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Yoo In-young joins tvN’s Three Musketeers
by | June 10, 2014 | 17 Comments

Time to add a lady to The Three Musketeers, the Joseon-era action drama that has cast Lee Jin-wook (Nine) as Crown Prince Sohyeon, with Jung Yong-hwa (Mi-rae’s Choice) and Yang Dong-geun in the mix (and “considering positively”) to play two of the three warriors who protect him.

Joining the production is Yoo In-young, who, along with the rest of her You From Another Star castmates, is enjoying a nice bump in visibility in that drama’s wake. She followed Star with a turn in MBC’s sageuk Empress Ki, and in this drama will play Lee Jin-wook’s first love. However, for a reason the show hasn’t stated yet, in deciding to take up the path of revenge, she becomes his foe instead.

In addition to the third musketeer, there is reportedly one more female lead role left to be cast, which I’m going to guess is the main love interest. Yoo In-young is pretty good at conveying sass, so I do hope the leading lady will have some spark as well; it sounds like the producers are aiming to make this a rollicking high-budget blockbuster, and I want as many of the roles filled by charismatic, energetic actors as possible. Let the fun times roll.

The Three Musketeers is planning to produce three seasons, each with twelve episodes, and will begin filming later this month. It’s planning for an August broadcast.

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17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mk

    I was gonna suggest her role is Milady, but if she’s the first love of the prince that doesn’t make sense. Hm.

    • 1.1 mudaepo

      Since they are only casting three musketeers, the role of Athos is probably going to be the prince’s. Then it would make sense for her to be Milady.
      But then Crown Prince Sohyeon, is supposed to have been married, so what are they going to do with his wife the Crown Princess? Maybe she’s going to be the leading lady? That would make her Anne of Austria and Lee Jin Wook playing a match-up of Athos and Louis XIII.
      So confusing…

      I find Yoon In Young somewhat lacking to play Milady, I was picturing the korean Milady as a younger version of Go Hyun Jung playing Mishil.

  2. kanz

    Will she disguised as a man again like in Empress Ki? Like Batoru!! Haha.
    I can say she’s not a bad actress and she has experience in sageuk.

    Just hope Yonghwa’s improvement in Mirae’s Choice still intact on him in this action fusion sageuk.

  3. Nicole

    The only project I’ve seen her in is A Man Called God but I came to like her through it. Despite portraying a spoiled whiny heiress character, she still came off endearing.

    This drama sounds like it could be great fun! Three Musketeers is one of those storylines I never tire of, especially if done well.

  4. Ace

    Leading lady? Please not JSY. That is all.

    • 4.1 mudaepo

      She would make a perfect Constance though. 😀

      • 4.1.1 Quiet Thought

        I love a good inside literary joke . . . : )

  5. Quiet Thought

    My first thought was: “why are they casting a nude chick in a Saguek?” Then I clicked on the thumbnail . . .

    • 5.1 piceface

      That may be the reason I clicked on the thumbnail;) Shes hot and I’m a lady

  6. bbstl

    Oh, good! I’ve liked her ever since Snow Queen and wondered where she went. I was sorry she was bumped off so early in YFAS.

  7. KDaddict

    That dress…..looks dangerously prone to “over-exposure”. Maybe that’s the whole point of it.

    I know I’ve seen her several times, but can’t remember where. Either I have dementia or I don’t find her memorable.

    • 7.1 ricky

      It’s a scene from “A Man Called God.”

    • 7.2 jillifish

      Haha I agree. And if you go on the DB main page the thumbnail for the picture looks like she is nekkid xD

    • 7.3 Chloe

      Empress Ki, maybe?

  8. Fab

    So she is the dead actress from You From Another Star? Well if YIA is willing she is a better actress from that show…

  9. Cheryl

    Interesting. I’ll be keeping my eye on this.

  10. 10 jcon128

    han yo ra 🙂

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