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Sly and Single Again: Episode 4
by | March 8, 2014 | 81 Comments

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m now solidly behind this show. Episode 4 was sweet and playful overall, and it did a good job of setting up future relationships. It even began to change my opinion of second lead Yeo-jin, as her cold exterior cracks in places and we begin to see a warmer, more open side of her personality. And of course the sparks continue to fly between our star-crossed lovers, who spend most of the episode finding out who can be pettier and less sincere than the other. I’d be a little dismayed by their constant bickering and one-upsmanship, if it weren’t for the deeper feelings I could see bubbling up under the surface. If they fall in love once more (or for the first time), I think they’ll do a better job of it now that they’ve seen the worst of each other. And if things don’t work out, well… we’ve got a pair of chaebol siblings just waiting for the chance to step in and mend some broken hearts.


We left Ae-ra in the hands of the DonTalk security guards, who believe that she may have stolen some important data. The evidence is against her because it was her ID card used in the theft, and she was also the last person captured on the CCTV cameras. Ae-ra knows this is preposterous — if only she could remember what happened after she left the company dinner last night!

She tries valiantly to piece together her memory of the night before, while the lead security guard spins a story of his own. He invents quite the tale of thrilling espionage, with Ae-ra infiltrating the company, copying the data onto a USB drive, and wiping the CCTV footage to cover her tracks.

The scene plays out before our eyes, with Ae-ra looking sleek and sexy in her James Bond outfit. The imaginative security guard really gets into it, adding details such as the “sleeping potion” Ae-ra supposedly used to knock out the night guard. Ae-ra listens in increasing disbelief, but she can’t force her alcohol-fogged memory to produce an alibi.

Secretary L also suspects that Ae-ra entered the company with ulterior motives and voices his suspicions to Jung-woo. Jung-woo tries to remain calm, but suspicion eats at him until he has to find out the truth for himself.

Jung-woo strides out and makes his way to the parking garage, only to discover that someone has sprayed an incomplete message on the hood of his car. The security footage from inside the car shows Ae-ra breaking out the spray paint and verbally berating Jung-woo. Watching the video later, Jung-woo and Secretary L jump as if watching a horror movie — and it’s hard to blame them, seeing Ae-ra’s drunken rage.

Jung-woo arrives in time to get Ae-ra off the hook, although the embarrassment of having the entire security team see her drunken antics probably makes prison seem less onerous by comparison. The security guard apologizes for the mistake, and Ae-ra is home free — except for having to scrub the spray-paint off Jung-woo’s car.

In his office, Jung-woo puzzles over the unfinished message. It’s only a few characters away from “son of a bitch,” although Ae-ra denies to Secretary L that she had any such intention. (It’s hilarious that Jung-woo can’t figure out what she meant to write, as it is the equivalent of seeing “ASS H—” and wondering what the rest of the phrase was.)

Min-young greets her later that evening in the apartment, holding out a bag of tofu as if Ae-ra has just returned from prison (it’s traditional to give tofu to inmates when they are released — the white color symbolizes a new start). Min-young points out that, once again, Jung-woo has come to her rescue. Although Ae-ra grumbles that she never had trouble with the law before Jung-woo came back into her life, she has enough grace to admit that she could have been in huge trouble if he hadn’t come forward.

The next day at work, she sneaks off to try and thank him. Thanks to an overheard phone conversation in the restroom, Ae-ra learns Jung-woo’s whereabouts and ambushes him in the Great Big Glass Elevator. She tries to thank him for helping her, but Jung-woo refuses to make eye contact. He even childishly takes out his phone to pretend to text someone.

He leaves first, never saying a word to Ae-ra. He does, however, take a moment to congratulate a female employee on her birthday, no doubt meaning for Ae-ra to see.

Ae-ra’s catty sunbae gives Ae-ra a hard time when she returns from her 30-minute “bathroom break,” but the tension is defused when Manager Wang waltzes in to announce the upcoming “Dinner with the CEO.” The dinner will be the prize given to the team member who makes the best sale for an upcoming event. Seung-hyun scoffs that having dinner with the CEO isn’t that great, but Ae-ra’s eyes light up when she sees an opportunity to kickstart Operation Woo Jung-woo.

Meanwhile Jung-woo drives himself to an expensive-looking house, followed — for no reason immediately apparent to me — by Director Oh. Jung-woo disappears into the house, leaving the Director to wonder if Jung-woo is seeing a woman, although when he asks Secretary L about it, he gets a denial. The secret is revealed when Jung-woo looks at a model house that looks exactly like the real one: it’s the house he promised to build for Ae-ra. Jung-woo looks wistfully at the model, remembering the day he presented it to Ae-ra as a symbol of what he meant to give her.

Ae-ra’s father triggers another shouting match when he buys an expensive suit with money earned by his wife, but with some fast-talking and romancing he manages to avoid getting kicked to the curb. Soo-cheol asks why he bought the suit, but we don’t hear his response.

At the DonTalk headquarters, Manager Wang gets chewed out by Yeo-jin for Ae-ra’s outrageous behavior. She plans to get back at Ae-ra by assigning her a particularly difficult assignment for the sales competition. Seung-hyun overhears his colleagues gossiping that Ae-ra is being set up to fail, and the idea of an easy way out of his intern job prompts him to swoop in to volunteer to join her team.

It soon becomes clear why Dad bought the suit, because he tries to see Jung-woo at his office. He is detained by security guards who tell him that he can’t get in without an appointment, but Ae-ra’s dad is undeterred — he simply hides in a bathroom until Jung-woo comes in to take a leak.

Not sure how Dad avoided the security cameras (not to mention how he knew the one bathroom the CEO would use), but the expression on Jung-woo’s face when he sees his former father-in-law in the loo is worth a minor plot hole.

