Dramabeans Podcast #25
by | October 26, 2014 | 66 Comments

For this podcast, we wanted to take our time to talk about the dramas in a little more length, rather than trying to get through a long list all at once. Basically, once you get us started, we just keep talking forever. You are warned!

Podcast #25

Running time: 1:23:29

Topics discussed:

  • She’s So Lovable: The disappointing acting quality, the breezy style, and Rain’s solo acting performance
  • Secret Door (9:40): The historical background behind the drama’s characters, the memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong, the political tensions of the times, the historical Yeongjo and his troubled relationship with Sado, the ways in which the drama incorporates historical detail into its fictional telling, the drama’s interpretations of the characters, the acting performances, and brief detours to the movies Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath) and Sado
  • Cantabile Tomorrow (37:47): How it compares to the Japanese source material and also why we want to lay the comparisons to rest, the use of classical music and conducting both cinematically and narratively, the endearing characters, and Joo-won’s performance in particular
  • Misaeng (1:01:14): Its true-to-life details, the acting and Im Shi-wan in particular
  • Modern Farmer (1:13:23): Its appealing absurdity
  • Liar Game (1:16:58): First impressions

Names mentioned:

Rain, Krystal, L, Jang Nara, Lee Min-ki, Sung Joon, Jo Boa, Lady (Princess) Hyegyeong, Sado, Jeongjo, Yeongjo, Sukchong, Inhyun, Han Seok-kyu, Sun, Hyun Bin, Yoo Ah-in, Yoo-jin, Nae-il, Il-lac, Joo-won, Go Kyung-pyo, (Choi) Siwon, Im Shi-wan, Lee Sung-min, Ryu Seung-ryong, Honey Lee, Lee Bo-young, Kim So-eun, Lee Sang-yoon, Shin Sung-rok

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“너 하나만” (Just you) by Kim Tae-woo from the She’s So Lovable OST
“지우고 지우다” (Erase and erase) by The One from the Secret Door OST
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 “Eroica” 1st movement
“로망” (Romantic ideal) by Rose Motel from the Misaeng OST
“사랑이 올 때” (When love comes) by Woohyun from the Modern Farmer OST
“Liar” by Dear Cloud from the Liar Game OST


66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tee

    Yay podcast time.
    Tbh though,I only listened to the intro and then skipped straight to Misaeng then listened to the end.
    The earlier dramas don’t interest me at all

    • 1.1 ItIsI

      Same here!

    • 1.2 capricorn

      I am watching Misaeng, Modern Farmer, and Cantabile Tomorrow and enjoying all 3 dramas for their different merits.

      Out of the 3, ‘Misaeng’ had the strongest start because in the 1st episode they showed you exactly who Geu Rae was – a baduk genius who has all of the personal qualities to be more- who has to start from the bottom in a different world, a grueling corporate world – someone you just want to root for. However, the details are hard to follow, whether it’s corporate terminology or processes – it almost seems like an insider drama at times.

      ‘Modern Farmer’ is rambunctious, sprinkled with slapstick comedy, but it’s also rich in characters and character development and there’s room for an appealing growth arc for all of the characters. It is interesting that they didn’t go for the obvious formula of hooking us with the hotness of Minki – a rock genius – but shows us his flaws 1st, his quick temper, wild inner child, and natural trouble-making abilities. Yet, there something just likable about this drama and its characters. The pacing is right and ‘there’s never a dull moment.’

      ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’ I think suffered from not firmly and obviously establishing the genius of Nae-il from the very beginning. I think most can accept that with being a genius, often quirkiness/weirdness comes with the territory. I am still wondering who Nae-il is, exactly. Yoo-jin I get. I do think that Nae-il does grow on viewers a bit by the end of the 4th episode. I really love how the drama utilizes music to tell the story. Though I’ve heard of a lot of criticism from other, nonetheless, the drama is entertaining.

