but it seemed a bit out of the ordinary.

        Poor DC, getting punched by JH and slapped by his mom…not a good day for his face :/ I was surprised to learn that one of DH’s (alleged) victims was DC’s first love…talk about tragic. I hadn’t caught that when I watched it raw yesterday, only remembering how he got in a rage after seeing SB play with the guitar and him telling SH later that it was from his first love.

        And the introduction of tattooed man…spying on JH and the family, and subsequently kidnapping SH while letting DC know? Raising even more questions and yet another potential killer in the revolving door of killers. Another red herring? Maybe…but again, if what I had previously wrote rings true, this guy definitely is part of the bigger picture, possibly working for the govt. But why kidnap SH now, and even let DC know? For the purpose of blackmailing JH? Or maybe he is someone she antagonized recently in her quest to save SB? Can’t wait to read other Beanies’ comments, to gain insight into everyone else’s thoughts and possibly figure which direction the writer is…

        • Tara

          Darn it, thought I counted out the words…got cut off!

          …taking us.
          Looking forward to Monday!

          And yes, this has gotta be the longest comment I’ve written on DB ever. Man, this show gets my thoughts flowing and typed up 😛

          • ilikemangos

            Ha, I don’t think i’ve ever followed a recapping show where majority of the comments were made with such well thought out points. It gets the discussion going. It’s kinda funny how everyone’s got this bullet point/numbering system thing going on. I can see that it makes it alot easier for some to reply.
            I like that. Because instead of doing the thinking i can just leave it to the observant people to make their insights.

          • buticut

            At this point, I am too tired to give proper replies LOL (6 am here), but I will just say, Tara, that I loved reading your thoughts and there has to be a governmental involvement in one way or another – we see too many displays of power and way too many elaborate plans to be done by ordinary people – not to mention all that death penalty discussion and the decrease of the president’s approval rating.

            @ilikemangos Hahahaha more and more people started to use the bullet point/numbering system – as my comments got increasingly larger, I started using it as well, to make myself more readable and to make things easier for those who might want to reply to something. When this show will be over, I’ll miss all the commentators here, who are doing an awesome job (you included 🙂 ). What do you mean “instead of doing the thinking”? Oh come on, you’re so good at this as well – I am always looking forward to your comments. God’s Gift is SO thought-provoking. I even like the theories I don’t necessarily agree with, because I’m fascinated with all the different interpretations this show is allowing us to have.

  25. 25 KimNaNa

    Idk, when I first heard the fortune-teller lady say “one of them must die”, I thought it was between Saet Byul and Soo Hyun. It never occurred to me that it might mean between the killer and Saet Byul until Soo Hyun started assuming that. But based on how this show likes to work, it literally could mean ANYthing….

    • 25.1 windsun33

      Meh.. that whole prophecy might be yet another red herring. It is really so vague (like most prophecies) that it could mean almost anything or anybody.

  26. 26 Kaybee

    I still think Ji Hoon was framed. He was trying to tell Soo Hyun that all is not what it seems and to give him a chance to tell his side of story and also that Minah came on to him first… I believe that MinAh might be working under someone’s influence or getting her own revenge because of some past case involving Ji Hoon as the lawyer and those photos of her waking with Ji Hoon is from those innocent moments. Also in the hugging photo Ji Hoon looks stiff and surprised… Don’t know yet about the baby, the slapping and stuff but I guess Ji Hoon’s “So you are going to have the baby” actually meant in a sarcastic way like how he sees her as a blackmailer and a lier.
    I actually cried seeing Ji Hoon all righteous and in the rain.
    Soo Hyun crying in the hotel and Saet Byul confronting her had me in tears as well…

    There is definitely something shady going on with Ji Hoon but for now I believe that someone is taking revenge on him…

    Soo Hyun not listening to what Ji Hoon has to say, Dong Chan not listening to what his mother wanted to say about the case and Set Byul defying Soo Hyun’s concerns and sneaking away for Snake’s concert got me all very irritated…
    Also Soo Hyun telling everyone that Saet Byul will die is extremely painful to watch. Especially MinAh got a motive now (though I know she is harmless).

