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Clashing agendas at war in Marriage Not Dating’s teasers
by | June 14, 2014 | 39 Comments

They look awfully cute together, don’t they? The first batch of stills and teasers are out for tvN’s new Friday-Saturday drama Marriage Not Dating, a romantic comedy about a woman who wants to marry and a man who doesn’t. In real life, you might say that’s a good reason to split up; in dramaland, it’s a prime reason to force them together into a contractual relationship. Because love is fleeting, but contracts are forever? Wait, is that not the lesson to be learned here?

Yeon Woo-jin (When a Man Loves) stars as a successful plastic surgeon from a wealthy family who enjoys singledom too much to settle down, much to the dismay of his parents. He’s abrasive and introverted, which makes him sound less like he wants to stay single to play the field, and more like he couldn’t handle living with a woman. Han Groo (A Warm Word) plays the small-town girl who earnestly believes in love and wants nothing more than to be married so she can be with someone all the time.

In an effort to get his parents off his back about the constant string of blind dates and marriage prospects, Yeon Woo-jin ends up bringing Han Groo home to meet his parents posing as his girlfriend. He’s convinced they’ll never approve of her, but historically speaking, things are not likely to go his way. ‘Cause what would be the fun in that?

The teasers are adorably cheeky, especially the one where they start out spinning in the meadow like a happy couple, only to have him drop her and walk away with a smile on his face. He’s clearly not going to make this easy for her, but hey, my money’s on the plucky heroine who’s going to melt him with her optimism.

At the helm is the writer of Anticipate Love and the PD of Brain, and Han Sun-hwa (God’s Gift-14 Days), Jung Jin-woon (Dream High 2), and Yoon So-hee (Let’s Eat) are set to co-star. Veterans Kim Young-ok (Full Sun), Kim Hae-sook (Hotel King), Im Ye-jin (Miss Korea), and Kim Gab-soo (Age of Feeling) round out the cast.

Marriage Not Dating will replace Gap-dong on Fridays and Saturdays, and premieres July 4.

Via TV Daily, Hankooki


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Chandler

    Aw I forgot about this one coming up! I can’t wait! I love these two and it’s about time they headline their own drama! Too cute.

  2. Lord Byron

    He is finally getting his own drama as the leading man. I hope this becomes his runaway breakout hit, but I have some doubts. Mainly that he seems more a model than an actor. Playing a second lead is one thing. But carrying the entire drama …

  3. madame kim

    Han Groo resembles Go Hyunjung a little bit, doesn’t she?

    • 3.1 Fab

      I think so too!

      Winning couple, winning drama! Here’s to hoping that it’ll stay cute and fun…

  4. John

    Yoon So-Hee? Yay

    • 4.1 Dorotka

      Though I like the leads as well.

      And yay, contract dating! :–)

    • 4.2 girlatsea

      She’s everywhere these days! Wild Chives, Big Man and now this one— not that I’m complaining ^^

    • 4.3 D

      double YAY!!!

      i hardly saw her in Big Man anymore – must be preparing for this drama..

  5. crazedlu

    She looks so different. Haven’t followed her since Girl K, so I hope she’s good ’cause I like HIM a lot. That meadow teaser. Ha.

    • 5.1 Chandler

      I almost said the same thing. She looks quite a bit different than she did back when I saw her in Can we get Married. Then again, her character actually seems quite different from any character she’s done before so that might be why.

  6. Quack

    It looks like I’m becoming a fan of Yoon So-hee, so excited seeing her there ~~

    P.S. ; it should be Jung Jin-woon not Jo Jin-woon kkk

  7. mary

    Wow. This is Han Groo? Haven’t seen her since Girl K!

    I’m watching that 1 ep special of Secret Love right now (for Song Jae Rim’s cameo, nyehehe) but Yeon Woo Jin is here too so it’s funny that this news came up.

    YWJ’s squeeing scenes in Secret Love made me wonder how he’ll do in a rom-com. I guess we’ll find out soon though the teasers hint that it’s going to be awesome.

    • 7.1 Chandler

      Oh, don’t you worry. His romance in Ojakkyo Brother’s was very, very enjoyable to watch.

