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Running Man: Episode 194
by | May 9, 2014 | 41 Comments

Running Man is back after spending two weeks off-air with the final chapter of an epic game of Mafia. Make sure that suspicion arrow doesn’t misfire in the midst of the chaos, with accusations flying from all directions. It’s fool or be fooled in this game, but be careful of where you tread ’cause this type of psychological warfare can lead to ruined relationships or a distrust of all mankind.

EPISODE 194. Broadcast on May 4, 2014.

In order to bring us back up to speed, the show gives us a lengthy recap of the past two episodes, highlighting five suspects otherwise named “Most Likely To Be Mafia.”

Suspect #1: Ryu Seung-soo. Oh man, that water bottle trick seemed like ages ago, but watching it again still makes me laugh. Suspect #2: Yoo Jae-suk, otherwise known as Yoomes Bond, is a known master of psychological warfare. Then the two female Suspects #3 and #4 (Lee Sang-hwa and Song Ji-hyo) are under fire for their feistiness.

Last but not least is Suspect #5, our resident betrayal icon: Lee Kwang-soo. Before we resume the game, we review how Min-jong tricked the entire cast thus far to throw suspicion off of himself.

So when we last left off, both Dong-joon and Jae-suk were up for elimination. After discovering that Dong-joon was innocent, everyone waits to see if they were right to accuse Jae-suk. Off comes his nametag… he’s innocent. Ohhhh snap.

No one can believe it, but now no one is safe from suspicion, either. They send off the eliminated with belated apologies. Jo PD announces that three mafia members are still alive (versus seven civilians), and only four chances to correctly identify them remain.

Back at basecamp, Man-seok expresses his disappointment, saying that his fellow mafia members are only out to save themselves. Haha shares that today’s lunch menu (curry) is especially gourmet, thanks to all the healthy (and expensive) ingredients they threw in. Ginger, beef, and abalone? Herbal Surf and Turf, it is.

Haha and Man-seok really have become fast-friends on this trip, and Haha even says that working with him has been farrr different than his time with Jung Woo-sung. Different in that it’s like he found his perfect match, he means.

Likening Man-seok’s features to the hero in Slumdog Millionaire, Haha then decides to call his teammate “Hassan hyung,” and constructs a makeshift paper towel chef’s hat/turban(?) for the cook.

On the bus, suspicion still falls on a sleepy Seung-soo, who says that he’s starting to buy into other people’s suspicion of him. Just as the conversation turns toward Min-jong, he accuses someone else, but his serious tone just makes them all laugh instead. That is, mostly everyone because Joo-hwan seems to cast a suspicious glance. Hm, has he caught on to something?

Their third game takes place at a market where they’ll need to buy an item that matches those characters (e.g. “r p” or “red potato”) as quickly as possible. Only the first two people who succeed will be safe from elimination, so it’s every man or woman for themselves. Additionally, the mafia will be able to find out who their teammates are afterwards.

Seung-soo brings more suspicion on himself by saying that they shouldn’t say what they’re going to buy beforehand, to which everyone is all, Isn’t that a given?

With that, everyone heads out and Sang-hwa is quicker than Jong-kook to pick up potatoes (two people can’t have the same item). Min-jong sticks with his sickie act, and we see Joo-hwan pick up a potato, too.

Joo-hwan races back first, which means Sang-hwa has to double back for something else. So does Jong-kook (who picked up the same item as Min-jong), and Seung-soo gets lost before finally staggering inside… only to be sent back outside. Twice. HA.

Jong-kook: “There are already two bottles of soy sauce on the table!” Hahahaha. And then Gary grabs the final spot to pass the first round just ahead of Ji-hyo.

The others are sent out for another round (while the eliminated snack on food, hee), and the boys zip ahead of Jung-nan and Suk-jin, who pass with their respective items. It’s kind of funny how Joo-hwan takes one look at the table, then runs back out again to return with an actual clock. Ha, did you actually buy that from the 7-Eleven?

Jae-suk and Dong-joon finally arrive at basecamp, where the grasshopper starts barking orders despite Haha’s protests that he’s been here since morning. When Haha tries to establish the pecking order, Jae-suk drags Dong-joon away, joking that they’ll go out to eat and come back.

