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Running Man: Episode 190
by | March 28, 2014 | 57 Comments

Who do you call upon when you need to be rescued? Our cast teams up to face the Angel Eyes in Rescue Workers Bootcamp, where they’ll need brains and brawns to overcome all the obstacles the pros face every day. So inasmuch as today will test their stamina and endurance, the episode doesn’t skimp on the laughs. And pain. Lots of pain.

EPISODE 190. Broadcast on March 23, 2014.

On this fine early spring morning, Team Running Man wait expectantly for today’s competitors… who are not the idols they were expecting: “Is the gray-haired man a director?” “They’re not idols!”

No, this is Team Angel Eyes aka the cast of the upcoming drama (from left to right): Gong Hyung-jin, Seungri, Gu Hye-sun, Lee Sang-yoon, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kang Haneul, and Kim Ji-suk. Phew, lots of names today.

Haha says he and Seungri crossed paths (’cause they live in the same apartment complex) but ignored each other this morning. Some greetings are more pleasant than others, and Team Running Man is confident to take on their competition—why we’ve seen their virtually unbeatable teamwork before.

Goddess for Fire, Jungyi viewers will remember that Kwang-soo and Sang-yoon were former co-stars, and I suppose Kwang-soo played a prince in that drama. Jae-suk jokes, “That dumb prince?”

It’s an extension of the opening’s running joke of Young-gu (a classic village idiot character) to describe their guests’ entrance, and that Kwang-soo’s persona falls under that lineage.

Today is Hae-hyo’s first variety appearance since the 90’s, and there’s this tiny pettiness in him that makes him instantly hilarious. But it’s the mention of Ji-suk alleged heodang image he left behind years ago (for that suave actor image now) which piques my curiosity.

I love how Jae-suk is all, Yeah, we’ll see that again today. We embrace the heodangness on this show, good sir!

Today’s prize is pretty fierce: money envelopes given by both SBS drama and variety directors. Suk-jin: “I think the drama envelope has more [cash].” Haha defends that sometimes they go on trips in variety and Kwang-soo pipes in that they even went to Australia. Suk-jin grits out that was for work. Ha.

Then Jae-suk brings them down to Earth to say that the only way any of them can go on a true vacay is if this show is cut from broadcast. Eep, don’t sayyyy things like that!

Our teams will face off in a series of games in order to become the best rescue workers. Makes sense when the heroine plays one, I suppose. The winners in each round will obtain cards that will be useful for the final mission… y’all know the drill by now.

Man, I love it when our cast is one collective unit, and Team Running Man sizes up their competitors. They laugh over how a third of their challengers are similar to Kwang-soo’s abilities and worry over their black hole, Suk-jin.

Team Running Man doesn’t believe the staff for a second when they’re told that Ji-suk performs rather well. Jong-kook: “You saw what happened on X-man!” Cue clips of heodangness. Love it.

Here at the 63 building, the teams will test their teamwork in a loyalty relay race—really it’s just a nicer way to call a 60 story tower running. Everyone’s jaws drop at the realization, but they get to work strategizing right away. I love Haha’s argument: “Shouldn’t Jong-kook climb at least 20 floors?” Kwang-soo: “He could climb the entire thing by himself.”

Hyung-jin worries that mat hyung Hae-hyo might go home early due to exhaustion just from the first task. Hae-hyo seems confident that he’s at least faster than Haha… who totally hears the remark. Just remember, the cast has been together for nearly four years now!

You can practically see the fiery competitive spirit in Haneul’s eyes, so the Running Man cast shows off a bit of their skills. Aw, poor Kwang-soo is held back before he can pull off his dance moves.

We quickly check in with everyone before the start. It’s great to see Suk-jin and Haneul smiling at the start, and Ji-suk vows that he won’t show his former embarrassing variety persona. Variety gods, hear my plea! Let us see the return of Heodang Ji-suk!

For some reason Kwang-soo decides to show us a few different stair-hopping tactics. Now I’m thinking he’s going to wear himself out even before the race starts. Whoa, Jong-kook really is going to tackle nearly twenty flights of stairs.

And they’re off! Young blood Haneul frees himself from Suk-jin’s clutches and flies up the stairs. Ji-hyo is on his tail by Floor 9, however, and somewhere off-screen we hear her yell: “Move!” Hahaha.

