Odds and Ends: The hotness effect
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javabeans: Let’s be shallow today, because I want to talk about hot men and I don’t know how to be meaningful about that.

girlfriday: Perhaps the meaning isn’t the point! Haven’t you heard that life’s all about the journey? I can’t think of a better reason than that. It’s like they said in Cantabile Tomorrow — it’s about enjoying the thing you’re doing as you do it. It teaches us important things about life and stuff!

javabeans: And also that Joo-won is really pretty.

girlfriday: OMG SO PRETTY.

javabeans: It’s fucking distracting. Here I am, trying to recap, and suddenly I have 100 screenshots of Joo-won’s face because I can’t refrain from the impulse to screen-capture every single frame. This one’s a tiny bit different! He moved a little!

girlfriday: Yes! I have giant folders filled with endless screencaps of his face. Have you noticed how he changes his expression with the slightest shift in his eyes or the corners of his mouth?

javabeans: It’s true. It’s a small change, but the mood can feel completely different. It must be because he has a particularly expressive face. He can do a lot with it.

girlfriday: It’s really not a show that would normally require this many screencaps — Gaksital, maybe, because of all the action — but in Cantabile there’s no real reason, excuse, what have you.

javabeans: Uh, the reason is Joo-won. I thought we established this. Fine, so maybe in some angles he sometimes looks like an alien.

girlfriday: The world’s prettiest alien, you mean.

javabeans: I can actually see why people might say he’s not their idea of good-looking, until they see him in action. He acts with an intensity that sucks me in, and isn’t trying to look pretty.

girlfriday: My favorite thing about him is that no matter how pretty he is, he isn’t vain in his acting.

javabeans: It’s full absorption into the world. You can often see that other actors are constantly aware — where the light is, where their mark is, where to face — and that’s not always bad, because it’s good to have technical skills. But Joo-won doesn’t care what he looks like as long as his emotions are coming through.

girlfriday: Yes, he’ll cry snot tears. We’ve seen it.

javabeans: And the funny thing is, not trying to look good makes him look better.

girlfriday: It’s the cool paradox — trying to be cool fundamentally makes you uncool.

javabeans: It’s weird to remember thinking he was odd-looking at first, like in his Baker King days, but now I honestly can’t remember how it felt to think that.

girlfriday: I just don’t even understand, because Kang Dong-won is so pretty to me, and Joo-won looks just like him.

javabeans: Okay, I didn’t get Kang Dong-won for a while either.

girlfriday: I… don’t understand you. How are we even friends?

javabeans: But personality is such a huge component! And it’s like Lee Soo-hyuk: from some angles, giraffe alien hybrid. Other angles, beautiful.

girlfriday: Haha. Yeah but it’s those strange-but-beautiful-looking guys that stand out in the end. Exhibit A: Kim Woo-bin.

javabeans: Some guys aren’t the conventionally pretty type where every angle looks like a photo shoot (say, Lee Min-ho or Song Seung-heon), but once you see their appeal, they become more interesting because they’re different.

girlfriday: The classic case of that effect is Lee Je-hoon. He’s soooo good that it revises your memory of what he looked like in past projects.

javabeans: If you’d only seen him in photos or in passing, you might think he’s mildly cute, or even a little odd. But once you see how good he is as an actor, your eyes are opened to the truth!

girlfriday: I even converted my mom, who scrunched up her face and said he wasn’t very pretty, and then watched Secret Door, and is now gushing about him nonstop.

javabeans: Same applies to Park Seo-joon (Witch’s Romance), who seems so much hotter than the other noona-killer who broke out at the same time, Seo Kang-joon (Sly and Single Again), and it’s because he can act.

girlfriday: I always confuse them by name, but never by face, not after Witch’s Romance.

javabeans: Sure Witch boy kinda looks like a turtle, and Sly boy may be prettier, but Witch boy wins hands down.

girlfriday: I agree. Turtle boy is too cute for words.

javabeans: The Sly boy was cuter to me in Suspicious Housekeeper, because he played an ass who turned friend, and that was interesting. Again, personality is important!

girlfriday: Yes, a good character makes ALL the difference. A guy you never even noticed before could suddenly become beautiful one day because of a good role. Case in point: I didn’t believe you about Lee Sang-yoon being hot in Liar Game, and then I watched Liar Game, and now I’m OBSESSED with him.

javabeans: Well DUH! He’s so hot in that all of a sudden.

girlfriday: SO HOT. Why?? I don’t even understand it.

javabeans: He’s so hot in Liar Game that you’re like, “Omg now I have to go back and watch everything he’s do— oh. Right.”

girlfriday: Wah waaaaaaah.

javabeans: Because it’s not like I’m going to go back and watch old episodes of Goddess of Fire Jung-yi or The Duo or Heading to the Ground.

girlfriday: God, no. We’ll just watch more Liar Game. Seriously though, why is he suddenly so hot? I need to know this. Is it his sexy brains?

javabeans: No, I really don’t think so. I mean, his sexy brains are great! I love that he’s a real-life physics graduate of Seoul University! But I’ve watched many “genius” characters on TV who did nothing for me, and Lee Sang-yoon’s hotness is something else altogether. Also, there’s Shin Sung-rok right next to him being an evil mastermind, and while he’s also gorgeous, I’m mostly just scared of him.

girlfriday: That’s true, Shin Sung-rok is very pretty, but he’s not crazy hot like Lee Sang-yoon is in this drama.

javabeans: I think it’s that smoldery scruffiness for me. It really reminds me of how irrationally attracted I was to Lee Jung-jin in Runaway Plan B. There were a lot of hot guys in that — Rain wasn’t too shabby — but in contrast, I don’t even remember what Daniel Henney was doing there.

girlfriday: Daniel Henney is like wallpaper.

javabeans: He would literally be onscreen and just not register. My eyes just overlooked him, because he has no acting presence. But Lee Jung-jin! He would actually make my heart speed up when he came onscreen.

girlfriday: Yeah, I didn’t get that, but now I have that same affliction for Lee Sang-yoon.

javabeans: The cherry on top was all of the bromancing between Lee Jung-jin and Rain. Not that I had eyes to spare, but when Lee Jung-jin was offscreen at least I had consolation.

girlfriday: See, if I were re-watching Runaway Plan B, it’d be for Rain.

javabeans: If we’re just watching things for Rain, you could watch She’s So Lovable.

girlfriday: But then I’d have to watch L, who is actually a good example of the reverse effect of hotness: acting giveth and acting taketh away.

javabeans: Absolutely. L was so cute when he seemed like a better actor (in Shut Up Flower Boy Band), but even though he may look even prettier these days, I just don’t care. Watching him is so dull. So yeah, Rain might really be the only reason to bother with Lovable.

girlfriday: Orrrrrr I could just watch more Runaway Plan B. But honestly I’d rather watch more Liar Game.

javabeans: Is this going to be one of those dramas where at the end of it, you won’t know what the hell happened because you were so distracted from staring only at Lee Sang-yoon?

girlfriday: I already don’t know what the show is about.

javabeans: Well, it’s about this reality show competition—

girlfriday: Don’t know, don’t care.


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  1. JoAnne

    I love you guys.

  2. Carole McDonnell

    Wow, someone else who thinks Daniel Henney is kinda just there.
    Hotness: oh my gosh!!! Too many to count. And too young for me. And there are so many types of hotness. Guys you want to marry, guys you want to have really dangerous flings with, guys you want to take care of coz thye have that broody thing happening, guys you would’ve fallen in love with in high school, guys you feel guilty loving cause they’re just so young. Aigoo soo many.

