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  1. Kim Yoonmi bug
    I’m a Qualified Contributor. A new bug took off the Qualified Contributor and my vikipass. Also because of that, the website thinks that I have ad block on. I disabled it and restarted the browser. Videos still won’t play. Sent in a ticket to complain that something strange is going on. Hope it’s resolved soon.

    Marriage, not Dating
    I still love this show a lot. My personal favorite of the lot. It’s easy, breezy, light, wacky, but not crazy illogical. What I asked for earlier. I wanted something fun and light to watch that was not illogical. It delivers, and has a heart, which is exactly what fills my meal ticket.

    FTLY THMG version.
    I love Geon. I hated the original thoroughly. In the original, I was like, “Just leave the SOB) Here, I’m so happy and am actually liking the couple. It fixes all of the problems I had with the original. I think this is what remakes should be–improve on a crappy original rather than repeat an awesome original.

    I’m hoping they don’t do the car thing from the original at all. It looks like the are replacing it with a classic makjang disease??? Which they’ve smartly set up since the beginning. I wonder if we’ll have a side of NIS with it or if they will play it straight. NI Syndrome might actually be funny with Geon.

    Amnesia Lovers
    Or how Amnesia done wrong. What? That’s not the title? What was the original title? I seemed to have forgotten it with most of my passion for the show. Though I haven’t forgotten the makjang allergy I have.

    It’s OK, it’s Love
    So far has been delivering nicely. I like how socially forward it is, even if it gets the science wrong. I think the show can be best described by the speech that was given in the episode where he reviews One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest.

    “We as viewers, are not exempt from those thoughts,” Jae-yeol says. “We always think, ‘We’re different from those people,’ ‘They’re the crazy ones, and I’m normal.’” “But those same patients whom viewers thought were strange were later perceived as sweet, helpless, and adorable in the movie”

    It’s clear that’s what the show aims to do as an entire show. Show you a wide focus and then show you a closer perspective that makes you understand the character more and garner sympathy. So I expect laid back, a little slice of life, and not huge amounts of tension by the end. The pacing this week determined that. Whatever you think is the answer and is easy, it’s not… that’s what the show continually hits you with.

    Polyglit got 1,000 dollars. Thanks for all your support so far. Spread the word?

    • 1.1 HS

      I enjoyed Trot Lovers until episode 10. I skipped epiosde 11&12. Freaking amnesia, istg i just want to punch Jang Joonhyun and Soo-in’s ㅗㅗ face. Its so annoying to see Choon-hee get treated like crap for 2 hours ugh. Even Jaekyung oppa cant save the show from makjang-ville as his character unfortunately didnt make an appearance too much.

      And for Fated to Love You.. this show is f*king AWESOME. Jang Nara plays this character SO WELL you cant help but want to root for her. And also Gun is SO PERFECT. I just love this OTP so much i was smiling the ENTIRE TIME at Episode 9 cus the amount of cuteness is just ASDHSODHSHSHSSH♡♡. And also the petty fights of Jang Hyuk x Choi Jinhyuk is the best XD. I’m going to watch episode 10 soon :3

    • 1.2 harmonyfb

      >But those same patients whom viewers thought were strange were later perceived as sweet, helpless, and adorable

      I dunno…seems to me that the characters in “It’s Ok” are more along the lines of ‘apparent normality with deep underlying weirdness”, as they all look like functional adults on the surface, but underneath they’re pretty screwed up (which makes them terribly interesting).

      I really enjoy that this drama talks about adult things in an adult way, but it still has a thread of sweetness running through it. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

      • 1.2.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Highly disagree. But then I think it’s the perception of mental illness that’s getting to you. You think that mental illness is a means for being screwed up, then you will see it that way. But to me, the show does some solid lectures throughout that you are wrong. Via Episode 4 and the clipboard over the person’s head. via the constant lectures every episode.

        The show is solidly lecturing about every single case that your perception of mental illness needs to be altered. I think it’ll hit you pretty hard over the head if you don’t come around to that PoV. Sometimes the show runs a little soap boxish because it does a lecture after each of the cases.

      • 1.2.2 nee

        Talking about kpop, anyone seen the utterly fantastic MV by JYJ for Back seat? Those body rolls by Junsu were splendid

    • 1.3 Marina

      I enjoy how in It’s OK, It’s Love the counselors are really the secret patients with disorders, and they get advise from the “weird” people they supposed to help. It’s a well hidden truth in a professional world of modern psychiatry – doctors are often sicker than the patients.
      Marrige, Not Dating is very funny and a breath of fresh air. You can just relate and see how these characters could come from any city or any culture. Instead of scratching your head, trying to bend and twist your brain, your open mouth, and your life experience into, “It’s OK, It’s Dramaland, It’s Not Me Who Don’t Get It – everyone and everything is just crazy around here.”

      • 1.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I still disagree. They are saying that you have have a mental illness or you can have temporary problems. For example, during the divorce he says that he sought counseling and that wasn’t wrong. He did not have a physically named mental illness.

        I kinda think the show is trying for something that the audience, here, doesn’t seem to get–it’s mental health advocacy. You think you are healthy, not that strange, but getting therapy does not mean that one has a mental illness. The show solidly argues this. It lectures through this. One can have a deep sense of grief and loss, need counseling, but it doesn’t mean one has a mental illness. One can have a temporary psycholtic break, but it doesn’t mean one has a permanent mental illness. One can overcome their anxieties, with work and thought, and sometimes you need medication, but it doesn’t mean one cannot function in their normal lives. The show really pushes for this after each of the cases. At points it invites judgment of the individual characters, but I usually don’t fall into that trap. I don’t like to judge as a diversity advocate.

        Having an anxiety about physical problems isn’t a “disorder” but part of her life. And that doesn’t mean she’s not a whole and functional person. The show argues this. It shows that she can have a fulfilling life as a person, though it may hinder certain spheres. It both shows problems which have causes (She sees her mom kissing) and which don’t (Severe depression presenting with suicide).

        And solidly every episode hits other characters who judge anyone with a mental health problem, sometimes giving lectures as it goes.

        I think this show is actually showing people the correct language to use around mental health issues. Which isn’t that people with mental health issues are “Whacky” “Basket cases” “Weirdos” but normal, leading normal lives. And however you are going to judge the person is not going to pan out.

        The fact that you think having a deep-seeded grief around a break up, where the issues of that are temporary makes someone have a disorder, really shows how you, personally, think of mental health. And also shows where *you* personally, should think and work on yourself and knowledge of mental health and those people who have those problems, temporary or permanent so you can not put your foot in your mouth. Because I guarantee you, someone on this board, by statistics will have some sort of mental health problem or have sought counseling, and your language will hurt them.

        Seeking therapy does not mean one has a mental health problem, and it’s that stigma that people are trying to fight with the mental health advocacy, that the show is arguing so well.

        To me, the labels we give people, whether by gender, sex, people of an ethnicity or color are less important than how they identify themselves and the choices they personally make. Mental health issues, temporary or otherwise isn’t something someone chooses. Just like…

        • Kim Yoonmi

          just like one doesn’t choose their race, sexual orientation, sexuality (separate from sexual orientation), gender, sex ethnicity, etc and that there is a solid range, even in the labels that people choose (religion, for example). Ultimately who a person is isn’t by religious creed, political, but perhaps, every day choices and how those labels interplay as the person chooses to subscribe to part or all of it. Who we are is a sum of everything before us, that we choose or did not choose. But how we define ourselves should be treasured far more. Show argues that nicely. Labels are not the whole person.

        • Marina

          If you were replying to my half serious post, thank you for your deep thoughts. I meant “crazy” in case of Dramaland plots and characters, that leave me with open mouth and twisted brain, not actual patients. If you noticed, I put the label “weird” in air quotes. You are, actually, preaching to the choir, in case of mental health care, I agree with many of your points. If the show It’s OK, It’s Love brings attention to the people unable to get counseling, kudos to the writers. I used to be a marriage and family counselor before going to the dark side (politics and new media).
          In the U.S. we went overboard with medicating everything that moves on one hand, and closing most mental care facilities at the same time. Thankfully, most treatments for disorders and addictions for outpatients are covered under health insurance policies. With all that said, mental care is a part of health industry. Yep. Industry is a key word here. When you come to see a psychiatrist or a counselor, just remember that they are part of a bigger “picture”, meaning Pharma – huge money making machine. You will be on some kind of medication before you know what hit you, if not careful. There are many alternative therapies and techniques to help with variety of mild issues. Beware who administers it, tho. So many ineffective therapists out there!
          Also, looks like counselors get very different proffesional training and use different set of ethics in Kdrama. And so do the teachers, btw,. So different, that you can mistake doctors for patients sometimes, or teachers for naughty students … or all of them for horny housewives. Just saying.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            I still take exception to your sentences: “I enjoy how in It’s OK, It’s Love the counselors are really the secret patients with disorders, and they get advise from the “weird” people they supposed to help. It’s a well hidden truth in a professional world of modern psychiatry – doctors are often sicker than the patients.”

            If you were part of the psychological community, I’m not sure why you made a series of unprofessional comments in the one above which I will highlight as hurtful.

            “Weird people” (Air quotes don’t make it better)
            “Secret Patients”
            And that the mental health professionals all have mental health issues.

            YOU should know better and should have been trained better, which is why I still take exception to your comment.

            The professor did not have a physical mental illness. He had grief counseling. Which I pointed out and you didn’t rescind. When you say that someone who has had grief counseling has a “disorder” that really shows a lack of knowledge and savvy, which makes me on edge that you were in the mental health profession at all.

            In addition, you said that the *doctors* were getting *help* from the patients whom you labeled as “weird. (The weird people they are supposed to be helping.) makes it the patients–that’s definitely not what the show has been doing. You did not say “situations”. That is a baseline and broad judgment and one that you should have been better trained against in your basic classes.

            Then you tripled that with a “mental health professions all have mental health issues” line, which makes it even worse. The show put it out there that *was not* always true, but you stated it anyway. One can have a temporary state and still need counseling. In fact the only person who is both a doctor and has been getting constant treatment for her anxiety is Hae Soo, which makes it only *one* therapist/psychiatrist (since she prescribes medicine) in the entire show with a mental health issue.

            For one that says you are part of the choir, why was your language so ignorant and hurtful if you claim you were better trained than the comment you produced? I, as just an advocate should be being schooled instead, but I find that you are producing statements that need correcting which is why I did it. And you, as a former mental health professional should know better than to say that’s not what I meant.

            But it’s up to you if you want to take those comments or not. If you double down, rather than reconsider, that’s still up to you. I’m still earmarking that comment as against mental health advocacy and hurtful, due to your chosen language, no matter your intentions. (Notice I said what you said, not who you are).

    • 1.4 jhu

      Hello Kim Yoonmi, as always, it’s so good to hear your insightful comments on everything, especially It’s Okay, It’s Love.

      I find it to be a quietly intriguing show, and like you say, the socially forward, or progressive feel is a breath of fresh air. The drama is also quite understated, in that being a bit cuckoo seems to be like a normal thing. And I wouldn’t say that is too far from how things unroll in reality. And instead of revelling in the melodrama of it all, the show takes a step back to contemplate on it. I like that.

      The title itself though, which I found quite befuddling initially…Well after watching the third episode, it feels to me like Hae Soo is the one that needs more healing. And Jae Yeol is the one that’s going to be doing that for her. So is the title something that Jae Yeol is saying to Hae Soo in a rather literal sense? I feel more and more like that’s referring and responding to Hae Soo’s complex with love and sexuality and that the show itself will be the unravelling and resolution of that major conflict.

      • 1.4.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I think the title is supposed to be several layers. 괜찮아, 사랑이야

        Sarang iya can also mean, “There is love”

        So the title is kinda imprecisely translated.

        I think loosely, it’s more like, even though you may have troubles, (since kwaenchana is used to comfort and soothe in Korean), there is still love for you to have. That we love you as a whole human being. Or that seems to be what the show argues.

        ’cause Korea right now is the opposite of that. People often take away love or even out people who have mental illness/health issues temporary or otherwise as “other” “strange” which feeds the suicide rate and stigma. In another words, it’s not OK with the general public, here is hate. But the show is showing the opposite and in understated ways, which I totally appreciate. For example, if you watched episode 4, you will see that even the convict has his own circumstances, but that I think what the show is trying for isn’t evil/good as many K-dramas are going for or even strange or whacky, but slice of life. Things evolve and change and some people will get over their issues with a lot of work, and some won’t, but that doesn’t make either of those people more or less than the other. It takes time and patience, which was argued solidly in episode 3 with the umbrella scene.

        I also like the umbrella and break up scene, because you saw that the boyfriend has his own issues as well, though not mental health issues and was rather childish throughout, which constrasts nicely with Hae soo’s maturity, despite having physical touch anxiety. (*cough* for some reason I’m thinking Master’s Sun is the opposite…) Or solidly arguing, yet again, that mental health issues don’t mean lack of maturity and mental disability. (Though it doesn’t put down mental disability either)

        • Tara

          I admit I was a bit confused with the meaning of the title…and your explanation really clarified it for me. I think maybe the translation from Korean to English gets the meaning lost in translation, because I didn’t think of that way (the kenchanah bit) until you pointed it out. “Kenchanah, sarang-e-ah” definitely sounds more soothing than the rigid/emotionless “it’s ok, it’s love”…maybe “it’s love, it’s gonna be ok” would have made more sense. To me at least ;P

          And I totally agree with your words about mental health issues, and how this is addressing it. It is simply mind-boggling how much any sort of mental illness/issues are shunned there still, enough so that their suicide rate is through the roof. Totally not a good stat to have at all.

          I have OCD with washing my hands. It was really bad in undergrad, but I’ve gotten better at it. My mom was visiting Korea last summer, and she was talking about me to her friends at a restaurant. She casually mentioned that I’m like that…when another diner (not in their party) turned to her and said, you need to get your daughter institutionalized, stat! Then she went on and on about how she could ‘raise a daughter like that’ and ended up getting yelled at by my mom’s friends to mind her damn business. My mom was dumbfounded that a stranger would suggest that…much less even think that way. It just goes to show how the way of thinking is way off and totally cultivating this shunning by society. When she told me that, I actually laughed…because it was ridiculous that this total stranger got in an uproar about my OCD.

          And I agree…Gong Hyo-jin was quite the opposite with her touch anxiety here than in Master’s Sun! 🙂 Although I’d say she’s quite lucky to have So Ji-sub, now Jo In-sung as her partner…touch anxiety be damned, ha!

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Sadly the state of Korea is such that if you have a mental health issue, you have to most likely be institutionalized because it is *that* bad. It’s really difficult to find a mental health professional outside of a hospital setting according to the WHO. (World Health Organization).

            This makes treating certain types of mental illness much more difficult, such as depression, which relies on the person being around people who can support them, and being able to function in their normal lives. Isolation is the worst thing you can do for depression.

            This includes things like anxiety, too. Where most of the treatment is about exposure therapy and working through issues in day to day life. When you cut that off and a person has to physically go to the hospital to get treated, it puts the person at risk. Anxiety presents with a high rate of suicide that’s often ignored. And cutting people off from their day to day life, makes it much harder to treat.

            Just giving these two as examples. But any treatment that relies on desensitization is easier treated with the person living their normal life rather than changing their situation.

            Also, because of the low rate of mental health facilities, often people do have to go away, but the recovery rate is slow since it’s difficult to get follow up.

            I read the WHO report on it and I found it sad, but the Korean government is trying to work through those issues, so I’m hoping that the acceptance rate of mental health issues, being able to talk about it and the facilities in order to treat or at least minimize those issues will increase.

            I find it sad that it is this way in South Korea due to long-held stigma.

    • 1.5 Aigoooo

      Amnesia Lovers lol.. that kinda reminds me of Mary Him If You Dare and I started calling it Watch Me If You Dare.

    • 1.6 justanotherleo

      You know, the brain disease? thingy kinda reminded me of another plot device from another Taiwanese drama – Autumn Concerto. I wonder if it will go down that route. Hmmm.

  2. fan

    I came across to an on-going survey (by the Korean Magazine Sports DongA) on ‘who are the best rom-com couple?’

    So far the result is:
    1. Sun InGook and Yi HaNa (King of high school savvy) 1055
    2. Jang Hyuk and Jang NaRa (Fated to love you) – 359
    3. Yeon WooJin and Han GooRu (Marriage not Dating) – 64
    4. Ji HyunWoo and Jung EunJi (Trot lover) -40
    5. Jo InSung and Gong HyoJin (It is ok it is love) – 38

    I love all these shows and YooNa’s street. And favorite character is Yi HaNa/SooYoung.