The stairs are steeper than any of them could have anticipated, but at one point Haha overtakes Seungri. Dang, the cast really is in good shape.

Kwang-soo hears footsteps approaching, and is surprised to see Ji-suk instead of Jae-suk. He’s further surprised to be told that the baton already past him, only to learn that Ji-suk was pulling his leg.

Those test runs come back to haunt Kwang-soo as he climbs with an endless hacking cough. Then we get to see Ji-suk’s first heodang moment when the baton slips out of his hand at the exchange. Muhahaha, moar please!

Gary taunts Hyung-jin as they climb up together, that is until he sees Sang-yoon and has to step it up. Now it’s time to see just how great Jong-kook’s stamina is, and damn he catches up by Floor 52 and slips ahead.

But then Jong-kook’s weakness towards women kicks in when Hye-sun grabs the baton. She makes small talk while he can’t help but smile. That’s how they arrive at the 60th floor together and Jong-kook apologizes before grabbing the flag…

And then Jo PD announces their REAL mission. Oh that’s just cruel. They’re both given a trivia question to answer based upon the numerous paintings they ran past on their way up. Well, that explains the walkie-talkies given to the others.

Problem is, the Running Man cast is too busy checking up on each other than to tune into Jong-kook’s pleas. However, Hye-sun gets through to her castmates, who start searching immediately. What they don’t know is that both teams should be looking for the same painting hanging by the 14th floor stairwell.

It’s Ji-hyo who gets on her feet first for her team, having cottoned onto Jong-kook’s hint. But both Seungri and Haneul stop at the same painting to discover their answer, too.

The resulting chaos gets Ji-hyo mixed up, and she relays the hint before taking down Seungri. And Haneul. Basically, you don’t mess with the Ace.

Everyone is practically exhausted by now, but Team Running Man continues to relay the answer up the stairs. It takes a few tries, but Jong-kook gets it right. But there’s something about Hye-sun’s smile that suggests something else…

Everyone eventually staggers their way to the top… and then Team Angel Eyes is declared the winner. Aha, so while Jong-kook was away to yell for his teammates, the Angel Eyes team kept up their straightforward communication and Hye-sun was able to guess the right answer.

Team Angel Eyes discuss their teamwork in the van whereas the Running Man cast tries to figure out who’s to blame. The latter team has a chance to redeem themselves for their next mission: a trivia quiz.

The topics are based on occupations frequently seen in dramas, and the last team standing is the winner. Team Running Man gives their competitors some tips on how to take the blast of air (if and when they answer incorrectly) in order to make it entertaining.

Gary and Hae-hyo are up first… and the latter answers the pansori question correctly before Jo PD finishes speaking. Jae-suk steps up next and changes the topic to sports, and he raises his flag at the question (Where will the 2018 World Cup take place?) before knowing the answer.

The two men go round and round giving incorrect answers while mulling over the question aloud. Their teammates are the ones paying the price for it of course, as they get hit with blast after blast. Then Hae-hyo gets it right: “Russia.”

It’s 6:3 in favor of Team Angel Eyes when the ladies are up with a question about rescue workers. Both women blank at the question about what sign to give in order to be rescued.

They both get it wrong, and then Seungri gives us our first physical gag of the day by falling out of his chair. We get some pretty nonsensical (but hilarious) answers (“Hooray!” “X!” “11!”) and the correct answer is “V,” as in make a V-formation with your arms. Huh, you learn something new every day.

I love how Haha calls the staff out for laughing when he steps up. The reason is that Haha isn’t that confident in his knowledge of any occupation left on the board, and then Hyung-jin innocently cuts in, “What made you guys appear [on the show] today?” Jong-kook: “We have to come out every week!”

The question is: Which actor filmed the most movies showed in SBS New Years Specials over the past 20 years? Haha: “Jackie Chan.” Or in his words: “Ki-channie Hyung.” Either way, he’s right.

Haha has to beat five more challengers to win, and Jae-suk dates Hyung-jin by naming a 1989 movie he was in (Happiness Isn’t Based on Ranking). Haha is allowed to answer the four elements of theatre first (audience, stage, actor, play) and he names the first three correctly, to everyone’s surprise.

The question is whether he knows the fourth and final one, but gets it wrong and Hyung-jin swoops in for the kill. Now it’s up to Kookie to win it for their team and is faced with a medical question, which Jong-kook gets right.

