Odds and Ends: Flat tires and lip gloss
by | March 2, 2014 | 106 Comments

javabeans: It’s the weekend! So, what did you do this week? (As if I didn’t already know the answer to that was: Sit in front of a computer all day and do a lot of recaps.)

girlfriday: Pretty much that. Oh, and I got a flat tire.

javabeans: Oh nooooo. Is this column just going to be Girlfriday’s Weekly Misfortunes?

girlfriday: God I hope not. Really, my life is pretty damn happy. I just also sometimes get food poisoning followed by flat tires. It was a weird two weeks. This one was totally my fault though, because I ran over a curb. So… there’s that. But is it strange that it makes me happy to use my AAA membership once in a while, because I pay for it, so I should get some use out of it?

javabeans: I prefer to think of it as a glass-half-full thing. At least the thing you pay for ends up doing what you’re paying it to do. As opposed to pouring a lot of effort into something that just ends up fizzling. Speaking of which….

girlfriday: You mean our Miss Korea podcast, take ten?

javabeans: Lordy, I don’t know what happened with that, but basically we had to record that thing a half dozen times before it took, and by the end of it I was completely confused as to what I’d said, what I’d thought I’d said, and what I’d said in a previous podcast that had to be resaid.

girlfriday: I swear that if you combined those things, the podcast was brilliant.

javabeans: Maybe with some judicious editing out of swear words and grunts of frustration. There are only so many times I can say the same thing over and over and hope the recorder didn’t wipe out before I’m driven to drink. Then again, I don’t need a whole lot to drive me to drink.

girlfriday: By the end it sort of morphed into a drunk podcast anyway, so we just rolled with it. My memory of the Miss Korea podcast is that we probably called Lee Seon-kyun’s character a jerk about seventeen times.

javabeans: It also made me think that we could probably benefit from taking this approach with future podcasts. Not the zillion false recordings, of course, but the whole efficient and no-time-to-waste attitude. ‘Twould probably also save us some hangover time.

girlfriday: We should also maybe invest in a backup recording system, so that we have recordings of recordings.

javabeans: Oh god, I am NOT that in love with the sound of my own voice.

girlfriday: You are the one listening to each podcast about a hundred times to edit the thing.

javabeans: By the end of it I’m pretty much thinking, Oh lord make those girls shut up. By the way, we need to record a new podcast.

girlfriday: Okay, I’ll stock up on drinks. Although, I’m not allowed to spend any more money, because I went on a major makeup-buying spree this week.

javabeans: Was this in any way Miss Korea-induced? You know, with all the fuss over BB creams and lip glosses?

girlfriday: Strangely, no. It was You From Another Star-induced. More specifically, I had to find that lip gloss that Jeon Ji-hyun was wearing.

javabeans: Oh, she had the best lip gloss colors! She rocked that hot pink like none other. And she is basically single-handedly bringing glosses back into vogue, spurring massive sellouts of the stuff she wore in that show.

girlfriday: I know, but it also made it easy to figure out what they were, because I just googled “Jeon Ji-hyun’s lipstick” (in Korean) and there were news stories about the brands with each color name. (Which are, by the way, Iope from Amore and Yves Saint Laurent, for the curious.)

javabeans: Just like apparently Christian Dior is on its way to selling out because of a random candid shot of Kim Yuna applying lipstick in Sochi. Mind you, this wasn’t the color she necessarily wore for her performance, just a color she happened to own that now every woman in Korea has to also own. Such is the power of Kim Yuna.

girlfriday: And Jeon Ji-hyun. So yeah, anyway, I’m a person who already owns like five shades of hot pink lipstick to begin with, but I NEEDED to have hers, so now I have three gloss versions on the way.

javabeans: And this is why product placement works, y’all. Says I, sipping my Vitamin Water while browsing my Samsung Galaxy phone and nursing an inexplicable craving for random fruit smoothies in the dead of winter.

girlfriday: OOH, that reminds me, I get to upgrade my phone next week! Clearly, I have a shopping problem.

javabeans: Which may not be entirely unrelated to your drama-watching problem.

girlfriday: Yes, I blame dramas! Not my fault!

javabeans: We may need to form a support group for this. Because I’m sure as heck not going to stop watching them.

girlfriday: But… you are my support group.

javabeans: Is this a codependent support group?

girlfriday: Is there any other kind?

javabeans: Not in the Dramabeans universe.