    • 2.1 mary

      Oh hey! Yoo Na’s Street!!! That show is such a fun watch.

      *chips in some YNS love*

      Three months ago, during The Great Kdrama Drought, I would’ve banged its drum and demand people watch it. But now I kinda understand there are tons of good shows to watch so YNS might not be a priority.

      But if you have time, YES, YOU, FELLOW BEANIE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, check it out. It’s all sorts of wonderful craziness!

      • 2.1.1 Isa

        Where can I watch yoo na’s street with English subs please?

        • mary

          I’m watching it using DarkSmurfSubs subbing tool. 🙂

          But they also have a streaming option if you don’t have time to help sub.

          Just sign up for an account in their forums. (It’s free!)

        • James94131

          Try myasiantv

          • Jo

            Thank you James94131! I have been looking for it since I first heard about it.

          • denwanai

            THANK YOU, I saw one ep subbed and the rest were raw. Thanks for the site suggestion. Looking forward to this one.

          • cs

            Thanks James94131. Unfortunately my internet security software flagged this site out as suspicious. I also don’t quite fancy the idea of signing up an account to stream drama. So it looks like I have to be content with chinese sub in tudou. It has up to ep20 subbed now.

        • Waiting

          Darksmurf has up to ep 16 subbed.

          I was sick in bed a few days ago and marathoned the show. I like it so a bit more love for YNS. 🙂

      • 2.1.2 James94131

        So glad more people are discovering Yoona’s Street. Best drama of the year! Once you start watching, guaranteed you will end up marathon watching every available episode.

        • girlatsea

          You know, I knew this would happen, but after you directed me to MyAsianTV last week, I marathoned all 16 subbed episodes within the weekend. And then I went on to watch episodes 17 and 18 raw.

          I love this show so so much. I especially love Yoo-na and cheonsa Chang-man (of course) and I even find myself sympathizing with Samchon although, my god, he’s one of the biggest losers I’ve seen in Kdramaland in a while.

          I’m so glad it’s doing well in the ratings so JTBC won’t kill it like they did with Wild Chives and Soybean Soup.

          Thanks again for directing me to MyAsianTV last week ^^

          • james94131

            LOL at your marathon session!! Happens to every person who starts to watch this show!! Now comes the hard part: waiting, waiting and waiting each week for more episodes to be broadcast and then subbed.

            It’s almost criminal that High School King of Savvy and Marriage, Not Dating are getting so much love and attention when in fact Yoo Na’s Street is getting much higher ratings in Korea and absolutely no love or attention outside Korea. Oh well, this will just have to be our secret crack.

      • 2.1.3 Chandler

        I’m so happy that so many people are picking up Yoona’s Street!!! It’s lovely 🙂

    • 2.2 John

      fan ~

      Yes to Yoo Na’s Street. A well written show. The characters aren’t the typical dramaland stereotype cardboard cutouts, they actually have some depth to them.

      Good cast too. I’m only on Ep 11, I haven’t been disappointed.

    • 2.3 harmonyfb

      ::laughing:: I hate most of these character couples. Clearly, I am not the target audience for most Korean rom-coms.

  3. redfox


    Omg theFolk Music festival was soooo awesome. I especially liked Antti Paalanen, accordeon player, check him out. A rough finnish guy with glasses, messy hair, bad english, but when he started to play it was like some fierce troll. But a troll with a sweet nature, you know. I also liked Ciac Boum from France and Kulno Malva from Estonia, he makes sort of…indie-folk? Totally his own style.
    My vacation ended and I spent a whole 2 and a half weeks in Viljandi and it is so hot here, we are, this week, the hottest place in Europe, 34 degrees every day. I feel like I am gonna collapse it is so hot, and I can´t sleep in this heat. But I am still trying to make the best of it.
    Although it is really bad for the crops. All the apples are falling down prematurely and everything is so dry.
    Dramas: still watching High School Savvy and also a little bit of Joseon Gun Man.
    My question today popped into mind at the Folk music Festival. We have lots of bands here who take old folk songs and re-arrange them in pop, rock or other arrangements and they make some really wild and cool music based on old spells and runic songs. As much as I have heard, in Korea there is eityher the traditional folk music or pop music, or rock, but not like, and modern folk band who rocks out based on the traditional pieces. You know what I mean? Contemporary folk arrangements. Or is there? I wish the next years festival found something korean to show us.

    • 3.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      That reminds me of that Korean drama where the rock musician falls for the traditional folk artist and they end up making music together.

      • 3.1.1 JoAnne

        you mean Heartstrings with Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye, I think it was?

        • redfox

          was just about to say.
          well, that´s a drama, but I am wondering if there is a band like that in real life.

    • 3.2 kopytko

      There must be musicians or bands like that, it’s just soooo hard to find them online ;).

      I like modern arrangements of traditional music, or folk/traditional touch in modern music, but I know only Jaejoong’s version of the Arirang song. I will gladly find out more. It would be great to listen to something like the Japanese band kaggra, – such a pity they don’t exist any more….

      • 3.2.1 kopytko

        *it should be kagrra, and not the way I typed it. I am hopeless…

      • 3.2.2 pogo

        I remember seeing a 4minute performance from 2012 or so where there were gayageum players doing the intro to their song, and it flowed beautifully.

    • 3.3 QQ

      I’m pretty much off from K-Dramas for a while, due to trip to China and… kinda lose interest. Ever since gooddrama got a stupid malware. I’m taking a break off now. But probably will try to watch High School – Love On and It’s Okay, It’s Love. I need some high school cliche and interesting plot at the same time. [By the way, any of them worth watching?]

      I gotta admit, China is heated badly, specifically Beijing or Hangzhou. But the scenery are a beauty of its own. Right by the time I post this, I’m currently in Shanghai. Actually, it’s like the other version of Orchard Road in Singapore. Except a toddler slapped my ass while I’m walking, and later, a woman slapped me in the arm because I was going to sit on her place (I get that i was kinda wrong, but she wasn’t even sitting on her place. Dumbass nearly squished my dad.)

      I don’t know if any of the Beanies are from Mainland China, but I didn’t really have a high opinion on their lack of manners. True, there are good people, but…

      By the way, I’m addicted to anime Angel Beats! songs. ‘My Song’, Alchemy, Crow Song, and Ichibanno no Takaranomo (?).

      For K-Drama OST, I listen to ‘Love you like u’, ‘Suddenly’ and Monstar OST by Kim Nana (I’m rather biased on this, though other OSTs are amazing too) and starting to like Chen’s ‘Best Luck’ for It’s Okay, It’s Love.

      • 3.3.1 QQ

        Just kill me now. I replied wrongly. Was supposed to be a new comment…

        Btw, I saw a few Jeon Jihyun and Kim Soohyun CFs in Beijing and Shanghai. Other than that, I saw a filming site for those typical kungfu drama in Huangshan. I don’t know if any had an idea of what is the name of the drama?

  4. zakin89

    Happy OT

    Had a job interview this week and if there’s an opening I’m gonna work in afterschool care as of October =) *YAY*

    But onto the other important stuff this week namely dramas^^

    Trot Lovers: Oh drama why did you have to go the amnesia route? Though I was not as annoyed as I thought I would be. Yeah Soo In’s meddling was hard to watch but karma’s a bitch and I’m sure she gonna get what she deserves (including her mom). It was great to watch Joon Hyun doing things he did with Chun Hee unconsciously though. And leave it to this drama to tie up the amnesia story in 2 episodes! Thank you very much.

    Marriage not Dating: Oh man that last scene was heartbreaking. Poor Jang Mi =( Ki Tae’s mom is the absolute worst for playing with someone’s feelings like that. JM’s break down in the car was really sad.
    I honestly don’t care for Se Ah anymore… She’s such a redundant character but oh well…

    FTLY: Ep 9 was cuteness overload… but now I fear for next week… I smell massive angst -.- But oh well it can’t really go on like now wouldn’t be a K-Drama otherwise xD

    IOTL: Wow those two hours just flew by =) LOVE IT! Kwang Soo and Sung Dong Il are my new favourite thing^^ Love them together! The whole Kang Woo mystery kind of continues. He wasn’t there on the street BUT who’s calling Jae Yeol when he speaks with KW on the phone?!
    Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung have quite the chemistry and I love their relationship! Keep the bickering a while longer please, it’s awesome!
    Also… I have such a huge girl crush on Gong Hyo Jin^^


    RM: Aww too little Joo Won but there were lots of funny moments =) The bickering level was high and well … MONDAY COUPLE =) Their confession time (interrupted by Suk Jin *heh*) was so funny to watch especially with the reaction of Haha and Jong Kook^^
    And damn Hong Seok Cheon knows how to serve food!

    1N2D S3: Hehe their phone conversations with Yu PD were just awesome^^ Too bad the whole thing didn’t last longer 😀 But damn the heat thing was no joke 😛 It was hilarious to see Joon Young, Junho and Jong Min trying to win against the staff and was glad when in the end they allowed the door to be open^^ I think the moth wouldn’t have been the only casualty otherwise 😛
    And the morning mission… AWESOME! Jong Min literally sitting an arms length from the saving flag only to have it snatched away by Tae Hyun. Best part was definitely that they all thought it meant breakfast for their team and instead it meant going home early for Tae Hyun^^ 1N2D is on a roll these days =)

    • 4.1 owl

      his zakin89 – about Soo-in’s meddling – isn’t that second degree intentional (attempted) homicide or at least assault and battery? And the mother and her weenie side kick are accomplices – yikes! covering all that up in the name of wannabe fame and having the power to do so? I hope that when the seriousness of what Soo-in did is discovered is legally addressed somehow someway and not just brushed over. Even if it’s a kdrama.

    • 4.2 Bex

      I’m with you on Trot Lovers I thought the amnesia would be a lot worse but the fact that he’s basically falling in love with Chun Hee all over again is quite fun to watch and I don’t think it’s going to drag out that much.

    • 4.3 Sophie

      I’m not a fan of some of the members personalities, to be honest. But as a whole, I’m liking 1N2D these days too !

  5. laden

    Tales of a foreigner in china
    OK so this week was pretty OK, started attending BLCU to learn Chinese,my oh my is Chinese difficult to learn. I’m suddenly wishing I was in S.Korea 😀 and either the stares have reduced or I’m getting used to being stared at. I totally locked my self out of my apartment in nothing but short shorts and a tank top with no shoes on for more than 2 hours after stepping out to check something right outside my door the door was eventually opened by some agency after the whole of beijing had gathered in my corridor. And I got lost as well around 9pm cos I took the right bus but at the wrong time, what a pain! Its almost like no one speaks English here and they keep speaking Chinese to you even after you tell them you don’t understand a word they are saying.
    More tales coming soon

  6. fan

    YooNa’s street
    ****SPOILER (or not? since this is not recapped here)
    There was one scene peeked my interest in Ep.20. One of the thing in Korea is that young mothers come to US to deliver their babies (if they can afford of course).

    This scene dealt with that topic. ManBok (ex-gangster boss) met with Chairman Jung (the one who obsessed with MiSun in previous eps) because MB wanted to move his dance club to a bigger place in a building owned by Jung. There were also gangster Baendaeng-yi. Conversation went like this.

    Baendaeng-yi: Chairman, is your son a US citizen?
    Jung: My son got it ever since he came out of my wife’s stomach.
    ManBok: How is that possible?
    Jung: Oh, we did the birth tour(?delivery in far away place).
    MB: Oh, you mean going to US to give a birth?
    Yoon: yeah,
    B: Anyway, you did the right thing. My cousin is in the US too as an illegal immigrant, but he says it is almost impossible to get the citizenship. So it will be very difficult if you want to get it later.
    MB: What is so good about having US citizenship?
    B: They don’t go to the (Korean) army, you see? The person with citizenship get exempted.

    (After MB’s wife joins the meal and exchanges greetings.)
    MB: Anyway you stopped talking about the army thing a minute ago. In the parents’ point of view, isn’t it better if you can prevent them from going to the army if you can?
    B: Of course. Not sending to army is all parents’ ability, you know? Look at politicians, The people who know something don’t send the kids to the army, you see. People desert with the gun and get into a gun fight with his team members, like that. Army is that dangerous, you know.
    Jung: Did you go to army?
    B: I didn’t.
    Jung: But not going to the army is not something you are proud of. You see, my son went to marine even though he is US citizen.
    B: When did he go? I’ve never heard this before.
    Jung: When our YoungKwang was sophomore in the college, as soon as he came home, he told me. ‘Dad, wherever I live, I want to be a proud person as Korean. Please let me volunteer to join the marine’. When he said that in front me proudly, I got tears in my eyes.
    MB: Wow, that young friend is really something.
    B: In that case, you did birth tour for nothing?
    Yoon: That is right. we did it for nothing. That is why I don’t like my wife much.

    Another slice of life. YooNa’s street, you are awesome.

    • 6.1 mary

      Oh hey! Hahaha I kyaaaed about YNS in your earlier post above. ^___^

      I won’t read this yet since I’ve only seen up to 18. Nice to find a YNS friend here. Hello~ *waves excitedly*

    • 6.2 Carole McDonnell

      It really is!

    • 6.3 Chandler

      OMG. This is awesome. I love the show so much that I’ve been watching the raws so this is super helpful for me 🙂

  7. Alvina

    Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been back on Dramabeans but not much has changed. It’s like seeing friends again after a long time.

    Anyone want to give me a quick update on the drama scene?! I’ve been mostly paying attention to variety shows, and have missed the slew of releases.

    Mostly interested in RomComs and Action/Thriller.

    • 7.1 Riya

      In no specific order:

      Fated to love you(Warning: You WILL die from all the cute!)

      High School King of Savvy: You must have heard all the ‘hero is a high schooler and the female lead is 10 years older’ complaints but that is because that is probably the ONLY complaint people could come up with for this show. Trust me, it is THAT GOOD.

      Marriage, not Dating:Fresh, entertaining and extreeeemely HILARIOUS!

      It is romcom heaven in dramaland this summer so you need to watch these like right now!

      Sidenote : It’s okay It’s love- I personally love this show but it has only aired 4 episodes and is very non-kdrama-ish romcom. So you can wait a while before starting with this,

    • 7.2 nomad

      It’s currently raining great romcoms in drama land. I’m enjoying noona romance known as High School King Savvy on MT, Fated to Love you W-Th (which is so sweet my tooth is hurting), and Married not Dating F-Sat. Try ’em all, really. I highly recommend them. But since they’re on going, I can’t vouch that they’ll stay good til the end. You know how it goes…hope springs eternal after all 🙂

    • 7.3 Carole McDonnell

      High School King of Savvy
      Cunning Single Lady (Finished airing but was fun)
      You who came from the stars (Finished airing but was fun)
      Let’s Eat (Fnished, but was fun. I didn’t watch the last 2 epis because of serious second lead syndrome issues.)

      Action Thrillers
      Golden Cross — The first two episodes leave you pulling your hair out, but once you’re’re in.

      Gap Dong– A thriller but don’t expect to not know anything. Everything gets “known” pretty quickly. Might not be your cup of tea but it’s mostly psychological ponderings get addictive after a while.

    • 7.4 owl

      Hi Alvina – Speaking of variety shows, there is a new one that has me scratching my head ** Have you seen it? Abnormal Talks (Summit Talsk). 3 MCs and a panel of 12 ex pats discussing topics per se but veering quite a bit and whoa, sparks flying and randomness galore – people calling out the country of origin when addressing someong (Hey Turkey, hey China) rather than their names. First of all, I’d say, “Excuse me? I have a name. Please use it when addressing me.” Is that supposed to be funny, because it is just ignorant. The format is supposed to show the diversity in individual and countries’ cultures, but personal biases and prejudices spurted out in ugly ways. I wondered, “Are some of these guys from another century?”

      Even though it is supposed to represent diversity, the panel is all-male and the ex pats are high profile in Korea.

      Anyway, if any one else saw this (2 of the 4 episodes are eng subbed so far) – what in the world??!!

      • 7.4.1 JJK

        Hmm, I came across this show once but didn’t get to watch it because it’s not eng subbed. Might find some time to see how it’s like. Where did you watch it?

        • owl

          Here’s episode 1 on dailymotion, 2 is also subbed.

