Odds and Ends: Boot camp and Go-Stop
by | March 8, 2014 | 63 Comments

javabeans: Wow these weeks fly by. Especially when you’re up to your eyeballs in minion boot camp drills.

girlfriday: It turns out, being a drill sergeant is hard work.

javabeans: Not that we don’t appreciate all the extra hard work the other recappers are putting in. (More dramas! How is this a bad thing?) But it so happens that all the administrative tasks of keeping a blog going are just as much work as sitting down to write recaps. It was more work to write all the recaps myself, but in some ways it was also less work, in that I didn’t have to keep an eye on everything even when I wasn’t doing it personally. Life was simpler then.

girlfriday: Also, I don’t think we thought through having to watch every episode of every show airing right now, ‘cause that’s been kind of crazy.

javabeans: I mean, we already watch a zillion shows anyway, but literally watching them alllllllllll is one step up on the Stairway to Crazy.

girlfriday: Go figure that our solution for doing less work would be to do MORE work.

javabeans: Alanis Morissette could write a song about that.

girlfriday: Not to mention that traveling always gums up the works. (Psst, people in the Bay Area, we’ll be at KPOPCON this weekend.)

javabeans: We’re probably there right now actually. But since Present Us (you know the us writing this post) are not there yet, we’ll have to wait until next week to tell you about how the thing went. I’m sure it’s going fine.

girlfriday: If people aren’t throwing tomatoes because you called their oppa a bad actor, that is.

javabeans: If you don’t want to know the answer, why ask the question. Is all I’m sayin’. In other news, I went to a Go-Stop party with some beanies in my neck of the woods last weekend.

girlfriday: Did you clean up?

javabeans: I’m pretty sure I lost a great amount of fictional money. Probably a good thing we weren’t playing for anything real. It’s all fun and games until you realize that despite playing with penny stakes, you still wound up losing twenty bucks in a round because you can’t count.

girlfriday: But if you had real monies involved, I’m sure that accounting would suddenly become very accurate.

javabeans: All the Korean grandmas in the world would agree. Although I think it’s hilarious that it’s always the grandmas who teach the grandkids how to play, and usually behind their parents’ backs.

girlfriday: To scam them out of allowance money??

javabeans: Ha, no, just so they have someone to play with. They get bored and figure, hey that kid is a sentient being, they can learn and play with me.

girlfriday: And also give me all their money.

javabeans: That’s just a side benefit! Go-Stop is oddly addictive, though, especially when you ARE playing with real cash. The gambling drive kicks in, and you think you can just make it all back with one good hand, just one more hand, oh god please give me a hand. Also, it is a game where the rules are set up so that the winner not only takes all, the winner gets to rub the loser’s nose in it, demand extra penalties, and snicker, “Neener-neener” in their face. (To wit: You win a great hand, and the loser has to give you extra money, on top of the money already lost.)

girlfriday: Remind me never to gamble with you. Yunno, minus our many trips to Vegas.

javabeans: Go-Stop is also a game where periodically you feel like your opponent is just making up rules, even though they swear it’s by the book, really, you did incur that extra triple penalty for that unfortunate draw. But still, we should totally play. I’ll teach you!

girlfriday: NO.

javabeans: C’mon play with meeeeee, I swear I’ll play nice.

girlfriday: *hides money*


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. A

    haha! your conversations are always entertaining~

  2. alexis

    Props for the awesome Alanis Morissette reference 🙂 I was obsessed with her back in the day.

  3. juliabb

    I will play with you. And lose. But I do not want any forehead flicks.

  4. My2Girls

    As one of the “beanies” that had the honor of playing Go Stop with Miss Javabeans I can agree that the game is fun, addictive and at times can be really mean (but all in the name of fun so it’s an accepted meanness – if that makes any sense). Thanks to Miss Javabeans for her Go Stop insight and sparkling conversation. It was a fun night in which I learned that I like Makgeolli. Which was a huge relief to me because I hate Soju. AND what K-drama addict doesn’t love Soju! The shame! But now I can happily announce that I like Makgeolli and I feel much better about myself. Cheers!

