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Running Man: Episode 196
by | May 22, 2014 | 52 Comments

Ever wished that Running Man would repeat some of your favorite Running Man episodes? We travel back in time to revisit some classic and notable wins, giving the cast a chance to re-write history. What if there was a different Yoomes Bond? Or another Sherlock Holmes episode? Or better yet—what if you switched up the cast members’ superpowers?

It’s time to take a trip down memory lane to reopen old memories and create new ones, with fresh scars of betrayal and trickery.

EPISODE 196. Broadcast on May 18, 2014.

We begin this episode with an overarching question: If you could turn back time, what time would you like to go back to? In a round of interviews, the cast shares similar answers, and aha—they’d like to revisit their notable Running Man wins.

With that, we drop in on the present as the camera zooms in on a man lying on a rooftop. It’s Kwang-soo, who wakes in a jolt and in true dramatic fashion, he screams as if calling out to a post-apocalyptic world. Then he discovers something even more horrifying: his nametag is gone.

But we see the same is true for the others as they stir awake in various locations. Ha, I do love how we can always rely on Jae-suk to momentarily break character for us and laugh at the ridiculousness of an episode’s thematic setup.

Cut to: Kwang-soo, who’s totally caught up in the moment. HA. A note in their nametag-less jackets informing them that they’ve been eliminated—in order to get it back, they must travel to another location, written in indecipherable code. An alien language, perhaps?

Gary asks a group of female college students nearby, who all wonder, “Here? Here?” repeatedly. Aw, unhelpful. Jong-kook approaches another group while Jae-suk tries to crack the code on his own, and they both arrive at the same answer: a pedestrian overpass.

Heading over to the closest one, Jong-kook guffaws to see Maknae FD there, dressed in all-black as a sorcerer. Aw, it feels like forever since we’ve seen him! The secret to their revival lies in going back in time… by taking a mysterious pill at the nearby hospital.

Ever the realistic one, Jae-suk responds to Maknae FD’s time-travel spiel with a smack to the forehead. He tries to finagle another hint out of the sorcerer du jour, to no avail.

As soon as Jae-suk steps through those hospital doors, he sees dozens of extras donned in white coats, giving him an eerie sense of deja vu: “Isn’t this the [first] Yoomes Bond episode?” (Episode 38, for the curious.)

Jong-kook gripes over how Jae-suk would make this about him right now, and the two playfully bicker as usual before parting ways. Jong-kook flags down someone carrying a case, but alas, no pill.

Jae-suk has the same thought and makes off with a pill bottle just as Kwang-soo gives chase. They play for it, and although Kwang-soo wins, he finds a bunch of nails inside instead. When asked if he can eat it, Jae-suk turns back with a double pun: “Mot muk-eo! [either ‘You can’t eat it!’ or ‘Eat the nail!’]”

For some unknown reason, the PD suddenly calls out “Hold on!” and the next thing we know, the cast disappears in a puff of smoke, both in and out of the hospital. Did someone take a pill?

As the clocks turn back, we hear more answers from the cast about their memorable Running Man moments: Ji-hyo: “The Ultimate Superhero episode; Jae-suk: “All the Yoomes Bond episodes were a masterpiece; Gary: “I’d want to be the hero in Jae-suk’s water gun episode.”

When the cast opens their eyes again, they’re both surprised and annoyed to find themselves trapped in jail cells. Aha, so our first stop is Episode 91: The Return of Yoomes Bond. Oh man, that was an epic episode.

Haha: “Where are my fried dumplings!” Gary: “You want me to figure out the passcode AGAIN?!”

No one can understand why they’re re-enacting this particular episode again, especially Jae-suk, who says that the others already know how this plays out. “What are you trying to play at?!” Everyone tries to jog their memories back to two years ago, recalling that there were security guards and a hint somewhere in their cell.

But there’s something strange about this timeline: their cells are unlocked and a note falls onto the floor. They must find the prison floorplans within the hour to escape, and Jae-suk cautiously steps out into the darkness.

He lasts about 30 seconds before getting caught by the guards, however, leaving Suk-jin to wonder if Jae-suk isn’t the hero of the hour this time around. Kwang-soo is still behind bars, unaware that his cell is unlocked.

He finds out belatedly and complains to Suk-jin for not telling him sooner. But then the guards appear, and as Suk-jin is carried away, Kwang-soo retreats inside his cell again. Lol.

Both Haha and Gary join Jae-suk, who’s already tied to a chair. The memories of that day (as well as the betrayal) come flooding back to them, like how Gary recalls that he spoke this line: “You can restrain my body, but you can’t restrain my freedom.”

