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Lovers’ quarrels begin for Discovery of Romance
by | August 5, 2014 | 62 Comments

We have a new set of teasers for KBS’s upcoming rom-com Discovery of Romance, and the show continues to look hilarious and cute. Then again, so did the teasers for another ex-lovers-reunite drama, Emergency Couple, and that drama was about as funny as a funeral wake. Just to keep things in perspective.

Even so, I’m keeping my hopes high for this drama, which reunites Jung Yumi and Eric as exes who are still bitter about each other despite insisting that they’re fine, totally fine, just dandy now. The two actors had a wonderful(ly screwed-up) rapport in Que Sera Sera, so I’m eager to see them working together again—even if that means Sung Joon, playing the current boyfriend, gets his heart broken in the process. (Sorry, Sung Joon! I just have this lingering Que Sera Sera trauma regarding those two lovebirds that I need to see resolved in a fluffy rom-com that is in no way emotionally ravaging!)

I don’t think the first teaser needs an explanation—just lots of replays. (I do enjoy how everything used as a weapon doubles as a party good, which seems vaguely appropriate given how fun the fighting looks.)

In the second teaser, we see how the couple broke up years ago, when Jung Yumi initiates the split by saying she’s tired of being upset and lonely in this relationship, always waiting for him. In the present day, Eric says he still doesn’t know why they broke up, but that she’s the reason he’s become damaged goods. She says that he’s the reason her dating behavior has changed, and then inadvertently slaps Sung Joon when he asks for permission to kiss her (“You shouldn’t ask, just do it”). She lights up to describe the current boyfriend, then flings a glass of water into Eric’s face. Then he asks her, “What if I asked you to break up with him and come to me? Would you?” Insert gobsmacked reaction.

Discovery of Romance will follow Trot Lovers and premieres on August 18.

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62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. PilTa

    I’m so excited to see ERIC in a drama again.

  2. sara

    Awwwwww cute!

  3. Ace

    Oh, not another dig at Emergency Couple! I and a lot of my friends enjoyed that more than Sly and Single Again. EC made me like Choi Jin-hyuk who I thought was overrated in GFB (well, his character in that drama still is).

    Back to the teaser, it’s cute and I really want to see Eric and the rest of the cast in a rom-com. Hope this is better than Trot.

    • 3.1 robin

      totally agree I really loved Emergency Couple so I don’t get why dramabeans disses it so much. Usually our tastes in the rom-com genre coincide =.=

      • 3.1.1 siri

        yep not to mention Emergency Couple had refreshingly cool second leads which I’m yet to see any other kdrama emulate

        • alua

          Someday (which hardly anyone seems to have watched) has the best female second lead ever, IMO. (But a total creep of a male second lead unfortunately.)

          Protect the Boss has a great second female lead, though she isn’t exactly cool… rather, she’s hilarious since she can’t help but become besties with her love rival.

          • oozzeee

            Me! Me! Me!
            Would it be too much to say that I loved the entirety of OYA’s second lead character in Someday?
            I don’t even question her taste in men despite her liking the second male lead who I totally hated.

          • bbstl

            Yes to Someday second lead! And yucky 2nd male lead, ugh. I also thought her character had the most realistic work situation I’ve seen in any kdrama.

          • canxi

            Kim Min Jun forever creeps me out because of his role in Someday. I watched that drama years ago and can’t shake it off, lol.

          • siri

            Someday huh? the story sounds interesting…though it’s a tad serious for my taste. still will check it out. thanks for the recommendation 😀

      • 3.1.2 liza

        sorry guys, I had to agree with Javabeans..I didn’t hate it, but just couldn’t love it either. I couldn’t recall any hilarious moments in that drama. If it had any, it was totally forgettable

    • 3.2 carolies541

      I think the later half of Emergency Couple is great, it actually improves a lot. These teasers make me feel excited for this drama and I’m glad Eric chose to do this instead of Trot Lovers, the plot seems to be more like my cup of tea.