    Cohabiting together was just too convenient plot for a love line and somehow I found it so rushed…I mean in real life situation, Soo Hyun- an independent working proud married woman with a child wouldn’t agree so easily to stay in someone elses’ house with her daughter. Also Dong Chan is actually a stranger to her and also someone she hired to help her so…

    Dong Chan (Jo Seung woo) is just so amazing in everything he does. I love to watch him just like that… The conflicts and the emotions that he plays out is simply mesmerizing… The actor had such a depth… and the character such a mystery!
    Acha! Saet Byul’s hair pin in his back pocket is something that I guess was from the first episode when he went to Soo Hyun’s house to collect money… While he was playing with Saet Byul I guess he had it and there is no way he is involved with the kidnapping in any way even with the sleeping aid shown in this drama and suggestion of his blackouts… He is the main lead with a good heart!

    Did Woo Jin shoot at Young Gyu? Hmmm…. maybe not. What did he mean by that “Sorry”? Okay…maybe he is guilty for rattling on Dong Chan.

    Soo Hyun and Dong Chan got another chance to set things alright and their cases are indeed connected in a weird way… Destiny… While Dong Chan can redeem himself and save Dong Ho, Soo Hyun can save her daughter. Together they are revealing much darker mysteries…


    Just a thought… Maybe Ji Hoon was part of the club and they did bad things until Ji Hoon decided to redeem himself and studied…

  27. 27 KL

    I love how Woo-jin goes to visit grandma and Younggyu too, and the fact that they both said the same thing to Younggyu just shows that Dongchan and Woo-jin are very much two sides of the same coin :’) I would like to see more of their bromance! 😀

  28. 28 Hoang

    Just love Jo seung woo more and more!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 woooo123

    what if its baro?? and hes just acting dumb to plan revenge on his father?? thun thun thun!!!!

    • 29.1 Kaybee

      Hmmmm……. good point….. he hangs outside Saet Byul’s residence all the time in a shady way… hmmm…. also it was mentioned in the drama by his uncle how smart and intelligent he was until the accident where he was hit on his head by his pistol…. At this point one never knows…also he befriended Saet Byul and he is the only close one and also someone no one suspects so far and someone who can easily remove all traces or even leave traces without anyone suspecting…. Hmmmmm…. though it is far fetched but it cannot be ruled out….

    • 29.2 Vivi

      wow, and no one tracked him, or where he going right?
      but please don’t T.T

  30. 30 Christina

    Am I the only one who is worried that Soo Hyun still doesn’t know how Dong Chan is connected to all this? If she still doesn’t know then most probably at some crucial moment she will learn the truth & immediately turn on Dong Chan. She even said here how she thinks Dong Chan is a good person down to his bones. It’s ominous. Please Soo Hyun!! No matter what happens, trust Dong Chan!!! TT_TT

    I have said before that I have 0% attachment with Saet Byul. But in this episode she clocked some major points from me when she avoided Ji Hoon…..by hiding behind Dong Chan!!! & then when she begged Soo Hyun to live with Dong Chan!! & then the look she gave Dong Chan in the shop!! & then when she fell asleep on his shoulder when he was giving her a piggyback ride KYAAAA!!

    But then it all went down when she sneaked off in the night. WOULD IT FUCKING KILL YOU TO TELL SOMEBODY YOU STUPID KID!!! She acts as if she has already asked someone to accompany her & they said no!! Especially not at night!! That’s common sense!! Just…..sigh. No. Now everyone will run around putting their lives in danger to protect her.

    Anyways this ep made me go “ahhhhh” in the Dong Chan scenes. So this was why he was so angry at his mom. So this was why he was extra angry at Dong Ho.


    By the way a scene surprised me. That one where Dong Chan almost breaks the guitar & Saet Byul runs to her mom saying she finds him scary. I expected Soo Hyun to fly into a rage at Dong Chan & immediately leave the house. But I was surprised when she took Dong Chan’s side. That is a huge thing in my book cause in a time where she doesn’t trust her own husband, she trusts Dong Chan enough even after that almost violent scene to know that he wouldn’t hurt the most precious person in her life, Saet Byul.

