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Park Geun-hyung one-ups Ajusshi in Grandfather
by | May 5, 2014 | 30 Comments

All hail halbae power! I love that the grandpas of Grandpas Over Flowers are getting some late-career love—not that they were unknown before, having worked for decades in familiar dad, uncle, grandpa, and scary CEO roles in all your dramas ever, but it’s lovely to see them getting to be the heroes for once. We’ve got the upcoming tvN drama Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit, and now we have Park Geun-hyung (or Geun-hyung halbae, as he’s known affectionately around these parts) headlining a thriller movie titled Grandfather which basically sounds like Ajusshi a few decades later.

The story is about a grandfather who dives in to rescue his granddaughter when she falls into danger. Park Geun-hyung plays a Vietnam War veteran, and his character will “overflow with charisma,” which you’d already expect if you’ve ever seen him act. He has revealed such a sweet-doting-husband and cuddly-teddy-bear personality in Grandpas Over Flowers that you’d almost forget that he’s built a career playing fearsome chaebols or stern patriarchs (some of his many dramas include Empire of Gold, The Chaser and Daemul; he’s also currently in an MBC daily, Mother’s Garden).

There’s no mention of what kind of danger is involved and what exactly our gramps will have to do to save his granddaughter, so it’s not a guarantee that we’ll see lots of (or any) action. And I can see him playing a hardball mofo using nothing more than a well-placed stony glare. But wouldn’t he kick major ass as the action hero? I’d love to see it.

The other roles are not yet cast, although there’s one name being floated as a potential for the granddaughter, rookie actress Park So-dam from recent or upcoming movies The Tailor, Veteran, and One on One. Grandfather will begin filming in mid-June.

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30 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Arhazivory

    Yay. Go Halbae~ 😀

  2. enywidiya

    love to see the movie. but, still need to be patient till the movie reach my country 🙁

  3. canxi

    Oooooooo. Sounds cool. Grandpa to the rescue!! 😀

  4. selena meyers

    I still can’t believe Kim Jajeom of Iljimae was such a dorky halbae in real life.

  5. Wanderlusterers

    I’d never seen him in anything because I usually stay with rom coms but GOF definitely made me fall in love with him and I started watching dramas just to see him and I’m like hehehe I know you’ll be callin your wife after this bad ass scene!

    It really is amazing what variety shows can do for the image and career. We luff you Geun Hyung halbae, good luck with this!

    • 5.1 AnotherFan

      You might want to check out his performance in Chaser (the drama). He reminds me of Al Pacino in his prime Godfather days. He gave me chills

      • 5.1.1 Ivoire

        Thank you for reminding me that I need to finish that drama. I had started it, but at the time the subs were slow, so I put it aside, and I never picked it back up. I need to finish that drama.

  6. eny

    he act in many good drama that i watch, this movie sounds interesting

  7. ladyhahn

    taken meets RED.. go grandpa!

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      I was just curious, who is RED?

      • 7.1.1 megumi

        i think he/she is talking about the the action movie ‘RED’ which starred Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren.

        • Kiara

          aaaand Lee Byung‑hun.

      • 7.1.2 Ivoire

        Oh I see… Thank you guys!

  8. risa

    He sure looks like a mean mofo in that pic… but we know better! I’ve really enjoyed seeing his softer side in GOF and A Little Love Never Hurts. Hope this role does good things for him.

  9. porcelain

    Sounds crazy awesome already… Go Halbae!

  10. 10 belld

    Wow Mr Park Geun-hyung, he is a VERY GOOD actor.

    Then, can we have Ajusshi Son Hyun Joo too. It will be charisma overload!!

    • 10.1 Ivoire

      I 2nd everything expressed here 🙂 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mr. Park Geun-hyung as an actor (he is one of my favorite actors). I 1st saw him in Bad Love, and I was taken by how good he was, especially in the scene where he has a heart attack (so well acted). I also LOVED him in The King of Dramas. I so LOVE it when those veteran and accomplished actors get good roles, that really showcase how talented they are.

  11. 11 AuntieMame

    My favorite teddy bear version of him is in “Panda and Hedgehog”.

    His interaction with Dong Hae was just perfect. They were like really grandfather and grandson, especially when they slept in the same room. They were sooo cute together.

    He’s a total versatile actor.

    • 11.1 Ivoire

      I LOVED him in that role as well. There was one scene, when they slept together, and I think either Dong Hae, or PGH had his arm or leg (or both) around the other person, and it was just too adorable. And I agree with you, it really looked and felt natural.

  12. 12 Zamboangueña

    I will forever remember him as Go Hyun-jung’s father in Sandglass.

    • 12.1 Kiara

      Same here and that drama will forever remain a classic.

  13. 13 Waiting

    Love him.

    Have not yet seen him as a kick butt type yet, bt look forward to it.

  14. 14 22crazy

    W o w. that look.

  15. 15 darcyM

    Ooh, the premise of this has got me thinking of Taken. Would love to see a Liam Neeson-esqu portrayal, but just a wee bit older.

  16. 16 ananke23

    Great photo. Love that they didn’t photoshop the life off his face! Perfect.

    • 16.1 Ivoire

      I agree with all that you said. His face shows that he has lived, he has wisdom, he could teach us a few things… There is nothing wrong with having some wrinkles, if you ask me.

      He is soooo handsome, and he has so much gravitas (he must have been a hottie as well when he was younger). Also, when he dresses up, he is always well dressed (I saw that in Bad Love and in the King of Dramas, all throughout both dramas). And from I read somewhere, those actors tend to choose their wardrobe/dress themselves. If that is the case, he has very good taste (I am sure he does anyway).

      • 16.1.1 Ivoire

        I said this, “And from I read somewhere,” but I meant to say this, “And from what I read somewhere.”

  17. 17 Kiara

    Love that “BRING IT” look. Don’t mess with grandpa.

    • 17.1 Ivoire

      Hi Kiara 🙂 I love that look too.

  18. 18 Mia

    Great actor! Loved him in many dramas but remember him most recently from Suspicious Housekeeper. Funny and cute love interest with Kim Haesook!

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