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Sly and Single Again: Episode 8
by | March 23, 2014 | 110 Comments

Sly kicked its game up a notch or three this week, rounding the halfway mark with a full head of steam. The antics of our leads in the first part of the episode are adorable, while the heartbreak — and there was a sizable amount of it this chapter — rings true. Jung-woo’s family make their first appearance, while Ae-ra’s family continues to make me happy by taking up less screen time. Secrets come out and more of the picture is revealed, for the audience no less than the characters. We also see big strides from both of our second leads, as circumstances goad them into acting on their previously hidden feelings.


Ae-ra and Jung-woo prepare for the CF shoot, neither overjoyed about working with the other. Jung-woo is worried about rumors starting about their relationship, but Ae-ra says it will be fine if they just shoot the CF quickly and get it over with.

She gives his costume the once-over and says he should act with confidence. He snorts that she’s one to talk, and the implied jab at her costume (and lack of cup size) causes her to cover up with outraged modesty.

When they actually begin shooting they do surprisingly well, prompting the director to comment that they look like they’ve acted together before. Secretary Gil wisely observes that a situation like this would increase their affection for each other even if it didn’t exist in the first place. He then tells grumpy, acne-stricken Song-hee that she’s sitting in his seat.

Jung-woo calls Yeo-jin during a break to complain about the CF. She offers to stop by later with some food, to which he responds with a resounding negative. Yeo-jin has also heard about the last-minute change in actresses, and we see after she hangs up that she is not happy. She scolds her secretary for not reporting to her before choosing Ae-ra as Song-hee’s replacement.

In the make-up room, Ae-ra glowers at Jung-woo in the mirror and remarks that she looks just fine. Jung-woo wonders why she keeps glancing at him, then hilariously swirls his cape to hide his tight spandex pants.

Song-hee reports to the rest of the advertising team, complaining about how Ae-ra gets to cozy up to the CEO. Seung-hyun replies that it’s just the concept of the CF, but he proceeds to text Ae-ra asking if she’s still working. She replies immediately that they’re working her to death and she hasn’t even had a chance to eat.

Jung-woo’s next task as the DonTalk superhero is holding up an inflatable model of the Earth. Ae-ra is busy texting with Seung-hyun, so she doesn’t notice when the breeze from an oversized fan snaps the tether securing the Earth model and threatens to knock over several heavy props.

Jung-woo throws himself between Ae-ra and a falling column. It may only be a stage prop, but it’s heavy enough to leave a nasty gash on the side of his head and knock him out cold. It looks like a serious injury, and a distressed Ae-ra accompanies Jung-woo to the hospital.

Yeo-jin wakes up from a nightmare. This may be a recurring problem for her, because she gulps down a pill from a bottle she keeps in the dresser nearby. The camera lingers on a shot of her prosthetic leg poking out from under the blanket.

Seung-hyun swings by the site where the CF was shot, hoping to bring Ae-ra some dinner. He hears that the CEO suffered an accident and rushes to the hospital. He calls his sister immediately, but she is in the grips of a deeply medicated sleep and doesn’t hear her phone.

At the hospital, Ae-ra tells Secretary Gil that it was her fault Jung-woo was injured, and that she’ll stay with him. He leaves, promising to bring Jung-woo’s clothes the next morning. Seung-hyun reaches Jung-woo’s room at the hospital, only to see Ae-ra tending to Jung-woo with obvious worry. He doesn’t go inside.

Watching over Jung-woo triggers Ae-ra’s memories of the day she fell sick while selling clothes outside. As many of us feared, she did have a miscarriage, and Jung-woo slept through the phone call from best friend Min-young. Ae-ra cried that day in the hospital waiting room, just as she’s crying now that Jung-woo is injured.

The next morning, Yeo-jin hears of Jung-woo’s accident and rushes to the hospital. Ae-ra has spent the night there, still in her costume and makeup. Yeo-jin thanks Ae-ra for staying with the CEO, but says that she should leave now. She even offers her car and driver to make sure that Ae-ra gets safely home.

Jung-woo wakes up just after Ae-ra leaves, and Yeo-jin is the first person he sees. Yeo-jin tells him it’s a relief he woke up.

The next day at work, everyone gathers to watch a news interview with Jung-woo, where it’s announced that the new software functionality is expected to raise stock prices even more. Jung-woo responds confidently, not looking at all as if he spent the night in the hospital after rescuing a damsel in distress.

Yeo-jin and Jung-woo argue about the future direction of the company, and Yeo-jin reflects that they never agree where work is concerned. Jung-woo maintains that they’re still good partners, “because you can protect me and I can trust you.” The argument is put aside for the moment, and Yeo-jin asks if Jung-woo has some free time later.

Sunbae Song-hee confronts a sleepy Ae-ra at her desk, offering her some tissues to wipe off her drool. Ae-ra asks if she can say something impertinent, then scolds Song-hee for being wasteful by offering too many tissues (HA!), as well as printing documents in color. Song-hee has no chance to respond, as Yeo-jin has just arrived for a meeting with Ae-ra and Team Leader Wang.

Yeo-jin compliments Ae-ra on her work and asks her to help with a new product launch, effectively going over Team Leader Wang’s head. Ae-ra goes back to her desk with a bounce in her step, and Seung-hyun observes that she seems very happy to have been complimented by the director. Butter wouldn’t melt in Ae-ra’s mouth when she replies that she’s just glad to have met someone who thinks about the company in the same caring way that she does.

Ae-ra and Yeo-jin plan a marketing strategy for the company, and Ae-ra offers some useful advice about the target demographic. After work they go tie-shopping, and Yeo-jin admits that the tie is a gift for the man she likes. Ae-ra remembers exactly how Yeo-jin described him, so she recommends a tie that will give the mystery man a softer image. Yeo-jin claims that a woman giving a man a tie means “I want to have you,” and admits she’s going to confess when she gives him the tie. Ae-ra cheers her on, no idea that the tie’s intended recipient is her ex.

After tie-shopping Yeo-jin treats Ae-ra to dinner at a fancy restaurant. They talk about Ae-ra’s many jobs and how DonTalk compares, and Yeo-jin reflects that Ae-ra seems to have been hurt deeply by her divorce. “Is there any divorce that doesn’t leave scars?” Ae-ra asks rhetorically. “I may look like I’m laughing, but inside I’m crying.”

Jung-woo approaches their table — ah, so Yeo-jin scheduled their dinner so that Ae-ra would see them together — in time to overhear some of the conversation. Ae-ra says that although she detested her ex, she recently saw him get hurt and it made her feel terrible. She admits, “I’m not sure what this emotion is…”

Yeo-jin responds immediately that it’s probably just sympathy, and Ae-ra shouldn’t read too much into it. Yes, and you’re a completely objective outside observer, Yeo-jin…

Jung-woo gets a call from his mother that leads him to cancel the dinner with Yeo-jin. He waits for Ae-ra outside, however, and asks her to go with him to visit his parents — his father is in critical condition.

The drive fills in a few blanks for us regarding Jung-woo’s family. His father was affected by the failures of Jung-woo’s business, and Jung-woo feels guilty about his father’s current poor health. In a flashback, we see that Jung-woo’s father is a sweet man who often helped Ae-ra out of difficulties, like when he turned an old-fashioned rice pot into a makeshift fishbowl to cover up Ae-ra’s disastrous attempt to make rice without an electric cooker.

