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Running Man: Episode 191
by | April 4, 2014 | 66 Comments

In this third and final chapter of our Running Man Australian Trilogy, our cast and guests travel back in time to 1854 when the land was fervent with gold rush fever. This time, these sheriffs will try to prove what they’re made of, performing missions that tests their skills and noggins while trying to hunt down treasure for just a tiny taste of gold. Will all that hard work prove worth it or will they just be panning for coal?

EPISODE 191. Broadcast on March 30, 2014.

We jump back into the final chapter of our trip in Australia and start at the break of dawn at the State Library of Victoria located in Melbourne. Some members have an easier time with their limited English than others, and you can’t help but be awed by the majestic architecture both inside and out.

Here, our cast members—who are known as Running Hill Sheriffs today—must find the nine historical books (labeled with sheriff badges) that will transport them to the past. The more stars, the better and we’ll learn about their significance later on.

The central dome is a sight to behold and basically, a book lover’s dream. Jae-suk jokes that it’d be more impressive if only Jong-kook weren’t already there. Regardless, everyone is awed by the gorgeous room. Then we see that Kwang-soo, Woo-bin, and Haha have been standing over the mission letter for a good ten minutes before Rain arrives.

Rifling through the seemingly endless stacks is no easy task, and Jae-suk encourages Haha to use a step ladder to get to the higher shelves. Hee. It’s Jong-kook who discovers a book first, and three stars should put him in a decent position.

He opens it and we see him literally disappear into the book before our eyes (thanks to some fancy CG work and editing).

Jae-suk finds a book for himself and loudly celebrates his four-star find with a maniacal laugh. Kwang-soo sneaks towards him to steal it, but Jae-suk disappears before he gets the chance. I love the B-side comedic bit to this as Haha and Kwang-soo collectively freak out… and then Jae-suk pushes them aside before “jumping into” the book.

Then their stilted acting at the idea of being transported back to the year 1854 (the same year the library opened) has me in stitches—they know it’s a fantasy world, we know it’s a fantasy world, but we’re all willing to suspend disbelief if the show can fully immerse us in its story.

I don’t really understand why 19th century Korean sheriffs in Australia would be donning sombreros, but at least Jong-kook and Jae-suk know (in between bickering about how many stars they’ve got, of course) that this episode isn’t about replicating the Old West in America. Or is it? I suppose we’ll find out.

It’s sorta funny to watch them pretend that they totally knew that the gold rush in Australia took place in 1854, and after they make fun of each other’s getup, they totally rag on Haha and his Swiss Alps-like costume. Haha: “I have a kid!”

Meanwhile in the present, the others are still busy searching for books. Kwang-soo spins a web of lies to fellow Easy Brother Suk-jin that he’s on the search for a four-star book and keeps the mat-hyung talking long enough to try and steal his book away from him.

Opening the book the opposite way is no good, so Suk-jin resorts to biting Kwang-soo in an effort to shake him. But alas Kwang-soo gets his hands on it anyway, leaving Suk-jin behind in the present.

Kwang-soo’s entrance to the past isn’t satisfactory in his hyung’s eyes, but he’s got a bigger problem to deal with when Suk-jin finally arrives and recounts the tale to the others.

Suk-jin only has one star to start him off here in the 19th century, and we see that that’s because Ji-hyo had opened a measly one-star book in his face. HA, that’s so evil and brilliant.

When the Monday Couple finally arrives to round out the pack, we see that they shared the two-starred book together. Aw.

Now that everyone’s in 1854, our resident sheriffs will have the opportunity to earn more sheriff badges to add to their names. Betting between two competitors in a series of rounds, the cast can use their own stars as ante.

The first game is a ddakji match between Jong-kook vs. Rain, and the cast make their bets (“Jong-kook even practices at home!”). Rain gets upset when Kwang-soo debates with himself on who to root for, but then he’s further disappointed when Jae-suk jokes if he can change his vote to Jong-kook instead. Ha.

But before Jong-kook can slam down his first hit, Rain makes a request: “Let’s not play with our legs apart.” HA, you’d rather do knees together then? How cute.

Rain gets a few pointers from the ddakji king aka Jae-suk, but the paper square doesn’t flip over. But then Jong-kook flips the other ddakji in the next turn.

Haha lends Rain one of his stars, and now the world star is determined not to lose anymore. This next game requires the Monday Couple to pour a glass over someone else’s head while blindfolded.

