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Krystal and Im Joo-eun join Rain in She’s So Lovable
by | August 4, 2014 | 115 Comments

With the simultaneous casting of Heirs alumnae Krystal (High Kick 3) and Im Joo-eun (Empress Ki), Rain has his love triangle in place for his upcoming SBS drama She’s So Lovable.

She’s So Lovable is the “comic, sentimental love fantasy” that takes the pop music industry as its backdrop, featuring the growth and struggles of young aspiring pop stars. Rain stars as the CEO of an agency, and Krystal will play the 12-years-younger Se-na, who loses her older sister suddenly and moves up to Seoul to pursue her dreams of making music. She falls into an “unbelievable love” with our hero, who can’t erase the traumatic memory of losing his girlfriend in a car accident—who, of course, turns out to be Se-na’s unni.

Im Joo-eun plays a director at the entertainment agency, who grew up wealthy and privileged, in a pretty direct swap of their characters’ backgrounds in Heirs—there it was Krystal who was the privileged one with connections (to an entertainment agency, no less, which her father ran) and Im Joo-eun was the struggling plebeian. In addition to being confident and haughty, Im’s character is a straight-shooter who critiques the agency trainees bluntly, though the actress added that despite her tough exterior, she’s also got an unexpected childlike facet to her personality.

It sounds to me as though Krystal will be the main lead, based on the previous announcements of an idol star being courted to play the heroine, as well as the description of her character. In that case, I expect Im Joo-eun to play the temporary spoiler as the second lead, which is too bad since I think Im Joo-eun is by far the stronger actor. But I liked Krystal well enough in Heirs (and toward the end of High Kick 3), where she got to be bratty in a cute way, so I’ll keep an open mind about her.

She’s So Lovable, which comes from the writer-PD pair who brought us Scent of a Woman and Doctor Champ, will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama premiering on September 17.

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115 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mary

    Since Shim Eun Kyung said yes to Nodame, I can be happy that Im Joo Eun has a role. <3 <3 <3 <3

    AND it's a huge one. Not just another side character.

    Im Joo Eun fighting!!!

    (Err… go Krystal!!! too. Since she was adorable in Heirs. ^^)

    • 1.1 madame kim

      OMG, I’m torn now. I wasn’t planning on touching this drama at all, but now I feel like I have to at least watch some episodes for Im Jooeun. I so badly want her to get a friggin lead role already. She’s way too talented to always be a bystander.

      • 1.1.1 indeedydoo

        I feel like I like Im Joo Eun too much to watch her as the second lead AGAIN. Especially since second lead females always do the dumbest things lol.

    • 1.2 Rushie

      Marynim, I’ve been hoping to find you. I’ve recently set my sights on Lee Soo-hyuk and I need you to teach me your ways so that I can make him exclusively mine. O wise and powerful one, won’t you help out this pitiful fangirl?

  2. pigsnout

    Why does the much more talented actress always end up as a second lead? First Kim Ji Won, then Lee Yubi, then Jung So Min and Kang So Ra, now Im Joo Eun.

    at least Krystal can do comedy well and isn’t stiff onscreen.

    • 2.1 HS

      Im Joo-eun is too old to be playing the role of Krystal’s lol. Isnt it like a new idol star or something? Its meant to be a role taken by a younger female

      • 2.1.1 pigsnout

        Well they first wanted Park Bo Young for the role, Im Joo Eun is only two years older than her. She’s not ancient like you make her sound.

      • 2.1.2 j2hr

        IJE is 27, but she can play 22-25 year old character, just like how Jin Se Yeon, who is 20, played 30 year old character in DS. And a lot idols debut around 22-25 like SM new group RV, the leader is 23. Dara (2NE1) debuted at 25. They just want to have an idol to lead the drama to get high export asking price

        • marie

          personally I don’t think Krystal has hallyu selling power. her group’s biggest fandom (outside kr) is china and Rain is 1245974 times more famous than Krystal there. ppl are always talk about casting kpop idols could get high export price but in china, it’s the famous hallyu actors that got high export price. for instance, the kr remake of “fated to love you” —a drama with no idols—sold it’s chinese viewership at 120K USD per ep. which is much much higher than “three days”‘ 50K USD per ep.

          tbh it seems they can’t find a big name leading actress so they were like ” fxxk local viewer ratings , let’s make this an export drama, how about cast another idol to save money? “

          • pogo

            yeah China likes hallyu actors, not idols so much.

          • Deliane

            I agree that China and Japan much prefer famous Korean actors over idols but in the case of Fated to Love You I don’t think you can make the comparison with 3 days. The first drama already had a somewhat secured viewership because people were familiar with the storyline from the 2008 Taiwanese version. Also both Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara whilst not the trend these days are both well known in China.

            Yoochun’s is also an anomaly as an idol, he can secure high prices for episodes overseas (even a relatively forgettable drama like 3 days) as well as high prices for commercial spaces during airtime. Krystal and most other idols don’t command the same buying power.

        • soprection

          Truthfully most idols do not debut at 22-25. 25 is old in idol years. Most idols debut at 17-21. Look at the Brown Eyed Girls – their oldest members are in their late 20’s and they’re considered old. Plus idols are debuting younger and younger (especially male ones) so a lot of maknaes are 13, 14 or 15 now.

          Either way, I think the real issue is that Im Joo Eun LOOKS like she’s in her late twenties while Park Bo Young has a baby face so she could still pass for a teenager.