      • 3.2.1 coby

        I heard is Amnesia Lovers now. hehe

  4. Xxvxx

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. oh puppy sung joon, sorry we have to sacrifice you for the reunion of the QSS couple, maybe you come w me?

  5. Vanessa

    Eric…..how I miss you on drama land…and this time with very talented actress Jung Yoo Mi again..what a big YES for me to look forward this drama. Their chemistry was super insane in QSS.

  6. D's handphone

    Why is it funny? Cos from experience, being bashed on the head/face with a bunch of roses does hurt.. ah well *shrug*

    • 6.1 Vanessa

      It’s just a teaser dear. In fact, I’m sure the one who always bit someone is the female lead (jung Yoo Mi), and the one who always got bitten is Kang Tae Ha (Eric)…kkk

    • 6.2 Dr. Hwata

      You have a point. Producers equate exaggerated acts and gags with comedy, and most viewers tend to go with it, but that’s really low rent. Too often, all it produces is forced laughs and scoffs.

      What makes something truly comic is subtleties, delivered with the perfect timing. This requires real humor.

  7. WaitforDoR

    The teaser in eng sub http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb_AqrkEOkY&feature=youtu.be

    download link https://mega.co.nz/#!sw1BiSrB!gClbXSzpp4MTsxVrrfVBS5O_Q6uF5bYBPLQTGVBIotw

    cr: MYEricMun

  8. snoe

    loved the teaser! can’t wait for this!

  9. Mandy

    Is it bad that I’m SO looking forward to potential bromance between Eric and Sung Joon more than the romance?

    Anyhoo, every tvN drama looks the same in colour palatte but all of a sudden, I’m excited for everything tvN because of Marriage, Not Dating. If this is even half as good, I’m so in!

    • 9.1 sweetyoon

      this is kbs buuuut i do understand where the confusion is coming from. it seems like everyone is trying to replicate some of tvn’s magic

      • 9.1.1 Mandy

        Lmfao, oh yea it is! I still have Sung Joon and INR3 in my mind. My bad!

        The colour palatte reminds me of every tvN drama ever. It’s not my fav channel and I liked nothing that aired there last year but I hope KBS can replicate some of tvN’s recent magic.

    • 9.2 soprection

      lol, this drama is on KBS, not TvN but the writer did I Need Romance which was on TvN which might be partly why this show looks (and sounds) TvN-ish.

  10. 10 snow

    So. Excited. 😀

  11. 11 Fab

    I just adore Jung Yumi! I am thrilled she is doing this show, but I hope she keeps doing movies cuz she is just wonderful on the big screen(She always gets huge praise in European film festivals- they know!)

    Eric- it’s been a while! Sung Joon too! What a great cast. The teasers are promising, I am excited for this show!

  12. 12 bbstl

    It must have been an absolute hoot to make that trailer! I’m excited for this, not least because it means the end of Trot Lovers.

  13. 13 Aigoooo

    Eric looks a bit… hmmmm… apeish? Like his body is way too big for his head. I just call em as I see em. I still can’t shake the wierdo vibe I get from Jung Yumi. This will be an interesting project.

  14. 14 August~

    Excited about Discovery of Love and seeing Eric, Jung Yu-Mi, and Sung Joon in a drama together.

    I am watching Que Sera Sera for the first time and definitely enjoying the recaps for QSS on Dramabeans. It’s my goal to finish all 17 episodes (+ recaps) of QSS before Discovery of Love starts. At the moment, I am on Episode 8.

    • 14.1 deni

      I did the same thing and I just finished it a week ago. The recaps totally enhanced the watching experience for me.

      • 14.1.1 August

        Nice to meet another 1st timer watching QSS and reading the DB recaps. 🙂

        • dalia

          i have no doubt you’ll finish in time. once you get to episode 9/10 things really start getting good (imho)

  15. 15 Kay

    Ah, i have rewatched Que Sera Sera many times (one of my guilty pleasures lol)…so can’t wait for this pairing to be back….the teasers are definitely reminiscent of Emergency Couple – which I happened to love (am I the only one!?)…hopefully this one is slightly different than the slew of love-breakup-relove drama’s we’ve had this season!