Gary is plenty confident about the task, and with just one star, there is no room for a “ladies’ first” mentality. Ji-hyo grumbles: “Who got you here?”

Haha whispers that the way to go is to bet the opposite of Jae-suk in order to win. After everyone makes their bets, it’s time to determine who the unlucky sitter gets to be. Jong-kook teases that Gary might be too burdened by fear to have him sit in the chair, but then Gary chirps, “Nope, I choose you, hyung!”

Having Woo-bin sit in the chair is a great way for him to break his classy actor image and his gnawing anxiety already makes me laugh. He gets a wee bit wet, but the same can’t be said of Jong-kook, whose face is met with a cascade of water. HAHAHAHA.

Things are going well for Ji-hyo… ish, until she pours an extra shot over Woo-bin’s bags before stopping. How can such a simple task be so entertaining?

Then Ji-hyo goes for the cruder approach for her next attempt by opening the lid of her kettle. I love the beat where Gary muses aloud: “Should I do this, too?” Jong-kook’s eyes widen in alarm. And whaddayaknow, it works!

The next round pits Jae-suk against Woo-bin in a coin tower building contest. Woo-bin is completely focused as he attempts to stack more coins on the tower, even barking at everyone to sit down so the floor doesn’t shake. Heh.

And when it’s Jae-suk’s turn again, the tower falls, confirming the theory yet again that betting against Jae-suk is a surefire way to win. That leaves Jae-suk, Suk-jin, and Gary completely badge-less.

Our sheriffs marvel at their classic vintage rides waiting outside and they take the cars for a spin while sightseeing all the way to Running Hills.

This little town is where our band of sheriffs gather in order of the number of badges they possess, with Woo-bin leading the pack with seven in total. It’s a good ol’ nametag ripping race in this quiet town, where one can only rip off the nametags of those who have an equal number of badges or less.

Aha, so this is why having more badges is an initial advantage, but perhaps not for long because there are a number of mini-mission stations where sheriffs may collect more badges. Last sheriff standing wins.

Additionally to prevent any accidental rips, should someone of a lower rank (as indicated by less stars) attempt to rid someone of a higher rank, they must hand over a star. So Suk-jin gets to work on trying to earn some more stars, but fails the classic bowling challenge.

Jae-suk introduces himself as Nallyu(?) for some reason and the small pocket of onlookers give him strength. He ends up failing though, but gets a round a high-fives for his efforts.

Haha and Kwang-soo get the ever-rare opportunity to exert some superiority over Jong-kook since they both have more stars than he does. They try to goad him into hitting them, just as an excuse to get him to hand over a star. Jong-kook bites the bait and hands them each a star to get them off of his back.

They pick on Jae-suk next, since he’s still badge-less, and revel in the chance to speak to him in banmal. But Kwang-soo jokingly crosses the line, and the order is met with a slap in response. D’aww.

Then both Jae-suk and Kwang-soo try to appeal to Haha (“I’ll be your servant!” “I’ll be your dog!”) but Jae-suk is eventually free to go on account of being “a hoobae I really cherish.” Lol.

Aw good for Suk-jin, who’s earned himself a badge. He wonders to himself whether he should still be alive in this game, but he quickly finds himself being tailed by Gary. So Suk-jin pleads with him, saying that he’ll hand over all the stars he wins if Gary lets him live, but Gary isn’t going to back off that easily. Suk-jin: “I’ll help you… but not now!”

Gary decides to attack instead, and chases Suk-jin down to tear off his nametag… then barely has time to process it before he finds himself in Woo-bin’s clutches. Gary uses the same pleas Suk-jin used with him, but it’s no use and Gary is out, too.

Elsewhere, we see Rain pick up another badge, thanks to a water gun duel. Then he tries his hand with a whip, which earns him another star, and another dance-off (and a mini-promotion of his single) brings up his total to six badges.

Haha and Kwang-soo decide that now’s their chance to take out the competition. They run into Jae-suk, who ignores Kwang-soo’s “rank” and pushes him around as he pleases just like a hyung would. Kwang-soo can’t do anything about while they’re in Haha’s presence, and the two sides split for now.

Woo-bin’s “I’ve got too many stars to count” attitude cracks me up, and he walks with an extra swagger towards Haha and Kwang-soo. Woo-bin has already decided for himself that eliminating people is much faster than dealing with those mini-missions, and both Haha and Kwang-soo cower in his presence.

