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Running Man: Episode 195
by | May 15, 2014 | 89 Comments

Just when you thought you saw every variation of nametag ripping under the sun, Running Man takes that preconception and turns it on a dime, adding a whole new element for your entertainment pleasure: up- to-the-minute commentary. Sometimes it’s good know what’s going on, but then again, you could turn around to find the MC announce to the world your precise location.

It’s time to bring back old memories and cement them with new ones because this is one game you don’t want to miss.

EPISODE 195. Broadcast on May 11, 2014.

We’ve seen Running Man take their own inventive spin on the classic nametag ripping game to varying levels over its nearly four-year history, but today the show is taking it one step further: live commentary. And if the preview clips are any indication, it’ll be both disruptive and hilarious.

Here to host this year’s Idol Athletic Championships is none other than Jae-suk, who’s dressed in his amazing technicolor dream shirt. He cottons on to the idea that he’ll be a spectator to today’s events, but still asks, “But… why am I dressed like this?”

Nevertheless, Jae-suk assumes his role with professional ease, and I have to say it never fails to impress me how the nation’s MC can just turn it on like that. Time to introduce our first idol group: 2PM (Jun.K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Lee Junho, and Chansung). (For the curious, Taecyeon was busy on set for Wonderful Season.)

They’re joined onstage by our lovely Ji-hyo, who holds her own during their group performance. She might even get to enjoy her dreamy moment more if only it weren’t for Jae-suk’s sideline commentary, like how she’s old enough to be the boys’ “auntie” instead of “noona.”

Jae-suk remarks that he’s most surprised to see Nichkhun today, which has the latter flustered from the start. Eek. I’ll be honest—for a second there, I thought Jae-suk might have been referencing the idol star’s DUI incident a couple of years back (which led to a hiatus of little to no television appearances), but thankfully he’s talking about more cheery news… like a certain relationship with SNSD’s Tiffany.

Nichkhun sidesteps the topic like a champ, announcing that he’s happy as a clam. Aw. When Jae-suk asks what “that person” is up to, Nichkhun answers (talking about Taec): “Shooting a weekend drama.”

But Jae-suk plainly states that he meant Tiffany, so the idol star directly answers that she’s resting today, to which Jae-suk tosses back, “So you did talk to her this morning.” Lol.

Then our next guests burst on stage—2NE1: CL, Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy. Rather than Gary and Jong-kook dancing with the girls, what makes this particular intro memorable is the throwback to Jong-kook’s hip-hop move and the lesson in voiceover. And yes, it’s still one of my favorite moments in Running Man EVER.

Never to let an opportunity to make fun of Jong-kook pass him, Jae-suk promptly points out how Jong-kook’s El Tigre sweater confuses him because now he can’t tell who’s appearing on this show today.

There’s a third “idol” group joining us today, though Jae-suk shakes his head worriedly over these personalities. Meet the labelmates from MYSTIC89: Yoon Jong-shin, Muzie, and Jo Jung-chi, who are carefully escorted to the stage.

Our ajusshi-dols’ (A-dols) spirit fingers performance quickly dissolves into playing Ring Around the Rosie until Jae-suk finally puts them out of their misery. Feeling lonely as the only CEO, Jong-shin jokingly wonders where the other founders from JYP (2PM) and YG (2NE1) are.

Turns out Jae-suk’s tri-colored shirt is representative for today’s three teams: Green (2NE1, Gary, and Jong-kook), Blue (2PM and Ji-hyo), and Orange (MYSTIC89, Suk-jin, Haha, and Kwang-soo). As MC, Jae-suk will be traveling alone, and kickin’ it alone already sounds like boring times.

Aw cute—Ji-hyo reveals herself to be a 2PM fan in the van, as evidenced by her lyrical knowledge of “Don’t Go,” one of Jun.K’s songs. Cut to: the Orange Team, sitting in awkward silence. HA.

As expected, Jae-suk arrives first to learn about the first mission—a relay marathon race—where the MC will follow from start to finish. Oof.

Once everyone arrives, he explains that there are various mini-mission checkpoints, and when asked how long the race is, Jae-suk snaps in annoyance, “How am I supposed to know?” The prize: the winning group’s music video will be played on a big screen all day. That’s actually a great PR move.

Already annoyed at the idea of biking alongside the course, Jae-suk adopts the “figure-it-out-yourselves” approach with his participants: “Just go this way and you’ll find [your checkpoints].”

After skimming through all the odd checkpoints, the last group is told that whoever delivers the tape to the video room first, wins. The race begins, and despite Park Bom’s head start, the boys run past her into the coffeeshop.

It’s Jung-chi who pulls ahead with the lead, but here’s the catch: he’s got to drink it all. Jae-suk keeps in pace with Park Bom, whom CL notes is particularly sensitive to caffeine. In an act of chivalry, poor VJ Kwon-ryul (and Jo PD, ha!) swoops in to down the drink for the ladies.

Then the teams attempt to toss their empty cups in a trash can. It’s Junho who succeeds first and takes one of the dogs for a walk. But the 2NE1 ladies aren’t far behind, and Sandara fights her fear of dogs to take the nicest one.

Too bad the huge and curious dog ends up walking the petite woman instead. Lol.

Suk-jin ends up with a classy-lookin’ pooch he ends up scaring at the last minute. She hilariously retreats. Soon all the teams are past the third checkpoint as Jong-kook closes the gap while piggybacking CL, who apologizes for possibly being a heavy burden.

She feels extra bad when they’re stuck waiting for the light to turn, but Jong-kook doesn’t seem to mind at all, giving her an extra boost. The same can’t be said for Kwang-soo, who asks Jong-shin if he can’t lean on something. Kwang-soo briefly rests his teammate down on a traffic sign, but Jong-shin hollers, “That’s where I got surgery!” Ouchhh.

The teams must answer a trivia question before they can move on, but the Blue Team doesn’t know it and must double back. So do the Green Team when they arrive (and CL hilariously shrills, “I’m SO SORRY!” to Jong-kook when he lets her down).

Jong-kook and CL spit back various answers until they stumble upon the right one. That’s good! But then Gary races off without the tape. That’s bad.