          • pogo

            oh plenty of idols debut in their 20s.

            I looked it up and the leader of Krystal’s group was 22 years old when they debuted. Members of other popular groups like 2NE1, Girls’ Day, Brown Eyed Girls were all 22-24. After School had members that were even older, ranging from 25-28 (Uee joined them aged 21).

            Hell even members of Super Junior and Exo (SM’s latest boyband with scary fangirls) had members who were 21-22 at the time of debut. It’s definitely not true that a debuting idol has to be in their teens, Im Joo Eun could easily pass for being in the right age range.

          • soprection

            @pogo I know that there are idols who debut in their 20’s (that’s why I said 17-21. I considered pushing it to 22, I suppose I should have done that) but they are in the minority. The average idol debuts in their late teens or very early 20s. Even if the eldest member(s) of a group debuts at 21 or 22, the majority of the members must be younger than that which would put them at around 18 or 19. Bom and Dara debuting at 24 is quite unusual and Brown Eyed Girls, although I used them as an example, did not actually start out as an idol group so they would not initially have been held to the same standards. Also you use f(x) as an example but there’s a huge age gap between the eldest member of f(x) and the second oldest (about 6 years) so even if the leader debuted at 22, the second eldest member would have debuted at 16.

            I’m really not trying to make this into a huge argument or anything. You’re not wrong that some idols debut in their 20’s but I would not go so far as to say that it’s the majority of them. Even when YG had their reality show to decide their new boy band recently, one of the arguments people made for Team A winning was that if they had to wait for three more years, they would be too old to debut (and those boys are all only 20-22). That’s young in the real world but for an idol, that’s starting to push it. And Im Joo Eun is already 26.

            Sometimes K-pop fans create these timeline graphs which show the birth years of idols from different groups – if you look up one of them, you’ll notice that a lot of the current active idols were born from 1990 and under. That puts them at 24 and under now but most of the popular ones (like Big Bang, SHINee, SNSD, etc) have been around for 3 or 4+ years which would mean that they would have debuted around 19 or 20. There are some active idols who were born earlier than that but most of them come from Super Junior or DBSK who debuted in 2004 and 2005 (ten years ago) which would have put most of their members in their late teens when they debuted. I’m particularly aware of this because I do listen to K-pop and I’m aware that most active idols are younger than me and I’m only 25.

        • soprection

          Speaking of which, Krystal herself debuted when she was 14.

          • pogo

            yeah and the leader of her group was 22, like I said above.

      • 2.1.3 anastassia

        I think you are not aware that Im Soo Eun of of the very fresh looking and baby face beauty in this industry. Plus she can sing like no other

    • 2.2 rabbitsfortea

      No offence to Krystal and all the idol/actors out there, I do like some of them, but it’s just so sad younger actresses aren’t scoring these lead roles. Those names you mentioned have proven their acting chops and I’m dying to see them take a lead role but… no luck 🙁

    • 2.3 Yuko

      I know right. I am waiting for Kim ji won’s big break through!

      • 2.3.1 alexis

        I love Kim Ji Won and think she’s very talented, but I feel she may not have the type of personality to really succeed in the acting industry. From the appearances and bts I’ve seen of her, she seems very quiet and shy. I’m the same way so I completely understand, but the acting industry is so competitive and all about connections and who you know. If you look at the successful actresses like Moon Geun Young, Park Shin Hye, Park Bo Young, etc, they are all very outgoing, very assertive, and great at networking.

        • Corlington

          New idea for the next tvn drama

          Kim Ji Won + Lee kwang soo as leads

          i love them

          • Chandler

            Omg. I literally just thought to myself that it’s about time that Kwang-soo get a lead role in a drama lol. And him and
            Kim Ji-won would be cute.

        • Yuko

          @alexis: I love Kim Ji Won too and I think her acting was great. I really like her in Heirs as Rachel Yoo, and Gap dong her role was lovable too. Unfortunately she has so little screen time.

          And I agree with you, she is quiet and shy, from what I observed in her interviews and bts. Not the best personality for this industry. Which is sad, cos I am really looking forward to her big break-through. But there aren’t much news about her.

          Even her previous co-stars chose other leading ladies over her! I wanna cry…

          There was this High kick interview, Lee Jongsuk said he only has eyes for Krystal. Heirs Kim Woobin also mentioned that Krystal is closer to his ideal type, and he is comfortable with Park Shinhye. Where’s Kim jiwon?! Why is she so easily forgotten…. NOOO…

          Sorry I just needed to rant. Now just let me just wait for her next project… I hope she lands an awesome leading role.

  3. Shiku

    Im Joo Eun should be the lead, she is a better and stronger actress than Krystal. She will definitely steal the show.

    • 3.1 Mash12

      That’s what people said about her & CJH in The Heirs too but we all know she didn’t steal the shows at all.. So…

      • 3.1.1 Nika

        thats because they both were wasted in that drama and not even given a chance to shine. they had like what? about 10 minutes together which were all some random scences.

      • 3.1.2 Annie

        Have you seen her in other shows? Her character was dull as dishwater in Heirs (the parts I saw). But the role as described here definitely has potential to be attention grabbing from her. Too bad. She should get a cable role lead. I like those shows better lately anyway.