At the mention of the floorplans, Haha tosses back that those aren’t part of Jae-suk’s ultimate goal anyway. Gary slips up by bringing up that mysterious pill, but before he can be grilled about it, he and Jae-suk turn to Haha, who doesn’t know of any pill (he was whisked away before meeting Maknae FD), and they flame him for not figuring out that clue sooner.

Gary: “Can someone who didn’t pass the entrance exam go to college?” (Since the college entrance exam only takes place once a year) Haha: “Rolling admission!” They’re all released sometime later.

We check in with Ji-hyo, who finds said floorplans and spots where the key is. Bingo. Elsewhere, Haha pulls Jong-kook aside to share his suspicions. He reaches for some water, but that’s when Jong-kook takes something out of his pocket: a water gun.

He takes Haha out in a flash, and the latter can only gape in shock. Ack, what happened?!

A flashforward to present-day shows Jong-kook discovering the pill in one of the labs. He’d initially thought the “April 22, 2012” date was the expiration date (ha) before realizing that it’d take him back in time.

Then to explain how he acquired the water gun, we see him in a secret meeting with Jo PD. After drilling in the point that they’ve traveled back in time, Jong-kook had been issued the same task Jae-suk was given in the original episode: eliminate everyone via water gun.

Seeing the water gun collection with his own eyes had made Jong-kook even more excited. And thus was the birth of Kookimes Bond. Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? Hee.

It’s imperative that Kookimes Bond re-capture all the fugitives before they escape lest this time-travel adventure is cut short.

To avoid suspicion, Jong-kook points out to Ji-hyo to show her that Haha is being dragged away. Still, she checks him for weapons, but he’s clean. He keeps that suspicion arrow pointed elsewhere, yet when Haha’s elimination is announced over the speakers, everyone—particularly Jae-suk—knows that someone is at large. Jae-suk: “Who’s my copycat?!”

Jong-kook runs into Kwang-soo, who doesn’t suspect him in the slightest. So when Kwang-soo heads off to search in a different room, Jong-kook rifles through the drawers… to take out another water gun. Time to move.

A little later, Jong-kook runs into Ji-hyo, who thinks aloud as they run to evade their pursuers… and the water gun falls out of Kookimes Bond’s pocket. Whoops.

To his relief, Ji-hyo ducks before she notices, but then Kwang-soo comes running around the corner… and he’s too busy running to notice either. LOL. It seems Kwang-soo was too excited about the floorplans he found. They pore over the map, giving Kookimes Bond a opportune moment to attack…

Kwang-soo spots the gun two seconds too late. Shocked by Jong-kook’s betrayal, he asks, “When did you become so evil?”

As Gary discovers the keys in a toilet, Jong-kook shares his set of floorplans with Jae-suk elsewhere. Jae-suk knows better than to trust Jong-kook and asks if he’s got a water gun. He’s clean, though, but Jae-suk still can’t shake off his suspicions.

To that sense, it’s a pretty smart move on Jong-kook’s part to hide his water guns all over the building so he can pick up and abandon the guns as needed. Jong-kook argues that they ALL have to win right now, but Jae-suk isn’t going to let this go that easily, citing that he was with Ji-hyo and Suk-jin when the others were eliminated. Hm.

Jae-suk walks away at that, and then Jong-kook appears armed a moment later. He takes Jae-suk out and drinks in his delicious victory.

Jae-suk voices his complaints to the staff in jail, saying how they can’t ruin his stealth moments like this. “Think of the audience who loves those episodes!” Haha agrees that Jong-kook’s aggressive style takes a page from Terminator.

Elsewhere, Ji-hyo’s jaw drops to see Suk-jin being led away and realizes, “It’s Jong-kook.” There’s no need for stealth now for the Kookminator, which I must say is a far-more befitting nickname.

His spooky whistling rings through the building as he leisurely walks around sporting a water rifle. She wonders where Gary might be, and we see him hiding, trying to usher a camera away.

The Monday Couple meets up in the hallway, where Ji-hyo asks about the keys. Thankfully, they’ve both found a set and now it’s a matter of knowing where the door is. Gary points out the sky bridge, and sure enough there’s a door at the end of it.

They make a run for it as Jong-kook’s voice draws nearer. They try key after key, to no avail, as Jong-kook practically comes skipping towards them…

… and then *click* the lock turns. Freedom!

That brings us back to the present, and Jong-kook visits the eliminated, who gripe about his Rambo elimination style. Jae-suk tells the staff to make sure to differentiate his masterpiece with Jong-kook’s remake.

Everyone apart from the Monday Couple are given larger nametags (for either being eliminated or failing the Yoomes Bond remake) and they’re sent out again to find yet another time-traveling pill.