    Thanks for all the beautiful pics.

    • 2.1 sur

      Haha you picked the words from everyone’s mind…

      • 2.1.1 4D

        I concur.

        • Kailani

          Pulled the words right outta my mouth (I miss the like button). But but but PARK SEO-JOON. So adorable I didn’t even through a fit about the terrible terrible plot derailment that happened in the middle of Witch’s Romance.

          • Kailani

            throw* sorry

      • 2.1.2 NN

        yes! So agreed

    • 2.2 alua

      I just skip everything Daniel Henney is in. He can’t act to save his life and his project choices… ummm, to say it nicely, are just things I pretty much have zero interest in.

      I prefer non-cookie cutter beauty + acting skills.

      I don’t think Joo Won looks anything like Kang Dong-won though.

    • 2.3 happymess

      Honestly, for me, it’s not even that Daniel Henney can’t act. I can look at him and go “Oh, that’s a good-looking guy”…but I myself am not attracted to features like his at all and I don’t think acting talent would make any difference. His face is just…generic and uninteresting to me. Does nothing for me whatsoever.

      • 2.3.1 skelly

        Everything is just too perfect, in Daniel Henney’s face. I am must more interested in faces with some character, like Cha Seung Won or Kim Woo Bin. To me, a bit of imperfection shows life and personality. I do not get the appeal of Joo Won – his face has a little-boy roundness, a bit jowly and when he looks petulant – like in Cantabile – I keep thinking about Queen Victoria – but at least he has a definite look about him. I really don’t get the appeal of most of the idol boys who must go to the same plastic surgeon because honestly I can’t tell them apart.

    • 2.4 Alejandra M

      Awww, I know he can’t act to save his life but I find him so handsome. I don’t care that people just hire him for his face lol I’ll love him until the day I die

      • 2.4.1 redfox

        his face is more annoying than his acting or lack of it. he kinda looks like Jack Skellington lollipop

    • 2.5 DL Thompson

      I also never got the Daniel Henney thing! Mr. Chicklet teeth! lol

  3. kate

    LOL I am also totally mesmerized by Lee Sang-yoon’s hotness in The Lying Game. So hot. Hot AF. *drools* lol ;D

    • 3.1 shinayame

      I just ten minutes going down the list giggling and nodding to myself, going, “Oh, yeah, mmhmm, totally agree, right there with you, ohmigod, SO hot” and then giggling some more.
      I’ve never seen Lee Sang Yoon in anything before, but he is actually SO HOT in Liar Game and I just went and youtubed and found some clips of him on Happy Together and ohmigod, he’s got such an adorable smile! With dimples! He smiles like a little kid, and he’s smart and seems like a bit of a dork from the five minutes I saw of him on a variety show and now I like him even more.
      And I also wanted to add Park Hae Jin to the list and Jo Dong Hyuk from Bad Boys coz….mmm.

    • 3.2 Gw

      I love him in My Daughter Soeyoungg too…

  4. Panda

    This is such a fun topic and one that is soooo subjective.
    Case in point, i find none of the men mentioned above Hot. LOL.
    Now give me a Cha Seung Won, Jang Hyuk, Joo SangWook, Gong Yoo, Lee Jin Wook and I will be roaring for MOAR 😄

    • 4.1 redfox

      Cha. Seung. Won. gawwwd. hot ahjussi.

      there are hot and there are cute. and then there are hottttttttt like CSW.
      Park Seo Joon is not cool and charismatic, he is more the cute kind, but he played his character with such sincerity that is irresistable like the sunny spot on the window for cats. good spot.

      um, Joo Won… I don´t find him hot in cantabile. his charm is in his intensity, how “charged” he is with emotion.

      • 4.1.1 Panda

        Cha Seung Won is just the Hottest. I melt every time even though he’s almost twice my age. 😄

      • 4.1.2 houstontwin

        Looking at his early work, you can really see that CSW really improves with age!

      • 4.1.3 starb

        Have you seen City Hall.. that is when I literally cringe on the first episode but swoon half way the drama. He pulls off three pieces suit like his own skin. Hot ahjushi indeed..

    • 4.2 tapioca pearl

      I commend your taste.

      • 4.2.1 Panda

        *Bows deeply*

    • 4.3 happymess

      Yeah, I’m actually a little shocked that, with all the talk of hot men in all the currently airing dramas, Lee Jin Wook was not mentioned at all!!! Because….seriously, that most recent episode of Three Musketeers??? He practically had me swooning and fainting every five seconds. I actually do like the guys mentioned though, just surprised he wasn’t mentioned at all because…Oy. That man kills me.

      • 4.3.1 Panda

        LJW made me a life-long fan in Nine. I had seen him before in that some dreck show, but it was in Nine that I fully appreciated his acting and intense Hotness.

        • Ennayra

          Same here! I tried to watch Air City back when I was a kdrama novice and dropped the show out of boredom. Then 6 years later there he was in Nine. So. Freaking. Hot.

      • 4.3.2 ananke23

        Shock confirmed. Swooning confirmed. Kill confirmed.

      • 4.3.3 Naine

        I understand your surprise because, for me, Lee Jin Wook is the definition of hotness right now.

        I guess it shows how the true charm of an actor lies in his acting.I saw him first in “Someday” and even though I really liked him there and though he was cute, I wouldn’t call him ‘hot’ in any case.
        But after “Nine” and “Three Musketeers” I’ve started to realize how very attractive he is and, you’ll be surprised to know, he is the very first actor whom I started to consider ‘hot’ even though I’ve been watching K-drama for many years.No other actor, not even my puppy Lee Seung Gi made me glued to the screen and giggle like LJW did in “Three Musketeers”.I guess the reason is not his looks, which is great of course, but the way he literally owned his character in these two dramas that has turned me into a fan girl.

        • happymess

          I liked him in Someday too! It was really interesting to go back and see him in that after Nine because, you’re right, he’s very different there, in an endearing way. It’s definitely Nine and Three Musketeers that really brought him in to his own. He just took his charisma up so many notches! On top of that, he’s just…aging reallllly well. Like reeaaallly well.

          P.S. I love Seung Gi too, but you’re right, I don’t think he’s ever had quite this effect on me (King2Hearts came close) LOL.

        • kyl

          *joins the fangirl club* I love both of them. Now I can’t wait for The Three Musketeers season 2 while Puppy goes to the army T.T

      • 4.3.4 Beanfan

        I was totally waiting for LJW’s name to come up, too… Nine was a literal eye-opener. I was completely mesmerized by him–his soul-searching gaze; his voice; his KISSING SKILLS…the whole package.

        I mean, I thought he was a good-looking man to begin with, but I was amazed by my own response to watching him in action. Count me in the fan club!

