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50th Baeksang Arts Awards
by | May 27, 2014 | 193 Comments

Spread the love around must’ve been this year’s mantra at the 50th annual Baeksang Awards, where the (somewhat) best of both film and television come to pick up shiny trophies. Once you get past the initial Huh, what, why? of the nominee list, the winners list is no surprise.

There wasn’t a big sweep by any one project this year, though The Attorney and You From Another Star were arguably the big winners for bringing home daesangs for Song Kang-ho and Jeon Ji-hyun. Song Kang-ho is always amazing in everything and should probably have been triple-nominated in the same category this year if they did that sort of thing; it was certainly his year in Chungmuro. And Jeon Ji-hyun, well she just wins at life. I’d give her a daesang for coming back to TV too, in the hopes that she’ll do it more often. Dramaland is always waiting for you!

I’m extra happy about Shim Eun-kyung’s win for Miss Granny, and her tear-filled acceptance made it all the more endearing. She is just so ridiculously talented for someone so young, and she was pitch-perfect in that role. I can’t wait to see what else she does with her long and soon-to-be illustrious career. And numbers-wise, Kim Soo-hyun was the big winner of the night, since he took home more trophies than he could hold in both hands. When you’re hot, you’re hot.



Daesang: Song Kang-ho (The Attorney)
Best Picture: The Attorney
Director: Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer)
Top Excellence, Actor: Sol Kyung-gu (Hope)
Top Excellence, Actress: Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny)
Supporting Actor: Lee Jung-jae (Face Reader)
Supporting Actress: Jin Kyung (Cold Eyes)
New Actor: Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)
New Actress: Kim Hyang-gi (Elegant Lie)
New Director: Yang Woo-seok (The Attorney)
Screenplay: Kim Ji-hye, Jo Joong-hoon (Hope)
Popularity Award, Actor: Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)
Popularity Award, Actress: Kwon Yuri (No Breathing)


Daesang: Jeon Ji-hyun (You From Another Star)
Best Drama: Good Doctor
Variety Program: Grandpas Over Flowers
Educational Program: I Want to Know That
Directing: Ahn Pan-seok (Secret Love Affair)
Top Excellence, Actor: Jo Jae-hyun (Jeong Do-jeon)
Top Excellence, Actress: Lee Bo-young (I Hear Your Voice)
New Actor: Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994)
New Actress: Baek Jin-hee (Empress Ki)
Variety, Male Performer: Shin Dong-yub (Witch Hunt)
Variety, Female Performer: Kim Young-hee (Gag Concert)
Scriptwriting: Jung Sung-joo (Secret Love Affair)
Popularity Award, Actor: Kim Soo-hyun (You From Another Star)
Popularity Award, Actress: Park Shin-hye (Heirs)
OST Award: Lyn (“My Destiny,” You From Another Star)


Jeon Ji-hyun never strays too far from classic pretty (see: her hair that remains unchanged for decades), but then, when you’re the industry standard for classically pretty, why mess with the formula? I would’ve loved to see her wear something daring, but the embroidery keeps the pale pink dress from being boring. The train is really the thing that makes the whole look worth it–she looks absolutely regal when she’s walking down the red carpet with it billowing behind her. She makes it look so effortless to glide around in an evening gown, though I suppose winning a daesang helps with that whole confidence thing.


Gah, that smile! Kim Soo-hyun took home three trophies, two for popularity (duh) and one for new actor in the film section for his spy movie Covertly, Grandly. I’d hardly consider him a new actor but these awards shows like to stretch the definition of words whenever it pleases them. He might not be new, but he’s certainly award-winning in that tux. I think I’ll tape that smiley one to my fridge.


Kim Hee-ae (Elegant Lie, Secret Love Affair) looks AMAZING. I’m pretty sure if I looked like that, I would just live in that dress. I’d go grocery shopping in it, get my nails done in it, and twirl every five minutes, just to feel the swishy train. The blue beading is what takes it from predictable to dazzling, but mostly it’s because Kim Hee-ae wears it like second skin. God, I want to grow up to be her.


This isn’t nearly as fabulous a look for Lee Bo-young as I would’ve liked, since I’ve seen her wear some of the red carpet’s prettiest dresses. It’s rather matronly and starkly white, but then she just has this born-to-strut aura that turns anything into a goddess gown. I like the belt detail and she’s styled perfectly, of course, because she’s Lee Bo-young. She took home a leading actress award for I Hear Your Voice, which makes my day. Hands down my favorite character of 2013.


Baek Jin-hee also wore white, though her dress is actually less interesting just because it looks so bridal. She’s too young to be playing it so safe. Still, she looks bright-eyed and beautiful taking home her newcomer award for Empress Ki. I’m happy to see her coming up in the ranks and getting some recognition.


Go Ara didn’t take home a trophy for Answer Me 1994, but she wins for best white dress–it’s structurally interesting, fluttery, and flirty, plus it makes her petite frame look positively statuesque. It’s like an optical illusion. I really love that she’s playing such rough-and-tumble tomboyish characters on TV now–besides showcasing some acting chops, it makes seeing her all dolled up for the red carpet all the more fun.


OPPA-ya! Her Answer Me 1994 co-star Jung Woo scored a new actor award (though again, technically he ain’t new). I don’t much care which category they stick him in, just as long as he gets a trophy for making me cry like a little baby. I think I like him better in sweats and a T-shirt than in a tux, and I miss his super short hair, but I guess he can’t be Oppa forever. *cries*

It was Song Kang-ho’s year by a long shot–he starred in no less than three films that topped box office charts, earned critical acclaim, and were nominated in various categories for Baeksangs (The Face Reader, Snowpiercer, and The Attorney). He looks put together, yunno, for Song Kang-ho. He’s probably the least movie-star-esque movie star ever, but therein lies the gruff ajusshi appeal.

His Face Reader co-star Lee Jung-jae took home a supporting actor award for his turn as Grand Prince Suyang. There were some great performances in that ensemble film, but Lee Jung-jae really did steal the show. How much do I love that he got some specially made black leather sling for his injured arm, just to match the ensemble? Only Lee Jung-jae could make it look badass to be injured on the red carpet.

Jo Jae-hyun is currently rocking the weekend sageuk Jung Do-jeon, for which he won a top excellence acting award.

Oh, Lee Byung-heon. Swooooooooooooooooon. The end.


Kim Ah-joong and Shin Dong-yub were co-MCs for the evening. I can’t say that Kim Ah-joong’s dress is anything to write home about, but she certainly knows how to play up her assets. It’s sexy and slinky, and she looks great, but sometimes I’d like for her to make the less obvious choice.

Mr. President! Sohn Hyun-joo was nominated for a popularity award for Empire of Gold, which just confuses me since he should’ve been nominated for a top excellence acting award for that show (not to mention Go Soo! GAH). But it’s okay–he was nominated in the film category for Hide and Seek. Seeing him just makes me smile, though I’m trying to un-see what looks like boy-band highlights in his hair in some shots. That’s just the light hitting him weirdly, right? Yeah, let’s stick with that story.


Sohn Tae-young (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin) really needs to try a new look. She’s gorgeous but she looks bored with her dress. Oh wait, that’s me.