In another round of post-interviews, Jae-suk shares that people like Jong-kook are better off in villain roles than as secret spies. Suk-jin says he’d like to be Sherlock Holmes again: “I’m the only one who can pull it off. Because that episode was made for me.”

But this time, we see Kwang-soo take that particular pill, transporting everyone back in time again to January 29, 2012. That means Kwang-soo is the infamous Arsène Lupin (perhaps the most famous thief in literature) this time around, and once again, the memories of Suk-jin’s stinging betrayal are reopened.

The Sherlock Holmeses are tasked to recover the lost sapphire, but Suk-jin feels bitter about getting his moment of glory taken away from him. He decides to go after Lupin instead.

Meanwhile, Kwang-soo Lupin couldn’t be happier about getting his moment in the spotlight. His mission is slightly different: find the briefcases containing the other Sherlocks’ nametags and tear them out to eliminate them.

Kwang-soo wonders if he can accomplish this on his own, which is when some familiar faces walks in. Hey, it’s the How & Chow crew! But just as Kwang-soo exits the door with them, he’s spotted by Jae-suk. Ha, this is going to end badly, innit?

To his luck, Jae-suk is so excited to greet their impromptu guests that he doesn’t notice Kwang-soo sneaking up behind him until it’s too late. Interestingly, the speakers announce Kwang-soo’s name, and a flashback teaches us that this is part of the butterfly effect in time-travel. “But you didn’t announce [Suk-jin’s] elimination last time!” he cries.

The sudden eliminations leaves everyone one perplexed apart from Suk-jin, who deduces that the first name announced is the culprit. He knows because “it’s my scenario!” And then Jong-kook wonders if it’s either Kwang-soo or Jae-suk, too.

Kwang-soo panics when the How & Chow crew alert him with Ji-hyo’s presence. He hides until she leaves. Noticing how nervous he’s getting, he realizes that Suk-jin actually did a decent job fooling everyone back then. ChowChow nods.

Once the coast is clear, he moves out with extreme caution. Are you going to be able to eliminate anyone at this rate?

Jong-kook and Suk-jin puts their heads together, and although it makes sense that the first elimination announcement is the guy they’re looking for, Jong-kook doesn’t let up on his suspicions. When Haha and Gary joins them, they add the possibility of an accomplice to the brainstorming mix.

Ji-hyo is busy searching the building elsewhere, but then stumbles upon an oddity: ChowChow. (She’d been told that he wasn’t here.) Knowing that something’s off, she runs to get a better view, and that’s when she sees Kwang-soo.

So as she runs back to inform the others, How & Chow discovers a briefcase and lets Kwang-soo know about it. Inside is Suk-jin’s name, and we see that the mat-hyung is currently being grilled by the others.

Just then, Ji-hyo comes running with ChowChow and declares that Kwang-soo is still in the game. Ruh-roh. Then to everyone’s shock, Suk-jin’s name is announced through the speakers. As for Kwang-soo, he sends a regretful message to his fellow Easy Brother.

Alarmed, SpartAce immediately shares this turn of events with Haha and Gary. None of them is aware that Kwang-soo is hiding in a room and can overhear their conversation. Just behind the door, Kwang-soo whispers, “I can’t be [the hero] ever again. I can’t do this.”

Jong-kook wonders if their eliminations are directly correlated with petting ChowChow, and immediately backs away when he approaches. Haha: “He’s so cute that I want to pet him, though…”

SpartAceheads outside where they find a card, akin to the clues left behind in the Sherlock Holmes special. The clue points to the 2008 Summer Olympics, and they wonder if more clues can be found on the eighth floor.

Still hidden, Kwang-soo Lupin is filled with regret about his choice. His current fear is intercut with his interview clips of how he’d do things differently and would be bolder rather than hiding in a corner.

He reappears in the hallway only when ChowChow comes to collect him half an hour later. Grabbing the briefcase, Kwang-soo runs back to safety. He evens tasks his VJ to be his lookout and opens the case to see Ji-hyo’s nametag.

Scoring another elimination gives Kwang-soo a confidence boost, and he shares his lofty goals to the camera: “I’m going to fulfill Suk-jin’s unfinished dreams.” Vowing that things will be different from here on out, he gets to work.

Kwang-soo runs off again after discovering yet another case, but this time he’s been caught by Gary, who’s been scanning the security cameras. The briefcase contains Haha’s nametag, but now the others are honing in to his location. HA, did you actually climb on top of those lockers?