      • 3.1.3 miiko

        nah, no one can steal the show in that sick drama.. but i guess lee min ho he did, with his ugly sweaters…

      • 3.1.4 miiko

        nah, no one can steal the show in that sick drama.. but i guess lee min ho did, with his ugly sweaters…

      • 3.1.5 pogo

        She barely had any screen time to do it with. Heirs would actually have been more interesting if it was about her and the older bro instead of asshole Tan and always-crying Eunsang. (I love PSH but god I got sick of her crying)

        • charmcasy

          honestly when i saw ur comment a voice came 4m inside..
          i wud have liked that stupid show way more if they had made it a noona romance between her n the young understanding student whom she tutored!
          honestly i was sick n shocked to see lee min ho in tht school kid avataar!
          i mean whom r u fooling with those trendy(4m ur perspective not ours) sweaters?
          does it make u look lyk one?
          if i start listing out why i got utterly bored of this hugely anticipated project i wud become reckless!
          so m gonna leave……………

      • 3.1.6 anastassia


        It was poorly written and duh…the drama is so lame even lee min ho can’t save the show or even krystal

  4. HS

    Looking forward to Krystal in her first leading role. She has been a servicable supporting actress for the past few years; albeit not being characters that are easily loved (Except Lee Bona).

  5. Quiet Thought

    That “Jessica and Krystal” series someone is running is an interesting curiosity on how little it takes to satisfy kpop fandom. On the other hand, the two sisters seem to have adapted well, as emigres, to the Kpop star lifestyle.

  6. chhavi

    I’m really happy for Krystal for her first leading role…but alongside Rain–and that too,his comeback–eh, I’m still confused as to whether the pairing will work out or not..

    • 6.1 Divyrus

      I feel the same .
      I like Krystal well enough
      And I am excited about Rain’s comeback,
      But the pairing seems little weird !
      Can’t see them together as couple !

      Let me hold off till I see posters before I get fixed on it.

  7. oozzeee

    So, is this good news to HeadsNo2 or not?.. 🙂

  8. sara

    Perk of being an idol actress of SM Ent idol. You will definitely get to be the female lead.

    I like Krystal, she got the talent but still too green to be a lead.

    Looking forward for Rain’s TV comeback!

    • 8.1 mindy

      Owh yeah..

      From Yoona to Sulli to Sooyoung. And now Krystal.

      I’m excited for Rain!

      • 8.1.1 Mandy

        Oh wait! Does that mean it will be Soo-young vs. Krystal for the wed-thu slot? LOL, why would SM pit their actresses against each other?

    • 8.2 flo.meme

      At least Krystal can do acting IF her group F(X) got disbanded by SM because of controversial Sulli (and Choiza).

      Sulli will probably get her chance to do acting again after one or two years ‘isolation’. So as Victoria, she still can do well in Chinese entertainment industry.

      • 8.2.1 zsazsazsa

        Lol, SM would never disband f(x) just because of Sulli leaving. Their groups have been through a number of issues (lawsuits, accidents, members leaving, scandals of the foot in mouth variety, dating scandals) over the years and they never split any of them up over it. The group might have to take a break for awhile but they aren’t going anywhere. That’s just not how that company works. And furthermore, Sulli, bless her heart, does not really bring much to the table musically or performance-wise so her being m.i.a. is really not that much of a blow.

  9. Mandy

    Is it weird that I totally dig this pairing?? I don’t know what it is, but I just see them having some out of the chart chemistry. She’s even tall enough for Rain which is rare tbh. It’s a gut feeling but I’m suddenly SO excited!

    Then news came out about Im Joo-eun and I deflated a little. She’s so good and deserves to be the lead but it would be great for her to be doing a huge role alongside someone like Rain. So I hope this does really well in ratings and help her elevate to leading lady status.

    Even if I have to throw away 16/20 hours of my life for a crappy Rain drama comeback, I’d do it anyway so just be good, show.

  10. 10 dons

    I love Krystal!! she was so cute in The Heirs.. she was the only reason i was able to tolerate the crap of a show it proved to be actually..

    i hope she does well in this show though i can’t imagine her with Rain.. He seems so mature compared to Krystal
    ( but i guess that is what the storyline is calling for..) though if it’s up to me, i would love to see her in a drama with Kim Woo Bin as her love interest.. but i will still watch this show.. i am just wondering how much filming they can do considering that they are slated to premiere mid September.. fingers crossed they still do great even if they will be live shooting..

  11. 11 alua

    For me, Im Joo-eun deserves a better project than this.

    I guess she takes roles because she needs to make a living, but she’s being undervalued. The casting of this show just seems unbalanced in terms of acting talent – no opinion on Rain’s acting (I’d have to go back and rewatch tbh – I only saw Full House which I vaguely remember. Most of his projects just haven’t interested me enough to see them, since big name & eye candy factor aren’t enough for me.) Krystal I guess ‘fits’ the role of an idol but a lead role? And the other idol playing the second male lead… meh.

    Can’t say the story of this one particularly grabs me either, it just seems… average? Unless they make something more of it, somehow?

    • 11.1 Mandy

      I personally think it’s a huge opportunity for her to be the second lead in a high profile drama on a major network. It’s one step up from being side characters in all her other shows. I don’t know how she can deserve a better project when this one hasn’t aired and we don’t know how it will go.

      Regarding the imbalance, if compared to Krystal, yep, there sure is a huge one. But Rain is much capable as a leading man – with all his dramas being relatively/extremely successful – so it’s not like they have crappy actors other than her. If this does well, she can possibly be offered lead roles, and if it doesn’t, it’s still a huge chance to show a wider audience what she’s capable of.