    • 4.4 cingdoc

      Ahem… the sharing is between us… Don’t let the others in on it 😬😬😬

      • 4.4.1 Panda

        Oops, okay will keep quiet 🙂

    • 4.5 eny

      interesting charracter n good acting make an actor looks hot, that’s true. Normally i would not say joo won is hot but when he act he could looks hot like in gaksital n contabile
      Kim sung soo, Joo jin mo n Lee jin wook is the hot guy for me plus their acting is good but when they act on screen sometimes they are doesn’t look hot depend on their charracter. Joo jin mo in Queen of the game ,Fashion 70 n when he has beard in Empress ki, Lee jin wook in Nine n Three Musketeers, Kim sung soo in Full house, they look really hot there

    • 4.6 news

      Here’s my list of The Moment They Turned Hot:

      My favorites:
      Jang Hyuk – Chuno and Thank You
      Lee Jin-wook – Nine and Three Musketeers
      Cha Seung Won – Best Love
      Lee Je-hoon – Bleak Night

      Kang Dong-won – Temptation of Wolves
      Kim Nam-gil – Queen Seondeok
      Song Jae Rim – Inspiring Generation
      Joo Ji-hoon – Princess Hours
      Hyun Bin – Secret Garden
      Lee Seung-gi – King 2 Hearts
      Jang Geun-seok – You’re Beautiful
      Yoon Sang-hyun – Queen of Housewives
      Ryu Seung-Ryong – War of the Arrows
      Takeru Satoh – Rurouni Kenshin

      I agree:
      Lee Sang-yoon – Liar Game
      Lee Jung-jin – Runaway Plan B

      On my radar:
      Park Bo-Gum – Cantabile Tomorrow

      • 4.6.1 eny

        agree kim nam gil so hot in queen seundeok

        • dkaoru

          I actually prefer Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seondok

      • 4.6.2 rez

        +1 for kim nam gil in queen seondeok…
        He’s so freaking hottt!

      • 4.6.3 Sahara

        My Kang Dong Won moment came when I watched the Duelist. He was soooo beautiful in that film that he upstaged Ha Ji Won.

        My Hyun Bin moment came during Kim Sam Soon… that was the drama that launched his It Boy status and he just ran away with it.

        Doesn’t matter if the guy is good-looking– good-looking guys in showbiz are a dime a dozen. What matters is that they have talent and the charisma that just jumps out on screen.

      • 4.6.4 ZogZog

        Because nobody mention JO SEUNG WOO and YOO SEUNG HO, I would like to add in this list.

        • JT

          Yes, Cho Seung Woo!!!!

      • 4.6.5 Shiku

        I agree Kim Nam Gil was so hot in Queen Seondeok. He is the one that got me into K-dramas. I also found him hit in bad guy but its strange I didn’t find him hot in his last drama.

      • 4.6.6 readlead

        My favorites:
        Jang Hyuk – Chuno and Thank You
        Lee Jin-wook – Nine and Three Musketeers
        Cha Seung Won – Best Love
        Lee Je-hoon – Bleak Night

        I just notice that Gong Hyo Jin is the lead female in Thank You and Best Love, plus the ex.GF of LJW… 😛

        • skelly

          Hm. I would have said Cha Seung Won in City Hall. Best Love he played for laughs, City Hall he was all business.

    • 4.7 kent

      Ahh! Gong Yoo and Lee Jin Wook, what does girl gotta do to see them act every day.

  5. Crazy About Numbers


    Tell me about it. Am forever suffering from the same affliction.

    Also, thumbs-up for the Kang Dong-won mention. It made me take a major detour into Google images. Ah. Blisssss….

  6. sarah

    Just when you guys were talking about actors not being hot until they start acting, it reminded me so much of Benedict Cumberbatch. I know, not asian drama but so applicable!

    • 6.1 harukogirl

      Oh, good lord YES. I did not get it until i watched Sherlock – and now I think he’s the hottest thing ever. Yum.

      • 6.1.1 hollie

        are you sure it’s not just the voice…his voice just makes him hotter ^^

        • Alejandra M

          Haha it’s definitely the voice. It helps that he’s a good actor but Benedict’s appeal only consists of his voice.

        • Z

          Speaking of which, lets not forget The Voice, himself, Lee Seon-Kyun. If he keeps his mouth shut, he’s a kinda- handsome Ahjussi. Soon as hev starts talking I’m all “Oppa, sarangheyo!”

          • redfox

            oh man, he is like the korean Alan Rickman

          • skelly

            Yes, when Benedict Cumberbatch was mentioned, I was thinking that he is this generation’s Alan Rickman.

    • 6.2 4D

      YES. He’s mesmerizing in everything. He’s also just as mesmerizing in person. So much presence.

    • 6.3 GoldenDivas

      Sarah….. U my friend are speaking my mind of language Sherlock is the absolutely perfect example of unexplained HOTNESS

    • 6.4 redfox

      same goes for Benicio del Toro. he sort of looks like a homeless bum. although a slightly hot homeless bum. but still a bum. and he makes himself even shabbier for his roles: grows a beer belly, greasy hair etc. but he can out-act anybody even lying face down in the mud. no, he just gives you this LOOK. you know, this…this look.

      • 6.4.1 yasmin satria

        The same thing with ha jung woo too, for me. Not your standard handsome actor but man, his acting make me see him as one of the hottest korean actor ever. Fall in love in him since the chaser and never look back

    • 6.5 anniemo

      very very applicable!

    • 6.6 Stm

      You can’t forget Tom Hiddleston. I say Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston in the same breath.

      • 6.6.1 Knewbie

        Absolutely agree that it’s the acting that maketh the man. I remember seeing Hiddleston in a boring supporting role in the BBC Wallander and thinking he was rather plain and dull. But then I watched the Thor movies and The Deep Blue Sea, and I saw the light! He is also one of those rare actors who’re almost more charming in person than in character.

        As for Korean actors, my tastes lean more towards the Cha Seung Wons than the Joo Wons and the other young cuties. And Kim Myung Min! I used to think he was a funny looking fellow with a head like an Easter Island statue, but when he’s in full swing he can be incredibly magnetic.

    • 6.7 hahahahhaha

      …hahahahaha… Cumberbitches!:))))))))….

      how about Tom Hiddleston- as Loki..another hot hot hot..hahah

      for recent kdrama i definitely agree with lee sang yoon for liar game…i find him good looking, pleasing in the eyes in Angel Eyes.. but for Liar Game..OMG…he is smouldering!

  7. Terry

    I now have countless folders each with at least a hundred screencaps and fan edits of Joo Won in Cantabile ever since I watched it and we’re only on Ep 6, I wonder how many more I’l add with 10 eps more to go. Why is he so pretty?

    • 7.1 myra

      He’s pretty on and off screen. He’s not the type that is captivating but gives nice warm feeling the more you look at his face.

  8. hollie

    For me Lee Minho and So Ji Sub and Yoo Seung ho take the cake ^^ but I get what you mean about role and acting ability making guys that aren’t are good-looking swoon-worthy -Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk

    And I can’t put my finger on why but I just really find Lee Hongki and Park Min Woo attractive.

    • 8.1 hollie

      I think with Hongki maybe I just like that he’s wild and a risk-taker and with Park Min Woo, he has a certain charm.

      • 8.1.1 hollie

        And with Joo Won – he’s just so likable – but that may be because I like his persona from interviews and variety

      • 8.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        Hong Ki’s got that cute charisma that comes out naturally whatever he does, whether he’s scowling or jokey or being earnest and sincere.

        Park Min Woo = dimples.

  9. samsooki

    I guess.

    • 9.1 birdscout


  10. 10 deborah

    I don’t actually find Lee Sang Yoon attractive or hot in Liar Game and I think it’s because I keep comparing him to Matsuda Shota from the original dorama who was really hot that I binge watch his dramas and films right away just so I could keep looking at his face.