Jung-woo reveals that his father had a stroke three years ago, and the few times he regained consciousness and recognized his son, he asked to see Ae-ra. They arrive at the house, but they’re too late. Jung-woo’s father has passed away.

As Jung-woo mourns his father’s passing, he remembers how his father supported him through all his hardships. He encouraged his son to look to the future and follow his dreams, saying that the hard times Jung-woo suffered would soon become distant memories.

The moment is even more heart-wrenching because Jung-woo thinks it’s his fault, that the stroke his father suffered could have been avoided if he’d only succeeded sooner, or made different choices. Ae-ra silently offers Jung-woo a shoulder to cry on, bickering momentarily forgotten.

Yeo-jin eats breakfast with her father, and they discuss the news about Jung-woo’s father’s death. Yeo-jin tells her father off for trying to set her up with Robert Kim (the punk who got a well-deserved punch in the face from Jung-woo last episode). President Kook says he doesn’t want his daughter to suffer for someone else’s happiness.

Yeo-jin replies, “But that’s also happiness… even if you don’t know that.”

After Yeo-jin leaves the table, President Kook examines a picture of his wife and children. He sighs that he’s the woodcutter from the fairy tale, and he doesn’t want the fairy — his ex-wife — to leave him and take away his children.

Ae-ra calls in to work to take a personal day for the funeral, prompting Song-hee and Team Leader Wang to gripe about her lack of consideration. Then the news of the death of the CEO’s father comes out, and Team Leader Wang has the whole team take a day off to go to the funeral as well. She insists that people come before business, though her colleague worries that it may be inappropriate to show up, since the CEO said he wasn’t accepting gifts or visits from employees.

Meanwhile Ae-ra helps out during the funeral service, though she receives little thanks for her efforts. Jung-woo’s mother and older sister remark that Ae-ra is really shameless to show up now, when she never visited during the three years when Father was bedridden.

Ae-ra overhears the worst of their spiteful comments — specifically, that it’s a relief Ae-ra and Jung-woo broke up before they could have children. Jung-woo’s family couldn’t have chosen words better calculated to wound Ae-ra if they’d tried, but instead of marching over to treat them to a proper scolding (as I kept hoping she would do), Ae-ra just stands there.

In the rice soup restaurant, Ae-ra’s family laments how Ae-ra was treated by Jung-woo’s family — her mother-in-law always looked down on her for her poor background. Ae-ra’s mother and father disagree about whether it’s appropriate for Ae-ra to attend the funeral or not, while Soo-cheol Oppa reflects that these kinds of problems are what make divorce so difficult.

Team Leader Wang arrives with the marketing team in tow, only to find Ae-ra hard at work. They think she took a personal day to curry favor with the CEO by helping with the funeral, which, if true, would be a rather presumptuous move on her part. Rather than admit her real relationship with Jung-woo, Ae-ra says that’s exactly why she’s here — she wants to score points with her boss.

Song-hee and Team Leader Wang talk about Ae-ra behind her back, shocked at her cunning side, which angers Seung-hyun. He says that if Ae-ra is kissing the ass of the CEO he’s going to do the same thing, and leaves the table to help Ae-ra wash dishes.

Song-hee, astounded, wonders if she just got dissed (the answer is yes, dear). Manager Kam reasons that Seung-hyun must like Ae-ra, and Team Leader Wang makes the whole team follow Ae-ra’s lead by putting on aprons and lending a hand.

Jung-woo’s sister overheard Ae-ra’s colleagues, so she confronts Ae-ra about going to work for Jung-woo’s company. She tells Ae-ra that she’s disgusted by her sly intentions, while Ae-ra just stands there and takes it. Thankfully, Jung-woo comes around in time to tell his sister to stop yelling at Ae-ra.

As Jung-woo walks away with Ae-ra, his sister calls out that it’s Ae-ra’s fault that her father collapsed. Jung-woo explains that his father did collapse after hearing about the divorce, but he insists that it’s his own fault rather than Ae-ra’s.

Yeo-jin arrives at the funeral, and overhears Song-hee speculating that Ae-ra intends to stay late at the funeral. Then Yeo-jin sees Jung-woo and Ae-ra together, with Jung-woo comforting Ae-ra while she cries.

Yeo-jin leaves a flower at the memorial shrine, but she doesn’t perform the traditional bow. She tells Jung-woo it’s for religious reasons, but more than likely it’s because the motion would be difficult if not impossible because of her prosthesis.

Jung-woo’s mother charges in, incensed at the news that Ae-ra is working at Jung-woo’s company. She’s all smiles, however, when she’s introduced to Yeo-jin and finds out that this is the rich, single daughter of the family that invested in Jung-woo’s product.

While Jung-woo’s mother sucks up to Yeo-jin, Ae-ra walks past and catches Jung-woo’s eye. His expression softens as he watches her, and they stand still for a long moment. Seung-hyun sees them looking at each other, however, and pulls Ae-ra away to talk with her alone.

Seung-hyun asks Ae-ra if she likes the CEO, and why she does things that will lead to people pointing fingers at her and cursing her. He isn’t mad that Ae-ra came early to help with the funeral, but he hates seeing her swallow her pride while trying to keep everyone happy. It’s more like her to be confident. His own frustration leads him to say more about why he hates seeing her act this way, but Manager Kam interrupts by saying that they’re all set to go.

It’s an awkward car ride back home, with Song-hee and Team Leader Wang making snide comments about Ae-ra being so dedicated to succeeding at work. Seung-hyun maintains a broody silence as he stares out the window.

After all the guests have left, Jung-woo remains next to his father’s memorial shrine. He remembers Ae-ra’s offering from earlier that day, when she laid a cup of coffee by the shrine and, tears starting to fall, apologized to her father-in-law that it was only instant coffee. The next time she comes to pay her respects, she will make the special “daughter-in-law coffee” her father-in-law likes so much.

In the present, Jung-woo wrestles with bittersweet memories, while the car with the marketing team makes its way slowly back to Seoul.


I think this week’s episodes may have been the strongest yet. Part of that comes, I think, from the decision to give much less screen-time to Ae-ra’s family and Yeo-jin’s father. They even deserve some credit, because the few times they showed up this episode they were actually rather sweet — although I certainly don’t condone President Gook’s decision to purchase a husband willing to ‘disregard’ his daughter’s physical disability, no matter how pure his intentions were. Shame on you, Dad!

Moving the spotlight away from many of the tertiary characters allowed our leads to really shine in this episode. The section with the DonTalk Superman CF was hilarious, and the transition to the hospital scene did a great job of showing the second leads’ growing awareness of the connection between Ae-ra and Jung-woo. We also see how deep their relationship still is when Ae-ra is so reluctant to leave Jung-woo’s side. She has at least as much reason to resent him as he does her, but when he’s hurt, she puts that aside and takes care of him.

