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Running Man: Episode 189
by | March 21, 2014 | 64 Comments

The search for the lost treasure continues in this second half as our cast members take by sea, land, and sky to hunt down the four elements. Their journey will take them to Melbourne, where new surprises await them—and it’s also where the earth goddess takes some time to munch on the city’s yummiest eats. Now that mission I’ll take any day.

So hold onto your glasses as we take off from the shore and head into the city because adventure waits for no one.

EPISODE 189. Broadcast on March 16, 2014.

We resume our Treasure Hunt in Australia at the beach house, where the boys had been informed of their morning mission (at 5 AM!) before last week’s dinnertime pool antics. They’d also been given their own cameras to film themselves, which are used to capture some more late-night mischievery.

Thus we tune into Kwang-soo and Haha’s behind-the-scenes midnight shenanigans. The duo’s plans to scare Gary go awry when they’re the ones to be spooked instead.

No matter though, because they go ahead and (literally) expose Gary’s sleeping habit: snoozing in the nude. HA.

Then Jong-kook joins in with his own bedtime leg-splitting which no one is safe from, least of all the world star and Woo-binnie. Oww. I love how Woo-bin shies away in an attempt to hide, but the maknae has no chance in a roomful of hyungs. Boys will be boys.

Meanwhile, the mat hyungs are busy bickering in their own room, so Kwang-soo and Haha lighten up the mood with an impromptu dance party, with flickering lights and all. Watching a pair of men in their forties jumping on the bed like they’re 8 years old is downright hilarious, and the energy lasts a good minute before Suk-jin collapses in exhaustion. Aw.

Collective alarms go off early the next morning, and as expected, Rain and Jong-kook are already out the door. Hee, did you eat breakfast at 4 AM again, Kookie? It looks like yesterday’s teams are already a thing of the past, as Rain tells Kwang-soo to butt out while he strategizes with Jong-kook.

The teams are to choose between four ways of transportation, and both Kwang-soo and Jae-suk hear the word “seaplane” as “sea-plain,” giving us a one-two punch pun: “Bread of the sea?” “[Plain] yogurt?”.

Aww, today is Gary’s birthday (February 24th), which is part of the reason why Kwang-soo gets robbed out of his choice (Suk-jin: “Let your hyungs go first!”). He teaches Woo-bin on Betrayal 101 in the car, and I love how Woo-bin doesn’t believe for a second that Kwang-soo was the brains yesterday.

Woo-bin worries that he won’t be able to take revenge on Jong-kook because he thinks Kookie has gotten fitter since they last met. So Kwang-soo offers some tips: hit Jong-kook in the solar plexus or elbow… as long as you apologize for it. Lol.

Each team has a different task this morning, and Haha and Gary’s faces fall at their parasailing speed quiz mission. Gary hands off the honor(?) of flying to Haha with his limited English, excusing himself because it’s his birthday: “Congratulations!”

Rain, Jong-kook, Kwang-soo, and Woo-bin go off-roading for their own mission, and they look like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves, whereas Jae-suk and Suk-jin groan at the prospecting of stringing beads on a seaplane. Talk about motion sickness.

After yesterday’s grueling first day, I say Gary should use his “It’s my birthday!” card to get out of all things today. Like a good friend, Haha is willing to oblige, though, the scaredy cat gulps at the thought of flying high.

Meanwhile, the mat hyungs have been bickering from the car ride all the way to their destination. They voice their complaints to the staff, then at each other. Well, mostly it’s just Jae-suk saying that Suk-jin should get up earlier and stop pretending to be on the move when he isn’t.

Their breezy back and forth (the kind without any hard feelings) is a product of their longstanding friendship, but they’re both nervous climbing into the seaplane, and the pilot warns that it’s a “very scary ride.” Eep.

Their uneasiness is funny even without the comical music cues, and it isn’t long before they’re up in the sky.

Kwang-soo and Woo-bin continue to enjoy their ride on the beach. When Kwang-soo starts strutting poses for the cameras, the staff choose to focus on Woo-bin instead. And well, I’m certainly not going to complain about that.

A little while later, Rain and Jong-kook are informed of their mission: not to lose over 100ml of water from their glasses by their next station. Then Rain points to the skies to segue into our seaplane pair, who are busy trying not to hurl.

Their own task of stringing beads isn’t made any easier with the plane’s turns and dives in the sky. Their facial expressions are absolutely priceless, but kudos to them for trying to take advantage of any brief seconds at their disposal.

Oh man, I’m getting motion sickness from just watching our teams travel in the sky and on land. Suffice to say that things aren’t looking good for Kwang-soo and Woo-bin, who lose splatters of water with each bump, though they tell themselves that everything’s fine.