    • 10.1 harukogirl

      Yeah, agree. Matsuda was the epitome of hotness in that show…keep waiting for him to do something really good again

      • 10.1.1 Satsuma

        same here, I’ve been a fan of him for years now and I’m sad that he’s not in more projects lately so I just rewatched my faves:

        J-Movies: Ikigami, Afro Tanaka, Crowd of Three
        J-dramas: Love Shuffle, Don Quixote, MNO, and of course the entire Liar Game series

    • 10.2 PollyRose

      So with you. It’s not that I don’t find Lee Sang Yoon attractive, but I wouldn’t say I’m staring from the hotness. Matsuda Shota just got there first and I was owned. Funny thing is I saw him first in Clinic on the Sea and I thought he was so cute and quirky there, I was more entertained by him than attracted…then I saw Liar Game and did a double take that this was the same guy. Cause oh my gosh he’s so hot in that! Now I just can’t help but comparing J-Liar Game Akiyama to K-Liar Game Woo-Jin and the mystery and smolder just aren’t the same. Still enjoying it but I know who my first love is 🙂

    • 10.3 ajewell

      I completely agree. Lee Sang-yoon’s eyes seem so dead and empty to me; I just can’t get pulled into his performance. And though I’m not an actual fan of Matsuda Shota, I LOVED him in Liar Game. His screen presence was amazing.

      • 10.3.1 Lixie

        I have no idea who this Shota is but LSY was always boring to me and manbangs and eyeliner did not change a thing for me.

        • ajewell

          All you need to know about Matsuda Shota (aka, Akiyama; aka, the original “Woo-jin”) can be summed up here:

          • Bex

            *faints* this scene man…..

          • chewyish

            watching this scene makes me think that joo ji hoon would have made a really good woo-jin. him and shota have the same “vibe”

            I was the biggest doubter about the lee sang yoon casting but I’m pleasantly surprised by him. he’s no shota but he’s attractive in a scruffy ahjusshi way

      • 10.3.2 luci

        Totally agree. Matsuda Akiyama-sama is so hot in Liar Game

    • 10.4 foshi

      I love love love Shota in Liar Game, when Akiyama hmmms and ahhhhs in any conversation really got me.

    • 10.5 Nam Van

      Matsuda Shota? Hotness indeed!

      I just want to share this here:

    • 10.6 realraul2307

      Completely AGREE! that smirk of his killed me everytime! Akiyama has my heart forever!

    • 10.7 Bex

      omg yesss Matsuda is def not my usual type (though I remember liking him in highschool because of hana yori dango) but man was I attracted to him in liar game.

  11. 11 Jules

    RE: Lee Sang Yoon? I totally agree.

    I liked him in My Daughter Seo Young and Life is Beautiful, but in Liar Game? He has this quiet, brooding intensity that’s insanely hot. *Insanely*. *fans self*

    • 11.1 Yasmin

      Totally agree! I really liked him in my daughter seo young and angel eyes but here is so cool!

  12. 12 Fun-Lugha

    I think I liked LSY better in My Daughter SY, here I dont find him believable. The badassery isnt really coming off naturally, the MC on the other hand is totally stealing the show for me. As for Sly boy, I never found him pretty in the least! His lips arent doing it for me, he looks like he’s whistling half the time!

    • 12.1 Lixie

      Me too. Well put, some actors can do badass and other can’t, for me LSY can’t.

  13. 13 jandoe

    OMG finally!!! You guys are onboard the hotness that is Lee Sang Yoon !! *squeal* GF, you should totally watch Angel’s Eyes! It gets real slow and mostly the plot is lame, but his character there is like the cutest EVER (and not bad at all that it was first played by Kang Ha Neul ;))

    And everything about Joo Won – YES! I ended up watching his live performances videos (random ones I found on YT) last night cos I couldn’t get enough of the pretty haha.

    Andddddd Lee Je Hoon – absolutely!

    Love you guys, glad you decided to talk about pretty 😀

  14. 14 mary

    Song Jae-rim.

    Nail Shop Paris.

    He made it work. ^______^

    • 14.1 ilikemangos

      Somehow mary is synonymous with Jae-Rim.
      I was waiting for this comment, somehow.
      Give me Mo Il Hwa! or Cheesy Rim.

      I’d love an odds and ends where you girls compare characters vs actors in terms of personality — particularly the actors who play characters with stark contrasts to their true personality. Or characters that are carbon copies of the actor’s real personality.

    • 14.2 kat

      So glad someone brought up Song Jae Rim.
      I think he is the best thing since sliced bread these days.
      I’ve watched dramas/variety shows because he is in it. He makes it work…

      He’s so pretty and charismatic! 🙂

    • 14.3 Ilikehim

      Re: Song Jae Rim, I never got his appeal, even if I did think he got a lot better looking in Surplus Princess. Then, i watched We Got Maaried and can’t get over how adorable he is. Gah. He and Kim So Eun slay!
      The hard part is, I am also one of those who suddenly find Lee Sang Yoon so unexplainably hot that I find myself getting whiplash from “Kim So Eun and Lee Sang Yoon, so cute!” on weekdays and “Kyahhhhhhh, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun! ❤️” on weekends.

      • 14.3.1 Mya

        Hahaah you spoke my mind there. Its odd with the simultaneous shipping haha

  15. 15 happymess

    “Same applies to Park Seo-joon (Witch’s Romance), who seems so much hotter than the other noona-killer who broke out at the same time, Seo Kang-joon (Sly and Single Again), and it’s because he can act.”

    – OMG. Thank you so much for writing this because it’s like you’re reading my mind. I’ve always felt the same way about these two! They hit it big at around the same time and I honestly think it’s to Seo Kang-joon’s detriment because…my my mind instantly connects the two. And all I’m left with…is that Park Seo-joon is better. So every time the poor guy (SKJ) gets cast in anything I can’t get excited because he always instantly reminds me of the other noona-killer…that I sadly just like a lot better than him :/

    • 15.1 happymess

      Also, I’m happy for the Lee Sang-yoon love!

      I certainly find him very attractive in this role, and was honestly really excited to see him take on this project because I enjoy seeing actors take on roles I don’t expect them to.

      The first time I really began to like him was in The Duo. I watched that for Chun Jung Myung, but it was actually Lee Sang-yoon who made me fall in love. I actually loved him so much in that drama…that I finished it (overall, the drama’s nothing special). So I was really happy to see him pick I drama I actually wanted to watch, with a character that actually tests his range.

      • 15.1.1 jomo

        Totally agree! I started for PIE, but ended up with LSW.
        LSW was effing hot in The Duo. He wins the prize for hottest man ever in Joseon attire. I just remember wondering how wide are his shoulders? My heart broke into a gazillion pieces at the end of that one.

        He was less hot in Life is Beautiful until you get to see him in scuba gear. Very very hot in his small scruffy role in Home Sweet Home.

        Smart guys are the hottest.

        • Chandler

          I’ve been meaning to pick Life is Beautiful up again. I actually started watching it after I watched The Duo because I wanted to see other things LSY was in and since I like Nam Sang-mi also, I thought, what better than to watch the drama that kicked-off their real-life romance. I actually liked what I watched of it, but I agree he was less hot. I still want to give it another try.

      • 15.1.2 Shiku

        I also found him incredibly attractive in the Duo. He looked so good that he overshadowed PIE

    • 15.2 museofmanymasks

      I agree. Although neither are really my type, I prefer Park Seo Joon ’cause he just killed me in Witch’s Romance with the running gamut of hilarious facial expressions. Also after watching Roommate I just can’t with SKJ since it’s like nothings going on upstairs haha.

      • 15.2.1 risa

        Exactly! Seo Kang Joon is very pretty, but he’s such a space cadet on Roommate, he lost all his appeal. It’s a wonder that he can successfully memorize all his lines!

    • 15.3 blnmom

      I don’t know how much better/worse at acting Seo Kang-joon is, but his character was SO unlikable in Sly that I can’t bear to watch him in anything, same for the actress that played his sister. Which is unfortunate, since the writing of the character was totally not his fault.