    & Soo Hyun……the good guy you wanted? He is right there next to you in the form of Dong Chan! Just look *tries to forcibly push Soo Hyun towards Dong Chan*

    Also….when are we getting a shirtless scene Dong Chan? He wasn’t shirtless even in that morning-after-drunk-sex scene where normally everyone is shown naked!! Heck not even the buttons were open!! I can’t find one single shirtless pic of kiss vid of his anywhere!! This….how….why….NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Dong Chan!!! Don’t do this to me!! GIVE ME A SHIRTLESS SCENE & A KISS SCENE THIS TIME YOU HEAR ME YOU SEXY BASTARD?

    • 30.1 Christina

      & yes I too had the thought that what if Grandpa’s heart attack wasn’t actually a heart attack but a murder? And if I remember correctly he is the only one opposing the execution right?

      • 30.1.1 Kaybee

        I too think Granpa was murdered and it is Dong Chan’s destiny to save him as well…Also I guess he might be Dong Chan’s real Granpa or father….

    • 30.2 Christina

      By the way….I already knew about his first love dying. I just didn’t know Dong Ho supposedly killed her. Wiki manse XD!! Want another spoiler? *_* Remember Saet Byul’s crush Theo from Snake? He gets entangled in all this too when they find the shoe of a missing/dead little girl in the back of his car. Now if it’s missing and Saet Byul’s then it means that this is the night Saet Byul gets kidnapped cause remember her “let’s go to the parking lot!! We can meet Theo there!”

    • 30.3 Kaybee

      To see him shirtless watch “The sword and the butterfly”.

      • 30.3.1 Kaybee

        Sorry the film’s name is the “The Sword with no name”.

        • Christina

          I could kiss you right now I’m not even kidding

    • 30.4 cocopug

      To see him shirtless, check out Tazza The High Rollers

      • 30.4.1 Christina

        I could kiss you too right now

    • 30.5 latteholic

      You might want to watch Marathon as well…

  31. 31 Cornitos

    Hey Guys!

    Did any of the indian fans observe Soo Hyun’s blue scarf??
    Gayatri Mantra was written on it!!!

    • 31.1 Kaybee

      Which Gayatri mantra? There are many of them? I missed it but she is wearing a lot of loose loose jackets and scarf, that I noticed. A very typical Korean TV show/ drama writer dressing.

      • 31.1.1 cornitos

        A big OM happened to catch my eye on that blue scarf SH was wearing while drinking with DC…
        ‘Om bhur bhuva swaha’…… Is written on it in sanskrit

        • Kaybee

          Okay…I’ll rewatch it… I doubt if they know the importance of it…Also it is pretty common in scarfs. I have an Om motif scarf too. Isn’t Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha for Sun god? It was told to us in my boarding school which was basically an Ashram that if we chant it, there will be no rain! It does work for me!…lol… I am from the North-East btw and I am not good with Sanskrit or Hindi but it is nice to know… I will go back and see.

    • 31.2 chhavi

      yes I noticed it too…
      maybe it’s shown to give us more points you know….that she in fact,has returned from the heaven and has been granted 14 days.
      Gayatri Mantra please be helpful and don’t let Saet Byul get kidnapped this time.*prays*

  32. 32 ann

    I love SH, really love her. She’s just a normal person, she’s not a superhero, she can be crazy sometimes, look at her story. And DC, he loves her (we all can see how he admires her), so even him knows that SH is such a powerful person, why a lot of people hate her so much? She makes mistakes, ok, but she caught 2 serial killers, she helped Min Ah when she found out that she was pregnant, she tries her best with SB. I think we need to stop looking for not perfect strong women who are actually perfect, because no one is just one thing, and SH isn’t just crazy, she’s fearless.

    • 32.1 windsun33

      I don’t know about “hating” on her, but it sure as hell bothers me when first she sort of saves Min Ah’s baby, then a few minutes later she is trying to killer, then another minute or two she is groveling begging for forgiveness from her and talking crazy. It is obvious that Min Ah has no clue what she is babbling about when she accuses her of killing Saet.

