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Kolorful Palette: Reach out and touch someone [Angel Eyes]
by | May 4, 2014 | 126 Comments

I’ve come to the realization that I’m in a bit of a drama slump right now. Or maybe it’s dramaland itself that’s in a slump? Whatever the reason, none of the current dramas have really sunk their claws into me. Angel Eyes has its flaws (okay…many flaws) but at least it has that pretty soft lighting that I’m such a sucker for. I didn’t think I was going to make it through Episode 3, but I actually found myself enjoying the show a lot more by the end of Episode 6.

The back-to-back plot contrivances and drama cliches were very difficult to stomach initially. The male protagonist grows up to be a genius doctor who puts all other doctors to shame? The female lead is feisty and judo-throws people who annoy her? They can’t be together because of circumstances regarding their parents? How original. Those things don’t honestly bother me much though, since they’re easy to forget on a scene-to-scene basis. What bothers me is the forced drama and emotion within the scenes. I don’t think any sane grown-up would laugh with joy for no reason while washing a vehicle at work, but I guess it’s convenient if your first love is watching you after not seeing your face for 12 years. I also don’t think that any one of the many obstacles standing in the path of the OTP is strong enough to realistically keep them from trying to be together, so it’s hard for me to feel a lot of empathy while they pine away. In general, it feels like the characters are constantly changing for the sake of generating story, and that’s not how real people work.

All that being said, this drama does have moments that feel honest and poignant, and I find myself feeling surprisingly emotional at times. I do still miss the younger cast, but I’m thankful that we’re getting some new flashbacks that include them, along with scenes like the one above. I like that the leads haven’t really connected as adults yet, and are still more invested in their memories than they are in the present versions of each other. The fact that they’ve changed gives their story somewhere to go (outside of dodging plot contrivances). I’m hoping the story will be more about them falling in love again and less about boo-hooing when they learn of the various connections between their parents.

The greatest tragedy so far is that Dong-joo picked up a Seoul accent as an adult, but I’m hopeful he’ll revert to his country accent when he’s with Soo-wan. At least we have Seungri’s odd pidgin-tongue to listen to in the meantime. His part is small, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Another tragedy is that Kim Ji-seok (as Ji-woon) is once again playing the perfect second lead that you can’t help but root for. I felt bad enough for him in I Need Romance 2012, and in Angel Eyes he’s such a good friend to the competition that I feel even worse. Can someone please give this guy a lead role?

I already mentioned the pretty lighting (which reminds me a little of Yoon Seok-ho’s Endless Love dramas) but the scoring has its moments too, and it’s probably been largely responsible for the scenes I’ve appreciated without me even realizing it. Bust out a cello and it doesn’t really matter what’s happening! I will have all the feels.

The only drama that really hooked me recently was God’s Gift, and we all know how that turned out. The ending was so soul-crushing (primarily due to its lame execution) that I think I’m going to have trouble feeling committed to a drama for quite some time. This has happened before, and I know that one great drama is all I need to be cured. I’m counting on you summer dramas!


126 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. aly

    I was waiting for someone to recap this but guess it’s not gonna happen. And I loved that scene. It was so touching. I miss the younger couple too

    • 1.1 D's handphone

      Touching indeed, it induced me to tears & silent sobs…

      • 1.1.1 aly

        i’m not joking when i say that i was literally shouting at my screen when they moved on to the older actors. i got so attached to the younger couple that it didn’t quite seem right. i think i lost count of how many time i shouted ‘ give my kang ha neul back!” lmaoooo, not my classiest moment ๐Ÿ˜€ and totally.

    • 1.2 Jessi

      I would have LOVED to see a recap of this drama because i think its really good. Seriously give it a chance ;’) you ll love Mr. Dimple

      • 1.2.1 khan

        I KNOW!! I wonder why they aren’t recapping it!! ๐Ÿ™
        The young couple was so short lived..

  2. faris

    Agree…younger couple much better in delivering their emotion. I crying with kim ha naeul in sad scene.

    • 2.1 trisha

      But people in NB said that they were crying with Gu Hye Sun and her acting is improved.

      Note: I dont follow the drama or the casts but I catched a bit of them.

      • 2.1.1 Chiaki

        I am so happy for gu hye sun. I had already lost hope in all her acting abilities but she came back strong and proved us all wrong with her acting scenes in “Angel eyes.”.

        I am also happy that she has the approval from the k-netizens.

        Also, you seriously need to start watching this drama because it is the best. I thought my love from the stars was good but this is wayyyyyyyyyyy better ( my opinion)

        • RenaLoh

          haha sorry but I don’t quite agree with you..
          I had high expectations for this drama in the beginning, but I seriously cant feel anything between the lead couple now.
          Like what Fanderay said, their actions seem forced, and although there are some nice moments here and there, I don’t find myself looking forward for new eps each week.

          No offense though! this is just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. rabbitsfortea

    I kind of agree with you regarding the flaws of this drama. It’s just so typical and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Strangely though, I am still stuck watching it and getting drawn to it. Might be that I’m just waiting for “You’re All Surrounded”… But well, let’s hope that this doesn’t get any worse…

    I really miss the younger cast as well. Kang Haneul and Nam Jihyun did a heart wrenchingly amazing job with the characters.

    • 3.1 Chiaki

      It seems like a lot of us are waiting for “You are all surrounded.” I think I would also give “doctor stranger” and “triangle” a try

      • 3.1.1 rabbitsfortea

        I’m guilty of watching a show for not just the plot, but the cast as well ๐Ÿ˜› Triangle doesn’t really do it for me, in both plot and casting but Doctor Strange… Well, I’m really not a fan of Jin Seyeon but I do love the rest of the cast, so we’ll see on that one.

        Fingers crossed that they turn out good, especially You Are All Surrounded! Really fell in love with Go Ara after Reply 1994.

  4. madame kim

    No matter how much I try, I cannot seem to like Goo Hyesun’s take on Soowan. She just tends to overdo it with the tough manly thing. Nam Jihyun built a great foundation of the character, but GHS went ahead and stomp her tough little feet all over it.

    Lee Sangyoon fared only a wee bit better with Dongjoo. I can see the bashful and cheeky Dongjoo, but it was overshadowed a lot in the last few eps by so many bitter brooding moments.

    Until now, I’m hanging on for dynamic already set by Kang Haneul and Nam Jihyun. If things don’t get better, mehh, another drama to drop..

    • 4.1 Quiet Thought

      On the other hand, it is a big, big step forward for Kdramas when a heroine can be criticized for being too “manly!”

    • 4.2 aX

      She hasn’t really done any tough manly things? What are you talking about? Cleaning cars? Being a paramedic?