      Thank you for the podcast 🙂

      • 1.2.1 ana

        totally agree with you about Modern Farmer! many people look down on this drama bcuz of it silly over the top comedy but i thoroughly enjoyed this drama! 😀

    • 1.3 Aigoooo

      They mentioned Krystal’s acting as being anemic. Is that a pun? lol Isn’t she anemic in real life?

      • 1.3.1 Megumi

        Yes she is indeed anaemic in real life, just a week ago she fainted right after finishing one of the concerts abroad, I don’t think live shooting is helping her much either, I do think that Krystal’s acting have not been poor in the drama.

  2. TinaFee

    Thank you so much! I Love your podcasts. It’s nice to hear you and not read through the posts from time to time! 😊

    • 2.1 kent

      Thank you for the podcast, but I am very surprised that we did not get your thoughts over Three Musketeers which is one of the best shows out there currently airing.

      This podcast was interesting as always!

  3. Carole McDonnell

    oooh pleasant surprise. listening now. thanks.

  4. cingdoc

    Yay… Something to look forward to when done with work 😃👍👍👍

  5. Waiting

    Thanks for the podcast and the comments.

    JB and GF…
    I am curious what you both thought of the opening sequence that was shot in Jordan. Agree, Lee Sung Min is so believable and Siwan is so palpably good.

    I did finally see Answer Me 1997 and although I love the case Answer Me 1994 remains my favorite of the two.

  6. Carole McDonnell

    Oh my gosh! That was the best! I soooooooooo loved the history lesson. Thanks

    • 6.1 bbstl

      Me too! Thanks for drilling down to that level of detail on the Sado story, the more I learn the more intriguing it becomes. I wanted to wait until Secret Door was complete but think I will have to start watching now.

      • 6.1.1 Carole McDonnell

        am gonna be reading Lady Hyegyeong’s memoir soon.

    • 6.2 rughydrangea

      Yes! Everything I know about Sado, I learned from Wikipedia (so, not much), and listening to JB and GF talk about the history was both entertaining and hugely informative. I’m definitely planning to buy the memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong now!

      • 6.2.1 Shelley

        You might be able to find the memoirs at a local library or maybe a university library.

  7. Dramacrzy

    I have been watching the dramas you guys talked about, and, I ended up:

    Lovely girl: stopped watching after it got predictable. Also, don’t like Krystal’s acting. Rain is more natural than her. And the story is cliched.

    Secret Door: just couldn’t get into the Josean era drama.

    Misaeyung: Really enjoying this underdog story. Can’t wait for next week.

    Cantible Tomorrow: I like how lighthearted this is, and enjoy the interaction between the two leads immensely.

    2 more I’m enjoying now are Liar Game and Greatest Marriage.

  8. Pearl~ai88

    Yay, thanks so much for the earlier podcast, such a nice surprise! So many good dramas on air right now, I feel like I have a interest in more than one show for the first time in a while. I’m not currently up with Secret Door, but I’m planning on marathoning it later- your comments on the historical background were really helpful and renewed my excitement for the drama.
    Misaeng is definitely my favorite at the moment, it just twists my heart in all the right ways! I’m glad you guys also sympathized so much with it and like it, I’m really looking forward to how the series progresses. Geu Rae fighting! You can do it puppy!!!

  9. Mandy

    I was totally waiting for your verdicts on She’s So Lovable. I actually think its the most easy and relaxing drama right now. There’s nothing happening, yes, but it also keeps me entertained enough and makes me smile throughout – which is something I don’t feel for any of the other dramas airing right now.