    • 4.1 canxi

      I wanna try Makgeolli. I like flavored soju, lol, the very few times I’ve had it, anyway.

      • 4.1.1 LollyPip

        I have some makgeolli in the fridge but I don’t really like it, tastes like liquid yeast to me. Or I got a bad brand, I’m willing to try a different one and see if I like it better.

        Soju on the other hand, is magical…

      • 4.1.2 Gala

        Makgeolli mixed with soju is the best. Try that!

        • JoAnne

          I like soju and cranberry juice. What can I say, I grew up in the 70s and 80s.

    • 4.2 ilikemangos

      Don’t worry. You are probably not alone when you say you don’t love soju.. (but there are also fruity/yogurt sojus as well that you might enjoy).
      I still remember some of my first binge-drinking college days(not too long ago, lol) involved shit ton of soju.. and kimchi-bokkeumbap(hello red chunky stuff). After the puking naturally i’d developed a taste aversion to soju. The smell gets me uneasy. And it’s even worse when they give out tons of free red bull drinks on campus with monster being another popular one, both of which strongly resembles soju in smell.

      Although now we mix soju with beer, and I’m more fine with that.

    • 4.3 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      I tried soju, and just like in the dramas, made the KKKKK sound. Bleck.

      Luckily, mixed with watermelon, soju goes down very smoothly.

      Also, Bek Se Ju is tasty to me, as is plum wine.

      However, I doubt there is a single liquor store in my county that would sell Korean liquor. Have to wait until I swing by the Burlington Hmart for the liquor store next door and stock up.

      • 4.3.1 JoAnne

        There’s a nice ahjussi at the Asian Market in Groton who said he would order it for me if I wanted. I haven’t been back in a bit, but I should go. It’s where I get my kimchi and also these rolled up ginger cookies…yum…and dried noodles for making ramyun that isn’t soaked in sodium. It’s the right kind of noodles, so I just add chicken broth and veggies and a bit of kimchi juice…

    • 4.4 Moll

      What an honor! I’d love to meet you girls someday. Out of curiosity, how often do you hang out, javabeans and girlfriday?

  5. Saya

    I am insanely curious about what exactly happens in minion bootcamp, and why it means you guys have to watch aaallllll the shows!

    Seriously, I thought ‘ah, javabeans and girlfriday aren’t ‘capping anything right now, it must be the first time they’ve taken a WELL-DESERVED break in a million squillion drama-cycles, and man if they are sitting this one out, I couldn’t be happier’ – especially in response to the rather inconsiderate complaints of ‘javabeans you should do more how dare you not be recapping right now’ (really?). It was a nice idea XD

    • 5.1 Rachel

      I guess it means they must watch all the shows the minion recappers are recapping – but previously they didn’t have to watch the shows with a mind on what the recaps would say. I’m sure watching shows with a mind on recapping and analysis takes more energy and effort.

    • 5.2 Chandler

      Well actually they are still recapping on top of everything. Javabeans is recapping Three Days already and Girlfriday only just finished I Need Romance 3 so it’s too soon to say whether one of them is taking a break or not. It’s a bummer to hear that they’re getting even more work!

  6. canxi

    I also wanna know why you guys watch all the shows. Is it because you want to weigh in with podcasts? If so, don’t kill yourself! I’m sure we’ll all live, lol. I guess there is another more pressing reason, though.

    Never played Go-Stop but it looks like fun. I’m not very good at card games–mainly because when someone explains the rules, I zone out half way through, lol.

    And who did you call a bad actor?? Wait! Don’t answer. I don’t want tomato-throwers to come but I am very curious, lol.