Ae-ra’s father returns to the restaurant and confronts Soo-cheol about the money he received from Jung-woo. Soo-cheol, who doesn’t have the best poker face I’ve ever seen, soon caves under his dad’s scrutiny. He confesses everything, saying that the only reason Ae-ra didn’t kill him was because he lied about Jung-woo calling him first to offer the money.

Unfortunately, Mom overhears Soo-cheol’s confession and chases him out of the house. Soo-cheol’s father manages to get him a suitcase, but it looks like Soo-cheol will be out in the cold for a while.

Ae-ra and Seung-hyun go to see the manager of a fancy restaurant, who doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about their company’s proposal to sell discounted tickets to their fancy buffet. Seung-hyun tries to keep Ae-ra from pushing the sale too hard, later pulling her away through the lobby.

“Why do you try so hard?” he demands. “It’s not like you’re the CEO, and you don’t get paid more by working harder.”

She treats him to a lecture about trying your best, because you never know if an opportunity is waiting nearby. Seung-hyun acknowledges the point after she walks away, and looks more smitten than ever with his snarky, hardworking noona.

Ae-ra goes up to the roof to find it already occupied by Yeo-jin, who is de-stressing with a cold beer. She looks a little taken aback to see Ae-ra, but offers her a drink.

She gently scolds Ae-ra for dealing with her frustration with the company by doodling on the CEO’s car. Ae-ra, embarrassed, changes the subject and asks if Yeo-jin is going through heartbreak. Yeo-jin admits that she feels as if she’s betraying the person she promised to love forever, but Ae-ra tells her that love doesn’t stay in one place. If Yeo-jin loves someone new, she should follow her heart and go all in.

Ae-ra’s advice works; later, Yeo-jin tells her secretary to take the car home. She’s staying late, and intends find her own way home — rawr. She calls Jung-woo, visibly nervous, and although he is characteristically clueless, he does end up driving her home.

Yeo-jin teases Jung-woo about the employee dinner. He retorts that she should hold a similar event for the male employees. “Only if you take part, too,” she says with a shy laugh.

Ae-ra’s sunbae learns that her chef hasn’t come through, while Ae-ra gets a call from the hotel manager promising 500 buffet tickets at half price. Seung-hyun gets a call from his friend at the hotel — aha, so he did pull a few strings for Ae-ra! The friend asks why Seung-hyun’s suddenly working so hard, since he never expressed any interest in business before. Seung-hyun says that he isn’t interested in business, looks at Ae-ra, and adds that he’s interested in “another area.” Down, boy!

He gives Ae-ra a bouquet of rolled-tissue flowers to congratulate her on the sale, and now it’s official — Seung-hyun’s suffering from a serious case of noona-love. Too bad his crush now has a free ticket to a romantic dinner with the CEO.

Secretary L and Jung-woo prepare dinner together, until the secretary leaves for an overnight trip with his girlfriend. Jung-woo despairs over cooking the rest of the meal alone, and is on his way to try and cancel the dinner when he learns that Ae-ra is the winning intern. Next thing you know, Jung-woo and Ae-ra greet each other in his office apartment, wearing huge fake smiles because of the reporter and the photographer covering the event.

During dinner Ae-ra tries the food (which is burnt, ha!) and gives Jung-woo some sickly-sweet compliments on his cooking. They exchange honeyed words, with their real (and very snide) thoughts coming through in voiceover. The reporter pushes Ae-ra to ask Jung-woo a question, so she asks if he, like her, has a past he wishes he could change.

Jung-woo says that the past can’t be changed, and recommends that she get on her knees before the person she wronged and beg for forgiveness, “although I don’t know if that person would accept.”

Jung-woo puts on airs about his wealth, especially the thousand-dollar wine that he bought in France. It’s called Cheval Blanc, which means White Horse. Jung-woo is very proud of becoming the modern-day prince riding that white horse, the kind of guy women wish will rescue them.

Ae-ra responds to his posturing with some wonderful scornful expressions, but the cost of the wine does make an impression. That doesn’t stop her from tossing it back box-wine-style, though.

Eventually the reporters depart, leaving our two lovebirds alone in the apartment. Ae-ra scoots closer on the couch and switches to banmal. “You’ve really changed,” she says, soft voice clashing with the glint in her eye.

She says she is worried that he isn’t the same person anymore. “I miss the old you.” She’s lying like a rug, of course, but Jung-woo is in no danger of being fooled. He leans in close, and tells her that she has something in her teeth.

He takes her to see the house he had built, which is a larger version of the dollhouse he made her years ago. She sees the large windows and the potted plants she’d envisioned, and asks when he did this. “Little by little,” he says, “because it was my dream.”

Ae-ra is moved to genuine tears as she sees the house he’d promised her. She puts her head against his shoulder, and says “Our dream.” But Jung-woo pulls back and clarifies: “No. My dream.”

He tells her that he wanted to show her how he’s going to live with the next woman he meets, who will love and support him through all hardships. He leaves, but not before asking her to act appropriately in the future, as an intern to a CEO.

She’s dejected next day at the office, and we even see that she’s written a letter of resignation. Seung-hyun approaches her after work and admits that they met before, and that she’s wearing his muffler. He offers to buy her drinks to thank her for finding it, and although she looks away with exasperation, there’s no way she’s turning down an offer of free alcohol, especially not combined with that pretty face. I mean, would you?

Seung-hyun displays impressive perception by guessing that Ae-ra is upset because of something that happened during her date with the CEO. She asks his age when she thinks he’s acting a bit cocky for someone so much younger, and we find out they’re eight years apart.

He distracts Ae-ra from her melancholy thoughts by showing her a magic trick with a bottle of soju (and yes, I am going to try this myself — will report next time as to whether it actually works).

Then, in a coincidence that could only happen in dramaland, they recognize the guy who ran into them both at the office and took Ae-ra’s ID card. Seung-hyun throws the thief to the pavement with a classic judo move, and it’s good to see that the judo scene between Seung-hyun and Jung-woo served more of a narrative function than displaying some crackling sexual tension (don’t believe me? Go back to Episode 3 and see for yourself!).

