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The new boss clocks in on High School King of Savvy
by | June 11, 2014 | 32 Comments

We’re already less than a week away from the premiere of tvN’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama High School King of Savvy, the workplace comedy that stars Seo In-gook as an eighteen-year-old high school student who lives a double life as the department head of a large tech company. Because that’s so easy. One day he gets a mysterious call from his hyung, who tells him that Little Bro has to impersonate him at his brand new job, or Hyung will die.

Here’s the last batch of promo stills before the show hits the air. In the teaser for Episode 1 below, our hero complains that he’s just a high-schooler, but then flings his stuff over the fence and ditches school to go punch the clock as the company’s new hotshot recruit who makes Lee Soo-hyuk seethe and Lee Hana swoon.

The second clip is just the behind-the-scenes footage of the leads shooting their funny dance teasers, because more dancing can never be a bad thing. Mostly I’m just ready for this show to air already so I can watch Seo In-gook play an adorable high-schooler again.

High School King of Savvy premieres Monday June 16.

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    DAT VOICE. It’s Pyung!!! Haha! I’m more on Team Soo Hyuk than In Guk here…

    I read somewhere that LSH was glad to get a “normal” role this time. No vampires, no ghost-seeing, and no assassin stuff. Just a normal executive/chaebol guy.

    Normal for dramaland, that is. 😀

    (PS I love you, tvN.)

    • 1.1 Chandler

      He’s not the only one! I’m SUPER excited to see Lee Soo-Hyuk in a normal role. All his roles have been so eccentric and that’s actually a really lucky thing for an actor just starting out, but it’s also important to see an actor take on a seemingly normal role and make it his own with his own unique talent and charisma. It’ll be nice to see how he does here.

    • 1.2 oozzeee

      LSK’s voice is just <3.

      I dream of having him and Sung Joon on my beck and call so I can have them read to me.. or just plain converse and I'll be there in the background, melting from all those glorious voices.

      • 1.2.1 Bee

        HAHA.. Totally Agree! Sung Joon, I can listen to forever.. I love Park Seo Joon’s voice too.

    • 1.3 the other kay

      he was a pretty normal guy in shark no? even a cute love line. but the less we talk about that drama, the better lol.

    • 1.4 anna

      LSH’s face looks like it’s been chiseled from stone, dear god. He looks AMAZING in that poster. I also love how, like his face, his real life personality is so sassy and sharp.

    • 1.5 Vi

      I love LSH soooo much. And def on Team Soo Hyuk this time around…i hope he gets a cute love story in here too! Please no sad second lead! Huhuhuhu :*(

  2. Chandler

    I’m pretty sure this is the only drama that could actually make me a feel a litttttttttle bit happy that Witch’s Romance is ending. While I really don’t want to say goodbye to PSJ and UJH, I just adore Seo In Guk and Lee Hana! I think they’ll be awesome in this! Can’t wait!

    • 2.1 secretlyaddicted

      Why? WHy? Why did you have to mention the Witch’s Romance?? I was already on my way to recovery. *Sulks*

      But this show, IS promising. 🙂

  3. Quiet Thought

    Lee Hana is full of energy and a lot of fun to watch for someone so bone skinny. Show’s looking good.

  4. Miky

    the long trailer version,this will be so much fun and with such a mess of heroine even more jajja

    • 4.1 secretlyaddicted

      I am already in love with this show. That dance routine is all I needed. 😀

    • 4.2 John

      Miky ~

      Thank you for the long teaser. I’m already sold. I’m not familiar with Lee Ha Na but it seems she has a knack for comedy. Looking forward to this.

  5. Laden

    SIG looking really snazzy in the suit and dark shades,the 2nd lead guy looks like dracula with his sharp edged face
    Really looking 4ward to this show tho 😀

  6. redfox

    surprisingly high stakes. would never have expected that from this drama. and Seo In Gook is going to become sooooo exasperated. it will be like coming from a fierce match of hockey, and the office life is another game just as fierce. two games a day even olympic champions cant handle that.

  7. John

    Looks cute. Hope it’s picked up and subbed.

    • 7.1 PollyRose

      If you are in the US or Canada, kdrama.com is getting it.

  8. fire

    Well, even before all these awesome teasers, I totally anticipated this drama because I am a huge fan of Seo In Guk. Now after I saw so many teasers, yes, even that long 7 minutes teaser, my anticipation goes higher. Be awesome as the teasers, please, drama! Oh, and I love you, Seo In Guk! <3

  9. eJc

    I can’t wait to see this. I’m a little bit sad and torn that his drama is going against his former co-star’s Trot Lovers. I’ll watch both. With anticipation and pleasure. Please, (both) be good!

    OTP ship 4ever ♡Shi-won and Yoon-jae♡
    For a little nostalgic journey back in time once in a while:

    • 9.1 raysia

      Hahaha yes, as a BIG Answer Me 1997 fan I realised that his drama is going against Eunji’s drama! The battle between Yoonje and Shiwon will begin.

    • 9.2 mingmangming

      I ship them. i’d love to know if they become a real cople. haha
      anyway i read in seoingukie.tumblr.com this:

      Seo in Guk commented “I didn’t know the dramas were playing at the same time. But after I heard she wast cast, I congratulated her and told her ‘fighting!’ We are both cheering each other on.”

  10. 10 bebeswtz

    Now that the drama is getting closer and closer to it’s air date, the next thing I’m keeping my fingers crossed for is hoping that Seo In Guk will be a part of the OST and put out a song for the show… but who knows what will happen once live-shoots for the drama start going under way (ugh… *cringe*….) and schedules start piling up and making the guy busy T.T

    • 10.1 JoJo

      Let’s hope he doesn’t get drafted into the army in the middle of shooting.

  11. 11 lavender

    If there’s a Korean version of Magic Mike, I nominate Seo In Guk as the lead…those dance moves should pass the audition

  12. 12 crazedlu

    Aw to the yeah.

  13. 13 Wag_a_Muffin

    Where can I watch this? (I am dying to see it. The little gag concert cat paw dance KILLS me.) It isn’t listed on “the site that can’t be named.” So where can I watch this?

  14. 14 fit

    Let Seo In Guk sing for the OST too, please.

  15. 15 canxi

    Loooove. Can’t wait to see it. Love Seo In Gook and Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Hana is a cutie~! The cherry on top, even.

  16. 16 D's handphone

    So this 18 years old character is calculated by western calendar, right?

    *doing the maths

    NOPE.. still too many years in between. I’ll take the hyung, when/if he does make an appearance.. (i know i know.. it’s the same actor. please humor me)

  17. 17 SS

    my feeeeeels <3
    seo in guk <3 and lee soo hyuk <3 too much hotness in one drama. my heart can't handle it and the drama hasn't even started yet. :') so excited for this.

  18. 18 SS

    Also.. this is the best haircut seo in guk has ever had. He should totally show his forehead more, it does wonders for his face. 😀

  19. 19 Caitlyn

    Next week? Awesome, I can’t wait!

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