Their biggest obstacle is Sang-yoon, who’s a Seoul University alumnus. Jong-kook sighs at the sciences topic, but his teammates remind him that this is the last hurdle and it’s smooth sailing from here. Meaning Ji-suk, Haneul, and Seungri: “Think of them as a heodang bobsled!”

It’s a biology question, and when asked about an insect sheds its exoskeleton, Sang-yoon quietly answers, “Metamorphosis.” Which is funny because it’s also a homonym for “pervert.”

They hear the rest of the question and a few wrong guesses (and blasts of air) later, Sang-yoon gets the right answer: “Complete metamorphosis.” Game over.

Team Running Man isn’t keen to give up that easily, so they suggest a Ji-suk versus Kwang-soo showdown. And while they’re making demands, Hyung-jin suggests that Jong-kook get down on his knees, something easier said than done for Spartakooks. He does it.

Oh, so Ji-suk is a certified teacher and Jong-kook warns that Kwang-soo could end up crawling home on his knees if he loses. Yikes.

And even before they hear the entire question, both Kwang-soo and Ji-suk start calling out foods: “Potato.” “Two boiled eggs.” “Three fried eggs!” “Two potatoes and three eggs.” Puhahaha.

The question calls for a musical instrument, and when Kwang-soo answers incorrectly, Ji-suk swoops in to get it right. Guess who’s going home on his knees.

After (literally) eating up the mission card, Team Running Man contemplates what their next mission might be. In the other van, Sang-yoon regales his teammates with the story of how his skin practically glowed the day after enduring the painful acupuncture mat game.

And whaddayknow—that’s exactly what it is. Wow, the staff really upped the ante with this Acupuncture Mat Wrestling game. The socks do little apart from keeping their feet warm, and the Running Man cast complains that the pain is pretty much the same.

All I hear are cries of pain… due to the mat, not the pushing or shoving. After the Running Man cast loses Jae-suk, they notice tears (of pain!) welling up in Seungri’s eyes.

Both sides approach with caution, shouting at each other instead. A couple of fallen members later, it looks like they’re about to lose Gary, so Jong-kook charges on ahead, taking as many down as he can.

The damage leaves two Team Angel Eyes members left standing, but then Hae-hyo knocks Kwang-soo out. The cast warns that the feeble-looking Hae-hyo was once an action star, but Jong-kook is reluctant to knock out his childhood hero.

He does anyway, which earns him a round of scolding for chucking the mat hyung, who then hilariously crawls away.

All of a sudden, the women face-off on the mat, pinning each other to the mat. And very gently, SpartAce rolls Hye-sun off the platform.

Our final mission location is an enormous set filled with various obstacles for our trained(?) rescue workers. Though it looks like Team Angel Eyes as the advantage to choose first, Suk-jin points out that tactic didn’t work out so well when they rowed across the Han River with the college students last time. (To jog your memory, the bottom two teams ended up placing first and second.)

After the teams make their choices, Jo PD explains that today’s obstacle relay race has a real-life international competition roots (Jong-kook: “Couldn’t we do a regular competition?”). Aha, so this final mission is based upon the Worlds Firefighters Games.

One of these obstacles is firewalking, where the unfortunate person must walk across barefoot. The climactic finale is a rock climbing wall where they must ring the bell.

The teams go through the motions in preparation, and there are real firefighters (and hopefully an ambulance) teaching the teams and standing by just in case anything goes wrong.

Unsure about the rock climbing wall, Kwang-soo appeals to his hyungs to switch places, only to be scolded on not packing his climbing shoes. ‘Cause every guy should have them in his rucksack don’tchaknow.

Jong-kook and Jae-suk give the giraffe a playfully hard time about it, and the conversation ends with Jae-suk suggesting that they go shopping for new shoes later. Lol.

Ji-hyo and Seungri are neck and neck at the start, and while firewalking is no easy task, both teams bears the pain. Hye-sun’s use of the fire extinguisher puts her team in the lead, but Jae-suk isn’t far behind.

Both Jong-kook and Sang-yoon climb the wall simultaneously, but it’s Jong-kook who climbs up and over first. I’m thinking he used up all his energy on his practice, and he struggles to climb over.

He eventually does, but then Hae-hyo and Ji-suk struggle with the hose. The wide spray (versus concentrated) is due to turning the hose too much beforehand. Uh oh.