Woo-bin lets them off with a warning… but as soon as he walks away, Haha and Kwang-soo whisper insults behind his back. Haha: “I heard he was an heir since a young age!”

Jong-kook pays another badge toll to pass through Kwang-soo, and hey, now Kwang-soo and Haha share the same number of badges! Kwang-soo [in banmal]: “Let’s go, friend!”

Meanwhile, Jae-suk is busy panning for gold, all the while griping about the work involved to look for pebbles when the end prize is a hunk of gold. He does find one speck of gold and immediately shows it off to the local kids. Aw.

You can barely see the speck in the bottle (which he gives away), but instead of earning a badge, Jae-suk receives… a scroll? It’s a treasure map and heads on his way after saying goodbye to the kids.

Jae-suk stumbles upon his destination and is taken to a station that’s supposed to take him underground. We cut away for now to see Jong-kook beg Woo-bin to eliminate Haha and Kwang-soo so that they won’t bug him anymore. He even offers up one of his own badges as a sign of loyalty, but Woo-bin declines.

Speaking of, we see Haha try his hand with the whip, but why do I get the sense that he’s just a tad too short when it comes to reaching the cans? He’s about to crack the whip one last time when a burst of wind tips the top can over. Daebak.

He gets found out by Woo-bin and Jong-kook and despite his attempts to run, he gets cornered anyway. Jong-kook comes running like a kid tattle tailing on the bully who’s been bothering him, and after Woo-bin does the honor to eliminate Haha, Jong-kook laughs victoriously in his face.

So now Woo-bin has a startling 21 stars, and Jae-suk isn’t that surprised to hear that Haha’s been eliminated. Jae-suk is taken by cart underground and winds through the maze of passageways until he discovers a treasure chest.

Inside is the Ultimate Badge, which can be used to eliminate anyone without penalty for ten minutes. Jae-suk vows to use it against Kwang-soo.

Everyone is alerted about the existence of the Ultimate Badge, and Woo-bin sighs that he should have known that it would have been too easy today. He’s certain there must be a time limit and predicts: “How upsetting would it be if I was eliminated after working so hard for these stars?”

Back in jail, the eliminated are surprised to see Rain join them. His explanation says it all: “I was betrayed by Kwang-soo.” Sure enough, a flashback shows us how Rain had momentarily turned his back against Kwang-soo—a fatal mistake.

He’s told that Kwang-soo does this betraying thing pretty often, and Suk-jin adds, “You start to get angry after a few times it happens.” Haha: “There’s a hyung whom he did that to for three years.” Suk-jin: “Me.”

Elsewhere, Jae-suk starts his ten-minute timer and tracks down Kwang-soo right away. Now the tables have turned as Kwang-soo addresses his apologies to Jae-suk, pleading for the one chance to eliminate Jae-suk.

After switching hats, Kwang-soo updates him on everyone’s whereabouts, and Jae-suk sighs to hear that the Ultimate Badge’s existence has been announced. Jae-suk isn’t going to let Kwang-soo off that easily though, and orders, “Turn around before I lose it.”

Jae-suk eyes Kwang-soo’s numerous badges, ignoring his speech that those who have power tend to abuse it. The idea of taking Kwang-soo’s badges is extremely tempting, but Jae-suk gives Kwang-soo the chance to eliminate Jong-kook in front of him.

I’m thinking that Jae-suk has already wasted a good five minutes talking to Kwang-soo, but Kwang-soo does what he’s told and corners Jong-kook. Only that tactic backfires on him moments later because Jae-suk rips off his nametag instead.

Kwang-soo is dragged off screaming in protest, and now Jae-suk is looking pretty decorated now. He’s got a new errand boy in the form of Jong-kook, and they step out to take on the town… in the next minute-and-a-half.

With less than forty seconds remaining, Jae-suk hurries to find Woo-bin, but he’s nowhere to be found. But then time is up and Jae-suk lets out a sigh of relief knowing that he’s safe from Jong-kook, who swears that he wouldn’t attack.

Jong-kook offers up his own stars if that means beating Woo-bin, calling himself a sacrificial icon. They hug on it… and Jae-suk rips off his nametag. “Give them to me now.”