      The only ‘manly’ thing I guess was shen she Judo’d the guy on the first ep she was in. Did I miss something? lol

    • 4.3 Summer

      I know what you mean and agree. Wish someone would teach her how to walk. LOL. At least so far she’s eating her food a little more nicely rather than shoveling it in her mouth.

      • 4.3.1 geenah

        Your comment is totally irrelevant! Obviously you are just here to bash Gu Hye Sun no matter how much you try to cover it up with finesse! You are without doubt bashing the actor, not the character! And that’s just low!

  5. Wag_a_Muffin

    I love your art, but I disagree with one of your comments! I always giggle coquettishly while I scrub my Hyndai. (Because you never know who might be watching.)

    I also pose as I take out the trash. . .blow kisses when I pick up the dog poo, and basically, pretend like I’m always “on camera.”

    And I’m very sane. : )

    • 5.1 windsun33

      And I bet you have a designer dog-poo-picker-upper too!

      • 5.1.1 Wag_a_Muffin

        Why yes. . .yes I do.
        Because you never know what old boyfriend from 12 years ago is going to be stalking me. . .

        • spi

          You’re so funny!!! Hahaha

  6. Eve

    I miss Kang Ha Neul too. He’s definitely the one who made me fall in love with this drama but, I like Lee Sang Yoon. He is seriously sexy!

    And i hated Goo Hye Sun with a passion as Jan Di. But she IS talented. That girl writes books, paints and directs her own films. I think melodrama is her forte. I like her in this drama.

  7. edap

    Agreed that the couple right now is more invested in their memories of each other than anything else. I mean this whole jealousy tug of war thing between the love triangle isn’t supposed to happen until at least ep 10, when viewers have had a chance to become invested in the characters and the couple itself. Instead, we haven’t even had time to get to know the adult dongju and suwan before they start throwing themselves at each other.

    I was having continual issues with the script, who was the writer for this? what other things has she written?

    PS though, glad to see Goo Hye Sun has been able to improve her acting chops while she was away. Really gets into her character. Lee Sang Yoon on the other hand… not really feeling him. Love his eye crinkles and all, but doesn’t seem to have very varied facial expressions…

    • 7.1 edap

      funny how I just assume the writer is a “she”…

  8. Turkish Rose

    I am actually enjoying this drama very much and look forward to new episodes. unlike so many people who hated her as Jan Di, I just always liked her acting. it’s a nice heart felt drama. I just can’t wait for Gong hyo shin’s drama and also you’re all surrounded. thank you for that colorful pallets

  9. divyrus

    Did you see the director’s cut version in the special ?
    That execution was much better !
    I am still pissed off that they decided to kill him which they have never explained satisfactorily, and which doesn’t make sense at all but the director’s cut actually lingered on the each of the moments that felt rushed.
    The baddies getting arrested and being pulled away , soo hyun looking at the lake wishfully and sad rather than just the smile that infuriated so many of us, and the ending story going on just for a little longer !
    Extra 5 mts of the footage made it little better !

    Yet still ! What’s done is done ! ๐Ÿ˜

    And am in the same drama slump! Watching first two episodes of all dramas, just for sake of watching !

    Hoping for the premieres this week to be better !,

  10. 10 Quiet Thought

    I keep planning on getting back to ‘Angel Eyes’, but I’m stuck with the impression, after five episodes, that it should have been over with after three episodes.

    There just isn’t any plausible plot to keep the drama going. He came back after twelve years, the girl he was sweet on is marrying a decent guy. He tells her, they agree that they once had feelings for each other, they get on with their lives. End of story.

    The murder-for-body-parts plot gets made into a 90 minute Lifetime movie.

    • 10.1 Coolrepublica


    • 10.2 edap

      I agree. That’s what I also found so puzzling above. I mean, isn’t this tug of war thingy between the love triangle supposed to happen later, with the otp getting together being the climax of sorts? What are they planning to do, drag it out for 16 episodes?

  11. 11 trotwood

    Maybe I am slow, but I am still not getting why they cannot be together–other than the fact that they have not seen each other in 12 years and may be completely different people by now (heaven knows, I don’t even like the clothes I wore 12 years ago). I do not get the whole parent thing at all.

    • 11.1 windsun33

      It has something to do with the fact that the eye cornea transplant she got came from his mother.

      But what I cannot figure out is – WHY is that such a bad thing that it keeps them apart?

      His mother specifically told him, and put in writing her desire that if she died that the girl should get her corneas. So why is this such a big freaking secret that everyone is trying to cover it up now?

      • 11.1.1 ilikemangos

        They are keeping the secret for different reasons.
        Dong Joo is keeping it a secret from Soo Wan because he knows she’ll be devastated (that’s the only semi-logical explanation i can come with). I don’t fully understand his reasoning behind it, but again, this is where k-drama dramatizes its character’s behaviors and actions for the sake of melodrama.

        Her dad is keeping it a secret from her because of his guilt. The two can never be together in his eyes because he’s the one that indirectly killed dong joo’s mom. Revealing that jung hwa gave soo wan her eyes would open up a can of worms — soo wan will be asking questions, and that is unnerving to dad.

        Basically, the reasons do not hold enough substance for us to really understand why they shouldn’t be together. Mostly we see, again, that it is for the sake of melodrama and so we can only place trust in the writer that atleast they’ll end up together down the road. This means your threshold for useless separations will have to be mighty high to keep watching, ha.
        Gotta give the audience some pay offs.

        • spi

          I think in most Korean dramas, that question of “why can’t they just be together” is like my most frequently asked one. Like you called it, useless separations are everywhere. But with this one I think I can see clearly why it’s difficult for them to be together. 1/ Even when Dong Jo’s mother said that she would like to give her eyes to Soo Wan, Soo Wan will be still devastated when she finds out that her father contributed to her death to make it. And Soo Wan’s father cannot her know of course. If he lets Dong Jo be with Soo Wan the truth will come out and his relationship with his own daughter and the “adopted” son Dong Jo will be forever broken. It’s quite a scary thing to think about it. He did not plan to like Dong Jo or to include him in his life either, he just wanted to pay him back to ease his guilt. At least while I am angry at the father of Soo Wan for being such a coward, I can understand why it is so hard for him and why he is doing everything to keep them apart. 2/ It’s been 12 years since Soo Wan and Dong Jo last saw each other while Soo Wan has been with Ji Woon for the last 5 years. She cannot just snap the fingers and run to Dong Jo right away. She did, as we have seen, find out that she only wants to be with Dong Jo, and did break up with Ji Woon. Still it takes time, guilt and lots of apologies. At the end of ep 8 we can see that Ji Woon and Soo Wan had gone through rough time and had built quite some foundation for their relationship. Of course it is not easy now. While I thought that was a good part of the drama – acknowledging the weight of the other relationship as well, many people complain that that part was too dragged on and that Ji Woon should just move on that let Dong Jo and Soo Wan be together. I thought that was a bit impatient as things are a bit more complicated than that.