Jung-woo’s family certainly came as a surprise, but — I think — a welcome one. In the span of a single, fairly short flashback, the relationship between Ae-ra and her father-in-law melted my jaded, frozen heart. For the brief duration of that car ride my imagination ran away with me — I was envisioning an episode or two in which Ae-ra and Jung-woo have to pretend to be happily married in order to keep a recovering father-in-law from relapsing (at this point, remember, we hadn’t been told that his collapse occurred after learning of the divorce). And of course, Father-in-law would figure things out, and then milk his convalescence in order to manipulate Ae-ra and Jung-woo closer together. As you can see, I had Episodes 9 and 10 all written out in my head, and I was sold… but it was not to be. The fact that the writing team killed off the father before we even really got a chance to see him was, to me, the great tragedy of this episode. Still, even if it didn’t quite go the way I hoped, the inclusion of Jung-woo’s family was an excellent decision. I only wonder why it didn’t happen sooner.

Somehow, the spitefulness of Jung-woo’s female relatives drew me deeper into the story, as compared with the actions of Ae-ra’s family in earlier episodes, which mostly damaged my engagement with the plot. Adding Jung-woo’s family into the mix this episode gave the show some needed depth, and what’s even more important, it allowed us to see a clearer picture of the relationship between Ae-ra and Jung-woo. When one of them suffers, they put aside their bickering and support each other — first in the hospital, and then during the funeral.

So far it has only been Ae-ra doing the supporting, but I’m confident that will change. If Jung-woo ever learns what we had confirmed for us this episode — that Ae-ra suffered a miscarriage near the end of their marriage — his guilt over not being there for her will surely go a long way towards helping him move past his own pain.

While I’m glad Jung-woo doesn’t share his sister’s belief that Ae-ra is to blame for his father’s stroke, I’m less than thrilled that he still clings to the idea of blame. It’s almost selfish for him to shoulder all that blame alone. Of course, this is better than Jung-woo blaming Ae-ra, but I would like it even more if Jung-woo believed that his father would want him to forgive himself and continue to live life as best he can.

And now for Yeo-jin, who in spite of the slightly makjang backstory is fast becoming one of my favorite rom-com second leads. She goes a little further this episode with her plans to get in the way of Ae-ra and Jung-woo reuniting, but somehow I don’t mind her stratagems all that much. Most second leads subscribe to the idea that all’s fair in love and war, but Yeo-jin doesn’t cross any of the lines that hateful second leads usually do when they’re fighting for their men. She hasn’t fired Ae-ra or done anything to discredit her; she’s just trying to make sure that the divorcees stay divorced. I can forgive moments like Yeo-jin’s evasion in the hospital or her plan at the restaurant, because they didn’t seem to spring from hate or jealousy, just a desire to show Jung-woo how she feels.

As Yeo-jin tells her father at one point during the episode, she’s doing everything she can to make another person happy — and that’s her own definition of happiness. I say good for Yeo-jin, and I can only hope that she’ll accept her eventual disappointment — because at this point I don’t see how things will end well for her — with good grace. She’s already risen above the loss of her leg with admirable poise, and it may be that she will show similar composure when faced with a broken heart.

I find myself really looking forward to the next episodes. Once Jung-woo gets a better handle on his grief, he’ll be forced to revise his opinion of Ae-ra, and that will drastically change their dynamic in the workplace. Meanwhile, Seung-hyun is having trouble maintaining his cool when he sees Ae-ra struggle with her feelings for Jung-woo, and I can see a satisfying conflict shaping up when he finally discovers the truth about her relationship with his hyung.

Keep up the good work, Sly — you’ve raised my expectations, and I really hope you don’t let me down!


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  1. filo

    LOL, who goes to bed with their prosthesis on?!

    • 1.1 momoi

      lol I thought it was odd too. However, I remember talking to a cancer patient in the hospital i worked at that he sometimes kept his one in case he had to run to the bathroom or there was an emergency.

      Though, he was a more unconventional man.

      • 1.1.1 Aigoooo

        I wish they hadn’t added the lost leg backstory for her tragedy. Now, every time I watch her scenes, all i could think of is her leg and if she is portraying a person who lost a leg truthfully. It’s quite distracting.

    • 1.2 Krystal

      Big Baby Driver – Alone Again
      That is the name of the song in the ending!

  2. Violet

    Thank you for the recaps, guys! I’ve been waiting for this drama’s latest recap.


  3. Roggy

    I want her to end up with SH tho!!! He’s good for her! He wants her to be confident and can handle her tantrums without telling her to shut up!!!

  4. niey

    This episode tears me up.it make sad memory come back.my father past away a few month ago because of stroke n kidney problem.just like JW father.he suffer for 3 years,so i can totally understand his feeling at tis moment.

    • 4.1 GrA

      May your dad rest in peace :))

    • 4.2 KDaddict

      Condolences. May memories of him in better days comfort you.

    • 4.3 pogo

      May your father rest in peace, my dear, and I’m sure he went to his rest with the knowledge that you loved him.

    • 4.4 FGB4877

      Dear Niey, my condolences. My father passed away from cancer four years ago, but his genes (and more important: his love and good memories) lives in me. The very best of your father lives in you.

    • 4.5 Rushie

      I understand how you feel, I lost my dad also on Christmas day last year to Leukemia. He suffered for about 3 months even though he’d been living with it for 5 years. My condolences.

  5. Lorac

    Yes, they still love each other but should they be together? I want the answer to be NO…please, please…

  6. RookieMe

    Aww I feel awful for Seung Hyun . I’m like always a sucker for second male leads and it never ends well ε-( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ .

    • 6.1 windsun33

      As for Seung-hyun – I don’t really feel awful at all. It looks to me like he is into some kind of obsessive puppy-love thing more than any real attraction between the two. It is obvious that Ae Ra has no interest in him.

      • 6.1.1 ohmyDramas

        Well i guess you could put it that way.
        But i like seeing him smiling and showing his cute dimples but when he saw NAR with JW and he just looked so sad.

    • 6.2 mo0mi

      i don’t really feel for him, they insinuated that he’s quite a player and it’s really early he can still move on (which will not happen, cause it’s a drama.. but then again we can always hope for miracles^^) i feel more for his sister, since finding out about the leg and the whole accident story is terrible, so it’s hard to hate her. i mean having no leg will make it hard to find someone, they should at least be dissent and find her a new guy eventually..

  7. Yuan

    What is the song at the end of the episode? 🙂
    I like how the story develops… Now we finally know what happened before and after they divorce…
    Ae-ra had a miscarriage due to all her hard labour work. (<- Can't wait for this to be revealed to Jung-woo!)
    Jung-woo's dad suffered a stroke after their divorce.

    • 7.1 Anna

      It is a pretty sweet song. Reminds me of that song from INR3.

      But it has more impact since loneliness is a sadder and much more common emotion here. “Everyone has got someone to lean on but me, Everybody has got somebody to hold but me, then I think of you, I open the book and find me a place I have never been…”

      I’m searching everywhere but I can’t find it. I’ll mention it if I do though, sing along for the while.

      • 7.1.1 malou1010

        Me too, I love the singer & the song. I read someone mentioned Priscilla Ahn & she sounds like her. Do you know the title of the song?

        • Anna

          Sadly, no…

          I checked her out, Priscilla seems to have a more high pitched voice. This singer’s voice seems deeper, but maybe that simply depends on the type of song it is.

          I think they’ll release it in the OST after the end of the drama, like they did with INR3. Hoping they release it sooner. I have no idea though. I would mention it in the subsequent recaps if I find it. 😀

          • malou1010

            Wow, that was fast! You know, I’m thinking Ingrid Michaelson or Sara Bareilles. Will let you know, too. Thanks!

