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Park Hyung-shik, Seo Kang-joon, Nam Ji-hyun courted for What’s With This Family
by | May 1, 2014 | 54 Comments

Casting is underway for KBS’s newest weekend drama due out this summer, called What’s With This Family. Idol Park Hyung-shik (Heirs, Nine) of Ze:A has been offered the lead, and up-and-comer Seo Kang-joon (Sly and Single Again) and former child star Nam Ji-hyun (Angel Eyes, Hwa-yi) are in talks to join the cast as well. The premise seems typical for weekend fare — the series will be about a family going about their noisy lives, and will concentrate on the family’s bond.

The show will also highlight development of the adolescents, which sounds like justification to cast youthful, attractive actors/actresses/idols to garner greater viewership from a younger demographic (not that they need solid reasoning — more pretty can’t hurt!).

There’s some confusion about Seo Kang-joon’s character — he’s either the lead’s bestie, rival, or both, and from the little we know about the plot, it appears he may get caught up in a love triangle with Park Hyung-shik and Nam Ji-hyun. While I really fancy the idea of Seo Kang-joon and Nam Ji-hyun working together, a source at KBS was quick to caution that there is still a lot of time left before production begins, and therefore, the cast is subject to change.

What’s With This Family will be written by Kang Eun-kyung (Gu Family Book, Baker King Kim Tak-gu) and will follow Wonderful Season, debuting in August.

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54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. pogo

    My first thoughts on seeing the news that Nam Ji-hyun and Park Hyung-shik (and SKJ) get to move into lead roles: YESSSSSSSSSS!!! About time, I say, they’re all talented actors and NJH in particular is someone I’ve wanted to see in lead roles for a while.

    And then I saw the name of the writer. Ah, well. We’re in for a mess but at least this will get good ratings?

    • 1.1 Chandler

      I know I’m excited about all three! I thought Park Hyung Shik was awesome at seeming like the same person as Lee Jin Wook in Nine and he had the most unlikely bromance with his future self! I’m excited to see more of him so hopefully this will be good. And it is seriously about time that Nam Ji Hyun got a leading role. Seo Kang-Joon will be a treat as well!

      • 1.1.1 DayDreamer

        Omo! I had the same exact thoughts!! I loved it when Park Hyung Shik and Lee Jin Wook had screen time together in Nine. It really was an unlikely kind of bromance but very enjoyable nonetheless.

        • Chandler

          I know right? I was kind of fascinated at how both of them achieved such an interesting dynamic, that of seeming like the same person, while also, after interacting with each other, achieving that of a brother-like relationship.

    • 1.2 risa

      Yeah, I was especially excited to see NJH (potentially) being cast as a lead, but my excitement pretty much evaporated when I saw who the writer is. It’s a shame ’cause I’m really gonna miss Wonderful Days, and I wish it were being replaced by something I’m more optimistic about.

  2. aly

    I love nam ji hyun and seo kang joon so I’m totally in!! She was so lovely in angel eyes that I still miss her. And my darling kang ha neul too 🙁

    • 2.1 maddragonqueen

      I miss her in Angel Eyes too!!

      • 2.1.1 Aly

        she was so bubbly and charming right? it’s my first time watching her on the screen but she deffo left an impression

        • maddragonqueen

          Yeah, my first time seeing her too, but she was fantastic. I don’t feel as connected to her character now that we’ve had our cast switch. Sadness.

    • 2.2 Windsun33

      If Nam Ji-hyun ends up playing a part I will watch, otherwise… meh.

    • 2.3 Manse

      I love SKJ. Secretly hoping for him to got the leading part. Oppss, did i say it out loud? LOL

  3. lemondoodle

    Underwhelming tbh. Why have Park Hyung-shik as the lead when you could have Seo Kang-joon as the lead? Of course he’s a newbie, but still. Though Kang Eun-Kyung is the main issue. The makjang will be off the charts. Though I think that’s what they timeslot enjoys.

    • 3.1 pogo

      eh, I’m ok with it. PHS actually does pretty well as an actor and can work with whatever material he’s given, at least we won’t have to have the writer having to work around any major lack of ability here. SKJ is charming and so good as an actor, but I’ll settle for getting to see a lot of him here.

      Though the writer is the real issue. Shaky worldbuilding when writing a fantasy series, too much makjang in GFB for their own good, and the treatment of the female characters barring the lead, have me almost determined to avoid this.

      • 3.1.1 lemondoodle

        They are all fine, though PHS is pretty bland to me. If I had to pick I’d go with SKJ who has tons of charisma. Though neither of the two seem ready to lead a 50 episode drama imo.

        • Momos

          Don’t forget PHS was pretty interesting in the short drama Sirius, he played the twin younger self.

    • 3.2 Chandler

      I actually really really liked Park Hyung-shik in Nine so I’m looking forward to seeing him just as much as I am Seo Kang-joon.

    • 3.3 sogazelle

      My thoughts exactly…That boy Seo Kang Joon is Lead material allright…

      Ho oozes charisma…

      I bet you they are just holding out since he’s just 2 dramas old…

      I swear he will be the lead in his next one….