    • 11.2 saranga

      completely agree with you on im joo-eun. actually, i’m bewildered and appalled that she’s always a side character, but i keep hoping that she’ll get her (really) big break. i’ve always thought that the delay that “what’s up” went through seems to have stalled a lot of other promising careers, like kim ji-won’s and im joo-hwan’s. there was all that buzz, and then it just dissipated.

      i think rain is a decent actor. i loved him in sang-doo and full house. sang-doo is a drama i recommend to everyone. it has so much heart and humor, SO beautifully written and acted. i think it’s rain’s best work acting-wise, and it was actually his first acting gig ever. i might add that the always wonderful gong hyo-jin was his co-star there.

      haven’t liked any of his dramas since full house though. and i’ve been rather turned off by him ever since all that “world star” buzz about him a few years back. i think he’s deflated himself a bit now thankfully, but i still can’t forget his antics from back in those days…

  12. 12 Bex

    I’m looking forward to this though I find it kinda weird the whole he’s her sisters ex subplot, like I’m guessing she won’t know this? and they find out and it puts a damper on things? or they both know and thats why he lets her in the agency? either way it seems a little creepy. I hope its got some real comedic elements and isn’t going to be really melo.

  13. 13 Sam

    Yep, they’ve ruined it. Can’t stand Krystal. I’m out.
    And Krystal is my age as well. Rain is gonna look like a predator.
    Prepare yourselves for annoying aegyo and attitude, to anyone who’s gonna bother watching this.
    Rain’s gone from awesome female leads, to this.

    • 13.1 Chesquared

      It’s so annoying. I was looking forward to this when Park Boyoung’s name was still attached to it. Everyone seems to forget that Krystal can’t act. She was only watchable in heirs because of Minhyuk’s character.

      Ugh. Can someone please tell SM to stop shoving their idols in dramas? Please. I get anxiety attacks when a drama as yet to be casted because I just know SM is waiting behind a corner ready to pounce on it.

      I barely remember how back in the day dramas were made to be entertaining. Now it’s made for advertising, and selling out sell outs. Tsk. What ever happened?!

      • 13.1.1 alexis

        Krystal is not that bad. In fact, she was very good in Heirs. Just because someone is an idol doesn’t mean they’re automatically bad at acting, and just because someone’s not an idol doesn’t mean they are automatically good at acting.

        I have seen a Park Bo Young movie before, and while she’s good, it was nothing that blew me away. I honestly can’t say I enjoyed watching her more than Krystal in Heirs. I can’t remember the last time an actor or actress blew me away actually. They say their lines and do their best to act it out. Unless the performance is obviously bad (like Kim Hyun Joong’s constant blank face in BOF), they all seem very similar to me in terms of “acting skills.”

        • OnAQIHMHigh

          I do think part of Krystal’s charm in Heirs was due to Min Hyuk’s character and acting. I’m not saying it’s solely due to him but combination of the two kind of elevated both – I feel Krystal would have felt flat otherwise. So I don’t think her acting was very good but the chemistry worked well.

  14. 14 marie

    LOL rain. He has always has A-list GODDESS leading ladies… but for his small screen comeback project he has to settle for an acting idol, and it’s not public broadcasting leading status acting idol aka UEE, IU, Yoona, ect..but Kystal.
    Im Joo-eun def. deserves a better drama than this T T

  15. 15 Stephanie

    This drama is to 99% made for export. It’s like the Heirs and that drama with Sulli and Minho as the leads all over again. Urgh. And Myungsoo (L) got the 2 lead role. It’s like a puppy vs Rain.

    • 15.1 Chesquared

      Puppies are cute. L is like cardboard. V__V.

      • 15.1.1 Stephanie

        They are cute (I love Myungsoo, he is my little baby) but next to a man like Rain there isn’t a chance to stand out or, to take that puppy serious.

      • 15.1.2 vorfr

        L is a cardboard, since he is more like persona. His real personality, however, is actually like a puppy, an awkward puppy. Some people will realize this if they try to get to know him. Plus he’s actually not using that persona much lately.

        But well agree that it seems weird to put someone like myungsoo against rain, it’s weird too to put Krystal and Rain together but when I saw the character descriptions it’s kind of make sense. Even though Krystal and Myungsoo will look better together than Krystal and Rain. And Im Joo Eun is a better match for Rain.

        • Stephanie

          Well tbh, this drama already lots it’s hope with the cast and probably only K-pop fans will watch it for either the hot female lead, the handsome actor or the puppy-badass-2 lead. It’s kinda sad and pisses me off that the chose two Idols actos as the female and 2 lead (who let’s be honest are as far away from that level as as Ukiss Dongho was) and not more experienced (good) actors/actresses who have been working their ass off to get the 2 or first lead (and that for years)

          But oh well being an Idol and under SM has it’s priviliges.

          • skelly

            I feel the same way. The acting is going to be lame all around in this drama. Rain is an OK actor, but he really needs a talented actress to support him to really make the drama work, and he certainly isn’t going to get that with Krystal. She is too inexperienced, too young both as an actor and as a woman. Rain can make the sparks fly when he is with someone like Kim Sun Ah, but Krystal is another one of these idol Barbie dolls so the “chemistry” will be limited to longing glances and perhaps a desperate handhold or two. I suppose there will be lots of topless Rain, to keep the fanservice rolling.

