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First stills from the set of It’s Okay, It’s Love
by | May 16, 2014 | 54 Comments

Here’s our first peek at the upcoming SBS melodrama It’s Okay, It’s Love, starring Gong Hyo-jin (Master’s Sun) and Jo In-sung (That Winter, The Wind Blows). Production is underway with a nice lengthy head start (its lead-in drama You’re All Surrounded has barely finished its second week on the air). It’s always a good sign when a production doesn’t feel so rushed that you worry a show will even make its premiere date, but the seasoned team — that is, writer Noh Hee-kyung and PD Kim Kyu-tae of That Winter and Padam Padam — aren’t really the rushing type.

The melodrama is about psychological ailments that go untreated, and how that affects contemporary life. Jo In-sung plays a famous mystery novelist and radio DJ, and he’ll end up falling in love with Gong Hyo-jin, a psychiatric fellow. There’s been very little information in regards to this drama’s plot, so all we really know is that they meet and fall in love.

Their world will be populated with a nice mix of familiar faces, including Sung Dong-il (Gap-dong) as Gong Hyo-jin’s sunbae and first love, Yoon Jin-yi (Mandate of Heaven) as Jo In-sung’s fangirl-turned girlfriend, and Lee Kwang-soo (Goddess of Fire Jung-yi) as a patient with Tourette syndrome. Idol D.O plays a high-schooler who’s an aspiring novelist.

How all these pieces will fit together, we’ll have to wait to find out, but I think it’s safe to say we’re in for a contemplative character-driven melo; at least I know that based on the production team. That and, Gong Hyo-jin and Jo In-sung make a lovely couple. I wonder if she has funny conversations about him with her friend Kim Min-hee? He’s my TV boyfriend Monday through Friday, and you get him on weekends!

It’s Okay, It’s Love follows You’re All Surrounded in July.

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54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. shisuisen

    Absolutely can’t wait for this drama! Having high expectation in terms of quality and editing, seeing that it has started filming rather early. That, and GHJ always have great chemistry with her male leads. 😀

  2. happybyul

    I hate to say this, as I’m usually not one for idols-turned-actors, but I’m a big fan of EXO and D.O. is my bias so I’m very curious to see how this will turn out:D

    • 2.1 Yoone

      Same, i never thought he would have an acting career. Hopefully he will sing an ost for this drama with his angelic voice

      • 2.1.1 jonghoyu

        I think we fellow D.O. fans are more excited with the likelihood of him releasing an ost for this drama more than his acting in here. 😀

        • chocopie83

          yes pleaseeee! him not releasing an ost would be such a pity!! but man, he can pass off as a 15yo..

    • 2.2 Arashi_Lover

      I love D.O. too… i hoe he does well… i’m just glad he wasn’t cast as a patient, it’s hard to pull off something like that in your first attempt at acting. Dyo Kyungsoo fighting!

  3. c_gunawan541

    Heh, I chuckled at the last bit (KMH and GHJ are both cool girls).

    I like the cast, Gong Hyo Jin has fantastic chemistry with all her co-stars so I’m not too worried about this pairing. It’s just my own personal preference, I finished watching that winter, the wind blows and finds it decent but I thought SHK and JIS lack that “it” chemistry to blow me away…

    JIS and GHJ look really good together, hoping that their chemistry will blow me away like GHJ and SJS.

  4. damianna

    Really anticipating this. Gong hyo jin is my girl-crush. Can it be a rom com instead? Too much to ask? Okay just soft melo then please, go easy on the tears and angst.

  5. yoshihiro

    i read that Lee kwang Soo & Jo In Sun are great friends in real life.

    is that true????

    • 5.1 Ceecile

      Yep. Just Google both their names and you should get lots of results.

    • 5.2 glowry

      yup, they’re really close.. from what i know this is the cycle of their friends, Jo InSung, Song JoongKi, Lee KwangSoo and Im JuHwan… i’ve read that if these men gather around they can chat until 4am… what a lucky if i can snuck in within this group that flooded with gorgeous men… XD

      • 5.2.1 Nobita

        But kwang soo is famous for his female friends, Lee Min Jung, Han Hyo Joo, Park Soo Jin, Song Ji Hyo & Park Bo Young, but i think his best female friend is Park Ha Sun.

  6. korfan

    With Gong Hyo-jin you just can’t go wrong. ……. She just always makes it look so seamless, so effortless. ….. Love her.

    Add Jo In-sung and the rest of this cast into the mix, and this drama is certainly one to look forward to.

  7. Runninggg

    Ohhh Kwang Soo So Handsome, i hope this will be a great drama.

    kwang soo will have loveline?

  8. Sleepy

    Ugh…I wished NHK had a different PD, I don’t like his style of directing at all. Too much close-up shots in his last drama…tbh imo NHK should work with the PD from Miss Korea (and Golden Time) or Wonderful Seasons currently airing now…

  9. Muenchabench

    She is slowly working her way through the Something happened in Bali cast. Meaning 2015 watch out for the Gong Hyo Jin, Ha Ji Won north/south korea spy thriller Across the 38, coming soon to your favorite Makjang free station SBS.

    • 9.1 Lizzy4e

      Oh, you are too funny! and Makjang free.

      If GHJ and HJW were to share top billing of a drama I would be in heaven. They are my favorite actresses.

      [GHJ is awesome, just awesome.]

      • 9.1.1 pogo

        I first fell in love with GHJ after seeing her in a movie with Shin Mina, there should be a rule that our biases of the same gender should work together at least once and share top billing.

        GHJ and HJW are both queens, I would die of happiness if they worked together.