    • 32.2 mary1980

      SH is real she is not a character from a book and I really find the insensitivity here disturbing in the same time DC is anything but perfect you dont find any complaints about how he treats his mother and bro for instance

      • 32.2.1 latteholic

        Yeah. Both characters have flaws, but that’s what make them feel real, to me at least.
        DC was really harsh towards his mom, although I can see where he’s coming from. He probably felt betrayed by his mom who chose to believe his brother over him. He believe firmly on what he saw, and so having his mom taking his brother side (and this might have happened all his life, since his mom probably pay more attention to his brother) was like another nail to his already wounded heart.
        Same way with SH, she lost her daughter once. She’s been through that situation before, on top of that, she just found out that her husband is cheating on her. so I understand her paranoia and her hysteria. Her reaction to Min-ah reminds me of episode 2 when she was pleading with the kidnapper to set Saet-byul free and then later threaten to kill the kidnapper if something ever happened to Saet-byul. It’s her yo-yo of emotions from having hope to having it pulverized. Same way with the scene with Min-ah, her judgement was clouded by her anger and fear of losing another person she loves (after being betrayed by her husband) and then to where she can start thinking clearly and believe that she can solve the issue by bargaining, offering what Min-ah wants the most in place of having Saet-byul back.

      • 32.2.2 Lindy12

        True, Soo-hyun is not a character in a book but she is still not a real person. She is a fictional character in a Korean drama and so an analysis of her motivations and actions is entirely acceptable and not being “insensitive” at all.

        I am the mother of 2 teenaged boys and know very well what it is like to lose a child, even if only for a few minutes. I lost track of my older son when he was 5 at a street festival for 15 minutes. The horror, panic and sheer helplessness I felt is indescribable. It was, without a doubt, the worst thing I have ever experienced and I’m sure every mother or father here has felt something similar at least once as a parent.

        This is every parent’s worst nightmare and it was entirely my fault. I was talking to a friend, wasn’t paying attention and he wandered off to watch some skateboarders. So I’m actually kind of insulted to be told that I am being insensitive to Soo-hyun’s predicament because I find her behaviour disturbing and somewhat puzzling when she is not real but a creation of someone’s imagination. Both the writer and Lee Bo-young, a wonderful actress who is capable of great emotional depth, are doing a marvellous job of bringing this character to life for me. I love this drama so far and the character of Soo-hyun is a big part of this.

        • sandy

          sure the character is a work of fiction but the writer is giving you a background that you have to consider ,she is not in a normal state she just came back from the dead and went back in time this is enough to make her lose her mind and the show is saying that losing a child because of a fateful incident is not a mother fault no mother can watch any child all the time and even if SH stayed with her now the show is saying that SB have the potential of getting into trouble all the time

      • 32.2.3 windsun33

        Mmm.. no – SH is NOT real. She is a character in a Korean TV drama. TV dramas come from “screen plays” or “scripts” – which are written just like books are.

        Not sure why you would think that a TV drama character would be any more real than a character in a book.

  33. 33 Lilian

    Sigh…lost all hope in the lawyer husband! And it was interesting indeed to know that Saet Byul was not a child longed for but instead a happy accident! Gotta say that I enjoyed both the dark and comedic scenes, especially those involving grandpa.

  34. 34 Kaybee

    The missing show of Saet Byul explain in the near accident. A long white car/ van used by celebrities usually near hit them so it might mean that Snake/ No Min Woo was inside the vehicle and picked Saet Byul’s shoe lying on the ground as shown so that he can return it later…

    • 34.1 Kaybee

      The missing *shoe*

  35. 35 sandy

    Paranoia /ˌpærəˈnɔɪə/ (adjective: paranoid /ˈpærənɔɪd/) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself (e.g. “Everyone is out to get me”). Paranoia is distinct from phobias, which also involve irrational fear, but usually no blame. Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia. For example, an incident most people would view as an accident or coincidence, a paranoid person might believe was intentional.

    paranoia in not madness and the writer is doing something interesting with the psychology of SH if you bothered to notice and paranoia is noting new to anyone of us this is the politics propaganda of today ( I will kill you before you kill me I will attach you before you attach me )

    • 35.1 windsun33

      Some good points, but what bothers me is not that she may or may not be paranoid, but the wild swings.

  36. 36 RookieMe

    Once again i feel like Dong Chan really suspicious.
    Subtle clues like the drug are really what creeps me out.
    Plus the fact that we’ve all seen how violent he could get ( punching WooJin , the railings ) it’s kind of scary.
    I hope we get answers soon to these subtle clues and not just let them be seen and forgotten.