    But yes, I just don’t get it. I don’t get why Rain picked this, why he’d agree to do something like this. Yes, its sweet, but he’s acting circles (and all other shapes) around basically everyone. Everyone as in Krystal, L and Cha Ye-ryun – the other main leads. It’s ridiculous because he’s intense, so in character and completely absorbed in this world, expect everyone else isn’t! So it just makes everyone look so much worse – if that’s even possible. I really like his character and Hyun-wook acts and reacts like a real human being but goodness, gracious Krystal is dull as freakin grains of rice. She has no energy or enthusiasm. Se-na is actually adorable for a Candy in that she’s very proactive. Which is rare, but Krystal kills that with the tuned-out acting. Its so bad that I contemplate if I would’ve preferred Suzy here! And L – I won’t even go there or I’ll ramble till the world ends. He’s jarring, cringe-worthy and plain horrible its almost unreal.

    I totally agree with you guys regarding Rain and the effect of everyone around him making SSL almost unbelievable. Rain is as fabulous as I remember him to be. And yes, right! Hot, extremely sexy and hot. When I saw Runaway, Plan B back then, I thought there’s no way I’ll like something so action oriented and no-romance like this. And he captivated me so much that it made me love that drama. Its what made me see A love To Kill, for which I felt the exact same. And like I said when this project was announced, I’d watch come-what-may because Rain’s in it. He breathes life in a really dull world and really makes everything so much sweeter and enjoyable. If he weren’t in this, I’d have dropped it like a hot potato.

    I do hope this was his random experiment and he soon picks a project that has actors even a quarter as talented as him. He deserves much better so I’m keeping everything crossed that he returns to dramaland muuuuch sooner than in 4 years time. I feel like I’ll already miss him. I almost forgot how much I loved him back in the day. Its ironic that a drama as dull as SSL is what made me realize Rain is one of the best singer-actor talents out there. But in a way, I’m glad for this drama – its brings my Rain love right back and I don’t think I’ll come close to forgetting this time, heh!

    • 9.1 Mandy

      LOL, I didn’t realize I had so much to say on SSL that I had to cut my post in two. Moving on, Cantibile Tomorrow is difficult to watch. Just… really difficult. I can’t believe the reason I dislike it with a passion is SEK. I’m not sure if she has improved and toned it down, but the first two episodes were difficult to swallow. I haven’t seen the original so I’m not sure how close to the actual characterizations she’s portraying Nae-il. But she grates my nerves with her constant over the top-ness. I admit to also being extremely bothered by her messiness. Its her character I’m sure, but it gives me the chills.

      SEK has a lot of pressure on her, I’m assuming. She was touted as the be all end all of Cantibile Tomorrow and that no one can even think of portraying Nae-il other than her. That must’ve been difficult to handle also considering she hasn’t been on the drama scene in years. If she’s toned it down, I’ll probably give it another chance and if not, I guess it’ll be another Heirs for me where everyone saw it and I’m happy being clueless.

      Joo Won, I liked. I’m not a fan of his but this is possibly the first time I really liked him. He’s less intense and his character is very likeable without being a jerk. I think he’s also playing the comedy with a lot of understated emotions, so his character is easy to root for. I feel like there’s so many characters in the drama and maybe they should focus more on the leads. But then I’d rather see anyone but Nae-il.

      Everything else, I haven’t seen. But Misaeng and Liar Game are on my to-watch list for sure. They both sound different and I’ll give them a try soon. I was expecting to hear from you guys regarding Iron Man! Its so crazy ridiculous and I tried up till around episode 4 and just couldn’t go on… But I can see how its appealing to some. Would’ve loved to hear both your takes now that it crossed midway mark!

    • 9.2 bbstl

      I’ve been assuming all this while that Krystal looked bad and acted weakly because there was a big makeover and happy success change coming later in the story. I guess not. And we all agree, Rain has never looked better! Poor L, I think his “window” may be limited to smirking, and he is good at that. It’s pretty much all he had to do in SUFBB.

      Couldn’t agree more about Jo Boa! Gosh, you knew from the first minute of Surplus Princess that she was all in, 120%. I wish that show had gotten more viewers, they were all marvelous.