106 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jen

    that hot pink lip gloss , i didnt watch ycfs. time issues . but i like to stare at her lips just for the prety. im straight like an arrow too . but ya . i wont mind kissing her or even better kim yuna lol

    • 1.1 mrk

      Whoa, Jen!!! Maybe you need to rethink the “straight like an arrow” line. 😉

      • 1.1.1 Smile134

        Girl crush, it is! I didn’t watch YFAS either, but I can look at JJH’s pic (especially her lip) all days 😀
        One time I told my husband that I had looked at a girl on the bus (to the point I almost forgot my bus stop) because she was so beautiful. My hubby’s reaction was: “Should I be worry that I might become another Ross Geller one day?” Muahaha…

    • 1.2 Meh

      Straight like an arrow maybe but arrows can also be bent 😉

    • 1.3 chocolatte

      straight as this arrow, maybe?

  2. Moll

    Hahaha, love you girls! I went on a lipstick-searching spree, but couldn’t find YSL 52 (and can’t tell what the others were), as it’s sold out everywhere. Girlfriday, how did you manage to get your hands on it? What are the names of the other colors she wore?

    • 2.1 pogo

      YSL 52 is sold out pretty much all over the world, as far as I can tell (and not just in countries where kdramas/JJH are considered popular or mainstream). And within Asia, of course…..more proof that JJH truly is the CF queen who can sell out any product lol.

      • 2.1.1 Molly

        Yeah, it’s crazy!! I was live chatting with a Nordstrom sales rep, and she was like, “I don’t know why but everyone wants this color and it’s been sold out for a while.” Naturally, I told her about Jun Ji-hyun…Anyone know of any similar colors?

        • Steph

          Haha, I went to my local Nordstrom counter, and I pointed to 57 and asked to try it, and her first question was – did whats-her-name wear that color?

          Apparently I was not the first person to come by looking for that specific color, lol.

      • 2.1.2 Enz

        Now i wanna buy ysl 52! I love coral!!

    • 2.2 Shadow-chan

      I’m sensing a business opportunity here… Cause I highly doubt there are so many drama watchers in my little town, ahaha xD
      (But I’m really curious now – since I need to go into the city tomorrow anyway, I’ll check the drugstores out)

    • 2.3 Steph

      Apparently 52 is sold out even at YSL headquarters in France. My question is when are they restocking it, bc as far as I know it’s a permanent color and they will be restocking…eventually.

    • 2.4 Laden

      I really liked the shade of lipgloss/lipstick? She used in the first few episodes of yfas,semi also used a similar shade in the first few was kind of like a shade of peach,anyone know the name or the name of the shade

  3. SD

    As usual, you guys never fail to amaze (and amuse me)

  4. Emy

    Oh gosh, yes! Her lip colors make me want to go on a major makeup shopping spree. And I don’t even really watch You From Another Stars, just catching a recap here and there.

  5. SD

    As usual yo guys never fail to amaze (and amuse me)

  6. hana

    lip gloss… they are too bright for my taste but there was a part of me that just wanted to own one….just cause…

    • 6.1 Jenn

      I’m with you, those colors are just unnatural. Too bad cause it distracts from how really pretty she is… I’ll stick with my nude shades thank you!

  7. Emmy

    Suffering from insomnia tonight, so came here to see if you girls had any new posts, and this made me smile.

    So nice to know I’m not the only one searching for JJH’s pink lip gloss. And seriously, she rocks a red lip like no other!

    Of course, I’m coveting half her wardrobe from YFAS… but I’ve rationalised that JJH could make a trash bag look good, so I figured I would start with the small stuff like lip gloss.

    • 7.1 ilikemangos

      All of her wardrobe on the show was in the thousands per oufit and yet it always sold out within days.. The green khaki jacket she wore in the frozen kiss was ~6k-7k and everyone scrambled to buy that. Sponsors are swimming in money and glory atm. So is SBS.

