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Running Man: Episode 187
by | March 7, 2014 | 52 Comments

Our cast kicks off the new academic year in this University special, where they’ll be hitting the campuses to recruit teammates who are crazy enough to row across the Han River with them. At least Gary can find solace in the fact that today just might be the best day of his life thus far because all eyes are on him wherever he goes. Who cares about the freezing cold when there’s so much love and adoration on campus?

EPISODE 187. Broadcast on March 2, 2014.

Our cast gathers together at a cafe this morning, and wow—it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve gotten a rather low-key opening, hasn’t it? Er, aside from the pseudo endorsement for Caffe Bene, though, health junkie Jong-kook notably doesn’t touch the sweet offerings.

He claims he already ate breakfast, which prompts Suk-jin to ask when he woke up today. Jong-kook: “4 AM.” Jae-suk: “That’s a late night snack!” Kwang-soo: “[Jong-kook] stayed up all night to eat breakfast.”

I admit that I already saw the preview for this episode, and despite the crew’s best efforts to keep things under wraps, the cast has also heard whispers through the grapevine. Sure enough, the rumors are true—today’s final mission is to cross the Han River. Again.

Acckk, seriously Running Man? It hasn’t even been that long since their last nearly hypothermic incident, and I doth not purchase the argument that the cast will be just fine because of their wealth of experience. Have we forgotten about the capsizing in freezing waters?

Despite the collective groaning, the cast remains optimistic about their various building materials; we definitely know that cardboard works but it’ll be interesting to see what else might get them across. Like how Gary tosses out that it’d be nice to have a basin and is surprised to hear that’s on the list. But then Haha mixes up that word (dae-yah= basin) with the similar sounding dae-ha = shrimp. Ha.

And then Ji-hyo jokes that they’ll have a troup of a thousand shrimp pulling them across the river. Hahaha.

The cast is told to choose among seven pictures of beautiful actresses, and though they know none of the ladies will make a guest appearance today, the selection process is still hilarious. At one point, Jae-suk sighs over how he couldn’t make it to Jeon Ji-hyun’s wedding, and Haha chirps: “You weren’t even invited!”

They peel off the back to reveal the actresses’ alma maters, which segues into today’s University Race. Each cast member will visit their respective campuses to recruit two university students for their team for river-crossing later today.

Gary whoops in celebration to be sent to a women’s university, and Jong-kook muses that he’ll need people who will listen well. Caption: We don’t think you have to worry about that?

Today’s race coincides with the start of the academic year, and the cast brainstorms what necessary qualities they’ll need for their teams as they head out to their respective university campuses throughout Seoul. Jae-suk: “A guy like Kwang-soo and a girl like Ji-hyo.”

Kwang-soo’s preferences sound more like what he looks for a girl, but he’d like his team to become a family and jokes that they’ll build boats on the weekends.

Problem is, it’s still school break which means the campuses are mostly empty of students. Suk-jin: “You didn’t tell anyone I was coming, did you?” Ha.

Kwang-soo stumbles upon a small group of students, who are eager to help. They aren’t the least deterred by the idea of building a boat, and it’s as if you can see Kwang-soo flush bright red to be getting so much attention. Aw.

Speaking of being on cloud nine, Gary asks if he can only choose two teammates, and then teases the PD for turning bright red, too. On the other hand, Jae-suk’s potential recruit has been having a pretty rough morning with having to deal with a theft at home.

But then the student Young-taek says he can totally join Jae-suk in building a boat today, looking to participate in something positive to make his day better. He claims to have been in athlete too and learned a little boxing as well. When he’s asked for how long, he admits: “Two months.”

Young-taek’s insistence in his ability to do all things cracks me up, since he definitely sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. That is, until he’s put to the test and the execution doesn’t match his words.

There’s a Kwang-soo-esque quality in his can-do attitude, and even with his nickname of “Crazy,” Jae-suk chooses him as a teammate. The PDs are wary that Jae-suk hasn’t fully explained the nature of today’s game, but not only is the student willing (“I’ll even build a house!”), he’s also capable (“I’ve been windsurfing…”).

He’s totally okay with falling into the Han River too, and pfftt, who needs a change of underwear when you can spend the day with the nation’s MC? Young-taek is definitely amusing enough for variety, but Jae-suk worries that the student’s trying to find a match in their potential female teammate.