        • anniejang

          The dad actually did kill Dong Joo’s mother. A lot of people are looking at it like he really didn’t because someone else started the process, so she was dying anyway. No. No. You can’t kill a dying person and not be a murderer. It wasn’t even a “mercy” killing-it was for personal gain. And it makes no difference at all that he didn’t know she was already dying. As far as he knew, he was killing a living person for her eyes, and in fact-she was a living person.
          This writer has included some strange, not making sense dialog, so I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road she doesn’t twist it so that the dad is somehow not a murderer. Look how many watchers don’t think he is.
          As of episode 8, while I’m very impressed with her as a person, I’m not happy with Goo Hye Sun’s acting-for the same reason I disliked it in The Musical-her slow low key acting/re-actions and dialog irritates me.
          I keep watching because so far, there have been some compellingly nice moments between the two leads, even the adult leads.

          • anniejang

            And I would like to add, there are a couple of compelling mysteries-like-did Dr. Kang do the hit and run and his mother cover it up? Definitely one or both are guilty of that, I think. Dr. Kang got Soo Wan to meet him for dinner because he had something ‘important’ to say, but it was a lie. He tricked her into a date. After she told him 3 times already that they were through, I find it incredulous that she wasn’t pissed about that. I sure would have been.
            I guess her over-the-top guilt about him will propel us through a few more episodes.
            He’s being pushy and pushy-and did I say pushy? I already hate him, poor dumped guy. You know they haven’t slept together though, probably haven’t even kissed.so it’s not as bad for him as it could have been.

          • anniejang

            Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen the two “in love for many years” kiss either, which is weird, but-it IS Korean drama.

          • khan

            OMG. YES!! I hated her in The Musical! How could she not show ANY chemistry with Daniel Choi!? He did such a great job for her to just go and ruin it with her lack of deliverying back good chemistry.

          • Annie Jang

            Me too. That, and her hands in her hair all the time.

    • 11.2 edap

      The dad is a biggy. There’s definitely some blackmail going on. Another doctor saw him pull the plug on DongJu’s mother, and not apply CPR when he should have. His cover up to DongJu is that SooWan shouldn’t have to live her life with this devastating guilt of having the eyes of the person she thought of as a mother. Hopefully there actually is some heartfelt worry for his daughter though.

      DongJu is keeping it from her because he agrees with the latter reasoning; He knows SooWan, being the volatile emotional person the drama portrays her to be (sigh) she’ll be absolutely blown.

  12. 12 pohonphee

    How GHS acts so unnatural, is beyond believe, but at least not as cringe worthy as her as Jandi (if you want to call it an improvement, so be it). I hoped all the child actors would stay whether Nam Ji-hyun or Kang Haneul (OMG he’s so mesmerizing here!), but okay I’m gonna let go that hope. The reenact of the childhood first love coming back again sure induces knee jerk scorn reflex on me (I can’t help it). Then I reached the end of episode six, arggg I want to watch the next episode!! Why is that happening to me?? I want to drop this show! Noo, I want to watch the next episode! But I hate that first love drama trope combined with organ transplantation issue! But I feel like to watch the next episode! =_=

    There are reasons why I become K drama addict…

    • 12.1 aX

      GHS has great potential to become a really good actress. God forbid I hated BOYS OVER FLOWERS beyond the belief and the more reason I’ve steered away with any of the cast dramas afterwards; although I’ve slowly watched a few here and there since then.

      This is my 2nd drama with GHS ever since BOYS OVER FLOWERS. I was debating whether or not I wanted to watch it because her character Jandi from BOYS OVER FLOWERS was still too vivid but I’m glad that I started to watch ANGEL EYES. Plus, it reminds me so much like one of my ultimate melodramas, SAD LOVE STORY/SAD SONATA.

      • 12.1.1 Summer

        I agree she doesn’t make her character believable. When watching a drama you forget who the actor/actress is and get immersed in the character they are playing. Not so with GHS. Although I must admit a slight improvement from BOF, The Musical and Take Care of Us Captain.

      • 12.1.2 edap

        I think the reservations we all had (yes, me too) for her was partly spawned BECAUSE of the script of BOF. It was based off a manga, and I’ve seen many an interview where it’s actors were saying how they could actively portray that manga-like character with it’s very manga-like characteristics. Of course this just ended up in extreme over-acting, with the plot going haywire.

        Based on her more recent work, Goo Hye Sun seems to be an actor who has to ability to immerse herself in the character though, so that’s nice to see.

        • Makena

          Obviously you haven’t seen her work before Angel Eyes and after BOF.

          • edap

            There’s no reason why my opinion doesn’t have as much weight as yours. As an active member of theater, I believe my eyes see correctly. She has improved, and her ability to immerse herself her character isn’t always something all actors have.

          • spi

            I have only watched BOF and Angel Eyes and I think GHS did improve ๐Ÿ™‚

          • aX

            I’ve only seen her in BOF and then ANGEL EYES…

            I can see the difference, too, and I see improvement and great potential. I don’t think I really need to see her other dramas to figure this out… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 13 windsun33

    I agree with a lot of what you said, and with most of the comments.

    I got all emotionally invested in episodes 1 & 2, but subsequent episodes have been somewhat of a let down. Not “bad”, but not exactly riveting either.

    But I also like a lot of the scenes – this seems like one of those cases where the parts are better than the whole, or perhaps where the melo part does not fit well with the rom parts.

    And I also have this dark premonition that it is going to veer soon into real melodrama territory – the spurned guys’ mother has been making ugly noises on the sidelines already, and I fear that she will turn into the typical harpy (rejected) MIL that we know all too well.

    As far as “..thatโ€™s not how real people work..” goes, it is too bad that almost no show or movie anywhere in the world does a good job on that front, though k-dramas are often go too far.

  14. 14 ilikemangos

    Still enjoying although not as much as the first two episodes where the childhood portion shined.

    The second lead here is another endearing one without being annoying (yet). It’s too early to judge, but i really love the fact that he’s super likable, not just annoyingly- clingy nice.
    I give credit to Kim Ji Suk who makes this typical stock character shine. When will he get a lead role?
    His budding bromance with our male lead is really too cute. Hopefully the writer doesn’t make him annoying, much like other shows where they start off cute and then quickly become irritating with their cock-blocking ways for the sake of keeping the OTP apart.