I suppose Rain and Jong-kook aren’t that much better off, but both teams are still having a better day than the mat hyungs, who let out another cry of horror. Poor Suk-jin has yet to string a single bead, and the seaplane isn’t going to let up anytime soon.

Both off-roading jeep teams are well-below their necessary limit, and there’s a moment when it starts raining and the boys joke that Rain is gathering strength from his natural element. Ha.

While Jong-kook tries to strike a deal with the staff to lower their water limit, Kwang-soo whispers a strategy to his teammate. Ha, then we see both Kwang-soo and Woo-bin sneak an extra gulp of water before riding in their car.

Kwang-soo gets called out by Rain though, so he takes another gulps of his own glass (which I guess could be… smart?). They try to gather a few extra drops of rain before heading off, and it’s a mostly silent ride because both their cheeks are stuffed with water.

It’s not any better out at sea where the huge waves makes it a rough ride on Haha and Gary. The waves are getting bigger by the minute until they have to call the whole parasailing mission off, for everyone’s safety.

Haha and Gary don’t seem to be too upset about it, but it’s great how the show compares the ocean waves to the ones back on land, aka Kwang-soo and Woo-bin balancing their water glasses.

Anybody can tell that both boys have more water in their glasses than they started out with. They bring their water-saliva glasses (ew) to the staff, and though they technically pass, both Jong-kook and Rain call them out on penalties.

Kwang-soo insists that they drank out of their own glasses, which the others are okay with. But the issue is Woo-bin (who drank extra water), and the actor caves under pressure. “I was going to do things Kwang-soo’s way, but then I saw Rain hyung!” Lol.

The staff call Kwang-soo out on his bluff by pouring him the recycled water (eww), but then offer Woo-bin a refreshed glass, to Kwang-soo’s ire. But don’t worry—everyone gets new water.

Up in the skies, Jae-suk and Suk-jin finally manage to complete their mission (and before anyone else!), and are more than grateful to pass out on the boat taking them back to shore.

I love how Rain and Jong-kook have adopted the “gulp and spit” method too, and Kwang-soo jokes that his glass is so warm that he can cook ramyun with it. Hee. This time, both teams pass with flying colors.

Haha and Gary excitedly spot dolphins in the water and name them after themselves. Aw, that’s pretty cool.

The mat hyungs are allowed to ask which elements they are for coming in first place, and both Jae-suk and Suk-jin guess correctly with fire and water, respectively. Then Rain is able to deduce his own element (wind) with another question.

It’s off to Melbourne for our cast members, where Jo PD explains their final mission: gather the four elements together to unlock the hidden treasure. Ooh, I predict a lot of mind games and alliances up ahead.

For now, each team are headed off into different directions, and it looks like another game played on the beach with the locals was edited out. In a different car, Suk-jin likens the race to the movie The Fifth Element, which means they’ll need a young woman. Or in this case, Ji-hyo.

And that’s how we catch up with Ji-hyo, whose flaming red hair makes her appropriate as today’s Leeloo. Gosh, that thirteen-hour flight might be the most sleep she’s gotten ever since she started filming Emergency Couple.

She’s ready to go despite her jetlag, and is told that she’s the missing element “earth.” She lights up to hear that she needs to eat ALL THE FOOD (yes yes, feed the girl!) in order to acquire her card. Best. Mission. Ever.

Her job is to eat, eat, and eat while avoiding the other cast members… and now I’m salivating at all the deliciousness. And I’ve never been happier to see Ji-hyo get to eat to her heart’s content.

She gains the first of three necessary earth cards with her macaron adventure and heads off. At the same time, the boys take in the city sights, and Kwang-soo and Woo-bin (well, just Kwang-soo) stop to shoot an impromptu MV in a graffitied alley.

Woo-bin joins in for a few seconds before crumbling in embarrassment, but they take a few more shots together and Kwang-soo calls it “the best MV I’ve ever shot!” Hahaha.

Ji-hyo settles down for some soup, but then hears screams nearby. Uh oh, is someone else here, too?

It’s Jae-suk and Suk-jin, who maneuver past the eager fans (and Ji-hyo) to nearby location. They’re soon followed by Rain and Jong-kook, who also walk right past Ji-hyo’s hiding spot.

Being discovered risks getting her earth cards from being taken away from her, so it’s a good thing Kwang-soo and Woo-bin are at the maracon place she left earlier.

I do have to say that Kwang-soo’s English is pretty impressive since he manages to enlist the help of a few people just fine (and even sings Happy Birthday to one of them). Here, he and Woo-bin must beat four people in arm-wrestling, and Kwang-soo proposes to take on the infant. Lol.