      • 15.3.1 happymess

        I do agree that it might be unfair to judge Seo Kang-joon, especially when Park Seo-joon has had first lead treatment and he hasn’t…but, I don’t know, even in the beginning of Sly, before his character started grating my nerves, I wasn’t very taken with him or impressed with his acting.

        • revlow

          I’m going to have to stand up for Kang-Joon. I think he’s been excellent in the roles he’s given, he just hasn’t been given a lot. Yeah, he’s a space cadet in Roommates, but he’s an adorable space cadet, and he is still quite young. Give him some time. Plus — on the superficial level — his face is just mesmerizing.

          I have so many others I could list, different categories, ages, etc. But for the moment I just wanted to pipe up for Kang-Joon.

          • happymess

            See, perhaps that’s it. Because I actually don’t find his face mesmerizing at all…and that’s fine. He’s just not my type. But, even if I do agree he hasn’t been given a lot to work with, I personally think he’s been far from excellent. I do still think he has potential, it’s just that with so many up-and-coming actors I’m fond of, I can’t get myself to be particularly excited for him.

          • revlow

            Yeah, we all have different types. One of the things that makes this interesting.

          • revlow

            And maybe “excellent” is a stretch, but I do think he’s been good.

            My types (plural) are all over the place. If I list them, people may wonder “Is this the same woman?” And it’s dynamic. As javabeans said: I can actually see why people might say he’s not their idea of good-looking, until they see him in action. He acts with an intensity that sucks me in, and isn’t trying to look pretty. That’s exactly what happened with me.

            A non-Korean example: The character Daryl in The Walking Dead. Okay. But as the character developed, holy mackerel… is the actor Norman Reedus hot!

      • 15.3.2 revlow

        I agree. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the actor/actress from the characters they play. An example for me was the actress you mentioned in Sly. I just had a hard time even looking at her, and that wasn’t just because of the creepy mechanical leg.

        Later I saw a fun movie called The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J. I was impressed by the actress and wanted to see what else she had done. Turns out she was the same actress. I didn’t even recognize her! Her name is Kim Gyu-Ri and she’s been in a bunch of things; I’ve seen a few of them and liked her as well. She’s going to be in the upcoming The King’s Face.

        Another example: I hated the 2nd female lead in My Name Is Kim Sam-soon. Just. Hated. Her. Looked her up and realized she’d been in one of my favorite movies Castaway on the Moon, and she was outstanding in it.

        • revlow

          Oh, the above was for blnmom. I get tangled in these replies. 🙂

        • risa

          I’ve had similar experiences with actors and actresses. I couldn’t stand Wang Ji Hye in Personal Taste, but adored her in Protect the Boss. I was positively allergic to Jang Nara in My Love Pattzi (don’t tell samsooki), but loved her in Fated to Love You. I’ve found Kim Gyu Ri to be rather off-putting so far, so I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed her in The Weird Missing Case of Mr. J~ I’ll try to be receptive to seeing a different side of her. (I hadn’t heard of that movie before~ thanks for the tip.)

          And, btw, I didn’t intend to write off Kang Joon altogether~ I personally don’t think I can swoon over him anymore, but he has his own kind of charm and he is beautiful. He reminds me of a character played by Kwak Dong Yeon in You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly.

          • revlow

            It’s a fun movie, plus it has Lee Beom-Soo. I’ve liked him in everything I’ve seen so far.

          • happymess

            Yeah, I will say this, I LOVE when an actress or actor that irked me at one point suddenly shines in a role when I didn’t expect them to. I am always open to changing my mind about an actor and if Kang-joon takes a turn in a role I enjoy than I’ll certainly reevaluate my opinion of him. I’m actually planning on checking out After School Bokbulbok so perhaps I’ll like him there.

          • revlow

            Is that After School: Lucky or Not? I saw that. It’s lightweight fun, and not a big investment of time. Lots of interesting cameos as well.

      • 15.3.3 revlow

        Hi blnmom,

        I wrote you a few slots below. Got tangled up in where the reply went. Agree with you and gave some examples.


        • revlow

          Ooops. Can’t seem to get out of this loop. Hope ya find this blnmom. 🙂

  16. 16 TinaFee

    Liar Game- absolutely agree!!😍😍😍

  17. 17 sur

    Oh god this reminds of an episode.
    I’ve been in the kdrama scene since 2009 i guess and I recently introduced my friend to it. But I gave her a lot of dramas I had in my hard drive. she asked me what she should watch after girlfriend is a gumiho and I said coffee prince.
    she checked out the guy and said he is soo unhot. And i stared at her like she was the scariest thing on earth. i almost told her our friendship ends if you don’t watch this drama, so she watched, by the end she called me and just asked one thing. “If i know anything else gong yoo is in?” Acting matters so much. In her newbie eyes she may not see Gong Yoo appaeal but once you see him in action you can’t help but be in love with him. Same goes with variety personas I’ve seen Jung Yong Hwa act and I don’t care. He was so bad in his starting days. But then I saw him in variety and I suddenly thought he is so cute.

    • 17.1 happymess

      Haha, it’s so funny what you mention both those things about Gong Yoo and Jung Yong Hwa…because both those things totally happened to me.

      I remember so vividly the airplane scene in Coffee Prince, when I saw him and went “Really? This guy?”………then I kept watching. And I was in love. Now, Gong Yoo is probably one of my ultimate biases BECAUSE he so drastically changed from my first impression of him.

      And Yong Hwa? I didn’t care too much for him either, but then I started watching Running Man and he quickly became one of my favorite guests! And now, I’m loving him in Three Musketeers 🙂

      • 17.1.1 Lixie

        Same here!!! Coffee Prince was my first kdrama and I remember watching that towel scene with GY and thinking this guy was so not hot. A few eps later and I was pausing the video just to stare ehehehehhe.

      • 17.1.2 4D

        I concur. The first time I saw the cast for coffee prince, I was way more interested in Kim Jae Wook…and then I started watching it and I was all “Oooooooh I so get it now”.

        I got lucky with Yong Hwa because I actually saw him on Running Man first. I was surprised when I saw him in You’re Beautiful. It seemed so unlike him lol. But I’m liking him in Musketeers – his true personality is starting to poke through more.

  18. 18 mah

    I’d love to have those screencaps of Joo Won! Care to share? Teehee! ^^

    And it’s what I love about him too, that he has this very expressive face, especially those eyes, and that he doesn’t care what he looks like as long as he gets the emotion across. He wants to be an actor and not just a star.

    • 18.1 myra

      What mesmerize me more is how he looks different in each roles he played. Like a totally different person in each dramas, also a totally different person from him off screen. I miss the the real Joo Won when I watch him acting.. lol

  19. 19 4D

    Hotness is subjective and also makes the world go round. I tend to fall for guys that are just a tad unconventional in their looks. I definitely think the acting and seeing a face “in motion” makes all the difference. It’s presence and chemistry and….yeah. There are a lot of good looking guys in the world, but a lot of them have known they were good looking since they were young and they never really develop a personality. So wooden.

    But it really is amazing how sometimes a project can just completely change your mind about a person’s attractiveness. Liar Game is actually the first time I’ve seen that actor so I had no preconceived notions on him…but I’m definitely enjoying him right now.

    Also, I have so many issues when I screencap films. Hotness or certain scenes…I just click away and then I get to the end and look in my folder and can’t figure out why I have 100 photos from one scene.