    • 15.1 AJ

      I made a valiant effort with Que Sera but I couldn’t take any more after episode 8 or 9. I just don’t get the appeal of this actress although to be fair I’ve only seen her in this and I Need Romance 2012. I probably won’t make it through this one since I didn’t care for the teasers, but Sung Joon means I have to at least give it a try.

      • 15.1.1 Kay

        Oh she’s definitely one of those you love or hate….I have that relationship with Suzy so I totally get it – and just to be clear, its a hate relationship right now lol

  16. 16 soprection

    Ha, I saw the first teaser earlier and cracked up. It’s silly and adorable and unexpected and I hope it means the show will be fairly light. Random but Jung Yumi’s eyes look HUGE in the second teaser.

    And now I’m starting to wonder if I need to check out this Que Sera, Sera show, although it sounds like it ended pretty unhappily.

    • 16.1 lis

      You should definitely check it out if an angsty, darker melodrama is up your alley! I like having my fix every now and then. 🙂 I was one of the people who liked the ending of QSS. *possible spoiler alert!* I didn’t think it was unhappy nor was it a definite happily-ever-after for the main couple. I thought the ending made a lot of sense and was realistic in regards to the story arc though.

      It’s definitely one of my favorite dramas that I like to watch over and over again due to the awesome chemistry of Eric and JYM. If you give it a chance, I hope you like it, too!

  17. 17 aznative

    Since this is coming from the “I Need Romance” team I have high expectations.

    The newest teaser was so funny and must have been so much fun to shoot!

    Thanks DramaBeans for the post.

  18. 18 redfox

    well, Sung Joon is best when he is sulking, so if he gets a broken heart…. it is our sadistic joy.

    but are the trailers getting all crazier or what. trailer has become an art form in itself, totally unrealted to the drama or just so metaphored up it is like some modern dance or art performance.

  19. 19 Nadia

    Why do the women always look so damn plain and old. Eric looks old as well. Not sure if I will watch emergency couple was a definite let down

    • 19.1 Shizu

      Eric was born in 1979, Jung yoo mi in 1983. It is 2014. Do you expect them to look like they’re 20? They look their age, what’s wrong with that? Or are you bothered by the fact that they’re letting 30+ year olds act? (especially a 30+ y.o. woman without a baby face, cause really, how could they)

      Also, why on earth should all actresses look like barbie dolls? Are tv shows beauty contests? What’s wrong with looking “plain”? (i’d call it natural in this case). And then people complain about plastic surgery in korea….
      Isn’t it more important that they can act (and jung yoo mi sure as hell can)? A complaint along the lines of “why do they always pick actresses who can’t act and have one or two expressions tops” is much more plausible.

      But whatever floats your boat…

      • 19.1.1 Ann (@planoslp)

        I would much rather see good actors in their thirties in a show than someone in their early twenties who is not a good actor (*cough* Suzy *cough*). Usually those who complain about someone in their 30s being old just isn’t old enough to appreciate how great the 30s decade is! As a 50-something, I think Eric is gorgeous and Jung Yumi looks very young. Well, she was born the same year I got married!

        • Shizu

          Yeah your perception of age changes as you age, but I think it’s beside the point. Point it, why does it matter that someone is or looks old? Some stories require/work better with 20 years old people, some require those in their 30s, 40s and so on. Why is it so important? I guess that some people watch dramas to watch young pretty people being young and pretty, but you can google pictures and do that, or watch beauty contests. The point of every show is (or should be) to tell a convincing story, with convincing actors who can elevate it. Everything else is (should be) a bonus. We all know that looks play a notorious role in korea, should we just make it worse by confirming that they’re oh so right? And even worse, then hypocritically complain about actors getting plastic surgery? Honestly, it’s not that this particular post by nadia bugged me especially, it’s that I’m fed up with such comments in the kdrama community in general.