They’re up against pretty strong competitors, and lifting weights with Jong-kook must be paying off because Kwang-soo overtakes the birthday ajusshi.

Elsewhere, Jong-kook and Rain are busy trying to guess melodies sung by a local. Rain fails to recognize his own single “La Song.” Ha, that’s embarrassing. They pick “fire” to add to their set.

Ji-hyo picks up another earth card, and somewhere nearby, the mat hyungs are busy talking to themselves in Korean while trying to evoke a line from the employee in English. Needless to say, she’s plenty confused, but they cross the language barrier soon enough to pick up “wind.”

Haha and Gary succeed their mission of singing pop songs to pick up “wind” as well, and then Kwang-soo and Woo-bin pick up “fire.”

Ji-hyo is literally caught between two different teams and no longer has the luxury of fully enjoying her food. She downs her coffee and picks up her last earth card. At the same time, the other teams are instructed to find her, which is no easy feat in a growing sea of fans.

The fans have started to congregate around her too, and the cast worries about the public safety with the masses crowding around together. Ji-hyo sends out one final text to the teams to come and find her.

Ji-hyo arrives at the Royal Exhibition Building (part of Museum Victoria) ahead of the teams, and wow, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous. All she has to do is wait, because the others must find their own element card hidden in the building.

So there isn’t much time to talk when they others trail in, since the faster they find their cards, the better. How cute is it when Kwang-soo happily greets Ji-hyo with a running hug? I seriously love those two, and they luff each other. Like noona and dongsaeng, I mean.

Kwang-soo sort of understands what’s going on, but then he asks if they can steal the earth card from Ji-hyo. That remark earns him a smack upside the head. Lol.

Not everyone knows what element they are, but thankfully the mat hyungs do. All they need to do is find their own and step up with Ji-hyo to win. Rain and Jong-kook are in the same position, and then Rain stumbles upon his own card.

Kwang-soo loudly announces that fact to the others, but maybe instead of trying to block Rain, maybe you should be busy looking for your own?

Gary discovers both his and Haha’s, and they set out to find their missing “water” card. Suk-jin finds an envelope stuck underneath a pillar, and it isn’t long before he’s surrounded by the others who are eager to steal it from him.

Rain discovers another envelope—it’s Kwang-soo’s. So then he charges after the giraffe to rip off his nametag, which is when we learn of another rule: in order to acquire someone else’s card, you must first eliminate them.

Which is how Kwang-soo gets ousted from the game, much to his confusion. Gary finds yet another card (Jae-suk’s) and gets some additional help to take the grasshopper down. Sure, everyone’s teaming up now, but just wait until they have to start stealing cards left and right.

Both left without teammates, Jong-kook offers to split the winning prize with Suk-jin and Woo-bin if they help his team win. They readily bite the bait, since they can’t win on their own. But couldn’t you find and steal cards from the others?

In order to win, they need a “fire” card, and then Woo-bin shows them the one card they need. Oh, you naive heodang, Woo-bin. Suk-jin: “Why did he show us then?” Jong-kook: “Because he’s naive.”

Woo-bin has essentially painted a large bullseye on himself for revealing that little fact. But he finds Jong-kook’s envelope, and now’s his chance to exact his revenge.

Suk-jin offers his help to take on Jong-kook, and I love how Woo-bin’s all, Yeah, right. Woo-bin then pulls Haha aside for a quick chat and explains the situation before asking for his help.

The issue is how to split the prize if they win, and Haha suggests that Woo-bin is an “heir,” so Woo-bin should be content with the trophy while he’ll take the gold. Ha.

They let Suk-jin on in the alliance, and Woo-bin gives himself the largest cut. Well, he’d probably be doing most of the work anyway. Hee.

So when Rain discovers another card (it’s also great how you can read his expressions like a book), Woo-bin charges after him… but then Rain grabs his back and rips off his nametag. At least Woo-bin coolly admits his defeat.

Now with Woo-bin’s “water” card, Jong-kook and Rain just need Ji-hyo to join them. Curiously, Ji-hyo runs away from them, having allied with the others—after all, it is her choice at the end of the day.

Then Rain pulls her with him to the platform while Jong-kook holds the others back. And unfortunately, Gary is two steps too late.

Rain sets down the four elements (with a little CG help) and the treasure rises to the surface. Is that a golden globe?

Thus Rain wins it for his team and he gets to go home with the gold. Jae-suk: “Your girlfriend will really like that.” Hahaha, now you have to give it to Kim Tae-hee.