Gary has to be piggybacked back to the start, where he runs at a much slower pace this time around. Pretty soon he’s got young blood hot on his tail, and Chansung overtakes him in his flippers.

Back at the fourth checkpoint, Kwang-soo trudges in with Jong-shin barely holding onto him. It gives us a hilarious sight gag, though the team gapes when they’re given a trivia question.

Meanwhile, the Blue Team is in the lead as Nichkhun sets off. But he gets held up when the light turns, giving Minzy the opportunity to catch up to him. They both run off into the building once they’re safe and the question is: who will get there first?

Everyone waits with bated breath outside as the screen goes black… and a 2PM video appears. The Blue Team collects a coupon (to be used in their final mission).

Our second mission takes place at a field with musician Eddy Kim filling in for Jung-chi (the latter had a radio appearance). Here the teams will play a series of rounds wearing potato suits, and whichever team has the most team members left wins.

First up is to guess Jae-suk’s current food preferences, which Jong-kook takes issue with: “Why do we have to worry about that? Just eat it!” And then Jong-shin says that Jong-kook’s cries really do sound like whining. Jae-suk advises everyone NOT to choose what Jong-kook takes—ha, because you won’t eat it?

I love how the potato suits automatically add that cutesy entertaining element to the game as everyone bumps and rolls to each other. I especially love how Kwang-soo looks like an adorable orange.

They sit in groups after making their choices, and which one does Jae-suk choose first? Ramyun. I remember Jae-suk mentioned that he REALLY liked ramyun on a few Happy Together episodes, but it’s funny that he picks it first anyway. His reasoning? “The noodles will get soggy!”

Jae-suk lets logic rule his decisions (“The ice cream will melt”), ignoring everyone’s protests. He opens one and brings it close… and closer to his mouth… and doesn’t take a bite. He keeps teasing them, and Jong-kook yells: “That’s so dirty! Hurry up and eat it!”

He does. Jae-suk does the same thing with the fried chicken, letting it dangle in his mouth before chomping down. And then Jong-kook is SO EXCITED that he runs around happily in his potato suit. It’s ADORABLE.

Now it’s down to two choices (bbang = bread, tangsooyuk = sweet and sour beef), which Jae-suk turns into a whole theatrical performance: “Bbang bbang orrrrr Tang Tang.” It’s Jae-suk’s Choice and he chomps down on the bread.

In their second round, the remaining participants will choose a number (1-14) and Jae-suk will play the Pop-Up Pirate game. It’s a luck-of-the draw and the unfortunate person to choose the number when the pirate goes flying is eliminated.

Jong-kook stands at the front, and he clears. So does Sandara, and the others can’t help but grow increasingly nervous. But then the pirate goes flying and we skip ahead to find out that Chansung and Haha are out of the game.

Then it’s time for the third and final round, and the Green Team still have five members remaining. They bring out a pull-up bar, and the choice is simple: Jae-suk will call out a number of pull-up he can do, and it’s up to the teams to judge whether he can succeed or fail.

Jae-suk calls out 18 pull-ups, which sounds like a lot considering both Chansung and Eddy Kim (who demonstrated earlier) only got up to fourteen. He answers a few questions to help with their decision: it’s been about a year since this exercise and weighs about 67 kg.

He even lets them check his muscles (ha, Wooyoung goes straight for the pecs) and it’s a few more minutes before everyone is divided. Is it just me or does that determined look on Jae-suk’s face suggests that he might actually succeed?

Jae-suk starts off strong, and though he starts shaking by nine, his chin still clears the bar. Damn. He hits fifteen before slowing down and the motivating captions can really get someone going: “To never try is to fail.”

So Jae-suk gathers his strength for one, two… and three more times. Wow, that’s impressive. With three members left, 2NE1 wins the second mission.

Then it’s time for a little 1:1:1 nametag rippin’ game between our three teams. Haven’t we played this same game in this building before? Their orders pre-determined, it’s a tag-team elimination style game and the last member to remain standing wins it for their teams.

Jong-shin tries to boost morale by telling his teammates that 2NE1 aren’t ladies (and hence go easy on them): “They’re just part of a successful music label!” As for Jung-chi, he decides to go for the pitiful approach by not wearing his glasses.

Now we learn what those special coupons were for, as the Green Team learns they can use it to deprive one opposing team member from participating. It’s used against the Blue Team, who are wary to lose Ji-hyo. But wait, what about the Blue Team? They won one, too.

Just their luck, she has to sit out. They collectively groan to lose the Ace, which aww, they know how valuable an asset she is (to take on 2NE1, presumably) and good she is. She offers to coach them instead.

With that, off go Sandara, Wooyoung, and Muzie to start off the game. Now we get to see Jae-suk’s live commentary in action as he broadcasts Muzie’s every move over the speakers. “He’s moving to the second floor!” “He’s laughing out loud! Now to the third floor!”

Like the impartial host he is, Jae-suk keeps a close eye on current events. Realizing that the Green Team has yet to show up, he deduces that the first participant must be female, and Sandara cringes in her hiding place.

Jae-suk gives up-to-the-minute details of the happenings as Wooyoung and Muzie face off in the hallway. We see the two roll onto the ground, grabbing each others’ shirts as the others can only rely on Jae-suk’s audio commentary.

And then Jae-suk announces Wooyoung’s elimination, to many cheers and tears. Jae-suk immediately grabs Wooyoung aside for a word before letting him go. Oddly, Wooyoung doesn’t seem too broken up about the elimination: “I’ve got another chance?” OH. Is that what your special coupon is for?

A flashback teaches us that opportunity had gone to Wooyoung, and Ji-hyo had replied, disheartened, “It should have been Nichkhun…” Aw.

As for Jae-suk, he cheerily announces Chansung’s entrance, and then heads off to find the missing Green Team member. He drops by Green Team’s HQ to deduce (into the speakers) that it must be Sandara. Lol, already so disruptive.

Unfortunately, Jae-suk runs into her a minute later to find that she’d been eliminated. It really makes you wonder if Jae-suk loves to be the pot stirrer as he runs to wherever the source of noise is.

He alerts everyone of Gary’s presence upstairs, and now all three competitors are outside the Blue Team’s room. As the three try to come to some sort of understanding, Jae-suk continues to provide commentary, to their annoyance.