Ae-ra reunites with Seung-hyun at the police station, where she gives the would-be corporate spy a piece of her mind. It turns out they apprehended him the day before he was going to sell the company’s data to China. The DonTalk security guards are briefed by the police, while the irrepressible Seung-hyun takes a selfie of himself, Ae-ra, and the duplicitous Data Thief.

In the company boardroom, Yeo-jin reams out the upper-level employees for being so careless, and brings in the interns responsible for saving the day. Seung-hyun winks at his sister and announces that Ae-ra did everything. Jung-woo has no choice but to congratulate Ae-ra, and she shakes his hand with a wonderfully self-satisfied smirk. Ae-ra cheerfully assures Jung-woo that she will work even harder from here on out.


I was worried for a while there near the end, but Ae-ra is up and swinging. The decision to end Episode 3 with a rather weak cliffhanger had me worried, but Sly and Single Again impressed me by moving past that moment quickly, even working it for a few quality laughs. The overactive imagination of the security guard cracked me up, and Ae-ra makes white-collar crime look good. The eventual unraveling of what actually happened seemed well-paced to me, and it showed that Jung-woo isn’t quite petty enough to let Ae-ra take the fall for something that wasn’t her fault.

Episodes 3 and 4 have done a LOT to get me on board, even (and you can’t be as surprised as I was) in the case of Yeo-jin. She displays a much warmer side this episode, especially in that brief moment on the rooftop with Ae-ra. She’s been through heartbreak, but she’s trying to heal and move on like a healthy person should. She doesn’t have the natural confidence that Ae-ra has – just compare her hesitant efforts to reach out to Jung-woo with Ae-ra’s sly wink in the restaurant all those years ago. Seduction is not Yeo-jin’s style, but she’s trying gamely to show her affection without any tricks or misdirection. So while I’m not actually rooting for her to succeed, I like the direction she’s going, and I find myself hoping that she will become better friends with Ae-ra before they discover they like the same man.

The big question for me is how Jung-woo will act going forward. So far his actions, while petty, haven’t convinced me to write him off as a lost cause. Yes, he needs to think more about how Ae-ra suffered during the marriage and after, but I’m confident that will come. And even though he’s making himself pretty unlikable by flaunting his newfound wealth in front of his ex-wife, I kind of like that he’s so blatantly obvious about it. His complete transparency softens the obnoxiousness a little, because you can tell he’s motivated more by a childish and petty revenge than any deep-seated investment in his power or status. However, there’s a limit to the excuses one can – or should – make for a person who’s acting like a royal jerk. I could understand some of Choi Young-do’s behavior in Heirs, for example, simply because growing up in an abusive household would often does lead one to act out, but at some point a guy’s got to rise above his own pain and be a better man. I’m honestly not sure which way Jung-woo’s going to go, and it’s making me nervous.

One good sign is that Jung-woo is still very much insecure in spite of his wealth, which shows that he still cares about Ae-ra’s opinion of him. There is still potential for the two of them to forge a new connection, even after that terrible moment in the model house. For me, that was the low point for both characters: Ae-ra, though genuinely moved at seeing the house, definitely moved too soon with her embrace; Jung-woo, on the other hand, set a Personal Best in Asshole-ishness by showing Ae-ra the house only to taunt her about the future she threw away.

If you’ll allow me a slight tangent, I’m also liking the show because it’s quite a bit like Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion, which is famous for depicting a second chance at love (it is less well-known for being one of the novels I wrote my senior thesis on in college). Persuasion raises the idea, which I think is quite appropriate for Sly and Single, that sometimes love needs the right timing as much as it needs the right people. I fervently hope that the romance in Sly is just beginning, and that Ae-ra and Jung-woo will stop living in the past in time to see the new future that they could forge together.

The workplace set-up is really working for me, and it’s fun to watch such charismatic characters sniping at each other. Sooner or later, though, I hope they realize that figuring out who hurt the other more is just an exercise in self-gratification.


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  1. Lena

    Best drama. She’s so funny!

  2. KDaddict

    Taking the Civil Service Exam, which is a big big deal in SK, passing and getting that govt job, even bigger deal there, getting married to a girl who based her decision to marry you on said job, then quitting to go venture entrepreneurial is all kinds of wrong, in combination, in sequence, in ethics and in common sense. So it is not only the timing or the maturity of these two persons, but that together, they stack the cards against themselves, totally!

    Now that they get a new hand, things should work out better, as they certainly can’t be worse.

    The leads are really winsome in their roles, despite the plot holes and some silliness.

    • 2.1 Silverteem

      Four episodes in and I have warmed up to this drama and I’m liking the over all tone of it. It’s comedic execution is priceless and in terms of comparison, very similar to PMAI’s execution, and I like it that way. Slapstick (as in EC’s case) can be just boring and redundant, if not annoying at times, NAR’s imagination however and the rest of the cast is definitely winning. To date, this is probably the best drama that I have seen LMJ yet (granted I’ve only seen her in BoF and BIG) but comedy definitely is her niche. But aside from that, I also find her emoting acceptable, if not easily identifiable – she has shown shades of this brilliance on her movie Love Radio too. So good for her, as I do like her as an actress (despite her lack in range), she’s naturally charismatic and I do agree that she does have a knack on building chemistry.