      • 9.2.1 Mandy

        L and his smirk is just *shudders*. His every emotion is reliant on a smirk. When he’s sad, or happy, or angry, or sarcastic, or serious – name it, and he smirks. I just wish Hoya played Shi-woo instead. I think he would’ve done a way better job than this – the first few episodes where he was a dick, it wasn’t as bad as L atleast. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I’m over exposed to L’s cringeworthy ‘acting’. UGH, make it stop!

        But then again its Krystal that has the most screen time after Rain and she’s sucking like no tomorrow. Rain… is just fantastic and looking like a million bucks worth of drool and hotness. He’s my reason to watching till the end. And the dog, they both just make my day.

    • 9.3 August

      Can’t help but wonder what She’s So Lovable (aka My Lovely Girl) would be like if IU or Sooyoung were cast to play Yoon Se-Na instead of Krystal.

      Viewers of My Spring Days sure lucked out in the female lead department with the acting and casting.

      • 9.3.1 Mandy

        IU and Sooyoung doesn’t really have the screen presence to match Rain’s but yes, the acting would’ve been much better, I suppose. If I were to pick an idol, I wish they casted Eun-ji instead. She’s fantastic and absolutely charming on screen. If only Suzy knew what acting means, she’s also someone who’s very charismatic and would most likely be gorgeous with Rain. Krystal is just an all round fail because she neither has presence nor acting to cover it up.

        MSD – I tried. And hated. There are some cliches I run away from. Heart transplants, dying and hospitals – those are drama tropes I’d never watch.

        • August

          I agree Jung Eun-Ji would have been another good choice.

          MSD – Like you I gave it a chance but dropped it.

        • AJK

          I hung in with My Spring Days until episode 9 and that one just defeated me — cliches galore, the nonsense about apologizing for getting a heart as if the recipient had done something wrong, and — most of all — the incredibly intrusive music that they are apparently relying on to tug on the heartstrings because they don’t trust their more than competent cast. If I go back to that one at all, it will be for the second leads.

  10. 10 Bbbb

    Thank you. Awsome Podcast.

    I really enjoyed your opinion about Tomorrow Cantabile, because it’s such a funny drama. I love the contrast between the comedy and serieus classical music.

  11. 11 nemesis


  12. 12 Squibbles

    Yay a podcast, thank you!!!

    JB, may I ask what instrument you play?

    • 12.1 javabeans

      I play the violin.

      • 12.1.1 Squibbles

        Cool! same as Yoo Il Rak and Cha Yoo Jin! 🙂

        This may a little off topic I was what ever happened to the thumbs up button at the bottom of each comment? I liked that feature.

  13. 13 earthna

    I stopped watching She’s So Lovable after the 2nd episode. I really like Krystal and I loveee Rain but omg I just can’t continue with this drama. I agree about how Krystal is good with smaller roles compared to being the heroine who has to be on screen most if the time. Idols need to be ready when they get these roles, seriously.

    For Secret Door, I was really excited even before it started and just cannot wait for it to air. When it finally did, I was like ahm okay. I made it up to episode 6 and then I just didn’t get to catch up. It just feels like I keep on making myself like it. I wanna like it. Actually, I do like it but not enough to watch it while I’m buried from school work. I might pick it up again when the show ends.

    Thanks for clearing that abdication thing. I never got it while I was watching it. Now it makes more sense.

  14. 14 eny

    I like Cantabile tomorrow n Liar game
    Actually i thought i’m not gonna like Cantabile Tomorrow because i already see the jap version.I watch jap version the drama n movie i like the story but i really don’t like their overate comedy n in the jap drama there’s feel s really rush in some part, the korean version fill something that lack in jap version n the comedy more natural but of course the surprising factor is gone because it’s remake but i still like it
    I didn’t watch Liar game jap version so i see liar game korean version has fresh story,it’s mistery drama so curiosity is point, i’m glad didn’t watch the jap version because i could enjoy thi s drama
    I watch 2 ep of secret door n there’s nothing that attract me to continue, not interested to modern farmer n She’s lovable, haven’t have a chance to watch Misaeng n Greatest Marriage. I’m really addicted to The Three Musketeers

  15. 15 panshel

    LOL Misaeng makes me suicidal, too. I get so depressed after every episode. Not only am I living vicariously through Im Shi Wan, but as I’m watching, I start to brainwash myself in believing “Geu Rae is me.” Granted, I don’t have it nowhere near as bad as him, but I realize office life in the corporate world is the same in every country.