64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bobkatz

    When I saw the Royal Exhibition Building, all I’m reminded of is it’s really drafty when you have to take your exams there in winter. LOL.

    • 1.1 hummie

      It reminded me of the Opera House in Battlestar Galactica 🙂

  2. Quiet Thought

    Song Ji Hyo eats SO beautifully . . . !

    • 2.1 nomad

      We’ve all become so protective to our Ji Hyo that I’m with Gummi when she says “And I’ve never been happier to see Ji-hyo get to eat to her heart’s content.” yes, yes, feed our girl, and let her rest!

  3. tadaaflo

    Its amazing how quick the street that they went to filled up with fans. love ji hyo’s foodie section although i wish that she get more into action by the end of the game.. ahh well..

    • 3.1 elzee

      I think it’s good that she took a backseat in the Australian episodes. It seems like the staffs want her to get some rests.

  4. Lc

    Wow, Running Man and Age of Feelings recaps are really early this week!

  5. her

    They didn’t really enjoy this Australia Tour, I mean they didn’t stay enough time in one place and later had to go to another place. Well, there are so many places to go so they had to move quickly. I thought this episode would be so much better than before, since it’s Australia Special Episode. It’s not bad, though, but I hoped something better. Still, I love it.

    The noona-dongsaeng part was my favorite. Kwang Soo was the only one who greeted Ji Hyo, even hugged her. Come to think of it, Kwang Soo is sure a traitor, but he hardly did it to Ji Hyo. Love this couple 🙂

    • 5.1 SleepyHead

      There are fan-taken photos showing Ji Hyo hugging Jong Kook when they were still out on the streets of Melbourne, along with photos of her talking to Jae Suk etc. Those parts weren’t shown in the broadcast. I think she actually met up with all of them on the streets with the exception of Kwang Soo which was why they were so excited to see each other then (apparently it was their first time meeting in about 13 days since the last running man shoot). 🙂

    • 5.2 ybhsmg

      I saw photos circulating online that actually Song Ji-Hyo met the teams of Gary-Haha and KJK-Rain in the streets of Melbourne, packed with fans. So I presume actually after RM team gives a “cut” they met each other. This is why inside the building they did not need to greet anymore. No photos of her meeting the other team, therefore we watch the “reunion” scene which I suppose was genuine.

    • 5.3 megumi

      i understand what you mean but it’s not only kwang soo but all of the cast members never try or dare to betray ji hyo, maybe because she is the only female in the show they just let her be and mostly allow her to do her thing, the guys in the show mostly fight against each other and leave her alone, anyway i think Running Man could have done without Ji Hyo in these two Australian episodes, they should have let her rest it out, i don’t mind if one of the cast member ji hyo or anyone happen to miss one or two episodes if they have solid reasons, if i remember correctly when Joong Ki was in the show he used to miss one or two episodes at a time due to his filming schedules, i don’t know the actual facts are so i’m just specualting, it might also be that Ji Hyo wanted to see what Australia looked like and didn’t want to miss the chance…

      • 5.3.1 Anonymus

        I think so, too. She’d be very tired after shooting RM in Australia and had to go back to Korea for shooting her own drama. She didn’t get any action in this episode (her missions were super easy comparing to the other members), and she looked like very tired. Maybe she will get more roles in the third episode Australia special which will be shown later.

      • 5.3.2 Quiet Thought

        Ji Hyo gets betrayed regularly on the show, but less often and less dramatically in the chase games than the others, simply because she is smaller than the men and tends to play away from them. I recall Jong Kook and Gary both pulling her tag on occasion.

    • 5.4 sammy88

      Running man is pretty boring nowadays. I hope dramabeans will recap 1n2d season 3… its really better than running man and the previous season.

      • 5.4.1 wekelwakes

        Running Man has 4 years with the same cast and maybe is boring for some people but this is something unique (except for Inifinity Challenge),
        1n2d has a new cast members now, running man is still in season 1, in less tan one year 2 o 3 members leaves the program (1d2n), but running man will continue with the same members.

        that’s the difference between 1n2d and running man.

      • 5.4.2 bd

        Like any variety show, RM has its good, avg. and not so good eps.

        Unfortunately, this Australia “special” wasn’t so special.

  6. fuji

    Actually, there was a third day of filming at Rippon Lea and Sovereign Hill, so I suspect that will be shown later on (similar to how they split the Vietnam episodes). It should feature more Ji Hyo.

    • 6.1 her

      I just checked it on Wikipedia, the last-third episode of Australia Special will be broadcasted at April 13th, which means four weeks after the second one. I wonder why they split it so far.