Haha is approached by a Jong-kook doppelganger on the Dongguk University campus, whom he promptly ditches for another couple (the look-alike also has to work today). Aw, they’re even the same majors. Haha has an impromptu race against the boyfriend, who’s pretty speedy and easily wins with just one shoe.

Suk-jin holds his own race (and fights a little dirty, ha) at Kyunghee University, but he seems more interested in garnering attention than anything else, especially when the students ask where Jae-suk and Gary are.

Gary revels in the shower of attention (“I don’t want to go anywhere!”) and Kwang-soo asks if he can role play to fulfill his fantasy of being the big man on campus. They oblige, but then they all reel when Kwang-soo sends a flirtatious wink.

Jong-kook has a pretty good turnout too, and it’s cute how Ji-hyo has her male Konkuk University students carry her. One even comments on how light she is with this big ol’ smile on his face.

Jae-suk surveys the small crowd of students to get some opinions on Young-taek, and aw, a sunbae backs him up on the grounds that he’s a good boxer. Jae-suk: “Are you sure? I’ve seen him.”

They take a minute to ponder what they need in their female teammate, which just ends up sounding like what Young-taek would like in a girlfriend again. Ha. His extensive water experience includes riding on a banana boat and going canoeing, and Jae-suk tells the staff to stop asking questions.

The duo runs into a few female students and as it turns out, they’re the same Kyunghee University students Suk-jin had informed about Jae-suk’s location. As for Suk-jin, he’s still busy rallying support from the crowd.

Haha likens his intrusion to a musical female theatre student’s practice as something out of a movie. After singing along to the song, Haha calls their chance encounter as fate and explains today’s race.

Back at Sungshin Women’s University, Gary gets his portrait drawn by a class of art students. A blissful ten minutes later, the ladies show off their portraits. I personally like the one where Gary’s eyes are drawn as cartoonish hearts, but they each have their unique talents.

Then Gary has his candidates construct an acronym poem out of his name. One student says, “If I meet Gary Oppa at Gangnam, I’m going to tie him up in a ribbon and take him home.” And that poem gets her to be chosen as one of his lucky teammates.

After talking to a pair of female Korea University students, the staff asks what Young-taek thought. Young-taek: “I think… they’d both be good at building boats.” Hahaha, now I really hope he finds a girlfriend at the end of the day.

Laughing, Jae-suk says he saw the glint in Young-taek’s eyes. As the morning passes, Young-taek points out more potentials, yunno, on the grounds that they’ll work well or are assertive. In any case, they chat with a pretty strong psychology student and enlist her for their team.

In the car, Haha asks his teammates if there’s anyone they’ve been hoping to meet in person. He waits expectantly… and they answer the Monday Couple. Kwang-soo asks the same question in his car, and when they call out different names, he asks if he should pull over.

The teams gather at their first mission location, and everyone gapes to hear that Kwang-soo recruited a soon-to-be Sogang university student. Jae-suk: “You’re saying he’s in high school?”

Ji-hyo introduces one of her teammates as a Gary look-alike, to which Gary asks, “Is that why you chose him?” Konkuk University Gary: “Nope, Ji-hyo’s mine!”

When Haha recounts his tale of how his musical theatre student was playing a sad break-up song, Jae-suk counters with a real-life tragedy: “Young-taek’s family was robbed last night!” Aw, the truth can be hilariously sad.

Once everyone’s finally gathered together, Jo PD explains that the teams will be playing games that will determine what building material they’ll get for their boats. Here, they’ll be playing a four-legged obstacle course race.

Haha’s team takes the lead after the first two obstacles whereas Kwang-soo’s team keeps lagging behind. Everyone runs into trouble at the last leg, but it’s Suk-jin’s team who pulls ahead for the win.

The team who wins today’s boat race will receive a scholarship, and the teams each choose their building materials. I’m thinking light materials like plastic bottles or cans will be advantageous, and Ji-hyo’s team makes the curious choice of blankets. That leaves Gary’s team to build a boat out of plastic wrap.

Aw, Suk-jin is determined to see that his teammates win that scholarship with their plastic bottle boat. Kwang-soo’s team’s balloons keeps popping on them unexpectedly whenever they try to attach the balloons together.

