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Lee Dong-gun turns into Superdaddy for tvN
by | January 22, 2015 | 77 Comments

Hm, so although Lee Dong-gun ended up turning down the current tvN romance Heart to Heart, he’ll now be headlining the drama to follow that: Superdaddy Yeol, based on (what else?) a webtoon of the same name. Also cast is Lee Yuri, who recently took home a Daesang for her villainness role in MBC’s hit weekend drama Jang Bori Is Here.

The story sounds heartwarming and cute, where Yeol is the hero who is tracked down by his first love, now a single mother diagnosed with one year left to live. She who wants to make sure to leave her young daughter in the best possible hands and embarks on a mission to turn Yeol into, well, Superdad.

Okay, that in itself doesn’t sound particularly cute, but I’ve been reading the webtoon to get a better idea, and it’s the character of Yeol who’s appealing, starting out kind of hapless and scraggly — he means well, but is really more like an overgrown manchild. He’s never gotten over his ex, so when she comes by for the first time in years and proposes a contract marriage, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash before immediately agreeing, even though he doesn’t know why she only wants a temporary marriage. He’s just happy to do it.

The daughter, meanwhile, is a precocious huffy little thing who dislikes her new stepdad for taking her daddy’s place (he’s dead, but she believes he’s just abroad and bound to come back someday). Mom’s a super-competent careerwoman and workaholic, and after marrying Yeol it first seems more like she’s gained an extra dependent than a new partner — Yeol is super-enthusiastic but bumbling, and she has to tell him exactly what to do, to the letter. But he’s all heart, and when she starts “training” him to be a great husband and father, he launches himself into it and promises to become a superdaddy.

I find Lee Dong-gun almost too polished and elegant to play a rough-around-the-edges bachelor (I’m picturing someone like Yoon Sang-hyun, maybe, or Kang Ji-hwan) but I do really like him and would be happy to see him take on the challenge. I wished his last drama, Mi-rae’s Choice, had been more of a success, but I’d love to see this one turn out better for him. (Even though, coincidentally enough, the mom character of Superdaddy Yeol also happens to be named Mi-rae. Seriously, what are the chances?)

Superdaddy Yeol will be directed by PD Song Hyun-wook of Marriage Not Dating, which was a sharply directed and laugh-out-loud surprise hit for tvN last year. (So yay!) Writer Kim Kyung-se is less known, and only has a Drama City episode listed as a credit. The drama will premiere in mid-March as a Friday-Saturday drama.

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77 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hawoojinruinedme_nowhealerisruiningmetoo

    Aww the premise and his character sound super cute!

  2. whilethemusiclasts

    Hmmm… Interesting. And it sounds like a heart-warming story that would be both funny and tear-jerking. Also, I’m really excited about the PD of MND being at the helm of this one as well. I will watch out for this.

  3. mary

    Watchoo mean you can’t imagine a rocker/bum look for him, jb? He was a hawt scruffy bad boy in Lovers in Paris!

    Then he cleaned up for the corporate shenanigans part, and he was also gorgeous.

    So all in all, this is good news. Also because the lead role is for Lee Yuri. ^______^

    • 3.1 trotwood

      I’m with you, Mary. He was smoldering in his scruffy Lovers in Paris role, and I am still mad that he doesn’t get the girl in that one because he deserved her dammit! (calming down) Well, I didn’t like her that much and then the ending . . . . Sigh. Going back to my scruffy LDG happy place.

      • 3.1.1 ChelseaS

        Yes was thinking about Lovers in Paris, too! He isn’t always so polished in his roles.

      • 3.1.2 Thursdaynexxt

        100% agree with you on the “hawt” and “scruffy” … and that ending … (the less said about that, the better!)

    • 3.2 Waiting

      Mary? Is that really you? An entire post and no mention of SJR???

      • 3.2.1 mary

        You didn’t see? I left a puzzle. πŸ˜›

        • mary

          Ok I didn’t hehe.