      As for the show’s premise itself, it has been discussed and critqued multiple times already and I think almost everyone is in consensus that neither one of the pair can easily take the blame for why and how the marriage has failed. Granted, I do root for NAR myself, but I do agree that given JW’s own point of view, it is seemingly just her trying to get close to him again when he’s already rich. It definitely did not help that AR’s last words for him on their break up seems to corroborate that notion. And it also mostly do not help that she’s actively seeking him now, even after he has given the alimony to her brother, and yet again, with her father also suddenly appearing out of the blue. With that said, I do however find it intriguing that JW is seemingly oblivious to how AR’s brother and father acts and operates everytime money is involved. Surely, if JW knew AR’s brother well, he wouldn’t have given that large amounts of money to him directly, it’s just a big NO right there. Which leads to my other point, was JW not as close to AR’s family as he should have been? Surely, JW should have been aware already of AR’s own fears and weakness – her brother and father mooching off herself and her mom. Inconsistency? Maybe, but it’s definitely worth noting about, especially when their marriage lasted for at least 4 years – that’s plenty of time to get to know each other.

    • 2.2 Silverteem

      Woops how did this end up here i wasn’t really replying to kdaddict’s post but anyway feel free to reply back. 😀

  3. Tracy

    I’m just as on board with you guys, really didnt think I’d enjoy the premise but they managed to make flawed characters endearing, esp NAR, and I havee enjoyed the four eps so far. During the end of ep 4, i even felt the ep go by so quickly and Ic an’t wait for next weel to have some more

  4. Megan

    //He offers to buy her drinks to thank her for finding it, and although she looks away with exasperation, there’s no way she’s turning down an offer of free alcohol, especially not combined with that pretty face. I mean, would you?//

    Uuuuuuuuuhh– that’d be a hell no. That is an adorable face. And he does tricks with alcohol, whats not to love??

    I like the comparison to Persuasion. I can see it. Maybe Wentworth wasn’t quite as big of an asshole like Jung-woo, and Ae-ra is more devious in her motives than Anne (she seems more like Anne’s sister and father most of the time, actually) but now that you brought it up, I’m going to be looking to see if the comparisons continue.

    Great recap and food for thought, purplecow!

    • 4.1 TS

      He’s in the Hello Venus video, Do You Want Some Tea? I’m guessing he and catty sunbae are both in Pledis.

  5. Jenn

    I literally just watched the two versions of Persuasion last weekend and I didn’t make the connection until you noted it…Also it looked like the blond streaked criminal was still following them, did I misunderstand that?
    🙂 thanks for the recap!

    • 5.1 dani305

      I’m a diehard Jane Austen fan and I couldn’t think of the similarities until one beaner mentioned it in the comments for ep 3. Yay for the Austen love!!

  6. leisuregirl

    I’m so waiting for ep 5 preview, but still hasn’t come out yet 🙁

  7. jess89234

    AWESOME RECAP 😀 😀 Love this drama <3 <3 <3

  8. lemondoodle

    Is it too late to turn this into a noona romance? I wasn’t shipping Ae Ra and Seung-hyun until this episode, but they are actually good for each other. She helps him grow up a lot and he’s sweet without being the typical perfect second lead. Plus, his personality is goofy enough to fit her. I mean, randomly selca in the police station… Most of the time I find second lead syndrome couples so utterly boring, but they would be actually be a really fun couple.

    The house scene, yes I feel his pain and that he it built it and broods there shows his love for her deeep down, but still he’s mostly a self centered jerk wallowing in his own misery, refusing to see that he’s not actually the poor victim in everything. Does the guy really have no guilt whatsoever that he made his wife suffer with no gas and without the ability to pay the rent??? There has to be some somewhere. I’m really interested in seeing how he acts now.

    And I’m really glad she dusted herself off and is back up and running. Good for her. Whatever it is she does next I’m sure it’ll be amusing to watch. I don’t expect her to give up on him, but I’m hoping it’s not really her total focus. She’s great at work and doing a great job there and forcing him to congratulate you and finally realize your efforts is much better than silly attempts at seduction. And if he never does, at least you have a good paying job and can move on to bigger things.

    Oh and it totally sums up my problems with JW that he said he’s going to live in the house his ex-wife dreamed of with his new wife. So selfish and lacking in any sort of awareness that his other half might feel differently than you do. I feel sorry for her already.

    • 8.1 Myka K.

      I too agree! Can this be a noona romance instead? That selfie scene has successfully made me ship the eight-years-apart couple.

      • 8.1.1 dani305

        And her reaction was so natural. Never mind that she’s at the police station and talking to a cop. When someone tells her to smile, she just does it. I’d totally pull a derp face if I was in her position. Haha, I love NAR!

    • 8.2 Nadirah

      By the end of ep 4, I ended up rooting for a noona romance myself!

      Unfortunately, we’d both be disappointed by that 😛

    • 8.3 hipployta

      His deliberate ignoring of the reality of their marriage is what annoys me the most and that house scene…he’s going to have to grovel

    • 8.4 kelela

      It’s the Lee Min Jung chemistry! In Big she had it with Shin Won Ho. In this one, her and Seo Kang Joon have it as well. She seems to have incredible chemistry with a lot of her male leads.

    • 8.5 CBass

      Who would actually want to move into the house planned and built with the ex in mind??? Not me!!!

  9. Jennipoh

    Thank you for your hard work! I am enjoying your recaps very much. Truthfully I was slightly disappointed to hear that the original writers of DB were taking on “minion recappers” (because I thought the voice/style might stray too far), but so far I’ve been very delighted and pleased with the quality work you’ve given us! (And that goes for all the other new recappers as well.) DB is growing into something great, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

    Again, thank you!!!

  10. 10 Baek Song-yi

    Seung-hyun is SO ADORABLE. Please don’t hurt him, writer-nim!

    • 10.1 Baek Song-yi

      I just had to put that out there first – I had such a huge smile on my face throughout this episode on account of all my cooing and squeeing over Seung-hyun. However, I cannot pretend to understand his affinity for lipstick.

      I also very much enjoy the back-and-forth between the leads. Jung-woo may be a tremendous jerk at times, but thank goodness Ae-ra won’t be taking it lying down.

      And why on earth is Director Oh following Jung-woo? My best guess is that it’s to do with Angry Dad (aka Seung-hyun and Yeo-jin’s father). He’s either scoping Jung-woo out as a prospective son-in-law, or trying to find any dirty laundry that could undermine him – in order to take over the business and steer it in a more profit-oriented direction.