But Kwang-soo is already climbing the wall by the time they regain control. Good thing that year-and-a-half of rock climbing experience is to Haneul’s advantage as he gains on Kwang-soo.

Speaking of, Kwang-soo is only an arm’s length away from the bell, but his fear of heights prevents him from grabbing it right away. Everyone waits with bated breath… and Kwang-soo rings it to win it.

Thus our Running Man cast members are our winners today, and they gape to find real money in the golden envelopes. To be honest, I was sad that the Australian special only lasted two episodes, but it seems that the show is bringing us back down under to the Gold Rush.

And if next week’s previews are any indication, we’re (hopefully) in for a jolly good time.


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. the50-person

    Thanks for the recap! Hahaha jongkook’s weakness for women is forever there LOL.

  2. PL

    Thanks, gummimochi! So far, this is my second favourite RM episode for the year.

  3. soprection

    Thank you for the recap!

    I enjoyed this episode. It was funny and I always like seeing the Running Man team work together against a group of guests and the Angel Eyes’s cast put up a good fight. (Tbh, I hadn’t even heard about that drama before this show so I guess it’s good publicity, lol.) I’m really happy that the RM won and Geangsoo brought it home for the team. Also SO MUCH RESPECT for Gary and the other person ho had to do fire walking because that looked really painful.

    I think the RM had a good strategy for the stair race. Put your weaker people first and strongest people towards the end. That way you can hopefully catch up towards the end even if you start slow. I was really worried that Jong Kook would let Hye Sun win at the beginning but fortunately he still grabbed the flag first, although they still lost at the end, lol.

    Kang Haneul, Kim Jisuk and Lee Sang Yoon were all adorable. Seungri was much quieter and less active than usual. He seems to be so much more subdued of late – seems like the kid’s finally grown up. I do miss his trolling though – and I loved seeing Jihyo knock him and Haneul down when they tried to mess with her. She’s the Ace for a reason!

    I really wonder why they chose to split up the Australia episodes like this. It’s a bit odd.

    • 3.1 Alexio

      I think they need more time to edit the final episode from Australia. Its always good to see Rain and Woobin again

    • 3.2 jihyosarenghaeyo

      Apparently its gonna be another Yomes Bond ep and the anniversary of Yomes Bond was early April so they split it up.

    • 3.3 nomad

      I kept on replaying the part where Jihyo beat up Haneul and Seungri. It was priceless! Thank you Gummi!

  4. ha-neul

    really enjoyed this episode~ honestly the last two australia episode is not my i hope next week is better..

  5. lalaala

    I love this episode . Its just nice to see them all works in a team . and glad to hear that word `Sparta` again .

  6. ybhsmg

    Thank you for the recap.

    KJK has grown more patient nowadays. Though he still likes to lecture others, at least he’s willing to kneel for the team’s success and he seldom beats up LKS anymore.

    LKS brings down victory for RM. He’s humble enough to admit he is not so confident about rock climbing (KG or SJH would do better) but finally he managed to beat their competitor.

    Glad that after weeks of tiredness, SJH looks enthusiastic from the beginning until the end.

  7. soprection

    Also I was really surprised that they didn’t pick Jihyo for the rock climbing since she’s shown in the past that she really enjoys it and she’s not afraid of heights but maybe they chose Kwangsoo cause he’s taller.

    • 7.1 S

      Ji-Hyo’s position also required a lack of fear of heights because she had to slide down the firemen’s pole. And since she’s the lightest, it probably made it easier on Gary to carry her across the fire pit.

      Did anyone else notice how Ji-Hyo placing Gary’s nametag and jumping on his back and then Gary starting forward was all one smooth motion? I thoroughly enjoyed this episode for all its small moments of Running Man teamwork.

      • 7.1.1 gg

        Monday Couple foreva~~~!!!

    • 7.2 hummie

      I think RM team needed Ji-hyo for the first relay so that Gary wouldn’t have trouble carrying her over hot coals… though, it would’ve been funny to see Gary struggling to carry Kwang-soo 😀

      • 7.2.1 soprection

        Oh, good point, I didn’t think about that. Thanks.