          (Just saying in case you start imagining anagrams of Song-Jae-Rim or something)

          • ryoko

            Thanks for telling us ’cause I had just started analyzing your comment for Song Jae Rim clues.

  4. Ella

    I like this casting and premise! Is there a chance the mom lives, or we end for a tearjerker?

    • 4.1 Ella

      Oh, and I can’t wait to see who they cast as the young girl. It would be great if it she reunited with Kim Ji Young and played an awesome mommy this time, and by then Punch will finish so hopeful, maybe?

      • 4.1.1 fab

        The little girl in Punch is so adorable!

        • fan

          also same girl (Bori’s daughter) in JangBori. She impressed me there with her Saturi. Also same girl in Temptation. She is on the roll~

  5. JoAnne

    I like both actors a lot – Lee Yu Ri was the best thing about Jang Bori (hmm…maybe tied with little Bi Dan). I am looking forward to this!

    Especially with the (for me) plot twist that he ISN’T the child’s father, which I was thinking from earlier news.

    • 5.1 meh

      I only managed to survive Jang Bo Ri because of Lee Yu Ri. She was awesome in that drama. So, I’m glad she’s taking on this role.

      And lee Dong gun is sexy so I’m happy that he’s back. πŸ˜€

  6. fab

    These webwriters are pretty creative! The premise sounds cute, and with MND’s PD we’re definitely in for a fun experience.<3

  7. jangmi77

    Aww, this sounds completely up my alley!!! I have to say, the upcoming tvN rom coms sound like so much fun. Keep ’em coming!!

    Honestly, I have no problem seeing Lee Dong Gun in this role. I loved him in Sweet 18 (one of the best male leads ever imo) so I think he would be great as a Super Daddy. Rather than playing ass-y male leads, he shines in more charming roles playing warm characters.

    Also he really needs a good drama. Marry Him If You Dare was so disappointing on basically every level.

    I haven’t seen Lee Yuri in anything. Is this her first lead role in a primetime drama? Good for her. I think she’s mostly done dailies and weekend dramas.

  8. krikkrikkrik

    Time will flies fast and this drama will arrive! !! πŸ˜€ hopefully DB would recap this drama. :3 the plot seems promising to me. And the cast… awesome! Interesting cast. Curious to know how the male lead will carry out the character πŸ˜€

  9. browncoat_78

    I love Lee Dong Gun but I agree that he seems way too polished, posh and chic for this roll. I don’t care how much they scruff him up. He will still look like a guy with a suit under raggedy clothes which he is wearing as an undercover disguise. Sounds cute and it is TvN so I will probably watch it.

  10. 10 fan

    BTW isn’t it like the drama Mama which finished not long ago? Just daughter instead of a boy. That was good show.

    • 10.1 Waiting

      I watched and liked Mama and that is exactly what came to mind.

    • 10.2 Kaylie

      agreed. such a good drama. i cried so much during the final episodes…

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    Is she really going to die?

    If she is a neurosurgeon she would know and get the correct diagnosis right?

  12. 12 qish

    This sound interesting and cute. I wonder who’s in their mind to cast as the daughter.

  13. 13 Chandler

    OH. I like the sound of this!

    I admit that Lee Dong-gun hasn’t really ever had a role like this so it’s hard to picture him right now, but I’m really curious to see how he pulls it off! I was really bummed when Mi-rae’s Choice fell apart because I really enjoyed him in the first 6 eps.

    Also excited to check out Lee Yuri, solely because I really liked her in Running Man.

  14. 14 Ivy

    The premise sounds both heartwarming and heartbreaking πŸ˜€

  15. 15 Lixie

    He turned down Heart to Heart??? Wow, seems like a mistake, the drama is good so far and the therapist could be a great character. I can easily see LDG in that role, maybe he was afraid of the ethic problem? I don’t know how they will deal with this but there is a lot of ways to fix this. This premise of Superdaddy sounds boring to me, besides I try to stay away from dramas with dying characters.