So. Damn. Cute. Choi Jin-hyuk was nominated as a new actor for Gu Family Book, and I totally wish he’d won something for that role (even though I’d never in a million years take away Jung Woo’s win in that category). He was just so good as Papa Gumiho and it was his career-making breakthrough. Perhaps that’s more important than the recognition anyway. He looks so snazzy in black and blue.

Shim Eun-kyung is the actress I was rooting for (seriously, go watch Miss Granny). The young starlet accepted her leading actress award in a flood of tears, and even remembered to thank her mommy. I dislike her dress–the cut isn’t particularly flattering and I wish she’d look her age, but I’ve never known Shim Eun-kyung to follow the mold, and quirky is just her natural charm. Maybe next time we can do it with some color?


Taecyeon (Wonderful Season) looks more and more like a walking talking Ken doll every time I see him. It’s almost comical how perfect he looks. I can’t tell if it’s funnier that he knows this, or that it’s tragic in that it may be the very source of his shortcomings as an actor. Still, isn’t he pretty?

I can’t take Im Shi-wan’s idol outfit seriously, but I’m super happy for him as a rising young actor. I think for him, being nominated in the new actor category for The Attorney was enough of a win. That movie launched him onto a different playing field, and he’s someone who has a real shot at being something more than just another idol-actor.

Baro looks great, but part of that might be the shock effect since I’ve only ever seen him sporting bowl cuts in dramaland. He was nominated as a new actor for God’s Gift–14 Days, even though he was probably better in Answer Me 1994. In any case, he looks great on the red carpet.

I can’t say the same for his Answer Me 1994 co-star Dohee, whose look is all wrong. It’s proportionally off, with the hairstyle that mimics the shape of the skirt. Separately, I love the hair; the dress, not so much. I know she’s tiny, but does the dress have to be THAT tiny?


Mmmm, Lee Chun-hee. What can I say, Chunderella was made for going to the big ball.

Young actress Han Groo scored a nomination for A Warm Word, and she’ll be headlining her first prime time drama with Yeon Woo-jin this summer. I don’t particularly like her colorblocked dress–it’s a little simple for the occasion and she looks forgettably casual, though the pop of blue looks nice. I kid you not–it’s the brightest patch of color on the entire red carpet this year.

Jin Kyung won an award for her supporting role in Cold Eyes, and she looks fantastic and and elegant in navy blue. I like the lace and gold detailing and all the layers of her dress.

Kim Ji-soo was nominated for A Warm Word, and I love her for wearing royal blue and a bright pink lip. The embroidery plus all the ruffles is a bit much, but that color goes such a long way and she wears it so well.

Kyung Su-jin had a new actress nom for Eun-hee, and has been having a great year (Secret Love Affair, Shark). I don’t like the cut of this dress on her at all. I want to style her so, so differently, and I’d like to donate her dress to someone twice her age.

Han Ye-ri (Commitment) takes the hi-low dress to new hemlines. It’s not the dress I’d reach for off the rack, but she makes it work with a confident walk.

Moon Jung-hee was nominated for Hide and Seek, and this look is rather disappointing. I’ve seen her look better a zillion other times. Her dress is dull and safe, and her hair is all wrong.

More black from Park Jung-ah (Noblewoman).

And Park Ji-soo (Mai Ratima). Snoresville.

At least Kim Hyang-gi knows how to go all out if you’re gonna go with black. She took home the new actress award for Elegant Lie, and came dressed in black lace from head to toe. I think it’s the bow in her hair that makes it just that perfect amount of little girl fun, even in black.

Shin Bo-ra (Gag Concert) will be in Trot Lovers this summer. She looks good and the layers are fine in concept, but the dress loses its appeal in motion. This is very important for the red carpet–you have to test the strutting! Every picture of the dress in motion or windblown makes it look misshapen and wrong.

Sun Joo-ah (Pluto, King’s Dream), please get a new stylist. You look like you ran out of the spa this morning and forgot to change out of your romper.

Future Trot Lovers co-stars Jung Eun-ji and Shin Sung-rok came together looking adorable. Shin Sung-rok’s hair is doing weird things, but it’s nice to see him shedding the severe scary look he had in You From Another Star. Jung Eun-ji looks fresh-faced and happy, and I actually dig her black-and-white ensemble even though it’s pretty casual for the affair. The see-through skirt with the sky-high slits kinda sells it, since it makes her legs look crazy long.

Kim Sung-kyun (Answer Me 1994, Hwa-yi) is having a dorky-is-sexy Clark Kent moment and I love it. I used to think he was scary (because he’s a good actor and he always played scary mofos), but now all I see is sweet cuddly Samcheonpo. His jacket and tie are checkered! I mean, come on!

Sol Kyung-gu came with Hope cast members Ra Mi-ran and Lee Rye, and director Lee Jun-ik to pick up his trophy for lead actor. The heartwrenching movie was among the most critically lauded all year, and also won for best screenplay.

Sigh, Yeo Jin-gu, always walking that line between dashing leading man and adorable child actor. When will you not be jailbait? He was nominated in the new actor category for Hwa-yi, and someday he’ll be sweeping up all the awards here. But first: Can we maybe discuss getting you a haircut?

Heo Kyung-hwan (Gag Concert) always looks like an MC going to host a show when he dresses up, but that’s probably just because he’s a comedian.

Ma Dong-seok (I Am a Murderer), on the other hand, always looks like a gangster on the red carpet. I guess some images are just permanently ingrained.

Kwak Do-won (Good Doctor) cleans up nicely.

And here’s variety everyman Jeon Hyun-moo, who never fails to look like a mischievous chipmunk no matter what he’s wearing.

Announcer Park Ji-yoon wore her grandmother’s dress, apparently, because she couldn’t find a single thing in her own closet. The sequins actually make it worse, like there was effort behind trying to make the dress look fancy, yunno, for Grandma’s eightieth birthday gala.

Lyn picked up an award for her song “My Destiny” on the You From Another Star soundtrack. Why she chose to top a cascade of fluttery white ruffles with a white button-down confuses and irks me. She looks like she’s trying to hide her figure instead of flaunt what she has, which saddens me more. Points for looking different, but next time don’t hold back.

I… I don’t even know where to start with Jo Eun-ji’s …dress? Straitjacket-meets-choir-leader ensemble? I don’t even know what to call it. It sure does make her shoulders look broad, which is up there on the list of red carpet dream dress traits, right under “Reminds people of schoolmarm,” and “So stiff it doesn’t need ironing.”


Oh, Yuri, I want to like your dress, but it is the definition of a scrolldown fug. Top half? So pretty! Wait for it… whaa happened? The floofy feathery-ness of the dress on its own is cute, but combined with the cut, it makes the whole thing look like she’s dragging a giant bird tail behind her. I just want to take a pair of scissors and snip off the train altogether, because then how cute would the dress be? Sigh.


And because I can’t leave you with that image freshly hatched in your brain, here’s one for the road. Park Seo-joon (A Warm Word, Witch’s Romance), aka the newest noona-killer on the block, looking so good in a fitted three-piece suit that it reminds me of all that is good in the world. Don’t say I never gave you nuthin’.