Little do they know that Ji-hyo has been keeping an eye on them at a distance as they carry on their conversation. The PD asks if Jong-kook isn’t going to help pin his badges on Jae-suk like he did before, to which Jong-kook retorts: “Should I pin them to make sure that they never fall off?”

Our updated badge count indicates that Jae-suk has 20 badges to Woo-bin’s 21 badges whereas Ji-hyo only has four. Woo-bin is looking pretty confident again now that the Ultimate Badge is out of use, and Jae-suk gives one of his badges to a schoolgirl. Aw, that was sweet.

Jae-suk asks if that doesn’t count, and the PD’s all, Of COURSE it counts! You’ve got 19 now! Jae-suk: “But that was a present!”

Then Woo-bin and Jae-suk face off in the main street and neither are willing to show off the exact numbers of badges they possess. They’re busy trying to size each other up when the speakers blare that someone has found the Shadow Badge, which means they cannot be eliminated.

And then all of a sudden, we see Rain and Ji-hyo emerge from the shadows, both wearing similar-looking Ultimate Badges. Time to run!

So it seems that Rain must be Ji-hyo’s “shadow,” as he holds Jae-suk long enough for her to eliminate him. They’re after him one minute and gone the next, and Jae-suk sighs that he was better off giving the rest of his badges away.

We backtrack thirty minutes ago to learn what happened: Ji-hyo had obtained a map to the Shadow Badge in the candleshop. The badge had enabled her to revive one of the eliminated to work together (without fear of elimination) for a short five minutes.

I also love the winnings ratio split of 70:30, but we know that Rain got to work right away. He and Ji-hyo chase Woo-bin through the town until finally cornering him with ten seconds remaining.

Woo-bin waits them out, leaving Ji-hyo to tackle him on her own. She notes that Woo-bin has 23 stars and they both pay the other compliments while circling one another.

Woo-bin is first to draw near, but Ji-hyo’s the one to attack first by grabbing his vest. She’s got a good grip on him, but they both let go.

They engage each other once more and both grab for each other’s backs simultaneously… and it’s Woo-bin who tears off Ji-hyo’s nametag for the win.

The castmates congratulate Woo-bin for his victory, and Woo-bin admits this is the first time he’s smiled in the past three days. He wins a bag full of cash as his prize and promises to come back to Running Man soon. Please do!


66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jessa

    I remember the first time Woobin is in RM, he is with Choi Jin Hyuk. Now that he’s back, can they invite CJH as well next time? 🙂

    • 1.1 devon98

      I remember watched RM eps and the guest is Woobin and Lee JongSuk and handsome CNBlue member? They wearing school uniform and first game is ripping nametag? Thats RM right, kinda forget, RM almost 200 eps

      • 1.1.1 lordj

        Yup, his first RM appearance is episode 138- Gentlemen’s Dignity theme (Theater vs. Sports club). Where Jong Kook threw Woobin in the water unceremoniously. His 2nd appearance is the Heir episode – 166.

    • 1.2 ChoiHyeRa

      I’m pretty sure that the first episode of Woobin on RM was the one with Lee Jongsuk. It was based on School 2013. Love that drama btw.

  2. devon98

    The best episode from all australia series (for me) Time travelling with CG and overact is entertaining, mini games as always a lot of fun and witty comments (I love mini games at Chin Song Yi series too) The final games, Haha and KwangSoo is better pairing than Jaesuk and KwangSoo, the humour works for me (maybe because they make fun Woobin and Jongkook a lot or the situation really supporting) The final really intense and I really hope my ultimate heroine will win… it’s ok, Woobin win fair (I love how they compliment each other) 8 out of 10 points from me.

  3. kwangFan

    good episode, very entertaining.

    for all Kwang Soo & Ji Hyo fans lood at this video, very good video.


    Noona & Donseng couple

    • 3.1 hoaa

      sweet video, thank you so much 🙂

      Kwang Soo and his Noona :))

    • 3.2 Isa

      awww, kwang-soo really takes care of his noona!! all i remember is the bickering between them so it’s cool to see the sweet little ways he watches over her. love this show!

      • 3.2.1 PL

        RM members and Kirin fans over the world don’t dote on him for nothing!