      He has the charm to break both young and ajhummas hearts.

      I know I’ve been a gonner since I saw him in that tiny but breakthrough role in “the suspicious housekeeper”

      He’s already been cast in a movie as we speak….

      Lee Minho…watch out!

    • 3.4 m92

      ooo yeah…its a bit concerning that Seo Kang Joon oozes somewhat blazing charisma…everytime he appear screen he always stole the limelight…see the suspicious housekeeper even his role is minor, and totally been a scene stealer at cunning single lady…he got charisma as leading man material..yeah park hyung sik is quiet good, but i’m afraid that if he is the lead, SKJ could steal his limelight as scean stealer. I can see that SKJ gonna be big n not that impossible to Kim Soo Hyun level…he only debut about one year, but he is getting bigger and bigger role in short time, this is what happen to Kim Soo Hyun before.

      • 3.4.1 jessa

        I think it’s okay to have SKJ as the main lead here..just like Joo Won..after baker king, he was casted as one of the main leads in weekend drama ojakgyo brothers..then he took the titular role for gaksital (bridal mask)..

  4. spark

    Only here for Nam Ji Hyun(YAY) and Seo Kang Joon. Park Hyung Shik isn’t bad but nothing special either.

    • 4.1 spark

      On second thought, I don’t care for the writer very much…

  5. Kiara

    Agreed, I don’t get this casting. I don’t even remember this guy from Heirs, he is that forgettable. Seo Kang-joon on the hand makes you want to follow his acting career. I had no idea he is only 20yrs old because he held his own in SasA.

    • 5.1 pogo

      Heirs was not the best showcase of acting talent for anyone, barring maybe Kim Woo-bin and to a lesser extent Krystal. And poor boy had nothing to do besides be comic relief, not even a love interest to spice things up. But he did have good comic timing.

    • 5.2 Mandu

      You should watch Nine: Nine Times Time Travel! PHS was pretty good in that series, hahaha. I enjoyed him as the younger version of the main character.

    • 5.3 ys

      Each episode of Sirius opens in flashback with Hyungsik as the young version of the lead. Just watch the first 10 minutes of the first episode and he’ll win you over. All 4 eps are on KBS World youtube channel.

      • 5.3.1 Chandler

        Oooh thanks! Wow, it’s seems very interesting so far! I’ll be continuing with this. I honestly don’t know what it is, but I’m just really fond of Park Hyung-shik. He knows how to bring the intensity and has lots of promise.

      • 5.3.2 Miichiyeo

        He was AMAZING in Sirius. Actually, that drama was amazing in general, but he definitely left an impression there.

        • Miky

          I think that was his best performance till now and it’s a shame people connect him only with HEIRS were his talent was badly wasted….those who didn’t see Sirius give it a try,it was so dark yet good!

    • 5.4 Chandler

      Seriously? Pretty much ALL of Heirs was forgettable and he was given the most least interesting role.

      It’s a shame that everyone only knows him from that because he is awesome in Nine. I became a fan of him without even knowing he was an idol and have actually been eagerly awaiting news of him getting more work.

      Do I think he’s as good as the other two? Probably not. But I think he’s got a lot of potential. And I certainly remembered him.

    • 5.5 febe

      I liked him in Nine, as the younger version of Lee Jin Wook.

    • 5.6 Kiara

      Loved Queen Inhyun’s Man to pieces and the writer but didn’t get to watch Nine. I think I was watching Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers when it came out. Oh and not a fan of Jo Yoon-Hee.

      Thanks you ladies, I guess I need to check it out before this drama comes out. .

      Btw, why the heck did he play a forgettable character like that if he was so good in his other dramas? His band mate Kang Min-Hyuk was adorable in it.

      • 5.6.1 Kiara

        err thank you…

      • 5.6.2 jessa

        PHS and Minhyuk are not band mates..PSH is from Ze:A while Minhyuk is from CNBLUE..

        • Kiara

          Thanks for the correction. I guess I don’t know squad about K-pop.

      • 5.6.3 pigtookie

        Why did Im Joo Eun join Heirs if her role was pretty much forgettable too? The girl’s fantastic, yet they gave bigger roles to PSH and Krystal. It’s all up to the casting directors and the writer. Star power, image, etc.

        • jessa

          Casting the lead is not all about acting skills. It’s all about star power..who’s more popular than who. Because the show is all about ratings. The more popular the lead is, the higher possibility it will earn high ratings. Though the story is a factor, too.
          Good story + popular actors = high ratings.

  6. Saima

    I’d want a repeat pairing of KHN and NJH in the future as they were SO good in Angel Eyes! I miss them… :/

    • 6.1 Chandler

      I know. I’ll literally be trying to watch the new episodes of Angel Eyes…and then I just wanna go back and watch the first 2 eps all over again! Love them.