  8. kanz

    Is it me or Han Groo looks older than Yeon Woo Jin? YWJ still looks young and he’s already 30.
    Also Han Groo looks a bit like Kim Tae Hee.

    • 8.1 Chandler

      Hmm…I actually don’t get that impression. I think she does look very different and perhaps a litttttle grown up compared to usual because I’m used to her with bangs, but I think they definitely look around the same age. I actually think he looks quite a bit older than when I last saw him.

  9. canxi

    Not gonna lie, I’ve watched these teasers more than once since they’ve been uploaded. Too funny. Especially the spinning one.

    I think both will do a fine job–they are really engaging as actors/individually and they look great together. 🙂

  10. 10 exquisitemelody

    Really liked him in Arang. Will check this one out!! It has one of my favorite halmonis!

  11. 11 maddragonqueen

    They look like they’re gonna have good chemistry. More excited about this now!

  12. 12 mariconnie

    Oh dramagods, now my July will be so busy with sleepless nights. Too many good dramas at the same time.
    Why is it I either experience drama drought or drama rainfall?

    • 12.1 canxi

      Yeah, it’s been a good year, right? The cup runneth over big time.

    • 12.2 kanz

      This spring is definitely drama drought but then suddenly all summer dramas look so promising… And I want to watch them all… Crazy!

  13. 13 concreteroads

    I know neither of the lead actors… but (Jung) Jinwoooooon~!
    Aka the one shining light in the slow motion train wreck that was Dream High 2. I’ve been really hoping to see him get into acting since clearly boy has talent, so this is exciting news. 🙂

  14. 14 oozzeee

    I was amused by the first trailer when I first saw it, how very eager and excited she looked, and how forced his smiles were, but were slowly being sincere as the photos go on…

  15. 15 Sajen

    Yay Han Groo finally has a lead. I suppose I could say already a Girl K was only 3 years ago but if feels more like finally to me.
    I just wish she would do something else where she can kick ass, granted there’s not much like that in dramaland, but she’s so good at it and looks so hot while kicking ass.

    • 15.1 Deliane

      She was amazing in Girl K but yeah like you said not that many roles like that in this world. Hoping this will be a success so that in a few years she can do films which have more variety. Though that’s wishful thinking… 🙁

  16. 16 kooriyuki

    Wait, it’s that Kim Gap Soo and Kim Hae Sook I see there???

    *must-watch-o-meter ups several notches*

    • 16.1 skelly

      YES!. And the granny from Coffee Prince. The secondary cast is going to reel me in.

    • 16.2 D

      i saw Chae-gyung’s mom is here as well..

  17. 17 cheekbones

    Oh no. This is so my cup of tea !

    I’ve seen Han Groo playing badass, and now it’s time to see her playing cute and adorable.

  18. 18 chhavi

    The teasers are so good….so looking forward to this. ..

  19. 19 haruka

    TvN has the best teasers. Hands down.

    Can’t wait!

  20. 20 Hmm

    So… is Han Groo a trained killer in this one? Cause I want to see more of Girl K.

  21. 21 krikkrik

    Waiting patiently for the drama 😉 would love to watch sweet drama. Yeah of course there would be some up and downs in drama but at least it’s not something heavy. I hope. Hahaha.

  22. 22 Mohammed

    I have hope for this drama and this couple because i like the male lead in Arang and i adored Han Groo in Can We Get Married.

    I liked her hairstyle better in that drama than this look that makes her look more normal.

    I have not seen Girl K yet but Han Groo is too good young actress to always play second lead.

  23. 23 amber

    Is that Sun Hwa from Secret?

  24. 24 ladida

    I remember loving her in Can We Get Married. And i loved him in OB. Can’t wait to see them together!

  25. 25 Annie

    Wow, they look awesome together. Looking forward to this.

  26. 26 Sadie

    yesss!! another contract marriage…IDK why…but I love them! can’t ever get enough of contract marriage dramas…bring em on!

  27. 27 Mawu

    Dramabeans, will you recap this show? I hope hope hope that you have the time and the resources to do so. I want to share all the feelsies with other fans.

    Crossing all my fingers!

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