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Kim Yoon-seok, Yoo Hae-jin lead Top Secret Investigation
by | May 2, 2014 | 8 Comments

Veteran Chungmuro actors Kim Yoon-seok (Hwa-yi, The Thieves) and Yoo Hae-jin (The Unjust, Moss) are confirmed for the upcoming movie Top Secret Investigation, which will be helmed by Kwak Kyung-taek, of Friend and Friend 2 fame. Between the two of them, the performers have over 60 films under their belts, and they are slated to appear in (or start work on) no less than ten films in 2014. We’ll see them together in the upcoming Tazza 2, reprising their roles from Tazza: The High Rollers.

Top Secret Investigation is about a tenacious cop, Kim Yoon-seok, who puts all his efforts into saving a kidnapped girl and finding her captor. He enlists the help of a shaman, Yoo Hae-jin, who assists the case by revealing important details. While not a groundbreaking plot, it is supposedly based on a true story, and based on the scant details, the film is sure to be a heart-pumping investigative thriller.

With its high profile director and the potential synergy between the leads, Top Secret Investigation might be a standout in even Kim Yoon-seok and Yoo Hae-jin’s illustrious careers. Production will finalize the rest of the cast soon, and cameras are expected to begin rolling in June.

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8 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Ivoire

    Thank you for the info, awcoconuts!

    Do you know if the movie will be released this year as well? (Is that what they are planning)? I was just curious…
    I am interested because the plot is based on a real life story. Another movie going on my “to watch list of movies.”

  2. jensredshoes

    I really miss Yoo Hae – Jin in 1Night2Days!

    • 2.1 Keri

      Same here!!!

    • 2.2 Kiara

      He was so good in Moss I almost forgot I was watching it for Park Hae-Il and Jung Jae-Young.

  3. DayDreamer

    Not interesting. I swear I’ve seen this plot a million times just with variations in details. I want rom-coms now. Bring on the light, flirty, silly fun.

  4. aly

    Adore kim yoon seok. One hell of a talented man! Just watched him recently in punch. He has this incredible charisma. If he’s in it then I’m game.

    • 4.1 Kiara

      That was a really good movie and I loved Yoo Ah In in it too. Kim Yoon-seok was even more amazing in The Chaser but that’s just me.

      • 4.1.1 aly

        He was deffo amazing in the chaser. he honestly steals the moment every scene he is in. He actually caught my eye after watching the chaser. And lets not forget ha jung woo!!!!

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