  7. kanz

    Your story is always funny.. How I wish I could go to KPOPCON so I can see you in real life..
    I’m really grateful because DB recap many shows, but it should not take away your enjoyment and time and watch extra million dramas out there. You’re truly amazing, Javabeans and Girlfriday!!
    Now every week I always wait for the new odds and ends post

  8. logan5

    so … is go stop similar to Hanafuda?

  9. LollyPip

    Aw, and I already felt bad enough for my complete inability to get my screencaps right the first time, lol!

    Seriously, you guys are AWESOME teachers and hopefully soon, the extra work you put into us newbies will pay off and you can take some breaths. I know I certainly appreciate how much patience you’ve had and am trying my hardest to improve!

  10. 10 Abbie

    You ladies are funny as always! Question: what drama is the top screen cap from?

    • 10.1 August

      Let’s Eat is the drama. The picture is of the character Koo Dae-Young played by Yoon Doo-Joon who happens to be a member of the boy band “Beast” (“B2ST”).

      • 10.1.1 Abbie

        Thank you! I thought he looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him because of the card on his forehead, lol.

      • 10.1.2 JoAnne

        Doo Joonie! He’s doing so well as Goo Dae Young I want to see him in another drama already! If you didn’t know he was an Idol you’d never guess.

        • Mel

          Yes Let’s Eat is so entertaining…I mean the food porn, AWESOME!!! I hope JB or GirlFriday will do a short recap of it! Do Joon-yummy! Yeah, charismatically delish in this cute Kdrama! It’s gourgasmic!

    • 10.2 My2Girls

      It’s from “Let’s Eat.” Which I love!

      • 10.2.1 Abbie

        I may have to give it a watch. How many episodes, and is it still airing?

        • Trina

          They just air episode 15. There is one more episode. You have to be full or ear when they eat. Do not watch it with empty stomach. Thatbis the only way as there is a lot food porns.

    • 10.3 ilikemangos

      Happen to be watching it right now and i’ve gotta say i’m an idiot for doing a marathon while on an empty stomach.
      The food porn/food orgasms per episode is not for everyone.. Still on episode 5, so not sure if it dies down.. but i’m sure the leads are gaining weight due to this drama.
      Not your typical k-drama. very lowkey, heartwarming, and slice-of-life kinda stuff.

      • 10.3.1 azurduyy

        Believe me, it doesn’t die down haha. I’m on episode 15 (I’m already experiencing withdrawal I love this show so muchhhh), and the food porn is, if anything, stronger than everrr.

        • (permanent) visitor

          “I’m already experiencing withdrawal I love this show so muchhhh”

          GAAAHHHH, me too!!! It’s so nice to take a break from chaebol jerks, birth secrets, Colossal Misunderstandings that last for 5 episodes, inexplicably evil mothers-in-law, etc.
          It’s just a good, genuinely entertaining drama with some friendships, some romance, and a bit of mystery. OH, and the food, of course.
          I don’t want it to end. :(((

          • Chandler

            AW yay I just adore witnessing all this Let’s Eat love! I don’t want it to end either! So glad they used that screencap!

          • Thursdaynexxt

            Just watched the finale, and am experiencing Let’s Eat withdrawals already!

            It was really an enjoyable, satisfying watch from beginning to end – can definitely re-watch this on a rainy day (with a well-stocked fridge and cellar, of course)!

      • 10.3.2 rearwindow

        It definitely doesn’t die down, lol. But I adore the gratuitous food porn. And if we’re honest, isn’t five minutes of food porn objectively better than five minutes of unnecessary, angsty flashbacks? Just sayin’. 🙂

      • 10.3.3 blnmom

        They even have doggie foodporn, if your dog is watching with you, lol.

        • Mel

          Isn’t Barasshi sooo human! It’s the most mature character in this adorable drama…. I would vote this the best food porn cinematography! The food shown are so vivid and when the cast starts eating those close ups just gets me drooling!