  16. 16 Just my thoughts

    You echoed my thoughts exactly, Javabeans, about Lee Sang Yoon in ‘Liar Game’. I never found him attractive before, never felt attracted to watch anything with him in it, but in ‘Liar Game’ he’s just so riveting. I’m glad that I’ve not watched the Jap version so that I can fully enjoy this Korean version – the first for me.

    • 16.1 anon

      I don’t really mean to pick on this person in particular but to all applicable beanies, can we please avoid using the term “Jap” to shorten “Japanese” as it is an ethnic slur (look it up if you don’t believe me)?

      I’m just noticing this sudden influx because we have to two adaptations this season, Liar Game and Cantabile Tomorrow. If you are lazy and don’t want to write “Japanese”, please shorten it like the Olympics do: “Jpn.”

      • 16.1.1 alua

        Or just J- (j-film, j-drama, j-version)… that’s what i do with K, J, TW (etc).

      • 16.1.2 AJK

        Thank you — words do have a history. You said it better and more concisely than I would have.

  17. 17 nonski

    my favorite again… thank you for the new podcast… off to listen! *happy dance*

  18. 18 Shelley

    Hey, javabeans and girlfriday! Just wanted to let you know that I AM watching Secret Door! And this history major is loving it!!! 😀 Especially now that I’ve finally taken the GRE and finished my midterm exams! Can’t wait until episode 11!~

  19. 19 mah

    Thank you JB and GF! *hugs*

  20. 20 ana

    She’s So Lovable.
    Krystal romancing ahjusshi, Rain. that. all. i. got. to. say.

    Secret Door.
    haven’t watched it yet;__;

    Cantabile Tomorrow.
    i enjoy the show! yay!

    like watching your own office life.

    Modern Farmer.
    an escape from your own office life. yes, i like to live in those cute farm houses at Hardrouk village lol

    Liar Game.
    1st epi really interesting 🙂

  21. 21 Dara

    Am I the only one thinking Rain picked the right project ? Such a heartwarming one that he’s shining so brightly, and Krystal, even if her acting is quite dull yet her chemistry with Rain is amazing especially her eyes when looking him. If the female lead didn’t do anything right, it would be impossible for me to keep smiling like a buffoon whenever the two are together. I luff this drama despite its flaws, it makes me love Rain again since Full House. I hope Krystal got pricked at reasonably, not because she got to kiss Rain, or it’s some other idol fans got jealous of her. L is doing fine for the part he’s given for acting against Rain and still shine in my eyes. I even think L stole some scenes from Rain that his part got toned down a little as a result. Maybe I’m getting bored with big projects lately, it looked great but no souls in them to warm my heart. Not sure why Kdrama recently felt like it’s losing it stream.

  22. 22 oldsoul

    I agree with all you said about Cantabile Tomorrow. I am a fan of Nodame Cantabile too and though CT is different from the jdrama, I still find it very enjoyable to watch. Everytime I read about how bad CT is compared to NC, it makes me laugh because these people are obviously just hating. If CT changes something, they hate it. If it stays the same, they say it’s a copycat. I don’t get them, haha!

    • 22.1 SS

      Agree 🙂

      • 22.1.1 N

        Me three!

        • IamNoWFluffy

          Me Four!!!

          • yentafo

            me five

  23. 23 ZogZog

    Hello guys! I’m just asking those people who have watched the Japanese liar game, is there any romance here? (just curious) Thank you!