Haha finds himself slowly being pulled into his sous chefs’ words—the others won’t stand to wait for food because they’re irritated enough as it is. Haha: “Are they really mad?”

So Haha and Man-seok continue working on their Gargamel Curry, and I have to ask: how long were they waiting for the others that they were still boiling veggies? Haha gripes over having to do all the work (versus delegating it to their sous chefs), to which his teammate agrees.

But even with all their talk about preserving their pride, they’re timid too: “Should we make them anyway?” “Let’s try.”

What the devious duo does instead is call naive Dong-joon over to shunt the work to Jae-suk, with the reminder that he’s higher up on the pecking order. And aw, Dong-joon actually believes it.

But Dong-joon blabs the truth right away, so Jae-suk returns the favor in kind and tells Haha that he can clean those veggies. Lol.

Back at the market, Jung-nan and Jong-kook place first and second, essentially taking them out of the mafia suspicion running. In the ten minutes of deliberation, Joo-hwan points out that despite Min-jong claims that he’s prone to motion-sickness (as evidenced on the boat), he seemed to do just fine on the bumpy bus ride here. Oho.

That deduction is so precise that even Min-jong can’t really deny it, leaving him flustered. He’s quick enough to redirect the suspicion arrow to Seung-soo. Then the conversation turns towards Ji-hyo on the grounds that at least one cast member and/or one female would be mafia.

Ji-hyo in turn points out how Gary keeps protecting his teammate, which leaves Gary to counter that Ji-hyo knows him best in the entire world: “She knows me better than my own mother!”

The boys point out how upset Ji-hyo’s getting right now, which she cites is just her growing frustration. Kwang-soo: “Now I get why girls used to end up crying in this game. There are some people whom I haven’t met ever since we played Mafia!”

The group decides to eliminate Ji-hyo and Min-jong, and then Seung-soo says that he has a hypothesis but he can’t bring himself to say it. Caption: But… we’re filming…

Then Seung-soo does the elementary (but likely pointless) thing of asking “Are YOU the mafia?” to everyone in turn. The group still continues to throw out “Is it you?” “Nope!” exchanges until the final few seconds of deliberation.

They’re still without a fixed pair of suspects at the end of it, but the votes fall upon Ji-hyo and Min-jong anyway. Now’s the moment of truth, and they rip Ji-hyo’s nametag off to reveal… that she’s a civilian after all.

We’ve known that Min-jong was a mafia member, but the group is both shocked and satisfied by this result, impressed by both Min-jong’s acting and Joo-hwan’s deduction skills. The current ratio? 2 Mafia, 6 Civilians.

Back at basecamp, Man-seok adds something to their curry. Is that… instant coffee mix? Then to hide the evidence, he adds strawberry jam. Oh no, this is going to end very badly, isn’t it?

Now the remaining mafia members have learned of their teammates’ identities, Seung-soo comments that he’s so mistrustful of everyone that he won’t be able to carry on personal relationships with them.

Another minute passes and then Seung-soo announces that he’s figured it out (his wording makes it extra hilarious). He claims that Jung-nan’s acting was too natural to cause suspicion whereas Suk-jin’s eyes wavered. Then Gary proclaims that he won’t meet up with people if Seung-soo actually turns out to be the mafia: “I’ll live alone up in the mountains.”

Their final game takes place at a cabbage field, and the task here is simple: be the first two to carry cabbages in a wheelbarrow past the finish line. Gary points out that Sang-hwa and Suk-jin are walking close together whereas Sang-hwa names Jong-kook and Joo-hwan for exchanging knowing glances.

In any case, they all agree that working too hard (or playing around) is cause for suspicion, so Seung-soo leads all the civilians in a cheer. They all do. HA.

And then Sang-hwa turns to Kwang-soo and says that she’ll win first. Did you just give yourself away? She’s legitimately flustered, and cries, “What will you do [without me]?”

After everyone picks their cabbages, that’s when the real race begins. It looks like it’s neck-and-neck between Sang-hwa and Jong-kook when all of a sudden, Joo-hwan runs ahead of them both. It gives him the win.

Joo-hwan’s victorious smile confuses everyone—his sudden last spurt is both unexpected and unexplainable. Could he be the mafia? His behavior is certainly suspicious, but he stands aside for now.