But Jae-suk keeps talking with gusto, especially when Chansung is cornered and pinned to the ground. With great effort, Gary and Muzie manage to eliminate the idol star, to the Blue Team’s disappointment.

We fast-forward to after Junho’s elimination, and Jae-suk remarks that Gary and Muzie’s alliance has gone on long enough now. Using the proverb “A thing is cherished so long as it’s useful,” Jae-suk cites that Gary could fall prey to this move. (Furthermore the actual saying refers to a dog [gae], which is also the first character of Gary’s name.)

Just then, the two face off and Jae-suk announces that Gary’s in danger. But then it’s Gary who comes out victorious with Muzie’s nametag in hand. Feeling particularly sensitive about his exposed stomach, Gary pleads with the staff to censor it out. They do.

But Gary barely has time to catch his breath before Nichkhun shows up, ready to play. He pins Gary to the ground (giving us a flash of Gary’s soft tummy, too) but then gets up when Jong-shin saunters into the room calm as you please.

Jong-shin and Nichkhun agree to an alliance, but Jong-shin seems to have second thoughts when he realizes how strong Gary is. Jong-shin sticks with his original choice but continues to struggle, and in a flash, Gary reaches up and eliminates him. Whoa.

Jae-suk makes sure to cement Jong-shin’s unfortunate elimination for the record, but then lingers outside the Orange Team’s room to announce their next competitor: Kwang-soo, who helplessly tries to wring the mic out of his hands. HA.

Kwang-soo argues that Jong-kook still hasn’t shown up yet, and he’s the only real chance that Nichkhun has to stop Spartakooks. Gary: “You’re spouting the same nonsense Jong-shin did!” It’s up to Nichkhun to choose: El Tigre or La Jirafa?

In the end, Nichkhun chooses Kwang-soo and they both walk towards Gary, who has no choice but to retreat. Kwang-soo encourages Nichkhun to attack while he has Gary occupied, but then Nickhun goes for the giraffe’s nametag instead. Oho, look who picked up a thing or two about betrayal.

It looks like his teammates warned each other against joining hands with the Betrayal Icon. Suffice to say, Kwang-soo is bewildered by the unexpected move, and so is everyone else.

A little later, Jae-suk runs over to the second floor where the action is. Currently, Gary is pinned to the ground yet again, suffering from an armbar move. Ow, now that’s got to hurt.

Gary’s replacement, Minzy, is short-lived, though Haha makes it a point to cry out that she’s stronger than she looks. All the while, Jong-kook sits with an solemn expression on his face, irritated that the other teams would gang up on his female teammates.

So when it’s Jong-kook’s turn to enter the arena, his eyes are fiery with determination. El Tigre’s entrance is announced soon afterwards, and Nichkhun can only let out a sigh. And then in the shadows, Jong-kook calls out, “C’mere.”

Despite Jong-kook’s burning rage, the others take him on anyway. Then Jong-kook reaches across Haha’s back and rips off his nametag with a fluid motion. Oh snap.

Suk-jin shows up to provide backup, but then Jong-kook eliminates Nichkhun moments later. He doesn’t hold anything back for the impala and rips off his nametag, too. Jae-suk musters up the courage to interview Jong-kook in his enraged state. Jong-kook grabs at his microphone instead.

There’s this tiny moment when Jae-suk taunts Jong-kook with some water, but Jong-kook charges after his targets and takes both Jung-chi and Jun.K down in swift succession.

Now the chance for Wooyoung to redeem himself as he re-enters the arena. The two take their time to attack and then both grab each other’s backs simultaneously…

They keep swinging around like that again and again until Jong-kook overtakes Wooyoung, giving 2NE1 the win. Exhausted, Jong-kook asks Yang Hyun-seok on TV to tream them all to a meal in his own special way: hip-hop.


89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ice


    that’s all there is to say. truly truly the commander at his best. A sight to behold

    • 1.1 jam

      he was so hot ahahaha truly shows he’s the best <3

    • 1.2 Michael

      It was crazy, i’ve seen him rip peoples name tags off beofre but this was slaughter. It was so fast, was also really impressed with gary i guess experience shows.

      • 1.2.1 bd2

        In the past the Commander has taken it easy on male idols b/c of their crazed fans, but I guess he got over that.

  2. bluesky

    Hilarious episode!

    – funny and adorbs, VJ Kwon-ryul and Jo PD helps Park Bom to finish the coffee

    -Gary forgot to take the tape baton and Jong Kook screaming like crazy calling his name gary-ahh, gary-ahhh 😆

    -Jae-suk succeeds to make an 18 pull-ups..salute!!!

    -Jun Chi & Jun K hiding+peeping at Jong Kook like a scaredy cat..bwahaha..OMG, it was so hilarious!

    Sparta FTW, LOL! Seriously he’s not a human 😆

    • 2.1 nomad

      The way he took out Wooyoung was truly a sight to behold. Awesome!

      • 2.1.1 mari89

        Do you agree if i say except strength, he also very fast and have quick reflex? i barely see the way he ousted jungchi and need to rewind it. also the way he ousted haha and nickhun. he have complete ability not just strength.

  3. concreteroads

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    I was actually a bit disappointed in this episode; the previews made the name tag ripping game seem like so much fun, but it felt imbalanced for most of the time and there wasn’t as much cast interaction as usual.

    My absolute favourite part was the chin-ups scene with Jae-Suk though. It made me SO HAPPY that every single Running Man left cast their vote for Jae Suk succeeding, even though the number he picked was kind of crazy.

    • 3.1 mari89

      I guess there wasn’t must interaction in nametag game bcause they have a lot of guest so it will take a long time to finish. thats why jae suk also said at the beginning that they need to just quickly tear off each other nametag.

    • 3.2 Nancy

      Jae Suk said 18 because that’s the number of chin ups he did last year on the Me vs. Me episode of MuDo. It wasn’t an absolute but I knew he could do it. He played the moment well to make everyone excited and engaged. The MCing made the ep fun and funnier. Loved it.

      I know everyone is blown away by Jong Kook but Gary was just as impressive by breaking double coverages a few times. They both worked really hard in this ep and was equally as funny.