As Gary’s teammates draws a concept design, I’m getting the sense it would have been nice to have an industrial design or civil engineering student on the teams. They make makeshift balloons with their plastic bags, which seems pretty smart.

Young-taek gives a thorough explanation to his teammates about their aluminum can design, and Jae-suk jokes that sleepyhead Ji-hyo’s use of blankets is appropriate. Ji-hyo: “I plan to sleep on the Han River today!”

Even if Ji-hyo’s blanket raft doesn’t even end up floating, it looks like she and her teammates are having a grand ol’ time putting it together. Aww.

Jae-suk and Jong-kook don’t miss an opportunity to throw barbs at each other (Jong-kook: “Is today recycling day?” Jae-suk: “I’ll include you too!”). Over at Haha’s basin boat, it turns out that the musical theatre student is pretty handy with tools, and it actually looks like Ji-hyo’s blanket raft might float.

Jae-suk’s team draws a little face on their boat, and Gary’s team’s plastic wrap boat oddly resembles a banana boat. Slowly but surely, everyone’s designs start to come together and the teams carry out their finished products.

On the bus, the musical theatre student explains that her fellow classmates build the sets themselves. That certainly explains her construction skills earlier, and on the other bus, Suk-jin remarks that they’re about to make lots more memories today.

They reach the riverside by late afternoon, and Jae-suk tells the staff that they don’t have to explain the rules because, well, it’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? He does ask if they can start a bit away from here (they can), because he’s still traumatized from the last time. And ha, it’s the exact same spot.

The teams get in position and Kwang-soo hilariously cries that their balloon boat is already sinking. Oh no! And just to remind us that Running Man has taken every safety precaution to this task, they give a final warning and have safety divers on standby.

The teams start rowing and even though it’s a little crowded at the start, I’m more surprised that all the boats are floating on the water just fine. Four teams chug along ahead while the others spin in place, and it’s Ji-hyo’s team in the lead.

As for Suk-jin’s team, they’re stuck in last place and unmoving, but at least that’s better than Haha’s boat that’s on the verge of sinking.

So we focus on the first two teams as both Gary and Ji-hyo’s team speed across the water. Kwang-soo’s boat isn’t too far behind but Jae-suk’s team is quickly gaining on them. It’s pretty incredible to see how fast Ji-hyo’s team is, and they reach the other side in just over sixteen minutes.

Gary’s team and their caterpillar plastic boat pull in second and they jump in celebration to hear that the first three teams will all receive a scholarship. Gary: “Who knew that blankets and plastic bags would work so well?!”

Now it’s down to the fight for third place, and we can hear the staff saying that Jae-suk’s team might pull ahead. And they do.

But upon hearing that they still have a shot at grabbing that scholarship, Kwang-soo jumps into the water and swims the rest of the way. Aw, you gotta love his determination.

The finished teams cheer on the others until the very last team crosses the finish line. Ji-hyo’s team accepts the scholarship on behalf of everyone and Konkuk University Gary says he’ll apply this turn of events for his perspective on life: that by working hard, you can still end up in first place.

One Sungshin student remarks that studying is easier than appearing on this show, to which Gary calls blasphemy. The teams give one final cheer and take a souvenir photo to commemorate their unforgettable time together.

And eeeeee, that Australia preview looks EPIC!


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. callmeadreamer

    I thought I wouldn’t like it much because they recently did a similar mission, but it was enjoyable. It was funny to see them recruiting at the college.

    Love that Ji-hyo and Gary (the last two) won first and second place, respectively.

    • 1.1 callmeadreamer

      Forgot to mention that I read Yoo Jae-suk gave all the students IPads, rented hotel rooms and gave new clothes to those who got wet.

      Adore this man ♥

      • 1.1.1 PL

        I love YJS too. Every time he wins an episode, grasshoppers and cicadas over the world rap in unison in my imagination ~♥ That said, it was sweet of him to pay for the iPads, but, according to reports, credits for the hotel rooms and clothes belong to the production team. It would be inhumane of the team if they just let the students go home in drenched clothes in the wintry weather.

      • 1.1.2 LoveSilents

        That was the first thought I had at the end. All the students should have been rewarded for their awesome efforts and participation. Kudos!