    • 10.4 soxxy22

      Oh, it’s Doo-Joon (Koo Dae-Young) from Let’s Eat when he plays Go Stop with the main lead’s mother. The mother is bored and decides to play with him and he makes her thinks he is not that good at Go Stop. And, when she lets her guard down he shows his great skills at the game. The funny thing is that the mother and Doo-joon go one last round, it’s all or nothing, and the mother bets her daughter.

  11. 11 owl

    On Mamma Mia (national good sons episode last week), Jangjin played Go Stop with his parents. His usually easy going father called a play that Jangjin questioned. Father yelled, “International rule. International…that’s only in Busan and not Seoul” (meaning Jangjin’s way). Jangjin replied, “You acted like you didn’t even want to play.”

    It was hilarious how into it they all were.

    Even though you’ve created more work for yourselves, the recaps on more dramas is the greatest thing ever. Big fuzzy hugs and a smooch for all you do javabeans, girlfriday, and the many minions who we adore. Being drill sergeants, isn’t that what you get paid the big bucks for? :/


    • 11.1 Abbie

      I thought Mamma Mia was canceled? Is Kyuhyun still on it? And Yeongja?

      • 11.1.1 owl

        I watched this at kbs world tv you tube dot com. You can find the national good sons 2 episodes under “recently uploaded.” I read that Mamma Mia’s will last air in mid-March. No more Kyuhyun.

  12. 12 heather70

    Thanks for the recaps. I realized that though I kid myself and say this will help my language learning, it has become an addiction. That said, when I do make it to Korea – I have to be prepared for life without subtitles or recaps. The other day it struck me that I actually should be watching them with the subs OFF and turning them on after. Then it struck me that people will not have English (or insert your language of choice) scrolling in front of them when they communicate in person. That said, the imagery about a scene or such with English scrolling on an electronic device while the person speaks english, or vice-versa Korean scrolls while I speak english has interesting potential. I once thought about writing a drama from a foreigner’s perspective. But which idol would be the first I would meet? Hmmm… dunno. Minho from Shinee has been interesting to watch grow from Piano to other roles. The Go-Stop scene in the recent my love from another star was interesting as well. There have been many funny ones throughout the drama world. Need to learn myself. Keep up the good work and the minions will help. Fighting!

    • 12.1 Kender

      Re: dramas without subs, when I first started I did something similar. This was my system:

      1. In the very beginning, I watched episodes with subs. Then I’d watch the episode again without subs. Since I already knew what was happening, I could focus on picking up words or grammar. (It’s helpful to keep a notebook nearby to write down things you hear.) Alternatively, if I was pressed for time or knew I wouldn’t want to watch an episode more than once, I’d read the recap on DB or Soompi and then watch the episode unsubbed.

      2. After a few months of that, I stopped using subs. I’d watch an episode raw and try to understand as much as I could on my own, then hop over to Soompi and read what people there were posting about the episode (sometimes they translate whole conversations, which is nice) and ask any questions I had. Then the next day, I’d hop over here to DB to get the “expert” version. (Assuming DB was recapping it.)

      3. Eventually, I took to live-capping on Soompi, which forced me to actually put some of my knowledge into practice. I got things wrong sometimes, but the others in the thread were always very helpful about correcting me, which in turn helped me figure out where I was having trouble.

      All in all, this process took maybe a year and a half. I started doing it during my freshman year of college and by the time I was partly through my sophomore year I’d stopped using subs entirely. For the rest of college I did a lot of steps 2 and 3 (3 if I really loved the show, 2 if I was just watching casually) and randomly tweeting at celebs in Korean, and by the time I graduated and came to Korea I largely conversationally fluent.

      So, drama-watching is an effective language-learning tool, but you have to use it as such and not just rest on your laurels and rely on subs forever. You have the right idea with getting rid of subs; now you just have to do it. 🙂

      • 12.1.1 mary

        You are awesome.