        • Harem

          hehe,watch the water segment in this episode? Everyone suggest kwang soo to be Ji Hyo “water pot” but then Kwang soo whispered on her ear, and then she choose woo bin instead! hahah! Ji hyo really listen to her dongsaeng the most XD

  4. lordj

    Haha’s strategy of betting against Jaesuk reminds me of the Yes or No Episode of Infinity Challenge were they tagged Jaesuk as the most unlucky member. Also Jaesuk was momentarily confused and used the nickname Nal Yu or Nallari Yu, basically Playboy Jaesuk, which is one of his Infinity Challenge nicknames. Lol. Must be hard on him to switch personas every show.

    • 4.1 gummimochi

      Aha! The mystery is solved! Thanks for the Infinity Challenge tidbit!

    • 4.2 angel

      Hahaha when he introduced himself w that nickname, I was also wondering if he forgot which show he was on lol. Either that or he just wanted an English sounding name and that was the one he liked best amongst his collection of nicnames. And I figured that Haha probably did get unlucky Jae Suk thing from the “yes/no” episodes of IC. Funny to see that it’s also a valid hypothesis in RM! Some things a man just can’t run away from lol.

  5. Xxvxx

    This was such a fun episode! Dork Bin at his best today haha. I’m so surprised by MC yoo’s English! It’s actually pretty good. I’m always amazed by him.

    My fave part is the comparison between Woobin and KWANGSOO in the car. Giraffe and his never ending facial expressions!!

  6. Ruth

    Note that if Jae-Suk did not “accidentally” give a badge to the girls, Ji-Hyo would have more badges that Woo-bin, and she would have won instead.

  7. jsr

    My fave of the 3 Australian episodes- mostly because it ‘felt’ like a Running Man episode rather than an extended tourism video for Australia. Don’t get me wrong, the first 2 had its moments (all the BTS were hilarious!), but the games and missions here seem more cohesive and well thought of.

    I love the water pouring mission. Rain’s (and Woo Bin’s, and Gary’s, and Jong Kook’s) face and reaction shots had me in stitches.

    Also, did anyone else hear Choi Young Do in Woo Bin’s tone in some parts during the race? One scene comes to mind, he was talking to the camera alone: “There are only two left? Ji Hyo and Jaesuk. The One Badge is over. Okaay.” Sort of a lazy, arrogant, in-his-element tone. 🙂

    Side notes: Jaesuk really is awesome in any language. Kwang soo was a bit annoying in this episode.

    • 7.1 grease

      kwang soo’s annoying???

      why people always find him annoying, i don’t understand, he always work really hard in every episode for us. In every episode has one or two epic moments. The bird scene at the beginning was epic xdd, god of variety.

      Gary is missing in action recently, contributes very Little lately.

      my english is bad sorryyyy

    • 7.2 Harem

      err..I really can’t see any part of him being “annoying”. I never find him annoying in any episodes of runningman~ but hey, if that your opinion, so be it 🙂

  8. Technokeats

    I got a little confused over the badge tally. Last time we checked Woo Bin had 21 and Jae Suk 19. So when Ji Hyo took over Jae Suk, she would definitely have had more badges than Woo Bin (In fact I thought it was Ji Hyo who had 23 badges). How did they end up having equal number of badges?

    Could be a translation error…

    Overall it was an entertaining episode.

    • 8.1 jsr

      … or Woo Bin could have won 2 more badges in the mini games? He stopped playing earlier on because figured he could just rip of nametags. Just a theory 🙂

    • 8.2 ryoko

      Yes, I noticed that too. Jihyo had 4 herself, then when she eliminated Jaesuk she gained his 19 badges for a total of 23. At that time when she and Rain went after Woobin, he only had 21 badges, so even without the ultimate badge she still would have been able to eliminate him. I’m assuming that after Woobin was cornered in the barn, they/the staff let Woobin go off and earn two more badges in the mini games to make the ending more interesting. Otherwise it was automatically Jihyo’s win, even without the ultimate badge. She just had to rip his tag off in the barn.

    • 8.3 elzee

      From the preview of previous episode prior to this, they showed Woobin played the bowling game. It got cut in this episode. So I guess Jihyo gave him chance to gain another 2 badges so that they can fight fair and square. Because the very first thing Jihyo said when she lost was you won fair and square.

      • 8.3.1 YJS fan

        perhaps Woo-bin just go through her? Anyway, it was never confirmed how Woo-bin earned 2 more

  9. redd

    For me, the coolest part of this episode is when Rain and Ji Hyo appear. Cool!