    • 15.1 j2hr

      it s not ethic problem but the plot of HTH is very similar to what happened to him and his younger brother.

      • 15.1.1 Lixie

        Just because he died? The brother doesn’t even show up in the story, it’s just a distant fact in the plot, I doubt he would refuse because of that.

        • mommai

          HTH has quite a few triggers for people who are sensitive to different things, like I heard the main lead tries to kill himself, which can hit waaaaay too close to home to people. I have tons of personal triggers, which is why I could never watch IOIL, or anything with rape scenes, etc.

        • Peeps

          Uhm, in HTH, it is not “just because he died”. It’s “everyone is so messed up, because he died.”

          It’s quite evident that much of YiSeok’s motivation and character is heavily influenced by his brother’s death and its effect on the people around him. Therefore, any actor that takes on that role would have to bear in him this weight that YiSeok carries in order to portray believably his… uh, antics/actions/feelings/choices.

          And I guess Lee Dong Gun decided that he wasn’t up for dealing with that continuously for straight months (and therefore having to be constantly reminded of his brother’s death) yet, which is understandable and should be respected.

          • Lixie

            I meant no disrespect to his choice. I didn’t say anything that would lead anyone to believe otherwise, YS is a complex character and I think there is a lot more to him than this but I get what all of you said.

        • song_manse

          What do you mean ‘just because he died?’ ? You sound so insensitive.

          • Ella

            Agree about the statement.

            The role requires one to tap into the emotions and pain of bearing the death of a beloved one, and even if he’s an actor, that hit too close to home. Considering all the scripts and offers he probably gets, there’s probably a better option for him that doesn’t require him to revisit something so personal. It’s one thing to channel personal experiences into a role, it’s another thing when it’s a painful reminder.

          • Lixie

            I was talking about a fictional character not his brother that died in real life. That’s maybe why I was blunt.

          • Lixie

            I was talking about a fictional character not his brother that died in real life. That’s maybe why I was blunt.

        • Miko

          Anything can trigger a painful memory. As someone who lost a sibling, anything related to heart disease or sports triggers the memory of loss. From Lee Dong Gun’s painful loss of his brother, it is understandable that he steer away from scripts that remind him of his brother’s death or just the loss. It’s not right to brush someone’s pain and reasons for avoiding such triggers. Death is a painful, long lasting memory that shouldn’t be treated with callousness.

  16. 16 Aigoooo

    I am glad he turn down Heart to Heart since the ongoing rumor is that he doesn’t like/do kissing scenes. That is to my knowledge anyways.

    • 16.1 Heal-er

      Really? But tVn rom-coms required hot kissing scenes lol

      • 16.1.1 Lixie

        I love to hear crazy rumors ehehhe, well at least he would be pretty safe in dramaland with their static kisses.

    • 16.2 eny

      doesn’t like kissing, it’s ridiculous when you see his movie changing partner

      • 16.2.1 nomad


  17. 17 Manin

    I do like the sound of this. But i have one thing: This might seem cruel, but i kinda hope she won’t get a last minute rescue, sometimes because life is not like that (sorry i come from a cancer family with both survivals and deaths, plus one of my friends just had a friend die from it).

    But to explain: i feel like it would kinda ruin the set up, especially if she gets a sudden miracle recovery (in the drama. The webtoon would have more time to make it work i suppose). Some of the heart for me would lie with making the connection, growing the attachment abd the bond between him and the daughter. And for the mum to have a good life at the end, knowing that her daughter will be in good hands.

    Its like in “scent of a woman” SPOILER WARNING: where they did the emotional ending, just to reveal it like a bit of a fakeout. Which i would have been fine with had we not had that gift bit inbetween. / SPOILER

    • 17.1 meh

      I’m okay with death. In fact, I’ve accepted that back in the 00’s Kdrama and movies days where one of the main leads die from cancer or other reasons (i.e. Autumn’s Tale, Glass Slippers, …Ing, The Classic, I’m Sorry I Love You, etc). So, I wouldn’t mind now if one of the leads pass away. It’s part of life and something we deal with (whether we like it or not).