        I’ll try your technique. 😀

      • 12.1.2 Megan

        OK, you need to write a book and market that process, because I for one would willingly pay 3 easy payments of $39.95 to learn a language by watching dramas.

        Aaaaaand, I’m writing all your steps down now. When I become somewhat fluent from your process you can use me as one of your “real success stories” on the infomercial. 😀

      • 12.1.3 Laden

        Those are really nice steps to go by
        Now if I only had the patience to do that I would have being a guru by now 😀
        I’ve learnt quite a bit of korean from watching dramas alone(I started last year may) and I can write it a bit
        I tend to learn more though by rewatching dramas I’ve watched before.just yesterday I learnt the phrase ‘I’ll eat well'(jondae form) from uri Do min joon sshi(yfas)
        And I can quite differentiate jondae from banmal cos jondae is longer and ends a lot with ‘kka’

      • 12.1.4 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        Heather and Kender,

        I was so impressed with your method for learning Korean from watching dramas, that I took notes and plan to do this myself. Kender, you should publish this idea 🙂

      • 12.1.5 anubic

        i learned korean by starting off with a great beginner’s book and then watching loads of dramas. actually, i’ve largely stopped caring about dramas but at the time i was FANATIC about dramas, kpop, variety, all of it. since i knew the alphabet, my biggest help at the time was actually the first season of we got married, because of alllllllll the captions. i’d use naver’s online dictionary to look words up. i started learning 6-7 years ago, and now i can understand the majority of an episode of a typical kdrama – except when you get business/lawyer talk and then my comprehension drops to like 2%.

    • 12.2 pogo

      I’ve resorted to watching unsubbed dramas in the past – both currently airing and waiting for subs, as well as unsubbed because 60+ episodes of the show were dropped by subbers (Kim Woo-bin made me do it! ok, more like Lee Yubi made me do it, but he was a huge factor).

      I understand about maybe 40% of the dialogue, simply from having watched subbed dramas in the past, and I can understand when people are speaking jondae vs banmal and other things, but I salute anyone who can become fluent in the language based mainly on drama-watching. That really is an achievement!

      • 12.2.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

        all about those 250 core words in the language that get you to understanding half the words in a sentence.

        See my blog post “I only need to learn the important words”.

        I really like the idea of going from a passive drama watcher to actively subtitling and challenging yourself to watch without subtitles. With a goal of going to Korea, Kender had motivation to keep learning every day.

        Myself, I’m finding that I did just sit back and watch without coming up with much in the way of new learned vocabulary for each drama I watched nor any clue how to write it or speak it. I have this vague cloud of sounds that are familiar, and sometimes I will find a written word, sound it out, and Ta-Da! I know that sound and so that is how you spell it!

        I like the idea of slowly moving to being able to watch without subtitles by September 2015 if I start now.

  13. 13 KDrama Fan

    Crack me up!!

    We should start a Beanies and DB Dream Team Go-Stop Tournament. I warn you though I’m pretty good too:)

    On the work front. Deep breaths!

    Enjoy KPOPCON. Any Beanies going give these JB and GF a big hug from the rest of us Beanies!

  14. 14 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S 4 (thank you dramas for your product placement). So of course the first thing I did was go on to Amazon and look for Korean apps.

    Right after the batch of Learn Korean apps, there was “Why Do Dramas Do That?” rubbing elbows with “Dirty Korean”. Yeah javabeans!

  15. 15 Kender

    You guys are watching every episode of every drama? Holy crap, that’s a lot of woman-hours. I feel like my brain would turn to soup and drip out through my nose if I had to do that.

    I played Go Stop once or twice in college, but it wasn’t often enough to really learn how to play, sadly. My husband plays it online, and I just have to say that I’m glad it uses virtual money, because otherwise I’d have to smack him for losing so much. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is a wizard. Her virtual haul is some ridiculous amount, and whenever Hubs loses too much she comes over and wins it all back for him. It’s pretty fantastic.

