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You’re All Surrounded: Episode 2
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You know what’s funny about this show is that it’s a comedy for everyone else and a thriller for Seung-gi, but somehow it works because he’s playing the humorless hero of his own revenge tale who isn’t aware that the meta situation is funny. It’s the same dissonance we saw in the backstory when Ji-yong was being chased by a killer while Soo-sun was making jokes over the PA system, and it turns out to be their overall dynamic even now—everything for him is life and death, while everyone else is just trying to get through their day. And at the Gangnam Police Station, one day is pretty damn eventful, to say the least.

Ratings-wise, You’re All Surounded premiered in first place with 12.3% yesterday, and solidified its lead with Episode 2 bringing in 14.2%. (A New Leaf is second and Golden Cross third, both in the 8% range.)


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EPISODE 2: “The reason we are not detectives”

Our team heads out on their first case, and we rewind a bit to the drive that led up to the thug chase. The police van gets stuck in gridlock traffic, and Team Leader Pan-seok asks for the siren.

The ever-so-eager, not-so-bright Soo-sun grabs what looks like an orange Starbucks cup and throws it on the roof, where of course it immediately falls and shatters. And the rookie mistakes are just beginning. Pan-seok tells them to dangle their handcuffs out the windows, and sure enough, people start to move their cars out of the way. Sometimes lo-fi works.

When they get to the front of the traffic jam, they finally see that no one’s moving because two tattooed men are sitting on stools in the middle of the street. It looks to be some sort of standoff, er sitoff, though they hurry and get back in their car at the sight of Pan-seok.

We cut to the chase (literally) and catch up to the moment when one of the thugs grabs scared little Ji Gook as a hostage. Everyone else panics, but Dae-gu is as cool as a cucumber as he takes out his gun and aims it at the pair of them.

Everyone screams no, and he looks like he might shoot anyway, but then he puts the gun back in the holster and swaps it out for the taser. They still protest, but he shoots anyway, and it shocks Ji Gook and takes the thug down with him.

When they return from their outing, the precinct is buzzing with activity. The typical Gangnam arrests? Let’s see, there are rich entitled Korean-American kids, clubbers, and sasaeng fangirl wars.

The fangirls immediately stop arguing when pretty boy Tae-il walks in though, and tell Gook to hurry up and move so they can get a clear picture of him. Tae-il looooves the attention and strikes a pose or three.

They even fawn over Soo-sun and Dae-gu, and every time another picture gets snapped, you can hear Pan-seok’s last nerve snapping along with it. He finally cracks and storms into Section Chief Cha’s office to demand a rookie swap—at least two of the newbies for two cops with some detective experience.

But Chief Cha is clearly enjoying this moment of superiority, as he points out the nameplate that makes him the detective section chief. He calls Pan-seok a gangster and washes his hands of the rookie allotment, and tells him to take it up with the police chief if he has a problem with it.

Clearly this guy is going to be a bureaucratic pain in the ass, and it’s worse because he seems to have a personal grudge when it comes to Pan-seok.

So back to Team 3 he goes, where Eung-go has lined up the rookies to see if Pan-seok wants to say anything else to them. He introduces himself as “The Legendary Seo Pan-seok; you will have heard of me.”

He says that he doesn’t raise just anyone as his children, so they ought to quit now. “For the citizens of Gangnam! And for my mental health… quit now.” He points to Soo-sun and Gook in particular, urging them to pack their bags quickly.

But Pan-seok’s demeanor changes rapidly when Sa-kyung, the new missing persons team leader, walks into the room. He walks up sheepishly and asks when she arrived in Korea.

She answers him with a slap, and he takes it, forcing the same light tone as he says he’s doing well. She says he should be suffering or dead for all the wishing she did, and asks if he even knows why she hit him.

He nods and says that day just turned out that way, and she slaps him again, so hard that everyone else in the room flinches. She spits back that he should’ve just said he forgot, and barks orders at another detective before stomping out.

Pan-seok shows a totally different side as he struggles to contain what he’s feeling. It’s raw enough a moment that everyone averts his gaze for fear of being caught watching the very public argument.

The rookies ask Eung-do what Pan-seok’s relationship is to Sa-kyung, but he says they’ll find out in due time. Eung-do turns his attention to his team and pairs them off as partners.

He pairs Tae-il and Gook together and of course Soo-sun and Dae-gu. He tells them partners are one body and they have to learn to trust each other. Tae-il and Gook are adorably happy to be paired and share a little fist-bump. Soo-sun offers up a friendly handshake, and Dae-gu just looks away.

He asks who wants the first assignment, and everyone but Dae-gu raises a hand. He looks around and cautiously raises his too, just to play along.

Police Chief Kang and her detective section chief go to see an assemblyman, whom they still call Commissioner Yoo because he used to be their boss.

He takes note of Chief Kang’s risky experiment taking on so many rookies, and just tells her not to fail. The way she smiles with her mouth but glares with her eyes tells me either he’s evil or she is, but they’re not on the same side.

Soo-sun gets tasked with interrogating the thug they caught, and she robotically asks questions like she’s reading out of Interrogation 101. According to the suspect, they were sitting in the middle of the street to have an endurance contest. Well that explains nothing except for the size of your brain.

While she’s busy with that, Gook is unloading supplies behind her, and puts his box-cutter down on her desk. Eek, don’t do that.

The thug doesn’t miss a beat and palms it while no one is looking. Eung-do tells Soo-sun to tie the suspect up and change out of her slippers before taking him to holding.

Dae-gu and Soo-sun take him to the cell together, and she asks Dae-gu if they know each other from somewhere because he seems familiar. He says no. The thug cuts through his ropes by the time they get to the stairwell, and he pushes them down a flight to break free.

They land in a pile on top of each other, and Dae-gu goes running after their baddie, while Soo-sun hops around looking for her other slipper.

The thug actually manages to get behind the wheel of one of the police vans in the lot, and he’s just about to make a clean getaway when another van slams right into him.

The smoke clears and Pan-seok comes into view. Oh no, of all the people. He comes out to survey the situation, and all it takes is one look at the thug and Soo-sun ineffectually holding out her slipper for him to know what happened.

He lines up his team inside and launches into an epic tirade, asking Soo-sun if she didn’t learn the rules of interrogation at the academy, if she didn’t know not to put a weapon on her desk like an open invitation for criminals, or if she didn’t hear her squad chief reminding her to change her shoes.

She apologizes profusely, but swears the knife wasn’t her doing. It doesn’t appease Pan-seok any for her to pass the blame, not that she knows whose knife it was anyway.

He turns his attention to Dae-gu, who doesn’t seem the least bit contrite for his part in the debacle. Sure enough, when asked, Dae-gu says the only thing he did wrong was overestimate his partner’s skills, and then he says it’s really the team leader’s fault for not supervising the rookies better. Oh no he di’n’t.

Pan-seok can only laugh as he steps closer and closer: “Where did this crazy son of a bitch roll in from?” Just as the smile fades from his face and he’s about to launch into an ass-whooping, Eung-do holds him back and then Chief Cha walks in, foaming at the mouth.