      • 6.1.1 Saima

        I KNOW, right?! LSY’s doing well and GHS’s okay b-bbbbut these two were marvelous. I wish the makers would’ve kept these two as their future selves. Anywho, rant over. Imma go and re-watch the first two episodes again!

        • Chandler

          HAHA good plan! I’ll probably follow suit lol. I DO like the leads and I’d even say I’m actually rather fond of LSY, but I ADORED the other two. The thing is, I’m so invested in their characters now because of them so I’ll be tuning into Angel Eyes no matter what and it’s all thanks to them.

    • 6.2 Kiara

      She is really good with anyone. Kim Soo Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, Kang Ha Neul etc. She also very good on her own (young Deokman in QSD).

  7. Miky

    Mnah let all three accept the roles because i totally love all of them…feel in love with Hyunshik from Sirius,his best role and performance till now in my point,and totally loved Nam Ji Hyun recently in Angel Eyes…Seo Kang Joon neverless is a sweetheart so hope they will be soon again but i’m a little bummed with seeing the writer that destroyed her own work aka Gu Book again,i told myself i’ll never going to watch something from her again and she torments me with this possible trio,not fair!!!!

  8. mk

    Can’t say I’m too interested in the story. I really want Park Hyung Sik to land something like White Christmas.
    I could just be obsessed with White Christmas.

    • 8.1 Chandler

      I’m with you on all counts. Love that he’s getting cast as the lead, but it’s such a shame it’s this project. If only every show out there could be as good as White Christmas. At the very least, this writer managed to propel the careers of Yoon Shi-yoon and Choi Jin-hyuk etc. forward so perhaps this project will continue to do that for Park Hyung-shik, as well so he can land something more compelling next time.

  9. Mint

    Pls let it be true. I totally adore Nam Ji Hyun, this talented girl deserves a lead role and Seo Kang Joon is such a cutie pie.
    KBS usually produces good high school/teen dramas (Dream High, God of Study & School 2013) so i really look forward to this drama ~

  10. 10 fit

    Yeay for Nam Ji Hyun!!! Finally she gets the lead role.. I am going to cry in happiness… this lovely girl deserves lead role since a long ago. I’m glad she got more fans recognition from Angel Eyes. I’ve been her fan since 2009’s Queen Seondeok (she played young Deokman and she was amazing in it) and still waiting for her to get a lead role to date. I’m going to watch this weekend drama for her, and still waiting for her big breakthrough.

  11. 11 blendedcarrot

    I’m a fan of Park Hyung-sik, although I agree that his role in The Heirs was extremely unmemorable, but that whole drama was unmemorable at best. Hyung-sik has been playing the lead in a two musicals since Heirs, so hopefully it pays off and translates to his acting in dramas. It’s been a while since he’s been in a TV drama, he’s due for a significant role. Hyung-sik, fighting!

  12. 12 Anita

    Wow, I can’t wait:) I think the cast is very good, I’m happy PHS will be lead. He is very-very good actor, in Heirs he showed his funny side (paparazzi scene priceless), but the best character was in Sirius. He was so intensive, gloomy and complex:) In Heirs I thought just an idol-star, who a bit funny, but in Sirius I was impressed by him, there he showed his acting ability.

  13. 13 min

    wow, I like Hyungsik in Sirius and Nine. He may not be better than the other two, but he has shown a lot of potential especially given that he has not learned acting before.

    I think the reason why he was given the lead and not Seo Kang Joon was probably because the lead role suits him better. I do have faith in Hyungsik. I wanted him to take on a bigger role after seeing him in Sirius. However, i must say i was a bit surprised he was the male lead since he has not taken on any major roles before.

    Am glad that people are noticing Nam Ji Hyun. A very talented young actress. I love her performance in Angel Eyes.

    Hopefully they can confirm all the cast. Will definitely be checking this drama out.

  14. 14 TS

    Are any of the other guys in 5urprise getting acting work?

    • 14.1 spark

      Lee Tae Hwan was cast in that upcoming tvn drama with seo in guk and lee soo hyuk.

  15. 15 jinja

    Seo Kang-joon is getting a lot of buzz these days ( i say thanks to his Sly and Single Again role, he is getting this attention. not bad, in fact, what a lucky start.

    Nam Ji-hyun has grown up. Then i’m getting older :0 ? cuz she was just a little kid way back when i started being hooked up to Kdramas. come to think of it , t’ was just like yesterday….. Time goes by so quickly!

    i might as well see them how they progress more.

  16. 16 Krys11

    I’m okay with all the 3 leads, Hyungshik did well in Sirius and Nine, i’ve only seen SJ in Single Cunning Lady and he was pretty good in there while Nan Ji Hyun is just great. But my main problem is the writer because even though she has good plots she has the tendency to go really makjang w/ her script and ruin her own drama in the middle. But her drama got high ratings so i guess that still good news because she can heighten the popularity of this 3. She did make Joowom & YSY popular in Baker King while GFB has made Suzy, Sunjoon, CJH more popular. So hopefully this 3 made it big after this drama.

  17. 17 Sadie

    please give seo kang joon a leading role!!

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