    His mom, started off decent, even nice, unlike typical evil mother in laws. But then you hear the ominous bgm play and you know the writers are teasing you with the idea that she’ll go evil too.

    Jung Hwa-shii, we miss you. K-drama mom of the year.

    • 14.1 windsun33

      I think the stage for the evil mom has already been set, but was not obvious to some.

      His mother has mentioned at least 3 times about how when they got married that she would not allow her to keep working as an EMS – in one scene because she thought it was demeaning to her son.

      Although why MIL’s have such power over what DIL’s can do in k-dramas has never been explained, that is a whole other issue.

      • 14.1.1 edap

        You’d be surprised how much of that is just a mirror of real life. Korean mother in laws, especially the more conservative ones kick ass (in a bad way).

      • 14.1.2 Jaeng

        I Wonder if she the One to Order the Car accident to Happen.

    • 14.2 atz

      Kim Ji Suk as Tommy Hong actually shone despite the role was not a likable character and his screen time was limited in cheongdam dong Alice. Under the camera during the cheongdam dong Alice, he looked so plastic but he looks natural in this drama. it is amazing how the lighting and make up can change actors and actresses. He can do a main lead but he can play characters with personalities.

  15. 15 just sayin'....

    So far I’ve seen episode 3, tonight’s episode 4. I never could abide Goo Hye Sun, but I’m giving this one a chance for the sake of the rest of the cast members. I was so disappointed to see her name in the credits.
    The minute she starts over-acting or the senseless and irritating gigling she’s known for, I’m outta here. It won’t be the first time I’ve done that because of her horrible acting. People here are saying she’s improved and so I’ll give it a shot. I really hope it’s true.

    • 15.1 windsun33

      I think she has improved, but not to the point where she is knocking out of the park. I perhaps got way over-invested in the first two episodes, and was hoping to see the same chemistry and acting style in the grown-up episodes.

  16. 16 aX

    “Iโ€™m hoping the story will be more about them falling in love again and less about boo-hooing when they learn of the various connections between their parents.”

    Exactly my point. I am hoping REALLY hoping for this too! As far as the younger actors… well maybe I am the only one who doesn’t miss them very much. I’m not one to jump on the Kim Ha Neul wagon because maybe for the fact that I was more impressed with the younger Joo Wan than him.

  17. 17 Chiaki

    Drama beans you should have recapped this drama. it is just so good to be ignored.PLEASE reconsider recapping it. Thank you

  18. 18 appletea

    Angel Eyes is everyone guilty pleasure. We all know how bad it is, how cliche, how cheesy, how unreal, how almost the whole show is a flaw, but most of us, knowing this fact, is enjoying this show more than what we expected.

    But that aside, I genuinely think that the first and second episode of Angel Eyes is really, really beautiful and sweet. Both Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun made it work, along with the sweet and nice script.

    I confess, it was them, the teenager, the past that made me stuck with this drama. I’m not sure will the drama works the same for me without the amazingly done teenager part, and even until now, every time the flashback scene my heart is fluttering and I can’t help but to wish more of Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun.

    I never really like Kang Ha Neul, not that I hate him, is that he just doesn’t appeal to me. But he was MY everything in this drama. I could watch him over and over again, with his chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun.


    The adult hasn’t done many things to me. I don’t know Lee Sang Yoon before, but he is this sweet that he grabs my heart (in safe portion) quickly. Goo Hye Sun is fine here. Never like her in BOF, NEVER EVEN THINK OF LIKING BOF, NEVER EVEN BOTHER TO TRY.

    Hye Sun and Ji Suk is ridiculously off chemistry (for me), both are fine alone, but together.. no.

    In conclusion, the teenager part is my EVERYTHING, and i hope people talk more about it so i can shout along. and despite all the ridiculous flaw this drama presents, i enjoy it by far.


    • 18.1 windsun33

      It has been a long time since I watched BOF – I think it was actually one of my first k-dramas. At that time it did not seem that bad, but on the other hand I can barely recall what it was about – and I really don’t have any recollection at all of how good or bad Goo Hye Sun was in that.

      But I keep seeing comments about how horrible Jan Di was, so I may actually go back and watch a couple of episodes just to refresh.

    • 18.2 jandoe


      *screams right along with you*

    • 18.3 ilikemangos

      Haha, your comment is the inner me spazzing before i try to collect my thoughts and write a comment in DB.

    • 18.4 angelica borja

      too bad you are just obviously a hater of GHS and obviously you are not a fan of KANG HA NEUL and NAM JI HEUN..if you are really that interested about them you should be aware that they are being casted in a drama already HAHAHAHAHA i’ll leave it for you to researched on what drama and station it is and SORRY but the 1st too episode where KHN and NJH were on the rating was so low and only started to go up when LSY and GHS appeared…


      HAHAHAHA dramabeans is not complete if they can’t bashed you that is what make their life happy and complete so let us just give it to them..bwahahahaha

      • 18.4.1 appletea

        okay.. i am in lost right now. so can anyone tell me, is it me or this reply is really irrelevant?

        are you happen to be an elementary student or a sad adult?

      • 18.4.2 windsun33

        That comment made no sense at all to me.

    • 18.5 spi

      I love the first 2 episodes as well and do think that Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Huyn did a good job. However, I don’t think the 2 first episodes outshine the rest though. Maybe the 2 first episodes were only full of happy moments between these 2 love birds that they left such a good impression on viewers. The Dong Jo of Kang Ha Neul was full of energy and affection, but I also love the gentle, restrained and thoughtful Dong Jo of Lee Sang Yoon.
      As much as I love their childhood love, I do have more respect for their grown-up protection of it. 12 years have passed… I don’t know. Most people would have forgotten their high school sweethearts by then. But they come back to each other and know very well that was the one. Of course this is something only happens in the dramaland, but I’m just more in awe of how much people can protect their love than of how much people first fall in love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. 19 shamrockmom

    I have only myself to blame. Going in, I knew who the writer-nim was and I figured I would alternate between sobbing pitifully at the melo and wanting to use the punching bag in the garage to vent frustration, which is exactly what has happened. Several of us on the Soompi boards want to fly over to Korea and shake some sense into one or more of the characters, although I suspect we really need to get to writer-nim.

    Loved the 1st 2 episodes! Kang Ha-neul stole the show!
    Now I am hooked and it’s too late. Yeah, there are some super-size flaws, but there are some good moments too.

    I need a break from the off-the-charts intensity that is Secret Love Affair, and this drama works for me.