He pitches a fit, and the rookies get to witness what happens to their team leader when they make a mistake: he gets reamed by the boss, and after being called every name in the book, he has to bow in apology. Chief Cha still wants someone to take responsibility, and tells him to resign immediately.

Her teammates buy Soo-sun a soda to try and calm her down, but she’s pissed at Dae-gu for being so disloyal to his partner. She swears she wasn’t the one who put a knife there, and Gook doesn’t say a word.

Police Chief Kang tells Pan-seok that no one needs to resign, and asks him to take care of the rookies. She knows he isn’t happy about the newbie onslaught, and he tells her it’s too risky.

He says that detectives don’t have the luxury of making mistakes, because in this department, mistakes mean lives lost. “You can’t save someone who’s already dead!”

She wisely points out that he was once a rookie too, and the full weight of what that means isn’t lost on either of them. His eyes flicker with vulnerability, and she says that experience is what made him the detective he is today. I’ve decided she’s the good guy.

That night, Dae-gu walks down a shady street and dons a shady hat. He walks into a store and asks for a duplicate of a cell phone, and then he sneaks into someone’s apartment and puts a spy camera into the light fixture. How very Bond of you.

Soo-sun is doing her own investigating in the precinct, where she finds the x-acto knife she was accused of leaving around. She takes it to the lab and begs the tech to get fingerprints, and he agrees.

Dae-gu returns to the precinct and slides Pan-seok’s phone back on his desk, and jumps when Soo-sun calls his name. She tries to smooth things over, but he says it’s really his own fault for not having deduced that he had a birdbrain for a partner. Ouch.

He has the most offensive way of speaking—it’s barbed but oozing with equal parts apathy and superiority. He points out that her assessment that detectives make the most money was calculated without considering the long hours and the sleepless nights.

When you factor in time on the job for an hourly pay rate, a detective gets crap pay. Though really, his takeaway from all this is that she’s too stupid to have figured this out, which makes her an unfit partner. He tells her to quit now, and leaves her sputtering in his wake.

Dae-gu finds a large envelope in his mailbox when he gets home, and home turns out to be a police dorm apartment that he shares with Gook and Tae-il. Gook is just as surprised that they’re all roomies, and hops in excitement when Dae-gu chooses his room to share.

He follows Dae-gu in and opens his arms wide like he’s waiting for a hug, and can’t even finish his welcome speech before Dae-gu cuts him off: “Don’t talk to me.” Heh. I’m going to enjoy the roommate shenanigans.

Gook guesses he’s tired and reaches for a scented candle. Dae-gu: “Don’t make anything smell.” Gook starts to hang a wall clock. Dae-gu: “Don’t make any noise.” So he puts that down and starts getting into the bunk bed. Dae-gu: “Don’t think about sharing a bed with me.”

This goes on until eventually Gook trudges into Tae-il’s room with his pillow and blanket, ha, and Tae-il puts away the photo he was looking at. (A brother? Friend? Boyfriend?) Gook says he’s too Type A to handle a prickly Type B like Dae-gu, as if he didn’t just get passive-aggressively kicked out of his own room.

Tae-il is as easygoing as always and lets him pick the bottom bunk (because Gook is afraid of heights, lol) and tells him, “It’s not where you sleep, but the person you sleep with that matters.”

Pan-seok comes home to his bare apartment filled with nothing but instant ramyun containers and beer cans, and of course his is the apartment that Dae-gu bugged earlier that night.

Now that he has the room to himself, Dae-gu opens his laptop and watches the live feed from Pan-seok’s house, though all he sees tonight is Pan-seok opening up his phone and sighing over somebody he wants to call but doesn’t.

Dae-gu then busts out his Big Board—a computer file he projects onto the wall, which is pretty smart. It’s everything surrounding the original Masan murder case that Pan-seok was working, the one that Mom witnessed. It includes a missing persons report on Kim Ji-yong.

He answers a call from someone named S, and says that he got the report in the mail, and that Pan-seok doesn’t recognize him at all.

One thing does have him concerned though—there’s someone from Masan on his team, which is a wrench he wasn’t expecting. He doesn’t seem overly concerned about Soo-sun since she isn’t all that bright, but it’s still not a good thing for whatever plan he’s cooking up.

Then he opens up the file he got in the mail, and it’s the original police report of Mom’s murder. It shakes him to see her in the photographs, and he struggles to hold back tears. In the morning he goes to the cemetery, and this time he can’t fight the tears. His country accent slips out as he says, “I’m here. I’m here, Mom.”

At the precinct, Eung-do tells Pan-seok about a new case involving girls from a nightclub who are involved in a credit card scam with a fancy restaurant. They get rich guys to spend, and skim a little off the top.

When Pan-seok sits at his desk, Soo-sun interrupts with an evidence report on the x-acto knife and says that her fingerprints weren’t on it, and this was the only way to prove her innocence, and there’s no need to apologize. Haha.

An apology is the last thing on Pan-seok’s lips, but the whole thing is so ridiculous that he doesn’t have a retort handy. Soo-sun just awkwardly sits down at her desk and goes over her entire speech, written on the post-it in her hand.

The whole team gets up to go work this new case, but Pan-seok benches them and says that their skills are perfectly suited for sitting at a desk. He brings up the death of one of the other squad chief’s partners to drive the point home, and says that if they’re going to be concerned about getting their pride wounded over being blamed for things they didn’t do, they should just stay here.

Gook asks why Soo-sun had to go and bring up the x-acto knife, and she spits back that his fingerprints were on it but she left that part out of the report. They bicker back and forth passing the blame, until Dae-gu finally erupts and says that the point is that they just got left behind.

Meanwhile, Pan-seok and Eung-do go on a man-date at the restaurant where the credit card scam is happening, but one look at their table sends the con artist running away. They lose her, and Eung-do nags Pan-seok that they should’ve brought the rookies like he said, because their faces have Detective written all over them. Pfft, is true.

Pan-seok doesn’t want to hear it, but Eung-do says there’s no other way to get close to the operation if they don’t use their fresh-faced team. The rookies stew at their desks wondering if their detective careers are already over, when Eung-do calls.

The van parks outside a club and the rookies are dressed to go undercover. Pan-seok tells them that their cover is the most important thing, and their goal is to identify the con artists and try to get dates with them. He adds one rule: under no circumstances are they to engage in a fight.

The team struts in, and everyone takes up a different position. Soo-sun sits in the women’s restroom with a recorder on hand, waiting for a juicy conversation. Gook goes to a waiter and asks to book the best girls, and Tae-il walks through the club like he’s done this a hundred times. Immediately girls clamor for his attention.

Dae-gu parks it at the bar, and goes shopping for watches online. Huh? Oh, it turns out to be lightning fast research, because after scanning the crowd, he starts seeing every person as a sum of their net worth, via diamonds, watches, and shoes. Lol, the fake brands—Hermeni, Cartigi.