          I’m 30, I have never had problems with any actor’s age or looks, when I was 10, 20 or now. I could watch a romance with adults when I was a kid, I can still watch a show for kids with kids, a show for teens with teens and so on. And I would rather watch “ugly” people who can act, then mediocre to bad eyecandy. Case in point – harvest villa – the cast was not your standard pretty, there were even fat (and OLD) actors, but damn I have never seen so many good actors and such fantastic acting in one kdrama, shin ha kyun’s acting was particularly mindblowing (but yeah, he’s not a flower boy and was 34 or 35 at the time). I wish I could get more of that. Also, an “ugly” (by the mainstream beauty standards) actor/actress who acts well and has loads of charisma ends up being totally attractive and sexy anyway.

  20. 20 Chandler

    “Sorry, Sung Joon! I just have this lingering Que Sera Sera trauma regarding those two lovebirds that I need to see resolved in a fluffy rom-com that is in no way emotionally ravaging!”

    -This is literally exactly why I am SO STOKED for this drama!

    • 20.1 Laica

      My thoughts exactly!

  21. 21 avery

    Possibly my favorite part of this is that Jung Yumi has a ball on her head in the last frame of the first trailer.

  22. 22 Requiem

    Does anyone else think that Sung Joon looks too young?

    Not for the current boyfriend, but for the established doctor part?

    • 22.1 John

      Too young as an established doctor?

      No problem, he’s a genius !

      • 22.1.1 Requiem

        Well, I WAS thinking Doogie Howser a little :p…

  23. 23 charmcasy

    well goin through the stills n the premise i strongly felt that it was a tvn offering bcoz in the recent past this channel has kept me on a rollarcoaster ride of emotions and moreover the essence of enstranged couple seems to become a trend which is drastically reducing my desire to watch this show cuz i have watched too many in the recent past.. i may give this a miss but then my instincts dont get wright always so right now m kinda uncertain about it.

  24. 24 ana

    “and then inadvertently slaps Sung Joon when he asks for permission to kiss her (“You shouldn’t ask, just do it”)” what is this? he gets slapped for asking for permission instead of forcing on her??? ridiculous haha

    • 24.1 canxi

      Lol, well reading it sounds weird but watching it, it looks like a nervous reaction to me. A hilarious one, too.

  25. 25 R

    Can’t wait.

    I love this new poster !!

  26. 26 Shizu

    Please could anyone tell me which famous classical piece was used in the first teaser ~8 seconds in? It’s so awesome and for the life of me I can’t remember…

    Thanks in advance if anyone answers!

    • 26.1 Requiem

      Beethoven Symphony No 7, 2nd movement

      • 26.1.1 Shizu

        Thank you, it kept haunting me! I figured it must be beethoven, but didn’t know which symphony/movement. I was only sure it wasn’t the 4th.

  27. 27 jomo

    OmG, Eric.

    Nobody talks like Eric. Everything about him is sexy. I love his not perfectness that is mixed in with his perfectness in clingy shirts.
    And, yes, even OLD MEN like him can actually have sex appeal. 😉

    • 27.1 Lily

      Don’t know but I think Eric is the only korean actor that I like being as an asshole since he has ‘bad boy’ vibe, swagness and sexiness at the same time that I couldn’t find in any other korean actors. Not to mention the dude is naturally handsome.

  28. 28 canxi

    All my loves in one drama. These teasers are soo good, too. I love it so much and am itching to see this drama. Can’t believe it’s nearing the time for it to premiere already. Feels like a short while ago that I was waiting for Eric to say yes to his casting offer XD

    The style looks cute. Eric looks super fine. Jung Yumi looks super cute and is always awesome. Sung Joon looks adorable. I’m gonna cry, I think?

  29. 29 jandoe

    OMG that first 5 seconds i.e. the first scene when she asked to break up totally gave me QSS vibes, like literally as if it was a scene straight out of QSS.


  30. 30 cheekbones

    Just a shallow observation. I’m still surprised to see that Sung Joon is that much taller than Eric. I thought Eric was a pretty tall guy already. 🙂

  31. 31 Luz

    I love the chemistry that Eric and Yumi have, Que Sera Sera is my favorite Kdrama of all time so seeing them together again makes me very happy. I hope they get a good ending this time.

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