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193 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Saya

    All the pretty dressessesesesesssssss~!

    • 1.1 Moll

      YES. I loved Go Ara’s especially, even if it is a bit bridal. I thought she was rather tall though, not petite as javabeans said?

      • 1.1.1 drakor lover

        reading all the critics about GD won Baeksang Awards, it seemed like the best drama winners should have rational themes… ahh come on.. just accept the winner, GD already won anyway.. it’s a good drama in my perspective.. and it’s also a good drama in the Baeksang Awards juries’ perspective. And I’m sure if you ask them why it won, they have the reasonable answers.

        • moon

          And apparently the judges from anff World Media Festival 2014 ( where good doctor won the Rockie Awards for serial drama) thought the same too! Congrats to Good Doctor cast and crew! ^^

    • 1.2 Appelsin

      Yep, Ji-Hyun is a perfect doll in that pink dress…
      but Kim Hee Ae also very elegant and she is even more impressive, I wanna look like her when I am 47!!

      • 1.2.1 Kojack

        I am sorry to disagree but Jeon Ji-hyun dress looks old and ill-fitted. She was always elegant in YFAS; well-dressed and her hair and make up we’re spot on. She is beautiful but her look here is just too plain.

    • 1.3 tara

      didn’t mention Park shin hye ?? Thought i didn’t like her winning

  2. tiny

    i din’t expect Good Doctor to win best drama. could it be because of the impending Hollywood remake?

    • 2.1 hey

      What reasoning is that??How illogical..sigh..

      • 2.1.1 tiny

        i’m trying to figure out the reason, too.

        maybe because I didn’t watch it properly…

    • 2.2 kanz

      Honestly Good Doctor is not a bad drama. I watched it and quite liked it. But IMO it isn’t the best drama in 2013 either. But I think all the winners are pretty good and doesn’t make me outrageous

      • 2.2.1 LBY

        It wasn’t a bad drama, but it wasn’t entirely good either. I finished watching it andd I thought it was okay, but it isn’t a drama I’d want to rewatch nor recommend. It was pretty boring tbh but uhh i still don’t get how it won.

      • 2.2.2 dramalover

        Yeap i agree with you. I dunno how GD can be nominated for Best Directing. There are many flaws in the drama, one of the biggest should be that there are a number of unrelevant characters and scenes that do not central around the mean theme or the main message and are just there to fill time or for narration purpose. Also, the hospital politics pulled the overall quality of the show down. The show is much better off without those. More screentime can be dedicated to the exploration of relationships between doctors; doctor and patient; even between our lead couple. MCW and Joo Won are amazing actors and they definitely have more to show. This is a drama not a doumentary about hospital politics. I don’t understand the purpose of the conflict revolving the cents and dollars of the hospital.

        However, the premise is strong enough for me to close an eye to its flaws. Unlike some of the comments here, I feel that there is still a social stigma against autism in Asian societies which tend to be more conservative. This issue about an autistic doctor is worth exploring and fits the current society now. We tend to avoid talking about this and neglect these groups, like gays, lesbians issues, but how long can we avoid? We have to face this issue ultimately and open up to these people.

        Btw, although i am a huge fan of kim soo hyun, i hope joo won can win the best actor for his performance in good doctor. Personally i feel that joo won deserves the award more. Yes, kim soo hyun’s crying scenes are daebak, but i expect more from him. Joo won’s acting, however, had nothing for me to expect more from. His acting is so to the point for each scene. So consistent.

        • guest

          kim soo hyun not win the best actor award for drama category, its the veteran actor who get the award. you should watch first before critic.

    • 2.3 hatingdelusionalfangirls

      The drama is flawed. It is not bad but it is not good either.
      You have a writer who didn’t do his research about autism and savant syndrome.
      A director who don’t know how to direct.
      A bunch of unnecessary characters and scenes that are irrelevant to the story.
      Two scenes that made mqe cringe and worthy enough ro be ridiculed are;
      1.the autistic individual performing a surgery; 2. Him (the central character) professionally credited as a doctor (becoming a license doctor).
      The central character is not a high-functioning autistic adult. The 20 episodes showed that he is not psychologically and mentally stable.
      But then again, this is k-dramaland. This is the same industry who deliberately changes their historical dramas what more is reality. I am very much concern with this type of depiction just for the sake of entertainment.
      And by the way, good acting does not necessarily mean good drama.

      • 2.3.1 Windsun33

        I agree with most of that, which is why I never made past ep5 or so. But to be fair, except for the autism parts most of what you say applies to many of the formula dramas. And GD was nothing if not pure formula plucked from various pages of the Big Book of Clichés.

      • 2.3.2 jay

        You speak like you know everything..The writer didn’t do research about autism?How can You say so?Is there any writer who don’t do research before making a story?Are you a writer?And the director don’t know how to direct?Have you tried to direct a film or drama that you can just easily say that the director don’t know how to direct..Is there any drama that doesn’t have flaws?”The 20 episodes showed that he is not psychologically and mentally stable”?That’s why he is And BTW the writer also won the best writer in Korea Drama Awards and Good Doctor is also nominated at BANFF World media festival..It’s like you’re saying that those people were bunch of idiots for choosing a Good Doctor as best drama or a good drama..Are you better a critic than them?I get your point that for you it may not be the best drama of 2013 but I think what you’re saying were just too much to handle..

        • windsun33

          Awards does not = good. Most often it just means popular. Look at any list of past drama awards and you can see that.

        • windsun33

          “..Is there any writer who don’t do research before making a story?..”

          I had to laugh at that, because yes there are. The best current example is Doctor Stranger, where there are so many factual and technical errors about politics, history, North Korea, and medical that I long ago lost count.

      • 2.3.3 Dramafed1782

        You might wanna re-phrase that if you have watched the writer’s previous dramas – God’s Quiz which is currently in it’s 4th season. Oh and by the way it is a forensic crime procedural drama.

      • 2.3.4 synedoche

        I have been in more productions in films and movies than the director and writer of this drama. I have been in this industry for 23 years. The only reason why I watched the drama is because of MCW (being a huge fan of her).
        I can tell you right now that the statement made by the commenter is spot-on though a bit harsh. If you think that the criticisms was too much then try reading the criticisms of the late Roger Ebert.


        Yes, writers do their research. The bulk of the research though came from people whom writers usually hire. When I saw the drama I asked the same question, “Did the writer or his staff research autism thoroughly?”. I saw God’s Quiz. And I can very much guarantee to you that GD is a drama that was not well-researched.
        I can very much tell you that what I saw in Good Doctor is bad directing. He just literally throw scenes that are not connected to the story.
        By any chance @jay, Did the commenter said that GD is the only flawed drama. And let me also rephrase what the commenter said because it seems you did not understand the statement made. The commenter said that since the main lead is not psychologically and mentally stable, he should not have been allowed to do the surgery and that the hospital should have not endorse him yet to be a license doctor.
        If there is anything that Golden Globes, Oscars or any festival have taught people is that most of the times they are based on popularity,high-ratings,blockbuster success or controversy elicited. Of course there are winners who are worthy but most of the times the winners are not worth the award.