          3 and 4 are raw so far.

          Such a bizarre show, sometimes offensive, not sure what the concept really is, wanting to be progressive – but is it? Perhaps the show is attempting to be inclusive, yet there are no female panelists out of 15 (3 MC 12 ex pats) – and a lot of shouting out and over one another. definite prejudices and biases, which can be okay if properly expressed and change can happen. Oh, and when they did have female guests in episode 2, it was former Miss Korea and a well-known comedian (she brought the issue for discussion) On top of that, the men voted on which one they would date based on phone habits (Miss Korea got 3 I think, the comedian – 8 or 9). Cultural clashing going on, again, okay if presented with tolerance which wasn’t always the case. The American, Tyler, is a curious fellow. Anyway, I am interested in your thoughts on this show that calls itself a summit.

          • D's handphone

            Thanks for links.. i watched the 2 eps back to back. The foreign panels are quite an interesting mix of people, to me at least but maybe not to others cos it has been a while since i really watch varieties.

            Of the show itself, i enjoyed it quite well. 2nd ep question is interesting and opinions by the panels reflecting their personality & culture is evident. It reminds me of the show on kbs with female foreign panels. Maybe i was already conditioned but i do not find any of it offensive so far, only i had an inner warning bell whenever someone shares something that might be deemed as not proper by korean tv standard. Glad it’s on cable.

    • 7.5 mongoose

      I’ll also say that there’s a sudden surge of good rom-coms. Personally:

      – I like High School King of Savvy, but I felt it worked better as a fish-out-of-water comedy than as a romance. The age thing is a big turn-off for me, despite knowing in real life Seo In-Guk is waaaay older than his character.

      – Fated to Love You is very old school romance, lot of coincidences and chance meetings leading to love hijinks. Gun is maniacally funny (emphasis on maniacal) and Mi-Young is just the sweetest thing despite having no self-esteem. I’ve not seen the original but have totally been spoiled from another dramabeans thread (a previous Open Thread, in fact), so watch out.

      – Marriage Not Dating is my current drama crack. It’s super funny, cleverly written, and has a bickering slow burn of a romance, which is right up my alley. The leads are compelling, even if the secondary (and tertiary) leads aren’t as interesting. Han Groo is great as the zealous heroine with a serious neediness character flaw, and she has a lot of chemistry with Yeon Woo-Jin.

  8. Shadow-chan

    Hey everyone!

    Feels like I haven’t been to an OT for weeks…
    Well, I guess it just doesn’t feel that way 😀

    I had a three week holiday and my resolve was to catch up on all the dramas I was watching which of course I… didn’t do. At all.
    It actually feels like I watched less than when I was working O.o
    But I did finish YAAS, which is no small feat considering my strange allergy to drama endings lately…
    Seriously, from the last couple (re)watched, YAAS is the only one I actually finished…
    Well, in some cases I absolutely know why I didn’t want to watch the last episodes (I’m looking at you, TK2H! *sob*), in other cases… I guess I’ve just been burnt by too many bad endings which ruined the whole thing for me.

    Speaking of ruining the whole thing: So far I absolutely loved Trot Lovers, but I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet. He’s got amnesia, doesn’t he? -.-”
    Maybe I’ll just wait until it’s resolved and watch everything in one go then…
    Hmm, there’s also still that rumor I heard from before it started airing that JJS and IU will make a cameo, so obviously I’m going to watch no matter what happens, haha.

    Speaking of JJS: A friend of mine who stayed in Japan for a year came back. Not only am I of course happy to see her again, but when I do, I’ll finally get my hands on the What’s Up? soundtrack, YES!!

    In other news: My apprenticeship is starting tomorrow and I’m quite nervous… I’ll also have reeeeeally long days so I guess I’ll watch even less dramas then I do now…

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend and a nice coming week! 🙂

    • 8.1 Carole McDonnell

      Oh my! That drama-ending allergy is a bad one! I know it well. And once one has it….it’s like an illness that never really goes away and might flare up at anytime. I’ve been noting — with some pleasure– how lucky I was in avoiding a possible reinfection: Triangle, Doctor Stranger. But I’m trying not to be too complacent because…well…with some of these dramas, it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    • 8.2 Chandler

      NO WAY. Did you say the What’s Up soundtrack?!!? That exists? I have spent so much time trying to hunt down that ost!

  9. panda

    happy OT BEANIES.

    Right now live watching 3 shows.

    First is my absolute crack- FATED TO LOVE YOU. I think in need to stop gushing about this how. lol

    Secondly, am loving Marriage not dating

    Third is Its Okay its love which i like… but not love yet. I guess the problem is so far my fav character is the Sunbae Psychiatrist. I don’t love the 2 leads yet so that’s a bit of an issue. We ll see how that pans out.

    And again have i told you how much i Love JANG HYUK? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

    • 9.1 owl

      Ditto Jang Hyuk love. I marathoned Thank You this week. I noticed a couple of things since watching oder kdramas- more recent kdramas move faster than most of the older ones I’ve watched, and the translations are tighter these days (thank you subbers for all your hard work). Thank you was bittersweet.

  10. 10 Faye

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I kept meaning to catch up with some in-progress dramas, and it never happened, so I just started a new one. I’m really liking “It’s Ok, It’s Love.” I like that it features all adults, and I think Hae-Soo is my favorite role for Gong Hyo-Jon – I like her with an edge!

    I have to catch up with “Fated to Love You.” Other than that, I think I’ll get more into K dramas when the fall ones roll out.

    I made a little switch to American TV watching. After years of being pressured by friends, I started watching “The Good Wife.” I have to admit, it’s pretty good! For some reason I keep trying to imagine who would be cast if it were a K drama (K drama lover hazard, I suppose :).

  11. 11 korfan

    Hi Everyone!

    The heat and humidity continue in full force …… not fun!

    Watched this week:

    A New Leaf – Gosh, this is good! …… The cases, the details, the people, all good.

    You’re All Surrounded – Almost done with this and still enjoying it.

    Trot Lovers – Despite it’s flaws, I just really like Shin Sung-rok in this.

    Poirot (The Big Four Episode) – It was great to see all the original cast members back together again, if only for a bit. ….. Already sad that the series is ending.

    That’s all for now. ……. Everyone take care and have a great Friday!

    • 11.1 PlumWine

      Poirot is ending!? Noooo! I love them! I have all her books, and really enjoy the Masterpiece Series. Well, I will just have to re-watch them all like I usually do. Thanks for the update.

      • 11.1.1 korfan

        PlumWine –

        Yes, it’s ending after 25 years! *sniff, sniff*

        Someone here on OT was kind enough to mention it a week or two ago. I also read an article about it.

        From what I read there are just 5 final episodes, of which only 2 will be shown on Masterpiece (last weekend’s episode was one of them). …….. The other 3 are going to be shown or are currently being shown on a streaming service I’ve honestly never heard of, but the name escapes me right now.

        I’m certainly going to miss Poirot.

    • 11.2 Bex

      The last Poirot broke my heart

      • 11.2.1 PlumWine

        What! Why? No, don’t tell me. I’m still going to watch it and think because you mean it’s the end of the series. Can’t quite remember the end of the Big Four. (Everybody better still be alive!)

      • 11.2.2 korfan

        Bex –

        May I ask where you watched the last episode?

        I ask because I saw the “Big Four” episode last weekend on Masterpiece (PBS) and I’ve read only 2 of the 5 episodes will be shown there. …… This being the case I have no idea if the episode that was selected for this coming weekend will be the actual, last and final episode of the series or just one of the other ones.

  12. 12 Carole McDonnell

    Hi all:

    Hope all are doing well. Settling down well into Albany. This is a very disability-friendly town. Lots of sports, programs, etc for disabled/autistic/down’s syndrome children. Horseback riding classes, music classes, ice skating classes. The county even has Travel Trainers who teach students, the disabled, foreigners, and the elderly how to take public trnsportation, read map routes an schedules. It’s also a very laidback town. Coming from just north of NYC where bureaucrats etc are so nasty and cold, it was a bit of a shock to discover again that folks are basically nice and polite. Haven’t found a church yet or made new friends, but found some good acquaintances. Been sick from stress etc but I think this new move will really do me good.

    Dramas: Loving High School King of Savvy. Love that a show about a risque barely legal relationship is exploring celibacy nd sexual restraint in an ongoing laidback unintrusive way. Poor Min Suk — caught between loyalty to hyung and to bromantic partner and guys at the office. I love the whole Count of Monte Cristo gestalt this season and I really think HSKOS is the balancing vibe. So many wronged Korean avengers go abroad and return with money, backing, and faithful sidekicks/henchmen…and we’re on their side. But we see the flip side of that in this drama and we’re like Min Suk. We and Min Suk didn’t see Dad being screwed over and didn’t understand his pain…so because of that distance we aren’t necessarily hooked into wanting the revenge. And Chairman is genuinely repentant so no redemtion arc is necessary…unless we want him to lose that guilty money. But i love the balance..against such shows as Joseon Gunman and Golden Cross. Am wondering what I’ll do when this drama ends.

    Yoona’s Street: All caught up!!!

    Dear Cat: Stopped watching about three weeks ago but someone wrote in OT last week that the good guys now seem like the bad guys. So now am all intrigued and might jump in. Where would be a good point to drop back in? I kinda want a replacement for Angel’s Revenge, which was a good daily.

    Seoyoung, my daughter: I still have to start this one. Episodes on my youtube list, though.

    Joseon Gunman: Was I ever glad for the last scene of episode 12! Seriously all the pretense and pussyfooting around was getting to me.

    Last, but not least: I had my very first kdrama-related dream. Dreamed I was cooking for both Yong Hwa and for Meryl Streep. He said I should cook whatever…and being in an unami mood, I made him a veggie burger with all kinds of unami tastes. He said he didn’t like it, which made me quite unhappy.

    Happy weekend, all.

    • 12.1 TS

      Albany sounds good for you! 🙂 I’ve heard horseriding is good there.

      So far, so good with My Dear Cat. It is interesting, and I do want to keep watching it. And yes, the switch in characters is engaging. Even with the second leads, he went from being a good guy to a creep, and she went from being annoying and greedy to a victim, though still greedy (but now, she’s more understandable, though just foolish).

      • 12.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        It’s making me dare to dream again. And it’s a city surrounded by farms. Plus the horse-racing up at Saratoga.

        Which epi of Cat should i jump back into? 20? Are all epis important?

        • JoAnne

          My friend from school is a reporter on the paper there – Amy Biancolli. She’s always talking up how great Albany is!

        • Lovedramas

          Albany, NY right!? Since I see you mention Toga (Saratoga), so it must be. I grew up in the capital region, although I don’t live there now but relatives still do. Hello!!!

    • 12.2 Faye

      Hi Carol! Glad you are getting settled in and enjoying Albany. Aside from being the seat of NYS government, it sounds like a great place :).

      Yong Hwa may not have appreciated your veggie burger, but I would have been ALL over it. Did Meryl like it?

      • 12.2.1 Carole McDonnell

        Yeah, Albany politicians are known to be corrupt. Second to Chicago. Mercifully, i’m not in politics or contracted to them so am safe. Meryl had been very specific about what she wanted so i knew my limits. Note to self: when someone says, “i’ll take anything”…they probably won’t.

  13. 13 samsooki

    As I am head over heels for FTLY, and its OST, I wanted to share a bit of the current song in my head 24/7.

    Jung Dong Ha’s song, Destiny Sonata, totally rocks.

    The refrain (which starts at about 1:25) goes like this:


    손을 내밀어, 너를 꼭 안으면
    (sohn-eul neh-mee-ruh, nuh-reul kkok ahn-neu-myeon)
    when (my) hand reaches out, to hold you tight

    어긋난 운명도 사랑이 되겠지
    (eun-geut-nan oon-myeong-do sa-rang-ee dae-kaet-ji)
    our messed up destinies will* turn to love

    소리쳐 불러 너만을 사랑해
    (so-ri-chieo bool-luh nuh-mahn-eul sa-rang-heh)
    I shout out (that) I love only you

    심장이 널 원해 운명 같은 너
    (shim-jang-ee neul weon-heh, oon-myeong gat-teun nuh)
    My heart yearns for you, (you) my destiny

    널 사랑해
    (neul sa-rang-heh)
    I love you

    * the “되겠지” (dae-kaet-ji) part isn’t really “will turn” but more like “hopefully will turn”… so it is more like, “our messed up destinies hopefully maybe just maybe I hope and probably (I think) will turn to love.”

    So, when you guys watch the MVs this week, waiting for the next installment of FTLY, you guys can sing along to the refrain and maybe, just maybe, maybe maybe, if you reach your hand out to touch (JH or JNR, your choice, or both), then maybe, just maybe, your destiny with him/her/them will turn to love too.

    Happy OT everyone!

    • 13.1 nee

      Hi Samsooki

      I love that you love FTLY 🙂

      • 13.1.1 samsooki

        How can I not?

        In k-drama lingo translated into english, “it is exactly my style.”


        • mary

          Hallo samsooki. Were you the one who said a while back that Mrs. Samsooki is allergic to Jang Nara?

          What about now? Have you tried to make her watch FTLY? 🙂 It looks like a great drama so I’m curious if it’s enough to cure the Nara allergy. ^^

        • panda

          Its my absolute CRACK 🙂

        • samsooki

          Oh, believe me.

          Mrs. Samsooki and I are BOTH happily in love with FTLY.

          Mrs. Samsooki has not, as of yet, apologized to Jang Nara for not liking Jang Nara the way that I do, but, Mrs. Samsooki has acknowledged how awesome and awesome and awesome that Jang Nara has been in FTLY.

          FTLY is a must-watch for us.

          I sit with a blanket and a few pillows to act as possible shields against JNR getting embarrassed or hurt, while Mrs. Samsooki watches without any shield or anti-pain device.

          Mrs. Samsooki, like many, cannot understand Gunnie’s hair.

          Oh, last point on Mrs. Samsooki – she was and still is apprehensive of the pain and the depths that Kim Mi Young will have to face before KMY and LG will finally have their happy ending.

          Not me tho – I have my blanket, my pillows to block the pain and embarrassment so I am fine.

          • JoAnne

            I am glad that you are back. Just wanted to say that.

          • mary

            Laughing so much at your story. ^^

            “Mrs. Samsooki warches without any shield or anti-pain device” –> O__O mrs. Samsooki is a very strong person. I’m only reading recaps and tweets and I hurt for Mi Young. She’s a little ball of goodness being passed around this way and that by kdramaland’s sadistic world. T^T

            Although, does anyone understand Gun’s hair?

          • samsooki

            Well, I am back (here I am!) but I am just enjoying dramas when we have the time to watch.

            Being able to spend the time to recap was one of the great joys in my life but, now, with three kids under the age of 5, I am just grateful that I can hop onto dramabeans and read all of the wonderful posts and stuff.

          • Lizzy4e

            Oh My Gosh! I never thought of using pillow and blankets!

            I just cover the faces, turn down the volume and read the subtitles… I can be such a wienie when it comes to embarrassment and hurt.

          • samsooki

            Oh Lizzy, let me school you on the art of hiding from k-drama embarrassment and pain.


            1. If you cannot hear them crying, they aren’t crying. Therefore, cover your ears and hum. Look at your spouse/roommate/friend/pet for confirmation that the scene is over.

            2. If you cannot see them crying, they aren’t crying. Therefore, keep a pillow nearby to block direct line of sight. See above for how to determine when the scene is over.

            3. If you run out of the room or hide every part of body under a blanket during an embarrassing scene, then the character is not being embarrassed. Embarrassment energy waves propagate from the screen in direct line of sight but are stopped by physical materials like walls or blankets. Therefore you can prevent embarrassment heart burn and brain dysfunction by covering your whole body or leaving the room.

            Hope that helps!

          • D's handphone

            My own method (as im usually watching on my hp during work commute) whenever such a scene transpire i’ll mute it and fix my attention to a spot usually on upper right of the screen and pretend nothing happens throughout (stealing glances to ensure i didnot miss the next scene) obviously fellow commuters will think im out of it cos just moments bfr i was smiling/laughing -silently ofcourse but who really cares.. cos if i am caught especially with a crying scene, it would be wayyy uglier that’s why always keep pocket tissue on the ready for just in case

    • 13.2 panda

      I love the OST too. Have all the songs. The most recently released one is Daebak

      • 13.2.1 samsooki

        I used to sing a cappella (bass) in college and law school, so I am not in the same range as Jung Dong Ha, but now I want to take voice lessons to get up to his range – just so that I can sing this song.