          • vorfr

            Yeah I will still watch the drama since Myungsoo and Krystal are my favorite idols anyway, in order to support them and to feed my fangirl needs (…yeah I’m kinda shallow), but I’m not holding high expectations, especially the story (since it seems typical, but hopefully the writer will surprise me). For the acting are itself…well my expectation for the story is actually lower than for the acting. I think both Krystal and Myungsoo have a potential to pull off the characters, but true that they need more experiences before they took lead characters even though they have been taking side roles several times. I don’t know much whether Krystal has took acting lessons or not, but Myungsoo needs to take some classes to improve and not only taking tips for his seniors since some of his flaws in acting actually can be taken care of if he take classes. Krystal is actually good though at acting out side characters.

            But yeah it’s sad that a lot of actors/actresses don’t get important roles, maybe that’s why a lot of people who want to be an actor try become an idol instead to get roles easier. Other than this, it also seems that some of actors or actresses who usually get important roles and get popular are the ones who are actually bad at acting, even worse than idols. That’s weird and I don’t understand that.

        • anastassia

          However this drama is not about real personality

  16. 16 Dini

    People are going crazy because of the news . Why don’t you guys wait for the drama ? Then we can judge Krystal’s performance .

  17. 17 carol

    Never mind the cast, the plot sucks. Sounds like every k-drama ever.

    • 17.1 lessonlearn

      Sounds exactly like trot lover but different male leads and more melodramatic..I drop trot lovers so might not even start with this one..plus Im joo eun not being lead over Krystal would jus be tough to watch

      • 17.1.1 carol

        Also sounds a bit like You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin, don’t you think?

        • lessonlearn

          hahah…sounds like so many plots that people have seen..depends the execution but with the line up for the krystal..im already done with the show..i cant really name a single idol star that i like..other then nana from monstar

  18. 18 soprection

    Okay, seriously WHAT is with having people falling in love with their dead sibling’s ex? WHO DOES THAT. In real life, that would be super disturbing and a constant reminder of the pain of that loss on both sides. I didn’t like it in Reply 1997, I didn’t like it in Witch’s Romance and now this one? Ugh. AND UGH AGAIN.

    I like Krystal well enough even though she’s not on Rain’s level, acting-wise. I’m not familiar with the other actress but man, this plot is just bringing me down. Ugh.

    • 18.1 Kim

      Good to know I’m not the only one cringing at the fall in love with the dead sister’s 12 years younger sibling. Hated it in Replay 1997. Not so bad in Love Store Around the Corner…..he has amnesia though so its like he’s a different person.

      • 18.1.1 soprection

        I thought it was even more disturbing in Reply 1997 because the older brother was actually going to marry her sister (!!!) and there was SUCH a big age gap between them. In theory, I really liked his character and I wanted him to be happy but I hated that they had him fall for Shiwon and if I was Shiwon, I would be super weirded out by that. I would think he was just using her as a surrogate for her dead sister (even though I don’t think he was). And then he wouldn’t let it go. Like he could fall in love with his fiancee’s little sister 3 or 4 years after her death but he didn’t mind waiting around forever for Shiwon to decide to date him? Not cool, Show. Not cool.

    • 18.2 j2hr

      not only that, there is power imbalance here. He is her boss.

      • 18.2.1 skelly

        Yes, the ick factor is strong with this one:
        – he was in love with her older sister
        – he is still struggling with issues from older sister
        – he is much older
        – he is her boss
        – he is supposed to be training her
        – they are in show business, which already carries a real history of exploitation
        – she is in a completely submissive situation (young, poor, alone, a trainee, and falling for him first)

        And this is a comedy, so none of these issues is going to be dealt with in a respectful, thoughtful manner.

  19. 19 Scientia

    As much as I’m disappointed and want to be disappointed with this casting news as it spells all kinds of trouble, I’m still holding out a candle that Krystal at least make a decent showing out of this. After all, the new bloods need to be refined if we’re to have a sustainable K-drama viewing future 3-5 years from now. And with the 18-20 age range all seeming to jump into the Idol path, it’s looking rather thin with the current roster of actors out there. If Krystal can be a serviceable actor, then I’ll give her a chance.

    Meanwhile, I’m just GLAD that Im Joo Eun is finally casted on a LEAD role, though just an underscore, still it’s better than a side character/cameo gig. It’s been long time coming since her What’s Up days to be put on a bright spot again. I wish her to have a strong outing here so that she can finally showcase that she’s leading lady worthy and eventually be casted on one that she so deserves.

    • 19.1 miyt

      “After all, the new bloods need to be refined if we’re to have a sustainable K-drama viewing future 3-5 years from now.”

      Umm….yeah…that is what we have actors for…not idols..so no, she sucks and frankly she will only have a chance if she actually dedicates herself to acting instead of using this as a side gig to try to amp her mediocre kpop group. But what are the chances of that when all kpop entertaiment companies and in particular, SM, think it is okay to have a roster “of jack of all trades, master of none” for supposed “talent”?

  20. 20 Rushie

    Why do I get a feeling this is going to be Trot Lovers all over again? And seriously, Im Joo-eun is second lead? I love Krystal, thought she was adorable in Heirs but I feel really icked by this pairing.

  21. 21 Minoz Choka

    I LOVED Krystal in Heirs,she was so cute! 🙂
    For me who has only watched Im Joo-en in 1 drama,heirs,I am happy she will play quite the opposite of what she did in Heirs.
    I think Krystal & Joo-eun TOGETHER are the lead actress!
    It may be weird,but I feel this way!
    When I first read the title of the post,I was thinking to myself,”So the cast of second leads has come out first”.