        @dramafed1782 @moon @hatingdelusionalfangirls, gone through that situation before. Critics are not really asking for 100% portrayal or scenarios but since autism is a very sensitive topic the story must be at least close to reality.

        @hatingdelusionalfangirls, maybe you were a bit harsh. Remember that there are some people who are sensitive and some who don’t know how to take criticisms lightly. But I do understand what you said.

        • Geeweez

          An expert!

          I think the Koreans should not have tried a drama on autism. Marathon was kind of biographical so I guess no one’s going to complain since the it’s based on a real person. But an autistic doctor? Outrageous!

          How dare Good Doctor win at Baeksang! How dare the drama get so many awards! They are so many more deserving shows out there.

          They should have just stuck to 400 earth-years aliens, 4 year old chaebol heirs and mutants who hears voices. At least you won’t be accused of not doing your research!

          • mo0mi

            Geeweez – what are you going on about? you seem so angry.
            i like good doctor well enough, but it was not realistic and there were many things left open ended. the show has flaws and the fact that it’s unique doesn’t qualify for winning awards dear, not at all. and for your criticism for the other dramas, obviously aliens and mutant powers are fantasy and not reality so you shouldn’t expect it to be “researched” since nothing of that sort is happening in real life.

          • haterbuster

            are you all not tired of criticizing Good Doctor??I understand that we all have different views and preferences, but come on..just add some respect to all the staffs of that drama. Every time that G.D is getting a recognition, you all always spouting negative reviews (i.e it’s boring, unrealistic, directing is no good..) just to make yourself good and giving “I’m an skilled drama critic” vibe ..In the end, as long as you drag G.D down, the more it will rise and get more awards..

          • windsun33

            “I’m an skilled drama critic”…

            So are you saying that I have to be a skilled chef to recognize bad food?

            It seems you cannot accept the fact that not everyone thinks that your favorites shows are the “best drama ever”.

        • Muenchabench

          Yay thank you, I unknowingly said some similar stuff down below, but i’m in complete agreement. These kinds of programs have long been awards show fodder for their more broad four quadrant appeal, “important story telling”, and usually a nice happy ending to prove that we as humans can overcome. I have nothing wrong with that, in fact I am huge sucker for those kind of stories. But as with all award shows the award is for the BEST not the most popular or your favorite.
          In my opinion best can be something that is innovative(ex. Gravity) thought provoking (white christmas, eternal sunshine) challenging(SLA), or just all around excellence from the every part of the above the line folks. Which is why no award show should be taken too seriously, but also why I find the whole process endlessly fascinating.

          • windsun33

            I thought that “1,000 Days Promise” was far better and far more realistic than Good Doctor. Yet it got no “best show” awards.

            By contrast, the Japanese drama (and later the condensed version movie) “1 Liter of Tears” which was also much better than Good Doctor got numerous awards. (I admit I may be biased on this, as I happen to think that 1 Liter of Tears was the best J-drama ever).

      • 2.3.5 megumi

        Flawed or not it ended up winning in Baeksang Arts Awards, if you compare all the dramas that year every drama had flaws, not one drama was perfect, well i didn’t know about autism before and didn’t know how accurate the portrayal from Joo Won was but i was certainly made aware of autism by this drama that i searched about the disease on internet just to see what it’s about, whether it was portrayed correctly or not you have to admit that this drama managed to raise some awareness about autism in Korean viewers as well as some of the international viewers like me, even so tbh dramas and movies are last place people should be complaining about reality, if people want to watch reality then they should watch reality shows or documentaries, dramas and movies are clearly fiction and they say so before every broadcast. This drama whether it intended to or not managed to let people there know that there is a disease called autism, it might be portrayed incorrectly like some commenters here are saying but it did raise awareness and if the viewers are interested in the drama like me they will search about the disease on internet. i don’t get why some of the commenters are so worked up about Good Doctor winning the award, well whether international viewers liked it or not it doesn’t matter anyway, local ratings was good so it proves that viewers in Korea loved this drama.

        • moon

          Exactly! Thank you. 🙂

        • Lord Byron

          “that year every drama had flaws, not one drama was perfect”

          Is it binary as in perfect vs. imperfect? In other words, the only scores allowed in this test are 100 points and zero points with nothing in between?

          I don’t buy that. That is not the world viewers live in.

          There may never be a drama that gets 100 points, but some do get 99 points (examples – I Hear Your Voice or Childless Comfort last year).

          Most comments here seem to say that Good Doctor gets low score. How low seems to be the main point of this debate.

          • sayit

            Get over it 😀

          • windsun33

            It is pretty common that if you point out even the single flaw in a “99 rated” show, you will get some flak and be labeled a hater.

      • 2.3.6 j18

        People will never ever get your opinion until someone stop using the argument like: ” it is fictional”,”it is not reality”,”it is not documentary”.
        Afro-American portrayal in SNL Korea, Asian character in Two Broke Girls and Park Shi-on of GD. What do they have in common? They are all fictional characters. But what is the more important similar aspect of them that viewers often neglect because they think it just another fictional drama? The answer is that this so-called “fictional characters” mirror an individual existing in the world. There is an Asian out there. An Afro-American living and breathing in this world. And yes, there is an autistic person that exists in every society. Can you imagine and reflect for once what could happen if they are wrongly portrayed? Or what if the portrayal is accurate? Mass media is a very powerful and influential tool. If use properly it can empower and promote positivity. If use stupidly and incorrectly it can humiliate, degrade or create a stigma [ Yes, I’m looking at you American media. Not all Asians are ninjas and assassins.] That small medium (tv) is not just entertainment.

        • Muenchabench

          Yes this! such is the problem for being a minority…anything (be it person, thought, idea, issue ect.) you are now representing your whole group or cause simply by existing, which means you’ll get it from both sides. On one hand you can instantly have detractors saying that you are not correctly representing them (i.e autism, a biracial person, someone who is paralyzed) whereas on the other side you might have a steadfast contingent who thinks you of gods gift (and will do so for more than 14 days) simply by existing in todays homogenous media realm. Basically, it all just gets a little more complicated whenever something “different” occurs. Le Sigh.

          This almost seems like an argument for Good Doc, but is not the case. In order to be fair to every project, we can’t just simply heap praise for one the sole reason that it brings up autism. I for one am super glad more people are learning about it through the show, but how is it fair if an average drama with a unique premise wins simply because of the premise alone, that would be like me, a POC, receiving accolades based on my mere skin color, rather then my output. That said, the ESPY’s (sports awards) have something called the Arthur Ashe award – given to sport related people who demonstrate courage and often give back to the world. Good Doctor seems an excellent candidate if a similar award were given to dramas. And I’m glad for its ratings success because it means people won’t shy away from making shows featuring mental illness in the future (perhaps the worst aspect of being a minority something, is that if it fails either critically or ratings wise, it becomes that much harder for such a thing to get back on air as people/executives deem it a failure even if it just had poor execution) But shouldn’t the award for best drama be just that, and not best idea that will lead to think pieces and discussion on an issue, because then your inferring that anything the drama does is worthless, it simply becomes a product of it own premise.

          • windsun33

            “..we can’t just simply heap praise for one the sole reason that it brings up autism..”. Or anything else for that matter.