  20. 20 Aly

    just leaving another comment because it’s really frustrating me how people are so determined to talk crap about ghs. i think she’s doing a fantastic job. she doesn’t come across as if she’s being overshadowed by other’s acting ability in the drama and she’s personally been able to pull an emotional response from me a few times. i watched her in bof. everyone was terrible in that drama, not just her. but people seem to have made up their mind about her already and refuse to acknowledge that she is doing a pretty damn good job here.

    i know a crap actress when i see one. i wouldn’t even be able to watch her on the screen if that was the case. fair enough if you actually don’t think she can act but be fair and don’t let your first impression of her from years ago cloud a clear judgment when you are watching her.

    that is all.

    • 20.1 Mr Chuckles

      I agree. BOF was like my first k-drama and I really liked GHS (esp the party scene by the pool). Now looking back, the story was so WTH, but for some reason I was hooked.

      I didn’t see The Musical or Take Care of Us Captain. Perhaps if I did, I would revile her acting. But I actually like seeing her in Angel Eyes.

      I wonder if it is a bit of a gender thing. Girls can’t stand her but guys kind of dig her (for perhaps more superficial reasons).

      • 20.1.1 windsun33

        I don’t really think it is a girl/guy thing. I totally loved the girl that played her teenage version, but am kind of lukewarm on her. I think gender does play a big role – I doubt if I could name more than 3 male actors, but am familiar with 20 or so female ones. But maybe that whole “I prefer girls” thing also makes us more critical.

        But I think it is also a fact that we don’t always really know if it the actor that is doing weird things (like bouncing for joy at a truck wash..) or the director.

      • 20.1.2 mylovekpop

        yes you are right about the fact that a lot of girls can’t stand her but guys can…lol I still love her though. not just because of her acting skills but other talents too…

    • 20.2 jandoe


    • 20.3 Summer

      I’ve seen GHS in BOF, The Musical and Take Care of Us Captain. She was bad in all 3 however I was able to overlook it in BOF perhaps because I enjoyed the story, was relatively new to Kdramas at the time and the guys were the main attraction for me. In this drama I do some improvement in her acting but she still has a way to go. She’s got the crying down pat though. And I am being fair in my assessment. She is trying I grant you that.

    • 20.4 Quiet Thought

      I’m with you on being baffled by the hate for GHS. I consider BoF an abomination for the way it manipulated the story into a sexist fantasy–basically, it was originally supposed to have a female heroine, but the writers decided to pander to the ratings by literally crippling her so she could become a house pet for the male characters who were supposed to be the villains. Aside from that, like heirs, it was just cheesy.

      However, I don’t see how any of that was GHS’s fault. She’s not a great or distinctive actress, but her biggest problem is that she can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, which the problem in this series. When the writer and director give her something stupid to say or do, she does it. When they give her a good scene to play, she delivers and looks pretty doing it.

      • 20.4.1 windsun33

        I went back and watched a random few minutes of BOF (been 3 years..) and it refreshed my memory enough to.. TOTALLY AGREE with you on that. In some ways it failed in almost the same way that Heirs failed – heroine goes from super girl to failed house pet (house Candy in Heirs).

        The basic premise of both basically failed (epically so in Heirs) – instead of showing us that girls really could stand up and do things on their own, it showed us that when girls try that, they will need a strong man (preferably chaebol son) to actually succeed.

        • Aly

          I forgot to add a big part, i did actually really enjoy bof. i think we all did at the time. or maybe it was just crazy entertaining. for one, it was a lot of ours first drama, mine included, so we were new to a lot of the cliche stuff and didn’t have much to compare it to. but everyone was cringe worthy as each other. but i remember being so hooked at the time. it was great for it’s time. i guess i just got frustrated because i felt like every review i went on, all i saw were comments bashing her. when in my opinion, if she’s crap in this, then so are the rest because the others aren’t exactly blowing me away either. apart from the two younger couple and his mother who gave a very touching performance.

          it feels like we do give women a hard time and that’s sad, considering it’s mostly us women doing it. but yes, maybe they could all do better? but it doesn’t feel like they’re being given a whole lot to do better with. thanks for discussing with me though. always nice to hear others opinions ๐Ÿ™‚

          • geenah

            Every time something is written about Angel Eyes here in dramabeans, some people are just obviously here just to bash her no matter how civilized and subjective they wanted it to sound. YOu can still see the cliches in between like,”I can’t stand Gu Hye Sun’s acting, how cringe- worthy her acting was in BOF, etc. and many other degrading comments even how she would shove food down her mouth, which was purely a part of the drama.” One thing I can’t understand is that they still keep watching her and make it sound like she owe it to them because “they’re giving her drama a chance, see if she would improve”. Or “I’m about to drop this drama if it her acting doesn’t improve, blah blah blah.” Truth is these people are really interested in her and and get enough of everything about her, her beauty, her acting talent and just how lovable she is. These people bashing her are pseudo- antis. They are actually her fans and they don’t know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Aly

            hey geenah . just wanted to say you hit all the right points. it’s deffo a bit strange that they keep watching when she is the main lead, enjoy it, and then bash it. i think we would all know if she couldn’t act but these comments are just out of hate. i wouldn’t have a problem if her acting was actually bad, then fair enough. but saying it just for the sake of just saying it is damaging to her and her career and spiteful. fighting ghs!!

          • GiaK

            GHS is hardworking, cute and smart from what I’ve seen in interviews and Running Man but I just don’t care for her acting. Does that mean I hate her? Of course not! How ridiculous. There are many reasons to watch a drama. Whether she is in it or not makes no difference to me. She doesn’t make or break a drama. Many reasons for that.

            Fans who are so sensitive that they feel hurt when there are others who don’t care for her acting should really get a grip. It’s not the end of the world! Sheesh!

  21. 21 Silverteem

    The first 2 episodes is nothing short of magical, and that I believe is what has gotten most of us hooked into the show, barring existing GHS or LYS fans. I myself had little expectations and have completely written off this show before, seeing as how generic and painfully bland the synopsis was. But coupled with the astounding acting and chemistry between KHN and NJH, and the genesis of what must be the standard of every K-drama mom out there, Jung-hwa ssi (seriously, enough with the evil mother in laws, it’s time to revolutionize the ‘Angel Mom’ tropes), garnished with a magnificent OST, and you have a winning formula.

    True enough, the first 2 episodes was the highlight of the show, so far, and with the departure of the teenager counterparts together with angel-mom, the hype has silently fizzled from thereon. The chemistry between the teenager leads did not somehow translate fully into the adult counter parts, yet. However, individually, both GHS and LSY are performing good, and unsurprisingly, KHN and NJH had something special which is hard to follow. Nonetheless, it’s an alright transition, as far as character execution is concerned.