        • canxi

          Lol, I remember when Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na worked together for that North/South Korea ping pong movie. I love them both and there were pictures of them being cute and friendly on set. I was so happy ^^

          • pogo

            yeah, As One. Bae Doona is another of my faves, I don’t see enough of her ever.

            (I admit crying during that movie)

          • canxi


            BDN is my forever girl! Lol, I wish she would do a drama, though. D’: I wiiiishhhhhh.

            (I think I cried, too, it’s OK)

  10. 10 maldita

    Excited for this! I like a lot of people I the cast, so hopefully this one’s good.

    And wow D.O. really looks like a high school student in that picture of his. I hope he does well. 🙂

  11. 11 soprection

    I don’t do melodramas but I hope this does well because I like a lot of the cast (didn’t even know Kwangsoo was in it). I actually really like the concept of exploring how untreated psychological disorders affect people’s lives though – there’s a lot of meat there, although I wish it was just a series of character studies and did not center around a romance.

    • 11.1 canxi

      Might be both. Padam, Padam was romantic but it wasn’t the meat of the show, I feel (it was the potatoes, though!).

  12. 12 Rachel

    Both leads are so adorable. Can’t wait!

  13. 13 pogo

    They look good together, and I’m so ready to see GHJ back onscreen again, it feels like an unexpected gift to actually have her doing dramas two years in a row.

  14. 14 Pinkspider03

    Isn’t GHJ wearing the same pink dress that she wore in one of the last few episodes of Master’s Sun? Gosh I really love that dress. I wonder what brand is it? Hopefully its not too expensive. :/

  15. 15 oneohone


    *fangirling* I love, love, LOVE her.

  16. 16 Mia

    I absolutely LOVE Lee Kwang-Soo
    Can’t wait for this drama 🙂

  17. 17 canxi

    My favorites. They look really cute. Reallyyyyyy cute.

    This sounds like a nice romance/human drama. I’m looking forward to it. I have lots of Noh Hee Kyung love because Padam, Padam is still my favorite, haha. I also like the PD’s flare for cinematography and color.

  18. 18 kopytko

    Another Noh Hee Kyung fan here! I think I would watch it even if the cast consisted of people I don’t know, but I do know them and I like what I see 🙂
    I just hope the Writer keeps her standards of storytelling and portraying the complicated characters 🙂

  19. 19 Sadie

    IDK how that first love thing will play out…but it’s currently making me LOL. but aww D.O <3 Definitely will be watching this cuz of the great cast…(gwangsoo!!)

  20. 20 Viki

    I just can’t wait! I LOVE Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung is just one hot grown man. Ahhh…not to mention they are both superb in acting.

  21. 21 mjfan

    that hair looks fantastic on GHJ , love her

  22. 22 Dila

    Ms. Gong, you are just too gorgeous. 🙁

  23. 23 VanillaSalt

    GHJ has such great chemistry with all her co-stars, she’s awesome! I still ship her with So ji Sub tho

  24. 24 blahbahbah

    LOVE both Gong Hyo-jin and Jo In-sung… CAN’T WAIT for this and hopefully it will NOT disappoint!!!

  25. 25 Uhnny

    *squeals at the first pic.*

  26. 26 eli_n

    Cool I didn’t know GHJ and KMH were friends with each other! Love them both, they both just exude effortless cool ~

    Wonder if KMH is good friends with Son Ye-jin s well seeing that GHJ is mutual friend?

    I usually avoid melos and I’ve never seen anything from this writer-pd duo before, but I the premise sounds intriguing and different so I might check it out

  27. 27 soulgirl

    my oh my! JIS looks so finne!

  28. 28 AuroraB

    “…and Lee Kwang-soo as a patient with Tourette syndrome.”

    Omg i don’t even know what to expect with this one lol

  29. 29 xvanex

    I love them both and plus I get DO?! omg i cannot wait for this drama!!

  30. 30 sur

    I hope they have mind blowing chemistry, because otherwise I can’t pet a melodrama. But on the bright side the still looks good. And the last bit was quite funny 😀

  31. 31 starstyle

    can’t wait for this!! 😀 super excited!!

  32. 32 rose

    I really like the high schooler boy♥

  33. 33 yumenas

    Yay… I can’t wait for IOTL! I love Gong Hyo Jin. Along with JIS, i am intrigued with their chemistry. Also the other cast and crews, i hope “IOTL” successful!
    nb : DB, please make recap for IOTL. ^^

  34. 34 elee63

    Kwangsoo..with tourettes… oh BOY…

    • 34.1 biankoy

      Right? I could so totally picture him with Tourettes.

  35. 35 fatul

    I just cant wait to see this. GHJ is perfect so does JIS. July please come faster. Ahh i just love GHJ.

  36. 36 aaa

    Remember when gong hyo jin came to running man,lee kwang soo is the main lead

  37. 37 Lighto

    When I saw GHJ and then LKS picture suddenly my mind back to that Running Man episode when they became ‘main cast’ of the drama that ‘air’ at 4 AM hahaha…
    And now they’ll work together! Yayyy… Well eventho not as OTP haha…

    Ahh and that young man in uniform, so handsome XDDD

  38. 38 misskania

    Gosh, I felt so old now just read how you describe Jo In Sung with brackets “That Winter, The Wind Blows” because to me Jo In sung stands for himself, no further introduction necessary. Been a fan for so long now it hits me in realization just how long I have been a fan now 😛

  39. 39 meanrice

    pretty sure in the background of one of the pictures of Jo In-Sung there is the killer from “Youre All Surrounded.”

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