  2. jel

    I feel what the PDs love to do is, if they find a concept that works, they reuse it until people get sick of it. See: accupressure mats, flying chair game, dodgeball etc

    Now we can add the Han River rowing. The Han River rowing was very successful the last time because of the never say die attitudes from the cast members and how they worked together as a team of seven to achieve the goal.

    This time, I thought it was quite anticlimatic. Maybe because I’ve never been one to enjoy splitting all 7 up into different teams.

    Having said that, it’s not to say this episode was bad. I just didnt enjoy it as much as I did the first time round

    • 2.1 CutiieAngiie

      I agree with you on some points but I thought that it was pretty amazing for the show and for the students to do that Han River rowing.

      As a student myself, I think it’s such a good way to relieve stress/enable to be with such an amazing crew which is Running Man. Rowing Han River is like a metaphor of overcoming hardships … or whatever.
      Plus, college students has a big part on their viewerships so I guess they wanted to feel close to them too. Like how sometimes, they would go to elementary schools to play with kids … etc.

      But yeah, I prefered too the other time around because it was THE seven of them together and God knows how much I love when they are together because they are amazing …. XD.

    • 2.2 bd

      While this didn’t have the emotional impact of the 1st Han river crossing where it was just the RM members, this was enjoyable in a diff. way in that a whole bunch of non-celebs (this time students) got to participate; always like it when the show includes regular people.

      When it came to the boats, it was advantageous to have the lightest materials (inflated bags and balloons) since it wouldn’t take as much effort to move (the basin boat took a lot more effort to move) – which is why Gary and Kwang-soo’s team did so well even if they were disadvantaged when it came to rowing.

      Ji-hyo’s team, despite having a heavier blanket boat, was able to win since they had the best coordination/strength among the rowers.

  3. LK

    Crossing the Han river isn’t new. But I do love the concept of working with random people! And in the end, the episode was very fun and enjoyable! That Young-taek student was hilarious!!!

  4. bluesky

    Awesome & fun episode! Blanket raft jjang! Captain Gary jjang! Can’t believe these two boats took the 1st and 2nd place especially for Gary..well, nothing is impossible in Running Man!

    Han river is so famous in SK, I shall add this to my itinerary as well..

    • 4.1 bjharm

      that blanket boat, you could see how it was riding its own bow wave, that why it was so fast, that what you want in any boat, as it cuts down drag a great deal.

      • 4.1.1 Gg

        I still find it incredulous that the blanket boat was even able to float in the first place…. Never in my wildest dream would have thought it possible!

        • Raptor

          Exactly. There are SJH haters out there claiming that the whole blanket structure was wrapped up in plastic wrap anyway blah blah blah, but they forget that ALL the other structures were ALSO wrapped in plastic wrap! And the weird thing is that SJH was the sixth member out of all seven to select the blankets, yet people are still saying that this was yet another episode engineered for her to win! So all the five men in front of her thought, “Let’s leave the best materials for our dear SJH and we will stick to the lousy ones.” ???? It’s damn incredulous! Sometimes I don’t even know if we are all watching the same show – people really see only what they want to see. SJH works very well with others when she needs to, and this ep just amplifies this fact.

          TBH the three teams that got the supposed worst materials performed very well. YJS’s team was very steady in taking over LKS, and it was indeed a close race between the two teams.

          I wish viewers can be more discerning and enjoy the variety and entertainment that RM brings, and stop all the senseless, bitter comparing and hating.

  5. Amy

    Of course I love RM when it’s as funny as it could possibly be, but I especially love RM when it comes with heartfelt messages, like the ones that we got at the end. Both from Kongkuk Gary and our RM elder, Suk Jin. It just goes to show that there are *many* reasons for watching this awesome show.

    Thanks, as always, for your, recaps!

  6. kent

    It was surprisingly hilarious. That Young-taek student was very funny. Loved this episode!

  7. zakin89

    Thanks for the recap =)

    Aw I love it when the cast interacts with non-celebrities!

    Jea-Suk’s guy was hilarious and I cracked up everytime they were on^^

    I was so amazed that in the end every boat floated and managed to cross Han River. I thought that at least one or two of the boats would be doomed^^

    And I am sooo ready for the Australia Episodes =) BRING IT ON!!!

