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Fashion and intrigue propel period melodrama Tailors
by | November 5, 2014 | 34 Comments

I would expect no less from a movie that’s all about royal clothing and the people who make it, but these posters for Tailor sure are beautiful. We’ve also got our first trailer, which is equally beautiful, and also highlights for us the story’s mix of tension, intrigue, romance, and thrills.

Tailor is about two royal tailors in particular, played by Han Seok-kyu and Go Soo, with the former playing the established one and Go Soo as the talented star on the rise. It’s a little jarring to see Han Seok-kyu attending on the king (Yoo Yeon-seok) instead of being him, since he’s doing such a marvelous job being a volatile and imperious monarch in Secret Door, but I don’t doubt he’ll do just as well depicting the servant side of the relationship.

The trailer begins as Han Seok-kyu explains their duties with gravity, how royal garments are items that carry meaning and ceremony. Go Soo character is the trend-making designer on the forefront of fashion who is called to the palace to make the queen’s (Park Shin-hye) clothing. It turns out she’s a sad-eyed and lonely woman, who notes that she has all these beautiful clothes and no place to wear them. Someone muses ominously, “Who knows who will be the new queen in the future?”

Then there’s the king “who dreams of a perfect love,” which I’m assuming isn’t meant to be a wistfully romantic notion given how dark and sly Yoo Yeon-seok looks here. Go Soo fits the queen for her garments and promises, “I will make you into the most beautiful woman in the world.” No question there’s some sizzling repressed attraction between them, and Han Seok-kyu asks, “Do you not know that there are some things that cannot be?”

This is an interesting next step for director Lee Won-seok, who debuted to acclaim for the zippy rom-com How To Use a Man (starring Lee Shi-young and Oh Jung-se); that was a modern romance that was heavily stylized in a very entertaining way, while Tailor seems much more serious and suspenseful. But just as well-shot and easy on the eyes, it appears. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one, certainly.

Tailor will release in December.



34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mango

    I don’t know but Park Shin Hye looks way too young to have be involved in some romance with Gosu.

    • 1.1 bd5

      Not really – back in the day, it was common, but really for men of position and wealth more so than for a tailor (even a royal tailor).

      HSK is so great playing Kings, so it’ll be a bit weird, but he’s pretty much great at playing anything.

    • 1.2 TT

      are sure sure? people in the past get married at age 13?… and as long as they have chemistry together, I don’t see the issue.
      I mean we can have noona love for IHYC and SLA, the age gap here is nothing

    • 1.3 Rovi

      What’s surprising about that?
      -Queen Munjeong was 15/16 when she married twice-bereaved (divorced & widowed) 29-year old Jungjong
      -Queen Jeongsun entered the Palace to marry already-old-at-65 Yeongjo at the age of 14/15 to be his 2nd Queen Consort
      -Queen Inhyeon was 13/14 when he married newly-widowed 20-year old Sukjong

      But TBH Park Shin-hye & Yoo Yeon-seok look too old to be a newly-crowned royal couple even by Joseon standards.

  2. Mandy

    Hot Damn. Holy smokes. Who would’ve thunk Go Soo and Park Shin-hye would have such sizzling chemistry? It took about 2 seconds and I’m already pulled in the romance whether it is to be or not.

    I was looking forward to this the moment it got announced because Go Soo and sageuk? Yes please! But now, I’m counting down days. YYS looks fantastic too with his arrogance and obvious antagonism. It has a stellar cast and some amazing wardrobe, now don’t disappoint me with the end product!

    • 2.1 Lulubell

      I thought the same about Go Soo and Park Shin-hye. That close up of them *fans self*…they’re so good, they can sell the romance. Even with their age gap.

      I hope the end product is just as promising as well.

  3. Kororo

    OMO OMO what happened to Park shin-hye ?!! Wooooooow the chemistry between her and Go Soo wooooow!! This is the first time I actually witness a real, possible believable romance with her and another actor and this one look really… oh my, oh my I need to watch this movie ! Go soo in a sageuk, Yoo Yeon-seok as King , I’m sold, this looks promising !!

    • 3.1 bbstl

      Any bets on whether she has to kiss anyone? LOL sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  4. TT

    I never thought I want to see Park Shin Hye and Go Soo together but that little scene killed me!
    Please be good and have a love line. I need it
    Thank you!

  5. klava

    Tailors, first thought ,jang bori is here.
    hot people in here.
    chilbongie yaa

  6. j2hr

    GS and HSK are perfect as ever. and YYS is very good at playing baddie, looking for their performances.

