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Dae Jang Geum watch: Casting Kim So-hyun and Lee Yeon-hee?
by | May 2, 2014 | 39 Comments

Well, this is encouraging, inasmuch as it’s forward movement (ish): Dae Jang Geum 2 has begun feeling about for potential other cast members—that is to say, people other than hoped-for series star Lee Young-ae—and the two names in the news right now are precocious teen actress Kim So-hyun (Suspicious Housekeeper, I Miss You) and the newly revitalized Lee Yeon-hee (Miss Korea).

Given that a decade has passed since the original show aired, the sequel advances the age of Jang-geum accordingly, so that she is now a mother and in the teacher’s role as royal physician. Kim So-hyun has been extended the offer to play Jang-geum’s daughter, which would be quite interesting actually. (For whatever reason I had assumed Jang-geum would be mother to a younger child, but if we’re going to get a chance to utilize a talented actress with solid emotive skills, all the better.) She is reportedly considering the offer, but hasn’t made any definitive statements.

Lee Yeon-hee was said to be up for the role of Jang-geum’s student, sort of the next-generation version of Jang-geum I suppose. However, her reps at SM Entertainment were quick to issue a statement countering the first reports, saying that she had not received an offer.

No, if only they could actually get their star to agree!

Dae Jang Geum 2 is hoping to broadcast in October of this year.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary


    Why do they even have to pull LYA back in? LOL MBC is like a clingy lead obsessed with his first love over Lee Young Ae in DJG2.

    Can’t they just get the same writer + director + a new set of great actors, and make another “My Genius Cooking/Medical/Whatever Skills Will Triumph Over Your Evil Corrupt Clan” sageuk?

    And I was kind of hoping Kim So Hyun would be the pupil. Isn’t the daughter supposed to be missing for most of the drama? I wanted to see this kid act… 🙁

    • 1.1 Kim Yoonmi

      They want LYA because they want to DJG2 to come back with a Vengeance. The reason they aren’t asking JJH is because they don’t want it to be a Passing Rain. Maybe they for see that he’s now promoted himself to King and may take too much of the Spotlight away from LYA.

      LYA has fireworks, a mighty wave and come to own the West Palace. But I think without JJH in DJG2, I’m going to ask, “How is your husband?” and at that time if he’s dead, I’m less likely to have sympathy for Lady DJG.

      • 1.1.1 Ivoire

        Hello Kim Yoonmi~

        I have googled “Passing Rain”, and I didn’t get a definition or meaning of the expression. I got paintings, sermons, other things, but not a sentence where the expression is used. I haven’t seen DJG yet, so I just wanted to understand what you meant here, “The reason they aren’t asking JJH is because they don’t want it to be a Passing Rain.”
        Could you please explain? Thank you!

        • Jo

          in korean it would be called “sonagi”…something shortlived I suppose is what she is trying to suggest.

          That being said…merp. I want lesser known actors to get a chance…

        • marie

          it’s an old SK-JP telecinema starring Ji jin-hee and Ryoko Yonekura.

    • 1.2 coolrepublica

      Koreans are not as adventurous as Americans when it comes to casting.

      An American company will get some unknown that no one has ever heard of and trust them with a big budget movie.

      No big budget anything is made in Korea until they got the name first.

      I would be floored. and I mean shocked beyond belief if the MBC decides to go with some rookie actors for this.

      The people at MBC are no JJ Abrams. lol

      • 1.2.1 trekkie

        I love US TV Series for their engaging, creative and refreshing storylines…example Person of Interests, Walking Dead, The 100, Crisis, 24 (Coming in May 5th!!), Blacklist and many many many more…

        Sadly, the Americans are not adventurous to cast Asian American as LEADING actors. 🙁 I guess they do not trust some unknown/known Asian American with any drama or TV series..

        • jessa

          i think you forgot that Maggie Q is Asian..she portrayed the titular role for Nikita..

          • trekkie

            True Maggie is Asian American although she does NOT look very Asian… 😉 Furthermore, I believe she got “typecast” as this leading role due to her HK movie experience in martial arts / action movie and the fact she is asian.. If we compare Nikita with Alias or Covert Affairs… She never got nominated or win in any Golden Globe unlike Jennifer Garner or Piper Perabo… Plus, Nikita last 3.5 Seasons whereas Alias and Covert Affairs run way so many seasonss… and Covert Affairs is so boring compare to Nikita…

            It’s a fact that Asian American actors are overlooked as leading actors in dramaland unless they look like eurasian like Maggie Q or Kristin Kreuk.. or the character is about Asian or the character knows martial art…

      • 1.2.2 Jo

        well, for the children cast of Dae Jang Geum they were unknown. I appreciated that.

      • 1.2.3 pogo

        I despise JJ Abrams with a vengeance (he’s the ultimate faux fanboy) but I totally get your point.

        Even the Marvel superhero films largely use unknowns as franchise heroes and then make them household names, it’s tough for a young actor to make it in Korea I guess.

  2. Laden

    No comment

  3. coolrepublica

    If this project ever takes off, we need to have a drama depicting the behind the scene drama to get it made.

    Dae Jan Geum Behind the Drama

  4. jinja

    Honestly, i haven’t seen DJG, so I can’t really comment on their prospective roles , i heard its a good one though. I first accidentally liked Lee Yeon-hee in ‘One Fine day ‘ with Gong Yoo. I hope they will be able to sign her up. it’ll be nice to see her again in the small screen.