Tae-il asks what he’s doing, and Dae-gu shares what he’s deduced thus far about the women on the dance floor based on their gait, the length of their nails, and the clothes they wear: the size of their bank accounts, and whether or not they’ve ever had to work a day in their lives to get it.

Tae-il is impressed, and when Dae-gu moves onto sizing up the next girl, they both recognize the watch she’s wearing as the one charged to one of the stolen cards. Despite Gook’s interruption over fashion advice, Tae-il manages to get her number.

Soo-sun overhears a conversation in the bathroom, and pretends to be drunk to get a good look at the two girls.

It’s the one who ran away from Pan-seok and Eung-do at the restaurant, and the watch girl that Dae-gu and Tae-il spotted. They’re partners, and they talk about how many unsuspecting dates they managed to snag tonight.

Soo-sun follows one of them out of the restroom, and watches in horror as a rich snotty girl picks a fight with the con artist because she stepped on her designer shoe. She’s a nasty piece of work, and Soo-sun almost intervenes, but Gook holds her back and reminds her of Pan-seok’s rule.

But then she starts beating the girl with her purse, drawing blood, and Dae-gu steps in to try and stop her. Bad idea! Bad idea!

He goes about it the wrong way naturally, and his attempt to be logical just backfires and she grabs him by the hair and throws him down like he’s not twice her size. It’s hysterical.

The entire team gets dragged into it, and the fight spills over onto the dance floor. What the rookies failed to notice was a pair of cops (at least they look like cops) sitting at a booth and filming something with their phones. They’re waiting for some sort of exchange to go down, but the fight causes a ruckus and they lose their shot.

The brawl gets out of control and Dae-gu tries to crawl out of the mess, when he suddenly spots a man lying on the ground and bleeding from the gut. The sight of the bleeding body, the blood on his hands—it sends him spiraling back to the day he found his mother’s body.

It’s just like before with Mom lying in a pool of blood, but this time it’s grown-up Dae-gu who finds her. He reaches out with a shaky hand, “Mom?”

Soo-sun sees the body and runs over to ask Dae-gu for a phone, but he’s still in shock and can’t register what she’s saying. She calls out to him over and over, but he just sits there like a stone.

The party reaches its peak and the air cannons shoot confetti everywhere. Soo-sun realizes that she can’t get anyone to help her in this commotion, and that’s when she notices one of the cops in the middle of the fray.

She reaches for the gun in his holster. She aims it up at the DJ stand, but can’t steady her nerves. Dae-gu takes the gun out of her hand and shoots without hesitating. The sound system short-circuits and the club comes to a grinding halt.

Pan-seok and Eung-do have no idea what’s going on, and watch slack-jawed from their van as the rookies get hauled off in handcuffs. Dae-gu is the first to get interrogated by the other cops, but since the two con artists they’re trying to nab are sitting behind him, he doesn’t say a word.

The rest of the team follows suit, and soon all four are locked up in cells. Pan-seok and Eung-do come by a little later to claim the idiots as their own, and the other cop laughs to hear that those bozos are detectives. Still, he refuses to let them out since they blew his cover when he was minutes away from cracking a drug case that he’s lost months of sleep over.

Eung-do wonders what they do now, and Pan-seok sighs, “Call the toad.” HA, you guys call him a toad too? They mean Chief Cha, of course, and the rookies hang their heads as they’re released.

Back at their own precinct, Pan-seok grabs the scariest stick—it’s basically a wooden beam—and demands to know who started the fight. Dae-gu steps forward and says it was him, but immediately Soo-sun says it was her, and then Tae-il, and then Gook.

Eung-do can’t help but smile that they’re already covering for each other, though it just pisses Pan-seok off more not to get a straight answer. He repeats his rules about not fighting, and reminds them that this was their last chance. He says they’ve failed, so now he never wants to see their faces again.

They’re ordered to pack up and go: “And if I ever, ever see one of your faces ever again, it’ll be your funeral! I never want to see your faces again, you sons of bitches!” At that, he drops the wooden beam with a loud clang.

Without a word, Dae-gu takes out the recorder in his pocket and plays the file of the two con artists talking about nabbing guys, and they mention a boss by the name of Kim. Eung-do asks if they recorded that, and Gook says that Soo-sun sat in the restroom all night to get that tape, and they even got a date with one of the girls for tomorrow.

He starts to blubber through his tears, and cries that they worked really really hard, and didn’t reveal their identities at the police station because those girls were right there and the case came first. Soo-sun silently wipes away a few tears.

Pan-seok and Eung-do are floored, and it’s for a tiny second, but Pan-seok looks impressed and a little sorry for screaming.

He looks like he’s about to say something nice, but then his phone starts vibrating. A second later, Dae-gu’s phone starts vibrating in his pocket. Uh. Oh. You’re carrying the clonephone in your pocket when you’re standing two feet away from the guy??

Pan-seok doesn’t think much of it at first, but then his phone stops ringing and so does Dae-gu’s, at exactly the same moment. One excruciatingly long silent beat later, Pan-seok’s phone starts to ring again. And so does Dae-gu’s.

Dae-gu tenses up and drops the recorder in his hand to reach for his phone. The team notices his nervous reaction, and worse yet, Pan-seok can tell something is not right. He whirls around and looms in Dae-gu’s face, the tension between them growing more taut with every buzz from their phones.


I fear for Dae-gu’s life once Pan-seok realizes he’s been spying on him, but I enjoy that the tension between them is ever-present, since right now Dae-gu has the upper hand because of his anonymity. He’s being pretty brash with the cameras and the cloning of cell phones, but I suppose he didn’t insert himself into Pan-seok’s life to take his time and play it safe. He’s probably only in mortal danger if Pan-seok is actually a dirty cop, which I don’t believe he is (or okay, I don’t want to believe he is, because naturally I’m rooting for the bromance).

But Pan-seok seems like a genuinely good guy—someone who might not respect his superior but takes his lumps and obeys the chain of command anyway. He’s responsible for his rookies’ mistakes, and he doesn’t ever pass the buck. That’s what he teaches them by example, and in no time they absorb what they see and mimic it, like little sponges. And it pays off because their moment of growth as a team—sticking up for each other right after selling each other out just earlier in the day—was really sweet.

It was fun to see the rookies take on their first case that involved actual police skill (and thankfully they’re not actually terrible at their jobs). It felt rewarding to see them succeed as a team, especially after bungling things up with the taser arrest and x-acto interrogation. There’s a nice complementary energy when everyone’s on the job and sharpening their various skills. I’m still not sure what Gook’s strengths are, but I’m sure we’ll find them eventually. For now he’s great for comic relief, especially whenever he tries to talk to Dae-gu.

I’m looking forward to lots of hilarious roommate conflicts (it totally hadn’t occurred to me that they’d also be living together), and I can’t wait for the partnerships to start breeding loyalty and trust, against all efforts to remain detached. Is there anything better than reluctant friendships? Maybe it’s Pan-seok’s secret plan to be so mean that they band together. Okay, maybe not, but I’d like to think that at least Mama Bear Eung-do wants that for them.