      Love a gal who can rock a bold lip color with confidence. My absolute fav. was the iope water fit lipstick no.22 in violent pink(scene where she was doing the jump stunt), another best selling item along with YSL no.52.

      • 7.1.1 NN

        There’s a website providing info on where the clothes from some of the episodes are from, here’s a sample from episode 20.

        • Enz

          Ooh I LOVED ALL HER OUTFITS. ALLLL.. Thanks for the link. Not that imcould buy them or look anything like she does wearing them!

      • 7.1.2 JoAnne

        in the thousands of WON, right?

        • ilikemangos

          i posted this in a recap but i’ll post t here too.

          @JoAnne: thousands of US dollars

          • Hipployta

            Hey I checked out your thread there…I almost never leave the shoe forums but that was some awesome work

          • Nonsense

            omg, I cannot believe that some of those baggy clothes that I’ve never imagined out of podium actually look natural and good in drama…

            Now I understand product placement better…

      • 7.1.3 Emmy

        Her wardrobe was amazing. Seriously, the stylist needs to get an award. I usually like the things that K-drama leads wear, but JJH’s Cheon Song-yi was in a league of her own fashion wise. I’d love to see the year-end beanies award having a “best-dressed character” category! She’d win for sure!

        A couple of episodes into the drama, I started following this blog that does mini-recaps of the drama along with the outfits worn by the characters in the drama.

        While I was of course looking forward to the plot development each episode, I was also looking forward to more CSY fashion. Some of my favourite outfits were, her Ralph Lauren get-up on her “date” to the museum with DMJ in ep. 12, her Gucci pajamas in ep.3 when her appendicitis started working up, the grey-black Lanvin sweater in ep.12 and the Gucci dress with beach ball prints when she kissed DMJ the morning after. Oh, and that hot pink motor leather jacket which looked like it was made just for her.

        I could still go on but I probably end up listing every other outfit she wore in the 21 episodes. I wasn’t such a fan of the khaki fur coat that got so much hype though. I think she had way better outfits throughout the drama.

        • Lena

          that’s a good idea, actually. i’d totally scour and vote a drama best dress list.

      • 7.1.4 bella57

        No kidding.

        actually, I think that green jacket from the lake scene was like 8000- 12,000 dollars. I went to the actual site that sold it because I want one! and it was sold out. I think his jacket was like 8,000 (interestingly, it was less money)
        I was totally bummed.
        I will have one of those jackets! That jacket (the green with, I believe, white rabbit fur inside) was STUNNING.
        But I also want the lighter shades of her lip gloss; I’m all about the light coral,

  8. Pearl~ai88

    Yay, another podcast! I’m sorry they’re such a hassle for you girls, but they’re my favorite thing you do on dramabeans. Thank you!

  9. woolieeelaala

    a podcast on yfas? yes yes? T_T im suffering from withdrawl symptoms…

  10. 10 mary

    *nods at PPL power*

    I went and bought a 3/4L tub of mango ice cream. And that’s just from the Grandpas Over Flowers teaser.

    • 10.1 pigtookie

      LOL yeah let’s see… I’ve had cravings for oyster pancakes, coffee with pretty latte art, and a samsung S3 just so I could get those flip covers.

      I’d like to see how they are planning to get people onboard smartwatches.

      • 10.1.1 Z.

        Haha, i’m happy i’m not the only one that wants the samsung s3/s4 just for those flipcovers. They do look darn cute!

        • Anna

          My friend’s wife in Korea sent me one.

        • Sakura

          I confess to buying an S4 after watching I Hear Your Voice, those flip covers are irresistible. But when I visited Seoul last month, I realized no one was using flip covers anymore! They’re all using a case called IFace. So, naturally, I got one for myself…

    • 10.2 phxajumma

      Yes! I went into my local health food market and saw mango ice cream! Never noticed it before and ever thought it was popular, but I now wonder…
      Gotta go buy it!

  11. 11 pogo

    oh yeah, PPL power. So many dramas have done it to me, but thankfully when they use Korea-only brands I can easily hold myself back because the stuff just isn’t available to acquire. But when it’s a brand that is available elsewhere….WHOA.