      • 6.1.1 RMfan

        I Think the nex Australia episode will be the return of yoomes bond theme, because in april is the anniversary of the series.

        Yoomes Bond Vs The Cowboys

  7. soprection

    Thank you for the recap!

    I haven’t finished the episode yet (so I should be back to comment more later) but I just wanted to say the opening scenes of HaSoo trying to prank Gary, Jong Kook torturing everyone and the dance party were SO cute and funny. These grown men looked like total kids, lol. Just to show you never truly grow up. I always love how gung-ho Rain is about everything – such an enthusiastic guest.

    Additionally I missed Blank Ji and was very glad when she showed up. Super jealous of her eating mission. And I thought it was funny how no one noticed Jihyo but as soon as the others showed up, there was a mob. But even after that, they still didn’t notice her.

    Also Gwangsoo’s English will always crack me up. “Will you game with me?”

  8. Ace

    For the first time since watching this show, I didn’t enjoy the ending. E188 was more enjoyable. Not that I objected to Rain winning, but it was not as satisfying if maybe anyone else had won (except Jong-kook) as I had expected. Maybe I was rooting for the underdogs or maybe I just watched too many early episodes of RM that’s why this wasn’t as epic as their other foreign specials.

    • 8.1 bjharm

      Will I had the idea that whoever won would have to share the price with Earth thus making Blank Ji a winner no matter what, but seems it went the other way and she was never in the running for a share..bit mean after her effect to even be there,,and the price was ‘gold’ and that in the past always pointed to her winning lol

  9. bluesky

    this girin’s idea sometimes looks weird & dirty but it turns out well..haha..even KJK-Rain team followed his idea too..

    Woo Bin-ahhh, aigoo this innocent sweetie boy..u make me want to continue watching The Heirs after dropping at ep.8[?] just because to see him..haha..thank goodness he teamed up with Girin so we can see their best of music video! LOL!

  10. 10 Uhnny

    Kwangsoo’s music video though. Ahh~ everytime I remember it I just can’t stop laughing. His tandem with Kim Woo-bin is the best. Hahaha.

  11. 11 kwangfan

    Kwang Soo & Ji Hyo Hug was more natural than anytime moment from monday couple.

    i think kwang soo and jong kook are the ji hyo’s best friends in running man.

    the monday couple always was so awkward and really forced, seems that them are not close to each other.

    in episode 177 ji hyo was paired with kwang soo, and in the car ji hyo put her head on his shoulder twice and monday couple never do that, after 4 years they are still so awkward.

    the link

    pd sorry for my bad englishh people,

    • 11.1 bjharm

      I think it a matter of the take the viewers had if she showed that sort of affection to gary with the monday thing tagged on..I think that is the reason more than any other that they so very carefully of how they react with each other, while with other she can relax as there no ‘love’ line tag to worry about with the others, thus as you say she more natural.

  12. 12 hummie

    This episode felt uneven to me.

    The Running Man team was either too tired to give their usual showing or Rain was just too good/too athletic, so they didn’t have a chance to get up to their usual hijinks.

    • 12.1 bjharm

      yes there was way too much promote aussie going on, they must have felt they where in a 3 hour long travel guide program rather than thier own RM

      • 12.1.1 themarchioness

        I’ve read that RM was invited by Australia’s Board of Tourism, so it kind of makes sense that they would promote the country in return.

        I though it worked in the context of RM because the show’s original concept was to showcase different landmarks as they completed missions to win the race. Here, they got to introduce a whole new country to their viewers back home. It’s a wonderful opportunity for all.

  13. 13 HanRiverRedux

    Kwang Soo Is Really A Gentleman, Look At This:

    • 13.1 LoveSilents

      Awwww, he’s my boy….!

    • 13.2 Yammy

      I’ve been annoyed by LKS’ antics/ betrayals in the recent episodes, but that running hug with SJH melted any animosity in my heart… awww~~

    • 13.3 Gizmo

      Awww, he is so adorable! I’ve known him to be a nice and aloof guy, but he is indeed a gentleman, isn’t he 🙂

  14. 14 themarchioness

    I loved this episode sooooo much! I could not stop laughing. Moments that slayed me:

    – The dance party, especially with Rain joining in. It’s so fun watching a world star just being one of the guys.

    – Woo Bin following Kwang Soo in their water trickery. I loved when Woo Bin called out with, “Just remember, 40 million people in Korea are watching you right now.” How could he not admit the truth after that?

    – The Kwang Soo MV was hilarious already, but when Woo Bin joined in for those 10 seconds!!!! Truth: I almost fell of the couch I was laughing so hard.

    – When Rain failed to recognize his own song. Thanks to these past two Australian episodes, I have had “La Song,” stuck in my head for the past week.