What I like most about the newest case is that it shows that Dae-gu’s temperament could either make him a really good cop, or a really really terrible one, and he’s not actually as in control of things as he’d like. It’s impressive when he’s using his brain, but he’s clearly still traumatized by Mom’s death, and he’s a loose cannon and a hothead like Pan-seok, which is just one more reason there are going to be fireworks when they face off. You’d better get your story straight, Dae-gu, or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.


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      Wow, episode 2 solidify my interest in this drama.

      Dae-gu seems to have the most talent for police work but have the least “heart” in it. Whereas the 3 other rookies are so eager you can overlook their slip-ups.

      Im intrigued with Pan-seok and Sa-kyung’s relationship and why is Panseok so docile around her. Also, the set-up of Pan-seok’s involvement in mom’s murder keeps me asking, is Pan-seok really a bad guy? Or there is a greater conspiracy? Also, how did Dae-gu end up being super smart? There is no indication of that when he was young. (Did he go through the same thing the hero in Incarnation of Money had?)

      Lastly, I think its the 1st time I saw Seung Gi in a less talkative role. lol

      • 1.1.1 harukogirl

        I commented on the “dirty cop” thing below – comment #39 🙂

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        Haha yes, but I think it’s funny that Seung Gi’s role here is the silent, revenge-seeking (slightly) heartless role, but in reality he’s a bumbly little klutz. Running Man anyone?

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    I’m sold!

    I’m amazed at your natural ability to sum 2 episodes, everything or rather the show up in just ONE line!

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        I think it was the part when Seung-gi’s character was running through name brand watches on his phone and categorizing the women at the bar with digital labels visualized onscreen…..it’s how BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series shows the titular character’s deduction skills. I had to laugh at that.

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  12. 12 Mandy

    GF’s opening paragraph pretty much summarizes the first two episodes LOL; it’s literally the perfect description. And okay, I only liked this after ep 1, but count me in love now! I haven’t felt the urge to really comment on a recap thread since AM94, so I know I’m really into this. Wish we had recaps for Angel Eyes too, but its probably for the better that we don’t or I’d be stuck here writing essays disguised as comments all day 😛

    I know I was hating on teenage Soo-sun, but I just love her older self. She’s still brash, tomboyish and acts before she thinks, but she’s also ready to change that. She has a very strong sense of justice, but you can see her actually trying to restrain herself before blowing up – which is a huge improvement from the younger Soo-sun who just blurted whatever came in her mind; consequences be damned. I also really liked how patient she was (or willed herself to be) with Dae-gu even when he acts like an A-grade jerk. There’s obviously still that child in her, but she’s learning to be an adult and thats the character development I’m ready to watch unfold.

    I also think Seung-gi has some major screen presence because considering how quiet Dae-gu is, if he was played by a less charismatic actor, I would’ve forgotten he’s in the room. Dae-gu thinks very highly of himself, a little more than he actually is. But he surely has a lot of self-control when he doesn’t let his past haunt him. The moment when he snaps out of his trance, he realized quickly how nervous Soo-sun was to shoot the speakers, so he did it himself. Just that his tragic past is his biggest weakness because he’s obviously dedicated his life to it and is still traumatized by it.

    I do wonder why they included Soo-sun in his childhood portion if they weren’t doing the childhood romance – its so very un-kdrama like. I’m just guessing its because she knows the kind of person he used to be. She’s the only link between Ji-yong and Dae-gu and would probably be the one pull him back when he goes off the rails. I just hope that by then, he’d be ready to take her hand.

    I’m really excited on what’s to come next. Maybe even the love triangle (because it can’t be a kdrama without one). Dae-gu is filled with so much resentment, pain, anger and coldness that its almost the perfect set up for someone to break through those barriers and make him smile again. I can also see a friendship forming between Dae-gu and Tae-il and with love coming in the mix, I hope we get some solid rom-com to go with the weekly cases they solve.

    P.S. Some good numbers coming in today in terms of ratings. I’m expecting it to increase. Didn’t realize this was the only light hearted drama on weekdays across all major networks. That’s craazy!

    • 12.1 dramalover

      I was going to say there’s Witch’s Romance (which btw is super light as well and I love it!) but then I realized you said “major” networks hehe and that fact just sunk in. too many heavy dramas, and after God’s Gift I really need a break from the heavy uff

    • 12.2 Rushie

      I’m recapping Angel Eyes over at my blog. You can check it out, just click on my name.

    • 12.3 jessa

      She also saw the guy who attacked Ji Yong in the school so she may help Dae Gu later in searching for his mother’s real killer.

  13. 13 jen

    was waiting for this after watching the episode raw. you’r spot on with how it’s thriller for deagu and comedy for the rest of them. hehh

    i think they will bring out the best of each other out. dea gu will make soo san a better cop atleats and in the
    club scene he found the watch girl amd made park get the number and the way they tryng is endearing .

    yey they are roomies , will soosan be there too?

    it’s great they don’t have romance and love traingles from
    the start , looks like dea gu will try and subtly remove soosan from
    the team if he can and the romance will come later through loyalty and understanding.

    and pan seok is as damaged and need of therapy as much if not more than dea gu , cannot imagine the deapth of bromance they will have at the end because both of them have been traumatized by the same incident and maybe even soo san too bcz she maybe blaminh herself for the death or the missing of young dea gu .

    looks like we’ll get the backstories of the other’s in next episodes too .i like them now so there will be more reason to love them

  14. 14 dumzkeeee

    haish..can’t wait for ep 3.. >.< is it wednesday already?

  15. 15 lemondoodle

    Yeah, I like this show so far. I’m assuming Dae Gu gets out of the mess he’s in right now since episode 2 is too early for the plan to be outed before it even starts or we even know what it is.

    Curious about who S is. I’m sure nobody good. There’s no way PS is a dirty cop. I’m guessing Dae Gu is actually being used in some way. Though maybe he was just fortunate enough to find a super nice guy to help him out and feed him information. Okay, probably not.

    I really can’t wait for roommate and partner shenanigans now. They are already working well together so far. I really like how they aren’t actually bumbling idiots either. They just have no luck and make silly mistakes that have really the worst consequences ever.

    • 15.1 Lyz

      yuuno i thought about that too.

      either he’s under cover or
      either he’s been used for no good .

      with his hate for the cops in general he may be used by some shady guys. and he’s handy with the guns and surveilance stuff he must have been trained or he may have self trained himself , since acording to the synopsis he is not from the police academy as he had passed the bar exam but he just decided one day to do join the police and passed the exam.

      becz it’s easy to have your own thriller better as a cop

  16. 16 Allison

    BROMAAAAAANCE. That is all.

    • 16.1 Rushie

      I know right?! Bromance, bromance everywhere. It makes me ridiculously happy.