  20. 20 Sixer

    Though you used the word hot a lot, I think you two managed to be deep after all ^_^ When we see someone as a person instead of a pretty face (or an alien one, for that matter) we can’t help but like them a little more. I’ve noticed this in real life, that the more I find out and understand about a person, the better they look. We “see” people with our minds as much as our eyes – which is probably why beauty is so subjective in the first place.

    Oh, wow, that was saccharine.

    • 20.1 nan

      I totally agree with you (and DB and GF) on this. I usually don’t find someone attractive unless there’s something to their personality that I find appealing. For ex, LMH is basically flawless appearance wise (IMO), but I never found him attractive because he manages his image so tightly and never does anything even slightly unpredictable or off script (like variety) that I have zero idea what he’s really like as a person.

      When I was younger, I was a kpop and Super Junior fan, and got used to seeing them interacting with each other in group settings, on variety shows,and in casual settings just joking around and doing crazy stuff. I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to connect with actors that manage their image so tightly…I tend to like actors like Lee Seung Gi that are willing to put themselves out there and show some personality.

      • 20.1.1 Chandler

        Right?! I can’t help but adore actors like Lee Seung Gi, Eric Mun, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Ji Hoon etc. because not only are they talented, they also have these fantastic variety personas that make me love them even more.

        As for Lee Min Ho, the reason why I actually DO like him still is because I first saw him in Personal Taste and they showed bloopers at the end of the episode once…and he was pretty lovable. It’s actually probably what’s been keeping me seeing him as a real person as he’s gone forward in his career.

      • 20.1.2 dkaoru

        Lee Seung Gi actually keep a very controlled image of himself. He is very conscious of image, if you watched the very early episodes of 1n2d, he was going for this am a v nice person who wouldnt stoop to tricking ppl for food or begging for food. Luckily 1n2d beat that out of him. There are moments where he would ask the production team, oh no it would look weird or not nice if I do this but he is so earnest, it is kinda endearing. And after so many eps of 1n2d, he sorta throw that nice cool guy image and just went for the heodang image instead. Dont get me wrong, I think Seung gi is genuinely nice so its not a stretch of his image. But I do think he is v v conscious of his actions in public and public perceptions.

      • 20.1.3 luma

        I agree with you on that. I kinda like LMH in his dramas but when I want to start fangirling him I can’t get who the real LMH is. He feel so distant. I wish to see more of him in variety shows.

  21. 21 Elena

    Another new fan of Lee Sang Yoon here 😀
    Never watched any of his dramas before and when I saw the promotional pictures of Liar Game I was…”mehhh!! they picked an unattractive guy”. Then I watched first episode and fell for him in two seconds, that intense stare killed me.
    Maybe it is the sexy brains attitude…and now, knowing that he is a physics graduate…OMG!! I’m done.
    Looking forward for more of his hotness in next episodes, I don’t really care about the game rules as long as he keeps playing *-*

  22. 22 Coolrepublica

    In my world there is before kam woo sung and after kam woo sung. AKWS

    Before kam woo sung, I found all the pretty boys mesmerizing, but now they have faded. Kam woo sung has redefined hotness for me in k-dramaland. The man has presence that does not only makes my eyes happy, but my hear wants him as well. It is an unbelievable quality to have as an actor. The man is HOT to the google.

    • 22.1 Vera

      Ahhhh, the Kam Woo-sung effect. I, too, am a sufferer.

      • 22.1.1 risa

        Same here. But it’s not such a bad affliction to have, right?

        • ChelseaS

          Another Kam Woo Sung new fan here. I’ll never look at other boys the same way again.

  23. 23 Melbeanie

    Lol! Totally agree. I just notice that good actors that I don’t find really gorgeous in stills or photos slowly looks, well, gorgeous as I watch them play their characters and then I eventually fall hopelessly in love with them by the end of the show. I actually found this whole thing odd. My classic examples: Joo Won in Gaksital! Another one: Lee Seung-gi in King 2 Hearts! So, I’m not really alone in this weirdness! So, it’s actually a phenomenon among kdrama addicts? Lol!!!

    • 23.1 Kaytwin2

      YES! Exactly on Joo Won in Gaksital. I passed on Gaksital at first, thought he looked dorky, then gave it a shot because the synopsis was so different. He. Blew. Me. Away. I adored him by the end, then read he started in musical theatre (I work in a performing arts center) and I had no chance, it was a done deal. That also explains why his acting is superb and he can emote with the simplest shift of the eyes or tweak of the corner of his mouth. I could never explain this to anyone – I just told them to watch Gaksital, and then my friends emerged just as obsessed as me. And they don’t watch Kdrama at all!

    • 23.2 myra

      Omo! your choice!! So similar with mine!

      Joo Won and Lee Seung Gi.. they keep you staring at their face although they might look weird from certain angle.. lol

  24. 24 palkshi

    Definitely loved your choices here.
    I have always found lee sang yoon hot..since I watch my daughter seo young 2nd time…n ya I started angel eyes fr d stry n go hye sun made me quit watchin dat shw. Bt nw m so happy cuz liar game seems to b interesting rght nw..n lee sang yoon is really lukin hot ..also his charac.

    I like witch boy ..nt sly guy…hav found him hot since shut up family….dun knw y bt sly guy is annoyin..

    I hate L….1.of d main reasons is his words for dat.

    N yup watchin lovable..juz fr rain…rght nw hezz lik sooo hot n perfect..can’t take my eyes off of I dun care..juz want him to do more dramas…luvin his matured luk n acting.

  25. 25 Mandy

    Heh, when I read ‘hotness effect’ I knew you guys would bring up Rain! I loved all of Runaway: Plan B because of him and his bromance with Lee Jung-jin – who was seriously so sexy back then with all his sarcasm, anger, wit and water fighting in tank tops *ahem*. Whatever happened to him in Temptation? I think its the hair, or the character I loathed. I tried but gave up eventually – there’s only so much craziness I can take before I back off. Anyway, both the guys need to star again together in an only-hot-men drama/movie. We got short changed with the lack of bromance in R:PB’s second half. I demand what was promised. That drama’s bts was so entertaining.

    Also Daniel Henney… he was the fiance who spoke mostly in English, right? I don’t remember since I haven’t seen it in 4 years. I’ll be re-watching after SSL. But atleast DH is so hot – muuuuch better than L who I just cannot tolerate. He makes me want to pull my hair out. He isn’t even remotely hot and his non-acting drives me insane. Again, why did Rain pick this drama? I can’t even drop it now!

    Also… I need to start with Liar Game. I’ve seen the posters and damn Lee Sang-yoon looked hot. But now with all the swooning around here, I’m tempted to just dive in.

  26. 26 palkshi

    Forgot to mention joo won…oh god..hezz always been a cutie…bt did u guys watch him in steal me heart movie…hezzz lukin so hot in it…luved his hairstyle there….want him to hav dat again

    • 26.1 myme

      Agree he’s handsome in Steal My Heart, but I think he looks the hottest in movie SIU..that cold eyes with cute pursed lips. Gosh..

  27. 27 Holly

    Another who I found hotter after watching them in action was Park Yuchun! When he first showed up on the screen in Rooftop Prince, I just looked at my daughter and said “Eww”
    But it didn’t take long for me to fall in love, and now I think he is the most adorable thing ever!

  28. 28 tapioca pearl

    I think a lot of us were waiting for this post.

    But yes, totally agree about how a character makes an actor appear suddenly hot. I had that experience with Joo Won. I watched Gaksital for the historical aspect, but I discovered Joo Won in the process, and now I love him. He isn’t conventionally gorgeous, but he exudes that inner beauty on screen, and that makes him swoony.

    Joo Sang-wook was always hot, but I never noticed until his adorkable character in Sly and Single Again. That role did wonders for him and for me.