    – Ji Hyo finally getting to join the trip.

    The list could go on, I love them all, and this episode was chock full of fun. 😀

    • 14.1 Harem

      and the scene in the taxi~when kwang soo try to tell the driver to drive faster~hahaha!!

  15. 15 BAF2

    Thoroughly enjoyed both segments from the Australia trip. The kangaroo outfits and the jumps were hilarious. Wondered what could replace them. Well…the by land, sea, and air missions were it! Just the right amount of punch for all the teams, especially since the missions kind of fit all the personalities.

    My girl Ace finally showing up was a huge plus. I was understanding if she wasn’t a part of the filming since she has her work on EC. But the producers found a way to get her in on the action. Happy they gave her a mission she could really get her teeth into! (pun intended) The woman loves to chow down. Food and Ji-Hyo = synonymous

    All in all, for me this was a fun couple of episodes. Glad to hear there will be a third one coming up at a later date. 😀

    Thanks for the recaps!

  16. 16 damianna

    Probably thought, ‘No, I won’t join Kwang soo’s ‘MV’, I won’t’. Then he went near Kwang Soo by the wall and I just about died laughing. Oh Kim Woo Bin, why so adorable? And the jump at the end of the mv, epic! They should have teamed up sooner. Woo Bin needs to be like Young hwa and come often.

    Ji hyo’s reluctance to go with Rain is golden! She practically needs to be dragged.

  17. 17 Ice

    The Spartace hug and waist holding on the Melbourne streets was quite impressive as well, pity it as expected, got cut out from the show itself

  18. 18 mery

    I Love Rain in this episode <333

  19. 19 LoveSilents

    This was an entertaining episode but not full of laughs (and that’s ok!).

    I loved the Animal House silliness on the 1st night, I was waiting for the togas to come out.

    Watching Jae Suk and Suk Jin in the plane was hilarious, the beads were pretty huge but so were the dips and spins. They both looked pretty green.

    I was so nervous watching HaHa and Gary trying to transfer from the boats on that choppy water. The boats weren’t even hooked together.

    I absolutely hate it when the PDs put our Running Men in crowded public markets. It is great that there is a fan base there but that was just a scarey flash mob. Take care of our Running Guys better!

    Absolutely stunning Royal Exhibition Building, I LOVED that it was totally empty.

    WooBin and Kwang Soo were the best couple – so friggin’ cute.

    I didn’t know what was going on at all in the last game- but that’s normal for me

    Too bad Rain didn’t donate his gold orb to a local charity…

    I don’t mind the Australia promotion at all. I want to see what is there, it’s all new and interesting to me.

    Cheers all!

  20. 20 Harem

    This second Australian episode sure have more highlights of Lee Kwang Soo moments~Lee kwang soo really spontaneous and have an aura that can make people who just barely/not even know about him feel close and friendly with him. He really is a genuine multi talented variety star. How I love when he tried to use english in every situation~ so cute with his I love english, I love london~and plus that embrassing MV~~hahaha oh my XD

  21. 21 T

    I might have missed something significant but I am not understanding the point of figuring out your element. The final search appeared to have 8 envelopes – each with an individual’s name. Whether you knew your element or not, you would still go grab all the cards you can. There’s no incentive to put back an envelope if it didn’t have your name.

    Also, this is more of a minor point given that it’s variety but is it really a team win or an individual win? Was the third element card gained during this episode shared among the two team members? If it’s an individual prize/win, why is KJK helping Rain help win? (besides to end filming faster for sightseeing perhaps). And poor jihyo, she should have the most bargaining power.

    Maybe the missing 3rd guest really threw the structure of the game into a loop…

    • 21.1 elzee

      I think finding out individual elements are for when they chose their 3rd card. If they already know their respective elements, they can pick the one they did not have in their possessions yet.

  22. 22 gaku

    I heard somehwere that Nicholas Tse and Jacky Chan’s son came out to watch them. But seeing they’re not in this episode so I guess it wasn’t true. LOL. But I also doubt with that mob, the crew were able to spot them.

    I have yet to see the third and final episode of this Australian segment before making a comment but why does it look so commercialized than the Asian segments.?? I didn’t enjoy this as much but still laugh out loud. Wild Gary, Kwang Soo. I’m just glad they had fun. 🙂

    Too bad Gary and Haha didn’t win and Ji Hyo was for them too 🙁 nothing against Rain.

    • 22.1 soprection

      It seems that this trip was sponsored completely by the Australian Tourism Board and Running Man were invited by them originally which is why these episodes had those short, tourist-y information bits. If you looked at the credits at the end of each episode, they thanked them. The spots really didn’t bother me the way they seemed to other people, especially given that the Australian Tourism Board paid for the whole trip. It couldn’t have been cheap.

