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Trailer and highlights: Let the Liar Game begin
by | October 15, 2014 | 66 Comments

Ooh, this looks intriguing. Liar Game premieres next week, and not only do we have a longer teaser giving us the premise of the show, but also a 5-minute preview of highlights from the first episode. Sometimes these long highlights are hit or miss, because they’re long enough that they don’t get the same snappy trailer edit and that can mess with the pacing, but for Liar Game it just makes me more excited about the show.

The first teaser’s scenes are largely repeated in the longer one, and the clips show us the heroine, Kim So-eun, helping an elderly lady and being left with her bag… which contains a huge stash of cash. She looks furtively around, not sure if she should keep it, but ultimately decides to take it to the police, against the wishes of the beat-up-looking uncle? brother? who tries to stop her. That’s when Shin Sung-rok appears, dressed as a police officer and toting a camera crew, to reveal that she’s on a reality show. Welcome to the Liar Game.

Before she knows it, the heroine is introduced to the show. She thinks the broadcast is the end of the game, only to be told, “It’s just the beginning.”

Then we see her asking a PD to cut her part out of the show, ashamed of the part where she was tempted to keep the money. Things aren’t that easy, and the heroine starts to realize she’s in way over her head. So her buddy suggests she enlist some help, steering her toward our other lead, Lee Sang-yoon, a convicted scam artist and expert liar who’s being released tomorrow.

Lee Sang-yoon has no interest in hearing what she has to say and says he hates “people who confuse stupidity for niceness.” He tells her to wait for him in a dangerous alley to get rid of her — only to be shocked when she waits and waits and waits. He starts to see that maybe she really is as nice and trusting as she seems, which is surely going to be her downfall. When she’s hounded by neighbors to repay her debts, he steps in and declares, “She’s mine.” So he’s in, but knows it’s an uphill battle, because he’s read her contract and there are iron-clad provisions in there.

All the while, the producers of the Liar Game watch — one PD worries that they’ll drop out mid-show, but Shin Sung-rok is just enigmatic and smug. He approaches the hero with a vague taunt/bribe/threat, insinuating that there’s something he doesn’t know (about his conviction, perhaps?). But if he wants to find out what it is, he’ll have to stay in the game. Cryptic!

Liar Game premieres on Monday, October 20, on tvN.

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66 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Be

    Wow i love how it has different feel with the japanese one.

    I love the cast except Lee Sang-yoon. The trailer hasn’t convinced me that he fit for the role. He still doesn’t look like a genius scam artist to me. Just look like a bitter person. I don’t know, please prove me wrong. Maybe Matsuda Shota just leave too big of impression for this role to me.

    But I definitely watching this show. So excited.

    • 1.1 Lenny

      I feel the same. I’m totally hooked on Matsuda Shota in this. Not even when was one of the F4 in HanaDan.. but in this particular role! I love the chemistry between him and Toda too..Kim So Eun as the female lead is perfect. She has that innocent and pure heart feelong, but Lee Sang-yoon here just feels misplaced. Maybe we just need to watch the premiere first. I hope in the end I’m hooked on Lee Sang-yoon just as I am with Matsuda Shota. If I’m not.. well then maybe Matsuda Shota is way too cool to be replaced. LOL

      • 1.1.1 vanilladreamcream

        completely agree with kenny. I didn’t like matsuda shota until I watched liar game. I didn’t know what was wrong with lee sang goon but you said it so right- he looked bitter not like a swindler. However i am still watching this because I haven’t watched anything with kim so eun since korean version of BOF and felt that this role was perfect for her. I hope I will be surprised with the korean version of this drama. Btw, I just rewatched the first and second episode of liar game japanese and they have it on youtube for people who want to watch it

    • 1.2 kinare

      I’m definitely watching this too but I just can’t picture anyone else portaying Akiyama other than Matsuda Shota, he was perfect as Akiyama.

    • 1.3 KDaddict

      Haven’t seen the Jdrama nor earlier postings on this. Wow, can reality tv really do that – mess w ppl’s lives to that extent? Scary. For once, here’s one to watch for the premise alone. Hoping it’ll be better than the bunch of disappointing dramas of late.
      Thanks for the update.