  10. 10 nomad

    I love how Ji Hyo “fought” Woo Bin and put her leg onto his arm to break his hold on her arm. She’s just such an awesome competitor.

    • 10.1 gg

      I love it when Ji Hyo grabbed onto the lapels of Woo Bin’s shirt and he was genuinely shocked and said “feels like im being grabbed by Jong Kookie hyung!” As well as the part where Ji Hyo poured the water into the glass while blindfolded and stopped EXACTLY at the blue line. Seems like she’s born to be good at everything. She’s not called the Ace for nothing!

      • 10.1.1 Sunny

        Except for dancing, singing and cooking. Lol

  11. 11 La-lalalala

    My favorite moment would have to be when Ji Hyo and Rain started sprinting in hot pursuit of Jaesuk and Woobin. Best team ever!

  12. 12 blitz

    As much as people see Kwang Soo as annoying, I do think occasionally it’s done on purpose. If you ask him to really use his strength, he might have overtaken everyone (bar perhaps Jong Kook)… Thus there might be a need to “deficit” Girin with some antics so that he is protrayed as such…

    • 12.1 LoveSilents

      I agree, I think DramaBeans said somewhere that they do have to “play” certain personas. So we need to take their behaviour in context. I can’t get enough of Kwang-soo …
      More Kwang-soo!

    • 12.2 kx

      Agree, but only to a certain extent. LKS is definitely strong, but I think even Jaesuk and Gary hold back a lot. That’s why whenever it’s really a free-for-all episode and RM do not hold back, the final result is really exciting.

  13. 13 onyxx

    this episode was not really funny as i had hoped, but there were parts that set me off laughing, e.g., Ha-ha’s fumbling attempts with the bull-whip (he was “saved by the wind” lol!); the expression on Yoo Jae-suk’s face when his name tag was ripped off.

    i’m also glad Woo-bin finally won something all by himself.

  14. 14 LoveSilents

    I thought this ep. dragged a bit. While still plenty entertaining I liked the first 2 eps.

    I totally didn’t get the outfits: The muchacho gringo brothers (Jae-suk and Jong-kook) with their Mexican hats. The sunglasses with the sombrero was so funny.
    Haha in his Lederhosen – so friggin’ funny.
    Kwang-soo has some frilly Louis the 14th blouse on
    Poor Woo-bin had leather pants! In hot Australia?
    And then Ji-hyo just had a modern baseball hat. Weird stuff…

    I loved poor Kwang-soo having his legs attacked by pigeons and his girly scream. So cute my Kwang-soo!

    I also didn’t really understand where they were. The caption said “thanks to the 300 workers who helped build this set”. Did they really build a new “town” or just put facades on the existing buildings.? Then it was cool to have lots of people in costume but there were also regular tourists around which destroyed the theme for me.

    I love how Jae-suk can make friends anywhere, young or old. Such a cool guy. But again I am surprised this wasn’t a closed set. The kids were starting to bug me…

    Haha getting his bull whip all caught up in the fence – multiple times! Funny Haha

    Jong-kook who always has too perfect hair (ever notice that when he has to wear a hat it’s always set way back on his head so we can see his pretty hair?). After he got soaked in water he just left it kind of wavey and messy – which I loved way better!

    • 14.1 jjang!

      They didn’t build anything. The place already exists and is open to tourists but I think you have to pay to enter. The kids were most likely there on a school excursion, it’s a pretty common excursion for primary school kids.
      I’m sure it would have cost a lot more money to book out the whole place and most likely there would have already been reservations like the school excursions made before RM came so they couldn’t have the place to themselves

      I was cringing so much when suk jin and kwang soo were fighting over the book. That’s a library book!

      • 14.1.1 Jackeline

        I doubt they used real library books for the mission. The books were probably placed there by RM staff so that the cast won’t damage actual books.

      • 14.1.2 Gwen

        Pretty sure the book is a prop. They will not let anyone destroy or damage real books.

    • 14.2 lala

      While I haven’t watched this episode myself and only read the recaps, based on the set I would place them at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat (about an hour drive out of Melbourne) which was the center of the gold rush and the subsequent Eureka Stockade. It’s a huge tourist attraction and tons of schools go through as part of history classes. It’s got a lot of the original buildings and fixtures of the time and people are hired to dress up as people in that era.

  15. 15 Emily J

    One of my favorite Running Man episodes because of the time travel books and the reveals of the Ultimate Badges. I wish that Rain and Ace Ji-hyo could have had a longer partnership as spies b/c that would have been epic.