  29. 29 zosia

    I had an occasion to see Park Seo Joon when he was MC-ing Music Bank and he was totally stunning in real life. I still remember when he turned his face in my side, so I could see clearly his wide smile (I was like 2-3 rows away from him) *.*

    • 29.1 Cocoboo

      Ooh, how lucky! ^^

      I fell for him in Witch’s Romance. He’s become one of my new favorite actors. I just want to see him in more good dramas. 🙂

      • 29.1.1 zosia

        haha He was awesome in Witch’s Romance, although at first he wasn’t that appealing for me. WR is one of my favourite drama of 2014.
        Me too, I want to see him again in a good drama as soon as possible (preferably TvN drama again~)

  30. 30 Babs

    I Loved Lee Sang Joon in Goddess of fire (he’s the only reason I watched it) and the same Goes for Angel Eyes…. The guy is HOT, and he can make me wade through a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE drama (case in point Goddess…) And I’ve loved Joo Won since Ojakgyo Bro’s and have followed him around since; I even sat through the HORROR that is Level 7 Civil Servant- I know you girls don’t want to admit it existed- because of him.

    I need pretty in my dramas, but what I need most is pretty that can act well, which is why I’m more selective about how I get my fix of the pretty… But sometimes I just want my pretty and I want it anyway I can get it! Which is why I’m watching a T-drama just so I can see George Hu, who is not a bad actor, but the woman lead is as bad as you can get… And it’s a 75 episode drama.

    Being a somewhat shallow being sometimes pays off!

  31. 31 GoldenDivas

    javabeans: If we’re just watching things for Rain, you could watch She’s So Lovable.

    girlfriday: But then I’d have to watch L, who is actually a good example of the reverse effect of hotness: acting giveth and acting taketh away.

    U took these words from my brain. I love Rain ,L, Alex and Hoya but Krystal acting an albeit L’s Acting are turning me off. Out of the 13 episodes I literally seen 5 mins of all of them . I just can’t at all whatsoever .

    • 31.1 Rowanmdm

      I was watching She’s So Loveable soley for how hot Rain is in it (seriously, I’ve never seen him look so good and I swooned multiple times every episode). I could handle the bad acting, but when I saw in a preview that Rain’s reaction to the girl possibly finding out the truth is taking her and running away I decided I was done. No amount of hotness can make up for stupid characters doing aggravating things.

      • 31.1.1 kris

        You shoul’ve kept watching because she knew the truth before they could leave … so they ended up staying in Seoul.

  32. 32 Tara

    JB and GF…I couldn’t agree more with your whole post!! And no, you’re not alone — I completely agree with your assessments of hotness 😉 What makes it even more thumbs-up worthy is that they all can act — none of those pretty faces who can’t outact a piece of cardboard.

    Honestly, of all the names mentioned here…Park Seo-joon is the clear winner for me. Total package of acting ability and smoldering hotness…never got the appeal of Seo Kang-joon, whose name I used to mix up with PSJ.

    Joo-won always seemed like Kang Dong-won lite, but I agree that he has the subtle nuances/emotions down pat in his dramas…and I don’t get the hate he gets for Tomorrow Cantabile. I can overlook the crapmobile that was LCS7, because he was on a roll with all his dramas.

    Lee Je-hoon has that vulnerable look (and he looks much younger than I realized). Kim Woo-bin looked alien-ish in White Christmas, but I’ve realized that was more because of that shockingly red hair…lol. Lee Sang-yoon has always been hot…just kept choosing not-so-good dramas. I’m glad he’s getting praise for Liar Game though, it’s about time.

  33. 33 museofmanymasks

    I kinda run hot and cold on who I consider hot, but I tend to prefer manly(er) men with nice voices, or even in character those who seem like they could actually exist and aren’t just a smorgasbord of what producers think women want. Acting talent is of course a must. Perfect trifect: Mr. Voice.

    I finally get what the hype about Kang Dong-won. Watched Kundo last night, wonderful menace about him. Cracked up at the ambush scene though cause he looked like a virgin ghost with his unbound hair.

    I like Kim Woo-bin when I first saw him in Gentleman’s Dignity, thought he’d be considered an ugly duckling. When I found out he was considered hot my interest died–overexposure I guess–but I still like his acting.

    Mr-Yums-A-lots: Joo Sang Wook, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Jung Jae, Ha Sook Jin, Godfrey Gao (I know he’s not Korean but can’t help myself)

    Cutie-pies: Choi Woo-shik, Yoon Kye-sang, Park Ki-woong, Baek Sung-hyun, Go Kyun-po, Jung Kyun-ho

    I could go on but I won’t.

    • 33.1 SoSun

      OMG, Geoffrey Gao!! Dies

      • 33.1.1 museofmanymasks

        Watch Never Give Up Dodo if you haven’t yet. It’s on viki. I thought he was gonna be one of those actors who was too self-aware of their own beauty to be good, but this guy has no qualms with being silly. That show drank all the kool-aid and then some but it was really fun (though sometimes bizarre). He and his co-star were awesome.

        • SoSun

          That show was crazy fun. He and Dodo definitely held nothing back in their. It also had some interesting cameos e.g. Sunny Wang from In Time with you.( Another smoking hot namja)

    • 33.2 redfox

      don´t mention Ki-woongie
      too long…too long…. too long… wahahaa

      • 33.2.1 museofmanymasks

        *offers tissue* sniffle sniffle *funeral wails*

        • redfox

          *loud nose-blowing* [nasal voice:] hank ju.

  34. 34 Appelsin

    Awwww, hot korean guys, hahaha!!! so many crushes 😀
    I would mention Gong Yoo and TOP, as the ones that looked so so to me, but made me fall hard after seeing them in motion…. for TOP maybe it was more after hearing him, actually, haha!!

    These days I am enjoying Lee Sang Yoon as well. Prof. Ha Woo Jin is definitely hot, I can understand why Da Jung wants to keep him close XD

    • 34.1 Chandler

      I really have a soft spot for all those actors that I fell for only after seeing them in motion. For me, Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and Im Joo Hwan in What’s Up are probably the best examples. To think I felt actual disappointment when they first showed up on my screen…unthinkable.

      • 34.1.1 cingdoc

        I still remember IJH from Tamra & that’s how I met one of the fellow Beanie in person- “Hi… Team Park Kyu??” …. instant bonding of a new friendship😄😄

  35. 35 canxi

    Lee Sang Yoon is looking really good in Liar Game. I also never saw it before. I think it’s the seriousness.

    I also like both Park Seo Joon and Seo Kang Joon. Park is very effortless and cool and Seo is pretty earnest and sweet (with a hidden serious side?).

    All in all, I think characters do make or break you in the attractiveness department. The more interesting your character, the more I tend to take interest in/find attractive the actor/(actress as well!).

  36. 36 snow

    Lee Sang yoon is looking so HOT in Liar Game!

    And I loved Rain and Lee Jung Jin in Fugitive Plan B…as for Daniel Henney, I liked him a LOT in Seducing Mr Perfect…but then that love went away later on after watching his other projects…lol..

    And Park Seo-joon is really CUTE 🙂

  37. 37 zhaf

    Falling in LOVE real hard with Joo Won since his Ojakgyo Brothers with Uie.

    And then his intensity in Gakaitaaaal sealed me as his Fans Forever!

    Boy is so hot and hotter when he is all bloody. I want to see him again in an intensed role like Lee Kang To aka Gaksital.

    • 37.1 Rina

      Gaksital was the legend… and my favorite K-Drama, ever.