  16. 16 Megan

    I am LOVING all the extra recaps, and I want ya’ll to know, I really appreciate your going the extra mile and recruiting the minions, who have all been completely awesome! I have a bad internet connection and I can’t watch dramas online when they come out but I want to keep up with everything and I am so happy there are so many more recaps to look forward to each week. So your godly efforts are being very much appreciated by this girl. 😉

  17. 17 coffeenlucia

    Stairway to Crazy ahahaha

  18. 18 korfan

    Hugs and high fives all around to javabeans, girlfriday and the entire staff! …… Loving all the recaps and truly appreciating all the work.

    A most heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you.

    Have a wonderful time at KPOPCON.

  19. 19 coby

    now with the additional minions, I even can’t keep up on reading the recaps!
    And I gives me a smile on my face that I see a long list of recapped dramas.

  20. 20 Laden

    Those are really nice steps to go by
    Now if I only had the patience to do that I would have being a guru by now 😀
    I’ve learnt quite a bit of korean from watching dramas alone(I started last year may) and I can write it a bit
    I tend to learn more though by rewatching dramas I’ve watched before.just yesterday I learnt the phrase ‘I’ll eat well'(jondae form) from uri Do min joon sshi(yfas)
    And I can quite differentiate jondae from banmal cos jondae is longer and ends a lot with ‘kka’

  21. 21 WeWe

    I happened just finished watching Potato Star ep 21 where great-grandfather Lee Soon Jae lost almost-EVERYTHING to his 2 Go Stop-beginner great-grandchildren.

    First he betting his 16 packs cookies -which actually only 13 packs.
    Second round he lost his hat.
    Third round he lost his wonderfully-carved ink-stone and final round he lost his warm-and-soft matress….poor him.

    And for revenge???
    He reported to his granddaughter (the mother of this 2 little smart boys) that those naughty boys forced him to play with them….lol

    i’m rofling waching the scene where the boys put all stuff they win in the game on top and dragging the matress downstair… looks pretty much heavy

  22. 22 jubilantia

    Man, I’m so bummed I missed KPOPCON! I bought a pass and everything. Although taking a friend’s daughter to a planting drive is definitely more important. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  23. 23 Mel

    JB and GF are you planning on coming to the next KCon in LA? I missed you guys last August, you have to have a forum on the day of the concert… A working mother like me can’t fully afford the 2 day ticket when there’s 2 or 3 of us going and I’m paying for all of us! Really I missed the chance! Yeah, you need to get your own booth! Sell some Dramabeans logo merchandise! Like T-shirts, bags, push some discounted Kdramas… And of course your books! You’ve got to write more, like words Kdrama addicts need to know or just simply Kdrama dictionary. I’d totally buy! We dropped by the Viki, Soompi booths among the many available! The MBC booth–the guys were great salesmen! My co worker who is single with tons of money bought a boat load of Kdramas while I stood back drooling! My teen daughter standing behind us was surprised when the salesmen offered her multiple posters for free. ‘See she doesn’t share her mother’s Kdrama addiction! We took the posters anyway, there are still rolled up in her closet amongst the many freebies given out at Kcon! Hope to see you at the next one… We had a blast at the concert, but when EXO came on the audience was soo loud I couldn’t hear their songs. Anyway ladies hope to really see you then… Thanks for the fun read!

  24. 24 Ren

    The Goo Dae Young screencap got me wayyyy too excited haha. I was hoping for a mention of Let’s Eat! Oh well… you’re posts are always entertaining ladies (:

  25. 25 Dramafed1782

    Seeing the posts of “Let’s Eat” makes me go hungry again …. Shabu shabu!!!!!

    JB and GF unnies, please could you do a podcast on this drama —- would love to hear you all drooling on the various Korean dishes and the drama of course!!! I am sooo in love with Lee Soo Kyung and Barassi 😀

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