  16. 16 Empire

    Kim Woo Bin is a good actor, but he is not good at variety, sorry.

    I think this time this overseas was the worst, the theme, the guests, everything.

    please this year no more suzy, sulli, iu, im really tired and are very boring guests.

  17. 17 Beky

    I dont like RM in drama or movie settings I dont feel its RM its boring and these episodes prove it I like them in variety outdoor in the streets setting Australia trip for me is like Amazing race Korea its big but lacking sorry bad review just being honest its my opinion

  18. 18 Beky

    I think YJS is learning English good thing so he can communicate with the world.

  19. 19 Beky

    Gosh Woobin is Hot these days the ep evolve around him I feel that Rain is just a shadow hehehe

    • 19.1 hithere

      And I feel you’re just an asshole hehehe

      • 19.1.1 Goodday

        As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. hehehe

  20. 20 gigi

    As much as I appreciate RM trying new things, thank God, we’re done with Australia. I know they tried their best and I saw some cool things about Australia but man, it was exhausting to watch! The members looked thoroughly worn out and then making them run among crowds while trying to complete shoddy missions did not make for a pleasant viewing experience. The whole time, I was just feeling bad for them.

    The best parts of this episode were the mini games they played while betting their stars. Again, I really do feel bad because I know they tried so hard but I can’t wait for RM to get back to Korea. Hopefully, the show will get back to its basics and not separate the members so much.

    • 20.1 Coco

      I agree…. the parts I really enjoyed of these 3 episodes were basically when there was interaction of the RM members and guests like when they were in the beach house or playing the mini games to win badges, but PLEASE let´s go back to the chasing bells and hot pants punishments, as well as the fun games they used to do at the begining.

  21. 21 her

    Thank you for the recap. 
    I can tell that the final mission is little boring, even though the PD team added something like Absolute Badges or Shadow. I thought that they would have more actions since it’s an individual fight. I didn’t even see any actions (especially for Jong Kook who did totally nothing), except for Woo Bin’s fight with Ji Hyo and when Rain with Ji Hyo ousted Jae Suk. Well finally Ji Hyo has some actions at the third episode of Australia Special, even though she didn’t win. At the end, I thought Ji Hyo would win with her 23 badges vs. 21 badges of Woo Bin, but he got 23 badges somehow. Just my opinion but I think they wanted the final fight to be fair so they added 2 badges for Woo Bin (I mean, how could he finish two missions that fast and he had no one to oust for).
    They made it funny with the stories between Jae Suk-Ha Ha-Jong Kook-Kwang Soo. I felt sorry for Jong Kook who lost his precious badge because of the betrayal team, Ha Ha and Kwang Soo, in fact he could fight with Woo Bin who had the most badges. I’d like to see the final fight between Rain and Jong Kook, wondering who will be the winner between them. Well, I still appreciate Woo Bin’s victory after his three appearances in RM *clap clap clap 

  22. 22 AuroraB

    Kim Woo Bin’s smile is just…ugh…amazing.

  23. 23 rezberry

    I love Running Man, all the casts, the PDs, the VJs, even Dongwan FD. LOL.. But I think the scriptwriters are running out the good ideas. Sometimes they were so bored, sometimes little bit funny, and some games were predictable. I think they should find something new, or refreshing the old-time-things. And I don’t know why, but I missed Choi Min-soo with his grasshopper-hunter-thing (do you remember?). It looks like Yoo Jae-suk needs a lot of new ideas, instead bullying Kwang-soo all the time (even I really like it), and Song Ji-hyo must take a rest for a loooong time, she really needs to sleep, a lot!! I wish they could fix it, I was enjoy this show back then, but recently, I just laugh for a little.. Running Man fighting!!!!

  24. 24 ebay

    Woo-bin was such a charismatic guy while driving and I when the camera rolls to Kwang-soo, I really LOL!

  25. 25 myn

    Bah… They gave this win to Woo Bin. He had 21 stars vs Ji Hyo’s 23… So all JH had to do was rip his name tag… Why would JH let him earn two more stars? Sigh.

    • 25.1 Savannah

      Like someone said above, Jihyo said in the episode that she wanted to win fair and square. Apparently in the preview for the episode it showed clips of Woobin playing extra mini games so maybe Jihyo allowed him to get 2 more stars to have a fair final duel. Nonetheless, it makes us respect her even more for that!