Exhausted, Jung-nan gives up on trying to win anymore—not that anyone was suspecting her anyway. Jong-kook wins the second round, though he quickly takes issue with how Kwang-soo deliberately crashed into Sang-hwa’s wheelbarrow.

The others tell him to apologize to the gold medalist, and then Jo PD announces that Kwang-soo can do that on the way to the final mission station.

It’s the final round of deliberation at the basecamp as Jo PD reminds the group that the mafia team will win unless they catch both remaining members. Moreover, there’s gold on the line.

The group puts forth initial speculations, and most of the opinions think both Jung-nan and Sang-hwa are the mafia members. Everyone definitely has their game face on for these final accusations that it hard to discern between the truth and bluff.

And then Seung-soo mentions that the entire nation would be SO upset if they charged him to be mafia. LOL.

As they continue to argue, Man-seok provides commentary from the sidelines, saying that it’s like watching a Running Man episode up close. Then Haha chimes in that the curry is going to go cold, and Man-seok adds, “We’ve been making it for six hours already!” You mean that abalone-strawberry-jelly-instant-coffee concoction?

When Sherlock Joo-hwan is asked to tap into his deduction skills, he guesses that a mafia member must either sacrifice or teammate or attack a civilian because their team will win just as long as one of them survives. And if he were the mafia, his teammate could sit back and relax because they’ve already won.

Jung-nan claims that the present situation would be too dangerous if both ladies were mafia members, but Suk-jin is sure that at least one of the ladies is a mafia member.

With a minute left to go, the group hurries to come to a conclusion, and when the eliminated have a chance to speak up, they all point to Suk-jin. As his longtime friend, Jae-suk knows when Suk-jin is legitimately flustered and that definitely happened earlier.

Everyone still tries to get a word in even after time is up. When it’s time to vote, Sang-hwa is up for elimination with Jung-nan. The ladies step up, and Sang-hwa says that the civilians have lost (she thinks it’s Jong-kook and Joo-hwan), which Jong-kook spins those words around, claiming that she’s won (as mafia) and the civilians have lost.

They start off with Jung-nan… who is a mafia member. The others reel in shock and let out cries of surprise. The clips show us how hard both women worked today, and now it’s Sang-hwa’s turn…

…and she’s a civilian. That begs the question of who the last mafia member is, and the group pushes Seung-soo forward. He orders the group to keep their eyes trained on him (“Look! Look!”) and then raises his arms into the air… but he too, is a civilian.

They check Suk-jin next, and sure enough he is the last mafia member. He and his teammates cheer victoriously, and the playback shows us how Suk-jin acted like he would any other day. But once he learned of Jung-nan’s identity, he basically told her that she can leave it up to him.

So the winning Mafia Team (Min-jong, Man-seok, Jung-nan, and Suk-jin) collect their gold prize. Man-seok wonders if he deserves such a prize for participating so little in the games (“I made curry for five hours and won gold!”), and then it’s time to eat the something-like-but-slightly-off curry.

Maybe the added ingredients did help the flavor or all of those odd add-ins have been cooked off in the five hours over the grill, but everyone digs in happily anyway.

Hm, maybe I should consider adding instant coffee mix into my curry next time. I’ll hold off on the jam, though.


41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Wag_a_Muffin

    I was honestly so impressed with Joo-hwan. (And I laughed out loud at times. The pacing was a little off, but on the whole, a satisfactory episode.

  2. PL

    File Number: 660210! Sneaky of the production team to flash the answer right at the start of the episode.

    Honestly, Suk-jin hyung gave a better performance than his previous attempts at playing spy. Applause?

  3. beansprouts

    Suk Jin gets sidelined too often. Good job to him!
    Joo Hwan seemed to be the only one with logical reasoning for his accusations

  4. Hittman

    The mafia saga was boring, im sorry, but i think nowdays the pds are out of ideas.

    Running Man is great without guests, but recently they invite too many guests and that rest time to the members and interactions. i want one or two guests but 10 guests is too much, and this year is the rule in many episodes.

    sorry my english is very bad.

    a big hug to every running man fans

    Runner Forever

  5. KwangsooFan

    a bit boring, but glad finally running man is on air.

    sukjin finally becomes the hero xdd.

    for kwang soo – ji hyo siblings fans look at this video, not made by me, but really beautiful enjoy….


    • 5.1 pigtookie

      That’s! So! Cute!