    But PSH does not give me a regal feeling that i see in Park Eun Bin, hope that it will change in the movie. Otherwise, we may get same boring acting from her again

  7. museofmanymasks

    Oh I’m watching this. I was a bit deflated to see PSH being a “sad and lonely woman” (my reaction: again?!) but ummm Go Soo? *sings you make her feel like a natural woman” haha

  8. bbstl

    As someone who spends a lot of every sageuk wishing I could get closer to the clothes (is that woven into the silk? is it embroidered? How did they do that? etc), I am ridiculously excited for this film!

    • 8.1 Rovi

      To answer from the very limited knowledge I have gleaned:

      -Yes that is pure silk. Back then there were 2 classes of silk worn by the Queen (and subsequently followed by the court ladies) according to season: single-layered unlined silk for summer, & double-layered lined silk for winter.
      -Mostly the embroideries of hanbok are for garments like the hwarot, the hyungbae (the two Mandarin squares on the back & front, for the ministers & royal male relatives), & the royal po (worn on the shoulders, front, & back of the royal couple and the princesses).
      -The designs you mostly see on hanbok are called geumbak (gold foil appliqué), mostly depicting dragons, phoenixes, & lucky animals & symbols.

      If you want more fashion porn, watch “Jang Ok-jeong, Live In Love” (the Joseon Chanel) PURELY for the fashion and not for the story. Biggest disappointment ever for Kim Tae-hee & Yoo Ah-in…

      • 8.1.1 Lilian

        the movie sounds interesting…but as always, i tend to catch dramas more than movies. We don’t seem to get interesting Korean movies here…only the “blockbusters”

  9. spazmo

    talk about *YUM*…

    have to agree about that chemistry… who knew??

  10. 10 kanz

    Go Soo is smoking hot!
    Park Shin Hye fits the sad eyes queen. The chemistry is there. Now we only need to see the movie!

    • 10.1 readlead

      My exatcly thought!

  11. 11 Quiet Thought

    “I will make you a great and beautiful queen . . . and my clothes will get the credit in the script . . . but the REAL difference will be grown-up red lipstick and darker eye-shadow!”

    • 11.1 Quiet Thought

      Hey, this is Korea. A woman getting make-up advice from a guy is perfectly plausible!

    • 11.2 Peridot

      LOL! We should have a special Dramabeans thread for all of your witty posts!

  12. 12 Beanfan

    Gosh, this is so up my alley.. I’m no clothes-whore, but all these posters are definitely eye-candy. Looking forward to the…outfits! hahaha…

  13. 13 Katrina

    Oh my gosh! The trailer was such a teaser! Ahhhh!!!! Can’t wait for the movie to be released! Seems like a very dramatic storyline….so excited! Park shin hye and go soo looking awesome together! 🙂

  14. 14 Rovi

    Does the film’s setting fit any plausible Joseon timeline? And also, why do I feel that this is the male version of “Jang Ok-jeong, Live In Love” without the political faction drama of the Westerners & the Southerners???

    I know Yoo Yeon-seok had been in sageuk (the-drama-that-should-not-be-named), but this is the first time seeing him in facial hair, as King, and being badass. Ahhh, “milk man” really suits him. *swoon*

  15. 15 readlead

    the trailer is so damn intriguing! Definitely will watch this!!!

  16. 16 Nikki

    Scruffy Yoo Yeon Seok!!! Looking forward to that 😍

  17. 17 Natalie

    Don’t really like PSH. Don’t believe she can act.

    • 17.1 Right

      sure at least her own people believe otherwise

  18. 18 korfan

    Looks good.

  19. 19 Edelyne

    I just saw the trailer for tailor. It looks really interesting and I have to admit PSH looks good in hanbok. I think she should be in more sageuk dramas after Pinocchio.

  20. 20 kim

    not a PSH hater but she is not ready for this kinda role…she looks awkward in this trailer. I love go soo and Yoon yeun suk but i don’t know if i want to watch PSH

    • 20.1 NileRose

      Haha shin hye should challenge & try new roles …!
      When the girl challenge herself ….. oh she isn’t ready …?
      I don’t understand you all the complainers seriously you want to be negative all the time that is it.

    • 20.2 patty

      she is not ready for these kind of role,How?when do u think she will be ready?u guys are always complaining that she always plays the same role…and now,she has taken one step forward,yet u are saying she is not ready.then when do you think she will be ready?

  21. 21 Rgin

    Ah, they’re just hating cause she is famous and she has been with handsome male leads so they just drool in envy.

    PSH isnt the best actress out there and certainly has flaws but i dont see the sense in always negating her rather that positively encouraging her to improve which she will because she is still young and she has got a lot more to grow.

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