          • RookieMe

            pretty sure its Big Baby Driver. The song’s not out yet but its beautiful.

          • Anna

            Spot on, RookieMe. I heard her and I’m sure it’s her. Thanks!!

          • Liz

            Yes the song is by big baby driver and it’s called alone again. It’s on YouTube.

      • 7.1.2 Leslie

        I’ve been looking for it too. On Yahoo Answers, I read that it’s Big Baby Driver but has not been released yet so we won’t be able to find it.


  8. real

    Oh no… don’t make NAR end up with SH.. no. I don’t care if NAR won’t end up with JW.. but please don’t make her end up with SH. I am a woman that reached 30, although SH seemed mature, If I were NAR (who’s 34), I wouldn’t choose him as a husband. although SH has that good attitude, I still see him as a cute boy who’s still learning about life.

    • 8.1 GrA

      Agree … I just want to make a comment like yours :))

      • 8.1.1 Lorac

        26 is not that young but in the case of SH, he still is… I just like his light personality that compliments Ae-ra… but you’re right that SH as Ae Ra’s husband, I could also not see it… still, I’d rather have Ae-ra with SH than with JW… with their history I honestly think rarely a woman of 34 would go back to his ex-husband considering the pain she’d been through…I wonder how the writer will redeem JW character…’coz I haven’t seen a single trait that i like about JW…

        • real

          hi @Lorac 🙂
          honestly, I have a friend that has experience like NAR (this is real, I swear by God). everytime she share about her problem with me, how she works hard to pay her husband debt (and ya, like CJW, her husband tried to build his own businedd, but till now, it’s a failure and mounts of debt is only what’s left), I told her just to just divorce him, but till now, she’s still with him only for reason that she already have two children that she’s not ready to be a single mother. and his husband is more self-centered than CJW in this drama. so I think, NAR here (although it’s only in this fiction rom-com) is more lucky. and as for SH, trust me, my friend’s husband at first has that nice attitude.. but it never guarantees everything.. especially when people have to go through some hardships.. and SH is never lack of anything, especially when we talk about money, though his family is not that good. SH can be a good and mature man.. but he still have to go through lots to become a real man.. and I think NAR doesn’t have that much time to wait. 🙂

          • real

            btw, I’m sorry for my bad grammar..

          • Sky

            Haha everyone has good attitude/ nice when they want to date someone. But sometimes it change in marriage. I see a lot of this in in my neighborhood 😀 😀

        • GrA

          @Lorac well, this is just my opinion. I really concern about what you said : ’”coz I haven’t seen a single trait that i like about JW”

          From the prev episodes, let’s see what JW has done to AR, except his bad side (I mean, let his wife working a lot, pay debt etc) Let’s try to see his positive sides. When AR get mad, JW always try to comfort/meek to her..not on the contrary to “leave” her. We also can see this when AR get mad to her best friend, Min Young. When MY said the truth, AR complain, shout to her, & hope MY will run to her to apologize. That’s happen to JW too. Next, look at how AR locked him outside the house, or when JW didn’t allowed by AR to eat because he failed again to get the Investor. I believe that when a man/husband treated like that, it’s hurt their pride. But look, JW never complain about it even for once :))
          Next, even we see that JW hates her so much, but look at how JW “protect” AR about the D&T data that has been stolen by the thief.. He still believe that AR that it’s impossible for AR to to that, that’s why came to check the camera on his car. Next (again) when Gil told JW that he still keep in mind about the “restaurant accident” in AR’s family. By looking at his face, I know that this case make him think to help AR. Also, you can see how JW protect AR once again by the accident in CF making. And the last is, when he said to his sister to stop blaming AR & said it was his fault that makes his father die.

          Those maybe are simple scenes, but we can see the good side of JW :))
          When the negative side happen even for once, the positive sides of that person suddenly disappear from our mind. And unfortunately, we prefer to see his negative side for a long time because of that :)) #nooffense

          • Lorac

            @GrA… none taken… I’m not saying that JW is not a good person…he is, pretty good actually…when I said “I haven’t seen a single trait that i like about JW” I’m actually referring to a trait that I like about him enough for AR to go back to him, if you labor yourself for 4 years supporting your husband and getting yourself in debts to support his business also…I don’t think simple gestures would cut it. The thing that really bugs me when it comes to JW is that, he can’t admit that in their divorce it was 50/50 faults on each side. he kept on obsessing with AR left him…He is older than AR and he is also very successful compared to AR but he can’t admit that he, also, did make some mistakes…with AR, she admits that it was her fault that she gave up…
            hi @real that’s actually my point, as a woman, it would take a lot to decide to leave and once you did, rarely you would go back…I’m actually partial to AR just dating SH…as I’ve said I can’t see her marrying SH…

          • GrA

            @Lorac That’s why we still have another 8 episodes left and we can see (I’m sure) JW dying in his mistakes to AR. At least, JW get my credit by since he said that it is his fault to make his father die regarding to their divorce

        • niKai Soh

          Actually if the problem is just about them two, I think they can work it out. He was great to her back when they were together, but did a mistake. And she still care for him even now. So I didnt mind seeing them get back together. But I couldnt say the same now that i know his family hated her, even before the father collapsed. Family is a big thing to me. He may be forever torn between his family and her if there were to be together again and personally, if that were to happen to me, I wouldnt easily say yes for a reunion.

          • anastassia

            I have to agree on you of this.

    • 8.2 windsun33

      Agree – though the age difference is not that huge, the maturity level between them is much more vast, and I see zero chance of Seung-hyun getting closer to her.

      • 8.2.1 mrmz

        Yea its never about the age difference, but the maturity level. Despite everything, I view Ae Ra as mature and practical, while SH is still dreamy and has yet to know what he wants from life. With this kind of attitude he won’t be able to make her happy. I think what she wants most is stability.

        • Dreamland

          Right .. what AR what the most is stability. This is simple thing but what women in this world that doesn’t want stability from her man ?

    • 8.3 anastassia

      Yup. Just know. How much charming SH is, I dislike the fact kdrama always come with a second lead-sweet-related to the first lead trope, young rich and understanding. I hope more dynamic and substance. Not just a mere second lead for a trait or threat. And he is just too young, and a boy who just a life even with the dimple and cuteness.

      • 8.3.1 anastassia

        typo: Just no

  9. GrA

    Thanks for CSL/SSA team .. this is the best episode so far. This make me really curious about what will happen in the next episode.
    The way JW-AR looak at each other was really touch me. Huft, they still love each other for sure :))

    Well, maybe for the next drama, there is no 2nd male lead anymore. So everyone won’t get hurt because 2nd male won’t end up with the 1st female LOL (just kidding) 😀

    Thanks @purplecow .. I’m your fan 😀 😀

  10. 10 Anna

    Your comments on Yeo-Jin made me see her in a new light, so thanks for that purplecow.
    I still didn’t like how rudely she asked Ae-ra to leave and how she didn’t answer when CJW asked her if she had stayed there all night. The fact that she doesn’t lie makes things easier to handle, but I’m afraid she’ll lose her composure and start attacking Ae-ra directly. Also, the fact that she wanted to tell Ae-ra that CJW is “her” man, in order to tell her to maintain her distance was a sly move. Not good. Nope.