  6. LoveSilents

    I love Running Man but the last 2 episodes were…meh….

    I never bought into the mafia concept. If there were actual clues (like the board game Clue) or if the mafia had to also complete some challenges I might have enjoyed it more.

    I think the best couple was Haha and Man-seok. I wish they had more air time.

    Looking forward to the next great episode!

    • 6.1 dearly

      For meeting each other for the first time, Haha and Man-seok has sizzling bromance. Really love them and it was sad that they didn’t get much air-time. This episode was a tad bit boring but I’m happy that Ji-Suk finally got his first moment of win. 🙂

      • 6.1.1 eli_n

        Seriously theirs was like the ultimate Bromance OTP. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people in variety *click* so quickly! Like two peas in a pod. Two hilarious peas in a pod.

        I’d believe it if they met up after this and become good friends. Which is amazing considering they were practically strangers when they first paired up!

        Remember the way they worked together to con Kwang-soo and Joo-hwan during the race? So in sync in deceit 😀

        • Lilian

          Ooh ..agreed! They had too few scenes unfortunately. If not, the episode would have been much more interesting! I liked the fake bullying part too. When Haha tried to bully his dongsaeng Dong Joon to wash more vegetables, but in the end Jae Suk got His dongsaeng Haha to wash it instead.

  7. eli_n

    Aw I know there were some flaws with the pacing and the game mechanics, but I loved the past 3 episodes!

    Random varied guests and rm members thrown together for a couple of days and everyone looked they genuinely enjoyed being with each other and having fun playing.

    Not sure if I’m making sense, but it seems rare that everyone gets a time to shine. But here you have solo arcs (like Sherlock Joohwan, Minjong the Mafia or RSS who is hilarious ust by being lol) but together, either in pairs (first race), small groups (like on the fishing boat, cooking curry, etc), and especially as a whole. They all bonded and the various interactions and personality quirks made these episodes feel special <3

    Though I wish the PDs had followed through and related clues as to the identity of the mafia to the 'anonymous' surveys they all had to fill up the night before. I think KJK even mentioned iit again, saying that they have to think back on what was said. Without actual clues, most of the blame game basically centred on who looked the most shifty-eyed at each round…

    • 7.1 eli_n

      Ugh sorry just noticed all the mistakes littered throughout.. This is why I shouldn’t type when excited!

  8. Ace

    Got hungry watching the show. Too bad I didn’t have ingredients for curry then or I would’ve cooked alongside them.

    Yay! for Suk-jin and the mafias! It was fun after 2 weeks of no RM.

  9. lindsay

    it was fun! i want to see more haha/manseok bromance. manseok was hilarious in the screen time he had. and i didn’t really know who seungsoo was but now i’m a HUGE fan!

  10. 10 Crazyredhairmireu

    Yay for Joo Hwan screentime! But damn I had no idea who the mafia members were at all. I assumed one of the Running Men were a mafia member but I suspected Jongkook. But after rewatching Christmas Nightmare and the Tru-Gary Show it could have easily been Gary. He’s actually so crafty and clever. I wasn’t completely sure whether or not he was fooled or not but rewatching made it clear. Gary was wearing two left shoes! I didn’t catch that at all. The Running Man cast are so good at trickery now lol.

    • 10.1 bjharm

      Suk-jin always been very clever and well sneaky. it is becuase he so often the weakest member and the butt of the others jokes that it is so easy to over look him, but even though he may not be on par pysically {that debatable as his weak knees thing is very depended on getting laughs} he is on par brains wise with Jae-suk plus he very deliberate and ruthless at time, ie with female guests and Song Ji-hyo, indeed he the only male member that pretty much seems to forget at time that she is a girl and he has to hold back during games or she could get hurt. Once Song Ji-hyo was out it was an easy guess as to what one of the remaining two females I thought

  11. 11 Fidelity

    Hahaha, Seung-Soo’s “봐 버렸다” was great. In English, it it’s kind of like saying, “I _accidentally_ saw it” or “I accidentally/unintentionally figured it out”. He’s a hilarious guest, I hope he comes back.