    PS: why Krystal should be 12 year old?! I feel meh about it!

    PSS: I like Rain & Im Joo-eun fall in love in this drama,not Krystal & Rain! Se-na could be helpful for Rain to get over Se-na’s unnie & could make Rain & Joo-eun fall in love.

    • 21.1 Nina

      Krystal will not be playing a 12-year-old, her character is 12 years younger than Rain’s character. lol

      • 21.1.1 Minoz Choka

        Sorry! It was my mistake!
        I read the post fast!
        tnx for mentioning it! 🙂

  22. 22 jetsetklag

    WHY IM JOO EUN WHYYYYYYYYY?????? Why are you hereeeeee????

    The Rain Krystal pairing will be really hard to sell, cause seriously if they do it even a little off he’ll look like a predator…she looks so much younger than him. Also SM dipping their hand into acting production is the worst thing that happened. Ever. L and Krystal are so not lead material yet but they made them be anyway.

  23. 23 danna

    Krystal over Im Joo Eun? What a waste…also I’m out

  24. 24 Uj

    Rain ahjushi is going to act and romance the young ones lol….hahaha its okay, I adored Krystal in Heirs…infact I just liked her couple with Min Hyuk and Woo Bin from Heirs….I was bored to tears by the LMH and PSH romance…and I am saying this even though I have been a Minoz for years now LOL

  25. 25 Scientia

    Meanwhile, L’s other bandmate is busy serenading a 13 year old in Highschool Love On.

    (As a male drama viewer, I’m ashamed that I’m even remotely aware who these idols are.)

    • 25.1 Kim

      @scientia. Ha!!! She’s the girl from The Man From Nowhere. I can stand the fact that she’s only 13 either. Makes me cringe and I totally can’t watch that drama. Creepy.

  26. 26 j2hr

    does SM or SM C&C produce this drama since Krystal and L are from that company?

  27. 27 lessonlearn

    I’m Joo eun has been one of my favorite actress since wild romance…The girl has a huge range in for her acting skills..Krystal was only tolerable to me in heirs cause her screen time was short lived..her character basically said the same thing everytime she on on the screen and I’m joo eun had much to less screen time in the show..jus like prime minister and I..The male lead can only carry the idol so far thay once she has to stand on her own..it got to the point where I ff each of her scenes

  28. 28 lessonlearn

    Plus I’m joo eun is so much prettier then Krystal..so u got better acting and more gorgeous actress vs an inexperience and less charismatic actress…If I watch I’ll know who I’m rooting for

  29. 29 Heirs

    Some of commentators here are TOO MUCH!! STILL bashing Heirs!
    Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye are SO LOVED by Netizens that you cannot believe! MANY MANY Fan pages are created for Heirs with NUMEROUS international visitors & [like].Go & see the CRAZE MinShin shipping!!
    The MinShin thread in “Soompi” is also very great!
    Minoz around the world,LOVE Lee Min Ho with PSH more & MORE than he with “Park Min Young” & “Ku Hae Son”!!
    Heirs is the MOST popular! Everyone LOVE this drama!

    READ THE article below! It just got it from a fan page for “Gangnam Blues”

    ‘The Heirs’, publication right sold to 13 countries abroad… Highest price sold to Japan

    ‘The Heirs’ achieved the accomplishment of being sold to abroad with the highest price among the Korean dramas broadcast in 2013.
    SBS Wed-Thu drama ‘The one who tries to wear the crown, bear the weight -The Heirs’ got its publication right sold to 13 countries abroad, proving its global popularity. It went through the contract with Japan, with the highest price among the sold dramas in 2013, and it is now on the stage of already completing the contracts with several countries in Asia and 12 countries including Europe and USA. The response in Korea is also ardent. ‘The Heirs’ is having the best record not to mention in re-watch viewing rate, but also the viewing rate from re-broadcast and click numbers in web hard, IPTV, etc and downloads and re-watch, thus proving its heated popularity.
    Hwa and Dam Pictures, the producing company stated “the interest toward ‘The Heirs’ is hot not to mention in Korea, but also in other countries. We will work harder to reward to the supports sent from the viewers.”

    cr kenkai

    • 29.1 pogo

      oh it’s you again. Go wank on some other site please.

      • 29.1.1 nomad

        @pogo you took the words out of my mouth 🙂

    • 29.2 pogo

      Krystal? Seriously? I like her but this 12 year gap….

      And it could be worse, the production could have tried to cast Suzy. (fellow 94-er and far far worse actress)