        LOL. Its appears that I am totally obsessed, but I’m actually just obsessed. Totally obsessed is like crazy, and plain jane obsessed is completely healthy (in my view).

    • 13.3 jhu

      yay! been humming this song to myself all day!

      and thanks to you, am listening to it now. 🙂

    • 13.4 panda

      LOL, Btw i just saw this on Showbiz Korea page: Cha Seung-Won vs Jang Hyuk.
      URGH!!!!! How am i meant to chose between these 2 men?

      I mean Dokko Jin vs Lee Gun!!!! Ah. lol

      Nevertheless, as much as i have fallen in love with Jang Hyuk and Lee Gun, i will have to choose Cha Seung-Won in this battle. JH came a very close 2nd though.

      Its just, CSW has a very very special place in my heart. The man is sexy,hot and can act his pants off. His eyes can convey sooooo much. Gah

      Anyway, beanies in this battle, what will be your pick?

      • 13.4.1 samsooki

        Wow, you know i like both.

        I’d go with JH.

      • 13.4.2 Saima

        Jang Hyukkkk!!

        I started FTLY a couple of days back and I’m excited to report that it’s been love at first sight!! omigoshhhh, he’s SO beautiful. Has perfect skin and hair (LG hilare hairdo notwithstanding!!). I LOVE his portrayal of wacky weirdo LG! SO GOOD!! hnngggg…

    • 13.5 cherkell

      Hello dahling! Good to see you back on the boards again. All is well at the Samsooki Compound these days?

      Squeeing loudly over your comment since I will be watching Jung Dong-ha in concert here in NorCal on 15 August… and playing his OST songs on heavy repeat in anticipation. (I really wub his voice on the Boohwal song from the WBDS OST.) Although he’s a married man now, I’ll report back if we get to share any ‘precious moments.’ 😀

      • 13.5.1 samsooki

        pics or it didn’t happen.


  14. 14 Wag_a_Muffin

    Because I am disappointed in BOTH Gunman AND Trot Singing for Amnesiacs, I have decided to write my own K-Drama–and it will be a sageuk.

    The players, Kim Kwan. He’s 22. Not a genius. Not very strong. He’s the oldest son of a wealthy family.
    Jin Sang. He’s Kwan’s servant. He is unschooled, but bright and a martial arts expert.
    Because Kwan wants to be famous, he enlists the help of his servant to go around doing “hero” type stuff. But lets it slip—on purpose—that he is the one being all heroic. So while Jin Sang does all the heavy lifting, Kwan gets all the adulation.
    Mi Hi has known Kwan since childhood. Their families are friends. Mi Hi was the first person Kwan “confessed” his nightly activities to. (Although, it’s a lie.) Mi Hi knows him and knows he’s never been athletic, so she is suspicious, but doesn’t suspect Jin Sang.

    In my drama there will be mistaken identities (because I like this) but NO amnesia! No noble idiocy! And No killing off of Kim Nam Gil.

    I’m still working on the episode to episode stuff. But I think Mi Hi is going to fall for Jin Sang (against her parent’s wishes, because everyone knows that she and Kwan are going to get married) but Kwang is going to love her. Everything he does is to make himself look grander for her, but she likes the servant boy—even though she doesn’t know how super cool he really is.

  15. 15 nomad

    Anyone watched an old old drama Alone in love? What’s the verdict? I’m not scared of spoilers, I just wanna know whether the ending is any good. I hate dramas that end so blah it makes me wanna hurt the screen. (in no particular order…Gu Family Book, Mirae’s non choice, Prime Minister and I, etc)

    • 15.1 wonhwa

      The ending fits the story, and I don’t think you’ll be alarmed or upset by it. There is nothing odd or out of left field, although I didn’t feel quite as satisfied by it as I thought I would. I loved the lead actors and thought there were a lot of lovely moments in the show, but even when things were going well, there was a pretty bleak undertone to the proceedings.

  16. 16 jhu

    Hello Beanies! Happy OT.

    It has been so long since I’ve spoken on OT but I can’t contain my love for FTLY. It feels too good to be true, and when you’re feeling this much love for something, it’s really difficult to keep it to yourself. I know I’m likely to find kindred souls here. I know there’s a lot more people who’ve found their happiness and lost their sanity with this show. One more week to go before we meet again? Group hug people!

    So wow. What a brilliant show. I’m gone past being eloquent about it. So here’s my incoherent fan-rambling:

    By now Gunee’s arm feels like a character on its own. The volumes it speaks and reaches out for. Love it.

    Which reminds me, this is the only show I am drawn to raw, without subtitles. I mean, there’s so much to be fathomed without relying on dialogues.

    Can’t stop laughing out loud every time they take the name Kedongie and it shows ‘Dog Poopie’ in the subtitles. It’s just become too endearing a name. Guess what I’m gonna be calling my unborn child now?

    The way Jang Hyuk moves his lips. Can we give him an award for having the sexiest lips in dramaland?

    This may not be that big a deal, but could that bed be tinier? Even the padding on the wall is larger.

    I love this show’s take on a more mature romance, with an older couple. I love how with the marriage, sex (and the baby-making part) out of the way, the couple get to do other adorably cutesy couply things that we don’t get to see in any other drama ever.

    Which brings me to the couple pjs. They look soooo old-fashioned, like something my grandparents would wear. Which makes it all the more perfect. I love how the pjs and the purple comforter are these permanent accessories in their relationship. Love how there’s one bedroom scene in every episode. But not in a typically bedroomy way.

    Only half-way through and you’ve given us an ocean of romance to drown ourselves in. <3

    Lee Gun, I love you for being the only (?) K-drama man I know to NOT manhandle the woman in his life. I've seen you grab KMY's wrists a couple of times, but I'm glad you've been gentle throughout. Plus, all the hugging, cuddling, holding. You are so spot on with that. Really know how to make a woman feel loved.

    Loving every meta joke, reference. Show is so intelligent. *Pats Show on the back*

    The couple. The couple. Aaah. What can I say? Other than that you have me turning into a gooey puddle of lovey-doveyness every time I watch you two together. I want to say so so much more about you two, but am speechless. Best. Couple. Ever.

    Love you lots and lots and lots, Show. I'm rooting for you. And I know you won't disappoint. With neither the big picture nor the little details.


    • 16.1 panda

      I love your post. I am also seriously addicted.
      Wish i could write as well as you did
      Thinking about this show makes me smile, all the damn time. Right now, am so giddy with anticipation about whats coming next. No really, am addicted.

      Jang Hyuk is a sexy beast
      Watching Chuno concurrently ad RAWR, God that guy is hot

      • 16.1.1 jhu

        Awww. Glad we’re on the same boat. Is this what people call crack?

        Am just an inch away from tumbling into the world of Chuno myself. But can I afford to commit 24 hours of my life to a show I’m not interested in at all storywise? But then there’s Jang Hyuk, shirtless the entire way, calling to me. And the next instalment of FTLY eons away. I am so conflicted!

        • panda

          Yup, this is top quality Heisenberg blue crack 🙂

          And i am watching CHUNO solely to see Jang Hyuk be this sexy man beast. I mean *fans self*. Its really not my type of drama, i love rom-coms, stories with happy endings. BUT, his performance in this drama is SO MESMERIZING I feel i would be doing him a disservice by not watching it.

    • 16.2 owl

      Hi jhu – Jang Hyuk fan here, too! ^^ Love the show for all the reasons in your post. I was so sad that evil step-mom happened upon Gun’s man cave – and well, the rest is headlines. She is detestable.

      • 16.2.1 jhu

        In the larger scheme of things, evil step-mom still feels harmless. She too is being exploited by that other despicable man-cousin (who is he, by the way?) who wants to take over Gun’s company. Her son was a real cutesy though. He’s totally fallen for KMY’s sincerity. She’s like an invisible tornado, sweeping everyone off their feet, isn’t she?

        I find Choi Jin-Hyuk’s character pretty pitiable too. I mean, he’s so out of the league when it comes to Gunee. Mr Neighbourhood Oppa, you’d be better off knowing Lee Gun is the only real Oppa around. The bromance was great while it lasted though. Wish we could have seen more of the petty rivalry. Now Daniel is taking himself way too seriously. Enough to forget that he’s so out of the league.

        • owl

          The high school disguise scenes were hilarious!

          • jhu

            lol. true the high school scenes were epic. all the stubble on the ‘teenage’ men’s faces.

    • 16.3 Boxed-In

      Totally with you on the man-handling part. I’m thoroughly sick of watching the women being dragged around and grabbed in TV shows (not just Korean, this is a major problem in many other nationalities as well). Which is why Gun seems refreshing by contrast, because he has mostly treated Mi-young with such respect. Call me old-school, but the abundance of hot protective males (okay there’re only two but you know what I mean…) in this show very much pleases me.

  17. 17 harmonyfb

    This week, I watched:

    “Two Weeks” – Finally sucked it up and finished the series. I’m so sad it’s over. That was an awesome ride – so tightly plotted, such great acting. I hope that Lee Joon Ki does more thrillers in the future, because he was great.

    “Marriage, Not Dating” – I’m not a rom-com kind of person, but I ADORE this series. It’s consistently light and funny, and the actors are absolutely beautiful.

    “Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong” – OH MY GOODNESS. This series should have “Made especially for Harmonyfb” stamped on it. Spooky detecting, ghosts, damaged detectives, snappy repartee. Why are there only 10 episodes?!?

    “Fated to Love You” – Ok, this show is not my cup of tea. But everyone was raving about it, so I’ve watched a few episodes. ::blink:: I think I’m watching a totally different show than the rest of y’all. I hate it.

    “It’s Okay, It’s Love” – Wow. The quiet insanity of the male lead makes this so compelling – I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    “Trot Lovers” – ::heavy sigh:: Oh, for the love of — scriptwriters, go home until you can come up with an original idea!

    “Joseon Gunman” – Ah, more sexy shots of Lee Joon Ki and period firearms. Plot? Um…sorry, I was distracted by the pretty.

    • 17.1 Trapper

      “Ghost-Seeing Detective” – I thought that was a very fun show, I especially enjoyed Jun Hyo-Seoing as the perpetual high school ghost Han Na Young.

      • 17.1.1 harmonyfb

        The whole cast was great – I’m really bitter that crappy dramas get 20 episodes and this one only got 10. 🙁

        (I’m on ep 7, and trying to streeetch it out so it’s not over so quickly.)

        • PlumWine

          Totally agree with “bitter that crappy dramas get 20 episodes and this one only got 10. 🙁 ” I felt the same way about “Secret Investigation Record/ Joseon X-Files.” Loved that also.

          • harmonyfb

            ::fistbump of supernatural pals:: Me, too – I was certain there had to be another season. But nooooooo. 🙁

    • 17.2 AJ

      I am kind of with you on FTLY — I really liked the first 4 or 5 episodes and then began to get a sugar high. I like a little more edge without evil in my leads, and I’d really like a bigger role for Se Ra. For my money MND and It’s Ok, It’s Love are the must-see shows. Even though one is a rom-com and the other has a more serious tone, the lead characters in both are complex and compelling, and you can see the growth trajectory for them coming. There’s real sexual tension in both series and not just cutesy chemistry.

      • 17.2.1 harmonyfb

        >For my money MND and It’s Ok, It’s Love are the must-see shows.

        I’m really surprised at how much I love those two shows – especially MND. You’re right; the sexual tension between the characters is palpable, and more importantly, believable. And in both cases, the writing is great – no fallbacks to hackneyed tropes, no sudden character shifts, just smooth transitions and snappy dialog. ::sighs happily::

  18. 18 Groo

    I dunno if anybody kept up with Hotel King, but is anybody else crying over Lee Da Hae’s and Lee Dong Wook’s selcas?

    MY OTP

  19. 19 mmshieldings

    Happy open thread and happy friday 🙂
    I totally love friday because friday is …. Marriage not Dating airing day! yooohooo~ I’ve been spending my days the whole week waiting for Jang-mi and Gi-tae♥.

    I watch other dramas too, but this one grabs me at my heart. I really love it.
    I always love dramas with such interesting heroines… the ones that is weird, sassy and energetic. I fell in love with Han Groo, she is young, pretty and talented. I love it so much when she did that weird stretching ahaha I laughed hard. And Gitaeee♥ I spent my bored times replaying that opening scene in the beginning of first episode just to see the smile on Gitae face:) I flipped.

    Fated to Love you is uber-cute, and I found that Gunnie laugh is super adorable. I mean the moment he laughed, I laughed too! It’s actually my first Janghyuk drama and I love him a lot. Se-ra is boring so far, and Jang Nara is as adorable as ever on that nerdy glasses 🙂 Love her too .

    Joseon Gunman is good 🙂 I started to watch it yesterday and I keep watching 12 episodes straight wow it’s just so good.

    High school king of savvy latest episode is awesome, kinda. Now that person everybody is waiting for is back, probably with a revenge scheme on his pocket…. wow I am speechless.

    And what else? I haven’t startes It’s Okay its Love yet but I guess I’ll do in a couple days. I stopped watch Trot Lovers on episode 3 or so because of reasons I don’t know ahaha I just stopped with no explanation. I’m not curious of the storyline and I guess trot aren’t my thing… and now everybody complains about how the story turned out I want to watch it! well i finished doctor stranger safely guess I can finished this one too.

    Anyhow, a lot of good dramas around and I am happy:) Gonna wait until Marriage not Dating available for streaming and I’ll stream through the awesomeness of it:)

    • 19.1 PlumWine

      If you read LollyPip’s recaps for ep 11, you will find a way to enjoy Tro Lover’s. I thought I had stopped at 6 but it was 8. Now I just watch it when I fell like cursing at the screen an can appreciate the trope.

    • 19.2 Chandler

      I am so with you on Marriage Not Dating! I am helplessly addicted to that show. Have you watched today’s episode? It’s freakin’ awesome!

  20. 20 panda

    In other non-FTLY news, please can anyone recommend where to buy DVDs/ BluRays of Korean dramas/ Movies that isn’t outrageously expensive?

    Thanks i will be extremely grateful. There are some that have really touched me and i will like to have my personal copy.

    I stay in the US.
    Thanks once again

    • 20.1 zakin89

      Hm good question… www. zoommovie .com/ seems like a good place (haven’t ordered from there yet bc my money went to clothes^^)

      I order from yesasia and sometimes amazon though I am mostly unlucky bc I need Region 2 DVDs and….well it’s just easier to get Region 1 which sucks when you live in Europe 😛

      • 20.1.1 alua

        Get a multi-region DVD player.

        I bought a non-fancy model for 20 GBP (~25 Euros), which has been working perfectly fine.

    • 20.2 harmonyfb

      Ebay. I actually just bought “Special Affairs Team Ten, Season 2” for $25! Just be sure to check whether the translations are listed as “bad/average” or “good”, if you’re depending on subs.

      • 20.2.1 panda

        Thanks evreyone!!
        I will check out the sites suggested above. Checked Amazon before but the few i saw were really expensive.

        I do depend on subs so i will have to be very careful when purchasing

    • 20.3 Jadielaw

      Try Goks

  21. 21 TS

    Drama Achievement: I actually finished a running series. It was Grandpa Flower Investigation Team.

    I may just stick with Hi! School Love On because I stan Kim Saeron and cute Changjae from Mr.Mr and I’m seriously crushing on Sunbae Reaper. And so far, My Dear Cat hasn’t pissed me off, though it’s getting to that point, so I do watch that each morning.

    I think, though, because Gaza has me grieving, a lot of things don’t seem worthwhile. I even have to force myself to do Block B tweets (they’re on music shows right now & as a committed team fan, I feel I ought to at least tweet a bit for them).

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to The Night Watchman. It will probably be exactly the sort of escape needed right now.

    • 21.1 peacestar

      Yeah the situation in Gaza is getting me down, I can’t believe that over 1,400 people have been killed and over 7,000 injured – its terrible. Thought I’d try and watch a drama…

      • 21.1.1 TS

        It’s been so upsetting that I feel silly getting into music show scores for Block B.