      • 1.3.1 kdramaholic91

        In the Japanese drama Liar Game, the plot happens in real life and the organizers are some kind of underground group that is like a mafia of some sort.

        This Korean ‘adaptation’ seems to be actually a blend of TWO Japanese dramas – some elements of Liar Game, as well as some elements of The Quiz Show (the variety show setting bring broadcasted live as it happens?).

        • kdramaholic91

          *being, instead of bring

        • yzahbelle

          so agree with you!!
          liar game + the quiz show.

    • 1.4 oleebeuyoo

      Matsuda Shota IS Akiyama.

    • 1.5 Brian

      Song Jae Rim shouldve been cast hahahah he wouldve made a bad ass swindler XD

    • 1.6 elle

      the korean liar game is different from the japanese liar game.

      but the premise of the reality show is similar to the japanese drama the quiz show, which has two different japanese drama adaptations already.

      so basically, the korean liar game is a mash-up of japanese liar game drama and japanese the quiz show drama. the host here, he’s the exact same host in the quiz show — with is supposedly all-knowing facade, and arrogant nature, etc.

      i wish they didn’t get the rights/title if they are going to make a different drama anyway. i mean, why incur the additional costs and risks anyway?

      kanzaki nao is supposed to be pure-hearted and honest to a fault, she wouldn’t even be tempted to take the money. she is reporting to the police when she finds coins/pennies on the street! that’s how she is.

      akiyama shinichi is also a master swindler but that was because he’s good in psychology and reading people and situations. he was a typical college student but he changed because of his family/mother. however, he got into jail because he scammed companies of ill-gotten earnings (and then donated this money to the orphanages, etc.) so he’s in jail because he committed crimes but he’s essentially like robin hood.

      akiyama is dark because he’s so different/the opposite really of kanzaki nao because unlike her, he has gone through the harsh realities of life. he’s not dark to be dark.

      soooooooooo…. i still don’t know how i feel about this drama. i’d probably be more open to it if i didn’t know about the japanese dramas it was based on, but i am so….

  2. Uj

    I am here for Lee Sang Yoon and his dimple. Period.

  3. Manin

    Oh this looks nice. Hope it lives up to expectations. Now where to find the time to watch this.. Anyone got some left over 4th dimension time to donate?

    The show looks like it has a different feel than the Japanese version (which I haven’t seen in years). And also looks like we get a bit more interactment between the leads and the I game-master. I think Liar game is a show suitable for adaptions as well, because there are so many ways in which the use the premise of it.

    Also loving the steampunk-esk mask.

  4. aini

    personally i think that shin sung rok should be the main guy if they followed the Japanese drama closely. but then perhaps the game master is much more creepy compare to other version and that is the reason shin sung rok got his role

    • 4.1 Fitz

      Agree, Shin Sung Rok has that devilish/mischievous look about him. He can also have the smoldering look if he needs to. I love him in Trot Lovers. He would have a more interesting portrayal of the con-artist.

  5. aini

    oh yeah
    please..please they have awesome ost/music background like the variety show The Genius Game

  6. Kay

    Interesting….kdramaland is brimming with jdrama remakes these days isn’t it – okay only this and nodame actually but still, it’s all i’m following so I find myself comparing and thinking way too much than I should be while watching.

    Anywho – I’m a big Shota fan and so Lee Sang Yoon ajusshi is a totally miscast in my opinion, though I did read an interview of his recently where he said he got a lot of hate for playing this character because the japanese one was so beloved and also because he simply did not LOOK the part (which he obviously doesn’t if you’re familiar with the japanese ver.). I hope that this new “version” of Liar Game is good because dang it the japanese liar was SOOOO GOOD.

    • 6.1 Azumi

      Nah, BoF is also a remake!

  7. meh

    I’ll be honest, the preview isn’t that good. I just hope the first episode proves me wrong. I’m not feeling Akiyama-san. Kim So Eun looks the part but her acting isn’t on par w/ Toda. That mask looks horrendous. I miss the “Saw” parody mask from the Japanese version as it evokes creepiness and instill fear onto the players. It’s mysterious yet

    • 7.1 Xxvxx

      Nah, I saw the Japanese original and I think So Eun’s acting chops are better. Akiyama however is hard to replace..