      • 17.1.1 Manin

        Yeah, one thing is the last minute death that have no reason. Or that is just the type “oh we need somethign drastic: lets add an incurable Illness!”

        But when it’s a part of the plot, such as this, it feel like something that is natural, and you can relate to her wanting the best for her daughter.

    • 17.2 nomad

      I totally agree…it would feel like such a cop out, whereas life truly isn’t like that.

  18. 18 Miko

    Oh wow! I love these two. I’m grateful, if Lee Yu Ri is the mother. It’s not often you see her as a heroine. She’s pretty awesome as a villain but I was afraid she’ll be type casted as an evil second lead. I agree that she was the most memorable character in Jang Bo Ri. My blood boiled at her every scheme and manipulation. Very good actress! It’s gonna be very interesting seeing her as a patient, kind-hearted mother but I’m excited.
    As for Lee Dong Gun, I’m warily optimistic. I hope he can pull this off. I too was disappointed about MiRae’s Choice but I’ve noticed that he follows the lead of the heroine, based on their on-screen chemistry. He was good with Kim Sun Ah (who honestly makes every hero look good because of her sizzling personality, they have no choice but to interact memorably with her) in When It’s At Night, so I’m optimistic. I haven’t seen the webtoon but from the description, he’ll have to be very convincing.

  19. 19 mommai

    Ahhh, if this feels anything like Bunny Drop, I’m so there, even if the mom dies! Gah, that story got me so good! My step dad married my mom when I was four and adopted me, so I love stories with awesome step dads and father figures!

  20. 20 gulsan

    Sooo interesting! Definitely gonna check it out!

  21. 21 mira

    I have been dying to watch a Lee Dong Gun drama and he always ends up choosing dramas with premise I will definitely not watch… whyyyyy

  22. 22 Annie

    Having read the webtoon, I don’t think I will be tuning in for this drama as the subject matter is both far fetched and not my cup of tea. I’ll also admit that I have a hard time seeing Lee Yoo Ri as a protagonist.

    • 22.1 meh

      I think if you were to see her on Running Man, you’ll probably change the perception of her villainous image. She was the best thing on that episode. πŸ˜€

      • 22.1.1 Miko

        What episode was she on? That’ll be interesting to watch.

        • Alin

          ep 213!! i think
          if you really like her there, give her happy together ep a try also πŸ™‚

          • Miko

            Okay great! Thanks!

    • 22.2 Cutestrobery

      Me too

  23. 23 Ananta

    I am not really a big fan of Lee Dong Gun but I like Lee Yu Ri (seen her in Yellow Boots). So maybe I will watch it.
    I’ve avoided to watch Jang Bori because I didn’t want to see Lee Yuri as an villain πŸ˜›
    She seems to be going forward with her career.

    • 23.1 mommai

      She was SO FUN to watch as a villain! She was really impressive. πŸ™‚ Episode 20 was a grwat point to jump in, for me.

  24. 24 paroles

    Sounds fun

  25. 25 museofmanymasks

    Aw yay I’m happy for Lee Yuri. This plot sounds cute and the PD gives me faith.

  26. 26 Mandy

    Aww the sound of superdaddy is just so cute. And it’s nice to have a male lead who’s just so into the workaholic, alpha female lead. That’s not a very common characterization in kdramas.

    Lee Dong-gun was great with kids in Sang-doo, so I think he’ll do great. I’m just gonna put my fingers crossed that the female lead won’t die. Maybe there’s a big twist in the end. I’d like for them to be a happy family eventually.