    • 29.3 Meow

      I wouldn’t say everyone loved Heirs as you can see from the negative responses on a lot websites it somehow always manages to get. I on the other hand was one of those people who was SUPER excited about the drama- LMH AND PSH was like a dream come true casting to me, I love them both~ But even before the show started it got so much negativity and I didn’t understand it. The drama itself was a cliche soup and without it’s cast I would have lost interest at ep 8 itself. But it had it’s moments- The starting moments in eps 1,2 and 3, the endings of ep 5, 6 & 14, the field trip scenes, the big reveal, etc. I was disappointed since this was coming from the writer of Secret Garden and because it was ordinary plot wise and Eun-sang was very underdeveloped, Tan was annoying at times, Young-do was just stupid (his attitude changed with his hairstyle LOL) etc. I loved loved loved SG and then loved it some more so I really expected a lot more from Heirs (With LMH and PSH in it!)
      On the other hand, the hatred this show got just plain surprised me. I mean it’s just a drama- why do you die over it and bash it so much? It didn’t do anything illogical (not follow plot lines and everyone acts like the don’t know common sense) unlike SO many dramas I’ve seen. It was ordinary, had nothing special about it other than the cast, but it wasn’t downright stupid and hair tearing frustrating- the way people make it out to be (even now).
      There was this one time where I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to watch the ep (11 I think), so I just read the recap and comments and I was disappointed that one romantic scene was bad, boring, annoying, stupid, idiotic, blah, blah, blah. When I watched that scene later I found I liked it- it was such a nice bonding scene and then I was like why do people hate it so much anyways? The heirs bashing has always confused me since the drama isn’t as bad as people say it is.
      Anyway, I just wanted to add my 2 cents- the drama isn’t amazing and all that but it isn’t as bad as people say it is- definitely not deserving of the bashing it gets from some people.

    • 29.4 lemondoodle

      I seriously can’t believe amount of delusional people who ship PSH and LMH given their total lack of chemistry and the fact that it’s well known she’s dating someone else. Hilarious tbh.

      • 29.4.1 Mandy

        Is it a fact that she’s dating someone? I don’t even know who that someone is since she’s been rumoured with pretty much everyone she’s worked with. So many fans still ship JIS-SHK, Rain-SHK, SJS-GHJ, etc. despite them dating someone else officially, so PSH-LMH fans are not the worst of the delusional lot…

    • 29.5 lessonlearn

      hahah..put another on the show and see if you get the same reaction..im a fan of park shin hye and lee min ho..but boy that that show stink..i mean really stink..lmao people are infatuated with the cast but the plot was mediocre at best and even the greatest cast wouldnt help the show out..put that show in america and it would be cancelled within the first 2 weeks..lol there are many show with pretty people that get cancelled..

  30. 30 Nina

    The casting itself, who knows before the actual drama airs IMO.

    But the story…I honestly feel really weirded out with story lines where someone’s sibling or relative falls in love with a girl/boyfriend (or spouse or whatever the romantic relationship may have been) of the dead person especially if they knew that they were together before the death. Seen it multiple times in other movies and shows and…I just can’t, lol.

    And the music arc aspect sounds meh right now.

  31. 31 Cocoboo

    I was curious about this drama and thought about checking it out because of Rain, but now that feeling is over since Krystal has been casted as his lover.
    I wish the female lead was a more experienced, talented actress.

    And Rain’s character is gonna fall in love with his former girlfriend’s sister? Ick. Don’t like that concept at all. ]:

  32. 32 Strawbies

    Krystal is definitely a shocking choice but in terms of age, the production might’ve been aiming for a much younger actress for Rain. I’ve only ever seen her in Heirs and she was cute there so who knows? She also went through auditions and got cast after they saw what she brings to the character, so maybe it will work out well? Idk, but I hope.

    Maybe the 12 year gap will be lessened in the drama, it would be best anyway if they don’t emphasize on the difference. Skewered OTPs have been a thing recently and the last year’s most successful dramas had pairings like that (LBY-LJS, LSG-Suzy/LYB, JW-GA). Since I’m a hopeless pessimist, this is all the positivity I can muster lol.

  33. 33 tapioca pearl

    Why can’t Im Joo-eun be cast as the lead ever???? Knowing that the second female leads in Dr. Champ and Scent of a Woman were a bland, life-sucking hole and a delusional bitch, I sincerely hope this drama surprises me by writing a good secondary character for Im Joo-eun.

    Also, am I the only one who does not like the romance-with -dead-ex’s-sister story line? I was okay when I heard about the casting of Krystal, but now that plot line just makes me roll my eyes and hope for a different turn-out for the drama. I don’t know, maybe Rain acts more like a big brother and she is the one who likes him?

  34. 34 kiki

    i hope Im Joo-eun will be the lead, she’s better actress than krystal and more experienced in acting.

  35. 35 Aly

    It seems like it’ll be a terrible drama and Im Joo Eun will be that one outstanding actress standing in the middle of the mess.

    I really thought Im Joo Eun’s next role would be a lead one in a good cable drama… sort of like Han Groo in “Marriage not Dating”.

    Honestly this whole combination seems really weird: Krystal looks like a 13 year old and Rain looks like a 35 year old. I can’t picture them as the lead couple. And the plot description is so vague!

  36. 36 canxi

    Will tune in for Im Joo Eun–lead or not. She’s awesome in everything and I know for certain that a lead role isn’t always the most interesting so we’ll have to see how it plays out. I do like Krystal, however! I don’t really see her as much of an actress but she’s cute. Can’t see her with Rain, though. Not even a little, lol.

  37. 37 lemondoodle

    I like Krystal more than Rain, but I’m not sure about them being a couple since the age difference is so huge and the plot sounds unappealing. I’ll check it out for her though and I hope she does well.

  38. 38 seokyumin

    I once saw a Mexican tv series where the female lead fell in love with her dead bf’s twin (thank god it was a one episode story)– this “fall’s in love with her younger sister” plot seems like a breeze compared to that– I think it scarred me for life iickk

    On another note, I hope Krystal does well. Unlike many other idols she’s actually spent years playing secondary characters an not just jumping into lead roles like they own the place. It’d be great if the writer actually went for the comedy because I think that’s her forte.