    It feels kinda sad how looking at how JiHoon was to how he is now.

    SaetByul should really stop going out and putting her life in danger. Even if she didn’t have a shady father she could still be easily kidnapped by strangers all around.

    I wonder if the Grandpa know the real killer for Dong Ho’s case. Grandpa seems to know more than he seems.

    I hope we won’t go on anymore wild goose chase. We’ve already gone through with Cha Bong Sub to Jang Moon Soo to Mina and now tattoo dude.

    I hope to get more answers to the clues that have been provided to us (Dong Chan blackouts/drugs and how it affects him, JiHoon shady business, Grandpa connection to the case) instead of more questions coming my way.

    • 36.1 sandy

      tbh I feel that the writer making DC the charming one is her way of pulling the audience leg ppl are falling for him forgetting he is a very valid suspect , I heard that the kidnapper is someone very close to SH and he is the only one I can think of cause JH is already her enemy and WJ have no motive and was on tv when the kidnapper called

      • 36.1.1 RookieMe

        WJ has never came across as suspicious to me at all.
        How do people find him suspicious ?

        I will hate it find they said it was him and gave some back story totally irrelevant to all we’ve seen so far or loosely connected.

  37. 37 TS

    I really don’t like it when shows give justifications for spouses to split. I’d rather they kept their morals and worked through their problems.

    • 37.1 windsun33

      And just how far do you carry that idea? If the husband is a drunken alcoholic who beats his wife and kids, or has been having numerous affairs and spending all the household money on mistresses – how exactly do you “work it out”.

    • 37.2 Vivi

      I think, split is undeniable for this case, but it doesn’t mean they will divorce or break forever, I mean it’s normal for a wife to get away because she is disappointed and can’t think better, she needs space and not to mention she want’s her daughter safe, she just doesn’t have relative like a grandma she can lean on,

      when i was a child, when my mom and my dad had a big fight, my mom tend to go to relative houses or grandma house for thinking and then comeback with a realization, so split is one way to get calm and think better because if you see that person, is so hard to not remember what he did bad to you but when you split you can have a better mind to remember your happy time or what you really need

  38. 38 panshel

    Ji Hoon is dead to me. Slapping your pregnant mistress and demanding her abort the baby whom YOU had a hand in making. What right does he have to punch Dong Chan who has been risking his life to save HIS family? And for Saet Byul to overhear and possibly witness her father’s cheating ways, no wonder she ships Soo Hyun with Dong Chan. I teared up at her comforting her crying mom. After You Who Came From The Stars, the words “I’ll protect you” always trigger an emotion inside of me.

    This is the second time Soo Hyun has attempted murder — Jang Moon Soo doesn’t count because that was self defense — but like Cha Bong Sub, if Dong Chan wasn’t there to intervene, Min Ah and her unborn baby would be strangled to death by Soo Hyun. They always say, you never know whether you’re capable of killing someone unless you’re put in that situation. I couldn’t tell if Min Ah was pushing Saet Byul to safety or if she was pushing her into oncoming traffic.

    Thanks for the recap, solabelly!

  39. 39 Blueeyy

    JH freaks me out to a certain point because theres more to him than meets the eye. Do you remember when he was talking to that stranger on the phone saying that you outsed my affair but now you can’t do anything else to hurt me. What is that exactly about and could his character get anymore shadier?!

    I have a weird feeling that DC didn’t actually see DH killing his girlfriend and just made his mind think that way. I wonder why but his blackouts and things are making me confused. But I love DC nevertheless!

    The grandpa must be related to DC and his family somehow because he is agaisnt the death penalty and DH is on the death penalty

    I LOL’ed at the grandpa scenes so much and when SH and SB came to live with him and DC made me laugh. That stare that DC gave SH could it mean that hes falling for her? I dunno but I ship those 2! 😛

    How many more killers will there be until we get the real one?

    • 39.1 Blueeyy

      Also I forgot to mention about WJ. Some people were mentioning about how he said sorry to YG and they were questioning whether he was the one that actually shot YG in the brain and made him disabled instead of DC. That could be true as it kinda looks like that YG doesn’t really like WJ.

      Can’t wait till ep 9 now thannkk youu for the recap btw!