      • 3.2.1 jylie

        I agree with your comment on Gary. I honestly think Gary is, in general, better than Jong kook in name tag ripping games in terms of strategy and speed. And Gary didn’t disappoint in this episode. But it’s been a long time since JK live up to his name as Commander. So I am very satisfied and more excited with JK’s performance this episode 🙂

        • Mischa

          I might say gary is a freestyler while JK’s a powerhouse ripper. In an open space it’s gary’s , but if in corners/walls then it’s JK forte. I could be wrong..

    • 3.3 bd2

      There wasn’t as much interaction in this version of the name tag ripping game (which has been done a no. of times) where only one member of each team gets to play at a time (where another member replaces when the teammate playing gets eliminated).

      Maybe not as fun as some of the other formats (the RM team vs. another guest team has been the least entertaining), but it’s just one of a no. of formats for the name ripping game.

      Doing 18 pull-ups is very, very good for a guy, but YSJ kinda cheated on his form (esp. w/ that big leg kick), so w/ proper form, gonna say that he could probably do around 13-14 which is still very good.

      Surprised that YJS stated that he had only been doing pull-ups for about a year when he started training after X-Man finished its run (due to KJK’s influence) and pull-ups are a basic exercise (I’m sure YJS has been doing lat pulldowns in his weight training).

      Gary is a little quicker than KJK and is shiftier in his body movement; the Giraffe also is under-rated, has decent strength and a long reach.

  4. nomad

    It was amazing that ALL of the RM members believed that YJS could do 18 chin ups. That tells me how well they all know each other and truly have become like one solid family through out these 3 almost 4 years. Amazing. I didn’t think he could at first, despite knowing how strong he is from all the RM episodes. But I loved it that I was proven wrong.

    • 4.1 bd2

      YJS started lifting weights after X-Man due to KJK’s influence.

      The Grasshopper plays the weakling at times but even during his FO days, he could hold his own (except against KJK and maybe the Game Devil).

  5. Jenniec

    Haha Jong look and his hip hop 😀

  6. zakin89

    Thanks for the recap =)

    Such an awesome episode!

    There were a lot of great moments but Jae Suk’s chin-ups were definitely my favourite =) Especially bc the cast was like: ‘Screw the result. Jae Suk FIGHTING!’

    And once again Jae Suk showed his MC qualities and I love him so much for his flawless performance =) The Nations MC he truly is!
    His live commentary had me in stitches^^

    Oh and of course Jong Kook’s hip-hop move never fails to amuse me 😀 And I loved how the 2NE1 girls cracked up.

    Despite the many guests a very great episode though I am also looking forward to this week’s cast only episode 😉

  7. jam

    this episode truly showed that:

    1) MC Yoo is the best. and he rocked that shirt, hard. oh and of course the chin ups!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) our commander is so hot …. my goshhh … beast mode! even 2pm couldnt go against him. love him hehe
    3) gary and his unexpected quick moves are awesome.
    4) kwangsoo and YJS are meant to be in the koala family hahaha…

  8. NoNoNo

    kwang soo betrays but the others members always betray him first, it’s a shame that kwang soo never has the chance to win because the others never let him win.

    Ji Hyo betray kwang soo in this episode, i don’t like that.

    • 8.1 Not true

      That’s not true. Gwang soo betrays people all the time unprovoked

      • 8.1.1 Rollings

        tell me in this year what episode kwang soo betraying people???

      • 8.1.2 spartakookie

        NO. LOL, members betray each other, not just Kwang Soo. Yoo Jae Suk, HAHA, Song Ji Hyo, these four obviously known for betraying but fans don’t admit.

        • Hiddles is God

          Well, I do miss Kwangsoo old framing persona during running man early days.

          Kwangsoo was truly a creative genius with all the lies that he came up with. His victims were usually Miss Mong and Kookie.


    • 8.2 Gwen

      He is only reaping what he has sown. This is what happens when you get a bad reputation.

    • 8.3 chemizt26

      I Agree with you 🙂 they always sabotage to make kwangso ousted first. maybe kwangsoo is one of the strongest other than jong kook and jae suk. as i watched the episodes along the way, it seems kwangsoo can ousted their guest even the strongest one.

      Well, this variety! ^_^

  9. lordj

    Jaesuk’s chin ups remind me of IC episode 319. Me vs. Me where they also did the chin ups. YJS had the most number of chin ups and he also did 18. He can do more but Haha stopped him. Lol. He really is fit!

  10. 10 mari89

    kjk so amazing. he ousted 6 people by himself and did you see he ripped haha, sukjin and jongchi whole-nametag. i guess he fight all-out bcause bom and cl hardly can beat 6 men left. i read a lot of comment said that its unfair to have gary & kjk in same team for nametag game. thy might forgot that green team was 4 girls and 2 guys. even dara and minzy cant even touch the men’s nametag. so i feel happy when 2ne1 win bcause they are the most disadvantage team and final result like reversal for me.

  11. 11 pbjtimeee

    I think watching Gary running away in his flipper and Jong Kook yelling “Gary-yah! Gary-yah!” made me laugh so hard. Didn’t expect Gary to be so fast, and that caption “But I’m straight-forward Gary!” just KILLED me.

  12. 12 OnAQIHMHigh

    I found this episode to be hilarious! Though I am a bit disappointed that Minzy/Sandara were out so quickly and Cl/Bom never had a chance to participate in the name-tag ripping. (especially Minzy because she’s my bias/she seems to be pretty athletic and competitive). I get the format they had in mind (group vs. group) but I would have liked for the teams to be mixed up. and I’m sad the Ace didn’t get to play either 🙁 🙁

  13. 13 Katherine

    I knew Yoo Jae Suk would go the distance and do the 18 chin ups, it’s in his personality to give it his all and you could tell he wasn’t going to let down those who voted YES.
    I found the episode hilarious and I give that credit to everyone but most specifically to Yoo Jae Suk and his MCing style throughout, I did wish he could’ve participated but having him follow everyone around and coming up with all these one-liners and jokes made it that much more funnier.
    I collapsed laughing when Gary ran off without the video baton, it’s such a Gary thing to do lol, if he hadn’t forgotten they would’ve won that round hands down.
    The name-tag portion was EPIC !! Fans of the show complain when the cast go easy on the guests, well that definitely didn’t happen this time. It’s understandable why Gary & Kim Jong Kook went full power cause lets be real 2NE1 aren’t experienced like Ji Hyo that they’d be able to maneuver the game. The other 2 teams could’ve won it if they had teamed up to take down KJK but they didn’t so no fault but their own.