        • heartonew

          omgoodness it’s been awhile since ive seen it but i love your ‘soprection’ name there (;

  8. Jel

    The rm is really one very very fit cast. The way they overtook the guests during the first game was impressive, like how haha overtook young and fit seung ri and ji hyo sped up the stairs. Jong kook and Gary were the anchors who didn’t disappoint as usual. They would have been a lot faster if Jong kook didn’t get held up by hye sun

    The tiredness shenanigans after the running had me in stitches. Bad jihyo, everyone zombified, one guest calling another the wrong name, Gary flat out sleeping on the floor, the lift bypassing Gary and kwang soo, Gary claiming he heard nothing but tiger and I miss you. It was hilarious all round!

    • 8.1 Hari

      You highlighted some really funny moments. I really liked this episode. Hilarious editing when Sang-Yoon was talking about his pressure mat experiences from his previous appearance, then cut to next competition…mats! He is one handsome & fit man. It took me awhile to recognize the guest actress as having been the female lead of “Boys Over Flowers” (?). Fun episode.

      • 8.1.1 Because of Reasons

        . It took me awhile to recognize the guest actress as having been the female lead of “Boys Over Flowers”

        Whoa, I would never have recognized her if you hadn’t said this! Just looked her up on Wiki to see what she has done since BoF – she seems to be a real renaissance woman – actress, singer, novelist, director, visual artist, philanthropist. Pretty amazing.

    • 8.2 PL


  9. bjharm

    hmm frankly I found the sabotage the game for the sake of laughs way to blatant, you knew as soon as Kwangsoo started the pretend throwup even before the game started, where this was all going. While they didnt pander to the guest as badly as they did when those old great singer show, it was pretty clear that they where tripping themselves up to try and make the game as lest look close.

    • 9.1 Quiet Thought

      Huh? The Running Man team were getting their butts kicked repeatedly until Kookie caught the enemy line off balance on the mat throwdown. If he had acted passively at that point it would have been all over for the RM in that game.

      Actors are physical people. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a team of actors does well in athletic games. When it turned out that several of them were also production and business veterans and college graduates, I expected the RM team would have a tough time with them.

    • 9.2 Idyll

      I don’t think Kwangsoo was pretending. All throughout the show was coughing and hacking. To me he looked a bit sick.

      • 9.2.1 Huh

        running man is not dream team, running man is for laughs, and dream team is a competitive show, in running man the more important thing is the members interactions and the situations for the laughs not the winner.

  10. 10 Skye

    I had only one thought when Ji hyo was taking down Seungri and Haneul… ‘Wow, is she going to be safe from those crazy fangirls?’

    • 10.1 v

      you know to tell you the truth, after her popularity as ACE in RM, she pretty much invincible from crazy fangirls, since they are fangirling over her too. Which make sense seeing how great she is.

      • 10.1.1 runningwoman

        Agree. Jihyo has become so popular because of running man. Not only men love her because she’s pretty but women also love her because she has practically broken all stereotype of women from entertainment industry… She is really pretty and no one would have expect her to be an ace beating even the men. Its hard to hate her.

  11. 11 hummie

    I enjoyed this episode. It felt really “Running Man-y,” if you know what I mean.

    I think the only reason why the RM team lost the first round is because they’re too used to overreacting and making a show for entertainment.

    I always enjoy acupuncture mat challenges. Schadenfreude ftw, lol. Though, after hearing how that actor’s skin was glowing the next day, I want to get some acupuncture mats 😀

  12. 12 Rovi

    For more info on the “Goddess of Fire” connection, Kwang-soo played Prince Imhae (Imhaegun), Lee Sang-yoon’s Prince Gwanghae (Gwanghaegun)’s rival when they were still mere Princes.

  13. 13 LT

    SUCH. A. FUNNY. EP!!

    Loved that I knew almost all the guests except for Hyung Jin, and there were SO MANY great moments!

    Bad Ji hyo, zombified Hyung Jin when the elevator door opened, when kwangsoo and ji suk ordered an “american breakfast” with their 1v1 showdown, and jaesuk and hae hyo’s “european travel” during their WC 2018 question. hahaha, kwangsoo and sukjin were hilarious too. “you mean the location for 2022 is out?” “why are they in such a rush?”

    agree that the RM probably threw the first game for the sake of variety. but having lost the 2nd game too, they probably rallied to show us their true power in the final mission 🙂 thats why i really enjoy watching their teamwork!

    to end off, here is a random fact for you

    did you know that sang yoon and ji hyo have the exact same birthdate? daebak!!