  8. fan

    What made this episode great was how simple it was. Yes they just recently crossed the Han river and it was epic because it was the first time and the amazing team work, but this time was special for a different reason. It was great seeing them work with regular day college students and giving them an experience they probably never even dreamed of. Not only crossing the river on something they built with their own hands, but to be so well received by the Running Man cast and crew. I don’t think this episode was meant to test the cast, but really just to give the students an chance to make a great memory.

  9. panshel

    The students had such cute personalities. Young Taek especially was made for variety. As soon as they chose their building materials, I immediately predicted the blankets, plastic bags, and balloons would sink, so I cannot believe Ji Hyo and Gary were the winner and runner-up, respectively. I was rooting for Kwang Soo to get third place, and his team would have had a better shot had he not jumped into the river. I feel so bad for Suk Jin — not only does Big Nose Hyung always come in last or is the first person eliminated, I thought he choose the best material. I would have chosen the balls myself, and even that didn’t fare well.

    • 9.1 barbara black fox

      Suk-Jin had line of the day, though, to me. (Paraphrasing) Sometimes you think you’ve got it made (coming in first place in the games and getting to choose materials) and then you realize you’re in last place. But even when you lose, you win. (Rats. It sounded so much better when he said it. But I loved that he said it.)

    • 9.2 soprection

      I actually don’t think Gwangsoo’s team would have come third even if he hadn’t jumped into the river because Jaesuk’s team was already just about to touch the shore by the time he did so. His team still had a ways to go and I doubt they would have been able to row fast enough to reach the shore and grab the flag before the others. That’s why he tried to stop them from getting the flag. It was basically a done deal by that point .

  10. 10 MikaSan123

    So I was a little worried that the staff would overuse the whole boating thing, and maybe they would have, if they didn’t come across a bunch of awesome personalities like those of the college kids in this episode.

    I was really happy with the female students – I thought Haha’s female student would be just another pretty face, but DAYUM she came out with those building skills out of nowhere! And there were Gary’s students too – really impressive that they came in second with not only possibly the worst material, but with both being girls, it was expected that they wouldn’t be as strong and would therefore finish last.

    Youngtaek was hilarious – not sure if that’s just Jaesuk’s ability to bring out the funny in people, or if the kid is just like that by nature. I was rooting for both Kwangsoo’s and Jaesuk’s teams during the midpoint, but Jaesuk’s team seemed so in sync that I thought it would’ve been pretty hard for Kwangsoo’s to maintain their lead.

    Jihyo’s teammates were a cute duo too – they seemed to have a really good rapport, and I was so excited that they came in first and even broke the record! They took their situation really well, and I guess in addition to being just plain awesome, Jihyo always has a bit of luck on her side.

  11. 11 danelle

    The student young taek is just super hilarious! I think I have to rewatch his scenes lol.

    It was so surprising that the plastic bag boat actually got second place. I’m guessing the lighter materials are better because it seems the balls, cans, basins etc were just spinning around instead of going straight.

  12. 12 kanz

    Kang Gary is super lucky but Kwangsoo’s expression when surrounded by ladies is priceless..

    Next week is Australian ep right??
    How come they go to Australia and skip my country Indonesia??!! Even when there’s huge community of Runners (RM fans) here

    • 12.1 barbara black fox

      I read that the tourism board of Australia invited them–and is paying. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is it’s genius! (Running Man has such an audience and I know at least 2 people who are going to Korea this Spring based on watching it.)

    • 12.2 v

      ah kanz, unfortunately there isn’t a lot of Korean in Indonesia, there is quite a lot in Australia. It is also smart by Australian tourism to bring RM there, to expose their country.

    • 12.3 yip

      after read several articles, I think it’s true that Australia invited RM and pays them for it.
      I’m Indonesian too, and yeah there isn’t much korean in our country (but I found lots of korean who is currently learn Indonesian laguage in my college ^^).
      I relieved that they didn’t visit Indonesia, Kanz. you know, our country isn’t in good condition right now. yes we have lots of “Runners” here but we have to be patient waiting for them to come here, because I believed one day they will ^^

  13. 13 onyxx

    this feels like an overextended filler episode (while we all wait for the BIG one), and the only thing that kept it from being a total dud was the funny interaction (some of them anyway) between the RM members and their teammates — particularly YJS and his team.