  8. Mrs. Yoo sueng ho

    It seems different than the original version …. Least the Mask isn’t as creepy lol…. I really love Matusda Shota he is a awesome actor(if u haven’t seen any of his work I suggest hana yori dango and Love Shuffle) The only thing I saw Lee sang hoon in was angels eyes ( Actually I started at episode 4 and I dropped it at episode 4) hopefully he does well…. no high hopes.

  9. Holene

    I became a huge Shota fan because of Liar Game so I’m a bit apprehensive about LSY and now that the video previews are out, I really wished that it was SSR who was cast as Akiyama-san.

  10. 10 kkumaria

    Please show, have an epic OST just like the original version and also a really awesome opening credit.

  11. 11 carolies541

    I’m a big fan of the Japanese version but I think I like how different is the tone in the Korean version, more thrilling and suspense. Whereas in the Japanese version, you can somehow predict the outcome and there’s less twist as it’s quite formulaic. This is much, much, much better than what I expected, gotta be keeping my tabs on this drama.

  12. 12 ilikemangos

    Going to tune in on the interesting concept alone, but really in it to watch kuni omma’s && shin sung rok’s performances, and the pretty that is lee sang yoon’s dimples.

  13. 13 klava

    Kim so eunuch and song jae rim in we got married. The only episode I have watched.daebak!!!

  14. 14 Bwear


    There is no Jigsaw in this..?

  15. 15 DeNile

    Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh….forgive my incoherent state but….I want this to succeed so much….

  16. 16 rearwindow

    I’m really excited about this. I love love love the premise.

    I’m interested to see how they handle the Kim So-eun character. I had to stop watching the jdrama about six episodes in because I just could not handle how dumb she was. I think the premise of a girl who trusts everybody is interesting in a dark fairy tale kind of way, but it really bothered me how the male lead had to swoop in every episode to save her. I get that the show was an exploration of whether positive qualities of kindness and trust can survive in this modern world, but it was just painful to see the female lead completely incapable of taking care of herself. That said, there’s a lot that I loved about the show and was kind of torn when I stopped watching.

    Looking forward to seeing how kdramaland re-interprets the original!

    • 16.1 faith

      I thought the opposite, as the drama went on I started really liking Nao, how she stayed true to her beliefs which made her (and Akiyama) defeat the game and affect the other players positively as well. She was frustrating at the beggining but she matured and grew by the end.

    • 16.2 Deb

      Yes i had the same reaction as you did to the female lead and also stopped watching because of her. She has contributed little to nothing. I’ll start watching again since she supposedly gets better.

      • 16.2.1 June

        Yes, you should continue to watch the jap version. She progressed and grew so much that she could even used her innocent looks to her advantage.

      • 16.2.2 meh

        She gets much better in Season 2. Less dependable on Akiyama-san to rescue her and more witty now. In season 1, she was annoying but she stays true to her character and you just can’t help but root for her.

    • 16.3 Azumi

      Wow, so there is people who didn’t understand her role in the story. What, did you think she was supposed to be a princess? The author made the story for her to be the epitome of human goodness, and all the other characters, esp. the antagonists as the evil characters of all humans.

  17. 17 Gwinna

    After watching the long trailer, I don’t have a problem with any of the actors – I can see all of them as their characters, including Akiyama. The only problem I still have is that I simply don’t see how the Liar Game is going to work as a TV show, without the threat of being used for human experimentation.

    Also, I hope they don’t have Akiyama wrongfully accused and a victim of some kind of corporate conspiracy or something, and turn the story into some kind of quest for personal revenge, because then it would just be like every kdrama ever, and not like Liar Game. (Akiyama’s revenge is already in the past. That is what he got put in jail for.)

    • 17.1 Pearl~ai88

      Yeah, I checked out the Jdrama because everyone was raving about it here, and now I’m confused about the tv show thing too. How are they going to motivate the characters to play without the massive amounts of illegal debt hanging over them? They can’t broadcast a tv game show where the losers are stuck with millions in debt as a penalty ??

  18. 18 Gwinna

    Also, I’d like to remind everyone that the jdrama was NOT the original – it was also an adaptation (and not an entirely faithful one) of the brilliant manga! I hope the production team remembers this even if the commenters don’t.

    • 18.1 Azumi

      I do, and I love the manga, but this drama pisses me off because it’s even less faithful.