Kwang-soo gets caught anyway, and now running out of options, he holds the nametag hostage. But as he rips it, the briefcase falls out of his hands—the nametag still intact. Which gives Jong-kook the opportunity to eliminate Kwang-soo instead.

Another round of interview clips informs us that the cast also misses the Ultimate Superhero special. That’s our third and final memory as we roll through the cast’s superpowers: Kwang-soo (Time Controller); Ji-hyo (Duplicator); Gary (Phoenix); Suk-jin (Death Note); Jong-kook (Sixth Sense); Jae-suk (Space Controller).

A flashback tells us that it was Haha who discovered the pill, as he tells Jo PD how that one episode altered his reality for the longest time. As the hero of the moment, Haha had been given the privilege to determine everyone else’s superabilities. Haha had joked: “Give them all to me.”

He had chosen Mind Controller/Reflection for himself and we already know the underlying secret: the first person who attempts to eliminate him will end up in jail. A small, but crucial advantage.

We get a run-through of all the powers (you can find a refresher here), and then the game begins. Gary cracks up to see that Ji-hyo has her own Lol Lols and then everyone laughs at Jong-kook’s pitiful sixth sense ability. Jong-kook: “I don’t need this!”

The boys are taken back by the Lol Lols’ beauty and Gary asks, “Can’t I love all four of you?” Hee.

They quickly realize that whoever took the pill knows what everyone else’s powers are, and Kwang-soo asks if the reflection power exists today, too. Feeling uneasy, Haha suggests that Suk-jin must be Death Note (because he’s the only one missing) and rallies everyone to go after him.

Speaking of, Suk-jin is busy looking for his Death Note card. Jong-kook taps into his sixth-sense, and not only do I love how impressed he is at the increased range but also that he learns of Suk-jin’s location through Maknae FD… who’s standing five feet from him. Hahaha.

Jae-suk drops all pretenses and asks about Kwang-soo’s abilities flat out. Discovering a watch in his jean pockets tells him that Kwang-soo controls time, who repays the favor in kind. “You’re the Space Controller again, aren’t you?”

Suk-jin finds the Death Note and starts scribbling down incomplete names as Ji-hyo walks in. She isn’t the least bit afraid of the card (“We can still turn back time”), but now Suk-jin walks out feeling more confident.

He warns the others not to approach, threatening to complete their names. Jae-suk deduces that either Haha or Gary must be the Phoenix or Reflection. To that, Haha encourages him to rip off his nametag then, and Jae-suk calls him out: “You took the pill, didn’t you?”

Jae-suk pins Haha to the wall, and the latter desperately mouths silently that Gary is the Phoenix. Ripping off Gary’s nametag confirms it, and then everyone realizes that Haha is the Reflection.

Now that they know, Ji-hyo says that they have to convince Gary to sacrifice one of his lives to attack Haha. Gary is nowhere to be found of course, which is when Jong-kook pipes in, “Guys, you’ve got me!”

Suk-jin is busy being threatened by Jae-suk and Haha to use his power against Jong-kook already. With Jong-kook and the others on their way, Suk-jin fills in Spartakooks’s name. And so history repeats itself (in the present. Ack, you know what I mean).

…then Haha tears off Suk-jin’s nametag seconds later. Hahahaha. Jae-suk tries to eliminate Haha, a move that backfires on him. The remaining three (plus the Lol Lols) gang up on Gary to remove both his nametags.

But then Kwang-soo tears off Haha’s nametag, and then Ji-hyo and her crew pin Kwang-soo to the ground. With both hands tied, Kwang-soo can’t reach for his watch, allowing Ji-hyo to rip off his nametag.

Everyone gathers together for the closing, and Ji-hyo and her Lol Lols stand proud, victorious.


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. a_diva

    This was such a fun episode–even for ppl like me who did not see the originals!

    • 1.1 Hiro

      The Originals are Variety Masterpices, and for me the best running man episode is “Ep 74 Superpowers” this episode is so epic,

      • 1.1.1 AngilBot

        Ikr? Yoomes Bond is also a classic but Christmas Superpowers will always be my favorite <3

      • 1.1.2 Terminator

        Yeahhh Jae Suk is Still Wainting Haha For The Couple Party Xddddd

  2. Jenn

    The prison-break episode was the very first Running Man I had ever seen and I’ve been hooked ever since. There is really nothing like Running Man!

    Since then I’ve watched every back episode and this one highlighted some of my favorites and gave me more favorite moments between cast members and the crew too! What a great show 🙂

  3. concreteroads

    Thanks for the recap! I was SO excited for this episode, and it did not disappoint.