    I think there is something deeply heart-warming about Ae-ra’s gestures when she was beside him in the hospital. She was soft and affectionate, as if she is still his wife all these years. It was touching because despite everything between them, he’s still the CJW she loved because he had eyes only for her. It is something beautiful about that I was over-whelmed with but I can’t get words to describe it.

    The miscarriage flashback. As I have already said in the previous recap, Ae-ra had enough grounds to ask for a divorce. It gives a lot more meaning to when she says that she had lost all confidence in the fact that she could keep them happy. I think it was too much to deal with when she saw herself going back to the part-time jobs and supporting her husband.
    And I don’t think it was “noble idiocy” when she hid that fact. It was more like spite. As she saw it, nothing would come out of it, and to her, it would have no effect on the situation because now she feels that CJW doesn’t care what happens to her anyway. To see herself toiling like that for years to come and the pain of losing her child formed her breaking point. I would love to see his reaction when he finally gets to know about that. And it would be so satisfying to see him cry.

    Despite everything, what Ae-ra has done and lost can never be repaid – CJW can’t forget and move on. He can’t return their child and nor can he repay her for paying back all of his debts for 3 years. That has formed a kind of bond between them that cannot be broken.

    Did they really need to kill off the father? Such an adorable father in law. It was nice to see CJW comforting Ae-ra. Like you said purplecow, this guy has serious blaming issues. He needs to understand that things can’t be either his fault or her fault, but the circumstances may play a big role in how life goes. And oof…did they really have to talk about children when Ae-ra could hear them? Arrgh. Instant Dislike.

    I’m totally hooked. Next episode please!!

    • 10.1 coby

      Yeo-Jin is being a b!tch on her own little way… still tolerable at this rate and her reasons understandable… not the downright b!tch that most antagonist we know.

      • 10.1.1 FGB4877

        Give her time. When Yeo-Jin said she knew love and I see the wedding sequence, I see a brat marrying out of curiosity, romanticism and rebellion.

        I guess she will be transforming into her possessive dad anytime soon.

        BTW, love the actress.

    • 10.2 nasus

      I hope finding out the truth (that the miscarriage was the reason Ae-ra filed a divorce) doesn’t become the main reason why they get back together later (if they do), as it would be too predictable. I am looking forward to seeing more surprises since everything seems quite predictable at this point of time. Nevertheless, still lovin’ this show because the story is cute (and romance-centered!).

      • 10.2.1 Anna

        CJW’s still viewing some of her actions negatively , and he still blames the divorce on her. I think this fact will be used to make him realize and re-evaluate Ae-ra’s character.

        Don’t worry about that, I mean, their longing glances show that love is still out there, waiting to be watered once again. They’ll get together because they love each other, not because of that fact!

        That makes me think, aren’t Korean dramas sort of relieving? You know what the ending will be, and it makes romcoms pretty enjoyable to watch. :3

    • 10.3 Emy

      Yes, I agree. While I understand Yeo Jin’s motivations, her actions so far in this episode haven’t endeared her to me as a 2nd lead. To ask AR to pick out the tie she intended to give JW right in front of AR — that’s just really mean and manipulative.

    • 10.4 nomad

      This shows tears at me a bit… I guess as a married person for many years myself, I see an undercurrent in this episode that says “you see, there’s so much pain and sorrow along with happiness that makes up the color of marriage. That color purely belongs to the two people involved. It’s deep and beautiful even when it pains, and can only be seen by outsiders from an outside glass looking in.”

    • 10.5 heonheemoon

      Nicely put!. I second your emotion. Thank you!

      • 10.5.1 heonheemoon

        oops! sorry, wrong comment!

  11. 11 coby

    I like this episode because finally we get to know that indeed she had miscarriage.

    Poor brother and sister will have the same heartaches. I’m still battling whether I want them together again. Its ok if they won’t just would like to see full forgiveness on each side.

    Why does Secretary L is not on the funeral? Thought they were close…

    • 11.1 Julia

      Maybe Secretary Gil has to tend to matters at work while the CEO is at the funeral.

      If you watch Emergency Couple, Chang-min’s mother has two sisters but one of them has disappeared into thin air. I would think that death of a brother-in-law would warrant her presence at the funeral too.

      Speaking of which, why must these two married-divorced-makeup dramas broadcast the male lead’s father dying in the same week? I watched Sly Ep 8 twice and therefore cried twice, then cried some more with Emergency Couple Ep 17. Bf was commenting that my eyes look swollen and puffy!!

      • 11.1.1 SomaliLioness

        I was just going to say about the deaths of the fathers in this week’s episodes of CSL & EC… So sad!

      • 11.1.2 petmink

        Yea, lots of parallels between the two shows, specially this week.

        • Liz

          I agree but I think Sly (plot wise) is moving at lot faster than Emergency couple. Plus the husband in Sly is not as mean as EC husband. I almost stopped watching it after the first couple of episodes cause he was so mean to her.

  12. 12 diba

    I love the leads. I adore Seung Hyun. And as of now I’m not pissed off at Yeo Jin yet – this is a big accomplishment in dramaland lol.

    I have to say tho, altho Mirae’s Choice was awfully pointless and weird, Han Chae Ah’s second lead character there was awesome possum.

  13. 13 Julia

    I really like the allegory -if it really turns out to be one- of Jung-woo and Ae-Ra walking down separate corridors in the same direction outside the restaurant and meeting at the end of it. Since the drama replayed it at the end of this episode, I really hope this is the sign that the (ex)couple are going to stop their childish duel (though I enjoyed it v much!) and work on getting back together for the second half of the drama.

    It was satisfying to see Yeo-Jin plan and carry out her “claim-the-man” tactics only to fail. She wanted to confess her love to Jung-woo in front of Ae-Ra, only for him to cancel on her and wait for Ae-Ra. She has already overheard Jung-woo confessing how hard the divorce took a toil on him at the rooftop, saw Ae-Ra wearing yesterday’s clothes at the funeral and witnessed the couple exchange an endearing glance at each other; I wonder how long she will persist in trying to get a go with Jung-woo who is obviously not over Ae-Ra?

    There was repeated emphasis from Jung-woo that he trusts Yeo-Jin. Somehow I believe that this will begin to change, starting when Secretary Gil tells him Ae-Ra was the one who spent the night by his side at the hospital. Contrary to purplecow, I believe Yeo-Jin offered her chauffeur to Ae-Ra not to get the latter home safely (Ae-Ra can go anywhere else for all she cares?), but to make sure Ae-Ra leaves the hospital and Jung-woo.

    Once the internship is up, Yeo-Jin will likely change her tune and try to chase Ae-Ra out of Dontalk while Jung-woo will swallow his words (and pride) to keep the latter.

    I also wonder when he will realize that Ae-Ra has mellowed down her feisty temper. She swallowed her pride and temper many times and let herself be misunderstood and bullied.

    Argh why is the show only broadcast twice a week? Keeps me guessing how they are going to move the plot forward. Just show me already!!!!

    • 13.1 Rushie

      I agree with everything you said. I really am suspicious about Yeo-jin.

    • 13.2 space kablooie

      I agree with you- the person who’s planning the movement of the shots is doing a great job, with some really subtle (and interesting) movement to reflect the characters of the show. The other one that really stood out to me was JW watching SH and AR together as he goes up in the elevator in episode 7. It was very reflective of what Ae-ra had said about their relationship- that he had essentially given her up in order to found the company and succeed brilliantly in business, and wasn’t that enough?