    • 13.1 Quiet Thought

      I saw not evidence at all that the RM team threw the first game. The confusion on the radios was too chaotic to be planned. They were just showing off too much.

      • 13.1.1 LT

        Yea, thats what I meant actually! Maybe cos I’ve seen how competitive they can really be when they’re riled up (eg during one Winter Olympic ep) so I found their showing off to be more for the sake of variety. But when they were actually running up the stairs I believe each one of them gave their all! 🙂

      • 13.1.2 nomad

        And we all know how TALKATIVE they all can be, don’t we? And the bickering…how we love their bickers…

  14. 14 genz

    love goo hye sun and kim jong kook..

  15. 15 bd

    This was a really fun ep – so much better than the Australian eps which seemed like one long commercial for Australia.

    Not only were the games entertaining – a good mix of physicality along with games conducive towards fun banter among the cast and guests – but the guests were entertaining as well (either willing to participate in the silliness or a rich source for others to poke fun at; Rain exactly wasn’t a good source for that).

    Nice to see Kim Ji-suk back on variety – those clips of a bumbling Ji-suk on X-Man certainly brought back the memories.

    The RM team had a good strategy for the stair run (brought back memories when I had to run flights of stairs for 30-40 minutes for training – ughh), but of course it was their propensity to talk (over each other) and not listen which did them in.

    Loved it when “Bad” Ji-hyo showed up (it’s been a while) and she gave a couple of the male guests some good whacks, not to mention a stiff arm.

    Quiz games on RM are usually entertaining and the one here certainly lived up to it.

    Seems like the PD wanted to relive some of the X-Man days by bringing back the team wrestling/knock them off the mat game, but this time enhanced it w/ the acupuncture mats.

    The last obstacle race was really well done as well.

    Glad that it was Seungri who came from Big Bang since he has one of the better personas for variety from the group (the other being Daesung – he needs to appear soon w/o the other members).

    Never thought Gu Hye-sun looked particularly attractive in her dramas, but she was a lot more attractive here (probably her hair style/length, along w/ her persona) – wonder why she got a jacket that was a different shade of color from the rest of her team (Ji-hyo wore the same jacket as the rest of the RM team).

    Hope the next Aussie ep is better than the 2 prior ones.

    • 15.1 soprection

      I thought Gu Hye Sun looked very different here, much prettier than I’ve ever thought she looked before. I don’t know what it is – maybe just better styling? maybe she’s just aging well? but I barely recognized her myself.

    • 15.2 hummie

      I think she got a different jacket because they probably didn’t have a jacket size for her in her team’s color. I think they reuse outerwear. I’ve seen those red and blue jackets in several episodes.

      • 15.2.1 bd

        That would be a bit odd since Ji-hyo is more petite and they had a jacket in the right size for her.

  16. 16 BAF2

    I’m happy at the outcome, but I have to agree with those who felt Team RM could tone down the stupid stuff to get laughs. Maybe it’s my competitive nature, but when they go overboard with those antics, it takes away from the group working as a whole. I like winning better than losing. At least if you lose, lose because the other side is better.

    They never should have lost that first mission. And on the acupuncture structure, TAKE IT TO THEM! Don’t just stand there and let them come after you. Oh well…

    I know, the show has to provide laughs, but that’s possible without going to dumb side of things. Throwing up the flag w/o hearing the question? Whatsupwiththat? Ok, I’m off my soapbox for now.

    The last one with all the obstacles showed they do know how to work together if they focus. Loved Ace yelling out for the hose team to aim higher. LKS, I’m giving you your props for dealing with your fear of heights, I totally understand where you’re coming from. ^__^

    Congratulations Team RM!

  17. 17 Bamsa

    This was a fun episode with lots of action. I think the maknaes didn’t make too much commotion so they don’t take the limelight away from their sunbaes. I was rooting for both the teams simultaneously. A good episode even with lots of guests, teamwork made it best. They need to do quizzes more, it’s fun without a lot of hardwork. 🙂

  18. 18 HaRoRo

    Kwang Soo’s hairstyle in this episode, suits him very well.

  19. 19 dearly

    I actually didn’t enjoy this episode. In fact, I just watched the ending to see who won. I’m looking forward to any next episode with no guests. I love when there’s no guest. The RM casts are more competitive and funny with each other. You get to see alot of family love and they don’t have to restrict their behavior to suit the guests. I hope they have one soon. 🙂

    • 19.1 sp

      I also love RM members-only ep the best but they do need guests. lol Having RM team pitted against guest team is great too, we get to see their teamwork. What I enjoy the least is when they spilt into 3 teams and the non-guest team basically disappear from the show.