    PS: Thanks javabeans and Girlfriday! love to hear your voices <3

  24. 24 rawr

    My lovely girl is kind of dull and uninteresting, but I think the acting is mostly fine. Krystal is kind of stiff sometimes but mostly okay, L pulls off his character well and actually good in this role, maybe it helps that his character is the most interesting in this drama. The problem with this drama is in the writing for me. Too cheesy and clichy and I care more about the second leads than the dull main leads, I’m basically watching for the second leads.

    I never watched the Japanese version of Cantabile or Liar Game, so maybe that’s why I love them both since I can’t compared them both with their Japanese versions. I need to start watching Misaeng, but I get kind of busy ;;

  25. 25 coby

    Misaeng is a total winner! I want to hug Geu-rae every time I see him on screen. I can’t take Rain and Krystal romance.. yikes!
    Off to listen!

  26. 26 mysticmalady

    Thanks for the surprise podcast!!!

    Really loved the history lesson behind Secret Door, though it means I’m now tempted to watch it -.- It does sound as though both King Yeongdo and Prince Sado have some kind of mental issues causing them to act in those ways. Maybe mental health problems weren’t as well recognised (and therefore treated) in those days as they are now.

    The only drama from the list I’m watching is Cantabile Tomorrow…and I’m really loving it! It definitely is more similar to the anime than J-drama and is doing the music justice. My only little bug-bear with it is SEK’s portrayal of Naeil is slightly dissonant with the overall tone of the drama in that she is pretty much the only one acting in the ‘anime’ style while everyone else has dialed back on the eccentricity. She does seem quite stressed about it though and reports said that she even cried on set as she wasn’t sure how to play the character. Poor girl >< But given time and some direction, I'm sure she'll be able to pull it off in the end

  27. 27 SS

    Javabeans you are so right, when Joo Won said in the interview that he practiced a lot. I went uh-oh.

    Yeah, it’s something I am guilty of myself. When people asked me if I have studied or prepared enough for an exam or task, I always downplay my effort just in case the results do not show 🙂 So when Joo Won said that, I was wondering what would happen if the results show otherwise. Especially during the release of the trailers when Tamaki fans were all going on and on about how great Tamaki was in conducting compared to Joo Won. Now, 4 eps in, I am elated that not only did Joo Won hit the mark, he even surpass it.

    There’s an interview where his teacher, conductor Lee Jong Jin said that Joo Won impressed him so much that he thought of roping him in. He said his standard is the same as that of his students but where his students prepared and worked at it for a long time, Joo Won managed to reach the standard within a short time

    We haven’t seen much of his violin playing but from the clip below, I think it looks and sounds great. Most beginners sound terrible.

    Check it out Joo Won’s conducting and violin lessons here:

    • 27.1 R

      This is awesome, thanks for sharing !! will definitly watch the bts videos since i’m really curious about that !

      Thanks JB and GF for the podcast, I’m also enjoying CT a lot and love JW’s performance ! ahh good memories those 1n2d moments 🙂

  28. 28 NomNom

    Loved this podcast! 🙂 Thanks JB & GF!

  29. 29 dkaoru

    is there a chance Sado is not actually Yeongjo’s son, that might explain why Yeongjo sorta hate him? Like maybe the King’s concubine had an affair with someone and the King basically cannot admit that publicly? but then this doesn’t explain why The king chose sado to be prince regent.
    After listening to this, I think I’m gonna go read the memoirs of lady hyegyong.

    • 29.1 Anonymous

      While you might have a crapshoot theory, it’s not far off for Youngjo to take care of Sado even if he wasn’t his child. Yeongjo was actually desperate for Sado’s birth. The original crown prince had died years before, and Sado became the heir Yeongjo needed (the King was “old” for the time). He had Sado start his studies while he was a toddler because of this. I think that Sado became regent for much of the same reason.

      (Apparently Youngjo liked his daughters/ladies of the court more than the men. Something to do with how his mother Choi Suk-bin was chided for being of lower caste.)