  23. 23 ruffo

    Anyone here knows the running man member’s salary???

    who is the best paid???

    • 23.1 winnie

      in 2011 Yoo Jae Suk salary in running man was 10.000 dollars x episode now maybe more and the rest of members too.

      the best paid i don’t know

      this is my personal ranking, but im not sure xd

      1 yoo jae suk
      2 Kim jong kook
      3 lee kwang soo
      4 haha
      5 ji suk jin
      6 kang Gary
      7 song ji hyo

      maybe im wrong

    • 23.2 soprection

      Jaesuk definitely makes the most. That’s part of why the others joked that their fortunes are tied to his (in the fortune-telling episode a few weeks ago). I’ve always kind of assumed that everyone makes the same amount except for Jaesuk, tbh. But I have no proof of that.

  24. 24 a_diva


  25. 25 Eva

    This episode (and the last one) was pretty meeh for me. This and episode 188 focus heavily on Australia, but it is understandable for, as someone mentioned it was Australia’s Board of Tourism that invited Running Man, though I still think that the PDs and those who workes for Running Man could found something better, frescher and funnier to these Australian episodes. The first part of the episode was so jammed-packed with missions that became to be insignificent and messy. And comparing the first half to the second half of the episode (the name-ripping part) there was a to big contrast.The last game when they had to find the element cards was just plain boring and bad for me. The cast members seemed off, and unmotivated to win. Especially the part when Jong Kook held Haha and Suk-Jin down while Rain grabbed Moong-Ji. It looked like Gary wanted to take Moong-Ji from Rain (he also said so himself) but then halfway through he was like “ah,screw it”, since I’m sure Gary is pretty strong and could had held a fight with Rain if he wanted to. So, I do feel as if the Running Man cast gave the victory to Rain at the end as for they didn’t even try to win (and yes, I do know that Rain was lucky to find the cards fast and that he was super into the game also played a big role leading to his win). Perhaps I just expected to much from the cast and this episode and when it did not hit my expetation it lead me to feel very disapointed. Note that this is my opinion and I do not wish to bash or bad-mouth the show for I am a big fan (currently re-watching Running Man for the third time). Everyone has different opinion so if you have a different opinion then I respect that, if you would like, comment on why, and I will reply.
    Ps. Sorry if this text is odd, it’s really late at night now and I am about to pass out from my bodys scream for sleep.

  26. 26 Chiaki

    The second segment was a little….flat. It wasn’t boring but there was something missing. What a major anti- climax at the end. The win wasn’t too exciting.

  27. 27 onyxx

    this episode certainly opened with a bang — shehanigans instigated by LKS and Ha-ha, who got the (well-deserved) shock of their lives when Gary turned the tables on them. and naturally, we got another tantalizing glimpse of Gary’s sleeping habits LOL.

    there are several other points that I would like to highlight…

    during their dizzying seaplane ride, both YJS and JSJ looked like death warmed over, wailing and moaning like banshees over every dip and turn. i think i laughed every moment of it. it was impossible to tell who wailed the loudest, and after they had disembarked they looked like they’ve aged at least 5 years more.

    Kwang-soo’s English remains incomparable (see examples below).
    1. LKS (speaking to the taxi driver while holding a written note of their destination): “we… here”
    [note: it’s like reading a telegram with important words (verbs, nouns) missing. hahaha!]
    2. “very, very fast drive… please”
    3. “Can you game with me?”

    Also, he looked like a cross between between a chipmunk and a toad when he “stored” water in his mouth. and that was also the only time that he wasn’t so noisy LOL.

    Ji-hyo (eating macaroons) — it’s finger-lickin’ good!

    Woo-bin blowing raspberries (twice now, i think) after things go wrong — no need for words, really.

    Ha-ha and Gary dodged a bullet (no para-sailing for them) because of the weather, which must have been a great relief for Ha-ha — he positively looked green around the gills at the thought of flying up there. and they even get to watch a couple of dolphins swim nearby.

    Rain was a total beast in some parts of this episode. he deserved to win because he worked hard for it (with some assist from KJK).

  28. 28 rain

    rain’s face changed a lotafter MS …

  29. 29 Running Man fan

    They should show more of Kim Jong Kook speaking English although Lee Kwang Soo is funny. I think Jong Kook, Haha and Kwang Soo English are moderately good judging from this two episode.