    And I loved Jeon Ji-hyun’s lipsticks in YFAS, that YSL 52 aka Rosy Coral, especially! (can testify to the quality of YSL lipsticks in general, too – they’re worth the money. Though I think Song-yi’s was done with a lip brush).

    that’s another thing I picked up off Korean dramas – the makeup looks! I may be too dark for bb creams, but the straight eyebrows and gradient coloured lips are a good look for me. (and hot pink lipstick, too – Impassioned by MAC is a great one, if anyone wants a non-PPL rec lol)

    • 11.1 ilikemangos

      Oh man, i couldn’t get behind the gradient lip trend (esp. when park si yeon was sporting it all throughout nice guy). It’s become Yoo In Na’s staple, and i still haven’t grown to like it yet.

    • 11.2 Midori

      Smash box does amazing BB creams for darker skin women.

    • 11.3 kikidee

      You can find BB in your shade, whatever that may be. I was just in Sephora yesterday and I swear 50% of the store is now BB creams in every shade imaginable. BB cream has crossed the Pacific big time, and now every makeup brand seems to have their own BB product.

    • 11.4 Lena

      MAC is actually has a range of BB creams that caters to the darker complexions, you should check it out.

  12. 12 VanillaSalt

    Wait, what was the shade name of the Lip stick?

  13. 13 redfox

    why I love this blog is for the positive things you bring out.

    thanks. it made me feel better. no to wars, yes to lip gloss

    right now I felt like I want to move to Min Joons´ planet or even further. Things in Ukraine….terrible. and Russia is also our neighbor.

    but we need something positive. just so we dont go insane.
    I am still sad but a little better. thanks.

    • 13.1 Mina

      hope things get better for your country soon
      from an Egyptian

      • 13.1.1 redfox

        well I am not ukrainian, I am estonian. but we might face the same troubles

        just I feel like I need something positive to keep my mind from over-thinking and worrying about my ukrainian friends. I was at a demonstration today too, for an hour in front of the embassy here in Tallinn.

        sorry to speak about this here, but I feel like there are more important things than lip gloss…. but it is good to distract myself with that.

        • Nonsense

          Yeah, it’s a distraction for a minute.

          I am a Lithuanian but the situation in Ukraine saddens us too… Actually I usually don’t watch TV, but the news and talks and everything… it’s impossible not to get involved (at least emotionally).

    • 13.2 bella57

      my co-worker is from Ukraine, her whole family still lives there.
      It is just terrible.
      stay safe.

      • 13.2.1 redfox

        I have two colleagues here in Tallinn whose aunts & granny / granduncle &grandaunt live in Ukraine

        hey from the lipstick, I remember how in the 1940ies, in London when it was being bombed, women complained most about the lack of make-up and how they have to get by using god knows what to look pretty. bombs were flying but they ran around trying to buy stockings or a hat to go to theater. somehow that shows how strong women are….

    • 13.3 redfox

      hell…they are now on the Baltic sea. and they say there are 18 000 of their troops on our eastern border. russian propaganda accuses Estonia of training ….whatever that was. what the eff.

      hey, gimme that lip gloss! *vandalises all pictures of Putin/writes all over them with a lipstick: “Punitin-Liliputin!”- “Vampire idiot”* oh, they are indeed …wonderful.

  14. 14 Star

    If anyone’s curious, she used:

    1. YSL Vernis a Levres rebel nudes #105 corail hold up – in ep 1 when she was holding the coffee cup I believe

    2. YSL Rouge pur couture 52 Rosy Coral

    3. IOPE Water Fit #44 Forever Pink

    4. YSL Gloss Volupte #202 Rose Jersey

    5. YSL Gloss Volupte #203 Corail Gondoura

    On top of #2 & #3 she used the glosses #4 &#5 I believe. There are other ones but I’m too lazy to post it haha

    If there are those only looking to get the glosses #4 &#5 they are very light. You won’t see much color. Bit if you pair them with lipsticks the gloss color deepens and also intensifies the lipstick color.

    I got all of them except for the IOPE lipstick. Can’t find it here in the US!! 🙁 But I was so lucky to have gotten the Rosy Coral.

    Happy Shopping!