  12. 12 CutiieAngiie

    Gah, it was a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat episode. I freakin’ loved the chemistry between all the cast and guest members. Usually, when you have such a large amount of guests, some people tend to have less screentime than others but because it was divided in three parts, I think the show highlighted everyone very well. Like in episode 192, Big Nose Hyung and Kim Jung Nan weren’t shown much but in episode 193, they had a lot of screentime and … etc.
    Because they had such good chemistry together, they created a lot of hilarious moments. When they had to decide the Mafias, all the investigations were freakin’ hilarious. I swear, Running Man is the best at making something funny out of something so ordinary.
    And finally, the tension .. Y’know, the show used to do a lot of spy missions and it tended to become a little bit unoriginal but I think they really did well with this one. You just can’t guess who are the Mafias and it’s so good. You have to point the obvious because they are obvious but not to forget the ones who are not obvious because they could be Mafias too and then, you have the middle ones that you have to suspect too lol.

    After two whole weeks without Running Man, I thought that I was going to die. I just need my Running Man drug lol. And so, I had some fears that the episode may not be as exciting as the wait makes it in my mind but I am so relieved. Such a shame that it had lower ratings than usual because it was a really good one 😀

  13. 13 ilovemandoo

    HAHA I love Ryu Seung Soo!! I was dying of laughter whenever he came out haha. Im Joo Hwan also really impressed me with his deduction skills!

    I liked the episode overall, but it was so frustrating at the end because I thought Ji Suk Jin made it pretty obvious that he was a mafia member.. :/ I wanted them to eliminate him and Jung Nan, but they ended up going with Sang Hwa T___T </3

  14. 14 onyxx

    stretching this episode by padding it with 15 minutes of flashback doesn’t really make things any better, but after two weeks of suffering without Running Man, I’m willing to take just about anything (i can’t believe how many times i’ve checked online to see if ep. 194 has alreaby been aired!).

    things were a bit anticlimactic this time around. i can’t believe the remaining players ignored Jae-suk’s comment on JSJ being part of the Mafia team (Suk-jin’s “hammy” performance was such an obvious giveaway). Jung-nan as the other “mafia” was a real surprise. i had placed my bet on JSJ and Seung-soo right until the end :). it would have been stupendously hilarious if Seung-soo had survived and turned out to be one of the Mafia characters after all that jazz.

    i found Joo-hwan’s deductive skills rather impressive. he had a slow start (ep. 192) but he was eventually able to work out a few things on his own and showed that he can be decisive when the occasion calls for it.

    the next episode looks interesting. hopefully, we won’t have to miss another RM episode again. really, these RM withdrawal pangs aren’t good for my nerves… 🙂

    • 14.1 PL

      Jung-nan should really get a MVP award for this episode. I was pretty sure JSJ and Sang-hwa were the remaining mafia members after Ji-hyo got eliminated. What a pity she was tagged out at the end on the basis of a relatively weak theory.

      By the way, strawberry curry has been commercialized in Japan:

      It seems that although the concept is unfathomable, people who have tried it gave rave reviews of the dish:

  15. 15 ajewell

    Honestly, I was so annoyed that they didn’t listen to the cast and name Suk-jin as the spy. As soon as Jae-suk and Ji-hyo called him out, I knew he was Mafia; not to mention it made no sense that the mafia would be all guests. It just made me wonder if it was another rigged game, or if they were genuinely that naive.

    In any case, I was excited to see the conclusion, and am so glad it’s back on the air. Looking forward to the next new episode!!

    • 15.1 light

      I think its rigged. At the very end. But I loved it nonetheless. Haha. Because its so funny.

    • 15.2 Gwen

      It’s the voting mechanism too. They should have 2 votes per person instead of doing a weird elimination type of voting.

  16. 16 bjharm

    I feel the show was cut and editored with the ferry accident in mind all very slow key, just get it out there and hope they do not upset anyone.

    • 16.1 LoveSilents

      Oh – good point.

  17. 17 light

    I think it was one of the funniest episodes this year! I had a lot of fun laughing at the jokes and the antics. I missed Running Man’s witty comments and oral attacks and i think this episode gave me that. It has been too much about the games and not much on actual conversations in the past episodes. The actors did their job brilliantly in this game. Not really excited about the next episode. Its usually the veteran guests who make me laugh with their easy jokes and banter.

  18. 18 Pyo

    This episode kind of boring.