  17. 17 jen

    i cannot believ i was so into the story i forgot to swoon over my seung gi who is looking so damn hott. the shady hat and hoodie is so gorguzz . and so is the whole cast without tryng hard .

    go ara is likable and i’m sure everyone will root for her as soon as we get what she had to go through aftr dea gu’s dissapearance.

    the cute cop is supper adorable and the p4 will not work without him.

    this is the first time for me with ahn jea hyun i want send the writter flower ‘s for not making him an ass and for not creating any macho rivalry between dea gu and him. he’s super frienldy and it’s totaly belivable.

    unlike heirs how each chatatctor is somewhat somehow annoying

  18. 18 alaa

    the part that got me laughing so hard about all the ssang fans was that they had a Lee Seung Gi light stick xD

    • 18.1 Kitzeekat

      Hhmmm…I wonder who’s the oppa of the yellow girls though??

  19. 19 Courtney

    Can someone tell me what song was playing in the background during the clubs scene? Thanks!

    • 19.1 Locivert

      Hi,did you learn the name of the song?

    • 19.2 Crystena

      Vandalism Angger Dimas – She Got It (Jack Hammer Remix)

      Vandalism & Angger Dimas – She Got It (Orig Radio

    • 19.3 Crystena

      Exact song playing in the club scene
      Vandalism Angger Dimas – She Got It (Jack Hammer Remix)

      I think this is the original
      Vandalism & Angger Dimas – She Got It (Orig Radio

  20. 20 Dongsaeng killer

    Sleeping with the fishes. Lol. I see what you did there.
    Thanks for the recap GF. Excellent episode

  21. 21 DJMuenchen

    “The way she smiles with her mouth but glares with her eyes tells me either he’s evil or she is, but they’re not on the same side. ” once I saw commissioner Yoo aka “O” face from nine and bad daddy lawyer from IHYV I was already on the he’s gonna eff things up train.

    After todays promising ratings it’s crazy how much SBS has completely owned this time slot. With the possible exception of three days its past shows have been Man From the Stars, Heirs, Masters Sun, and I hear you voice. Good for them.
    Great start! Can’t wait to see Seung gi open up more but aces for week one.

  22. 22 MatchaMochi

    I like the show, and the actors. But I think I gave it too much credit since the first episode was really smart. The choices some of the characters made during the club crisis was really stupid. Like why does Soo sun have scream out for someone to call the ambulance? Why do they have to be so dramatic as stop the music with a gun? Like obviously the guys they grabbed the GUN from are cops, so just alert them to the fact that there is a dying man on the ground and they can flash their badges (since clearly they were allowed to keep all their police gear, unlike the rookie foursome) and control everything.

    I get the reasons why the narrative was done this way, but if I am to think that Dae-gu and to some extent Tae-il are like brilliant rookies then they have to start showing their brains a little bit more in basic ways. I get that Dae-gu was mentally paralyzed by the sight of blood, but he sure straightened up fast enough to fire a gun.

    Girlfriday mentions above that she’s finds a lot of the supposedly tense moments comical. So maybe parts of the club scene were supposed to be funny, but I just didn’t get it. I think I might need like a sheep sound or something to tell me when to laugh for this show.

    In short, I get what the writers want me to feel. But everything feels forced and two hairs shy of being intelligent and well thought out. Frankly, the set ups seems stupid and idiotic. For example, I get that Pan seok and Eung-do look like detectives, but how bumbling can they be that they can’t chase a suspect out of the restaurant for longer than five seconds? If they are so concerned about looking like cops then wait outside and catch her when she walks out? If Pan seok was truly as fed up with the rookies as he is being made out to be then I think he should try a little harder to nab this case on his own, especially since he is so “legendary”.

    I know I’m being very nit-picky, but I want this show to be better because I like the premise. And I think they are doing themselves a disservice by hand-feeding the viewers emotions we need to feel and certain moments. I never for one moment actually felt afraid that the rookies were going to get kicked out because despite how AMAZING of a detective Pan seok makes himself out to be (or the writers are trying to) he hasn’t really shown himself to be all that great or different from the bad detective from Ji-yong’s past. I haven’t seen this guy arrest one criminal. How am I expected to believe he’s really improved so much in the time Ji-yong’s grown up? Why is he the standard of a great detective now? It is just because he’s been around so long? I understand all the rookies supposedly heard of him before, but what did they hear exactly…?

    I also really dislike that the main female character is made out to be an idiot. I get the sense that she is going to be the heart of the crew, but it’s like the only way to make her appealing is to give her two left feet and one shoe in…

    • 22.1 KDaddict

      I find myself agreeing with most of what you said. You might have hit the nail on the head with this ep. I feel that on the surface, it is all sugar and cream, and appealing to most viewers, but if you stop to think about it, it is more fluff than stuff.

      That said, How can ChaSW be so sexy? And LSG be so good at looking all angst?

    • 22.2 ilikemangos

      I agree with some of your points. But i think the title for this episode says it all: “The reason we are not detectives”

      Some of their idiotic choices seems intentional on the writer’s part, mainly for comical reasons but probably also because she’s setting it up so there’s lots of room for growth.

      Personally i found the club scene amusing. I really cannot take them seriously, and i doubt the show is trying to sell us on that either, what with the slow-mo and comedic bgm.

      It’s a comedy for me. For once i don’t mind laughing at a bunch of detectives who can’t do their jobs right because that’s basically the premise.
      However, that could also be an issue when the idiocy starts to overstay its welcome..

    • 22.3 Mandy

      This drama is definitely categorized in the comedy genre which means that some of the situations are quite exaggerated, far fetched and unrealistic. It’s like You’re Beautiful or MGIAG etc. It isn’t meant to give a whole lot of technical clarity but more just enjoying the ride for the laughs.

      But if I had to defend the drama, it would be by saying no – just because someone had a gun in a club it doesn’t equal cops. Soo-sun didn’t get a chance to think and she needed to get someone’s attention through all the chaos. Thus she decided to use the gun so the music would stop and people would realize what’s going on.

      As for the whole Seo Pan-suk being legendary – I think it’s a little too much to expect a whole lot of information, explanation and demonstration for that because this is just the second episode. The first one was dedicated to his rookie self and only now are we seeing what he’s become a decade later. We are told he’s legendary but can’t expect to see it right away in an hour where there’s a whole lot of other things going on…

      I’ve wrote a lot about Soo-sun in my previous comment but just to reiterate – I don’t think she’s an idiot but just someone who acts before she thinks. She’s full of justice but makes some really bad choices. She’s also not the most mature adult out there but she hasn’t done anything I’d deem idiotic to a great extent. Personally, I like her way better than ur typical perfect candy heroine, but that’s just me.

      I totally see where you’re coming from tbh, but I think the drama doesn’t take itself too seriously since it’s not aimed to be a revenge-melo. It’s a cop drama with a darker backstory but relies mostly on the laughs. They’ve advertised it to be such, so personally, I wasn’t really surprised.

      • 22.3.1 crazyahjummafan

        @Mandy, I agree with most of your comments. I just want to reiterate that Soo Sun seems to be the kind that acts before she thinks, n the first thing on her mind was to get everybody’s attention. And a person carrying a gun need not necessarily be a cop.