  5. trekkie

    To continue watching or not watching DJG?

    I read the synopsis and watched till episode 4… honestly I don’t find it appealing at all… but various sites including dramabeans indicated that this drama was an awesome big thing back then… will I miss out if I don’t continue with this drama?

    • 5.1 DayDreamer

      The synopsis also bored me to tears so I am baffled by its popularity and MBC’s obsession.

      • 5.1.1 Jo

        That’s because it came out in the early 2000s and its story and execution was such a new thing for korea back then. You have to understand popularity in the context of the times. I dislike Boys Before Flowers but I understand the hype…because it was hype.

  6. DayDreamer

    MBC, why so annoying?

    On the other hand, whenever I see Lee Yeon-hee smile, I automatically think, “Waikikki.” lol

  7. Robin

    The original daughter was super adorable and a good little actress….does anyone no her name and what became of her?

    • 7.1 coffeenlucia

      The original daughter… was it Jo Jung Eun? At least she played Jang Geum’s younger self, what I remember. Can’t remember if she also played the daughter of Jang Geum.


      Believe it or not, this year she is 18 years old. She was such a good actress in DJG… I remember the scene where she had to hold a heavy and large bowl of water for a long period of time. Ahh the memories are coming back to me.

      • 7.1.1 lemondoodle

        She didn’t play Jang Geum’s daughter. I don’t remember who did. But she did a great job as younger Jang Geum. That berry scene still makes me cry.

        • glencoco

          I have only watched Dae Jang Geum once, and that was when it had just finished broadcasting (so many years ago now!), yet I still remember that berry scene vividly! Cried so many tears when her mum died…

  8. lotusblossom

    The original Dae Jang Geum was the reason I got through a historical k-dramas and it was indeed entertaining. It was super long, but her character was bright and cheerful and you wanted to root for her.

  9. lotusblossom

    However, it is now 2014 so I don’t mind a fresh face to grace our screen in DJG 2.

    • 9.1 aX

      I completely agree. I think they need to go with someone fresh so this way we have no expectations.

  10. 10 Kiara

    Jang Geum was supposedly the first female physician and the only female royal physician in the history of Korea. Her story was told already, there is no need for it to continue but MBC made so much money from it they just can’t let it go. DJG made almost seven times its original budget and spread the hallyu wave worldwide.

    If it wasn’t for this drama I wouldn’t have found K-drama and the amazing Korean cinema. I guess DJG is like my first love. I watched a ton of sageuks later that were much better but I will always have a special place in my heart for DJG.

    I’m still hoping that part 2 doesn’t happen. My bet is on Lee Young-ae turning it down. If she liked the script she would have accepted it already.

  11. 11 sososo

    SM will ask the writer to change the script half way, Lee Yeon Hee, will gets 80% screen time. The rest will be an extra.
    Probably why Lee Young Ae, having a hard time making a decision, SM is there.
    Idols will be included as students as well.

    • 11.1 Kiara

      The main draw here is Lee Young Ae. Lee Yeon Hee doesn’t even come close for her or company to make demands or changes to the script. This is not a SM production.

      • 11.1.1 sososo

        in SM eyes, their kids are the best.

        MONEY can buy everything in K-dramaland.

        • Kiara

          Not everything, they cant buy high ratings right? Viewers are not going to tune in for Lee Yeon Hee no matter how much money SM spend on her. Look at Miss Korea. She was the lead and she was really good but it had the lowest ratings of that time slot.

          Dae Jang Geum is Lee Young Ae period.

          • sososo

            I think SM will involves in this production, they can use their
            “paper company” or shell company as one of the investor.

            yes, the can’t buy the rating, but they can buy the media and even bloggers, to write a good thing about their talent. How shallow I think when i write this, but that’s the reality.

          • lemondoodle

            I’m pretty sure China is paying for most of the drama. Not SM. They want Lee Young Ae or no money.

  12. 12 kooriyuki

    No Ji Jin Hee, no interest.

  13. 13 aX

    Lee Yeon Hee?

    Emmm… not interested.

    • 13.1 aX

      I forgot to add, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for Son Ye Jin and would much prefer it to be her. Even though I’m not particularly a fan of her films as of late, her potential and her execution in the characters she portrays are amazing!

      • 13.1.1 bluemoon

        Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

  14. 14 Faith-in-faith

    wait so they are not going to have Ji Jin Hee? How can they have Dae Jang Guem without her Min Jun Ho? It’s atrocious to even think about it 🙁 this recently aired in my country, and let me tell you, the whole nation fell in love with it. it got like 70% ratings i think and LYA was in nearly ALL our papers which was quite fascinating. It was because of this drama that i got interested in k-dramas in general so if they do make a part 2, i genuinely hope it’ll be as good or better that the original. I don’t want another IRIS 2 for this one because it actually means quite a lot to people world-wide… anyway here’s hoping for the best 🙂

  15. 15 jelly05

    What a corrupt company tbh.

  16. 16 bd2

    As she gets older, Kim So-hyun looks more and more like Han Ga-in (on the physical similarity, would have been the better choice to play HGI’s character in TMTETS.

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