    • 14.1 R

      THANKS!!!! You are life saver!

    • 14.2 Aleksandra

      You can buy IOPE on internet with free shipping to US.

    • 14.3 ilikemangos

      To add to the list:

      1.IOPE Color Fit Lipstick #17 Cherry Blossom (when her stylist was applying it to her lips via a brush)
      2.IOPE Color Fit Lipstick #18 Classic Red (one she wore on the cruise)
      3.LANEIGE Serum Intense Lipstick YR25 Neon Orange (one she wore on her “date” with do min joon when he revealed his powers to her)

      • 14.3.1 supah

        Aah. Nice.
        There was also the Lolita Lempicka Mon Rouge lipstick in #6 that she pulls out during the appendisitis scene (y’know girl’s gotta look good even when dyyyying part). That kicked off the whole Songyi lipstick lust thing… And it should… Guuuurl you seen that packaging?

    • 14.4 dreamygal

      hi. may i know which lip gloss did she use for the pictures on the right of row 1 and 2 for collage 1?

      • 14.4.1 ilikemangos

        That’s the YSL no.52 that is sold out in many places.

    • 14.5 Cocoboo

      Thanks for the info!

      I looked up Rosy Coral & it is not coral to me, but oh so gorgeous!

  15. 15 snow

    Love her lip gloss colors!!

  16. 16 kopytko

    The first thingi thought of when I opened this page was that most of JJH lipsticks in the picture were ugly. No matter how expensive they are, they look cheap. But probably as someone who has never owned a lipstick or even lipgloss (at the age of 28), I may be simply lacking sense for those things…

    • 16.1 hydesamagirl

      I didn’t wear lipstick until the past two years, and I happen to be 28, too. Both awesome bright shades of red, but I still don’t wear them very often because they are quite a shock of color.

      I think liking color comes best when you figure out what colors look best for your skin tone and your style. Most of the colors in the pictures above would look horrible on me, especially the orangey ones. Pale with a liking for more classic style, red is my thing.

      Maybe you haven’t found out what looks good on you with your preferred style, or simply not liking color is fine, too. I am sure you will make it fine through life without lipstick. ^^ I’ve seen studies estimating how much lipstick women eat in their lifetimes by simply wearing it everyday!

  17. 17 raindrops1

    Love to read the Odds and Ends posts. You girls are fab! Oh I loved the clothes she wore on the show but they are way out of my budget. And I loved the lipglosses she wore because she rocked every color. Now a lipgloss, I can afford. Thank you all for tgw details on the ones she used.

  18. 18 Waiting

    So does this mean that the matte finish orange-ish color the female lead in ILR3 will be a trend, too?

    It is interesting…bold bright glossy colors in YFAS….pale lip gloss to go with the BB cream in Miss Korea, and the matte orange look in INR3. I guess they have the entire market cornered with those three shows. Does Chapstick even have a chance? LOL

  19. 19 Ace

    I also noticed and loved all her lip colors. So pretty. Would love to own one too, but I’m not certain the color would suit me. For now, I’ll stick with my less expensive (but awesome!) TonyMoly magic lip tints.

    I’m fascinated by the power of product placements in kdramas because since watching them, I’ve been coveting stuff that I wouldn’t have if I was watching jdramas, twdramas, or any western shows.

  20. 20 Shadow-chan

    Oh gosh yes, PPL is totally working with me…
    Heck, I don’t even usually use make up, much less lipstick, and still I want them!

    I also changed my messenger app after WA got bought by FB, and I confess that it was totally YFAS’s fault that I went to Line… I was SO happy to see those YFAS stickers xD

    I was also way too happy that they used my phone in QIHM, ahaha – cause normally I’m looking jealously to all those Samsungs 😉

    • 20.1 Jyyjc

      Where are people seeing these songyi stickers?? I use Line and I don’t see it T__T

      • 20.1.1 Sakura

        You have to download them from the sticker store!

        • Jyyjc

          I know but I can’t find them in the sticker store. I already typed in severql spelling variations of jeon jihyun and chun songyi. Is it possible that it’s only available in some countries?

          • Ela

            They are only available in certain countries, although you can get around that by using a VPN (and make sure your LINE is not linked to your phone number).