      Great comments, purplecow, and I enjoyed your ‘Persuasion’ tangent. I studied it too, and I remember a collective swoon went around the ladies of the room when that letter came up…

      …led by the female teacher, ha.

    • 10.2 dani305

      I wasn’t warm to his character at all prior to this ep. But he has become her knight in shining armor. How tragic that she doesn’t know it.

  11. 11 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    (Persuasion was my first JA novel, even before P&P, btw.
    I am assuming you have viewed the grounds at Pemberly.com, too?)

    This show makes me LOL with its silly asides and movie parodies, but I am totally on AR’s side in her efforts to…um…what again? Make him apologize or show he’s grateful for her support while it lasted? Make him fall in love with her again and then crush him? Molla! Whatever it is at the moment.

    And, yes, White Horse’s Ass does win the prize for biggest ASS H in the dramaverse. What a jerk. What a big fat jerk with the “MY dream house.”

    It is amazing that JSW can take his beautiful sad smile and use it as a way to make me HATE him. I really like him in this role because of how much I want to spork him. It’s different from Giant (parts of it, anyway), Paradise Ranch, Thornbirds where he was the successful but sincere one. Here he gets to be nasty. Inexpertly, yes, but still a douche.

    I don’t want that nice lady with the cute little brother to get hurt, so it would be nice if she could take JW and let AR have the cute little brother. Oh, this isn’t BIG? Oh well…

    • 11.1 lemondoodle

      She’s suffered enough. Don’t make her take JW.

    • 11.2 ilikemangos

      Oh man, loved to hate that scene where he said it was “MY” dream house.. The girl, for the first time in a LONG time, finally let her guard down, is possibly at her most vulnerable point, and he decides to attack where it hurts the most. Very low, very very low. He’s the very definition of a man child, our hero. Perhaps mentally and physically he has changed, but his emotional standpoint has not changed one bit since the divorce. Ae-Ra seems to have moved on even more than he has.

      So with you on Ae Ra + little bro. Starting to second lead ship. Esp. that scene where he knocks down the thief. Seo Kang Joon’s charm makes it alot easier, too.

    • 11.3 Emy

      I don’t disagree that JW acted like a jerk. In fact, I’m 100% on AR’s side. However, seeing it from his perspective: AR so far has been acting like an ex-wife who schemes to get him back now only because he’s rich.

      Of course, that isn’t AR’s intention. She intends to humiliate him. But she ACTS as though she wants to get closer to him again.

      And JW, who had fell for what he thought was her “act” once before, thinks that AR is a gold-digger. It’s not true, but AR’s comments when she divorced him can be read as her only married him for his ability to give her a good life. So I don’t blame JW for thinking that AR’s tears in the “dream house” scene are crocodile tears. Especially after witnessing all her sweet-talks in the last 2 episodes.

      • 11.3.1 lemondoodle

        Well, my issues with him go back before she was even his ex-wife that came back into his life. I can get his reaction if they didn’t have a past together. Despite what he put her through and what she suffered because of him, she seems more than willing to move on from it. While he seemed to forget their whole marriage, the four years she supported him, his debt and her part in his success and only remembers the mean things she told him at the end of it.

        • Emy

          I completely understand your point. And, to be honest, I agree with it. JW isn’t being a big man here.

          But, the thing is, AR isn’t just mean to JW only at the end. To me, her treatment of him changed for the worse the moment he quit his job. She cursed him, yelled at him, locked him out of the apartments in the freezing cold, and refused to let him eat. Yes, she supported him, but she did it with bitter words and actions. It’s difficult to remember something like that fondly.

          Iif somebody gave me $$ while insulting me, to be honest, I’d remember the insults more than I do the $$.

          I am not blaming AR. In fact, if my husband acted the way JW did (not consulting me when making major decisions), I’m not sure I could have stayed with him and suffered for 4 years the way AR did. I think most of the faults rest with JW, though both of them were at fault.

          However, honestly, I think JW was too focused on his project that he didn’t know the extent of suffering AR went through because of him. So to him, right now, HE was more wronged than she was. (I’m not saying he’s right. That’s his perception of the events.)

          Plus, is AR really ready to move on from it? From JW’s view, he had already given her (through her brother) more than enough alimony $$ (which, I’m sure, would have been more than enough to pay off the debt he left her with). He thought she accepted it, since AR never told him she didn’t ask her brother to get it + that he had used up all of it. So, in his mind, he owes her nothing now.

          He told her to stay away from him. Now SHE’S the one who keeps showing up — wanting revenge, an apology. Sure, he owes her an apology. Way more than an apology, in fact. But she also owes him one for the way she treated him during and at the end of their marriage.

          Sorry, while I’m completely on AR’s side, I just think that many viewers are rather harsh on JW. We’re watching from AR’s point of view — and thus is automatically sympathetic towards her. However, I just want to bring attention to JW’s point of view — and how, like JW, we would feel if we DIDN’T actually witness or know what AR went through, before and after the divorce.

          To JW, right now, AR is an ex-wife who treated him terribly during their marriage, who he had paid more than enough $$ in alimony, and yet who tries to seduce him now just because he is rich. From that point of view, I don’t blame him for his actions.

          BUT! I’d really like to see how JW changes once he learns of the full extent of the suffering AR went through because of him. Once he finds out that none of the alimony $$ he gave AR’s brother ever went to AR. If, even after that, he continues to treat her terribly — then, will, I’ll join everybody in cursing him as well. 🙂

          • lemondoodle

            Yeah, she wasn’t nice though the kicking him out came close to the end of their marriage since it was right before she had the possible miscarriage. Though she obviously wasn’t right in doing that. It’s hard to feel grateful for support if you are constantly yelled at I agree.

