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The ’70s make a comeback in Trot Lovers’ sing-along teaser
by | June 10, 2014 | 45 Comments

That’s… a dog collar, right? Well I can’t say I won’t be rooting for a girl who knows how to tame her puppy. I really hope Trot Lovers has a solid story behind it, because it’s got happy fizzy fun written all over it, with adorable leads and song remakes that even Grandma can sing along to. In fact our parents are likely to get more of the song references than we are, but that’s okay — the thing about trot is that it’s pretty much comfort food.

The first teaser already features a snippet of Jung Eun-ji singing Nam Jin’s “With You” (1972), set to a silly noraebang-style sing-along music video of her and Ji Hyun-woo acting out the love song’s refrain: “We’ll build a picturesque house on a grassy plain / I want to live a hundred years with the one I love / If it’s with you I like it / If I get to live with you / I want to live a hundred years.” They’re so cute together, and Jung Eun-ji really sells the sass and charm even in the thirty-second teaser. I think this is going to be a great role for her.

As for the seventies style, Ji Hyun-woo really got the short end of the stick there (not that his character’s present-day style is faring any better, mind you), but when they put their show-stopper sequin outfits on, they look pretty snazzy. I still don’t understand how his character is a snobby star musician and dresses like he doesn’t understand what clothes are for, but maybe he’ll get an extended storyline where he gets into a fight with his stylist and this is how she gets her slow revenge.

A rom-com about a wannabe starlet and a haughty big shot hero doesn’t sound all that interesting on its own, but throw in an old-school trot remake every episode, and suddenly the drama has vintage throwback flair. If the teaser is any indication, they’ll be making full use of their musically-inclined cast at every opportunity. More catchy tunes for us!

Trot Lovers follows Big Man and premieres June 23.

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45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. fuzzybunny

    Oooooh!!! Looks exciting!! 😀

  2. bains

    Kim Tan’s ugly sweaters got a competion!

  3. bains

    Kim Tan’s ugly sweaters got a competetion!

    • 3.1 kanz

      Did Kim Tan fire his stylist? And the stylist now working for JHW? LOL
      My eyes!! All his clothes are ugly!

    • 3.2 aweebit

      I’m getting more of a floral Dokko Jin in Best Love vibe.

    • 3.3 Rushie

      I didn’t mind a lot of Tannie’s sweaters actually, I even love and would want that baby blue one he wore when he escaped from home in episode 15. The only clothes I want to burn are that jacket he wore when he returned to Korea and that pink angorra sweater-jacket thing. Although now that I think about it, that sweater-jacket would look great on me but let’s burn it if Tannie wears it.

  4. coffeenlucia

    Eun Ji and Ji Hyun Woo are so cute together already ♥

  5. Cassandra

    70’s era Ji Hyun-woo looks like Full House era Rain.

    • 5.1 Rashell

      Ha Ha! I literally spit out my coke with the sad truth of this comment!

    • 5.2 emily

      I was wondering who he reminded me of there but couldn’t place it… now I see it haha

    • 5.3 Swirlydoodle

      Ha! That’s pretty much the comment that I was going to write, but you beat me too it.

    • 5.4 soprection

      Ha, I came here to write just that!

    • 5.5 bluemoon

      Yes, I agreed. I thought I was the only one noticing. I’m glad others notices it too.

  6. John

    Trot Lover’s , yay !

    After I watched the teaser, I clicked on one of the other videos that shows up when the teaser is finished.

    I’m now a fan Lee Sun Hee. You’re awesome, unni.

  7. risa

    I’m hot to trot for Hot to Trot~ I’m already in love with it.

    Darn you, girlfriday~ I hate it when you and jb come up with awesome ideas for dramas, leaving me with intense disappointment that those ideas aren’t gonna be (or weren’t) realized. A stylist getting revenge on a pompous client would be such a fun storyline! Whatever the story is, that Hawaiian getup that JHW’s wearing needs to get up and go!

    • 7.1 Chandler


      Hot to Trot or Hot for Trot would have been such a punnier, better name than Trot Lovers! Now I’ll forever wish that this drama had that name instead. It would have been so perfect!

  8. Jen

    The song is so familiar, I swear I’ve heard it before. But not in a drama, a movie perhaps?