    the reason why Ji-hyo’s team succeeded was that she took a largely sensible approach to the whole thing and her members followed her lead enthusiastically. other standouts were the female member of Haha’s team (her voice and carpentry skills were a huge plus) and Suk-jin’s capable team members. KJK, LKS, Gary and JSJ behaved rather characteristically (reflected in their approach and choices).

    oh boy, i can’t wait for ep. 188 🙂

    • 13.1 sarang-chan

      and despite Ji Hyo’s team’s great teamwork and successful efforts, Ji Hyo only got less than 5 minutes of screen time. LIKE WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! *slams RM editors*

      • 13.1.1 ybhsmg

        Her team won the episode and she herself was more quiet due to tiredness from filming drama. She was coughing at the beginning and almost fell to sleep in the bus to Han River. She needs more rest time rather than screen time.

  14. 14 LoveSilents

    I loved this episode – even better than the first Han River crossing

    The students were just awesome – it is so impressive to see how well they are treated by our Running Men.

    Anyone notice Ji-hyo sleeping in the van on the way to the river? I thought she was going to fall out of her seat. Joong ki took time off for his filming. I think Ji-hyo should too. Although her team did win…

    I loved the Drama student! She built the boat while HaHa watched! Too funny

    Kwang-soo: you go girl! So cool that he jumped in the river at the end to try to win the scholarship for his crew.

    It was interesting to watch when all the members got to be leads of a team.

    Gary oppa and his gaggle of girls – cute

  15. 15 BAF2

    Hello to Everyone,

    I’m a newbie commenting, but a long time fan and reader of DB. I absolutely love Running Man. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Kind of understand how some folks get a bit peeved about certain concepts appearing so close together. But this one did not bother me in the least. Really enjoyed the idea of recruiting the college students. And providing the scholarship money as an added bonus without them even knowing about it, was very cool.

    The comments about the choices available for the building materials are interesting. And I’m assuming the earlier finishing teams that chose the ‘most’ obviously suitable ones, thought there would be big advantages. But l wasn’t the concerned about Ji-Hyo team’s choice. Comforters have air in them. This gives them buoyancy. All that was needed was what the team did — secure them tightly together and seal them well against water leakage. Result? Excellent raft floater! This is what worked so well for her and Gary in the mission in the pool. And because the material was light, it was easy to steer it once they got their cadence down. The two guys who worked with Ji-Hyo stayed focused and followed her instructions. Good work! The composition/construction also were the deciding factors in how fast they were able to go.

    There was a great deal of camaraderie on all the teams to make this as someone said, an unforgettable experience for the students.

    Kudos to everyone involved!

  16. 16 CutiieAngiie

    I really loved that episode. Some people may say they use and reuse some games but the whole thing with Han River is actually quite meaningful so I really don’t mind at all. Plus, for students doing it … Y’know, as a student, I wish I had some TV shows that allowed me to do this because it does seem to be such a good experience to evacuate all your stress ^^

    Anyway, I am a Young Taek’s fan. That guy is just super hilarious. I wonder if some PDs noticed him after his appearence and if he is going to debut as a celebrity soon lol. I can hear by miles the staff members laughing out loud everytime he talked. It’s so good 😀

    And Kwang Soo jumping out of the boat ? XDD. He sure has motivation.

    I am kind of sad that all the students didn’t get a scholarship but then, the whole point of competition is lost. It’s cool though that Jae Suk gave IPADS to all of them. I am pretty sure it’s going to be very useful but seriously, guesting on Running Man, being with these super amazing people is already a gift to me XD.

  17. 17 soprection

    This was a fun episode even though it was fairly inactive. The cast got a really interesting mix of students (I love how Jong Kook’s female student came over to call him back when he and Jaesuk were arguing. And of course, Young Taek, lol) and I liked seeing how they all decided on people. Jihyo looked like she enjoyed being lifted up, ha, and I love Gary’s convoluted set of challenges. The comic-style drawing with the hearts was my favorite too, ha. For some reason, I love seeing Gary get so much attention.

    I’m happy that Gary’s team did so well too because they were expecting them to do poorly with more girls. I also rooted for the balloon boat just cause I thought they were doomed from the start but everyone did their best regardless and I like that the first three teams got scholarships instead of just the first. That’s a lovely reward.

    Thank you for the great recap! I can’t wait for the Australia episodes – they look epic!