            I do think she’s ready to move on, the house scene showed that where she was finally opening up and actually emotionally vulnerable and honest. Something he has yet to actually do. She moved way too fast obviously, though even if other scenes she’s happy if he shows any slight warmth to her. Sure she says that’s part of her revenge plan, but that’s not all that believable.

            He did tell her to stay away, threw away her application and then he hired her because she wanted to never see a man like him again. So there they are both pretty even in their childishness.

            I do agree we are harsh on JW because we know a lot more than he does and we see things from AR’s POV and not his. He’s the victim of dramatic irony right now and also the victim of being very very stupid even though he’s intelligent. I’m sure something will click soon and he’ll change his ways. Kdrama heroes already do. He better anyway, if he wants to stop the noona romance from happening.

      • 11.3.2 aRg

        Bwahahah “crocodile tears” -_-a

        Yes, if Ae Ra didn’t say those harsh word to Jung Woo when they’re going to divorce, I think JW will a lil bit not hate her too much. She makes Jung Woo think that she marry him because of money.
        But it doesn’t mean that I’m on JW side. I still on my opinion that both of them was wrong :))

        Btw, even as a CEO again, I’m happy with Joo Sang Wook characther in this drama. Just like all charachters stay in one person : childish, naive, cold, brusque, etc

        • Emy

          I agree. 🙂 Both of them were wrong, though JW more than AR. But both of them are now only focused on the wrongs their ex did to them, completely forgetting the wrongs they did in return.

          I’m looking forward to them realizing and apologizing, because I think they still have great chemistry together.

          • aRg

            Yes, I’m looking forward when and how they will realize about their mistakes and forgive each other. That’s the main point that I want to LEARN about this drama. The problem about will they ended uo together or not, is not really my main attention hahaha 😀 😀

  12. 12 AAAA

    I’m actually enjoying this drama a lot more through your recaps. Yes, I’m “watching” this drama vicariously through your writing, and having a better time (plus saving myself an hour per episode) The drama script is not as enthralling as your recaps, unfortunately. Maybe it’s one of those with slow starts?

    I’m surprised you guys haven’t been covering “Let’s Eat”. Next week will be the final episode. Great great great drama with excellent casting and script and directing/cinematography.

    Don’t miss Let’s Eat!!!

    • 12.1 ilikemangos

      Let’s eat is way too far into its run (next week is finale) so recaps are impossible. Perhaps a podcast mention? Or series review by any recapper?

      • 12.1.1 Sae

        The White Christmas recap was written way after the show finished (which was much appreciated!!) so it’s not entirely impossible.

        • ilikemangos

          White Christmas is a rare one. It was only 8 episodes — half of your usual k-drama run, and was a show that Headsno2 could not let slip away. Recapping it served the show well. It was certainly thought-provoking.
          Let’s eat is the kind of show that is better enjoyed watching than recapping (i am loving it, btw).

      • 12.1.2 Chandler

        Yeah unfortunately it began airing before all this expansion occurred. It’s too bad. I do think it is a show that is much better just sitting down and enjoying, rather than reading about, but some of the best discussions I’ve had about dramas lately have been about it so I hope it does get a podcast mention or a review! Here’s to hoping!

  13. 13 ilikemangos

    The level 7 civil servant bgm had me chuckling a bit.
    Some parodies, coupled with Ae-Ra’s vivid imagination is an entertaining watch.
    The drunken “son of a b****” on his car — lee min jung makes me laugh.

  14. 14 Lc

    I’m not watching this drama, just reading the recaps – and enjoying them. The way the drama is going, I can finally forget why I didn’t have any sympathy for Aera In the first place – she married for security instead of love. That means she sees Jung Woo as simply a meal ticket instead of an actual person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

    In retrospect, I hope that eps 1 & 2 will be taken as a cautionary tale for young women who believe or are told the nonsense that as long as they marry a good man, they are set for life. Better to rely on your own efforts to make out something for yourself and then marry, instead of letting your self worth be defined by the prospects of your future husband.

    • 14.1 liz

      Thing is, he knew. She told him. She told him her dream was to be a housewife, he agreed to. Then knowing it, having little time of marriage, and having no way to have a stable money/income, he quits his work because he wants to, because of his dream.

    • 14.2 pogo

      She may have married him for security (and don’t underestimate the value of that in some countries including SK – as we see, getting a job isn’t easy for a woman, especially a married one) but she was up front about it, and over time she grew to have genuine feelings for him – she wouldn’t have been so cut up on the day of her divorce if she wasn’t.

      But we’ve had the chance to see why that security is so important to her – wastrel father and brother, growing up watching her mother tolerate their antics – that her wish for some small-scale financial security does not seem unreasonable. And Jung-woo doesn’t help his own case any by making a major financial decision (quitting his job) barely 3 months into their married life, without telling her first. In her eyes, he basically behaved just like Soo-cheol and dad. Sure, she could have been nicer, but she did have every right to feel angry.

  15. 15 laraffinee

    OMG! The security footage from inside the car while Ae Ra was ranting and spraying the car had me in stitches.
    She is a wonderful comedic actress!

    I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the episodes.

    I do find it annoying that there are posts going on and on about other series – like trolls trying to pull in viewers.

    This series is delightful!

  16. 16 Mawu

    Purplecow, I love your recap! Thank goodness you’re recapping this drama. Maybe because we both love this show, but it’s like you can hear my thoughts and are writing this down.

    I agree that it’s not the tightest writing around, but hey, I am enjoying it a lot. It’s making me laugh and squee and all. Other readers are totally bashing either the male or female lead but I have to say that our leads’ actions are totally motivated by their feelings for each other. And as long as there are feelings, there’s hope!

    The great thing about the series, as some have already pointed out, is that the 2nd leads are not super annoying. In fact, I could ship them too. LOL.

    I heart the noona-love so much. I hope to see more of it in the next few eps.

    Again, thanks so much purplecow!

