Name That Drama: Bungee-jumping and basketball

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  1. Help Helen identify a recent drama she saw airing in Korea:

    I’ve recently moved to Korea and I’m enjoying the drama supply on TV, except I can’t speak much Korean yet and I cannot read Hangul. I came across a drama recently showing on the TV but of course couldn’t read what it was to search for it online so that I could watch it with subs.

    The details I remember: It was Wednesday, and in one corner it said “9PM” drama, the other side it read in English “Trend E.” The drama, from what I could gather, was about a group of boys, some of whom were friends. One had a sister (?) who was in hospital with scars on her wrist. The boys also had some kind of feud with a guy with bright red hair; one of them ended up getting hit a few times by him. Said red-haired boy once bungee-jumped off the school roof to a round of applause from the other students.

    Also one boy had some sort of nervous breakdown and fainted when another guy sat across from him with blue paint marked on his face as it gave him flashbacks of seeing a child with similar blue paint on his face.

    That’s all I’ve got — it’s not much to go by but if anyone knows the name of the drama then please inform me as I’d love to watch it and understand what the characters are saying. My search to name the drama so far has been futile.


  2. Sumi S’s description comes from a trailer, but maybe it’ll trigger something for someone:

    I’ve been wanting to find this movie which I have watched the trailer a few years ago but I forgot the title. The trailer goes like this: The hero is happy with his girlfriend/fiancee. One day,she suddenly disappears and so, he tries to find her. However, he finds out that she is not who she is; her name doesn’t belong to her, so he tries to uncover the truth of his missing girlfriend/fiancee.

    I would really appreciate if you could help me find this Korean movie. I’m sorry if it’s vague and not of much help. Please help me find it out, thank you very much.


  3. chowie’s drama sounds like several dramas I know mashed into one, but I can’t quite think of one drama where they all apply. Anyone?

    Hiya! I wondered if you could give me a hand with naming this drama. I watched a couple of episodes on TV in Hong Kong in 2004-ish (though it might have even been a re-run!). It was about some high school teenagers. The main guy is this hot-headed rich chaebol type who plays basketball. He’s in love with this poor girl in the same school, but I don’t think she likes him back.

    In one episode there is a basketball game outside, and the girl is cheering for her guy friend on the opposite team to the rich guy, and in the break her guy friend pats her on the back or something. Then the rich guy tackles her guy friend pretty hard in the game because he’s mad.

    Another scene was at the rich guy’s birthday party. The poor girl bakes him some cookies in the shape of his head (as you do!) for his present, but they are a bit burnt. She brings them with her to the swanky party anyway. At the party, she is about to give the rich guy his present when an ajusshi comes up to the rich guy and gives him his present — a set of car keys for some swanky car. The poor girl gets embarrassed and hides the box of cookies behind her and says she forgot his present. The rich guy is like, “How can you turn up to a party without a present for me?” (pouts). Later on for some reason he decides to run away from the party and drags the girl out by the wrist (cliche alert!) and they get into his new car and he drives off. They sit around for a while in the car, then he gets hungry, so she produces her box of cookies and explains that she was gonna give them to him, but since they’re hungry they might as well eat them. He snatches the box away and is like, “no! they’re my present, you can’t eat them!” and sits admiring her cookies instead.

    Then there’s another scene where our main girl and her girl friend are in a jacuzzi bath place (it looks like a private place, I think they’re on a holiday or something). The main girl faints in the jacuzzi and her friend runs to the rich guy to get help. But when they come back, she’s already been rescued by her guy friend, and he’s walking out of the bath place with her in both arms all dramatic-like. (Needless to say, the rich guy is pretty mad).


  4. Krystallis needs help with a movie:

    I watched a movie on a plane a few months ago and I’m not sure if it’s Korean or Chinese, but it seems very recent (2011+)? I remember a lot of the plot points but they appear in like every drama ever so I can’t find it >_>.

    There’s a recently divorced couple, and the girl gets into a car accident and loses her memory of the last 5 years, so she thinks she’s still newly married to her now ex-husband. Stuff happens, she tries to get her memories back and eventually gets back with the ex, but then she gets diagnosed with a brain tumor (yep, on top of the amnesia). And THEN she undergoes a super risky operation and ends up paralyzed!

    The TVs were switched off at that point so now I want to know the ending to that crazy story. Hope someone can help!