        • MariD

          Ditto to everything to said. Plus if anyone has ever been in a club you know that unless you know the people you are with or are extremely close to someone to yell in their ears. It is impossible to have a conversation, much less get the DJ to turn off the music. Plus why would you assume the people with guns are cops? Criminals carry guns too.

      • 22.3.2 j2hr

        @Mandy, i also agree with you about SS. If she is your typical candy heroine, she will take all the blame without a word. But no, she s smart enough to do fingerprint test to prove her innocence.

    • 22.4 lemondoodle

      I do see your point, but I disagree with some. It’s comedy (even if you don’t find it funny) so some of the actions are going to be OTT.

      I don’t think Soo Sun should automatically know those are cops. They are dealing with shady people in a dark club, she’s scared and I don’t see her putting it together that’s who they were. I don’t find it ooc or strange for her to shout either.

      I also really don’t get the feeling the show is trying to portray Pan Seok as some legendary cop. He’s screwed up. He’s got a good reputation as being one, but you also see the reality in how he acts. He’s a terrible teacher and has just as much growing up to do as the rookies do.

      • 22.4.1 lemondoodle

        I should say while I don’t think the show is trying to show PS as legendary now, I think we’ll see why PS is legendary later. But we are seeing a lot of his faults now and how the past has shaped him into the mess he is today. I’m sure he’ll chill out, maybe gain a bit of respect for their effort and be able to help the rookies grow more and continue leading by example.

  23. 23 Tatashi

    …. And a week to wait again. *Throws the nearest trash can!*

    (they did that twice in this episode I think?) HAHAHA!

    Thanks for the recap! <3

    • 23.1 coffeenlucia

      At least the endings aren’t cliffhangers 🙂

  24. 24 Kim

    Haha! Fishes again, Girlfriday?!!! thanks for recap.. didn’t expect this drama to be so comedic n filled with actions.

    Love Seung Gi’s character here quite a deviation from his previous dramas..Puppy is good here!

    • 24.1 crazyahjummafan

      I too think that Seunggi is doing a good job so far, but I really want to see him smile! I also hope that he won’t be broody, taciturn n angsy throughout the whole drama. Please writers, layer his character. Even if he’s there to take revenge or find out the truth, he doesn’t always have to be so morose. Let there be someone who can make him smile n show his charming side as seen in young Ji Young. Please don’t let that side completely disappear.

      • 24.1.1 Mandy

        I personally think that that would be his character growth/transformation. Maybe the reason they showed us his interactions with Soo-sun was so we can see that he was a happy, bright and playful boy when he was younger. He was daring enough to declare his crush on a noona in her school using their broadcasting system. He then personally proposes to her while her classmates watch. That’s cute and all, but that also shows how vibrant he was.

        Now he’s like a robot; he doesn’t feel emotions or care for anyone else’s. He talks only when he has to, is very spiteful and condemning of everyone around him etc. The point of P4 being a team and roomies is probably because they’ll eventually have the power to break through his shackles and make him smile again. Its also the perfect recipe for girl-saves-guy-from-eternal-misery kinda love story.

        I am personally glad Seung-gi is playing a more reserved character since he always plays the loud, immature brat. This is fun, and a challenge – and he’s doing really well so far so I don’t want it to change so soon. I like the pace, and the writer seems like she knows that she’s doing so fingers crossed.

        P.s. Why are all my comments so long?? LOL, I apologize, I guess I’m really into this or something.

  25. 25 Galia

    Fishes. *cracks up*
    Ahhhh I love this show so much! I just clicked on the first recap earlier on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. The pacing and characters are fabulous (no one’s annoying! And I actually like the female lead for once! *knocks on wood*), the pacing is nice, and it manages to be funny and exciting and sad all in one episode. Well, I’m hooked. 😀
    Also, Ahn Jae-hyun. *flails* :3

  26. 26 cheekbones

    “it’s a comedy for everyone else and a thriller for Seung-gi”

    That’s just a keen observation, and one of many reasons why I love jb’s and gf’s recaps. Thanks !

    Fake brand names always give me the giggles, not just in this drama. I still remember the ones in Reply 1997. 😀

  27. 27 Osi

    I think the assemblyman isn’t a good guy. Now I’m afraid that the one(s) Dae Gu work with is (are) bad guys who is (are) related to his mom’s death. I also have this feeling that the assemblyman is the leader said by the man who threatens Dae Gu’s mom in ep 1, or at least he’s related to his mom’s death. Or, the worst case is Dae Gu grew up in his house and fed him with wrong story! Oh my…
    Thank you for the recap, GF.

    • 27.1 crazyahjumma fan

      @ Osi,
      What an imagination! But who knows? You may be barking up the right tree!

      • 27.1.1 judepps

        @Osi, you perfectly put out the right words coming from my mouth.. I have the same thought.. that the Congressman is the evil guy and the one who’s helping Eun Dae Gu.. worst case as you said.. is Dae Gu grew up in his house and fed him with wrong story! Oh my…
        OH NOES! this is the result of watching too much drama!

        anyway, I really like the plot and how the story goes.. it’s not like your typical story in the DRAMALAND.. fresh and lighthearted than what major station is airing today..

        CSW+Seunggi= bromace! and Daebak!
        can’t imagine if these characters are played by other actors.

        thanks GF for another terrific recaps!

        • Osi

          @crazyahjumma fan
          But I hope I’m barking the wrong tree because, like you, I want to see Dae Gu’s smile and don’t want him to suffer too much.

          Hehe, oh drama, I sure am watching too much of you. While we’re here, let me add my assumption. I think the one who tried to kill Dae Gu’s mom the first time was different from the man in black who strangled her to death, but they’re surely related. We didn’t see who came to her house, surprised her, and tried to kill her. When the man in black came and talked on the phone, he asked the other party how the pendant looked like. It means he’s not the one carrying it in the first place, which also means he could be not the one who tried to kill her first.
          Er, I think I have to do some exercise. Hehe.

          • crazyahjummafan

            Osi, you’re brilliant! You’re right! I was wondering why the army boots man would go away after hurting his mum n then return again to look for the necklace.
            Btw, what happened to the necklace? Mr army boots dropped it in the lab right? Daegu/Ji Young din pick it.

            I also have the feeling that Capt Toad wants Pan Suk to resign. He keeps telling him to do that. And keeps wanting him to make a mistake. It’s also the way he looks at PS.

          • Osi

            crazyahjummafan, this drama is full of mysteries, I can’t wait to see them to be revealed one by one.^^

  28. 28 Dramafan100

    I loved episode 1.

    I liked some of episode 2. Like beginning and ending. A little bit of the middle.

    But, I also felt significant part of it was also slapstick and I did get bored through it. It could also be because how noisy it was and dialogs were so fast and subs were too quick I could not keep up.

    I still like the premise because of bromance potential.

    So much potential!! And therefore, I will keep watching.

  29. 29 LSGapprentice

    Episode 2 is GREAT. And i like how the story goes by, i learned that Pan Seok beside of being a legendary cop is a terrible teacher to the R4, and i know that he will soon understand that the R4 will have a chance to achieve of becoming a good detectives. AS R4 will learn more about becoming a better police officer in the upcoming episodes, Pan Seok will also learn from them.
    second, that Commissioner Yoo, i think he is one of the suspects, or the target of eun dae gu.