    GHS has always been heavily criticized as a chronic over-actor, which I concur, the Jandi days were just all sorts of unnatural that it came across funny more than annoying to me, to be honest. And she has properly redeemed herself on this one. It’s the most natural acting I’ve ever witnessed from her–nothing award-winning, but definitely a vast improvement, and she deserve every praise that she receives for it.

    Plot-wise, the biggest contrivance within the show is how PDJ has agreed not to let SW know about the donor of her eyes, which is his/their mom. I don’t expect this card to be played until to the latest part of the show, as a last hoorah to milk the melodrama out of the show. But to those who have watched ep 7, it seems that there will be some subversion on the horizon. PDJ has decided not to run away anymore and has record-breaking shed the noble idiot trope. With one obstacle (stupid contrivance) out of the way, the only thing that SW’s dad can hold onto right now is SW’s relationship with JW, which to be honest, is all but discarded in a record-breaking manner just as well. Trust me, just watch ep 7. So there is definitely a very good chance that the “eye-reveal” will not be the greatest pitfall of the OTP’s relationship after all, that is, if they keep with this pace of subverting tropes. And the reveal could very well happen right within halfway through, which have both benefits and consequences to it, I suppose. If they do keep with this pace, as I’m saying, then I’m kind of worried of what additional conflicts can the writer cook up to sustain the show for 10 more episodes. But that is neither here nor there for now. I’m still enjoying the show as it is.

    • 21.1 ilikemangos

      Always looking forward to reading your comments, Silverteem.

      • 21.1.1 Silverteem

        Thanks ILM! Haha I apologize I wasn’t able to reply to your last PM, been very busy this past week. I’m surprised I even had the time to sneak in this one. The Hawks has been keeping me up late these few days, and as of current posting of this comment, I’m still watching the game. Heh.

        • spi

          Haha I love the “record-breaking shed the noble idiot trope.”

    • 21.2 windsun33

      It seems to me that the writer is actually moving faster on this to get to the next (melo) parts, and I am afraid it will start it’s descent into melodrama hell if the writer does not do it right.

      We still have the (soon to be) evil (dumped) MIL, who I am sure will turn into the harpy from hell once she finds out that the lowly EMS worker spurned her precious son. Then we still have the hit and run thing going, which I think will move up the scale and probably involve someone at the top in the hospital. That also involves the murder by some unknown bad guy who spiked the mothers IV tube (though nobody knows that yet).

    • 21.3 Annie

      Yes. I feel like we’ve actually had great progress than most melos. They found who the other was by episode six. They didn’t drag it out. His noble idiocy lasted 20 minutes. She broke it off with her fiance. They’re actually moving towards getting to know each other and spending time with each other as adults. Yeah, he hasn’t told her about the eyes thing, but I don’t mind yet. It’s important that she knows, but it’s not important she knows it RIGHT NOW.

      As far as GHS acting, I enjoy that a lot of her ticks are missing. She has done her nervous laughter, but only a few times AND when the situation actually called for a nervous laughter. She hasn’t done that constant playing with her hair thing that she did in TCofC or in general. I would love it if they brushed her hair and stopped giving her clunkers to wear, but that’s not on her. She has also done pretty well emoting in crying scenes.

      I don’t really feel any attraction from her towards PDJ yet. But I can see that it might come. I also liked in episode 7 that PDJ was being his goofy/silly self instead of the mopey self the previous few episodes.

      Really my biggest worry is that right now there’s very little conflict except for the clingy ex-fiance. Looking forward to seeing episode 8.

      • 21.3.1 edap

        I concur ๐Ÿ˜›

        In addition to your worry about the upcoming clinginess of Kim Ji suk (sorry but I can never remember the character’s name), my worry is Lee Sang hoon.

        Sure he’s easy on the eyes, and his eye crinkles are lovely. but he doesn’t seem to have very varied facial expression.

  22. 22 Steph

    Agreed on all your astute points. It certainly does push and pull upon your heart, despite yourself!

    I’ve had Maria Mena’s ‘secrets’ on replay since episode 6! Wonderful song and very apt.

  23. 23 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    I agree with you, this drama has every drama cliche known to man in it (which is irritating), but the surrounding and the lightening is amazing and draws you right in. I hope the story doesn’t end up being draggy and painful.

  24. 24 Linh

    actually angel eyes is a drama since a loooooooooooong time, that hooked me up…maybe because of the young cast, i really miss them as well….but of course kdrama wouldnt be kdrama, if there werent so many clichees and typical storytelling. but i like it next to big man and a new leaf ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. 25 liz

    GHJ eyes is my problem. I always feel she has those dead eyes on, no feelings … she can do good crying scenes and show some feeling through her face but her eyes… bothers me, I never feel she is being sincere, I always see the actress trying hard but not the character itself.

    She improved? Yes. She is better than other actresses out there? Yes. But I can’t feel her acting and feelings; that is too bad.

  26. 26 san

    ok i have to get this out and since this post is for angle eyes, what better place? Does anyone else agree with me that the older versions have 0 to no chemistry? Little soo wan and dong joo have SO MUCH DAMN BEAUTIFUL CHEMISTRY…and then time jump and…ugh. I just dont feel it. Im so sad. T___T I was so hooked on the show until they grew up and…yeah. I found myself skipping parts through episode 6.

    • 26.1 spi

      I find the opposite. The little ones were cute together but I am convinced that the grown-up ones have been 12 years long in love and longing for each other.

  27. 27 Opio-san

    I was extremely excited to watch this series at first, tried to watch the first 4 episodes, and then stopped. I couldn’t continue any further because it was just getting a bit boring. The typical girl can’t recognize boy for certain reasons, crying, drama, girl is with another guy … etc. I think I’ll skip this one, sorry.

    • 27.1 Blueribbon

      If you can keep watching things change in the next episodes, I already watched all 8 episodes. Then maybe after watching the rest you may change your mind. It changes from episode 6 and on.

  28. 28 jusash

    THANKS for recapping!

    >>>Iโ€™ve come to the realization that Iโ€™m in a bit of a drama slump right now. Or maybe itโ€™s dramaland itself thatโ€™s in a slump? Whatever the reason, none of the current dramas have really sunk their claws into me.

    You and many other Kdrama viewers, me included.

