That’s… a dog collar, right? Well I can’t say I won’t be rooting for a girl who knows how to tame her puppy. I really hope Trot Lovers has a solid story behind it, because it’s got happy fizzy fun written all over it, with adorable leads and song remakes that even Grandma can sing along to. In fact our parents are likely to get more of the song references than we are, but that’s okay — the thing about trot is that it’s pretty much comfort food.

The first teaser already features a snippet of Jung Eun-ji singing Nam Jin’s “With You” (1972), set to a silly noraebang-style sing-along music video of her and Ji Hyun-woo acting out the love song’s refrain: “We’ll build a picturesque house on a grassy plain / I want to live a hundred years with the one I love / If it’s with you I like it / If I get to live with you / I want to live a hundred years.” They’re so cute together, and Jung Eun-ji really sells the sass and charm even in the thirty-second teaser. I think this is going to be a great role for her.

As for the seventies style, Ji Hyun-woo really got the short end of the stick there (not that his character’s present-day style is faring any better, mind you), but when they put their show-stopper sequin outfits on, they look pretty snazzy. I still don’t understand how his character is a snobby star musician and dresses like he doesn’t understand what clothes are for, but maybe he’ll get an extended storyline where he gets into a fight with his stylist and this is how she gets her slow revenge.

A rom-com about a wannabe starlet and a haughty big shot hero doesn’t sound all that interesting on its own, but throw in an old-school trot remake every episode, and suddenly the drama has vintage throwback flair. If the teaser is any indication, they’ll be making full use of their musically-inclined cast at every opportunity. More catchy tunes for us!

Trot Lovers follows Big Man and premieres June 23.

Via Osen