        • peacestar

          Aww well we just have to keep these civilians in our prayers and try to do what we can to help and increase the awareness. I’ve never heard of block b – think I’ll google them 🙂

          • TS

            Click through my name for links! And check out

  22. 22 Kristy

    Happy OT Beanies!!!
    A great year of rom-coms rights?
    FTLY:I really do love the show,but I dont know the sweetness is getting overloaded and I do want the something terrible,sorry.Totally love Jang-hyuk in this.It is my second time I am watching him after windstruck and thats long.
    Marriage not Dating:love the show.its a bit more forward in terms.and I love the leads they are awesome.Just dont get why they have to put in the second lead everywhere.just let the lead couple alone.The show was my highlight of the week before they had the whole love triangle.Cant the three remain friends?
    Trot:I lost the interest in the show,though it is watchable and all i just cant watch it now with the amnesia plot and all…please get a life.
    Joseon:love Lee jun-ki.I really do wish that the heroine was someone else than Nam Sang mi.I dont know why,may be because I didnt like them together in TBDW. Other than that I just love everything about it.Just hope that it wont end tragically or anything.

    And can anyone tell me if Temptation is worth watching?I am a fan of Park Ha-sun and if the story is good I am meaning to check it out…. THank YOu

    • 22.1 Lindy12

      I’m enjoying Temptation a lot. It’s kind of a throwback to the soapy melodramatic classics of 1940’s Hollywood with Choi Ji-woo in the Joan Crawford alpha female role. The acting is good, it has a lush quality to it and high production values. It seems that adults are at the helm as it deals with adult issues like infidelity, family expectations versus personal desires, infertility etc. Also it has Lee Jung-jin in the requisite cad role. Having only known him from the Kim Ki-duk film Pieta, it was quite a shock to see him playing this kind of role. You should check it out if this type of genre appeals to you.

      • 22.1.1 owl

        ooo, nailed that Lindy 12! I so agree with the alpha female role – nice description.

        • Lindy12

          I love screwball comedies from the 1930’s (The City Hall was like this for me) and high class melodramatic soaps from the 1940’s, especially the ones with Joan Crawford. This is part of what I like best about K-dramas of this type. They deal unashamedly with relationships and questions that women find interesting. What happens when your husband finds another woman attractive? What happens when you’ve ignored your biological clock just a bit too long? In a conflict between your family obligations and your personal desires, which side should win? I love this stuff!

      • 22.1.2 D's handphone

        Hi Lindy12.. glad u piped in so eloquently cos if id say, it’s not exactly what some would expect for a drama with such a title but it is an adult/mature? drama if there’s a sub-genre. im just caught up with this week’s episodes. Tbh im watching out of loyalty for STH’s OTP. No major complaint only i cant really appreciate the background music, like it’s working too hard to tell the scene in case we missed the point. i wonder if im making any sense.

        OTH, i find CN Blue maknae a more natural actor compared to his hyung. Pls don’t stone me fangirls, of the band, I ♡ JYH the most but he is not that convincing until Mirae’s Choice and i sincerely hope he didnot regress in Three Musketeers.

  23. 23 John

    The weekend’s forecast calls for rain. Perhaps I’ll catch up on some dramas or just drop them all together.

    Trot Lovers: Dropped it. Sent a short e-mail to KBS, telling them that they should fire the talentless hack “writer” assigned to that show.

    Moving on, HSKOS and FTLY are doing what should be expected of a drama, keep you entertained without resorting to WTF-ery moments.

    Joseon Gunman: Behind and considering dropping, will keep at it for Hye-won’s story.

    Marriage Not Dating: Dropped

    It’s Okay, It’s Love: Fell asleep during Ep 3, not sure about show, will give Ep 3 & 4 a shot.


    Miss Granny. Shim Eun-kyung did a good job there. I heard more Trot music there than in TL.

    SPEC: Close-Incarnation Not much happened plot wise but I liked seeing the Saya Toma character again.

    • 23.1 alua

      I have sort of been holding off of SPEC. Might wait till the final movie. I don’t expect much plot movement, but I just love the actors & characters they portray. Kase. Toda. I guess Kamiki isn’t in this one?

      • 23.1.1 John

        alua ~

        A brief flashback if anything. Yu Kashii has a bit role. I didn’t recognize her in her makeup.

        What’s your feel for the latest Nodame castings?

        • alua

          Don’t really know the guy they have cast for Mine (I skip-watched FBND and all I remember with the side characters was that they were totally superfluous), hence no opinion on his casting.

          At this point, it just all depends how they will be directing it and if they’ll let the characters be as crazy as in the original and whether they’ll Koreanise (and ruin) it with the usual tropes.

          I am not optimistic.

          • snow

            It seems they’re waffling on the title again and may actually use “Nodame Cantabile”. Not sure how to feel about this… maybe they should just go ahead and Koreanise it all they want so I can stop thinking it’s an adaptation of NC.

            Not too keen on the Mine casting.

    • 23.2 Waiting

      “Trot Lovers: Dropped it. Sent a short e-mail to KBS, telling them that they should fire the talentless hack “writer” assigned to that show.”

      John, you are too funny. I didn’t know one could really do this. Hopefully, you will be heard.

      Is this the first time you’ve sent such a message? There is lots of rubbish out there unfortunately.

      PS…you have me watching YNS now! Thanks!! 🙂

      • 23.2.1 John

        Waiting ~

        I did actually send them an e-mail. It was the first time I’d e-mailed a studio for a disappointing turn in a drama. Heck, most drama are disappointing.

        All I was looking for in TL was to see Eun-ji singing Trot Songs. Silly plot, mindless entertainment. Instead, there was Team Evil trying to kill her and I see her soaked in blood. Not what I tuned in for.

        I forgot to mention that August marks the beginning of my fourth year watching K dramas. I much quicker to avoid or drop dramas than I used to.

        • Waiting

          Well first… Happy KD Anniversary to you!

          Looks like you got four years of frustration out in that email. Good for you!

          Honestly, I’d love to be a fly n the wall who understands what the heck goes on in those writing sessions. I suppose I was imagining that in order to have funding an outline and a few first episode scripts would have to be provided. This live shoot method seems to deliver poorer quality work (not all cases, but many). If you rush things you tend to get a rushed product/result.

          Ah well…many thanks for the reply back! Enjoy your weekend!

    • 23.3 TS

      20 sounds good. Even 25. It’s not that hard to pick up. You could read the descriptions for earlier eps below the YouTube links if you feel you need it.

    • 23.4 TS

      I watched Miss Granny! Brilliant!

    • 23.5 D's handphone

      Hi John..

      Surprised that you dropped Marriage Not Dating. Anyhow, on Miss Granny – love it, cried buckets at the ending. The cameo was kinda bittersweet..

      • 23.5.1 John

        D’s ~

        I fell behind on MND, not anything against the show per se.

        • D's handphone

          Got that.. hope you’ll find the time to catch up one day. We’re supposed to marathon Triangle (we were at 16, i think?) but knowing the ending and how it got there, that might not happened. But JG is still on the card – after my son’s exam is over in September.

          Btw, happy KD anniversary!!

  24. 24 Whatsthescenario

    Oh my word…. the psychology in It’s OK, That’s Love is delicious! On first watch, you see this cooky set of characters who are trying to get through life together. But if you pay closer attention, there is this real, subversive, at time frightning reality in play. The final scene in Ep 4 with our “hero” running down the street was jaw dropping. Most of us had suspected the big plot twist, but to see it first hand left me speechless. Then we have his brother in jail who is flat out cray-cray but then you realize that he may actually not be. He definitely has some behavior disorder ( think he may have some Oedipus thing going on – the scene when his mom was visiting was…disturbing) but he is not all that people make him out to be.

    I like that they take on some subjects that kdramas tend to completely avoid – sex (hahah). We’ve had transgender case, fetishes, enjoyment of sex between casual acquaintances and more.

    Some call this drama boring, because it’s not the usual formula but I am loving it so much.

    • 24.1 owl

      I am liking the bizarreness of It’s Okay, That’s Love, too. Jae-Yeol and Hae Soo have every reason for their love/hate relationship. I love how the roommates have their own quirky issues and yet as a family those issues are just a part of how they function. Not a wasted moment in this show. Loved the DJ scene. Love DO in this, too!

  25. 25 harmonyfb

    K-drama moments of the week:

    Had a coworker interrupt my burbling about the awesomeness of “Two Weeks” to inquire “Do you even watch any American tv anymore?”

    Ans: Sure, I’ll add some next month – “Hell on Wheels” (about the laying of the railroad across America; very violent & great acting) starts up soon.

    Real ans: “No, not much.”

    Then I went to the local Korean market to buy banana milk (we tried it because it figured largely in “You’re All Surrounded”, and now my son is addicted to it.) I also bought frozen rice cakes and garlic, and the woman at the counter said “Are you making tteokbokki?”

    We are the whitest of white people, and she asked curiously how we got interested in Korean food. I told her I watched a lot of dramas and they always made me hungry. You should have heard her incredulous tone when she responded “Korean dramas?” ::laugh:: I guess it’s not as common as Dramabeans’ lively community would have me believe.

    On the up side, I work at a library and have successfully convinced half a dozen people to go home and give international television a try (and I’m adding some Korean dramas to our DVD collection – gonna start with “Two Weeks” and “Marriage, Not Dating” (when it finishes). Any suggestions for good gateway series to add?

    • 25.1 alua

      <Do you even watch any American tv anymore?

      I went to the cinema the other day and realised it was the first time in months and months I was watching something without subtitles (it was Finding Vivian Maier).

      I’m at the point where watching something without subtitles just feels wrong, you know, like something’s missing.

      • 25.1.1 Ladytron33

        I often times find my eyes searching for the subtitles and having a split second of panic when I’m watching a show/movie in English. Then I remember that I can understand what they’re saying and it’s not a problem. It is pretty weird that I miss subtitles when they aren’t on 😉

    • 25.2 earthna

      I think something like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or You From the Stars would be a good start to watching Koreans dramas. 🙂

      • 25.2.1 harmonyfb

        I dunno. I thought ‘My Girlfriend’ skewed really young, and most of our patrons are older….though Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah might well increase dvd circulation among our teen patrons….

        I did order “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band” to appeal to our teens (my teenage son loved that series).

        • Mohammed

          City Hall, Kim Sam Soon might work for older viewers since its more adult romance dramas.

          Family dramas are similar to US,European soaps my parents watch. Historical dramas, family dramas i would target older viewers.

          Jumong, Princess Man, Return of Iljimae i would recommend of historical dramas.

          My Daugther Soyoung, Shining Inheritance, Baker King example of family dramas.

      • 25.2.2 bbstl

        My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Coffee Prince are classics that I always use to start friends watching kdrama.

        • Aigoooo

          I would recommend Full House. It’s a good starting point to get them hooked on Kdramas. MNIKSS and CP are too good for a first time viewer. They might get disappointed with other dramas if they started with those. They need an appetizer and not a a filet mignon. lol

  26. 26 Tara

    Hey everybody…happy OT!

    Can’t believe it’s already August…yikes, where has the summer gone?! Maybe it seemed like it flew on by because it’s been so hot and muggy! I know I’m looking forward to autumn, my fave season 🙂

    Triangle: Yet the focus of another rant, as the result of the finale *shakes fist* It was part-WTFery and part-that extension was BS…I lament the loss of such great potential in the story, had it gone down a different route.

    The building of the main characters in the beginning drew me in, got me vested in seeing what should have been the reconnection of the Jang bros and having a future together. Nope, none of that biz…just killing Yang-ha for no freakin’ reason whatsoever just because he had a conflict in scheduling? They should have written him off Shin-hye style then, not kill him in a senseless death a la God’s Gift’s senseless suicide of Dong-chan just to make that damn prophecy come true! -.- There wasn’t no requirement to kill the potentially warm family reunion and living happily ever after, dude…ugh.

    The final bits on the baddies got me peeved too, because Daddy Dearest got off wayyy too easy by offing himself–although, consistent with kdramas, the mastermind of the criminal activity almost always gets absolved of taking responsibility for their crimes by suicide, amnesia, etc. Can’t that dang trope stop?!

    At least one baddie got his due…Skunk Go, being the useless, can’t carry out anything right and being a gangster got you in prison, after doing all of Daddy’s dirty work. I was somewhat ok with him losing his loyal lackey, who he beat just because and ended up losing his loyalty and money too, ha.

    The only bright bit was Young-dal, who gained the casino as CEO. If anything, this left me very impressed with Jaejoong, considering his improvement as an actor and making Young-dal so likeable. Sigh, dramaland…yet another disappointing end to a potentially good drama. Good riddance.

    So, because of the stinkin disappointment that was Triangle’s finale…didn’t really get to really get into watching other dramas this week.

    It’s Ok, It’s Love: finally got through watching the first 2 eps last Friday…and wow, totally different than I expected. The tone is wacky, the background music choices even more jarring. The quirky characters, the quirky tone – definitely did not expect that from Melo Queen. Definitely getting to this week’s eps first.

    Skip-watched Jang Bori is Coming. WTF is with the styling/makeup with the villain girl? In this, she’s decked out in all black with blood-red lips and a disgusting sneer…in Twinkle Twinkle, she had blood-red hair and that same sneer. I’m already anticipating she’ll get absolved of all her evil doings because of her cutie-pie kid. I’m only watching for Kim Ji-hoon’s beyond adorable aegyo and cute moments with Bori and kid 😉

    On hold: Joseon Gunman, Fated to Love You.
    Dropped for now: Wonderful Season, High School King,…

    • 26.1 Tara

      Argh, got cut off even when it was under 3000? -.- Guess my rant over Triangle got too long, my bads. Might as well add in what I cut off anyway 😛

      Dropped for now–
      Wonderful Season: I don’t even get the point of watching it anymore, it just seems draggy. My interest waned for this once Dong-suk got married. Even the cutie kids of Dong-hui couldn’t keep me reeled in. Maybe I’ll save this for a rainy day, marathoning the last 20eps.

      High School King, Yoona’s Street, Temptation: I’m gonna marathon once they’re complete.

      Does anyone watch a drama and just get super annoyed with a feature of an actor/actress?
      In Mother’s Garden, which my mom watches regularly (I won’t, even if it stars one of my fave actresses Go Do-shim), the gold-digging biatch’s eyes and the new girlfriend of her ex-hubby are two prime examples of this.

      New girlfriend: annoyingly grating high-pitched voice. Realized later on why it was familiar…she’s the one who played the biatch worker in Sly and Single Again.

      Gold-digging biatch: bulging eyes.
      Overacting to the max…I suppose after all the sad roles she’s played (Who Are You? ghost, Good Doctor) I guess raging lying maniac = bulging eyes. Argh.

      Have a great weekend, yall! 🙂

      • 26.1.1 D's handphone

        Confession.. i nvr get past ep 2 of Daljal’s Spring cos of her perm & eyeliner. I love Chae Rim in any other version except this one..

  27. 27 Rachel

    Happy Friday! I just finished Heirs. Much disappointment of course, but about halfway through the series I resolved to put down all real-life logic and just jump in to embrace rich people’s wacky behaviour and the tears that came with it.

    I promised myself that I wouldn’t start on another Korean drama because I’ve started classes to study for the Bar, but I couldn’t help it! The feeling of finishing one Korean drama is unbearable and I was hooked onto the rush one gets when you’re chasing a show. So in the spirit of my future legal career, I’ve started on I Hear Your Voice. Still on episode 2 though, I plan to take it slower than Heirs.

    Looking at some of the comments on every week’s OT about how our lives have become totally absorbed by Korean dramas, I love American/British TV and Korean TV equally so you can imagine how impossibly difficult it is to stay caught up with all my shows. My summer has been spent trying to catch up on shows from both regions, and my friends have been getting on my back to get out of the house instead of being glued to my laptop :p I enjoy being glued to my shows though.

  28. 28 Mystique

    Hello Beanies, Happy OT!!!

    It’s been a drama/fun-filled week with the family. Been on bed rest as I took a tipsy tumble down the stairs and ended up with a broken leg and a concussion (so glad that’s all I ended up with, it could have been worse). The cast is a b*tch, it freaking itches. Guess dancing is out of the question at the wedding on Sunday 🙁
    Note to self : Never ever drink with the Old family members again.

    HSKOS : All I can say, Thank God the brother is back, maybe things will pick up now.

    Trot lovers : Skipped ep 11, ff half the time in ep 12

    It’s okay, it’s love : This drama just confuses me and I still sort of like it.. And can the director stop zooming so close to the actors faces or at least tone it down a bit, it’s quite irritating..