      • 25.1.1 hahahadong

        funny if jihyo wants a ‘fair and square’ game when she’s not following her own promises lmao.

        ‘fair and square’ also means Ji Hyo should not beg to the guys because she’s just a girl.

        Look at Ye Jin and Hyori, they never asked Kim Jong Kook to be easy on them.

        everyone will work, then jihyo will just use the left overs after the storm and fans will say, she’s really an ace for getting stuffs lmao

  26. 26 Harem

    Ohmy, how I love Kwang Soo so much!! He’s so hilariously awesome and he can built such chemistry with anyone who pair with him no matter how new they are..remember how stone and not-so funny woobin before? But when he pair with kwang soo in the second episode of australian special, you can see how Woo Bin cannot resist from being affected by kwang soo variety persona (the MV,the mission..the whole episode)..

    This cowboy episode would not be so great without the great chemistry between Kwang Soo-Haha, Jae Suk-Jong Kook and eventhough rain have lesser screentime, love his interaction with kwang soo XD

    The best scene was when the betrayal duo extort stars from Jong Kook,hehe XP

    • 26.1 LolLol

      Kwang Soo Was Born For Be A Variety God, I want him in infinity challenge or more variety shows, but he’s an actor and very busy now.

  27. 27 MissFantastic?

    Actually, I haven’t watch it yet. But, I just go through the comments to see whether I should watch it or not. Hee 😀

  28. 28 lalalala

    actually, i was hoping for an intense battle since Rain and Woobin were here . especially battle between jong kook and Rain,, and I feel bad for Sukjin and Gary , they were ousted first because they had less stars . anyway , its a funny episode though , the interaction between casts and guests were very funny and i love their family bond . and i salute to the Members, guests and all the production team for creating such entertaining episodes even though I know it must be difficult to run a filming at the Australia with so many fans , limited time and 2 hours sleep per day . I love them even more 🙂 Running man Daebak !

  29. 29 BAF2

    Of all the three Australia episodes, this one was my least favorite. It had its moments, but all in all I kept thinking of this as nothing more than a travelogue. Seeing as how this was sponsored by the tourism association, this was exactly its intent.

    There is lot to gripe about, but there were still some fun moments. I wasn’t truly impressed with the mini-missions, they actually seemed quite lame. Some of the reversal of characters was not bad. And I always love Ace not being afraid to take on the guys. I wish she was that diligent with some of the female guests, not letting them win. My competitive nature.

    But if the cast had a good time, then I’m satisfied.

  30. 30 Gia W

    I watched Running Man just for Kim Woo Bin… he is so endearing… I am glad he finally got to win….hope he does a drama lead soon…may be a rom-com would be awesome…

  31. 31 Laica

    Woobin Oppa was ever so lovely in this episode.

    Also, thanks for the recaps, gummi. <3

  32. 32 bd

    Eh, this ep had a few moments that were good for a chuckle or 2, but overall, another sub-par Aussie ep (glad that it’s over).

    Don’t know what YJS was thinking; he should have waited to activate his ONE badge until his prey was within reach and he shouldn’t have wasted his time yapping w/ KJK (but that’s hardly surprising).

    At least this time, YJS wasn’t wearing the tightest pants out of the guys.

    • 32.1 kx

      Not surprising that YJS would go for the laughs/interaction instead of the competition.

  33. 33 lilian

    Loved this episode a lot. I liked the funny scenes when haha n Kwangsoo were bullying Jaesuk! Woobin was awesome too but most of the rest didn’t have much screentime…

  34. 34 feeeee

    the best part is jaesuk with kids <3

  35. 35 Raptor

    Best of the three Australian eps, since it seems up much less of a travelogue than the earlier two. I do wish there was more cast interaction though. More alliances would have been fun to watch!

  36. 36 jov

    Its ji hyo who i believe won on this episode, she had 23 badges compared to woo bin 21, she is just too kind to woo bin to let them both have same no. Of badges if its true that he allowed woo bin to play and have 2. It must be ji hyo i believed who won this, its just she lets woo bin to win so that woo bin will still want to guess in running man. It also be nice if ji hyo won on this because she and rain was the best combi on this episode and i like she said if she win rain will also have the price portion. I just realized on this episode she dont want to win on this episode. Kind ace jihyo.

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