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Oh Snap! Park Ki-woong salutes goodbye
by | May 8, 2014 | 55 Comments

Sniffle. Park Ki-woong (Gaksital, Covertly Grandly, Full House Take 2) is now officially out of the dramaland ranks, at least for the next two years as he fulfills his mandatory military service. He enlisted on May 8 and will begin his basic training at the Nonsan training center, then takes up his assignment as an enlisted police officer.

Via Star News


55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Rachel

    Ahjumma wiping her tears away in the last picture, I share your feelings. :'(

    On a happier note, I know 2 years will FLY, just like the past 2 years when Ji Hyun-woo was serving.

    • 1.1 Newbie

      They resemble so much, could she be his mom?

      • 1.1.1 Crazy For Kdrma

        Nice catch! They really do look alike. In my brain now, she is totally his mom.

  2. Pilta

    I will miss you so much Park Ki-woong. T_T
    I hope you won’t go Kimura Shunji ok. lol.

    • 2.1 redfox

      no he will be the friendliest neighborhood officer saving kittens and grannies, don´t worry

  3. redfox


    I am sick right now, don´t, I might die :-(((((
    no no no no

    wait, I did prepare. i thought I was ready… *cough cough*

    • 3.1 redfox

      and the tissue box is empty… and I have no more cookies…. and I stepped on a pebble…and I got a million reasons why it is not a very good moment for this news.

      • 3.1.1 chhavi

        Awww…this is really a very bad time for you both physically and mentally(the news thing)
        Take care and be healthy..

    • 3.2 redfox

      *recollects* [k, act like a normal grown-up, be normal now] *looks up normal in a dictionary* – I cant even do half of that, but here we go]:

      well, take care, Park Ki-Woong! Help a lot of people. Will miss you a lot!

      • 3.2.1 houstontwin

        redfox, I can’t give more than one thumb up, but really you deserve many more!

      • 3.2.2 Gidget

        ‘looks up normal…can’t even do half of that’ LOL

        This just made my morning. 🙂

        • redfox

          always glad to be of assistance in snorting out your breakfast.

  4. zefee

    Oofff. Take care Kiwongie.

  5. tiny

    this so weird. the oppas going to the army are the oppas I care about. (because I actually saw their dramas)

    next thing I’ll know I’ll be the noona, then the ahjumma crying for my babies.

    • 5.1 secretlyaddicted

      HAHAHA. Currently, I’m the noona. In a few years, will be the ahjumma. LOLOLOL!!!

  6. coby

    my tears dry on their own! see you in 2 years!

  7. Hern

    Noooo!!! Oppa!!!!

    I just finished watching all his movies and dramas ever since I fell in love with him because of Gaksital. What do i do now? He only has 2 movies to be released this year.

  8. cassie

    So not ready for this. 2 years is a short time for some people but if it’s your favorite actor and ultimate bias, it will feel like eternity. *sniff*

  9. DayDreamer

    OMG noooooo! Not my Shunji!! 🙁

  10. 10 thea

    see you two years again… but did “Made In China” already shoot???

  11. 11 gem


  12. 12 Fab

    Park Ki Koonng shi, be safe and come back wiser and with more life experiences, and *coughs* abs! Sarangheeeeeeeeeeeee *sigh*

    • 12.1 redfox

      Park King Kong

      I love your spelling mistake. Or is it not a mistake.

      • 12.1.1 Fab

        Me too..now! I couldn’t differentiate letters through the streaming tears… It’s a sad day Redfox.

        Btw I love your ranting! But please don’t die, PKW needs us for moral support.

        • redfox

          I won´t die. If I am dead, it would be hard to find some way to go to South Korea and get arrested….

  13. 13 c_gunawan541

    I’ll miss watching him in his variety show heart is beating. I’m enjoying that show a lot as it shows the lives and hardships of firefighter, in my opinion it’s a very good educational show, plus it gives deeper insights on the lives of firefighters.

    • 13.1 Nikki

      Where do you watch it? I cant find any links for it, even for raw and unsubbed episodes

      • 13.1.1 c_gunawan541

        I watch chinese subs videos. It’s available on viki too, you can try viki if not try searching 심장이 뛴다 for raws…

    • 13.2 hannah

      Hopefully his training on that show will help him during his time on the police force.