            “Bringing it up” is meaningless if it is wrongly portrayed, as the vast majority of people just accept it as is, and never do any further research on it. I am amazed at how many people accept the Hollywood versions of many historical periods – but the same can be said for many countries (in China for example, the CCP is portrayed as much more effective and heroic in fighting the Japanese than it really was).

  3. Ybistop

    So many pretty dresses!

  4. jury

    Congrats Good Doctor. So happy my favourite drama being recognized
    Congrats all winners
    Jun jihyun is so pretty that night

    • 4.1 nynaeve

      How does Jun Ji-hyun not age? Seriously, it seems like girlfriend had found the fountain of youth.

  5. Alex

    Mmm. Damn Ma Dong-seok might look gansterish but looks oh so yummy. Same goes with Taecyeon (swoon).

  6. jury

    Congrats Good Doctor. So happy my favourite drama being recognized. I’m not surprised they got award because last time good doctor won best drama in Korea PD award and they nominated in BANFF World media festival
    Congrats all winners
    Jun jihyun is so pretty that nigh

  7. Dodo&theBrain

    Oh hello my Park Seo-joon.

    Lovely way to end.

    • 7.1 Hari

      Oh yes….sssswwwwooooon! My new crush.

    • 7.2 Whatsthescenario

      I adore him. Love his last 2 dramas !!!

      But where is Yoo Ah In???

      • 7.2.1 Lurker

        YAI was in China.

  8. Jaegiyaaa

    Why Lee Jung Jae’s armsling have MOLDIR logo? lol do they make armslings now? wow oh Moldir is own by Kim Jaejoong btw

    Baek Jin-hee, Jeon Ji-hyun & Lee Bo-young all look so pretty ~~

    • 8.1 Cassidy

      Jaejoong probably made it especially for him. They must know each other well since I believe Lee Jung Jae joined CJeS recently.

      • 8.1.1 Jaegiyaaa

        yep. that must be the reason why 😀

    • 8.2 Deliane

      Jaejoong actually doesn’t officially own Moldir, though no doubt he has invested in it and has a lot of creative control over the brand.

      I love love love how he made it specially for Lee Jung Jae to look snazzy on the red carpet. It’d be so funny to see it being sold at his shop though haha

      • 8.2.1 Jaegiyaaa

        nah, he owns it, seriously, where people get infos that he only has investmenst?

  9. applecrumble

    Wah, girlfriday, you really saved the best for last! Park Seo Joon is the one I wanna see!!!

    • 9.1 Rossi

      I appreciate how there’s a steadily growing momentum of Park Seo Joon loving train cause that face and that smile plus that acting chops deserve ALL OF IT!

      • 9.1.1 Song Song

        And that body plus that voice…
        So in love with him right now.

    • 9.2 kdramas

      Park Seo-jooooooon!! ❤❤❤

      That is all!!

  10. 10 apluszee

    Yooooong Dooooonghaaaaa~ My little crush on Park Seojoon has evolved! I looooove him in that tux.

    • 10.1 Jude

      Haha. Exactly my reaction

  11. 11 Muenchabench

    Bad doctor, (the b stands for boring) whats you doing winning Best Drama?

    • 11.1 Dramafed1782

      Oh maybe because it is a (b)rilliant and the (b)est drama among the lot, that’s why!

      • 11.1.1 Newbie

        No, it isn’t. Another drama won Best Script and Best Directing. Weird GD still won Best Drama.

        • sayit

          I think it is weird that SLA got Best Script and Best Directing. I am not sayin that Good Doctor should have gotten them instead but SLA? It was so boring! Even Yoo Ah In was disappointing. Kim Hee Ae was much better in A Wife’s Credentials, I got so tired of her in SLA. I felt the drama was pretentious, it would have come out much better if it drop the arty farty feel. Well, one man’s meat is another’s poison, isn’t it?

      • 11.1.2 Newbie

        No, it isn’t. Another drama won Best Script and Best Directing. It’s weird GD won Best Drama.

        • Dramafed1782

          That is why it won the Best Drama – it encompasses the whole of the production (acting, scripting, directing, production, etc…)

          • Muenchabench

            Sorry dramafed1782, but SLA had two of the best acting performances i’ve seen in dramaland/television, along with a stellar ensemble. Me thinks Good Doctor only had Joo Won. Acting, goes to SLA. I’m not trying to hate on GD though, it was a feel good show with great ratings and depth because of because it incorporated autism.
            This is very similar to the successes of the Kings Speech or Silver Linings Playbook (and don’t get me wrong I love them both) Crowd pleasers where the protagonist overcomes due to some sort of mental setback.
            But take away the veneer of the “disability” and you have a history lesson/biopic and your standard romcom flik. In GD’s case it would be medical procedural. All of these examples were well done, but not really Best drama/movie material. Just my two cents

          • Dramafed1782

            @Muenchabench Everybody can choose to agree to disagree. Every drama has something to like and dislike about. I am the same just like everybody. I have watched SLA and more than Yoo Ah In, I clearly enjoyed Kim Hee Ae’s acting. Again this is not to belittle Yoo Ah In’s acting. Just my two cents.

            But there is a prominent bashing up on Good Doctor and the cast whenever it’s topic is raised. It isn’t the top drama of 2013 but something about it hit the Korean viewers since it was a different story. Healthy debates are great but prominent childish immature comments from other fans on a drama which was raised to shed light on a stigma related issue is distressing.

          • Newbie

            We’ll see about which drama of 2013/2014 the people will still talk in the future. My bet is between Good Doctor and SLA it will not be Good Doctor. SLA was epic and revolutionary. But time will tell.

          • Muenchabench

            @dramafed Sorry if you felt like I was bashing in any way, not my intention. Honestly i’m just always fascinated by the process of which shows/films get noms/wins more than anything else. Award shows all have biases/tendencies and I find it interesting. Hence I’m not upset or surprised Good Doctor won, because it fits in line with typical awards show bait. Plus by having it come into the public consciousness and bringing about discussion about mental health and rights for such individuals – well, all the better for it! (much better than discussions revolving around when its okay to commit adultery with your student!)
            But in terms of objective quality which awards try and mostly fail to accomplish, I feel there were better options. (and besides SLA, it seems a few weren’t nominated)

            For another example take this years academy awards. 12 Years a Slave won best picture, which was beautifully directed and acted (and I myself was certainly shedding tears), but I’m not too sure if people were voting for it because it was unequivocally the best of this years offerings, or because it’s a slavery epic. If you instead vote for the movie set in a futuristic Shanghai/LA where the lead has a computer girlfriend, is that not taking this seriously? Does a piece of content have to be “important” enough to achieve the highest praise, or is its execution of more importance? I thought Silenced was amazing for its story(which also brought about change), but as a film it leaned more towards average, while if AM97 were made this year, or YWCFTS had a better grasp of the mythology I could make a case for them winning even it they are certified romcoms. But because substance can be, well substantial I don’t think there is one right answer as much as I would like there to be. So this is my very roundabout way of saying no one is outright wrong for believing Good Doctor deserved it’s win but people who challenge that assertion aren’t wrong either. And thus the style/execution vs Substance debate will continue on to perpetuity, and the world keeps on spinning:)

          • Dramafed1782

            @Newbie 2014 is yet to finish for the drama schedule so hold your horses!