    • 8.1 exquisitemelody

      I noticed it too!! It’s the song the son/mom sang in Can You Hear My Heart 😀 At least, that’s where I think I know it from.


      • 8.1.1 howforwardsale

        Yes! I loved how that song was used in CYHMH. The whole family sang that song to cheer each other up.

  9. Muenchabench

    Based on this teaser, there better be plenty of horsing around;)

  10. 10 Because of Reasons

    dresses like he doesn’t understand what clothes are for


  11. 11 AnOpinion

    Ji Hyun-woo looks like he was photo-shopped into that last picture.

  12. 12 Hellomello

    Have you seen some

  13. 13 Joss

    If I didn’t read at the beginning that the lead actor was Ji Hyun Woo then I would have totally said that he’s Rain no matter WHAT!!! He looks so much like Young Jae (Full House) with that long hairdo <3

  14. 14 Nicko

    OMO, Eunji legs are soooo hottttt xdddd

  15. 15 Huegpuffball

    Woah. I thought, you know, his fashion isn’t THAT bad! And then I saw the picture near the end with the terrifying suit, janitorial pants, and flowery shirt…. That is one crueeeeeel stylist

  16. 16 Laden

    Yupp,kim tan’s stylist is back

  17. 17 Laden

    And I’m still not digging Ji Hyun woo’s look,I can’t quite put my finger on wat he looks like

  18. 18 Chandler

    DAW. I’m actually so excited for this. There have been quite a few series of late that showcase endearing leads that bring the drama’s quality up from mediocre to memorable so hopefully this drama can succeed in this, at the very least.

    Oh Ji Hyun-Woo. Luckily I think most of his appeal comes forth when he’s in action (i.e. the way he speaks & the little faces he makes) so I don’t think his fashion will detract from his sexiness. As long as that 70’s hair stays forever in that trailer, I think he’ll definitely still have me swooning still. I do wish his hair wasn’t colored that way though…

    • 18.1 RyeBlossom

      I was just about to write something about his hair color… Why oh why… >_<

  19. 19 Sadie

    this has GOT to be adorable…how can it NOT be adorable when it LOOKS so adorable!?! it WILL be adorable. yes, it HAS to be. (^_^)

  20. 20 petmink

    I saw the trailer and the first few pictures and thought to myself ‘Why the heck is girlfriday complaining about his clothes?’. Then I scrolled down. OMG it cannot be unseen.

  21. 21 cheekbones

    Omg, Ji Hyun-woo…… I couldn’t help lol-ing when I watched the trailer. And, yes, that outfit.

  22. 22 Dramabird

    I’m really excited for this drama! Not being Korean, I certainly didn’t grow up with “trot” music, but every time I hear it on a drama I actually find it really appealing.

  23. 23 chhavi

    Ji Hyun Woo’s clothes doesn’t distract me that much as his hair….
    OMG what’s wrong with them….
    Already I am still cringing over Kang Ji Hwan’s hair in Big Mam and now this….*sigh*

    • 23.1 chhavi

      hee…I’m LOL-ing over my own mistake..

  24. 24 Perrie

    he looks liker her older brother, not her lover in that black and white shirt

    • 24.1 RyeBlossom

      … Like a much much older brother… >_<

  25. 25 Uhnny

    Kim Tan’s stylists in The Heirs are now working on this show. The clothes are a disaster.

  26. 26 mappyminho

    i Just hope he twists his Nail Ring here too!!!!

  27. 27 Jacque

    Seeing a smiling Shin Sung Rok just makes me wonder when he’s going to turn 180 degrees on us and turn into a pathological killer once again, who knows, those sequins sure can have quite an effect on you…

  28. 28 NahlaJW

    Lol loved the trailer it reminds me with 2 days 1 night 😭😭 the old days

  29. 29 Ariadne

    Evil Hyung still gives me the creeps

  30. 30 mel

    looks like Rain indeed!
    can’t wait.
    pls make this good, pls.

  31. 31 cujee

    can’t believe thats Ji Hyun Woo…so different from Kim Boong Do (Queen In Hyun)…
    can’t believe also that he can act like that…so immature…
    love this drama…love JHW..!!

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