  19. 19 kiwichan08

    hmmm….. I’m just gonna think of this as the love child of ‘liar game’ and ‘the quiz show 2’.

    Kim So Eun is lovely so I look forward to her.

    I really hope this drama proves me wrong and that it will be AMAZING. Please prove me wrong because I’m currently still on the fence about it. The preview looks okay but I’m still not convinced about TV Show/Reality Program format it’s doing.

  20. 20 doki2

    I really like this series. I looking forward to this remake.

    I just worried on something.

    this maybe spoiler, but one of two biggest mysteries is what is the true form of LGO.

    Why LGT becomes TV Show? It will be alright? Will the show be like The Quiz Show series?

  21. 21 jam

    wow the stills are pretty convincing.

  22. 22 ZogZog

    People should stop complaining, I’m sick of it. everytime that is about korean liar game, people always complaining about lee sang yoon. If you don’t like LSY as the lead, then DON’T WATCH THIS FREAKING DRAMA!! (not a fan of LSY i’m just tired of this people)

    Btw, waiting for this drama! the trailer really makes me more excited! 😀

    • 22.1 meh

      It’s hard to not compare the two. For me, Akiyama’s role is very important. If the actor cannot execute the role, there’s hardly anything to look forward to the Liar Game series.

    • 22.2 fei

      If you can’t take the complaints then don’t read the comments.

  23. 23 Xxvxx

    Hmm what I don’t get is the reality tv show set-up….. I doubt it’s meant to be like that? But then again, if it makes it more fun and thrilling, by all means! The Japanese one was really good although Nao grated my nerves – thank god there’s always Akiyama-san to save the day! So I’m at least hoping that everyone got their characters right down to a tee and we are all set!! I like all three leads, so I’m patiently waiting for the premiere!

  24. 24 Viki

    Okay I didn’t watch the long trailer because I want to wait for the actual episode…Anyway, I still don’t get how the TV show premise will work. The whole LGT is supposed to be this underground illegal game hosted by this…group of ppl….kinda, so how the heck is it legal here??!!

  25. 25 Noelle

    I want that mask.

  26. 26 Janis

    I hope this drama does well and puts Kim So-eun on the map. I remember 2009 when she did BOF and Empress Chun Chu and I could’ve sworn she would be the next best thing because she was enchanting in such different roles. It even affirmed my belief when she won Best New Actress next to Lee Min Ho’s Best New Actor in the same awards ceremony. I ended up noting her future projects and told myself to see if they were good enough to go on my watchlist. None ever did. But no- – Park Shin-hye and all these others came and rose much, much higher than her after that era. KSE took crappy drama decisions (daily drama, really? weekend drama as second-lead or drama with much older love interests…?) all sub-par been-there-done-that predictable plots (except Horse Doctor, Princess Sukhwi was one of my favorites!) But I have higher hopes for Liar Game. One of my favorite Japanese dramas. I think this is a bit of a different adaption, so I’ll watch this one religiously and cross my fingers the Koreans eat it up.

    • 26.1 Fudge

      I’m with you in this! I first liked her in BOF but she won my heart in Empress Chun Chu. Then it followed by He Who can’t be Married also in 2009. There, I though she would be the next big thing alongside with Park Bo Young who also won me over Speedy Scandal in that same year. They are both promising and I was looking forward to the both of them because I thought they are two of the best actresses in their generation. But after that, meh.. they are out of the picture because idols and some just-pretty-faced-actresses dominated k-dramas as leads.

      • 26.1.1 AJK

        The Kin So-eun / Kim Bum storyline in BOF was like an oasis of sweet and sane in a sea of crazy.

  27. 27 Lilly

    Am lost as to what it is from reading through posts but if all the beanies are going to watch it I guess I will also.

  28. 28 traintoseoul

    holy cow this looks fantastic. Never read nor heard about the j drama nor comic so this is completely new to me but I’m excited about it alr. Lee sang yoon looks good with kim so eun, shin sung rok looks good too hehe

  29. 29 whitewire

    (Romance arc please!)
    (Here’s the frustrated Liar Game fan because of the romance arc lol EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!!)

    • 29.1 SD

      Unfortunately, there won’t be a love line as per the actors during the presscon. Kim So Eun even said that she feels sad because there won’t be romance.