    Regression? Retro?
    Angel Eyes has all the cliches of the dramas of yore – tragedies, sinisters interfering parents, the deep dark skeletons, the possible I will be a noble idiot so you will never know the secret that must not be told …

    The first 2 episodes were well acted, nevermind the plot. The easygoing magic of that wonderful family, the natural chemistry between Dong-joo Jr, his mom and his sister all flowed so beautifully.

    Kang Ha-neul was amazing. Was left wondering why he couldn’t be play the part of the adult Dong-joo as well.

    Surprisingly, Gu Hye-sun has improved (in my bks anyway). I was initially going to stay away when I saw Gu Hye-sun.
    Would ditch those outfits though, esp those unflattering baggy pink jackets. Accordian-pleat long skirts, and white clunk shoes/runners? Long hair suits her, though that style (the bangs, the curls) are messy.

    • 28.1 anniejang

      The clunker shoes-which look strange, I’ll admit-are because she’s too short for her co-stars.

      • 28.1.1 Summer

        I don’t believe that. Jo Yeo Jung (I Need Romance) is one inch shorter than GHS and Choi Jin Hyuk (also in I need Romance) is 6’1 ..same height as Lee Sang Yoon. They didn’t have Yeo Jung wear clunky shoes. They can play with the camera angles. It really isn’t necessary to dress her badly.

  29. 29 Nimfa N. Mole

    I am a Filipina and got hooked on Kdrama because of Gu Hye Sun whom I first watched in BOF which I liked very much. Although, GHS is not that perfect as an actress, but then, she possesses a charism that just makes one like her. After BOF I tried watching her other dramas (both before and after BOF). As a a fan of hers, I really get affected with negative reviews about her acting. I do believe though that she has a lot to show granted that she’ll be given a good script and handled by an excellent director.
    At present, all that I can say is that I always look forward to every episode of her latest drama – Angel Eyes. Her acting is great (although, she still has flaws but they’re minimal) and so are the rest of the cast of AE. Good luck and God bless…

  30. 30 Jen

    was hoping someone will do a recap for this drama since imo it’s not that bad

  31. 31 Anne

    This drama had a lovely plot, but it lost it. The young actors were delightful because their relationship was natural, spontaneous and realistic. Now, after 10 years missing terribly each other, at 28 and 30 years old… not even a kiss? It’s ridiculous. The scenes feel restrained and stiff. It should be a much shorter drama, and they are milking it. As things are discovered, the characters don’t explain nor question the logical facts… I guess, so they can fill the next episodes and give them to us one by one. It’s really unnerving.

    • 31.1 Vice

      “Now, after 10 years missing terribly each other, at 28 and 30 years oldโ€ฆ not even a kiss? Itโ€™s ridiculous. ”

      Yeah it’s ridiculous. .. .

      But not when Dr. Daddy-O acknowledge your lover as his “own” son who’s “bestfriend” is now your ex-fiance whom might never let you go because he’s that’s so in love with you that you must be stuck to him forever. Sure, I can just jump around his neck and passionately kiss him.

    • 31.2 windsun33

      Agree – it does not seem real, and I blame the writer for that. So far I am just not seeing much chemistry at all here.

      I get this sinking feeling that the only reason that the writer put them back together was to trigger the evil parents melodrama parts.

      • 31.2.1 spi

        I really don’t understand why people press for a kiss so much. If you’re really into it for the skinship, maybe Korean dramas are not the right choices.

        • windsun33

          I don’t think I have mentioned “kiss” or “skinship” in any of my last 1,000 or so posts, the last time as I recall was when I was ranting at Heirs.

          So not sure where you are coming from here.

          • spi

            Hi windsun33,
            Sorry!! I meant to reply to Anne above you but somehow the comment ended right below yours…

  32. 32 Solen

    It’s understandable that some people might say that the young characters have such SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL CHEMISTRY. and that’s so damn true. They’re obviously teenagers experiencing love with the people around them who cared the most. I myself were moved to tears because of their performance.
    I did hesitate to watch the upcoming episodes of the drama but I’m glad I did watch them. I love the acting of the whole cast. . It’s a melodrama but personally I think there’s more to it. It’s almost “complete” There’s the love/romance, tragic flashbacks, painful heartaches, funny TEDDY and etc.
    Angel Eyes is definitely worth watching.

    • 32.1 windsun33

      While I did love the first two episodes, I don’t really think it would have added anything to continue with that timeline. Some people have wished it would have continued with the young actors, but in reality I don’t think it would have worked for this drama.

  33. 33 AAAA

    It’s always a good idea to look for old dramas that you might have missed when current dramas fail to interest you. I’d like to suggest “Shut Up Family” and “Unexpected You”. Both have awesome romances and family comedies, and are moving too. I just finished watching 90 Days, Time to Love. You might enjoy that too. It’s a really well-made tearjerker with the kind of soft lighting you like. I think it handles the first love subject extremely well. Check it out~~~

  34. 34 Lilian

    “Another tragedy is that Kim Ji-seok (as Ji-woon) is once again playing the perfect second lead that you canโ€™t help but root for.”

    Totally second that! I wonder why no one gives him the lead in rom-coms??!!!

    I’m still thinking whether I should still watch though…it is not that exciting and the plot is pretty standard.

  35. 35 aX

    Am I the only who didn’t join the Kim Ha Neul’s bandwagon? Everyone keeps talking about him.

    I wasn’t AS impressed with him nor was I disappointed in him either. For some reason, I actually found some of his scenes a little irritating and cheesy, but that’s just critical me.

    • 35.1 Miss H.

      Nah you are not the only one. I wasn’t that impressed either…thought Kim Ha Neul was just alright; with consideration taken for some cheesy/irritating acting even (!)

      Nam Ji Hyun imo did better than him… but most people seem to be overly taken with KHN instead ๐Ÿ˜›

      I am a fan of Koo Hye Sun tbh but not very big on her acting however… >.<" There are moments in her previous works (never watched Boys Over Flowers. Refused to. Nothing to do with her, but rather…not a fan of the other actors/story itself) in which I think she did well but that level of 'well' wasn't consistent. I guess I am more a fan of her other talents rather than her acting?

      Initially the stills of Mr Dimples (nice nickname Jessi!) got me swooning! I seldom, if never, like male artistes so this one caught me by surprise. So I have this drama featuring:
      One of my fave artiste – KHS,
      A good looking male lead – Lee Sang Yoon
      Story – melodrama premise that sounded good on paper (I thought it would feel like Sad Love Story, me sucker for thaaat type of melo)
      …man, watch it! Right? Righttttt?!