          • Dramafed1782

            @Muenchabench That is a good point. There are many dramas which are worthy of praise but it wholly depends on the panel that is selecting the various criteria for a drama that deserves the award.

            I enjoyed Empress Ki thoroughly but why didn’t it make through – since the beginnings were severely distorted and history had a horrible ruler compared to the loving one played by Joo Jin Mo.

            And most of all Ha Ji Won – I was totally dumbfounded! I mean not even one nomination. Like she was not in any drama at all. So there goes the drama world!

            Everyone has their favourites – but voicing their disappointments in a more levelled manner is thoughtful rather than acutely disgracing a drama or an actor/actress or even the technical crew for that matter.

            Peace! Great to hear your thoughts. (PS I think the combination of Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender is amazing and more than 12 Years A Slave I enjoyed their first movie – Hunger 🙂 )

          • Newbie

            Dramafed1782 – Hold my horses? That’s why I said between Good Doctor and SLA. But now that you said it, I’m willing to bet it will be SLA all the way this year. 😉

          • Dramafed1782

            @Newbie As I said earlier we can agree to disagree. Too late for that verdict is out already – It is Good Doctor which has won for Baeksang.

            And personally for everyone it varies. For you it was SLA. For me it was Empress Ki. Since it wasn’t nominated, the next one would be Good Doctor which won. And that is all that matters 🙂

          • Muenchabench

            @Dramafed haven’t seen Empress Ki, but because it was 50 episodes, it could be a victim of its own length. More likely, would be its run-ins with historical accuracy, which kinda leads into what I’ve been saying because it it was the best, than it deserves the award, historical accuracy be damned (also, voting bodies tend to skew older, which would mean that fusion saeguks have a harder time being accepted)

            As for discussion, debates and arguments, I do think that anything from the acting, writing, producing and directing is fair game for criticism, as long as it comes from a place of analysis of the content and not name calling or taking down the person.

            As such, from my POV its been great debating this with you because of its cordial nature even if coming from differing viewpoints.

            Oo and I was wondering about whether to see Hunger. I liked 12 years but in seeing McQueen’s Shame it was not my cup of tea. Me thinks I’ll give Hunger a shot!

            PS – The Fassbender is fantastic! The fact that I love him upon seeing him in roles where he is either a Nazi, Slave handler, or sex addict is a true testament to his skillz, amongst his other assets…

        • sayit

          This is reply to all below. You are just sore that SLA or your fav drama lost to Good Doctor, right? You can write and argue very well but it’s obvious why you are so angry. Of course you won’t admit it.

  12. 12 Sophia

    Kim Hee-ae’s dress is gorgeous and she looks so wonderful! I think Lee Bo Young looks like a queen. And this is probably the best I’ve seen Go Ara look. And most of the ladies in black near the end look fab.

    The guys all look great, but there’s not much you can say about Tuxs. Im Shi-Wans is definitely out there though.

  13. 13 eli_n

    Kyaaaa PSJ!! <3 ^^ *swoons* *screams 'MINE'*

    – Was going to make comments on all the pretty (if sadly few) dresses and ask for movie recommendations but all that I see now is Seo-joon Oppa. Thanks gf! Needed that eye-cleanser to erase the image of Yuri dragging around that poor dead bird. –

    Oh and JJH and KHA win for best-dressed hands-down. But mostly PSJ in a three-piece suit is all that matters.

    • 13.1 Shadow-chan

      The MC of Let’s Dance (German version of Dancing with the Stars) wore the same dress as Yuri one or two weeks ago…
      And I already found it horrible there! 😀

    • 13.2 windsun33

      Aside from the Dead Bird dress, I thought Dohee’s was the most horrid.

  14. 14 crazedlu

    Dude, forget Jung Woo as Oppa… Jung Woo as Bread Man was the BEST!!!

    I always find myself reading through all of the wardrobe commentary. So long, but I do it. Ha.

    And yes… oh yeah, Fitted Three Piece Suit. ~

  15. 15 Startulle

    Congratulations to SLA! Well deserved !!!! KHA is really gracious beautiful!

  16. 16 Elfie

    Happy for Baek Jin-hee and Jung-woo 🙂

  17. 17 pogo

    I’m happy to see so many of my faves here on the red carpet – Goddess Jeon Ji-hyun (seriously, she’s even more beautiful now than she was in My Sassy Girl which was my Gateway Drug To K-Ent), Lee Bo-young (Jang-byun is hands down my bias of 2013 too), Kim Hee-ae, Shim Eun-kyung, Baek Jin-hee (she’s young enough that the bridal white looks fresh and pretty on her), Han Groo and of course, Jung Eun-ji.

    And also yay for no one hogging all the awards, I’m happy to see the even distribution.

  18. 18 Muenchabench

    Sexiest sling ever?

  19. 19 Iris

    Sohn Tae-young is so awesome in her new drama “Into the Flames”

    So thrilled for Jo Jae-Hyeon’s win for Jeong Do-Jeon. What a shame that none of the powers that be were willing to sub it.

    • 19.1 Rovi

      Well, KBS World is the only one subbing “Jeong Do-jeon”, though you have to watch it on weekends and on replays, since apparently they don’t upload it on their YouTube channel.

  20. 20 jandoe

    “And Jeon Ji-hyun, well she just wins at life. ”

    HAHAHAHA. Truth. OMG GF, I love you.

  21. 21 JustSoYouKnow

    I hope KBSWorld broadcasts this award show.

    On another note, I so would like to see Shim Eun-kyung and Park Seo-Joon in a drama as the OTP!

  22. 22 Perevell

    I always have that irk-y feeling that most (if not all) actresses have the same ol’ same ol’ stylists. I yawn every time I see a pale pink/white ‘pretty’ dress. Why can’t someone where RED. JEON JI HYUN IN RED COMMON.

    *ahem* on a side note, I squealed/ drooled on Kim Soo Hyun/Jung Woo/Yeo Jin Gu/Choi Jin Hyuk’s photos. Because they’re all so adorkable.

    • 22.1 wfb

      I think no one wears red in the red carpet since it might clash with it? At least, that’s what I got from reading those all red carpet fashion articles.

      • 22.1.1 Perevell

        Hmm, granted I get the point. But there are so many colours in the spectrum/ styles to choose from, I wished they’d broaden they’re horizon more.

        If not red, I’d gladly just see something that isn’t the generic ‘dress that makes you look pretty’. I’d even welcome gold somewhere. anywhere.

  23. 23 geese

    the end picture was the best…noona road block killer…
    wheet whew….these days i want to dig all his drama..
    i wish to see him more often in good dramas please…
    there’s tons of good young actors these days….
    the thing is they all come from rom-com drama’s…
    who would have thought that these guys are really awesome actors…
    please drama land expose them with good project more and note i need the right script and story line…

  24. 24 manel

    I find Jeon ji hyun the best dressed (but she looks overdressed when you see the other actresses blend and boring choices )after her comes lee bo young who is the elegance personified (She wears clothes, they don’t wear her). And in the dramas that I have watched those two female lead are the most that I liked (the bests written female heroine in dramaland flawed but charming with actresses that braught them to life).Park shin hye like always seems to look forward to be an ahjummah she don’t dress like a twenty something .The dress of Shim Eun-kyung is the same dress worn by Park Se-young last year in this same award ceremony.Now I should watch secret love affair.