    I had a great time watching the ‘boys’ having so much fun especially in the room. I love the first part of the game and the showdown at the end was a little bit of a letdown. Overall, these Australia episodes were good. I think Rain and Jong Kook combination is not easy to deal with. Therefore, I expected this team to win. Yeah, I admit that I am waiting for a surprise twist but nonetheless I am glad that the powerful team wins the final game.

    Lee Kwang Soo is really funny in this episode and I hope he will continue this way. The MTV shot with Won bin was cute and funny. Lee Kwang Soo tricks work after all.

    The mat-Hyungs bickering and their frightened look at the helicopter have me laughing out loud. Haha and Gary was so ‘lucky’ to escape their mission. I think that experience will be fun but still I envied them for being able to see dolphins and name them after themselves. CUTE.

    I like the competitive but humble Rain who give his best in everything and I like Won Bin cuteness and fun loving ways. I also agree with you guys that Ji Hyo NEED to rest. I dun mind the guys to have fun for a few episodes since having Ji Hyo around will be awkward for a girl. Have as much fun as possible boys! I love the interaction between them and a naked Gary. LOL! 😉

    • 29.1 HoHoRo

      lee kwang soo is so great in variety, has a lot of potential, sometimes i think, he will be so great in inifinity challenge.

      • 29.1.1 angel

        I would really want to see him guest on IC. Gary’s appeared a few times so it should be possible. It’d be fun to see Kwang Soo’s dynamics on a different show with different people and a slightly different Jae Suk and Haha.

        • kx

          (IC and RM fan here)

          and to see an idiotic Giraffe fight it out with the idiotic members of IC

          Park Myung Soo didn’t really interact with LKS when he guested, but it’d be so fun to see how LKS would react now (different from his old persona) against PMS’s bullying

  30. 30 bd

    Aside from Kwang-soo’s clever but a bit ewww method of cheating w/ the water, the Gold Coast part of the Australia special was a bit of a snooze-fest.

    Too much like an advertisement for the Gold Coast and Jeep; didn’t help that the games weren’t that fun/clever and didn’t exactly lead to witty interplay.

    Things got a little better once Ji-hyo showed up and when they moved on to Melbourne – when RM gets to interact w/ locals/spectators, it’s usually a good time.

    The best parts of past overseas trips were when the RM cast and guests interacted w/ the locals – such as the food game in China where they interacted hilariously w/ the food vendors to find the food items that they were looking for, getting help from the spectators in HK in getting the lyrics to the songs correctly and getting people from the street in Thailand involved in the games.

    But other than the part where they were on the streets in Melbourne, wasn’t that great – even the end game at the Royal Exhibition Building was a bit weak.

    Seen Rain on variety before (such as FO) and while he is certainly game, there isn’t anything that draws me in personality-wise.

    Woo-bin, otoh, has a nice, easy going charm to him and wouldn’t mind if started to appear regularly on RM such as some other guests.

    • 30.1 Eva


    • 30.2 themarchioness

      I did enjoy these Australian episodes, but I also agree with you that missing was the interaction with the locals which was so fun in past episodes. I think part of the problem, however, was not that they didn’t happen, they just didn’t get shown.

      For example, KJK and Rain having to guess the song with the street musician. Apart from seeing Rain miss his own song, we didn’t see anymore of that mission (unless they just had to guess the one song).

      Also, from pictures that were leaked beforehand, it did show the members on a beach interacting with the locals. We didn’t get to see any of that in these episodes, and I don’t think it will be in the upcoming one, but at one point when Gary and Haha exited their taxi they commented that they were now in first place. There was a brief mention of a game that had been played and, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was a beach volleyball game with the locals. So that’s probably what those pictures were from. Anyway, point being, that game due to time constraints just didn’t get shown. And as has been mentioned above already, these episodes were sponsored by the Board of Tourism in Australia, so it makes sense that they would’ve chosen to feature the missions that advertise the landscape versus those that have the RM crew interacting with locals.

  31. 31 jimmy

    hey ! i love australia… hahaha,
    btw i have a question.. what is the title of the song that being played when the camera is zooming in to Kim Woo Bin during he is feeling into the breeze on the jeep with Kwang Soo ??

  32. 32 mokuren

    Hello there,
    I really enjoyed those RM episodes but I was a bit disturbed by the way Rain used his strength on Ji Hyo by dragging her at the end. You could say it’s the game, but according to me it doesn’t really fit the spirit of RM. It’s the first time I am a bit shocked by something in this show. Did anyone felt like me? I’ve always liked Rain as an artist but I must say I didn’t like the way he managed this. Also it means the game was not made right, in the way that it didn’t give a real power of decision for Ji Hyo. This is basically my only criticism against these Australian episodes, which were very fun.

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