      And then, in the shot, he gets higher and higher and farther away from her as the elevator goes up, and is left looking down on her talking to another man from a distance, until she’s totally out of sight. I figure at some point he’ll wonder if that top-level office away from her is really where he wants to be.

    • 13.3 Redge

      Loved your note on the allegory! It reminded me of Master’s Sun with JW and TY walking separately with glass between them and meeting at the end.

  14. 14 lemondoodle

    The father in law was sweet. I do wish he would have showed up sooner, it would have been nice to have at least one family member in this drama that didn’t irritate the crap out of me.

    Though it is expected that her family hated her and treated her poorly, so we can add another way she suffered during her marriage. The family is well off, so why was she working multiple jobs supporting him…. ? And why don’t they appreciate the fact that she did? Though I guess in the end you take your family’s side.

    The miscarriage was expected as well. I can see why she never told him about it. It wouldn’t have changed anything. She took the burden alone, much like he did with his father getting sick. I can also see her being mad at him he wasn’t there as well and thinking he didn’t have a right to know. I can understand her pain and anger. She already had grounds for a divorce, but the miscarriage was just the final straw.

    Yeo Jin, nope don’t like her. She’s not particularly doing anything terrible (though there is such a thing as lying by omission, so no she isn’t off the hook for not admitting she wasn’t there all night), but I can see she’s going to be a problem. Especially since AR and JW seem to be coming to some understanding recently. I do give her credit for being smart though. She can’t just fire Ae Ra since she has been her supporter and I think she wouldn’t actually even fire her if she knew CJW and her were totally over. She’s not overplaying her hand just yet, which is somewhat nice to see.

    I could have done without the employees showing up acting a fool. They are too stupid to figure out the connection between CJW and NAR, so I don’t see their point there. Could have just had SH show up. As for SH… I feel bad for him, but poor boy has no chance. Though of course he’s going to remain her supporter and care for her when nobody else does.

    • 14.1 windsun33

      “..The family is well off, so why was she working multiple jobs supporting him…”

      Your 2nd paragraph brings up a lot of questions – and one thing that seems apparent is that he never told his family much about anything. It is also seems a bit off on his part that he never told his family anything to counter the idea that the divorce was all her fault.

      But like most Korean dramas, the suspense all depends on nobody talking to anyone about anything, so I guess it is really to be expected.

    • 14.2 heonheemoon

      I think Ae Ra’s in-law may have been above average compared to her family, and only became well off after JW’s success. Ae Ra’s mother alluded to the fact that her in-law, except the father, looked down on Ae Ra when their smart, passed-with-flying-color-civil-tested son married Ae Ra. They were not very happy to have a daughter-in-law of a rice-soup restaurant owner. In their eyes, he deserved a better match. Maybe it explained why JW did not want to reveal a lot to his family about his personal life since married. He might have wanted to protect Ae Ra’s feelings since he knows she means much more to him than his own family can ever appreciate. We see that protective gesture when he came to defend Ae Ra from his sister’s wrath???… So I think at that time, his family was not able to support him that much. Whatever they can do, they did that for him already as seen in the flash back when his father came to visit. So in the end, Ae Ra was still the bread winner who shoulder the family’s economic burden.

      It may also explain why his mother never saw YJ before even though she was the daughter of a major investor in JW’s company. He may have wanted it that way to keep his family from interfering with his love life, especially when he never got over Ae Ra. At the end of the episode, we can see he ignored all of it when his mother raved, and raved about the suitable-daughter-in-law to be, YJ. It’s so satisfying to see JW wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Ae Ra…Here is to the OTP all the way!!!

    • 14.3 ame

      Nice catch about the family being wealthy! They may not have supported his choice to leave his government job to start a business? It must have been embarassing for his mother, as we can glean from her awful personality during this episode…

  15. 15 Annnsow

    I really liked ep 8 in particular.
    To me those were the most beautiful scenes of this drama so far. Especially at the end, and I think I can add, only at the end did this episode really bring me to a place I appreciated.
    From the moment Jung Weo hears about his dad’s death to the end. I liked the camera angles when he goes to Ae Ra and tell her she needs to go see his dad. But they could have used it in a better way and make this really charming. It was definitely an attempt since that’s the scene they show at the very end of the episode.
    And my second favorite moment is when, at the end, Sung Weo imagines (?) Ae Ra talking to his late father and crying. Just a way to tell her in his mind “I need you right now, and my Father would be happy to see you. I wish…”. Sang Wook’s eyes at this moment expressed this so well. No need for words.
    Also I’m glad we finally learn in a clear way what happened to Ae Ra and how she lost her child. This made me totally sad and I wanted to console her. So my love for this character got deeper. Same for Sung Weo, I’m so rooting for this couple. I prefer when the couple overcome difficulties on their own, or together than when the there is the guy/the girl who promises to “save” their significant other because they believe they have too many flaws. I find this presumptuous, like in I Need Romance 3.

  16. 16 Katie

    Hm, while I appreciate your insight into Yeo Jin I’m not sure if the kdrama writer is as…insightful? While I’d like to think Yeo Jin is doing it just to keep the two divorced, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something…typical second female lead-like. I feel like she’s just the typical second female lead just not fleshed out enough yet. She’s got enough backbone to know what she wants and is willing to play tricks to get it–the tie, (yes she hasn’t fired Ae Ra yet but I’m not sure she could without JW’s approval). She’s lost her love once, but a second time? She won’t let that happen, and will use her money and position to her advantage and I think Ae Ra will step away for Jung Woo’s benefit (but my endgame is still AR/JW). Ack, rambling, not sure if I made any sense lol.

    • 16.1 nomad

      Totally with you. I think Yeo Jin just has not yet played all her cards. Her smirks look a bit on an “evil” side rather than..not.

    • 16.2 windsun33

      I have had the opinion for the past few episodes that the writer does not really know what to do with Yeo Jin.

      We get these random sympathy flashbacks, but no context – like why did she run off in the first place, and why was daddy chasing her? It is like yeah, those were horrible things to happen, but without any story behind it I find it hard to feel much either way. I kind of want to either like her or dislike her, but at this point the writer just has her positioned as a mannequin in a quadrangle, along with the kid who also has no chance in hell.

      • 16.2.1 Fab

        Oh Yeah they should just give those dreadful flashbacks a story already ( I am guessing that’ll not be difficult with a father like hers). Until then I would have a hard time to sympathize with her. Yes I see the fake leg, tell me more…

  17. 17 malou1010

    I love all the episodes so far, but my goodness, I love episode 8 the most! So many touching moments in this episode. Particularly, looooove that longing look Jung Woo gave Aera. It was soooo beautiful, I think my heart skipped a beat! Oh my gosh, it’s as if, time stood still for Jung Woo & all he saw at that point in time, was ONLY Ae Ra, the only woman he’d ever loved, he still loves, & he will always love! Aaah…… his eyes said it all!!!

    Looking forward to the next episode where this adorable couple get to really sort out their true feelings for each other, find each other once again, & finally get back together!

    I absolutely love this drama!!!

  18. 18 evi

    Thanks so much for the recap 🙂

    I feel like the even number eps have all the emotional hooks, and it really makes me impatient for the next episodes!