    Fated to love you : The things this drama does to my heart though, I am in seriously, deeply, head over heels in love with fated to love you. I can’t count how many times I kept wishing it was Thurs and Friday already. Can I order meself a Choi jin-hyuk? That man fine as hell…

    Marriage not dating : Waiter boy and crazy sperm lady, please go away.. Is it Saturday yet??

    Roommate : I really don’t know why I’m still watching this. Bom is leaving? Well, I’m not exactly bummed about that, seeing as that lady was scarce in the show.

    I’m ready to branch into J-drama, J-drama lovers help please :D.. Rom-com recommendations. Thanks!!!

    Have a nice weekend!!

    • 28.1 alua

      Do you want recent jdrama recommendations or just any?

      • 28.1.1 Mystique

        Recent jdrama

        • Mystique

          Say from like 2010. thanks!

          • Narina

            I don’t know about your preferences but the following are some popular Japanese rom-com so might give them a try(I mentioned some dramas that aired before 2013 in case you haven’t watched those)-

            1.Saikou no Rikon
            2.Buzzer Beat
            3.Proposal Daisakusen
            4.Nobuta Wo Produce
            5.Seigi no mikata
            6.Hotaru no Hikari
            7.Kasuka na Kanojo
            8.Rich Man, Poor Woman
            10.Shokojo Seira
            11.Soratobu Kouhoushitsu
            13.Mirai Nikki (more of a sci-fi than rom-com but interesting)
            14.Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo
            15.Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta(not much comedy bu this drama has garnered some controversial reactions so I thin it’ll be an interesting watch)

          • Narina

            *Sorry I mean aired before 2010

          • alua

            I love love love Nagareboshi. I wouldn’t call it a rom-com though. It’s about family foremost, tackling issues of broken families, suicide and illness (a specific issue, but I don’t want to spoil it). There is romance, and though I would argue it’s one of the most intense romances I’ve seen it’s also very, very subtle. It just burns beneath all the other issues going on while no one ever says anything.

            Buzzer Beat I like because I felt the relationship felt real (when he pulls her into a back hug on the bed! That’s what people do.). Still think Yamapi can’t act though.

            Tonbi is a lovely drama too, but it’s about a father-son relationship, the romance is very, very much on the sidelines.

          • pogo

            Narina’s already covered a lot of the great jdramas pre-2010, but I will add one post-2010 to the list – xxxHolic! It’s fantastically done supernatural drama, the visuals alone would make it worth it but the acting is great too.

            But if you’re willing to consider some pre-2010 dramas, I STRONGLY recommend some classics:

            1. Nodame Cantabile (seriously, this is gold and you should get to it before the Group 8 hacks sully us with a messy kdrama version of it like they did with Boys Over Flowers)

            2. Gokusen (1 and 2) – School hijinks!

            3. Zettai Kareshi. One of the few cases where a drama is actually 10x better than the manga it was based on. And Mizushima Hiro is so incredibly charming.

            4. Hachimitsu to Clover

            5. Hana Kimi (2007) – yeah ok I realise these are all old but they’re all gems, I promise.

          • alua

            xxxHOLIC! Absolutely. And since we’re now officially off the rom-com recommendations, let me throw in Hard Nut (genius math geek & detective), IS (taboo topics, including intersexuality), Yokai Ningen Bem (sci-fi with heart-warming monsters), 11 Nin mo Iru! (family comedy) and Piece (not sure how to classify… psychological drama? with unusual romance?).

        • alua

          I haven’t watched that many straight rom-coms, more dramatic love stories.

          The ones that might qualify since 2010:
          -Moteki. Moriyama Mirai. Nuff said. This is not your typical rom-com though, more com than rom!
          -Zenkai Girl (didn’t like it personally, but it was popular)
          -Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (quite nice, with Matsujun and Takeuchi Yuko)
          -Rich Man, Poor Woman (found it middling myself, particularly the longer it went on, but this was very popular. Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi)
          -Itazura na Kiss – Love in Tokyo (remake of the Mischievous Kiss). This one is my favourite version, hands down. Love Honoka Miki in this, and Furukawa Yuki shot to fame with this.
          -Saikou no Rinkon – not sure if I’d exactly call this a rom-com though. Solid cast – Eita, Ono Machiko, Maki Yoko, Ayano Gou.
          -Soratobu Kouhoushitsu – listed as a rom-com, but some episodes are quite serious. More slice-of-life with a romantic storyline. Many found it slow-paced, but I liked it a lot. Ayano shows his acting chops, Aragaki Yui is in it too.

          Don’t recommend Shitsuren Chocolatier or Last Cinderella.

          • Narina


            You really right about Nagareboshi and Tonbi.But I love those dramas so much that I couldn’t help mentioning them.Sorry 😛

          • alua

            I confess I was very tempted to include them (and a few others) on my list, just because I love them so much as well (especially Nagareboshi).

            Your post just gave me a chance to swoon over that drama again…. 😀 (I should take advantage now and name-drop the 2009 Arifureta Kiseki at this point, since it’s not a rom-com but one of the best J-romances/dramas.)

          • Mohammed

            Hi alua

            Have you seen Tatta Hitotsu no Koi? It reminds me of Buzzer Beater, their relationship was felt real and it was not too angsty.

            It, Buzzer,Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku i enjoyed for being my fav down to earth japanese rom coms.

            I liked Rich Man, Poor Woman for the characters, the story and the romance was not the main point.

            Can you recommend similar japanese rom coms to the ones i mentioned?

            Doesnt to be have recent.

          • snow


            Can give these rom-coms a spin:

            Love Revolution
            Koi no Chikara
            Slow Dance
            Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
            Golden Bowl

            And the two Kimutaku classics: Long Vacation and Love Generation.

            All these are pretty old, but that was back when Japan still did pretty awesome rom-coms.

          • alua

            I love Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, precisely because it felt real.

            Other than Arifureta Kiseki and Nagareboshi, I would always recommend Long Vacation, which is an oldie, but you get many episodes of friendship before romance develops. It’s very real. (Don’t be put off by the first episode.)

            Kingyo Club is more focused on bullying but comes with a romance too. It’s a high school drama and extremely low budget, but I’ve always found it extremely compelling and a very raw and real portrayal of the issues it tackles.

            Others: Oosozaki no Himawari (slice of life, with some romance), Slow Dance, Rondo (thriller / romance) and if you want a Korean one thrown in, Someday (definitely not your usual k-drama).

            Most of these don’t have love triangles, or if they do, they are not used in the normal way.

    • 28.2 kopytko

      I’m sorry to hear about your injury. When you wrote about the broken leg, I immediately thought about Sophie’s Revenge – a Chinese film with So Ji Sub in a rather small role. The heroine breaks her leg and gets assistance by the charming Peter Ho. It’s funny, a bit crazy and very cute-fluffy. It’s not a J-dorama, but it is a rom-com you might enjoy 🙂

    • 28.3 owl

      Mystique – @Roommate – so hoping it would gel, but it’s not happening. Bom and Dong-wook are both so scarce on the show that its more like 9 roommates. They should have picked two other more available celebs instead. I also think Mama Shin may be growing impatient with the show. It is as random as I Night 2 Days Running Man, and Kidz on the Block – oh and the all-time random show – Barefoot Friends – seems like this is what Korean variety/reality looks like. Not very cohesive in concept and execution, but why do I stare at the screen still? ha

    • 28.4 Carole McDonnell

      Last Cinderella


      Not rom-com but funny
      Legal High
      Senyu Tantei

      Yakou Kanrasha
      Hanzawa Naoki
      Osozaki no Himawara

    • 28.5 carol

      Orange Days
      Boku to Star no 99 Nichi
      Hotaru no Hikari

  29. 29 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

    Talking to Chulmoon about butterflies in a canola field.

    He slays me. I wish I could dance free as the west wind in a canola field.

    • 29.1 Julia the Berkshire Beanie

      Korean dramas should come with a warning label.

      I have just decided that I am marrying Korean for life. This won’t be a passing fancy I forget about in 6 months. I’m letting Korean live in my brain and committing to spend thousands of hours with it for the rest of my life.

      All because I watched “Boys Over Flowers”.

      • 29.1.1 PlumWine

        I’m in the same boat – shall we set sail? (I can go anywhere with white cloth and the wind.”)

        That was one my daughter and I watched first. I blame/ thank Pokemon.

        You know you watch too much Korean drama when while noticing the black and red rims on the car next to you at the stoplight, they remind you of those kdrama high heels all the ladies wore for awhile that were red under arch. Last week – Miami, FL.

  30. 30 Trapper

    Hi Beanies-

    Drama watch:

    “Glorious Day” – Still enjoying this weekend drama, but I’m finding myself ff ahead more and more. I’m getting tired of the 2 sons Mom angst, the problem is that now much of the story line is centered on that, the good news is that an hour drama is taking me about 30 minutes to watch.

    “Love Myself or You'” TWdrama – A bit slow paced, but I love the interaction of the two leads.

    And Finally..

    “Two Fathers” TWdrama – I can’t say enough about this show! It is a completed drama, and although at 70 some eps, they are about 45min in length. The set up is quick and believable (as far as dramas go..). The conflicts/resolutions don’t languish, the pace of the interactions of the characters is real life. The humor is spot on and not over the top. For a long drama, the production values are A+, it doesn’t have the look and feel of a ‘regular’ weekend drama. If you are looking for an alternative finished drama to marathon, I urge you to give it a try.

    • 30.1 JJK

      Two Fathers – 70+ episodes!?? Hmm, might give this a try anyway cuz I’m really infatuated with Leroy Young atm.

  31. 31 alua

    It’s Okay It’s Love – Only k-drama I am watching at the moment. Watched one episodes with not-so-great subs, which made it feel a bit confusing. Still not quite clear where we are going, but I like the characters and our actors, especially the two leads. Because of that I looked for more GHJ dramas (I have seen mostly her films so far) and watched Thank You, which was a quite interesting drama. It did drag towards the end so I skipped about four episodes. I appreciated how it tackled some very serious issues but I could have strangled the mom of the ex, she was just awful (and her son a big coward). Could have done with a bit more romance in the end as well but I loved how important the little girl’s role was – she was as much a lead character as GHJ and JH, and she was fantastic.

    Wakamonotachi 2014 Still good. Sometimes it seems like too much is happening, but I like the characters, I like the sense of family – with all its good sides and bad – that we get. I do think Hikari is being an idiot, she needs to get out of that affair. I find the doctor pretty creepy (he just gives me a weird vibe) and he just someone very unreliable and not trustworthy. She is never going to have a happy relationship with him and I don’t really understand why she wants to be in a relationship with him. Preview for ep 5: Nomura is confessing to Hashimoto it seems, but there’s a 1-sec shot of Emoto and Hashimoto (her from the back), so I have a feeling she is falling for the older brother….

    Dousousei ~ Hito wa, Sando, Koi o Suru This one just started airing and is good so far. Not a fan of the cheating story lines that we are (and will be getting), but we will see how they unfold exactly (sometimes that can make all the difference). I very much hope that Arata’s character will stick to his beliefs and that even if he likes his ex, he doesn’t cross the line but instead just helps her get out of violent marriage. His is the most interesting character in this for me so far, he seems so terribly hurt from what happened to him and I’m curious to find out all the details (obviously something with his ex-wife cheating on him). His character differs so much from Rich Man, Poor Woman, which I am glad about as I seriously hated him in that drama.

    Henshin – Started airing and I am very much hoping for this to be subbed. Soon.

    Filmwise, went to the cinema and saw the docuFinding Vivian Maier. Much recommended, particularly if you are interested in photography.

    • 31.1 snow

      I read there was a lot of shouting in the first couple of episodes of Wakamonotachi, which kinda put me off since I’m not in the mood for a family drama of squabbling siblings – and this is despite the cast!

      Thinking of starting Alice no Toge for some Juri-chan. And of course, there’s Love Shuffle in my backlog.

      Ohh, have you seen MOZU? I finished season 1, but it was a bit of a drag, so am wondering if I should start season 2.

      Btw, I read your rec on Nagareboshi… I do like Yutaka, but I found it so hard to go beyond the first half-hour of episode 1. Ueto Aya just wasn’t convincing in her role… should I give it another go someday?

      • 31.1.1 alua

        Wakamonotachi has a lot of shouting. That’s just how some of the family members communicate, especially the oldest one. There is a lot of squabbling, because, well, that’s what a family of 5 siblings with very different personalities is just bound to be. I can understand though if that’s not for you – we all have our likes and dislikes.

        Haven’t seen anything of Mozu, don’t really know much about it to be honest.

        I actually think Ueta Aya is very compelling in her role, but the thing is that her character is not easily likeable. She’s a very damaged girl and rejects people, in a way that it even can be hard for the viewer to warm up to her. She opens up a little, but she keeps her rough edges till the end – but I think that’s actually very realistic. You have to catch those glimpses of her that reveal how abnormal her living situation has been – like when she has a meal with her new family for the first time.

        • snow

          Hmm… okay, then maybe I will give Nagareboshi another go. Ueto isn’t generally the kind of actress I like and Goro was acting as her brother – he’s a bit of a snooze fest (I’m putting this politely). But if she can pull off that role, then it should be interesting. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Yutaka in anything… the last was in Ningen no Shoumei, I think!

          I’ll probably KIV Wakamonotachi until its run ends. Oddly enough, I still remember Tsumabuki Satoshi as the awkward and shy dude in Slow Dance – suddenly he’s now playing big brother to Eita…

          • alua

            Goro plays the worst character in this drama…. he’s truly awful (the character, not the actor), but it’s a great contrast with Takenouchi’s character since it’s a parallel situation – two older brothers and two younger sisters, one willing to sacrifice everything for his sister, and the other willing to sacrifice his sister for anything. Have to confess I struggle to watch anything with Goro since then, because my disgust for his Nagareboshi character comes back when I see him!

            Most of Ueto’s other dramas didn’t manage to capture my interest, but I think she really fits this role. Her character’s personality doesn’t change much, it’s just that by the end she’s opened up to a handful of people, to a little bit of hope in her previously hopeless world. She still dresses the same slightly inappropriate way, but I liked that too – because it’s just very much a drama that doesn’t care about the surface, but about what’s inside people (Takenouchi/the mom never tell her to change her style, they just accept her as she is).

            Ningen no Shoumei was quite good!

            In real life Tsumabuki is a year older than Eita, so it’s not all that weird. Watching a very young Tsumabuki in Long Love Letter from way back in 2002 was fun. He’s a supporting character there, and ten years+ down the line he’s a bigger name than anyone else in that drama. (The lead, Kubozuka Yosuke, sadly did not manage his career well although he is very talented too.) (Yamapi and Karina are in this drama too).

  32. 32 earthna

    Hello~~~ I’m working the whole weekend until Monday which is a holiday. ㅠㅠ

    So I’m currently watching a lot of dramas, to my surprise. I never got the patience to stick with something so I can’t believe I actually have a lot in my hands right now.

    Joseon Gunman has been really good so far especially episode 12. I just hope that the leads would have more depth to them. It seems like in giving more depth to the villain and 2nd leads, the leads’ characters have been forgotten. I kinda feel bad that I concentrate more when Choi and Hye-won are on screen but when it’s Yoon-kang and Soo-in, I look at my phone or do something else. That doesn’t change the fact that Lee Junki as Hanjo is extremely gorgeous though.

    Fated to Love You is sooooo crazy. It scares me that if I continue watching so much dramas, I’d end up being Gun.

    Marriage Not Dating I’m still watching for Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo. I don’t care much for the other characters because they are either crazy or irrelevant. It’s still a fun watch though. I just wonder how long I would hold on to it.

    Kim Saeron is so cute in HighSchool Love On but that format just sucks. I do like Reaper Sunbae and I ship him with Seul Bi. Sungyeol dear, I love you but please do more acting. ㅠㅠ

    I still have to finish watching the last episode to Granpas Over Flowers Investigation Team (Wow! What a mouthful!). It suddenly went cray cray near the end so I kinda dropped it. Ugh. Only 40 minutes more though. I must finish it!

    Oh Yoona’s Street, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. YNS is just so awesome. I’ve only seen it until ep 17 with subs then until ep 19 raw. It’s still a long way to go but I’m not worried. I believe in the drama that it will deliver. When you have the time, try watching even just episode 1. You’ll end up marathoning it. Lol

    I’ve recently watched Miss Granny and now I’m excited for Nodame. I finally understood why people are saying that only she can play the role.