  27. 27 whitewire

    This got some Yoon Soo-hyuk feels for Lee! And Mi-rae as omma? Now we’re talking! I am soooo intrigued right now! Mirae’s Choice was a drama that I (REGRETFULLY) finished until the bitter (veryyyyyy) end. Wishing the best for Lee Dong-gun.

    Might I add? Is Lee Dong-gun a candidate for aging?? Is he the founder of the fountain (of youth)??? He seems to be more swoonable as time goes by! Why, world, why??

  28. 28 CutiieAngiie

    “The story sounds heartwarming and cute, where Yeol is the hero who is tracked down by his first love, now a single mother diagnosed with one year left to live. She who wants to make sure to leave her young daughter in the best possible hands and embarks on a mission to turn Yeol into, well, Superdad.” ?

    Whaat ? It’s totally like Mama’s storyline then. Does MAMA come from the same webtoon ?

  29. 29 Sam

    This sounds so cute! πŸ™‚
    I like both leads and I can totally see Lee Dong Gun playing that character.

  30. 30 Alin

    can’t wait! i love both leads!! LDG was my 1st kdrama crush and i discovered lee yoori recently through her variety appearances and have finished watching 2 of her dramas and she’s really good!! <3 can't wait to see them hit it off even tho lee yoori's already married….

  31. 31 Fun-Lugha

    Really, Mirae?! I would have taken that as a sign-to just run as fast and far away as I can!

  32. 32 anon

    Ugh! It sounds sad though! The ending is gona be so unsatisfying since Lee Yuri is obviously gonna die :'(
    But it seems really sweet though! And I like both of them!

    • 32.1 Yoo Seung Ho

      I don’t why, but that could be a good ending. Maybe when shes gonna die, her daughter will now truly accepted about it, because of her new stepdad she can move on happily together with him.

  33. 33 Yoo Seung Ho

    “Superdaddy Yeol will be directed by PD Song Hyun-wook of Marriage Not Dating, which was a sharply directed and laugh-out-loud surprise hit for tvN last year”

    Just seeing this news, it makes me more excited about it. πŸ˜€ Yay!

  34. 34 Cutestrobery

    Omg lee yuri is love!!!
    Stop comparing the two actresses already. I watch jangbori just for bori and kimjihoon and was sick of her scenes.

  35. 35 Gollum

    The story is good but i never like her.
    Don’t get the hype of her in jang bori either . She overacts and her face is super plastic.
    She should stop the injections in her face.
    Her image in twinkle and jang bori was too strong so i can’t like her.

  36. 36 Viki

    Oh the premise does sound fresh. Also, can NEVER imagine Lee Dong Gun playing a messy ahjusshi. I’m kinda curious now by how he will portray the character. Also, didn’t watch Jang Bori but heard all the good things about this actress (my mom and brother watched it and hated her; she must be good) so I am looking out for her!

  37. 37 Chubbyme

    Blaaaaargh lee yuri
    Can’t they find someone who is fresh? She played a lot of the meek leading lady in dailies and i can’t continue jang bori because of her. Sheis so annoying to look at, even her voice and screaming.

  38. 38 suzie

    Omg my first kdrama love is back!! So excited for LDG!!! I guess tvn really likes to get him in action. Hope this drama turns out great πŸ™‚

  39. 39 Thursdaynexxt

    I was worried about not seeing Lee Dong Gun for ages after MHIYD ended, so I’m really, REALLY glad to see he’s back and leading! In a tvN drama too, YAY!

    I can see the “cute” and “dishevelled” part easily. Look forward to seeing his “bumbling” side!

  40. 40 halo120

    Cha Tae-Hyun came to mind when reading Yeol’s character description. Also Uhm Tae-Woong now that I’ve seen him in 2 episodes of variety show Superman Has Returned. His real life persona as a first time dad (if taken at at face value) is totally bumbling but gosh his love for his daughter is so precious. He was brought to tears just watching his little girl playing with the family dog for goodness sakes! Too sweet!

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