  20. 20 RunningPink

    i want a couple race with A-Pink

    Sukjin—–Ji Hyo

    please make my wish come true….

    • 20.1 Raptor

      Don’t even joke about this. Stop saddling Ji hyo up with JSJ whose age is really showing and slowing him down

    • 20.2 kramcjier

      thats nice..
      although I prefer Eunji and Kwang Soo in one team.. i wanna see their closeness to each other and their teamwork, after all they did become one team once-the infamous Fanta Idols

  21. 21 AuroraB

    What I loved about this episode: The classic sound effects! The running man cast each got their them music and i loved it! I was sad that we weren’t getting enough of the “SPARTA! *music* lately

  22. 22 Yammy

    The angel eyes’ cast mentioned that the episode was a good way to get closer to each other before starting to film for the drama. Maybe more drama casts will come and compete with running man in the future? it makes a good episode, a good promo chance, and a good way to get the actors have a bonding time outside of filming.

  23. 23 onyxx

    i actually found this episode more engagingly funny than the Australia episodes. sometimes you don’t really need fancy set-ups or exotic locations to score high.

    ep. 190 has the right ingredients at the right amounts (it’s more of a balancing act really). it’s also nice that the final outcome was a veritable toss-up between well-balanced adversaries, rather than a lopsided, foregone conclusion.

    Jo-hyo continues to build on her winning streak, KJK was awesome when he needed to be, YJS delivered the laughs, Ha-ha definitely brings a positive touch to the whole equation. LKS can be funny but sometimes he can be a tad dense and tiresome.

    As for the guests (Angel team) — they blended well as a team, and more than held their on a couple of occasions. if they had been more physically honed for these games, they could have won easily. and oh, they were downright funny, too (e.g., Seungri falling off his chair).

  24. 24 Running Man fan

    Kim Jong Kook knee down for his team?! Lol! He has definitely toned down on his competitive steak and fiery temper throughout these years.. However, he look so hot when he showed off his stamina and strength. Spartakook is a perfect role model for everyone. A man who is like a bottle of wine, so strong and enchanting.

  25. 25 LoveSilents

    I liked last week’s AND this weeks show. I am glad there is still another Australian episode tonight.
    Favorite parts of Ep 190:

    The stair running was brutal! But entertaining – so funny after the race and they were getting on the elevators to find their co-stars already passed out inside! 1N2D’s used give their guys canned oxygen for times like this.

    So funny when Seungri hammed it up and fell off his chair during trivia game. When mocked for over doing it he says “I don’t say much”. haha! I re winded that several times.

    All the games were so physical – I was exhausted. But they were new games (to me). I loved the fire hose competition and the huuuge water spray. Uck -so cold.

    So glad they let Kwang-soo be the hero for the day by winning the rock wall race. Although the last shot of him ringing the bell really wasn’t his best pose…

    Good show – good personalities – good team work – good competitions – and funny too!

  26. 26 Quiet Thought

    Interesting tidbit: Song Ji Hyo, in either this ep or the last Australian ep, has a scene where she quite clearly has a bullseye band-aid squarely in the middle of her forehead. I’m thinking sleep-deprivation acne.

    • 26.1 LoveSilents

      Haha – I noticed that too but couldn’t figure out exactly what was different about her forehead…

  27. 27 Raptor

    Did you guys see the way Ji Hyo went down that fire pole? DID NONE OF YOU GO WWWWOOOOAAAHHHHHH????!!!! She was totally toe to toe with Seung Ri, a fit young man! She is way too DAEBAK I tell you. The way she just threw herself onto Gary’s back after that was so amazing as well, and later on, she was the one who shouted at JSJ and Haha to aim their hose higher to hit the board. DEABAK JI HYO!!! DAEBAK!!!

  28. 28 frank

    Hi! Anyone here knows the title of the song being played while they were showing how the Angel Eyes team won in the first game? The song being played @34:43. Please. Thanks!

    • 28.1 Fatma Seif

      deli spice : chau chau

  29. 29 Hanie

    Yeah this is a funny episode. First time comment here haha. Love Monday Couple ! Team RM !

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