    • 13.1 PL

      YJS – The Man Who Doesn’t Know How to Give Up.

  14. 14 orangepuffle

    Gary was such fun to watch in this episode, I’m glad he finally get more valuable screentime! YAY. GARY FIGHTING.

    • 14.1 Hari

      Yes! Gary was hilarious during the flipper race and badass during tag elimination. I love it when he’s less easy going & shows his competitiveness.

    • 14.2 meowingme

      Yeah, I kind of know that we can get that level of awesomeness from Jong Kook, but Gary was unexpectedly so. He was so quick that Nick Khun can only stare, amazing…

  15. 15 danelle

    This is a great episode. Running Man is back with the exciting nametag ripping. There’s Jong Kook and Gary showcasing their strength. Basically both of them took down all the other teams of guys. Then there’s Jaesuk doing the chin-ups and amazing MC skills.

    Other funny moments: Gary running full speed without baton lol, Jung Chi with his sad face look, Junho munching in the jail.

    Must say though that Jihyo really doesn’t dance well.

    • 15.1 bjharm

      lol ji hyo famous for her dancing since family outing days!
      or famous for how bad she is, but always cute and like her singing that almost as bad, she seems to love doing both.

    • 15.2 ybhsmg

      Song Ji Hyo can neither sing nor dance nor cook well.

      But she can do a lot of physical actions that most men cannot do, either because of lack of strength or courage.

      Still, her look & style are feminine not like a tomboy girl.

      • 15.2.1 JO

        i know ji hyo is good in cooking…. i remember the camping episode where there was a cooking contest. she was leading the cooking part. and in episode 282 too, they said her cooking was good. and again at episode 317 where she was good at cutting and the chef /judge complemented her

    • 15.3 bd2

      At least Mong-ji learned another dance move other than “Hot Issue.”

      Yes, Mong-ji can’t dance worth a lick which makes it so cute; probably could give Lee Jin and Lee Ji-hyun competition as the worst/stiffest dancers (amazing that they are former idols) on a variety show.

  16. 16 Phoenix

    I think now people know the true strength of KJK aka the Commander! If you notice closely, he rarely uses his full strength on his fellow RM members & guests.

    This is one of my all-time favourite episodes for the following reasons 🙂 –

    NameTag Ripping—–

    1. We all know how KJK respects women, he even loses on purpose sometimes because of it. But in this episode, The trigger point was when they went 2:1 on a girl (minzy). That fired him up big time, I completely support him, that was such a cowardly thing to do. He also knew that if he was out, the other 2 girls wouldnt stand a chance. Hence he went all out to protect them and win. But seriously, just look at his reflexes and power! Just Daebak!!

    2. And I was equally impressed with Gary for holding out when he was continuously attacked 2:1 !! His boxing skill has given him great reflexes! Both KJK and Gary willed 2ne1 to win in this episode 🙂

    The other adorable parts 🙂 –

    1. YJS and his outfit ( LOL 🙂 ) , his commentary the whole episode (especially at the beginning & at the end ) was so entertaining and funny!! Especially his interactions with KJK 🙂

    2. Ji Hyo in fan girl mode with 2PM!

    3. KJK Hip-hop dance and his voiceover on how to dance!!

    4. Dara with the dogs was cute 🙂

    5. CL reaction after knowing about piggyback & her screaming sorry to KJK at the end 🙂

    6. Suk jin getting into trouble with his dog was epic!! 😀

    7. Kwang soo and his efforts to piggyback were hilarious!!

    8. I couldnt stop laughing when Gary took off without the baton! 😀 And KJK piggybacked him for the sake of the team at the end 🙂

    9. Gary captioned as straight forward & Chansung captioned as Flippers Usain Bolt 😀

    10. KJK dance in front of YJS after he chose chicken 🙂

    11. YJS completing 18 chin ups with sheer determination!

    And finally, Kwang soo getting betrayed 😀

    Ha Ha didnt have too much screen time this episode though 🙁

    Please reply if you had any other favourite moments 🙂

  17. 17 lychii04

    Really loved this ep!

    Fav moments:

    – I loved the part where everyone was rooting for YJS doing the chin ups – such team spirit!
    – When Gary ran off without the baton! HAHA Straightforward Gary
    – When Gary survived multiple 2:1
    – Gary’s self-consciousness over his stomach hehe
    – When KJK demolished the rest. I love seeing KJK in beast mode, really shows how strong he really is and how much he does hold back sometimes. And just the tension – it’s good to see such a thrilling game: to see him ‘hunt’ and whether it’ll reach his limit – tackling half of the 2PM team on his own.

  18. 18 Kamal

    Aaaa I’ve not watching it yet.

  19. 19 Yoeda

    I know KJK always respectful of woman. He sometimes lose on purpose to them. But, for me it’s make me feel really annoying sometimes. He fight with his mighty to guy and become ridiculously weak to woman. For me, as a girl it’s like someone under estimate my abilities. I like how they treat Ji Hyo, they not seeing her as a woman but someone who they need to beat in the game sometimes. Btw, i still like KJK other personalities except that.

    • 19.1 nisha

      Agreed. I adore KJK, and he means well, but there’s a difference between holding back to make it a fair fight vs flat-out refusing to battle a woman or losing to her on purpose. Personally, it comes off as condescending (even if he doesn’t mean it that way) and, as you say, severely underestimating her as a competitor.

      And I love how they all take Ji Hyo seriously as one of their strongest players, but it also sort of rubs me the wrong way when the men make jokes/comments like “Ji Hyo’s not a real girl” or “Don’t count Ji Hyo as a woman”. As if Ji Hyo’s strength, intelligence, speed, competitiveness etc are all qualities that a woman can’t possibly possess? Being feminine and being badass are not mutually exclusive, and Song Ji Hyo is the living embodiment of that, not the exception.