    I did wish the superpowers segment had been longer, because it seemed almost anticlimactic. I was really surprised when Sukjin wrote down Jongkook’s name even though he had the most obviously useless superpower, and when Jaesuk went for Haha’s nametag even though Haha was clearly the Reflector– but I figured by the end of it, they were just all tired. And I am so happy for Song Ji Hyo finally winning a Best of the Best! :’D She came so close in all of the previous iterations, so seeing this win was pretty gratifying.

    It was *hilarious* seeing how much the special episodes change when different members are cast in the main role, though. Kwangsoo hiding for most of his time as Lupin (and on top of the lockers!) not to mention his epic failure of dropping Haha’s nametag briefcase before he tore it fully was so, so sad and funny. And I love how SpartAce tried to band together again, just like in the original episode.

    But my favourite part of the episode had to be Kookimes Bond/RamboKook/Kookminator. OMG. It was so funny how he completely abandoned any pretence of secrecy and just started grabbing his victims and pinning them so that he could get at their name tags. I was literally rolling around laughing when he went full on Rambo mode, switching to the massive water gun and whistling– that was so creepy and so good!

    • 3.1 concreteroads

      To add on, I sort of wished that this had been broken up into 2 episodes because that could’ve been a lot of fun (and I mean, they even managed to extend the mafia game to three episodes). All the same, it was a fantastic and fast-paced episode.

      • 3.1.1 Ventus

        As much as I loved Khuk going beast mode, I still prefer the original Yooames Bond lol. He had more stealth, suave, and style in ousting his enemies just like James Bond 🙂 However, Kookie’s raw strength was definitely refreshing and entertaining to watch and overall this episode was great!!! Lolols for the win

  4. aly453

    I think this is a perfect example of why Running Man no longer do name tag ripping. The cast has became so good at it, the game is over within minutes. The producer need to come up with a new idea with name tag ripping because I personally find it anti-climatic when the game starts and 5 mins. later, everyone’s eliminated. I want more intense action and suspense. That is not to say I don’t enjoy Running Man anymore, I do. I just wish there was more.

  5. NoNoNo

    The opening scene Kwang Soo And Ji Hyo are the bests xddd, because their are actors.

  6. Eiffel

    Really good episode i enjoyed so much. Ji Hyo loves get on Kwang soo.

    I want a couple race again with girls, i love kwang soo with girls he’s sooo shy.
    I Hope Park Ha Sun will be In RM someday, she’s the best kwang soo female friend. I Ship Them xdddd

    sorry my english is so bad

    bye byeee

  7. naz

    I kinda like this episode but i still feel that the original ep were so much better.such i like kookminator but there nothing can beat yoomes bond.besides the original superpower was my most favourite runningman ep.but in this ep their just make it short and anticlimax.even kwang soo and jae suk cant use their superpower.and why jae suk ripped Haha name ??he knows that Haha have reflector power right?and may i ask is this ep is best of best runningman ep like Haha and Gary had won before?

    • 7.1 bd5

      Agreed – none of these mini rehashes held up to the originals.

  8. CutiieAngiie

    Seriously, it was an amazing episode.
    I really loved how the cast members reacted to those past episodes. Y’know, they have been together for so long now so, it’s just so cute when you see them remembering memories … etc.

    Jong Kook as Yoomes Bond was a big LMAO. I thought it was really refreshing that he didn’t imitate Jae Suk all along. I laughed so much when at the end, he decided to take a water rifle with the BGM of Terminator lol. It’s just so him XD.

    Kwang Soo is such a fail when it comes to spy missions. I love the change on his reactions like he is so eager to be the main character at the beginning and then, “I can’t do this anymore” (it reminds me of episode 54 when he was the Boss. He sweated so much and wanted to go home so badly lol)

    And it’s true that Haha really loved his superpower LOL. I remember thinking “Gosh’, he is doing it again !” I thought it was so kind of him to give his power to Kwang Soo even though not so kind for Suk Jin lol. Seriously, with one Death Note, I am pretty sure that every member will go for Jong Kook. I am still laughing at his disappointment “I don’t need this power !” He always has the most useless one like the Terminator Red Card in episode 96 when they played the Psychic Soccer 😀

    The only flaw in that episode is that it’s too short ! I wanted to see Kwang Soo using his Time Controller power, at least but I guess variety is variety.
    Damn it, no preview for the next episode. I hate it when they do that. It’s making me all anxious LOL.

    Oh and I read a comment and watched the episode again and it seems that Maknae FD became Maknae PD. I think it’s because Myuk PD left the show to become Inkigayo Main PD and so, Maknae FD got a promotion. Well, it seems pretty logic.