    Oh, and I received my All About Super Junior DVD on Wednesday!

  33. 33 owl

    Hi hi! Great week all around, looking forward to the weekend. How about you?

    Dramas kept me happy –

    It’s Okay, That’s Love – So many tangent lines of the story but every one has me wondering what’s next: the brother in jail – what happened there? What is DO’s connection with Jae-Yeol? Who is JaeYeol, anyway – it touched on his possible medical background and of course, his possible involvement in the murder of his step-dad? Where’s the biological dad? His mom – where is her mind? Lots of issues, and I want to know more about everyone’s lives.

    Fated To Love You – Choose between 1st and second male leads? So cruel ~ that hair on anyone else, I would have tuned out long ago. But on Jang Hyuk it is chaebolable.

    All About My Siblings – I love how intense Asa is as the oldest brother of the 5 siblings. Even when he had a crisis over his job and its history, he remained consistent in his resolve and didn’t let up on his responsibility and care of his younger siblings.

    Watched a lot more, but I’m having fun reading others’ comments on them this week.

    I wonder, did anyone else watch Abnormal Summit – major WTF??!!

    FT Island Hangul Live lesson 17 “Where do I get the subway?” and other transportation phrases. Roommate 17 ratings cimitoons (expressions on location from kdramaland) check out my kdrama week at

    \ /

    • 33.1 samsooki

      lol @chaebolable.

    • 33.2 kopytko

      I agree. It’s Ok It’s Love keeps you wanting to know more and more. As a good drama should. I wonder what the brothers’ issues are, they both seem twisted. Other that that, I like that it doesn’t lack humour. Seriously, I would make a new typical Kdrama figure (next to Evil Mother In Law, Rigid Patriarch, Bitchy Second Lead and so on), namely a Smiling Sunbae.

    • 33.3 korfan

      owl –

      The “chaebolable” comment! ….. Too funny!

  34. 34 oozzeee

    On a non K-Drama related news, the three main leads of Rurouni Kenshin is visiting my country for their movie preview, and I was jumping up and down after reading the news, grateful of the chance to see Takeru Satoh in person.

    I stalked the Warner Bro’s site for ticket admission info, only to be told a week later that they won’t be selling some.

    Which just plain pisses me off.

    Good thing there’s FTLY to sooth my anger.

  35. 35 amphelice17

    Happy OT! Happy 1st of August!

    FTLY: THIS. This show is my life right now. Every episode seems to be better than the previous one. Though I have only watched the T-version sparingly, I must say that Korea’s version is definitely much much better for me. And that beautiful kiss. THAT KISS! THAT WAS A REAL KISS! I must have saved a country in my previous life to be able to see a real kiss in a main broadcasting station drama. Haha <333 ahhhh I have to stop spazzing ~~ wednesday, where are you?

    Marriage Not Dating: I find myself immensely enjoying this drama for what it is when I'm not thinking much about it and just going with the flow of the story. Though I must say that I am very annoyed when Jangmi chooses to be with Yeo-reum – maybe it's because I just don't feel the romantic chemistry b/n them…it's more of a sibling relationship for me. I HATED the kitchen kiss. I think he smiles too much. I'd have to forgive him though, since his bromance scenes with Ki-tae makes me laugh. Jang mi, just be with Ki-tae already!

    HSKOS: I just started this drama though I have often heard rave reviews about it. 2 episodes in and I feel…underwhelmed. Maybe it's just the color palette? Or maybe because I wasn't looking for another noona romance. Idunno. Will try to watch a few more.

    IOTL: Not your typical kdrama. I guess it is its charm. And it's working on me. Gong Hyo Jin is GORGEOUS, and of course Jo In-sung makes a really attractive narcissist. I guess it's been a while since I've watched a drama wherein a main leads have equal footing in terms of work. I loved the debate part in the first episode. Will definitely follow this drama.

    Hope everyone has a good day and more time to watch kdramas. Dramas nowadays have brought back the charm after a dry season! :)))

  36. 36 kopytko

    Hello Everybody!

    I have a crack drama. It’s a great feeling. It’s OK It’s Love is just what I want from a drama and it’s been quite a time since I last got it.

    As for other dramas, I finished Triangle which was ok, but sadly not as good as it could have been. 16-18 episodes would be enough with some tighter writing. But I don’t mean it was a bad show – I watched all episodes, which means a lot. The beginning was especially good, and let me tell you once again how I love the underworld family with Madam Min and ManBong looking over everyone and explaining things to those who didn’t get everything earlier on 😉

    Glorious Day is still a feel-good drama. I keep swooning over InWoo, the dentist oppa. How I love such rascals.

    Temptation is still tempting. Choi Ji Woo is definitely in shape – both in looks department and acting-wise. Lee Jung Jin has joined the Mischievous Oppas Gallery with his intriguing character. Probably worse than a jerk, but still intriguing.

    Trot Lovers. Sigh. Just sing more trot.

    Having read so many raving reactions to FTLY I decided to sample it and see one random episode. Unfortunately, dear show, I am fated to hate you. I dislike when dramas frustrate me, and you do frustrate me a lot. I won’t take another attempt to find out all the good things mentioned by other Beanies. Live well.

    And last but not least: It’s the time of the year to rewatch some Gentleman’s Dignity. *cue Maria Elena mambo*.

    • 36.1 alua

      I’m with you on FTLY. I hated the TW version too much to want to even try this one, although by the sounds of the recaps it has been avoiding the worst parts of the original. But I just appreciate female leads like GHJ’s Haesoo in It’s Okay It’s Love so much more than JN’s Mi-young in FTLY that I know I would just get frustrated with FTLY. And I’ll take self-made arrogant rich guys like JIS’s Jaeyeol over JH’s chaebol any day as well. Different tastes.

      • 36.1.1 kopytko

        I’ve been thinking what makes me dislike FTLY so much and I guess it is the core of the plot. It is so absurd from the point of view of my culture and my personal views that I cannot make myself look over it. I couldn’t care less whether the girl is cute or the guys are swoonworthy. It’s simply not my matrix. You’ve got good point about the characters – I like the other set much more, because even if they make mistakes or are jerks and have hallucinations, it somehow makes more sense.

        • alua

          Same thoughts on the core of the plot.

          I watch these things and find myself shouting at the characters because it just makes no sense to me the things that they continuously accept without a word or that they do that are so outrageous (or certain contrived twists*). Some of them are engrained in k-dramas but I’m less convinced that they actually do much to reflect real Korean society and culture (unless by extreme exaggeration) – if only, because the number of times stories feature an arrogant chaebol matched with a cute, but poor girl are terribly skewed from the number of such pairings in real life.

          I’m sure differences in cultural beliefs can be a factor, but sometimes I don’t think it’s even that. I’m generally just more a slice-of-life kind of girl.

          *e.g. the mom finding the divorce papers in FTLY and making a public scandal out of it. Geez, you just shrug and say, “Yeah, I drew those papers up at the beginning but now I’ve developed feelings for my wife. End of the discussion.” And then you ignore the mother, rather than being bulldozed by everyone in the drama. I mean, the number of times fake truth (or misunderstandings, or lies spread by people whom everyone should know better than to believe) is more powerful than real truth in dramas….

    • 36.2 Tara

      I totally agree with you on your views of fate. I hate it when kdramas use that as the basis for the otp, and isn’t that such an overused trope?? And to think…when I first started watching kdramas, I used to like it and think how dreamy it was. But I was in high school then…so, unrealistic = norm.

      But after seeing countless dramas use that as the crux for the basis of the otp, happenings in the hero/heroine’s life, blah blah blah…it lost its novelty and meaningfulness for me. I don’t believe in fate, nor do I believe one should accept things the way they are because of fate. I’d like to believe that one can take actions and steps without having to think that they’re fated to go down a specific road or way.

      But I do have Fated to Love You on my to-watch list regardless, because I want to see what the rage is about…particularly Jang Hyuk. I even read somewhere they did a meta of Volcano High–omg, when I first saw it, I had no idea it was him til years later!! lol. The cast in that was pretty amazing, come to think of it…sorry for the random tangent 🙂

  37. 37 merlyunho

    Hello fellow OT-ers!

    I have to chip in with everyone on Marriage Not Dating.
    I tried to watch it out of boredom with no expectation AT ALL. And gee how it blew me out of the water.

    It’s so nice to finally see a romcom actually trying to make some comedy instead of useless angst and excessive romance. Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo are both so amazing and I hate to disagree with everyone but I actually kind of like the second leads. All of em, even the annoying ones like Se-ah and Hoon-dong. because they were there to serve a purpose. To keep our leads shooting jealous daggers at each others and to keep the show light, airy, and fun. Without them I don’t think the show will be as breezy and easy to watch. For then there would be too many kiss scenes and bed scenes between our OTP. #pervert

    But goodness thank God I found Yeon Woo-jin. That man. Christ. He doesn’t even look that good and I don’t think any man in kdramaland ever made me swoon so much after Kim Soo-hyun. I know his eyes are squinty and may not be what everyone consider as attractive but hell man I got chills everytime he stares deep into Jang-mi’s eyes. Or when he looks at her in that wedding dress. Humona.
    And Han Groo!!! Han Groo! I heard she was amazing more so that she did in singing but I haven’t found the chance to watch any of her acting until now. Shoot this means I’ll have to check Girl K out now.

    Their chemistry is just so palpable and really really fun to watch that you can just imagine how well they get along in real life.

    I haven’t found any urge to watch this show (Sorry, hardcore TW-version fan here), but I’m still curious enough to read the recaps. What the hell is it anyway with Jang-hyuk’s hair? If he got a new haircut maybe then I’ll watch this show.

    It’s Ok It’s Love
    I really, really want to watch this show but since it’s only on its 3rd episode I fear of getting too into it. I HATE WATCHING ONGOING DRAMASSS LIKE WITH MND MY WEEK ONLY LIGHTS UP BETWEEN FRI-SAT.

    P.S.: MND’s 9th episode is THE BOMB, guys. It’s daebak, really. This is going to be the turnover point for our OTP.
    Why so many kiss scenes, show? Not that I don’t like it. Just make it more between the OTP next time, OK?

    • 37.1 pogo

      If you want to watch more of Han Groo you can also check out Can We Get Married, she’s the second lead there (but has her own independent love line and SMOKING chemistry with Kim Young Kwang). It’s also a pretty great drama even apart from her – perfect cast, and well written.

    • 37.2 Chandler

      OMG! I freakin’ adored episode 9 of Marriage Not Dating!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!! This drama literally gets better and better with every episode 🙂

    • 37.3 harmonyfb

      >Why so many kiss scenes, show?

      Shush! ::covers the writers’ ears::

      It’s one of the things I like about this series, actually – lots of kissing. Especially since the female lead gets to kiss both the first and second male leads in this series….oh, excuse me, I drifted off to my happy place. Ahem. 😉

    • 37.4 mmshieldings

      I love dat squinty eyes of Yeon Woo-jin! It is real hot you know, when he stares at you you’ll surely stare back at it since it is real adorable and distracting ^^
      I don’t hate Yeoreum but I totally don’t want him around lately. Actually I don’t hate Yeoreum because I love Jinwoon (oppppaaaa). I like Hoondong better, he is a jerk and annoying mama boy but I like him! Why, dunno, maybe because he wasn’t ruining Jangmi and Gitae love life and told Yeoreum to stay back thank you.
      And I hate Se ah, I wish I can see a better side of her. So I can watch the drama without yelling at my screen.
      Whatever, I love Gitae! 🙂

  38. 38 leftoutinthecold

    I have a couple of requests to make of the lucky Beanies who’ll be attending KCON next weekend:

    1) Please speak to Viki staffers on behalf of those of us who can’t use Viki because of an issue with subtitle size. For many of us, Viki used to be our “go to” site for watching dramas (and some of us participated regularly in the community), but when Viki changed their interface, the text size of subtitles and comments became way too small for most of us who watch Viki on a large screen. When users brought up this issue, Viki said that they would work on fixing it and that it would take a few weeks. Well, it’s been over a year, and we’re still waiting! They did enable viewers to change the subtitle size on mobile devices, but not on computer monitors (where it’s most needed). We’d really appreciate it if you could remind the Viki staffers that the large-screen viewers in their community have basically been denied access for over a year, and to please ensure that this issue is addressed in the next version of their site. We miss Viki! Please champion our cause!

    2) It’d be awesome if you came back to the OT next week or the week after to tell us about your KCON experience. We Beanies live vicariously and we’ll be hungry for details!

    Thanks! I hope you all have a fabulous time at KCON! Be sure to shower all the Dramabeans staff with extra love on behalf of those of us who can’t be there.

  39. 39 Cocoboo

    I’ve been watching Heartless City as such a crazy pace. I’m so ADDICTED to it. I’ve only seen Jung Kyung Ho in Time Between Dog & Wolf before this drama. He was fine in that, but he didn’t leave a big impression until now. He’s oozing with charisma. He looks so handsome. He’s a slender guy, but his muscles are very toned. It’s awesome seeing him fight against a TON of guys and still kick all of their butts.
    I’m liking the story and twists too. It’s convoluted, but still understandable and it keeps me interested.
    This is my first time watching Nam Gyuri act. I’ve already read some negative comments about her acting, but I’m trying to keep an open mind about her. She looks pretty and very doll-like to me which can be distracting. The drama is violent, but I was prepared for that since this show is on a cable channel and the story’s plot has to do with the drug and gang world. There are a lot of actors in HC that I haven’t seen before actually -> Soo is freaking hot and Jin Sook is gorgeous. I like her strong personality, even though she can be stubborn. She’s not the only one, haha.

    Caught up on Joseon Gunman. This show does angst so well.
    I’m shipping Soo In + Yoon Kang so much. I crave more skinship from them. I really like to absorb every detail from this show. I’m constantly noticing the beautiful fashion and scenery.

    I like Fated To Love You a lot and the lead couple Mi Young + Gun are wonderfully cute together, but I’m not obsessed with this show like the ones above. But once I start watching an episode, it doesn’t fail to make me laugh and smile. But I haven’t watched EP 10 yet. xD

    • 39.1 snow

      Heartless City was good for about 8 episodes before the story went downhill. I agree that Jung Kyung-ho put in a powerhouse performance, as did Choi Moo-sung as Safari. Character-wise, Jin-sook was disappointing in the second half of the drama.

  40. 40 PlumWine

    Would someone please help me get around the ‘fate’ premise in “Fated to Love You”.

    I’ve just watched the first 2 eps because I don’t feel like fixing the vacuum cleaner to vacuum. I love these actors, the characters are pretty good, and so far it’s not really makjang. I just have a problem with the ‘fate’, so I can’t enjoy it as much as I feel it deserves.

    Thanks to Lollypip, again, I’m able to get back on the “Trot Lover” train wreck. Just enjoying the absurdity, but my eyes are starting to hurt with all my eye rolls.

    Really enjoying the maturity (and immaturity) of “It’s OK, It’s Love”. I like the ‘mental’ issues brought up too, not to mention some of the music.

    Behind on “Joseon Gunman”, but still really enjoying it.

    My fav is still “High School King of Savvy”. Monday is still to far away.

    I’m going to check out the comments on “Fated” just to see if that will help, but I’d really appreciate anything that could get me over this aversion to ‘fate’

    • 40.1 amphelice17

      @PlumWine Hi! Just like you, I’m not usually a fan of “fate” shows or situations that happen just because of fate, but in FTLY I think it works just perfectly. Regarding the ‘fate’ premise, I guess that’s the whole point of the show, that’s why the title is “Fated to Love You” in the first place.

      One thing I love about the story are the dialogues wherein the characters acknowledge that it must be because of fate – in the end, two seemingly opposites actually have a lot of similarities and this discovery is brought about by simply being together.

      Hmmm, another thing that helped me accept the ‘fate’ part is the fact that we know what was SUPPOSED to happen. This was the plan. But because of fate, another thing happened. For example, the scheme of the Soapsuds Duo involved another woman. But it had to be Miyoung that enters the room because she drank the spiked drink that Gun was supposed to drink. (Hope I’m not giving you spoilers, you’ve watched until episode 2 right?) They weren’t supposed to meet again, as stated by Miyoung, but you might as well guess that they do meet again for the next episodes. Haha.