  17. 17 eastwestmess

    Dude, I love your recaps. I hated episode 4 because I feel discontinuity with the characterizations, especially that of our heroine. But reading your perspective made me appreciate the episode. I don’t know if I’ll continue watching but I’ll definitely tune in for recaps. I may even like the show better this way.

  18. 18 domo

    Thanks for the recap purplecow!

    I know what you mean about that judo scene…

  19. 19 mem916

    Thanks for the recap and yes it does remind me of persuasion and let’s hope it ends the same

  20. 20 Redge

    That Persuasion link is great! I can definitely see it and now I’ll have to make comparisons! 😉

  21. 21 Chandler

    I enjoy your optimistic approach to the show 🙂 It lessened some of the fears I had regarding it and reminded why I liked it in the first place after getting influenced by many other comments about it. I think I’m ready to continue with it next week 🙂

  22. 22 Eileen

    Thanks for the recaps, purplecow! The definitely see the Persuasion connection.

    I’m in love with the song that comes on during the show’s heart-tugging moments (“everyone has someone to lean on but me, everybody has somebody to hold but me; then i think of you, i think of you…” – does anyone have an idea what the title of the song is or who sings it?

    • 22.1 D

      i’ve been googling for a few days now but still nothing.. i hope someone out there can help..

      i love it too

    • 22.2 cecile

      I think thats part of the OST that yet to be released..

  23. 23 momoi

    I’m hoping for this to become a noona romance drama. Please, pretty please with sugar and cute dongsaengs on top?

    lol at Seunghyun taking a selca at the police station.

    This episode made me love 3 out of the 4 leads so much more than before: Ae-ra, Seunghyun, and Yeo-jin. Jung Woo remains a jerk IMO.

    The scene between Ae-ra and Yeo jin was great. We often see the two female leads either fight at first, or pretend to be nice, but that scene seemed very genuine, like they were friends.

    Side note: Soo-cheol would look really good without that mustache.

  24. 24 Katie

    OMG. Persuasion fan out there? YES! I completely agree.

    Whereas I’ve seen a bunch of people bash Aera for “using” him I see it a little differently. I see her wanting to get out of her old life, finding some cute nerdy guy and eventually growing to love him. She thought he’d be a civil servant and she’d be taken care of, since she had tried hard before and kept coming up short. Sh then had to struggle for 4 years while her husband tried and failed and failed and failed. While I don’t necessarily applaud getting divorced, it’s not a crazy thing to do in this case.

    Anyhow, I think the first time they were together it just wasn’t quite right, but now their second meeting will be perfect. Btw, I love the 2007 version (Rupert Penry-Jones, RAWR).

    • 24.1 KKrazy

      I think both share responsibility for the ending of their marriage.

      I think she did see a nerdy guy and fell in love, but who he was or what he wanted out of life never entered into her world at that time.

      He wanted to pursue his work, but did not take who she was and what she wanted out of life into consideration.

      I’m looking forward to growth in both of them! Especially hoping respect and true consideration blooms.

      • 24.1.1 windsun33

        “..but who he was or what he wanted out of life never entered into her world at that time..”

        I think that was a major fail on her part also. She was so fixated on being the housewife of a civil servant, that she never really looked or apparently had any interest is what he wanted. Even now, I am not sure that she even knows what an engineer is or does – she was far more focused on the “civil servant” part.

  25. 25 TS

    Purplecow, this was brilliant, thank you.

  26. 26 RockPaperScissors

    Thanks for the recap, purplecow! I am enjoying your analysis.

    I like the reference you made to “Persuasion”. It was my favorite of all Jane Austen’s books. It has been said her stories cover all the different kinds of love: passionate, familiar, lustfull, etc. What would Jane do?

    Taking your ex-wife to see the home you dreamed of when married, well that’s not revenge really. It’s a huge billboard saying “I never got over you”.

    • 26.1 trixicopper

      Not just any billboard either.
      One with flashing neon lights! 🙂

      Great job purplecow! Thanks.

  27. 27 Carole McDonnell

    Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen novel, and I see your point. Although in that case it was status getting in the way of the marriage…in this case…ahhhhhh

    I’m liking that the second lead female is so sweet and sane. Love her brother too. Some relatively nice chaebol folks in this drama.

  28. 28 Carole McDonnell

    Thanks, Purplecow!

  29. 29 yellow

    i like it!

  30. 30 kittycat

    I started watching this drama this weekend because now that YWCFtS has ended I have nothing to watch until In A Good Way airs on Friday. I read the recaps here and it seems as if most people aren’t feeling this drama, but I’m enjoying it a lot. I just not into action dramas so the other Wed-Thurs shows haven’t grabbed my attention. The main couple in this are just fun to watch as they try to one-up each other every time they meet. Also, I think this Sly and Single is handling the divorce theme better then EC. I Still haven’t felt much of a connection between the couple in EC, but it’s obvious to tell in this drama that the 2 leads still love each other deep down IMO. At least SaSA doesn’t have a monster-in-law who I want to hit. So far I’m enjoying this drama so I’ll keep watching. 🙂

  31. 31 Maricel

    I love the fact you like the show. It’s hard reading recaps where the one doing them is constantly critizicing the drama and its plot, this one might not be perfect but certainly has good points.

    About the house scene, I can compare it to persuasion, or at least the 2009 movie,. There is a scene where they were dining and Wentworth indirectly told Anne that he could never have a woman easily persuaded by others. He exude all the power and confidence he had won over the years, and showed how resentful he stil was. The whole speech and his actions made her feel horrible 🙁 .
    For me, both scenes are similar. If Ae Ra hadn’t been that hurt and pathetic, it would have been great. I felt sorry for her.

    Am I the only one loving the main male character? I understand how innocent his love was, how he relied on her, and how betrayed he feels now. He had a romantic perception of love , he still does when treasuring all of his memories with her.