    The episode was really sad bcos of the death, but I’m glad we got to see how deep the bond between JW and AR is. I love the last scene where they were looking at each other, it conveyed so much emotion.

    I can’t stand YJ’s character currently. I don’t see any redeeming features yet. I think she’s worse than the bullying office colleagues in making herself really friendly in front of AR, while she’s plotting schemes.

    This drama is different from others (e.g. masters sun) where I really enjoyed the presence of the secondary characters. Here I really love how the writers have built up the two main leads but I don’t really care much abt any of the secondary characters. I’m still pretty hooked on it though, and looking forward to see how the rest of the drama unfolds!

  19. 19 malou1010

    Thanks a lot for the recap, purplecow. I was kind of worried there won’t be any recaps.

  20. 20 Peeps

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see JungWoo’s family as bad as everyone here makes them out to be?

    When they were married, JungWoo and AeRa didn’t seem to be living with them, so they probably didn’t know or understand very well what difficulties the two were going through (unless the two told them but they don’t seem like the type to).

    And when they divorced, JungWoo was poor, so, as JungWoo’s family and without full knowledge of how AeRa had supported him, they would naturally come to the conclusion that she left because he was poor. Also the fact that Dad collapsed the when he found out that their marriage fell apart shed no good light on AeRa. And they apparently did not hear from AeRa at all after the divorce and then suddenly saw how she came back into JungWoo’s life after he got successful… the average person would have connected the dots the way they did.

    I didn’t take their point of AeRa and JungWoo being childless when they divorced being a relief badly because I took it as a pragmatic way of seeing it. At least no child had to go through the trauma of having his/her parents divorced and there was no added complications to their already difficult divorce.

    True, his family were not perfect and perhaps they should have understood AeRa more, but I don’t think that they’re despicable. Just more like realistically judgmental and flawed people.

  21. 21 Director woo

    How is it possible you attend a funeral with all the relatives, and not one of your co-workers find out that you are the ex-wife or ex-daughter-in-law of the deceased?

    • 21.1 ilikemangos

      That’s what i was thinking.
      You’d think with all the k-drama gossiping ahjummas that word would get around.
      The writer is not ready to reveal it just yet

    • 21.2 windsun33

      Only in k-dramas is that possible 🙂

      But if the co-workers actually talked to any of the relatives, that would move the plot forward too fast.

  22. 22 trixicopper

    Even though YJ hasn’t reached screaming howler monkey levels of second lead crazy (yet), I still can’t like her.
    I find her to be rather creepy and manipulative.

    While I do think that the luscious puppy is adorable, I can’t buy him as a romantic interest for AR. His little puppy heart is going to get broken. Hopefully it’s not too painful.

    As for the OTP, I love them. I like how they were there for each other at the hospital and then funeral. And the”look” when she was leaving… totally got me. 🙂

    Thank you for the recap purplecow! Great job! Looking forward to next week! 🙂

  23. 23 tanya

    I really dislike YJ because behind her seemingly nice act, she’s conniving and manipulative.

  24. 24 Alyyy

    I’m so addicted to this drama!

    Episode 8 was Gold. I loved it.

    Please show, keep being good! Don’t take a wrong turn in the next episodes!

  25. 25 windsun33

    One of the things I really find annoying in this drama is…

    The office manager. Why does every drama that takes place in an office have to have that trope of a totally suck-up 2nd level supervisor?

    But aside from that, I think this was the best episode yet, and we finally got some background on his side of the family (and hopefully, her side will just disappear).

    • 25.1 momoi

      Team leader is okay. I mean she’s annoying and mean sometimes, but other times she just support Ae-ra and puts everyone to work.

      I’m more annoyed with Song-hee.

    • 25.2 ilikemangos

      It’s amazing how cliched this show is but I am still watching, most likely for the OTP and their reconciliation.
      I tend to FF all the office bitches and go straight for either ae-ra/seung hyun scenes or ae-ra/jung woo scenes.
      And why do all good/likable people have to die in k-dramas?

      List of annoying people:
      Team leader wang, Song-hee, Ae-ra’s whole family, Yeo Jin’s father.
      List of people getting there:
      Yeo Jin, Jung Woo’s mother and sister.

      List of people i can still watch:
      Ae-Ra, Jung-Woo (most of the times), Seung-Hyun, Ae-Ra’s father in law, secretary gil, ae-ras bestie.

      Please give more screen time to the like-able characters and less to annoying characters that have no other purpose than making our heroine’s life misery.

  26. 26 momoi

    I didn’t even think about the religious thing. I thought it was just a random characteristic of Yeo jin.

    Anyway, to me the show focuses less on romance and getting together and more on the relationships between everyone. You have:

    – The main one: Ae-ra & JW
    – Ae-ra & Yeo-jin
    – Ae-ra & Seunghyun
    – Ae-ra & her coworkers
    – Yeo-jin & JW
    – Seunghyun & JW
    – and the minor ones, like Secretary Gil, Min Young, all their families.

    The show seems to be focusing on those relationships, their interactions, fixing, mending, and building them all.

    Anyway, I loved the interaction between Ae-ra and JW. It was very touching without making me feel like it was trying to be romantic at a funeral.

    I liked how shocked both JW and Yeo-jin looked when Seunghyun dragged Ae-ra away to talk to her. Anyone else notice that?

    Anyway, I still have my team that I’m rooting for, but I won’t tell 😉

  27. 27 Aigoooo

    Lee Min Jung is such a good crier and great with facial expressions.

    • 27.1 ilikemangos

      …and joo sang wook is not that good of a crier.

      It was one of those moments where instead of feeling the character’s grief, all you see is an actor trying to make tears happen.

      I agree that lee min jung is a natural at facial expressions and crying.

      • 27.1.1 Redge

        Lol yes. I’ve been a fan of Joo Sang Wook for years and his main weakness is he just can’t cry. At all.

        • ilikemangos

          The fact that you are a fan and openly admit his flaws is appreciated.

      • 27.1.2 Nann

        But I start to like him because of his cry scene in Good Doctor *LoL* I don’t think that is his weakness. In TEN and Giant too, he make me cry together. And here, when he cry and calling ‘father’, I just… T____T

      • 27.1.3 noona

        he cried well in ‘Giant’ though..

  28. 28 lulu

    I don’t think Yeo-Jin’s 2 sly actions in this episode (making Jung Woo think she was the one who stayed by his side all night and the restaurant scheme) were just “a desire to show how she feels” to Jung Woo.
    By not saying anything when Jung Woo said she must have stayed all night at the hospital, she in essence lied. And that’s deceptive.

    Also the little plan of hers to hurt Ae-ra in front of JungWoo at the restaurant, with the build up of buying the tie for the man she said she’ll get, was conniving, manipulative, and with hurtful intent. If it were “just to show how she feels” to Jung Woo, why not just express it when they are alone together? Why put Aera down in the process?

  29. 29 SomaliLioness

    At last we got the confirmation that the miscarriage did happen!

    I love the looks that was exchanged between Jung-woo & Ae-ra when she was about to leave.. These two ain’t over yet..

    I don’t why Jung-woo’s family was included only now halfway through the show, but it’s better now than never.. lolz..

    Poor Ae-ra is getting misunderstood as the golddigger/opportunist for trying to help during the furneral service.. Ugh!!