      I hope that you’ll watch more episodes of the show since it’s been fun for me (surprisingly!) to pinpoint subtle and not-so-subtle hints or details that the show gives that make you say “Fate, I see what you did there.” It kinda grows on you. 🙂

      • 40.1.1 PlumWine

        Yeah, it’s growing on me. Getting ready to start ep 5. I think one of the things that is helping is the actual REAL dialogue between the OTP and to an extent the other characters. As long as misunderstandings aren’t dragged on too long I think I can enjoy this. (I’m at the point where he is back to believing she was part of a sting.) I’ve seen a few cute ‘fate’ things, I’ll keep my eyes open for more. Thanks for the help. : )

        (Yes, I fixed my vacuum and vacuumed first: the laundry will still be there tomorrow. It can walk out on it’s own for all I care.)

  41. 41 Momoi

    What’s your favorite family drama?

    Watching Glorious Day lately and enjoying it. Only other one I watched is You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, and I liked that too.
    Though, all family dramas have the problem of getting draggy, and the whole lies, lies built upon lies, lying about lying, and more lies lol

    However, I like some of the themes expressed in family dramas of a big group of friends and family. I love scenes where it’s a huge family gathering together or eating together. Another nice thing is side characters tend to get a more fleshed out storyline since there is more time.

    • 41.1 kopytko

      I have fond memories of watching Fermentation Family. It is a drama about family who can make most exquisite and original kinds of kimchi. It is heartwarming and comfortable to watch, the characters are likable and relatable. It just can make you hungry, if you’re impressed by the beautiful pictures of food.
      I personally don’t really care about food shown on screen, and very often I find dramas about cooking annoying for their contemptuous attitude towards normal food, but here it is not the case.

      • 41.1.1 m

        I, too, loved FF. Beautiful cinematography and subtle, quirky humor. At the end I wished the show had an official cookbook like others issue an OST.

        I’d also like to recommend Family’s Honor.

      • 41.1.2 Lovely.

        Another Fermentation Family fan! I was wondering if I was the only one who enjoyed that show… Glad that’s not the case.

        My Krdrama loving sister and I got really hooked on it and ended up eating after every episode because it made us hungry… Haha!

        I would love to try all those different kinds of kimchi… ^_^

    • 41.2 pogo

      Ojakkyo Brothers was pretty fantastic.

      • 41.2.1 okiejune

        Yes, it was so good. Only time I’ve watched episodes raw!

    • 41.3 Tara

      My all-time favorite family drama is The Sons of Sol Pharmacy (weekend drama). Loved the four brothers…how can you go wrong with Son Hyun-joo, Lee Pil-mo, Han Sang-jin and Ji Chang-wook?!? 🙂

      I also have to agree with kopytko and pogo, both Fermentation Family and Ojakkyo Brothers are also good family dramas – definitely in my top 10.

      But you’re absolutely right, family dramas have the tendency to get draggy — which is one reason why I dropped Wonderful Season for now. And the daggone lies upon lies…there are way too many that I can’t even recall which family drama hasn’t had that aspect. If you want to see someone spouting lies like water, you should see the villain girl of Jang Bori is Coming…yikes.

      I watched You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin to be ultimately disappointed with the crackpot storyline that was such a waste of Jo Jung-suk. Feel Good Day is a bit dull for me, but I tune in every once in a while.

      • 41.3.1 Momoi

        I’m avoiding Jang Bori since it seems like it’d be even more makjangy than most makjangs.

        I’m used to the lies and stuff from Indian dramas, but it does get annoying.

        • Tara

          You know, it’s funny you say that because, honestly…when I first heard the premise, I was like oh hellzzz no–it’s gonna be a makjang-palooza, lol. Even my love of Kim Ji-hoon wouldn’t compel me to watch…

          Until two weeks ago. I kinda tuned in after weeks of my mom’s raving about how good this was. I’m not gonna watch it through, but skip watch to see the reveal of the real identity, as well as the gradual demise of the villain.

    • 41.4 Carole McDonnell

      Wang Family — weird as heck but i loved those characters.

    • 41.5 Momoi

      Thanks everyone for the recommendations.

    • 41.6 bbstl

      It’s an oldie but I loved 1% of Anything. A bit of strife but lots of family fuzzies.

  42. 42 Lovedramas

    I thought that Jang Hyuk can’t get a haircut because he is filming a sageuk movie (?) after this and hence, his hair has to be grown out. So I think Gunnie is going to be stuck with this weird hair. 🙁 🙁

    In the beginning, it wasn’t as bad but now, it’s in that awkward long length category and highly impractical for a CEO for a chemical company. Oh well. Gotta get used to it. I am pretty certain, it can’t be cut, at least not much.

    MND wAs pretty good before, but now I am getting a little bored by it. Just me… I think I am just impatient and there isn’t enough to hook me completely.

    JG – love.

    • 42.1 owl

      but it [hair] was so cute when he pulled it back while jogging~

      Somehow his hair helps define his character in the kdrama for me along with THAT {{{{{laugh}}}}. It’s one of those love or completely hate it thing.

      Love the snail on his shoulder that he can’t escape from – “our snail”

      Ballerina is back – I’m scared.

      • 42.1.1 Boxed-In

        I really liked this wavy retro thing he had at first. I even like the ponytail and the man-bun. But this week’s straightened bangs with middle parting….ugh no. The scene where he kissed her, I kept thinking she might sneeze because his hair was all over her face. Pity, ‘coz the kiss itself was super-hot….

        • Waiting

          Length is not the problem…they just need to STYLE it properly.

          Right now it is looking a little, well….penile. Which is fine if these were episodes in which he was being a _____ (aka jerk), but he is not.

          Lee Gun….you have a company which makes hair products. USE SOME!

  43. 43 pogo

    Hey everyone! I seem to be saving all my drama catchups for the weekend these days, barring one or two.

    Triangle – yeah, that finale. That pointless 50 more minutes of corporate plotting crap after one of your 3 main characters dies because the actor had to pack off to France. I was already at the point where I just wanted to see no more of either Asshole Yoon, Asshole Hyun or Skun Go’s faces for the rest of the drama, but we got inflicted with more. A++ for Jaejoong though. Can’t praise him enough.

    And to add insult to injury, no DalHee kiss either! At least Im Shi-wan has his next acting project lined up already, I’m really looking forward to seeing him as the lead at last.

    Let’s Eat – I finished ep 14, and this show is a gem – well-paced, with believably developed characters and relationships, and even if it wasn’t for the food angle, it would still be perfect.

    Also, Yoon Doo-joon is swoonworthy. That kiss….or more accurately, the look in his eyes just before the kiss…UNF. I still can’t believe he’s an idol. And Gu Dae-young is possibly one of my favourite heroes of this year. (that’s no mean feat, considering the competition includes Jang Hyuk, Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Jun-ki). I don’t know how, but he manages to make a glib, lying slob like Dae-young seem completely and totally appealing….what is this sorcery?

    P.S. Is anyone else wondering about the Hong sisters’ next? This week last year, Master’s Sun was premiering, but they haven’t even announced anything yet for 2014, I think we won’t get a drama out of them this year. (October-December tv slots are already filling up)

    • 43.1 kopytko

      I’m joining in to praise Jaejoong. He was brilliant, especially in the first half of the drama. He was wonderfully believable as the lowlife good-for-nothing rascal. Later, the writing wasn’t as good for his character, but still he was interesting to follow.

      And Let’s Eat! One of this year’s best dramas.

      • 43.1.1 pogo

        I’m kind of taken aback at how good Let’s Eat is. We’re two episodes from the end, it hasn’t flagged in pace (that I can see anyway), hasn’t gone melodramatic and noble idiot on us, and we actually got a hero who can cleanly reject a confession and not string a girl along plus a second lead who isn’t hateful at all!

        I really hope Yoon Doo-joon and Yoon So-hee are in more things after this. I know YSH is in Marriage Not Dating now, but she’s kind of wasted in that role, get her a lead already.

        • kopytko

          Yoon So Hee is great in LE and I do hope to see her as a lead of a drama soon, but on the other hand I think it would do her good to be in the supporting cast for now and earn some experience. Not that I wouldn’t pick her over pretty much any idol “actress”…

          • pogo

            Hey, in a world where network kdrama producers are apparently blind to the possibility of actually casting a young female main lead who isn’t an idol or Jin Se-yeon (blech), I’d say a young actress who’s proven her talent in spades needs to get out of the supporting character ghetto stat! Her, Lee Yubi and Kim Ji-won are three girls I’d love to see as leading ladies very soon.

        • John

          pogo ~

          Yoon So-hee is so fine. **swoon**.

          I’d like to see her get bigger roles but if she has to put time in the trenches, in the long run that would be better for her.

          I really enjoyed her in Let’s Eat. She did a good job In Wild Chives. I currently have MND on hiatus, but she hadn’t got a whole bunch of screen time for the episodes I’d seen .

          On a side note, Lee Yeol-Eum, (Jung Yoo-A ) on HSKOS looks like she could be Soo-hee’s sister, (nowhere near as fine though). It would be interesting if those two ever get cast in the same drama.

          • pogo

            John – ordinarily I’d agree with you on Yoon So-hee and needing time in the trenches.

            But for the last few years, hardly any young actresses (not idols that is) have made it from second lead to bona fide leading lady on public broadcast, no matter how good the performances they put in.

            I really don’t want to see this generation of talented young performers ignored in favour of yet another pretty face who can’t act, and Yoon So-hee’s agency has a tendency to focus all their efforts to push their idols as lead actors instead of looking after the actual actors they have on board.

          • D's handphone

            Now that Park Si Yeon is coming back to dramaland (yayyy!) maybe the casting director will give our girl a call should PSY’s role require a teen counterpart or a younger sibling. They both looks very similar.

    • 43.2 Chandler

      I’m also expecting Yoon Doo-Joon’s Gu Dae-Young to come out on top as one of my personal favorite heroes of the year 🙂 He’s just such a charming oddball.

      I’m also curious about the Hong Sisters. Hopefully we’ll have news about their next project soon!

      • 43.2.1 pogo

        Every character in Let’s Eat was perfectly cast, from Yoon Doo-joon down to the dog.

        Also mad props to the incredibly charming and talented Yoon So-hee, SM better stir their asses on her behalf because I feel like the only ‘actors’ they give a hoot about are their idols (witness the Yoona/Nodame fiasco) and the (formerly) only-a-pretty-face actresses like Go Ara and Lee Yeon-hee.

        They’ve got talent like Jung So-min and this girl sitting in their C&C wing and seem to only put them out for supporting roles, sometimes even demoting them back to third lead after they played lead in a series….ridiculous.

    • 43.3 Tara

      Totally agree with you about Triangle. Aish, my OT post ended up being mostly a rant about my displeasure with the ending…even if I ranted in the ep26 post! haha. But I suppose I can reminisce about it later…the good parts of the story, at least.

      I’m gonna miss discussing Triangle with you, pogo 🙂

      And I, too, have been catching up on other dramas during the weekend…mostly because of Triangle, sigh. Now that it’s finished…we shall see if I can finally get to catching up 🙂

      • 43.3.1 pogo

        well, we stuck it out to the bitter (and sucky) ending, and I think it’s kind of justified to have some rants!

        But you’re right, there were good parts, and there was even a time when I thought this show could have been legitimately great or at least really good. Too bad the writer consciously steered away from the good stuff, is all. (and yeah, weekend is for all the other dramas – so much catching up to do, and at least I know some of it will be good!)

  44. 44 Boxed-In

    I’ve never commented in an OT before! 🙂 But hey, what the heck, I wanted to gush about FTLY and this seems to be the place to do it.

    I haven’t seen too many Korean shows, and FTLY just happened after a long break from them. But I was sold on it in the first few minutes itself….when Jang Hyuk opens his shirt, wets his hair, and sells it to you, pray how is a girl with functioning eyes and ovaries to resist? 😀 No, but really, I had been looking for an unadulterated fun show for a long, long time, and FTLY IS IT.
    As cliched and contrived as the storyline might sound, it is the writing and the acting which is absolutely magical, and so insanely fun. I cannot praise Jang Nara enough for her portrayal of the meek heroine, which is the kind of character who almost always gets my goat, but she’s made Mi-young winning and dignified and so uber-sweet, you can’t help rooting for her. And GUNNIE!!! Goodness. As much as I enjoy watching his OTT-ness and flamboyance, I think the reason so many of us are in love with this show is that he’s not your typical arrogant a**hole they pass off as chaebols in most shows. Instead he’s kind and loving and such a gentleman. FTLY just abounds in niceness, and for people like me who sometimes just want an escapist fantasy with some laughs, a few tears, and a great deal of heart, FTLY is perfect.

    I’ve been watching MND too, but somehow it has not moved me as much. I enjoy it, the leads are good, and the laughs are frequent, but the conflict is getting boring now, and the characters more and more confusing. I haven’t yet watched Episode 9 though, and since they left it at a crucial juncture last week, I’m hoping they’ll have moved the plot forward somehow. Really do want to like it.

    • 44.1 tts_yeon

      DITTO. FTLY is my current jam, crack. Rewatched every episodes, watched bts, constantly read/search/google more info on FTLY. I feel like zombie Gun.

      It has too many memorable and meme worthy scenes!!!

      난 미치겠다!

  45. 45 Aigoooo

    Wonderful Season – my second attempt at watching a drama that has more than 24 episodes. I thought I could really get through this one but I had to stop at like episode 32 when the dad the showed up. I hate how kdramas tolerate utterly despicable people just because they are blood related. I wish Dong Hee had given him the beating of a lifetime and then sent him packing.

    High School King of Savvy – it’s still my favorite show right now. It’s getting to that point in the drama thought when I start feeling depressed coz I know it’s about to end soon.

    Densha Otoko – I started marathoning this Jdrama yesterday. It’s a nice little rom-com about a nerd who falls in love with a gorgeous woman who he saves while she was being harrassed by a drunk passenger on a train. I am 5 episodes in and I am liking it so far.

    Fated To Love You – love it. Jang Hyuk is crazy funny and Jang Na Ra is crazy endearing.

    “Something”” Lovers – I can’t fully remember the title. I think I have slight amnesia. lol

    Marriage Not Dating – love Han Groo.

    It’s Okay, That Love – Gong Hyo Jin is lovely, enough said.

    On a personal note, still recovering from the surgery. It fixed the main issue but created a new one so now the doctor is looking into that issue. lol It never ends.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  46. 46 Turkish Rose

    Fated to love you…enjoying the show but not in love with it. I guess I’m pretty much the only one who loved the tw original more. I loved Ethan Ruan, even though he was a jerk. But they made him completely fall in love with her which made my heart melt. I just can’t help, that when I’m watching the k-remake, to compare the scenes to the original and feel dis hearted. But I’ll keep watching it until the end.

    High school king of savvy – is just awesome, in love with seo in guk since Master’s Sun and Reply 1997. He has a charisma about all his characters and makes it very fun to watch.

    It’s ok, it.s love – is very different, but I’m watching it for Gong hyo shin, which I love. I’m waiting to see where the story takes us, but I feel it will be a very dark place when we know more about jo in sung.s character.

    Fall in love with me- lovvve Aaron Yan, and I’m still sticking around with it, although it’s hard to when they only air one episode a week. But I love chemistry, and acting. It’s a very fluffy story, so it’s nice to watch when you don’t want to think too complicated about a story line.

    • 46.1 VanillaSalt

      Fall in Love with Me was good in the beginning, but once they threw in making Huan Huan go along with Lance’s plans i was so ready to drop it even more so than i did already. I’m still watching it bc Aaron and Tia’s chemistry is so great and the BTS are really cute. I ship them haha!

      • 46.1.1 Turkish Rose

        Vanillasalt, lol totally agree. I’m still watching it like you for the same reasons. It’s because of Aaron Yan.

  47. 47 mizzy

    I just miss 2013 with all those lovely dramas….
    Top 5
    1. I Hear Your Voice
    2. Secret Love
    3. You Who Came From the Stars
    4. Reply 1994
    5. The Master’s Sun
    heavy sigh…. Marriage not Dating is not even this close in this dramas. 2014 is a crap…

  48. 48 Ssie

    I miss Lee Min Ki 🙁 Im scourging all available resources just to see him on my screen… like I’ve watched his MVs – those he sang, and those where he was the guest actor 🙁 I don’t know why he hasn’t appeared in dramas for the past years, like wasn’t he given a role at all?? Or he just kept on rejecting them? IDK but waaah I guess I just want to see him in drama land before he goes to the army 🙁

  49. 49 samsooki

    Is it Wednesday night yet?


    neeed FTLY……

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