      • 19.1.1 bd2

        Really depends on the girl/woman – KJK doesn’t hold back as much w/ those who are competitive/aggressive (see Hyori and Ye Jin in FO and w/ certain female guests).

        And let’s not forget that Mong-ji has used her being female as a means to getting out of being eliminated (numerous times to Kookie and Gary).

      • 19.1.2 mika

        I actually don’t see what is the difference with making it “a fair fight” to losing on purpose. What do you mean by fair fight if he can’t use his full strength in the 1st place as opposed to holding back? Do you mean to say, “don’t make it so obvious”? because that is just as condescending. The guy does weight training and works out with some of his friends who are professional fighters and athletes. What chance in hell does some 120lb (if even…) 5 foot nothing female have on him?

        Seriously if this were about intelligence and cunning I’m all for it because we are EQUALS to men in intelligence! Heck I say sometimes we have mental strengths that men WISH they had!!!! but it is a biological fact that strength wise most women don’t have it in them to go toe to toe with a man and I say this as a woman. Women have to stop with this double bs that “I can do that too!” but then they aren’t willing to undergo the training it would actually require and at the same time want to keep skinny model bodies. Yes it is true that women have been proven to be able to bear pain better than men (most likely due to childbirth) but I cannot mass-wise match a man. LOL! Just stop with the bullshit please!!!

        Have some of you guys seen women who do real body strength endurance training? They have buff bodies and I mean BUFF! This is the sacrifice. You cannot have a bottle shaped Hollywood actress body and think you will have the same physical abilities of a 6 foot man who does wrestling or weigh lifting. Hyori and YeJin are not girly girls but that does not mean they can take him down. People need to stop with this ridiculous fantasy.

  20. 20 Hiddles is God

    This episode was so effin’ HILARIOUS.

    Shout out to gary’s censored exposed stomach!

  21. 21 onyxx

    i love this episode for so many reasons… but mostly for the dogs (i kept expecting to hear “Who Let the Dogs Out” to be played in the background).

    here are the reasons why i found this episode a real standout:

    1. the Introduction segment was fun and awesome!

    2. Jae-suk and his highly colorful, frilly shirt (if there had been yellow and red in there, he would looked have like a human traffic stoplight lol!).

    3. the Afghan hound that made JSJ’s life a tad more complicated by turning away right before reaching the finish line.

    4. Sandara being “owned” by the huge and cuddly Alaskan malamute.

    5. KJK and Gary looked great dancing with the 2NE1 ladies.

    6. Gray running full-blast with flippers on. he was waddling like a duck in fast-foward pace — only to realize that his early efforts were in vain because he forgot to bring the baton with him, poor guy. hahahaha!

    7. LKS and Jongshin’s pitiful plight during the relay race — frankly, i can’t decide who i pitied more (Kwang-soo or Jong-shin). i also laughed at the way they gave their answer (by announcing the number combinations consecutively, hoping to get lucky).

    8. KJK and YJS heckling each other throughout the episode with hilarious results.

    9. the nametag ripping segment was awesome. Gary had a tough time but he was great. and KJK? the guy was an absolute beast. it’s nice to see him at his best — meaning he’s NOT HOLDING BACK. he basically ripped the other players apart without even drawing a deep breath. spartaaaa!

    10. Kwang-soo (him and his wayward curly hair!) getting a dose of his own medicine: being betrayed.

  22. 22 resogun

    The shows been going downhill for a while now but the emergence of Spartakook during this episode was much appreciated. Some of the viewers and members seem to forget just how dangerous KJK is.

  23. 23 Dico

    I have not enjoyed watching RM like this for quite a while until this episode.

    The name tag ripping was AWESOME!

    In this episode, Gary and KJK had finally got a chance to show off their skill without any restrain!

    Honestly, I felt tired of RM for some time because the RM members had to intentionally restrain themselves to let the guests win. Those episode become too artificial and lost the essence of RM.

    RM’s original attraction was it is an unscripted variety show which test the members’ abilities. After watching too many scripted episodes, the essence is lost and the show is sometimes quite stupid.

    In the episode with Shinwa group, the RM team performance was totally lacklustre and fake. It is so obvious to intentionally let the guest team win. I honest felt cheat as an audience with this kind of scripted show. I think that is why RM’s rating had fallen because the audience probably felt that the show had become too highly pre-arranged.

    • 23.1 Gwen

      The cast did perform their best in the Shinwa episode. For the first few games where the RM team lost, well, they are a ragtag team with some weak people vs a team of well built men. There is just no chance.

      The RM team were winning at nametag ripping but iirc it was just impossible for RM team to win in the last game because the hints that the production team gave were half-assed. Even Jihyo managed to rip one of the Shinwa guys. The production team was skewed.

      Well the production team are basically killing their own program with this type of lousy ethics that doesn’t respect their own program.

      Hope that with this episode and the Angel Eyes’ episode, they are showing the audience that they are finally getting serious and not letting the guests win deliberately. Hope it isn’t too late thou.

    • 23.2 bd2

      I highly doubt that the RM team let Shinhwa win – Shinhwa is known to be good at physical games.

  24. 24 sharon

    umm what are the songs that were played in this episode??

  25. 25 Because of Reasons

    I really enjoyed this episode. Gary and Jong Kook were awesome. I was amused when Suk Jin’s dog got skittish and started running away from him. Suk Jin was trying to pat the dog on the head to reward it for being to well-behaved, but it totally backfired. Note: in general dogs do not like it when strangers try to touch their heads; better to go for a chin scratch instead. If it were a less sweet-natured dog, that move might have gotten Suk Jin bitten.

    • 25.1 LoveSilents

      I know huh? I felt bad for that poor afghan dog having to be dragged around by someone who doesn’t know dogs. I was worried a bite was coming…

    • 25.2 bd2

      Dara, being Dara (who is totally the shy, nice girl) picked the wrong dog in not picking the Afghan (which was probably a show dog and hence, obedient and trained to run alongside its handler).

      A dog like the Malamute would totally do his own thing unless a person showed their dominance (like what Bom ended up doing).

      And Suk Jin made a big boo-boo by making a sudden hand movement at a dog’s head (in attempting to pat it) – which ended up freaking the poor Afghan.