    • 29.2 doki2

      I know that feeling, but the k-drama romance standard will ruin the story.

      • 29.2.1 Azumi

        Yes, you said it! But, she’s ALREADY falling in love. Like, is a platonic relationship possible in any kdrama series?

  30. 30 maymay

    I’m really glad the Korean adaptation is so very different because I just finished the Japanese version in preparation for this and while I loved it to bits it wouldn’t make sense for me to watch an exact replica of the version. LOL.

    It’s kind of different with Lee Sang Yoon as Akiyama but I hope I will like him more when I see him in action. Akiyama is an awesome role and Matsuda Shota really shone in that role. Right now I’m more intrigued with Shin Sung Rok than Lee Sang Yoon from the trailer alone. Hmm…wouldn’t do to root more for the bad guys eh.

  31. 31 Ora

    It won’t have a romance? Ooh, if there will be English subs, sign me on! (Japanese original didn’t have romance, which I loved)

  32. 32 Spi

    Is it me or Kim So Eun just looks so DIFFERENT here compared to Boys Over Flowers? Her nose looks really manga-ish!

    I’m not a big fan of Lee Sang Yoon but I think he’s handsome and he has decent acting ability. Plus he has cute dimples (although seeing his role in this preview I don’t think I should count on seeing those that often…)

    I haven’t watched the Japanese version, but I think good that I have not. Comparing it with the original is betraying yourself because the first one you see always has an order advantage. It has had your emotional investment which works against your otherwise impartial and more charitable judgment of the remake.

  33. 33 oleebeuyoo

    Pooooooo, I think Kim So-Eun was so so so much cuter before her nose job. I think her natural prettiness was definitely part of what made her attractive. I can’t stop staring at her nose. I know, I know, it’s her life and her face and she’s an adult, but those are just my two cents.

    Back to the actual show–I like that the Kanzaki Nao character in the Korean version doesn’t seem quite as dumb-innocent/happy-go-lucky (for example, when the old lady was asking for help, part of her wanted to just be able to pass her by, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it because of her compassionate heart).

    That being said, oh man, I miss Matsuda. He IS Akiyama, and he was a huge part of what made the show so awesome to me as a viewer. Not really buying LSY’s character… I don’t think it’s just the look; there’s a level of coolness (coldness?) and mystery that Matsuda gave off that I’m not getting from LSY.

    Having this all be a part of a big televised broadcast is on one hand a very interesting twist, but I kind of like the sinister and underground feel of the liar game (like, the actual game) in the Japanese version.

  34. 34 k drama lover and obssesor

    Does anyone know where I could watch this. Viki nor dramafever seem to have it prepared yet. They usually have a page and are in the Coming Soon section . What website will have it available with engineering subs?? Plzz let me know! Thanks

    • 34.1 SD

      I’m sure this will be subbed by gooddrama/dramago. 🙂

      • 34.1.1 k drama lover and obssesor

        ThanksSs!! I thought I would have to miss this one.

  35. 35 franbergh

    I actually want to see Kim Ji Won replacing Toda from the japanese Liar Game. I still can’t get enough with her sadistic cold ice princess from The Heirs, so i want to see her playing innocent and said to be stupid so many times 😀
    And akiyama, i agree with so many up there. I still cant see anyone replace him. Maybe we need someone who looks younger, because swindlers are suppose to be have believeable face, right? cute guys are great to play swindlers, maybe like GD. Hahaha.. if only he play drama T^T

  36. 36 belle

    lollllll no. not here for any of this. the premise that the game is a TV show cheapens the entire concept of the liar game and it just doesn’t feel like it’s as high stakes as in the original japanese drama. they bound the heroine to the game through a /contract/? instead of massive amounts of crippling debt? and we’re supposed to believe she’s so dumb that she didn’t read it all the way through, i suppose, which i’ll buy but that still makes the whole thing feel less dangerous, and i’m afraid i can’t get past that point to get truly invested in the drama. a villain with a face also doesn’t make it more scary, no matter how smug he looks or how he threatens the leads – the saw masks were better, when the game is presided over by a force so malevolent in its total impartiality.

    also, the whole matsuda shota not being there thing, on top of the fact that they don’t have CAPSULE for the OST… no.

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