      • 13.2.1 c_gunawan541

        Actually there’s not much training on the show, less intensive than variety show real men, it’s more like a human- documentary-reality-show as it shows pretty interesting cases such as suicide, fires, drunkards, trapped in places, etc… A lot of times, it’s very emotional.

  14. 14 chhavi

    even though I already know the answer but still-why oppa why????why are you going????*sniff*
    oh god my tears are not stopping….boohooo

  15. 15 Peridot

    Noooooooo! What else can I say? I wish him all the best and will await his return.

  16. 16 canxi

    Lol, his leaving really snuck up on me.

    Annnnd as expected, the crew cut suits him!

    I’ll miss him a lot. I really hope he’s in a lot more dramas when he comes back. A lead…or two or three!!!
    *crying* )))):

  17. 17 TS

    Anyone know where to watch Escaping Slavery with english subtitles?

  18. 18 Jen

    I can’t find any news report regarding this, so I’m just gonna ask here…Is he done with filming “Made in China” w/ Han Chae Ah? I can’t wait for that movie, my alternate OTP reuniting for the first time since Gaksital!!!

    And I just watch the trailer for “Mad Sad Bad”(an omnibus film) where he is the lead in the 2nd part(I Saw You) opposite Nam Gyuri and it looks awesome!!!

    You’ll be missed PKW!!!! <3

    • 18.1 ecs

      He was on some show at the end of March, and they showed a short clip of Made in China, so I assume they finished filming his scenes, at least, by the time he left. And yes, they showed Han Chae Ah in the clip too, so worry not 🙂

  19. 19 pogo

    awww, another one goes 🙁

    But two years will fly past, they must!

  20. 20 Deeno

    My brain knows it’s just two years, but my heart is dying.

  21. 21 totoqn

    He looks like Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk…

  22. 22 maknaee

    I remember crying hard when his character dying first in Secretly Greatly. Take care, oppaaa~ come back safely with more awesome project <3

  23. 23 soserious


    i can’t believe its time. so many of my favorite male actors/singers are going to mandatory service.

    i will miss him on the small screen. he was such a JOY to watch in Gaksital and Covertly Grandly. if he is enlisted as a police officer, does that mean i can run into him at the local police station? he looks great in uniforms…haha.

  24. 24 ana

    Aw. So many of my favorite men are serving this year. 2 years will fly by.

  25. 25 Abbie


    Okay, I’m good. Just had to get that out. I’ll miss him, so much! Come back soon and safely, Oppa! Will be looking forward to his safe return!

  26. 26 laden

    How weird is this?
    I have absolutely no idea who he is *coversface*
    I wish him the best tho

  27. 27 Chandler

    I knew this was coming…GAH I’ll miss him so much! Yoo Seung Ho and Song Joong Ki’s returns should at least help that first year go by fast and then there will only be one year left right? We can make it! Plus I’ve been saving that one drama special of his for when I can’t bear without him in the future months, just like I did with Song Joong Ki and Penny Pinching Romance.

  28. 28 Gabby

    Quick question: he didn’t enlist in that police promotions unit (that’s accused of being, in effect, a second celebrity soldier thing), did he? Did he enlist for active duty?

  29. 29 bluemoon

    He is such an amazing actor. Farewell Park Ki-woong, see you soon!

  30. 30 thehoustongirl

    still looks good even with a buzz!

  31. 31 readlead

    will miss him so much! T-T
    hope he will return with bigger project and higher recognition in future T-T

  32. 32 onyxx

    oh man… i’m gonna miss this guy 🙁

  33. 33 myra do

    Oh, too bad, gonna miss HIM, hope he will be enjoying his mandatory service with all dignity and pride. WE WILL MISS YOU!

  34. 34 Denali

    Would you happen to know which police station he might be assigned to? I might stick around this neighborhood later again, within 2 years. ^^

  35. 35 Azimiza1210

    Kdrama world is being mean… can’t u at least give me back Song Joong Ki????

    This is too much for me (biting bottom lips >~<)

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