  19. 19 KwangSoo

    anyone knows who is that girl with kwang soo??? girlfriend maybe???? i want to know

  20. 20 rezberry

    I looove ryu seung-soo.
    Especially when he bought the same things, twice. With those expression, he can do a variety well, along with jae-suk oppa maybe…
    And kim min-jong is such a talented actor, look how he acted innocently..
    Thank you running man and gummimochi (and DB too), for make up my day 😃

  21. 21 Mia

    bwahahaha when I saw Man seok put in those instant coffee and jam *bleh* I wonder how it taste? XP
    Man seok and HaHa are really a match made in heaven hee

  22. 22 bd2

    Totally knew that Suk-jin was a Mafia since he talked way too much, esp. when accusations were thrown at him and YJS’s confirmation just nailed it.

    So it was down to the 2 remaining ladies.

    Both worked hard to win games in order to be exempt and both protested vigorously when accused.

    The key was Suk-jin; he stated that he wasn’t worried about Jung-nan being a Mafia but then didn’t protest much when she was picked.

    Joo-hwan was way too quiet for the 1st 2 eps, but he stepped up w/ his analytical observations.

    Gave a second to the thought that Joo-hwan took out Min-jong in order to throw any suspicion from himself, but that would have been too devious and his expression when he 1st became aware of his suspicion was too earnest and since no one was really suspicious of Ming-jong to begin w/, it would have been better to keep silent to increase the chances if Joo-hwan had been a Mafia.

    • 22.1 bd2

      HaHa – getting put into his place by YJS …again. lol

      Sang-hwa looked so much better w/o the makeup.

      Wonder what got Gary to think that Ji-hyo was a Mafia?

      Thee 1st ep of this series was great, the 2nd not very good (altho the seeing the repeat of Ji-hyo’s facial expressions while eating spicy food was hilarious) and this, decent.

      Anyway, glad to have RM back (not sure if I can follow up on the ferry disaster any more b/c I get more and more pissed) and next week’s ep looks fun.

  23. 23 BAF2

    I’m glad the final episode has finally been shown. I fully understand how programming was affected by the tragedy.

    I’m giving Ji Suk kudos for a job well done for lasting till the bitter end. Even though SJH and YJS nailed him. ^_^

    Yep, the bromance between HaHa and Manseok was a bit hit. Enjoyed all the screen time these two had.

    Welcome back Running Man!

    • 23.1 BAF2

      That should be… “big hit”, not “bit hit”.

  24. 24 LoveSilents

    Just wanted to share this link with everyone.
    Yoo Jae-suk made an opening statement regarding the ferry disaster at the beginning of the newest Infinity Challenge. He did a really good job:

  25. 25 Belle

    I fear the pd team needs to brainstorm a few new ideas. I wasn’t intrigued by the mafia game at all.

    I agree that maybe they should strip down to their strengths, which is the incredible strong team Running Man makes and how smart they can be.

    On an unrelated note, I made a tribute to the amazing running man family, check it out if interested!

  26. 26 stuckwithoutpaddle

    I absolutely loved the 3 epi mafia game. It was worth the wait amidst the tragedy that is occurring in Korea. I understand that some viewers thought that some of the recent epis have been subpar but I still loved every single episode broadcasted. They were unique and creative in their own way and I think if you have that mindset, rather than seeking for the games that you like/want (ie bell hide and seek), you get to really enjoy the epi.

    Running Man forever! <3

  27. 27 Gwen

    The cast interaction is good and easy to watch. Too bad there isn’t a solid game to back up this episode. The mini-games have nothing to do with finding out whether one is mafia or not. The voting part and discussion part is messy. In this manner, the game premise is rubbish as a whole. Reminds me of the “find the secret couple” episode with lee jong suk recently. Isn’t it the same with some small changes? Both are rather uninteresting.

    I do love the Haha+Man Seok couple. It’s a very rare thing to find a friend you can click with so well at this age. They are absolutely 2 peas in a pod. Hope they treasure this newfound friendship.

    I hope Ryu Seung Soo is recruited to be a regular in a variety show. He is entertainment gold.

  28. 28 장해주

    It’s good that they’re back on their broadcast. Honestly, I’m not interested with their game this time. But I’ll stop at nothing just to watch Running Man.

    I was wondering when will be the next couple race, the REAL couple race with all the famous K-Pop girls of today.

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