    • 24.1 melody

      Why this young talented and 20 something actress wears boring colour!

      Why settle for boring white and black. Some say, this young actress still mourning because of the ferry incident (god bless them).

      PSH is really boring. I just don’t get her style, I wish to see her more bold and daring, she should wear more colour!! She is fun in person.

      I don’t like Ara’s dress too, I wish ‘the colour is not white!

    • 24.2 gg

      ah yes, i thought i’d seen Shim Eun Kyung’s dress before! Girl should try something more exciting while she’s young and can afford to do it.

  25. 25 Kiara

    I’m so excited for Jeon Ji-hyun yay! Glad that Jo Jae-hyun won Top Excellence, Actor. He is fantastic.

    I have no complains about the film awards. I’m very happy for Song Kang-ho, Sol Kyung-gu, and Shim Eun-kyung.

    Thanks JB :).

    • 25.1 Kiara

      I mean GF 🙂

  26. 26 coffeenlucia

    Yay Shim Eun Kyung! 🙂 LUFF her. Also super happy for Jun Ji Hyun 😀 😀 😀

    • 26.1 bluesky

      I’m super happy for Shim Eun Kyung too!!!
      And Jun Ji hyun…
      And also Lee Bo Young..
      eekkk..I’m rooting for my eonnis after all..except SEK, coz she’s my dongsaeng..LOL!

      But my sweet Lee Re didn’t win last night..auw…*cheer u up with kokomong song 😆 *
      And “Hope” is my fave movie from last year and I greedily hoping for more awards TBH..heh heh..anyway congrats to all^^

  27. 27 Love Korean Drama

    Why should park shin hye win??????????????????

  28. 28 Love Korean Drama

    I’m very glad that my love from the star won. Jun Ji Hyun and lee bo young unni, Congratulation

  29. 29 Weee

    Congratssss Secret Love Affair for bagging Best Director and Best Scriptwriter!! You are awesome KD! im Hee Ae looks so gorgeousssss!!

  30. 30 ilikemangos

    I wrote in the post for nominations listing that all i needed was Jeon Ji Hyun to win daesang. She won daesang. I am happy. I also teared up a bit just seeing her tear up in her genuine speech. Seeing her at one of these things are so rare due to her mysterious and elusive nature. 14 years since her last drama award, and 12 years since her last award anything
    Apparently, jeon ji hyun is psychic. See: comment 3.2.1 :

    Watched baeksang live, and jeon ji hyun/kim soo hyun were definitely the ones in the spotlight for the night– people teasing them, asking KSH who his ideal was out of two ladies sitting next to him(jjh or jung do yeon), camera-man panning over to them numerous times. Some cute tidbits: KSH said “cheon song yi, saranghamnida!” in his acceptance speech. JJH said to KSH during her speech “to the one who is not going to the star and never leaving earth, my Do Min Joon-shi…Soo Hyun-ah (yes, in banmal, in front of everyone) I sincerely thank you so much. Let’s do it(work together) again.” You could see the tears well up in soo hyun’s eyes as she says this — her included. Thanks MellaN for translations!

    Jung woo’s speech was just, my god. heartbreak. His probably had the most impact on me compared to all the other winners because he was a nobody just last year and to be in the industry for so long only to be recognized now. better late than never. But his water works killed me the most.

    Here’s lyn’s performance of destiny:

    • 30.1 ilikemangos

      *see comment 2.3.1

      • 30.1.1 manel

        The comment are hilarious hhhhh

    • 30.2 ByTheWay

      I just can’t help thinking that when she said to Kim Soo Hyun “Let’s do it(work together) again”, it means let’s kiss and make out on screen again… heeheeehee

    • 30.3 tarolove

      Lol all their fans represented go ara, who was sitting a few seats down from them and smiling with feels during the 15 second kiss, mouthing along to words with hand on chest. Love how her and Jung woo were basically snickering to each other and looking over to both jjh and ksh reaction to their kiss on all those screens popping out at them.

  31. 31 Aigoooo

    Jeon Ji Hyun looks awesome as always! She hasn’t aged a day since “My Sassy Girl” and her style has stayed the same in more than a decade (Yoon Eun Hye should take notes, quit messing with your hairstyle!). They should just hand her an award every time she does something.

    • 31.1 bd5

      Actually, you can tell she has (a little – around the eyes), but that’s only natural and she looks younger than most women her age.

  32. 32 zoe

    CONGRATULATIONS to GOOD DOCTOR TEAM!!! Others might say that this drama was boring,well,in the end still depends on your taste but for me this was the most enjoyable drama of 2013..This made me laughed like there is no tomorrow because of the casts natural acting..They don’t need to act over exaggerated comedic scenes to make people laugh..

  33. 33 bebeswtz

    I have been refreshing all day, just waiting for this haha
    Thank you so much, Girlfriday!! ~~

  34. 34 Chichiri

    Oppa-ya <3

  35. 35 canxi

    Hmm…I really like Shim Eun Kyung’s dress and think she looks lovely. I agree that I wish it was a color, though. Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hee Ae (wow, my favorite!), and Han Ye Ri also round out looks I really liked for the ladies. (: I think they wear their dresses well. I also hope to see Han Ye Ri in a drama sometime.

  36. 36 blegh!

    OPPA-ya!!!! I missed oppa!

  37. 37 jomo

    Lee Byung Hun, oh, yes.
    I wrote this a couple months ago:

    Puddle of goo puddle of goo
    Who leaves you breathless?
    Lee Byung-HUN

    Kisses so hot makes me swoon
    Camera loves him, so do I
    Lee Byung-HUN

    Lee Byung Hun wins everything and catching up fast is Park Seo-joon. He just is so wonderful at being a man.

  38. 38 moon

    I may be biased but I think that Good Doctor is not totally undeserving of the Best Drama Award as some here kept on emphasizing. Here are my reasons:

    1) GD managed to make a decent, if not a really good, drama out of a very difficult and controversial topic as autism, more specifically Savant syndrome.

    2) The casts’ acting was really good. Joo Won’s portrayal was awesome. He was even commended by the Director of the Center for Autism for his awesome take. He was also even awarded Best Actor for drama in the recent PD Awards. The kids’ acting and the rest of the adult casts were really good too. A lot of them are even ‘veteran’ in the industry already.

    3) Directing-wise, PD Kim managed to elicit the emotions from the viewers and he has managed to send across the message that the drama was trying to convey. It was such a thin line that they walked on and they have successfully crossed it and avoided all sorts of criticisms placed upon them even before the drama aired.

    4) Sometimes things don’t always have to be complicated and grand. Good Doctor may be a simple drama as some may argue, but it’s one full of heart. It may not be overwhelmingly popular, but I’m pretty sure for those who have watched and was touched by the story and its characters, it will forever be in their hearts. The drama managed to have me cry in the first few minutes of the first episode, making me care about the dramaverse and the characters so quickly.