  21. 21 ilikemangos

    Also: in a few days SBS will release part of an epilogue that includes do min joon & song-yi moving into their house (this scene was cut out due to time constraints). I knew it.. they were filming in ilsan for a reason.
    Stay tuned!

    • 21.1 Min

      I want to see that!! I need my Do Min Joon and Song Yi fix now!! ASAP!! jajajaja

    • 21.2 ingrid

      OMG…I live in Indonesia, I hope dramafire, or viki upload that epilogue. Or please promise me that one of you will upload here in DB. I really apreciate this..

    • 21.3 kanz

      Where I can see that @ilikemangos? Is SBS gonna upload it in the youtube? I want to see them happily ever after, preferably with kids 🙂

      • 21.3.1 ilikemangos

        It’ll be on SBS homepage but if you check out soompi forums for YFAS it’s definitely going to be uploaded onto there when it gets released on tuesday.
        There’s also a farewell party for the cast tomorrow so you’ll probably see some pics.

        • PL

          You don’t need subtitles to understand the extended version of the epilogue. There’s no additional dialogue. Just access the YFAS homepage, click “contents” and the top video there. Enjoy~

  22. 22 soprection

    I didn’t watch YFAS but this still amused me. I’m shocked to find out that JJH was wearing lip gloss and not lipstick in all those shots. I thought lip gloss is usually a light, glossy shade you wear over lipstick. I didn’t realize some lip glosses can look so matte and thick like those. (But I know next to nothing about make-up as this post probably makes clear). I’m not a fan of the orange shades but the pink and red look nice.

    • 22.1 supah

      Theyre called liquid lipsticks – they’re sort of new, packaged like a gloss tho.

      Miss Korea did get me all nostalgic about the Juicy Tubes (lip gloss) era though haha!

  23. 23 Eunyungah

    Love your posts!!

    Just another odd and end: mobile menu isn’t working again. Anyone else seeing this issue?

  24. 24 Bamsa

    I did buy two lip gloss last week, it was Miss Korea induced. I don’t have money to buy Jeon Ji Hyun’s make-up. She had really great outfits and accessories.

  25. 25 KDrama Fan

    Hi JB and GF.

    Really enjoying these segments. Feels like we’re getting to know you a little.

    You’ve certainly had it tough what with the podcast recording going haywire and all.

    What impresses me most is your attitude in the aftermath. ‘Shouldn’t have run over that curb’, ‘Glass half-full’, love and ‘Hey, check out Cheon Song-Yi’s style and the awesome lip gloss she wears!’

    When in doubt putting yourself together well always helps:)

  26. 26 kanz

    From flat tires, to podcast recordings, to JJH’s lipgloss.. Oh my, you guys rock!!

    Anthony will be proud with the number of PPL successes in recent years. I, for once, always craving chicken and beer in dramas and don’t ever mention the latest Samsung phones or tablets. I want to buy it all! Hahaha

  27. 27 ingrid

    DB, when they release the epilogue, would you please to review it? I miss this drama already. and thanks in advance.

  28. 28 hummie

    Oh, I really wanted to know what lip products they used on the actresses in YFAS. In particular, I wanted to know what orange lip balm/tint/gloss they used on Yoo In-na. Does anyone know?

  29. 29 bd

    Oddly enough, INR3 which revolves around the fashion world/business had the worst styling and fashion among it, YFAS and Miss Korea.

  30. 30 Melleit

    I am just curious, why do the actresses wear so little eye make up in Kdramas? I guess a ‘natural look’ is the trend now??

  31. 31 dewaanifordrama

    Ooh!!! Those lip glosses are FABULOUS!!!!!!! Thank you for the heads up on what brands etc. they are.

  32. 32 Lemons

    I think I may be out here by myself, but I loved the sunglasses (ALL) Jeon Ji-hyun wore in YFAS. I was hoping each episode would conclude with a: “the sunglasses worn during tonight’s episode included…” Oh, that would have rocked!

    • 32.1 coby

      yea.. my sister and I were admiring her sunglasses as well

    • 32.2 newgirl

      I found some of them on The Marc Jacobs rounded cat-eye glasses are a mere $430 (US). Remember CSY could barely pay her utilities….hmmm.