  38. 38 astromantic

    yaaaaasss @ this post

    I don’t know what it is about Lee Sang-yoon either, but he’s doing it for me. Like, 100%. And bless Joowon’s angelic visage.

  39. 39 Abby

    Totally agree with PSJ on Witch Romance and might i add Eric to this list. His role as Kang Tae Ha totally had me falling for him. I did not like him in his past dramas but with DoR he just looked hotter and sexier plus he did so well in acting that even until now i am rewatching his scenes for god knows how many times already.

  40. 40 Cocoboo

    Haha, what a fun topic.

    It’s nice to see some eye candy in dramas, but it’s much better when they can act too.

    I’ve been crushing on Lee Je Hoon like crazy since seeing him act in Secret Door.
    The only other time I’ve seen him act was in Bleak Night, but that movie didn’t do anything for me.
    Now I’m noticing all these details and facial expressions that LJH makes. And I’m just swooning over his character too, who’s fighting for the truth and trying to make the world a better place.

  41. 41 owl

    Well, now, happy Saturday to Everyone! I am in such a good mood 🙂

  42. 42 drivebyknitting

    My Kim Woo Bin love goes like this –

    Watching To The Beautiful You: Um, this guy is weird looking. Can we go back to Lee Hyun Woo now?

    Watching School 2013: This guy is still weird looking. I love him in this role, but why is everyone talking about how hot he is?

    Watching White Christmas: Oh. OH. I get it now. Oh my god. I need to see him in everything now.

    • 42.1 Ek Ladhki Thi

      For me, I saw Woo-bin first in Heirs and I was like please go away with your weirdo features, but then I saw him in To The Beautiful You, and I was like well he don’t look too bad. But when I started watching Vampire Idol (for Lee Soo-hyuk of course) that’s when I got it. I think it’s cause his character was this sweet adorkable weirdo. And I’ve loved him ever since.

    • 42.2 kanz

      My Kim Woo Bin love story: Watching To The Beautiful You, never see this guy. I don’t care… At that time I was ogling over Min Ho and Lee Hyun Woo.
      Watching School 2013: Oh, he’s quite good looking but I prefer Go Nam Soon.
      Watching A Gentleman’s Dignity: Why this guy plays the same role?
      Watching Heirs: Oh My Goodness!! He’s so HOT!! I fall in love with him. Lee Min Ho who? LOL

      I fall in love with him since Heirs and till now I still think he’s the hottest young k-actors. His eyes, his lips, his face. Even when he looks like a Dino but he looks hot in my eyes.

    • 42.3 Beanfan

      White Xmas was where it clicked for me…

    • 42.4 thelady

      My Kim Woo Bin love story: watch White Christmas, fall for him instantly! Disappointed he is not in more things. Watch Gentleman’s Dignity and Heirs just for him.

  43. 43 Sarang

    Omg, I was thinking the same thing about Lee Sang-yoon! Like wtf is this sorcery he is so hot?! How?!

  44. 44 yasmin satria

    For me, the ultimate pretty hot guy is won bin to the degree I can’t fully concentrate with his acting in ahjussi. From cold, angry, mad, killing people, cut his own hair, the only reaction I can give just “huooooooh”

    After that, there’s a lot category of hot guy. Agree with everything said javabean and girlfriday. Like the first time I saw rain in full house, ep 1 with that ugly shirt but than suddenlly find his fashion is tolerable and his smile is the cutest thing ever in later episode. Or how first I thought song jong ki is kinda cute but bland young boy in will it snow and suddenly become so hot after his acting gig in sung kyun kwan scandal because how good his character and his delivery. Not to forget yoo yeon seok as chilbongie and kim soo hyun as samdong.

    Gosh, I can talk all day long probably write a thesis with this topic

  45. 45 Lu

    I totally agree with this post : sometimes a pretty guy can just stay a wallflower if he doesn’t have anything to convey.

    And as for the Liar Game, though I still like Matsuda Shota better (I mean, Akyiama was soooooo hot), i reaaaally enjoy the Korean version, especially Woo Jin’s character.

    But I am surprised nobody talked about Lee Jun Ki ? For me he is really hot, especially in Arang (and that man can act).

    • 45.1 relay

      Lee Jun-Ki – a natural beauty, a lovely voice, an amazing actor.

    • 45.2 Thursdaynexxt

      Lee Jun Ki, yes! Prime example of how his off-the-charts intense acting makes him a mesmerising guy!

      He really isn’t my cup of tea to begin with. I first saw him in My Girl (meh), then King and the Clown, which didn’t exactly cement the image of “hot guy” for me. Then came Arang and Two Weeks … and WOW!

      He still isn’t my type, but somehow when he’s on screen, none of that seems to matter!

    • 45.3 Bubble

      Oh yes, Lee Jun Ki! We all know he is the hottest 😀

    • 45.4 redfox

      Lee Jun Ki is badass, which is way better than just hot. He is like a spawn of Chuck Norris but with feelings. all the good things combined: action hero and romantic, funny man and a dramatic actor. what more can anybody ask for?
      ohhh great ninja teacher, I bow *bows and gets dizzy* uh…to you…

      • 45.4.1 LennyLau

        Hahaa…your speakin wat is presently on ma mind.

      • 45.4.2 harmonyfb

        Also, he has the most beautiful smile. The ninja-cat reflexes are icing on the cake for me. 😉

        • redfox

          and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

      • 45.4.3 difoym

        I can’t ask for more. He is the most HOTTEST BADASS!!! 8->

  46. 46 Ann

    Joo Won will forever be a cute boy to me because he was born the same year as my older son. And he was such a baby in 1N 2D! I am more attracted to the older guys who may be way younger than me but still not young enough to be my child. Lee Seojin and Eric are two of them. I also really like Jo Dong-Hyeok, the guy who plays the serial killer in Bad Guys.

  47. 47 Viki

    So true about Lee Sang Yoon. Apparently have seen a drama with him in it but I never notice him…but BAM! Liar Game! He just suddenly became this hot older oppa. Kyaaaa.

    • 47.1 fanny

      Same with me^^ Lee Sang Yoon in LG plus Jo Dong Hyuk in Bad Guys. Saturday and Monday becomes my favorite days XD

  48. 48 Mandy

    This is off topic but I’m very curious. Back in around 2008-2011 there used to be a whole lot of promotion for a drama. Actors would do these long interviews in variety shows about their characters, set atmosphere etc. I always looked forward to them. But now I’ve realized there’s hardly any of that anymore. Actors just do a press conf, some go visit Running Man and that’s it. Even for something as popular as YFAS, I didn’t see KSH and JJH really have extensive 1-2 hour interview on a variety.

    Just curious why that’s not a thing anymore. I wish it was because I feel like nowadays I don’t know actors anymore other than what they portray on screen. I love those prank stories they used to tell. I guess times just change?

    • 48.1 Thursdaynexxt

      Yes, I’d say a brief variety stint is mandatory – pack them all off to Happy Together (those unflattering bath robes are a great class leveller for even the vainest actors/actresses!) or Running Man or 1N2D!

      For the 19+, I think Joo Won even did an appearance on Witch Hunt recently?

      I think the BTS lips do help, but if they’re just being cute and chummy, it doesn’t tell you much about who they are.

  49. 49 relay

    “Lee Soo-Hyuk … giraffe alien hybrid.” yeah, and so is No Min-Woo. But both so hot.

  50. 50 Lilly

    Maybe they will make a drama about a pair of alien brothers who crash or something and use Joo-won and Lee Sang-yoon as the brothers and make many happy beanies.

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