      Should have saved that for when they stopped running and then offer his hand slowly to the pooch before patting it.

  26. 26 Andymae

    I super love this episode. 1. YJS is the best host in Korea (funny w/o being offensive) 2. the “dancing” of Jihyo with 2pm & Gary & KJK with 2NE1. 3. Bom making the VJ & PD drink the coffee, helping Dara w/ the dog & stealing Jun K’s flag in the potato game. 4. Gary & Chansung running w/ the flippers. 5. YJS being awesome with the pull-ups 6. Gary being a sudden Mr. Capable. 7. KJK being his usual awesome beastly self. I used to like him but now I love him! I saw the fire in his eyes when he heard 2 grown men (HaHa & Khun) teaming up to beat amazon Minzy. Got disappointed w/ Haha. He had to ask for help in ripping the maknae’s name tag. 1:1 would have been fair. Love KJK’s going through the door hip hop move. Hope, YG treats the “capables” to a meal. P.S. Sorry for the long post. Wish there were WooDara moments. Woo was a big Dara fanboy before. Hope you guys, don’t get mad with the shipping & my fan girl delusion. Pretty

  27. 27 PL

    Jae-suk and Ji-hyo should co-host a food show someday.

  28. 28 LoveSilents

    Ok – now this episode was more like it!

    Any show that has Idols (and Gary) running in flippers is hilarious. I liked the foam potatoes too. I would like to see our Running Men in those inflatable sumo wrestling outfits! I guess I like props….

    Jae-suk and his “lounge lizard” ruffled shirt – so tacky and funny

    I may be the only one getting tired of Jong-kook’s macho persona. To have him winning all the time gets old – it’s not a fair fight: he’s a body builder. He should have to fight on 1 leg, or with 1 arm (put mittens on him!). Also him getting so mad about a women being ganged up on. Pa-lease, this isn’t Joseon, women aren’t flowers. I think the PD’s make him do that stuff and it’s pretty lame.

    Great show though! More Gary!

    • 28.1 mari.89

      Even jihyo in ep 111 get upset to kjk when he used his strength to ousted her. so i guess real women are like that. they want to be treated fairly. maybe you dont realize after minzy get ousted when she get up she said “ah cheongmal” like she a bit annoyed by that. of course game is just a game they need to win but when guys gang up to fight a girl people said its okay just a game but when he shows how he cares about his teammates and try hard to win for them there’s a lot of complaint came out.

      • 28.1.1 bd2

        But at the same time, Ji-hyo has gotten down on her knees and begged for mercy numerous times.

    • 28.2 Phoenix

      Dont be ridiculous. When was the last time KJK even took the game seriously? If he did take it seriously, the results will be like this episode. Most of the time he gives up when there are guests/women involved. He gives his 100% when he feels like his team mates are depending on him. Check the Stats, Even Ji-hyo and Jae suk have more wins than KJK , Gary has far more individual wins as well.

      And you must not be watching the show properly, KJK usually gets ganged up/cheated because the RM members and guests know they cant take him 1 on 1. I think you are a Gary fan-girl but remember, Everyone on RM has equal importance.

      Finally, women getting ganged up on isnt an issue?? Women already have a disadvantage as they are physically weaker than men usually. Imagine you are minzy, You want to make an impact on the game & suddenly 2 grown up men take on you giving you no chance whatsoever. How would you feel? There is a respect which should be shown towards women. And if not for KJK, the other 2 girls would have been in the same situation. Mystic and 2PM would have eliminated them first keeping the final battle for themselves.

      By the way, PD cant make KJK generate that kind of anger. I have seen enough episodes in RM to know that he doesnt get that angry often. Dont be biased in RM, enjoy the show as a whole.

      • 28.2.1 bd2

        Yep, there were a no. of times when the rest of the RM team ganged up on Kookie and he just threw them off like sacks of onions.

    • 28.3 Gwen

      In this episode’s fight, it’s easy to lose but not so easy to win, especially against the beast idols and he was fighting 2v1 all the time.

      Why should you ask him to give handicap to everyone by having restrictions for himself but at the same time you still criticise him for giving handicap to girls? That’s contradictory.

      In general, I think Gary can take him thou, if he focuses. Gary just doesn’t have the motivation and drive to win most of the times. It seems to be dependent on what is his mood in the moment.

  29. 29 Savannah

    Kim Jong Kook was a BEAST. It was a pure slaughter house when he came out during the nametag ripping game.

  30. 30 pf

    Gary & jongkook jjang!!!!!!

  31. 31 cheri mish

    Iam dissapointed for a long time now RM isgetting not as exciting anymore the games are a bore is it time to change the Pd before they cancel the show

  32. 32 looney

    boring episode beside name ripping….but next week show look daebak cant wait…

    • 32.1 eM

      You didn’t find the earlier games funny? Like, at all??

  33. 33 Gwen

    Hilarious episode. The middle part dragged a little, I don’t care much for the middle part mini-games. The 1st game and nametag ripping is good. I do like it when they run around and play games in the city centre and crowded areas.

    – Mr go-straight Gary had me gasping for breath while I collasped in laughter. That was the most funny thing I’ve seen in a while.

    – Tuna Chansung and Anaconda Gary.

    – Very gratifying to finally see KJK play his best in the nametag ripping. So now we know, pair him with a girl so that he will do his best instead of oppose him with a girl where he will just throw the game. He just decimated everyone.

    – Gary’s dex and reflexes are super high. The manuver when he freed himself when he was held by both his hands by 2 people. Woah. And he managed to stay alive after being taken down onto the floor. Mr Anaconda.

    – Special mention for Muzie. He didn’t look like much but he is surprisingly good at the nametag ripping. He was not given much screentime in his last appearance in ep 176, but more than made up for it now. He was a funny guy when I saw him in Happy Together. Someone should tell him he shouldn’t use legs in nametag ripping thou.

    – Yoon Jong Shin finally came! The sickly elder of family outing really lives up to his name.

  34. 34 bd2

    YJS again shows why no one can touch him being an MC (just so smooth and at the same time, can come up w/ endless one-liners and humorous commentary).