    I am loving the “I will make you regret ” parts. It’s bitter – sweet… Maybe , it’s only me but I want them to last for many episodes more, I know at the end both of them will understand their motifs and will go back to love again.

    I hate long posts but I adore Persuasion and its little references have me totally invested in this show. 😀

  32. 32 Exquisitemelody

    Thanks for the awesome recaps! I’m to busy to actually watch but I’m glad I can still follow along!

    I’m not sure how I feel about jw. Maybe bc I’m not actually watching, but bringing her to their dream house?!?!? I’ve watched a lot of dramas, and that might actually be the cruelest thing I’ve ever witnessed a lead do and that’s saying a lot. It’s going to take a lot for me to forgive him for that move especially bc of all the hardships she has gone through. He’s got almost every part of his body in a@$hole land…ill give him the tiniest bit of credit for not letting her take the fall for the security thing, but. Wow. Cruel.

  33. 33 pogo

    Thanks for the recaps, purplecow! I’m really enjoying Lee Min-jung in this role, I’d forgotten how winsome she can be in comedies when given a little something to play with, and she really is giving it her all here – I love ranty Ae-ra!

    Side note about Secretary L: he’s been nailing the expressions of Secretary Gil perfectly, and I love his Man Friday bromance with Jung-woo……but his line delivery is so stiff. I wouldn’t write him off as an actor since he really isn’t Taecyeon levels of awful (at least his eyes have expression in them, for starters) and he was pretty good in Shut Up Flower Boy Band plus he is thankfully not taking up lead role space, but he really needs to work on his line delivery.

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      I still find L really unnatural in his performance. He’s certainly emoting more than the likes of some idols who are often times stiff, but just like in his master’s sun role, he was over-acting like his life depended on it and his facial expressions were so unnatural it felt awkward.
      The thing that helps him a little bit more here is the fact that he’s supposed to be a funny(even charming) character, usually those flaws(his overacting, stressed facial expressions) could work in your favor, or people think the it could be played off as comedic effect..
      But yeah, his line delivery is the worst.

    • 33.2 liz

      L said he would not smirk anymore while acting but he stills do it. He did it all the time in Shut up drama, he was so bad even his fans asked him to not act again LOL

  34. 34 WhiteBirch

    OOH. I love “persuasion” too. I know “pride and prejudice” is usually everyone’s favorite, but “persuasion” is meatier stuff. Fun recap 🙂

    Also, was the “purplecow” in reference to milk tea or williams college? Ephelia?

  35. 35 grace

    wow PURPLECOW.. i really loved your recaps here.it awesome

  36. 36 DramaQueen

    I dont get it. She divorced what she thought was a good-for-nothing husband. He makes it big and she wants revenge? Huh?

    Is he supposed to hang on to her after she dumps him? I dont blame her for wanting to leave him but does she expect him to not be able to move one? Seriously?

    I get that she feels cheated that he got his big-break after they divorced and she wasnt there to enjoy the fruits of her labour. But then again, why is she still angry with him? If she is mad that he has made it, then go get some money off him – which she was too proud to do so but not
    it is not beneath her to have to face him everyday at work as her CEO? Then have him tell her to her face that he was looking forward to sharing his wealth and new home with a new woman? PLEASEEEEE! You are worth more than that Ae-ra!

    The plot is all over the place. Get a life Ae-ra! You deserve a better man!

    • 36.1 windsun33

      I have to admit I still have not figured out her motives, at time they simply don’t make sense. In one scene she only wants an apology, in the next she is having fantasies of dumping him in the ocean. And what ever happened to the letter of resignation – did it just evaporate?

      Not sure how much of this flip flopping is sloppy writing, and how much is due to her not really knowing how she feels.

    • 36.2 Luna

      She hasn’t moved on yet.. and if she has, it will be another story, not this.

  37. 37 Fun Lugha

    For some reason am too lazy to start off this drama, or maybe it’s that this kinda romcom am not feeling at the moment. Hopefully am not missing out on a masterpiece…???

  38. 38 Elvira


    Gorgeous (adorkable, previously) male lead,
    Sweet 2nd lead,
    Charming Secretary L.

    And fallen for all three.
    What you call this disease again?

  39. 39 Dray

    How can he really call it his ‘dream’ when he included her dream of having big windows & lots of plants in the living room & kitchen area?

  40. 40 dani305

    I know everyone is focused on how big a jerk JW is to AR. So I’m surprised that this drama has been able to draw me into its work plot line. For instance, who is sabotaging the company? We know there has to be someone internal. I have this weird feeling about the head security guard. He seemed too eager to pin the breach on AR and a little nervous when the cop held onto the USB after they recovered it from the thief.

    I’m hoping the drama will focus more on work because that will mean less of AR’s family. I find them to be super annoying. Hm, I wonder if we’ll get to meet JW’s family. Or is that something we’re supposed to just gloss over?

  41. 41 cecile

    After that ‘Dream House’ scene, im so gonna enjoy watching JW soon be burried in deep regret for his blindness hate toward AR. Add the perfectness by making it when he is on the brink of losing her to the cute young blood,. BWAHAHAHAHA<3

  42. 42 Julianne

    What is the title of the english song played in the background of Sly and Single again ep 4 and ep 6?Can somebody help me find that song….I find it really nice.Thanks

  43. 43 butterfly

    Waiting for recap ep 5 and 6. Cause the story is becoming more interesting.. The leads’ chemistry is great!

  44. 44 octopus


  45. 45 Crystal

    I found it so interesting that you mentioned Persuasion because I was often reminded of Mansfield Park, mostly because of the two siblings “interfering” with the main pairing.

    The Dream House scene was especially cruel. I can’t at all blame her for being touched by it, and the fact that Jeung-Woo hurt Ae-Ra while she was opening up to him was a definite mark against him. I didn’t think he would be quite that manipulative. We see later in the plot that it was important for Ae-Ra to know about the house.

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