    ANYWAY, THANKS FOR THE RECAP AND GOSH’, Running Man, I freakin’ love you <3 Always making my week better than it would have been 🙂

  9. maknaepower

    them lolols too cute

  10. 10 devon98

    Great episode I hope they split it into 2 my fave ever superpower episode and sherlock and yoomes bond prison edition love it all
    I think the members didn’t try hard on time travel superpower (tired)
    Time and space control didn’t show up damn that the best and most fun part
    but really glad girl group lolol win
    No guest episode always the best

  11. 11 bluesky

    oraenmaniya Dong Wan 😆 we missed you! XDDD

    Truly enjoyed watching this episode but of course still can’t beat the original pieces and also can’t beat the original heroes but still applauds for being their own way^^

    I seriously got shivers watching this Kookminator..But Monday Couple escapes from Kookminator is awesome! I feel like watching the movie^^

    For Big Nose, hats off! I guess he really did well in sherlock holmes episode back then!

    And the way Kang Gary treats lolols really cracked me up!
    “Song Ji Hyo1, Song Ji Hyo2, Song Ji Hyo3, Song Ji Hyo4!
    I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you too” 😆 😆 😆

    • 11.1 nomad

      And a MC moment when they held hands briefly to run away from Kookminator was priceless 🙂 Gary is just too cute. It’s a really long-term crush, isn’t it?

  12. 12 Goku

    The Best Episodes Are Always Without Guests

  13. 13 Harem

    Today highlight for me is Kwang Soo..I LOL’ed infront of computer everytime he rats out with all his might to his darkened room in Sherlock segment, and then suddenly gotten his confidence boosted up only to find he was crushed by his mere misfortune..he’s just so cute, lovable, pitiful and funny all at the same time XD

    Jong kook probably not the best version of bond, but he’s surely a brand new of variety-terminator,hehe 🙂

    • 13.1 Homeland


  14. 14 Saumi

    I was so excited for this episode, like, you don’t even know! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

    I was dying when Kwang soo did his opening scene. And his ‘Andwae’s throughout the episode. Also, his sad fails. Like, when he didn’t rip off Haha’s name tag completely, and died. Also when the Lolols were pinning him down so Jihyo could get his name tag.

    Jong kook was soo funny when he went Terminator style instead of secretely for the Yooames -I’m sorry- Kookames bond, and was whistling,calling for the Monday couple creepily. Also when you had dem Spartace moments.

    Suk Jim was so pitiful and hilarious as usual.
    Haha, and jaesuk were their amazing, over dramatic selves.

    Gary was so cute with them Lolols and Jihyo. And I absolutely loved when the guys obsessed over the newest idol band, ‘Jihyo and the Crew’ lolol

    Lastly,my favourite member, ji hyo was amazing as usual, and x4 of her? Yes, please. I always love it when she wins, because her wins are so epic. She’s so smart. She’s the one who made the episode that much more awesome with her lolol show.

    An awesome way of twisting the classics, Runningman!

  15. 15 ava

    what are the original episodes? I wanna watch them. 😀

  16. 16 rooni

    The Returns Of Yoomes Bond Episode 91

    The Sherlock Holmes Case Episode 79

    Survival Series 2 “Superpowers” Episode 74

  17. 17 ava

    Thanks 🙂

  18. 18 eli_n

    I must be the only one disappointed with this episode then.

    Having seen, loved and rewatched all the original episodes, I felt like this ep was lacklustre. Too much time was spent with flashbacks and explanations, which I understand is necessary for those who haven’t seen the originals, but which felt a bit heavy-handed to me.

    I think the problem was the lack of suspense or structure. We know and the cast knows what happened before so there was no real urgency or actual ‘game-playing’. It’s the downside of remaking these memorable episodes; it’s easy to figure out what to watch out for since they know how it originally unfolds. And the changes they made to differentiate the remakes were too minor to actually hinder the cast much. It also felt quite rushed, I think it would have been better to focus on just one Original rather than cramming three episodes tied together very loosely with ‘time-travel-pills’.

    The highlight though was YJS’s gripig over Kookie’s Rambo-style Bond ruined the original stealth needed i the Yoomes Bond ‘masterpieces’ lol.

  19. 19 alexis

    Thanks for the recap!

    I just read an article recently that RM ratings have been dropping to single digits and that it’s being beaten by other variety shows like 1 Night 2 Days. I don’t understand how this is possible. I have watched 1 Night 2 Days and it is basically seems like a much more boring version of RM without the extremely funny personalities or fast paced action.