  40. 40 Sirena

    Thank you for the recap solabelly!

    Hello everyone! I’m going to try not to repeat what I’m sure others have already stated on this thread. I’m happy that we’re finally getting (some) back story on Dong-chan and Ji-hoon. On a previous thread I threw out the idea that perhaps Ji-hoon and Min-ah were not having an affair and that it was perhaps another ploy to throw us off. Apparently, I’m wrong. Or am I? I would still like to believe that Ji-hoon has some decency.

    I agree with others who have stated that there is a larger plot behind all the sub plots. There is an organization of individuals working towards some goal. Also, Ji-hoon appears to be intimately connected with at least one member of this organization.

    I honestly cannot wait for the next episode!

  41. 41 kush

    Just caught up with the episodes. We got given a lot of answers this week but it just lead to more questions.
    I have a question which I was confused about, it may just be the subtitles I read were wrong but did anyone else hear them say that DC’s brother admitted to one of the murders but when asked about the other two women he supposedly killed he kept denying it and was hysterical. Does that mean he did kill one of the three women?

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  42. 42 comment101

    No MinWoo/Tae Oh of band snake is just another suspect that ends up being not the real suspect… Though Jihoon is really suspicious I dont think he’s the one that murdered his daughter. He might probably be related/ knows who the real suspect is but not actually the one who killed his own child. I also think this is related to DongChan’s older brother’s case. JiHoon used to be somebody who’s good but somehow ended up being connected to someone who has money and powers and he has to do something to DongHo’s case.. i think this is also the reason why is against death penalty. DongHo and DongChan’s case us related and connected to SooHyun and Saetbyul’s while reading the comments I was suspecting DongChan because of his pills but while writing this I randomly thought that probably gramps has something to do with this. I have this theory that he may probably be have somethung about DongChan’s and DongHo’s case and the reason why he’s against death penalty is because he doesn’t want DongHo to be executed. Gramps death is related is Saetbyul’s death and the government has something about this, government also have something with JiHoon. While watching, my older brother said “why are this scenes whith the government always shown? I dont think its that these government are important.” I thought there might be something. But JiHoon and DongChan is really suspicious. I find DongChan and DongHo’s case much more mysterious. Plus “what you think is true might not be the truth..” i feel like there’s going to be major twist in the end. My older brother told me, “the suspects have been coming and going all this time.. its still too early to reveal the real deal. Even the tatooednman might not be the real murderer. The real murderer might be someone who has been with them in the episodes all along. It might even be someone who we least expected so probably DongChan or a crazier twist like Soohyun”. I highly doubt its SooHyun but DongChan is one of the most suspicious. But my “theory” randomly thought out while writing/typing this makes sense even i am shocked i thought about this. I have been watching korean dramas since 4 or 5 and i am 16 now. i can pretty much predict everything. My older brother most of the time dont want my opinion of whats going to happen because i spoil everything. Sometimes i unintentionally thought/ say my predictions of whats going to happen(like this one) and they happen.. but im not that sure with this one

  43. 43 mondayperson

    I agree to solabelly! At first, I thought the prophecy was about Saet-Byul and her killer too, but now I’m not so sure either. However, now I’m thinking, what if it’s SH and Saet-Byul fate and not SB and the killer’s fate? I know that it would be a worst scenario, but this had me thinking for a while. I came up with this conclusion because of the photo (SH and SB’s photo at the coffee shop). What if the photo is not only a hint for SB’s death, but also to SH? Since the prophecy said that only one out of two could live to end this fate, then it is possible that it is referring to SH and SB, as we see them both in a picture.

  44. 44 chickenwing

    “Soo-hyun fell for Ji-hoon because of his strong moral character but it turns out that it was all an act and that what Soo-hyun had wanted and depended on was nothing but lies.”

    This is a very simplistic assessment of a very human character. No one is absolutely good or absolutely villainous. For what Ji-hoon stood for in his job, I reckon he truly believed in that. Perhaps somewhere along the way he was dissatisfied. Marriage is a union of two individuals and no one individual should be fully culpable for causing the rift

  45. 45 jin

    i have to say though throughout this whole show the security has been crappy. anyway can’t wait already gonna marathon this whole series

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