    • 17.1 petmink

      Jong Kuk’s female team mate reminded me of Lee Hyori. She looks like her and has the same confident personality.

  18. 18 Laden

    Nice cute episode
    I haven’t watched any RM episodes before I just read the recaps here on DB
    Can anyone give me a link or tell me where I can find eng subbed RM episodes.I would really appreciate it

  19. 19 Jo

    Omg, too many “aw’s” in this recap. Seriously.

    But wow, did I love this episode! It was fantastic watching them interact with the students. I replayed some parts more than once too.

  20. 20 trisha

    only by reading the recap, this ep sounds awesome and heartwarming

    and I want to share an old video here
    looking at the adorable two , seems they were close back then

  21. 21 jam

    yes the han river has been used again, but i really enjoyed this episode! the students (esp 4d young taek) really were fun to watch. it was touching to see each RM member take charge and pull through w/ the students!!

  22. 22 Quiet Thought

    I’m designing a episode in which one of the games consists entirely of Ji Hyo being wrapped in a blanket and carried around by various men.

  23. 23 teesui

    Haven’t seen the ep yet (been napping during my commute instead of watching Running Man)…but just have to say this.


    Brap Brap.

  24. 24 Natalie

    Awww I’m so bummed out!! I live in the dormitories at Konkuk University, but the day they came here and filmed, I was on a trip to another city in Korea… I could’ve gotten at chance at being in Running Man, bummer! But at least my uni got in first place, so yaaay at that!

  25. 25 Sajen

    For me this was the best episode in a long time, over a year.

  26. 26 Admin

    Running man EP 187 Background music / BGM

    • 26.1 carrie

      yay! thanks! i was trying to listen to lyrics and run internet searches – this is way better. thanks!!

    • 26.2 eikorina

      thanks sooooo much!!!

    • 26.3 Maine

      What’s the title of the BGM when they’re about to cross the Han River? I really want that song. It melts my heart. Thank you 🙂

  27. 27 bd

    There’s a reason why YJS is the master when it comes to being the MC – his time on campus was a lot more entertaining than Suk-jin’s just getting the students to chant his name, and it consisted of nothing but simply talking.

    Based on Suk-jin’s penchant for noticing the pretty girls – thought that he would have one of the prettier female students, but that turned out to be HaHa and KJK.

    Gary was in heaven when he was on the all-female college campus.

  28. 28 Mel

    Since they went to Australia they have to come to America! I want to be in it! You know with ajummas like me! Can’t be super strenuous cuz you’d have to take me to the hospital in the middle of the show!

  29. 29 JC

    As unfortunate as it must be for the poor cast, every boat making/Han river crossing episode is great to watch! Love how the underdog teams made it through with their absurd host materials. And it’s really interesting to see how the cast mostly managed to pick students who were a good fit for reality (Jae Suk’s Young Taek was kind of amazing).

  30. 30 JJ_2o

    I missed Monday Couple interaction

  31. 31 Raptor

    Getting a little tired of JSJ prompting others to cheer for him… It’s getting really sad, actually.

    And yeah I read somewhere that they’re trying to let MC die off. Not sure if that’s true 🙁

  32. 32 Jeyon

    surprisingly effective revival of the han river crossing – what is surprising is that the emotional effect was still present at the ending

    i had a crush the the young lady that HaHa recruited – she was pretty and productive – too bad they didn’t place higher

    i’ve been puzzling over the results of the race since it came as such a surprise for me too

    no doubt – weight was a big factor – Ji Hyo’s and Gary’s boats floated high on the water – as did Kwang Soo’s – but i think Kwang Soo’s lack of stamina was the cause for being overtaken by the more athletic and determined Jae Suk

    none of them seem to know anything about streamlining – altho Jae Suk’s boat did seem to come somewhat to a point – but the basin boat and the bottles boat had been built with quite a bit of drag to overcome – in addition to their weight

    maybe ego played a part in most of the cast members taking the front rowing position – notice that Ji Hyo didn’t – Jong Kook probably should have taken the stern position to better steer the boat and keep it from spinning

    Ji Hyo’s boat was light – it road high in the water – and she had done one thing that the others didn’t seem to do – she gave her recruits a strength test by having them lift her – i love that she surprised me by winning big – and cheers for Gary and his girls

    and cheers for the writers and producers for managing to succeed with this copycat episode

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