    *AND AIRENS WERE DOING CAMEO in this episode hahaha :)the girl that stares eun dae gu totally cracks me up 🙂

    Overall , after ep2. this drama is the only one that captures my heart over triangle and doctor stranger.

  30. 30 coffeenlucia

    Did anyone notice during the jail scene the look that Seung Gi gave Go Ara? Omigosh the feels!!

  31. 31 ohduhree

    i really hope this series continues to be awesome! with Cha Seung Won & Lee Seung Gi plus the newbie Ahn Jae Hyun…can’t wait to see their characters’ stories unfold..

    and just a thought, is it too crazy to think that Uh Soo Sun became a cop because of Dae Gu/Ji Yong’s disappearance? maybe she linked it with that bad scar guy she saw that night.. oh well, we shall find out later.

    Thanks girlfriday!

  32. 32 redfox

    for the first half of the episode Ahn Jae Hyun was sort of just hanging around awkwardly but once they gave the character a little more action, it got really interesting. they should play it up more and also give him directions, cause he still lacks experience. But I think his character is very mysterious. give him more to do, he is totally capable.

    I wish they would give Pan Seok indigestion, cause that would so emphasize what a pain he has as a “teacher” with these nincompoops.
    the editing is still much slower than I would like. except for the part where Dae Gu turns into Robocop and scans the assets…wait, that sounds wrong.

    Go Ara, keep up the good work! But as far as working hard as an actor goes a woman does most of the work and alllllll that bunch of men does the remaining half. LOL ahh why do we women have to do so much…

  33. 33 Arti

    I strtd dis drama 4 lee seung gi….but it turns out to be interestin…..waitin 4 d upcoming episodes…..I miss lee seung gi’s puppy look and smile…

  34. 34 Jav

    Their rating is top among the 3 wed-thurs dramas but the plot had not grabbed my full attention as compared to A New Leaf.

    Therefore I might be waiting for a few more episodes to be subbed before I continue this drama.

    Hmm.. Maybe lawyer seem to be more charismatic

  35. 35 redfox

    I just realized it is much like “Three Musketeers”:

    Dae-Gu = Athos, the serious guy with a hidden identity
    Gook = Porthos, the lively and cheerful
    Tae-Il = Aramis
    Soo Sun = D´Artagnan
    Pan Seok = Captain Treville

    so…..who is the cardinal and who is Lady Winter? Rochefort – moms´ killer?

  36. 36 Ssie

    Ahhh Finally! An “idiotic” show where I can laugh and laugh all I want, where I won’t be scolded for my “lack of thinking” and “lack of analysing” every characters’ actions. Thank you thank you dramagods I’ve been waiting for stuff likes this for a long while now! It’s insane because I love to look at all the characters — well, maybe not all, exclude the Toad – and I don’t notice time flying by. In fact, for a 1-hour episode, it seems really really short for me. I hope the tone doesn’t change and continues to be comical, I really won’t mind at all.

    Between this and A New Leaf, I think I already have my drama fix for this season 😀

  37. 37 vina

    When I first read the synopsis, I excitedly thought and anticipated Daegu will be more to a cold person type and wondering how a cold person get hot easily, but (IMO) apparently he’s more to a quiet and calculative type, and I found myself liking this more 😀

  38. 38 simon

    “but Dae-gu is as cool as a cucumber”

    *aaaaw* missed a fish-joke, right there 😉

  39. 39 harukogirl

    Actually, I’m 100% sure he’s not a dirty cop….because Ji-yong was a JUNIOR high student.
    Pan-seok heard the bell, and said “you’re at school, I’ll be there in 1/2 hour” and Ji-yong said nothing.

    If a Junior High student is at school, what school do you assume he’s at?

    So, Pan-seok goes to the Junior high, and assassin dude finds Ji-yong through other means….following, gps in the pendant, whatever. But the fact that someone showed up that quickly (before 30 min) to me proves it wasn’t Pan-seok – if it was, he would have sent them to the Junior high, and they would’ve looked there first….

    • 39.1 AmelDD

      OMG how did I missed that. U my friend are so smart *_*. I know Pan Seok is a clean cop and waiting for the misunderstanding to be cleared, but I’m concerned about poor Dae Gu, who the hell is he dealing with (that S …. maybe it’s the bad guy. Dae Gu ya be causcious ne te jette pas dans la gueule du lion sorry I tried translating but **blank**

    • 39.2 nomad

      Actually I’m pretty certain the bad cop was the guy who held JY’s jacket in the house. Cha-cop also could’ve talked to JY while he was in the police station, which made the bad guy able to hear his conversation when he said “you’re in the school”. I imagine he lives in a pretty small town, so there could only be just one junior high school there…

  40. 40 August

    You’re All Surrounded 🙂

    Definitely pleased with the balancing act of the comedy and serious undertones by the writer, director, and cast of actors in Episodes 1 & 2.

    You’re All Surrounded reminded me why I enjoy Kdramas. Watching it you loose track of time because its very engrossing.

  41. 41 owl

    Rookie mistakes everywhere. But in the end, they did something right. Not that they expect brownie from gritty, Pan seok, but I blurted out, ‘Hey rookies, you done good.”

    You can check out my rendition of tying shoes in the rain at

    • 41.1 owl

      brownie points, that is`

  42. 42 crazyahjumma fan

    Just finished watching ep 2 with subs. The 4 rookies are growing on me.

    But I think they each have a secret. Daegu’s we already know;

    Tae Il – he smells chaebol – looks and acts like one – so I’m wondering why he decided to join the Police force.

    Soo Sun – she had a dream of being a celeb, so besides the obvious, why join the police force? And why is getting a high salary important?

    As for jo Gook – he’s so needy and insecure. What’s his background?

    And of course, Pan Suk too has his closet of secrets.

    • 42.1 avarachika

      I know right! It seems like each character has a secret of their own.

  43. 43 cheekypig

    iam so loveenggg episode 2!
    so fun! the fangirls scene and the apartment scene had me in stitches!
    but i wanna sa puppy’s million dollar smile!!
    thanks for the recap, gf!

  44. 44 earthna30

    Okay, Tae-Il’s character just became more interesting. Bring it on!

  45. 45 Mia

    It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love so quickly with a show 🙂
    This is an absolutely brilliant show.

  46. 46 J Akh

    maybe the Chief Kang is one of the good guys. She knows the police have corrupt officers and she insisted on rookies cuz they would be the ones that were not corrupted.

    And I wonder if “that night” that Pan-seok refers to when he talks to Sa-kyung is the night that Dae Gu’s mom died.

    Also, Soo Sun noticed the scar behind the killer’s ear but Dae gu didn’t. I wonder if she’s there to make that connection, since Pan Seok doesn’t have a scar, and maybe eventually clear the air.