    I do get that some people feel the show is repetitive at times, but the show has done a great job of making each episode different and coming up with different challenges. Plus, the show is no just about the games, but also about the hilarious cast interactions and interactions with the guests. I don’t believe any variety show cast has the dynamic personalities that can match Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, etc. All I know is, if RM gets cancelled, I will be extremely depressed. When I was sick for a month, it was basically the only thing that managed to get me through.

  20. 20 Nina

    Man…I was pumped for this episode, but I was kind of let down. I really don’t think it’s the content, but more because of the editing. They have been focusing way more on the introductions lately in a lot of the episodes e.g. the episode with the fated couples and the fortune telling for everyone. The pacing as well feels off.

    All the missions in this episode felt rushed. I didn’t like that everyone didn’t get a chance to use their super powers. Again great content in terms of the idea- going back to three missions and playing the “what if” scenarios…but it just didn’t weave well together in the end, IMO. It sucks because all three of these missions were so epic. And did Ji-Hyo win nothing then? This is another milestone episode (I think) so why no prize? Or why didn’t they show it? I thought it would be another “text what you want” prize- lol, I always like the responses the members give.

    All in all, it was a pretty entertaining episode. The editing :/ but the cast’s chemistry will never die.

  21. 21 onyxx

    Ji-hyo and her lol-lols were a nice surprise (and Gary’s reaction, too). i just wish they didn’t have to squeeze in 3 eps. in one go. for some reason, it sort of trivialized the whole setup for me and lessened the impact of what this episode could have been.

    SIDE NOTE: i know KJK didn’t win in the end but for me, this episode highlights his real advantage — that aside from his strength (ahh… that intimidation factor) and his speed, he is capable of incisive reasoning (along with Ji-hyo and YJS on certain occasions) and eventually figure things out while the others are still grappling with their clues. when he combines these qualities in the right amount, it’s tough to beat him.

    he doesn’t always win of course (which would be downright boring), but if ever you’re in a tight spot, it would be nice to have someone like KJK watching your back :).

  22. 22 mari89

    superpower special end too fast and why thy not gang up againts ji hyo for sure she have most advantaged. so i guess it maybe bcause gary win before also with lollos so it will be more entertaining. It looks a bit scripted for me

  23. 23 danelle

    I did not like this episode as well. As others have mentioned, the editing is off, and there’s lack of suspense since we know the structure of these past episodes.

    Kookminator is funny and fits his personality but he’s not stealthy like yoomes bond. Announcing kwang soo’s elimination seems like a wrong move because that solidifies the fact that he’s the perpetrator. And jihyo’s lols being girls are impossible to defeat when ganged up on. The last segment was rushed and not thought out.

    Overall a disappointing episode. I can understand why ratings are falling.

  24. 24 cindyjames

    I kinda disappointed at the superpower`s part. it happen so quick . i feel sorry for sukjin , he is weak yet he got the Death note , after he made a person out which is kjk , he got nothing more , he even got eliminated as well after that , i wish he could get the Duplicator .

    As for kjk, he always get eliminated early by the Death Note , which is for me , it less entertaining when he`s out so early because he has this beastlike and kinda creepy personality that always makes this show interesting . like at the yoomes bond part , wandering around leisurely with the big gun and whistling while searching for his prey , i really enjoyed that part .

    some members didnt even have a chance to use their powers . and yes , of course jihyo won with her lollols . its not suprising though,,

    • 24.1 Mischa

      It wouldn’t be fun if JK got the duplicator! LKS would be a good pick.

      And the Kookminator was really creepy, a bit psycotic, and funny at the same time! Really twisted Yoomes Bond, but loved it!

      • 24.1.1 cindyjames

        what I meant was , i wish SukJin got the duplicator not JK . kwangsoo will be fun also since he is very tall , i wonder how his lolols looks like

        • Mischa

          sorry… misread your point.. well, if its JSJ, instead of lolols that look alike, i think it would be hillarious if the “weak” lolols character comes in play.. just add to his lolols these guys: Yoon Jong-shin,Park Myung-soo and Jung Jae-hyung. That would be something….

    • 24.2 YJS fan

      I agree with you, everything happened too quick, like a mission is cleared in half an hour?! I think apart from changing people, they should also change the whole rules to make it more intestring and let this whole episode lasts for two episode except for one.
      For example, in Yoomes Bond, they can make eliminated people assist the original, in sherlok holmes they should leave clues for detectives all the time and the culprits mission is to look for something and in super powers, they can change the power.
      Also, Ji-hyo winning is not suprsing to me, well some episodes she was really good, but for some others i think it is scripted for her to win. For example, in ep 136, she got a HUGE advantage by having yellow clothes while EVERYONE in the background is wearing yellow. In this episode, of course HAha would give duplicate to ji-hyo to give her advantage.
      But in the end when Kwang-soo ripped off Haha, i confired this is scripted for ji-hyo to win, i mean any idiots know that it is better on 2 vs 4 than 1 vs 4, which leaves one explanation, this wpisode is scripted.