    The intro for 2NE1 totally reminded me when Dara was on FO and they also danced to “Fire” – w/ Hyori and Daesung going all out.

    The appearance of Jong-shin only added to that and really wants me to see an FO reunion of sorts on RM.

    Would be a pretty good matchup.

    YJS vs. Hyori (the 2 leaders)
    Kookie vs. the Game Devil
    Mong-ji vs. Sweet and Savage Ye Jin (both are really competitive and have tempers)
    Giraffe vs. Clumsy Chunderella
    Suk-jin vs. Jong-shin (the “old” and weak member)
    Gary vs. Daesung (both w/ quick reflexes and underrated strength)
    Haha vs. Park Hae-jin (weakling)

    Would leave Park Si-yeon out of it due to her issues w/ her back.

    Would never happen since it would be near impossible to get all the FO members on at the same time due to all the likely scheduling conflicts.

    Too bad they didn’t have knowledge of the 1st games before choosing or the 2NE1 would have done it differently.

    CL for the coffee run (can run faster than Bom and presumably able to drink coffee)

    Bom – the dog run (since Dara is totally non-assertive which is no-no when it comes to dogs)

    KJK carrying Dara (lightest one of 2NE1)

    W/ Gary and Minzy staying where they are.

    Pretty knowing what was the one food item YJS didn’t eat.

    YJS, along w/ Jong-shin, would also try to sneak in ramyun powder base into whatever soups they were cooking (if not the noodles) much to Hyori’s chagrin.

    Eaten ice cream numerous times on FO and RM and don’t recall YJS ever passing up fried chicken or bread.

    Funny how Kookie was giving YJS grief for his dietary habits/likes-dislikes when he is the pickiest eater of the bunch and yes, his little run after YJS bit into the chicken was totally adorable.

    As stated, both Gary and KJK were impressive during the name tag ripping game, but Muzie was a surprise as well.

  35. 35 Hello

    Kim Jong Kook !! Daebak

  36. 36 abcdefan

    RM is getting boring. I love the games, but i hate the unfair treatment. How many times ahd jongkook solo win? Where is spotlight for haroro? Why is it only jihyo got the male guests and gary always got the female guests. Like all the time. How many ep are jihyo being the main character. Spy, princess, secret couple, i couldnt even count it. I stopped watching RM. The PDs obviously are monday couple shippers and haha, jongkok and sukjin seriously need extra scenes or special ep. How many time sukjin got to be main character? I think onlu 2 or 3. Jongkook is the commander but his rarely got extra screen time and and main character. I somehow think this show has becoming ” jihyo boosting popularity show”. Like seriously. And i am not even an anti

    • 36.1 lololol

      Am I the only one who loves how Jong kook piggybacking Gary and Gary saying that he is all exhausted . after piggybacking CL , kjk also ran to chase Gary because of the baton . Then, he even piggybacked Gary back to the starting point . such a brotherly love .
      i love when Gary and Jong kook in the same team ,

      • 36.1.1 lololol

        oh , im sorry im not supposed to post this comment as a reply to your post . im sorry,

        btw, i feel you dude , i kinda felt the same way about the screen time and the special episode

  37. 37 cinthy

    I looooooooove kim jong kook, finally he could show his power and defending the girls on his team, he is AMAZING. Also gary he is awesome!! and he has nothing to be embarrased he has a great body.

  38. 38 eM

    I nearly fell over laughing when KJK ran past YJS with the flag. The sight of him in that potato suit with such a gleeful expression on his face totally cracked me up.

  39. 39 Hmm

    One thing people don’t mention about KJK’s nametap ripping skills is that he cheats.

    Instead of going for the nametag, he uses his strength to pull the opponent’s jersey forward to make it easier to reach the nametag. Nobody except him does that trick, and instead the rest try to actually go for the nametag instead of the jersey.

    Even Gary doesn’t pull on the jerseys. That’s why I rank Gary higher than KJK.

    • 39.1 Lol

      Im guessing youre a BIG MC SHIPPER!! Lol

    • 39.2 wadie

      Our Commander Daebak!! He is not cheat there is no rule for nametags ripping lol…

  40. 40 Smile

    Eddy kim Saranghea!!!!

  41. 41 .

    KJK totally just uses his strength to to take advantage for the opponent and he humiliates them. He pins down the opponent or just grab his whole body to get the name tag to face him. The other episodes are almost the same. I pity the members, they are always so frightened when they see him, especially YJS and LWS.

  42. 42 haiz

    I agree with ‘.’. KJK doesn’t know the true way of ripping the name tags. To me, the time travel episode is a pretty good example. The yoomes bond part. As a whole, I liked that episode but not the yoomes bond part. KJK has totally destroyed the tradition of spraying the water gun. He has destroyed YJS and SJH(rage virus) method of using a small water gun to secretly shooting by using his ‘wonderful’ method: Grabbing the members and just shooting them even with them knowing. YJS should be really sad.

    • 42.1 yes

      Yes, YJS is sad

  43. 43 WHY U ALL DO DIS

    why u all do this to KJK? Its not his fault that the members are so weak, not like him.

  44. 44 reni

    I Love chansung and sandara…So Funny..hahahaa..:)

  45. 45 Lol

    I don’t get why people hate kjk.. Can someone explain? I thought he did pretty well on this episode..

  46. 46 Jjang

    one of the best RM episode,
    Love what the writer/PD did in term of the mission, since the idol team is clearly have unbalanced strength

    many funny moment in this episode, Like Jong-shin hugging kwangsoo like a koala :D, Gary run without baton, KJK running after gary and yet gary still keep running, eddy kim who joined for a mission and get ousted, haha even yell to edy kim to keep pushing the pull-up bar to get more screentime and many more 🙂

    i think it show that 2pm didn’t give 2ne1 chance like most idol usually do to another girl idol, probably because nickhun is dating tiffanny snsd, nickhun even gang up with haha to get rid one 2ne1 member.

    but glad they did that because Gary and KJK goes all out in the nametag challenge, which they usually didn’t use all strength especially against idol guest

    would love to see nickhun vs yonghwa vs kjk, seem it would be epic fight 😀

  47. 47 kang gary

    What song played when mystic89 start dancing in episode 195

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