    I’m all up for giving this show a chance. Just hoping it has a decent story-line, which is what will ultimately get me hooked (or make me run).

  39. 39 Brian

    I am not sure about the plot but I have a soft spot in my heart and mind for dramas that have music and singing in them. I guess I’m a Gleek, LOL. Anyway, I’ll probably watch it to see how the young ingenue’s career expands.

  40. 40 anastassia

    Poor actress. They have their only job as an actresses and its been robbed by an idol!

    Not to say an idol doesn’t work harder, but their job is singing and they have a long way to be an actor/actrsess but simple they just made their way as a lead just because they are popular! However a multitalented and excellent actresses always push aside to just be side or second lead. What a shame!

    Im Joo Eun, is super talented and she can sing too!

  41. 41 Quiet Thought

    “Recently, as a picture of Sulli and a member of Korea’s most famous hip-hop duo, Choi Ja of Dynamic Duo, holding hands and walking down on a street with matching shoes gets disseminated widely through social network sites.”

    What exactly is this scandal breaking up F(x)? Are 20 year-old female professional dancers and singers in Korea like nuns, obliged to be chaste in thought, word, and deed and avoid the company of men less their purity be despoiled? Is Sulli in danger of an honor killing? Or will she have acid cast on her face and be stoned as a ungodly whore in the public square?

    All for holding hands with a guy????

    • 41.1 zsazsazsa

      I once read an article that explained that idols aren’t typically allowed to date publicly because the companies want their fans to think of them as ideal boyfriends/girlfriends and if they had real significant others, it would mess with the fantasy so most companies institute serious ‘no dating (publicly)’ rules to offset that. Honestly this is something I could write an essay about but I’ll try to keep it brief.

      I think most fans know that idols date but as long as it’s just secretly, they can turn a blind eye to it. Added to that is the fact that most idol fans (especially in Korea) are teenagers (or uncle fans) who are generally prone to over-reacting and taking inconsequential things really seriously. It’s really a shame but more and more dating scandals have been breaking lately with younger, active idols (and one of them even got married recently) so one can hope that it will become more accepted and less penalized as it becomes more common. And in a lot of those recent scandals, the affected parties continued promoting (mostly) like nothing had happened, huzzah! As it is though, yeah, an idol dating (anyone but especially another celebrity) is still considered big news. And many fans simply don’t take it very well (and often come down much harder on the women than the men, of course). There’s often talk of betrayal, mass leaving of fan cafés, leaving hurtful messages on their and their members’ social media – the backlash is real. It probably doesn’t help that Choiza is much older than Sulli too.

      Never fear though. The group won’t break up because of this. Sulli will lie low for awhile, the group will go on a temporary hiatus and in a few months to a year, they’ll probably make a comeback without her and then slowly start phasing her back in.

  42. 42 Abbie

    This show wasn’t even on my radar because I don’t really care for Rain’s acting, although I liked him well enough when he was on Running Man. Now, though, as a fan of f(x), I may have to watch this. I do like Krystal, I think she shows a lot of promise with her acting abilities. Is she ready for a lead role, though? I don’t think so. But, who knows? She may have improved even more since Heirs.

    May have to watch this now.

  43. 43 concreteroads

    Yay for Im Joo Eun back in a fun project! It’s unfortunate that she has to play second fiddle to Krystal though. :/ I’ve never seen Krystal in anything, but I know Im Joo Eun is a super talented actress and I’d love to see her in a bigger role. (And she has musical ability too, as she showed in What’s Up! So here’s hoping Im Joo Eun and Krystal both have good parts in this drama.)

  44. 44 Viki

    INFINITE Myungsoo (L) and Hoya just confirmed!

    But Hoya’s injured…I wonder how they’re gonna do that…

  45. 45 momo

    Did Im Joo eun have an accident that involved her mouth? I noticed that when she talks, her mouth is crooked in an obvious way. Wonder if she was in an accident?

  46. 46 Sad

    I read that Im Joo Eun has just dropped out as the second lead. She didnt want to take on the role anymore. Dramabeans can you please confirm it? Here’s the link: http://koalasplayground.com/2014/08/04/im-joo-eun-out-for-my-lovely-girl-and-jang-shin-young-steps-in-for-yang-jin-sung-in-my-spring-days/
    If this is true Im not sure if I’d be eager for this drama. Rain & Krystal pairing doesnt seem to make sense and now Im Joo Eun is gone arghhh!!!

    • 46.1 Syl

      Wow i’m disappointed 🙁 maybe she picked a better project

  47. 47 Syl

    I’m super happy to see Im Joo Eun on a big project, i hope it will giver her much better opportunities…
    As for Krystal for the lead, I’m can’t be mad because she was ok in the Heirs and the plot requires a younger idol.

    But i”m quite tired of the big age gaps between the leads, can’t a woman date a man of her age ?

  48. 48 Der

    Sorry, if Krystal is the lead female character – i am NOT going to watch this, despite the amazing cast so far. Im Joo Eun should be the damn lead. Ugh. Damn idols. Can’t they just stick to singing?

  49. 49 Moon

    Krystal in Heirs was cute and that’s it. Her acting just didn’t do it for me and always seemed obvious? … I still can’t picture her alongside Rain.

    And the story… another ceo & his poor love-interest ft annoying 2nd female lead.. err yeah, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in for this one.

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