  30. 30 Lynn

    The only problem with Cantabile Tomorrow is actually the painful to watch? portrayal of maybe the most important character: Nodame. And I’m not talking about the J.drama, not even the anime here, I’m talking about the source of it all, the manga. I am really sorry for the girl.

    I really like Misaeng, I feel like this is the first time I am seeing the true Korean reality portrayed in a Drama.

  31. 31 Bex

    I gave up on SSL but I will go back and catch up once it’s finished, I was just really disappointed in the direction the drama took, I had thought it would be more about Rain dealing with the fact he couldn’t replace his dead girlfriend but it kind of didn’t deal with that from what I saw. Krystal is just really boring to watch in this role and I felt she fell in love quite quickly even though the episode count doesn’t match how I felt. I didn’t really care for L though I do feel that his character was more suited to Krystal’s because they’re of a similar age etc

    I really love Joo Won in Cantabile tomorrow but I really don’t love the portrayal of Nodame, I’m hoping once we shift the focus to her she’ll come more into her own, but for me she is the heart of the show and in this remake she’s not really shining for me.

    I spent the weekend watching the japanese version of liar game for the first time (I totally recommend you do), I watched it after I watched the eps of the korean version. They are very different shows but they both have their strengths, the Korean version has a huge benefit with casting Shin Sung Rok as the bad guy he’s really great here. My main disappointment is Lee Sang Yoon who I feel is just doesn’t have any of the charisma or mystery that Matsuda Shota had I’m hoping he gets better as the show goes on. Kim So Eun is ok she is a little more vocal and I like that we get to see more of her life and that her situation is more developed whereas the japanese version (season 1 at least) didn’t really give her too much of a life outside of the liar game.

  32. 32 August

    Big Big fan of Animaniacs. 🙂

    Dot, Yakko, & Wakko are zany to the max! 🙂


    Animaniacs Theme Song Lyrics


  33. 33 ben

    I quite liked noh hyung kee that winter tbh. What are others opinions?

  34. 34 k_m

    Agreed, Misaeng definitely wouldn’t be the same without Lee Sung Min – he’s excellent. The whole cast is just perfect.

  35. 35 JMK

    Maybe I’m misdirected on my view of Kyrstal, based on the other comments here. I tend to think she’s doing a decent job as a Candy, so maybe it’s the writing/directing of SSL. I liked her a lot in Heirs as well, although, I’m beginning to think my positive view of her may be because of the contrast of her sister’s horrible acting in Wild Romance. As far as idol actresses go, Sooyoung and Eun Ji have my vote for the best crossover efforts so far. Suzy, Yoona, and Uee also do well, and have more experience, but they are not quite performing at the same level. Do Hee has a lot of promise, but she is stuck in that silly boarding house for now…..needs a more meaty role.

  36. 36 ss

    listening to jb and gf talk about the history of sado really makes me want to get my hand on the book. but i cant buy it from any bookstore in singapore and the soft copy version costs $169 ;A; yet i dont want to read the book in the very cold section of the reference area of the national library or wait for weeks to get my hands on a used copy from amazon ;A; whyyyyyyy

    • 36.1 dkaoru

      just use wiki

  37. 37 Athena

    Thanks for the podcast – loved hearing you both and will check out Secret Door, Misaeng and Liar Game (liked Lee Sang-yoon in My Daughter Seo yong).

    On Cantabile Tomorrow, I think this drama is beautiful, love the cinematography, how music is used, the cast and relationships. I really really love Joo won’s portrayal. I also felt like he was really conducting. Like JB, I would also love to play in his orchestra. JB’s feeling is right that Joo won is the kind of person who has to understand the person in order to play him. I recall reading one of his interviews on Baker King Kim Tak Gu – – Joo won said that he had many many discussions with the director and the writer and he would call the writer on the phone every week to ask him about the things he could not understand. I am also more impressed than I thought I would be. Despite the ratings, I am glad he took this role.

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