      BUT after watching the show…I must say I wanted to dig my eyes out every other second. Nopes, the young leads didn't help much. I am now swooning over LSY but not over his dimples, I feel faint over his inability to act well… -_-"

      "….forced drama and emotion within the scenes…",
      "…also donโ€™t think that any one of the many obstacles standing in the path of the OTP is strong enough to realistically keep them from trying to be together, so itโ€™s hard for me to feel a lot of empathy while they pine away.",
      "In general, it feels like the characters are constantly changing for the sake of generating story, and thatโ€™s not how real people work…"

      Thank you for voicing out some of what I felt. Seriously the script is so contrived, I…have no words to describe it. How did it go from that (premise, on paper) to this?! Ugh.

      Was relatively hyped up at ep1&2, went from hyped to incredulous after ep3, ugh throughout ep4. I am only paying 50%-60% attention while watching ep5&6… I hope things take a turn for the better. I would want to enjoy KHS works with a ๐Ÿ™‚ instead of grimacing.

      Wanting to watch something with KHS in it remains pretty much the only reason I am still forcing myself to watch this. That and yes, the retty lighting IS prettayyy.

      Anyways just wanna thank ya for your awesome artwork ^^

  36. 36 sam

    had the exact same feeling this wkend. Why am I still watching this cliche drama? I’m already watching another daily drama wt the same plot devices. this one isn’t any better.

    KHN & NJH & mom nailed it earlier. Then the adults arrived. GHS has improved, yet not enough. Yes she made me cry a couple of times, but I don’t feel like she means biz to send the guy away. she didn’t look awkward enough at dinner. She’s still seemed compliant face & it’s not hard to put KJS in his place (ie. Xman days), so it’s dumb that she just sat there & let him do all the talking. then cry afterwards? Young NJH likely would have walked out. A couple of weeks ago SW was hugging him & over his shoulders.. so there’s lacking of a true breakoff, via her actions/countenance.

    I’m leaning towards dropping this one if it takes forever for the father fiasco to unfold. who cares that he’s an emotional basket case? what’s the point of the old detective & female cop.. so slow!

  37. 37 DeeDee315

    I agree, GHS has improved. Her crying scene was well done, but too long. Meanwhile, her long lost, first love, just stands there & offers no comfort. I found that strange. Back to my opinion on why GHS seems to struggle in all of her dramas. (This will make her fans angry, but I’m willing to take the flack for my opinion.) I don’t think she’s attracted to men in her real life and therefore, when the role require GHS to act passionately in love, she struggles. She has never convinced me she’s leading lady material.

    • 37.1 bighead

      Wow, you are really amazing! Do you know GHS in person? It seems to me you know her well particularly her personal life.

      P.S. What is the subject of this post? Angle Eyes or GHS.

    • 37.2 Alejandra

      “I donโ€™t think sheโ€™s attracted to men in her real life and therefore”


    • 37.3 Satsuko

      In her dramas she does give that impression. There is not a hint of passion or even like in her romantic scenes. She could be kissing a wall for the lack of feeling.

      • 37.3.1 edap

        Again, that is up to the director. They decide whether the kiss will be open or close mouthed. They decide the length of it. They decide if portraying passion is something the female character should be doing (sexist stereotypes of unwilling women come into play)

        • Sammie

          Then why even bother having a kiss scene at all without emotion? And it happens with every drama no matter who is directing her. That doesn’t say much for both the director and her since she is a director herself.

          • edap

            Q: Why even bother having a kiss scene at all without emotion?

            A: That’s a very vague question. In Korean drama, kissing is oftentimes just an act of confirming ones feelings, rather than an act out of great love and emotion. Also, it’s something that viewers always roar for. Very cold and technical, but yes it’s true. It’s a plot point, plain and simple

            Just because she is a director herself, doesn’t mean BAT SHIT when she is the lead ACTRESS. Her name is not going next to the directors name for this drama, and as such, she will do as she is told. Period.

          • Jansen

            One thing I do remember reading is that in the past she has been known to give direction to the director so in that respect Sammie may have a point.

            And so you’re saying that in Korean dramas kissing is just to confirm one’s feelings? I do see something lacking in her kiss scenes and even when she hugs a man. She embraced his sister but she never hugs him back. I would compare her lukewarm feelings to that of eating a wonderful meal while wanting to vomit. LOL.

    • 37.4 edap

      Just a thought. the “length” of the crying scene is not up to Goo Hye Sun. The director decides on that, with multiple takes if need be.

      You’re making a lot of assumptions there, and I’m not sure if you’re really differentiating the actor from the storylines of the dramas that you’ve scene her in. She has a life besides those.

  38. 38 DeeDee315

    Is it possible there is more to the father’s guilt? Story line keeps going back to solving the hit and run. Perhaps the father, under the influence, drove the car that hit Dong-Joo’s mother.

    • 38.1 edap

      Absolutely. They keep hinting at blackmail, so my guess is, the other doctor who saw him pull the plug on DongJoo’s mom is behind that. Of course this other doctor may or may not have a connection to the assumable powerful person behind the hit and run, who was able to kick out the police officer in charge of investigating this case, from his precinct.

  39. 39 Jaeng

    I love Teddy.

  40. 40 Amastris

    I’m so late to this. I didn’t even look at the synopsis for this. One look and I thought “contrived romance”. I’ve been watching KDrama so long that anything in the title or pre-release stills that pronounce it to be filled to the brim with romance always makes me hesitate. Touche why I wanted until it was complete so I could marathon it and cut through what ever BS I don’t want to see.

    Anyway, I’m only just finished episode 1, without having read anything on the story other than knowing the chick is blind & the lead supposed to cure her [reminding me of At First Sight w/Val Kilmer & Mira Sorvino] and it was surprisingly good.

    I wanted to post something about it because, not being a Korean speaker [I took Japanese in high school & college] I’m always at a loss when I watch the dramas and everyone reviews that someone’s acting is wooden when it didn’t appear to me to so much. Yes, I do see bad acting but I guess for me, without knowing dialect, accents, etc. and just going off of expression and inflection bad acting doesn’t translate on me as much. ….SO… when I was watching Kang Haneul at first it didn’t dawn on me who he was. I kept tilting my head *scratching* “why does this kid look so familiar”? Then I got it: AH! Yes. The rich singer guitarist dude from Monstar. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That “accent” made him come off different for me… and then I realized, I just noticed and figured out a different dialect. Pretty proud of myself having never learned one lick of Korean. hahaha… Anyway, I also came to the conclusion that the fact that I could figure it out either means Kang Haneul was over acting it or did so well I could see. I don’t know which one it was but the episode was nice.

  41. 41 ์ „ ์ž๋‹ˆ์—˜๋ ˆ

    …my love from the star is the best in my opinion. An

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