    • 46.1 cd

      In my opinion, Dae Gu’s misunderstanding is that Pan Seok is behind the death of his mother, not the man in black with scar who chased him that night. If you remember, Dae Gu threw somehing that burned his right eye. So that’s probably not Pan Seok unless Dae Gu thinks he did surgery but I don’t think we go to that direction.

      • 46.1.1 lemondoodle

        Yes, definitely. He doesn’t think PS is the actual murderer, but was part of a conspiracy to set it up by convincing his mom to testify and then sent the person after him (since he’s the only one who knew where DG was). He also heard the murderer talk about Seo, but obviously he knows that that wasn’t PS.

        • crazyahjummafan

          The question I have is, Did Ji Young’s mum eventually testify? If she did, why would PS kill her? Even if he’s with the baddies. The deed is already done. The bad guys killing her, yes. To teach her a lesson.

          It makes sense if the baddies kill her to stop her from testifying. But I still don’t understand PS’s role. If he was with the bad guys, then why go thru all the trouble of asking her to testify? Just so that they can have an excuse to kill her? It makes sense if someone else had asked her to testify, or if he had gone with his partner to ask her. You know, he doesn’t want her to testify, but has to make it look like he did, and the partner is the one doing all the persuading.

          • lemondoodle

            Actually, I’m not too sure if she actually did or if she was going to.

            That’s true. I can’t exactly fit in WHY PS would go to the trouble if he just wanted her dead. I definitely don’t think PS is a dirty cop, but for DG he could think what PS doing was all an act. Gain her trust and because she thinks she has police protection she has her guard down possibly. Then he cleans up any mess left. Though you would think it would have been easier just to simply kill her.

            Your scenario about the partner could be reversed really with PS being the innocent one. It’s possible someone was using PS to get him to convince her, not knowing he was just being used by someone. His phone could have been bugged as well so they knew where DG was when he called.

          • crazyahjumma fan

            @ lemondoodle
            From what was shown, I think that Pan Seok was a keen and eager young detective, not to mention hardworking – going through so many blocks just to get cigarette butts to analyse! And you can see his sincerity in helping the old lady – I thought that it was a very sweet gesture – reassuring her, giving her a drink and holding her hand, when just a moment ago, he was kicking the perp for causing a ruckus. Not only that he was also angry that the perp had broken the captain’s plant, the one that he treats like his child. ( I wonder if its Capt Toad, cause there was a scene in ep 2, where he was caressing a potted plant, just before PS entered to speak to him. If so, something has caused PS to dislike now.)

            Anyway, SOMETHING happened that probably caused PS’s world to turn upside down, not just Daegu’s mother’s death. I think that it also affected his relationship with his wife and caused the divorce.

          • lemondoodle

            @ crazyahjumma fan

            Yep. I think ultimately the flashback showed both DG and PS were really good earnest, outgoing and caring people and they both suffered terribly. I’m pretty sure the person helping DG is up to no good, so I wouldn’t be surprised if along the way PS has been used just as much. They seem to mirror each other a lot. Can’t wait for them to figure it out and get pissed off and go after the ones who caused this all.

            And lol yes, that plant might have been the Toad’s. I don’t think that guy is a bad guy though. He’s just going to be an annoyance and has some grudge against PS for sure.

          • crazyahjumma fan

            I disagree with you about Capt Toad. Somehow he looks and smells fishy! And I DON’T mean cod-like/guppy fishy, if u know what I mean – that kind of fishy, I like. *wink*
            Well, I think he’s in cahoots with the senator/ former chief of Police. He really suckered up to him at the meeting, and the look that the lady chief gave Capt Toad was very telling. It was as if she was saying, “It’s just like you to butter up the senator.”

        • lemondoodle

          lol yes, I also love cod. Not a big fan of slimy toads though. Speaking of, he’s definitely slimy, but I’m not sure he’s planning murders and being a mole shady. Tbh, he’s too comical to be taken seriously as the big bad guy. He looks like a weak kiss ass and someone who would be used more than he would use people.

          • crazyahjummafan

            I don’t think he has the smarts to be the brains behind the operation too. Most probably it’s the senator. But I think he’s the mole or someone they used.

  47. 47 judepps

    I think Go Ara’s character will help Eun Dae Gu to figure out who’s the real culprit of his mother’s death.

    In episode 1, when the bad guy passed by her after Dae Gu splash the chemical on his face.. She saw the scar ot tattoo on that bad guy’s ears.. I’m assuming it’ll be playing a BIG part in identifying his mother’s murderer.

    I just love how the story goes, and its refreshing how this drama is far different from what the other 2 big station is airing right now.

    Cha Seung Won + Lee Seunggi= Bromance daebak!

    Can’t help but love this two guys!

    • 47.1 judepps

      I mean * she’ll be playing a big part in identifying his mother’s murderer*

    • 47.2 owl

      Yes, we’re due for a good bromance, and this one could be worthy!

  48. 48 Cheli

    The series is okay so far. CSW is awesome! Love love his character. It seems like for the first time LSG isn’t playing the immature jerk character. Go Ara still has to grow on me. She’s okay when she’s not screaming/shrieking or trying to be funny. She comes off awkward in some of the series where she’s trying to be funny.

  49. 49 HellaLife

    I’m loving episode 2, maybe this and doctor stranger is my drama hearts for this summer…

    All of this new drama is so cute and easy to swallow AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  50. 50 dtpjnr

    Am I the only one who thinks this show isn’t written well? I get its a comedy but honestly there’s no way a rookie would be that rude to their supervisors and be let off the way SG’s character is….. And his acting is still as awkward as the last time I saw him in a drama the only difference is he’s not loud…..

    • 50.1 scbound

      I suggest you change the channel and watch something else, you so obviously do not like LSG and he is the lead. Surely you are able to find something better to do than troll around spouting off negative nonsense.

      Here is some advice-when I do not like an actor/actress I simply skip the drama they are in I miss out on a few I would have like to see, but I stay away from things I do not like.

    • 50.2 crazyahjumma fan

      Sorry, have to totally disagree with you. I think that Seunggi is nailing his role as Eu Dae Gu! I’ve taught drama before, so I think my opinion counts a little. He especially nailed the scene when he looked through his mother’s murder file. When he saw her dead photo, his reactions were so natural and his facial expressions, especially his eyes, were really good.

      Either you are not a good critic or you’re here simply to troll. I agree with scbound. If you don’t like an actor or can’t stand his acting, than don’t watch his dramas! Why torture yourself? And why come to a site that recaps his drama and write negative things about him? Sure, you are entitled to your opinion, but when, where and how you express it tells about your personality and character.

    • 50.3 lemondoodle

      He’s not let off the hook. Every time he’s about to get his ass beat for being disrespectful something happens to distract PS. Daegu has also not really been outwardly rude either. PS seems like a guy who gets mad easily, but also calms down quickly, especially when something more important comes up.

      Seunggi is doing a fine job. DG is slightly stiff in the company of others, but I think he’s supposed to be. He’s uncomfortable with his surroundings and on edge and worried about SS and other things.

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