    5) And the biggest reason perhaps was its effect to the society in general. It was not made to lecture people on autism, but to have people read about it, discuss it and understand & emphatize with people with said condition. Not only that, but after the drama airing, more pediatric centers were created/strengthened. The drama therefore did not only entertain but had a purpose.

    And for those saying how having a doctor with Savant syndrome is so unrealistic, ugh hello, it’s a freaking drama, a fictional story. For the haters out there, if you’re looking for an accurate portrayal or a “realistic” scenario, watch a documentary. Also, if Good Doctor is really as “bad” as a few here have emphasized, then why was it able to win so many recognitions from inviduals and groups who are considered uthorities on autism and on Korean drama and films?

    — Anyhow, I’m already satisfied with the Korean PD Awards, that this is just added recognition for their efforts. Congrats to Good Doctor casts and crew and to everyone else who won in this year’s Baeksang! ^^

    • 38.1 hatingdelusionalfangirls

      just watch a documentary…
      That argument is lame. If that is the case then dramas and films should stop releasing stuffs about medical disorder since most of the plots are flawed and incoherent. Productions should just write whatever fictional stories that they want but leave the “serious stuffs” to documentary.
      When the central character of a drama is someone with autism you don’t just write an out of this world story just for the sake of entertainment.

      • 38.1.1 Dramafed1782

        Please go and watch your needed daily dose of rom-coms… Might wanna cure you from your delusions!

      • 38.1.2 moon

        I don’t know if you get what I mean and even fully read what I wrote, but if you’re looking for 100% reality then documentary is for you – that is what I am saying. Dramas and films can very much tackle anything they want with its main purpose to entertain (and depending on the type of film, sometimes to educate, etc). Don’t expect serious STUFF from a drama because they are made not to last for a long time so each and every nitty gritty becomes explained and primarily because it is for entertainment! They’ll of course use scenarios that will capture the interest and add drama to it to make it watchable and so people would follow it. If it is all serious then it wouldn’t appeal to a lot of people. Also, fictional stories, for me, will always be flawed because it is JUSTa figment of imagination.

  39. 39 Thandie

    OPPA-YA! True, gf, he looks dashing, and no matter how much I love Choi Jin Hyuk, I wouldn’t take Jung Woo’s award away from him. And Jung Woo’s new hairstyle….. Swoon. Go Ara looks So Beautiful. Gosh that dress is a cross between sexy and flirty. I am glad that Answer Me 1994’s chemistry exploding OTP sat together at the awards, and how adorable was Go Ara hugging a weeping Jung Woo? My. Heart. Soars. They just can’t keep their hands away from each other. Aww…. I adore Jeon Ji Hyun’s dress so much! She and Do Min Joon- I mean, Kim Soo Hyun looked amayzing together. Such a beautiful couple. My heart skipped a beat….

  40. 40 Jude

    I was like, scroll-read-scroll, until the very last picture had me squeeing.

    Yoon Dong Ha game is too strong for my poor little noona heart.

  41. 41 maddragonqueen

    Jeon Ji Hyun – is a goddess, no matter what she does.

    Jung Woo – I like the suit, but oppa I hate your hair!!! =(

    Shim Eun Kyung – I actually like her tea length dress quite a bit, but I do wish it were in a color.

    Baro – Oh my gosh, what? He’s so handsome! Who knew?

    Lee Chun Hee – Lee Chun Hee.

    Yeo Jin Good – Aww he looks so young and boyish here. Which is excellent. Because whenever they post pictures of him lookin all shmexy, I feel like a dirty old lady =/

    Park Seo Joon – DAMN.

  42. 42 Sophia Chen

    Um, so am I the only one wondering why the rest of the Empress Ki team was just…ignored? I mean, I understand the popularity of all the dramas and I’m a huge fan of Jeon Ji Hyun, Lee Bo Young, Kim Soo Hyun and all, but…seriously? I was really shocked/disappointed that they didn’t win anything (minus Baek Jin Hee).

    On a side note, I was quite shocked by Good Doctor’s win too. I get it, it’s a “human drama” and it was especially touching, but I didn’t think it deserved best drama of the year….ugh

    • 42.1 kanz

      I also think EK team is ignored. But then what can we do? At least Baek Jin Hee got best new actress award.

  43. 43 kanz

    Jo Jae Hyun, Lee Bo Young, Jeon Ji Hyun, Song Kang Ho are all deserved winners. Along with Kim Soo Hyun, Shim Eun Kyung, etc.

    But honestly I’m a bit disappointed Ji Chang Wook can’t get nomination for best actor in drama category. I mean, his character in Empress Ki is the most complex character ever and he played it with such intensity and brilliant acting. I just wish more people would recognize his talent.

  44. 44 yoonie

    JUN JI HYUN – my goddess! the reason why i care about this year paeksang. man she won a daesang for her only one drama in 14 years, how awesome is that. hopefully she will take more awesome projects, preferably dramas. DRAMALAND WANTS YOU!!
    KIM SOO HYUN- looks good. love the hairdo. love his smile. boy is having a great year. love the reunion between him and jjh. argh the feels!
    KIM HEE AE- WOW, i havent watch her in anything but become an instant fan after noonas over flowers. i love her personality.she looks so elegant here. will definitely check out her dramas very soon. she and lee young ae age so beautifully. im jelly.
    LEE BO YOUNG – this is not her best looks but i like the way she carry herself here, confident and classy. gosh i wish she and jjh can take a pic together. therewould be so much perfection.

  45. 45 midoshi

    This time this awards giving is a rubbish, some are really deserves this not even in the nomination list. this is not fair.

  46. 46 hitsugaya joowon 🙁

  47. 47 Santa Witch

    I had wanted to straightaway do a Ctrl+F on Park Seo-Joon, but decided against it and chose to read on instead. So happy to see him at the end! I knew Dramabeans won’t miss him out! Thanks!

  48. 48 ....

    I was like watching a live broadcast last night using the infamous streaming site called youtube, anyway when the Best actor in tv series is being called the comment box suddenly went silent but when they reveal the winner the comment box went CRAZY. THEY COULDN’T BELIEVE ANY OF THE FLOWER BOYS DIDN’T WON THE AWARD…. I almost laughed reading their pitiful comments… HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Because we have the same feeling despair…

  49. 49 Yummysukiyaki

    2014 Baeksang Arts Awards are presented to untalented artistes except the Best Actor n Actress awards. The rest are rubbish with no acting skills….Bloop!

  50. 50 Rossi

    I watched “Warm Word” on a lark mainly due to my burgeoning new crush on one Park Seo Joon and surprisingly, I quite like it. Never thought a drama about adultery would be something I actually rewatch on occasion.

    All the players did a fine job and I’ve a new appreciation for Han Groo whose character I would normally have hate except she brings a really adorable charm to the screen that I can’t help but like her.

    • 50.1 pogo

      You should see her in Can We Get Married, then. She’s got this unique ability to make her character likeable even when she’s doing stuff that’s actually wrong, it just comes off as human and confused instead of ‘awful person’.

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