    I didn’t even notice that Yeo-jin trying to conceal her prosthetic leg by saying it’s for religious reasons, but this makes sense, good call purplecow!

    I agree with Seung-hyun, I love it when she’s fiesty, confident, & a little silly.. not when she’s being cautious, timid & misunderstood by everyone..

    He’s falling for her bad. Seung-hyun, you’re gonna get your heart broken!

    I’m actually kinda proud of Ae-ra.. Although she lacks a lot, she’s smart & the experiences she gained with various odd jobs makes her a valuable employee..

    The advice she gives Yeo-jin at the designer bag shop shows how she has potential ..
    She just need to study a bit & some professional guidance to get a decent job.. I wanna see her succeed!

    Lool, as you all see, I’m on Team Ae-ra!! 😀

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

  30. 30 jomo

    Yhanks for your words and you love and caring for the characters.

    You all wrote lovely things about this episode, which is also my new favorite. I sobbed a lot, but the daughter-in-law coffee hit me really hard. She could have snuck in to visit her nice father in law despite her bad feelings to the ex. You could feel her regret that more than the fact she only had instant coffee.

    The fact that JW appreciated the relationship between his father and wife was so sweet. I vote that they get back together; I think there is something worth saving between them. Married people who stay together during the hard times have just as much to apologize for as those who break up. It is the admitting the wrong and forgiving the wrong that matters more than an official break up.

    • 30.1 Windsun33

      Unlike in EC, I can actually see some chance of them getting back together, though far from a sure thing.

  31. 31 bonnechangeyou

    badman and princess !

    • 31.1 princess

      that’s kinda sexy.. sexy love story.. this is not normal yeah.. but sometimes when I watch a series or movie, I fall for the bad guy.. and the good thing for me in this series is, the bad guy is the main lead, so there’s a change for me to liking a good guy (later after he’s changed from being bad to being good to his ex-wife)

      • 31.1.1 princess

        so there’s a chance for me to liking a good guy*

  32. 32 midwest mz

    This episode was so good, and as noted by those before me, answered quite a few questions. I think, though it opened more to be hopefully, answered down the road.

    Miscarriage . . . . I thought this was what had occurred several episodes earlier. It just seemed like the way the story should/was moving. Especially her clutching her midsection and so forth. End result of this? Guilt on Jung-woo’s part, a very strong possibility. Draws them together, and even effects evil witch (aka Yeo-jin), or not?

    Debt . . . . This one I am still a little of a fog over. We all know that she took the time and effort to pay off his debts, but does he really know this?? Was this made as any part of the story line for him to do so, have I missed it somewhere? Should he not know, did he think they just evaporated? Did he think evil witch’s father paid them off as part of his investment in him/company?

    Evil witch . . . . Someone I think in the last postings wondered if her car accident ex (yummy Ricky Kim) is really dead? This would open some nice doors should he be still among the land of the living. Hatred on her part, and no rose tinted glasses where he is concerned as dada probably paid him off? Should he surface, please – please – please do not give him amnesia to be allowed to come back into her good graces and continue on. So trite!!

    Young man . . . . Seung-hyun has grown since the start, and this is very nice to see. Him and Ae-ra, I would not think a good match. She at this time, is character wise, so much ahead of him, even though he has made strides and handles her natural ‘swings’ well. We will just have to see.

    Room mate . . . . Sooo under used here. She would be so good and cute with Ae-ra’s
    brother. With or without the fruit. Come on writers, let her come out of the shadows and let her brother grow up also. Huh, huh, huh??

  33. 33 newgirl

    I’m not much of a crier when it comes to any kind of show, but I have to admit the daughter-in-law coffee scene unleashed the waterworks. I loved this episode, and how much farther it took our OTP.

    Joo Sang Wook may not be a great crier, but he certainly knew how to convey emotion without words when looking at NAR while his mother and YJ were talking. Melt.

    Finally, a few people have speculated on why NAR hid the miscarriage from CJW. She may have felt it was just one more instance where she would end up supporting him emotionally, and as drained as she was, she didn’t have the strength. Also, she may have reasoned that the child was lost, there was nothing else left, therefor what would be the point? I like the way the writers have worked with this issue, only revealing it bit by bit. It leaves room for complexity and our speculation.

  34. 34 Mae

    Dear all,
    Can you tell me Whats the ost.? Is it big baby drive?

    • 34.1 Redge

      Pretty sure it’s Big Baby Driver. The song just hasn’t been released yet.

  35. 35 rose

    I must say I liked this episod and I hope the writer and directer read viewer comments and make it work cause I really want this drama to be a good one!!!plus I want more Seung-hyun-Ae-ra!!
    thank you for recap!!!:)

  36. 36 Linn

    Min Young and Seung Hyun are my secondary pairing. He’s so adorable and sweet, he needs to be happy too.

  37. 37 summer

    i like this drama because it stirs my emotion a lot and as a married woman who bears a lot of responsibility to keep the marriage going and especially with kids i truly understand and connect with Aera. This drama is almost like a classic that people who are literary wiz look to it and commented brilliantly
    about the characters as well how the story will unfold at the end. Amazingly this drama brings a lot of thought to married couples who are into this similar situation. Also students who major in marriage counseling can use the drama scenario into great class discussions. To me the writer should bring the story
    to an end pointing out that marriage needs a lot of open communication between couples as well as it is about husband and wife bearing each others differences and being
    together not only for love but also willing to forgive each other that makes the relationship strong . Aera is more of the giving and have been there for JW for four years working hard to the point she was too exhausted and had a miscarriage . This was her last straw she cannot do it anymore. I believed even if they divorce if JW came back and check on their broken relationship without the blaming game i think Aera truly will consider also for a woman losing a baby and that was her utmost dream to be a mother and a housewife i believe they will get back together to mend the broken pieces of their marriage. Looking back in the beginning they were really happy and cute couple living simply day to day. But spices of life turn the drama into a roller coaster so let see how the story evenly unfold and ends.

  38. 38 Mon.

    The song at the end of the episode has been released on iTunes “Alone Again.”

  39. 39 Ha ni

    I know purplecow is new, but can’t u write a little faster, im dying for episode 9 here

  40. 40 Crystal

    The sudden death of a Jung-Woo’s father when he hadn’t even been mentioned before felt too contrived to me. But it also worked, because I was ready to see some real emotion from JW. The actor Joo Sang-Wook really pulled it off. This was also the moment his character switched to acknowledging to himself more readily that he wants Ae-Ra in his life. That moment when he looked at Ae-Ra while his mother and sister were talking to Yeo-Jin, it was so pure and so well done.

    I also had some expectations when the father-in-law died, even though I felt it was unlikely to come to pass. When the marketing office employees head to the funeral knowing Ae-Ra took the day off for a family matter, and the fact that Ae-Ra was already there, I thought there might be some realization of her role in Jung-Woo’s life. I don’t know how traditional Korean funerals gather the mourners, but from a Western point of view, I pictured Ae-Ra by Jung-Woo’s side. After all, he’d brought her with him. (Which also makes the mother and sister’s attitude somewhat perplexing. He brought her, she didn’t just show up.)

    • 40.1 Crystal

      And the moment—I was so glad you included the screenshot at the end of the article—when Jung-Woo accepts Ae-Ra’s comfort was very meaningful.

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