  33. 33 Viki

    That hot pink lip gloss JJH was wearing for the last episode…what is it? IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL!

  34. 34 March

    Hi everyone I wish there is a follow button on this page! Simply enjoy read everything on this page!

  35. 35 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    I need to buy a smart phone so I can chat with all my Korean friends with KaokoTalk. Any suggestions?

    Advertisers are evil. The world didn’t use to be pervaded by them in every nook and cranny of your life, with them looking over your shoulder to collect info on you so they can lure you with just the perfect ad to get you to buy.

    I get targeted ads for Hotels in Busan, Korea ever since I started chatting with Sam in Busan. It is tempting me to get on a plane! Stop, stop, stop. kkk

    • 35.1 djes

      Kakao Talk is available on Apple’s AppStore and if you’re using any Android phones, it’s also available on Play Store~
      So you can buy iPhone, or if you can buy Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 like the dramas’ characters.. 🙂
      ( and btw, Samsung is releasing Galaxy S5 on April..if you want to get the latest model )

  36. 36 MO

    LOL I just remembered here in Indonesia, a renowned newspaper (most Indonesians knew about this company) had made a small coverage about how YFAS was a big hit in China that the manager let his workers took a day off just to see the final episode. And how the chickens were sold out even after an outbreak of disease.

  37. 37 coby

    uhmm… yes I am a victim of product placements in Kdrama.. I bought (together with my kdrama addict friend) Galaxy note 3 which is so pricey when it was released here in Dubai, but we closed our eyes and bought it!

    I love the orangy lipstick/lipgloss… and why did I cut by bangs short?

  38. 38 Yue

    Hahah… I know what you mean. I am fighting the urge to go out shopping for make-up those product placement is really bad for my mental health.

  39. 39 Fab

    Oh Cheon Song Yi, I thought I was hallucinating but she was mentioned in Can We Love. Apparently she had a thing for Director Oh(UTW)! LOOOOL I died.

    Love almost every shade of lg she wore. She rocked every colour that YSL has. I’ve never went and bought a product from a drama, but I might drop by a make-up store to check them out.

    As for the clothes, she wore them straight from the runways. A smart fashionista gets similar outfits but cheaper.

  40. 40 Ela

    I bought the YSL No. 52 too and now I’m in love with YSL lipsticks.

  41. 41 Logan5

    I am utterly amazed at the lengths you women go through for make up and fashion…. but then, my wife is all like … wait … you already have four motorcycle helmets, why do you need another? You bought another guitar … what’s wrong with the other six? Do you really need 5 hockey sticks?

  42. 42 Locturne

    Wow, this whole lipgloss business is impressive!
    I don’t really notice makeup, but I do notice the clothes sometimes. I remember when I watched Dal Ja’s Spring there were a lot of clothes I lusted on *_*
    But as said above, a lot of shops sell similar things so I do wonder how they manage to sell their particular super expensive brands… Like those jackets, you can find similar ones anywhere, and you don’t need to sell your house to buy them!

  43. 43 Laden

    I really liked the shade of lipgloss/lipstick? She used in the first few episodes of yfas,semi also used a similar shade in the first few was kind of like a shade of peach,anyone know the name or the name of the shade

  44. 44 Mae

    Cek This link guys….good Stuff

  45. 46 Cocoboo

    I really loved JJH’s makeup and outfits in YFAS. I always noticed her pretty, bold lip color and subtle eyes. ^^

    I’m glad she didn’t do the the gradient lip look too.
    I’ve seen that look so often elsewhere. I’ve tried that gradient style myself, and it always looks bad….. x(

  46. 47 hydesamagirl

    As embarrassing as getting lost on my way to a bonfire and then locking my keys in the car at night was, I felt the same time when the poor man came from AAA to unlock my car. I think that is about the extent of my usage of their services, but they were good.

  47. 48 Toto

    Well, lipstick and fashion are harmless enough as long as they’re within budget. I read that China there was a run on fried chicken during YFAS. Some woman ended up living on that for eight days until she came down with a skin rash. I stopped after just two days…

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