      • 24.2.1 jj_20

        I disagree on the scripted part.
        It’s all go to their performance on how they play the game.
        Each members had given their equal share of advantage in the game but it’s up to them on how they use it for them to win. Example on the 1st Yoomes bond ep, YJS has a really great advantage coz 1) betrayal disease is not yet rampant among RM members at that time 2) they expected a guest because that is the trending on that time, looking for unknown guest. But if that mission was carried by for example LKS, I don’t think it will be successful. Like the in the ep 136, if the yellow dress was wore by the female guest, do you think she can pull it out like SJH did?
        Even KJK had given an advantage in a game, but it’s up to them how they pull it out.
        And SJH is one of the formidable RM member, do you think she will need an outright advantage when she can pull off a game if she wanted to. And all of her wins are very nicely played by her….

        RM manse!!!

  25. 25 Raptor

    Love the episode! I’ve watched it three times, once RAW and two subbed! lol

  26. 26 Kwangsoofan

    News for all kwang soo fans:
    People Kara’s Drama “Secret Love ” Starring by Kwang Soo And Nicole, will be aired the July 4th in Dramacube.

    I hope dramabeans make an article about that, for the people who didn’t know.

  27. 27 Kang Gary's Fan

    i didnt watch this episode actually but when i know jihyo was the winner i am really disspointed.. (just want gary oppa wins as well..hahahahaha)..but nvm..whatever the matter is if running man didnt aired anymore..i will never watch any variety shows except YJS’s show..hehehe

    • 27.1 mari89

      If rm get cancelled, yjs and kjk were most likely to join their next new show. since im kjk’s fan i know a lot of pd from other program want him. he once called ‘a blue chip in variety show’. but i dont know about others like sjh and lks. will they focus on their acting career bcause i hardly see them to be a guest on other show. i once saw them on happy together thts all. its good if thy all can be together again and i imagine that all of them doing show like family outing it must really great

  28. 28 mari89

    Is it true that asian dream cup in indonesia was the last overseas filming? i guess it must have something to do with rating and if it keep falling we must get ready to see the show get cancelled. what to do..

  29. 29 onyxx

    didn’t RM just film in Australia a weeks ago?

    i really hope they won’t consider canceling RM because it’s pretty popular overseas. i only learned about other Korean shoes because of RM and a week without a dose of RM is like being give a set of keys to a car you can’t drive 🙂

  30. 30 Mischa

    195 and 196 definitely going into my favorites ep!

  31. 31 NewFan

    No one wants to talk about how SJH basically felt up KJK and he didn’t even flinch? LOL

    • 31.1 Star

      True!at first I was surprised,thinking why is jihyo hugging kjk out of the blue,and he was so laidback about it. XD

  32. 32 Raptor

    Actually I don’t get why Kwang Soo didn’t tear off the two name tags he had managed to gather. He had the time to, instead of him keep running around like a fool. Lol

    • 32.1 Raptor

      Or why would jae suk take off Haha’s tag when it’s so clear that he’s the deflector…

  33. 33 Kutumbaba

    Well, no matter how hard we try to deny it, RM always had an episode where as is heavily scripted. Not scripted like a movie or k-drama of course, but scripted to control the flow of the plot. For example this eps, especially in the psychic part. I believe that YJS and LKS are not dumb enough to do that. YJS clearly know that HaHa has the deflection superpower, so he is practically killed himself by doing so. Also LKS, he would paired with HaHa to take down Jihyo and later take down HaHa by himself, that the most beneficial scenario for him. RM member just being so good at nametag ripping, so this kind of mistake seems off for me.

    Fortunely the 1st and 2nd part are good enough to make me laugh. KJK as Kook-ames Bond give me total different impression of Bond, which is fresh and good. LKS as Lupin also gimme a good dose of laugh, for different characteristic that he was portrayed.

  34. 34 SeoulHyun4ever

    No matter what happens running man will still remain the best show that anybody has watched. <3 SJH and the lolols in ep 196

  35. 35 Ceeglenn1994

    I’ve recently caught up with the latest episode and just decided to watch an episode from my browser history, and it just happens to be this one. The fun is still there despite watching it the second time around!
    The Roll roll superpower really is the most overpowered and most efficient power there is. The first time was Gary, and Ji hyo this time around. I wonder if they’re gonna make another episode featuring that power and see how it could be beaten.

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